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Diaphragm patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Diaphragm-related patents
 Method and systems for laser treatment of presbyopia using offset imaging patent thumbnailnew patent Method and systems for laser treatment of presbyopia using offset imaging
An ophthalmic surgery system and method for treating presbyopia by performing ablative photodecomposition of the corneal surface. The offset image of a variable aperture, such as a variable width slit and variable diameter iris diaphragm, is scanned in a preselected pattern to perform ablative sculpting of predetermined portions of a corneal surface.
 Loudspeaker constructed from sheets patent thumbnailnew patent Loudspeaker constructed from sheets
A loudspeaker designed with a large area having sandwich-like layer structure includes a plurality of conductive and nonconductive layers which form an active sound-radiating loudspeaker surface. The plurality of conductive and nonconductive layers include a first diaphragm sheet coated with an electrically conductive layer, a second diaphragm sheet coated with an electrically conductive layer, a static high-voltage supply, which generates an electric field between the first electrically conductive layer and the second electrically conductive layer, and an audio source which influences the high-voltage fields between the first electrically conductive layer and the second electrically conductive layer via a capacitor.
 Image capturing device and image capturing system patent thumbnailnew patent Image capturing device and image capturing system
An image capturing device and an image capturing system are provided. The image capturing device includes an optical system that focuses lights from an object to generate optical information, a filter provided near a diaphragm position of the optical system, the filter having a plurality of types of spectral characteristics, a sensor that converts the optical information of the object to electronic data, the sensor providing a plurality of spectral transmittance values that sequentially and spatially change, and a lens array having a plurality of lenses being arranged in substantially parallel in a direction of a two-dimensional surface of the sensor..
 Liquid sealed vibration isolating device patent thumbnailnew patent Liquid sealed vibration isolating device
A partition member for partitioning a primary liquid chamber and a secondary liquid chamber is provided with a damping orifice and an elastic partition member. A leg portion integrally projects from a lower surface of the movable diaphragm so as to be pressed vertically against a stopper surface formed on an upper surface of the bottom portion of a frame member.
 Excess flow valve with flexible diaphragm member patent thumbnailnew patent Excess flow valve with flexible diaphragm member
An assembly for limiting excess flow includes a seat and a disc. The seat has an inner ring, an outer ring having a top surface tapering in a downstream direction from outer ring towards the inner ring, and a plurality of legs attaching the inner ring to the outer ring.
 Adjustable diaphragm retainer plate patent thumbnailnew patent Adjustable diaphragm retainer plate
Disclosed herein are improved diaphragm actuators capable of preventing the inhibition of movement of a diaphragm retainer plate when a stretched or improperly sized diaphragm is used. Such diaphragm retainer plates may be adjustable such that the thickness from the distal side to the proximal side is increased.
 Anti-surge valve for vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Anti-surge valve for vehicle
An anti-surge valve includes a diaphragm partitioning an internal space formed by a valve body and a cover into spaces in which a pressure chamber connected to a connection port, an air inlet and an air outlet are formed; a valve cup assembled to the diaphragm; a coupling member that fixes the diaphragm and the valve cup; and a spring that elastically supports the diaphragm in the pressure chamber. In the anti-surge valve, a side wall of the valve cup has a sectional shape concave toward the center of the valve along the entire circumference thereof so that a side portion of the diaphragm is deformed toward the center of the valve while being adhered closely to an outer surface of the side wall of the valve cup in a state in which an edge portion of the diaphragm is fixed by the valve body and the cover..
 Brake chamber, boot member, and bush member patent thumbnailnew patent Brake chamber, boot member, and bush member
A brake chamber includes a rod member that makes reciprocating motion within a cylinder through a pressure of compressed air or an urging force of a spring, thereby causing a pushrod for activating a brake device of a vehicle to proceed into the brake device. The brake chamber further includes a diaphragm that deforms in response to supply of the compressed air to push the rod member, and a housing that forms an accommodation space for the diaphragm.
 Deflection spring pneumatic actuator patent thumbnailnew patent Deflection spring pneumatic actuator
A pneumatic actuator includes a housing defining a chamber. A diaphragm is positioned within the chamber.
 Pressure transducer using ceramic diaphragm patent thumbnailnew patent Pressure transducer using ceramic diaphragm
A pressure transducer using a ceramic diaphragm which is not easily damaged so that there is no risk of leakage of a target medium to be measured, having a superior mass-production capability and a reduced volume and enabling low-price by simplifying a flexible cable and a printed circuit board (pcb) to connect the transducer and a signal processing chip. The pressure transducer includes the ceramic diaphragm formed as a rectangular planar ceramic diaphragm and having a surface having formed thereon a pattern made of an electrically conductive material and strain gages; a base plate configured to face the surface of the ceramic diaphragm having formed thereon the pattern; and an adhesive layer configured to be formed along edges of a contacting surface of the ceramic diaphragm and the base plate so as to bond the ceramic diaphragm and the base plate and form a space for the strain gages..
new patent Pressure transmitter and transmission method
Hydrogen which has entered into a pressure/differential pressure transmitter from external or internally generated hydrogen and hydrocarbons are converted to air bubbles within pressure guide paths. As a result, the indicated value drifts and an accurate numerical value is not output.
new patent Oscillating device for a fill-level measurement system and a method for assembling the same
An oscillating device for a fill-level measurement system includes a drive element in operative connection with a diaphragm. The drive housing receives the drive element at an open-ended front side and includes a first housing part and a second housing part in an operative axially interfitting arrangement proximate the drive element.
Turbine intrusion loss reduction system
Systems and devices configured to reduce windage and mixing losses in a turbine by redirecting and/or aligning a direction of a leakage flow with the flowpath of the main flow of a turbine are disclosed. In one embodiment, a device includes: a base configured to connect to a diaphragm of a turbine; and a radial portion connected to the base and extending radially inboard from the base toward a rotor of the turbine, the radial portion oriented to adjust a direction of travel of a leakage flow of working fluid radially inboard at an angle complementary to a primary working fluid path of the turbine..
Electrical water heating appliances
An electrical water heating appliance includes pump means connected to a water heating means via a water flow path. One or more flow-regulating valve means are arranged in the flow path to regulate the flow of water to the heating means so as to achieve a substantially uniform flow rate.
Loudspeaker, and electronic apparatus and mobile device using the loudspeaker
A loudspeaker includes a diaphragm, a magnetic circuit, and a frame. The frame includes an outer peripheral part supporting the diaphragm, a center part supporting the magnetic circuit, and a connection part connecting the center part to the outer peripheral part.
A diaphragm includes a central portion and an edge portion surrounding the central portion and smoothly connecting with the central portion. The edge portion has a main curved portion which is convex forward in the vibrating direction and a first side curved portion continued to an inner periphery of the main curved portion and connected with the central portion.
Mems-based calorimeter, fabrication, and use thereof
Mems-based calorimeter including two microchambers supported in a thin film substrate is provided. The thin film substrate includes a thermoelectric sensor configured to measure temperature differential between the two microchambers, and also includes a thermally stable and high strength polymeric diaphragm.
Hybrid integrated pressure sensor component
A pressure sensor component includes a mems component having at least one pattern element that is able to be deflected perpendicular to the component plane, which is equipped with at least one electrode of a measuring capacitor device, and an asic component having integrated circuit elements and at least one back end stack, at least one counter-electrode of the measuring capacitor device being developed in a metallization plane of the back end stack. The mems component is mounted on the back end pile of the asic component.
Balanced valve port for fluid regulator
A balanced port control assembly includes a control element with a valve plug coupled to a valve stem and a pressure sensing labyrinth defined at least partly by the valve plug. The pressure sensing labyrinth provides for fluid communication between a sealing surface of the valve plug and a balancing diaphragm carried internally of the control element.
Pilot-operated regulator with balanced port
A fluid regulating device includes a regulator valve, an actuator and a pilot regulator valve assembly. The pilot regulator valve assembly provides a pressure load to a surface of a diaphragm of the actuator in response to changes in downstream pressure being applied to the opposite surface of the diaphragm.
Upstream sense for balance port
A fluid regulating device includes a regulator valve having a valve body defining an inlet and an outlet and a valve port disposed between the inlet and the outlet. A housing assembly is disposed adjacent the valve port, and the housing assembly includes a first aperture adapted to receive a valve disc.
Remote seal process pressure measuring system
A process pressure measuring system includes a transmitter having a first sealed system in which a first outlet couples to a pressure sensor, a first isolator diaphragm assembly, a first capillary passage, and a first isolation fluid. The first isolation fluid couples a first pressure from the first isolator diaphragm to the first outlet and the pressure sensor.
Method for temperature compensation in sensor, computation program for method for temperature compensation, computation processing device, and sensor
Temperature compensation is performed using a computation program for temperature compensation, a computation processing, and a sensor. Deformation in a diaphragm caused by a pressure change due to the temperature of the gas in a cavity is cancelled out, and deformation of the diaphragm is minimized within the target temperature range, thereby allowing an optimum temperature compensation to be performed.
Gas turbine engine turbine diaphragm with angled holes
A gas turbine engine turbine diaphragm (460) includes an inner cylindrical portion (461), a mounting portion (463), and a disk portion (462). The mounting portion (463) is located radially outward from the inner cylindrical portion (461).
Piezoelectric sounder
A piezoelectric sounder for transmitting a signal by using a sound comprises a piezoelectric diaphragm constructed by attaching a piezoelectric element to a metal sheet, a ease containing the piezoelectric diaphragm and having a resonance space defined therewithin and adapted to resonate as the piezoelectric diaphragm vibrates, a pair of terminals electrically connected to the metal sheet and piezoelectric element of the piezoelectric diaphragm, while the piezoelectric sounder has no resonance points fr, fa in a frequency range of the signal. Thus removing the resonance points fr, fa from the frequency band of the signal to be transmitted prevents the signal transmission distance from shortening at the resonance points, thereby improving the stability in communications..
Improvements to a gun-mounted search light
The improvements include a reflector having an optical axis and a focus on the optical axis; a plasma lamp generating a light emitting plasma ball; and a g-force diaphragm shock mount coupling the lamp to the reflector while maintaining precise and stable positioning of the plasma ball of the lamp at or near the focus of the reflector to preserve optical performance despite application of g-force shocks to the apparatus.. .
Zoom lens, image-pickup apparatus having the same, and image projection apparatus having the same
The zoom lens includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens unit having a negative refractive power, a rear unit including one or more lens units, a distance between every adjacent lens units varies during zooming, and an aperture diaphragm on the image side of the first lens unit, a combined focal length of the rear unit at a wide-angle end being positive. One lens unit lg on the object side of the aperture diaphragm is made of a solid material, and includes an optical element gnnl having a negative refractive power and another optical element having a positive refractive power, and the predetermined conditions are satisfied..
Antenna connection structure and its companion electronic product
An antenna connection structure and its companion electronic product relate to the field of communications. The antenna connection structure includes an antenna and an iml (in-mold decoration technology) diaphragm.
Mems microphone
Mechanical resonating structures, as well as related devices and methods of manufacture. The mechanical resonating structures can be microphones, each including a diaphragm and a piezoelectric stack.
Balanced regulator with inlet pressure sensing tube
A balanced pressure regulator includes a valve body having a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet connected by a fluid passageway. A valve seat is disposed within the fluid passageway.
Adjustable fixed pressure relief assembly and regulator comprising same
A pressure relief assembly may include an actuator stem having a plurality of retaining grooves. A relief plate may be operatively connected to the actuator stem and a diaphragm plate may be operatively connected to the actuator stem.
Fluid regulator, actuator and method of improving stability of a fluid regulator
An actuator for a fluid regulator includes two or more control springs operatively connected to a diaphragm such that at least two of the control springs bias the diaphragm independently in parallel and have different natural frequencies. A method for retrofitting a prior art actuator to include a second control spring is also disclosed..
Pressure transmitter with fill tube
A pressure transmitter has a pressure sensor, an isolator diaphragm, and a fill tube. Interior passages in the pressure sensor module body are filled with isolator fluid and provide fluid connections.
Sea-wave power generation plant
A sea-wave power generation plant including a turbine having an inlet opening and an outlet opening; a rig; and an axially extending pump unit. The stationary body is connected to the rig.
Flexible valve geometry for the use of rigid materials
The present invention inter-alia relates to an apparatus comprising a diaphragm valve, wherein a diaphragm of said diaphragm valve is made from a substantially rigid material, having at least partially an flexible cross-sectional shape.. .
Steam turbine stationary blade and steam turbine
A plurality of slots with different widths are provided in a plurality of line on a stationary blade surface. More specifically, the steam turbine stationary blade has a hollow nozzle with a penetrating space, which is connected with a diaphragm outer ring or inner ring, and a plurality of suction slots extending radially which are arranged on the blade surface.
Optical device
An optical device includes an optical system, a diaphragm unit, a diaphragm unit, a focus-lens driving unit, a diaphragm driving unit, and a diaphragm control unit. The diaphragm control unit controls the diaphragm driving unit in accordance with the position to which the focus lens group has been moved by the focus-lens driving unit, thereby controlling the aperture opening of the diaphragm unit and ultimately limit a light beam passing through the camera system..
Loudspeaker, inner-ear headphone including loudspeaker, and hearing aid including loudspeaker
A loudspeaker includes: a frame; a yoke fixed to the frame; a magnet fixed to the yoke; a plate fixed to an upper surface of the magnet which is opposite to a surface of the magnet which is fixed to the yoke; a vibratable voice coil arranged in a first magnetic gap formed between the yoke and the plate; a diaphragm having an outer-edge portion joined to the voice coil; and a support member supporting the diaphragm in a vibratable manner, and composed of edges, one end of each edge being fixed to the frame. The plate is composed of: a flat-plate part fixed to the upper surface of the magnet, and having, at an upper surface thereof, a planar portion extending from the outer-edge portion up to a predetermined distance; and a protruding part disposed on the flat-plate part excluding the planar portion, and protruding toward the diaphragm..
An electrolarynx includes a motor having a locating diaphragm, a bobbin, and a magnetic assembly. The bobbin includes a striker and coil wires wound about a coil cylinder of an electromagnet.
X-ray diaphragm mechanism and x-ray ct apparatus
The present invention includes: x-ray shielding materials; x-ray shielding material mounting plates to which the x-ray shielding portions are fixed; a driven side link and a driving side link that connect the two x-ray shielding material mounting plates to each other so that the x-ray shielding portions face each other and cross each other; connecting portions that connect each of the x-ray shielding material mounting plates to the driven side link and the driving side link; and a driving device that drives the driving side link so as to rotate. Connecting portions and are provided at positions not interfering with a movable region of the x-ray shielding material mounting plates formed in conjunction with the rotational driving of the driven side link and the driving side link.
Dashboard and method for assembling a dashboard
A dashboard for automobiles includes at least one display area including a first portion and a second portion. The first portion is located in a first extension plane while the second portion is located in a second extension plane.
Image capturing device and image capturing system
An image capturing device and an image capturing system are provided. The image capturing device includes an optical system, a first filter provided near a diaphragm position of the optical system, a sensor, and a lens array.
Shaft coupling apparatus, rotary fluid damper, and deployable device with magnetic coupling mechanism
A shaft coupling apparatus, a rotary fluid damper, and a deployable device are provided herein. In an embodiment, the shaft coupling apparatus includes a chamber having a non-magnetic diaphragm delimiting at least a portion of the chamber.
Microelectromechanical system (mems) device and fabrication method thereof
A mems device includes a silicon substrate and a structural dielectric layer. The silicon substrate has a cavity.
Fluid control valve
In a fluid control valve, a valve part houses a diaphragm in a valve body including a valve seat, first and second ports, and a drive part includes a piston dividing a piston chamber in a cylinder body into first and second chambers, and a rubber sealing member attached to the outer peripheral surface of the piston. A constriction is provided between the piston chamber and the surface of the cylinder body contacting the valve body.
Fluid control valve system and methods
A diaphragm-type control valve having a diaphragm and a valve body is provided preferably for use in the separation of and fluid control between a fluid source and a pressurized gas volume. The diaphragm element and a port in the body together form an intermediate chamber that eliminates the need for a check-valve downstream of the valve.
Lid locking system and cooking apparatus having lid lock
A cooking apparatus includes a cooking chamber for receiving a. Cooking medium, a lid configured to cover the cooking chamber, and a lid locking system.
Central tire inflation system pressure regulator
An electronic pressure regulator is provided to regulate the pressure in one or more pneumatic tires that are selectively in fluid communication with a pressurized air source. The electronic pressure regulator may include a proportional mems valve that may be used to vary pressure behind a diaphragm in a method that provides a relatively fast response time and may experience relatively little wear over a relatively large number of cycles..
Method and apparatus for damping an actuator on a fluid regulator
A damped actuator for a fluid regulator includes a diaphragm disposed in a housing, and a damper arranged to stabilize movement of the diaphragm in response to changes in pressure inside the housing. The damper includes a ball check valve arranged to allow air to exhaust out of the housing when above a preselected pressure.
Pressure measurement devices, methods, and systems
A pressure measurement system for use in blood circuits comprised of a pressure sensing pod and a force measurement device. The pressure sensing pod can include a flexible, moveable, fluid-impermeable diaphragm and can be formed via either a one-shot or a two-shot molding process.
Underwater connecting apparatuses and assemblies
Underwater connecting apparatuses include a flexible diaphragm that at least in part defines a wall of a chamber configured to contain a fill material, the wall having a perimeter with a non-circular profile when the chamber is viewed in cross-section. The non-circular profile of the perimeter is configured to allow a volume of the chamber to change without substantially changing a length of the perimeter..
Microspeaker diaphragm edge member, microspeaker diaphragm, microspeaker, and electronic device
The invention provides a microspeaker diaphragm edge member having superior heat resistance, cold resistance, moisture resistance, formability, and high internal loss property, a diaphragm employing such a microspeaker diaphragm edge member, a microspeaker employing such a diaphragm, and an electronic device incorporating such a microspeaker. To constitute such an edge member, an intermediate layer featuring a high damping effect has a constraining layer of polyetheretherketone (peek) disposed on one face thereof and a constraining layer of either polyetheretherketone (peek) or polyetherimide (pei) disposed on the other face thereof..
Dual single-crystal backplate microphone system and method of fabricating same
A dual backplate mems microphone system includes a flexible diaphragm sandwiched between two single-crystal silicon backplates. Such a mems microphone system may be formed by fabricating each backplate in a separate wafer, and then transferring one backplate from its wafer to the other wafer, to form two separate capacitors with the diaphragm..
Microphone with parasitic capacitance cancelation
A microelectromechanical microphone and method of manufacturing the same are disclosed. The microphone has a moveable diaphragm and a fixed backplate that create a variable capacitance.
Microlithography projection system with an accessible diaphragm or aperture stop
The invention relates to a microlithography projection lens for wavelengths <=248 nm<=, preferably <=193 mm, in particular euv lithography for wavelengths ranging from 1-30 nm for imaging an object field in an object plane onto an image field in an image plane, the microlithography projection lens developed in such a manner that provision is made for an accessible diaphragm plane, into which for instance an iris diaphragm can be introduced.. .
A retinoscope for detecting eye ametropia and astigmatism axes is disclosed in the invention, which comprises an illuminating and imaging system comprising an illumination light source, a projecting mirror and a half transparent and half reflecting mirror arranged sequentially along the direction of propagation of the illumination light, the respective optical axes of the projecting mirror and half transparent and half reflecting mirror are collinear with each other, and the reflecting plane of the half transparent and half reflecting mirror is at an angle of 45° relative to the illumination optical axis, wherein a condensing lens column and a retinoscopy diaphragm are disposed sequentially along the illumination optical axis between the illumination light source and the projecting mirror, the optical axis of the condensing lens column is coincident with the illumination optical axis, and the plane of the retinoscopy diaphragm is perpendicular to the illumination optical axis.. .
Inkjet printer head
An inkjet printer head includes: a semiconductor substrate; a vibration diaphragm provided on the semiconductor substrate and capable of vibrating in an opposing direction in which the vibration diaphragm is opposed to the semiconductor substrate; a piezoelectric element provided on the vibration diaphragm; a pressure chamber provided on a side of the vibration diaphragm adjacent to the semiconductor substrate as facing the vibration diaphragm, the pressure chamber being filled with an ink; and a nozzle extending through the vibration diaphragm and communicating with the pressure chamber for ejecting the ink supplied from the pressure chamber.. .
Device for extinguishing a fire
Extinguishing a fire by pressurizing a tank containing an extinguishing liquid. According to the invention, the tank containing the liquid is provided with an expulsion outlet at a front end, a gas generator (17) is installed at a rear end, and a diaphragm forming an inflatable bag (19) is installed inside the tank, being folded prior to triggering in a confinement space at the front of the gas generator, the outlet from the generator being associated with a deflector (47) including a rearwardly-directed ejection passage (49)..
Method for operating a chamber packaging machine
The invention relates to a method for operating a chamber packaging machine, wherein the position of a sealing bar is during the evacuation of a diaphragm checked using a sensor.. .
Receiver and mobile communication terminal including the receiver
A receiver, a mobile terminal including the receiver, and a method of disposing the receiver on the mobile terminal are disclosed. The mobile terminal including: a receiver including: a casing including walls and an inner space defined at least partially by the walls, a diaphragm driving unit disposed in the casing, a diaphragm including a central region disposed in the casing, a projection unit extending from the casing, the projection unit including walls and a receiver hole disposed in one of the walls, and an audio path defined within the casing walls and the projection unit walls; and a printed circuit board (pcb) including a cutout along an edge.
High-pressure fuel pump device
A high-pressure fuel pump device of the invention includes a plunger-type high-pressure pump unit (31) configured to pressurize fuel as a plunger (43) thereof makes reciprocating motion, a diaphragm-type supply pump unit (33) configured to suck in fuel in a fuel tank (11) and supply the fuel to the high-pressure pump unit as a diaphragm (87) thereof oscillates in conjunction with the reciprocating motion of the plunger, and a fuel return unit (34) provided in the supply pump unit and configured to return, to the fuel tank, surplus fuel that is not sucked into the high-pressure pump unit.. .
Turbomachine diaphragm and method of repairing a turbomachine diaphragm
A turbomachine diaphragm includes a sealing section having a first end portion that extends to a second end portion through an intermediate portion. At least one rail member includes a first end section that extends from the first end portion of the sealing section to a second end section through an intermediate section having an inner surface section and an outer surface section.
Earphone with tension diaphragm
An earphone with tension diaphragm includes a front portion, a rear portion, a silicone gel earplug, a filtering net and a sound generating unit. As a user pushes the earphone into his ear, the diaphragm of the sound generating unit has a deformation and thus an air turbulence would be generated.
Microphone with acoustic mesh to protect against sudden acoustic shock
A portable electronic device having an outer case having a substantially planar face in which a microphone associated acoustic port is formed. The device also has a micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) microphone positioned within the outer case, the mems microphone having a diaphragm facing the microphone associated acoustic port.
Wrist band and other portable loudspeakers and electronic apparatus utilizing same
The invention provides in some aspects a loudspeaker, for example, configured in a band-like shape and suitable, for example, for wearing as a wristband, armband, legband or the like. A related aspect of the invention is to provide such a wearable loudspeaker comprising a band-shaped enclosure, a driver that is mounted in the enclosure, and an active diaphragm that is coupled to the driver to generate sound waves directed outwardly from the enclosure (referred to below as “outwardly directed waves,” “outward waves” and, more often, by analogy to a conventional, non-wearable loudspeaker “frontward-directed sound waves” or, more simply, “front waves”) and backward-directed sound waves (“back waves”) directed inwardly into the enclosure (referred to below as “inwardly directed waves,” “inward waves” and, more often, by analogy to a conventional loudspeaker “backward-directed waves” or, more simply, “back waves”).
Electrostatic earphone
An electrostatic earphone with a closed-back housing, a sleeve for acoustically sealing to an ear canal, and an electrostatic transducer is provided. The closed-back housing may include a nozzle for acoustic transmission of sound to the ear canal, and the sleeve may be removably attached to the nozzle.
Light emission portion, photoelectric smoke sensor, and suction-type smoke sensing system
The present invention can detect smoke with high accuracy. A light emitting portion is provided with a light emitting element outputting the inspection light with high brightness, the distribution of which is adjusted.
Diaphragm valve
A fluid inflow passage 3 is made up of an inner communication portion 11 having an upper end opening that leads to a center portion of a bottom surface of a recess 5 in a body and a lower end surface that is closed and an outer communication portion 12 having one end that leads to the inner communication portion 11 and the other end that forms a fluid inlet. The inner communication portion 11 has a column-like protruding portion 13 provided on the lower end surface 11a so as to form a column-like non-passage portion in the inner communication portion and thereby forms a cylindrical-hollow passage.
Diaphragm and backing cushion shaping for increased membrane life
A weir-type diaphragm valve a valve body with a fluid channel and a weir having a weir sealing portion; and a diaphragm with two or more diaphragm portions, including a diaphragm weir sealing portion at the weir to respond to one force and travel against the weir sealing portion to close the weir-type diaphragm valve and stop fluid flow through the fluid channel, and respond to a second force and travel away from the weir sealing portion to open the weir-type diaphragm valve and allow fluid flow through the fluid channel, a center flexing portion off the weir configured to experience convex and concave flexing extremes when the weir-type diaphragm valve is closed and opened, and an outer sealing portion configured to be fully constrained between components, one of which includes the valve body, when the weir-type diaphragm valve is closed and opened. The diaphragm portions have different characteristics based on different material stresses associated with different functionality that each portion is configured to perform when the weir-type diaphragm valve is closed and opened..
Fast response dual stiffened mode isolator and method thereof
A fast response, dual stiffness mode isolator including a flexible diaphragm for an isolation piston, a first chamber supporting the flexible diaphragm, a second chamber serving as a reservoir, and a valve connected to a supply, to the first chamber, and to the second chamber and operable to by-pass the second chamber to more quickly direct the supply to the first chamber.. .
Slit diaphragm flexure
A gimbal is disclosed having a base with a bottom and a support structure extending up from the bottom. Two or more mounts connected to the base and a stiffener connects to two or more mounts.
Inverted squeeze foamer
A foamer for use in dispensing a liquid product with a foam consistency includes a top cap, a closure, a housing, an air-flow diaphragm, a mesh screen and a valve structure. The closure includes a portion which is received by the cap and these two (2) cooperate to define a foam outlet.

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