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Discomfort patents

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Breathing tube holder

Date/App# patent app List of recent Discomfort-related patents
 Airflow outlet of air-conditioning device patent thumbnailnew patent Airflow outlet of air-conditioning device
The present invention provides an airflow outlet of air-conditioning device, which comprises a main body having one end forming an entrance opening and an opposite end forming a plurality of outward-projecting curved ridges. At least one of the curved ridges has a side wall forming at least one through hole to allow air to pass through the through hole.
 Breathing tube holder patent thumbnailnew patent Breathing tube holder
A faceplate assembly that includes a faceplate frame (14) that mounts on a patient's face and a bite block (30) that holds an endotracheal tube (22) that extends into a patient's trachea to assist breathing. The tube is easily mounted on the bite block, and the tube can be shifted sidewardly to reduce discomfort to the lips of the patient.
 Transport hood including skirt patent thumbnailnew patent Transport hood including skirt
A transport hood for conveying a detainee protects conveying personnel from exposure to blood and body fluids of the detainee, while avoiding discomfort and potential breathing difficulty to the detainee caused by blood and body fluids retained within the transport hood. The transport hood includes a top portion positioned over the head of the detainee to below the eyes and above the nose of the detainee.
 Breast supporting garment patent thumbnailBreast supporting garment
A breast support device designed to provide the wearer with a high degree of control and support of breast tissue while minimizing the pain and discomfort associated with conventional breast control garments, that can be worn on its own or integrated into garments where breast support is desirable. The breast support device achieves these objectives through the innovative combination of various non-stretch and stretch fabrics, as well as through the use on one or more darts of varying length sewn into the non-stretch fabric..
 Protection against sunburn and skin problems with topical and orally-ingested dosages of zeaxanthin patent thumbnailProtection against sunburn and skin problems with topical and orally-ingested dosages of zeaxanthin
A carotenoid substance called zeaxanthin, when ingested orally at suitable dosages such as 30 to 100 mg/day for a span of 1 to 2 weeks, can provide effective protection against sunburns, and can give skin a darker tint that emulates a healthy suntan. In tests involving adults, it was found that zeaxanthin dosages of 30 to about 80 mg per day were sufficient to induce: (i) a mild but noticeable tinting, shading, or darkening of skin color, comparable to a mild suntan; (ii) a substantial increase in the person's ability to withstand elevated levels of sun or uv exposure without any subsequent pain or discomfort, and without the subsequent peeling and flaking that characterizes sunburns; and, (iii) an increased ability of reddened and sunburned skin to convert into intact skin that looks browned and healthily tanned.
 Eyeglasses and ornamental retainer for use in conjunction therewith patent thumbnailEyeglasses and ornamental retainer for use in conjunction therewith
A retainer is releasably secured to a pair of eyeglasses that includes flattened and widened temple members. Each temple member includes a heart-shaped hole at its distal end that serves as the point of attachment for the retainer.
 Deuterium-enriched alkyl sulfonamides and uses thereof patent thumbnailDeuterium-enriched alkyl sulfonamides and uses thereof
The present invention is concerned with deuterium-enriched sulfonamides of formula 1, their pharmaceutically acceptable salts and methods of use thereof for the treatment of anxiety disorders including, general anxiety disorder (gad), panic disorder (pd), post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd), social phobia (sp), health anxiety (hypochondriasis), depression, major depressive disorders, unipolar depression, bipolar i depression disorder, bipolar ii depression disorder, treatment-resistant depression, single episodic and recurrent major depressive disorders, depression in the medically ill, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd), attention deficit disorder (add), obsessive-compulsive disorder (ocd), obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (ocpd), autism spectrum disorder (asd), schizophrenia, psychosis, epilepsy, seizures, hot flashes due to menopause, age-related macular degeneration (amd), premature ejaculation, male erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, obesity, eating disorders, bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, angina, migraine, pain, nociception, sleep disorders, insomnia, fibromyalgia, alcohol withdrawal, autism, rett's syndrome, cyclothymic disorder, neural injury, neurodegenerative diseases, parkinson's disease, parkinson's disease psychosis, huntington disease, alzheimer's disease, frontotemporal dementia, cognitive impairment associated with age-related dementia, alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia, psychosis, depression, pain or discomfort associated with surgery and pain or discomfort associated with medical illness.. .
 Ambient sensing of patient discomfort patent thumbnailAmbient sensing of patient discomfort
Methods, computer systems, and computer-readable storage media for monitoring and managing patient discomfort are provided. Inputs are received from ambient sensors located in a clinical care room.
 Over/under dual-fit wearing option earphones patent thumbnailOver/under dual-fit wearing option earphones
The invention relates to an earphone that can be worn so that the cord attached to the earphone can be worn either over the wearer's ear or under the wearer's ear because of an angled earphone tip and angled strain relief. The angled earphone tip and angled strain relief serve to provide a customizable secure fit that maximizes the sound coming through the earphones and minimizes discomfort from wearing the earphone..
 Cannula support assembly patent thumbnailCannula support assembly
A cannula support assembly capable of supporting a nasal cannula that delivers oxygen or other gas or gas mixtures to a user is disclosed. The assembly has a plurality of retention clips into which cannula tubes are inserted and retained in a manner so as not to interfere or cause discomfort to a user.
Wearable cardiac defibrillator system controlling conductive fluid deployment
In embodiments, a wearable cardiac defibrillator system includes an energy storage module configured to store a charge. Two electrodes can be configured to be applied to respective locations of a patient.
Control device and control method of electric booster
A control device and a control method of an electric booster include an assist function by an electrical actuator. An input piston of the electric booster moves along an axial direction within the booster piston in response to an operation of a brake pedal.
Medical line securement system
The present invention relates to a securement system for securing a medical line or device to a patient, for example, for holding a tube such as a catheter or a drip to the body of a patient. The medical treatment of patients commonly involves the use of percutaneously inserted medical lines to direct fluids directly into the bloodstream, a specific organ or an internal location within the patient, or to monitor vital functions of the patient.
Compression band and method of use to mitigate swelling and discomfort at a mesotherapy treatment area
A device and method for mitigating swelling and discomfort in a mesotherapy treatment area is disclosed. A compression band is wrapped around the treated area multiple times a day for a period of about 1 hour for each session after undergoing mesotherapy treatment..
Position sensing active torso support
An active torso support includes multiple force applying elements for applying force to selected regions of a torso of a subject, to reduce or prevent injury or discomfort, under the control of control circuitry on the torso support. Target regions for application of force are selected by detecting the position of a landmark in or on the torso of the subject relative to a portion of the torso support, and selecting one or more force applying elements closest to the target region.
Sperical subtalar implant
One embodiment of the invention includes a sinus tarsi implant with a proximal portion that includes a spherical portion. The spherical portion may include apertures for tissue in-growth.
Inspection system and inspection method
An inspection system included a ray source to emit a ray, a detector to receive the ray, a detection region for placing an object under inspection, and a moving device to move the ray source and the detector around the detection region. Conventional scanning blind zones such as both sides of a human body, both sides of arms and both sides of legs can be completely eliminated.
Arrhythmia electrotherapy device and method with provisions for mitigating patient discomfort
Apparatus and method for treating an arrhythmia in a patient using an electrotherapy device such as a subcutaneous pacing device. The device applies a series of electrotherapy pulses in response to the presence of the arrhythmia.
Posture-dependent active torso support
An active torso support that controls force applied to one or more portions of a torso of a subject in response to detected posture of the subject is described. The active torso support includes one or more elements for applying force to the torso of the subject, positioned on the torso of the subject by a positioning element, which may include a belt, for example.
Gait-responsive active torso support
An active torso support that controls force applied to one or more portions of a torso of a subject in response to detected gait of the subject is described. For example, the torso support can be a back brace for providing support to the back of a subject to limit or prevent injury or discomfort.
Formulation of a mixture of free-b-ring flavonoids and flavans as a therapeutic agent
The present invention provides a novel composition of matter comprised of a mixture of two specific classes of compounds—free-b-ring flavonoids and flavans—for use in the prevention and treatment of diseases and conditions mediated by the cox-2 and 5-lo pathways. The present invention further provides a novel method for simultaneously inhibiting the cyclooxygenase-2 (cox-2) and 5-lipoxygenase (5-lo) enzymes, and reducing cox-2 mrna production.
Fabric strap with soft side edges
The present invention relates to an integrally woven fabric strap having a soft edge on one or both longitudinal sides. The soft edge of the strap comprises spandex covered warp yarns which are thinner than the counterpart warps in the main body of the strap and also has a less dense weaving pattern for reducing weft exposure on the edge warp.
Ecg electrode connector
Disclosed is an ecg electrode lead wire connector which provides improved electrical and mechanical coupling of the ecg electrode press stud to the lead wire, provides enhanced ergonomics to the clinician, and may alleviate patient discomfort associated with the attachment and removal of ecg leads. The connector may be engaged and disengaged with little or no force imparted to the patient or the ecg pad, which significantly minimizes the risk of inadvertent dislodgement of the pad.
Feminine anti-itch cloth
The present invention provides disposable cloths that are designed to reduce itching discomfort when wiped across the vulvar tissue. These disposable cloths are wetted with a composition that includes at least one anesthetic, protectant, buffer, and surfactant.
Probiotic for administration to healthy young mammals during the weaning period for improving tolerance to newly introduced food stuffs
The current invention is based upon administration of a probiotic, b. Lactis ncc2818 to healthy young mammals during the critical weaning period (in infants this period is usually from about 3 months to about 12, 18 or 24 months old), so as to accelerate the young mammal's adaptation to new food.
Interspinous internal fixation/distraction device
Disclosed are an apparatus for an interspinous fixation and/or distraction of vertebrae and a methodology for minimally invasive implantation of the apparatus in the spine of a patient. The apparatus corresponds to a pair of teardrop shaped lateral wing elements spaced apart by a central core element that may be selectively sized during the implantation process.
System for reducing local discomfort
A device for targeted delivery of a substance to an airway may include a conduit and at least two applicators. The conduit may include a proximal end and a bifurcated distal portion having two distal ends.
Holding aid for a personal, hand-held, tablet-shaped device and methods of use
A securement device to make it much easier for a user to securely hold onto a personal, hand-held, tablet-shaped device such as an electronic reader, a tablet computing device, a cellular phone, a personal data assistant, and a common clipboard, including any of these items that are at least partially contained in protective housings—while minimizing the fatigue and discomfort on the user's hands: a typical device solves this problem by providing a system of one or more finger holds formed with a fabric or pliable material that are disposed on the back side of the personal, hand-held, tablet-shaped device. In many devices, the position and fit of the finger holds are easily adjustable by a user via hook-and-loop schemes..
Vehicle control device
A vehicle control device is a vehicle control device for a vehicle capable of coasting, in which when there is no acceleration or deceleration request to the vehicle while traveling, power transmission between an engine and drive wheels is cut off and the vehicle is allowed to travel by inertia, wherein in a state in which there is no acceleration or deceleration request to the vehicle while traveling and power is transmitted between the engine and the drive wheels, whether or not to implement the coasting is determined by comparing a required deceleration rate dt which is estimated as a deceleration rate to be later required of the vehicle and a coasting deceleration rate dn which is estimated as a deceleration rate during the coasting. Where it is determined to implement the coasting, power transmission between the engine and the drive wheels is cut off and the coasting is implemented, and where it is determined not to implement the coasting, power transmission between the engine and the drive wheels is maintained.
Control device and control method for hybrid vehicle
A hybrid vehicle has a first running mode with an engine stopped and a second running mode with the engine operating. An ecu monitors information related to the frequency of intermittent startup of the engine in response to the startup and stoppage of the engine during vehicle running.
Head-up display device
Provided is a heads-up display device that stably achieves a low brightness display in which the display does not feel too bright in a dark environment at night, which further does not give a vehicle driver discomfort with continuous changes in brightness, and which has excellent white balance in the entire range of display brightness. A heads-up display device (1) is provided with an external light illuminance detection section (70) that detects the illuminance of external light and adjusts the display brightness (b) for display of images, which are displayed, on the basis of external light illuminance (p) measured by the external light illuminance detection section (70).
Device and method for fastening connective tissue
A stapler delivers a fastener so that the legs of the fastener penetrate two abutting portions of fascia from the inside out so that, after penetration, the legs of the fastener are outside the body. The stapler subsequently positions a retainer over the ends of the fastener in order to hold the fascia and fastener in place.
Impact resistant running shoe insert
An impact resistant running shoe insert provides impact resistance for minimalist and non-minimalist running or hiking shoes. Three flat layers are superimposed on each other.
Vaginal hygiene system
A device and kit are described for mixing and instillation of a two-part chemical system within a body cavity, under pressure. More particularly, a vaginal hygiene system is illustrated utilizing a two-part chemical system effective for achieving stasis of the vaginal flora, whereby bacterial vaginosis is effectively mitigated, thereby eliminating undesirable vaginal discharge and discomfort.
Migraine treatment
A migraine treatment formulation is designed to be administered upon onset of migraine symptoms. The migraine treatment formulation is able to reduce the nausea and pain associated with a migraine headache through a pharmaceutical composition that carries a reduced chance of causing digestive discomfort.
Substantially constant positive airway pressure systems and methods for treating sleep apnea, snoring, and other respiratory disorders
Substantially constant positive airway pressure systems and methods mediate the variations in pressures that occur within a conventional cpap mask during inhalation and exhalation cycles, and thereby reduce discomfort.. .
Screen inspection device, screen inspection method, and program
A combination selecting unit (20) creates a plurality of element combinations of which each is a combination of two display elements, and selects element combinations in which a distance between two display elements is a threshold value or less. A combination classifying unit (30) selects element combinations, in which any one of color difference, saturation difference, brightness difference, and both brightness and saturation of a color combination of two display elements exceed respective predetermined threshold values, from the element combinations.
Dental drill bit system and method
A dental drill is disclosed which allows for an osteotomy to be formed in a shape which closely matches the cylindrical shape of many dental implants. In so doing, the implant engages more tissue of the resulting osteotomy, thus resulting in greater ability for the tissue to penetrate and fuse with the implant while also reducing the chances of infection and reducing the overall recovery time.
Vehicle presence notification system
A presence notification system generates a notification sound around a vehicle with a quiet running sound, such as a hybrid car, an electric automobile, or a fuel-cell automobile, and notifies pedestrians of presence and approaching of the vehicle so as to be capable of heightening safety, and can maintain comfortability in the vehicle without bringing discomfort to the surrounding pedestrians and a driver and a fellow passenger in the vehicle. A contact pickup device 3 for capturing oscillation of a housing of an inverter i so as to convert the oscillation into an electric signal is mounted to the housing of the inverter i to be used in a driving circuit for driving an electric motor m.
Adaptable socket system, method, and kit
An adjustable socket system, method, and kit for use with prosthetic devices or orthotic, orthopedic, or exoskeletal support devices that includes a paddle and a compressing device coupled to the paddle. The paddle is chosen from a plurality of paddles of different shapes in such a way that the paddle inner surface is substantially coextensive with a soft tissue area overlying skeletal structures.
Irreversible electroporation (ire) for congestive obstructive pulmonary disease (copd)
A method for treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd) or chronic bronchitis to alleviate the discomforts of breathing by using non-thermal electroporation energy to ablate diseased portions of the lung including the bronchus, airways and alveoli which, in effect, opens the restrictive diseased portions thereby maximizing the overall surface area thereof causing improved airflow and uninhibited breathing.. .
Cover for magnetic implant in a bone conduction hearing aid system, and corresponding devices, components and methods
Various embodiments of systems, devices, components, and methods are disclosed for an implantable cover configured to operate in conjunction with a magnetic implant in a bone conduction hearing aid system. According to some embodiments, the cover is configured and shaped to minimize patient discomfort and increase the positionability of the magnetic implant on the patient's skull when the magnetic implant and the cover are together implanted beneath the patient's skin, the cover is disposed over at least portions of the magnetic implant, and the magnetic implant is affixed to the patient's skull..
Moldable cushion for implants
Custom moldable cushions for covering medical implants fastened to a bone are provided. Such cushions inhibit irritation of the surrounding soft tissue by covering the bone-implant interface and by reducing friction caused by movement of soft tissue adjacent the implant.
Therapeutic skin lifting device and related systems and methods
A therapeutic device has a bridge portion adapted for releasable adherence to a patch of skin so as to lift the patch of skin above a sensitive underlying treatment site in reducing discomfort or pain associated with tissue compression at the treatment site. The bridge portion is elevated above the treatment site with an exposed adhesive facing the patch of skin to be lifted and/or stretched outwardly.
System and method utilizing a smart phone for alleviating phantom limb discomfort
The present invention is a system and method for alleviating phantom limb discomfort using a smart phone equipped with a camera and having a digital imaging program or application for acquiring, processing, and displaying digital images. A moving image is acquired of a portion of the subject that consists of the subject's half-torso adjacent the limb of the amputation site, and any remaining amputation-site limb, as well as of the complementary portion of the subject's torso and its adjacent healthy limb, in a particular mode of use.
Injectable depot composition
Gel compositions are provided that can be utilized as carriers for beneficial agents when injected into a subject and which can provide sustained release of the beneficial agent over time. In particular, gel compositions containing an agent that renders the composition thixotropic to facilitate injection of the gel into a subject with minimal discomfort to the subject are described..
Dampers for clutch linkages
A motor vehicle includes a clutch linkage connected to a throw out lever which is operated by a clutch pedal or said control lever biased by a return spring to a clutch engaged position. A damper with a cylinder housing a piston and a piston rod delays excessively rapid engagement of the clutch by engaging the clutch linkage to provide a force opposed to pressure from the return spring.
Visual prosthesis for control of spatiotemporal interactions
In a visual prosthesis or other neural stimulator it is advantageous to provide non-overlapping pulses in order to provide independent control of brightness from different electrodes. Non-overlapping pulses on geographically close electrodes avoid electric-field interaction which leads to brightness summation or changes in the shape and area of percepts.
Topical ubiquinol oral supplement compositions with amorphous calcium phosphate
Topical, ubiquinol, adjunctive, supplement compositions, containing amorphous calcium phosphate fluoride (acpf), useful in: reducing oxidative stress, relieving oral discomfort and dry mouth, and remineralizing hydroxyapatite; comprising: ubiquinol in an aqueous-free emulsion that also contains: a stabilizing composition for ubiquinol, spilanthes extract, a trans-oral mucosal, absorption facilitator and acpf; wherein: the emulsion forms a mucoadhesive gel in the presence of saliva that undergoes gradual saliva dissolution effecting passive diffusion of the ubiquinol supplement and the spilanthes extract into the oral mucosa, and remineralizing of tooth surfaces with acpf; resulting in: adjunctively increasing ubiquinol levels, reducing oxidative stress, regulating immune response, relieving oral discomfort and dry mouth, and remineralizing tooth surfaces.. .
Ergonomic earpiece and attachments
An earpiece that substantially lacks a lower lobe is disclosed. In one example, the earpiece can have a generally arcuate rib having upper and lower ends.
Comfortable, secure headband hair accessory
A decorative headband hair accessory having a flexible band with clips at each end of the band, or alternatively at intervals along the length of the band, which hold the headband hair accessory comfortably, securely, and fashionably in the desired position on the wearer's head. The clips attach the headband hair accessory to the wearer's hair without poking, pressing or squeezing the wearer's head, holding the decorative headband hair accessory securely in its desired position on the wearer's head without causing pain or discomfort.
Mattress and control method thereof
The object of the present invention is to provide a mattress of a novel structure that can quickly perform dispersion of a body pressure acting part of a user, and can reduce discomfort felt by the user when doing a cell internal pressure switching operation, as well as a control method thereof. The present invention is provided with: a grouping step for, on the basis of a body pressure applied to each of a plurality of cells, dividing the plurality of cells into groups; a target internal pressure setting step for setting a target internal pressure of the cells for each group divided at the grouping step; and an internal pressure adjusting step for interconnecting the cells in each group and adjusting the internal pressure of the cells to the internal pressure set in the target internal pressure setting step..
Lumbar traction device
A lumbar traction device includes a tabular base, an indentation, a lumbar tracking base, tightening pieces, a weight member, a driving member and a controller. The lumbar tracking device allows the user to grip the controller to control the rotation of the rotation axis, and drive the threaded rod to rotate spirally forward and backward so as to synchronously drive the lumbar tracking base to move forward and backward for stretching or releasing.
Materials and methods for protecting against neuromas
The subject invention provides devices and methods for alleviating discomfort associated with neuroma formation. The devices and methods of the invention effectively use the body's natural response of reconstructing implanted biomaterials to minimize the size of, isolate, and protect a neuroma.
Device producing test sonications for high intensity focused ultrasound
A medical apparatus (600, 700, 800) including a high intensity focused ultrasound system (602), a signaling device (628) for generating a discomfort signal during the sonication of the sonication volume, and a processor (634) for executing instructions. Execution of the instructions causes the processor to receive (102) a set of sonication points (658, 904).
Heel stabilization device
A heel stabilization device includes a plurality of bumps formed on a shoe midsole or a shoe pad at predetermined locations corresponding to a foot heel in order to alter the contact forces at the locations when the foot heel is put into contact with the shoe pad or the shoe midsole. Thus, when a human body is standing or walking, a balance condition can be achieved to improve the discomfort of human body caused by long standing or walking..
Energy-saving apparatus and energy-saving system
The present disclosure provides an energy-saving apparatus that can switch a plurality of templates containing procedures for controlling the connected devices. The energy-saving apparatus comprises a template storing section that stores a plurality of templates containing procedures for controlling the connected device; an operation controlling section that selects a template to be executed that is used for controlling the operation of the connected device from among a plurality of the templates and controls the operation of the connected device according to the template to be executed; and a discomfort index calculating section that calculates a discomfort index showing a discomfort level of a user of the connected device corresponding to the template to be executed based on an amount of change of a setting of the connected device and that stores the discomfort index in association with the template to be executed; wherein the operation controlling section reselects the template to be executed based on the discomfort index..
Wearable cardiac defibrillator system with anti-bradyarrhythmia pacing & methods
In one embodiment, a wearable defibrillation system may sense whether its wearer meets an unconscious bradyarrhythmia condition that can be associated with becoming unconscious. Even though such a condition might not be helped with a defibrillation pulse, the wearable-defibrillation system may still administer pacing pulses to prevent the bradycardia from becoming worse, such as a sudden cardiac arrest.
Apparatus for monitoring intra-abdominal pressure
An improved apparatus for monitoring the intra-abdominal pressure of a hospitalized patient includes a urinary catheter connected to a urine valve having selectable communication positions between a discharge end of the urinary catheter and either a drain or a fluid source. Preferably, the urine valve has a housing adapted to resist patient discomfort from leg-valve contact.
Ophthalmic treatments
Aqueous compositions suitable for topical administration to the human or animal eye contain at least one water-soluble polymeric ophthalmic lubricant, such as hyaluronate, carbomer gel or hypromellose, together with a water-soluble analgesic. The analgesic may be an opiod, particularly an opioid having an affinity for 5-ht receptors, such as tramadol.
Automatic recirculation control for vehicular hvac system
Recirculation of air within a passenger cabin by a vehicular hvac system is controlled to maximize the use of recirculation without causing discomfort from a large air flow around the legs of a passenger located near the cabin air return vent. An automatic recirculation condition is detected in response to first conditions including a window defrost setting.
Skylight having multiple stationary tilted reflectors aimed in different compass directions including inverted pyramidal or wedge geometry
A skylight system uses multiple stationary tilted reflectors aimed in different compass directions, including inverted pyramidal or wedge geometry to enhance the light output of a skylight using a conventional horizontal penetration into the building. The reflectors are made of very low cost metallized polymer film, and configured to maximize the useful lumen output of the skylight over the whole day and over the whole year.
Method and a system for controlling discomfort level
Present invention relates to a method of controlling the discomfort level experienced by a subject. The method comprises receiving a signal from the subject to initiate comfort relief, determining vital sign data of the subject, determining whether the vital sign data fulfils a predetermined criterion, and performing an infusion regime of infusing a comfort relief drug into the subject based on whether the vital sign data fulfils the predetermined criterion..
Ear insert for relief of tmj discomfort and headaches
An expansible ear canal insert for treating tmj disorders and headaches which acts directly on the tmj and associated ligament and muscle structures to reduce stress and loads placed on the articulator disc located between the temporal bone and the mandible, as well as supportive muscles and ligaments near the tmj. The insert is adapted to expand by application of body heat.
Piston pump devices
Drug pump devices with syringe or pen-injection configurations may utilize pre-filled drug vials or cartridges; the prefilled vials may be equipped with mechanisms for stirring their contents and/or changing a chemical environment therein to improve therapies. To facilitate combination therapies, multiple drug pump devices may be assembled into a larger system.
Means and apparatus for controlling oral fluids during sleep
The apparatus comprises an absorbent material adjacent to an adhesive material which is further adapted to protect and prevent saliva or other oral fluids from being released to soil bedding material or to cause discomfort during sleep.. .
Hearing aid system for removing feedback noise and control method thereof
Provided is a hearing aid system including: a first processor that fast fourier transforms n input signal tone data output from an input buffer memory, and then executes nonlinear compression; a second processor that inverse fast fourier transforms amplitude spectrum data; an output buffer memory that stores the voice signal tone data, until the number of the voice signal tone data is n; and a digital-to-analog (d/a) converter that converts the digital voice signal tone data into an analog signal, to then output the analog signal to a receiver. Thus, certain ambient noise due to an acoustic feedback signal and a narrow frequency band that occur in a hearing aid is removed, to thus reduce discomforts due to the acoustic feedback noise of the hearing aid for hearing aid users, and to thereby significantly improve speech discrimination..
Shin protection device
Disclosed is a shin guard device configured to be secured to a user's footwear such that a guard aspect of the device is positioned in front of the user's lower leg. An exemplary embodiment is molded from a relatively thin gauge plastic and includes a lower toe portion, an upper shin guard portion and a fastener device in communication with the lower toe portion.
Inflatable mattress and control methods
A patient support, such as a mattress, includes a plurality of inflatable bladders. Depth sensors are included in the support that measure the degree of penetration of a patient into the mattress.
First responder protective uniform
A protective garment comprising a plurality of layers integrated or bonded in a complementary manner protects wearers such as emergency responders against multiple hazards often present in a response area. The layers include a toxicity barrier adapted for visual contrast with toxic substances, such that the toxicity is barrier responsive to toxic substances by varying a response to an optical signal such as a uv light.
Stimuli generating methods, devices and control systems to induce visual evoked potentials using imperceptible flickering multi-color lights
Visual or photic stimuli generating methods, devices and control systems for inducing steady-state visual evoked potential (ssvep) from human viewers without causing discomfort to the viewers or distorting the embedding images are disclosed. The control system includes a stimuli-generating device and an electroencephalography (eeg) sensing device.

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