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Dipole patents


This page is updated frequently with new Dipole-related patent applications.

new patent Organic electroluminescent materials and devices
Organic light emitting devices incorporating a film of metal complex emitters that are oriented with their transition dipole moment vectors oriented parallel to the device substrate enhances the outcoupling and eliminate the need for micro-lens arrays, gratings, or other physical extraneous outcoupling methods.. .
University Of Southern California

new patent Multicore magnetic particles
A multicore magnetic particle. In one embodiment, the magnetic particle includes a plurality of superparmagnetic cores embedded in a non-magnetic matrix.
Endomagnetics Ltd

Heat pipe with near-azeotropic binary fluid
A heat pipe includes a binary working fluid including a composition proximate to and less than or equal to the azeotropic point in a thermodynamic phase diagram as a function of the composition of the binary working fluid. Moreover, in a liquid phase of the binary working fluid, a boiling point of the binary working fluid as a function of temperature and the composition in the thermodynamic phase diagram is approximately constant.
Oracle International Corporation

Collinear dipole antenna and communication device thereof
A collinear dipole antenna includes first and second radiators. The first radiator includes a first arm and at least one second arm including first and second branches, and the second radiator includes a third arm and at least one fourth arm including third and fourth branches.
Wistron Neweb Corporation

Ion beam scanner for an ion implanter
A magnetic system for uniformly scanning an ion beam across a semiconductor wafer comprises a magnetic scanner having ac and dc coil windings each of which extend linearly along internal pole faces of a magnetic core. The ac and dc coil windings are mutually orthogonal; a time dependent magnetic component causes ion beam scanning whilst a substantially static (dc) field component allows the ion beam to be bent in an orthogonal plane.
Nissin Ion Equipment Co., Ltd.

Advanced underground homing system, apparatus and method
A boring tool that is moved by a drill string to form an underground bore. A transmitter transmits a time varying dipole field as a homing field from the boring tool.
Merlin Technology Inc.

Softening thermoplastic polyurethanes using ionomer technology
In one or more embodiments, the present invention provides a novel approach to the addition of plasticizers for softening tpus, i.e., lowering the durometer and the melt viscosity. This approach involves incorporating bonded sulfonate groups with quaternary ammonium counterions into the tpu.

Bidirectional power switch with improved switching performance
A bidirectional power switch includes first and second thyristors connected in antiparallel between first and second conduction terminals of the switch. The first thyristor is of an anode-gate thyristor, and the second thyristor is of a cathode-gate thyristor.
Stmicroelectronics (tours) Sas

Dipole antenna with micro strip line stub feed
Various embodiments are described that relate to a line feed and a dipole element. The line feed can be supplied directly with a current without a balun.
The Government Of The United States, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army

Differential energy analysis for dipole acoustic measurement
Systems and methods for differential energy analysis of dipole acoustic signals to facilitate identification of geological or borehole characteristics are provided. An acoustic downhole tool may be placed into a borehole in a geological formation.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Wireless energy transfer with reduced fields

A magnetic resonator includes an inductor comprising a conductive first loop having a first dipole moment and a conductive second loop having a second dipole moment wherein a direction of the first dipole moment is substantially opposite to a direction of the second dipole moment and at least one capacitor in series with at least one of the first loop and the second loop.. .
Witricity Corporation

Wide band antenna having a driven bowtie dipole and parasitic bowtie dipole embedded within armor panel

A high powered armor panel having the wideband embedded antenna for operation in severe environmental conditions. The armor panel comprises a driven bowtie dipole electrically coupled to at least one driven resistor, a parasitic bowtie dipole electrically coupled to at least one parasitic resistor, a composite structure which has the driven bowtie dipole and the parasitic bowtie dipole embedded therein, a heat sink supported on a first side of the composite structure for dissipating heat, and an armor layer supported on an opposite second first side of the composite structure.
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

Multi-mode composite antenna

A multi-mode composite antenna is disclosed. The antenna includes at least two dipole elements, each dipole element having two arms with a signal transmission line connected to each arm, a conductive tube in which the signal transmission lines extend which forms a shield for the signal transmission lines, and an extension of the conductive tube.
Stellenbosch University

Semiconductor structure containing low-resistance source and drain contacts

Semiconductor structures having a source contact and a drain contact that exhibit reduced contact resistance and methods of forming the same are disclosed. In one embodiment of the present application, the reduced contact resistance is provided by forming a layer of a dipole metal or metal-insulator-semiconductor (mis) oxide between an epitaxial semiconductor material (providing the source region and the drain region of the device) and an overlying metal semiconductor alloy.
International Business Machines Corporation

Multi-band antenna

The present application provides a multi-band antenna, comprising at least one low-band sub-antenna; and at least one high-band sub-antenna comprising at least one high-band dipole and a reflector; wherein the high-band dipole and/or the reflector are/is structured and positioned so that current induced in the high-band sub-antenna by the low-band sub-antenna is directed to reflector over an extended effective distance in proportion to wavelength of the low-band sub-antenna.. .
Alcatel Lucent

Wireless access point

An access point includes an access point body and a circuit board supported by the access point body and optionally configured to provide a residential gateway to a network. The circuit board includes a plurality of multi-dipole antennas connected to the circuit board and arranged around a longitudinal axis defined by the circuit board.
Google Inc.

Pattern forming method, treating agent, electronic device, and manufacturing the same

A pattern forming method includes, in this order: a step (1) of forming a film on a substrate by using an actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition containing at least a resin having a group that is decomposed due to an action of an acid so as to generate a polar group; a step (2) of exposing the film; a step (3) of causing the exposed film to come into contact with a component that performs any one interaction of an ionic bond, a hydrogen bond, a chemical bond, and a dipole interaction with a polar group generated in the exposed film without substantially dissolving the exposed film; and a step (4) of forming a pattern by developing the exposed film by using a developer including an organic solvent and removing an area of the film having a small exposure amount.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

Acoustic dipole piston transmitter

According to embodiments of the disclosure, a downhole tool for taking acoustic measurements in a wellbore is provided. The tool may have an acoustic dipole transmitter with a piston made from a soft magnetic material, mounted on a centering spring between the first coil and the second coil, which moves the piston bi-directionally along a longitudinal axis when energized.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Device, intended to be fixed on a wall, for absorbing electromagnetic waves

A device, intended to be fixed on a wall, for absorbing electromagnetic waves. The absorption device comprises a metal plate intended to be fixed on the wall, a dielectric panel at a distance from the metal plate and delimiting, with the metal plate, a volume between the metal plate and the dielectric panel, an array of resistive dipoles, all the resistive dipoles being fixed on the same face of the dielectric panel, and each comprising two metal platelets at a distance from one another and a resistor arranged between the opposing edges of two neighboring metal platelets..
Airbus Operations (sas)

Antenna system

An antenna system includes a first dipole antenna element and a second dipole antenna element. The first dipole antenna element includes a first feeding radiation element and a first grounding radiation element.
Wistron Neweb Corp.

Dipole fixation in antenna system

The present invention provides a dipole fixation in an antenna system for fixing dipoles (1) on a reflector (2), the dipole fixation comprising fixing members (3) passing through apertures on the reflector (2) to fix the dipoles (1) on the reflector (2); a first non-conductive member (4) arranged between the dipoles (1) and the reflector (2); and a second non-conductive member (5) arranged between the fixing members (3) and the reflector (2). The dipole fixation of this invention avoids any metal contact between the dipoles and the reflector, guaranteeing the pim reliability for a long time and obtaining a stable connection..
Alcatel Lucent

Reciprocal circular polarization selective surfaces and elements thereof

A reciprocal circular polarization selective surface (cpss) is formed of two mutually orthogonal arrays of dipoles disposed at opposite transverse cpss faces, with opposing orthogonal dipoles individually connected by transmission lines, wherein adjacent dipoles are em coupled for enhancing cpss performance. In one implementation, the cpss comprises a two-dimensional array of double-crankwire elements each having a 2-fold rotational symmetry and composed of two separate crankwires of the same handedness, with the array elements positioned to impart em coupling between adjacent array elements for enhanced performance at normal and oblique angles of incidence.

Semiconductor device having buried gate structure and manufacturing the same, memory cell having the same and electronic device having the same

A semiconductor device includes a substrate comprising a trench; a gate dielectric layer formed over a surface of the trench; a gate electrode positioned at a level lower than a top surface of the substrate, and comprising a lower buried portion embedded in a lower portion of the trench over the gate dielectric layer and an upper buried portion positioned over the lower buried portion; and a dielectric work function adjusting liner positioned between the lower buried portion and the gate dielectric layer; and a dipole formed between the dielectric work function adjusting liner and the gate dielectric layer.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.

Microwave antenna

According to one aspect of the present disclosure, a microwave antenna assembly is disclosed. The antenna assembly includes a feedline having an inner conductor, an outer conductor and an inner insulator disposed therebetween and a radiating portion including a dipole antenna having a proximal portion and a distal portion.
Covidien Lp

Antenna device

An antenna device includes a dual-band cross dipole antenna including four radiators each extending from an axis toward a plane and including a first radiating element and a second radiating element for transmitting or receiving radio signals of a first band and a second band, wherein a plane where each radiator is located is perpendicular to a plane where a neighboring radiator is located; and a reflecting board disposed on a side of the dual-band cross dipole antenna, wherein a location and a shape of the reflecting board relate to wavelengths corresponding to signals of the first band and the second band, such that the dual-band cross dipole antenna is directional in the first band and omnidirectional in the second band.. .
Wistron Neweb Corporation

Radio frequency hat system

The present invention is directed to a radio frequency hat system for decreasing transmission power when conducting tests on the ground, which includes a first hat and a second hat. The first hat corresponds to a lower transmitting conformal iff antenna, and the second hat corresponds to an upper transmitting conformal iff antenna.
United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Illumination system and forming fin structure using the same

An illumination system includes a light source used to generate a light and an opaque plate. The opaque plate is disposed between the light source and a photomask and includes an annular aperture and an aperture dipole.
United Microelectronics Corp.

Method for formation fracture characterization in highly inclined wells using multiaxial induction well logging instruments

A method for characterizing fractures traversing a wellbore includes input to a computer multiaxial electromagnetic induction measurements corresponding to measurements made along two mutually orthogonal magnetic dipole moment axes perpendicular to an axis of the wellbore. The measurements correspond to at least one receiver spacing from a transmitter.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Method for constructing a dipole antenna

A method of fabricating a microwave antenna assembly is disclosed. The fabrication method includes providing a proximal portion having an inner conductor and an outer conductor, the inner conductor extending at least partially therein.
Covidien Lp

Dipole ring magnet assisted microwave radial line slot antenna plasma processing method and apparatus

A method and apparatus is provided for obtaining a low average electron energy flux onto a substrate in a processing chamber. A processing chamber includes a substrate support therein for chemical processing.
Tokyo Electron Limited

Circuits and methods for monitoring current in geophysical survey systems

The present disclosure provides a current monitoring circuit for monitoring current in a geophysical survey system. The circuit may be utilized in dipole-dipole systems including one or more electrode stations or in loop systems.
Zonge International, Inc.

Pigment ink composition, for printing with a binary deflected continuous ink jet, with non-charged drops, of textile substrates, marking method and marked textile substrate

A pigment ink composition for printing of a textile substrate is liquid at room temperature and includes a solvent. A binary deflected continuous jet printing technique is used.
Dover Europe Sàrl

Apparatus and enhancing a spatial perception of an audio signal

An apparatus and a method for enhancing a spatial perception of an audio signal are provided creating increased interaural-level differences. To obtain this effect, two dipoles are used: one for producing a left audio signal and one for producing a right audio signal..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Antenna device and antenna apparatus

An antenna device includes a retaining seat, a first polarized antenna module, and a second polarized antenna module, both disposed on the retaining seat. The first polarized antenna module has a dual-band monopole antenna.
Auden Techno Corp.

Low common mode resonance multiband radiating array

A higher band radiating element for use in a multiband antenna includes first and second dipole arms supported by a feedboard. The feedboard includes first and second matching circuits, each comprising a capacitor-inductor-capacitor (clc) matching circuit.
Commscope Technologies Llc

Organic light emitting diode and organic light emitting display device including the same

An organic light emitting diode includes: a first electrode; a second electrode, the first electrode and the second electrode facing each other; an emission layer provided between the first electrode and the second electrode; and an electron injection layer provided between the second electrode and the emission layer, wherein at least one of the first electrode and the second electrode includes: a first material that is one of a group-1 metal based halogen dipole material, a group-2 metal based halogen dipole material, a lanthanide metal based halogen dipole material, or a transition, metal based halogen dipole material; and a second material that is a metal reacting to the first material.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Fracture detection and characterization using resistivity images

An example method for fracture identification and characterization may include positioning a magnetic dipole transmitter and a magnetic dipole receiver within a borehole in a subterranean formation. At least one of the magnetic dipole transmitter and the magnetic dipole receiver may be tiled with respect to an axis of the borehole.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Semiconductor devices comprising magnetic memory cells

Memory cells are disclosed. Magnetic regions within the memory cells include an alternating structure of magnetic sub-regions and coupler sub-regions.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Novel chemical treatment for lithography improvement in a negative tone development process

A material layer is formed over a substrate. A negative tone photoresist layer is formed over the material layer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

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  • Microscopy
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