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Diesel patents

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Cold process for removal of sulfur in straight run diesel by ozone and ter-butyl hydroperoxide

Cnh Industrial America

Mounting assembly for a diesel oxidation catalyst system of a work vehicle

Date/App# patent app List of recent Diesel-related patents
 Closed loop electronic control for the reduction of soot produced in diesel, gasoline and alternative-fueled engines patent thumbnailClosed loop electronic control for the reduction of soot produced in diesel, gasoline and alternative-fueled engines
A system and method of reducing soot and/or improving the efficiency of a motor. The system and method regulates the supply of cooling oil to a cooling section of a cylinder based upon observed parameters.

 Fuel additive for diesel engines patent thumbnailFuel additive for diesel engines
In accordance with the disclosure, exemplary embodiments provide a method for improving injector performance, a method for restoring power to a diesel fuel injected engine, and a method of operating a fuel injected diesel engine. The method includes combining a fuel with a reaction product derived from (i) a hydrocarbyl substituted dicarboxylic acid or anhydride, wherein the hydrocarbyl substituent has a number average molecular weight ranging from about 600 to about 800 and (ii) a polyamine includes a compound of the formula h2n—((chr1—(ch2)n—nh)m—h, wherein r1 is hydrogen, n is 1 and m is 4, wherein a molar ratio of (i) reacted with (ii) ranges from about 1.3:1 to about 1.6:1.
Afton Chemical Corporation

 Cold process for removal of sulfur in straight run diesel by ozone and ter-butyl hydroperoxide patent thumbnailCold process for removal of sulfur in straight run diesel by ozone and ter-butyl hydroperoxide
A method and process to remove sulfur compounds from a real fuel product of straight-run diesel (srd) by the action of ozone bubbling and ter-butyl hydroperoxide (t-buooh) under normal laboratory conditions is disclosed. Slight desulfurization is taken place after ozone bubbling process which may be assigned to a removal of sulfur compounds in a gaseous form (sox).
King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology

 Mounting assembly for a diesel oxidation catalyst system of a work vehicle patent thumbnailMounting assembly for a diesel oxidation catalyst system of a work vehicle
A mounting assembly for mounting a diesel oxidation catalyst (doc) system within a work vehicle may generally include a support. Bracket having a first side and a second side.
Cnh Industrial America, Llc

 Method for the purification of diesel engine exhaust gases patent thumbnailMethod for the purification of diesel engine exhaust gases
A method in which the exhaust gas that is to be purified is passed through an exhaust-gas line containing a diesel oxidation catalyst (doc) for the oxidation of residual gaseous hydrocarbons (hc) and carbon monoxide (co) in order to form carbon dioxide (co2) and for the at least proportional oxidation of the nitrogen monoxide (no) contained in the exhaust gas in order to form nitrogen dioxide (no2) is provided.. .
Deutz Aktiengesellschaft

 Production  honeycomb structure patent thumbnailProduction honeycomb structure
Regular hexagonal cells at both an top surface and a bottom surface of a green honeycomb molded body are closed at the same time. Therefore, the regular hexagonal cells can be closed effectively.
Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

 Assembly comprising a generator and electric motors, for a vehicle cooling or air-conditioning system patent thumbnailAssembly comprising a generator and electric motors, for a vehicle cooling or air-conditioning system
An assembly including: a diesel heat engine driving a compressor; a generator having permanent magnets and a four-pole rotor, the generator shaft being rotated by the heat engine via a belt pulley system; one or more electric motors for the condenser(s) and/or evaporator(s) of a vehicle cooling or air-conditioning system, the generator directly powering the motor(s) and the supply voltage of the motor(s) being the generator output voltage; an auxiliary electric motor for driving the compressor when it is not or cannot be driven by the heat engine; and a device for toggling the power supply of the electric motor(s) of the condenser(s) and/or evaporator(s) of the cooling or air-conditioning system, by which it is possible to switch from power being supplied by the generator to an external electric network, said toggle device including one or more switches for controlling the power supply of the motor(s) from the electric network.. .
Moteurs Leroy-somer

 Active control system for diesel particulate filter patent thumbnailActive control system for diesel particulate filter
An active control system for diesel particulate filter includes a particulate filter unit, at least one sensor, a control unit, and a bypass unit. The sensor is in fluid communication with the particulate filter unit and electrically connected with the control unit so that the sensor is able to communicate with the control unit regarding the pressure and temperature readings of the exhaust gas flow.
Safety Power Inc.

 Methods relating to fuel compositions patent thumbnailMethods relating to fuel compositions
A method of removing deposits from a diesel engine, the method comprising combusting in the engine a diesel fuel composition comprising an engine cleaning additive, wherein the engine cleaning additive is the product of a mannich reaction between: (a) an aldehyde; (b) ammonia, hydrazine or an amine; and (c) an optionally substituted phenol; wherein the or each substituent of the phenol component (c) has an average molecular weight of less than 400.. .
Innospec Limited

 Production of renewable bio-gasoline patent thumbnailProduction of renewable bio-gasoline
A process and system for separating bio-gasoline, bio-diesel and bio-fuel oil fractions from a bio-oil, and for producing a renewable gasoline including at least in part the bio-gasoline fraction, is provided. The process comprises separating bio-oil into a bio-gasoline fraction and a heavy fraction based on their boiling points.
Kior, Inc.


Method of extracting lipids from trap grease with waste cooking oil

Describe are methods of extracting the lipid fraction from trap grease using vegetable oil, such as vegetable oils sourced from waste cooking oil. The method includes mixing a volume of vegetable oil with a volume of trap grease.
University Of Cincinnati


Process to obtain mixtures of imidazolines and corrosion inhibitors from coffee waste

The biphasic extraction from coffee waste without a prior drying process, to obtain coffee oil, which is transesterified with koh catalyzed methanol to produce mixtures of glycerol free methylic esters, also known as coffee oil biodiesel, which is subjected to an aminolysis reaction with aminoethylethanolamine (aeea) by heating to 140-160° c. At atmospheric pressure with a subsequent dehydration reaction at the same temperature but at a reduced pressure of 200 to 300 mmhg, in order to achieve cyclization of the intermediary amides into the corresponding imidazolines.
Corrosion Y Proteccion Sa De Cv


Ceramic structures

A ceramic composition may be used to form a honeycomb structure. A ceramic precursor composition may be sintered to form a ceramic composition.


Exhaust gas processing device, diesel engine, and exhaust gas processing method

An exhaust gas processing device includes a nox detection sensor, a first catalyst provided to a first branch pipe, a second catalyst provided to a second branch pipe, a first pressure sensor and a second pressure sensor which are arranged on the upstream side of the first catalyst and the second catalyst and which detect pressures in the first branch pipe and the second branch pipe, and a control device that obtains flow rates of exhaust gas flowing through the first branch pipe and the second branch pipe based on detection values of the first pressure sensor and the second pressure sensor and obtains amounts of reducing agent to be given to the first catalyst and the second catalyst from the obtained flow rates and a concentration of nox of the exhaust gas.. .
Komatsu Ltd.


Diesel engine control apparatus

An object is to provide a diesel engine control apparatus configured to evaluate the activation state of a scr catalyst at high accuracy by means other than the temperature of the catalyst and to control engine control parameters so as to reduce the amount of nox emission when the scr catalyst is in a non-active state. The diesel engine control apparatus includes a diesel engine, an engine control unit, and an scr catalyst.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Diesel engine and controlling diesel engine

A diesel engine, includes: an exhaust gas recirculation device that recirculates an exhaust gas emitted from the diesel engine to an intake side of the diesel engine; an intake air amount sensor that measures an intake air amount of the diesel engine; a nox measurement sensor that measures nox contained in the exhaust gas emitted from the diesel engine; and a control device that obtains a correction value for correcting a measured value by the intake air amount sensor based on a difference between first information on nox obtained based on information on a rotation speed of the diesel engine and information on a load and second information on nox measured by the nox measurement sensor to control the exhaust gas recirculation device based on the measured value by the intake air amount sensor corrected using the correction value.. .
Komatsu Ltd.


Fuel selection dual fuel engines

Systems and methods for controlling operation of dual fuel internal combustion engines are disclosed. The control techniques provide for override of a dual fuel mode of operation of the engine by selection of a diesel only fuelling mode in response to one or more operating conditions of the internal combustion engine..
Cummins Inc.


Diesel exhaust fluid filter permeability detection strategy and machine using same

A reductant dosing system for an exhaust aftertreatment system of a diesel engine includes a reductant tank with an inlet volume separated from an outlet volume by a sock filter. A filter permeability condition is detected by the electronic controller using a filter status algorithm that compares fluid level sensor data to expected data.
Caterpillar Inc.


Integrated hydrocracking and dewaxing of hydrocarbons

An integrated process for producing naphtha fuel, diesel fuel and/or lubricant base oils from feedstocks under sour conditions is provided. The ability to process feedstocks under higher sulfur and/or nitrogen conditions allows for reduced cost processing and increases the flexibility in selecting a suitable feedstock.
Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company


Lubricant additives for wellbore or subterranean drilling fluids or muds

A drilling-fluid composition having an oil-based mud, water-based mud, or synthetic-based mud; and a fluid lubricant having a pour point ranging from −5° c. To −30° c., the fluid lubricant having a sulfurized fatty ester, a sulfurized olefin, or a combination thereof, wherein the sulfurized fatty ester is 5 to 15% by weight sulfur and selected from the group consisting of sulfurized biodiesel; sulfurized methyl oleate, and sulfurized methyl esters derived from vegetable oil, wherein the sulfurized olefin is 5 to 15% by weight sulfur and selected from the group consisting of sulfurized alpha or internal olefins ranging from c8 to c18; and the fluid lubricant being present in the composition in an amount ranging from 0.1 to 10% by weight..
Dover Chemical Corporation


Fuel cap lock

A fuel cap lock comprising a base plate having a circular opening to accommodate the a diesel fuel tank fill pipe, two steel hinges mounted to vertical hinge supports welded to opposing sides base plate, a two strap hasp lock is hingedly mounted to the vertical hinge supports, wherein the hasp straps overlap, and lock together over a fuel tank's fuel cap, thus securing the cap and preventing its removal.. .


Removal of contaminants from bunker oil fuel

A system and method for cleaning sulfur and other pollutants from bunker oil to be used for fuel in large cargo ships is described. Preferably, the system includes two or more stages having a mixer to create an emulsion of oil and water.
Poly Shield Technologies, Inc.


Disclosed are, inter alia, methods of forming coated substrates for use in catalytic converters, as well as washcoat compositions and methods suitable for using in preparation of the coated substrates, and the coated substrates formed thereby. The catalytic material is prepared by a plasma-based method, yielding catalytic material with a lower tendency to migrate on support at high temperatures, and thus less prone to catalyst aging after prolonged use.
Sdcmaterials, Inc.


Diesel engine

This diesel engine is provided with pistons which slide, moving to and from the cylinder head, and which converts the sliding motion of the pistons into rotational motion of a crankshaft. This diesel engine is further provided with a supply pump which is driven by rotation of the crankshaft, a rail which stores fuel pumped from the supply pump, and injectors which inject the fuel supplied from the rail into the combustion chambers formed in the pistons, wherein the rail and the injectors are fixed to the cylinder head..
Ihi Shibaura Machinery Corporation


Diesel engine

Provided are a gear case flange in which a passage hole is provided, a spacer fixed on the gear case flange, a supply pump fixed on the spacer, and a pump gear fixed on the drive shaft of the supply pump, and the pump gear is passed through the passage hole of the gear case flange, whereby the supply pump in a state of being fixed on the spacer can be detached in a state where the pump gear is fixed on the drive shaft.. .
Ihi Shibaura Machinery Corporation


Method of verifying particulate matter sensor validity

A method for verifying the validity of an output of a particulate matter sensor mounted in an engine exhaust system downstream of a diesel particulate filter, the particulate matter sensor including a pair of electrodes spaced apart from each other, includes initiating regeneration of the diesel particulate filter, applying and maintaining a higher than nominal voltage across the electrodes following the step of initiating regeneration of the diesel particulate filter, and measuring an electrical parameter across the electrodes while the higher voltage is applied across the electrodes, where the electrical parameter is indicative of an amount of soot accumulated on the sensor. The reading of accumulated soot is evaluated to determine whether the sensor is indicating that the amount of accumulated soot is within an expected range based on a clean diesel particulate filter and the elevated applied voltage..
Delphi Technologies, Inc.


Internal combustion engine, in particular large diesel engine

The invention relates to an internal combustion engine, in particular a large diesel engine, having at least a first and a second cooling circuit (31, 32), having at least one individual cylinder (1) with a cylinder housing (2) which accommodates a cylinder liner (3), and having at least one individual cylinder head (4), wherein the cylinder liner (3) is surrounded by at least one cooling jacket (5, 6) which is flow-connected to at least one cooling chamber (14) in the individual cylinder head (4), the cylinder liner (3) is surrounded by a first and a second cooling jacket (5, 6), wherein the first cooling jacket (5) is separated in flow terms from the second cooling jacket (6) within the cylinder housing (2). In order to make high degrees of efficiency and low exhaust-gas values possible, it is proposed that the first cooling jacket (5) is flow-connected to at least a first cooling chamber (14) and the second cooling jacket (6) is flow-connected to at least a second cooling chamber (24) in the individual cylinder head (4)..
Avl List Gmbh


Engineered plant biomass for biodiesel and bioethanol production

The disclosure encompassed herein relates, in part, to a method for increasing energy density of plant biomass that can be used for production of renewable fuel, such as biodiesel oil and/or ethanol. In an aspect, genetic engineering for enhanced sugar accumulation can be achieved by overexpressing a bacterial enzyme sucrose isomerase.
Tyton Biosciences


Body of molecular sized fuel additive

This invention generally refers to a new generation of fuel additives which can provide catalytic action to improve the combustion process of fossil fuels and to a catalyst among others containing an iron compound combined with an over-based magnesium compound with molecular size particles inside the combustion chamber. Such fuel additive catalysts are particularly useful for fuel oil combustion, natural gas combustion, stationary gas turbines, natural gas-fired reciprocating engines, diesel engines, gasoline engines and all stationary dual-fuel engines..
Efficient Fuel Solutions, Llc


Production of renewable diesel and propylene

Feeds containing triglycerides are processed to produce a diesel fuel product and propylene. The diesel product and propylene are generated by deoxygenating the triglyceride-containing feed using processing conditions that enhance preservation of olefins that are present in the triglycerides.
Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company


System and the production of jet fuel, diesel, and gasoline from lipid-containing feedstocks

The production of jet fuel, diesel and gasoline components from lipid rich biomass is described. This process includes a hydrothermal pyrolysis step followed by catalytic conversion of biovapors to the fuel product.
Cool Planet Energy Systems, Inc.


Apparatus and processing municipal waste into bio-ethanol

A process and apparatus for recycling municipal domestic waste comprises subjecting the waste to steam at 150° c.-200°. After steam treatment, the resultant material is separated into constituent parts and biomass and/or plastics subjected to further treatment.
Energy From Waste Ltd.


Green-honeycomb-molded-body holder and producing diesel particulate filter

Provided is a green-honeycomb molded body holder which can suppress a decrease in the dimension accuracy of a green-honeycomb molded body. Provided is a green-honeycomb molded body holder 1g for supporting a side surface of an extruded cylindrical green-honeycomb molded body with the longitudinal direction of the green-honeycomb molded body horizontal, the holder 1g comprises flexible body sections 83a, 83b, the body section 83b has, in an upper section of the body section 83b, a groove 87 that supports a side surface of the green-honeycomb molded body, and a cavity 80 is formed below the groove 87 of the body section 83b..
Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited


Method for removing aromatic hydrocarbons from coke oven gas having biodiesel as washing liquid and device for carrying out said method

The invention relates to a process for removing aromatic hydrocarbons from coke oven gas (cog), in which biodiesel is conveyed in a circuit as scrubbing liquid. The coke oven gas (cog) is brought into contact with the biodiesel in a first gas scrubbing stage to separate off aromatic hydrocarbons.
Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Ag


Fuel injection system for use in a catalytic heater and reactor for operating catalytic combustion of liquid fuels

The present invention relates to a system for utilizing liquid fuels, such as diesel and gasoline, in a catalytic reactor for producing clean heat from the fuel. In particular it relates to a fuel injection system for a catalytic burner (310, 313).
Reformtech Heating Holding Ab


Apparatus for improving efficiency and emissions of combustion

An apparatus improves the efficiency and emissions of a combustion process by producing sufficient amounts of oxygen and ozone in the air flow to the combustion chamber to enable more complete and cleaner combustion of the fuel. An oxygen generator is used in conjunction with an ozone cell.
Clack Technologies, Llc


Method and controlling an exhaust gas after-treatment system

A combustion engine exhaust gas after-treatment device includes a first selective catalytic reduction (scr) device, a second scr device downstream of the first and a diesel particulate filter (dpf) between the first and second scr devices. A method of dosing the after-treatment device includes: allowing dosing of the first scr device with reductant only when its temperature is within its the operating temperature range; and allowing dosing of the second scr device with reductant only when its temperature is within its different operating temperature range; and reducing the level of dosing of the first scr device when requiring dpf regeneration..
Perkins Engines Company Limited


High efficiency pour point reduction process

A process and system for converting a high-pour-point organic feedstock to an upgraded product that exhibits good low-temperature properties (cloud point, pour point, and viscosity) and improved transportability. The high-efficiency process includes a continuous-flow, high-rate hydrothermal reactor system and integrated separation systems that result in low complexity, small footprint, high energy efficiency, and high yields of high-quality upgraded product.
Applied Research Associates, Inc.


Conversion of lipids

A process is described for producing a hydrocarbon product. In examples, the process comprising contacting a feedstock with a catalyst composition in the presence of hydrogen, the feedstock including a lipid, and the catalyst composition being active for conversion of the lipid to the hydrocarbon product in a single step.
Petrochemical Research Institute, Petrochina


Diesel engine aftertreatment heating and cleaning hybrid operation

A method for selecting an engine operating point in a multi-mode powertrain system includes monitoring a desired axle torque based on an operator torque request and vehicle speed. When an aftertreatment device used to purify regulated constituents within an exhaust gas feedstream output from the engine is determined to require an exhaust gas feedstream temperature to be increased to a predetermined temperature, an intrusive engine operation mode is enabled to increase the exhaust gas feedstream temperature to the predetermined temperature.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Anti-siphon device

The invention comprises a device that can be inserted into an inlet for a gasoline or diesel fuel tank, and which, after being inserted, prevents thieves from using siphons to steal gasoline from the tank. Embodiments of the device can protect the fuel supplies of automobiles, trucks, boats, and other motor vehicles.


Diesel oxidation catalyst and exhaust system

An oxidation catalyst for treating an exhaust gas from a diesel engine, which oxidation catalyst comprises: a first washcoat region comprising platinum (pt), manganese (mn) and a first support material; a second washcoat region comprising a platinum group metal (pgm) and a second support material; and a substrate having an inlet end and an outlet end; wherein the second washcoat region is arranged to contact the exhaust gas at the outlet end of the substrate and after contact of the exhaust gas with the first washcoat region.. .
Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company


Oxidation catalyst for internal combustion engine exhaust gas treatment

The invention provides an exhaust gas cleaning oxidation catalyst and in particular to an oxidation catalyst for cleaning the exhaust gas discharged from internal combustion engines of compression ignition type (particularly diesel engines). The invention further relates to a catalysed substrate monolith comprising an oxidising catalyst on a substrate monolith for use in treating exhaust gas emitted from a lean-burn internal combustion engine.
Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company


Diesel oxidation catalyst and exhaust system

An oxidation catalyst for treating an exhaust gas from a diesel engine, which oxidation catalyst comprises: a first washcoat region comprising a first platinum group metal (pgm), a first support material and a nox storage component; a second washcoat region comprising platinum (pt), manganese (mn) and a second support material; and a substrate having an inlet end and an outlet end.. .
Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company


Diesel oxidation catalyst and exhaust system

An oxidation catalyst for treating an exhaust gas from a diesel engine and an exhaust system comprising the oxidation catalyst are described. The oxidation catalyst comprises: a first washcoat region for oxidising carbon monoxide (co) and hydrocarbons (hcs), wherein the first washcoat region comprises a first platinum group metal (pgm) and a first support material; a second washcoat region for oxidising nitric oxide (no), wherein the second washcoat region comprises platinum (pt), manganese (mn) and a second support material; and a substrate having an inlet end and an outlet end; wherein the second washcoat region is arranged to contact the exhaust gas at the outlet end of the substrate and after contact of the exhaust gas with the first washcoat region..
Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company


Control device for diesel engine

A control device for a diesel engine includes a variable geometry supercharger with a variable supercharge pressure mechanism and an egr valve configured to adjust an egr gas amount. In the control device, when the diesel engine is determined to be accelerating, a maximum exhaust pressure is set such that an increased amount of an engine torque by increasing a fuel injection amount in association with acceleration is greater than an increased amount of pumping loss increased with increasing exhaust pressure due to an actuation of the variable supercharge pressure mechanism in association with acceleration.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Injector cooling apparatus

A cooling system for an injector tip for a diesel emission fluid (def) injection system is disclosed. The system uses a heat sink, such as a head for a regeneration system, to vaporize cooling fluid, in combination with a phase separation tank, to force cooling fluid backward through a cooling loop thereby allowing cooling of an injector tip following engine shutdown in a “hot” shutdown situation..
Caterpillar Inc.


Exhaust aftertreatment system with in-elbow reductant injection

An exhaust aftertreatment system, such as for a diesel engine, includes a reductant dosing system with an injector positioned in an elbow pipe of an exhaust conduit. A tubeless mixer is positioned in the exhaust conduit between the injector nozzle outlet and an scr catalyst.
Caterpillar, Inc.


Nano-dispersions of carbonaceous material in water as the basis of fuel related technologies and methods of making same

Colloidal carbonaceous material-in-water slurries having nano-particles of carbonaceous material creating a pseudo-fluid. The colloidal carbonaceous material-in-water slurry generally includes from about fifty to about seventy two weight percent of carbonaceous material, with about 20 to about 80 percent of the carbonaceous material having a particle size of about one micron or less with a mode particle size of about 250 nanometers.
Nano Dispersions Technology, Inc.


Method for oligomerising alkenes using the itq-39 zeolite

The invention relates to a heterogeneous method for oligomerising alkenes in order to produce hydricarbons within a diesel fraction in the present of a catalyst based on the itq-39 zeolite. The oligomerisation method described in the present invention includes at least: a.


Process for preparing hydrocarbons from carbon dioxide and hydrogen, and a catalyst useful in the process

The invention relates to a process for producing hydrocarbons from carbon dioxide and hydrogen, wherein carbon dioxide is converted with hydrogen in the presence of a special catalyst. By means of the process according to the invention c5-c15 hydrocarbons which are of interest as fuels (benzine, diesel, kerosene) can be formed with very high selectivity.


Systems for converting ethane and ethanol to liquid transportation fuels

Systems relating to thermal activation (or cracking) of ethane to an intermediate, low purity raw ethylene stream in a first stage. The system then mixes this stream with a stream of raw biomass-derived ethanol that may contain more than four volume percent of water.
Phillips 66 Company


Well service pump system

A well service pump system supplies high pressure working fluid to a well. The pump system is a linear design which incorporates a diesel engine, a hydraulic drive gear box, open loop hydraulic pumps, hydraulic ram cylinders, controls for the hydraulic system hydraulic cylinders, working fluid end cylinders and a coupling to connect the hydraulic cylinders and the working fluid ends.


Fuel injection control device of diesel engine

A fuel injection control device of a diesel engine is provided. The device includes an engine body, a fuel injection valve, a turbocharger, a low-pressure egr system, and a controller for operating the engine body.
Mazda Motor Corporation


Gaseous fuel conversion system for marine vessels, and related accessories

An engine assembly is provided. The assembly includes an internal combustion engine of the type having a air intake manifold and a fuel injector in fluid communication with a cylinder head of the engine and a gasoline or diesel fuel source, a supply line in communication with each channel of the air intake manifold and being in communication with a gaseous fuel source, the supply line further defining an adapter for controlling flow of gaseous fuel therethrough, and a control module for controlling the fuel injector and a valve, the control module being configured to enable the fuel injector when the engine is operating at a first predetermined operation condition and configured to enable the valve when the engine is operating at a second predetermined operation condition.
Blue Gas Marine, Inc.


Improvements in marine diesel engines

In a marine conversion of a “duramax” v8 diesel engine, each bank of cylinders has a jacketed exhaust manifold comprising a solid elongated casting including coolant galleries and a central exhaust duct. Recirculating coolant cools each cylinder then enters the exhaust manifold through separate apertures aligned with openings made by removal of a frost plug.
Marine Propulsion Technologies Limited



The present invention relates to a process, which is particularly suitable for the production of sebacic acid and/or 2-octanol, and also for the production of biodiesel, wherein the process is a process for the reaction of a fatty acid ester (such as castor oil, or canola or rapeseed oil) and/or a fatty acid (such as riconleic acid) with an inorganic base (such as sodium hydroxide), the process comprising the following steps: (i) providing a pressurised and heated stream of fatty acid ester and/or fatty acid; (ii) providing an inorganic base; (iii) combining the stream obtained from step (i) with the inorganic base obtained in step (ii), in the presence of water, in a reaction vessel, by injection, thereby to produce reaction mixture in the form of a pressurised and heated stream; (iv) optionally maintaining the stream obtained in step (iii) at a selected temperature and pressure; and (v) thereby obtaining a reaction product.. .
Naturally Scientific Technologies Limited


Catalyzed scr filter and emission treatment system

Provided is a catalyst article for simultaneously remediating the nitrogen oxides (nox), particulate matter, and gaseous hydrocarbons present in diesel engine exhaust streams. The catalyst article has a soot filter coated with a material effective in the selective catalytic reduction (scr) of nox by a reductant, e.g., ammonia..
Basf Corporation


Preparation and application of ultra-deep hydrodesulfurization multi-metal bulk catalyst of layered structure

An unsupported multi-metallic layered catalyst which comprises two or more group vib metals, one group viii metals, and one divalent metal, is used in ultra-deep hydrodesulfurization of diesel. And on oxide basis, it comprises 1-50 wt % group viii metals, 1-50 wt % divalent metals, and 5-60 wt % two group vib metals.
Dalian Institute Of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences


Diesel fuel engine injection system and method therefor

Disclosed is a method of injecting natural gas into a diesel fuel engine for combustion with diesel fuel therein. One aspect includes injecting natural gas into an air-stream of an engine air intake or manifold, measuring the percentage of natural gas injected into the airstream or other efficiency gauge, varying the rate of injection of natural gas into the airstream in response to the measured percentage of natural gas therein and injecting the natural gas at a pre-determined rate so as to maintain an natural gas concentration in the air intake stream in the range of 0.6% to 3.0% by volume of natural gas..
Gas Tek Solutions Pty. Ltd.


Diesel engine

It is an object of the present invention to provide a diesel engine in which an engine body, a dpf case and an scr catalyst case can be placed compactly. In the diesel engine including the engine body, the dpf case and the scr catalyst case, a dpf is accommodated in the dpf case and an scr catalyst is accommodated in the scr catalyst case, the dpf case and the scr catalyst case are mounted on the engine body, the dpf case is supported by the engine body through an exhaust gas introducing pipe, and the scr catalyst case is supported by the dpf case through an exhaust gas relay pipe..
Kubota Corporation


Methods for enhancing efficiency of bitumen extraction from oil sands using lipids and lipid by-products as process additives

In a method for enhancing the efficiency of separation of bitumen from oil sands ore, lipids, lipid by-products, and lipid derivatives are used as process additives for ore-water slurry-based bitumen extraction processes or in situ bitumen recovery processes. These additives act as surfactants reducing surface and interfacial tensions, thus promoting breakdown the oil sands ore structure and resultant liberation of bitumen from the ore.
Apex Engineering Inc.


Methods of inhibiting precipitation of biodiesel fuel components

Embodiments of the invention provide a method of inhibiting precipitation of biodiesel fuel components. The method includes providing a biodiesel fuel composition; providing a copolymer comprising at least first and second polymer units, said first polymer units derived from a carboxylic acid anhydride and said second polymer units derived from an olefin; and blending said copolymer with the biodiesel fuel to form a treated fuel composition.
Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company


Diesel fuel formulatin and use thereof

A diesel fuel composition having (a) between 60 and 70 vol % of a fischer-tropsch derived component, (b) between 20 and 30 vol % of a naphthenic base oil, and (c) between 9 and 11 vol % of a bio-derived diesel fuel component to provide a fuel composition having a density of between 780 and 820 kg/m3 and a cetane number of at least 68.. .
Shell Oil Company


Method for biodiesel generation

A method for biodiesel generation is disclosed, which comprising: providing a plurality of nano-particles each containing an alkali metal compound or an alkaline earth metal compound; forming a composite in which the nano-particles are adhered on a support; and performing a transesterification reaction by contacting the composite with a target.. .
National Cheng Kung University


Methods for treating vacuum gas oil (vgo) and apparatuses for the same

Embodiments of apparatuses and methods for treating a vacuum gas oil (vgo) hydrotreating feed are provided. In one example, a method comprises contacting the vgo hydrotreating feed with a first hydrotreating catalyst in the presence of hydrogen at first hydroprocessing conditions effective to form a first hydrotreated effluent.
Uop Llc


Solvent extraction process to stabilize, desulphurize and dry wide range diesels, stabilized wide range diesels obtained and their uses

A process allowing the removal of contaminants from an unstable oil such as those produced by thermal or catalytic cracking, wherein, in at least one step of the process, mixing of the unstable oil with a pure or impure solvent having a dipole moment greater than 2 is performed. The stabilized diesels thereby obtained exhibit interesting properties among which significant stability features and are useful in numerous applications, some of these stabilized wide range diesels are new as well as their uses..
Envirollea Inc.


Process and system for whole tyres and plastic composites pyrolysis to fuel conversion and compound recovery

Disclosed is a process for treating waste plastic materials such as whole tyres, coarsely cut tyres, large plastic pieces, plastic composites such as hoses or combinations of above into gases, liquids and solids by direct heating in a pyrolysis liquid (1) such as molten salt or molten metal. The pyrolysis system is constructed such that the segregation of the light and heavy materials occurs within the pyrolysis chamber.

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