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Device Control patents

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Light emitting device power supply circuit, light emitting device control circuit and identifiable light emitting device…

Reliability in semiconductor device control

Date/App# patent app List of recent Device Control-related patents
 Electric device and electric device control method patent thumbnailnew patent Electric device and electric device control method
An electric device includes operation unit, working unit, and a number-of-times detecting unit that counts the number of times of instructions being against energy savings. In addition, the device includes time measuring unit that measures time from when the number-of-times detecting unit starts the counting, and a controller that generates a signal to induce a modification of a first energy-saving pattern.
 Reliability in semiconductor device control patent thumbnailnew patent Reliability in semiconductor device control
A gate control device for a semiconductor device includes at least one power supply module, at least one optical communication interface for receiving optical signals from two valve control units and converting them to electric signals for supply to a corresponding power supply module, where in normal operations mode one valve control unit is an active valve control unit and the other is a standby valve control unit, where the optical signal of an active unit energizes the gate control device and provides semiconductor device controlling data, a semiconductor device control module and a reliability control module that performs selection of active valve control unit.. .
 Light emitting device power supply circuit, light emitting device control circuit and identifiable light emitting device circuit therefor and identification method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Light emitting device power supply circuit, light emitting device control circuit and identifiable light emitting device circuit therefor and identification method thereof
The present invention discloses a light emitting device power supply circuit, a light emitting device control circuit and an identifiable light emitting device circuit therefor, and an identification method thereof. The light emitting device control circuit includes an operation signal generation circuit and an identification circuit.
 Control device and control method of electric booster patent thumbnailnew patent Control device and control method of electric booster
A control device and a control method of an electric booster include an assist function by an electrical actuator. An input piston of the electric booster moves along an axial direction within the booster piston in response to an operation of a brake pedal.
 Virtualized device control in computer systems patent thumbnailVirtualized device control in computer systems
Virtual device control in a computer system is described. Examples include: obtaining a device configuration policy from firmware in the computer system, the device configuration policy defining global access permissions to at least one embedded device in the computer system applied at boot time.
 System and method for implementing a command center in an electronic network patent thumbnailSystem and method for implementing a command center in an electronic network
A method for managing an electronic network includes a main device that utilizes a command center for performing device management procedures on behalf of auxiliary devices in the electronic network. The auxiliary devices each include a command module that bi-directionally communicates with the command center to receive device control information during the device management procedures..
 Mobile phone to appliance communication via audio sampling patent thumbnailMobile phone to appliance communication via audio sampling
The present subject matter relates to systems and methodologies for communicating between an appliance and a mobile device using audio signaling. An appliance is provided with an audio generating device controlled by a processor to cause the audio device to produce encoded sounds.
 Hybrid construction machine patent thumbnailHybrid construction machine
A control device of the hybrid construction machine executes control selected from: hydraulic/electric complex swing control for driving the swing structure by total torque of the electric motor and the hydraulic motor when a swing operating lever device is operated; and hydraulic solo swing control for driving the swing structure by the torque of the hydraulic motor alone when the swing operating lever device is operated. The control device controls drive torque or driving force of each of the electric motor, the hydraulic motor and a second hydraulic actuator so that the relationship between the position or the speed of the second hydraulic actuator and the swing angle or the swing speed of the swing structure in the combined operation when the swing operating lever device and a second operating lever device are operated at the same time during the hydraulic/electric complex swing control is substantially identical with the relationship in the combined operation during the hydraulic solo swing control..
 Mobile device and method for displaying information patent thumbnailMobile device and method for displaying information
A mobile device control method for displaying information on a touch screen of a mobile device is provided. The method includes determining a type of a cover for the mobile device, the cover having a screen projection portion, detecting a gesture or a trigger, and displaying a screen corresponding to a current state of the mobile device on the touch screen depending on the type of the cover, in response to the detection of the gesture or the trigger..
 Circuit control device patent thumbnailCircuit control device
A circuit control device controlling a switching circuit which has a semiconductor switching element, having a main controller, a drive signal output portion and an obtaining portion. The main controller outputs a drive control signal.
Electric system stabilizing system for aircraft
A power stabilizing device in a system includes as a portion of a power converter section, a second pwm converter provided between a second primary ac bus and a second dc bus in an electric system and configured to perform mutual conversion between dc power and ac power. A power stabilizing control section in the power stabilizing device controls charging and discharging of a secondary battery based on a voltage and a frequency in the second primary ac bus, thereby stabilizing the electric system..
Internal combustion engine
To improve a propagation speed of a flame by effectively utilizing energy of the electromagnetic wave in the combustion chamber in an internal combustion engine that promotes combustion of fuel air mixture in a combustion chamber by means of an electromagnetic wave. The internal combustion engine includes, in addition to an internal combustion engine main body and an ignition device, an electromagnetic wave emission device and a control device.
Method and system for fast access to advanced visualization of medical scans using a dedicated web portal
A system for viewing at a client device a series of three-dimensional virtual views over the internet of a volume visualization dataset contained on centralized databases employs a transmitter for securely sending volume visualization dataset from a remote location to the centralized database, more than one central data storage medium containing the volume visualization dataset, and a plurality of servers in communication with the centralized databases to create virtual views based on client requests. A resource manager load balances the servers, a security device controls communications between the client device and server and the resource manager and central storage medium.
Device control using sensory input
Techniques for device control using sensory input are described, including receiving input from one or more sensors coupled to a wearable computing device, processing the input to determine a pattern, the pattern associated with a social network, and generating a control signal based on the input, the control signal configured to initiate execution of a social-related activity on the social network.. .
Library device and library device control method
A control unit refers to a logical library information storage unit in response to a reception of an export process command from an external device, identifies one of the logical library units which is correlated with a physical recording medium in a physical library unit which has been ordered by the export process command to been ejected from an ejection slot, and correlates, in the identified logical library unit, the ejection slot to a logical recording medium which is correlated to the physical recording medium which has been ordered to been ejected.. .
Laser output control device, laser oscillator, and laser output control method
A laser output control device controlling a laser oscillator includes: a switching section that switches, based on the basis of the size of a pulse width of a laser output command, a current command value used for controlling output of the laser light to either one of peak value control and average value control; a peak value command generating section generating a current command value for performing peak value control; and an average value command generating section generating a current command value for performing average value control; wherein an output value of the laser light measured by one measuring section is input to the peak value command generating section and the average value command generating section, and the current command value is generated such that the output value of the laser light becomes a value that corresponds to the laser output command.. .
Display device and method for adjusting observation distances thereof
A method for adjusting an observation distances between an user and a display device is provided. When the display device determines that the user is squinting and determines a distance value between the user and the display device is larger than a predetermined value, the display device controls a driving unit to drive a display unit of the display device to move toward to the user.
Portable device control method using an electric pen and portable device thereof
The method includes controlling a portable device using an electric pen, including sensing an interrupt event by manipulation of the electric pen positioned in a area within a sensible distance of the electric pen, sensing separation of the electric pen from the area within the sensible distance, and performing a control operation of the portable device in response to the separation.. .
Charging system and charging control method of electric powered vehicle
A power storage device mounted on an electric powered vehicle is configured to include a plurality of battery units. A charger outputs onto power lines the charging power for charging the power storage device by a power supply external to the vehicle.
Virtual tape device and virtual tape device control method
A virtual tape device includes a determination unit and a copy creation unit. The determination unit determines, when deleting some logical volume data among a plurality of logical volume data stored on a first physical tape, whether to conduct copy processing to store a copy of the logical volume data onto a second physical tape on the basis of a storage location of the logical volume data.
Device communication, monitoring and control architecture and method
A communication interface and a device control, management and monitoring system are provided to enable the networking of and communication between a multiple devices operating under different protocols. The communication interface may act as a translator or protocol converter that reformats transmissions from one protocol to another based on protocol compatibility between the recipient and transmitting devices.
Novel velocity control device for a burner using bimetallic materials for preheated fuel and oxidizer
Methods and systems for controlling jet velocity of a preheated gas are described herein. Through the use of a temperature-sensitive bimetallic valve, the flow of a gas can be redirected to maintain jet velocity based on temperature.
Image forming apparatus with enhanced display of guidance information
In an image forming apparatus, guidance information is stored in advance for guiding an optimal operation procedure for execution of a job, and the guidance information is displayed on a display portion based on operation input that is input to an input portion in order to execute a job of image formation. For example, a device control portion compares operation input that is input to the input portion in order to execute the job of image formation to the guidance information corresponding to the job executed by the operation input, and causes the display portion to display the guidance information in a case where an actual frequency of operation input is greater than a frequency of operation input that is specified in an operation procedure of the guidance information..
Device control system and a control method of the device control system
A device control system has a terminal 3 with an application 31, and a printer 5 that controls a device. The terminal 3 sends a request written in xml generated by the application 31.
Device control system, a printer, and a control method of the device control system
A device control system has a terminal 3 with a web browser 31, and a printer 5 that controls a connected device. The terminal 3 calls an object that controls a device and is instantiated by the device api 33 to support the device, and sends a request to the printer 5, by the web application 32; and the printer 5 executes a device control script 502 that controls the device, receives requests sent through the device api 33, and controls the device..
Display device and display control system
A display control system includes a display device including a display area in which a plurality of pixels is provided and which displays an image and a pointer device configured to indicate a location on the display area. A locational information pattern indicating the ln on the display area is provided on the display area.
Remote device control and energy monitoring by analyzing and applying rules
Techniques are described for providing remote device (e.g., thermostat, lighting, appliance, etc.) control and/or energy monitoring. A system monitors sensor data captured by one or more sensors that sense attributes relevant to user presence at one or more monitored properties and status of one or more energy consuming devices associated with the one or more monitored properties.
Electronic device and device control method
According to one embodiment of the present disclosure, an electronic device comprises a storage unit, a determination unit, controller, and a communication unit. The storage unit stores pieces of registration information including information concerning a target device and information concerning a direction of the target device.
Power storage device control system, power storage system, and electrical appliance
Deterioration of a power storage device is reduced. Switches that control the connections of a plurality of power storage devices separately are provided.
Measuring apparatus and controlling method thereof
The present disclosure provides a measuring apparatus including a platform, a measuring head movably arranged on the platform, pneumatic balls supporting the platform, an inflator, and a controlling device controlling the inflator to inflate the pneumatic balls while the measuring head is moving towards a next measuring point from a current measuring point. The controlling device controls the inflator to inflate the pneumatic balls with the required air inflation amount within the required time evenly during the movement of the measuring head, therefore, the vibration of the platform during the movement of the measuring head and the inflation of the pneumatic ball can be reduced, which can keep the platform horizontal quickly after the measuring head stops moving, reduce the measurement errors of the measuring head, further improve the productivity of the liquid crystal panel.
Method and system for controlling external device
A method and a system for controlling an external device by authorizing a specified device to temporarily control the external device, and a non-transitory computer readable medium storing the same are provided. An external device control method, which is performed by a first device authorized to control the external device, includes transmitting information regarding at least one external device to a second device while an interactive service is executed between the first device and the second device, receiving information regarding a selected external device based on the information regarding the at least one external device from the second device, and transmitting control user interface (ui) information regarding the selected external device to the second device based on the information regarding the selected external device..
System and method for using solid state storage systems as a cache for the storage of temporary data
A method of storing data includes a storage device controller that receives a storage access operation to store data on at least one non-volatile storage device having a plurality of individually accessible blocks. In response to receiving the storage access operation to store data, the controller initiates a first program cycle to store the data as temporary data within one or more of the blocks.
Network system and network connection device
A network system includes a device adapter including a first virtual communication port, and a network connection device including a virtual device adapter protocol hierarchy which includes a second virtual communication port communicable with the first virtual communication port, a tcp/ip layer, a device controlling protocol layer in an application layer and a device object.. .
Access and control of mainframe-based data in non-mainframe format
A mechanism is provided for providing access to mainframe-based data in a non-mainframe format. A host computer system receives a request from a client system to mount a dataset on a data storage device controlled by the host computer system as a data volume on the client system.
Integration of simulation of a machine for industrial automation
Methods and systems for creating and running and industrial control system simulation are described herein. The simulation may include animation of a complex machine linked with the industrial control device controlling the complex machine.
Multi-zone plug-in load control device
A multi-zone plug-in load control device controls a plug-in electrical load in a predefined manner in response to received wireless digital messages depending upon which of a plurality of electrical receptacles into which the one of the electrical loads is plugged. The load control device receives wireless digital messages representative of whether the space in which the multi-zone plug-in load control device is located is occupied or vacant from an occupancy sensor.
Service providing terminal connection method and apparatus
A method and apparatuses for device control performed by a first device to control services provided by a service providing device is provided. The method includes connecting, through out-of-band communication, to a second device that includes identification information related to the service providing device, receiving, through the out-of-band communication, the identification information related to the service providing device from the second device, executing at least one application related to the identification information, and connecting, through in-band communication, to the service providing device using the identification information, and controlling, from the first device, services provided by the service providing device..
Methods and apparatus for performing passive antenna testing with active antenna tuning device control
A wireless electronic device may contain at least one adjustable antenna tuning element for use in tuning the operating frequency range of the device. The antenna tuning element may include radio-frequency switches, continuously/semi-continuously adjustable components such as tunable resistors, inductors, and capacitors, and other load circuits that provide desired impedance characteristics.
Power supply device
There is provided a phase shift full bridge (psfb) type power supply device controlling a switching on time of lagging leg switches according to a load state. The power supply device includes a power supply unit supplying preset dc power by switching input power using a full bridge by a phase shift method; and a control unit controlling a switching time of a switch of the full bridge according to a load state in which the dc power is received from the power supply unit..
Electronic device, electronic device control method, and electronic device system
An electronic device includes: a digital signal transmission/reception unit configured to perform two-way transmission of a digital signal using multiple differential signal lanes prepared at a transmission path with an external device; a transmission path arrangement determining unit configured to determine a transmission path arrangement including the number of use lanes, a use lane number, and a transmission direction by performing communication with the external device using a two-way communication line prepared at the transmission path with the external device; and a transmission path arrangement control unit configured to control the arrangement of the digital signal transmission/reception unit based on the information of the transmission path arrangement determined at the transmission path arrangement determining unit.. .
Methods and apparatus for electronic device control
Systems and techniques for controlling an electronic device are described. An electronic device comprises one or more touch sensitive areas, including side touch sensitive areas.
Flexible electronic device and method for controlling flexible electronic device
In a method for controlling a flexible electronic device to sleep or restart, current position data of two gravity sensors located at opposite sides of a flexible display of the flexible electronic device is received. A distance between the two gravity sensors is detected by a proximity sensor located at one of the opposite sides of the flexible display.
Motor control device and control method of stepping motor
There is provided a motor control device controlling an energizing state of a coil of each phase for driving a stepping motor having multiple phase coils. The motor control device includes a detecting unit configured to detect whether the stepping motor is out of step, and a reverse rotating unit configured, when the detecting unit detects that the stepping motor is out of step, to rotate the stepping motor in a second rotation direction reverse to a first rotation direction, which is a rotation direction of the stepping motor before detecting out-of-step, by a number of steps with which a stress received by the stepping motor is alleviated, before the stepping motor spontaneously rotates in the second direction..
Ventilator apparatus
One or more embodiments of the presently described invention provides a ventilator including a timing device, an electric power source and a flow control device. The timing device is electronically controlled and is capable of controlling a period of time that a fluid is delivered to a patient.
Method for checking the leakproofness of safety valves
Method for checking the leakproffness of safety valves. Method for testing the leadkproofness of two controllable valves (v1, v2), wherein the vales are arranged at opposite ends of a test volume (10).
Internet appliance system and method
An internet appliance, comprising, within a single housing, packet data network interfaces, adapted for communicating with the internet and a local area network, at least one data interface selected from the group consisting of a universal serial bus, an ieee-1394 interface, a voice telephony interface, an audio program interface, a video program interface, an audiovisual program interface, a camera interface, a physical security system interface, a wireless networking interface; a device control interface, smart home interface, an environmental sensing interface, and an environmental control interface, and a processor, for controlling a data transfer between the local area network and the internet, and defining a markup language interface communicated through a packet data network interface, to control a data transfer or control a remote device.. .
Device control method for registering device information of peripheral device, and device and system thereof
A method, a device, and a system enabling an external device to control a peripheral device by using device information stored in a network device. The device control method includes obtaining device information regarding the first peripheral device, wherein the obtaining is performed by the user device; transmitting the device information regarding the first peripheral device to the network device, wherein the transmitting is performed by the user device; storing the device information, wherein the storing is performed by the network device; and controlling the first peripheral device by using the device information, wherein the controlling is performed by a second peripheral device connected to the network device..
Vehicle control device
A vehicle control device includes an engine and a clutch configured to connect and disconnect a power transmission path between the engine and a drive wheel according to a supplied hydraulic pressure. The vehicle control device is configured to carry out neutral control that controls the hydraulic pressure supplied to the clutch to an n control study value for placing the clutch in a semi-engaged state while a vehicle stops and inertia control (free-run control, deceleration eco-run control, and n inertia control) that carries out an inertia travelling by releasing the clutch while the vehicle travels.
Control device for steer-by-wire steering device having redundancy function
A control device for controlling a steer-by-wire steering control device includes a switch mechanism for detaching a main motor and transmitting a rotation of a sub motor to establish a failsafe mode in which a turning is possible. A first control device controls a reactive force actuator and the sub motor.
Radio module for a field device
A radio module for a field device, wherein the radio module contains a schedule, according to which process data, especially measurement data, are downloaded from the field device by means of the radio module and wirelessly transmitted to a superordinated unit. Based on the schedule, the radio module transmits to the field device control signals, which serve to control the power consumption of the field device..
Device control system, wireless control apparatus, and computer readable recording medium
The device control system includes: a device controller connected to a load device via a signal line; a wireless master connected to the signal line; and a wireless slave. The device controller outputs a first control signal indicative of an intended state of the load device when receiving a second control signal from the wireless slave via the wireless master or receiving via the signal line a third control signal sent in response to a state check signal.
Television and control device and control method
A control device controls a television. The control device includes a touch module.
Display device control
A method of controlling in a display device screen brightness and strength of dynamic range compression of display data in dependence on ambient light level. Ambient light level values are required from one or more ambient light sensors.
Lock device, lock device controller, and electric key system
A lock device locks a locking subject to restrict removal of a charge cable from a power port of a vehicle or restrict access of the charge cable to the power port). The lock device includes a verification request unit that requests for wireless communication verification including vehicle interior verification to be executed on an electronic key when detecting an event that initiates the wireless communication verification.
Vehicle seat
A vehicle seat includes: a seat back which has a backrest support surface for a seat occupant that is variable in shape; a plurality of air bags that are located behind a support surface portion of the seat back and change the shape of the support surface upon introduction or discharge of air thereinto or therefrom; and a control device that is configured to control the introduction and discharge of air into and from the air bags. The control device controls the introduction and discharge of air into and from each air bag based on a state of change in the air in each air bag that occurs when the seat occupant sits on the vehicle seat with the air bags in the set state to change the shape of the backrest support surface to a shape that conforms to the seat occupant's unique sitting position..
Signal transmitter
A signal transmitter contains at least one first luminous element, at least one second luminous element and an interface for connecting the signal transmitter to a signal box. A drive device is connected between the interface and the at least two luminous elements and the drive device is configured in such a way that, in the case of a switch-on signal coming from the signal box for the second luminous element, the drive device controls the activation of the luminous element depending on the signaling state of the first luminous element..
Lock device, lock device controller, and electronic key system
A lock device is arranged in a vehicle including an inlet and an operation switch. The vehicle is configured to perform a predetermined control operation corresponding to the operation switch when the condition that verification of an authentic electronic key through wireless communication has been accomplished and the condition that a normal operation of the operation switch has been performed are both satisfied.
Vacuuming device comprising a vacuum cleaner and a bag filter
The invention relates to a vacuum-ceaning apparatus comprising a vacuum cleaner and a filter bag made of non-woven fabric, wherein the vacuum cleaner has a nominal electric input power of less than 1200 w, preferably less than 1100 w, more preferably less than 900 w, wherein the vacuum cleaner comprises a motor-fan unit and a controlling device controlling the vacuum cleaner such that the airflow is kept substantially constant at a value of at least 34 l/s, preferably substantially constant at a value of at least 37 l/s, more preferably substantially constant at a value of at least 40 l/s when the filter bag is loaded with dmt8 test dust analogous to en 60312, and wherein the filter bag is a disposable filter bag made of non-woven fabric which has an airflow drop of less than 15%, preferably less than 10%, more preferably less than 5% in tests demonstrating the reduction of the maximum airflow with a partially filled dust container analogous to en 60312.. .
Vehicle and vehicle control method
A vehicle includes an internal combustion engine, a first rotating electric machine starting the internal combustion engine, a power control unit for operating the first rotating electric machine, a power storage device for supplying electric power to the power control unit, and a control device controlling the power control unit such that a voltage of the power storage device does not fall below a lower limit. When a change condition including a condition that the internal combustion engine is being operated is met, the control device sets the lower limit at a value lower than while the internal combustion engine is at a stop.
A vehicle includes a mobile communication device that controls in-vehicle devices remotely, a drive controller that controls drive of the vehicle, a communication controller that controls the wireless communication with the mobile communication device, and an auxiliary battery that activates the communication controller and an in-vehicle-device controller controlling the in-vehicle devices. The communication controller includes a stopper that stops the wireless communication if a correlating temperature is lower than or equal to a predetermined temperature, the correlating temperature correlating with the temperature of the auxiliary battery acquired at a first predetermined time after a stop of the drive controller..
Occupant interaction with vehicle system using brought-in devices
In a first illustrative embodiment, a computer readable storage medium for storing instructions that, when executed by a processor is configure to establish communication with at least one of a plurality of handheld computing devices connected to a vehicle computing system. The processor may receive input identifying a connected device as a non-driver handheld computing device.
Control device
A control device controls a vehicle drive device in which a first engagement device, a rotary electric machine, a second engagement device, and an output member are arranged on a power transfer path from an internal combustion engine to wheels. The control device executes mode transition control that causes transition from (i) a first control mode in which both the first engagement device and the second engagement device are in a slip engagement state and the rotary electric machine generates electric power to (ii) a second control mode in which the first engagement device is in a direct engagement state, the second engagement device is in the slip engagement state, and the rotary electric machine generates electric power..
Apparatus and method for controlling traffic signals
Device and method of controlling a traffic light on the basis of an analysis result of a broadcast signal transmitted via a broadcast network are provided. The traffic light control device controlling signal light change of a traffic light, includes: a broadcast signal receiving unit that receives a broadcast signal emitted from a traffic control center via a broadcast network; and a traffic light control unit that determines an offset time from a reference traffic light on the basis of an analysis result of the broadcast signal and that outputs a control signal for controlling the light change of a control target traffic light so that a time point which lags by the determined offset time from a signal light display start time point of the reference traffic light is matched with a signal light display start time point of the control target traffic light..
Safety circuit for blocking drive of a brake booster
The invention relates to a brake system having a brake booster, in which pressure medium can be guided by means of at least one switchable valve (7, 15) from at least one wheel brake (10) into an accumulator chamber (8), wherein a control device controls at least the at least one switchable valve (7, 15), wherein, in the case of a disruption of the brake booster (1), in particular if the drive (11) thereof or the gear mechanism which is connected between the drive (11) and the piston of the brake master cylinder (4) is blocked, the at least one accumulator chamber (8) serves to receive pressure medium from at least one wheel brake or at least one brake circuit and therefore to dissipate pressure in at least one wheel brake.. .
Sensor device in a bank note processing machine
A sensor device in a banknote processing machine comprising a transport device by means of which banknotes to be processed are transported past the sensor device, a cleaning device that cleans the sensor device or a transparent region of the sensor device, and a control device that controls the components of the banknote processing machine. The sensor device includes means for enlarging the spacing between the transport device and the sensor device.
Device control apparatus and device control method
According to one embodiment, a first displaying device comprises an acquisition module, a display controller and a game time controller. The acquisition module is configured to obtain information related to a first terminal from a second displaying device.
Control device for vehicle drive device
A control device of a vehicle drive device includes a hydraulic power transmission device having an input-side rotating element to which power from an engine is input and an output-side rotating element outputting power to drive wheels, a first electric motor coupled to the input-side rotating element, and a second electric motor coupled to the drive wheels, the vehicle drive device having an electric path through which power is electrically transmitted between the first electric motor and the second electric motor and a mechanical path through which power is mechanically transmitted via the hydraulic power transmission device, the control device controlling an operating point of the engine by adjusting a torque of the first electric motor, the control device changing a proportion of power transmitted through the electric path and power transmission through the mechanical path based on a request amount when the operating point of the engine is controlled.. .
Air conditioner management device, air conditioner management system, non-transitory computer-readable recording medium and air conditioner management method
An air conditioner management device comprises an information inputter entering schedule information presenting a schedule for operating a first air conditioner and a device controller controlling the operation of the first air conditioner based on the entered schedule information. The air conditioner management device further comprises an information communicator receiving information identifying the first air conditioner and operation state information presenting the operation state of the first air conditioner, and information identifying a second air conditioner and operation state information presenting the operation state of the second air conditioner.
Universal medical device control console
A control console is disclosed for controlling one or more medical devices. The control console communicates to at least one medical device, and at least one peripheral module associated with the medical device if needed.
Scan projection device and scan controlling method thereof
A scan projection device and a controlling method are projected. The scan projection device comprises a light source module, a scanning module and a scan driving device.
Gesture recognition device, electronic apparatus, gesture recognition device control method, control program, and recording medium
A gesture recognition device that recognizes a gesture, which is of a motion or a shape of a gesture recognition target region of a person, from an image captured by a camera and outputs information to an electronic apparatus in order to control the electronic apparatus based on the recognized gesture, has a recognition target region determination section that determines whether the gesture recognition target region is included in the image, and an output section that outputs target region out-of-view angle notification instruction information issuing an instruction to make a notification that an image of the gesture recognition target region is not captured when the recognition target region determination section determines that the gesture recognition target region is not included in the image.. .
Synchronous dc-dc converter having soft-stop function
A synchronous dc-dc converter having a soft-stop function includes an output stage for supplying an output voltage, wherein the output stage includes a high-side transistor for charging the output voltage and a low-side transistor for discharging the output voltage; an output control circuit, coupled to the output stage, for controlling the high-side transistor and the low-side transistor of the output stage; at least one protection device, for controlling the high-side transistor to be turned off when a specific situation occurs, in order to stop supplying the output voltage; and a soft-stop control circuit, coupled to the output control circuit, for controlling the low-side transistor of the output stage to be turned on when the protection device controls the high-side transistor to be turned off or the synchronous dc-dc converter is disabled, in order to discharge the output voltage.. .

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