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Digital Signature patents


This page is updated frequently with new Digital Signature-related patent applications.

 Digital signature-over-voice for caller id verification patent thumbnailDigital signature-over-voice for caller id verification
In an approach to caller id verification by digital signature, a computing device receives authenticating information associated with a caller. The computing device creates a call record based on the authenticating information.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Digital signature-over-voice for caller id verification patent thumbnailDigital signature-over-voice for caller id verification
In an approach to caller id verification by digital signature, a computing device receives authenticating information associated with a caller. The computing device creates a call record based on the authenticating information.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Retrieval of data across multiple partitions of a storage device using digital signatures patent thumbnailRetrieval of data across multiple partitions of a storage device using digital signatures
A system and method for exchanging data among partitions of a storage device is disclosed. For example, data stored in a first partition is exchanged with an application included in the first partition or with a second application included in a second partition.
Google Technology Holdings Llc

 Controlling access by code patent thumbnailControlling access by code
A novel code signing system, computer readable media, and method are provided. The code signing method includes receiving a code signing request from a requestor in order to gain access to one or more specific application programming interfaces (apis).
Blackberry Limited

 Method and  distributing software updates patent thumbnailMethod and distributing software updates
Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a first network device receiving from a second network device a software, the first network device adjusting operations at the first network device according to the software, the first network device providing a digital signature to the software to generate an adjusted software where the digital signature indicates that the first network device has received the software, and the first network device transmitting, to a third network device, the adjusted software. Other embodiments are disclosed..
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

 Verification of data set components using digitally signed probabilistic data structures patent thumbnailVerification of data set components using digitally signed probabilistic data structures
A computer system encodes a plurality of components of a data set into a probabilistic data structure and digitally signs the probabilistic data structure. The computer system provides the digital signature for the probabilistic data structure and the probabilistic data structure to various entities.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

 Digital signature service system based on hash function and method thereof patent thumbnailDigital signature service system based on hash function and method thereof
Disclosed is a digital signature service system and method based on a hash function in which a main agent, who requires the generation of a digital signature, does not personally generate the digital signature, and wherein digital signatures may be simultaneously and stably generated for large-scale data such as multiple electronic documents and digital data using a hash function and a hash tree, which are known as a simple and secure method, to guarantee the integrity of the data in a digital signature-based structure based on a server.. .
Markany Inc.

 Signature verification for data set components using probabilistic data structures patent thumbnailSignature verification for data set components using probabilistic data structures
A computer system stores a probabilistic data structure generated based at least in part on a plurality of digital signatures generated based at least in part on a plurality of components of a data set. The computer system receives a digital signature for verification.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

 System and  mixed multivariate digital signature patent thumbnailSystem and mixed multivariate digital signature
A system of mixed multivariate digital signature is disclosed. The system includes a signature module configured to sign a message to be signed, and a verification module configured to verify a signature.
South China University Of Technology

 Method and device for multi-user cluster identity authentication patent thumbnailMethod and device for multi-user cluster identity authentication
Embodiments of the present invention provide methods and devices for multi-user cluster identity authentication, where a key set of a user cluster device is managed using a processor, the key set and an identification code of the key set are distributed to the user cluster device, and when the user cluster device makes a request to access a certain service device, an authentication request is sent to a key management device that includes a digital signature of the user cluster device. The key management device performs identity authentication on the user cluster device, regularly updates the key set and the identification code of the key set using a polling mechanism, and distributes the key set and the identification code to the user cluster device.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Secure digital signature apparatus and methods

The invention is a secure digital signature device which generates digital signature key pairs using a hardware random number generator. It transmits public keys to one or more smart devices and signs bit strings at the request of smart devices without exposing private keys.

System and verification lineage tracking of data sets

Whenever users receive or transfer a copy of any of a set of documents, prior verification of the document is enforced by an administrative system, which associates verification metadata with the copy. As each copy is itself copied and transferred, updated verification metadata is included with the previous verification metadata to form a verification lineage chain, which can later be examined to determine the circumstances of any verification failure.
Guardtime Ip Holdings Limited

Digital signature-over-voice for caller id verification

In an approach to caller id verification by digital signature, a computing device receives authenticating information associated with a caller. The computing device creates a call record based on the authenticating information.
International Business Machines Corporation

Digital signature-over-voice for caller id verification

In an approach to caller id verification by digital signature, a computing device receives caller id and url information associated with a call. The computing device retrieves a digital signature based on the url.
International Business Machines Corporation

Blockchain-supported device location verification with digital signatures

Location data from one or more geolocation engines such as gps, a system that determines location from relative signal strengths or transit times, etc., within and/or connected to a device, such as a mobile phone, vehicle, movable electronic device, computer, etc., is included in a digital record that submitted to obtain a digital signature such that the presence of the device at the particular location can later be proven. The digital record may include data that encodes a message, as well as other parameters such as time.
Guardtime Ip Holdings Limited

Multi-use long string authentication keys

An authentication system that uses a multi-use long string authentication key to authenticate client device access to protected resources, is presented. The authentication system is based on a shared knowledge of long string authentication key.

Method and system for producing a secure communication channel for terminals

A method, system, backend, terminal, and computer program product are disclosed for producing a secure communication channel for a terminal, the method having the following method steps. A first method step for setting up a secure communication channel between a communication partner and a backend by a communication protocol.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

System and methods for secure utilization of attestation in policy-based decision making for mobile device management and security

Policy-based client-server systems and methods for attestation in managing and securing mobile computing devices. Attestation provides the means to make efficient, secure, and reproducible use of knowledge possessed by trusted expert parties and authorities within the expression and enforcement of policies for controlling use of, and access to, onboard software and hardware, network capabilities, and remote assets and services.
Sequitur Labs, Inc.

Controlling exposure of sensitive data and operation using process bound security tokens in cloud computing environment

Exposure of sensitive information to users is controlled using a first security token containing user identity and user credentials to represent the user who requests services, and a second security token containing two other identities, one identifying the token issuer and the other identifying the owning process. When requesting services, the token-owning process sends a security token to indicate who is making the request, and uses its key to digitally sign the request.
International Business Machines Corporation

Communication terminal and communication method using plural wireless communication schemes

The present invention provides an electronic wallet having a higher level of anonymity, security and convenience, which is capable of efficient electronizing of value information as well as which allows the user to efficiently manage the electronic value information. A presentation card indicating the fixed property of an electronic value is digitally signed by the service provider; a variable property is digitally signed with the private key of that electronic value.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Secure update processing of terminal device using an encryption key stored in a memory device of the terminal device

An update processing is carried out on a terminal through communication with an external device connected therewith over a network. The terminal includes a processor configured to receive an update request from the external device, the update request including update data and challenge data, and a storage device in which original data to be updated and a private key are stored.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

On-board applet migration

An electronic device (such as a cellular telephone) automatically installs and personalizes updates to an applet on a secure element in the electronic device. In particular, when a digitally signed update package containing the update is received from an updating device (such as a server), the secure element identifies any previous versions of the applet installed on the secure element.
Apple Inc.

Network security method and network security system

Disclosed are a network security method and a network security system. The method comprises steps: a third-party server, an application server, a mobile terminal and a client host being started and running respective read-only software; an application ic card transmitting an input user password to the application server; the application server and the client host respectively starting data packet filtering; the mobile terminal executing encryption and decryption computations of encrypted internet communication of the client host; the client host directly logging in the application server and transmitting a user command to the application server; the mobile terminal and/or the application ic card confirming the user command with the application server; and the mobile terminal and/or a third-party ic card generating a user command digital signature.

Validating firmware on a computing device

For validating computing device firmware, systems, apparatus, and methods are disclosed. The apparatus includes a processor, and a memory that stores code executable by the processor, the code including code that acquires a firmware manifest for locally stored firmware, authenticates a digital signature of the firmware manifest, and validates contents of the locally stored firmware using the firmware manifest.
Lenovo (singapore) Pte, Ltd.

Enabling secure access to a discovered location server for a mobile device

A method for obtaining a secure connection between a first server and a client. The method may comprise establishing a secure communication session between a second server and the client, wherein the second server is trusted by the first server, and the second server is configured to authenticate the client.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Signature-efficient real time credentials for ocsp and distributed ocsp

Providing information about digital certificate validity includes ascertaining digital certificate validity status for each of a plurality of digital certificates in a set of digital certificates, generating a plurality of artificially pre-computed messages about the validity status of at least a subset of the set of digital certificate of the plurality of digital certificates, where at least one of the messages indicates validity status of more than one digital certificate and digitally signing the artificially pre-computed messages to provide ocsp format responses that respond to ocsp queries about specific digital certificates in the set of digital certificates, where at least one digital signature is used in connection with an ocsp format response for more than one digital certificate. Generating and digitally signing may occur prior to any ocsp queries that are answered by any of the ocsp format responses.
Assa Abloy Ab

Code signing system with machine to machine interaction

An improved code signing method is provided. The code signing method includes receiving a build notification at a package builder utility and retrieving one or more remotely stored code images and build logs identified in the build notification, invoking a code signing module with the package builder utility to request a digital signature from a remote code signing system, combining the requested digital signature with a code image or a manifest file comprising hashes of multiple code images, and storing the signed code image or signed manifest file at a code repository..
Arris Enterprises Llc

System and antivirus checking of files based on level of trust of their digital certificates

Disclosed are systems, methods and computer program products for antivirus checking of files based on level of trust of their digital certificates. An example method includes obtaining a digital certificate of a digital signature of a file; determining validity of the obtained digital certificate; assigning a level of trust to the digital certificate based on the determined validity or invalidity of the digital certificate of the file; based on the assigned level of trust of the digital certificate of the file, determining what antivirus checking method to perform on the file; and performing the determined antivirus checking method on the file..
Kaspersky Lab Zao

System and resetting passwords on electronic devices

A system and method are provided for enabling a password reset mechanism for a secured device that verifies a digital signature on a password reset message. The password reset message has been generated by a password reset service for an authorized administrator associated with the secured device.
Trustpoint Innovation Technologies, Ltd.

Method for conversion of an original paper document into an authenticated original electronic information object

Method for converting an original paper document into an original information object, and for subsequent electronic transmission, storage, and retrieval of verifiable copies of the stored original information object without the trusted repository relinquishing control of the original information object. The user first converts the blue-ink-signed paper document into an electronic information object.

Automatic root key rollover during digital signature verification

A method for verifying digital signatures in the presence of root key rollover includes issuing a cross-certificate to a rekeyed root certificate, validating the cross-certificate and the rekeyed root certificate with respect to an original trusted root certificate, and validating a digital media signature using the cross-certificate and the rekeyed root certificate. The method may also include adding the rekeyed root certificate to an end user's trusted root certificate store.
International Business Machines Corporation

Automated management of endpoints

Techniques for packaging executable code are described. The techniques involve encapsulating the executable code into an extension that has a generated manifest structure that includes a human readable manifest and a machine readable version of the human readable manifest.

Network device and processing a session using a packet signature

A method processes a session having a first session packet received by a current node in an ip network having a plurality of nodes. The plurality of nodes includes a next node, and the current node that communicates with the next node using a layer 3 protocol.
128 Technology, Inc.

System and generating auditable secure seeds from real-world data

An interface receives a first digital signature of real-world data. A memory stores the first digital signature as seed data.
Sca Promotions, Inc.

System and providing auditable secure seeds to random number generators across multiple entities

A processor generates a first seed, wherein the first seed is a random number. The processor generates, a digital signature of the first seed.
Sca Promotions, Inc.

Rights transfer and verification

System and method for securely transferring rights comprising an ownership log of holding transfer certificates, wherein each holding transfer certificate contains data associated with an asset and is recorded against a public key of the owner of the holding. A transaction processor configured to transfer ownership of holdings, the transaction processor configured to receive a first block of data digitally signed by a first owner and having a first holding transfer certificate digitally signed by the first owner, the first block of data describing a first holding offered by the first owner in exchange for a requested second holding.
Euroclear Sa/nv

Secure document management

Systems and methods for controlling access to digital works are described herein, e.g., including receiving a request for a digital work from a requestor; retrieving the digital work from a repository; incorporating a digital signature throughout the digital work specific to a device, wherein the incorporated digital signature includes information identifying the device having the ability to access to the digital work; providing the identified device with a device key associated with the device; encrypting the digital work, wherein the digital work is decryptable using the device key and the identified device; and providing the requestor with the encrypted digital work.. .
Business Partners Limited

Identity management service using a blockchain providing identity transactions between devices

Logic on a first remote device causes the capture of personal data identifying a user from an identification card. The logic generates a hash value from the personal data using a hashing algorithm and signs the hash value with a digital signature created using a private key paired with a public key.
Shocard, Inc.

Virtual check system and method

This disclosure includes devices, systems, and methods for providing a virtual check blank. The virtual check blank includes data tags, including an issuer data tag, the issuer data tag including issuer check data and an issuer digital signature, and check image data configured to generate an image related to the virtual check blank and at least some of the data tags.
Strategic Engineering Group, Llc

Authenticated communication between security devices

Apparatuses, computer readable media, and methods establishing and maintaining trust between security devices for distributing media content are provided. Two security devices bind to establish an initial trust so that security information can be exchanged.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc

Systems and methods to secure user identification

A computing apparatus configured to verify a digital signature applied on a set of data received from a user device, including an user id assigned by a partner system to uniquely identify a user of the user device among customers of the partner system, and a user device identifier identifying the user device. The digital signature is generated via applying a cryptographic one-way hash function on a combination of the set of data and a secret, shared between the computing apparatus and the partner system via a secure communication channel separate from a channel used to receive the set of data..
Visa International Service Association

Web of trust management in a distributed system

A new version of a structured collection of information, different from a previous version, of a cryptographic domain is created. The new version is created to be verifiable as a valid successor to the previous version and to specify a new set of quorum rules, with the new set of quorum rules defining one or more conditions to be fulfilled by a plurality of operators as conditions precedent to update the structured collection.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Secure optical codes for accessing content

Mechanisms for generating a secure optical code having a reference to a resource encoded therein are provided. The mechanisms receive the reference to the resource for which a secure optical code is to be generated and generate a digital signature for the reference.
International Business Machines Corporation

Key generation device, terminal device, and data signature and encryption method

A key generation device generates an initial secret key, and a time update key at regular intervals, and transmits the initial secret key and the time update key to a terminal device. The terminal device utilizes the initial secret key, the time update key, and a private key generated by the terminal device itself to form a key group.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Digital Signature topics:
  • Digital Signature
  • Certificate
  • Hash Function
  • Private Key
  • Public Key
  • Computer Program
  • Authentication
  • Encryption
  • Digital Certificate
  • Certificates
  • Data Processing
  • Data Processing System
  • Key Ladder
  • Secret Key
  • Encryption Algorithm

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