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Digital Display patents

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Moving control console

Novel augmented reality kiosks

Date/App# patent app List of recent Digital Display-related patents
 Computer readable medium for enhanced display of digital text patent thumbnailComputer readable medium for enhanced display of digital text
A software application that acquires digital text displayed on an electronic device with a digital display and enhances the digital text, thereby reducing eye strain and increasing readability and reading speed. The software may operate concurrently with digital text being displayed as an overlaid window of enhanced text that is magnified and scrolls continuously.
 Moving control console patent thumbnailMoving control console
A moving control console having a touchscreen, a motor connected to the digital display unit and a housing in which the digital display unit is movable in different stages. The user interface graphics animations on the digital display are matched to the movement of the digital display..
 Novel augmented reality kiosks patent thumbnailNovel augmented reality kiosks
The invention discloses an apparatus and system for establishing an augmented reality (ar) kiosk (ark) in public places or social venues such as, shopping mall, public transportation terminal, hotel, trade show, conference, convention center, expo, museum, library, college/university campus, amusement park, etc. Categories of arks disclosed include, public and private ark, web and mobile ark and their variants.
 Power reduction technique for digital display panel with point to point intra panel interface patent thumbnailPower reduction technique for digital display panel with point to point intra panel interface
A system and method are disclosed to control the power consumption of column drivers in a display system. A video input signal is received which has an active video period and a vertical blanking period between frames.
 Touch tell tales patent thumbnailTouch tell tales
A disclosed digital display is mounted within a vehicle steering wheel and displays a selectively touch actuateable tell tales. The digital display is actuateable responsive to touching a specific designated location on the display corresponding to an actuated telltale.
 Tangible alphanumeric interaction on multi-touch digital display patent thumbnailTangible alphanumeric interaction on multi-touch digital display
A method and system of using a tangible object with a with screen display device to enhance a user's experience while operating the touch screen display device. The tangible object may be placed oaths touch screen display device by the user and the unique attributes may be detected by the touch screen display device's built-in detection/sensing capabilities and processed as an input to a program or app.
 Bracelet tracking system patent thumbnailBracelet tracking system
The present invention is a bracelet tracking system that includes a caregiver monitoring bracelet worn by one or more caregivers, the caregiver monitoring bracelet includes a base caregiver bracelet, a digital display, an increasing display button, a decreasing display button, a first call alarm, an automatic reset button, one or more first indicator lights and a gps receiver. The system also includes a caretaker tracking device worn by one or more caretakers, the caretaker device includes a base caretaker ring, a second call alarm, one or more second indicator lights and a gps transmitter and a communications technology that puts the caregiver monitoring bracelet in communication with the one or more caregiver tracking devices..
 Digitally displaying inspection system for esd protection chip patent thumbnailDigitally displaying inspection system for esd protection chip
The present invention provides a digitally displaying inspection system for esd protection chip, which includes an lvds connector, a display system, first, second, and the third data lines, a power supply, and a resistor. The first, second, and third data lines each have an end electrically connected to the lvds connector and an opposite end electrically connected to the display system.
 Retail digital signage patent thumbnailRetail digital signage
In one embodiment, a plurality of digital displays is connected to a control computer having a processor and a memory. The memory is configured to communicate with the processor and has instructions that, in response to execution by the processor, cause the processor to prepare graphics information containing an identification of a retail product and a price for the retail product.
 Emergency digital signage patent thumbnailEmergency digital signage
In one embodiment, a plurality of digital displays is connected to a backup power source and to a control computer having a processor and a memory. The memory is configured to communicate with the processor and has instructions that, in response to execution by the processor, cause the processor to determine if an emergency exists.
Digital media management system and methods of use
The present invention is directed to a system and methods of producing electronic, digital signage that is customizable by a user through a user interface which allows the user to create digital displays specific for the needs of the user's business. In particular, the digital signage system and methods employ a template, modules occupying space within the template, with each module possessing media content displayed in the module and a theme for the template providing a background and coloration for the template.
Screen protector film
A multi-layer screen protector for digital display screens, such as lcd's, cell phones, tablets, laptops, and pad computer devices, that may be readily applied without the need for special tools and in dusty environments, the screen protector being designed and die-cut to match the shape of the digital display screen, including cut-outs for cameras, microphones and device buttons, where the top surface is a layer of polycaprolactone aliphatic urethane that is connected to a bottom layer made from plastic such as polystyrene, acrylic and/or polyethylene terephthalate, and a self-wetting adhesive layer provided on the bottom surface of the bottom polystyrene, acrylic and/or polyethylene terephthalate layer. The screen protector is constructed with the abrasion resistant layer being provided and supported on a plastic layer and may be removed and reinstalled.
Subframe controlling circuits and methods for field sequential type digital display apparatus
This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for improving image quality of images displayed by a display apparatus. In one aspect, an apparatus for display images includes a plurality of pixels having at least two display elements configured to be controlled by a common data signal.
Fuel usage meter
A method and apparatus are provided for displaying an accumulated fuel usage to a driver of a rental vehicle, such as a rental truck. The rental vehicle has a fuel usage meter that incudes a digital display for displaying fuel consumption of a rental vehicle to a rental customer.
Digital advertising system
A digital advertising system includes an advertisements module that provides a number of digital advertisements for display on a digital display device. A digital al sign module including the digital display device displays digital advertisements provided by the advertisements module, and captures video analytics data relating to previous viewers of the digital advertisements displayed by the digital sign module.
Display device mountable on an automotive vehicle and method
An electronic display system mountable in a window cavity of an automotive vehicle comprising: a conformal digital display installable in a window cavity of an automotive vehicle; a communication device for wireless receiving of digital images and control instructions; a storage device for at least temporarily retaining digital image files and control instructions; a locator device for determining the location of the electronic display system, and a vehicle interface for interconnection with the automotive vehicle.. .
Input device
The present invention is a data entry device featuring a novel way of touch-typing on a small smart-device using two or more opposing touchpad surfaces positioned around a display, said surfaces comprising a housing. Bumps or other touch sensitive features are arrayed around the periphery of a digital display on the device.
Digital video guard
This invention relates to the veracity of information displayed to a user of a computer, and information provided to a computer by human input devices such as mice and keyboards. A digital video guard (dvg) device is a peripheral that is retrofitted to commodity computer devices.
Synchronized watches that work in tandem to tell time
The current disclosure describes and teaches a timepiece combination that may preferably be used by a pair of persons to show unity, affection, and togetherness. In one embodiment, the timepiece combination may include two watches having similar or complimentary background pattern and overall design, while one watch displays only the hourly time of the present time, the other watch displays only the minute time of the present time.
Runway digital wind indicator system
A runway digital wind indicator system senses wind conditions at multiple locations, aggregates this data, and communicates up-to-date, usable information to pilots. Meteorological information, including wind speed, direction, and change (i.e., gustiness) plus temperature, humidity, barometer, wind shear, etc., can be sensed by three or more sensor pods placed along a runway (at least one at each end and another in the middle of a given runway).
Automating digital display
A device comprises a central processing unit (cpu), a display controller configured for controlling a digital display and a memory configured for storing data corresponding to the digital display. The device includes a direct memory access (dma) controller configured for autonomously transferring the data from the memory directly to the display controller without cpu intervention..
Techniques and apparatus for audio isolation in video processing
An apparatus may include a digital display, processor circuit, and an audio isolation component. The audio isolation component may be operative on the processor circuit to identify a selected position on the digital display during presentation of a video, where the video comprises a video stream and two or more audio streams.
Techniques to provide depth-based typeface in digital documents
An apparatus may include a processor circuit and a three-dimensional (3-d) typeface module that is operative on the processor circuit to provide a choice of one or more 3-d typefaces in a graphical user interface displayed on a digital display. The 3-d typeface component may be operable to determine that a selection of the 3-d typeface selection has been received and to apply the 3-d typeface to a selected set of characters in a digital document that includes editable text..
Electronic tabletop system
An apparatus may include a processor circuit and an audio alignment module operative on the processor circuit to determine spatial indicia for a visual portion or element of multimedia content for presentation on a digital display, the multimedia content comprising visual content and audio content. The audio alignment module may be further operative to identify an audio signal corresponding to the visual portion or element and send the identified audio signal to one or more audio output devices based on a spatial correlation between the one or more audio output devices and the determined spatial indicia of the visual portion or element..
Method and apparatus for composing 3d photographs
A 3d photographic printer uses a monochrome panel for displaying two or more images for composing a 3d photograph. Each image has a plurality of color image components.
Torque tool with display
A torque tool for measuring and/or applying a torque, consists of a shaft-like housing with a handle at one end, wherein a measuring device is provided in the housing for detecting the torque. A connecting member is provided at the other end of the housing which transmits the torque to a work piece.
Information display system for transit vehicles
Systems and methods for providing location-based advertising on transit vehicles comprising the installation of one or more digital displays capable of displaying advertisements, wherein the advertisement displayed is controlled by a media player that determines the advertisements to be played based on the current time and location of the transit vehicle. Through the use of the system, the displayed advertisement can be selected based on the geographical location of the transit vehicle on its route.
Thermal cautery surgical forceps
A portable, thermal cauterizing forceps device for use in surgery. The device incorporates a pair of ceramic heater elements mounted within the tips of the tines of a forceps.
Expanded frequency electroencephalography/electrocardiography light apparatus and method of use
The invention is an apparatus and method that measures expanded frequencies of electromagnetic activity in a user's brain and heart. The apparatus includes a computer, a display screen, a software program for rapid measurement and digital display of the users electromagnetic brain and heart frequencies above about 500 hz, a plurality of eeg sensors and an ekg sensor that are connected to the computer..
Method and apparatus for fuel filling monitoring
A system includes a processor and an external fuel indicator. The processor is configured to instruct powering of a digital display in response to detection that one or more power-up indicators has been satisfied.
Manual switch system for outputting multimedia content to a digital sign
The present invention extends to a manual switch system for selecting multimedia content from one or various source inputs to be provided to a digital display. The manual switch system of the present invention provides a compact, convenient, and simple to use solution for updating a digital display in many environments.
Switch system for outputting multimedia content to a digital sign
The present invention extends to a switch system for selecting multimedia content from one or various source inputs to be provided to a digital display. The switch system of the present invention provides a compact, convenient, and simple to use solution for updating a digital display in many environments.
Digital display purse
An apparatus is disclosed comprising a portable, handheld bag for toting personal effects. In various embodiments, the external surfaces of the handbag comprises flexible digital displays, including led and/or lcd displays.
Real-time targeted dynamic advertising in moving vehicles
Dynamically changing targeted advertising content is dispatched wirelessly in real time via a cellular network from a remote web portal to a plurality of vehicles, and ads are displayed on a digital display mounted in a rear window of the vehicles. Vehicles communicate wirelessly to the web portal their geographic location, and cameras are used to record the effect of the ads on viewers in following vehicles.
Golf putting practice device and methods of practicing putting thereof
A golf putting practice device/simulator and ball return with no moving parts, and method for a golfer to practice putting a golf ball in which the device is located in close proximity to the golfer and the intended target can be of any normal putting distance allowing one to practice golf putts indoors of greater length than indoor spaces normally allow. The device accomplishes this by detecting the speed and the position of the golf ball as it approaches the device.
Packet-based digital display interface signal mapping to micro serial interface
A passive cable adaptor for connecting a data source device with a display device is described. The adaptor has a packet-based interface connector at one end, the connector having a positive main link pin, a negative main link pin, a positive auxiliary channel pin, and a negative auxiliary channel pin.
Communication system including digital signage and related mobile content
A system may include a signage controller configured to control digital signage (e.g., at least one digital display). In one embodiment, the signage controller may collect and compile demographic information and feedback from mobile devices via close-proximity or short-range communication prior to providing it to cloud resources.
Thermal imaging camera with graphical temperature plot
Methods and apparatus for monitoring a temperature of an object over time using a thermal imaging camera. The methods and apparatus may gather infrared temperature data from a selected source of temperature data within a scene at a selected time interval and display a graphical plot of the gathered temperature data on a digital display..
Electronic device and digital display device
An electronic device switching over a turning on, a turning off and a standby mode is disclosed. The electronic device comprises a sensing unit and a host processing unit.
Wirelessly controlled vehicle message system
A digital vanity display system for a motor vehicle is presented, whereby a digital screen is connectable to the interior or exterior of the vehicle and a given message or symbol can be displayed therefrom via the driver or passenger's wireless input thereto. The display device includes a digital display having an antiglare coating for clarity, along with a display body for housing the system elements that allow for the sign operation, wireless communications, and power.
Test strip ejector for medical device
A test strip ejector system for receiving and ejecting a fluid testing medical device test strip includes a mechanism assembly supported by the device whereby user actuation of the mechanism assembly induces displacement of the test strip in at least a test strip ejection direction to eject the test strip. The mechanism assembly includes a power source and an electric motor such as a piezo-electric linear micro motor connected to the power source.
Apparatus and method for overlaying touch-screen input with digital display of an ndt/ndi instrument
A system and method for overlaying, combining or connecting touch-screen input either in free-form or fixed form, with ndt/ndi inspection information. The resulting user interface functionality for digital ndt instrument allows users to make touch-screen input in unrestricted or restricted format and later review and analyze the touch screen input in a complete context of an inspection session such as timing, waveform and geometric information of a defect or measurement target..
Method and system for using a standard connector to deliver display, data and power
A system and method for providing a docking station that supports bi-directional high speed data, high bandwidth display, and power to a computing device utilizing a standard connector on the computing device are described. This includes a standard connector on the computing device including a standard digital display connector having a first set of two lanes and a second set of two lanes, a usb host that provides usb signals that enable bi-directional high speed data, a digital display source that provides digital display signals that enable high bandwidth display and couples digital display signals to the digital display connector on the second set of lanes, a multiplexor that receives signals from the usb host, receives signals from the digital display source, and couples the usb signals to the digital display connector on the first set of lanes, and a power subsystem that receives power via the digital display connector..
Control panel, and digital display units and sensors therefor
According to one aspect, a digital display unit includes a microcontroller to process digital information received from one or more sensors, a display, and a switch in electrical communication with the microcontroller so that the microcontroller displays an output on the display that is specific to a type of sensor. The type of sensor may be selected from a position sensor, a pressure sensor, and a stroke counter.
Line sensing robot and a method of using the same with a digital display
There is provided a self-propelled electronic device for use on a base surface. The electronic device includes a chassis disposable over the base surface.
Method and apparatus for composing 3d photographs
A 3d photographic printer uses a digital display device for displaying two or more images for composing a 3d photograph. The images are displayed at different locations so that these images can be projected onto a 3d print material through a projection lens at different projection angles.
System and method of rank adaptation in mimo communication system
An apparatus may include a transmitter arranged to wirelessly transmit channel status reports for channels within a transmission band to a base station and a processor. The apparatus may further include a rank adaptation (ra) module operable on the processor to direct the transmitter to send a multiplicity of sub-band channel quality indicator (cqi) reports, each sub-band cqi report comprising a measurement of a respective sub-band of the transmission band and a multiplicity of rank indicator (ri) reports, where each sub-band cqi report is accompanied by an ri report.
Watch comprising a zebra connector for electrical connection between a digital display device and a printed circuit board and method of assembling such a watch
Method of ultrasonic welding a watch crystal (4), wherein the watch comprises a middle part (2) which, with the crystal (4), delimits a watch case (1), the crystal comprising a top face oriented towards the user and an opposite bottom face oriented towards the watch case, a digital display device (12) being fixed to the bottom face (10) of the crystal (4), a printed circuit board (26) being disposed inside the watch case (1), underneath and remote from the digital display device (12), the digital display device (12) being electrically connected to the printed circuit board (26) by means of a zebra-type electrical connector (30), the method being characterized in that as the crystal (4) is abutting on a shoulder (6) arranged in the middle part (2), the ultrasounds are directed onto the shoulder (6) to melt said shoulder (6) and to lower the level of the crystal (4) in the direction of the printed circuit board (26), so that the zebra connector (30) is compressed between the digital display device (12) and the printed circuit board (26).. .
Color calibration system for a video display
Large digital displays for entertainment, architectural and advertising displays have interconnected display panels with pluralities of light emitting elements. To solve calibration problems, each of the display panels stores measured luminance and chromaticity data for each of the light emitting elements of the panel.
Apparatus and method for coordinating visual experiences through visual devices, a master device, slave devices and wide area network control
A system includes a first digital display, a master content player configured to supply first visual content to the first digital display, a second digital display and a slave content player configured to supply second visual content to the second digital display. The master content player publishes synchronization commands to a synchronization server accessed through a wide area network and the slave content player utilizes the wide area network to access the synchronization server for the synchronization commands.
In-theatre interactive entertainment system
In-theater interactive entertainment system. A game server generates video content in digital form and is displayed on a digital display in a theater.
Apparatus, system, and method for providing independent multi-screen viewing
Described herein are apparatus, system, and method for providing independent multi-screen viewing of multiple video streams on a digital display. The apparatus comprises a pair of active shutter eye-glasses; a receiver for receiving a first signal corresponding to a first frame from a first video stream being displayed on a display unit; and a processor operable to: darken the pair of eye-glasses during a time interval of a second frame from a second video stream being displayed on the display unit; and make transparent the pair of eye-glasses during a time interval of the first frame.
Led edge-lit signage utilizing digital print technology
A display assembly combines a digital display with an edge-lit illuminated faceplate, using light sources mounted around the digital display. The light sources direct illumination radially outwardly of the digital display and into the edge of the faceplate.
Discrete time esd test data logger
The invention relates to a process and an apparatus for monitoring electrostatic threats or events, and for testing electrostatic dissipation devices wherein data from at least one sensor or input is displayed in discrete real time on a human readable digital display in discrete real time. Typically the invention monitors the resistance of at least one electrostatic dissipation device in contact with a person, is capable of detecting and possibly responding to electrostatic events or voltage threats, and utilizes the presence of electrical noise on analog input as an indication that the apparatus is operating as expected..
Method of displaying readable information on a digital display
A method, a programme, by which an animated expression of three-dimensional information space is created bring forth a reading architecture on digital screens in which the presented readable information appears three-dimensionally and dynamically to the reader's field of vision.. .
Advertisement booking and media management for digital displays
A system for remote management and display of advertisements comprises: a processing unit configured to manage a plurality of advertisements; one or more clients connected to the processing unit, configured to send booking requests to the processing unit to book one or more of the plurality of advertisements; a data link coupled to the processing unit, configured to transport advertisements automatically selected by the processing unit based on the booking requests; one or more display units coupled to the data link, configured to display advertisements transported via the data link; and a distribution channel for broadcasting a live recording of at least one of the one or more display units to an audience.. .
Thermal cautery surgical forceps
A portable, thermal cauterizing forceps device for use in surgery. The device incorporates a pair of ceramic heater elements mounted within the tips of the tines of a forceps.
Utility monitoring device, system and method
A monitoring device, system and method are provided for in-home/on-premises monitoring of usage of utilities, such as electricity and other services. The monitoring device receives information from a smart meter, and displays usage through a display, illuminating an area using a colour indicative of the current cost of consumption, and varying the illuminated area at a rate indicative of a rate of consumption or other metric, the varying of the illuminated area simulating movement in the display.
Stereoscopic glasses using tilted filters
Filter glasses for use by an observer of a stereoscopic digital display system that displays stereoscopic images including first-eye images and second-eye images. The filter glasses include a first-eye filter that substantially transmits light from the first-eye images and blocks light from the second-eye images, and a second-eye filter that substantially transmits light from the second-eye images and blocks light from the second-eye images.
Filter glasses for spectral stereoscopic projection system
Filter glasses for use with a stereoscopic digital display system that displays stereoscopic images including left-eye images and right-eye images. The first-eye images are formed using red, green and blue first-eye light emitters having corresponding spectral bands with red, green and blue first-eye central wavelengths, λr1, λg1 and λb1.
Stereoscopic glasses using dichroic and absorptive layers
Filter glasses for use with a stereoscopic digital display system that displays stereoscopic images including left-eye images and right-eye images. The left-eye images are formed with light in a plurality of left-eye spectral bands, and the right-eye images are formed with light in a corresponding plurality of spectrally-adjacent right-eye spectral bands.
Methods and apparatus for audio input for customization of digital displays
Aspects of customizing digital signage are addressed. For example, an audio feed may be analyzed for keywords occurring in potential customers' speech.
Server system and fan indication method
A server system includes a number of fan control units, a number of fan rows, a determination module, a control module, and a digital display unit. One fan control unit corresponds to one fan row.
Hand-held hot air device with a digital operating device with a universal operating element
The hand-held hot air device, preferably for the local heating of thermoplastic materials, with a housing that forms a wand-shaped handle part with air inlet openings, and with an air guidance tube that protrudes from the handle part and radially delimits an air canal, with an electric heating element contained in the air guidance tube and an electric motor with a fan wheel contained in the handle part, and with an electronic control system arranged inside the handle part with one semiconductor power switch each arranged upstream of both the heating element and the electric motor, and with a display screen and an operating device for the hand-held hot air device arranged on the outside of the handle part. The electronic control system is implemented as microprocessor control system, the display screen as an electronic digital display, and the operating device as a digital operating device, with the digital operating device comprising a single universal operating element that is movable in at least two directions relative to the handle part for the purpose of switching the hand-held hot air device on and/or off and for determining control data of the microprocessor control system..
System and method for providing pcie over displayport
Ihs video signal and ihs bus information is received by a display multiplexer, where it is demultiplexed. Demultiplexed ihs video signal information is received by a video interface receiver, where it is used to generate an image on a digital display.
Portable digital display
The portable digital display is configured for rapid assembly and disassembly. The operating system is contained within a frame system of the portable digital display.
Method for fixing a crystal to the middle part of a watch case
Method for fixing a watch crystal (4) to a middle part (2) also made of plastic material, which delimits a watch case (1) with the crystal (4), wherein said watch crystal (4) comprises a top surface (6) facing the user side, and a bottom surface (8) opposite to the top surface (6), and a digital display device (12) is bonded to the bottom surface of the crystal, said method being characterized in that it consists in welding the assembly formed by the crystal (4) and the digital display device (12) to the middle part (2) by means of a laser beam.. .
Material forming apparatus
The present invention is a material forming apparatus that includes a piece of material that is a piece of laminated wood, a cover sheet made of plastic material, a flexible bed, a plurality of bed arms and a plurality of drive gears. The material forming apparatus also includes a numerical digital display, a plurality of roller clamps, one or more cranks with a grasping knob and a plurality of pivoting arms that are rotated by rotation of the drive gears and move the bed arms to force the flexible bed and the piece of material into a desired arc radius..
Mobile truck-mounted performance stage on a hydraulic lift
The present invention is a mobile performance stage mounted on a hydraulic lift truck for enabling a quick and easy performance setup in a location that does not already have a dedicated stage. The lift truck supports a hydraulic lift mechanism, which supports the stage and enables the stage to be elevated to a desired height.
Translucent digital display system
A digital display system includes a transparent outer protective panel, a transparent inner protective panel, and a translucent digital video display located between the outer and inner protective panels. An integrated media player is operably connected to the translucent digital video display so that full-motion videos displayed on the translucent digital video display are viewed through the outer protective panel and items can be viewed through the translucent digital video display.
Automatic three-phase unbalanced load compensation experimental device and its control method
Disclosed are an automatic three-phase unbalanced load compensation experimental device and its control method. The experimental device comprises an automatic compensation device, a load simulation part, and detection, display and control parts.

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