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Hand-held adipose processor and cell concentrator

Date/App# patent app List of recent Digest-related patents
 List digest operation dispersed storage network frame patent thumbnailnew patent List digest operation dispersed storage network frame
A method begins generating a plurality of list digest request frames. Each list digest request frames includes a payload section and a protocol header.
 Hand-held adipose processor and cell concentrator patent thumbnailnew patent Hand-held adipose processor and cell concentrator
Devices and methods are provided for processing adipose tissue with a hand-held device. This device may include a processing chamber, a cannula, a vacuum source, a digestion area, and a product cell concentration chamber..
 Rationale, methods, and assays for identifying human and non-human primate taste specific genes and use thereof in taste modulator and therapeutic screening assays patent thumbnailnew patent Rationale, methods, and assays for identifying human and non-human primate taste specific genes and use thereof in taste modulator and therapeutic screening assays
This invention relates to novel rationale and methods for identifying human and primate taste-specific genes, including genes involved in salty taste perception, especially human salty taste perception, but also genes involved in sweet, bitter, umami, and sour taste perception, and genes involved in other taste cell or taste receptor related activities such as digestive function and digestive related diseases, taste cell turnover, immunoregulation of the oral and digestive tract, and metabolic regulation such as in diabetes and obesity, the genes identified using these methods, and assays for identifying taste modulators (enhancers or blockers) and potential therapeutics using these genes. These compounds have potential application in modulating (enhancing or blocking) taste perception, especially salty taste perception and as potential therapeutics.
 Eutectic mixtures of esterified propoxylated glycerols with digestible fats patent thumbnailnew patent Eutectic mixtures of esterified propoxylated glycerols with digestible fats
Disclosed are methods for producing esterified propoxylated glycerols and eutectic mixtures containing one or more esterified propoxylated glycerols and one or more digestible fats. Food products containing the eutectic mixtures are also disclosed..
 Healthy layered cookie patent thumbnailnew patent Healthy layered cookie
The disclosure concerns a method for producing a layered cookie comprising at least one biscuit and a filling, the layered cookie containing 10 wt % to 25 wt % fat and 15 wt % to 40 wt % sugar, wherein the slowly-digestible-starch-over-total-available-starch ratio of the layered cookie is at least 31 wt %, the method including: forming a dough comprising a cereal flour, fat, sugar and at most 8 wt % added water relative to the total weight of the dough; moulding the dough into the shape of a biscuit; baking the biscuit; and assembling the biscuit with a filling to form a layered cookie; wherein the cereal flour comprises refined cereal flour, in an amount of at least 21 wt % over the total weight of the dough, with a water absorption under 55% as measured by brabender® farinograph®.. .
 Pre-treatment of sludge patent thumbnailnew patent Pre-treatment of sludge
A method for treating a sludge to be fed to a bioreactor for treating wastewater, or an anaerobic or aerobic sludge digester, the method comprising contacting the sludge with free nitrous acid.. .
 Method for reducing the occurrence on infection in young children patent thumbnailMethod for reducing the occurrence on infection in young children
The invention pertains to the use of a composition in reducing the number of infections episodes and the occurrence of infections in young children, said composition comprising: (a) long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, wherein the amount of arachidonic acid is less than 0.06 gram per 100 gram fatty acid; and comprising, per 100 g fatty acids: (i) 0.3-0.6 gram docosahexaenoic acid; (ii) 0.2-0.4 gram eicosapentaenoic acid; and (b) between 1.5 and 2.5 gram indigestible oligosaccharides per 100 kcal, comprising: (i) 1.4-2 gram short-chain galactooligosaccharides; and (ii) 0.1-0.5 gram long-chain fructopolysaccharides.. .
 High-nitrogen loading for ammonia processing via anaerobic digestion patent thumbnailHigh-nitrogen loading for ammonia processing via anaerobic digestion
A method and system to improve anaerobic digestion are disclosed. Simultaneous digestion of dairy manures with various food wastes improves anaerobic process stability and methane production.
 Wet oxidation of biomass patent thumbnailWet oxidation of biomass
The present disclosure comprises methods, apparatus, components, and techniques for pretreatment of biomaterials using targeted wet oxidation. The targeted wet oxidation pretreatment is an upstream method for converting solid biomass into fuels and/or specialty chemicals.
 Materials and methods for high-throughput determination of genome-wide dna methylation profile patent thumbnailMaterials and methods for high-throughput determination of genome-wide dna methylation profile
The present invention provides materials and methods for rapid and sensitive determination of global methylation profile of genomic dna. In one embodiment, the present invention provides the fluorescence polarization (fp) based measurement of dna methylation (fpdm) assay, wherein the fpdm assay comprises restriction digestion of dna molecules using a pair of methyl-sensitive and methyl-insensitive restriction endonuclease enzymes, polymerase chain extension of digested dna molecules via the incorporation of fluorescently labeled dntp(s), and analysis via fluorescence polarization techniques..
Liquid transition nutrition for infants
Liquid composition suitable for supporting the transition period wherein the infant changes from a diet consisting of breast milk or liquid infant formula to solid foods with a viscosity 20-150 mpas, containing a digestible carbohydrate fraction and an indigestible carbohydrate fraction with at least 50 wt. % soluble indigestible oligosaccharide with a degree of polymerisation (dp) between 2 and 100..
Coating composition, drug-containing particle, solid preparation and method for preparing drug-containing particle
Provided are a drug-containing particle capable of suppressing dissolution of a drug in the oral cavity to suppress an unpleasant taste thereof and having excellent dissolution of the drug in the digestive tract after passing through the oral cavity; a method for preparing the drug-containing particle; a coating composition used for preparing the drug-containing particle; and a solid preparation having the drug-containing particle. More specifically, provided are a coating composition having 100 parts by weight of a cellulose-based enteric base and 50 parts by weight or less of a water-soluble cellulose ether; a drug-containing particle having a drug-containing core and a coat portion obtained by coating the core with the coating composition; a solid preparation having the drug-containing particle; and a method for preparing a drug-containing particle having a step of coating the drug-containing core with the coating composition..
Enteric active substance delivery
An oral enteric delivery system includes an outer shell assembled from multiple solid shell segments joined together by a binder. The binder does not dissolve upon exposure to the gastric environment, but it dissolves in the upper small intestine, causing the shell to disintegrate and causing the payload contained within the shell to be released in the digestive tube downstream of the stomach..
Topical transdermal method for delivering nutrients through the skin for expeditied wound healing and skin rejuvenation
This delivery system bypasses digestion and dilution. Key is a lipophilic carrier with nuclear and mitochondrial ligands that rapidly penetrate and permeate all membranes and truncates the inflammatory site quickly manifesting curation.
Methods for repairing tissue damage using protease-resistant mutants of stromal cell derived factor-1
The present invention features methods for treating or ameliorating tissue damage using intravenous administration of compositions that include stromal cell derived factor-1 (sdf-1) peptides or mutant sdf-1 peptides that have been mutated to make them resistant to protease digestion, but which retain chemoattractant activity. Systemic delivery, and specifically intravenous (“iv”) delivery, of sdf-1 and protease resistant sdf-1 mutants is very effective for the treatment of tissue damage..
Digester with improved vapor control
A digestion apparatus is provided that include a vessel, a closure, and a fluid-transporting system. The vessel has a digestion chamber therein and an opening that provides access to the digestion chamber.
Secure digital communications
Policies are used when performing a transaction between a first and a second device, the first device having an established trusted communication relation with a first trusted device and the second device having an established trusted communication relation with a second trusted device, and the first and the second trusted device each having an established trusted communication relation with a third trusted device. A policy defines a set of constructs for creating rules to control the boundaries of a transaction.
Food and digestion correlative tracking
Embodiments of the invention include methods and systems for correlating relationships between foods and symptoms such as gastrointestinal manifestations. Users can provide information regarding food intake and/or symptoms through any number of devices.
Anti-obesity devices
Method and apparatus for limiting absorption of food products in specific parts of the digestive system is presented. A gastrointestinal implant device is anchored in the pyloric portion of the gastrointestinal system and extends beyond the ligament of treitz.
Protein free formula
Wherein the indigestible carbohydrate is selected from a milk protein free source and the total composition is essentially free of intact proteins.. .
Compositions comprising tnf-specific antibodies for oral delivery
In accordance with the invention, the development and use of antibodies within the digestive tract is provided. Antibodies are described that are used to treat disorders associated with altered permeability of the digestive tract.
Peptide for inhibiting dipeptidyl-peptidase iv
A method for inhibiting dipeptidyl-peptidase iv is provided and includes administering a peptide to the dipeptidyl-peptidase iv, in which the peptide is isolated from a gelatin hydrolysate produced by enzymatic digestion with alcalase (ala), bromelain (bro), and flavourzyme (fla).. .
Methods of reducing extravasation of inflammatory cells
A method for modifying access of cells to extravascular spaces and regions comprising administering to a patient an enzyme that cleaves chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans is provided. It has been found that administration of an enzyme that cleaves chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans to a patient disrupts extravasation of cells from the blood stream into tissue.
Anti-inflammatory food product
According to some embodiments, a method selects one or more inflammatory markers to evaluate. The one or more inflammatory markers selected from the group consisting of inos, cox-2, tnf-alpha, no, pge2, il-6, and il-1β.
Method of improving skills with a composition comprising non-digestible saccharide
The present invention concerns a therapy aimed at language and/or social skills in infants through administration of components stimulating the development of a healthy intestinal flora.. .
Processes for making cellulose with very low lignin content for glucose, high-purity cellulose, or cellulose derivatives
In some variations, the invention provides a process for producing purified cellulose, comprising: providing a feedstock comprising lignocellulosic biomass; contacting the feedstock with sulfur dioxide, water, and a solvent for lignin, to produce intermediate solids and a liquid phase comprising hemicelluloses and lignin; mildly bleaching the intermediate solids to further delignify the intermediate solids, thereby generating cellulose-rich solids; and washing the cellulose-rich solids to generate purified cellulose with less than 2 weight percent lignin. The bleaching may employ bleaching agents including lignin-modifying enzymes.
Identifying hierarchical chip design intellectual property through digests
One method implementation disclosed includes detecting matching leaf cells that have functionally identical designs (optionally, similar designs) and assigning matching names for the matching leaf cells to replace original, non-matching names. Optionally, digests can be calculated for the leaf cells and used to detect similarities and/or differences.
Method and apparatus for link-state handshake for loop prevention
A loop prevention method in a network node of a network having a plurality of network nodes controlled by a link-state protocol, comprising: receiving a message at a network interface which contains information on a new topology of the network; blocking forwarding of traffic to each neighbor node of the network at the network interface by a processing unit; agreeing by the processing unit on the new topology with each neighbor node; and, unblocking the forwarding of traffic when the neighbor node has information about the topology which is the same as the information about the topology stored in a memory; wherein the agreeing step includes the step of agreeing with the neighbor node on a digest of at least a portion of the topology stored in the memory.. .
Method for suppressing surgical site infection and column to be used for the method
An object of the present invention is to provide a method for suppressing surgical site infections (ssi) that have occurred at extremely high incidence rates at the time of surgical operations and particularly surgical operations on digestive system organs, and to provide a column to be used for the method. According to the present invention, a method is provided for suppressing surgical site infections, which comprises the steps of: (a) administering a chemotherapeutic drug for treating and/or preventing a surgical site infection; and (b) collecting blood from a surgical subject and removing leukocytes that comprise neutrophils from the blood during or within 24 hours after surgical operation, and then returning the blood from which the leukocytes have been removed to the surgical subject.
Slowly digesting starch and fermentable fiber
Compositions which provide slowly digestible starch and a source of fermentable dietary fiber. Microparticles in which starch is entrapped in a crosslinked matrix to provide dietary benefit.
Compositions and methods for diagnosing colon disorders
The present invention relates to methods and compositions for diagnosing, monitoring, prognosticating, analyzing, etc., polymicrobial diseases. The present invention also relates to the microbial community present in the digestive tract and lumen in normal subjects, and subjects with digestive tract diseases, especially diseases of the colon, such as inflammatory bowel disease, including ulcerative colitis, crohn's syndrome, and pouchitis.
Determination of levels of immunogenic gluten peptides in human samples
The present invention, fitted in the medical-clinical sector, shows a method for monitoring the ingestion of gluten by measuring protein/gluten peptides present in fecal samples with antibodies against immunogenic peptides resistant to gastrointestinal digestion. The presence or absence of said immunogenic peptides is controlled by immunological assays based on reactive antibodies against immunogenic gluten peptides that are resistant to proteolysis.
Method for preventing and treating mastitis
When a rock powder which contains silicic acid and aluminum oxide as active ingredients is given to livestock animals, nitrogen compounds including ammonia nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen generated in the body of the livestock animals can be chemically adsorbed by aluminum oxide and silicic acid, whereby the over-absorption of the nitrogen compounds through the digestive tract can be suppressed. At the same time, minor elements contained in the rock powder act to fully elicit the activity of a nutritional component capable of suppressing mastitis, e.g., vitamin a, vitamin e, copper, zinc and manganese obtained from the feed.
Nutritional supplement system
A multi-part nutritional supplement system supplies nutrients to a user at advantageous locations in the digestive tract. One type of dosage unit is formulated to release vitamin b12 in the stomach and intestines of the upper gi tract, advantageously in an amount that is greater than or at multiple levels of the dv (daily value) of vitamin b12..
Methods and systems for recovering phosphorus from wastewater including digestate recycle
Methods and systems for removal and recovery of phosphorus from wastewater and producing inorganic phosphorus complexes including digestate recycle.. .
Methods and systems for promoting hydrogen gas distribution within cellulosic biomass solids during hydrothermal digestion
Methods and systems for promoting hydrogen gas distribution within cellulosic biomass solids during hydrothermal digestion. One exemplary method can comprise providing cellulosic biomass solids in a hydrothermal digestion unit in the presence of a digestion solvent and a slurry catalyst capable of activating molecular hydrogen; and heating the cellulosic biomass solids and the digestion solvent in the presence of molecular hydrogen, thereby forming an alcoholic component derived from the cellulosic biomass solids, at least a portion of the molecular hydrogen being introduced to the hydrothermal digestion unit via a plurality of spaced apart fluid inlets vertically disposed about the height of the hydrothermal digestion unit..
Methods and systems for promoting hydrogen gas distribution within cellulosic biomass solids during hydrothermal digestion
Methods and systems for promoting hydrogen gas distribution within cellulosic biomass solids during hydrothermal digestion. On exemplary method can comprise: heating a first portion of cellulosic biomass solids being contacted by a continuous liquid phase and a second portion of cellulosic biomass solids being contacted by a continuous gas phase in the presence of an upwardly directed flow of molecular hydrogen and a slurry catalyst capable of activating molecular hydrogen in the continuous liquid phase; conveying at least a portion of the continuous liquid phase and at least a portion of the slurry catalyst to a location within the continuous gas phase above at least a portion of the cellulosic biomass solids; and after conveying the continuous liquid phase and the slurry catalyst, releasing them such that they contact the second portion of cellulosic biomass solids..
Therapeutic cushion systems and methods
Apparatus and methods for providing therapeutic treatment for symptoms associated with gerd and/or other digestive disorders and/or other medical conditions are described herein. In some embodiments, an apparatus includes a support element that has a first end portion and a second end portion and a top surface disposed at an angle relative to a bottom surface of the support element.
Automatic scheduling of content delivery
A content delivery system coupled to a computer network can provide large volumes of content to large numbers of recipients. The content is collected into digests and individual articles to be sent in email via an email channel established by the content delivery system to the recipients through the computer network.
Method and apparatus for implementing secure and selectively deniable file storage
A method for writing data to a memory device comprising a first and a second memory device the first memory device comprises data blocks numbered with block numbers and the second memory device comprises at least one reference calculated from a data block digest and its physical block number. The invention comprises at least the steps: calculating the digest from at least part of the data block content, receiving at least one physical block number, to which the data block contents in the first memory device is stored, encrypting the data block content, storing the data block content to the first memory device to the position pointed by the physical block number, and storing or issuing a command to save the digest, or a number derived from it, and at least one said physical block number to the second memory device.
Expandable device for tissue collection from an aerodigestive body lumen
A device for obtaining tissue from the aerodigestive tract is provided. The device may have internal and external folds and a tissue collection surface for collecting a tissue sample from a body lumen, such as the nose or throat.
Hydrothermal hydrocatalytic treatment of biomass using water tolerant catalysts
A method of hydrothermal hydrocatalytic treating biomass is provided. Lignocellulosic biomass solids is provided to a hydrothermal digestion unit in the presence of a digestive solvent, and a supported hydrogenolysis catalyst containing (a) sulfur, (b) mo or w, and (c) co, ni or mixture thereof, incorporated into a group 4 metal oxide support; (ii) heating the lignocellulosic biomass solids and digestive solvent in the presence of hydrogen, and the supported hydrogenolysis catalyst thereby forming a product solution containing plurality of oxygenated hydrocarbons, said catalyst retaining a crush strength of at least 50% after being subjected to an aqueous phase stability test compared with before the aqueous phase stability test or a crush strength of at least 0.25 kg after being subjected to an aqueous phase stability test..
Compound having detrusor muscle-contracting activity and urethral sphincter muscle-relaxing activity
Since a compound represented by formula (i) wherein all of the symbols are the same as defined in the specification, a salt thereof, a solvate thereof, a prodrug thereof, a mixture with a diastereomer thereof in an arbitrary ratio, or a cyclodextrin clathrate thereof have a contracting activity of bladder detrusor and a relaxing activity of urethral sphincter, they can ameliorate bladder contraction dysfunction and/or urethral relaxation dysfunction, and for example, are effective for underactive bladder. Additionally, the compound of the present invention has little risk of side effects on the urinary system, the circulatory system and the digestive system, and exhibits excellent pharmacokinetics, such as oral absorbability etc.
Cell-matrix microspheres, methods for preparation and applications
A method has been developed to produce stable cell-matrix microspheres with up to 100% encapsulation efficiency and high cell viability, using matrix or biomaterial systems with poor shape and mechanical stability for applications including cell therapeutics via microinjection or surgical implantation, 3d culture for in vitro expansion without repeated cell splitting using enzymatic digestion or mechanical dissociation and for enhanced production of therapeutic biomolecules, and in vitro modeling for morphogenesis studies. The modified droplet generation method is simple and scalable and enables the production of cell-matrix microspheres when the matrix or biomaterial system used has low concentration, with slow phase transition, with poor shape and mechanical stability..
Method of making an animal food product by customizing the amino acid profile, increasing usable energy levels, and improving digestibility, and compositions of the method
The method disclosed herein comprises creation of an enzymatic digest medium containing feathers which may be rendered with a meat material to form a product, or may be dried after digestion has reached a desired level and then mixed with a rendered material. The composition disclosed herein comprises a product which, whether used as animal feed or as an additive or flavor to animal feed, provides a product having at least one of an improved amino acid profile, improved digestibility and more desirable levels of protein, lysine, and ash compared to the same amount of a carrier 22 meat with which it is mixed..
Methods for preparing and compositions comprising plant seed-based omega-3 fatty acids
Provided are methods for preparing, and compositions comprising, plant-based forms of omega-3 fatty acids and lignan, which methods and compositions are exemplified by methods for preparing roasted seed granules, including roasted flaxseed granules, and compositions that comprise one or more roasted seed granules that are prepared by roasting and grinding under specified conditions of temperature and time, as disclosed in detail herein, to enhance one or more desired properties including the digestibility and/or palatability of such seeds and/or the bioavailability and/or stability of omega-3 and other fatty acids that are constituents of those seeds.. .
Composition with improved digestibility of proteins
The present invention relates to method to produce a dairy based food composition comprising protein comprising the steps (a) treating the milk such that at least 98% of the pathogens is removed, (b) treating the milk with a microfilter of a poresize of 0.01-2 micron such that at least a casein rich fraction and a serum protein rich fraction is obtained, wherein the milk is subjected to a heating treatment before or after the microfiltration and wherein during the production the milk and products obtained from the milk are not subjected to a heat treatment at a temperature above 90° c., and wherein the serum protein rich fraction and/or the casein rich fraction is processed into a food product. The invention also is directed to products made by the process..
Stable digestive enzyme compositions
Compositions of the present invention, comprising at least one digestive enzyme (e.g., pancrelipase) are useful for treating or preventing disorders associated with digestive enzyme deficiencies. The compositions of the present invention can comprise a plurality of coated particles, each of which is comprised of a core coated with an enteric coating comprising at least one enteric polymer and 4-10% of at least one alkalinizing agent, or have moisture contents of about 3% or less, water activities of about 0.6 or less, or exhibit a loss of activity of no more than about 15% after six months of accelerated stability testing..

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