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Diaphragm patents

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Led light-source module for an led motor vehicle headlight

Electrolyzer apparatus and method of making it

Date/App# patent app List of recent Diaphragm-related patents
 Pumping device, as for enteral feeding assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Pumping device, as for enteral feeding assembly
A pumping device is disclosed, as for use with an enteral feeding assembly. In one form the pumping device is a diaphragm pump including a first dome portion, a second dome portion, and a flexible membrane located between the first and second dome portions.
 Turbomachine having swirl-inhibiting seal patent thumbnailnew patent Turbomachine having swirl-inhibiting seal
Various embodiments include a turbomachine including a swirl-inhibiting seal. In various particular embodiments, a turbomachine includes: a rotor section having sets of axially disposed blades; a diaphragm section at least partially surrounding the rotor section, the diaphragm section including a set of nozzles positioned between adjacent sets of axially disposed blades, wherein the set of nozzles includes at least one nozzle having: a base section coupled to the diaphragm section; a blade coupled to the base section; and a radial tip section coupled to a radial end of the blade, the radial tip section including an axially extending flange having a slot extending therethrough for controlling fluid flow within the turbomachine..
 Loudspeaker and equipment including the same patent thumbnailnew patent Loudspeaker and equipment including the same
A loudspeaker is provided which includes: a magnetic circuit including a magnet having at least one hole, a plate fixed to one of a pair of polar surfaces of the magnet, and a box-shaped yoke having an inner bottom surface fixed to the other polar surface of the magnet; a voice coil vertically vibratably provided in a magnetic gap formed by the plate and the yoke; a diaphragm having a peripheral edge connected to an upper end of the voice coil; and a magnetic fluid filled in at least one of a gap between the voice coil and the plate and a gap between the voice coil and the yoke. The loudspeaker includes at least one means for uniformly distributing the magnetic fluid..
 Led light-source module for an led motor vehicle headlight patent thumbnailnew patent Led light-source module for an led motor vehicle headlight
The invention relates to an led light source module (m1 to m4, m1′ to m4′) for an led motor vehicle headlight (swl, swr), in particular for an led motor vehicle headlight (swl, swr) for generating a dynamic light distribution, wherein the led light source module (m1 to m4, m1′ to m4′) comprises at least one led light source (leq), wherein the at least one led light source (leq) is composed of at least one light-emitting diode (led1, led2), wherein the at least one light-emitting diode (led1, led2) of the at least one led light source (leq) couples light into an associated primary lens element (p1 to p4), wherein the in-coupled light at least partially exits a light exit area (l1 to l4) of the primary lens element (p1 to p4) again, wherein the led light source module (m1 to m4, m1′ to m4′) comprises a secondary lens (s1, s2, s3, s4), which images the light exiting the at least one light exit area (l1 to l4) of the at least one primary lens element (p1 to p4)—when the headlight (sw) is installed in a vehicle—as a light pattern onto a region located in front of the vehicle, and wherein according to the invention a diaphragm assembly (bao) is provided between the at least one light exit area (l1 to l4) of the at least one primary lens element (p1 to p4) and the secondary lens (s1 to s4), the diaphragm assembly (bao) comprising at least one optically effective diaphragm edge (bk1, bk2), which is arranged and/or extends such that undesired distortions occurring in an upper and/or lower region of the light pattern are at least partially suppressed in the light pattern.. .
 Imaging apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Imaging apparatus
An imaging apparatus performs a focus detecting operation with an image sensor including a photoelectric conversion portion that has a pupil-dividing function. The imaging apparatus increases a line addition number according to a target exposure value corresponding to a pixel dynamic range that is variable depending on an exposure setting value.
 Tablet computer with integrated tactile keyboard patent thumbnailnew patent Tablet computer with integrated tactile keyboard
A mobile electronic device such as a tablet computer is provided having flexible display panel that deforms in response to the application of pressure thereto. The tactile response of the display panel is affected by underlying structures.
 Back pressure regulator with floating seal support patent thumbnailnew patent Back pressure regulator with floating seal support
A sealing apparatus for a back pressure regulator includes: a body defining a process surface, and including: at least one process void communicating with the process surface; a recess disposed in the process surface; a floating support hub disposed in the recess, carrying an o-ring; a vent void communicating with the recess; an inlet port disposed in fluid communication with the at least one process void and adapted to be coupled in fluid communication with a fluid at a process pressure; and an outlet port disposed in fluid communication with the vent void; and a diaphragm having opposed reference and process sides, the diaphragm disposed against the body such that the process side is substantially coplanar with the process surface.. .
 Electrolyzer apparatus and method of making it patent thumbnailnew patent Electrolyzer apparatus and method of making it
An apparatus for the electrolytic splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen gases is disclosed. The apparatus comprises: (i) a first hemi-enclosure; (ii) a second hemi-enclosure; (iii) a diaphragm electrode array positioned between the first hemi-enclosure and the second hemi-enclosure comprising: (a) a diaphragm, that passes ions and impedes the passage of gases, comprising a first side and a second opposed side; (b) a first plurality of electrodes in a first vicinity of the first side of the diaphragm; and (c) a second plurality of electrodes in a second vicinity of the second opposed side of the diaphragm; (iv) a fastener, for leak-tight fastening of the first hemi-enclosure, the diaphragm electrode array, and the second hemi-enclosure, whereby a leak-tight enclosure is formed; (v) contacts, for electrically powering the first and second pluralities of electrodes, and; (vi) pathways, configured to remove hydrogen and oxygen gases from the enclosure..
 Electrolyzer apparatus and method of making it patent thumbnailnew patent Electrolyzer apparatus and method of making it
An apparatus for the electrolytic splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen gases is disclosed. The apparatus comprises: (i) a first hemi-enclosure; (ii) a second hemi-enclosure; (iii) a diaphragm electrode array positioned between the first hemi-enclosure and the second hemi-enclosure comprising: (a) a diaphragm, that passes ions and impedes the passage of gases, comprising a first side and a second opposed side; (b) a first plurality of electrodes in a first vicinity of the first side of the diaphragm; and (c) a second plurality of electrodes in a second vicinity of the second opposed side of the diaphragm; (iv) a fastener, for leak-tight fastening of the first hemi-enclosure, the diaphragm electrode array, and the second hemi-enclosure, whereby a leak-tight enclosure is formed; (v) contacts, for electrically powering the first and second pluralities of electrodes, and; (vi) pathways, configured to remove hydrogen and oxygen gases from the enclosure..
 Coke oven assemblies, doors therefor, and methods patent thumbnailnew patent Coke oven assemblies, doors therefor, and methods
A coke oven door includes a mainframe, a diaphragm assembly coupled with the mainframe, and a plurality of load-exerting assemblies attached to the mainframe. The diaphragm assembly includes a pan and a sealing edge structure attached to the pan.
new patent Integrity monitor for reference cavity of capacitance diaphragm gauge
A system and method detect the presence of an unacceptable quantity of gas molecules in the reference vacuum cavity of a capacitance diaphragm gauge (cdg). An independent pressure transducer has an active portion exposed to the reference vacuum cavity.
new patent Method for connecting a diaphragm to a sensor housing
A method is provided for connecting a diaphragm to a housing of a pressure or force sensor, wherein a measurement element is attached in the housing and can capture a load acting from the outside onto the diaphragm during the use of the finished sensor. A housing ring surface or the housing is situated opposite a diaphragm ring surface of the diaphragm, which are subjected to compressive loading by the load during use of the sensor.
Brake chamber with sensor
A brake chamber includes a housing defining a service air brake volume. A diaphragm is associated with a plate that is movably secured within the housing.
High efficiency blood pump
A high efficiency blood pump includes a pump housing, wherein the pump housing provides an inlet and outlet. The pump includes a motor housing, wherein the motor housing contains a motor.
Blood treatment systems and methods
The present invention generally relates to hemodialysis and similar dialysis systems, including a variety of systems and methods that would make hemodialysis more efficient, easier, and/or more affordable. One aspect of the invention is generally directed to new fluid circuits for fluid flow.
Diaphragm pump with muffler-mounted sensor
Illustrative embodiments of diaphragm pumps including a muffler-mounted sensor are disclosed. In one illustrative embodiment, a diaphragm pump includes a shaft coupled to at least one diaphragm, an exhaust chamber configured to receive a motive fluid that has driven reciprocation of the at least one diaphragm and the shaft, a muffler disposed at least partially within the exhaust chamber, the muffler having a sensor mounting chamber defined therein, and a proximity sensor disposed in the sensor mounting chamber, a sensing end of the proximity sensor being flush with an end of the sensor mounting chamber nearest the shaft..
Microphone environmental protection device
A device for protecting a microphone sensing surface, such as a diaphragm, from the detrimental effects of the ambient environment. The device incorporates a perforated surface to protect the microphone and in conjunction with a chamber volume creates an acoustic resonance in the 1 khz to 20 khz spectrum, which improves the microphone signal-to-noise ratio performance.
Diaphragm check valves and methods of manufacture thereof
Microscale valves for use in, e.g., micropump devices, may be formed of a slitted diaphragm bonded to the interior of a valve tube. A bump in the diaphragm and/or a backward-leakage stopper may increase the breakdown pressure of the valve.
Pressure measuring instrument and substrate processing apparatus provided with the pressure measuring instrument
There is provided a pressure measuring instrument including: a detecting unit including the reference pressure chamber therein and formed in a cylindrical shape, the diaphragm being disposed inside the detecting unit; a communicating unit for providing communication between the diaphragm and the measurement pressure chamber, and formed in a circular tube shape having an inner diameter smaller than an inner diameter of the detecting unit; and an annular flow-path forming unit disposed between the detecting unit and the communicating unit, and configured to form a substantially annular path. The communicating unit introduces a gas of the measurement pressure chamber into the substantially annular path.
Laminates with fluoropolymer cloth
A laminate includes a first layer of a first fluoropolymer. The laminate can further include a second layer of at least one ply of a fluoropolymer fabric overlying the first layer.
Loudspeaker, electronic device and mobile device both including the same, and method of producing the same
A magnetic circuit includes an upper plate, a magnet, a lower plate, and a center pole. The outer circumference of a frame is coupled with a diaphragm.
Integrated audio-visual systems
Integrated audio-visual systems are provided. Such integrated audio-visual systems are capable of reproducing sound frequencies without compromising visual characteristics.
Light source apparatus and light-adjusting method for light source apparatus
A light source apparatus includes: a lamp, a diaphragm device, a cpu that causes the diaphragm device to execute adjustment of an emission amount of illumination light on the basis of a target brightness signal generated based on brightness of an image obtained by picking up an image of a subject; a cpu that switches between illumination modes, and a mode switching switch. During a period after an instruction for switching from one of an illumination mode corresponding to normal light observation mode and an illumination mode corresponding to special light observation mode to the other is given until the switching by the cpu is completed, the cpu causes the diaphragm device to execute adjustment of the emission amount of the illumination light based on a correction value obtained by correcting a current diaphragm value at the time when the instruction for switching is given using a predetermined coefficient..
Vehicular light guides and assemblies with uniform illumination
A light guide is provided that includes a light chamber defined by isotropically luminant top, bottom, and back surfaces, and a front surface having a translucent lens. The light guide also includes a reflective diaphragm within the chamber that defines a top gap between the diaphragm and the top surface, and a bottom gap between the diaphragm and the bottom surface.
Apparatus and method for transmitted light illumination for light microscopes and microscope system
The invention relates to an apparatus for transmitted light illumination for light microscopes, in particular stereo microscopes or macroscopes, having changing effective entrance pupil of an objective. The apparatus has a light source for emitting an illuminating light beam, a housing, in which the light source is arranged, a holding device for holding a sample to be examined and at least one diaphragm edge for trimming the illuminating light beam, wherein the diaphragm edge extends transversely to an optical axis of a light microscope, which can be positioned in an operating state on the device for transmitted light illumination, and wherein a beam path of the illuminating light between the diaphragm edge and the sample held by the holding device is free from adjustable beam focussing components.
Clamp ring for welded diaphragms
A diaphragm sealed flow cavity comprises a first body comprising a support surface, a diaphragm comprising an outer portion that is joined by a weld to the first body, a clamped portion, and an inner portion that is movable along an axis, with the clamped portion of the diaphragm being compressed between the bearing surface and the support surface. The diaphragm sealed flow cavity may include a cylindrical body having a crimped portion for joining the cylindrical body to the first body.
Pressure regulator for watering system
A water pressure regulator includes a sealing member and a body having a diaphragm assembly. The diaphragm assembly is positioned and secured within the body to define first and second chambers.
Methods of manufacture and use of implantable pressure-actuated drug delivery systems
Implantable pressure-actuated systems to deliver a drug and/or other substance in response to a pressure difference between a system cavity and an exterior environment, and methods of fabrication and use. A pressure-rupturable membrane diaphragm may be tuned to rupture at a desired rupture threshold, rupture site, with a desired rupture pattern, and/or within a desired rupture time.
Biopsy inlet valve
A valve apparatus device provides surgical instruments with sealable access to an inlet port of an endoscope instrument channel. The valve has a hollow body with a distal end that releasably attaches to the inlet port, and a flexible diaphragm seal dividing the body into a proximal chamber and a distal chamber.
System and method for imaging an object
A system for imaging an object, the system including: a detection zone; a first unit adapted to selectively emit radiation of at least one first wavelength and radiation of at least one second, different wavelength for at least partly illuminating the object in the detection zone; a second unit adapted to capture at least partial images of the illuminated object; and an aperture placed in an optical path between the detection zone and the second unit. The aperture includes: a first, central area adapted to transmit radiation of at least the first wavelength(s) and the second wavelength(s); and a second area surrounding said first area, which second area is adapted to block radiation of the second wavelength(s), but transmit radiation of the first wavelength(s).
Bone conduction speaker and bone conduction headphone device
When sound signals are transmitted to a coil in a vibration driver, a magnet vibrates according to change in magnetic field caused by the coil. A diaphragm vibrates up and down together with the coil, due to magnetic effects of the coil with respect to the magnet.
Display apparatus
A display apparatus is disclosed which comprises a plurality of layers arranged in a light emitting direction of a light source, wherein a diaphragm layer configured to enhance an emitting brightness of the display apparatus is arranged on one of the plurality of layers. With such diaphragm layer in the display apparatus, the brightness of the display apparatus can be enhanced by the fresnel diffraction effects of the diaphragm layer.
Inner focus lens system, interchangeable lens apparatus and camera system
An inner focus lens system, in order from an object side, comprising: a first lens unit including a most-object-side negative first lens element; a positive second lens unit; and a negative third lens unit, wherein an aperture diaphragm is included, the first lens unit, the third lens unit, and the aperture diaphragm are fixed relative to an image surface in focusing, the second lens unit moves relative to the image surface in the focusing, and the conditions: bf/y<1.7 and th/f>1.6 (bf: a distance from an apex of an image-side surface of a most-image-side lens element to the image surface, y: a maximum image height, th: a distance from an apex of an object-side surface of a most-object-side lens element to the apex of the image-side surface of the most-image-side lens element, f: a focal length of the lens system) are satisfied.. .
Cartridge assembly for an injection system
Methods and systems for a cartridge assembly for use with an injection system are provided. An example cartridge assembly may include an ampule containing a pharmaceutical product that is sealed at a distal end with a pierceable diaphragm.
Electrostatic pressure sensor
An electrostatic pressure sensor has a supporting diaphragm bonded to be held between first and second pedestal plates, a sensor chip supported on a top face of a center portion of the second pedestal plate. The supporting diaphragm has in the center portion thereof a large-diameter hole that forms a slit-shaped space between the first and second pedestal plates.
Method of monitoring wear in a diaphragm valve using pressure detection
A flush valve for a waste water system comprises a valve including a fluid inlet, a fluid outlet and a main valve element adapted for movement to allow fluid flow between the fluid inlet and the fluid outlet based on a pressure differential across a portion of the main valve element. The valve also includes a vent system comprising a control chamber in flow communication with the fluid inlet of the valve and a vent outlet in flow communication with the fluid outlet of the valve, and a solenoid for venting fluid venting fluid from the control chamber to the fluid outlet.
Lens device, camera system, and exposure control method
When a exposure controlling unit changes an aperture value of a diaphragm in a predetermined range, the exposure controlling unit also changes a transmittance of a variable nd filter so as to perform an exposure control and, after obtaining a proper exposure by changing both the aperture value and the transmittance, sets the aperture value after exposure control to fa, and in a case where the aperture value at which a maximum resolving power is obtained is set to fb, when a condition, fa≠fb, is satisfied and the transmittance is neither the minimum nor the maximum, the exposure controlling unit brings the aperture value close to fb and changes the transmittance so as to maintain the proper exposure after the exposure control.. .
Actuator and sensor assembly
An actuator and sensor assembly comprising respective sensor and actuator housings defining an interior chamber. Clips on the sensor housing engage the actuator housing for coupling the sensor and actuator housings together.
Damper with air spring
A damper with an air spring includes: a damper main body having a cylinder and a piston rod inserted into the cylinder; and a cylindrical diaphragm attached to a side of the cylinder at a first end thereof and to a side of the piston rod at a second end thereof and forming an air chamber around the damper main body, in which a first attachment case to which the first end of the diaphragm is attached is fitted on an outer periphery of the cylinder, and an inner-diameter step portion of the first attachment case is brought into abutting contact with an upper end portion of the cylinder in an axial direction thereof, while a second attachment case to which the second end of the diaphragm is attached is fixed to the piston rod.. .
Polishing tool with diaphram for uniform polishing of a wafer
A chemical mechanical polishing to that can provide uniform polishing across a wafer even when polishing hard wafers such as altic wafers used in the formation of magnetic recording sliders. The chemical mechanical polishing to has a wafer carrier that includes a diaphragm or bladder that is configured such that an inner portion of the bladder can be pneumatically pressurized so as to bow outward, while outer portions remain unpressurized..
Internal pilot type pressure regulator
An internal pilot type pressure regulator 10 reduces a pressure of compressed air supplied to a primary port 11 and causes it to flow out to a secondary port 12. The pressure of air which flows into the secondary port 12 is set by rotating a handle 61 so as to adjust a spring force which is added to a pilot diaphragm 49.
Musical water instrument or water filled instrument having rigid pipes connected to elastic or rigid media
A musical instrument or multimedia input device is disclosed. User input is by hitting or striking water in order to produce an at least partially transient acoustic disturbance, vibrations, or change in the water.
Fluid treatment device and method for treating fluid
A fluid treatment device (100) has a first substrate (210), a second substrate (120), and a resin film (130) located between the first substrate (210) and the second substrate (120). On the first substrate (210) are formed a first flow channel (111), a region (214) facing a valve formed at the end of the first flow channel (111), a second flow channel (112), and a barrier wall (215) located between the region (214) facing the valve and the end of the second flow channel (112).
Actuator shaft boot
Wastegated turbochargers all use actuators to manipulate the wastegate valve which controls turbine wheel bypass of exhaust gas energy. The diaphragms in these actuators are susceptible to foreign material damage.
Hemodynamic performance enhancement through asymptomatic diaphragm stimulation
An implantable system, and methodology, for improving a heart's hemodynamic performance featuring (a) bimodal electrodes placeable on the diaphragm, out of contact with the heart, possessing one mode for sensing cardiac electrical activity, and another for applying cardiac-cycle-synchronized, asymptomatic electrical stimulation to the diaphragm to trigger biphasic, diaphragmatic motion, (b) an accelerometer adjacent the electrodes for sensing both heart sounds, and stimulation-induced diaphragmatic motion, and (c) circuit structure, connected both to the electrodes and the accelerometer, operable, in predetermined timed relationships to the presences of valid v-events noted in one of sensed electrical and sensed mechanical, cardiac activity, to deliver diaphragmatic stimulation. The circuit structure includes accelerometer-linked computer structure for enabling selective review, for later operational modifications, of stimulation-produced diaphragmatic motions, and in a modified form, may additionally include timing-adjustment substructure capable of making adjustments in the mentioned timed relationships..
Method, apparatus and system for the performance of valsalva maneuvers
Methods, apparatus and systems for precisely controlling a valsalva maneuver and the timing thereof in conjunction with testing a patient for a cardiac shunt, and for ensuring that a patient performing a valsalva maneuver creates a required pressure using their diaphragm. Embodiments of a valsalva maneuver mouthpiece assembly are also disclosed for use with the invention methods, apparatus and systems.
Flexible diaphragm combination floating and rigid abrading workholder
Flat-surfaced workpieces such as semiconductor wafers or sapphire disks are attached to a rotatable floating or rigid workpiece holder carrier that is supported by a pressurized-air flexible elastomer disk sealed air-chamber device and is rotationally driven by a flexible arm or a lug-pin device. The rotating wafer carrier rotor is horizontally restrained by a set of idlers that are attached to a stationary housing to provide rigid support against abrading forces.
C) introducing the remaining catholyte into the anodic chamber.. .
Diaphragm pump for dosing a fluid and an according method
A diaphragm pump (10), in particular for use as a detergent dosage pump, comprises a pump housing (12) with at least a first check valve (14) and a second check valve (16), a fluid chamber (18), a diaphragm (20) defining a wall of the fluid chamber (18) and reciprocatingly movable, driving means (28) with a driving shaft (30) for reciprocating said diaphragm (20), a control unit (36), wherein the driving means (28) is connected to the diaphragm (20) by an eccentric (26) and a con rod (24), wherein the driving means (28) is configured as a gearless drive to directly reciprocate the diaphragm (20). The diaphragm pump (10) according to the invention offers increased cost efficiency and further it is possible to increase the dosing capabilities of the diaphragm pump (10)..
High-output microspeaker
The present invention relates to a high-output microspeaker, and more particularly, to a high-output microspeaker which includes a damper for preventing lateral vibrations of a diaphragm. The present invention discloses a high-output microspeaker, comprising: a frame; a protector; a yoke assembly coupled to the frame and including a magnet; a diaphragm provided in the frame and producing vibration; a voice coil coupled to the diaphragm and vibrating the diaphragm; a terminal provided on one side of the frame and providing an electrical connection between the lead wire of the voice coil and an external terminal; and a damper formed of an fpcb that includes an inner portion to which a center diaphragm, a side diaphragm and the voice coil are attached, an outer portion to which the side diaphragm is attached and which is in contact with the frame and the protector, a support portion functioning to connect the voice coil, the outer portion and the inner portion and including a land portion to which the lead-in wire of the coil is soldered or welded, and a connecting portion extending outward from the outer portion and providing an electrical connection between the terminal provided on the frame and the outer portion..
Acoustically actuated mechanical valve for acoustic transducer protection
A portable electronic device including an outer case having a wall in which a transducer-associated acoustic hole is formed. An inner case may be positioned inside the outer case.
Dual-frequency coaxial earphone
A dual-frequency coaxial earphone includes an earphone housing, a moving coil loudspeaker unit and a balanced armature loudspeaker unit. The earphone housing has a receiving space and an acoustic output orifice.
Micromachined metal diaphragm based fabry-perot fiberoptic sensor system and data processing involving the same
The present invention relates to micro machined metal diaphragm for fabry-perot interferometer sensor and fabry perot fiber optic sensor system using said metal diaphragm and method of fabrication thereof. Fabry perot sensor with micro machined metallic diaphragms at the fiber optic end is developed ensuring accuracy, controllability by deterministic process.
Microlens array and scanning exposure device using same
This microlens array comprises hexagonal field diaphragms in inverted-image-forming positions, i.e., microlenses, a plurality of which are arranged in the direction perpendicular to a direction of scanning, and from which rows of microlenses are configured. Further, for three rows of microlenses, microlens rows are arranged with offset by (a length s) in a direction perpendicular to the direction of scanning such that triangular portions of the hexagonal field diaphragms overlap in the direction of scanning.
Diaphragm seal for strut bearing
A rolling diaphragm seal for a strut bearing, the seal inserted into an annulus formed between an upper and lower housing. The seal having a hollow tubular form, formed into a ring open at one end.
Diaphragm valve
A diaphragm valve, more particularly for fluid media, includes a valve body, a diaphragm and a connection piece that can be activated by a drive in order to act on the diaphragm, wherein the valve body, the diaphragm and the connection piece are made of plastic. The valve body and the diaphragm are made of different plastics, wherein the plastic of the diaphragm is more elastic than the plastic of the valve body..
One piece dispensing lid
One-piece dispensing closure or lid molded in a single mold not requiring assembly of independent pieces, except for a seal after filling the closure with the additive. The closure has a round side skirt and security or tamper evident band, provided inside with threaded ribs, a flexible diaphragm with a tearing structure made up of a central stem and a tearing cylinder having a plurality of tearing tips to break the seal and release the additive..
Anti-surge valve
An anti-surge valve opens or closes a path depending on a negative pressure formed at an intake manifold, and includes an operating unit movable in a direction in response to the negative pressure, a spring means provided to push the operating unit in a direction opposite to the moving direction of the operating unit in response to the negative pressure, a spring mounting portion for mounting the spring means, and a diaphragm disposed to cover an outer surface of the operating unit. The diaphragm may be formed in a substantially hollow cylindrical shape and include a circumference portion formed along a circumference of an opened top surface of the diaphragm, a coupling portion formed along a circumferential direction from an outer end of the circumference portion, and a side portion extended substantially vertically from an inner end of the circumference portion, and has substantially uniform outer and inner diameters..
Pressure regulator having an integrated check valve
A pressure regulator for use in an engine is disclosed. The pressure regulator may include first and second flow paths formed in a body, wherein the first flow path is configured to pass a first fluid and the second flow path is configured to receive a second fluid.
Flexible externally toothed gear for wave gear device
A cup-shaped flexible externally toothed gear of a wave gear device, wherein a diaphragm plate slopes from a diaphragm internal peripheral edge portion contiguous to a boss part toward a diaphragm external peripheral edge portion contiguous to a cylindrical body portion in a direction in which the diaphragm external peripheral edge portion is at greater distance from an open end of the cylindrical body portion with respect to an orthogonal plane orthogonal to a central axis line of the device. The length dimension of the diaphragm plate and the length dimension of the cylindrical body portion in the axial direction can be increased.
Matching back pressures on differential oil-filled diaphragms
Exemplary embodiments of the present invention provide a differential pressure transducer that comprises first and second diaphragms of different configurations, i.e., different diameters and/or thicknesses. The pressure transducer provides more versatility over prior art designs as the diaphragms can be of different configurations yet still maintain substantially similar back pressures.
Pulse generator systems for therapy device
A system for providing continuous high frequency oscillation therapy is disclosed. A pulse generator comprises a valve stem which fluidly connects two ports when pressure in one of the two ports exceeds a threshold force.
Portable smart stethoscope formed of smart mobile device and casing assembly
A smart portable stethoscope is formed of a smart mobile device and a casing assembly for the mobile device. The casing assembly comprises a casing member, a diaphragm holder member configured to securely and effectively retain a diaphragm, and a vibrator-transducer member.
A diaphragm including a cross-linked fluororubber layer obtained by cross-linking a fluororubber composition containing a fluororubber (a) and a carbon black (b), the cross-linked fluororubber layer having a loss modulus e″ of 400 kpa or higher and 6,000 kpa or lower determined by a dynamic viscoelasticity test under conditions of measurement temperature: 160° c., tensile strain: 1%, static tension under a constant static load condition for measuring strain distribution: 157 cn, and frequency: 10 hz.. .
Bat with bifurcated internal cavities
A tubular bat is provided whereby at least one diaphragm is located within the internal cavity of the bat. The diaphragm is fastened at its peripheral edge to the inner surface of the bat wall, thereby dividing the internal cavity into two separated cavities, thus creating two sweet spots, or shifting the existing sweet spot forward towards the distal end of the bat.
Rocking inflatable figure
A rocking inflatable figure has a hollow inflatable body, a rocking mechanism and an air pump. The inflatable body has an air inlet, a movable portion and two partition diaphragms securely mounted on an inner wall inside the movable portion.
Diaphragm pump
A disposable pump has a pump unit 4 engaging with a drive unit 6. The drive unit drives a piston 18.
Lamp comprising active cooling device for thermal management
Embodiments of a lamp comprise a light source and an active cooling device that propagates airflow within the lamp to dissipate heat from the light source. In one embodiment, the lamp comprises a light emitting diode (led) device and an inductor that couples in series with the light emitting diode (led) device.
Suspension element having a hydraulic strut connected to a pressure accumulator and independent suspension using the same
The present disclosure relates to a suspension element for maintaining a wheel on a frame of a vehicle. The suspension element can be attached to the frame via a fixed support.
System for the injection moulding of plastic material, particularly suitable for the moulding of pieces having the form of a solid of revolution or similar, and corresponding method
A system for the injection moulding of plastic material is described. The system has an injection device of the hot runner type for the injection of a plastic material, in a molten state, into a mould, a circular diaphragm to distribute evenly and circularly in a cavity of the mould, through a circular injection gate or port, the plastic material injected by the injection device, and control means adapted to control an operation of the moulding system an including a heating inductor and heating means provided to heat and keep at a hot temperature the injection device, and a thermocouple being arranged in an area of the circular injection gate.
The flowmeter includes a silicon substrate having a diaphragm where a heater is formed, an aluminum pad formed on a silicon substrate, an organic protective film laminated on the silicon substrate, and a mold resin that covers the silicon substrate. The diaphragm has an exposed portion exposed from the organic protective film, an adhesion surface high in adhesion property to the mold resin is laminated on the silicon substrate, and an adhesion film of the mold resin to the adhesion film is provided between the exposed portion and the aluminum pad..

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