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Systems and methods for modeling execution behavior

Flowchart compiler for a compound complex instruction set computer (ccisc) processor architecture

Method and system of using standardized structural components

Date/App# patent app List of recent Diagram-related patents
 Sql visualizer patent thumbnailSql visualizer
A sql visualizer including means for transforming a textual sql statement into a graphical diagram which represents the textual sql statement.. .
 Systems and methods for modeling execution behavior patent thumbnailSystems and methods for modeling execution behavior
A mechanism in a block diagram environment allows the modeling of an execution behavior of a block in a block diagram, where a user selects the execution behavior from a plurality of functions related to the block diagram and where the execution behavior of the block is performed when at least one model variable associated with the block satisfies a user-specified condition is disclosed. States and other internal data in the designated block are initialized upon the satisfaction of the user-specified condition.
 Flowchart compiler for a compound complex instruction set computer (ccisc) processor architecture patent thumbnailFlowchart compiler for a compound complex instruction set computer (ccisc) processor architecture
Systems and methods herein provide for a compiler to create executable programs for a compound instruction based processor directly from flowcharts. In one embodiment, a system receives one or more flowchart diagram files that represent a computer program for a compound cisc (ccisc) processor.
 Method and system of using standardized structural components patent thumbnailMethod and system of using standardized structural components
A method and system disclosed herein provides generating an architectural diagram describing an architectural layout of a building, wherein one or more walls of the building are designated as standardized structural walls, automatically positioning each of the standardized structural walls to a geometric grid, and mapping (or “placing”), using a computer, one or more of a plurality of standardized structural components, including standardized panels, standardized columns, and standardized trusses to coordinates of the geometric grid.. .
 Method for defining a fall back route for a mobile machine, method of fall back, by a mobile machine, for such a route, associated modules and computer programmes patent thumbnailMethod for defining a fall back route for a mobile machine, method of fall back, by a mobile machine, for such a route, associated modules and computer programmes
A method for defining a fall back route comprising of way points, for a mobile machine, in a 3d zone (znd) of displacement having convex zones (zni, i=1 to 7) each describing a polygon in any plane perpendicular to a z axis over a considered region (hj, j=1 to 6) of a z axis, according to which: set of beacons points (pbk, k=1 to 7) is defined, such that the edges of the voronoi diagram associated with the said set of beacon points separate therebetween the polygons described by the convex zones in a plane perpendicular to the z axis over the said region.. .
 Sketch recognition system patent thumbnailSketch recognition system
Handwriting interpretation tools, such as optical character recognition (ocr), have improved over the years such that ocr is a common tool in business for interpreting typed text and sometimes handwritten text. Ocr does not apply well to non-text-only diagrams, such as chemical structure diagrams.
 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program patent thumbnailInformation processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
An information processing apparatus includes a grouping unit that detects a part of an object from contents and performs grouping of each object, a correlation degree calculating unit that calculates a correlation degree between the objects of which the grouping is performed by the grouping unit, and a display control unit that controls a display of a diagram of a correlation between the objects indicating the correlation between the objects, based on the correlation degree between the objects which is calculated by the correlation degree calculating unit.. .
 Information sharing patent thumbnailInformation sharing
Systems and methods for the sharing of information between organizations are disclosed. Policies that govern the permissions for the sharing of information are represented as boolean functions such as binary decision diagrams..
 Laminated glass intermediate film and laminated glass patent thumbnailLaminated glass intermediate film and laminated glass
The present invention provides an intermediate film for laminated glass which can improve sound insulation. The intermediate film has a layered structure including at least two layers, comprising: a first layer containing a polyvinyl acetal resin and a plasticizer; and a second layer positioned on a first surface of the first layer.
 Image processing software development method, image processing software development device, and image processing software development program patent thumbnailImage processing software development method, image processing software development device, and image processing software development program
The present invention includes four types of component diagrams, namely, an input/output data memory management component diagram, an input data value setup component diagram, a library execution component diagram, and an output data value acquisition component diagram, with respect to image processing library functions for a programming language and to an input/output data structure for the image processing library functions. The present invention also includes upper-level component diagrams, which are prepared by connecting the four types of component diagrams as lower-level component diagrams in the order of use, writes an algorithm by combining the lower- and upper-level component diagrams, and executes the written algorithm.
Method for monitoring and controlling field devices, control device, program elements and machine-readable medium
A method to control and manage field devices, a control device, a program element and a machine-readable medium are proposed. The method includes a first step of importing field device data comprising several subgroups of field device data.
Projector and image display apparatus
A projector (1) which projects a guide image (pg). A first region above the center of the guide image (pg) shows a perspective view (d) representing the projector (1) and a supporting device (2) supporting the projector (1).
Stereoscopic imaging device
In the stereoscopic imaging device including a single imaging optical system, lens information (focal length, f-stop range) is acquired (step s18), and a parallax priority program diagram (f-stop is fixed) which uses a lens f-stop and a focal length within a range capable of obtaining a minimum parallax amount or more is set (step s20). In a first mode, exposure conditions including the f-stop capable of carrying out the stereoscopic imaging with a parallax amount equal to more than the minimum parallax amount is calculated using the set parallax priority program diagram to set exposure during main imaging (steps s26 and s28).
Apparatus, method, and system for card game with diagrammatic solutions for play outcomes
The present invention is directed to an apparatus, method, and system for playing a sports card game that features graphical, diagrammatic solutions for play outcomes. The preferred embodiment is directed to a representation of an american football game and consists of a deck of cards, half of which are offense cards, and half of which are defense cards.
Rule based syntax software test case generator
A system and computer implemented method includes receiving an input file containing a mark-up language based description of a syntax diagram having multiple elements and variations for multiple elements describing a set of test case queries, checking and validating the syntax diagram via a parser running on a processor, and generating and storing, on a computer readable medium, the set of test case queries by calculating permutations of the elements in the syntax diagram.. .
Migration between model elements of different types in a modeling environment
Migration between model elements of different model element types in a model provided within a modeling environment is described herein. A model element of a first model element type is identified to be migrated to a model element of a second model element type.
Method of decomposable checking approach for mask alignment in multiple patterning
The present disclosure provides one embodiment of an integrated circuit (ic) design method. The method includes receiving an ic design layout having a first plurality of features defined in a first layer and a second plurality of features defined in a second layer; converting the ic design layout to a topological diagram having nodes, chains and arrows; and identifying alignment conflict based on the topological diagram using rules associated with loop and path count..
System and method to extend the capabilities of a web browser of a web application issue root cause determination techniques
Disclosed is a system and method for extending the web application root cause determination functionality to a web browser. In one aspect, the present invention plots the network topology diagram for the web application by executing network trace commands.
Method for performing data shaping, and associated memory device and controller thereof
A method for performing data shaping is applied to a controller of a flash memory, where the flash memory includes a plurality of blocks. The method includes: performing a program optimization operation according to original data and a plurality of shaping codes, in order to generate trace back information corresponding to a trellis diagram and utilize the trace back information as side information; and dynamically selecting at least one shaping code from the shaping codes according to the side information to perform data shaping on the original data..
Method for detecting defect of display panel and related detecting device
The present invention provides a method for detecting a defect of a display panel and related defect detecting device. The method includes: utilizing lights having different colors to illuminate the display panel; obtaining a plurality of corresponding grey-scale diagrams when the lights illuminate the display panel; and determining whether the display panel has a defect.
Controller for light-emitting devices
The present invention relates to a controller (30) for controlling the light- output of two light-emitting devices (10, 20). The two light-emitting devices are adapted to provide a mccandless effect on an illuminated object (40).
Locked element for use in a graphical modeling environment
In a graphical modeling environment, a method of providing varying levels of protection relating to functionalities associated with at least some elements of a block diagram model, the method including: receiving a selection of one of the elements; receiving an indication of a desired authorization required to use at least one function of the selected element; implementing the indicated authorization for the use of the at least one function; and preventing, without obtaining of the authorization, an attempted use of the at least one function.. .
Freehand system and method for creating, editing, and manipulating block diagrams
A method of integrating freehand user input into a block diagram environment is disclosed. The freehand user input is a user's approximation of a diagram component or feature of a component which is received by the block diagram environment and compared to multiple patterns stored in a storage location.
Graphical user interface for configuring contact center routing strategies
A system and method for composing a routing strategy for a contact center via a graphical user interface. The graphical user interface provides a plurality of selectable blocks and a workspace for assembling selected ones of the plurality of blocks.
Computing device and method of checking wiring diagrams of pcb
In a method for checking a wiring diagram in a printed circuit board (pcb) design, a pair of differential signal lines in a pcb file is located according to a designation of a user. Components connected by the differential signal lines and vias which the differential signal lines pass through are obtained from the pcb file.
Method and apparatus for decomposing i/o tasks in a raid system
A data access request to a file system is decomposed into a plurality of lower-level i/o tasks. A logical combination of physical storage components is represented as a hierarchical set of objects.
Control method of an in-house device using a control kit and control method for a water purifier using a control kit
There is provided a control method of an in-house device using a control kit having a communications unit communicating with the in-house device and an interface unit, including: the control kit receiving state information including product information regarding the in-house device from the in-house device; the control kit displaying the received state information through the interface unit; the control kit receiving information regarding alteration in the state information regarding the in-house device through the interface unit; and the control kit transmitting the received information regarding the alteration in the state information to the in-house device, wherein the product information regarding the in-house device includes one or more of a product identification number, a product name, a production configuration block diagram, and a product operation setting value of the in-house device.. .
Electronic-movement analysis tool for motor control rehabilitation and method of using the same
The present invention relates to a low cost motion capture system for clinical utilizations, such as for upper-extremity (ue) motor control rehabilitation. As contemplated herein, the present invention records range of motion data and graphs rotation, flexion, and abduction motions of a targeted joint in real time.
Method of forming a layout including cells having different threshold voltages, a system of implementing and a layout formed
A method including developing a circuit schematic diagram, the circuit schematic diagram including a plurality of cells. The method further includes generating cell placement rules for the plurality of cells based on the circuit schematic diagram and developing a circuit layout diagram for the plurality of cells based on the cell placement rules.
Graphical display of actions for handling medical items
In a system, a computer readable recording medium and a method, user input can be received in response to prompts on a display, wherein the user input may identify a processable medical item (e.g., a medical sample or medical product) and can select each of a plurality of discrete actions for handling the medical item. The actions can have an at least implied order to be performed.
Reduction of fouling in high pressure reactors
The application of equations of state to experimental and literature data permits the formation of a model and phase diagram(s) that show under what conditions polyethylene is likely to precipitate out of a high pressure solution of polyethylene in supercritical ethylene. This then permits a better definition to run a high pressure reactor to reduce the likelihood of phase separation, loss of cooling and potentially decomposition of the reactor contents..
Computing device and method for checking wiring diagrams of pcb
In a method for checking wiring diagrams, one element is selected from a first printed circuit board (pcb) file. An element corresponding to the selected element in a second pcb file is searched according to information of the selected element, then the information is recorded into a different element list of the first pcb file, when the second pcb file does not have a corresponding element.
Method for demodulating the ht-sig field used in wlan standard
A method for demodulating a signal modulated with a first phase modulation technique with a demodulator adapted to demodulate signals modulated with a second phase modulation technique, the first phase modulation technique being based on a first phase constellation diagram and the second phase modulation technique being based on a second phase constellation diagram, the second phase constellation diagram being obtained by rotating the first phase constellation diagram by an angle being a non-nul integer multiple of 90 degrees, the method comprising: a) rotating the signal modulated with the first phase modulation technique by said angle; and b) demodulating the rotated signal with the demodulator. The method enables to use former optimized demodulator..
Extracting and inferring map metadata from architectural diagrams
Systems, apparatus and methods for converting an architectural diagram to structural elements (e.g., such as walls, hallways and open areas) for forming assistance data are presented. An architectural diagram may contain too many layers to manually review each layer.
Methods and systems for bulk dispersion monitoring
A method and system for measuring chromatic dispersion, experienced by ask/psk modulated optical signals, are provided. Dispersion measurement is enabled either by encoding an additional overhead at lower baud rate or by monitoring signal sop or rf spectrum of signal sop.
Network system and routing method
The routing method includes: receiving identification information of nodes to construct a network topology diagram and receiving support rates of connection ports through a controller; monitoring data rates of the connection ports through the controller; receiving a route planning request through the controller; separately calculating costs of links according to the data rates of the connection ports and the support rates of the connection ports after receiving the route planning request through the controller; searching a plurality of candidate paths between a source-destination pair according to the route planning request and the network topology diagram through the controller; summing the costs of links passed by each candidate path to acquire a sum of link-cost of each candidate path through the controller; and, selecting one of the candidate paths with the smallest sum of link-cost as a packet transmitting path between the source-destination pair through the controller.. .
Network system and load balancing method
The load balancing method includes: receiving identify information of the nodes to construct a network topology diagram and receiving support rates of connection ports through a controller; monitoring average data rates of the connection ports through the controller; when the average data rate of one of the connection ports is in excess of a congestion criteria, searching a packet flow with the highest data rate among packet flows passing through the connection port of which the average data rate is in excess of the congestion criteria through the controller; and performing a shortest path first algorithm according to the packet flow with the highest data rate and the network topology diagram, wherein the computed connection ports do not include the connection port of which the average data rate is in excess of the congestion criteria; and a new transmitting path is acquired.. .
Indicating hierarchy diversion in a class diagram
Indicating hierarchy diversion in a class diagram. A class inheritance structure for at least one parent class contained in computer program code can be identified to determine a class hierarchy corresponding to the parent class.
Indicating hierarchy diversion in a class diagram
Indicating hierarchy diversion in a class diagram. A class inheritance structure for at least one parent class contained in computer program code can be identified to determine a class hierarchy corresponding to the parent class.
Remote monitoring systems and related methods and recording mediums using the same
Remote monitoring systems for remotely monitoring execution status of a plc (programmable logic controller) program of a machine include a storage module, a parameter retrieval module and a monitoring module. The storage module stores ladder diagram information corresponding to a plc source program, wherein the ladder diagram information includes plc signal address relation information, a plurality of logic switches and a responsive collect command of each logic switch of a ladder diagram.
Object recognition device
A learning unit 4 generates a function table indicating the relationship between the class number and position information of an object and the probability of appearance of the object for each small area image pattern of a code book, calculates a sharing matrix indicating the commonality of a feature amount between the classes, makes a tree diagram in which the classes with a similar feature amount are clustered, and calculates the weight of each node in the tree diagram for each small area image pattern. The recognition processing unit 7 compares image data captured by a camera 2 with the code book, selects the closest small area image pattern among a plurality of small area image patterns, extracts the class related to the node with the smallest weight among the nodes with a weight equal to or greater than a threshold value for the selected small area image pattern, and votes the position information of the small area image pattern for the class, thereby recognizing the object..
Apparatus and method of generating multi-level test case from unified modeling language sequence diagram based on multiple condition control flow graph
Disclosed herein are an apparatus and a method for generating a multi-level test case for testing software from a unified modeling language (uml) sequence diagram (sd) based on a multiple condition control flow graph (mccfg). The apparatus includes: a uml sd metamodel storing unit storing a uml sd metamodel defined for a model to be converted therein; an mccfg metamodel storing unit storing an mccfg metamodel; a model converting unit model-converting the uml sd from which the test case is to be generated according to the uml sd metamodel and the mccfg metamodel to generate the mccfg; and a coverage criteria unit converting the mccfg into a tree structure and then converting the tree structure into test cases according to a selection command..
Method of indicating the presence of gas hydrate and shallow gas in deepwater environment
A method for indicating the presence of free gas charged sands, and/or hydrates over free gas, and/or hydrates not over free gas, the method using well log data and a rock physics model. Velocity and density of background clays and sands are extracted from the well log data.
Configuration and monitoring via design diagram representation
A design diagram representation for an industrial operator interface that combines configuration and presentation aspects is provided. The design diagram representation illustrates state transitions, interlocks, and/or permissives for an industrial process or device as a dataflow diagram, a state diagram, or other such diagrams, and renders live state information for the process or device as numeric indicators, string indicators, color-animated state icons, and the like.
3d model shape analysis method based on perception information
A method for analyzing a shape of a 3d model based on perceptive information comprises: decomposing the shape of the 3d model to generate decomposition results; and extracting a skeleton from the decomposition results. This invention can be applied to shape decomposition of objects having different shapes.
Computing device and method for viewing relevant circuits of signal on circuit design diagram
In a method for viewing relevant circuits of a signal on a circuit design diagram of a printed circuit board (pcb), a circuit design diagram and a circuit testing program of the pcb are read from a storage system. A state of each signal of the pcb on the circuit design diagram is determined.
Topographical display generator for ad hoc network
The present invention comprises a computer apparatus for displaying the topology of a timely organized ad hoc network, the apparatus including a processor, a memory, a computer-readable medium, an input device coupled to the processor, a radio frequency transceiver coupled to the processor; a communications interface coupled to the memory, a display coupled to the processor, and software copied from the computer-readable medium into the memory by the processor that, when executed, causes the processor to obtain a diagram of the network location from the input device or computer readable medium, obtain the identities of the devices comprising the network from the input device or computer readable medium, determine the communication links between the network devices, and graphically represent on the display the devices and the connection links on the diagram.. .
Method for determining a maximum available constant current of a battery
A method for determining a maximum constant current of a battery available over a prediction period is described. The method comprises determining a battery state and determining the solution to a differential equation which describes the temporal development of the battery state over the course of the prediction period with the aid of an equivalent circuit diagram model.
Inorganic-compound particles and process for producing same
A method of producing inorganic compound particles is provided. It includes a step of impregnating a melt liquid of second raw particles into first raw particles by heating a raw material including them at a temperature, which equals to or higher than an eutectic temperature between a region-ii (solid-liquid phase range) and a region-i (solid phase range) in a phase diagram and lower than the melting temperature of the inorganic compound.
Inferring diagram structure through implicit shape relationships
Information in a diagram is logically structured using lists, containers, and callouts without requiring the diagram author to explicitly define a structure or map any diagram contents to a structure. Logical relationships are inferred based on actions associated with shapes, groupings, and attributes of shapes/groupings taken by the author.
System and method of generating verification code
The present disclosure provides techniques for generating an authentication code. These techniques may modularize processing diagram, noise element and words content as several modules.
Method and system to automatically generate use case sequence diagrams and class diagrams
A system and computer-executed method automatically generate a sequence diagram from class-responsibility-collaborator (crc) information. The crc information identifies objects, responsibility information for each object, and collaborator information for each object, and the crc information corresponds with each activity in an activity diagram.
Systems and methods for mining temporal requirements from block diagram models of control systems
Systems and methods for mining a temporal requirement from a block diagram model of a closed loop control system are disclosed. One embodiment of a method includes simulating the closed loop control system of a vehicle to obtain simulation traces and determining a candidate requirement by instantiating a template requirement with values of the simulation traces to locate parameter values that suggest that the template requirement is fulfilled.
System and method for urodynamic evaluation
A system for urodynamic-evaluation is described. The system has a first reading device configured for gathering selection parameters of a patient, exam parameters, control parameters, and clinical parameters.
Learning model for competency based performance
A system and method, a machine, and an article of manufacture of an occupational performance system and method for achieving occupational performance of competency based education and work force standards. The occupational performance system and method for achieving occupational performance includes: first, setting competency based goals with a goal setting diagram, to sequentially browse goal element lists, to sequentially select goal elements, to set competency based goals; second, recording in a performance record the competency based goals, goal status updates, progress notes, assessments, and artifacts in the performance record; and third, interacting in a community of practice including community members engaging in community activities, and sharing the performance record, and performing storage, retrieval, and operation of various combinations of occupational performance data fields selected from the competency based goals, performance record, and community of practice to improve occupational performance of the community of practice within the occupational performance system..
Medical image display method using virtual patient model and apparatus thereof
Disclosed herein are a method and apparatus for displaying medical images using a virtual patient model. The apparatus includes a processor, the processor includes an image acquisition unit, a captured body part determination unit, a determination unit, and a display (control) unit.

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