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Dipole patents

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Nanodevices for generating power from molecules and batteryless sensing

Integrated antenna system for a train control system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Dipole-related patents
 Dielectric waveguide with director elements patent thumbnailnew patent Dielectric waveguide with director elements
A system includes an electronic device coupled to a mating end of a dielectric wave guide (dwg). The electronic device has a multilayer substrate that has an interface surface configured for interfacing to the mating end of the dwg.
 Integrated circuit with dipole antenna interface for dielectric waveguide patent thumbnailnew patent Integrated circuit with dipole antenna interface for dielectric waveguide
An electronic device has a multilayer substrate that has an interface surface configured for interfacing to a dielectric waveguide. A conductive layer on the substrate is etched to form a dipole antenna disposed adjacent the interface surface to provide coupling to the dielectric waveguide.
 Nanodevices for generating power from molecules and batteryless sensing patent thumbnailnew patent Nanodevices for generating power from molecules and batteryless sensing
A nanoconverter or nanosensor is disclosed capable of directly generating electricity through physisorption interactions with molecules that are dipole containing organic species in a molecule interaction zone. High surface-to-volume ratio semiconductor nanowires or nanotubes (such as zno, silicon, carbon, etc.) are grown either aligned or randomly-aligned on a substrate.
 Integrated antenna system for a train control system patent thumbnailnew patent Integrated antenna system for a train control system
An antenna includes a first radiating array coupled to the mast and a second radiating array coupled to the mast. Each of the first and second radiating arrays comprises a plurality of dipoles associated with a radiation frequency, each dipole coupled to the mast by a standoff.
 Method, system and apparatus for remote neural modulation brain stimulation and feedback control patent thumbnailMethod, system and apparatus for remote neural modulation brain stimulation and feedback control
A method, system and apparatus is presented for a wireless neural modulation feedback control system as it relates to an implantable medical device comprised of a radio frequency (rf) receiver circuit, one or more dipole or patch antenna(s), one or more electrode leads connected to at least one dipole or patch antenna(s), and at least one microelectronic neural modulation circuit, and an external or internally implanted rf device to neurally modulate brain tissue in order to treat medical conditions that can be mediated by neuronal activation or inhibition, such as parkinson's, alzheimer's, epilepsy, other motor or mood based disorders, and/or pain. The implantable receiver captures energy radiated by the rf transmitter unit and converts this energy to an electrical waveform by the implanted neural modulation circuit to deliver energy that can be utilized by the attached electrode pads in order to activate targeted neurons in the brain..
 Method and apparatus for detecting a dipole position marker patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for detecting a dipole position marker
An apparatus, method and system for detecting a position within a body are provided. A dipole that is free to rotate or oscillate within a capsule is inserted at a target location within the body.
 Compact proton therapy system with energy selection onboard a rotatable gantry patent thumbnailCompact proton therapy system with energy selection onboard a rotatable gantry
Systems and apparatuses for providing particle beams for radiation therapy with a compact design and suitable to a single treatment room. The radiation system comprises a stationary cyclotron coupled to a rotating gantry assembly through a beam line assembly.
 Near-field equivalent source representation for sar estimation patent thumbnailNear-field equivalent source representation for sar estimation
Efficient techniques for estimating specific absorption rate (sar) for wireless devices. In an aspect, electric and/or magnetic field measurements are made over a two-dimensional (2d) surface in the proximity of a wireless device.
 Acoustic transducers patent thumbnailAcoustic transducers
The invention generally relates to acoustic transducers. In certain aspects, the acoustic transducer includes a curved diaphragm and an actuator coupled to the curved diaphragm to cause movement of the curved diaphragm.
 Use of hydrocarbon nanorings for data storage patent thumbnailUse of hydrocarbon nanorings for data storage
Hydro-carbon nanorings may be used in storage. Sufficiently cooled, an externally hydrogen doped carbon nanoring may be used to create a radial dipole field to contain streams of electrons.
Unitary antenna dipoles and related methods
Unitary antenna dipole radiating elements are formed. Such elements include a base portion and a plurality of shaped arm portions unitarily formed on a side of the base portion.
Subsurface antenna for radio frequency heating
A subsurface antenna is designed for use below the surface of the earth. In some configurations the antenna is a dipole antenna, which can be used for radio frequency heating of an oil-bearing formation..
Closely spaced antennas isolated through different modes
Multi-antenna systems, including mobile devices having multiple antennas, are provided herein. A first antenna and a second antenna are operable at two or more of the same non-overlapping communication frequency bands.
Electromagnetic vector sensors (emvs) apparatus method and system
An electromagnetic vector sensor (emvs) system, having a plurality of emvs devices consisting of a plurality of loop antenna elements spatiatally orthogonally integrated with and electrically isolated from a plurality of dipole antenna elements, mounted on a rotatably adjustable platform having a true north orientation, including active circuitry residing in antenna housings, and external executing software programs causing the active circuitry in cooperation with the emvs device and receivers to determine angle of arrival and resolution of incoming wave vectors and polarization of incoming signals and to perform accurate high frequency geolocation signal processing; the programs which perform calibration and antenna element placement determination operations, also cause the system to collect data of known transmitted high frequency skywave signals, and estimate direction of arrival of unknown signals by detecting, resolving and measuring components of an electric field and a magnetic field at a single point.. .
Rf antenna assembly with feed structure having dielectric tube and related methods
An rf antenna assembly may be positioned within a wellbore in a subterranean formation for hydrocarbon resource recovery. The rf antenna assembly includes first and second tubular conductors and a feed structure therebetween defining a dipole antenna to be positioned within the wellbore, and an rf transmission line extending within one of the tubular conductors.
Rf antenna assembly with series dipole antennas and coupling structure and related methods
An rf antenna assembly is to be positioned within a wellbore in a subterranean formation for hydrocarbon resource recovery. The rf antenna assembly includes a series of tubular dipole antennas to be positioned within the wellbore, each tubular dipole antenna having a pair of dipole elements, and an rf transmission line extending within the series of tubular dipole antennas.
Dipole triboelectric injector nozzle
The present invention relates to a fuel injector configuration that treats a dielectric fluid such as gasoline fuel with strong electric and, optionally, magnetic fields to form a homogeneous charged fuel or fuel/air mixture for combustion in an internal combustion engine. The electric field is supplied by a triboelectric dipole and the magnetic field is supplied by permanent magnets.
Oriented photocatalytic semiconductor surfaces
The present disclosure relates to oriented photocatalytic semiconductor surfaces which may include photocatalytic capped colloidal nanocrystals (pccns) positioned all in the same orientation. The photoactive material may be employed in a plurality of photocatalytic energy conversion applications such as the photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide and water splitting, among others.
Apparatus and method for directional resistivity measurement while drilling using slot antenna
An apparatus for making directional resistivity measurements of a subterranean formation includes a resistivity tool with a longitudinal axis and an outer surface, multiple slots formed on the outer surface of the resistivity tool and oriented substantially parallel to the longitude axis of the resistivity tool, and multiple wires posited in the slots and electrically connecting end walls of the slots to form magnetic dipole antennas. The mantic dipole antennas form at least one transmitter-receiver antenna group to perform transmission and reception of electromagnetic signals.
Thin film fabrication of rubber material with piezoelectric characteristics
The present invention is related to a thin film fabrication of a rubber material with piezoelectric characteristics and a manufacturing method thereof. The present invention is developed by utilizing polymer casting, multilayer stacking, surface coating, and micro plasma discharge processes.
Binkowski electrical machine
An electrical machine includes at least one magnet that provides a dipole magnetic field having a primary direction. A plurality of elongate conductive members is spaced from one another in a plane perpendicular to this primary direction.
Gnss antennas
A global navigation satellite system (gnss) antenna system includes interference mitigation and multipath canceling. Multiple ports or phased arrays of antennas can be provided.
Dipole antenna assembly having an electrical conductor extending through tubular segments and related methods
A dipole antenna assembly may include a first tubular dipole element and a coaxial antenna feed extending through a proximal end of the first tubular dipole element. The coaxial antenna feed may have an inner conductor, an outer conductor, and a dielectric therebetween.
System and method for orientation and movement of remote objects
The disclosed invention provides apparatus, systems, and methods for orientating an object in an enclosed area using a magnetic dipole deployed in the enclosed area and thereafter applying an external rotating magnetic field for applying a rotational force to the dipole along one or more selected axis. The external magnetic field is moved to manipulate object in the desired direction(s) of movement..
Nanopore-based determination of protein charge, shape, volume, rotational diffusion coefficient, and dipole moment
Physical parameters of macromolecules are determined by measuring electrical current i over time for translocation events as the macromolecules in solution move between two liquid compartments that are separated by and fluidically coupled through a synthetic nanopore. Values of charge, volume, shape, rotational diffusion coefficient, ad dipole moment are derived from the measurements..
Acoustic borehole imaging tool
A logging system for producing borehole images of acoustic properties of formations penetrated by the borehole. Images of formation compressional wave and shear wave velocities are generated in real time.
Wireless communication device
A glasses-type radio communication device (1) which is to be worn on the head of a user, includes: right and left eyepiece parts (11); and an antenna (110) for carrying out radio communication, the antenna (110) being a dipole antenna including an antenna element (100) and a power feeding section (101) which supplies electric power to the antenna element (100), the power feeding section (101) being provided between the right and left eyepiece parts (11).. .
Dual-polarized dipole antenna and cruciform coupling element therefore
A dual-polarized dipole antenna including a first pair of dipole arms resonating in a first frequency band, a second pair of dipole arms intersecting the first pair of dipole arms and arranged orthogonally with respect to the first pair of dipole arms, the second pair of dipole arms resonating in the first frequency band and at least one conductive cruciform element mounted on the first and second pairs of dipole arms and resonating in a second frequency band.. .
System and method for detecting a fracture in a rock formation using an electromagnetic source
A surface electromagnetic survey system and method for detecting a fracture or fracture zone in a rock formation are provided. The system includes an electromagnetic source configured to generate an electromagnetic field in the vicinity of or at a surface of the rock formation.
Magnetic tracking system
Apparatus for determining a location of a target, the apparatus comprising: first and second magnetic dipole beacons positioned at substantially a same spatial location having respectively first and second time dependent magnetic moments oriented in different directions that generate first and second magnetic fields having different time dependencies; at least one magnetic field sensor coil located at the location of the target that generates signals responsive to the first and second magnetic fields; and circuitry that receives the signals generated by the at least one sensor coil and processes the signals responsive to the different time dependencies of the magnetic fields to determine a location of the at least one sensor coil and thereby the target.. .
Method of designing & manufacturing an anti-counterfeiting rfid tag, the anti-counterfeiting rfid tag and the anti-counterfeiting package
The invention relates to a method of designing & manufacturing anti-counterfeiting rfid tags, the anti-counterfeiting rfid tags obtained and the anti-counterfeiting package related. The invention belongs to application of radio frequency identification technology.
Cross-dipole antenna configurations
An apparatus has an improved antenna pattern for a cross dipole antenna. Such antennas desirably have an omnidirectional antenna pattern.
Broadband circularly polarized bent-dipole based antennas
Technologies are presented for providing circularly polarized antenna topologies based on multiple bent-dipole elements over a ground plane configuration. In some examples, moxon based cross radiating elements may be fed through a hybrid 90° quadrature coupler.
Log-periodic dipole array antenna and smart skin having the same
A log-periodic dipole array antenna according to one exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure includes a dielectric substrate, a radiating element having a plurality of lines extending from a center to an outer side and symmetrically arranged on the dielectric substrate based on the center, so as to resonate in a first frequency band and a second frequency band, the plurality of lines being connected at the center or the outer side of the radiating element in an alternating manner, the lines becoming longer going from up to down of the radiating element fed according to a predetermined long-periodic ratio, and a band stopper formed on one point for connecting the lines to each other. .
Hearing aid antenna
An antenna, in particular a dipole antenna, for radio communication in a hearing aid, is disclosed. The antenna includes a solid three-dimensional dielectric support body, an electrically conductive first plate on a first surface of the support body and an electrically conductive second plate on a second surface of the support body.
Ultra-wideband (uwb) dipole antenna
An ultra-wideband (uwb) antenna for wireless communication in proximity to a human body and between devices having no line-of-sight, includes symmetrical radiators disposed on a side of a dielectric layer, and a differential microstrip feeding line disposed on the side and an opposite side of the dielectric layer. The uwb antenna further includes a top dielectric layer disposed over the side of the dielectric layer, a bottom dielectric layer disposed over the opposite side of the dielectric layer, and a top connecting plate disposed on an outer surface of the top dielectric layer.
Resonance fluorescence localization microscopy with sub-wavelength resolution
The resonance fluorescence spectrum of a number of two-level atoms is driven by a gradient coherent laser field. In the weak dipole-dipole interaction region (separation less than λ/50), a very strong laser field may be applied such that the rabi frequency is much larger than the dipole-dipole interaction energy.
Apparatus for heating hydrocarbons with rf antenna assembly having segmented dipole elements and related methods
The apparatus includes an rf antenna assembly to be positioned within a wellbore and coupled to an rf source. The rf antenna assembly includes a first tubular dipole element having opposing proximal and distal ends, an rf transmission line extending through the proximal end of the first tubular dipole element and including an inner conductor, an outer conductor, and a dielectric therebetween.
High-frequency vlsi interconnect and intentional inductor impedance extraction in the presence of a multi-layer conductive substrate
Embodiments of methods, apparatus, and systems for extracting impedance for a circuit design are disclosed herein. Some of the disclosed embodiments are computationally efficient and can accurately compute the frequency-dependent impedance of vlsi interconnects and/or intentional inductors in the presence of multi-layer conductive substrates.
Analytic estimation apparatus, methods, and systems
In some embodiments, apparatus and systems, as well as methods, may operate to record a plurality of acoustic waveforms corresponding to acoustic waves received at azimuthally orthogonal dipole receiver arrays surrounded by a geological formation, the waves being generated by azimuthally orthogonal transmitter arrays. Further activity may include analytically estimating a global minimum of a predefined objective function with respect to an azimuth angle at a point in an auxiliary parameter space associated with a set of auxiliary parameters, minimizing the objective function at the analytically estimated angle with respect to the auxiliary parameters, removing existing ambiguities associated with the fast and slow principal flexural wave axes, and determining at least one property of the geological formation based on the global minimum.
Communication device with tunable ground plane antenna element
A communication device including a ground element and an antenna element is provided. The ground element has a first edge and a second edge, wherein the first edge is substantially perpendicular to the second edge.

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