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Diesel patents


This page is updated frequently with new Diesel-related patent applications.

new patent Hybrid traction motor rotors for diesel-electric locomotives
A traction motor may comprise a stator and a rotor rotatably mounted within the stator. The rotor may include a cylindrical core having a top surface, a bottom surface, and a plurality of receiving holes extending through the cylindrical core.
Electro-motive Diesel, Inc.

new patent System and cooling charge air and excess fuel for a turbocharged diesel engine
A system for cooling charge air and excess fuel for a turbocharged diesel engine includes a charge air cooler having an inlet body, a heat exchanger that is disposed downstream from the inlet body and an outlet body that is disposed downstream from the heat exchanger. The outlet body defines a flow passage in fluid communication with the heat exchanger.
Cnh Industrial America, Llc

new patent Method of modifying engine oil cooling system
A method of modifying the oil cooling system of a diesel engine includes the steps of removing the original equipment liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger and installing a manifold having a configuration adapted to match the mounting configuration of the oil passages of the original equipment liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger. The manifold has an oil outlet port directed to a remotely mounted oil cooler.
Neal Technologies, Inc.

new patent Ammonia occlusion amount estimation device and method, and purification control apparatus and method
A purification controller 12 is configured to estimate the amount of ammonia occluded (i.e. Ammonia occlusion amount) in an scr catalyst 4, which is arranged in an exhaust pipe 52 of a diesel engine 51 so as to purify nox in an exhaust gas of the diesel engine 51.
Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

new patent Modified asphaltic product and process
An asphalt modifying binder product, which is essentially a cut-back bituminous binder, uniquely including a petroleum product, such as diesel fuel or alternatively an organic oil, including vegetable or animal derived fats or oils, or glycol, for use in the manufacture of cold-mix asphalt “cma” and asphalt treated base products. When mixed with an dense-graded aggregate with fine aggregate fractions, a dense-graded and non-porous cold-mix asphaltic improved product is formulated.

Pour point depressants for improving the low-temperature viscosity of aged lubricating oil
The present invention relates to compositions for use as lubricating oil additives. The additive compositions comprise a mixture of alkyl (meth)acrylate copolymers, having distinct monomeric compositions.
Evonik Oil Additives Gmbh

Process and recovering hydrotreated hydrocarbons with two strippers
A process and apparatus is disclosed for recovering hydrotreating effluent from a hydrotreating unit utilizing a hot stripper and a cold stripper. Only the hot hydrotreating effluent is heated in a fired heater prior to product fractionation, resulting in substantial operating and capital savings.
Uop Llc

Dual-fluid dispensing system and diesel vehicle
A fluid dispensing apparatus is provided and is configured to dispense two fluids to a vehicle. A rigid diesel spout delivers diesel, while a urea spout is slidably disposed on the diesel spout and configured to deliver urea to the vehicle.
United States Council For Automotive Research, Llc

Combination of pseudobrookite oxide and low loading of pgm as high sulfur-resistant catalyst for diesel oxidation applications
Sulfur-resistant synergized platinum group metals (spgm) catalysts with significant oxidation capabilities are disclosed. Catalytic layers of spgm catalyst samples are prepared using conventional synthesis techniques to build a washcoat layer completely or substantially free of pgm material.
Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc.

Catalyst support materials with oxygen storage capacity (osc) and making thereof
A wash coat is formed by combining platinum group metals (pgm) and an adhesive with a mixture of catalyst support materials according to the relationship (α)re-ce—zro2+(β)czmla+(1−α−β)re-al2o3. The re-ce—zro2 is a commercial material of rare earth elements stabilized ceria zirconia having a weight ratio (α) ranging from 0 to about 0.7; czmla is a catalyst support material comprising a core support powder coated with a solid solution and has a weight ratio (β) ranging from about 0.2 to about 1 such that (α+β)≦1.
Pacific Industrial Development Corporation

Process and production of biodiesel and treatment of waste thereby generated

Glycerolipids and fatty acids are purified in a continuous flow by removal of particulates and moisture. Following this, they are esterified and transesterified in batches, after which the fatty acid alkyl esters produced are separated from the glycerin phase byproduct and are purified through a continuous flow removal of soaps, trace glycerin, salts, and free alcohol.
Springboard Biodiesel, Llc

Secondary fuel injection diesel engines

A secondary fueling system for a diesel internal combustion engine includes an injector which injects an oxygen-containing secondary fuel into the engine's air intake system, a pump which pumps the secondary fuel to the injector, a sensor which senses pressure in the air intake system, and a secondary fuel controller which receives output signals from the sensor and pump, operator inputs for the engine, and data signals pertaining to operation of the engine from the main engine controller, determines an injection amount of the secondary fuel based thereon, and controls the pump based on the determined injection amount. A position of the injector in the engine's air intake system is distant from the engine's intake valves and is based on the engine's displacement, e.g., it relates to approximately equal to one quarter of the engine's displacement..
Michigan Angel Fund Llc

Emissions reduction system

An exhaust system for a diesel engine is disclosed. The exhaust system may include a diesel oxidation catalyst (doc) configured to receive exhaust gases from the engine and oxidize hydrocarbons in the exhaust gases and a passive nox adsorber (pna) downstream from the doc and configured to store nox from the exhaust gases at temperatures up to 150° c.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Trunk piston engine oil composition

A low sulfur marine distillate fuel trunk piston diesel engine lubricating oil composition comprising (a) a major amount of a group i base oil or a group ii base oil or mixtures thereof; (b) at least one or more detergents comprising at least one overbased salt of an alkyl-substituted hydroxybenzoic acid; and (c) a succinimide dispersant derived from polyalkylene having a number average molecular weight (mn) of 1400-3000; wherein the succinimide dispersant is present at greater than 1.20 wt. % on an actives basis; and the tbn of the composition is less than 30 mg koh/g..
Chevron Oronite Technology B.v.

Direct coal liquefaction process and system

A direct coal liquefaction process and system is provided that utilizes a dispersed catalyst and recycle of atmospheric and vacuum fractionator bottoms to produce a maximum yield of jet fuel/diesel or chemical plant feedstock while eliminating all slurry heat exchangers and a slurry preheat furnace. Process hydrogen is preheated in a heat exchanger and, if necessary, in a hydrogen furnace, and mixed with the recycled atmospheric and vacuum fractionator bottoms being fed to the input of the direct liquefaction reactor.
Accelergy Corporation

Diesel oxidation catalyst and use thereof in diesel and advanced combustion diesel engine systems

An oxidation catalyst composite, methods and systems for the treatment of exhaust gas emissions from an advanced combustion engine, such as the oxidation of unburned hydrocarbons (hc), and carbon monoxide (co) and the reduction of nitrogen oxides (nox) from a diesel engine and an advanced combustion diesel engine are disclosed. More particularly, washcoat compositions are disclosed comprising at least two washcoat layers, a first washcoat comprising a palladium component and a first support containing cerium and a second washcoat containing platinum and one or more molecular sieves..
Basf Corporation

Control internal combustion engine

An object is to achieve stable diesel combustion and improvement in the thermal efficiency of the diesel combustion in an internal combustion engine using a fuel having a relatively high self-ignition temperature. A control apparatus for an internal combustion engine includes a fuel injection valve capable of injecting fuel into a combustion chamber and an ignition device whose position relative to the fuel injection valve is set in such a way that it can ignite fuel spray directly.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Control internal combustion engine

An object is to achieve stable diesel combustion and improvement in the thermal efficiency of the diesel combustion in an internal combustion engine using a fuel having a relatively high self-ignition temperature. A control apparatus for an internal combustion engine includes a fuel injection valve capable of injecting fuel into a combustion chamber and an ignition device whose position relative to the fuel injection valve is set in such a way that it can ignite fuel spray directly.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Systems and methods for regeneration of a diesel oxidation catalyst in a dual-fuel engine

A timing-based method for regenerating a doc included in an aftertreatment system fluidly coupled to a dual-fuel engine comprises performing at least one of the following: a temperature of the doc is varied while flowing a mixed exhaust gas, which comprises a mixture of a diesel-only exhaust gas and a natural gas exhaust gas, generated by the dual-fuel engine through the doc; alternately the method includes flowing (a) the mixed exhaust gas generated by the dual-fuel engine and (b) a diesel-only exhaust gas generated by the dual-fuel engine through the doc.. .
Cummins Emission Solutions, Inc.

Process for reducing the content of organic nitrogen compounds from hydrotreating feedstocks for ultra-low-sulfur diesel production

According to the aforementioned, it is worth mentioning that the present invention process which is the selective adsorption process of nitrogen organic compounds is designed for the pretreatment of loads that enter the hds process, which increases the catalyst lifespan and improves the economy of the hds process.. .

Non noble metal based diesel oxidation catalyst

Disclosed is a cheap and efficient non noble metal based catalyst for the oxidation of diesel or hydrocarbons, its synthesis and its application for diesel oxidation at low temperature. The catalyst comprises a mixed oxide of manganese and cerium, or manganese, cerium and zirconium.
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

Autonomous vehicle and control method thereof

Autonomous diesel vehicles and control methods thereof are disclosed. An autonomous vehicle may include a peripheral information collecting unit configured to collect peripheral information necessary for autonomous travelling through an image camera and a laser scanner, a main control unit configured to control the autonomous travelling with reference to the peripheral information collected by the peripheral information collecting unit, a passenger monitoring unit configured to check whether a passenger exists inside the vehicle through a sensor and transmit a result of the check to the main control unit, and an engine control unit configured to control driving of an engine and injection of fuel of an injector according to a control instruction of the main control unit.
Hyundai Motor Company

Control informing a driver when to clean diesel particulate filter

The present disclosure provides a control method for informing a driver when to clean a diesel particulate filter (dpf). The control method for informing a driver when to clean a diesel particulate filter may include informing a driver of the time when to clean the dpf by operating a warning device depending on at least one of a differential pressure of the dpf and engine oil consumption..
Hyundai Motor Company

System and isolating component failures in an exhaust aftertreatment system

An apparatus includes a dosing module structured to suspend dosing in an exhaust aftertreatment system; a selective catalytic reduction (scr) inlet nox module structured to interpret scr inlet nox data and an scr inlet temperature; a scr outlet nox module structured to interpret scr outlet nox data; and a system diagnostic module structured to determine an efficiency of a scr system based on the scr inlet and outlet nox data over a range of scr temperatures, wherein the system diagnostic module is further structured to determine a state of at least one of a diesel oxidation catalyst (doc), a diesel particulate filter (dpf), and the scr system based on the scr efficiency at an elevated scr temperature range and the scr efficiency at a relatively lower scr temperature range relative to a high scr efficiency threshold and a low scr efficiency threshold.. .
Cummins, Inc.

Generator set

A diesel engine generator set comprising an electric generator, an internal combustion engine having an internal sump for collecting oil, and an oil reservoir external of the engine. The engine includes an oil inlet port opening into the internal sump, and connected to an outlet of the oil reservoir, and an oil outlet port connected to an inlet of the oil reservoir, such that a flow circuit is defined between the internal sump and the oil reservoir.
Boss Cabins Limited

Dual shaft motor fracturing module

The present invention provides a method and system for providing on-site electrical power to a fracturing operation, and an electrically powered fracturing system. Natural gas can be used to drive a turbine generator in the production of electrical power.
Evolution Well Services, Llc

Biodiesel emulsion for cleaning bituminous coated equipment

Methods of cleaning equipment such as hand tools dirtied by bituminous mixture. A biodiesel emulsion comprising biodiesel, water and emulsifier(s), is applied to the surface of the equipment for a period of time (e.g., at least about 15 minutes) and optionally agitated.
Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc.

Oxidation-stabilized biodiesel

The present invention relates to oxidation-stabilized biodiesel and methods for the production thereof.. .
Lanxess Distribution Gmbh

Manufacturing urea solution used for intelligent and high efficiency diesel engine vehicle

A manufacturing method of urea solution used for intelligent and high efficiency diesel engine vehicle, comprising following steps: utilizing a reverse osmosis (ro) water purification device to purify faucet water into purified water; utilizing a pre-heating device to pre-heat the purified water to 50° c.˜60° c.; adding urea material into pre-heated water, and using a stirring device to stir them, to make urea material dissolve into the pre-heated water, to form finished product of pure urea solution used for diesel engine vehicle. In this approach, through putting urea material into the pre-heated water to stir and mix them well, effect of urea material heat absorption is reduced, to raise urea solubility efficiency 5 times.
Vovax Material And Technology

Device for triggering an electrical signal for a filter with an aqueous solution

Filter (28) for an aqueous solution, such as urea, of a diesel vehicle selective catalytic reduction system, comprising a housing provided with an inlet and with an outlet and, inside which, is arranged a filter element, and with a means of detecting variations in volume associated with the changes in phase of the aqueous solution, characterized in that the filter additionally is provided with signaling means (17) for signaling said changes in volume of the phase of the aqueous solution.. .
Delphi International Operations Luxembourg S.À R.l.

Transportation refrigeration system with integrated power generation and energy storage

A thermal energy storage system that enables the discharge of refrigerated air for cooling cargo or passengers in large compartments, such as the trailer of a semi-truck, for a period of time well in excess of several hours. The thermal energy storage system is able to provide refrigeration without operating a conventional vcc unit, the truck engine, or the tru diesel apu engine during all or a significant portion of the period of the typical range of time that a 53 foot refrigerated the truck is traveling over the road.
New West Technologies, Llc

Exhaust injection control exhaust gas post-treatment device

When particulate matter (pm) has accumulated on a diesel particulate filter (dpf), multiple-injection, post injection, and exhaust pipe injection are performed such that a reduction gas is burned in a diesel oxidation catalyst (doc) to raise the exhaust gas temperature, burn the pm accumulated on the dpf, and regenerate the dpf. A light-off performance map is prepared, in advance, by determining burning efficiency relative to the doc temperature during the post injection and the exhaust pipe injection, both when the catalyst is fresh and when the catalyst has deteriorated.
Isuzu Motors Limited

Oil system for a diesel engine and operating a diesel engine

An example oil system is provided, including at least one oil chamber forming an oil sump, an oil reservoir, which is arranged separately from the oil chamber, and at least partially arranged at the same geodetic height as the oil chamber, and at least one fluid connection which connects the oil chamber to the oil reservoir. An electric shut-off unit may block the fluid connection of the oil chamber to the oil reservoir in a blocking state and at least partially release the same in a release state.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Compositions and methods for biodiesel production from waste triglycerides

The present invention relates to a process for creating biodiesel from triglyceride waste.. .
Biowish Technologies, Inc.

Co-processing for control of hydropyrolysis processes and products thereof

Hydropyrolysis processes are described, in which differing types of feedstocks, including at least one biorenewable feedstock, namely a biomass-containing feedstock, may be co-processed to allow enhancements in operating conditions and/or product properties, depending on changing customer requirements and/or overall market demands. According to specific embodiments, an aliphatic hydrocarbon precursor or an aromatic hydrocarbon precursor is co-processed with the biomass-containing feedstock to enhance an operating condition (e.g., a reactor temperature profile) of the hydropyrolysis process and/or a property (e.g., cetane number) of a liquid product (e.g., a diesel boiling range fraction) obtained from a substantially fully deoxygenated hydrocarbon liquid..
Gas Technology Institute

Diesel particulate filter

A method of making a filter for filtering particulate matter from exhaust gas emitted from a lean-burn internal combustion engine, which filter comprising a porous substrate having inlet surfaces and outlet surfaces, wherein the inlet surfaces are separated from the outlet surfaces by a porous structure containing pores of a first mean pore size, wherein the inlet surfaces comprise a bridge network comprising interconnected particles of refractory material over the pores of the porous structure, which method comprising the step of contacting inlet surfaces of the filter substrate with an aerosol comprising refractory material in dry powder form. The invention also relates to a filter obtainable by such method..

Catalyst design for heavy-duty diesel combustion engines

Disclosed are washcoats, coated substrates formed from such washcoats, and catalytic converters for use in diesel applications, such as heavy duty diesel applications. Methods of preparing the coated substrates are also disclosed..
Sdcmaterials, Inc.

Diesel topics:
  • Exhaust Gas
  • Downstream
  • Carboxylic Acid
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Hydrocarbon
  • Diesel Particulate Filter
  • Catalytic Reduction
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction
  • Internal Combustion Engine
  • Diesel Oxidation Catalyst
  • Combustion
  • Chemical Reaction
  • Fatty Acid
  • Oleaginous Yeast
  • Polysaccharides

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