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Date/App# patent app List of recent Digestion-related patents
 Methods for gasification of carbonaceous materials patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for gasification of carbonaceous materials
The present disclosure is generally directed to process of gasification of carbonaceous materials to produce synthesis gas or syngas. The present disclosure provides improved methods of gasification comprising: adding one or more carbonaceous materials, adding a molecular oxygen-containing gas, adding carbon dioxide gas and optionally adding water into said gasifier.
Ineos Usa Llc
 Systems and methods for producing fermented milk replacer and methods of feeding same to animals patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for producing fermented milk replacer and methods of feeding same to animals
Young animals such as calves may be fed milk replacers containing soy having been preserved through treatment with acid-producing bacteria that reduces a ph of the milk replacer through microbial digestion of sugars present in soy to thereby produce a fermented milk replacer. The milk replacer is edible for at least 48 hours and its digestibility in the young animals is increased due to the microbial digestion of sugars in the soy that are otherwise indigestible in the gut of the young animals.
Purina Animal Nutrition Llc
 Anaerobic digestion system for household organic wastes patent thumbnailnew patent Anaerobic digestion system for household organic wastes
The present invention provided a compact anaerobic digestion system to converts household waste biomass materials to methane rich biogas and concentrated compost slurry of about 9 to 40% solids for agriculture soil applications. The horizontal anaerobic digester vessel comprising a horizontal vessel provided with insulation and preferably cylindrical at the bottom, fitted inside of the said vessel is at least one shaft with 4-100 radial or horizontal or diagonal baffles at equal distribution, and attached with a handle or wheel outside the vessel to rotate the shaft from outside, the said vessel being provided with minimum of one port at one end for introducing the raw biomass wastes and another set of ports for discharging stabilized wastes at the opposite end, and having one valve-controlled gas port of above the level of the said port for discharging stabilized wastes, a small hand operated shredder coupled to the digester vessel for shredding/cutting/crushing large and hard solids such as bones to get particles preferably lesser than 10 mm sizes.
Council Of Scientific And Industrial Research
 Methods and systems for biodegradable waste flow treatment using a transport fluid nozzle patent thumbnailMethods and systems for biodegradable waste flow treatment using a transport fluid nozzle
The present invention is directed to methods and systems for pre-treating sewage sludge in a sewage treatment works (stw) to facilitate anaerobic digestion. These methods include (a) passing sewage sludge through one or more pre-treatment devices, wherein each pre-treatment device comprises (i) a passage of substantially constant diameter having an inlet in fluid communication with the stw and an outlet; and (ii) a transport fluid nozzle communicating with the passage and adapted to inject high velocity transport fluid into the passage; (b) passing the sewage sludge treated in step (a) to an anaerobic digester; and (c) collecting methane produced in step (b).
 Device for supporting reaction vessels in a microwave heating apparatus patent thumbnailDevice for supporting reaction vessels in a microwave heating apparatus
There is described a device for rotatably supporting at least one reaction vessel in a microwave heating apparatus. The described device comprises (a) a base plate comprising at least one through-hole, and (b) at least one tubular member having a longitudinal axis and being adapted to receive a reaction vessel and to be coupled to the base plate in such a way that the longitudinal axis of the at least one tubular member passes through the at least one through-hole, wherein the at least one tubular member comprises metal.
Anton Paar Gmbh
 Peptide identification and sequencing by single-molecule detection of peptides undergoing degradation patent thumbnailPeptide identification and sequencing by single-molecule detection of peptides undergoing degradation
The present disclosure provides peptide amino acid sequencing and identification methods and kits for performing such methods. For example, single-molecule detection of fluorophore-labeled peptides is disclosed using multiple rounds of standard edman degradation or using digestion by chemicals or enzymes.
The Regents Of The University Of Colorado, A Body Corporate
 Methods for measuring fat digestibility and uses thereof patent thumbnailMethods for measuring fat digestibility and uses thereof
The present invention provides methods for continuous measurement of triglyceride digestibility during a meal. A stable isotope labeled triglyceride and a free fatty acid tracer are added to the meal.
 Biologic prosthesis and methods of production and use patent thumbnailBiologic prosthesis and methods of production and use
Products, processes, compositions, kits, and methods are provided for cartilage-derived implants. The implants can exhibit resistance to enzyme (e.g., collagenase, protease, etc.) digestion compared to the source tissue from which they were derived while still having one or more mechanical properties comparable to the source tissue from which they were derived.
 Method of solid-liquid separation and uses thereof patent thumbnailMethod of solid-liquid separation and uses thereof
The invention provides a method for enhancing solid-liquid separation by using a low molecular weight alcohol, such as isopropanol. The methods can be used in a variety of settings to facilitate solid-liquid separation, such as that in anaerobic digestion and treatment of tailing pond sludge..
 System and  improved anaerobic digestion patent thumbnailSystem and improved anaerobic digestion
A method for improved anaerobic digestion is presented. The method includes mixing a volume of waste material with water to form a feedstock mixture.
Verliant Energy, Inc.

Apparatus and methods for cell isolation

A unitary apparatus for isolating cells from adipose tissue including a lipid separation processor with a dispersing head equipped with a plurality of ports and a digestion chamber for dissociation of the constituent cells disposed in adipose tissue. The lipid separating apparatus is useful for the separation of lipids and adipocytes from a mixed cell population.
Ingeneron Incorporated

Two-stage anaerobic digestion systems wherein one of the stages comprises a two-phase system

Low cost, efficient two-stage anaerobic digestion systems for the production of biogas (e.g. Methane) are provided.
Washington State University

Treatment of biomass

A process for the treatment of biomass comprising subjecting biomass to microbial digestion to produce volatile fatty acids and/or solvents followed by wet oxidation to reduce biosolid volume while retaining or increasing the concentration of the volatile fatty acids and/or solvents.. .
Terax Limited Partnership

Cloning method

The present invention relates to a method based on the use of restriction enzyme digestion and ligation via cleavage sites, thereby to prepare two or more standardized expression cassettes.. .
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

Natural tissue-derived decellularized matrix and methods of generating and using same

Decellularized tissue-derived extracellular matrices (ecm) and methods of generating and using same are provided. The method of generating a decellularized matrix includes the steps of: (a) subjecting the tissue to washes and a hypertonic buffer; (b) subjecting the tissue to an enzymatic proteolytic digestion with an enzyme such as trypsin; and (c) removing all cellular components from the tissue using a detergent solution which includes triton-x-100 and ammonium hydroxide.
Technion Research & Development Foundation Ltd.

Controlled release fertiliser

The present invention provides a fertiliser comprising nutrients adsorbed onto a core material comprising a carbonate mineral. Also provided are methods of producing a solid fertiliser, the method comprising adsorbing nutrients onto a core material comprising a carbonate mineral.
The Queen's University Of Belfast

Biomatrix composition and methods of biomatrix seeding

Apparatus and methods are described for generating autologous tissue grafts, the apparatus including a point of care svf isolation unit that includes a tissue digestion chamber in fluid communication with a lipid separating chamber, whereby svf cells are isolated without centrifugation; and a cell seeding chamber in fluid communication with the svf isolation unit, said cell seeding chamber adapted to support a cell scaffold. Methods and materials for cell seeding, including through the provision of micro rough scaffold surfaces, are also provided..
Ingeneron, Inc.

Methods and kits for determining protein-bound biomarkers

(a) automated prepurification of the sample using an effective amount of an acid protease under conditions that allow for digestion of one or more binding proteins; (b) applying said protease-digested sample onto an on-line spe column to capture at least part of said biomarker, followed by sequential washing of the solid phase; (c) eluting a fraction comprising said biomarker directly onto a liquid chromatography (lc) column comprising an apolar stationary phase and subjecting it to lc-ms or lc-ms-ms measurements to determine the amount of at least one biomarker; and (d) quantitating the biomarker(s). Also provided are kits for use in such method, for instance in the determination of vitamin d derivatives, testosterone and/or or melatonin..

Syngas biomethanation process and anaerobic digestion system

An anaerobic digester is fed a feedstock, for example sludge from a municipal wastewater treatment plant, and produces a digestate. The digestate is dewatered into a cake.
Anaergia Inc.

Regenerative thermal oxidizer for the reduction or elimination of supplemental fuel gas consumption

The present invention provides a regenerative thermal oxidizer system, comprising: a recuperative heat exchanger that receives process exhaust gas from an anaerobic digestion process and boosts an inlet temperature of the gas to a second gas temperature; and a regenerative thermal oxidizer that receives the gas from the heat exchanger, further heats/combusts the gas to a third gas temperature, and feeds the gas back through the recuperative heat exchanger, which recoups heat from the gas such that the gas exits the heat exchanger at a fourth gas temperature.. .
Clean Energy Renewable Fuels, Llc

Crystallization reaction recovering resources

Provided is a crystallization reaction apparatus for recovering resources, which includes at least one agitating impeller provided inside, a seed injection port provided to improve a crystallization effect, and plug-flow formed using at least one isolation layer in order to remove nutrient salts, such as phosphorus (p) and nitrogen (n), exiting in an effluent to cause eutrophication, are removed, the effluent being produced from a dehydration process for sludge discharged through a digestion tank in an sludge waste treatment process for the nutrient salts, such as phosphorus (p) and nitrogen (n), existing in a wastewater treatment water to cause eutrophication, wastewater sludge, food waste and excreta of livestock.. .

Duodenum endothelium membrane made from degradable biocompatible materials and application thereof

This invention provides a duodenum endothelium membrane made of degradable shape-memory biocompatible materials. The endothelium membrane planted in the duodenum can divide chyme and bile-pancreatic juice, avoiding direct digestion, absorption, and metabolism of gastric effluent in the duodenum.

Anaerobic process for producing biogas with a high methane content by means of the biodigestion of organic waste

This invention is about a process of increased biogas (9) production, with high methane content, in anaerobic biodigestion plants, with production of electric (11) and thermal energy. The process is based upon biotechnologies, hardware and software specifically developed for this aim.
G-meta Consultoria, Participações E Serviços Ltda

Electrochemical processes to separate products derived from biological conversions

The disclosure relates to efficient methods of controlling biological conversions while simultaneously removing and converting some of the generated products. More specifically, and, for example, the disclosure discloses electrochemical processes to remove and capture potentially toxic ammonium during anaerobic digestions and to remove and capture carboxylic acids during bioethanol production.
Universiteit Gent

Methods and compositions for improved digestion of milk oligosaccharides

Pre-biotic compositions containing oligosaccharides and probiotic compositions useful for treatment of a subject are provided herein. Also provided are methods for administering probiotic or pre-biotic compositions..
The Regents Of The University Of California

Process for garbage and sewage treatment through a method able to accelerate the anaerobic digestion output and product resulting therefrom further allowing the use of varying feedstock

The present invention discloses a system stimulating the increase in efficiency of anaerobic digestion of a plurality of feedstock streams upon stimulation of microbial feedstock ability and methanogen predominance in the digestion microbial mass.. .
Biowaste Energy, Lda

Wastewater treatment using controlled solids input to an anaerobic digester

The present invention is a system and process for livestock waste management that operates more efficiently than existing technologies with less maintenance and with less chemical process components (and thus chemical handling) with recovery of useful end products. The invention comprises solids separation of the waste to remove solids in excess of about 0.50 mm in size prior to anaerobic digestion followed directly by solids separation preferably using an ultra filter and then ammonia recovery..
Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc.

Combined bioreactor for the treatment of waste water, by means of anaerobic, aerobic and anoxic processes of degradation of organic matter with zone separator system and collection of biogases, scum and sludge

A bioreactor for anaerobic, aerobic and anoxic digestion of organic matter from wastewater, having a bottom anaerobic zone where the wastewater is fed where anaerobic bacteria produces biogas and the sludge produced is deposited on the bottom and subsequently extracted. An anoxic middle zone contains denitrifying bacteria which converts nitrates to nitrogen, and an aerobic zone at the upper part where at least one biological contact rotor is disposed, which degrade organic matter remaining in the water.

Method of digesting lignocellulosic material

A method of digesting lignocellulosic material includes the steps of providing the lignocellulosic material and a caustic composition having a ph of at least about 10. The caustic composition includes water, an alkaline- or alkaline earth-metal hydroxide, and up to about 1 percent by weight based on a total weight of the composition of a branched digestion additive.
Basf Se

System for isolating stromal vascular fraction (svf) cells from the adipose tissue and a method thereof

The present disclosure provides an automated system for isolating stromal vascular fraction cells from the mammalian tissue. The system comprises a plurality of containers for storing buffer solutions, tissue samples and digestive buffers.
Stempeutics Research Private Limited

Elastin digest compositions and methods utilizing same

The present invention provides compositions for the therapeutic and/or cosmetic treatment of elastin comprising tissues. Therapeutic and cosmetic compositions comprising an elastin digest stimulate the endogenous production of elastin and appear to enhance the elasticity of the skin and provide an external supply of peptide precursors of elastin that penetrate into the tissue to which it is applied.
Human Matrix Sciences, Llc

Method of reducing levels of uric acid

The present invention relates to a method of reducing the level of uric acid in a subject, which comprises administering to said subject an effective amount of a fermentation product of tenacibaculum sp. Also provided are a method of preventing and/or treating a disease or disorder related to hyperuricemia, a method of increasing the digestion of uric acid and a method of producing uricase..
Food Industry Research And Development Institute

Biofilter for wastewater digestion

The invention relates to a biofilter for wastewater digestion, comprising: an outer tank (1), a supply pipe (7) that extends to the centre of the tank (1) through a sealed upper inner tank (8) having peripheral openings (22) at a height lower than that of the supply pipe (7), and a discharge pipe (19). The aforementioned supply pipe (7) includes a t-branch (11) in which one arm (12) extends to the cover (10) of the tank (1) and the other arm (14) extends downwards through a sealed lower inner tank (15) having peripheral openings (25, 16) in the upper and lower part of the wall.

Animal bedding and associated methods for preparing and using the same

Animal bedding having one or more solvents and a lignocellulosic fiber, wherein the lignocellulosic fiber has been processed by ruminant digestion and anaerobic digestion. A method for preparing pelletized animal bedding is also disclosed including the steps of providing excrement from a cow which has undergone ruminant digestion, introducing the cow excrement into an anaerobic digester, modifying the cow excrement to a first wet product, drying the first wet product to generate a first dry product, and densifying the first dry product to, in turn, generate pelletized animal bedding..

Tubular digester

Contiguous flow anaerobic digester for mechanization of organic matter and production of fertilizer powering the conditions and performance of the anaerobic digestion process, through homogenization of the sludge and process temperature, wherein the digester is tubular shaped and comprises a biogas exhaust valve at the top of the digester. One end of the digester has a sludge outlet connection, a water- and gas-tight zipper that is resistant to the corrosive elements of digestion, and an outlet.

Systems and methods for preparing samples for chemical analysis using a cooled digestion zone

An apparatus for preparing samples for chemical analysis includes a container receptacle for receiving a sample container having a crucible portion and an expansion portion. The container receptacle includes a heating compartment and a cooling compartment spaced apart from the heating compartment.
7685297 Canada Inc.

Biosolids digester and process for biosolids production

The invention relates to methods and apparatuses for producing class a biosolids. In yet another embodiment, the invention relates to a method comprising digesting waster material by anaerobic digestion, and yielding class a biosolids.
Dvo Licensing, Inc.

Method for conversion of halophytic biomass to biogas via thalassic anaerobic digestion

Described is a process for the conversion of halophytic plant biomass containing saline organic solids into biogas through anaerobic digestion. Operation of the process with saline (e.g., seawater) as liquid media under the method conditions taught leads to biological conversion of the organic matter into biogas.
Masdar Institute Of Science And Technology

Method to quantify sirnas, mirnas and polymorphic mirnas

The present teachings provide methods, compositions, and kits for quantifying target polynucleotides. In some embodiments, a reverse stem-loop ligation probe is ligated to the 3′ end of a target polynucleotide, using a ligase that can ligate the 3′ end of rna to the 5′ end of dna using a dna template, such as t4 dna ligase.
Applied Biosystems, Llc

Use of specific carbohydrate systems during pregnancy for effecting the offspring

The present disclosure is directed to a combination of carbohydrates (a slow rate of digestion simple carbohydrate, a complex carbohydrate, a nonabsorbent carbohydrate, and an indigestible oligosaccharide) for use in a method of treating a pregnant woman wherein the method results in an improvement in the health of the offspring of the pregnant woman. The disclosure is also directed to use of the combination of carbohydrates for the manufacture of a medicament for use in the treatment of a pregnant woman wherein the treatment results in an improvement in the health of the offspring of the pregnant woman.
Abbot Laboratories

Method for treating sewage sludge and wastewater treatment plant

The invention describes a method for treating sewage sludge through the treatment steps of hydrolysing (2) the sewage sludge (1) and digesting (11) the hydrolysed sewage sludge (10), which has undergone hydrolysis (2), for the anaerobic treatment of the sewage sludge (1), and through the step of separating phosphate from the at least partially treated sewage sludge (3). Phosphate is separated after the treatment step of hydrolysing (2) and before the treatment step of digesting (11) the hydrolysed sewage sludge (3), wherein the sewage sludge (10), without the phosphate portion separated in the phosphate separation step, is fed to the anaerobic treatment performed through digestion (11)..
P.c.s. Pollution Control Service Gmbh

Method for the treatment, control, minimization, and prevention of bovine mastitis

A method for the treatment, control, minimization, and/or prevention of bovine mastitis including the step of introducing animal bedding into a stall of a cow, wherein the animal bedding includes at least one solvent, and a lignocellulosic fiber, wherein the lignocellulosic fiber has been processed by ruminant digestion and anaerobic digestion.. .

Methods for quantitative analysis of asbestos in vermiculite-containing materials

A method for quantitative analysis of asbestos in vermiculite-containing materials includes a first embodiment which includes washing the sample with water or treating the sample with a low concentration acid to digest gypsum and carbonates, ashing the sample at a low temperature to remove cellulose, therefrom and analyzing the sample. digestion may be effected before or after ashing.
Rj Lee Group, Inc.

High-nitrogen loading for ammonia processing via anaerobic digestion

A method and system to improve in vitro anaerobic digestion processes are disclosed. Simultaneous digestion of dairy manures with various food wastes improves anaerobic process stability and methane production.
R-cubed Energy

Bile resistant bacillus composition

A bacillus composition characterized by fast germination and outgrowth in bile salts (simulated gut environment) and by producing a compound of interest. The bacillus composition may be used as supplement in animal feed where it has a probiotic (health promoting) effect and increases the digestion and availability of nutrients from animal feeds..
Chr. Hansen A/s

Chymosin for the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders

The present invention is directed to medical or dietary treatments comprising administration of a zymogen such as chymosin or other rennins. Embodiments of the invention are directed to treating infant colic, heartburn, gastro-esophageal reflux (ger), gastro-esophageal reflux disease (gerd), irritable bowel syndrome, and recurrent abdominal pain.
Nutrichym As

Methods and compositions for reducing the environmental impact of animal waste

Methods for reducing the environmental impact of animal waste are described. In particular embodiments, the methods comprise administering to an animal an enzyme, such as alkaline phosphatase, that is effective to reduce the amount of a detrimental compound, such as ammonia or phosphorous, that is present in or released from animal waste.
Eli Lilly And Company

Methods and compositions for digestion of organic waste

The present invention relates to a process wherein organic material derived from plant and animal material is processed to recover nutritional elements. In particular, there is provided a process for releasing nutritional elements from plant and animal material comprising the steps of treating the material with one or more enzymes to digest said material under appropriate conditions and separating the resulting liquid hydrolysate from the undigested material..
Redf-organic Recovery, Llc

Compounds influencing fatty acid uptake and metabolism and methods of isolating from cocoa products

The invention provides compounds and plant extract compositions that inhibit pancreatic enzymes, such as lipases and amylases, and most particularly pancreatic lipase and phospholipase a2 (pla2), and cox-2 enzyme, and improve the inflammatory state or response conditions in animals. The compounds and plant extracts can be used in methods and administration regimens to treat animals for obesity-related conditions, diabetes and related conditions, metabolic syndrome, metabolic endotoxemia, and inflammatory conditions.

Method and system for analyzing protein or peptide

A peptide is cleaved at various bonding sites into oligopeptides or similar fragments by digestion using proteinase k (s3). The obtained fragments are separated according to their kinds by reversed-phase chromatography and fractionated (s4), and each fragment is subjected to mass spectrometry to determine its mass (s6).

Waste biofermenter, based on temperature control by means of heating and cooling an added liquid or gaseous solution for energy-use optimization

The present invention comprises a waste-bio-fermenter device based on temperature control by means of heating and cooling an added liquid or gaseous solution, for energy-use optimization. The device makes it possible to utilize, for energy purposes, biomass and gases that result from anaerobic biodigestion in the thermophilic phase, said device differing from biodigesters currently offered in the market in that its temperature control is monitored, resulting in a shorter fermentation time, better quality, for energy-use purposes, of the produced dry material, and a high yield.

Incubation chamber

An incubation chamber (10) having a water reservoir (12) has a climate controlling device, which makes it possible to set a desired temperature, as well as an object holder (18) for biological or chemical specimens. To make defined and replicable conditions possible, for instance for digestion processes of proteins, it is proposed that the climate controlling device has two separate climate zones (14, 16), which can be regulated separately from one another, a first climate zone (14) being located in the vicinity of the cover of the chamber (10)..

Biomass conversion systems having a fluid circulation loop containing backflushable filters for control of cellulosic fines and methods for use thereof

digestion of cellulosic biomass to produce a hydrolysate may be accompanied by the formation of cellulosic fines which may be damaging to system components. Biomass conversion systems that may address the issue of cellulosic fines may comprise a fluid circulation loop comprising: a hydrothermal digestion unit; a solids separation unit that is in fluid communication with an outlet of the hydrothermal digestion unit; where the solids separation unit comprises a plurality of filters and the filters are in fluid communication with the fluid circulation loop in both a forward and a reverse flow direction; and a catalytic reduction reactor unit that is in fluid communication with an outlet of the solids separation unit and an inlet of the hydrothermal digestion unit; where at least one of the plurality of filters is in fluid communication with an inlet of the catalytic reduction reactor unit..

Process to anaerobic digestion of wastewater with high concentration of ammonia nitrogen or protein, in upflow anaerobic digester and sludge blanket, with immobilization of microorganisms and inhibition by ammonium controlled using zeolite-clinoptilolite, and optional production of biofertilizer

Procedure using zeolite, clinoptilolite type in an upflow anaerobic reactor and sludge blanket (uasbs) in order to obtain granular active sludge, thereby improving the density of the sludge, and thereby, their settling properties, and increase of biomass within reactor by immobilizing microorganisms, to achieve an increase in the efficiency of the removal of organic material and the production of biogas (60-70% methane) in more than 20% over the same type reactor used so far without zeolite, enabling the use of such reactor for treating wastewater with a high concentration of proteins, amino acids and other nitrogen compounds and which prevents the accumulation of nitrogen, which is toxic to the process by allowing zeolite-clinoptilolite, the exchange with alkali and alkaline earth found in specific points of the crystal structure of clinoptilolite by ammonia nitrogen, and also preventing the development of filamentous bacteria, which are difficult to hold up within the reactor and reduces its efficiency.. .

Processes for the digestion of colanic acid

The present disclosure generally relates to processes employing polypeptides having colanic acid-degrading activity. The processes generally involve contacting a biological material with a polypeptide capable of digesting colanic acid.

Biogas producing system

A method for producing biogas by anaerobic digestion of organic matter may involve feeding organic matter suitable for biogas production to a first tank reactor, and in the first tank reactor, contacting the organic matter with biogas producing microorganisms for digestion under anaerobic conditions. The organic matter may be digested in the first tank reactor while producing biogas.

Methods of producing butanol from non-cellulosic biomass

Methods of recovering butanol, and preferably increasing the rate and/or yield of its production, from the fermentation of material derived from the digestion of non-cellulosic biomass.. .

Exonuclease cycling assay

The present invention relates to a novel method for detecting a target polynucleotide having a target sequence, comprising hybridizing the target polynucleotide with a probe to form a hybrid; exposing the hybrid to a 5′ exonuclease so that the probe in the hybrid is digested and the target polynucleotide is dissociated from the digested probe; repeating the hybridization step and the digestion step; and detecting the digested probes. The presence of the digested probes indicates the presence of the target polynucleotide..

Operational an organic material thermal hydrolysis system

Disclosed is an operating logic of an organic material thermal hydrolysis system. One or at least two reactors are used and controlled according to a control program based on an operating logic stored in a plc or a micro-computer to improve digestion efficiency and to minimize an amount of a sludge dehydrated cake in a dehydration process after the digestion process has been performed.

Method of lowering glycemic index of foods

A method of delaying digestion by an animal or a human of carbohydrates in food, comprising administering an effective amount of one or more flavonoids to the animal or human in conjunction with the food, wherein the flavonoids are selected from luteolin, apigenin, tricin and their pharmaceutically acceptable analogues and derivatives.. .

Sweetener composition for alleviating diabetes, containing slowly digestible ingredient

The present invention relates to a sweetener composition for alleviating diabetes, containing psicose and a slowly digestible or digestion-resistant polysaccharide as active ingredients, wherein diabetes alleviating effects and the quality of sweetness are enhanced.. .

Method of lowering glycemic index of foods

A method of delaying digestion by an animal or a human of carbohydrates in food, comprising administering an effective amount of one or more flavonoids to the animal or human in conjunction with the food, wherein the flavonoids are selected from luteolin, apigenin, tricin and their pharmaceutically acceptable analogues and derivatives.. .

Method and composition for increasing the proportion of dietary ingredients that are resistant to degradation by ruminal microorganisms

Feed ingredients that are otherwise susceptible to degradation by ruminal microorganisms are combined with mineral hydrates (or oxides) and water, and processed through a pin mixer, pellet mill, extruder, or other suitable device to produce agglomerated particles. The ruminant animal feed which is so produced effectively increases the proportion of dietary ingredients presented for digestion and absorption within the post-ruminal digestive tract of the animal by inhibiting premature digestion by microorganisms inhabiting the rumen..

Methods and systems employing a horizontally configured digestion unit for hydrothermal digestion of cellulosic biomass solids

Biomass compaction during hydrothermal digestion of cellulosic biomass solids may become problematic, particularly as the vertical height of a cellulosic biomass charge increases. Compaction may be decreased in a horizontally configured hydrothermal digestion unit.

Methods and systems employing an inclined digestion unit for hydrothermal digestion of cellulosic biomass solids

Maintaining long residence times during hydrothermal digestion of cellulosic biomass solids may be complicated by a number of factors, including biomass compaction. Advantages in this regard may be realized by digesting cellulosic biomass solids in an inclined digestion unit.

Polysaccharide therapeutic conjugates

A composition includes a polysaccharide at least one retinoid linked to at least one monosaccharide subunit of the polysaccharide with a covalent linkage. The linkage being degradable by hydrolysis during digestion of the composition to provide controlled, delayed, and/or sustained delivery of the at least one retinoid upon enteral administration of the composition to a subject..

Solid waste digestion system

A system for digesting biodigestible feed that preferably includes the steps of comminuting the feed, introducing feed, an oxygen-containing gas, an accelerant, and bacteria into a digestion zone, the bacteria being suitable for digesting the feed under aerobic, anaerobic, and anoxic conditions. The contents of the digestion zone can be changed from aerobic operation to either anoxic or anaerobic operation, or vice versa, without changing the bacteria in the digestion zone..

Digestion system

The invention relates to a digestion system for analyzing the intestinal fluid. The system comprises a compartment containing the fluid content and a micro filter for filtering particles in the fluid content having a size beyond the micro range.

Compositions and methods for assessing gastrointestinal health

The present invention relates to kits designed for the collection of stool samples and methods of analyzing those samples for biological markers of maldigestion, inflammation, and imbalanced gut flora.. .

Protein-polysaccharide conjugates and use for encapsulating nutraceuticals for clear beverage applications

The present invention provides protein (or peptide)-polysaccharide (or oligosaccharide) conjugates (ppc) as nanocapsular vehicles for nanoencapsulation of biologically active compounds, particularly nutraceuticals. The ppcs efficiently protect both hydrophobic (i.e., water insoluble) and hydrophilic (i.e., water soluble) nutraceuticals, to provide a composition which, when added to a beverage, disperses so as to provide a clear or transparent solution.

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