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Dipole patents

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Method and an apparatus for generating an acoustic signal with an enhanced spatial effect

Dipole antenna

Optimized conformal-to-meter antennas

Date/App# patent app List of recent Dipole-related patents
 Voltage gated metal-enhanced fluorescence, chemiluminescence or bioluminescence methods and systems patent thumbnailVoltage gated metal-enhanced fluorescence, chemiluminescence or bioluminescence methods and systems
In the present invention, it is demonstrated for the first time, the influence of electrical current on the ability of surface plasmons to amplify fluorescence signatures. An applied direct current across silver island films (sifs) of low electrical resistance perturbs the fluorescence enhancement of close-proximity fluorophores.
 Method and an apparatus for generating an acoustic signal with an enhanced spatial effect patent thumbnailMethod and an apparatus for generating an acoustic signal with an enhanced spatial effect
An apparatus and a method for generating an acoustic signal with an enhanced spatial effect, said apparatus comprising a signal filter bank adapted to filter a difference audio signal with a filter characteristic to limit a bandwidth of said difference audio signal, wherein said bandwidth limited difference audio signal is applied to at least one pair of loudspeakers for dipole sound emission.. .
 Dipole antenna patent thumbnailDipole antenna
A dipole antenna, comprising: a dipole arrangement comprising at least a pair of antenna arms, each antenna arm having a feed end and a distal end, the feed ends positioned in proximity to each other; a feed structure, coupled to said dipole arrangement, comprising a balun for providing the antenna with a balanced feed; wherein, each antenna arm comprises: a conductive end plate, located at the distal end of the respective antenna arm; and an inductive coil, located at the feed end of the respective antenna arm.. .
 Optimized conformal-to-meter antennas patent thumbnailOptimized conformal-to-meter antennas
A dual-dipole, multi-band conformal antenna for facilitating optimized wireless communications of a utility meter. The antenna includes an antenna backing, the backing adapted to conform to an inside surface of a utility meter and an antenna trace affixed to the antenna backing.
 Microwave mode stirrer apparatus patent thumbnailMicrowave mode stirrer apparatus
A mode stirrer apparatus that enables a more effective heating pattern in the food that is to be cooked. Two mode stirrers located in opposite walls of the oven.
 Formation property determination apparatus, methods, and systems patent thumbnailFormation property determination apparatus, methods, and systems
In some embodiments, apparatus and systems, as well as methods, may operate to record a plurality of acoustic waveforms comprising cross-dipole waveforms and corresponding to acoustic waves received 5 at azimuthally orthogonal dipole receiver arrays surrounded by a geological formation, the waves being generated by azimuthally orthogonal dipole transmitter arrays. Further activity may include defining an objective function dependent on the cross-dipole waveforms, eigenvalues, an azimuth angle corresponding to an 10 orientation of the transmitter and receiver arrays; minimizing the objective function with respect to said angle and the set of auxiliary parameters; and determining at least one property of the geological formation based on the global minimum.
 Redox flow battery patent thumbnailRedox flow battery
A redox flow battery including a cathode cell having a cathode and a catholyte solution; an anode cell having an anode and an anolyte solution; and an ion exchange membrane disposed between the cathode cell and the anode cell, wherein the catholyte solution and the anolyte solution each include an electrolyte, wherein the electrolyte includes a plurality of metal-ligand coordination compounds, wherein at least one of the metal-ligand coordination compounds includes two or more different ligands, and wherein a dipole moment of the metal-ligand coordination compound is greater than 0.. .
 Transparent conductor patent thumbnailTransparent conductor
A transparent conductor comprising: a graphene layer and a permanent dipole layer on the graphene layer configured to electrostatically dope the graphene layer.. .
 Fiberoptic systems and methods for subsurface em field monitoring patent thumbnailFiberoptic systems and methods for subsurface em field monitoring
A disclosed subsurface electromagnetic field monitoring system employs at least one fiberoptic cable to optically communicate measurements from an array of electromagnetic field sensors in a borehole. A data processing system that receives the measurements and responsively models the subsurface electromagnetic field, which in at least some cases is generated by a controlled source such as a downhole electric or magnetic dipole source or a casing that serves as an electrode for injecting a distributed current into the formation.
 Method and apparatus for suppression of the airwave in subsea exploration patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for suppression of the airwave in subsea exploration
The far zone “airwave” that arises when surveying subsea formations is greatly diminished by deployment of the transmitter combining mutually orthogonal horizontal electric and magnetic dipoles with the electric and magnetic dipole moments being locked in a special relationship. At each of the operating frequencies, the amplitude and phase characteristics of the transmitter electric and magnetic dipole moments are determined either from a supplementary measurement earned out using natural and/or controlled field sources, or by minimization of the vertical magnetic field at a remote receiver.
Organic electroluminescence element
An organic electroluminescent element includes a light-emitting layer between an anode and a cathode. The light-emitting layer contains a phosphorescent light-emitting organic metal complex and at least one host compound.
Security device using a thick dipole antenna
The present invention discloses a security device constructed from a material having a skin depth that is greater than about 10 times the normal skin depth for radio frequency identification device functioning in one of uhf, hf and lf frequencies. The security device of the present invention provides a more durable and robust security device that can be used in facilitating brand identification and awareness.
Computer-implemented system and method for determining the position of a remote object
The invention provides methods and systems for determining the position of a remote object such as an in vivo medical device such as capsule or probe within a medical patient. Integrated computer and computer executable remote permanent magnetic dipole position and orientation detection system monitors remote object movement.
Solid form and method for preparing the same
The disclosure provides a solid form and a method for preparing the same. The solid form consists essentially of a biodegradable copolymer and an amide-containing compound.
Smart antenna platform for indoor wireless local area networks
An apparatus comprising a first dipole antenna, a beamforming antenna array (bfaa), a first switch coupled to the dipole antenna, a second switch coupled to the bfaa, and a processor coupled to the first switch and the second switch, wherein the processor is configured to select between a multi-input, multi-output (mimo) antenna configuration and a beamforming configuration by setting the states of the first switch and the second switch.. .
Dipole antenna for a hearing aid
A hearing aid includes: a hearing aid housing; a microphone coupled to the hearing aid housing for reception of sound and conversion of the received sound into a corresponding first audio signal; a signal processor in the hearing aid housing for processing the first audio signal into a second audio signal compensating a hearing loss of a user of the hearing aid; a wireless communication unit connected to the signal processor for wireless data communication; and an attachment member connectable to the hearing aid housing; wherein the wireless communication unit is coupled with an antenna having a first pole element and a second pole element for emission and reception of an electromagnetic field; and wherein at least a part of the first pole element extends in the attachment member, and the second pole element extends in the hearing aid housing.. .
Wide-band active antenna system for hf/vhf radio
An active antenna system for receiving electromagnetic radiation at frequencies below 100 mhz. The system includes a vertical support mast; a front end electronics unit including an active balun, the front end electronics unit affixed to the support mast; two crossed-dipole antennas affixed oriented at about 90 degrees to each other, each crossed-dipole antenna having two arms formed of electrically conductive material, each arm having an isoceles triangular frame with an apex of the frame electrically connected to a feedpoint of the front end electronics unit, each arm also having a longitudinal member extending from the apex to the center of the base of the triangular shape and a cross member extending between sides of the triangular frame.
Antenna structures
An antenna formed on a semiconductor structure having a substrate with electrical circuits thereon operationally related to the functionality of an antenna and one or more metallic structures formed by a through silicon via, microbump, copper pillar, or redistribution layer proximate to the substrate. The one or more metallic structures form a radiating element of the antenna.
Backhaul radio with a substrate tab-fed antenna assembly
Directive gain antenna elements implemented with an aperture-fed patch array antenna assembly are described. A feed network for the aperture-fed patch array may include offset apertures and may also include meandering feed lines.
Backhaul radio with an aperture-fed antenna assembly
Directive gain antenna elements implemented with an aperture-fed patch array antenna assembly are described. A feed network for the aperture-fed patch array may include offset apertures and may also include meandering feed lines.
Inductive power supply system for electric operation machine
An object of the present invention is to provide an inductive power supply system for an electric operation machine capable of readily increasing an allowable amount of a positional displacement between primary and secondary coils. An inductive power supply system for an electric operation machine having an electric storage device and a power receiver includes a power feeder provided with a pair of primary coils connected in series circuit to generate a magnetic dipole at energization.
Semiconductor device having metal gate and high-k dielectric layer and method for manufacturing the same
A semiconductor device includes an n-channel transistor configured to have a first gate dielectric layer, a first metal containing gate electrode and a dipole forming layer, wherein the first metal containing gate electrode is formed on the first gate dielectric layer, and the dipole forming layer is formed on an interface of the first gate dielectric layer and the first metal containing gate electrode, and a p-channel transistor configured to have a channel region, a second gate dielectric layer and a second metal containing gate electrode, wherein the channel region has threshold voltage adjusting species, the second gate dielectric layer is formed on the channel region, and the second metal containing gate electrode has effective work function adjusting species of the second gate dielectric layer.. .
Field-effect transistor comprising a leakage-current limiter
A field-effect transistor including at least one lower substrate having two electrodes deposited thereon, respectively a source electrode and a drain electrode, a dielectric layer made of a dielectric material, and a gate electrode deposited on the dielectric layer. It includes an intermediate layer, made of a material comprising molecules having a dipole moment complying with specific direction criteria, deposited between the gate electrode and the dielectric layer, said intermediate layer extending at least under the entire surface area taken up by the gate electrode, the intermediate layer being made of an organic compound comprising at least one binding function for the gate electrode..
Method and device for determining and presenting surface charge and dipole densities on cardiac walls
The invention discloses a method, a system, a computer program and a device for determining the surface charge and/or dipole densities on heart walls. Using the foregoing, a table of dipole densities ν(p′, t) and/or a table of surface charge densities ρ(p′, t) of a given heart chamber can be generated..
Electric field enhanced spin transfer torque memory (sttm) device
Spin transfer torque memory (sttm) devices incorporating a field plate for application of an electric field to reduce a critical current required for transfer torque induced magnetization switching. Embodiments utilize not only current-induced magnetic filed or spin transfer torque, but also electric field induced manipulation of magnetic dipole orientation to set states in a magnetic device element (e.g., to write to a memory element).
Locating technique and apparatus using an approximated dipole signal
Location determination is performed using a transmitter including an elongated generally planar loop antenna defining an elongation axis. The elongation axis is positioned along at least a portion of a path.
Controlling reram forming voltage with doping
An internal electrical field in a resistive memory element can be formed to reduce the forming voltage. The internal electric field can be formed by incorporating one or more charged layers within the switching dielectric layer of the resistive memory element.
Wireless communication device
A wireless communication device includes a wireless ic chip that processes a high-frequency signal and a feeding substrate including a coil conductor, a plane conductor, and a matching circuit that is connected to the wireless ic chip and that has a predetermined resonant frequency. The coil conductor and the plane conductor are connected to the matching circuit.
Scanning systems for particle cancer therapy
A particle beam to treat malignant tissue is delivered to a patient by a gantry. The gantry includes a plurality of small magnets sequentially arranged along a beam tube to transfer the particle beam with strong focusing and a small dispersion function, whereby a beam size is very small, allowing for the small magnet size.
System and method for determining shear wave anisotropy in a vertically transversely isotropic formation
A system and method for determining shear wave anisotropy in a vertically transversely isotropic formation is disclosed. The method includes generating a broad band stoneley wave and a broad band dipole flexural wave.
Wideband compact dipole manpack antenna
An compact manpack format antenna operating over a broad bandwidth. In one arrangement, the antenna is formed from a set of five hollow cylindrical conductive elements.
Electronic article surveillance tag deactivation
A method and system for producing an electromagnetic field that exhibits a strong near field that is sufficient to deactivate an electronic article surveillance, eas, tag and a weak far field that is insufficient to deactivate the eas tag are disclosed. According to one embodiment, two half-wavelength dipoles spaced apart by about a half-wavelength are excited by oppositely phased signals..
Coil winding methods for downhole logging tools
A logging tool and method for winding a multi-component induction (mci) antenna is presented. The method eliminates unwanted dipole signals that are created by the voltage drop that takes place in the transmitter.
Tracking positions of personnel, vehicles, and inanimate objects
A device rotates at least one static magnetic field about an axis, producing a rotating magnetic dipole field, and is movable in relation to the surface of the ground. The field is periodically sensed using a receiver to produce a receiver output responsive to the field.
High-strength microwave antenna assemblies
Various high-strength microwave antenna assemblies are described herein. The microwave antenna has a radiating portion connected by a feedline to a power generating source, e.g., a generator.
Method for manufacturing n-type mosfet
The present disclosure discloses a method for manufacturing an n-type mosfet, comprising: forming a part of the mosfet on a semiconductor substrate, the part of the mosfet comprising source/drain regions in the semiconductor substrate, a replacement gate stack between the source/drain regions above the semiconductor substrate, and a gate spacer surrounding the replacement gate stack; removing the replacement gate stack of the mosfet to form a gate opening exposing a surface of the semiconductor substrate; forming an interface oxide layer on the exposed surface of the semiconductor; forming a high-k gate dielectric layer on the interface oxide layer in the gate opening; forming a first metal gate layer on the high-k gate dielectric layer; implanting dopant ions into the first metal gate layer; and performing annealing to cause the dopant ions to diffuse and accumulate at an upper interface between the high-k gate dielectric layer and the first metal gate layer and a lower interface between the high-k gate dielectric layer and the interface oxide layer, and also to generate electric dipoles by interfacial reaction at the lower interface between the high-k gate dielectric layer and the interface oxide layer.. .
Twisting ball displays comprised of thixotropic liquid and bichromal balls charged with electret dipoles
This invention generally relates to the use of dipole charged balls having differently coloured hemispheres (bichromal balls) in twisting ball displays comprising a pair of planar addressing electrodes and the space between these electrodes that is filled with a thixotropic liquid into which has been dispersed a plurality of electrically charged and optically anisotropic rotatable elements.. .
Stimulating production from oil wells using an rf dipole antenna
A system emplaced in a subsurface formation configured to produce radio frequency (rf) fields for recovery of thermally responsive constituents includes coaxially disposed inner and outer conductors connected at an earth surface to an rf power source. The inner and outer conductors form a coaxial transmission line proximate said earth surface and a dipole antenna proximate said formation.
Organic light-emitting element, light source device and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting element
In order to achieve the increased efficiency of an organic light-emitting element, there is a need to reduce the influence of non-radiative recombination of electron-hole pairs except for surface plasmon polariton excitation, to convert most of exciton energy into visible light, and to tremendously improve the luminous efficiency of the organic light-emitting element. An organic light-emitting element according to the present invention includes a reflective electrode, a transparent electrode, and a light-emitting layer placed between the reflective electrode and the transparent electrode, and the organic light-emitting element is configured so that the light-emitting layer contains a host and a first dopant, and for the first dopant, one of the vertical component and horizontal component of the average value for transition dipole moments with respect to a substrate surface is larger than the other of the components..
Dual wideband dipole antenna
A dual wideband dipole antenna used for wireless communication and receiving electromagnetic signals is revealed. The antenna mainly includes a dielectric substrate, two radiating metal portions and a feed line.
Antenna assemblies including dipole elements and vivaldi elements
According to various aspects, exemplary embodiments are disclosed of antenna assemblies having dipole elements and vivaldi elements. In an exemplary embodiment, an antenna assembly includes a plurality of dipole elements operable in at least a first frequency range and a plurality of vivaldi elements operable in at least a second frequency range.
Use of self-assembled layers for checking the threshold voltage of organic transistors
The invention relates to an electronic device comprising at least two organic transistors having different threshold voltages. The device comprises at least two transistors, each including a self-assembled layer of molecules having dipole moments that differ from one another by an absolute value of between 0.2 and 10 debye.
Graphene transistor gated by charges through a nanopore for bio-molecular sensing and dna sequencing
A technique for a nanodevice is provided. A reservoir is separated into two parts by a membrane.
Ultra-wideband dual-band cellular basestation antenna
Ultra-wideband dual-band cellular dual-polarisation base-station antennas and low-band radiators for such antennas are disclosed. The low-band radiator comprises a dipole and an extended dipole con figured in a crossed arrangement, a capacitively coupled feed connecting the extended dipole to an antenna feed, and a pair of auxiliary radiating elements.
Stray wire location sensor
A stray-wire sensor includes a vertical magnetic gradiometer (vmg) carried over the surface by ground vehicles or by low-flying aircraft. The vmg has a spot of sensitivity on the ground which stays nadir to the vmg itself.
Advanced steering tool system, method and apparatus
A steering tool is movable by a drill string to form an underground bore along an intended path. A sensing arrangement of the steering tool detects its pitch and yaw orientations at a series of spaced apart positions along the bore, each position is characterized by a measured extension of the drill string.
Method for manufacturing optically active carboxylic acid ester
A method that manufacturers an optically active carboxylic acid ester at high yield and high enantioselectivity is provided. An optically active carboxylic acid ester is manufactured at high yield and high enantioselectivity by reacting a racemic carboxylic acid and a specific alcohol or phenol derivatives in a polar solvent having a dipole moment of 3.0 or higher in the presence of an acid anhydride and an asymmetric catalyst, esterifying one enantiomer of the racemic carboxylic acid at high selectivity, and increasing the amount of esterified carboxylic acid by racemizing the optically active carboxylic acid which is the other enantiomer not used in esterification..
Dipole antenna and radio-frequency device
A dipole antenna is disclosed. The dipole antenna includes a feed-in terminal, a balun, a first radiator and a second radiator.
Dipole antenna module and electronic apparatus including the same
A dipole antenna module and an electronic apparatus include an antenna element, a power feeder formed at an end of the antenna element and connected to a circuit board to process an antenna signal through a cable, and a ground part to ground a ground of the cable such that the ground part keeps a preset gap from the antenna element and is grounded to a conductor of the circuit board.. .
Magnetic encoder
Where the hall effect sensor is flip chip mounted onto the attachment portion of the circuit board, with the sensitive area in contact with the circuit board, and where the attachment portion is arranged between the hall effect sensor and the magnetic dipole and presents a reduced thickness compared to the main thickness of the rest of the circuit board.. .

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