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Diamond patents


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 Artificial joint cup, magnetic control sputtering coating film device and preparation method thereof patent thumbnailArtificial joint cup, magnetic control sputtering coating film device and preparation method thereof
The present invention aims at improving and upgrading the conventional devices based on the low temperature magnetron sputtering coating devices. Starting from the material systems, the invention provides a new material system and a manufacturing method thereof based on a high molecular weight polyethylene joint cup to solve the poor binding force problem between the film and the matrix, and the problems of easy oxidization and carbonization of high molecular weight polyethylene with low temperature magnetron sputtering technologies at the same time.
Zhongao Huicheng Technology Co., Ltd.

 Polycrystalline diamond compacts having leach depths selected to control physical properties and methods of forming such compacts patent thumbnailPolycrystalline diamond compacts having leach depths selected to control physical properties and methods of forming such compacts
A method of forming a polycrystalline diamond compact includes forming a polycrystalline diamond material at a temperature and a pressure sufficient to form diamond-to-diamond bonds in the presence of a catalyst; substantially removing the catalyst from a volume of the polycrystalline diamond material from a first surface to a first leach depth; and substantially removing the catalyst from a volume of the polycrystalline diamond material from a second surface to a second, different leach depth. A polycrystalline diamond compact includes a polycrystalline diamond material having a first volume, a second volume, and a boundary between the first volume and the second volume.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

 Diamond electron emitter using amino-termination patent thumbnailDiamond electron emitter using amino-termination
Methods for the photoreduction of molecules are provided, the methods comprising illuminating an amino-terminated diamond surface comprising amino groups covalently bound to the surface of diamond with light comprising a wavelength sufficient to excite an electronic transition defined by the energy band structure of the amino-terminated diamond, thereby inducing the emission of electrons from the amino-terminated diamond surface into a sample comprising molecules to be reduced, wherein the emitted electrons induce the reduction of the molecules to form a reduction product; and collecting the reduction product.. .
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

 Baseball diamond layout patent thumbnailBaseball diamond layout
An apparatus for a baseball diamond layout is provided. The apparatus includes a pentagonal home plate having a first side edge, a second side edge, and a front edge.

 Coated orthodontic crimpable auxiliary and  making the same patent thumbnailCoated orthodontic crimpable auxiliary and making the same
An orthodontic crimpable auxiliary, having all or portions of a surface of the crimpable auxiliary configured to contact an archwire after crimping coated with diamond particles in a metal matrix. The metal matrix can be nickel..

 Rigid agitator for blender system patent thumbnailRigid agitator for blender system
An agitator assembly for mixing a product in a container is provided. The agitator assembly may include an arm member having a distal end and an opposite proximal end.
Vita Mix Management Corporation

 Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices having contact plugs overlapping associated bitline structures and contact holes patent thumbnailMethod of manufacturing semiconductor devices having contact plugs overlapping associated bitline structures and contact holes
A semiconductor device can include a plurality of landing pads arranged according to a layout on a substrate, wherein a cross-sectional shape of each of the landing pads has a diamond shape so that opposing interior angles of the diamond shape are equal to one another and adjacent interior angles of the diamond shape are unequal to one another.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Light collection from dnv sensors patent thumbnailLight collection from dnv sensors
Methods and configurations are disclosed for an efficient collection of fluorescence emitted by the nitrogen vacancies of a diamond of a dnv sensor. Some implementations may include a diamond having a nitrogen vacancy and a reflector positioned about the diamond to reflect a portion of light emitted from the diamond.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

 Bearing component comprising an inner diamond coating patent thumbnailBearing component comprising an inner diamond coating
The invention relates to a bearing component, comprising a base body (2) and an opening (3) which is formed in the base body (2) and on which an internal bearing face is formed, the internal bearing face having a diamond coating (4), and the diamond coating (4) having elongate depressions (42) extending substantially in the longitudinal direction (x-x) of the opening.. .
Eagleburgmann Germany Gmbh & Co. Kg

 Grinding wheel assembly for grinding grooves into road pavement patent thumbnailGrinding wheel assembly for grinding grooves into road pavement
A grinding wheel assembly for grinding grooves into road pavement has a rotating wheel with a plurality of parallel tracks spaced around the periphery of the wheel. A number of blocks are removably secured to the tracks of the wheel.
Arrow Striping & Manufacturing, Inc.

Method of making heat treated coated article with carbon based coating and protective film

A method of making a heat treated (ht) or heat treatable coated article. A method of making a coated article includes a step of heat treating a glass substrate coated with at least layer of or including carbon (e.g., diamond-like carbon (dlc)) and an overlying protective film thereon.
Guardian Industries Corp.

Auto-rack railroad car vehicle restraint apparatus

A vehicle restraint system for an auto-rack railroad car which includes an active chock and an anchor chock configured to co-act to secure a vehicle in the auto-rack railroad car. In various embodiments, each chock has a chock body including a substantially diamond shaped elongated tube which includes four integrally connected elongated walls.
Standard Car Truck Company

Silicon-vacancy-doped nanodiamonds for molecular and cellular imaging

An imaging agent for detecting analytes in a biological environment includes functionalized, silicon vacancy center-containing nanodiamonds. Individual nanodiamonds of the imaging agent include at least one silicon vacancy center.
Verily Life Sciences Llc

Method for setting precious stones and ornament made thereof

This technique includes setting of 13 round cut stones forming a flower shape cluster, by setting the all 13 stones at three different levels. In these 13 stones there are 3 different categories of sizes: bigger, medium, and smaller, the bigger size contains 1 stone, the medium size contains 6 stones and the small size contains 6 stones.
Uni-design Jewellery

Smart cards, rfid devices and methods

Smartcards having (i) a metal card body (mcb) with a slit (s) overlapping a module antenna (ma) of a chip module (tcm) or (ii) multiple metal layers (m1, m2, m3) each having a slit (s1, s2, s3) offset or oriented differently than each other. A front metal layer may be continuous (no slit), and may be shielded from underlying metal layers by a shielding layer (sl).

Rid a blue

The present invention is related to a de bluing agent for cleaning the engine pipes. It is very helpful in cleaning the bluing of engine pipes in short span of time de bluing agent has detergent oil for cleaning the engine pipe.

Ceramic coating polishing method

A method of polishing an outer surface of a ceramic coated gas turbine engine component includes applying a rotating diamond brush to the outer surface. The brush is configured to achieve a uniform finish of 150 microinches ra or less over the surface.
United Technologies Corporation

Intelligent grinding device for short pulse electrical melt chip removal cooling

An intelligent grinding device for short pulse electrical melt chip removal cooling, includes a diamond grinding wheel, a pulse power supply, a force meter sensor, thermocouple in a hole of work piece for measuring machining temperature, a voltage sensor, a current sensor, a temperature collecting card, a charge amplifier, a force meter, a digital oscilloscope and a discharge parameter feedback adjustment system. The pulse power supply has a positive pole connecting with the grinding wheel, and a negative pole connecting with the work piece.
South China University Of Technology

Cuff-resistant anchoring balloon for medical device

A medical device having an elongate support structure and an inflatable balloon including a first-end portion secured to the support structure at a first location, a second-end portion secured to the support structure at a second location distal to the first location, and a middle-body portion. The first-end portion has a wall thickness greater than a wall thickness of the middle-body portion; the balloon defines a sealed interior through which the support structure extends.
Hologic, Inc.

Stents for prosthetic heart valves

A prosthetic valve including a wire frame having a generally tubular body portion, an interior area, a longitudinal axis, a first end comprising a plurality of crowns, and a second end comprising a greater number of crowns than the first end. The wire frame includes a plurality of adjacent rows of modified diamond-shaped structures extending between the first and second ends.
Medtronic, Inc.

Gallium and nitrogen containing triangular or diamond-shaped configuration for optical devices

A gallium and nitrogen containing optical device has a base region and no more than three major planar side regions configured in a triangular arrangement provided from the base region.. .
Soraa, Inc.

Increased contact area for finfets

A method for forming fin field effect transistors includes epitaxially growing source and drain (s/d) regions on fins, the s/d regions including a diamond-shaped cross section and forming a dielectric liner over the s/d regions. A dielectric fill is etched over the s/d regions to expose a top portion of the diamond-shaped cross section.
Global Foundries U.s. 2 Llc.

Transparent nanocrystalline diamond coatings and devices

A method for coating a substrate comprises producing a plasma ball using a microwave plasma source in the presence of a mixture of gases. The plasma ball has a diameter.
Uchicago Argonne, Llc

Precision position encoder/sensor using nitrogen vacancy diamond

A position sensor system includes a position encoder component and a magnetic field sensor. The magnetic field sensor may be a diamond nitrogen vacancy material magnetic field sensor, and may be capable of resolving a magnetic field vector..
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Method of spectroscopic analysis of a diamond and apparatus thereof

A method of spectroscopic analysis of a diamond for determining whether the diamond has been artificially treated to change its colour may include: generating light emission from a diamond upon optical excitation at a wavelength equal to or smaller than 680 nm; optically producing a dispersed light emission; detecting the dispersed light emission across a collected spectral region including emission wavelengths of from 670 nm to 735 nm; processing the output signals to produce a spectral intensity distribution as a function of emission wavelengths; analysing the spectral intensity distribution to determine the presence or absence of a spectral pattern including either an intensity peak at 681 nm or a combination of intensity peaks at respective wavelengths 705 nm and 725 nm; if a spectral pattern is present, establishing that the diamond has been treated; and if a spectral pattern is absent, establishing that the diamond has not been treated.. .
UniversitÀ Deglistudi Di Milano-bicocca

Diamond substrate and manufacturing diamond substrate

The crystal plane in the interior of the diamond substrate has a curvature higher than 0 km−1 and equal to or lower than 1500 km−1 by preparing a base substrate, forming a plurality of pillar-shaped diamonds formed of diamond single crystals on one side of the base substrate, causing diamond single crystals to grow from tips of each pillar-shaped diamond, coalescing each of the diamond single crystals grown from the tips of each pillar-shaped diamond to form a diamond substrate layer, separating the diamond substrate layer from the base substrate, and manufacturing the diamond substrate from the diamond substrate layer.. .
Namiki Seimitsu Houseki Kabushikikaisha

Methods of fabricating synthetic diamond materials using microwave plasma activated chemical vapour deposition techniques and products obtained using said methods

A method of fabricating synthetic diamond material using a microwave plasma activated chemical vapour deposition technique is provided which utilizes high and uniform microwave power densities applied over large areas and for extended periods of time. Products fabricated using such a synthesis technique are described including a single crystal cvd diamond layer which has a large area and a low nitrogen concentration, and a high purity, fast growth rate single crystal cvd diamond material..
Element Six Technologies Limited

Metallic coating and a producing the same

The present invention relates to metal plating solution comprising at least one source of metal ions and detonation nanodiamonds, wherein the detonation nanodiamonds are substantially free of negatively charged functionalities, and to a method for producing the solution. The present invention further relates to metal plating method and to a metallic coating comprising metal and detonation nanodiamonds substantially free of negatively charged functionalities..
Carbodeon Ltd Oy

Composite sintered body

A composite sintered body includes a first phase and a second phase. The first phase is a diamond phase, and the second phase is a phase formed of one or more types of elements or compounds or both thereof and applying strain to the first phase.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Composite focus tubes

A composite focus tube for a cutting head of an abrasive waterjet cutting machine includes a chemical vapor deposition diamond (cvdd) tube retained within a holder. The cvdd tube is held within a passage extending through the holder by filling the volume between walls of the cvdd tube and walls of the passage with a polymer, ideally an adhesive, or with a low-melting point metal or alloy, which support and hold the cvdd tube in position without exerting significant stress on it.

Pet feeding apparatus

A gravity-fed, animal feeding apparatus is equipped with a funnel, a food chute, and at least one feeding pan. The food chute of the apparatus preferably includes a transport tube configured to extend through a conventional chain-link fence gap via a diamond-shaped fitting, and terminate at the feeding pan disposed on the floor within the fenced pen area.

Double sided si(ge)/sapphire/iii-nitride hybrid structure

One aspect of the present invention is a double sided hybrid crystal structure including a trigonal sapphire wafer containing a (0001) c-plane and having front and rear sides. The sapphire wafer is substantially transparent to light in the visible and infrared spectra, and also provides insulation with respect to electromagnetic radio frequency noise.
U.s.a. As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration

Diamond delayering for electrical probing

Milling using a scanning probe microscope with a diamond tip removes a layer of material and produces a surface that is sufficiently smooth that it can be probed using a nanoprober to provide site-specific sample preparation and delayering. Diamond milling provides in situ, localized, precision delayering inside of a nanoprobing tool, thereby decreasing the turnaround time for integrated circuit analysis.
Dcg Systems, Inc.

Composites comprising nanostructured diamond and metal boride films and methods for producing same

Composites having a substrate, a diamond film, and a metal boride film disposed between the substrate and the diamond film, together with methods for producing the composites.. .
Uab Research Foundation

Novel diaphragm and a headphone driver made therewith

A novel diaphragm and a headphone driver made therewith, which comprises diaphragm substrate and diamond-like carbon coating plated on the diaphragm substrate; the amorphous diamond-like carbon coating (adlc) being made of non-crystalline diamond material, the amorphous diamond-like carbon coating (adlc) defining a mixture of sp3-structure diamond and sp2-structure graphite carbon which can effectively enhance the details, clarity and fidelity of music based on the high hardness, excellent heat conductivity as well as treble vibration frequency up to 70 khz, so as to satisfy the requirements of high-end market consumers.. .
Dong Guan Shi Zheng Ren Electronic Co., Ltd.

Modular security system for above-ground structures

A method for on-site assembly of a shelter for an above-ground structure to protect the structure from blast, wind, fire or other physical hazards. A pyramidal shelter with triangular or rectangular base is formed by joining side panels to each other.

Modular security system for above-ground stuctures

A system of modular components for on-site assembly of a shelter for an above-ground structure to protect the structure from blast, wind, fire or other physical hazards. A pyramidal shelter with triangular or rectangular base is formed by joining side panels to each other.

Plating processing gripping surface of gripping tool, and gripping tool

A plating processing method of a gripping surface of a gripping tool includes: temporarily and evenly fixing a plurality of first diamond grains having a uniform first grain diameter; adhering the first diamond grains by depositing a metal containing nickel on a gripping surface in a uniform thickness after the first diamond grains have been temporarily fixed; placing a plurality of second diamond grains having a second grain diameter on a metal surface of the gripping surface on which first diamond grains are not present; and adhering the second diamond grains by further depositing a metal containing nickel within a second plating solution on the metal surface in a uniform thickness that does not exceed the first diameter grain and the second diameter grain until a position relationship between the metal surface and the second diamond grains is not displaced even when the gripping tool is moved.. .
Just Co., Ltd.

Cutting tool made of diamond-coated cemented carbide and producing the same

A cutting tool made of diamond-coated cemented carbide includes: a tool body made of tungsten carbide-based cemented carbide including: 3 to 15 mass % of co; at least one of tac and nbc of which a total amount is 0.1 to 3.0 mass %; and a balance including wc; and a diamond film coating the tool body, the tool body has a plurality of protrusions on a surface of the tool body, an upper portion of each of the protrusions is made of the at least one of tac and nbc, and a lower portion of each of the protrusions is made of wc and co, the lower portion being under the upper portion.. .
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Semiconductor device using diamond

A semiconductor device includes a misfet having: a diamond substrate; a drift layer having a first layer with a first density for providing a hopping conduction and a second layer with a second density lower than the first density, and having a δ dope structure; a body layer on the drift layer; a source region in an upper portion of the body layer; a gate insulation film on a surface of the body layer; a gate electrode on a surface of the gate insulation film; a first electrode electrically connected to the source region and a channel region; and a second electrode electrically connected to the diamond substrate. The misfet flows current in the drift layer in a vertical direction, and the current flows between the first electrode and the second electrode..
Denso Corporation

Global investment grade for natural and synthetic gems used in financial investments and commercial trading and creating standardized baskets of gems to be used in financial and commercial products

A process to create a fungible global standard for diamonds and gemstones involves grouping diamonds in an investment standard according to their gemological, proportional, optical and light behavior characteristics. Diamonds that conform to the investment grade standard are interchangeable within a specific size range according to an equivalent monetary bundling process.
Gemshares Llc

Oval shaped diamond cut having hearts and arrows pattern

An oval shaped diamond, adapted to display a hearts and arrows pattern when exposed to light characteristic of the hearts and arrows pattern in a round diamond, comprising: an oval shape having two long sides symmetrical to each other, two short sides symmetrical to each other and four diagonal sides symmetrically located between the long sides and the short sides respectively, eight main crown facets, eight main pavilion facets, sixteen pavilion half facets; a uniform girdle of varying thickness separating the crown and pavilion facets, twelve subsidiary pavilion facets and eight crown star facets with each crown star facet including two facet sections of equal size and geometry on each of the two long and two short sides of the oval shaped diamond and two facet sections of non-equal size and geometry in each of the four diagonal or shoulder sides of the oval shaped diamond.. .
Worldwide Diamond Trademarks, Ltd.

Extreme durability composite diamond electrodes

A novel durable composite diamond electrode comprising at least a relatively thicker conductive layer of uncd (ultrananocrystalline diamond) layer with a young's modulus of less than 900 gpa on a niobium substrate underlying a relatively thinner conductive mcd (microcrystalline diamond) layer with a young's modulus of greater than 900 gpa, has been shown to exhibit superior delamination resistance under extreme shear stress during electrochemical oxidation reliability testing. Highly accelerated lifetime testing of these durable composite diamond electrodes at a constant current density of 2.5 amps/cm2 (25000 amps/m2) in a 1 m nacl (58 g/l) solution, have demonstrated lifetimes before delamination failure of greater than 2000 hours (i.e.
Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc.

Fragrance compositions and uses thereof

The present invention relates to a composition having improved or enhanced fidelity and/or longevity of the fragrance profile, comprising fragrance materials in a diamond construction and at least one substantially non-odorous fragrance modulator. The invention also relates to methods of use of the compositions for perfuming suitable substrates, including hard surfaces and body parts, particularly skin and hair..
The Procter & Gamble Company

Abrasive grindstone

An abrasive grindstone that includes diamond abrasive grains and a boron compound and that is for grinding a workpiece, wherein the average particle diameter x of the diamond abrasive grains is in the range of 3 μm≦x≦10 μm, and the average particle diameter ratio z of the boron compound to the diamond abrasive grains is 0.8≦z≦3.0. Preferably, the workpiece is an sic wafer, and the average particle diameter ratio z is in the range of 1.2≦z≦2.0..
Disco Corporation

Dnv magnetic field detector

A system for magnetic detection includes a nitrogen vacancy (nv) diamond material comprising a plurality of nv centers, a radio frequency (rf) excitation source configured to provide rf excitation to the nv diamond material, an optical excitation source configured to provide optical excitation to the nv diamond material, an optical detector configured to receive an optical signal emitted by the nv diamond material, and a controller. The optical signal is based on hyperfine states of the nv diamond material.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Pick including polycrystalline diamond compact

Embodiments disclosed herein are directed to a system for removing road material. In an embodiment, the system may include a milling drum and at least one pick mounted on the milling drum.
Us Synthetic Corporation

Polycrystalline diamond compacts

Embodiments of the invention relate to polycrystalline diamond (“pcd”) exhibiting enhanced diamond-to-diamond bonding. In an embodiment, pcd includes a plurality of diamond grains defining a plurality of interstitial regions.
Us Synthetic Corporation


A reamer has a basic tool body made of hard metal (12) and a plate-like cutting insert (18) inserted into a recess (28) at the front. The cutting insert (18) is at least partially made of polycrystalline diamond, its cutting edges (20) situated axially offset relative to the cutting edges (30) on the basic tool body (12), thus engaging with the workpiece later..
Kennametal Inc.

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