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Preference based system and method for multiple feed aggregation and presentation

International Business Machines

Preference based system and method for multiple feed aggregation and presentation

Preference based system and method for multiple feed aggregation and presentation

International Business Machines

Preference based system and method for multiple feed aggregation and presentation

Preference based system and method for multiple feed aggregation and presentation

Gastric reflux treatment with lasers

Date/App# patent app List of recent Digest-related patents
 Methods to alter plant cell wall composition for improved biofuel production and silage digestibility patent thumbnailMethods to alter plant cell wall composition for improved biofuel production and silage digestibility
The disclosure provides means for altering the expression of non-cellulosic polysaccharides in plants using golgi targeted enzyme nucleic acids and their encoded proteins. The present disclosure provides methods and compositions relating to altering feruloylation, acetylation and crosslinking in plants, leading to improved biomass available for biofuel production and silage digestibility.
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company
 Preference based  multiple feed aggregation and presentation patent thumbnailPreference based multiple feed aggregation and presentation
A method for improving the presentation of social media data from multiple social network feeds is provided. The method may include aggregating social media content received from the multiple social network feeds.
International Business Machines Corporation
 Preference based  multiple feed aggregation and presentation patent thumbnailPreference based multiple feed aggregation and presentation
A computer system for improving the presentation of social media data from multiple social network feeds is provided. The computer system may include aggregating social media content received from the multiple social network feeds.
International Business Machines Corporation
 Gastric reflux treatment with lasers patent thumbnailGastric reflux treatment with lasers
Method/devices for endoscopic laser treatment of gastrointestinal disorders such as, gastro-esophageal reflux disorder (gerd) are disclosed. Treatment involves irradiating tissue of the digestive tract to strengthen muscle tone and shrink anatomical areas reducing occurrence of reflux of food/liquids from the stomach to the esophagus.
 Gas supply apparatus patent thumbnailGas supply apparatus
A gas supply apparatus includes: a gas supply conduit for supplying a gas to a digestive tract; a pressure detecting device which detects a pressure in the digestive tract; a flow regulating device which regulates a gas amount supplied from the gas supply source to the digestive tract via the gas supply conduit; a first control device which controls the flow regulating device according to a result detected by the pressure detecting device to supply the gas into the digestive tract so that the pressure inside the digestive tract becomes a set pressure; a second control device which controls the flow regulating device to supply a fixed gas amount into the digestive tract; and a gas supply mode switching device which switches between gas supply modes including a mode for executing control by the first control device and a mode for executing control by the second control device.. .
Fujifilm Corporation
 Maternal supplement to enhance immune system of an infant patent thumbnailMaternal supplement to enhance immune system of an infant
There is provided compositions and methods for enhancing an immune system and/or preventing an immune system related disorder in a mammalian subject, the composition comprising a non-digestible oligosaccharide which is to be administered to a female who is breast-feeding the mammalian subject.. .
N.v. Nutricia
 Pediatric fiber mixture patent thumbnailPediatric fiber mixture
The present invention relates to a liquid nutritional composition for paediatric patients comprising beta-galacto-oligosaccharides, fructan, non-digestible alpha-glucan and hemicellulose.. .
N.v. Nutricia
 Nutritive fragments, proteins and methods patent thumbnailNutritive fragments, proteins and methods
Nutritive proteins are provided. In some embodiments the nutritive proteins comprise a protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (pdcaas) that exceeds a benchmark protein.
Pronutria, Inc.
 Glutinous millet nutrition milk and preparation method thereof patent thumbnailGlutinous millet nutrition milk and preparation method thereof
The disclosure relates to a glutinous millet nutrition milk taking glutinous millet as raw material, and preparation process thereof, and particularly relates to a glutinous millet nutrition milk or compound glutinous millet nutrition milk taking the rust-proofing and glutinous foxtail millet variety of “ji chuang 1” glutinous millet as raw material and preparation process thereof. The glutinous millet nutrition milk or compound glutinous millet nutrition milk prepared by the method has the characteristics that the emulsion is stable, it will neither become aged nor coagulate or precipitate after long-term storage, and it does not need to add any anticoagulant stabilizer, which is more environmental friendly and healthy; its products utilize the rich nutrition of the millet, digests and absorbs easily, and tastes delicately..
Institute Of Millet Crops, Hebei Academy Of Agriculture And Forestry Sciences
 Natural pet treat and  production patent thumbnailNatural pet treat and production
The invention disclosed herein is directed to a pet treat composition and the method of producing such a composition. The pet treat comprises a mixture of whole wheat flour, blueberries, cinnamon, vanilla yogurt, and almond milk.

Anaerobic treatment of industrial wastewater

Feed water is processed in an anaerobic digester. A solid-liquid separation device, for example a sludge screw thickener, treats a stream drawn from the digester in a recirculation loop.
Anaergia Inc.

Waste processing system with anaerobic mechanism and operation thereof

A waste processing system includes: an input module for converting input organic waste into processed input waste; a digester module, coupled to the input module, for generating biogas and digester effluent from the processed input waste, including: a digester tank; baffles affixed within the digester tank; a digester process solution in the digester tank including, hydrolytic bacteria, acidogenic bacteria, acetogenic bacteria, methanogenic bacteria, or a combination thereof, for converting the processed input waste into the biogas and the digester effluent; and an output module, coupled to the digester module, for collecting the biogas and digester effluent after a residence period.. .
Biovessel Technologies Inc.

Document sharing method, system, and device

Embodiments of the present invention disclose a document sharing method, system, and device. In the embodiments of the present invention, a document is partitioned by the compere client into at least one page for caching.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Method and system of stateless data replication in a distributed database system

In one exemplary embodiment, a method includes the step of executing, with at least one processor, a main database node server in a source-database node of a source-database cluster. The main database node server manages database server operations.

Catheter and insertion

A balloon catheter system includes a tube and a dilator detachable from the tube after the tube is inserted into a cavity in the patient. The cavity may be filled with gas or liquid to expand the viscera surrounding the cavity and the guidewire may be inserted using a trochar, for example.

Composition and treatment of diabetes

The present invention relates to a method of treating an incretin related disease such as diabetes, obesity and the like by delivery of metformin to the colon by bypassing the upper digestive tract.. .
Biokier, Inc.

Methods for measuring fat digestibility and uses thereof

The present invention provides methods for continuous measurement of triglyceride digestibility during a meal. A stable isotope labeled triglyceride and a free fatty acid tracer are added to the meal.

System and production of clarified citrus juice concentrates containing 100% juice

A system and method for producing clarified citrus juice concentrates from various natural components of the respective fruit. Citrus peels and/or flesh segments are enzymatically digested to improve yield and facilitate clarification and concentration.
Zenbury International Limited

Biologic prosthesis and methods of production and use

Products, processes, compositions, kits, and methods are provided for cartilage-derived implants. The implants can exhibit resistance to enzyme (e.g., collagenase, protease, etc.) digestion compared to the source tissue from which they were derived while still having one or more mechanical properties comparable to the source tissue from which they were derived.

Method of solid-liquid separation and uses thereof

The invention provides a method for enhancing solid-liquid separation by using a low molecular weight alcohol, such as isopropanol. The methods can be used in a variety of settings to facilitate solid-liquid separation, such as that in anaerobic digestion and treatment of tailing pond sludge..

Biorelevant compositions

This application relates to a homogeneous biorelevant composition for preparing fasted state biorelevant media having a surface tension between 25 mn/m and 50 mn/m for simulating fasted state gastric and fasted state upper small intestinal fluids of mammalian species, especially humans, dogs, etc. Comprising at least one bile salt, eg.
Phares Pharmaceutical Research N.v.

Use of para nitro amino derivatives in feed for reducing meth-ane emission in ruminants

The present invention relates to a method for reducing the production of methane emanating from the digestive activities of a ruminant and/or for improving ruminant animal performance by using, an active compound belonging to the class of para nitro amino derivatives, or a salt thereof, which is administrated to the animal together with the feed. The invention also relates to the use of these compounds in feed and feed additives such as premix, concentrates and total mixed ration (tmr) or in the form of a bolus..
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

Marketing the use of an acidic soft drink to enhance the efficacy of a gluten-digesting enzyme

This invention relates to a method of marketing a gluten-digesting enzyme supplement comprising providing an effective amount of a gluten-digesting enzyme to a person desirous of maintaining or enhancing gastro intestinal comfort or delaying the onset of gastrointestinal discomfort; or desirous of reducing gluten exposure, and informing the gluten sensitive individuals of the ability to increase the efficacy of the supplement by drinking one serving of an acidic soft drink having a ph in a range from 2 to 3.5. Furthermore, it relates to a kit comprising a gluten-digesting enzyme supplement and instructions for use in combination with an acidic soft drink having a ph in a range from 2 to 3.5..
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

System and improved anaerobic digestion

A method for improved anaerobic digestion is presented. The method includes mixing a volume of waste material with water to form a feedstock mixture.
Verliant Energy, Inc.

Generation of a digital signature

A method and system for generating a digital signature of a data item. A unique condition digest of at least two condition digests is iteratively processed in each iteration of a loop for a sufficient number of iterations to process all of the condition digests.
International Business Machines Corporation

Methods and systems for increasing engagement of low engagement users in a social network

Techniques to increase engagement with a social networking system. In one embodiment, an engagement level of a user with a social networking system is monitored.
Facebook, Inc.

Preparation of functionalized polypeptides, peptides, and proteins by alkylation of thioether groups

Reagents are disclosed for chemoselective tagging of methionine residues in peptides and polypeptides, subsequent bioorthogonal tag functionalization, and cleavage of the tags when desired to regenerate unmodified samples. This method compliments other peptide tagging strategies and adds capability for tag removal, which may be useful for release of therapeutic peptides from a carrier, or release of tagged protein digests from solid supports..
The Regents Of The University Of California

4-oxo-2-pentenoic acid and the health of the digestive tract

The present invention relates generally to compositions with a health benefit. In particular, the invention relates to the field of inflammatory disorders of the digestive tract, for example, ileitis, colitis, rectal inflammation, pharyngitis, leaky gut syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease.
Nestec S.a.

Apparatus and methods for cell isolation

A unitary apparatus for isolating cells from adipose tissue including a lipid separation processor with a dispersing head equipped with a plurality of ports and a digestion chamber for dissociation of the constituent cells disposed in adipose tissue. The lipid separating apparatus is useful for the separation of lipids and adipocytes from a mixed cell population.
Ingeneron Incorporated

Two-stage anaerobic digestion systems wherein one of the stages comprises a two-phase system

Low cost, efficient two-stage anaerobic digestion systems for the production of biogas (e.g. Methane) are provided.
Washington State University

Use of pure cellulose in increasing the energy content of fodder

The present invention concerns a fodder containing at least one type of grain crop, and a process for its manufacture, in which fodder the contents and identities of high-energy components have been optimized, whereby the main component in the fodder, in addition to the grain crop, is microcellulose, most suitably having a narrow particle size distribution, which microcellulose has been found to be digested in a particularly advantageous manner in the stomach of an animal, particularly the rumen of a ruminant, such as a cow.. .
Aalto University Foundation

Retrofit assembly and installing a hydraulic drive motor to a pressurized vessel

A hydraulic drive assembly for a large pre-existing pressurized digester vessel and a method of installation of the hydraulic drive assembly have been conceived. Such a device includes a stub shaft which has a lower end and an upper end.
Andritz Inc.

Ingestible event marker systems

Ingestible event marker systems that include an ingestible event marker (i.e., an iem) and a personal signal receiver are provided. Embodiments of the iem include an identifier, which may or may not be present in a physiologically acceptable carrier.
Proteus Digital Health, Inc.

Treatment of biomass

A process for the treatment of biomass comprising subjecting biomass to microbial digestion to produce volatile fatty acids and/or solvents followed by wet oxidation to reduce biosolid volume while retaining or increasing the concentration of the volatile fatty acids and/or solvents.. .
Terax Limited Partnership

Cloning method

The present invention relates to a method based on the use of restriction enzyme digestion and ligation via cleavage sites, thereby to prepare two or more standardized expression cassettes.. .
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

Isolation and use of human lymphoid organ-derived suppressive stromal cells

A method for suppressing an immune response is provided. The method involves administration of isolated lymphoid tissue-derived suppressive stromal cells (lssc) to a subject in need of such treatment in an amount effective to suppress the immune response in the subject.
The General Hospital Corporation D/b/a Massachusetts General Hospital

Natural tissue-derived decellularized matrix and methods of generating and using same

Decellularized tissue-derived extracellular matrices (ecm) and methods of generating and using same are provided. The method of generating a decellularized matrix includes the steps of: (a) subjecting the tissue to washes and a hypertonic buffer; (b) subjecting the tissue to an enzymatic proteolytic digestion with an enzyme such as trypsin; and (c) removing all cellular components from the tissue using a detergent solution which includes triton-x-100 and ammonium hydroxide.
Technion Research & Development Foundation Ltd.

Cosmetic and pharmaceutical uses of saccharides

The present invention provides cosmetic and pharmaceutical compositions and therapies capable of reducing skin pigmentation and valuable in treating and managing disorders of skin pigmentation. The invention uses safe and well tolerated non-digestible oligosaccharides as the active agents providing numerous advantages over the harsh chemicals of previously available compositions..
Curapel (scotland) Limited

Method for treating waste, in particular household refuse, and unit for implementing same

The invention relates to a waste treatment method in which waste is subjected to a first screening process (4). The fraction of waste passing through the screening is subjected to a pre-fermentation treatment in a rotating tube (1) and the material leaving the pre-fermentation treatment tube is subjected to mixing in a mixing hopper, and, subsequently, to a methanisation treatment in a digester (2).
Suez Environnement

Controlled release fertiliser

The present invention provides a fertiliser comprising nutrients adsorbed onto a core material comprising a carbonate mineral. Also provided are methods of producing a solid fertiliser, the method comprising adsorbing nutrients onto a core material comprising a carbonate mineral.
The Queen's University Of Belfast

Identifying peers by their interpersonal relationships

According to this disclosure, a user is identified (and selectively granted access to protected resources) by using information that describes the user's interpersonal relationships. This information typically is stored in a datastore, such as a digital address book, an online profile page, or the like.
Wallrust, Inc.

Method for analyzing formyl glycine residue

Disclosed is a method which enables semiquantitative or quantitative determination of the ratio between cysteine and formylglycine residues in a protein. The method includes (a) a step of labeling the protein (i) with a halogen-substituted carboxylic acid, (ii) with a halogen-substituted carboxylic acid amide, and (iii) with a halogen-substituted carboxylic acid and then with hydrazine, or with a halogen-substituted carboxylic acid and then by oximation, (b) a step of digesting each labeled protein to provide a corresponding mixture of peptide fragments, (c) a step of subjecting each mixture to reverse phase chromatography to separate the peptide fragments from each other to produce a chromatogram, (d) a step of comparing the produced chromatograms with each other to identify the peak corresponding to the peptide fragment that contained a cysteine residue and the peak corresponding to the peptide fragment that contained a formylglycine residue..
Jcr Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

Composition comprising a mixture of fibers

The present invention relates to compositions comprising fibers, suitable as food compositions. The present invention also relates to the use to such compositions for digestive comfort.

Digest obfuscation for data cryptography

Execution of an obfuscation application may cause a computing device to translate bits of a hashed value according to a sparse bit selection pattern, the sparse bit pattern including a translation of bits of the hashed value into reordered bit unit groupings sized according to a numeric base of a digit cypher; and generate an obfuscated value using the translated bit unit groupings of the hashed value as indices into the digit cypher, the digit cypher including a mapping of the indices to output values in the numeric base. The obfuscation application may further cause the device to receive a target value to be obfuscated in data records received from a data source, hash the target value using a hashing module to create the hashed value, in some cases truncate the hashed value, and replace the target value in the data records with the obfuscated value..
Cellco Partnership (d/b/a Verizon Wireless)

Surgical instrument

Provided is a suture instrument capable of shortening operation time required to ligate a wound, and cauterizing the wound. Provided is a surgical needle including a shape memory alloy which has been shape memory-processed to return, at a temperature equal to or higher than its transformation point, to its original shape selected from a group consisting of a ring shape, a spiral shape, a coil shape and a clinch shape.

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