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Dipole patents


This page is updated frequently with new Dipole-related patent applications.

 Radio-frequency transceiver system patent thumbnailRadio-frequency transceiver system
A radio-frequency transceiver system includes a first plane, a second plane perpendicular to the first plane, a third plane perpendicular to the first plane and the second plane, a first antenna element and a plurality of second antenna elements. The first antenna element includes a first radiation plate disposed on the first plane, a second radiation plate disposed on the first plane, a third radiation plate disposed on the second plane and a fourth radiation plate disposed on the second plane.
Wistron Neweb Corporation

 Dual-band interspersed cellular basestation antennas patent thumbnailDual-band interspersed cellular basestation antennas
Low-band radiators of an ultra-wideband dual-band dual-polarization cellular basestation antenna and ultra-wideband dual-band dual-polarization cellular base-station antennas are provided. The dual bands comprise low and high bands.
Commscope Technologies Llc

 High-strength microwave antenna assemblies patent thumbnailHigh-strength microwave antenna assemblies
Various high-strength microwave antenna assemblies are described herein. The microwave antenna has a radiating portion connected by a feedline to a power generating source, e.g., a generator.
Covidien Lp

 Depth enhanced and fluorescence lifetime stimulated fluorescent emission for in-vivo imaging patent thumbnailDepth enhanced and fluorescence lifetime stimulated fluorescent emission for in-vivo imaging
The specification relates to a microscopy system. The microscopy system includes a first laser emitting a first laser pulse, the first laser pulse being a pump beam; a second laser emitting a second laser pulse, the second laser pulse being a probe beam; time delay components for delaying the probe beam, wherein the time delay components delay the probe beam by 0.3 ps to 5 ns relative to the pump beam; an optical device for combining the pump beam and the delayed probe beam into a combined laser pulse, the combined laser pulse having a reduced focal spot size; a galvanometer scanning system for delivering the combined laser pulse to a focal spot in a focal plane, wherein the reduced focal spot size of the combined laser pulse initiates a stimulated emission of a targeted molecule, the stimulated emission having dipole-like backscatter, and a detector for detecting the dipole-like backscatter..

 Device and  the geometric determination of electrical dipole densities on the cardiac wall patent thumbnailDevice and the geometric determination of electrical dipole densities on the cardiac wall
Disclosed are devices, a systems, and methods for determining the dipole densities on heart walls. In particular, a triangularization of the heart wall is performed in which the dipole density of each of multiple regions correlate to the potential measured at various locations within the associated chamber of the heart..

 Time of flight mass spectrometer patent thumbnailTime of flight mass spectrometer
A time of flight (“tof”) mass spectrometer including: an ion source configured to produce ions having a plurality of m/z values; a detector for detecting ions produced by the ion source; a tilt correction device located along a portion of a reference ion flight path extending from the ion source to a planar surface of the detector; wherein the tilt correction device includes tilt correction electrodes configured to generate at least one dipole electric field across the reference ion flight path, the at least one dipole electric field being configured to tilt an isochronous plane of ions produced by the ion source so as to correct a previous angular misalignment between the isochronous plane and the planar surface of the detector.. .
Shimadzu Corporation

 Compact optical key based on a two-dimensional photonic crystal with 60 degree folding patent thumbnailCompact optical key based on a two-dimensional photonic crystal with 60 degree folding
The present invention is based on a two-dimensional photonic crystal in which are inserted, in a controlled manner, defects that originate the waveguides and the resonant cavity that integrate the device. Its main function is to provide the control of the passage of an electromagnetic signal over a communications channel, blocking (state off) or allowing (state on) the passage of the signal.
Universidale Federal Do Para - Ufpa

 Magnetic field detector system patent thumbnailMagnetic field detector system
Aspects and embodiments are generally directed to magnetic field detector systems and methods. In one example, a magnetic field detector system includes a proof-mass including a magnetic dipole source, a plurality of supports, each individual support of the plurality supports being coupled to the proof-mass, a plurality of sensors, each individual sensor of the plurality of sensors positioned to measure a resonant frequency of a corresponding support of the plurality of supports, and a controller coupled to each individual sensor of the plurality of sensors, the controller configured to measure a characteristic of a magnetic field imparted on the proof-mass based on at least a first resonant frequency of the measured resonant frequencies..
The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.

 Platinum(iv) compounds and methods of making and using same patent thumbnailPlatinum(iv) compounds and methods of making and using same
Reactions of 1,3-dipole-functional (e.g., azide-functional) platinum(iv) compounds with cyclic alkynes under conditions effective for a cycloaddition reaction to form a heterocyclic compound are disclosed herein. In certain embodiments, the conditions effective for the cycloaddition reaction to form the heterocyclic compound includes the substantial absence of added catalyst (e.g., copper catalyst)..
University Of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.

 Parameter scanned tunable antenna patent thumbnailParameter scanned tunable antenna
Generally discussed herein are techniques, software, apparatuses, and systems configured for tuning an antenna. In one or more embodiments, a system can include a monopole or dipole antenna, a hardware processor electrically coupled to the monopole or dipole antenna, an amplitude or power detector electrically coupled between the monopole or dipole antenna and the processor to receive signals reflected from the monopole or dipole antenna and determine an amplitude or power of the reflected signals, and a first impedance matching network electrically connected between a feed point of the monopole or dipole antenna and the detector, the first impedance matching network including a variable capacitor, the variable capacitor having a variable capacitance that is set by the hardware processor based on the amplitude or power of the reflected determined by the amplitude or power detector..
Honeywell International Inc.

Antenna device

A first antenna and a second antenna (a patch antenna 109) are arranged in a single housing (a cover 101). The second antenna has a grounded conductor plate.
Harada Industry Co., Ltd.

High-k spacer for extension-free cmos devices with high mobility channel materials

A field effect transistor device includes a gate structure formed over a channel region in a semiconductor material. An inner spacer is formed on sidewalls of the gate structure and over an extension region of the semiconductor material.
International Business Machines Corporation

Preferentially magnetically oriented ferrites for improved power transfer

The present disclosure includes systems and methods for magnetically orienting ferrites in an inductive power transfer system. In one example embodiment, a method for forming a ferrite element having oriented magnetic dipoles includes heating a ferrite element to a first temperature, the ferrite element comprising a non-magnetic matrix having magnetic particulates suspended therein, and, while heating, applying an external magnetic field to the ferrite element to align magnetic dipoles of the particulates with the direction of the magnetic field..
Apple Inc.

Low-profile, broad-bandwidth, dual-polarization dipole radiating element

An antenna having a first dipole element configured to emit or receive electromagnetic signals in a first polarization direction wherein the first dipole is fed by a first inclined balun and a second dipole element configured to emit or receive electromagnetic signals in a second polarization direction that is orthogonal to the first polarization direction wherein the second dipole is fed by a second inclined balun.. .

Wireless communication device

A compact wireless communication includes a first radiating element and a second radiating element, which define and function as a dipole antenna, a feeder circuit including a wireless ic chip coupled with the first and second radiating elements, and a feeder substrate that is provided with the wireless ic chip. The first radiating element is provided to the feeder substrate.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

High frequency light emission device

Systems, apparatuses, and methods for modulating light at high frequencies by addressing the issue of direct modulation of long lifetime light emitters. Dynamic control of the local density of optical states (ldos) to exploit the differences between electric and magnetic dipole transitions allows for higher frequency modulation.
Brown University

Techniques and manipulating an ion beam

A method may include: generating an ion beam from an ion source, the ion beam having an initial direction of propagation; deflecting the ion beam at an initial angle of inclination with respect to the initial direction of propagation; passing the ion beam through an aperture in a magnetic assembly; and generating in the aperture, a quadrupole field extending along a first direction perpendicular to the initial direction of propagation of the ion beam, and a dipole field extending along a second direction perpendicular to the first direction and the initial direction of propagation.. .
Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

Dual band, multi column antenna array for wireless network

A dual-band, dual-polarized antenna module for a mobile communication base station, which includes: a reflector plate; a radiation antenna module for transmitting and receiving two linear orthogonal polarizations in first and second frequency band, the radiation antenna module generally having a first set of radiation antenna elements operable in a first frequency band including a plurality of dipoles arranged to form generally rectangular shape, each of the dipoles substantially having a planar shape element with a convex cavity; and a second set of radiation elements operable in a second frequency band which are proximately arranged over a convex cavities in the first set of radiation antenna elements, and includes a plurality of aperture coupled patch elements generally arranged to form a quad-shape.. .
Ace Antenna Company Inc.

Compact wideband dual polarized dipole

A compact wideband dual polarized dipole antenna assembly using a meander line component. The antenna assembly includes a pair of open stub baluns with a radiating dual polarized top printed circuit board (pcb) that is perpendicular to the baluns.
Amphenol Corporation

Planar beam steerable antenna

A planar beam steerable antenna may comprise a base substrate, a signal supply via hole passing through the base substrate, an active antenna disposed on a first surface of the base substrate, the active antenna including a horizontal dipole antenna having two unit antennas disposed apart from each other and a vertical dipole antenna having two unit antennas disposed apart from each other, a switching element disposed on a second surface of the base substrate and performing switching to provide a signal to one of the horizontal dipole antenna and the vertical dipole antenna, a signal supply line electrically connecting the active antenna with the switching element via the signal supply via hole, and a plurality of passive parasitic antennas disposed on the first surface of the base substrate apart from the active antenna.. .
Soonchunhyang University Industry Academy Cooperation Foundation

Multi-element telecommunications antenna

A telecommunications antenna comprising a conductive ground plane and at least one pair of broadband radiators mounted, and electrically connected, to the conductive ground plane. Each of the broadband radiators includes first and second dipole elements wherein the first dipole element is tuned to a first broadband frequency and the second dipole element is tuned to a second broadband frequency.
Css Antenna, Llc

Electromagnetic wave oscillator, plasma wave power extractor and electromagnetic wave detector

An electromagnetic wave generator includes a 2deg plate, a first resistor, a second resistor, a source and a floating plate and a dielectric body. The 2deg plate is configured to form a 2deg channel.
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

Free space absorber

The free space absorber based on an absorbent material containing conductive dipoles dispersing em waves, includes a conductive substrate reflecting em waves and a conductive grid located on the surface of the absorber.. .
Uniwersytet Wroclawski

Parallel dipole line trap viscometer and pressure gauge

Techniques for gas analysis using a parallel dipole line (pdl) trap viscometer are provided. In one aspect, a gas analysis system is provided which includes: a pdl trap including: a pair of diametric cylindrical magnets, and a diamagnetic rod levitating above the magnets; and a motion detector for capturing motion of the diamagnetic rod.
International Business Machines Corporation

Antenna holder, antenna device, and examination system

An antenna holder for accommodating antennas includes: first and second antenna accommodating sections that are separate bodies; and a belt configured to join the first and second antenna accommodating sections together and to fix the first and second antenna accommodating sections to a subject. The first antenna accommodating section includes a first antenna fixing section configured to fix the antenna to the first antenna accommodating section.
Olympus Corporation

Circuits and devices related to multi-harmonic control of amplified signals

Circuits and devices related to multi-harmonic control of amplified signals. In some embodiments, an amplifier circuit assembly can include an amplifier configured to provide a signal at an output.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Wideband antenna

First and second hot elements are formed on the front surface of a long and thin substrate. First and second earth elements are formed on the rear surface of the substrate.
Nippon Antenna Co., Ltd.

Method and device for generating a plasma excited by a microwave energy in the electron cyclotron resonance (ecr) domain, in order to carry out a surface treatment or produce a coating around a filiform element

According to the process, the filiform component is continuously linearly moved through magnetic dipoles arranged opposite each other and around a tube constituting a treatment chamber, and the microwave energy is introduced between at least two magnetic dipoles.. .
Luxembourg Institute Of Science And Technology (list)

Super electrical battery

An electric energy storage device is provided, which includes first and second conductor layers, and positive and negative electrodes. Each of the first and second conductor layers has both surfaces coated with ionic or dipole material.

Dipole ring magnetic field generator

Provided is a dipole ring magnetic field generator capable of generating a substantially unidirectional magnetic field in the internal space of a ring without using permanent magnet pieces having fan-shaped or trapezoidal sections, and as a result, a smaller skew angle therein is achieved. The sections of the permanent magnet pieces are shaped to be rectangular, and a plurality of the rectangular permanent magnet pieces are circularly placed at predetermined positions.
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Vehicle identification and/or monitoring system

An apparatus is disclosed which is operable to detect and identify vehicles, where individual vehicles each have at least one rfid communication device mounted thereon close to the surface on which the vehicle travels, and a vehicle's rfid communication device(s) is/are operable to transmit to the apparatus a signal indicating that vehicle's identity, the apparatus including an rfid reader, the rfid reader having an antenna which is operable to be positioned on or in the surface on which the vehicles travel, and the antenna (which may be an “adapted dipole” antenna) is operable to transmit a signal to a vehicle's rfid communication device(s) and to receive a backscattered modulated signal from a rfid communication device on that vehicle indicating that vehicle's identity, such that that vehicle is thereby detected and identified by the apparatus.. .
Licensys Australasia Pty Ltd

Dipole electrical stimulation employing direct current for recovery from spinal cord injury

A system and method to treat neuromuscular conditions, including spinal cord injury, by what is characterized as dipole (two point) cortico-muscular stimulation. Two-point stimulation, with oppositely charged electrodes, allows pulsed, direct current to pass through the cortico-muscular pathway.

Hourglass-coupler for wide pattern-bandwidth sector

Embodiments disclosed herein generally relate to a dipole antenna having an hourglass shaped coupler. The antenna generally includes two conductive layers, each having a first portion and a second portion of conductive material.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Contactless data communication using in-plane magnetic fields, and related systems and methods

Embodiments described herein are related to contactless data communication. Related systems and methods for contactless data communication are disclosed herein.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Overlapping uncoupled inductors for low-cost multi-frequency voltage-controlled oscillators

Certain aspects of the present disclosure provide techniques and apparatus for generating multiple oscillating signals. One example circuit generally includes a first voltage-controlled oscillator (vco) having a first inductor and a second vco having a second inductor in parallel with a third inductor, wherein the second and third inductors are disposed inside a loop of the first inductor and may behave as a magnetic dipole.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Dipole-based contact structure to reduce metal-semiconductor contact resistance in mosfets

A transistor device includes a substrate; a source region and a drain region formed over the substrate; and a source/drain contact formed in contact with at least one of the source region and the drain region, the source/drain contact including a conductive metal and a bilayer disposed between the conductive metal and the at least one of the source and drain region, the bilayer including a metal oxide layer in contact with the conductive metal, and a silicon dioxide layer in contact with the at least one of the source and drain region.. .
The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York

Dipole topics:
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  • Dipole Antenna
  • Frequency Band
  • Wireless Energy Transfer
  • Magnetic Field
  • Folded Dipole
  • Antenna Elements
  • 90 Degree Hybrid
  • Microscopy
  • Slot Antenna
  • Sequencing
  • Dna Sequencing
  • Transverse
  • Dual Polarized
  • Aberration

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