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This page is updated frequently with new Diesel-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Diesel-related patents
 Biodiesel detector patent thumbnailnew patent Biodiesel detector
A device and method of use are provided for measuring the concentration of fatty acid methyl ester (fame) in jet fuel to a limit of detection of 1 ppm. The device measures concentration of fame in jet fuel via fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ftir) with a spectral resolution of 1 cm−1.
Emcee Electronics, Inc.

 Apparatuses and methods for supplying natural gas to a frac water heater patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatuses and methods for supplying natural gas to a frac water heater
Apparatuses and methods for heating well fracturing fluid using natural gas supplied to a frac water heater are provided. In some embodiments, portable separators can be tied into an existing, on-site, natural gas source and supply the heating unit's burner system with the producer's own produced natural gas (for example, sweet fuel gas).
Force Energy Management Corporation

 Method to decouple battery from high level cranking currents of diesel engines patent thumbnailnew patent Method to decouple battery from high level cranking currents of diesel engines
A method of decoupling a battery during high current cranking of an engine comprises charging a supercapacitor bank to a preselected dc supercapacitor voltage from a battery when said battery is above a preselected battery voltage, switching the supercapacitor bank to a load and switching the battery off the load, starting the engine and supplying initial voltage and current until terminal voltage of the supercapacitor is equal to terminal voltage of the battery, switching the battery into parallel with the supercapacitor, disconnecting the supercapacitor from the load, and recharging the supercapacitor to the preselected dc capacitor voltage.. .
Unison Industries, Llc

 Fuel filter for diesel engine patent thumbnailnew patent Fuel filter for diesel engine
A fuel filter for a diesel engine may include an upper cover forming inflow and outflow passages of diesel fuel, a housing integrally mounted in a vehicle body, coupled to the upper cover and housing a filter assembly, and a body penetrating a central portion of the filter assembly, disposed between the upper cover and the filter assembly and integrally forming the upper cover, a heater assembly, and a moisture sensor, in which the heater assembly may be configured to selectively operate according to a detection signal of a fuel temperature sensor that is provided in the engine body.. .
Mann Hummel Korea Co., Ltd.

 Diesel fuel recirculation device patent thumbnailnew patent Diesel fuel recirculation device
A diesel fuel recirculation device may include a fuel tank configured to store and supply diesel fuel, a main filter connected to the fuel tank and filter diesel fuel to supply the filtered diesel fuel to an engine, and a recirculation member provided in the main filter and be resupplied with high temperature fuel from the engine to supply the resupplied high temperature fuel to the fuel tank or the main filter, such that marketability and usage convenience may be improved by increasing a temperature of the fuel using the high temperature fuel resupplied from the engine to shorten a starting time under low temperature conditions.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

 Heater device of diesel fuel filter patent thumbnailnew patent Heater device of diesel fuel filter
A heater device of a diesel fuel filter may include a heater housing inserted into a diesel fuel filter, and a heater portion inserted into the heater housing. A plurality of flow-path regions may be formed in the heater portion such that heated fuel passes through the heater portion.
Hyundai Motor Company

 Low sulfur marine distillate fuel trunk piston engine oil composition. patent thumbnailnew patent Low sulfur marine distillate fuel trunk piston engine oil composition.
This invention describes low sulfur marine distillate fuel trunk piston diesel engine lubricating oil compositions, as well as methods for operating trunk piston engines by fueling the engines with a low sulfur marine distillate fuel trunk piston diesel engine lubricating oil composition.. .
Chevron Oronite Technology B.v.

 Green renewable liquid fuel patent thumbnailnew patent Green renewable liquid fuel
A liquid fuel derived from processed biomass having extremely low water content and suitable for use in diesel engines or as an additive to petroleum based fuels, or which can be used as a petroleum or coal slurry substitute in those uses where a lower cost fuel have reduced emission is desired, is described.. .

 Biodiesel composition and related process and products patent thumbnailnew patent Biodiesel composition and related process and products
There is described a biodiesel composition and process for producing biodiesel and related products. There is also described related fuels and fuel blends comprising biodiesel.
Argent Energy Group Limited

 Method and system for controlling fuel pump for hybrid diesel vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for controlling fuel pump for hybrid diesel vehicle
A method for controlling a fuel pump for a hybrid diesel vehicle may include determining, by a control device, whether to drive the hybrid diesel vehicle in an ev driving mode or in an engine driving mode by reflecting a vehicle driving state information value and stopping, by the control device, operation of a fuel pump relay when the determination is made to drive in the ev driving mode.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

new patent

Sulfur-resistant synergized pgm catalysts for diesel oxidation application

Sulfur-resistant spgm catalysts with significant oxidation capabilities are disclosed. A plurality of catalyst samples may be prepared including zpgm material compositions of ymno3 perovskite supported on doped zirconia and cordierite substrate, and front zoned with pd and pt/pd compositions.
Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc.

new patent

Synergized pgm catalyst with low pgm loading and high sulfur resistance for diesel oxidation application

Sulfur-resistant spgm catalysts with significant oxidation capabilities are disclosed. Catalytic layers of spgm samples may be prepared using incipient wetness and metallizing techniques to structure a washcoat layer of zpgm material of ymno3 perovskite , and an overcoat layer including pt/pd composition on alumina-silica support oxide.
Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc.


Method for improving appearance of diesel particulate filters

A method of repairing an outer enclosure of a diesel particulate filter, having a first axial end and a second axial end, is disclosed. The method includes wrapping a generally planar metal sheet around the outer enclosure.
Caterpillar Inc.


Method for operating an exhaust gas aftertreatment, device for controlling an exhaust gas after treatment, exhaust gas aftertreatment and internal combustion engine having exhaust gas after treatment

A method and a device for operating an exhaust gas aftertreatment, wherein a diesel particulate filter is regenerated during the operation, in particular passively regenerated, wherein a corrected differential pressure is calculated from a current differential pressure across the diesel particulate filter at a current exhaust gas volumetric flow rate and with a current correction factor. The current correction factor is determined by determining a lower differential pressure in a predetermined time interval at a defined exhaust gas volumetric flow rate, in particular in a specified exhaust gas volumetric flow rate interval around the defined exhaust gas volumetric flow rate, and comparing the lower differential pressure with a specified current reference value and, depending thereon, calculating a new correction factor or retaining the previous correction factor as the current correction factor..
Mtu Friedrichshafen Gmbh


Catalyst design for selective-catalytic-reduction (scr) filters

Provided is an improved selective catalytic reduction filtering (scrf) device that separates reduction of nitrogen oxides (nox) from oxidation of soot, hydro-carbon (hc) and carbon monoxide (co). The scrf device has a diesel oxidation catalyst unit for oxidizing hc and co and oxidizing diesel fuel to support dpf regenerations, and a scr filtering unit, including at least one inlet channel and being connected to the diesel oxidation catalyst unit, for controlling (soot) emission, cleaning-up slipped hc and co during a dpf regeneration, and reducing nitrogen oxides in the diesel exhaust gas.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Method for coating catalyst on diesel particulate filter

A method for coating catalyst on a diesel particulate filter includes the steps of, preparing a filter main body by using a substance through which a plurality of pores are formed. Coating firstly a reduction catalytic agent on the filter main body by immersing the filter main body into a wash coat solution containing the reduction catalytic agent.
Kia Motors Corp,


Marine diesel cylinder lubricant oil compositions

Disclosed herein are marine diesel cylinder lubricating oil compositions comprising (a) a major amount of one or more group i basestocks, and (b) a detergent composition comprising (i) one or more alkaline earth metal salts of an alkyl-substituted hydroxyaromatic carboxylic acid having a total base number (tbn) greater than 250, and (ii) one or more high overbased alkyl aromatic sulfonic acids or salts thereof, wherein the aromatic moiety of the alkyl aromatic sulfonic acids or salts thereof contains no hydroxyl groups; and wherein the marine diesel cylinder lubricating oil composition has a tbn of about 5 to about 120, and further wherein the marine diesel cylinder lubricating oil composition is substantially free of tetrapropenyl phenol (tpp) and its unsulfurized metal salt.. .
Chevron Oronite Technology B.v.


Use of nitrogen compounds quaternised with alkylene oxide and hydrocarbyl-substituted polycarboxylic acid as additives in fuels and lubricants

The invention relates to the use of quaternized nitrogen compounds as a fuel and lubricant additive or kerosene additive, such as in particular as a detergent additive, for decreasing or preventing deposits in the injection systems of direct-injection diesel engines, in particular in common rail injection systems, for decreasing the fuel consumption of direct-injection diesel engines, in particular of diesel engines having common rail injection systems, and for minimizing the power loss in direct-injection diesel engines, in particular in diesel engines having common rail injection systems; the invention further relates to the use as an additive for petrol, in particular for operation of disi engines.. .
Basf Se


Method for coating catalyst on diesel particulate filter

A method for coating catalyst on a diesel particulate filter may include preparing a filter main body by using a substance through which a plurality of pores may be formed wherein a plurality of inlet channels and a plurality of outlet channels may be arranged alternatively, coating firstly a reduction catalytic agent by providing absorption pressure to an opposite channel to the selected channel while supplying wash coat solution containing the reduction catalytic agent to a selected channel from an inlet channel and an outlet channel of the filter main body, and coating secondly the reduction catalytic agent by providing absorption pressure to an opposite channel to the selected channel while supplying wash coat solution containing the reduction catalytic agent to a selected channel from an inlet channel and an outlet channel of the filter main body that has been coated firstly.. .
Kia Motors Corp.


Automobile automatic transmission

An automobile automatic transmission with a double-rotor structure, comprising an internal rotor (1), an external rotor (2), a right end cover (3), a left end cover (4), bearings (5) and collecting rings (6), wherein the internal rotor (1) is connected with an output shaft of an engine, and the external rotor (2) is connected to an input shaft of a main speed reducer. The automobile automatic transmission is characterized in that the external rotor (2) is formed by processing entity steel and can bear a large torque; two-phase excitation windings at intervals are evenly arranged on the internal rotor (1); the collecting rings (6) have four lines and are respectively connected to two full bridges of a controller for outputting, and not only can a constant magnetic field be formed on the internal rotor (1) by inputting direct currents, but also a positive and negative rotating magnetic field can be formed by inputting two-phase alternating currents with a phase difference of +/−90 degrees.


Metal shell of glow plug for diesel engines and manufacturing the same

A metal shell of a glow plug mounted on an engine head of a diesel engine and a method of manufacturing the same are disclosed. The metal shell has an improved multi-stage structure, which allows the metal shell to be easily manufactured regardless of overall length of the metal shell and allows a metal shell section fastened to the engine head and at least one of the other metal shell sections to have different material strengths, thereby increasing fastening strength of the metal shell to the engine head and preventing warpage of the metal shell while improving productivity while reducing manufacturing costs.
Woo Jin Ind. Co., Ltd.


Method and control device for operating an internal combustion engine

A method for operating an internal combustion engine, such as a marine diesel engine, that is operative for rotating an output shaft of the engine in a normal operating mode for generating a desired output power based on an operating fuel quantity introduced into the engine. The engine is operated in a calibration mode at a defined rotational speed of the output shaft, and a calibrating fuel quantity introduced into the engine to maintain the defined rotational speed in the calibration mode is determined.
Man Diesel & Turbo Se


Method for the operation of an exhaust-gas treatment system, device for controlling an exhaust-gas treatment system, exhaust-gas treatment system, engine control unit, and internal combustion engine having an exhaust-gas treatment system

A method for an exhaust-gas treatment system having a diesel particle filter, in particular for the operation of an internal combustion engine having an exhaust-gas treatment system, in particular an internal combustion engine including a motor. The method includes the steps of: operating the diesel particle filter, in particular with regular regeneration; and determining a present soot loading of the diesel particle filter.
Mtu Friedrichshafen Gmbh


Exhaust purification device

An exhaust gas purification device, including a diesel particulate filter (“dpf”) for collecting particulate matter contained in an exhaust gas, a forced regeneration unit or performing forced regeneration, a capacitance detection unit for detecting a capacitance of the dpf, a total accumulated amount estimation unit for estimating a total amount of accumulated particulate matter and ash collected in the dpf on the basis of the detected capacitance, and an ash accumulated amount calculation unit for calculating an amount of accumulated ash by using, as the amount of accumulated ash, the total amount of accumulation which is estimated when the forced regeneration finishes.. .
Isuzu Motors Limited


Reduced emissions internal combustion engine systems

Internal combustion diesel engine systems and methods of operation are disclosed that include a diesel engine, an exhaust gas recirculation system, a wastegated turbocharger, an exhaust throttle, and a vanadia selective catalytic reduction catalyst downstream of the exhaust throttle.. .
Cummins Inc.


Compression ignition engine system with improved regeneration via controlled ash deposits

An engine system includes an electronically controlled compression ignition engine configured to burn diesel fuel and a high ash oil to produce an exhaust with a temperature and nox to soot ratio as well as a controlled level of ash deposits on the particulate filter of the system. An aftertreatment system is fluidly connected to the engine and includes a diesel oxidation catalyst, a reductant supply, and a diesel particulate filter coated with a nox reduction catalyst.
Caterpillar Inc.


Collapsible pushrod valve actuation sysyem for a reciprocating piston machine cyclinder

A valve actuation system is described containing a collapsible pushrod device for use in a reciprocating piston machine cylinder such as an engine. The collapsible pushrod device replaces a conventional pushrod.


Processes for maximizing high quality distillate

A process for producing a high quality distillate that meets the ultralow sulfur, cold flow, and distillation requirements. The feed stream is first hydrotreated and dewaxed in the same reactor to provide a hydrotreated and dewaxed effluent.
Uop Llc


Non-toxic, inexpensive, low viscosity mineral oil based drilling fluid

The disclosure relates to drilling fluid compositions, and their method of use, comprising a non-toxic and low cost-to-produce mineral base oil comprising 90 to 100% branched and cyclic-paraffins and virtually aromatic free. The disclosed base oils are suitable to replace diesel oil and distillates in any drilling operation and offers a reduced environmental impact and improved health and safety of employees..
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.


Method for limiting engine torque when error occurs in water sensor of fuel filter

A method for limiting an engine torque when a failure occurs in a water sensor of a fuel filter includes sensing the failure of the water sensor installed in the fuel filter through a failure diagnosis logic in a diesel hybrid vehicle. A current vehicle driving mode is checked when the failure of the water sensor is sensed.
Hyundai Motor Company


Mobile soil treatment unit

A modular soil treatment system and apparatus for treating soils contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons such as gasoline, diesel and heating oil, chlorinated hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds is disclosed which can be transported to any site and reused.. .
Sanexen Environmental Services Inc.


Sulfur resistance of zero-pgm for diesel oxidation application

Sulfur tolerant oxidation catalysts with significant oxidation capabilities are disclosed. A plurality of catalyst samples may be prepared including zpgm material compositions of ymno3 perovskite, cuxmn3-xo4 spinel, and a combination of both, supported on doped zirconia and cordierite substrate, and front zoned with sulfur getters of pd, ba acetate, and ce nitrate.


Control internal combustion engine

An object is to improve the combustion condition in an internal combustion engine equipped with a supercharger and performing diesel combustion using fuel having a relatively high self-ignition temperature in an operation state in which the engine load is increased or decreased. A control apparatus performs first injection during the compression stroke, causes spray guide combustion to occur, and starts to perform second injection at such a second injection time that combustion of injected fuel is started by flame generated by the spray guide combustion, thereby causing self-ignition and diffusion combustion of fuel to occur.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Fuel mixture control system

A control system operative to establish a coordinated mixture of gaseous and distillate fuels for a high capacity off-road vehicle equipped with a diesel-electric drive including a propel mode includes an electronic control unit and a gaseous control unit. The electronic control unit generates an auxiliary control signal which is determinative of a steadily increasing quantity of gaseous fuel to be included in an operative fuel mixture.


Abnormality diagnosing apparatus

An abnormality diagnosing apparatus configured to diagnose abnormality of a fuel injection amount of a diesel engine includes: an oxidation catalyst provided in an exhaust gas passage; an exhaust gas temperature detector configured to detect an upstream-side exhaust gas temperature and a downstream-side exhaust gas temperature, the upstream-side exhaust gas temperature being an exhaust gas temperature on an upstream side of the oxidation catalyst, the downstream-side exhaust gas temperature being an exhaust gas temperature on a downstream side of the oxidation catalyst; and an abnormality determining unit configured to determine whether the fuel injection amount is excessive or not on the basis of comparison between the upstream-side exhaust gas temperature and the downstream-side exhaust gas temperature.. .
Volvotruck Corporation


Systems and methods for managing diesel exhaust fluid stratification

A method for an exhaust system is provided, comprising adjusting reductant injection responsive to a reductant concentration, the reductant concentration based on concentration sensor readings and vehicle motion. If the reductant freezes, the reductant may stratify, leading to inaccurate concentration sensor readings.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Diesel particulate filter and exhaust gas purification device

Provided is a novel dpf which can prevent pm from accumulating on the surface and interior of a filter substrate, and can suppress an increase in back pressure caused by exhaust gas. The dpf has a configuration in which an inorganic porous layer, which includes a metal oxide or a metal composite oxide and provided with surface irregularities having a thickness of at least 50% of the thickness of the inorganic porous layer, is formed on part or all of the surface of the dividing wall on the side where exhaust gas flows in..
Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.


Method of separating solids using bio-oils

A process for separating a solid having two or more components, at least one of which is lyophobic and at least one of which is lyophilic. The process comprises, in a single step, comminuting a mixture of the solid in a first liquid to which one of the components is lyophilic and to which the other component is lyophobic and in a second liquid which is immiscible with the first liquid and which will wet the lyophobic component to form agglomerates or floes of the lyophobic component and the second liquid in a mill having positive transport capability such that the mill causes the mixture to be transported therethrough.


Process for increasing a diesel recovery from a fractionation column

A process for recovering diesel from fractionation column bottoms stream. The bottoms stream from the fractionation column is passed to a vacuum column.
Uop Llc


System and engine control

Embodiments of the subject matter disclosed herein relate to controlling engine operating points and power for full throttle command in an off-highway vehicle, such as a diesel electric haul truck, to increase fuel efficiency. In one example, a system includes an engine and a controller.
General Electric Company


Method for a vehicle misfuelling alert system

A method for a vehicle misfuelling alert system warns and prevents the use or possible use of regular fuel in a diesel vehicle. The alert system includes a sensor, a microprocessor, and an alert device.


Hydroprocessing catalyst composition containing an acetoacetic acid compound, a making such a catalyst, and a process of using such catalyst

A composition that comprises a support material having incorporated therein a metal component and impregnated with an additive compound that is an acetoacetic acid compound. The composition includes the support material that is impregnated with the additive compound and is useful in the hydroprocessing of hydrocarbon feedstocks, especially in the denitrogenation and desulfurization of distillate feedstocks to make ultra low sulfur diesel..
Shell Oil Company


Engine management system

An engine management system that maximizes the efficiency of internal combustion engines (gasoline or diesel) based on the performance demanded of the engine and the environmental conditions that the engine is operating in. The engine intake and cooling systems are arranged such that that the engine intake air temperature and pressure and coolant temperature are continuously optimized to provide reduced emissions on start-up and increased efficiency and performance in all environmental conditions..


Apparatus and controlling cold starting of diesel engine vehicle

A method for controlling a cold starting of a diesel engine vehicle may include determining whether a cold starting condition is satisfied by detecting data for controlling a diesel engine, determining torque generated by combustion for starting the diesel engine when the cold starting condition is satisfied, determining a combustion delay and a combustion phase based on the torque and detected data, determining a main injection timing according to the determined combustion delay and combustion phase, determining a latent heat of fuel based on the torque and detected data, determining a pilot injection amount according to the determined latent heat of fuel, determining a total amount of heat by combustion based on the torque and detected data, determining a main injection amount according to the determined total amount of heat, and controlling an operation of an injector based on the main injection timing, pilot injection amount and main injection amount.. .


Method for controlling air control valve in diesel hybrid vehicle

A method for controlling an air control valve in a diesel hybrid vehicle includes an engine stop detection step for detecting whether a diesel engine is stopped and a vehicle speed is less than a predetermined speed, a first noise and vibration blockade step for controlling a throttle valve to be closed when the diesel engine is stopped and the vehicle speed is less than the predetermined speed, and a first throttle valve control step for closing and then opening again the throttle valve for a predetermined time.. .


High efficiency portable power plant

A high efficiency and high output electrical generator sized to match the electrical demands of generating power for lighting and operation of large amperage electrical machinery including an improved gear belt drive designed to allow the a diesel engine to run at a lower rpm, resulting in optimal fuel conservation benefit and longer run time on a tank of fuel, the engine, generator and motor mounts form a uniquely unitized mounting system employing a modular bell housing and generator adaptor plate supporting the engine, gears, belt drive and generator components.. .


Diesel exhaust fluid pump electronics and tank unit cooling

A housing for an exhaust fluid pump electronics and tank unit may include a chamber and a deflection flange. The housing may include a removable cover including a vent and a cover flange.


System and method to calculate concentration of diesel exhaust fluid (def)

A system to calculate concentration of diesel exhaust fluid (def) in an exhaust of an engine is disclosed. The system includes a selective catalytic reduction (scr) module, a diesel exhaust fluid (def) module, a first nox sensor, a second nox sensor, and a control module.


White smoke reduction system for diesel vehicle

A white smoke reduction system for a diesel vehicle reduces white smoke generated from a diesel vehicle. The white smoke reduction system includes a diesel oxidation catalyst (doc) mounted on an exhaust line connected to an engine to oxidize exhaust gas through a catalyst.


Switch gain scheduled explicit model predictive control of diesel engines

A method for controlling an internal combustion engine using a controller that controls an air flow path by adjusting at least one of a variable geometry turbine (vgt) and an exhaust gas recirculation (egr) flow rate during engine operation. The method determines inputs, such as engine speed and fuel rate from the sensor data, and employs a switch based gain-scheduled explicit model predictive controller (mpc) responsive to the inputs to determine the air flow path..


Diesel engine oil composition for improving fuel efficiency and endurance performance

Disclosed is a novel diesel engine oil composition for fuel efficiency and endurance performance. The diesel engine oil composition may maximize frictional resistance and wear resistance by facilitating the formation of a lubricating film on a metal surface, extend an oil change cycle with excellent engine protection ability, and improve fuel efficiency due to friction reduction.


Betaine compounds as additives for fuels

The use of betaine compounds of the formula r1—co—nh—x—nr2r3)+—y—coo− where r1 denotes a linear or branched alkyl or alkenyl radical having 5 to 21 carbon atoms, r2 and r3 each independently denote c1- to c4-alkyl radicals, x denotes a hydrocarbon bridging element having 1 to 12 carbon atoms and y denotes a linear or branched c1- to c4-alkylene group, as additives for fuels, especially as detergent additives for diesel fuels.. .


Synthesis of liquid fuels and chemicals from oxygenated hydrocarbons

Processes and reactor systems are provided for the conversion of oxygenated hydrocarbons to hydrocarbons, ketones and alcohols useful as liquid fuels, such as gasoline, jet fuel or diesel fuel, and industrial chemicals. The process involves the conversion of mono-oxygenated hydrocarbons to aromatics and gasoline range hydrocarbons where the oxygenated hydrocarbons are derived from biomass..


Cloud point improvement for partial conversion hydrocracking units

Methods and apparatus for improving the cold flow properties of diesel are described. The methods include hydrocracking a hydrocarbon feed to provide a reactor effluent comprising a product mixture comprising diesel, kerosene, and naphtha, and unconverted feed.


Biodiesel-based emulsion defoamer and making the same

Disclosed are an oil-in-water emulsion defoamer and a method for preparing the defoamer. The defoamer may have a dispersed oil phase with a droplet size of 4 to 8 μm, and a viscosity of 100 to 1000 cp, and is widely used for defoaming in paper coating and wet-end in a paper mill.


Aerodiesel engine

The present invention is an aero engine that is provided with compression combustion and weighs less than 725 lbs. The present invention is further a method of forming the aero engine..


Piston crown cooling feature for diesel engines

Internal combustion diesel engines require localized cooling methods for the pistons in these engines. The lubricating oil for the engine is also used as a cooling medium.


Heterogeneous catalyst for transesterification and preparing same

A transesterification catalyst that is heterogeneous and a method for preparing said transesterification catalyst are provided. The catalyst can be used in a variety of transesterification reactor configurations including cstr (continuous stirred tank reactors), ebullated (or ebullating) beds or any other fluidized bed reactors, and pfr (plug flow, fixed bed reactors).


Method for cleaning paint from a paint applicator

A method of cleaning a coating apparatus that has been coated with a coating such as an oil-based paint using bio-diesel.. .


Transportable gas device

A mobile compressed natural gas (cng) pressure reducing choke and heater unit are mounted to a trailer. The trailer is towable to a location that does not have a sales pipeline of cng.
Pride Of The Hills Manufacturing, Inc.


High-enthalpy fluid injection integrated with spark plug

Disclosed is a turbocharged internal combustion piston engine system that includes a waste-heat recovery system. The waste-heat recovery system involves injecting heated water into the cylinders during combustion to increase engine power and efficiency and to reduce emissions.


Controller for diesel engine

A controller for a diesel engine has a fuel injector which injects a fuel into a cylinder. The controller has a middle-combustion time computing portion which computes a middle-combustion time period that has elapsed from the fuel is injected until a half of the fuel has combusted, based on a detection value of a cylinder pressure sensor.
Denso Corporation



Filter for application in motor vehicles in general, urban or rural use, terrestrial, aquatic or aerial use, such as car, motorcycle, truck, bus, train, boat, ship, vessel, airplane, jet ski, snowmobile, tractor, any vehicle or machine powered by a combustion engine, electric, hybrid, hydrogen, gasoline, methanol, ethanol, butanol, diesel, kerosene, or any other technology or fuel, which can also be applied to any equipment using a combustion engine, like generators or turbines for stationary power generation, large water pump and agricultural equipment use, and aircraft powered by turbo-jets, turbo-fans, turbo propellers, piston engines or others, and may also provide versions for residential, commercial, industrial and hospital use, among others, with the addition of a power supply (transformer) on the power input and a possible adjustment in a cabinet with appropriate design for each use.. .


Rope-suspended leader mast

A rope-suspended leader mast includes a lower part for accommodating a material to be pile-driven and an upper part for accommodating a diesel pile driver having a fuel feed. The leader mast is provided with at least one securing rope.
Delmag Gmbh & Co. Kg


Enhancement of fischer-tropsch process for hydrocarbon fuel formulation in a gtl environment

An enhanced natural gas processing method using fischer-tropsch (ft) process for the synthesis of sulfur free, clean burning, hydrocarbon fuels, examples of which include syndiesel and aviation fuel. A selection of natural gas, separately or combined with portions of natural gas liquids and ft naphtha and ft vapours are destroyed in a syngas generator and used or recycled as feedstock to an fischer-tropsch (ft) reactor in order to enhance the production of syndiesel from the reactor.
Expander Energy, Inc.


Diesel fuel pump

A diesel fuel pump includes a cylinder provided to a housing, and a plunger configured to form a cylinder chamber in conjunction with the cylinder by being reciprocably provided to the cylinder. The plunger compresses fuel inside the cylinder chamber when the plunger moves in one direction during a reciprocating motion, and introduces the fuel into the cylinder chamber when the plunger moves in another direction.
Koganei Seiki Co., Ltd.


Integrative reductant system and method using constant volume injection

Various embodiments relate to a selective catalytic reduction system for treating exhaust gases of an internal combustion engine. The system includes an inlet section that receives exhaust gases from the engine.
Cummins Emission Solutions, Inc.


Transportation system with a non-rail-bound vehicle to be supplied with electrical energy through an overhead conductor system

A transportation system with a non-rail-bound, electrically or diesel-electrically driven vehicle, has a two-pole overhead conductor system with contact wires forming supply and return conductors. The vehicle has a current collector for the supply of electrical energy through sliding contact with the contact wires.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Diesel topics: Exhaust Gas, Downstream, Carboxylic Acid, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrocarbon, Diesel Particulate Filter, Catalytic Reduction, Selective Catalytic Reduction, Internal Combustion Engine, Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, Combustion, Chemical Reaction, Fatty Acid, Oleaginous Yeast, Polysaccharides

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