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 3-dimensional coaching board patent thumbnail3-dimensional coaching board
The present concept is a coaching board in combination with an image displayed thereon. The combination includes a planar coaching board with at least one erasable writing surface and a 3-d image displayed on the erasable writing surface.
Fox 40 International Inc.

 Methods and  nanofabrication using a pliable membrane mask patent thumbnailMethods and nanofabrication using a pliable membrane mask
Apparatus for nanofabrication on an unconventional substrate including a patterned pliable membrane mechanically coupled to a membrane support structure, a substrate support structure to receive a substrate for processing, and an actuator to adjust the distance between the pliable membrane and the substrate. Nanofabrication on conventional and unconventional substrates can be achieved by transferring a pre-formed patterned pliable membrane onto the substrate using a transfer probe or non-stick sheet, followed by irradiating the substrate through the patterned pliable membrane so as to transfer the pattern on the pliable membrane into or out of the substrate.

 Method for using nanodiamonds to detect nearby magnetic nanoparticles patent thumbnailMethod for using nanodiamonds to detect nearby magnetic nanoparticles
An imaging agent for detecting analytes in an environment includes functionalized nanodiamonds and functionalized magnetic particles that can selectively interact with an analyte. Each functionalized nanodiamond contains at least one color center configured emit light in response to illumination.
Google Inc.

 Process pressure transmitter with seal having diamond like carbon coating patent thumbnailProcess pressure transmitter with seal having diamond like carbon coating
A process pressure transmitter system includes a process pressure transmitter housing, a process pressure sensor in the process pressure transmitter housing, a flange face in the process pressure transmitter housing and an isolation diaphragm on the flange face. A first capillary passageway carries a first fill fluid from the isolation diaphragm to the process pressure sensor.
Rosemount Inc.

 Process for producing moulded micrometirc, submicrometric or nanometric sized elements made of monocrystalline diamond or of diamond with a very low density of grain boundaries patent thumbnailProcess for producing moulded micrometirc, submicrometric or nanometric sized elements made of monocrystalline diamond or of diamond with a very low density of grain boundaries
A process for producing moulded elements made of diamond of nanometric, submicrometric or micrometric sizes, the process comprising the following steps: a) forming beads of nanometric, submicrometric or micrometric sizes, each bead comprising a diamond nanoparticle embedded in an embedding material, by contacting diamond particles of nanometric sizes with an embedding material; b) introducing a bead into cavities of a sacrificial mould, the cavities forming a replica of the elements to be produced; c) removing the embedding material; d) forming diamond elements in the cavities containing a nanoparticle, by growing diamond from nanoparticles; e) releasing the diamond elements, by partially or totally removing the sacrificial mould.. .
Commissariat à L'énergie Atomique Et Aux énergies Alternatives,

 Diamond coated electrodes for electrochemical processing and applications thereof patent thumbnailDiamond coated electrodes for electrochemical processing and applications thereof
An electrode for an ozone generator or chlorine generator includes an electrically conductive substrate, a doped-si layer disposed over the conductive substrate, and a boron-doped diamond (bdd) layer disposed over the doped-silicon layer. The doped-silicon layer defines a discrete architecture that maintains adhesion throughout a high temperature cvd boron-doped diamond process.
Vapor Technologies, Inc.

 Locking first metacarpal plate patent thumbnailLocking first metacarpal plate
A bone plate sized and shaped for fixation to a phalangeal bone includes a head extending from a first end to a second end and having first, second third and fourth fixation element holes extending therethrough and arranged in a diamond configuration on the head, an outer wall of the head having a diamond shape corresponding to the diamond configuration, a bone contacting surface of the head being contoured to conform to the anatomy of a dorsal surface of a first metacarpal, the contour being curved to be seated over a protuberance at a head of the first metacarpal and a shaft extending from the head, the shaft including an elongated fixation element hole elongated in a direction parallel to a longitudinal axis of the bone plate.. .
Depuy Synthes Products, Llc

 Magnetic measurement apparatus patent thumbnailMagnetic measurement apparatus
High-accuracy magnetic measurement is performed by efficiently using nitrogen-vacancy pairs in all orientations. A magnetic measurement apparatus includes a diamond crystal and an image sensor.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

 Apparatus and methods for high pressure leaching of polycrystalline diamond cutter elements patent thumbnailApparatus and methods for high pressure leaching of polycrystalline diamond cutter elements
A method for leaching a pcd table for a cutter element includes (a) positioning a pcd table within a leaching chamber. The method also includes (b) submerging the pcd table in an acid within the leaching chamber.
National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

 Combined field assisted sintering techniques and hthp sintering techniques for forming polycrystalline diamond compacts and earth-boring tools patent thumbnailCombined field assisted sintering techniques and hthp sintering techniques for forming polycrystalline diamond compacts and earth-boring tools
Methods of forming polycrystalline diamond compacts include employing field assisted sintering techniques with high temperature and high pressure sintering techniques. For example, a particle mixture that includes diamond particles may be sintered by subjecting the particle mixture to a high temperature and high pressure sintering cycle, and pulsing direct electrical current through the particle mixture during at least a portion of the high temperature and high pressure sintering cycle.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Methods for wet chemistry polishing for improved low viscosity printing in solar cell fabrication

A method of fabricating a solar cell is disclosed. The method includes forming a polished surface on a silicon substrate and forming a first flowable matrix in an interdigitated pattern on the polished surface, where the polished surface allows the first flowable matrix to form an interdigitated pattern comprising features of uniform thickness and width.

Method of measuring and monitoring conductivity in-situ in high temperature aqueous systems

Monitoring of conductivity within a steam generating system may proceed in real time and without interruption of the steam generating system by use of a boron doped diamond based electrochemical band sensor placed within the steam generating system. The boron doped diamond based electrochemical band sensor has a diamond body and a plurality of boron doped diamond band electrodes disposed within the diamond body.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Wear band for downhole tools

Herein disclosed is a downhole tool comprising a 360-degree wear band placed circumferentially around a portion of the largest outer diameter (od) of the tool. In some embodiments, the wear band comprises fiber, resin, and a hard mineral.
General Plastics & Composites, L.p.

Polycrystalline diamond compact, and related methods and applications

Embodiments of the invention relate to polycrystalline diamond compacts (“pdcs”) including a polycrystalline diamond (“pcd”) table in which cobalt is alloyed with phosphorous to improve the thermal stability of the pcd table. In an embodiment, a pdc includes a substrate and a pcd table including an upper surface spaced from an interfacial surface that is bonded to the substrate.
Us Synthetic Corporation

Method and grinding tool for highly accurate centre-less grinding of shaft parts with high surface quality

Disclosed is a grinding tool (1) for highly accurate centre-less grinding in continuous process for shaft-like workpieces (16), comprising at least one conical (3) and one cylindrical grinding region (4). With its first grinding cover (13), the conical grinding region (3) is primarily intended for grinding larger cutting volumes, whereas the cylindrical grinding region (4), with its second grinding cover (14) is primarily intended for achieving the highest surface quality, without, in the case of the latter, having to remove large cutting volumes.
Erwin Junker Grinding Technology A.s.

Surgical drill instrument with motor and locking mechanism to receive an attachment and a cutting burr

A surgical apparatus having a locking mechanism that receives a cutting burr and that may include a loading and running position. The locking mechanism may include a motor driven spindle that carries a locking pawl and a detent pawl that lock the cutting burr in place an prevent the cutting burr from inadvertently falling out of the surgical drill instrument when in its load position.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.

Cutter element for rock removal applications

A cutter element for rock removal comprises a free standing pcd body (801, 1801) comprising one or more physical volumes (1702, 1703), the pcd material being invariant in terms of the diamond and metal network compositional ratio and metal elemental composition such that each physical volume does not differ to any other physical volume with respect to diamond and metal network compositional ratio and metal elemental composition. The pcd body has a functional working volume (803) forming in use the region which comes into contact with the rock.
Element Six Abrasives S.a.

Pointed working ends on a bit

In one aspect of the present invention, a drill string has a drill bit with a body intermediate a shank and a working face. The working face has a plurality of blades converging at a center of the working surface and diverging towards a gauge of the working face.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Polycrystalline diamond cutting element and bit body assemblies

A tool including a body defining a pocket, a cutting element in the pocket, at least one projection between an outside surface of the cutting element and an inside surface of the pocket, and a braze material between the cutting element and the pocket fixing the cutting element to the pocket.. .
Smith International, Inc.

Water recovery system for use in confined spaces

A water recovery system can treat water in a confined space. The wastewater treatment system includes a cation-exchange device in which water to be treated, such as wastewater originating in a space station, water discharged by the human body, water produced by condensing water vapor contained in the air, is directly introduced to a cation-exchange resin and thereby treated by cation exchange; a diamond-electrode electrolysis device in which organic substances, urea, and other nitrogen compounds contained in water discharged from the cation-exchange device are decomposed; a catalytic decomposition device in which the residual organic component is brought into contact with a catalyst to be decomposed; an electrodialysis device in which water discharged from the catalytic decomposition device is treated by electrodialysis to produce desalted water as well as an acid and an alkali; and a mineral adding device in which a mineral is added to the desalted water..
Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

Method and system to produce large size diamonds

The invention provides methods and systems for producing large size diamonds. The methods include using carbon containing gases and supplementary gases to form reaction zones that are suitable for diamonds to grow; controlling the temperatures that are suitable for diamonds to grow; and keeping the small size seeds in motion in the reaction zones to form large size diamonds.

Delayed diffusion of novel species from the back side of carbide

A polycrystalline diamond compact (pdc) is fabricated using a process of delayed diffusion (i.e., post-sintering) of a diffusion species (i.e., a metalloid) introduced from the back side of a carbide further away from the diamond grit or from the flank side of the carbide, as opposed to the side of the carbide adjacent to the diamond grit. The process of fabricating the pdc includes depositing, in a metal container, a synthetic diamond grit, a carbide, and a diffusion species, then applying a high pressure and high temperature (hpht) to the contents of the metal container wherein (1) the carbide diffuses across the diamond grit, and (2) the diffusion species diffuses across the carbide followed by the diamond grit, thus providing a protective coating to the pdc..
Diamond Innovations, Inc.

Induction heating aided leaching of polycrystalline diamond compacts and a process thereof

A method of treating a polycrystalline diamond (pcd) compact including a substrate and a layer of diamond material mixture of diamond particles and binder-catalyst disposed on the substrate. A leaching agent is applied to at least the layer of diamond material of the pcd compact.
Diamond Innovations, Inc.

A support structure for a plurality of polycrystalline diamond material bodies during leaching

A support structure (40) for a pcd element comprises a support (42) into which a plurality of pcd elements are locatable, and a plurality of sealing elements (48) for location in the support structure. Each sealing element (48) is configured to protect a non-leached portion of an associated pcd element during a leaching process, said support being formed from or coated with a polyketone based plastics material.
Element Six Limited

A support structure for a body of polycrystalline diamond material during leaching

A support structure (40) for a pcd element (10) comprises a support (42) into which a pcd element (10) is locatable and a sealing element (48) for location in the support structure (40) and configured to protect a non-leached portion of a pcd element (10) during a leaching process. The support (42) is formed from or coated with a polyketone based plastics material..
Element Six Limited

Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device according to an embodiment includes: a first diamond semiconductor layer of a first conductivity type including a main surface having a first plane orientation; a trench structure formed in the first diamond semiconductor layer; a second diamond semiconductor layer formed on the first diamond semiconductor layer in the trench structure and having a lower dopant concentration than the first diamond semiconductor layer; a third diamond semiconductor layer of a second conductivity type formed on the second diamond semiconductor layer and having a higher dopant concentration than the second diamond semiconductor layer; a first electrode electrically connected to the first diamond semiconductor layer; and a second electrode electrically connected to the third diamond semiconductor layer.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Nanocrystalline diamond three-dimensional films in patterned semiconductor substrates

An array of through-silicon vias (tsvs) are formed in a silicone substrate. The vias can be tapered such that the diameter of the via at the surface of the substrate is larger than the diameter of the via at its bottom, with the diameter varying continuously along its depth.
The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Thin film coating on mechanical face seals

A seal is disclosed. The seal has a first surface and a second surface disposed in a plane generally parallel to the first surface.
Caterpillar Inc.

Bearing apparatuses including dual material bearing surfaces

Embodiments of the invention relate to bearing apparatuses in which one bearing surface of the bearing apparatus includes diamond, while another bearing surface includes a non-diamond superhard material (e.g., silicon carbide). For example, a bearing apparatus may include a bearing stator assembly and a bearing rotor assembly.
Us Synthetic Corporation

Methods of forming polycrystalline diamond and cutting elements and tools comprising polycrystalline diamond

A method of forming polycrystalline diamond includes encapsulating diamond particles, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide in a container. The encapsulated diamond particles, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide are subjected to a pressure of at least 4.5 gpa and a temperature of at least 1400° c.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Drill bit

A drill bit comprises at least one blade, comprising a plurality of cutting elements in the form of polycrystalline diamond cutters disposed on a leading edge of the blade, at least one diamond impregnated cutting region, disposed behind the leading edge of the blade, and wherein at least one of the cutters disposed on the leading, edge is an off-tip cutting element, arranged so that it does not engage with the formation during drilling until bit wear has taken place.. .
Nov Downhole Eurasia Limited

Diamond electrode and manufacturing the same

Disclosed are a method of manufacturing a diamond electrode by a chemical vapor deposition (cvd) process, and a diamond electrode manufactured by the method. The method of manufacturing the diamond electrode includes: introducing a carbon source gas to form niobium carbide (nbc) on a niobium substrate, immediately before depositing an electrically conductive diamond layer on the substrate by a hot-filament chemical vapor deposition (hfcvd) process; and depositing electrically conductive diamond layers on the substrate by two or more separate processes.
Avectech Co., Ltd.

Directional solidification of polycrystalline diamond compact (pdc) drill bits

A method of manufacturing a rotary drill bit includes forming a mold having an inner surface and an outer surface, locating a metal mandrel within the mold, packing the mold around at least part of the mandrel with particulate matrix-forming material and installing an insulating material around at least an upper portion of the outer surface. The material is infiltrated in a furnace with a molten binding alloy and the mold including the insulating material is removed from the furnace, directionally solidifying the material and binding alloy in portion of said bit, wherein said directional solidification proceeds from the lower portion of the outer surface in an upward and outward direction to form a solid infiltrated matrix bonded to the mandrel by cooling of the mold with the insulating material disposed around at least the upper portion of the outer surface of the mold..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Combinative diamond jewelry and making method thereof

The invention discloses a combinative diamond jewelry, which includes: a metal supporting base on an upper surface edge of which a plurality of metal claws, each metal claw having a carving formed on its top surface; and a plurality of small sized diamonds inlaid between the upper surface of the supporting base and metal claws. Also disclosed is a method for making the same.
Ktl Jewellery Trading Ltd.

Method for embedded diamond-shaped stress element

A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with an embedded layer, by anisotropically etching a substrate adjacent to an already formed gate structure. A dummy layer is deposited in the previously etched region, and a second spacer is formed next to the first spacer.
International Business Machines Corporation

Systems for acquiring and processing seismic data

Systems and methods may be provided for setting up a geophysical seismic information-gathering grid utilizing a source pattern including but not limited to a “slant” or “diamond” source as well as a receiver pattern using base patterns including but not limited to “i+h” or “h+i” and “box plus.” use of such base patterns may allow seismic data to be collected and processed using a reduced number of sources and receivers to provide a seismic imaging plot having increased and noticeably improved resolution than is presently available.. .
Safe Seismic, Llc

Method for producing a tribologically distressed laminate, a laminate and use of an organometallic compound for producing a functional layer of the laminate

A method for producing a laminate that has to undergo frictional loads, including a substrate and a functional layer formed from tungsten-containing, amorphous diamond-like carbon. To be able to produce such functional layers easily, they are applied by means of a tungsten-containing precursor and by using a pacvd process.
Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg.

Method for isolating diamondoids

Method for separating the diamondoids by liquid chromatography from a sample of iso-alkanes and cycloalkanes, or from a mixture of organic compounds, this method comprising introducing the sample into a column comprising a stationary phase comprising a material capable of forming inclusion complexes with the diamondoids, eluting with an eluent, and collecting the eluted fraction.. .
Total S.a.

Drop-in chlorinator for portable spas

An oxidizer generating apparatus comprising a cylindrical housing and an electrode assembly attached at one end of the housing comprising at least three vertically disposed electrodes, the electrodes being spaced apart so as to define a water flow path between them, the electrodes comprising titanium outer electrodes and at least one inner diamond electrode. .
Watkins Manufacturing Corporation

Methods of forming graphene-coated diamond particles and polycrystalline compacts

Coated diamond particles have solid diamond cores and at least one graphene layer. Methods of forming coated diamond particles include coating diamond particles with a charged species and coating the diamond particles with a graphene layer.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Brazing bond type diamond tool with excellent cuttability and manufacturing the same

The present disclosure provides a brazing bond type diamond tool having excellent cuttability. The diamond tool includes a shank having a body with a thickness of 2 mm or less and a tip portion formed along an edge of the body, the tip portion being thinner than the body; and a brazing bond layer formed on the tip portion of the shank to secure diamond particles having a particle size of 25 to 50 mesh with a brazing bond, wherein the brazing bond layer has a greater thickness than a difference between half the thickness of the shank body and half the thickness of the shank tip portion, such that some part of the shank body can penetrate into a surface of an object to be cut, and the tip portion of the shank has a curved surface at an end thereof..
Ehwa Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.

Fastener removal socket

A tool, such as, a socket, that is adapted to remove a stripped or otherwise difficult to remove fastener. The socket includes a body having first and second ends, a first axial bore in the first end adapted to receive the stripped or cylindrical fastener head, and one or more cutting channels in the body between the first and second ends forming internal cutting edges adapted to engage the stripped or cylindrical fastener head.
Snap-on Incorporated

Diamond tip cutting tool

A diamond tip cutting tool adapted to be positioned in a cutter includes a polycrystalline diamond (“pcd”) chip and a cartridge defining an opening. The opening is adapted to receive the pcd chip.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Lacrosse mesh

A lacrosse mesh is provided. In an embodiment, the lacrosse mesh includes a lacrosse mesh product and a polymer coating applied to the lacrosse mesh product comprising.

Organic electroluminescent device

In an organic electroluminescent device, deterioration of an organic material layer of an oled due to moisture and the like from a surrounding material is effectively prevented. An oled is provided with an organic material layer including a light emitting layer and is provided on a lower substrate.
Japan Display Inc.

Diamond-like carbon coatings for substrate carriers

A substrate carrier having a diamond-like carbon coating disposed thereon is provided. The diamond-like carbon coating may have the property of being substantially resistant to commonly used cleaning processes performed during the fabrication of photovoltaic cells, such as cleaning processes using an nf3 plasma.
Applied Materials, Inc.

High density finfet devices with unmerged fins

Embodiments of the present invention provide a finfet and method of fabrication to achieve advantages of both merged and unmerged fins. A first step of epitaxy is performed with either partial diamond or full diamond growth.
International Business Machines Corporation

Organic electroluminescent display device

An organic electroluminescent display device of the invention includes a substrate on which a plurality of pixels are disposed in a matrix, an under layer that includes an organic insulating film and lower electrodes, a pixel separation film that is provided on the under layer so as to project therefrom, and an organic layer that covers the top of the under layer and the top of the pixel separation film and includes at least a light-emitting layer. A first adhesive film formed of one or more kinds of substances selected from the group consisting of amorphous carbon, diamond-like carbon, silicon, gallium, germanium, graphite oxide, and silicon carbide is formed at least partially between the top of the under layer and the pixel separation film or between the pixel separation film and the organic layer..
Japan Display Inc.

Timepiece mechanism having a contact pair with no lubrication

A timepiece mechanism comprising including a pair of components with a first component including a material taken from a first group including solid monocrystalline, natural diamond, micro- or nano-crystalline cvd diamond, solid monocrystalline diamond, and amorphous carbon “dlc”, and having a first friction surface arranged to cooperate with a second friction surface included in a second opposing component and the second component includes, at least in its second friction surface, a material with a high concentration of boron, greater than 10 atomic percent, and, in a particular embodiment, this second opposing component includes at least one ceramic containing boron. Method for manufacturing such a mechanism.
Nivarox-far S.a.

Ozone water concentration measurement apparatus and ozone water concentration measurement method

An ozone water concentration measurement apparatus that is capable of measuring ozone concentrations with high accuracy and without using an electrolyte brings at least a counter electrode and a working electrode into contact with ozone water, which is a sample solution (s), applies voltage between the counter electrode and the working electrode, and measures the current value at that voltage, to thereby calculate the ozone concentration in the ozone water. In the ozone water concentration measurement apparatus, the working electrode is a conductive diamond electrode, and the surface area that contacts the ozone water of the working electrode is within the range of 628 to 392,500 μm2..
Nikka Micron Co., Ltd.

Multi-crystal diamond body

A synthetic diamond body and method of making the synthetic diamond body are provided. The synthetic diamond body having a low stress and free of cracks may comprise a first single crystal partial volume having the first crystallographic orientation and a one or more of other single crystal partial volumes, wherein the first partial volume occupies less than about 100% of the total volume of synthetic diamond wafer, and each other single crystal partial volume has its own crystallographic orientation; and each other single crystal partial volume comprises a plurality of single crystal volumes all having about the same crystallographic orientation, wherein the crystallographic orientation of each partial volume is fixed against the first crystallographic orientation by a geometrical operation..
Diamond Innovations, Inc.

Diamond wire saw preventing rotation of beads

A diamond wire saw preventing rotation of beads. A plurality of diamond beads are strung on a steel wire rope, the beads are combined with and fixed to the steel wire rope by injecting a rubber and plastic material, two sides of a substrate pipe of the diamond beads are pressed into a polygonal pipe mouth structure and the pipe mouth is wrapped by the rubber and plastic material, so that the diamond beads cannot rotate easily.

Transcatheter valve with paravalvular leak sealing ring

A prosthetic heart valve includes a collapsible and expandable stent extending from an inflow end to an outflow end and a plurality of prosthetic valve leaflets coupled to the stent. The prosthetic heart valve may also include a sealing ring coupled to the inflow end of the stent, the sealing ring comprising a tube extending circumferentially around the inflow end of the stent.
St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

Coating on pdc/tsp cutter for accelerated leaching

A cutting element includes a polycrystalline diamond layer having a cutting face and a diamond layer side surface, a substrate attached to the polycrystalline diamond layer, the substrate having a bottom surface and a substrate side surface, an interface between the diamond layer and the substrate, and a mask covering at least the bottom surface and the substrate side surface of the cutting element.. .
Smith International, Inc.

Wheel rim design

A wheel design which includes: a rectangular display positioned at the center of the wheel; a diamond display centered within the rectangular display; crossbars including a horizontal mounting bar and a vertical mounting bar, where the crossbars support the rectangular display and cross at the center of the wheel, wherein the crossbars extend beyond the rectangular display; a first rectangular display at a top end of the vertical mounting bar; a second rectangular display at a bottom end of the vertical mounting bar; a third rectangular display at a left end of the horizontal mounting bar; and a fourth rectangular display at a right end of the horizontal mounting bar. Each respective rectangular display includes a diamond display centered therein..

Polycrystalline diamond compact with a modified substrate

A superabrasive compact and a method of making the superabrasive compact are disclosed. A method of making a superabrasive compact may comprise steps of treating a substrate to remove a first binder material from a portion of the substrate; introducing a first material into the portion of the substrate, forming a first modified substrate; and treating the porting of modified substrate to remove at least a part of the first material to form a second modified substrate..
Diamond Innovations, Inc.

Polycrystalline diamond body, cutting tool, wear-resistant tool, grinding tool, and producing polycrystalline diamond body

A polycrystalline diamond body contains diamond particles. The diamond particles have a mean particle size of 50 nm or less.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Apparatus including a cylindrical body and a nub

An apparatus may include a plunger and a substantially cylindrical body. The substantially cylindrical body may include an end portion having rounded edges and may define a cavity sized to receive the plunger.

Circular cut diamond

A circular cut diamond (10) comprising a girdle (20), a crown (30), and a pavilion (40). The crown (30) comprises a circumferential succession of eight main crown facets which extend upward from an upper edge (23) of the girdle at a crown angle which is greater than 19° and less than 25°.

Multiple epitaxial head raised semiconductor structure and making same

A non-planar semiconductor structure includes raised semiconductor structures, e.g., fins, having epitaxial structures grown on top surfaces thereof, for example, epitaxial silicon naturally growing into a diamond shape. The surface area of the epitaxial structure may be increased by removing portion(s) thereof.
Globalfoundries Inc.

Wide-bottom contact for non-planar semiconductor structure and making same

A wide-bottom contact to epitaxial structures in a non-planar semiconductor structure is provided. A starting structure includes a non-planar semiconductor structure, the structure including a semiconductor substrate, fins coupled to the substrate, and epitaxial structures (e.g., diamond-shaped silicon epitaxy) on the fins.
Globalfoundries Inc.

Mixed n/p type non-planar semiconductor structure with multiple epitaxial heads and making same

A non-planar semiconductor structure includes mixed n-and-p type raised semiconductor structures, e.g., fins, having epitaxial structures grown on top surfaces thereof, for example, epitaxial silicon and silicon germanium, naturally growing into a diamond shape. The surface area of the epitaxial structures is increased by removing portion(s) thereof, masking each type as the other type is grown and then subsequently modified by the removal.
Globalfoundries Inc.

Diamond-based supercontinuum generation system

A supercontinuum source using diamond as the supercontinuum material is disclosed that works at higher average powers than previous sources. The thermal properties of diamond allow continuum to be generated directly from an oscillator at high repetition rates.
Newport Corporation

Combination polycrystalline diamond bit and bit holder

A quick change type bit/bit holder includes several different structures for holding the item in a bit block without the necessity of a fastener. The bit portion of the bit/bit holder combination includes a ductile steel insert with a polycrystalline diamond coated tungsten carbide bit positioned therein.

Diamond grains, making same and mixture comprising same

A method of providing well-shaped diamond grains of at most about 100 microns in size. The method includes providing a synthesis assembly comprising a source of carbon material, a plurality of seed grains on which diamond material can crystallise, and solvent-catalyst material for promoting the crystallisation of the diamond grains, and subjecting the synthesis assembly to a condition for growing the diamond grains.
Element Six Limited

Remote plasma source based cyclic cvd process for nanocrystalline diamond deposition

Methods for making a nanocrystalline diamond layer are disclosed herein. A method of forming a layer can include activating a deposition gas comprising an alkane and a hydrogen containing gas at a first pressure, delivering the activated deposition gas to the substrate at a second pressure which is less than the first pressure, forming a nanocrystalline diamond layer, treating the layer with an activated hydrogen containing gas to remove one or more polymers from the surface and repeating the cycle to achieve a desired thickness..
Applied Materials, Inc.

Method for making diamond layers by cvd

A method of coating a non-refractory and/or non-planar substrate (8) with synthetic diamond material using a microwave plasma chemical vapour deposition (cvd) synthesis technique, the method comprising: forming a composite substrate assembly (1) comprising: a support substrate (2) comprising an upper surface; one or more electrically conductive refractory guards (6) disposed over the upper surface of the support substrate and extending to a height hg above the upper surface of the support substrate; and one or more non-refractory and/or non-planar substrates disposed over the upper surface of the support substrate and extending to a height hs above the upper surface of the support substrate, wherein the height hs is less than the height hg, wherein a difference in height hg−hs lies in a range 0.2 mm to 10 mm; placing the composite substrate assembly within a plasma chamber of a microwave plasma cvd reactor; feeding process gases into the plasma chamber including a carbon containing gas and a hydrogen containing gas; feeding microwaves in the plasma chamber to form a microwave plasma at a location over the composite substrate assembly; and growing synthetic diamond material on the one or more non-refractory and/or non-planar substrates.. .
Element Six Technologies Limited

Aqueous cutting fluid composition

A water-based cutting fluid that comprises water and a water-soluble polyalkylene glycol (pag) having cloud point from 30° c. To 80° c.
Dow Global Technologies Llc

Diamond polycrystalline body and manufacturing the same, and tool

Provided are a diamond polycrystalline body having a longer life than conventional diamond polycrystalline bodies when it is slid, a method for manufacturing the same, and a tool. In a diamond polycrystalline body, at least one element whose sulfide or chloride has a melting point of less than or equal to 1000° c.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Diamond material

The present disclosure relates to a method of making fancy orange synthetic cvd diamond material. Among other things, the method may involve (i) providing a single crystal diamond material that has been grown by cvd and has a [ns0] concentration less than 5 ppm; (ii) irradiating the provided cvd diamond material so as to introduce isolated vacancies v into at least part of the provided cvd diamond material such that the total concentration of isolated vacancies [vt] in the irradiated diamond material is at least the greater of (a) 0.5 ppm and (b) 50% higher than the [ns0] concentration in ppm in the provided diamond material; and (iii) annealing the irradiated diamond material to forming vacancy chains from at least some of the introduced isolated vacancies..
Element Six Technologies Limited

Diamond topics:
  • Crystallin
  • Gallium Nitride
  • Boron Nitride
  • Refraction
  • Irradiation
  • Transverse
  • Touch Panel
  • Semiconductor Wafer
  • Electrical Signal
  • Diamond Like Carbon
  • Semiconductor
  • Surface Treatment
  • Carbon Atoms
  • Integrated Circuit
  • Transducer

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