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Diesel patents

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Diesel engine arrangement and method for varnish build-up control

Method to enhance gas recirculation in turbocharged diesel engines

Date/App# patent app List of recent Diesel-related patents
 Coated substrates for use in catalysis and catalytic converters and methods of coating substrates with washcoat compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Coated substrates for use in catalysis and catalytic converters and methods of coating substrates with washcoat compositions
Disclosed are, inter alia, methods of forming coated substrates for use in catalytic converters, as well as washcoat compositions and methods suitable for using in preparation of the coated substrates, and the coated substrates formed thereby. The catalytic material is prepared by a plasma-based method, yielding catalytic material with a lower tendency to migrate on support at high temperatures, and thus less prone to catalyst aging after prolonged use.
 Wheel loader patent thumbnailnew patent Wheel loader
A wheel loader comprises an engine, an exhaust gas post-processing device, an engine room, a top plate, a cooling room, a partition wall, and a drainage mechanism. The exhaust gas post-processing device is disposed above the engine in the engine room and includes a diesel particulate filtering device and a selective catalyst reduction catalyst device.
 Method to enhance gas recirculation in turbocharged diesel engines patent thumbnailnew patent Method to enhance gas recirculation in turbocharged diesel engines
An apparatus for improving exhaust gas recirculation performance is provided which induces improved exhaust gas recirculation flow during engine operating transients, including transients in which exhaust gas flow conditions are unfavorable. The apparatus includes a fresh air intake passage with a venturi section and an exhaust gas recirculation passage outlet, preferably in the form of a pitot tube, arranged in the fresh air intake passage adjacent to the venturi section such that a pressure-reducing flow in the fresh air is induced as a result of the coand{hacek over (a)} effect.
 Combined cycle power plant patent thumbnailnew patent Combined cycle power plant
A combined cycle engine is used to provide power to a vehicle. In one form the combined cycle engine includes two engines coupled through a gearbox.
 Diesel engine arrangement and method for varnish build-up control patent thumbnailnew patent Diesel engine arrangement and method for varnish build-up control
A method is provided for controlling varnish build-up in a variable geometry turbine (vgt) of a diesel engine turbocharger. According to the method, it is determined whether an operation parameter is at a level established for initiating a varnish build-up control sequence.
 Diesel exhaust particulate filter patent thumbnailnew patent Diesel exhaust particulate filter
A method and device for testing a diesel engine to determine whether the engine's diesel particulate filter is functioning properly is provided. The device comprises an elongated pole with a service ring disposed at one end.
 Treatment of lignocellulosic material patent thumbnailTreatment of lignocellulosic material
Method and apparatus for making biofuels such as biodiesel and bioethanol or animal foodstuff by treating lignocellulosic material by subjecting the material to microwave radiation at the resonant frequency of the lignin to dissociate the lignin.. .
 Apparatus and method for filtering engine exhaust gases patent thumbnailApparatus and method for filtering engine exhaust gases
Embodiments of the invention provide an engine aftertreatment apparatus comprising first and second diesel particulate filters (dpfs), the first dpf being provided upstream of the second dpf, the second dpf being provided with a coating of a second dpf catalyst, the second dpf catalyst being arranged to promote reduction of nox.. .
 Diesel hammer pile driver patent thumbnailDiesel hammer pile driver
A pile-driving apparatus includes a diesel hammer pile driver having a cylinder, and a piston and a striker displaceably guided therein. A combustion chamber opens into a fuel feed device for introducing a predetermined amount of fuel into the combustion chamber during each working cycle.
 Air turbine driven egr pump for diesel engines patent thumbnailAir turbine driven egr pump for diesel engines
A power plant is provided and may include an exhaust gas recirculation passage and a turbo machine having a first turbine rotationally coupled to a pump. The first turbine may include an expanded air passage.
Diesel engine combustion chamber, method for igniting a fuel-air mixture in a combustion chamber of a diesel engine and diesel engine
The present invention relates to a combustion chamber of a diesel engine in accordance with the preamble of claim 1, a method for igniting a fuel-air mixture in a combustion chamber of a diesel engine in accordance with the preamble of claim 14, and a diesel engine in accordance with the preamble of claim 15.. .
Real-time soot measurement in a diesel particulate filter
Methods and apparatus for detecting the filtering state of a filter, such as a particulate filter. Some embodiments include one or more capacitive sensors that provide a signal corresponding to the filtered state of the filter with a change in measured capacitance.
Trapped soot estimator
A diesel engine (10) has an exhaust system (16) containing a diesel particulate filter (18) for trapping soot passing through the exhaust system as the engine operates. A trapped soot estimator (30) estimates soot trapped in the diesel particular filter by repeatedly executing an algorithm that calculates a data value for total soot trapped using kalman filter processing (48) whose gain is controlled by at least one engine operating parameter..
Method and device for determining a starting time of a regeneration process for regenerating a diesel particle filter
Method for determining a starting time of a regeneration process of a particle filter which is connected into the exhaust train of an internal combustion engine, in particular of a diesel engine, wherein the data of an air mass flow rate meter, of an exhaust gas temperature sensor and of a differential pressure sensor are fed to a control unit and the control unit starts the regeneration on the basis of the data by means of the comparison with characteristic diagrams.. .
Diesel fuel with improved ignition characteristics
Dihydrocarbyl diazene dicarboxamides (dhcdd) have been found to effectively reduce the ignition delay and/or as effective cetane number improvers in diesel fuels and is suitable for use in modern engines.. .
Enhanced drivability for a hybrid vehicle in cold climate
A diesel fuel control system is provided for a hybrid electric vehicle. The system may include a control unit and an ambient air temperature sensor connected to the control unit.
Production of oil in vegetative tissues
The present invention relates to compositions and methods for providing rna interference (rnai) vectors comprising trigalactosyldiacylglycerol (tgd) biosynthesis enzyme constructs for increasing oil content of plants. Further, the use of tgd rnai silencing vectors in combination with co-expression of heterologous oil regulating transcription factors, such as wrinkled1, are contemplated to overcome the reduced growth and variable levels of embryonic lethality in plants with reduced tgd protein.
Intelligent post-treatment and regeneration control method for engineering machinery engine
An intelligent post-treatment and regeneration control method for an engineering machinery engine, comprising an automatic and manual regenerated auxiliary load loading control method: the method steps include, when the accumulation of the particles in a diesel particulate filter exceeds a specified standard and the exhaust temperature of the engine is higher than the regeneration required temperature, an engine controller transmits an auxiliary regeneration packet; after receiving the packet, a main controller determines the external environment temperature; the main controller supplies corresponding current for the regeneration electromagnetic valve of the particulate filter according to the obtained external environment temperature and the corresponding relationship between a preset environment temperature and a loading current, so as to obtain a load matching the environment temperature; and the main controller monitors the exhaust temperature at the inlet of the diesel particulate filter catalytic converter to achieve automatic closed-loop control of the regeneration auxiliary loading.. .
Diesel oxidation catalyst and method of treating engine exhaust gas
A diesel oxidation catalyst includes an inlet side, an outlet side, and at least one channel extending from the inlet side to the outlet side, the channel including a first, non-catalyzed portion extending from the inlet side to a second, catalyzed portion. A method of treating engine exhaust gas is also provided..
Device for the injection of recirculated exhaust gases, distribution box and supply module comprising said device
The invention relates to a device for the injection of recirculated exhaust gases from a vehicle engine, in particular a diesel engine, the injection device comprising a plurality of injection ports (26.1, 26.2, 26.3, 26.4), provided in a portion of the material of the injection device, each injection port (26.1, 26.2, 26.3, 26.4) having a cross section and a height extending through the thickness of the material. According to the invention, the cross sections and/or the heights of at least two of the injection ports (26.1, 26.2, 26.3, 26.4) are different..
Turbo screen
The present invention generally relates to methods and apparatus for use in exhaust manifold assemblies of large diesel engines. In one aspect, a screen for use in an exhaust manifold assembly is provided.
System and method for compensating biodiesel fuel
Methods and systems for adjusting a plurality of fuel injections supplied to a cylinder during a cycle of the cylinder are described. In one example, fuel amounts are adjusted in response to a biodiesel concentration in fuel supplied to an engine..
Method for synthesis of molybdenum carbide catalyst for hydrodeoxygenation
The present disclosure relates to a molybdenum carbide catalyst used in a process for preparing hydrocarbons, in particular diesel-grade hydrocarbons, from biooils and fatty acids released therefrom through hydrodeoxygenation and a method for preparing same.. .
On-board diesel emissions diagnostic and monitoring system
An apparatus and system for monitoring and communicating emissions data for a diesel engine. An exhaust gas analyzer uses infrared light to measure the quantity of trace gases and particulates in an exhaust gas outlet from a diesel engine.
Combustion method for piston combustion engines
A combustion method for reciprocating internal combustion engines, in particular diesel engines, whose fuel injection system operates with pre-injection involves two pre-injections during a cold start phase, which are carried out prior to reaching top dead center of a piston. A first pre-injection is performed at approximately 25° ca before top dead center and a second pre-injection is performed at approximately 5° ca before top dead center.
Diesel engine
An injector of a diesel engine has a first injection valve and a second injection valve disposed to face each other with respect to the center of a combustion chamber. Assuming that a straight line passing through the first injection valve and the second injection valve is a symmetrical line, one of two regions obtained by dividing a planar region of a combustion chamber (3) into two along the symmetrical line is a first region, and the other of the two regions is a second region, the first injection valve injects fuel toward the first region, and the second injection valve injects fuel toward the second region.
Ebullating bed methods for treatment of biocomponent feedstocks
Processes are provided for producing a diesel fuel product having a sulfur content of 15 wppm or less (e.g., 10 wppm or less) from feed sources that include a biocomponent feedstock. The biocomponent feedstock can be initially co-processed with a mineral feed in a fluidized bed stage, such as an ebullating bed processing stage.
Mof-based hierarchical porous materials, methods for preparation, methods for pore regulation and uses thereof
A series of mof-based hierarchical porous material, namely ipd-mesomof-1˜9, based on nanoscale mofs of mil-100(al, fe, cr, sc and in), mil-53(al), hkust-1, dut-5, dut-4, mil-101(cr), mil-101ndc(cr), mil-101bpdc(cr) and mil-110 respectively, forming the permanent interparticle porosities by using close (or relatively close) packing, and preparation methods thereof. Modulated or functionalized ipd-mesomofs can be applied for gas adsorption and molecule separation (such as ch4- and co2-adsorption, gasoline/diesel desulfurization and purification), catalyst loadings and molecular recognition/immobilization of biological macromolecules and enzymes..
Method of lighting a fuel source comprising n-butanol and biodiesel
An improved, environmentally friendly lighter fluid composition made from renewable resources is described that includes n-butanol and biodiesel. This lighter fluid has reduced vocs compared to a petroleum-based lighter fluid.
Composition for reducing polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon emissions
Emissions of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs) from diesel engines may be reduced by blending a renewable hydrocarbon distillate with a base diesel fuel. The base diesel may be a fossil diesel fuel, a fischer-tropsch diesel fuel as well as a hydroprocessed biodiesel fuel or a combination thereof.
Method and device for metering the additive for regenerating a diesel particulate filter
A method for metering an additive for a regeneration process of a particle filter activated in the exhaust gas system of an internal combustion engine, in particular of a diesel engine, the quantity of the additive to be metered in being calculated from the soot production of the internal combustion engine.. .
Catalytic burner system for dpf regeneration
A system and method of effective regeneration of a diesel particulate filter used in the exhaust system of a diesel engine during low engine operating temperatures, is disclosed. Generally speaking, a catalytic burner system and method used in filter regeneration on a diesel engine comprises a burner diesel oxidation catalyst (bdoc) coupled to an exhaust flow of the diesel engine, a mixer fluidly coupled to the bdoc, a diesel oxidation catalyst (doc) fluidly coupled to the mixer, and a diesel particulate filter (dpf) fluidly coupled to the doc, wherein the bdoc directs the exhaust flow through the mixer, the doc and the dpf during a regeneration cycle of the dpf under low engine temperature operating conditions..
Paraffinic jet and diesel fuels and base oils from vegetable oils via a combination of hydrotreating, paraffin disproportionation and hydroisomerization
The present invention relates to a new process which comprises the steps of hydrotreating, paraffin disproportionation and hydroisomerization to convert biological hydrocarbonaceous oxygenated oils comprising triglycerides into biologically-derived paraffinic jet/diesel fuels, solvents and base oils. A combination of conventional hydrogenation/dehydrogenation catalysts, such as pt/al2o3, and conventional olefin metathesis catalysts, such as wo3/sio2, or inexpensive variations thereof, is generally employed in the paraffin disproportionation step..
Enhancement of fischer-tropsch process for hydrocarbon fuel formulation in a gtl environment
An enhanced natural gas processing method using fischer-tropsch (ft) process for the synthesis of sulfur free, clean burning, hydrocarbon fuels, examples of which include syndiesel and aviation fuel. A selection of natural gas, separately or combined with portions of natural gas liquids and ft naphtha and ft vapours are destroyed in a syngas generator and used or recycled as feedstock to an fischer-tropsch (ft) reactor in order to enhance the production of syndiesel from the reactor.
System and method for processing diesel fuel from waste oil
There is disclosed a system and method for processing diesel fuel from petroleum-based waste oil on a small scale compared to conventional methods for re-refining waste oil to a valuable product. In an embodiment, the method comprises dehydrating waste oil to remove water from the waste oil, and operating a thermal reactor to induce thermal pyrolysis of the dehydrated waste oil and convert it into a hydrocarbon vapour phase.
Diesel exhaust fluid tank for an off-road vehicle
A diesel exhaust fluid (def) tank for an off-road vehicle including a first conduit channel molded into an exterior surface of the def tank, at a first depth, in which the first conduit channel is configured to guide a first conduit along the exterior surface of the def tank. The def tank further including a second conduit channel molded into the exterior surface of the def tank at a second depth, different than the first depth, in which the second conduit channel is configured to guide a second conduit, and the first depth and the second depth are selected to create a vertical gap between the first conduit and the second conduit at an intersection of the conduits..
Exhaust gas treatment device, method for processing exhaust gas, and motor vehicle
The invention relates to an exhaust-gas treatment device for processing exhaust gas from a combustion aggregate, especially a diesel engine. Moreover, the present invention relates to a method for processing exhaust gas from a combustion aggregate by means of selective catalytic reaction, and it also relates to a motor vehicle in which the method according to the invention is implemented or which has the exhaust-gas treatment device according to the invention.
Method for producing biodiesel
The present invention relates to a method for producing biodiesel comprising a step of generating fatty acid alkyl ester and glycerol by a transesterification of animal and vegetable oils and fats and fatty acid alcohols in the presence of porous materials. The method is characterized by a high response speed and high fame conversion, and can be performed in a consecutive process.
System and method for energy distribution
A dispatch planner (dp) is a component in an energy system controller that controls the operation of energy resources interconnected into one energy system to provide optimal energy management for a customer. In one embodiment, the energy storage system includes an electric load, dispatchable sources of energy such as an electrical grid, diesel generators, combined heat and power generators; renewable sources of energy such as photo-voltaic cells and wind turbines; and stored energy resources such as electrochemical batteries or pumped hydro reserves..
Single loop multistage fuel production
Synthetic fuels are produced from synthesis gas in a four-stage reactor system with a single recycle loop providing the requisite thermal capacity to moderate the high heat release of the reactions and to provide the reactants and reaction environments for the efficient operation of the process. The first stage converts a portion of the synthesis gas to methanol, the second stage converts the methanol to dimethylether, the third stage converts the methanol and dimethylether to fuel and the fourth stage converts the high melting point component, durene, and other low volatility aromatic components such as tri- and tetra-methylbenzenes to high octane branched paraffins.
Targeted desulfurization process and apparatus integrating gas phase oxidative desulfurization and hydrodesulfurization to produce diesel fuel having an ultra-low level of organosulfur compounds
Desulfurization of hydrocarbon feeds is achieved by flashing the feed at a target cut point temperature to obtain two fractions. A first fraction contains refractory organosulfur compounds, which boils at or above the target cut point temperature.
Wheel loader
A wheel loader includes a vehicle frame, an engine, an operating fluid tank, a stand, a rear support frame, and a base member. The engine is mounted on the vehicle frame.
Hydraulically-actuated fuel delivery timing advance mechanism for diesel engines with mechanical fuel injection pumps
A variable timing apparatus, for an internal combustion diesel engine equipped with a conventional mechanical fuel injection pump, includes a tubular extender having a front flange bolted to the normal injection pump mount and a rear mounting flange bolted to the injector pump. The tubular extender houses a timing drive shaft has a first end directly coupled to the engine's timing drive and a second free end equipped with a plurality of helical splines.
In-cylinder dynamic gas blending fuel injector and dual fuel engine
A dual fuel engine utilizes a compression ignited pilot injection of liquid diesel fuel to ignite a mixture of gaseous fuel and air in each engine cylinder. The gaseous fuel is injected at a relatively low pressure directly into the engine cylinder from a fuel injector.
Detection of diesel exhaust fluid contamination
A method for detecting contamination in diesel exhaust fluid (def) used in a selective catalytic reduction process is disclosed. The method may include providing a plurality of temperature sensors arranged along a fluid column within a tank containing the def to be tested.
Method for measuring amount of particulate matter accumulated in an exhaust gas purification filter
A measurement method capable of accurately evaluating the trapped amount of particulate matter (pm) accumulated in a diesel particulate filter (dpf) is provided. The method for measuring the amount of accumulated particulate matter comprises propagating ultrasonic waves generated by a transmitter 3 provided directly to the dpf or outside a container and insulation material 6 having a property that propagates ultrasonic waves, measuring the amount of pm accumulated in the dpf 2 using a receiver 4, the dpf being composed of porous ceramic and disposed at an intermediate point in the exhaust pipe 1 of a diesel engine, and determining the amount of accumulated pm on the basis of the results..
Applications of glass microparticles and nanoparticles manufactured from recycled glasses
Glass microparticles and/or glass nanoparticles have been developed for use as: reflective paints; abrasive papers/wheels; flame retardant paints; thermal insulation for aggregates, self-cleaning building materials, absorbent of oils, diesel, gasoline, brake fluids, transmission fluids, ethanol, methanol, and acetone; cosmetics (lipstick, foundation, etc.), medicated dental implant, and targeted drug delivery systems.. .
Production of biodiesel and glycerin from high free fatty acid feedstocks
A system and method for the conversion of free fatty acids to glycerides and the subsequent conversion of glycerides to glycerin and biodiesel includes the transesterification of a glyceride stream with an alcohol. The fatty acid alkyl esters are separated from the glycerin to produce a first liquid phase containing a fatty acid alkyl ester rich (concentrated) stream and a second liquid phase containing a glycerin rich (concentrated) stream.
Method for preparing high purity biodiesel
Disclosed is a method for preparing high purity biodiesel from crude oils. The method comprises the steps of: pre-treating the crude oil raw material to remove impurities; pre-esterifying the pre-treated crude oil raw material under the effect of a catalyst of concentrated sulfuric acid; and then carrying out an ester exchange reaction in the presence of an alkali catalyst; recycling methanol, and separating glycerol, so as to obtain a crude fatty acid methyl ester; and subjecting the obtained fatty acid methyl ester to purification, distillation and segmentation to obtain a high-purity fatty acid methyl ester..
Method for improving engine fuel efficiency
A method for improving fuel efficiency, while maintaining or improving high temperature wear, deposit and varnish control, in an engine lubricated with a lubricating oil by using as the lubricating oil a formulated oil. The formulated oil has a composition including a lubricating oil base stock as a major component, and at least one alkoxylated alcohol as a minor component.
High performance biohydraulic fluid
A biohydraulic fluid which has high performance attributes and which is environmentally acceptable includes trimethylolpropane (tmp) esterified to monounsaturated fatty acids of unsaturated vegetable oils or vegetable oil blends. The process for making the tmp esters can be accomplished in a manner similar to biodiesel production wherein methyl oleates obtained from reacting methanol with the vegetable oils or vegetable oil blends are reacted with tmp.

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