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Diamond patents


This page is updated frequently with new Diamond-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Diamond-related patents
 Manufacturing  high-temperature piezoelectric element electrode and piezoelectric element structure patent thumbnailnew patent Manufacturing high-temperature piezoelectric element electrode and piezoelectric element structure
A manufacturing method for an electrode of a high-temperature piezoelectric element, comprises: coating traditional conductive slurry on surfaces of a molded piezoelectric material (1); then polarizing the piezoelectric material (1); and then removing the coating of conductive slurry (2) on the surfaces there of, and connecting the piezoelectric material to outside electrode lead wires (3) to output a signal generated by piezoelectric effect thereof. A structure of a high-temperature piezoelectric element, comprises polarized piezoelectric material (1), wherein the coating of metallic conductive slurry (2) is removed from the surfaces of the polarized piezoelectric material (1) and the surfaces of the polarized piezoelectric material (1) is connected to electrode lead wires (3) to output a signal generated by piezoelectric effect thereof.
Xiamen Niell Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Diamond like carbon (dlc) in a semiconductor stack as a selector for non-volatile memory application patent thumbnailnew patent Diamond like carbon (dlc) in a semiconductor stack as a selector for non-volatile memory application
Selector elements that can be suitable for nonvolatile memory device applications are disclosed. The selector element can have low leakage currents at low voltages to reduce sneak current paths for non-selected devices, and higher leakage currents at higher voltages to minimize voltage drops during device switching.
Intermolecular, Inc.

 Rotary compressor patent thumbnailnew patent Rotary compressor
A rotary compressor includes a compressing unit including: an annular cylinder; an end plate having a bearing unit, and closing an end portion of the cylinder; an annular piston fitted in a rotation shaft in the bearing unit, performing an orbital motion inside the cylinder, and forming an operation chamber with the cylinder inner wall; and a vane protruding from a groove of the cylinder to the operation chamber, coming into contact with the annular piston, and partitioning the operation chamber into an inlet chamber and a compression chamber. The vane is formed of steel and has a diamond-like carbon layer on a sliding surface with respect to the annular piston.
Fujitsu General Limited

 Substrate holder, plasma reactor and  depositing diamond patent thumbnailnew patent Substrate holder, plasma reactor and depositing diamond
A substrate holder having a base plate where a plurality of protruding poles is arranged, said poles spaced apart from one another by intermediate spaces. Alternatively or in addition, a plasma reactor for depositing diamond from the gas phase may be provided, the plasma reactor comprising such a substrate holder.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Förderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

 Ultrahard nanotwinned diamond bulk material and  preparing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Ultrahard nanotwinned diamond bulk material and preparing the same
The present invention relates to ultrahard nanotwinned diamond bulk materials and synthetic method thereof. In particular, the present invention discloses a diamond bulk material containing high density of nanocrystalline twins and synthetic method thereof, in which a nanotwinned diamond bulk is synthesized from particles of nanospherical onion-like carbon without diamond core (preferably with a size of 5-70 nm) as raw materials by using high temperature and high pressure synthesis.
Yanshan University

 Methods of fabricating a polycrystalline diamond compact patent thumbnailnew patent Methods of fabricating a polycrystalline diamond compact
Embodiments relate to polycrystalline diamond compacts (“pdcs”) and methods of manufacturing such pdcs in which an at least partially leached polycrystalline diamond (“pcd”) table is infiltrated with a low viscosity cobalt-based alloy infiltrant. In an embodiment, a method includes forming a pcd table in the presence of a metal-solvent catalyst in a first high-pressure/high-temperature (“hpht”) process.
Us Synthetic Corporation

 Diaphragm for loudspeaker, loudspeaker, electronic apparatus, and mobile apparatus patent thumbnailDiaphragm for loudspeaker, loudspeaker, electronic apparatus, and mobile apparatus
A diaphragm for loudspeaker contains resin and single-crystal diamond powder dispersed in the resin.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Managment Co., Ltd.

 Self-limited, anisotropic wet etching of transverse vias in microfluidic chips patent thumbnailSelf-limited, anisotropic wet etching of transverse vias in microfluidic chips
The present invention is notably directed to a method of fabrication of a microfluidic chip (1). Comprising: providing (s10-s20) a wafer (10, 12) of semiconductor material having a diamond cubic crystal structure, exhibiting two opposite main surfaces (s1, s2), one on each side of the wafer, and having, each, a normal in the <100> or <110> direction; and performing (s30) self-limited, anisotropic wet etching steps on each of the two main surfaces on each side of the wafer, to create a via (20, 20a) extending transversely through the thickness of the wafer, at a location such that the resulting via connects an in-plane microchannel (31) on a first one (51) of the two main surfaces to a second one (s2) of the two main surfaces, the via exhibiting slanted sidewalls (20s) as a result of the self-limited wet etching.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Brazed polycrystalline diamond compact patent thumbnailBrazed polycrystalline diamond compact
A thermally stable polycrystalline diamond compact is created by (i) preforming an annular thermally stable polycrystalline from a diamond plate, (ii) preforming a substrate with a projection that has an interfacial mating surface that is a negative topology of the annular thermally stable polycrystalline, (iii) and brazing the two components together. The resulting polycrystalline diamond compact can be made thermally stable because cobalt and other catalysts can be leached out of the thermally stable polycrystalline.
Suzhou Shalebreaker New Material Technology Co Ltd

 Highly twinned, oriented polycrystalline diamond film and  manufacture thereof patent thumbnailHighly twinned, oriented polycrystalline diamond film and manufacture thereof
In a method of chemical vapor deposition (cvd) growth of a polycrystalline diamond film in a cvd reactor, a gas mixture of gaseous hydrogen and a gaseous hydrocarbon is introduced into the cvd reactor. A plasma formed from the gas mixture is maintained above a surface of a conductive substrate disposed in the cvd reactor and causes a polycrystalline diamond film to grow on the surface of the conductive substrate.
Ii-vi Incorporated


Methods for pre-sharpening impregnated cutting structures for bits, resulting cutting structures and drill bits so equipped

Processes for pre-sharpening cutting structures comprising particles of superabrasive material such as diamond grit, dispersed in a metal matrix material such as cemented tungsten carbide. Matrix material may be removed from a surface of a cutting structure to a desired depth to expose superabrasive particles within the matrix material adjacent the surface, and to increase exposure of partially exposed superabrasive particles at the surface.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


High toughness thermally stable polycrystalline diamond

A mixture for fabricating a cutting table, the cutting table, and a method of fabricating the cutting table. The mixture includes a cutting table powder and a binder.
Varel Europe S.a.s.


Diamond type cam for rock climbing

A diamond type cam for rock climbing is provided, which includes a body having an operating member provided thereon, a slide member slidably coupled to the body, a plurality of extension cams each of which has one end that is rotatably coupled to the body and the slide member and an extended end portion that is rotatably hinge-coupled, and a plurality of wires each of which has one end that is coupled to a predetermined position of a lower portion of the extension cam and the other end that is rotatably coupled to a predetermined position of the slide member.. .


Vacubrasion: universal air flow regulator and attachment for vacuum assisted microdermabrasion

The present invention provides a novel microdermabrasion system that provides safe and effective treatment for skin conditions such as acne, aging and sallow skin, fine wrinkles, surface skin scars, and other visually unappealing cosmetic skin disfigurements. This new invention provides a universal attachment and air flow/suction regulator which permits micro diamond chip based, crystal free microdermabrasion using a variety of standard vacuums and home based cleaning vacuums.


Method for transceiving data symbol using antenna correlation in wireless access system which supports massive antenna

The present invention provides a method for removing self-interference by a transmitter side in a wireless access system that supports a full duplex radio (fdr) scheme, according to one embodiment of the present invention, comprises the method comprising the steps of: transmitting two transmission signals, using two transmission antennas; receiving two reception signals, using two reception antennas; estimating a self-interference channel; and removing interference signals in consideration of the estimated self-interference channel among the received signals. In the method, the interference signals are the transmission signals which are input into the two reception antennas, the transmission signals and the reception signals are simultaneously transmitted and received through a resource area configured by the same time and frequency, and the two transmission antennas and the two reception antennas may be disposed on the transmitter side in a diamond shape..
Lg Electronics Inc.


White light-emitting element

A white light-emitting device of the present invention includes a substrate (101); a diamond semiconductor layer (105) provided on the substrate (101), in which one or a plurality of p-type α layers (102), a p-type or n-type γ layer (103), and one or a plurality of n-type β layers (104) are laminated in this order from the substrate (101); a first electrode (106) provided on the α layer (102) which injects an electric current; a second electrode (107) provided on the β layer (104) which injects an electric current; and a fluorescent member (108) which coats a light emission extraction region of the surface of the diamond semiconductor layer.. .
National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology


Scroll expander

A scroll expander includes a driving scroll body having a first axis line a driven scroll body having a second axis line shifted with respect to the first axis line, a bearing plate including two plates coupled to the driven scroll body and having the second axis line a cylindrical driving pin attached to the driving scroll body, and a cylindrical guide ring attached to the bearing plate and having an inner diameter larger than an outer diameter of the driving pin. The driving pin includes an outer circumferential surface in contact with an inner circumferential surface of the guide ring.
Anest Iwata Corporation


Anti-balling drill bit

The disclosure relates to polycrystalline diamond compact (pdc) drill bits utilized for drilling wellbores.. .


Drop-in chlorinator for portable spas

An oxidizer generating apparatus comprising a cylindrical housing and an electrode assembly attached at one end of the housing comprising at least three vertically disposed electrodes, the electrodes being spaced apart so as to define a water flow path between them, the electrodes comprising titanium outer electrodes and at least one inner diamond electrode. .
Watkins Manufacturing Corporation


Compositions of coated diamond nanoparticles, methods of forming coated diamond nanoparticles, and methods of forming coatings

In a composition including a plurality of coated diamond nanoparticles, each diamond nanoparticle may have at least one silane functional group covalently bonded to a surface thereof. A method of forming coated diamond nanoparticles may include functionalizing surfaces of diamond nanoparticles with at least one of a fluorine-containing compound and an oxidant; dispersing the functionalized diamond nanoparticles in a solvent comprising a silane functional group; and forming covalent bonds between the silane functional group and the diamond nanoparticles.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Cmp pad conditioner and manufacturing the same

Provided is a chemical mechanical polishing (cmp) pad conditioner including a substrate including a plurality of protrusions formed on at least one surface thereof and made of ceramic or hard metal alloy. The plurality of protrusions may be formed through laser processing so as not to have angled edges on an upper end and an inclined side thereof.
Shinhan Diamond Ind. Co., Ltd.


Repairing substrates of polycrystalline diamond cutters

A method of repairing a wear or cutting element of a tool, the tool comprising a sintered polycrystalline diamond compact (pdc) structure bonded to a cemented metal carbide substrate, an example of which is a pdc cutter for an earth-boring drill. One example of the method comprises heating a spot within the damaged area of the substrate while introducing the inlay material to the spot, resulting in the substrate at the spot being heated and the inlay material melting onto the spot, without heating the substrate to the point of causing graphitization or rupture of diamond-to-diamond bonds of the diamond structure..
Ulterra Drilling Technologies, L.p.


Oral composition containing diamond particles

An object of the present invention is to provide an oral composition that has high power to remove stains from tooth surfaces and appropriate abrasive power. The invention provides an oral composition containing diamond particles and abrasive silica particles, the diamond particles having a median size (d50) of 2.0 to 3.5 μm, and the abrasive silica particles having an rda of at least 50..
Sunstar Suisse Sa


Composition for oral use containing diamond particles

An object of the present invention is to provide a composition for oral use having excellent cleaning ability and smoothing. The present invention provides a composition for oral use containing diamond particles and silica particles..
Sunstar Suisse Sa


Method and mounting a semiconductor disk laser (sdl)

The present invention describes a method and apparatus for mounting a semiconductor disc laser (sdl). In particular there is described a cooling apparatus assembly (12) for mounting the semiconductor disc laser (1) the cooling apparatus assembly comprising a crystalline heat spreader (8) made of diamond, sapphire or sic and optically contacted to the sdl (1).
Solus Technologies Limited


Liquid crystal display device

A liquid crystal display device includes a first substrate comprising a pixel area, a second substrate having a common electrode, and a liquid crystal layer arranged between the first and second substrates, where the first substrate includes a first pixel electrode which is arranged on the pixel area and in which a diamond shaped open unit is defined, and a plate shaped second pixel electrode arranged on the first pixel electrode, the first pixel electrode having first and second sides parallel to one side of the pixel area, third and fourth sides extending from one side of the first and second sides, inclined against the first and second sides, and parallel to each other, and fifth and sixth sides that connect the first and second sides with the third and fourth sides, and are parallel to each other, and the second pixel electrode includes a cross-shaped stem unit.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Compact multispectral wide angle refractive optical system

A multispectral wide angle refractive optical device for focusing light from a first waveband and a non-overlapping second waveband is presented. A first element formed of a first material receives incident radiation.
Qioptiq Limited


Post-synthesis processing of diamond and related super-hard materials

A method of processing a super-hard material having a vickers hardness of no less than 2000 kg/mm2, the method comprising: (a) forming a surface of the super-hard material to have a first surface profile within a first root mean square deviation being no more than 5 μm; (b) analysing said surface of the super-hard material to detect a plurality of protruding regions on said surface; and (c) selectively processing over only the protruding regions on the surface of the super-hard material to form a second surface profile within a second root mean square deviation from the smooth target surface profile, said second root mean square deviation being no more than 100 nm.. .
Element Six Technologies Limited


Grey cast iron-doped diamond-like carbon coatings and methods for depositing same

The disclosure provides grey cast iron-doped diamond-like carbon coating compositions useful for reducing friction and wear in mechanical contact surfaces and methods for deposition of such compositions.. .


Zeta positive hydrogenated nanodiamond powder, zetapositive single digit hydrogenated nanodiamond dispersion, and methods for producing the same

The present invention relates to a method for producing zeta positive hydrogenated nanodiamond particles, and to a method for producing zeta positive single digit hydrogenated nanodiamond dispersions. The present invention further relates to zeta positive hydrogenated nanodiamond powder and zeta positive single digit hydrogenated nanodiamond dispersion..
Carbodeon Ltd Oy


Method of forming diamond conditioners for cmp process

A method for making a conditioner disk used in a chemical mechanical polishing (cmp) process comprises applying a first layer of at least one binder over a substrate; disposing a plurality of diamond particles on the first layer of the at least one first binder at the plurality of locations; and fixing the plurality of diamond particles to the substrate by heating the substrate to a raised temperature and then cooling the substrate. The plurality of diamond particles disposed over the substrate are configured to provide a working diamond ratio higher than 50% when the conditioner disk is used in a cmp process..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Titanium-diamond weld hardfacing composition, method and apparatus

A hard-clad coating composition for hardfacing is described. Also described is a weld hardfacing method for applying a coating composition to a base metal, and an apparatus for introducing the coating composition to the weld process..
J&s Worldwide Fabricators Ltd.


Examination distinguishing between natural diamond and synthetic cvd/hpht diamonds

This invention is within the technical field of distinguishing between natural diamond and synthetic cvd and hpht diamonds, involves an examination technique using the raman spectra. Procedurally, a highly sensitive raman spectrometer (s/n>10,000) is used to scan and examine the diamond sample.


Micro end mill and manufacturing same

A micro end mill includes a shank made of a first material and a cutting tip made of a second, different material that is bonded to the shank. The first material can be, for example, carbide or high speed steel (hss), and the second material can be, for example, cubic boron nitride (cbn), polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (pcbn), ceramic or polycrystalline diamond (pcd).


Corrosion resistant abatement system

Embodiments disclosed herein include a plasma source, and an abatement system for abating compounds produced in semiconductor processes. In one embodiment, a plasma source is disclosed.


Method of manufacturing anti-migration stent and stent manufactured thereby

An anti-migration stent includes a hollow stent body formed by interweaving a superelastic shape memory alloy wire diagonally such that upper and lower wires alternately cross over and under each other, forming multiple diamond-shaped spaces. After placing and holding a rod underneath the wire of the hollow stent body, and heating the stent body, an anti-migration bent part is formed on the wire, protruding vertically to form an outline corresponding to a cross-sectional shape of the rod, which makes stent production easy.


Diamond processing

Technology is disclosed for use in diamond processing. Diamond parameter information is obtained and information for numerous diamonds can be aggregated into a database.


Nanodiamond containing composite and a producing the same

A method for producing a composition comprising at least one filler and a nanodiamond material, and a composition comprising a nanodiamond material and at least one filler is disclosed. Further, a method for producing a nanodiamond containing thermal composite, and a nanodiamond containing thermal composite comprising nanodiamond material, at least one filler and at least one polymer is disclosed..


Low-stress doped ultrananocrystalline diamond

Nanocrystalline diamond coatings exhibit stress in nano/micro-electro mechanical systems (mems). Doped nanocrstalline diamond coatings exhibit increased stress.


Diamond abrasive recovery method

A diamond abrasive recovery method in which diamond abrasive is recovered from polishing material slurry including diamond abrasive used for polishing a polishing target mainly composed of silicon. The method comprises (1) recovering polishing material slurry including the used diamond abrasive; (2) adding inorganic salt including a metallic element which is to be a divalent or trivalent cation to the recovered polishing material slurry to aggregate the diamond abrasive and separating a supernatant liquid from a diamond abrasive included dispersion medium; and (3) extracting diamond abrasive from the separated diamond abrasive included dispersion medium using a low polarity dispersion medium..


Herb grinder system

The present invention involves a system and method for grinding herbs, tobacco, marijuana and the like. The herb grinder system herein includes interchangeable and replaceable lower grinder plates that are secured in place with threading, bayonet mounts or the like.


Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery, and positive active material layer and rechargeable lithium battery including same

A positive active material for a rechargeable lithium battery includes a lithium nickel-based oxide particle and a coating layer surrounding the lithium nickel-based oxide particle, the coating layer including diamond-like carbon. The lithium nickel-based oxide particle includes lithium and a nickel-containing metal.
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.


Facilitating fabricating gate-all-around nanowire field-effect transistors

Methods are presented for facilitating fabrication of a semiconductor device, such as a gate-all-around nanowire field-effect transistor. The methods include, for instance: providing at least one stack structure including at least one layer or bump extending above the substrate structure; selectively oxidizing at least a portion of the at least one stack structure to form at least one nanowire extending within the stack structure(s) surrounded by oxidized material of the stack structure(s); and removing the oxidized material from the stack structure(s), exposing the nanowire(s).
Globalfoundries Inc.


Mirror substrates with highly finishable corrosion-resistant coating

The disclosure is directed to optical elements including a performance-enhancing coating on the surface of a metal or ceramic substrate and to methods for making the optical elements. The optical elements are suitable for use in harsh environments, including salt fog and high humidity environments.
Corning Incorporated


Method of testing a polycrystalline diamond compact cutter

The method for determining fracture toughness includes clamping a cutting element in a first orientation, exerting a confining pressure on the cutting element, applying a first load at a first distance from a perimeter of the diamond table of the cutting element, increasing the first load to a first level sufficient to fracture, and recording the first level sufficient to fracture. Then, another load is applied at another distance from a perimeter of the diamond table with another cutting element or the same cutting element in another orientation.
Cnpc Usa Corp.


Probes, styli, systems incorporating same and methods of manufacture

A probe for use with measuring equipment, such as a coordinate measuring machine (cmm) or a profilometer includes a shaft and a probe tip coupled with the shaft. At least a portion of the probe tip comprises a superabrasive material such as polycrystalline diamond.
Us Synthetic Corporation


Polycrystalline diamond compact cutter

The polycrystalline diamond compact cutter includes a diamond table and a carbide substrate. Different zones of the diamond table with relative thermal stability and toughness to each other are arranged for a particular cutting efficiency and working life.
Cnpc Usa Corp.


Thermal diffusion doping of diamond

Boron-doped diamond and methods for making it are provided. The doped diamond is made using an ultra-thin film of heavily boron-doped silicon as a dopant carrying material in a low temperature thermal diffusion doping process..
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Property enhancing fillers for transparent coatings and transparent conductive films

Optically transparent films can comprise a coating of nanodiamonds to introduce desirable properties, such as hardness, good thermal conductivity and an increased dielectric constant. In general, transparent conductive films can be formed with desirable property enhancing nanoparticles included in a transparent conductive layer and/or in a coating layer.
C3nano Inc.


Diamond substrates for superconducting quantum circuits

A mechanism relates to a superconducting quantum system. A diamond substrate layer is included.
Brooklyn Quantum Works


Saw blade for making thin cuts in green concrete

A saw blade for rotating about an axis to cut green concrete may include a main body and a cutting portion. The main body includes an inner section and an outer section.
Husqvarna Ab


Bonding thin film diamond providing low vapor pressure at high temperature

A thin diamond film bonded to a diamond substrate made by the process of heating a diamond substrate inside a vacuum chamber to about 500° c., cooling the diamond substrate, coating a first surface of the diamond substrate with chromium, depositing an initial layer of palladium, heating the diamond substrate, allowing the chromium and the diamond substrate to form a chemical bond, inter-diffusing the adhesion layer of chromium and the initial layer of palladium, cooling, depositing palladium, placing a shadow mask, degassing the vacuum, depositing a tin layer, assembling the tin layer, heating the tin layer, melting the tin layer, and bonding the thin diamond film to the diamond substrate. A thin diamond film bonded to a diamond substrate comprising a thin diamond film, a layer of chromium, palladium, tin, and a diamond substrate..
The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Capacitor cell and manufacturing same

Capacitor technology that provides a high density, high reliability capacitor that is capable of operating at high temperature, for example for use in downhole tools. The capacitive cells have an insulating dielectric of crystalline diamond deposited on a substrate of silicon.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Display for mobile device with abrasion resistant siloxane coating

An abrasion resistant coating is applied to a display of a mobile device. In an embodiment, the coating includes a first layer including siloxane; a second layer including siloxane, wherein the second layer has opposing sides and a hardness greater than the first layer; and a third layer including an amorphous carbon selected from a diamond-like carbon and a diamond-like nano-composite.
Google Inc.


Methods of coating substrates with composite coatings of diamond nanoparticles and metal

A method of coating a substrate includes dispersing functionalized diamond nanoparticles in a fluid comprising metal ions to form a deposition composition; disposing a portion of the deposition composition over at least a portion of a substrate; and electrochemically depositing a coating over the substrate. The coating comprises the diamond nanoparticles and a metal formed by reduction of the metal ions in the deposition composition..
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Encoding and decoding architecture of checkerboard multiplexed image data

A device includes a coder or a codec configured for interleaved image data utilizing diamond shaped blocks for motion estimation and/or motion compensation and utilizing square or orthogonal transforms of residual data. In various embodiments, the decoder may be configured, among others, to perform de-blocking on edges of the diamond shaped blocks and/or data padding at boundaries of the image data..
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation


Sacrificial carrier dicing of semiconductor wafers

Mechanisms are provided for sacrificial carrier dicing of semiconductor wafers. A bottom layer of a semiconductor wafer is bonded to a top layer of a sacrificial carrier.
International Business Machines Corporation


Sacrificial carrier dicing of semiconductor wafers

Mechanisms are provided for sacrificial carrier dicing of semiconductor wafers. A bottom layer of a semiconductor wafer is bonded to a top layer of a sacrificial carrier.
International Business Machines Corporation


Glass substrate for information recording medium and manufacturing the same

The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a glass substrate for an information recording medium having a high level of cleanness and superior smoothness. The manufacturing method includes a step for washing a disk-shaped glass plate with an acid washing liquid, a step for removing at least part of a surface layer, which is formed on the surface of the glass plate, by performing grinding with diamond abrasion grains, and a step for washing the surface with a neutral or alkaline washing liquid..
Hoya Corporation


New single crystal diamond dosimeter and use thereof

The present invention relates to a new single crystal diamond dosimeter and use thereof.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


Integrated optical nanoscale probe

A diamond probe is suitable to be attached to an atomic force microscope and is created with a tip that incorporates a one or more nitrogen vacancy (nv) centers located near the end of the tip. The probe arm acts as an optical waveguide to propagate the emission from the nv center with high efficiency and a beveled end directs excitation light to the nv center and directs photoluminescence light emanating from the nv center into the probe arm.
Infinitum Solutions, Inc.


Conjugates of nano-diamond and magnetic or metallic particles

Techniques for imaging a characteristic of a sample with a plurality of conjugates of diamond-metallic nanoparticles having a nitrogen vacancy center. The plurality of conjugates can be exposed to a sample and the nitrogen vacancy centers can be optically pumped.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York


Apparatuses and methods for obtaining at-bit measurements for an earth-boring drilling tool

An earth-boring drilling tool comprises a cutting element. The cutting element comprises a substrate, a diamond table, and at least one sensing element formed from a doped diamond material disposed at least partially within the diamond table.
Element Six Limited


Thiolation modifying nanodiamonds

A thiolation method for modifying nanodiamonds includes steps as follows. A carboxylation step is provided, wherein the nanodiamonds are reacted with an oxidant for generating carboxyl groups on surfaces of the nanodiamonds so as to form carboxylated nanodiamonds.
National Tsing Hua University


Chemical mechanical planarization pad conditioner

A pad conditioner for a cmp polishing pad is disclosed that includes a substrate that has a matrixical arrangement of protrusions that have a layer of poly crystalline diamond on at least their top surfaces. The protrusions may have varying shapes and elevations and may comprise a first set of protrusions and a second set of protrusions, the first set of protrusions have a first average height and the second set of protrusions have a second average height, the first average height different from the second average height, a top of each protrusion in the first set of protrusions has a non-flat surface and a top of each protrusion in the second set of protrusions has a non-flat surface..
Entegris, Inc.


Diamond cutter push-up bar and accompanying workout methods

A diamond cutter push-up bar that provides a user with multiple methods for performing workout regimens. A push-up frame, elevated by a support structure, is formed from a first frame member, a second frame member, a third frame member, a fourth frame member, and a diagonal support member.


Dielectric wall accelerator utilizing diamond or diamond like carbon

Provided are a plurality of embodiments, including, but not limited to, a device for generating efficient low and high average power output gamma rays via relativistic particle bombardment of element targets using an efficient particle injector and accelerator at low and high average power levels suitable for element transmutation and power generation with an option for efficient remediation of radioisotope release into any environment. The devices utilize diamond or diamond-like carbon materials and active cooling for improved performance..


Method for producing a schottky diode on a diamond substrate

A method for producing a schottky diode, including the following steps: oxygenating the surface of a semiconductive layer of monocrystalline diamond, in such a way as to replace hydrogen surface terminations of the semiconductive layer with oxygen surface terminations; and forming, by physical vapour deposition, a first conductive layer of zirconium or indium-tin oxide on the surface of the semiconductive layer.. .
Institut Polytechnique De Grenoble


Written expert opinion of diamond and preparing the same

The invention includes: a barcode for reading a management number and measurement inspection company information of a polished mined diamond; a two-dimensional code for reading 4c information bound to the management number, the size information of the diamond, and optical virtual reflected images in the respective cases of the presence and absence of a color filter of the diamond created by cg software; and a field for outputting and displaying the 4c information output and displayed from the two-dimensional code and a size display field of the diamond, wherein the optical virtual reflected image in the absence of the color filter and the optical virtual reflected image in the presence of the color filter are output and displayed from the two-dimensional code and the computer database.. .
Central Gem Laboratory


A producing zeta negative nanodiamond dispersion and zeta negative nanodiamond dispersion

The present invention relates to a method for producing zeta negative single digit carboxylated nanodiamond dispersion. The method comprises adjusting ph of zeta negative carboxylated nanodiamond suspension to at least 7, and subjecting the ph adjusted suspension to beads milling.
Carbodeon Ltd Oy


Stator slot liners

A slot liner for a stator assembly in one embodiment includes a mesh structural member and a coating. The coating is disposed on at least one side of the mesh structural member, and includes a mixture of a filler and a polyimide resin.
General Electric Company


Rotor slot liners

A slot liner for a rotor assembly in one embodiment includes a metallic support member and a coating. The coating is disposed on at least one side of the metallic support member, and includes a mixture of a filler and a polyimide resin.
General Electric Company


Nanocrystaline diamond carbon film for 3d nand hardmask application

A nanocrystalline diamond layer for use in forming a semiconductor device and methods for using the same are disclosed herein. The device can include a substrate with a processing surface and a supporting surface, a device layer formed on the processing surface and a nanocrystalline diamond layer formed on the processing layer, the nanocrystalline diamond layer having an average grain size of between 2 nm and 5 nm.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Structured targets for x-ray generation

Disclosed are targets for generating x-rays using electron beams and their method of fabrication. They comprise a number of microstructures fabricated from an x-ray target material arranged in close thermal contact with a substrate such that the heat is more efficiently drawn out of the x-ray target material.
Sigray, Inc.


Method for the hyperpolarisation of nuclear spin in a diamond via a long-range interaction

The invention concerns a method for the hyperpolarisation of 13c nuclear spin in a diamond, comprising an optical pumping step, in which colour centre electron spins in the diamond are optically pumped. The method further comprises a transfer step in which the polarisation of a long-lived state of the colour centre electron spins is transferred to 13c nuclear spins in the diamond via a long-range interaction..
Universitaet Ulm


Engine oil additive composition comprising nanodiamond and preparing same

The present invention relates to an engine oil additive composition, whereby a hydrophobically surface-modified nanodiamond is capable of being stably dispersed in oil for a long time by being used together with a specific dispersant. According to the present invention, the nanodiamond is stably dispersed in the engine oil for a long time, thereby reducing friction and abrasion of the machine such as an engine and thus improving fuel efficiency..


Shear thickening formulation and composite material employing the same

A shear thickening formulation and composite material employing the same are provided. The shear thickening formulation includes inorganic particles and polyethylene glycol.
Industrial Technology Research Institute


Systems and/or methods for stock portfolio based competitive simulations

The exemplary embodiments described herein relate to systems and/or methods for competitive simulations and, more particularly, to systems and/or methods in which users build stock portfolios that compete against each other, with the performance of each user's stock portfolio being based on one or more stock market related metrics (e.g., price per share, market capitalization, volume of trade, etc.). A user's portfolio may be formed and/or reformed so as to comply with certain predefined criteria (e.g., company traded on a particular exchange, company belonging to a particular market sector, etc.).
Global Simulation Markets, Inc.


Nanodiamond particle complexes

The present invention provides various functionalized nanodiamond particles. In particular, the present invention provides soluble complexes of nanodiamond particles and therapeutic agents, for example insoluble therapeutics, anthracycline and/or tetracycline compounds, nucleic acids, proteins, etc.
Northwestern University


Method and system for diamond-based oxygen sensor

A diamond based oxygen sensor is able to function in harsh environment conditions. The oxygen sensor includes a gateless field effect transistor including a synthetic, quasi-intrinsic, hydrogen-passivated, monocrystalline diamond layer exhibiting a 2-dimension hole gas effect.
Honeywell International Inc.


Semiconductor devices having contact plugs overlapping associated bitline structures and contact holes and manufacturing the same

A semiconductor device can include a plurality of landing pads arranged according to a layout on a substrate, wherein a cross-sectional shape of each of the landing pads has a diamond shape so that opposing interior angles of the diamond shape are equal to one another and adjacent interior angles of the diamond shape are unequal to one another.. .


Mechanical seal arrangement having sliding surfaces of different hardness

The invention relates to a mechanical seal arrangement comprising: a rotating slide ring (2) having a first slide surface and a stationary slide ring (3) with a second slide surface which between them define a sealing gap 4, wherein the first and second slide surfaces have different hardnesses, wherein the harder slide surface has a diamond coating (20) and the softer slide surface is produced from carbon composite material, and wherein an average initial roughness ra1 (of the diamond coating 20) is less than an average initial roughness ra2 of the slide surface made from carbon composite material.. .
Eagleburgmann Germany Gmbh & Co. Kg


Methods of forming earth-boring tools

A method of forming a cutting element for an earth-boring tool. The method includes providing diamond particles on a supporting substrate, the volume of diamond particles comprising a plurality of diamond nanoparticles.
Element Six Limited


Decorative article having black hard coating film

Provided is a decorative article including a black hard coating film which is excellently inhibited from suffering a deterioration of appearance quality such as a scratch due to use thereof, and which has excellent decorativeness. The decorative article according to the present invention is a decorative article including: a base; and a black hard coating film which is formed on the base, and which includes diamond-like carbon, wherein the hydrogen content of a surface, reverse to a surface closer to the base, of the black hard coating film is more than the hydrogen content of the surface, closer to the base, of the black hard coating film; and the hydrogen content of the surface, reverse to the surface closer to the base, of the black hard coating film is 30.0 to 75.0 atm %..
Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd.


High power impulse magnetron sputtering process to achieve a high density high sp3 containing layer

Methods for depositing a nanocrystalline diamond layer are disclosed herein. The method can include delivering a sputter gas to a substrate positioned in a processing region of a first process chamber, the first process chamber having a carbon-containing sputter target, delivering an energy pulse to the sputter gas to create a sputtering plasma, the sputtering plasma having a sputtering duration, the energy pulse having an average power between 1 w/cm2 and 10 w/cm2 and a pulse width which is less than 100 μs and greater than 30 μs, the sputtering plasma being controlled by a magnetic field, the magnetic field being less than 300.
Applied Materials, Inc.

Diamond topics: Crystallin, Gallium Nitride, Boron Nitride, Refraction, Irradiation, Transverse, Touch Panel, Semiconductor Wafer, Electrical Signal, Diamond Like Carbon, Semiconductor, Surface Treatment, Carbon Atoms, Integrated Circuit, Transducer

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