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Dipole patents

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Antenna system and method for full duplex wireless transmission with channel phase-based encryption

Antenna system and method for full duplex wireless transmission with channel phase-based encryption

Directional antenna structure with dipole antenna element

Wistron Neweb Corp.

Directional antenna structure with dipole antenna element

Directional antenna structure with dipole antenna element

Rohde & Schwarz & Kg

Slotline antenna

Date/App# patent app List of recent Dipole-related patents
 Apparatus and  sound reproduction patent thumbnailApparatus and sound reproduction
In an embodiment an apparatus includes a graphical display panel and a loudspeaker. The panel has a display layer for displaying images and defines a plurality of apertures penetrating through at least the display layer.
Nokia Corporation
 Antenna  full duplex wireless transmission with channel phase-based encryption patent thumbnailAntenna full duplex wireless transmission with channel phase-based encryption
An antenna assembly includes a first active antenna element and a second active antenna element, each of which may be a dipole. A first set of independently-switchable radio-frequency reflectors are positioned around at least the first active antenna element.
 Directional antenna structure with dipole antenna element patent thumbnailDirectional antenna structure with dipole antenna element
An antenna structure includes a dipole antenna element, a closed-loop conductor, and a reflection plane. The dipole antenna element is configured to transmit an electromagnetic signal.
Wistron Neweb Corp.
 Slotline antenna patent thumbnailSlotline antenna
An inventive antenna comprises two antenna elements forming a planar slotline antenna. The antenna furthermore comprises absorber elements surrounding the antenna elements on two layers.
Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co. Kg
 Microphone array transducer for acoustic musical instrument patent thumbnailMicrophone array transducer for acoustic musical instrument
A dipole microphone assembly for a nearfield sound source has a first microphone and a second microphone. The second microphone is out of phase with the first microphone so as to provide a dipole microphone assembly.
The Penn State Research Foundation
 Apparatus and  controlling movement of a capsule endoscope in digestive tract of a human body patent thumbnailApparatus and controlling movement of a capsule endoscope in digestive tract of a human body
System and method to provide a suspended capsule endoscope at a liquid gas interface is described. The capsule comprises a permanent magnetic dipole and has a density greater than the density of the liquid.
Ankon Technologies Co., Ltd
 Apparatus and  controlling movement of a capsule endoscope in digestive tract of a human body patent thumbnailApparatus and controlling movement of a capsule endoscope in digestive tract of a human body
A system for controlling movement of a capsule endoscope in a human gi track is disclosed. The system comprises a magnetic dipole for placement in human gi track, an external magnet in a sphere shape generating dipole magnetic field and applying external translational and or rotational magnetic field force to the capsule endoscope, and a control system for moving the external magnet to manipulate the object along the variable axis in a desired direction of movement..
Ankon Technologies Co., Inc
 Method of electron beam transport in an x-ray scanner patent thumbnailMethod of electron beam transport in an x-ray scanner
The present invention provides a multi-view x-ray inspection system. In one embodiment, a beam steering mechanism directs the electron beam from an x-ray source to multiple production targets which generate x-rays for scanning which are subsequently detected by a plurality of detectors to produce multiple image slices (views).
Rapiscan Systems, Inc.
 Method for manufacturing p-type mosfet patent thumbnailMethod for manufacturing p-type mosfet
A method for manufacturing a pmosfet including defining an active region for the pmosfet on a semiconductor substrate; forming an interfacial oxide layer on a surface of the substrate; forming a high-k gate dielectric layer on the interfacial oxide layer; forming a metal gate layer on the dielectric layer; implanting dopant ions into the metal gate layer; forming a poly-si layer on the metal gate layer; patterning the poly-si layer, the metal gate layer, the dielectric layer and the interfacial oxide layer to form a gate stack; forming a gate spacer surrounding the gate stack; and forming s/d regions. During annealing to form the s/d regions, dopant ions implanted in the metal gate layer may accumulate at upper and bottom interfaces of the dielectric, and electric dipoles with appropriate polarities are generated by interface reaction at the bottom interface, so that the metal gate has its effective work function adjusted..
Institute Of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences
 Orthogonal multi-antennas for mobile handsets based on characteristic mode manipulation patent thumbnailOrthogonal multi-antennas for mobile handsets based on characteristic mode manipulation
A novel multi-antenna design approach is proposed to obtain uncorrelated and energy efficient antennas. By manipulating the chassis, more than one characteristic mode is enabled to resonate at frequency below 1 ghz.
Sony Corporation

Apparatus for optimizing hydrocarbon combustion

A device for optimizing hydrocarbon combustion has at least one dipole antenna comprising first and second wires extending in opposite directions. At least one power source, can supply the wires with voltages which are intermittent, alternating and sinusoidal, said voltages being between 2,000 v to 100,000 v and having frequencies between 30 khz and 1 mhz.

Organic light-emitting device

An organic light-emitting device (oled) which exhibits superior light extraction efficiency due to an extraction structure for dipole light generated from an organic light-emitting layer. The oled includes a first glass substrate, a first electrode disposed on the first glass substrate, an organic light-emitting layer disposed on the first electrode, a second electrode disposed on the organic light-emitting layer, and a second glass substrate disposed on the second electrode.
Corning Precision Materials Co., Ltd.

Flexible molecular piezoelectric device

A piezoelectric material, comprising: a piezoelectric self-assembling monolayer of oligopeptides; a conductive surface; and a substrate, wherein the conductive surface is located between the piezoelectric self-assembling monolayer of oligopeptides and the substrate. A touch sensitive device, comprising: a first piezoelectric material, comprising: a piezoelectric self-assembling monolayer of oligopeptides containing a dipole moment; a conductive surface; and a substrate; a second piezoelectric material, comprising: a piezoelectric self-assembling monolayer of oligopeptides containing a dipole moment; a conductive surface; and s substrate, wherein the oligopeptides making up the self-assembling monolayer of the first and second piezoelectric materials, respectively, have the same amino acid sequence but have an equal and opposite dipole moment..
University Of Pittsburgh- Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

Antenna construction, for example for an rfid transponder system

An antenna of conducting material supported by the substrate, the antenna is formed as a magnetic dipole, and coupling means for coupling the antenna to a circuit, which coupling means are formed by overlapping extensions of the antenna conductor. In accordance with the invention the antenna is formed of at least three sections each of different width w1, w2 and w3, where the sections are widest and the section is the narrowest w2 with an optimized shape..

Self calibrating multi-element dipole microphone

A self calibrating dipole microphone formed from two omni-directional acoustic sensors. The microphone includes a sound source acoustically coupled to the acoustic sensors and a processor.
Vocollect, Inc.

A millimeter wave wireless (m2w2) interconnect is used for transmitting and receiving signals at millimeter-wave frequencies for short-range wireless communication with high data rate capability. The transmitter and receiver antennae may comprise an on-chip differential dipole antenna or a bond-wire differential dipole antenna.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Downhole sensing in borehole environments

A drill string can include at least one transmit antenna and at least one receive antenna. The transmit antenna transmits at least one electromagnetic signal into a region of an earth formation.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Practical electromagnetic gradiometer

An electromagnetic gradiometer (emg) survey kit includes a lightweight man-carry boom about ten feet long. Matched magnetic dipole antennas are attached at each end and connected to a differential emg receiver able to make measurements in the picotelsa range.
Stolar Research Corporation

Techniques for designing millimeter wave printed dipole antennas

A printed millimeter wave dipole antenna and techniques for designing such an antenna are disclosed. In one embodiment, the dipole antenna comprises: a signal wing and at least one ground wing for propagating signals in a millimeter wave band; and an unbalanced feeding structure directly coupled to the signal wing.

Multiple polarization loop antenna and associated methods

The multiple polarization loop antenna includes a circularly polarized loop antenna, which may utilize a loop electrical conductor and two signal feedpoints along the loop electrical conductor separated by one quarter of the length of the loop circumference for a signal feedpoint phase angle input difference of 90 degrees. Each of the signal feedpoints may include a loop discontinuity, so that at least one signal source coupled thereto provides circular polarization from the loop electrical conductor.

Frequency doubler and related generating an oscillating voltage

A frequency doubling device suitable to generate an output terminal voltage oscillating at a differential frequency double the frequency of the input differential voltage, includes a first differential pair of p-type transistors and a second differential pair of n-type transistors controlled by the differential input voltage, as well as an lc oscillator including a lc resonant dipole through which the absorbed current is forced by two differential pairs of transistors.. .

Dipole antenna

A dipole antenna in accordance with the present invention includes a first antenna element provided in a two-dimensional surface and having a linear shape and a second antenna element provided in the two-dimensional surface and having a spiral shape that circles around the first antenna element.. .

Circuits and methods related to power amplifier efficiency based on multi-harmonic approximation

Circuits and methods related to power amplifier efficiency based on multi-harmonic approximation. In some embodiments, an output network circuit can be provided for multi-harmonic control of a radio-frequency (rf) power amplifier.

Low energy, cold process formulation aid

Provided are cold process formulation aids (cpfas), methods for their manufacture, and personal care products made using them. Cpfas include (i) a polymer having an aliphatic backbone and a plurality of pendant groups thereon that are pendant ionic or ionizable groups, or pendant groups having at least one permanent dipole that includes an acid, alcohol, thiol, ester, amine, amide, imide, imine, or nitrile moiety, and (ii) a wax selected from natural waxes and synthetic waxes, wherein if the wax is not micronized and is not self-emulsifying, the ratio, by weight, of the non-micronized wax to the polymer having an aliphatic backbone is from about 60:40 to 80:20, and if the wax is a micronized wax or a self-emulsifying wax, the ratio, by weight, of wax to polymer backbone is 70:30 to 98:2..

Electric energy storage device

An electric energy storage device comprises first and second conductor layers, and positive and negative electrodes. The first conductor layer has both surfaces coated with ionic or dipole material across entire surface thereof.

Wideband antenna

Wideband antennas, a wideband antenna assembly and a method are disclosed. One wideband antenna comprises at least one dipole arm base (90a) to be received by a ground plane (80) and supporting at least one dipole arm (20) fed by a dipole arm feed (40), said dipole arm base being dimensioned to provide less than a quarter wavelength separation between said ground plane and said dipole arm, said dipole arm base having apertures (100) to provide a quarter wavelength effective electrical length between said ground plane and said dipole arm feed.

Antenna structure having orthogonal polarizations

An antenna structure is disclosed that includes a dipole antenna and a slot antenna extending along a first axis. The dipole antenna and the slot antenna each have a radiation pattern that is omni-directional in an azimuth plane of the earth.

Multiband whip antenna

A multi-band whip antenna having a 30 mhz to 2 ghz bandwidth and an l-band dipole has its coverage extended up to 6 ghz by eliminating nulls and reducing vswr problems that are cured through the utilization of a sleeve over the feedpoint of the l-band antenna. Chokes in the form of sleeves are provided at either end of the l-band dipole to shorten the l-band antenna for preventing reverse polarity currents at the l-band antenna feedpoint, with the antenna further including the use of double shielded meanderlines to provide improved performance between 410-512 mhz and in which a capacitance sleeve is added at the bottom of the l-band antenna to effectively elongate the antenna below the l-band to permit operation below 700 mhz..

Wireless energy transfer antennas and energy charging systems

A resonant wireless energy transfer system comprises first and second antennas made up of dual parallel wire helixes wherein the wires are terminated by short wires. Voltage controlled variable capacitors are connected into the antennas to permit progressive variation between folded dipole and normal dipole operating modes such that optimum energy transfer can be achieved between the antennas over a wide range of antenna separation distances.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and method using same

The present disclosure relates to an apparatus and associated methods to produce analgesia in a mammal by providing an electrical nerve stimulus utilizing a pulsed input of low level electrical current, wherein the level of current is measurable with the measurements utilized to at least adjust the strength of the current according to selected parameters. Additionally, the use of magnets to produce a magnetic field to further control chronic and acute pain.

Small printed meander antenna performances in 315mhz frequency band including rf cable effect

The present disclosure pertains to a compact antenna assembly adapted to be used with a remote key entry system for an associated vehicle that is configured to receive radio waves within the 200 mhz to 450 mhz frequency band or more particularly within about the 315 mhz band. The antenna assembly includes a meander line antenna trace of a desired geometry having a plurality of bends and strips that is configured to reduce the effect of electromagnetic interference.

System and quantum information transfer between optical photons and superconductive qubits

An electro-optical system for exchanging quantum information between optical qubits and including a superconductive microwave cavity; an electro-optical material: a superconductive qubit circuit formed on the electro-optical material including a superconductive qubit; a dipole antenna, formed on the electro-optical material for directly coupling the superconductive qubit to the superconductive microwave cavity; an optical input for receiving input optical photons; a microwave input for receiving input microwave photons; and an optical output for outputting modulated optical photons, wherein a frequency and a phase of the optical photon is modulated with a state of the superconducting qubit by the dipole antenna.. .

Horizontally polarized omni-directional antenna apparatus and method

An alford antenna array having at least three driven elements disposed on a substrate, a first portion of each driven element being disposed on one side of the substrate, and a second portion of said each driven element being disposed on a second side of the substrate. At least one of the driven elements has a bent-dipole alford loop coupled to two feed points and has an acute-angle dipole feed point and acute-angle loaded ends.

Multi-beam smart antenna for wylan and pico cellular applications

Multi-beam smart antenna for wlan and cellular applications preferably has a steerable antenna system with a dipole antenna element located at the center of a ground plane. A first conductor is oriented parallel and collinear with a second conductor, and the ground plane is located therebetween.

In-body device with virtual dipole signal amplification

Virtual dipole signal amplification for in-body devices, such as implantable and ingestible devices, is provided. Aspects of the in-body deployable antennas of the invention include antennas configured to go from a first configuration to a second configuration following placement in a living body, e.g., via ingestion or implantation.

Fully compensated synthetic antiferromagnet for spintronics applications

A synthetic antiferromagnet serving as a reference layer for a magnetic tunnel junction is a laminate with a plurality of “x+1” magnetic sub-layers and “x” non-magnetic spacers arranged in an alternating fashion, with a magnetic sub-layer at the top and bottom of the laminated stack. Each spacer has a top and bottom surfaces that interface with adjoining magnetic sub-layers generating antiferromagnetic coupling between the adjoining sub-layers.

Electronic control of fluidic species

In some cases, the droplets may each have a substantially uniform number of entities therein. For example, 95% or more of the droplets may each contain the same number of entities of a particular species.

Annular vehicle with dipole antenna

An annular vehicle having a body which defines a body axis and appears substantially annular when viewed along the body axis. The interior of the annulus defines a duct which is open at both ends.

Systems and methods for detecting and identifying dentures having embedded tunable loop-dipole rfid tag antenna

A radio frequency identification (rfid) system for detecting and identifying lost dentures in a facility, includes readers deployed in fixed locations in the facility. Each of the readers is configured to transmit a first signal and to detect from a distance a second signal, which is generated at an rfid transponder embedded in a denture in response to receiving the first signal by backscattering a part of the first signal.

Method and sorting carbon nanotubes

A process of sorting metallic single wall carbon nanotubes (swnts) from semiconducting types by disposing the swnts in a dilute fluid, exposing the swnts to a dipole-inducing magnetic field which induces magnetic dipoles in the swnts so that a strength of a dipole depends on a conductivity of the swnt containing the dipole, orienting the metallic swnts, and exposing the swnts to a magnetic field with a spatial gradient so that the oriented metallic swnts drift in the magnetic field gradient and thereby becomes spatially separated from the semiconducting swnts. An apparatus for the process of sorting swnts is disclosed..

Method for constructing a dipole antenna

A method of fabricating a microwave antenna assembly is disclosed. The fabrication method includes providing a proximal portion having an inner conductor and an outer conductor, the inner conductor extending at least partially therein.

Dielectric waveguide with director elements

A system includes an electronic device coupled to a mating end of a dielectric wave guide (dwg). The electronic device has a multilayer substrate that has an interface surface configured for interfacing to the mating end of the dwg.

Integrated circuit with dipole antenna interface for dielectric waveguide

An electronic device has a multilayer substrate that has an interface surface configured for interfacing to a dielectric waveguide. A conductive layer on the substrate is etched to form a dipole antenna disposed adjacent the interface surface to provide coupling to the dielectric waveguide.

Nanodevices for generating power from molecules and batteryless sensing

A nanoconverter or nanosensor is disclosed capable of directly generating electricity through physisorption interactions with molecules that are dipole containing organic species in a molecule interaction zone. High surface-to-volume ratio semiconductor nanowires or nanotubes (such as zno, silicon, carbon, etc.) are grown either aligned or randomly-aligned on a substrate.

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