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Date/App# patent app List of recent Digest-related patents
 Methods and systems of query engines and secondary indexes implemented in a distributed database patent thumbnailMethods and systems of query engines and secondary indexes implemented in a distributed database
In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method of a distributed database system included the step of providing a query processor to receive a query request and to chart out a query execution plan based on the query request the method includes the step of providing a data generator to generate a digest list based on the query request, wherein the list of digests comprises each stream or filter applied in servicing the query request. The method includes the step of providing a query engine to obtain a digest list from a multiple-data source as a result of the query request and to filter the digest list.

 Adjustment housing assembly and monitoring and support system for a rotary feeder in a cellulose chip feeding system for a continuous digester patent thumbnailAdjustment housing assembly and monitoring and support system for a rotary feeder in a cellulose chip feeding system for a continuous digester
A mounting and support mechanism for a rotary feeder gear motor having an adjusting housing, wherein the adjusting housing includes a support flange adjacent the gear motor, a hollow adjusting housing and a support flange adjacent a stationary feeder end cover. Contained within the adjusting housing is a carrier extension wherein the carrier extension at one end encases a stationary bushing, the stationary bushing houses an adjusting shaft to provide movement of a rotor assembly axially, and at the opposite end the carrier extension connects to a bearing carrier mechanism..
Andritz Inc.

 Mate-pair sequences from large inserts patent thumbnailMate-pair sequences from large inserts
This disclosure describes modified methods and compositions of matter pertaining to mate pair sequencing. In an implementation of the invention, mate pair sequence data is generated without cloning in a host system.
Amplicon Express

 Process for the production of solutions of sugars and alcohols from lignocellulosic biomass with complementary treatment of solid residue with a hydrated inorganic salt patent thumbnailProcess for the production of solutions of sugars and alcohols from lignocellulosic biomass with complementary treatment of solid residue with a hydrated inorganic salt
The present invention describes a process for the production of solutions of sugars and alcohols from lignocellulosic biomass, comprising a pre-treatment, a step for enzymatic hydrolysis and alcoholic fermentation, a step for extraction of the alcohol produced, a step for separation of the solid residue, an optional step for washing and drying, followed by a step for digestion of the solid residue in a medium comprising at least one hydrated inorganic salt with formula mxn.n′h2o, in which m is a metal selected from groups 1 to 13 of the periodic classification, x is an anion and n is a whole number in the range 1 to 6 and n′ is in the range 0.5 to 12, in order to obtain a solid fraction and a liquid fraction, said solid fraction then being separated and undergoing either an enzymatic hydrolysis step or steps for enzymatic hydrolysis and alcoholic fermentation.. .
Ifp Energies Nouvelles

 Nutrient recovery process patent thumbnailNutrient recovery process
An apparatus for recovering nutrients or water from digestate comprises one or more solid-liquid separation units, an ammonia stripping device, and a gas scrubbing unit. In a process, digestate is separated into a solids portion and a liquid portion.
Anaergia Inc.

 Method of treating hair patent thumbnailMethod of treating hair
There is described a method for enabling a user of a client computer to securely access a remote server via a network, which is preferably the internet, by authenticating the user. The method comprises providing a portable apparatus to the user which may communicate with the client computer.
Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

 System and  microorganism effectiveness analysis using particle imaging patent thumbnailSystem and microorganism effectiveness analysis using particle imaging
A system and method for determining the effectiveness of an anaerobic digestion process. The system includes a particle imaging system capable of capturing images of particles, including anaerobic microorganisms, in a fluid and counting those images.
Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.

 Reducing digest storage consumption by tracking similarity elements in a data deduplication system patent thumbnailReducing digest storage consumption by tracking similarity elements in a data deduplication system
For reducing digests storage consumption in a data deduplication system using a processor device in a computing environment, input data is partitioned into chunks, and the chunks are grouped into chunk sets. Digests are calculated for input data and stored in sets corresponding to the chunk sets.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Multiple epitope detection in an ffpe tissue section patent thumbnailMultiple epitope detection in an ffpe tissue section
A method for labelling a tissue section is provided. In certain embodiments, the method may comprise: (a) labeling a formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (ffpe) tissue section using a first set of labeling reagents that comprises a first primary antibody and a first labeled secondary antibody; (b) treating the labeled tissue with a protease, thereby digesting the first primary antibody and/or the first labeled secondary antibody and separating the label from the ffpe tissue section; (c) washing the tissue section to remove the separated label and the protease; and (c) labeling the ffpe tissue section using a second set of labeling reagents that comprises a second primary antibody and a second labeled secondary antibody.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

 Methods and compositions for altering lignin composition in plants patent thumbnailMethods and compositions for altering lignin composition in plants
The invention provides methods for decreasing lignin content in plants by reducing expression of a folylpolyglutamate synthetase 1 (fpgs1) coding sequence in the plant. Also provided are methods for reducing lignin content in a plant by down-regulation of fpgs1 expression in the plant.
The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc.


Methods and compositions for digestion of organic waste

The present invention relates to a process wherein organic material derived from plant and animal material is processed to recover nutritional elements. In particular, there is provided a process for releasing nutritional elements from plant and animal material comprising the steps of treating the material with one or more enzymes to digest said material under appropriate conditions and separating the resulting liquid hydrolysate from the undigested material..
Redf-organic Recovery, Llc


Method for chemical destroying of magnetic data carriers

A method for chemical destroying of magnetic data carriers, in particular hard disk platters, during which the recorded data are irretrievably eliminated and rendered impossible to be re-read. In the method according to the invention the magnetic data carriers include aluminium or its alloys and ferromagnetic materials are subjected to a digestion reaction in a reactor with an aqueous solution of a digesting mixture that includes: a) hydrochloric acid and (v)nitrate of one or more alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, rare earth metals and ammonium; or b) nitric(v) acid and chloride of one or more alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, rare earth metals and ammonium; the product of the digestion reaction is an aqueous solution having aluminium hydroxide and chlorides and (v)nitrates of metals contained in the ferromagnetic metals as well as gaseous products of the reaction.
Bossg & Eit + Technologies Spolka Z Organiczona Odpowiedzialnoscia


Use of anaerobic digestion to destroy biohazards and to enhance biogas production

The invention relates to systems and methods for using the anaerobic digestion (ad) process, especially thermophilic anaerobic digestion (tad), to destroy biohazard materials including prion-containing specified risk materials (srm), viral, and/or bacterial pathogens, etc. The added advantage of the invention also includes using feedstocks that may contain such biohazard materials to achieve enhanced biogas production, in the form of improved biogas quality and quantity..


System and modulation of cardiac tissue

The present invention provides compositions, systems, and methods for modulation of cardiac tissue. In one embodiment, the invention provides for bioenzymatic ablation of cardiac tissue.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Compositions and methods for increasing the suppression of hunger and reducing the digestibility of non-fat energy satiety

The present invention relates to methods for increasing the suppression of hunger and/or increasing the reduction of prospective consumption and/or increasing the reduction of appetite and/or increasing the feeling of satiety and/or reducing non-fat energy uptake in the gastrointestinal tract of a mammal in order to prevent a positive non-fat energy balance, weight gain, overweight and obesity, and to induce a negative non-fat energy balance and weight loss in subjects who wish to reduce their body weight. In particular, feed, food and/or beverages and dietary supplements of the present invention comprises mucilage such as flax seed 10 mucilage and/or one or more active compounds of mucilage useful for increasing the suppression of hunger and/or increasing the reduction of prospective consumption and/or increasing the reduction of appetite and/or increasing the feeling of satiety and/or reducing the digestibility of non-fat energy in the gastrointestinal tract of a mammal..
University Of Copenhagen


Method and system for monitoring nutritional uptake as a function of hydrogen gas levels

Systems and methods for monitoring nutritional uptake of an individual are disclosed. The method can include monitoring microflora intestinal gas concentration levels associated with a patient and adjusting the volume of nutrient provided by the patient with an artificial feeding device based at least in part on the microflora intestinal gas levels associated with the patient.
Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.


Mucopolysaccharidosis iva/vii screening and treatment method

Provided is a rapid screening method for detecting mucopolysaccharidosis iva and mucopolysaccharidosis vii. Biological samples containing glycosaminoglycans are enzymatically digested to converts chondroitin 6-sulfate into Δdi-6s.
The Nemours Foundation


Method of nucleic acid fragmentation

A method of preparing an at least partially randomly sheared library of nucleic acids is provided. The method includes the steps of providing a source of nucleic acids, randomly incorporating modified bases into the nucleic acids, and digesting the modified nucleic acids with one or more modification-dependent restriction endonucleases to produce the nucleic acid library.
Agriculture Victoria Services Pty Ltd


Compositions and methods for handling potential prion contamination

A composition and method of treatment for handling potential prion contamination of surfaces is disclosed. The products include and the treatment uses products that include at least one prion digester enzyme selected from a serine protease in solution with a non-ionic surfactant, a hydrotrope and high purity water.
Case Medical, Inc.


System to monitor the ingestion of medicines

A system for monitoring ingestion of medicine (21) comprises forming a digestible radio frequency identification (rfid) tag (10). The rfid tag is attached to the medicine.
Carestream Health, Inc.


Beverage with digestive aid functional ingredients and a process of making it

A beverage and the process for manufacturing it form part of this invention. The beverage consists of predetermined ingredients.
Tata Global Beverages Limited


Digital signature server and user terminal

To reduce a load on a user terminal imposed when verifying signature data and at the same time reduce a load on a server, a signature key matrix km includes a plurality of signature keys ki-j arranged in a matrix structure of m rows and n columns, and is stored in a signature key matrix database 21. A correspondence relationship between a signature key set ck which is an aggregate of any signature keys selected from the n columns respectively and a user terminal 30 is stored in a correspondence relationship information database 22.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Method and tools for the determination of conformation and conformational changes of proteins and of derivatives thereof

A method for the detection of the conformational state of a protein contained in a complex mixture of further proteins and/or other biomolecules, is proposed as well as assays for such a method. The method comprises the following steps: (1) limited proteolysis of the complex mixture under a condition where the protein is in the conformational state to be detected leading to a first fragment sample; (2) denaturation of the first fragment sample to a denaturated first fragment sample; (3) complete fragmentation of the denaturated first fragment sample in a digestion step to a completely fragmented sample; and (4) analytical analysis of the completely fragmented sample for the determination of fragments characteristic of having been the result both the limited proteolysis of step 1 as well as of the complete fragmentation in the digestion step 3.
Eth Zurich


Electrodialysis stacks, systems, and methods for recovering ammonia and monovalent salts from anaerobic digestate

Electrodialysis stacks comprising a series of electrodialysis cells and anaerobic digestion systems incorporating the electrodialysis stacks are provided. Also provided are methods of using the electrodialysis stacks and systems to recover nitrogen, in the form of ammonia, from separated anaerobic digestate.
Nutrient Recovery & Upcycling, Llc


Restriction enzyme-free target enrichment

Provided herein are various methods for enriching a target fragment that is present in randomly sheared genomic dna. In some embodiments, the method may involve hybridizing randomly sheared genomic dna to a halo probe to produce a first circular complex, and then enzymatically digesting the overhanging ends of the genomic fragment.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


Apparatus for receiving and conditioning organic waste by anaerobic bioconversion

An apparatus for receiving and processing organic waste by anaerobic bioconversion comprising a closed tank (1) which is the biocon-version site, provided in the top portion thereof with a gasometric bell (4) for storing and pressurising the biogas produced, around which the external members of the apparatus are distributed on a pod (6) which also forms the support for a body of the digester. The tank, (1) in a preferred embodiment, comprises a main enclosure which is the bioconversion site, and a secondary central enclosure called the crop (2), intended to receive and store the organic waste to be processed before the dosing of same into the main enclosure to complete the bioconversion.


Antibody therapy for use in the digestive tract

In accordance with the invention, the development and use of antibodies within the digestive tract is provided. Antibodies are described that are used to treat disorders associated with altered permeability of the digestive tract.
Avaxia Biologics Incorporated


Compositions and methods for the treatment of mucositis

The invention relates to the compounds of formula i or its pharmaceutical acceptable salts, as well as polymorphs, solvates, enantiomers, stereoisomers and hydrates thereof. The pharmaceutical compositions comprising an effective amount of compounds of formula i, and methods for the treatment of mucositis may be formulated for oral, buccal, rectal, topical, transdermal, transmucosal, intravenous, parenteral administration, syrup, or injection.


Method and treatment of water and wastewater

Method and apparatus for sealed pressurized enclosure containing a sludge digester designed to receive wastewater from commercial establishments for the purpose of removing fats, oils and greases using the high velocity impact provided by the sludge digester. Air containing ozone is pumped through the sludge digester causing a flow of material so that the stream of material is directed onto a series of stationary concentric ridges wherein the solids in the liquid material are forcefully impacted against the stationary concentric ridges so as to break the solid particles up into smaller particles..


Nutritional composition with non digestible oligosaccharides

The present invention relates to the use of non digestible oligosaccharides above a certain threshold for improving health of the small intestine, in particular in infants and small children, by increasing the luminal fluid volume and reducing the protease activity or density.. .
N.v. Nutricia


Method and system for file hiding

A method for hiding a file. The method includes receiving the file to hide, wherein the file comprises file metadata, and file content, obtaining the file metadata from the file, generating a message digest using at least a portion of the file metadata, extracting, from the message digest, a derived file name and a file encryption key.
Pacid Technologies, Llc


Method and system for securing electronic health records

A method for securing electronic health records (ehrs). The method includes receiving an ehr for a patient, obtaining patient metadata for the patient, generating a message digest using at least a portion of the patient metadata, extracting from the message digest a derived file name and a file encryption key, encrypting using the file encryption key the ehr to obtain encrypted file content, associating the encrypted file content with the derived file name and decoy file metadata to obtain an encrypted her, and storing the encrypted ehr in a file directory..
Pacid Technologies, Llc


Compilation of encapsulated content from disparate sources of content

Embodiments relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and media devices or wearable/mobile computing devices configured to facilitate presentation of content in a summarized form. More specifically, disclosed are systems, devices and methods to encapsulate or summarize a pool of content, such as music or audio tracks, in digest form.


Method for recovery of the constituent components of laterites

Digestion of a laterite ore with sulfuric acid dissolves all constituents except silica. The resulting sulfates—aluminum sulfate, ferric sulfate, titanyl sulfate, and magnesium sulfate—remain in solution at approximately 90° c.
Aluchem Companies, Inc.


Method to identify m. tuberculosis

The present invention relates to a kit and a method to identify m. Tuberculosis, which may include an approach relating to isolating chromosomal dna from a biological sample, such as a culture, conducting a real time pcr to obtain an amplicon, digesting said amplicon separately with restriction enzymes nrui and bamhi to obtain a digestion product separating said digestion product into its constituents in a gel; and analyzing the restriction enzyme digestion pattern..
Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute


Streptomyces microflavus strains and methods of their use to control plant diseases and pests

The present invention relates to novel strains of streptomyces microflavus and methods of their use for controlling diseases or pests of a plant. The invention also relates to a fermentation broth obtained by cultivating a gougerotin producing streptomyces strain, wherein the fermentation broth contains at least about 2 g/l gougerotin.
Bayer Cropscience Lp


Method of enzymatic treatment of a solid lignocellulosic material

A method of treating a solid lignocellulosic material (10) in which the solid lignocellulosic material (10) is subjected to a treatment, called a mechano-chemical treatment (1), of mixing and chemical degradation of the solid lignocellulosic material (10) so as to form an intermediate composition having a hydrated lignocellulosic material whose enzymatic digestibility is increased relative to the digestibility of the solid lignocellulosic starting material (10), then; the hydrated lignocellulosic material is subjected to a treatment, called a mechano-chemical treatment (2), in which a dispersion is formed, called an aqueous dispersion, of the hydrated lignocellulosic material (10) in an aqueous composition, the aqueous dispersion including at least one enzyme for degrading the hydrated lignocellulosic material (10).. .
Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico


Construction of pool of interfering nucleic acids covering entire rna target sequence and related compositions

The present invention provides a pcr based high-throughput method for preparing full-sites sirna polynucleotide pool, comprising: dnase i random digestion; loop-1 phosphate linker ligation; single pcr amplification; a type iii restriction/modification enzyme digestion; blunt ending; loop-2 phosphate linker ligation; double primer pcr; foki digestion and cloning into an sirna expression vector. The present invention enables the use of a type iii restriction/modification enzyme linkers mediated pcr method for high-throughput preparing an sirina polynucleotide pool, in which the functional length of sirnas can be controllably distributed from 19-23 bp, thus completely mimic the natural sirna length diversity, specially suitable for rnai therapeutic targets screening.
Biomics Biotechnologies Co., Ltd.


Portable high rate anaerobic digester apparatus and operation

An apparatus for digesting waste comprises a tank, a tube, a propeller, and a trough. The tube is disposed within the tank.
Usemco, Inc


Prebiotic compositions comprising one or more types of bacteriophage

Disclosed herein are compositions that comprise one or more types of bacteriophage and methods of using such bacteriophages as a prebiotic to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria by decreasing harmful bacterial populations and releasing nutrients into the environment for good bacteria in the digestive system of an individual.. .
Deerland Enzymes, Inc.


Extruded lignocellulosic animal feed products having high digestibility

The present disclosure is directed to animal feed products and a method of producing animal feed products from lignocellulosic biomass. A lignin swellant is mixed with the lignocellulosic biomass and a grain or starch is added to the biomass mixture.
Melior Engineering Consultants Ltd.


Methods and systems useful for foodborne pathogen detection

Described are methods and systems useful in the processing of food samples to detect pathogenic cells in the samples. Embodiments include homogenizing a food sample, digesting solids of the homogenized food sample, and removing lipids from the homogenized food sample.


Method for preparing black liquor and preparing flavor component-containing liquid

A method for preparing a black liquor according to the present invention comprises digesting a tobacco raw material under an alkaline condition to obtain the black liquor. Further, a method for preparing a flavor component-containing liquid according to the present invention comprises digesting a tobacco raw material under an alkaline condition, separating the obtained digesting product into a black liquor and a tobacco fiber, and desalinating the black liquor to obtain the flavor component-containing liquid..


Method for producing ultrahigh-viscosity refined cotton and device for transporting refined cotton pulp

A method for producing ultrahigh-viscosity refined cotton, including: material selection and cotton opening, impregnation, pretreatment, digestion, bleaching, and pressing and drying. A device for transporting a refined cotton pulp including: a blower, a material bin, valve plates, a central axis, a motor, and a transporting pipe.


Compositions for reduced lignin content in sorghum and improving cell wall digestibility, and methods of making the same

Rnai vectors comprising a fragment of the sbcse polynucleotide sequence and transgenic plants, e.g. Transgenic sorghum plants, comprising said rnai vectors are described.


Fermenter of a biogas system

Digester of a biogas plant including a digester wall and a digester interior and a digester roof inclined to the horizontal and flexible in design and including an agitator device for stirring a substrate in the digester interior. The agitator device comprises a guiding unit, a support unit, and an adjustable agitating unit accommodated at the guiding unit.


Tethered endoscope

An endoscope with flexible cable is described having a first set of means to facilitate travel of an imaging capsule down the esophagus, a second set of means to enable proper orientation and optical clarity of the capsule, and a third set of means to enable ease in retrieval of the device. In most embodiments, there is an overlap of these sets of means, the combination of which assures optimal exam effectiveness while maintaining a high degree of patient comfort.


Novel systems, methods and compositions involving plant life enhancing products

A method for producing a plant life enhancing product is described. The method includes: (i) anaerobically digesting agricultural residue to produce an anaerobically activated organic residue and an ammonia-enriched water; (ii) aerobically digesting the ammonia-enriched water to produce an aerobically activated organic residue; and (iii) blending the anaerobically activated organic residue with the aerobically activated organic residue to produce the plant life enchancing product..


Acoustic tag having a digestible fuse

Acoustic tags have been used for years in fisheries research to study survival and behavior of fish in various aquatic environments. The described techniques, devices and systems enhance the ability of researchers to understand the effect on fish (or other animal's) mortality by predators through an acoustic tag that includes a digestible fuse.


Multi stage aggregation using digest order after a first stage of aggregation

According to embodiments of the present invention, methods, systems and computer-readable media are presented for processing a database query. The query may specify an arrangement for resulting data.


Two factor authentication of icr transport and payload for interchassis redundancy

Exemplary methods for performing authentication by a first network device of an inter-chassis redundancy (icr) system, the icr system comprising the first network device communicatively coupled to a second network device of the icr system, includes in response to determining to transmit an icr message to the second network device, generating the icr message by generating a first and second authentication digest. In one embodiment, the methods include encrypting a payload of the icr message, and transmitting the icr message that includes the first and second authentication digest to the second network device.


Multi stage aggregation using digest order after a first stage of aggregation

According to embodiments of the present invention, methods, systems and computer readable media are presented for processing a database query. The query may specify an arrangement for resulting data.


Methods of preserving starch in pulp and controlling calcium precipitation and/or scaling

Methods to preserve starch present in pulp are provided and also methods to control calcium precipitation and/or scaling in digesters or bod systems. The methods can be performed as part of a papermaking process.


Method to increase the growth velocity of human infants

The present invention relates to a method to increase the growth velocity of a human infant, said method comprising the enteral administration to said infant of recombinant human bile-salt-stimulated lipase (rhbssl). Such method has particular utility for underweight or preterm human infants, particular those in medical need of increasing their growth velocity.


Portable pill crushing and mixing device

A pill crushing and mixing device crushes a pill, and then mixes the resultant fine particles with a fluid to form a palatable mixture. The subsequent mixture can pour from an open end of the device, and be ingested without bad taste or large indigestible composition of a whole pill.


Integrated network threat analysis

The inventive systems and methods aggregate network information to accompany file information in an indicator and warning environment. This system also provides a user interface to search for files using network attributes or file attributes, such as message digest.


Network security

There is described a method for enabling a user of a client computer to securely access a remote server via a network, which is preferably the internet, by authenticating the user. The method comprises providing a portable apparatus to the user which may communicate with the client computer.
Universitetet I Oslo


Aggregate signing of data in content centric networking

One embodiment provides a system that facilitates routers in verifying content objects in a cost-effective manner by aggregating content objects into a secure content catalog. During operation, a client computing device receives a secure content catalog, which indicates a set of content objects and their corresponding digests.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated


Video processing system with digest generation and methods for use therewith

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a system receives indexing data delineating a plurality of program segments in a video signal that each include a sequence of images of the video signal. The indexing data further indicates content contained in the plurality of program segments.
Vixs Systems, Inc.


Transfer device, determination method, and data processing device

A transfer device that performs data transfer between a memory that stores a plurality of data and a processing unit that executes a main process using the data stored in the memory, the transfer device includes: a control unit that carries out control to, separately from the main process, sequentially read the data stored in the memory for each predetermined unit in address order, and to subject the read data to a predetermined process; and a determination unit that determines a digest value for each of the plurality of predetermined units of data using the data read by the control unit or the data subjected to the predetermined process by the control unit, so that it becomes easy to detect pages of the same content, and sharing and using the pages of the same content by a plurality of virtual machines.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Method for producing indigestible dextrin

The present invention provides a method for producing indigestible dextrin which is inexpensive and can simply and efficiently suppress coloring. The method for producing indigestible dextrin includes the steps of liquefying pyrodextrin and saccharifying pyrodextrin, wherein at least one of the liquefying step and the saccharifying step is performed in the presence of activated carbon..
Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.


Biogas process with nutrient recovery

The invention is a method of two-phase anaerobic digestion where monitoring and adjusting the nitrogen status (carbon to nitrogen molar ratio, i.e. C/n molar ratio or total or ammoniacal nitrogen content) enables maintaining optimum conditions during the process.
Ductor Oy


Process for co-production of bio-energy and products from integrated conversion of biomasses and municipal wastes

A process of using algal and lignocellulosic biomasses deriving from the exploitation of the by-products generated by primary conversion systems, digestate, biochar, water, co2 and nitrogenous and sulphurised compounds and ashes as nutrients for the production of vegetable organisms by intensifying the photosynthesis processes for the treatment of emissions and the sequestration of co2; feeding a substratum to a press-extrusion system so that it is sub-divided into a liquid organic fraction and an energetic dry fraction; using a liquid organic fraction as feed for a biogas generation system by bacterial fermentation under anaerobic conditions; using the energetic dry fraction as feed for a synthesis gas generation system by thermo-chemical conversion; wetland bio-filtering water obtained as by-product from the biogas and syngas generation system, obtaining purified water and primary biomass; using biogas and/or synthesis gas produced by a co-generation system and/or biofuels deriving from biogas and/or synthesis gas to feed vehicles.. .
Sea Marconi Technologies Di Vander Tumiatti S.a.s.


Methods for treating bioreactor wastewater streams

Methods and systems for treating bioreactor wastewater streams are provided. In some embodiments, the methods and systems involve producing a composition, for example in the form of a solution, comprising ammonia or ammonium from the bioreactor wastewater stream.
Thermoenergy Corporation


Staphylococcus aureus sdre cnab domain and its use for vaccination

The s. Aureus ser-asp rich fibrinogen/bone sialoprotein-binding protein contains three cnab domains, and that the third of these provides significant protection against s.
Novartis Ag


Methods and compositions for the treatment of symptoms of prion diseases

A therapeutic composition for the treatment of the symptoms of prion diseases and the method for preparing the therapeutic agents is disclosed. The therapeutic composition is a stable pharmaceutical composition comprising one or more digestive and/or pancreatic enzymes.
Curemark, Llc


Compositions for the treatment of autodigestion

Compositions for the treatment of shock, autodigestion, multi-organ failure, intestinal ischemia, or intestinal hypoperfusion are provided.. .
Leading Biosciences, Inc.


Chemical ablation formulations and methods of treatments for various diseases

Embodiments of the present invention are directed to the treatment of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart failure, end-stage renal disease, digestive disease, urological disease, cancers, tumors, pains, asthma, pulmonary arterial hypertension, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease by delivering of an effective amount of formulations at desired temperature to target tissue. The formulations include gases, vapors, liquids, solutions, emulsions and suspensions of one or more ingredients.


Systems and methods for data processing

Systems and methods are provided for data processing. For example, first digest values associated with first contents of a plurality of first data points are calculated, the plurality of first data points including a second data point and one or more third data points; a second digest value associated with a second content of the second data point is compared with one or more third digest values associated with third contents of the third data points, the third data points preceding the second data point; in response to the second digest value being the same as a fourth digest value associated with a fourth content of a fourth data point, the second content of the second data point is deleted, the fourth data point being within the one or more third data points; and a mapping between the second digest value and the fourth content is established..
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited


System and updating a trusted application (ta) on a device

A system and method can support device management. A trusted operating system (os) in a trusted execution environment can store a digest for one or more binary files, which are associated with a trusted application that is deployed in the trusted execution environment.
Oracle International Corporation


Compositions and methods for diagnosing colon disorders

The present invention relates to methods and compositions for diagnosing, monitoring, prognosticating, analyzing, etc., polymicrobial diseases. The present invention also relates to the microbial community present in the digestive tract and lumen in normal subjects, and subjects with digestive tract diseases, especially diseases of the colon, such as inflammatory bowel disease, including ulcerative colitis, crohn's syndrome, and pouchitis.
Rush University


Nuclease resistant polynucleotides and uses thereof

The invention provides, among other things, methods of mrna stabilizing mrna and nuclease resistant mrna prepared in accordance with such methods. In certain embodiments, the nuclease resistant mrna encodes a functional protein, such as enzyme, and is characterized by its resistance to nuclease digestion, increased half-life and/or its ability to produce increased amounts of the functional protein (e.g., enzyme) encoded thereby..
Shire Human Genetic Therapies, Inc.


Malanga root baby food composition

A malanga root composition for baby food and method of preparation are disclosed. The malanga root is peeled, boiled, pureed, and packaged alone or mixed with other ingredients to provide a nutritionally balanced and complete diet.


Method and system for securing communication

A method for securing communication between members. The method includes a first member obtaining a secret.
Pacid Technologies, Llc


Rapid detection and quantitation of pathogen-specific biomarkers using nanoporous dual- or multi-layer silica films

Improved methods for detecting active tuberculosis are disclosed. A method comprises enriching at least one m.
The Methodist Hospital Research Institute


Multiplex targeted amplification using flap nuclease

Methods for multiplex amplification of a plurality of targets of distinct sequence from a complex mixture are disclosed. In one aspect targets are circularized using a single circularization probe that is complementary to two regions in the target that flank a region to be amplified.
Affymetrix, Inc.


High protein milk replacers containing non-milk proteins and feeding methods and systems thereof

Milk replacers containing high levels of protein, at least a portion being non-milk protein, is fed at high feeding rates such as at least 1.6 pounds per head per day. Non-milk proteins include hydrolyzed soy protein modified, soy protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, wheat protein, potato protein, egg protein, blood plasma, red blood cells and/or egg, and serve as complementary proteins when used in combination with milk proteins.
Purina Animal Nutrition Llc

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