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Date/App# patent app List of recent Digest-related patents
 Methods of treatment using a bariatric sleeve patent thumbnailnew patent Methods of treatment using a bariatric sleeve
Method and apparatus for limiting absorption of food products in specific parts of the digestive system is presented. A gastrointestinal implant device is anchored in the stomach and extends beyond the ligament of treitz.
Gi Dynamics, Inc.
 In vivo technology system for human gut research, diagnostics and treatment patent thumbnailnew patent In vivo technology system for human gut research, diagnostics and treatment
A comprehensive system for gut in vivo exploration, discovery, characterization, research, diagnostics, and treatment comprising three different ingestible capsules and their associated methodologies, is provided for medical research and patient care. The system of tools is focused on discovery of causes of gut-based illnesses, treating, and curing them.
 1-di(sec-butyl)-phosphinoyl-pentane (dapa-2-5) as a topical agent... patent thumbnailnew patent 1-di(sec-butyl)-phosphinoyl-pentane (dapa-2-5) as a topical agent...
The concept is put forward here that heat abstraction sensations, captured by topical application of a molecule, can be used to alleviate discomfort of non-keratinizng tissues. By synthesizing compounds and devising tests, a molecule name dapa-2-5 was identified as having the selective desirable properties for achieving this purpose.
 Multiple tank high solids anaerobic digester patent thumbnailnew patent Multiple tank high solids anaerobic digester
A multi-stage anaerobic digester is designed to treat a high solids, stackable feedstock. The system may also receive a pumpable feedstock such as a slurry or sludge.
Anaergia Inc.
 Process for making chitin derivatives patent thumbnailnew patent Process for making chitin derivatives
Disclosed is a process comprising (1) forming an aqueous mixture comprising a microbial composition and solid chitin, wherein said microbial composition comprises one or more microbes that produce chitin digesting enzymes; and (2) fermenting the mixture for a time sufficient to enzymatically digest all or part of the chitin to form a fermented mixture comprising chitosan and glucosamine. In some embodiments, the chitin is derived from the biodegradation of chitin containing marine arthropods.
Agrinos As
 Enzymes and methods for cleaving n-glycans from glycoproteins patent thumbnailnew patent Enzymes and methods for cleaving n-glycans from glycoproteins
Provided herein are deglycosylating enzymes that remove a broad range of n-glycans from n-glycosylated proteins. Further provided are methods of recombinantly producing and expressing the deglycosylating enzymes.
The Regents Of The University Of California
 Elastin producing fibroblast formulations and methods of using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Elastin producing fibroblast formulations and methods of using the same
The present invention describes therapeutic compositions comprising fibroblasts that have been stimulated to increase expression of extracellular matrix components or elastin, or to produce enhanced elastogenesis or the appearance thereof at a site of administration. The therapeutic fibroblast formulations can be prepared using a variety of elastogenic agents, including digests of mammalian elastin, chemically digested plant extracts comprising elastin-like peptides, and synthetic elastogenic peptides.
The Hospital For Sick Children
 Virtualized sha computational engine patent thumbnailnew patent Virtualized sha computational engine
A computational engine may comprise a working memory configured to receive a first input message and a second input message, a context memory coupled with the working memory, wherein the context memory is configured to simultaneously store a first context corresponding to the first input message and a second context corresponding to the second input message, and a set of computational elements coupled with the working memory and coupled with the context memory, wherein the set of computational elements is configured to finish generating a first output digest based on the first input message and a first context after starting generation of a second output digest based the second input message and a second context and before finishing the generation of the second output digest.. .
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
 Methods for producing organisms capable of ingesting and digesting omega-3 rich sources in greater volume and omega-3 enriched hybrid organisms patent thumbnailMethods for producing organisms capable of ingesting and digesting omega-3 rich sources in greater volume and omega-3 enriched hybrid organisms
The methods of producing an organism capable of ingesting and digesting omega-3 rich sources; for producing an organism that desires the consumption of omega-3 rich sources; and for producing an omega-3 enriched hybrid organism are each described. Each method isolates a donor dna/rna strand of a donor organism; extracts the donor dna/rna strand from the donor organism; and fuses the donor dna/rna strand into a receiving dna/rna strand of a receiving organism.
 Tricyclic compound and use thereof patent thumbnailTricyclic compound and use thereof
(wherein, all the symbols have the same meaning as that of the specification), a salt thereof, a solvate thereof or a prodrug thereof. Since the compound of the present invention has an anti stress action, it is useful for preventive and/or therapeutic agent for a disease caused by stress, especially a digestive system disease caused by stress and is superior to oral absorption..

Methods for gasification of carbonaceous materials

The present disclosure is generally directed to process of gasification of carbonaceous materials to produce synthesis gas or syngas. The present disclosure provides improved methods of gasification comprising: adding one or more carbonaceous materials, adding a molecular oxygen-containing gas, adding carbon dioxide gas and optionally adding water into said gasifier.
Ineos Usa Llc

Systems and methods for producing fermented milk replacer and methods of feeding same to animals

Young animals such as calves may be fed milk replacers containing soy having been preserved through treatment with acid-producing bacteria that reduces a ph of the milk replacer through microbial digestion of sugars present in soy to thereby produce a fermented milk replacer. The milk replacer is edible for at least 48 hours and its digestibility in the young animals is increased due to the microbial digestion of sugars in the soy that are otherwise indigestible in the gut of the young animals.
Purina Animal Nutrition Llc

Digest video generation apparatus

A terminal device includes circuitry configured to acquire designated image data stored in a memory. The circuitry may sort the designated image data based on a time at which the designated image data was captured.
Sony Corporation

Anaerobic digestion system for household organic wastes

The present invention provided a compact anaerobic digestion system to converts household waste biomass materials to methane rich biogas and concentrated compost slurry of about 9 to 40% solids for agriculture soil applications. The horizontal anaerobic digester vessel comprising a horizontal vessel provided with insulation and preferably cylindrical at the bottom, fitted inside of the said vessel is at least one shaft with 4-100 radial or horizontal or diagonal baffles at equal distribution, and attached with a handle or wheel outside the vessel to rotate the shaft from outside, the said vessel being provided with minimum of one port at one end for introducing the raw biomass wastes and another set of ports for discharging stabilized wastes at the opposite end, and having one valve-controlled gas port of above the level of the said port for discharging stabilized wastes, a small hand operated shredder coupled to the digester vessel for shredding/cutting/crushing large and hard solids such as bones to get particles preferably lesser than 10 mm sizes.
Council Of Scientific And Industrial Research

Systems and methods for converting biomass to biocrude via hydrothermal liquefaction

Systems and processes of providing novel thermal energy sources for hydrothermal liquefaction (htl) reactors are described herein. According to various implementations, the systems and processes use concentrated solar thermal energy from a focused high-energy beam to provide sufficient energy for driving the htl biomass-to-biocrude process.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

Generating multiple secure hashes from a single data buffer

One embodiment provides an apparatus. The apparatus includes a single instruction multiple data (simd) hash module configured to apportion at least a first portion of a message of length l to a number (s) of segments, the message including a plurality of sequences of data elements, each sequence including s data elements, a respective data element in each sequence apportioned to a respective segment, each segment including a number n of blocks of data elements and to hash the s segments in parallel, resulting in s segment digests, the s hash digests based, at least in part, on an initial value and to store the s hash digests; a padding module configured to pad a remainder, the remainder corresponding to a second portion of the message, the second portion related to the length l of the message, the number of segments and a block size; and a non-simd hash module configured to hash the padded remainder, resulting in an additional hash digest and to store the additional hash digest..

Methods and systems for biodegradable waste flow treatment using a transport fluid nozzle

The present invention is directed to methods and systems for pre-treating sewage sludge in a sewage treatment works (stw) to facilitate anaerobic digestion. These methods include (a) passing sewage sludge through one or more pre-treatment devices, wherein each pre-treatment device comprises (i) a passage of substantially constant diameter having an inlet in fluid communication with the stw and an outlet; and (ii) a transport fluid nozzle communicating with the passage and adapted to inject high velocity transport fluid into the passage; (b) passing the sewage sludge treated in step (a) to an anaerobic digester; and (c) collecting methane produced in step (b).

Method and apparatus of creating application package, method and apparatus of executing application package, and recording medium storing application package

A non-transitory computer readable recording medium has stored thereon an application package including at least one file, the application package including an executable file created by compiling a program code, a manifest file including a hash value of the at least one file included in the application package, a digest information file including a hash value of the manifest file, a certificate file including a hash value of the digest information file, the hash value of the digest information file being digitally signed using a private key, security information including a public key corresponding to the private key, the security information being encrypted using an encryption key, and a native library including an application programming interface (api) configured to execute the executable file.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Encryption and decryption processing method, apparatus, and device

An encryption processing method includes: generating, by a device itself, a key pair, where the key pair includes a first key used for encryption and a second key used for decryption; storing, by the device, the key pair in a first storage space; performing, by the device, digest calculation on device running data to obtain a digest of the device running data, where the device running data is stored in a second storage space; and reading, by the device, the first key from the first storage space, and encrypting a digest of the device running data with the first key to obtain a first digital signature.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods for moving and circulating fluid to treat alzheimer's disease

A system for the treatment of alzheimer's disease is provided by moving cerebrospinal fluid containing particles know to contribute to onset of alzheimer's disease from a source of cerebrospinal fluid to the stomach or bladder, where the particles are safely digested by gastric acid or excreted, the system including an implantable pump, an inlet catheter, an outlet catheter, and a one-way valve. The system further includes at least one filter to filter harmful particles from the cerebrospinal fluid and return the filtered cerebrospinal fluid back to the source of cerebrospinal fluid, where the harmful particles blocked by the filter may be rinsed off the filter and transported to the stomach or bladder..
Md Start Sa

Protein-rich feedstuff with resistance to lowered digestibility due to heat damage

Protein-rich feedstuffs which contain at least one protein feed material and either betaine or at least one feed product which contains betaine are resistant to reduction of digestibility as a result of heat damage during drying.. .
Ajinomoto North America, Inc.

Device for supporting reaction vessels in a microwave heating apparatus

There is described a device for rotatably supporting at least one reaction vessel in a microwave heating apparatus. The described device comprises (a) a base plate comprising at least one through-hole, and (b) at least one tubular member having a longitudinal axis and being adapted to receive a reaction vessel and to be coupled to the base plate in such a way that the longitudinal axis of the at least one tubular member passes through the at least one through-hole, wherein the at least one tubular member comprises metal.
Anton Paar Gmbh

Peptide identification and sequencing by single-molecule detection of peptides undergoing degradation

The present disclosure provides peptide amino acid sequencing and identification methods and kits for performing such methods. For example, single-molecule detection of fluorophore-labeled peptides is disclosed using multiple rounds of standard edman degradation or using digestion by chemicals or enzymes.
The Regents Of The University Of Colorado, A Body Corporate

Impregnated odour control products and methods of making the same

A product capable of controlling odours arising from organic matter, and a method of making the product. The product comprises an admixture of a moldable thermoplastic and a benign dormant bacteria in a sporulated form, which admixture is formed by mixing the benign dormant bacteria into the moldable thermoplastic when the moldable thermoplastic is melted, and molding the admixture into a molded product.
Life Science Tgo, S.r.l.

Methods and systems for sewage sludge treatment

The present invention provides methods for increasing soluble chemical oxygen demand (scod) in sewage sludge. These methods include passing the sewage sludge through one or more devices that contains (a) a hollow body provided with a straight-through passage of substantially constant cross-section, the passage having an inlet end and an outlet end for the entry and discharge respectively of the sewage sludge, (b) a transport fluid nozzle substantially circumscribing and opening into the passage intermediate the inlet and outlet ends thereof, (c) a transport fluid inlet communicating with the transport fluid nozzle for the introduction of a transport fluid, and (d) a mixing chamber being formed within the passage downstream of the transport fluid nozzle.

Methods to alter plant cell wall composition for improved biofuel production and silage digestibility

The disclosure provides means for altering the expression of non-cellulosic polysaccharides in plants using golgi targeted enzyme nucleic acids and their encoded proteins. The present disclosure provides methods and compositions relating to altering feruloylation, acetylation and crosslinking in plants, leading to improved biomass available for biofuel production and silage digestibility.
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

Preference based multiple feed aggregation and presentation

A method for improving the presentation of social media data from multiple social network feeds is provided. The method may include aggregating social media content received from the multiple social network feeds.
International Business Machines Corporation

Preference based multiple feed aggregation and presentation

A computer system for improving the presentation of social media data from multiple social network feeds is provided. The computer system may include aggregating social media content received from the multiple social network feeds.
International Business Machines Corporation

Gastric reflux treatment with lasers

Method/devices for endoscopic laser treatment of gastrointestinal disorders such as, gastro-esophageal reflux disorder (gerd) are disclosed. Treatment involves irradiating tissue of the digestive tract to strengthen muscle tone and shrink anatomical areas reducing occurrence of reflux of food/liquids from the stomach to the esophagus.

Gas supply apparatus

A gas supply apparatus includes: a gas supply conduit for supplying a gas to a digestive tract; a pressure detecting device which detects a pressure in the digestive tract; a flow regulating device which regulates a gas amount supplied from the gas supply source to the digestive tract via the gas supply conduit; a first control device which controls the flow regulating device according to a result detected by the pressure detecting device to supply the gas into the digestive tract so that the pressure inside the digestive tract becomes a set pressure; a second control device which controls the flow regulating device to supply a fixed gas amount into the digestive tract; and a gas supply mode switching device which switches between gas supply modes including a mode for executing control by the first control device and a mode for executing control by the second control device.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

Maternal supplement to enhance immune system of an infant

There is provided compositions and methods for enhancing an immune system and/or preventing an immune system related disorder in a mammalian subject, the composition comprising a non-digestible oligosaccharide which is to be administered to a female who is breast-feeding the mammalian subject.. .
N.v. Nutricia

Pediatric fiber mixture

The present invention relates to a liquid nutritional composition for paediatric patients comprising beta-galacto-oligosaccharides, fructan, non-digestible alpha-glucan and hemicellulose.. .
N.v. Nutricia

Nutritive fragments, proteins and methods

Nutritive proteins are provided. In some embodiments the nutritive proteins comprise a protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (pdcaas) that exceeds a benchmark protein.
Pronutria, Inc.

Glutinous millet nutrition milk and preparation method thereof

The disclosure relates to a glutinous millet nutrition milk taking glutinous millet as raw material, and preparation process thereof, and particularly relates to a glutinous millet nutrition milk or compound glutinous millet nutrition milk taking the rust-proofing and glutinous foxtail millet variety of “ji chuang 1” glutinous millet as raw material and preparation process thereof. The glutinous millet nutrition milk or compound glutinous millet nutrition milk prepared by the method has the characteristics that the emulsion is stable, it will neither become aged nor coagulate or precipitate after long-term storage, and it does not need to add any anticoagulant stabilizer, which is more environmental friendly and healthy; its products utilize the rich nutrition of the millet, digests and absorbs easily, and tastes delicately..
Institute Of Millet Crops, Hebei Academy Of Agriculture And Forestry Sciences

Natural pet treat and production

The invention disclosed herein is directed to a pet treat composition and the method of producing such a composition. The pet treat comprises a mixture of whole wheat flour, blueberries, cinnamon, vanilla yogurt, and almond milk.

Anaerobic treatment of industrial wastewater

Feed water is processed in an anaerobic digester. A solid-liquid separation device, for example a sludge screw thickener, treats a stream drawn from the digester in a recirculation loop.
Anaergia Inc.

Waste processing system with anaerobic mechanism and operation thereof

A waste processing system includes: an input module for converting input organic waste into processed input waste; a digester module, coupled to the input module, for generating biogas and digester effluent from the processed input waste, including: a digester tank; baffles affixed within the digester tank; a digester process solution in the digester tank including, hydrolytic bacteria, acidogenic bacteria, acetogenic bacteria, methanogenic bacteria, or a combination thereof, for converting the processed input waste into the biogas and the digester effluent; and an output module, coupled to the digester module, for collecting the biogas and digester effluent after a residence period.. .
Biovessel Technologies Inc.

Document sharing method, system, and device

Embodiments of the present invention disclose a document sharing method, system, and device. In the embodiments of the present invention, a document is partitioned by the compere client into at least one page for caching.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Method and system of stateless data replication in a distributed database system

In one exemplary embodiment, a method includes the step of executing, with at least one processor, a main database node server in a source-database node of a source-database cluster. The main database node server manages database server operations.

Catheter and insertion

A balloon catheter system includes a tube and a dilator detachable from the tube after the tube is inserted into a cavity in the patient. The cavity may be filled with gas or liquid to expand the viscera surrounding the cavity and the guidewire may be inserted using a trochar, for example.

Composition and treatment of diabetes

The present invention relates to a method of treating an incretin related disease such as diabetes, obesity and the like by delivery of metformin to the colon by bypassing the upper digestive tract.. .
Biokier, Inc.

Methods for measuring fat digestibility and uses thereof

The present invention provides methods for continuous measurement of triglyceride digestibility during a meal. A stable isotope labeled triglyceride and a free fatty acid tracer are added to the meal.

System and production of clarified citrus juice concentrates containing 100% juice

A system and method for producing clarified citrus juice concentrates from various natural components of the respective fruit. Citrus peels and/or flesh segments are enzymatically digested to improve yield and facilitate clarification and concentration.
Zenbury International Limited

Biologic prosthesis and methods of production and use

Products, processes, compositions, kits, and methods are provided for cartilage-derived implants. The implants can exhibit resistance to enzyme (e.g., collagenase, protease, etc.) digestion compared to the source tissue from which they were derived while still having one or more mechanical properties comparable to the source tissue from which they were derived.

Method of solid-liquid separation and uses thereof

The invention provides a method for enhancing solid-liquid separation by using a low molecular weight alcohol, such as isopropanol. The methods can be used in a variety of settings to facilitate solid-liquid separation, such as that in anaerobic digestion and treatment of tailing pond sludge..

Biorelevant compositions

This application relates to a homogeneous biorelevant composition for preparing fasted state biorelevant media having a surface tension between 25 mn/m and 50 mn/m for simulating fasted state gastric and fasted state upper small intestinal fluids of mammalian species, especially humans, dogs, etc. Comprising at least one bile salt, eg.
Phares Pharmaceutical Research N.v.

Use of para nitro amino derivatives in feed for reducing meth-ane emission in ruminants

The present invention relates to a method for reducing the production of methane emanating from the digestive activities of a ruminant and/or for improving ruminant animal performance by using, an active compound belonging to the class of para nitro amino derivatives, or a salt thereof, which is administrated to the animal together with the feed. The invention also relates to the use of these compounds in feed and feed additives such as premix, concentrates and total mixed ration (tmr) or in the form of a bolus..
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

Marketing the use of an acidic soft drink to enhance the efficacy of a gluten-digesting enzyme

This invention relates to a method of marketing a gluten-digesting enzyme supplement comprising providing an effective amount of a gluten-digesting enzyme to a person desirous of maintaining or enhancing gastro intestinal comfort or delaying the onset of gastrointestinal discomfort; or desirous of reducing gluten exposure, and informing the gluten sensitive individuals of the ability to increase the efficacy of the supplement by drinking one serving of an acidic soft drink having a ph in a range from 2 to 3.5. Furthermore, it relates to a kit comprising a gluten-digesting enzyme supplement and instructions for use in combination with an acidic soft drink having a ph in a range from 2 to 3.5..
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

System and improved anaerobic digestion

A method for improved anaerobic digestion is presented. The method includes mixing a volume of waste material with water to form a feedstock mixture.
Verliant Energy, Inc.

Generation of a digital signature

A method and system for generating a digital signature of a data item. A unique condition digest of at least two condition digests is iteratively processed in each iteration of a loop for a sufficient number of iterations to process all of the condition digests.
International Business Machines Corporation

Methods and systems for increasing engagement of low engagement users in a social network

Techniques to increase engagement with a social networking system. In one embodiment, an engagement level of a user with a social networking system is monitored.
Facebook, Inc.

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