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Diamond patents

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Single crystal chemical vapour deposited synthetic diamond materials having uniform colour

Element Six Technologies Limited

Single crystal chemical vapour deposited synthetic diamond materials having uniform colour

Pallet container


Pallet container

Date/App# patent app List of recent Diamond-related patents
 Monocrystalline diamonds and methods of growing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Monocrystalline diamonds and methods of growing the same
A monocrystalline diamond having a corrected full width at half maxima after accounting for the rayleigh width of a 514.5 nm laser, and exhibiting: a presence or absence of negatively-charged silicon vacancy defect depending on the diamond quality; a concentration level of neutral substitutional nitrogen at an absorption coefficient of 270 nm; an ftir transmittance value at a 10.6 μm wavelength; a concentration of positively-charged substitutional nitrogen when the peak height is at 1332.5 cm−1; an absence of nitrogen-vacancy-hydrogen defect species when the wavelength is at 3123 cm−1; normalisation of spectra when the first order raman peak is at 552.37 nm using 514.5 nm laser excitation; either a black or white sector and having a refractive index of retardation to thickness of diamond plates; or a reddish glow and a blue glow when the diamond is placed under 355 nm laser irradiation at room temperature in the dark.. .
Iia Technologies Pte. Ltd.

 Single crystal chemical vapour deposited synthetic diamond materials having uniform colour patent thumbnailnew patent Single crystal chemical vapour deposited synthetic diamond materials having uniform colour
A coloured single crystal cvd synthetic diamond material comprising: a plurality of layers, wherein the plurality of layers includes at least two sets of layers which differ in terms of their defect composition and colour, wherein defect type, defect concentration, and layer thickness for each of the at least two sets of layers is such that if the coloured single crystal cvd diamond material is fabricated into a round brilliant cut diamond comprising a table and a culet, and having a table to culet depth greater than 1 mm, the round brilliant cut diamond comprises a uniform colour as viewed by naked human eye under standard ambient viewing conditions in at least a direction through the table to the culet.. .
Element Six Technologies Limited

 Boron doped single crystal diamond electrochemical synthesis electrode patent thumbnailnew patent Boron doped single crystal diamond electrochemical synthesis electrode
Synthetic monocrystalline diamond compositions having one or more monocrystalline diamond layers formed by chemical vapor deposition, the layers including one or more layers having an increased concentration of one or more impurities (such as boron and/or isotopes of carbon), as compared to other layers or comparable layers without such impurities. Such compositions provide an improved combination of properties, including color, strength, velocity of sound, electrical conductivity, and control of defects.
Scio Diamond Technology Corporation

 Pallet container patent thumbnailnew patent Pallet container
A pallet container for storing and transporting liquid filling materials includes an exchangeable thin-walled inner container of thermoplastic, and a tubular lattice frame closely enclosing the inner container and made of vertical and horizontal tubular bars. The tubular lattice frame is fastened to the upper outer rim of a bottom pallet having a flat pallet top deck which includes a sheet-metal plate for supporting the inner container and a pallet substructure having four corner feet, four middle feet arranged there between, and a steel-tube base ring that is horizontally peripheral on the bottom side.
Mauser-werke Gmbh

 Method for laser cutting polycrystalline diamond structures patent thumbnailnew patent Method for laser cutting polycrystalline diamond structures
Methods of laser cutting polycrystalline diamond tables and polycrystalline diamond compacts are disclosed. Laser cutting of the polycrystalline diamond table provides an alternative to electrical-discharge machining (“edm”), grinding with a diamond wheel, or lapping with a diamond wheel.
Us Synthetic Corporation

 Contrast agent and applications thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Contrast agent and applications thereof
A reagent comprising a nanodiamond particle linked to a paramagnetic ion for use as a contrast agent in magnetic resonance (mr) imaging in which t2-weighted magnetic images are obtained, and in particular in which both t1- and t2-weighted magnetic images are obtained, are described and claimed. Also claimed are novel reagents of this type, methods for their preparation and their use in diagnostics..
University Of California, Los Angeles

 Apparatus and diamond blade mechanism to make an annular incision in soft tissue patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and diamond blade mechanism to make an annular incision in soft tissue
The present invention relates to a device and method for cutting an annular piece out of the soft tissue of a selected mammal. The device can be utilized in surgical situations such as capsularhexis.
Rhexis Surgical Instruments, Inc.

 Silicon-vacancy-doped nanodiamonds for molecular and cellular imaging patent thumbnailnew patent Silicon-vacancy-doped nanodiamonds for molecular and cellular imaging
An imaging agent for detecting analytes in a biological environment includes functionalized, silicon vacancy center-containing nanodiamonds. Individual nanodiamonds of the imaging agent include at least one silicon vacancy center.
Google Inc.

 Semiconductor device and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailSemiconductor device and manufacturing the same
A semiconductor device of an embodiment includes a p-type first diamond semiconductor layer, a p-type second diamond semiconductor layer disposed on the first diamond semiconductor layer, a plurality of n-type third diamond semiconductor layers disposed on the second diamond semiconductor layer, and a first electrode disposed on the second diamond semiconductor and the third diamond semiconductor layers. The p-type second diamond semiconductor layer has a p-type impurity concentration lower than a p-type impurity concentration of the first diamond semiconductor layer and has oxygen-terminated surfaces.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 1, 3-butadiene-separating material, and separation method using said separating material patent thumbnail1, 3-butadiene-separating material, and separation method using said separating material
The invention separating material and separation method make it possible to separate and collect 1,3-butadiene selectively from a mixed gas containing 1,3-butadiene and a c4 hydrocarbon other than 1,3-butadiene. A separating material capable of adsorbing 1,3-butadiene selectively includes: a dicarboxylic acid compound (i) represented by formula (i) (wherein r1, r2, r3 and r4 independently represent a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group or the like); a metal ion such as a zinc ion and a cobalt ion; and a metal complex having such a structure that multiple pseudo-diamondoid frameworks are intruded mutually, wherein each of the pseudo-diamondoid frameworks comprises an organic ligand (ii) that is represented by formula (ii) (wherein x represents —ch2—, —ch2—ch2—, —ch═ch— or the like; and r5, r6, r7, r8, r9, r10, r11 and r12 independently represent a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group or the like) and is capable of being bidentately coordinated with the metal ion..
Showa Denko K.k.


Device of processing tempered glass, apparatus of processing tempered glass and using device of processing tempered glass

To provide a processing device for a tempered glass in which a period of employable time is significantly increased. The processing device (8) for processing a chemical tempered glass (1) having a surface reinforced layer, which is rotated around its shaft center and vibrated in a direction of extending the shaft center, is provided.
Ceron Technologies Inc.


Diamond shaped epitaxy

In a first embodiment of the present invention, a semiconductor device manufacturing process includes forming a plurality of fins on a semiconductor substrate, forming diamond shaped epitaxy on fin sidewalls, merging the diamond shaped epitaxy, and removing the merged epitaxy. In another embodiment of the present invention, a semiconductor device includes a semiconductor substrate including a plurality of fins formed thereupon and unmerged diamond shaped epitaxy formed upon the sidewalls of each fin.
International Business Machines Corporation


Diamond semiconductor device and manufacturing same

The present invention provides a diamond semiconductor device which includes: a diamond substrate; a diamond step section disposed over substrate surface of the diamond substrate having a {001} crystal face to rise substantially perpendicularly to substrate surface; an n-type phosphorus-doped diamond region; and a diamond insulation region. In the diamond step section, a first step section having a {110} crystal face over a side surface is integrated with a second step section having a {100} crystal face over a side surface.
National Institute Of Advance Industrial Science And Technology


Touch sensor panel design

A touch sensor panel including a plurality of drive lines crossing a plurality of sense lines, forming an array. The plurality of drive lines and the plurality of sense lines are formed by interconnecting sections of at least one conductive material having a truncated diamond shape or formed of interconnected conductive lines.
Apple Inc.


Nanodiamond-containing check film for transfer assist blade applications

A transfer assist blade including a plurality of layers, one of the layers being a check film layer including a thermoplastic layer and a plurality of nanodiamonds.. .
Xerox Corporation


Homopiperony lamine compound and use thereof

Wherein definitions of substituents in the formula are as shown in the specification. The compound shown as the general formula i has broad-spectrum bactericidal and insecticidal activity in the field of agriculture.


Secure diamond smart cards and exchange systems therefor

One or more diamonds located inside the diamond pouch and an outer covering encasing the package body and configured to reveal any tampering with the one or more diamonds located in the diamond pouch. The diamond package can be credit card shaped and also contains serial number and website information and be provided in nominal dollar values.


Device with a single crystal diamond substrate with a buried electrically conducting layer

A device comprising a single crystal diamond substrate with a buried electrically conducting layer with μm square openings spaced apart milled into the diamond by ablating the carbon above wherein the step of ablating uses a diode pumped tripled nd:yag laser at 355 nm and wherein the square openings have electrical contacts and wherein the resistance measured between the square openings is dominated by the buried electrically conducting layer and on the order of about 1 kΩ.. .
The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Thick polycrystalline synthetic diamond wafers for heat spreading applications and microwave plasma chemical vapour depositon synthesis techniques

A method of fabricating a polycrystalline cvd synthetic diamond material having an average thermal conductivity at room temperature through a thickness of the polycrystalline cvd synthetic diamond material of at least 2000 wm−1k−1, the method comprising: loading a refractory metal substrate into a cvd reactor; locating a refractory metal guard ring around a peripheral region of the refractory metal substrate, the refractory metal guard ring defining a gap between an edge of the refractory metal substrate and the refractory metal guard ring having a width 1.5 mm to 5.0 mm; introducing microwaves into the cvd reactor at a power such that the power density in terms of power per unit area of the refractory metal substrate is in a range 2.5 to 4.5 w mm−2; introducing process gas into the cvd reactor wherein the process gas within the cvd reactor comprises a nitrogen concentration in a range 600 ppb to 1500 ppb calculated as molecular nitrogen n2, a carbon containing gas concentration in a range 0.5% to 3.0% by volume, and a hydrogen concentration in a range 92% to 98.5% by volume; controlling an average temperature of the refractory metal substrate to lie in a range 750° c. To 950° c.
Element Six Technologies Limited


High density u02 and high thermal conductivity uo2 composites by spark plasma sintering (sps)

Embodiments of the invention are directed to a method for production of a nuclear fuel pellet by spark plasma sintering (sps), wherein a fuel pellet with more than 80% td or more than 90% td is formed. The sps can be performed with the imposition of a controlled uniaxial pressure applied at the maximum temperature of the processing to achieve a very high density, in excess of 95% td, at temperatures of 850 to 1600° c.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.


Earth-boring tools including shaped cutting elements, and related methods

A cutting element for an earth-boring tool. The cutting element comprises a substrate base, and a volume of polycrystalline diamond material on an end of the substrate base.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Substrate including a diamond layer and a composite layer of diamond and silicon carbide, and, optionally, silicon

A multilayer substrate includes a diamond layer cvd grown on a composite layer. The composite layer includes particles of diamond and silicon carbide and, optionally, silicon.
Ii-vi Incorporated


Super-hard structure, tool element and making same

A method for making a treated super-hard structure, the method including providing a super-hard structure comprising super-hard material selected from polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (pcbn) material or thermally stable polycrystalline diamond (pcd) material; subjecting the super-hard structure to heat treatment at a treatment temperature of greater than 700 degrees centigrade at a treatment pressure at which the super-hard material is not thermodynamically stable, for a treatment period of at least about 5 minutes to produce the treated super-hard structure.. .
Element Six Gmbh



Provided is a nozzle incorporating a valve, which easily improves durability. The nozzle for spraying water to a targeted object, including a nozzle body provided with a passage of water and a valve arranged inside the passage of the nozzle body, wherein at least a part of an inner surface of the passage including a portion to have contact with the valve is coated by diamond-like carbon..
Mitsubishi-hitachi Metals Machinery, Inc.


Midline pars retractor

A midline retractor provides access for the placement of pars screws and other surgical sites. A lower profile allows for better visualization of the patients anatomy and provides better access for surgical instruments.
Spineology Inc.


Jewelry pendant assembly

A jewelry pendant assembly incorporating a vessel having an interior space and having a wall, the wall having an annular outer surface, the wall being composed of a translucent material; a bead strand fixedly attached to and wrapped in a plurality of turns about the vessel's annular outer surface, the plurality of bead strand turns forming diamond pattern beadwork; a battery powered illuminator configured as an electric torch fitted for receipt within the vessel's interior space, the electric torch's body extending into the vessel and positioning a light emitting diode for, upon actuation of the battery powered illuminator, projecting light through the vessel's wall and about the bead strand turns.. .


Peripheral electronic device housing members with gaps and dielectric coatings

An electronic device such as a handheld device may have a rectangular housing with a rectangular periphery. A conductive peripheral housing member may run along the rectangular periphery and may surround the rectangular housing.
Apple Inc.


Storage medium for storing data and servo information

A storage medium including a servo layer, a data recording layer, a heat sink layer, and a diamond-like carbon layer with a lubricant covering. The servo layer is configured to store servo information on the storage medium.
Marvell International Ltd.


Color filter substrate, array substrate, liquid crystal panel and liquid crystal display device

A color filter substrate, an array substrate, a liquid crystal panel and a liquid crystal display device are disclosed. Said color filter substrate includes a plurality of pixel units, wherein said pixel unit comprises two diamond shaped sub-pixels and four isosceles triangle shaped sub-pixels, every two isosceles triangle shaped sub-pixels are arranged into a sub-pixel column with their vertex angles opposite to each other, and two sub-pixel columns are parallel to each other; said two diamond shaped sub-pixels and said two sub-pixel columns are disposed alternatively in horizontal direction; and colors of said diamond sub-pixels and the isosceles triangle shaped sub-pixels at least contains red, blue and green.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and system for a thrust-absorbing horizontal surface pump assembly

An apparatus and system for a thrust-absorbing horizontal surface pump assembly is described. A thrust-absorbing horizontal surface pump system includes an intake chamber including a stationary thrust bearing paired with a rotatable thrust runner to form a thrust bearing set, wherein a first face of the stationary thrust bearing positioned towards the rotatable thrust runner is at least partially diamond-coated, and wherein a second face of the rotatable thrust runner positioned towards the stationary thrust bearing is at least partially diamond-coated, a fluid entrance that receives a fluid into the intake chamber, and a pump inlet that receives the fluid into the multi-stage centrifugal pump, wherein the thrust bearing set is arranged around the intake shaft such that during operation of the electric motor the thrust bearing is in a pathway of the fluid as the fluid flows between the fluid entrance and the pump inlet..
Summit Esp, Llc


Polycrystalline diamond compacts, and related methods and applications

Embodiments relate to polycrystalline diamond compacts (“pdcs”) including a polycrystalline diamond (“pcd”) table in which a metal-solvent catalyst is alloyed with at least one alloying element to improve thermal stability and/or wear resistance of the pcd table. In an embodiment, a pdc includes a substrate and a pcd table bonded to the substrate.
Us Synthetic Corporation


Method of making a suspended membrane device

The present disclosure is directed to a device that includes a substrate and a sensor formed on the substrate. The sensor includes a chamber formed from a plurality of integrated cavities, a membrane above the substrate, the membrane having a plurality of openings, each opening positioned above one of the cavities, and a plurality of diamond shaped anchors positioned between the membrane and the substrate, the anchors positioned between each of the cavities.
Stmicroelectronics Pte Ltd


Diamond wire saw

Provided is a wire saw intended for cutting concrete, stone or the like, more particularly, a diamond wire saw which is configured such that each front of beads is formed to be curved so that the beads can appropriately respond to resistance transmitted from an object to be cut without being in direct contact with the resistance, cutting diamond layers are electrodeposited and attached to the curved portions, and a large quantity of cutting chips are accommodate and are then discharged to the outside so that the number of installed beads can be easily adjusted.. .


Methods of fabricating polycrystalline diamond compacts and related canister assemblies

Embodiments disclosed herein involve polycrystalline diamond (“pcd”) tables and polycrystalline diamond compacts (“pdcs”) that include pcd tables as well as methods and apparatuses for manufacturing thereof. Some embodiments include a canister assembly that may be used in a high-pressure/high-temperature (“hpht”) process or other heating process to manufacture the pcd tables and/or the pdcs..
Us Synthetic Corporation


Methods of fabricating polycrystalline diamond and polycrystalline diamond compacts

Embodiments of the invention relate to methods of forming polycrystalline diamond compacts (“pdcs”), wherein the pdc includes a polycrystalline diamond (“pcd”) table in which at least one group viii metal is at least partially alloyed with phosphorus and/or at least one other alloying element to improve the thermal stability of the pcd table. The disclosed pdcs may be used in a variety of applications, such as rotary drill bits, machining equipment, and other articles and apparatuses..
Us Synthetic Corporation


Contoured buttocks enhancing and tummy slimming hosiery and foundation garment

This invention discloses contoured, buttocks enhancing hosiery type undergarments and foundation garments having permanent inner structures of a buttocks enhancing contoured and tapered form system comprising of an open-cell foam pad or shaped silicone gel casing in its rear panel portion fabricated and housed within two-ply fabric portions of highly stretchable yarn, with a further tummy slimming and smoothing function, which eliminates the need for additional or separate buttocks expanding or shaping devices, or girdle type supplemental undergarments. The buttocks enhancing contoured and tapered system is sandwiched and laminated within the two-ply fabric yarn of which the panty portion of the foundation garment is fabricated.


Thermionic converter device

Converter device for converting energy from electromagnetic radiation, in particular concentrated solar energy, in electrical power, comprising a thermionic emitter (2) and an absorber (1) of electromagnetic radiation, configured to transform electromagnetic radiation energy to thermal energy, having an outer surface (10) configured to be exposed to electromagnetic radiation and an inner surface integrally coupled to the thermionic emitter (2), the outer surface (10) being provided with a sub-micrometer periodic surface structure, the thermionic emitter (2) being monolithically integrated on said inner surface of the absorber (1), the absorber (1) being made of a material selected from the group comprising or consisting of carbide or aluminium nitride-based ceramic materials, and pyrolitic graphite, the thermionic emitter (2) being made of a material selected from the group comprising or consisting of thin film diamond deposited through chemical vapour deposition (cvd), thin film titanium nitride (tin) or molybdenum silicide or di carbides or di borides-based ceramic materials, and refractory metals.. .
Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche


Twisted array design for high speed vertical channel 3d nand memory

Roughly described, a memory device has a multilevel stack of conductive layers. Vertically oriented pillars each include series-connected memory cells at cross-points between the pillars and the conductive layers.
Macronix International Co., Ltd.


Diamond semiconductor system and method

Disclosed herein is a new and improved system and method for fabricating diamond semiconductors. The method may include the steps of selecting a diamond semiconductor material having a surface, exposing the surface to a source gas in an etching chamber, forming a carbide interface contact layer on the surface; and forming a metal layer on the interface layer..


Graphene layer formation at low substrate temperature on a metal and carbon based substrate

A system and method for forming graphene layers on a substrate. The system and methods include direct growth of graphene on diamond and low temperature growth of graphene using a solid carbon source..
Uchicago Argonne, Llc


Electrochemical deposition and x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy

An x-ray fluorescence spectrometer (52); and a sample holder (2) for the x-ray fluorescence (xrf) spectrometer (52), wherein the sample holder (2) comprises: an electrically conductive synthetic diamond electrode (4) providing a front surface (6) on which chemical species can be electro-deposited from a solution (48) comprising the chemical species; an ohmic contact (8) disposed on a rear surface of the electrically conductive synthetic diamond electrode (4); and an electrical connector (10) which is connected to the ohmic contact (8), and wherein the x-ray fluorescence spectrometer (52) comprises: an xrf sample stage (58) configured to receive the sample holder (2); an x-ray source (54) configured to apply an x-ray excitation beam to the chemical species electro-deposited on the electrically conductive synthetic diamond electrode (4) when the sample holder (2) is mounted to the xrf sample stage (58); an x-ray detector (60) configured to receive x-rays emitted from the chemical species electro-deposited on the front surface (6) of the electrically conductive synthetic diamond material when the sample holder (2) is mounted to the xrf sample stage (58); and a processor (62) configured to generate x-ray fluorescence spectroscopic data based on the x-rays received by the x-ray detector. Such system allows to carry out simultaneously and in-situ stripping voltammetry measurements together with x-ray fluorescence measurements..
Element Six Technologies Limited


Diamond-coated substrates

A composite structure, comprising a cemented carbide substrate (e.g., tungsten carbide substrate cemented with cobalt, such as wc—co), a thin interlayer disposed over the substrate, and a contiguous diamond film disposed over the interlayer, as well as processes of preparing such a composite structure and uses thereof, are provided. The composite structure is characterized by at least one of a substrate binder concentration of at least 2 percents by weight, interlayer thickness less than 20 microns, a homogenous interlayer made substantially of crystalline chromium nitride, a low to null binder concentration in the interlayer, and a high co-adhesion of the diamond film to the interlayer and the interlayer to the substrate..
Technion Research & Development Foundation Limited


High wear resistance shoe sole material and manufacturing method thereof

The invention discloses a shoe sole material with a high wear resistance and the method of manufacturing the sole material. The disclosed shoe sole composition includes nano-diamond produced by the shock wave method as an inorganic reinforcing filler.
Pgt International Llc


Coffee machine comprising an electrolytic cell for producing basic water

Disclosed is a coffee-tea extraction machine comprising one or a plurality of electrolytic cells that include two or more diamond electrodes or corresponding suitable stable metal electrodes or corresponding suitable stable metal electrodes for producing slightly alkaline water having a ph of 8.2 to 8.6 and for electrochemically breaking up the water molecule cluster chains of 14 to 18 molecules into clusters containing two to three molecules. Said coffee-tea extraction machine is characterized in that the solvency and extractive capacity of the brewing water in the coffee-tea machine triples or quadruples and the resorption potential through intestinal cell membranes doubles or triples.


Food container having si-dlc layer and manufacturing method thereof

There are provided a food container having a silicon incorporated diamond like carbon (si-dlc) layer and a method thereof. The food container includes a container made of a plastic material; an intermediate thin layer formed on a surface of the container; and a si-dlc layer formed on the intermediate thin layer.
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology


Incorporation of bulk metal foils to increase toughness of polycrystalline diamond

A cutting element include a substrate and a diamond compact including at least two polycrystalline diamond portions separated by at least one metal carbide foil portion. The cutting element is made by placing diamond powder in a reaction container, placing a thin metal layer in the reaction container above or around the diamond powder and binder, placing additional diamond powder in the reaction container above or around the thin metal layer, and placing a pre-sintered substrate containing binder into the reaction container above all diamond powder and thin metal layer components.
Diamond Innovations, Inc.


Orifice for a waterjet cutter

An orifice for a high-pressure waterjet cutter includes a first surface defining an inlet plane, a second surface defining an outlet plane, and an inner bore aligned along a flow axis and extending from the first surface to the second surface. The orifice also includes a first layer of polycrystalline diamond extending from the first surface to a plane between the inlet plane and the outlet plane, and a second, separate layer of polycrystalline diamond extending from the plane to the second surface.
Kmt Waterjet Systems Inc.


Chemical mechanical polishing conditioner with high quality abrasive particles

The present invention relates to a chemical mechanical polishing conditioner with high quality abrasive particles, comprising a substrate; a bonding layer disposed on the substrate; and a plurality of abrasive particles placed on the bonding layer, and the abrasive particles are placed on the substrate by the bonding layer; wherein the abrasive particles have a risk diamond content measured by a screening apparatus for screening abrasive particles. Therefore, the chemical mechanical polishing conditioner with high quality abrasive particles is produced, after the risk diamond content is judged by the screening apparatus for screening abrasive particles; thereby avoiding scratches and breakages produced on the polishing pad due to the risk diamonds during a chemical mechanical polishing process..
Kinik Company


Handle for semiconductor-on-diamond wafers and manufacture

Methods for mounting and dismounting thin and/or bowed semiconductor-on-diamond wafers (401) to a carrier (407) are disclosed that flatten said wafers and provide mechanical support to enable efficient semiconductor device processing on said semiconductor-on-diamond wafers.. .
Element Six Technologies Us Corporation


Carbon film stress relaxation

Methods are described for treating a carbon film on a semiconductor substrate. The carbon may have a high content of sp3 bonding to increase etch resistance and enable new applications as a hard mask.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Cutting pick tool

A cutting pick tool including a cemented carbide support body that mounts a diamond composite cutting tip. The support body includes a recess having a conical region that mounts a complementary conical shaped mount portion of the tip.
Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab


Cutting elements including nanoparticles in at least one region thereof, earth-boring tools including such cutting elements, and related methods

Cutting elements for earth-boring applications may include a substrate and a polycrystalline diamond material secured to the substrate. A first region of the polycrystalline diamond material may exhibit a first volume percentage of nanoparticles bonded to diamond grains within the first region.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Thin film coating for linkage pin

A linkage pin joint assembly may include a portion of a first machine member having a first bore, a portion of a second machine member having a second bore, and a linkage pin pivotally interconnecting at least the first and second machine members. The linkage pin may extend between the first and second machine members, and be positioned at least partially within the first bore of the first machine member and the second bore of the second machine member.
Caterpillar Inc.


Thin film coating on undercarriage track pins

An undercarriage track joint assembly includes a first link having a first bore at a first end and a second bore at a second, opposite end, and a second link having a first bore at a first end and a second bore at a second, opposite end. A pin may extend between the first and second links, positioned at least partially within the first bores of the first and second links, or partially within the second bores of the first and second links.
Caterpillar Inc.


Encapsulated wear particles

Incorporating hard particles in a matrix forming the surface of a member can significantly increase wear resistance. Practical use of diamond in industrial applications is limited as the carbon structure breaks down to graphite in air at temperatures over 700° c.
Esco Corporation


Polycrystalline ultra-hard material with microstructure substantially free of catalyst material eruptions

Polycrystalline ultra-hard materials and compacts comprise an ultra-hard material body having a polycrystalline matrix of bonded together ultra-hard particles, e.g., diamond crystals, and a catalyst material disposed in interstitial regions within the polycrystalline matrix. The material microstructure is substantially free of localized concentrations, regions or volumes of the catalyst material or other substrate constituent.
Smith International, Inc.


Methods for cutting smooth reflective surfaces

The embodiments described herein relate to methods, systems, and structures for cutting a part to form a highly reflective and smooth surface thereon. In some embodiments, the part includes substantially horizontal and vertical surfaces with edges and corners.
Apple Inc.


Systems and methods for detection of electric fields, ion exchange, and ph using spectral shift in diamond color centers

Techniques for detection of electric and magnetic fields, ion exchange, and ph using spectral shift in diamond color centers are disclosed. In one aspect of the disclosed subject matter, a method to detect a change of an electric field or electrochemical parameter in a solution can include introducing at least one diamond structure, including a color center below a surface of thereof, into the solution..
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York


Methods and optically detecting magnetic resonance

A light-trapping geometry enhances the sensitivity of strain, temperature, and/or electromagnetic field measurements using nitrogen vacancies in bulk diamond, which have exterior dimensions on the order of millimeters. In an example light-trapping geometry, a laser beam enters the bulk diamond, which may be at room temperature, through a facet or notch.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Single crystal diamond and diamond tool

A single crystal diamond (10) is provided as a single crystal diamond into which a defect portion (11) is introduced. The defect portion (11) can be detected by a phase difference occurring when the single crystal diamond (10) is irradiated with circularly polarized light.
Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Corp.


Bicycle frames and bicycles

Bicycle frames having rear stays that extend past the seat region and connect directly to the top region without being rigidly connected to the seat region. Some bicycle frames according to the present disclosure have a greater vertical compliance than comparably sized standard diamond frames having seat stays that are connected directly and rigidly to a seat tube..
Volagi, Llc


Earth-boring tools having cutting elements with cutting faces exhibiting multiple coefficients of friction, and related methods

An earth-boring tool having at least one cutting element with a multi-friction cutting face provides for the steering of formation cuttings as the cuttings slide across the cutting face. The multi-friction cutting element includes a diamond table bonded to a substrate of superabrasive material.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Polycrystalline diamond compacts

Embodiments of the invention relate to polycrystalline diamond compacts (“pdcs”) and methods of fabricating such pdcs. In an embodiment, a pdc includes a substrate and a preformed polycrystalline diamond table including an interfacial surface bonded to the substrate and an opposing working surface.
Us Synthetic Corporation


Method of preparing silica-coated nanodiamonds

Silica-coated nanodiamonds and methods of preparing silica-coated nanodiamonds are disclosed. The method comprises contacting a nanodiamond entrapped in a liposome with a silica precursor and reacting the silica precursor to form a coating of silica on the nanodiamond..
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health And Human Serv


Finfet with active region shaped structures and channel separation

A semiconductor structure in fabrication includes a n-finfet and p-finfet. Stress inducing materials such as silicon and silicon germanium are epitaxially grown into naturally diamond-shaped structures atop the silicon fins of the n-finfet and p-finfet areas.
Globalfoundries Inc.


Display device

A disclosed display device includes a display panel including a plurality of data lines and a plurality of gate lines intersecting the data lines, and a pixel array comprising a plurality of pixels arranged in a matrix form, each pixel being divided into a subpixel having a first color, a subpixel having a second color, a subpixel having a third color, and a subpixel having a fourth color. Two adjacent subpixels in a horizontal line of the pixel array share one of the data lines.
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Method of determining quality of heart & cupid optical effects of diamond and device therefor

The present invention includes the steps of: storing data such as the symmetry, the variation degree in the area, the displacement of a tip portion, the depth of a slit, the shoulder widths, and the like of eight heart marks and the symmetry, the variation degree in the area, the displacement or sharpness of an arrow tip, and the like of eight cupid marks into a computer database; and performing arithmetic processing of the data and ranking determination of the quality of the heart marks and the cupid marks. It is an object of the present invention to provide a method and device capable of objectively determining the quality on the basis of the same determination criterion using determination software in both of a case where the diamond is directly imaged by a ccd camera..
Central Gem Laboratory


Probe configuration and fabrication thereof

The disclosed technology relates generally to probe configurations, and more particularly to probe configurations and methods of making probe configurations that have a diamond body and a diamond layer covering at least an apex region of the diamond body. In one aspect, a method of fabricating a probe configuration includes forming a probe tip.
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven


Sample preparation direct numerical simulation of rock properties

A sample preparation apparatus and method of preparing a rock sample using such an apparatus, as useful in connection with the digital numerical simulation of properties of the rock. The disclosed apparatus includes a fixably mounted diamond wire cutter.
Bp Corporation North America Inc.


Apparatus and system for sealing submersible pump assemblies

An apparatus, system and method for sealing an electrical submersible pump assembly are described. An electric submersible pump (esp) system for pumping solid-laden fluid comprises a thrust chamber of an esp seal section, the thrust chamber sealed from well fluid on a downstream side by a stationary sand barrier and on an upstream side by a mechanical seal, the thrust chamber further comprising, a rotatable shaft extending axially through the thrust chamber, a head tubularly encasing the thrust chamber and threadedly coupled to a centrifugal pump intake, and a diamond-coated hydrodynamic bearing set inside the thrust chamber, wherein well fluid enters and exits the chamber through cross-drilled apertures in the head of the chamber, and wherein the well fluid forms a hydrodynamic film between the bearing set..
Summit Esp, Llc


Pcd wafer without substrate for high pressure / high temperature sintering

A method of forming a cutting element may include subjecting a first press containing at least a diamond powder-containing container and a volume of a high melting temperature non-reactive material to a first high pressure high temperature sintering condition to form a sintered polycrystalline diamond wafer including a diamond matrix of diamond grains bonded together and a plurality of interstitial spaces between the bonded together diamond grains; and subjecting a second press containing the sintered polycrystalline diamond wafer and a substrate to a second high temperature high pressure condition, thereby attaching the wafer to the substrate to form a cutting element having a polycrystalline diamond layer on the substrate.. .
Smith International, Inc.


Chemical leaching/thermal decomposing carbonate in carbonate pcd

A method for treating a polycrystalline diamond material includes subjecting the polycrystalline diamond material to a leaching process and to a thermal decomposition process.. .
Smith International, Inc.


Use of nanodiamonds for generating free radicals for therapeutic purposes under radiation

The present invention relates to the use of nanodiamonds as drugs generating free radicals, in particular for treating tumours. The invention is based on generating free radicals on the surface of the nanodiamonds when they are exposed to radiation, for example ionising radiation.
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


Scattered pilot pattern and channel estimation mimo-ofdm systems

A method and apparatus are provided for reducing the number of pilot symbols within a mimo-ofdm communication system, and for improving channel estimation within such a system. For each transmitting antenna in an ofdm transmitter, pilot symbols are encoded so as to be unique to the transmitting antenna.
Blackberry Limited


Touch sensor panel with in-plane backup bypass connections

Touch sensor panels (104) have 2-d periodic arrangements of electrodes (304) connected together forming a plurality of horizontal and vertical logical lines (506, 514) for measuring x-y coordinates of a user's touch. Electrodes forming the horizontal logical lines are interleaved with electrodes forming the vertical logical lines.
Google Technology Holdings Llc


Co2 sensor based on a diamond field effect transistor

The present disclosure relates to a carbon dioxide sensor able to function in harsh environment, conditions. The carbon dioxide sensor can include a gate-less field effect transistor including a synthetic, quasi-intrinsic, hydrogen-passivated, single-crystal diamond layer exhibiting a 2-dimension hole gas effect, and a sensing layer comprising both a polymer and a hygroscopic material deposited onto a surface of the gate-less field effect transistor..
Honeywell International Inc.


Diamond atr artefact correction

A method of using a spectrometer to produce corrected diamond attenuated total reflectance (atr) spectral data includes acquiring, using the spectrometer, an initial set of atr spectral data for a sample pressed into contact with a diamond atr crystals; numerically matching, using the spectrometer, a pressure dependent diamond artefact reference spectrum to a corresponding pressure dependent diamond artefact in the initial set of atr spectral data; and numerically subtracting out the numerically matched pressure dependent diamond artefact reference spectrum from the initial set of atr spectral data to yield a corrected set of atr spectral data for the sample for output by the spectrometer.. .
Perkinelmer Singapore Pte Ltd

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