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Digital Audio patents


This page is updated frequently with new Digital Audio-related patent applications.

new patent Data transfer
This application relates to methods and apparatus for transfer of multiple digital data streams, especially of digital audio data over a single communications link such as a single wire. The application describes audio interface circuitry comprising a pulse-length-modulation (plm) modulator (204).
Cirrus Logic International Semiconductor Ltd.

new patent Inter-device digital audio
A method for reconfiguring a bus device from a first configuration into a second configuration, wherein the second configuration is not visible to, and is not selectable by, an unauthorized host device that connects to the bus device through a peripheral port of the bus device is described. In the bus device, a received message transmitted by the authorized host device through the peripheral port of the bus device to which the authorized host device is connected is parsed and an instruction to reconfigure the bus device from the first configuration into the second configuration is detected.
Apple Inc.

new patent Systems and methods for use in a vehicle for detecting external events
There is provided a vehicle comprising a microphone positioned to receive sounds originated from outside of the vehicle, an analog-to-digital converter configured to covert the sounds received by the microphone to digital audio signals, a memory storing a sound processing software and one or more known audios, and a hardware processor configured to execute the sound processing software. In one implementation the sound processing software performs comparing the digital audio signals with the one or more known audios stored in the memory, determining, in response to the comparing, a match between the digital audio signals and a first audio of the one or more known audios stored in the memory; and taking an action in response to the determining of the match between the digital audio signals and the first audio..
Karma Automotive, Llc

Television tuner device for processing digital audiovisual content
Embodiments of a device for receiving a digital terrestrial, cable, or satellite television signal are described herein. For example, a silicon tuner module may be configured to receive a digital terrestrial, cable, or satellite television signal and output a digital bitstream, the digital bitstream may include audio visual content in an encoded transport stream.
Bby Solutions, Inc.

Systems and methods for advanced iterative decoding and channel estimation of concatenated coding systems
Systems and methods for decoding block and concatenated codes are provided. These include advanced iterative decoding techniques based on belief propagation algorithms, with particular advantages when applied to codes having higher density parity check matrices such as iterative soft-input soft-output and list decoding of convolutional codes, reed-solomon codes and bch codes.
Ln2 Db, Llc

Method for preprocessing speech for digital audio quality improvement
Preprocessing speech signals from an indirect conduction microphone. One exemplary method preprocesses the speech signal in two stages.
Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Digital media album
A virtual or digital multimedia album. The digital album may include a collection of related media to provide virtually, what a traditional band album provides, and more.
Iboard Incorporated

Method and system for implementing a large area continuous coverage of programs in digital audio broadcasting
The present invention relates to a method and system for implementing a large area and continuous coverage of programs in a digital audio broadcasting, wherein, part of carrier frequencies are set as common carrier frequencies, and other carrier frequencies are set as service carrier frequencies; all of the common carrier frequencies are combined together to achieve a seamless coverage for the large area; a transmitting end transmits a common frequency point identifier and a program information list on the common carrier frequencies, and transmits digital broadcasting programs on the service carrier frequencies; a receiving end identifies the common carrier frequency based on the common frequency point identifier and receives the digital broadcasting program on the common carrier frequencies; for a specific program desired to be received, all the carrier frequencies on broadcasting of the program are searched based on the received program information list, and the carrier frequency with best signal quality is selected for receiving; during the reception process of the specific program, signal quality of other carrier frequency on broadcasting of the specific program is monitored, and when the signal quality of current receiving carrier frequency decreases, the program is continue to be received by switching to another carrier frequency with better signal quality. By using the method and system according to the present invention, it can be realized that programs can be continuously covered for a large area and received seamlessly..
Beijing Cri-tech Radio And Television Technologies Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods for dynamic audio processing
Systems and methods presented herein may provide for processing audio with increased loudness and dynamics. A first clock frequency associated with a digital audio file may be increased to a second clock frequency, which speeds up the playback of the audio.

Integrated audio amplification circuit with multi-functional external terminals
The present invention relates in one aspect to an audio amplification circuit comprising an input terminal for receipt of an input signal from a transducer. A signal processor is operatively coupled to the input terminal for receipt and processing of the input signal to generate a processed digital audio signal in accordance with a programmable configuration setting of the signal processor.
Invensense, Inc.

Audio signal amplification device

An audio signal amplification device of the disclosure includes: a delta-sigma modulation part configured to resample an input digital audio signal with a quantization number smaller than a quantization number of the digital audio signal; a pulse-width modulation part configured to convert an output signal from the delta-sigma modulation part into a pulse-width modulation signal which sets a gradation of the output signal in an amplitude direction at a gradation of a pulse width; a power amplification part configured to perform power amplification on an output signal from the pulse-width modulation part; a low-pass filter configured to diminish a component higher than a predetermined cutoff frequency, in an output signal from the power amplification part, and to output the resultant signal; and a correction processing part configured to generate a correction signal for correcting the digital audio signal. The correction processing part includes a switch configured to control coupling of the correction processing part to the low-pass filter.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Server providing a quieter open space work environment

A server for providing a quieter environment in an open work space that has a plurality of work places used by a plurality of users comprises a processor configured to receive digital audio signals corresponding to ambient noises captured by microphones at the work places, compute average values that represent current noises at the work places, compute a threshold value that represents a current noise in a neighbourhood of a first work place as a function of p values that represent the current noises at p work places that are neighbors of the first work place, compare each digital audio signal with the threshold value, determine the digital audio signals that are greater than the threshold value to determine at least one work place that corresponds to a digital audio signal that is greater than the threshold value, and send a warning to a user of the determined at least one work place.. .
Alcatel Lucent

Audio circuit

A d/a converter converts digital audio data din into analog differential audio signals vp and vn. A differential to single-ended conversion circuit converts the differential audio signals vp and vn into a single-ended audio signal vse.
Rohm Co., Ltd.

Ofdm based broadcast communication system

Fdm based broadcast transmitter arrangement for transmitting a digital audio/video information signal, wherein an encoded version of the digital audio/video information signal is encapsulated in a network layer encapsulation step in accordance with dab, dvb-t or dvb-t2 to obtain a network layer information signal. The network layer information signal is then converted in a data link layer conversion step to obtain a data link layer information signal, which is subjected in a physical layer conversion step to obtain a broadcast information transmission signal..
Institut Fur Rundfunktechnik Gmbh

System and transmitting digital audio streams to attendees and recording video at public events

The present discloses an audio server that includes at least one memory device to store instructions and at least one processing device to execute the instructions stored in the least one memory device to convert audio sound waves from live event or concert into an audio signal, capture video of at least portions of the live event or the concert, generate an encoded stream by encrypting the audio signal and the captured video with a key, and in response to receiving purchase confirmation from a device, transmit the key to the device and stream the encoded stream to at least one device during the live event or concert. The device may decode the encoded stream using the key..

System and simulcasting digital audio streams to attendees at public events

The present discloses an audio server that includes at least one memory device to store instructions and at least one processing device to execute the instructions stored in the least one memory device to convert audio sound waves from live event or concert into an audio signal, generate an encoded stream by encrypting the audio signal with a key, and in response to receiving purchase confirmation from a device, transmit the key to the device and stream the encoded stream to at least one device during the live event or concert. The device may decode the encoded stream using the key..

Predictive trending of digital entities

Surfacing relevant and predictively trending digital entities to a user in a content feed is provided. Aspects of a predictive trending system use one or more predictive models, such as neural networks or regression models, to generate predictive trending scores of digital entities (e.g., documents, people, electronic communications, meetings, locations, digital images, digital videos, digital audio, etc.) based on historical scores and context.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc.

Digital content distribution and subscription sysem

Digital content distribution systems and methods are provided for distributing for digital data files, such as digital audio and video data files. In accordance with one implementation, a token-based authentication system is provided that does not require knowledge of the individual user requesting the download of digital content data or real-time access to user account information.
Aol Inc.

Transition from a transform coding/decoding to a predictive coding/decoding

Methods and apparatus are provided for coding and decoding a digital audio signal. Decoding includes: decoding according to an inverse transform decoding of a previous frame of samples of the digital signal, which is received and coded according to a transform coding; and decoding according to a predictive decoding of a current frame of samples of the digital signal, which is received and coded according to a predictive coding.

Aromatherapy apparatus and housing

The present invention is an apparatus for employing aromatherapy and binaural sounds for inducing a state of relaxation in a user who may be anxious, upset, or experiencing sleeping difficulties. The apparatus comprises a shape memory foam pillow, a pair of stereo speakers, an aromatherapy diffuser, a pillowcase comprised of heat-transfer fabric, an optional vibrating device, a canopy and a housing to support these elements.

Multichip dynamic range enhancement (dre) audio processing methods and apparatuses

In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, a multichip circuit for processing audio signals having dynamic range enhancement information over two or more integrated circuits may include a host integrated circuit and a client integrated circuit. The host integrated circuit may be configured to determine a dynamic range enhancement gain for a digital audio input signal, process the digital audio input signal in accordance with the dynamic range enhancement gain, and transmit audio data based on the processed digital audio input signal.
Cirrus Logic, Inc.

Real-time wireless synchronization of live event audio stream with a video recording

Systems and methods are presented herein that facilitate temporally synchronizing, in real time, a separately sourced high quality audio segment of a live event with a video segment that is generated by a recording device associated with a member of the audience. An a-v synchronization application may synchronize a video segment of a live event that is generated from a personal electronic device of an audience member with a high quality audio segment that is separately sourced and generated by professional sound recording equipment at the live event.

Distributed media stream synchronization control

One or more system, apparatus, method, and computer readable media is described below for wireless display synchronization of audio and video data streams received through a direct wireless link between a content source and sink. In some embodiments, the presentation time stamp (pts) associated with the encoding of a digital audio and digital video data stream into a compressed packetized data stream at the source is utilized as a control point for synchronization of the digital audio and video stream payloads presented at the sink.
Intel Corporation

Replacing an encoded audio output signal

Replacement of an encoded audio output signal is disclosed. In one example, a data set comprising a first encoded audio output signal and associated pre-stored digital audio input signals captured with a microphone array of an apparatus is received.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Playback based on wireless signal

Systems, methods, and apparatus to calibrate sounds fields are disclosed. An example implementation involves a playback device detecting a change in a strength of a wireless signal received by the playback device via a wireless network interface.
Sonos, Inc.

Audio processing device

A modular audio processing apparatus that joins channels together such that four digital audio channels can be transmitted over a single connection, where the apparatus includes housing around a plurality of analog inputs, a plurality of analog outputs, a plurality of digital inputs, and a plurality of digital outputs.. .

Method and processing a recording

A method and apparatus for processing a recording is described. Analogue audio data is recorded and converted into digital audio data.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Adjusting audio sampling used with wideband audio

A system and method of adjusting digital audio sampling used with wideband audio includes: performing audio sampling on an analog audio signal at an initial sampling rate and an initial bit rate over a wideband audio frequency range; generating a digital audio signal based on the audio sampling; detecting a qualitative error rate between the analog audio signal and the digital audio signal; and decreasing the initial sampling rate, the initial bit rate, or both for sampling subsequent analog audio when the qualitative error is below a threshold.. .
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Audio signal transient detection

Provided are, among other things, systems, methods and techniques for detecting whether a transient exists within an audio signal. According to one representative embodiment, a segment of a digital audio signal is divided into blocks, and a norm value is calculated for each of a number of the blocks, resulting in a set of norm values for such blocks, each such norm value representing a measure of signal strength within a corresponding block.
Digital Rise Technology Co., Ltd.

Remote controlled digital audio mixing system

An audio mixing system for providing an audio processing interface at a mobile device may include a mobile device including an interface configured to present a display screen to receive user input to control a remote audio mixer that is operably coupled to at least one musical instrument, transmit, via a wireless network, a mobile device command indicating an audio setting, the command being generated in response to user input, receive, via the wireless network and in response to the mobile device command, first mixer data indicative of audio settings of the remote audio mixer, and present an updated display screen, the updated display screen reflecting the first mixer data as a result of the mobile device command to present a real-time display of the audio settings of the remote audio mixer.. .
Harman International Industries Limited

Binaural rendering for headphones using metadata processing

Embodiments are described for a method of rendering audio for playback through headphones comprising receiving digital audio content, receiving binaural rendering metadata generated by an authoring tool processing the received digital audio content, receiving playback metadata generated by a playback device, and combining the binaural rendering metadata and playback metadata to optimize playback of the digital audio content through the headphones.. .
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Device and method to mark digital audio or audio and/or video content

A receiver device having a processor, memories, descrambler and decoders modules configured to produce a sequence of elementary media content packets. The receiver device further comprises a marker unit configured to mark data in the sequence of elementary media content packets according to a pattern defined by an internal parameter associated to the receiving device.
Nagravision S.a.

Synchronizing a plurality of digital media streams by using a descriptor file

A method is provided in which a descriptor file is created for synchronizing a plurality of digital media streams. A plurality of time offsets are identified in a timeline of a digital audio narration of a first digital media stream, and the plurality of time offsets and a corresponding plurality of content points are stored in the descriptor file in a manner indicating a correlation therebetween.
Audio Pod Inc.

Interactive hearing diagnosis and treatment system based on wireless mobile communication platform

Disclosed is a device for hearing tests and auditory assessments, including: an all-digital audio and tone signal synthesis generator for converting a logic algorithm and a parameter into a digital signal via built-in software, and inputting the digital signal into a digital signal processor (dsp) or processing the same with a pc central processor (cpu) to generate and output a multi-modal audio and tone acoustic signal; a hearing test module, comprising one or more objective and/or subjective hearing test submodules, sharing corresponding stimulation or interference signals converted by signals input by the same all-digital audio and tone signal synthesis generator, in order to perform a hearing test on a patient; and a comprehensive auditory assessment module for performing comprehensive auditory assessment on the hearing test result output by each hearing test submodule.. .
Jiangsu Betterlife Medical Co., Ltd.

Radio communication system, radio apparatus, radio communication method, packet generation method, and reproducing data from packet

A transmission unit of a radio apparatus generates a packet including: a header part containing identifier data identifying at least a transmission destination radio station and a transmission source radio station; and a data part in which an audio frame and a data frame, each having a predetermined length, are consecutively arranged one after another. When communication is performed in a fast data mode in which data for data communication to be transmitted, instead of a digital audio signal, is inserted in the audio frame, the transmission unit generates, according to an instruction from the controller, a packet in which data for data communication is inserted in the audio frame and the data frame, and the transmission unit converts the packet into a radio signal and transmits the radio signal..
Icom Incorporated

Method and analog and digital audio blend for hd radio receivers

A method and apparatus are provided for blending analog and digital portions of a composite digital radio broadcast signal by processing compressed audio packets to compute corresponding digital audio quality indicator values, storing the compressed audio packets in an audio blend buffer, processing audio information from each compressed audio packet stored in the audio blend buffer with an audio decoder to generate decompressed digital audio signal samples, and using the digital audio quality indicator values to guide a blending process for combining analog audio signal samples with the digital audio signal samples to produce an audio output by preventing unnecessary blending back and forth between analog and digital if the digital audio quality indicator values indicate that the compressed audio packets are degraded or impaired.. .
Ibiquity Digital Corporation

Digital audio supplementation

A computer-implemented method is disclosed that includes identifying a digital sound file that contains data for producing audible sound content; identifying and selecting a digital source of supplemental sound content; and adding the supplemental sound content to the audible sound content to produce supplemented sound content, wherein the supplemental sound content is added at a sub-audible intensity level so as to cause unique brain activations in users who listen to the supplemented sound content. .
Fideliquest Llc

Audio device for recognizing key phrases and method thereof

An audio device and a method thereof are provided. The method is adopted by an audio device to detect a voice, wherein the audio device is coupled to a host device.
Fortemedia, Inc.

System and capturing, encoding, distributing, and decoding immersive audio

A sound field coding system and method that provides flexible capture, distribution, and reproduction of immersive audio recordings encoded in a generic digital audio format compatible with standard two-channel or multi-channel reproduction systems. This end-to-end system and method mitigates any impractical need for standard multi-channel microphone array configurations in consumer mobile devices such as smart phones or cameras.
Dts, Inc.

Wireless link to transmit digital audio data between devices in a manner controlled dynamically to adapt to variable wireless error rates

A communication system including a host transceiver, one or many device transceivers, and a wireless or wired link, in which encoded digital audio data and optionally also other auxiliary data are transmitted and received between the host transceiver and one or many device transceivers. The wireless link can but need not be a certified wireless usb (“cwusb”) link, which utilizes wimedia ultra-wideband (“uwb”) radio technology.

Sample rate converter with automatic anti-aliasing filter

The subject disclosure is directed towards dynamically computing anti-aliasing filter coefficients for sample rate conversion in digital audio. In one aspect, for each input-to-output sampling rate ratio (pitch) obtained, anti-aliasing filter coefficients are interpolated based upon the pitch (e.g., using the fractional part of the ratio) from two filters (coefficient sets) selected based upon the pitch (e.g., using the integer part of the ratio).
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Method for associating media files with additional content

A method for presenting digitally stored information to a user, including providing, from a server to a client device, timeline information having first and second time points, each time point being relative to when a user accesses the timeline information, the first time point being associated with a digital audio or digital video media file, the second time point being associated with additional content, the additional content being a text or a file comprising video, audio, image, text, a webpage, user comment or user rating in a digital format. Accessing the timeline information causes the client device to start a timing procedure, the client device automatically starting playing the media file when timing reaches the first time point of the timeline information and the client device automatically presenting, to the user, the additional content when the timing reaches the second time point of the timeline information..
Acast Ab

Digital wireless audio transmission system with optimized dynamics

A digital audio transmission system, in particular a wireless microphone or wireless pocket transmitter system. The audio transmission system has at least one wireless transmitter and at least one wireless receiver.
Sennheiser Electronic Gmbh & Co. Kg

Audio systems and related devices and methods

A method includes syncing preset assignments on a plurality of audio playback devices such that preset assignments on any one of the audio playback devices correspond to respective preset assignments on each of the other audio playback devices, and, such that, if one of the preset assignments is changed on one of the audio playback devices, each of the other audio playback devices is automatically updated such that a corresponding change is made to a corresponding preset assignment on each of the other audio playback devices. Each preset assignment is an assignment of an entity associated with one of a plurality of digital audio sources to one of a plurality of preset indicators on the corresponding one of the audio playback devices.
Bose Corporation

Acoustic channel-based data communications method

It discloses an acoustic channel-based data communications method which performs channel coding on an original data signal using a crc coding method and a bch coding method to obtain a coded sequence; modulates the coded sequence using a preset audio sequence symbol set via a symbol mapping method to obtain a digital audio signal; selects a channel frequency band according to characteristics of a transmitting equipment and interference between frequency bands; and converts the digital audio signal into an analog audio signal through a digital-to-analog converter and transmits the signal to a channel for transmission according to the selected channel frequency band.. .

Unitary electronic speaker device for receiving digital audio data and rendering the digital audio data

An unitary electronic speaker device and method for rendering digital audio data are provided. A list comprising an ordered sequence of audio item indicators indicating a plurality of audio items stored on at least one other device.
Black Hills Media, Llc

Adaptive loudness levelling digital audio signals in frequency domain

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to techniques for adjusting the amplitude of a digital audio signal in the frequency domain to control the perceived loudness of the audio signal at a desired level. In one embodiment, a method first adjusts the audio signal to a desired loudness level by applying an adaptive wideband gain and thereafter a multi-band compression is applied to further reduce a dynamic range of the audio signal, and noise analysis and temporal masking operations are also performed to provide a pleasant sound for a listener or listeners..

Digital audio processing systems and methods

A system for processing audio data of the present disclosure has an audio processing device for receiving audio data from an audio source. Additionally, the system has logic that separates the audio data received into left channel audio data indicative of sound from a left audio source and right channel audio data indicative of sound from a right audio source.

Systems and methods for independent and control-isolated audio processing (iciap)

Systems and methods are provided that may implement independent and control-isolated audio processing (iciap) to separate and/or control audio streams at multiple levels of sensitivity and/or security. The disclosed systems and methods may be implemented in one example using separate real time digital audio processing and mixing hardware “channels” for each audio stream that are provided within an iciap connection system that includes at least one iciap audio processing device and a separate control processor, while at the same time incorporating a comprehensive set of interlocks to ensure the separation of audio data streams from one another and from control information, and to ensure authorization in real time for each different audio stream..
L-3 Communications Integrated Systems Lp

System and compressed audio enhancement

A system for processing digitally-encoded audio data comprising a compressed audio source device providing a sequence of frames of compressed digital audio data. A compressed audio enhancement system configured to receive the sequence of frames of compressed digital audio data and to generate enhanced audio data by adding masked digital audio data to the sequence of frames of compressed digital audio data, where the masked digital audio data has an energy level sufficient to keep a kinocilia of a listener active.
Psyx Research, Inc.

Intermediary device for establishing wireless services

Various embodiments are disclosed for facilitating reception of a digital audio stream over a wireless personal area network (pan). At a wireless network mobile computing device, a wireless network audio broadcast device is discovered.
Broadcom Corporation

Electronic device

According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a body and a display attached to the body configured to rotate between a state of covering a front surface of the body and a state of covering a back surface of the body, wherein the electronic device is placed in multiple configurations. An angle sensor measures an angle between the front surface and the display.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

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