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Differentiation patents


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 Noninvasive diagnosis of fetal aneuploidy by sequencing patent thumbnailNoninvasive diagnosis of fetal aneuploidy by sequencing
Disclosed is a method to achieve digital quantification of dna (i.e., counting differences between identical sequences) using direct shotgun sequencing followed by mapping to the chromosome of origin and enumeration of fragments per chromosome. The preferred method uses massively parallel sequencing, which can produce tens of millions of short sequence tags in a single run and enabling a sampling that can be statistically evaluated.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

 Method for differentiation into biocompatible keratocyte progenitor cells and keratocyte progenitor cell composition patent thumbnailMethod for differentiation into biocompatible keratocyte progenitor cells and keratocyte progenitor cell composition
Disclosed is a method for differentiation into biocompatible keratocyte progenitor cells, the method including: providing human turbinate mesenchymal stem cells (htmscs) from a tissue source; and culturing the provided human turbinate mesenchymal stem cells (htmscs) in a keratocyte differentiation medium supplemented with keratocyte growth factor (kgf), so that a differentiable keratocyte precursor cell composition that is impossible in the conventional art can be implemented, and the injection of the keratocyte progenitor cell composition into patients can produce a short-term treatment effect while securing the transparency of the cornea.. .
Postech Academy-industry Foundation

 Anterior endoderm cells patent thumbnailAnterior endoderm cells
Disclosed herein are cell cultures comprising pdx1-positive endoderm cells and methods of producing the same. Also disclosed herein are cell populations comprising substantially purified pdx1-positive endoderm cells as well as methods for enriching, isolating and purifying, pdx1-positive endoderm cells to other cell types.
Viacyte, Inc.

 Methods, compositions, and systems for activation and expansion of cells patent thumbnailMethods, compositions, and systems for activation and expansion of cells
The disclosure provides for compositions, systems, and methods of cell expansion, stimulation and/or differentiation. The disclosure further provides for a mesh substrate and associated methods capable of stimulating cell expansion, for example, t cell or stem cell expansion.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

 Nerve signal differentiation in cardiac therapy patent thumbnailNerve signal differentiation in cardiac therapy
Methods of nerve signal differentiation, methods of delivering therapy using such nerve signal differentiation, and to systems and devices for performing such methods. Nerve signal differentiation may include locating two electrodes proximate nerve tissue and differentiating between efferent and afferent components of nerve signals monitored using the two electrodes..
Medtronic, Inc.

 Differentiation of stem cells into thyroid tissue patent thumbnailDifferentiation of stem cells into thyroid tissue
Embodiments herein relate in vitro methods of stem cell differentiation into thyroid hormone producing cells and tissues, and methods of use of these cells.. .
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Inc.

 Methods of inducing cell differentiation with placental extracts patent thumbnailMethods of inducing cell differentiation with placental extracts
Disclosed are methods of preparing and using placentally-derived stem cells and compositions useful for the treatment of cancer. Said stem cells and compositions function through inducing a “guided differentiation” program in cancer cells, thereby reducing malignancy.
Xon Cells, Inc.

 Method of treating t cell mediated disorders patent thumbnailMethod of treating t cell mediated disorders
A method of treating a t-cell mediated disorders in a tissue includes administering to the tissue of the subject a therapeutically effective amount of a complement antagonist that substantially reduces t-cell differentiation or t-cell inflammatory cytokine generation.. .
Case Western Reserve University

 Human sirpa transgenic animals and their methods of use patent thumbnailHuman sirpa transgenic animals and their methods of use
The invention relates generally to compositions and methods of using transgenic non-human animals expressing human sirpα that are engrafted with a human hematopoietic system. In various embodiments, the human hematopoietic system engrafted, human sirpα transgenic non-human animals of the invention are useful as systems for the in vivo evaluation of the growth and differentiation of hematopoietic and immune cells, for the in vivo assessment of an immune response, for the in vivo evaluation of vaccines and vaccination regimens, for in vivo production and collection of immune mediators, including human antibodies, and for use in testing the effect of agents that modulate hematopoietic and immune cell function..
Yale University

 Coordinated detection and differentiation of denial of service attacks patent thumbnailCoordinated detection and differentiation of denial of service attacks
According to one embodiment, an analyzer module (am) within a same protected network and on-premise with a web application server (was) detects and distinguishes between types of denial-of-service (dos) attacks. The am tracks whether test http messages, which include test http request messages that a signal generation module (sgm) is configured to transmit to the was and test http response messages that the was is expected to transmit in response to the test http request messages, are timely received.
Imperva, Inc.

Devices and kits for measuring biological results

The present invention relates to a kit and a device for measuring nucleic acid amplification through colour differentiation wherein said kit contains at least one ph indicator dye, one or more contained amplification reagents. The kit and device of the present invention also are used to detect, measure and/or record enzymatic reactions that result in ph changes.
Credo Biomedical Pte Ltd.

Reagent-free identification of bacteria containing resistance genes using a rapid intrinsic fluorescence method

This invention relates to a method that allows for the differentiation of isolates of commonly encountered bacteria that contain specific antibiotic-resistance genes from similar isolates that do not harbor the gene. More particularly, the invention relates to a method that utilizes an automated rapid platform system that employs intrinsic fluorescence, optical data analysis, and artificial intelligence methods to analyze multi-dimensional optical characteristics of bacterial strains..
Pocared Diagnostics Ltd.

Modulating cell proliferation and pluripotency

Disclosed herein are compositions, systems, and methods for modulating proliferation, differentiation and pluripotency of cells.. .
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Pdx1-expressing dorsal and ventral foregut endoderm

Disclosed herein are cell cultures comprising dorsal and/or ventral pdx1-positive foregut endoderm cells and methods of producing the same. Also disclosed herein are cell populations comprising substantially purified dorsal and/or ventral pdx1-positive foregut endoderm cells as well as methods for enriching, isolating and purifying dorsal and/or ventral pdx1-positive foregut endoderm cells from other cell types.
Viacyte, Inc.

Expansion of stem cells in hollow fiber bioreactors

The invention is directed to producing large numbers of cells using hollow fiber bioreactor technology. The cells are non-embryonic stem, non-germ cells that can be characterized by one or more of the following: extended replication in culture and markers of extended replication, such as telomerase, markers of pluripotentiality, and broad differentiation potential, without being transformed..
Regenesys Bvba

Methods and compositions for diagnosis and prognosis of renal injury and renal failure

The present invention relates to methods and compositions for monitoring, diagnosis, prognosis, and determination of treatment regimens in subjects suffering from or suspected of having a renal injury. In particular, the invention relates to using a one or more assays configured to detect a kidney injury marker selected from the group consisting of heat shock 70 kda protein 1, alpha-1-antitrypsin neutrophil elastase complex, stromelysin-1:metalloproteinase inhibitor 2 complex, 72 kda type iv collagenase:metalloproteinase inhibitor 2 complex, insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor, myeloid differentiation primary response protein myd88, neuronal cell adhesion molecule, and tumor necrosis factor ligand superfamily member 10 as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in renal injuries..
Astute Medical, Inc.

Induced pluripotent stem cell model of noonan syndrome and use thereof

The present invention relates to an induced pluripotent stem cell (ipsc) model of noonan syndrome, a preparation method thereof, and uses to study of the pathogenesis of noonan syndrome and a therapeutic agent screening method. Particularly, induced pluripotent stem cells from dermal fibroblasts of a noonan syndrome-patient (ns-ipscs) were generated, and differentiated into embryoid bodies (ebs), neural rosettes and neural cells.
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

Composition for promoting chondrocyte differentiation or treating cartilage diseases, containing klf10 expression inhibitor, and promoting cartilage differentiation by using same

The present invention relates to a krueppel-like factor 10 (klf10) gene expression inhibitor promoting cartilage differentiation, and more specifically, to: a composition for promoting chondrocyte differentiation or treating cartilage diseases, containing a klf10 gene expression inhibitor promoting cartilage differentiation and inhibiting the hypertrophy and dedifferentiation of chondrocytes; a cell therapeutic agent containing the composition; a method for promoting cartilage differentiation in bone marrow stem cells, comprising a step of expressing the composition in bone marrow stem cells; and a method for screening a chondrocyte differentiation promoter or a chondrocyte therapeutic agent. The present invention first examined the generation inhibition mechanism of indian hedgehog (ihh) protein of which the molecular biological mechanism has not yet been clearly examined, and ascertained that chondrocyte differentiation is promoted and chondrocyte hypertrophy is inhibited when chondrocyte differentiation is induced by expressing the klf10 expression inhibitor in bone marrow stem cells.
Dongguk University Industry-academic Cooperation F Oundation

Compositions and methods of treating t cell mediated disorder

A method of generating a cd4+foxp3+ treg cell, the method includes administering at least one complement antagonist to a naive cd4+ t cell at an amount effective to substantially inhibits c3a receptor (c3ar) and/or c5a receptor (c5ar) signal transduction in the cd4+ t cell, induce tgf-β1 expression of the cd4+ t cell, and induce differentiation of the of the naive cd4+ t cell into a cd4+foxp3+ treg cell.. .
Case Western Reserve University

Brain specific exosome based diagnostics and extracorporeal therapies

Disclosed are methods, compositions, devices, and kits for the isolation of brain-specific exosomes. Specifically, methods, compositions, devices, and unbound kits comprising an isolated brain-specific extracellular vesicle or exosome joined to a first binding agent that is specific for tau, β-amyloid, sloo β, neuron-specific enolase, glycoprotein a2b5, cd133, nq01, synaptophysin, neuronal nuclei, mab 1569, polysialic acid-neural cell adhesion molecule (psa-ncam), or neurogenic differentiation 1 (neurod or beta2), or glycosylated or phosphorylated forms of these molecules, are provided..
Exosome Sciences, Inc.

Gdf15 as biomarker for diagnosing mitochondrial diseases

To obtain data associated with a mitochondrial disease, a method includes measuring the level of at least one protein selected from the group consisting of gdf15 (growth differentiation factor 15), hgf (hepatocyte growth factor), mig (gamma interferon induction monokine), scf (stem cell factor) and scgf-β (stem cell growth factor beta) in a biological sample collected from a subject. The measured protein level is compared to that of control subjects and then it is checked whether or not there is difference between the protein level of the subject and that of control subjects..
Kurume University

Method for screening therapeutic and/or prophylactic agents for alzheimer's disease

The present invention provides a method for screening a therapeutic and/or prophylactic agent for alzheimer's disease using at least one index selected from the levels of aβ oligomers, bip, cleaved caspase 4, prdx4 and ros in nerve cells or the like whose differentiation has been induced from ips cells derived from somatic cells of a patient with alzheimer's disease.. .
Kyoto University

Differentiation of human embryonic stem cells

The present invention provides methods to promote the differentiation of pluripotent stem cells into insulin producing cells. In particular, the present invention provides a method to produce a population of cells, wherein greater than 80% of the cells in the population express markers characteristic of the definitive endoderm lineage..
Janssen Biotech, Inc.

Downregulation of mir-7 for promotion of beta cell differentiation and insulin production

A method of ex-vivo increasing insulin content in beta cells or stem cells is disclosed. The method comprising contacting the beta cells or stem cells with an agent for downregulating an activity or expression of mir-7, thereby increasing the insulin content in the beta cells or stem cells..
Yeda Research And Development Co. Ltd.

Guided differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells

This document provides methods and materials related to making and using differentiated induced pluripotent stem cells. For example, methods and materials for making differentiated induced pluripotent stem cells (e.g., insulin-producing cells) that do not form cancer cells within a mammal (e.g., a human), cells that underwent guided differentiation from induced pluripotent stem cells, compositions containing cells that underwent guided differentiation from induced pluripotent stem cells, and methods for using cells that underwent guided differentiation from induced pluripotent stem cells (e.g., methods for using such cells to treat diabetes or to repair cardiovascular tissue) are provided..
Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

Material for undifferentiated state-maintaining culture

A culture method (a preservation method) of somatic stem cells does not use a chemical such as dmso that affects a differentiation function of somatic stem cells. A material for an undifferentiated state-maintaining culture for a somatic stem cell, having a naturally occurring polysaccharide; a culture liquid in which the material for the undifferentiated state-maintaining culture is dispersed; a somatic stem cell-containing culture liquid in which the somatic stem cell is suspended in the culture liquid; and a culture method for mesenchymal stem cells in which a naturally occurring polysaccharide is used..
Kyushu University

Low oxygen tension enhances endothelial fate of human pluripotent stem cells

Low oxygen tension is a critical regulator of the developing or regenerating vasculature. The present invention is based on the determination that low oxygen tension during early stages of early vascular cell (evc) derivation induces endothelial commitment and maturation of pluripotent stem cells.
The Johns Hopkins University

Method of differentiation from stem cells to hepatocytes

Disclosed are: a gene transduction method for use in the induction of the differentiation of stem cells such as es cells or ips cells into hepatocytes effectively; stem cells into each of which a gene useful for the induction of the differentiation into hepatocytes is introduced; and hepatocytes produced from stem cells each having the gene introduced therein. A specific gene can be introduced into stem cells such as es cells or ips cells using an adenovirus vector.
Japan Health Sciences Foundation

Postponed differentiation of reinforced composites

A reinforced composite is provided that includes at least one planar fiber reinforcement or fabric formed from a plurality of fibers. The fiber reinforcement or fabric has a first side and a second side.
Ocv Intellectual Capital, Llc

Subpopulations of spore-like cells and uses thereof

Subpopulations of spore-like cells expressing specific cell surface and gene expression markers are provided. In one embodiment, the cells express at least one cell surface or gene expression marker selected from the group consisting of oct4, nanog, zfp296, cripto, gdf3, utf1, ecat1, esg1, sox2, pax6, nestin, sca-1, cd29, cd34, cd90, b1 integrin, ckit, sp-c, cc10, sf1, dax1, and scg10.
Vbi Technologies, L.l.c.

Methods of using an activator of cereblon for neural cell expansion and the treatment of central nervous system disorders

Provided herein, for example, are methods generally relating to the expansion and/or regeneration of central nervous system (cns) cells, such as nerve cells, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes, using an activator of cereblon (crbn), such as an inhibitor of a crbn substrate or downstream protein. Also provided herein, for example, are methods related to the expansion of neural stem cells, neural progenitor cells, or neural precursor cells and/or differentiation of these cells into cns cells using a brd7 antagonist, ikaros antagonist, or crbn activator.
Celgene Corporation

Intelligent touchscreen keyboard with finger differentiation

Implementations of the present disclosure include actions of displaying a plurality of keys on a touchscreen of a computing device, receiving user input to the touchscreen, the user input including a contact with the touchscreen, in response to receiving the user input, determining spatial information associated with the contact and generating an image of the contact, determining an output based on the image and the spatial information, and executing the output.. .
Google Inc.

Screening assays for identifying differentiation-inducing agents and production of differentiated cells for cell therapy

The invention relates to assays for screening growth factors, adhesion molecules, immunostimulatory molecules, extracellular matrix components and other materials, alone or in combination, simultaneously or temporally, for the ability to induce directed differentiation of pluripotent and multipotent stem cells.. .
Advanced Cell Technology, Inc.

Integrated vibration measurement and analysis system

A vibration data collection system performs an integration or differentiation process on incoming digitized vibration data in real time. The system uses a digital infinite impulse response (iir) filter running at the input data rate to provide the integration or differentiation function.
Computational Systems, Inc.

Nanopore-facilitated single molecule detection of nucleic acids

The present invention provides a new and improved oligonucleotide detection method based on the nanopore technology with a probe containing a complementary sequence to the target oligonucleotide and a terminal extension at the probe's 3′ terminus, 5′ terminus, or both termini. The improved nanopore sensor with the probe enables sensitive, selective, and direct detection, differentiation and quantification of target oligonucleotides such as mirnas.
The Curators Of The University Of Missouri

Directed differentiation and maturation of pluripotent cells into hepatocyte like cells by modulation of wnt-signalling pathway

Provided are improved methods using glycogen synthase kinase 3 (gsk3) inhibitors by which endodermal cells, notable endodermal cells derived from human pluripotent stem cells (hps), such as but not limited to hips-cells and hes-cells may be differentiated into hepatocyte like cells. The specific modulation of wingless integration gene (wnt)-signalling pathway and use of gsk3 inhibitors achieve direct differentiation and maturation of hepatocytes derived from human pluripotent stem (hps) cells.
Takara Bio Europe Ab

Methods of generating natural killer cells

Provided herein are methods of producing natural killer cells using a two-step expansion and differentiation method. Also provided herein are methods of suppressing tumor cell proliferation, of treating individuals having cancer or a viral infection, comprising administering the nk cells produced by the method to an individual having the cancer or viral infection..
Anthrogenesis Corporation

Master transcription factors identification and use thereof

Provided herein are methods for identifying master transcription factors (tfs) in a cell type of interest and for transdifferentiation of a somatic cell, e.g., a fibroblast to the cell type of interest. Also provided herein are induced retinal pigment epithelium (irpe) cell, master tfs therefor, methods for making irpe cell, and methods and compositions for treating an ocular disease such as age-related macular degeneration..
Whitehead Institute For Biomedical Research

Trans-differentiation of differentiation cells

The present invention comprises methods and compositions related to trans-differentiating differentiated cells, the methods comprising bringing said cells into contact with a polypeptide or a nucleic acid encoding said polypeptide.. .
Helmholtz Zentrum München-deutsches Forschungszent Forschungszentrum Für Gesundheit Und Umwelt (gmbh

A pentacyclic triterpenoid compound with modified structure and preparation method and use thereof

The present invention relates to new pentacyclic triterpenes, their preparation method and use. The compounds of the present invention could effectively treat psoriasis and selectively inhibit in vitro differentiation of the th1 and th17 cells, thereby could be used to treat the th1- or th17-mediated autoimmune diseases..
Suzhou Botany Biomedicals Co., Ltd

Method of producing gluten free oats

The separation of oats from a combination of grains is performed by obtaining optical data includes both reflectance data and visual data and then analyzing the data in multiple ways, including analyzing information obtained based on ratios of wavelengths and grain imagery. The reflectance data relies on near infrared spectroscopy at requisite ratios of wavelengths in the range of 1100 nm to 2200 nm, while the grain imagery encompasses images of both sides of each of the combination of grains and can also take into account grain size and shape differentiations.
General Mills, Inc.

Differentiation therapy with cd137 ligand agonists

There is disclosed a method of treating cancer comprising administering an agonist of cd137 ligand (cd137l) to a subject in need thereof.. .
National University Of Singapore

Brown adipocyte modification

Methods and therapeutics are provided for treating metabolic disorders by increasing activation of brown adipose tissue. Generally, the methods and therapeutics can increase activation of brown adipose tissue to increase energy expenditure and induce weight loss.
The General Hospital Corporation D/b/a Massachusetts General Hospital

Modulation of stem cell and progenitor cell differentiation, assays, and uses thereof

The present invention relates to methods of modulating mammalian stem cell and progenitor cell differentiation. The methods of the invention can be employed to regulate and control the differentiation and maturation of mammalian, particularly human stem cells along specific cell and tissue lineages.
Signal Pharmaceuticals

Myeloid differentiation inducing agents

Myeloid differentiating agents can be used in the treatment of myeloid proliferative disorders.. .
Case Western Reserve University

Gel composition for treatment of common acne comprising a combination of benzoyl peroxide and adapalene and/or adapalene salt

Dermatological/cosmetic compositions suited for preventing or treating cell differentiation and/or proliferation and/or keratinization disorders, including preventing or treating common acne, comprise, in a physiologically acceptable medium, (i) at least one dispersed retinoid, (ii) dispersed benzoyl peroxide, in free or encapsulated form, and (iii) at least one ph-independent gelling agent, selected from the group consisting of (a) polyacrylamide gelling agents, (b) gelling agents which are acrylic polymers coupled to hydrophobic chains, (c) modified starch gelling agents, and mixture thereof, said composition maintaining good chemical stability of (i) and (ii) without their degradation over time at a temperature of between 4° c. And 40° c..
Galderma Research & Development

Composition containing fucosterol for skin whitening or moisturizing

The present invention relates to a novel use of fucosterol and, more specifically, to a composition for skin whitening or composition for skin moisturizing, which is characterized by containing fucosterol. Fucosterol of chemical formula 1 below has an excellent whitening effect of inhibiting melanin generation and tyrosinase activity, and thus can be used as an active ingredient of a cosmetic composition for whitening, a food composition, or a pharmaceutical composition.
Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

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