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Device Control patents


This page is updated frequently with new Device Control-related patent applications.

 Systems and methods for deployment and configuration of wireless device control system patent thumbnailSystems and methods for deployment and configuration of wireless device control system
A wireless device control system includes a remote server connected to a wide area network and having control software for configuring, monitoring, and controlling devices at a site. The wireless device control system also includes a wireless gateway located at the site and configured to communicate with the remote server via cellular communication.
Rab Lighting Inc.

 Systems and methods for machine to machine device control and triggering patent thumbnailSystems and methods for machine to machine device control and triggering
Systems and methods for control and triggering of machine to machine (m2m) devices (e.g., smart meters). More specifically how to allow an m2m service provider (e.g., utility company) to use an operator's network to communicate with the m2m device connected with a ue/gw associated with the operator's network.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Rotary electric machine control device patent thumbnailRotary electric machine control device
The magnetic pole position of a rotary electric machine is electrically derived accurately by reducing a voltage error due to a dead time while suppressing the influence on the operation efficiency of the rotary electric machine. A control device performs dead-time compensation, and performs current feedback control in a d-q-axis vector coordinate system using a magnetic pole position computed on the basis of an induced voltage produced by rotation of a rotor or on the basis of a response component to a high-frequency observation signal applied to the rotary electric machine.
Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

 Apparatus and  programming a multi-level phase change memory (pcm) cell based on an actual resistance value and a reference resistance value patent thumbnailApparatus and programming a multi-level phase change memory (pcm) cell based on an actual resistance value and a reference resistance value
An apparatus for programming at least one multi-level phase change memory (pcm) cell having a first terminal and a second terminal. A programmable control device controls the pcm cell to have a respective cell state by applying at least one current pulse to the pcm cell, the control device controlling the at least one current pulse by applying a respective first pulse to the first terminal and a respective second pulse applied to the second terminal of the pcm cell.
Hgst Netherlands Bv

 Display device control based on integrated ambient light detection and lighting source characteristics patent thumbnailDisplay device control based on integrated ambient light detection and lighting source characteristics
Systems and methods are provided for a display device including one or more methods for modifying the display brightness by automatically adapting to ambient lighting conditions.. .
Apple Inc.

 Stock exchange trading platform patent thumbnailStock exchange trading platform
The invention relates to a stock exchange trading platform for a plurality of trader data processing devices that are in communication connection with the trading platform, wherein the trading platform has a trading platform data processing device (“matcher”), which is able to store orders generated by one of the trader data processing devices in an order book, or to fill a matching order that is already recorded in the order book, at least partially, to acknowledge such received orders to the dispatching trader data processing device, and furthermore, to send messages to a plurality of connected trader data processing devices (in the case of a trading system with equally entitled traders, to everybody) in a broadcast mode. The trading platform is in particular characterized in that a unit of the trading data processing device controlling the optional execution or storing of the orders is configured as a dedicated logic circuit..
Swisstradingbox Ag

 System for controlling user access to a service patent thumbnailSystem for controlling user access to a service
A system for controlling user access to a service includes a read device that reads a payment card of a user, and a first control block coupled an entry gate determines whether online payment authorization should be requested for the payment card. A first memory stores a hot list indicating payment cards for which the first control block denies user access to the service.
Accenture Global Services Limited

 Converter for symmetrical reactive power compensation, and a  controlling same patent thumbnailConverter for symmetrical reactive power compensation, and a controlling same
A converter for symmetrical reactive power compensation has phase legs whose associated phases of a three-phase ac voltage network can be connected and are interconnected in an insulated star connection. The first phase leg is devoid of sub modules.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

 Mobile ultrasonic rail inspection system and method patent thumbnailMobile ultrasonic rail inspection system and method
An ultrasonic rail inspection system includes an ultrasonic transducer mounted on a yoke for attachment to a frame of a rail inspection vehicle. The ultrasonic transducer transmits ultrasonic pulses and receives reflected ultrasonic pulses.
Sonimex B.v.

 Vehicle air conditioner patent thumbnailVehicle air conditioner
A vehicle air conditioner includes a heating refrigerant circuit having: a compressor; an internal condenser; an expansion valve; and an external heat exchanger, and a control device. The compressor compresses and discharges a suctioned refrigerant.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Electronic apparatus and iot device controlling method thereof

An electronic apparatus and a method of controlling a plurality of devices by the electronic apparatus are provided. The method includes receiving data from a plurality of devices, determining a correlation between at least two devices among the plurality of devices on the basis of the received data, determining a position of a first device on the basis of the correlation, grouping the first device and another device positioned in the vicinity of the first device into one group, and automatically creating group information, and controlling the devices included in the group.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Voice operated remote control

A remote control device controls content on a display device by transmission, to a wireless entertainment controller, of a voice command to change programming on the display device. The voice command may be detected by a sound detection device.
Rateze Remote Mgmt Llc

Home monitoring and control systems

A home monitoring and control system (10) has a base unit (12), a monitoring system that has at least one monitoring device (14) to output monitoring signals and a portable unit (16). The base unit (12) has a base unit communications system (18).
Binatone Electronics International Ltd

Remote provisioning and authenticated writes to secure storage devices

A system for securing electronic devices includes a storage device including a storage device controller processor, at least one non-transitory machine readable storage medium in firmware of the storage device communicatively coupled to the storage device controller processor, and a monitor application comprising computer-executable instructions on the medium. The instructions are readable by the storage device controller processor.
Mcafee, Inc.

Device and information processing method

A device includes a device control unit that controls the device to execute a process based on setting information received via a first interface for accepting a process execution request, and an application unit that displays a first screen for accepting a specific setting relating to the process from a user and sends to the device control unit, via the first interface, the setting information that is based on the specific setting accepted via the first screen. The application unit accepts from an application program installed in the device, via a second interface, a display request for displaying the first screen, and sends information indicating the specific setting accepted via the first screen to the application program as a response to the display request.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Suspension control device for vehicle

A suspension control device includes an actuator configured to change an up/down stroke of a suspension, a front sensor, and a control device configured to estimate a displacement in a vertical direction of a road surface based on a detection result of the front sensor, thereby controlling the actuator. When the control device determines that a step portion in which a wheel comes into contact with two points of the road surface viewed in a direction along a rotational axis of the wheel exists ahead of a vehicle, the control device controls a force generated by the actuator so that, when the wheel comes into contact with the two points, the wheel rolls about the point without substantially pressing the point toward the travel direction of the vehicle..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Co2 recovery device and co2 recovery method

A co2 recovery device includes: a co2 absorption tower in which co2 included in an exhaust gas is absorbed by a co2 absorption liquid; and a co2 absorption liquid regeneration tower that heats and regenerates the co2 absorption liquid that has absorbed co2. The co2 absorption liquid regeneration tower includes: a main body part in which the co2 absorption liquid is temporarily stored; a boot part provided downward from a mirror surface part of the main body part, having a relatively smaller capacity than the main body part; a flowmeter provided to the boot part, and measuring the liquid surface level of the co2 absorption liquid that changes between the main body part and the boot part; and a control device controlling the liquid surface level of the co2 absorption liquid between the main body part and the boot part on the basis of the measurement result of the flowmeter..
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Electric mower

An electric mower includes a chassis; and a walking device, a mowing device, a power device, a handle device, and a back grass discharging device arranged on the chassis. The power device drives the operation of the walking device and the mowing device, the back grass discharging device discharges the grass cut by the mowing device, and the handle device controls the electric mower.
Zhejiang Yat Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

Information processing apparatus, information processing system, controlling the information processing apparatus, and storage medium

An information processing apparatus for locally connecting to a device and connecting to a first information processing apparatus through a network, registers identification information of the device controlled through the network, determines whether or not the connected device is registered in the registration unit, according to a request from the first information processing apparatus, and if it is determined that the connected device is registered in the registration unit, transmit a request to wake up from a sleep mode, to the first information processing apparatus.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Mobile communication system, control device, base station device, system control control method

A mobile communication system includes a control device and a base station device. Data communication between the control device and the base station device is conducted using a fixed-length data size and a variable-length data size.
Nec Corporation

Intelligent safety disconnect switching

Pv panel from the pv panel string responsive to detection of the low current condition or the arc fault condition. Switching device control could also be responsive to a disconnect command.

Testing storage device power circuitry

The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for testing storage device power circuitry. A storage device controller includes an embedded test program.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Air-conditioning apparatus

An air-conditioning apparatus includes at least one system including a heat-medium conveying device, a heat-medium flow regulator, and a heat-medium flow control device, as a heat medium system capable of regulating a flow rate of a heat medium supplied to a heat source device-side heat exchanger exchanging heat between refrigerant and the heat medium. The air-conditioning apparatus switches each of a plurality of use-side heat exchangers to a cooling operation or a heating operation in accordance with a control command to perform a cooling and heating simultaneous operation.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Ignition device controlling streamer discharge and arc discharge

An ignition device includes: an ignition plug producing plasma discharge between a pair of discharge electrodes of an ignition plug; an ignition coil provided with a primary coil and a secondary coil, the secondary coil applying voltage between the pair of discharge electrodes; a voltage applying unit applying alternating current voltage to the primary coil, a frequency of the alternating current voltage being set to produce voltage resonance in a circuit including the ignition plug and the secondary coil. The voltage applying unit sets an output period of the alternating current voltage to be longer than a first period at which a partial breakdown start to occur at the pair of discharge electrodes, and shorter than a second period at which a total breakdown occurs at the pair of discharge electrodes, when an air/fuel ratio is lower than a predetermined threshold..
Denso Corporation

Apparatus and controller accessory

An electronic smart device controller comprising a right side panel, a left side panel, and optionally a chassis and a detachable cradle. The right side panel and the left side panel can receive the chassis or the detachable cradle..
Incipio, Llc

Rfid medical device control interface

A medical navigation system is provided for controlling medical equipment during a medical procedure. The medical navigation system includes a passive radio frequency identification (rfid) tag, an rfid sensor for detecting the passive rfid tag, a controller coupled to the rfid sensor, and a robotic arm having an end effector and controlled by the controller.

Cooling system with desiccant dehumidification

A system for removing heat from electrical systems includes a dehumidification device including a desiccant, an evaporative cooling device, air moving devices, and an air flow control devices. The air moving device moves air through the dehumidification device, the evaporative cooling device, and the electrical systems.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Semiconductor device

There was a problem that it was difficult for a semiconductor device in the related art to increase the switching frequency of a step-up circuit, and it was difficult to stabilize an output current and an output voltage. A semiconductor device controls a step-up circuit including an inductor and a drive transistor to drive the inductor.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

Apparatus for operating device upon steering

An apparatus for operating a device upon steering includes a device operating unit and a device controller. The device operating unit is ring-shaped and is disposed to surround an outer periphery of a gripping section.
Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Reading device, image forming apparatus, and reading device control method

A reading device includes a conveyance control section for controlling document conveyance. In a case of double-sided reading of a document and with a cutout document mode applied, the conveyance control section stops a pair of reverse-rotation rollers at a time point when the document has been conveyed to a distance resulting from adding an additional distance, which is predetermined or determined based on a recognized cutout width in the document conveyance direction, to a reference distance since a time point of passage of a rear end of a document-detecting detection part, and thereafter start reverse rotation of the pair of reverse-rotation rollers..
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Firewall control device, method and firewall device

A firewall control device controls a plurality of firewall devices provided between a core network and a plurality of sub-networks respectively, the firewall control device is configured to receive, from the plurality of firewall devices, data amount information indicating an amount of the data discarded in the plurality of firewall devices respectively and node information indicating a transmission source node of the discarded data, identify, based on the data amount information and the node information, a data flow including the discarded data which is transmitted from an information processing device indicated by the node information and of which total amount of the discarded data exceeds a threshold value, and set, in a first firewall device which is included in the plurality of firewall devices and which is coupled to the information processing device, a first discarding flow entry defining discarding of data of the identified data flow.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Direct current power supply device control method and control device

A direct current power supply device control method and control device such that output currents of each direct current power supply unit are balanced with high accuracy using droop control that reflects wiring resistance from a multiple of direct current power supply units operated in parallel to a load. A droop characteristic of each of power supply units is expressed using wiring resistance between output terminals of the power supply units, output voltage, output current, an output voltage command value, and a droop coefficient, and the wiring resistance is calculated in advance using the output voltage and output current of each unit and voltage of an output point.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

System and determining recipient of spoken command in a control system

Disclosed is an apparatus and method for determining which controllable device an audible command is directed towards, the method comprising: receiving at each of two or more controlling devices the audible command signal, the audible command being directed to control at least one of two or more controllable devices controlled by a respective one of the two or more controlling devices; digitizing each of the received audible command signals; attaching a unique identifier to each digitized audible command so as to uniquely correlate it to a respective controlling device; determining a magnitude of each of the digitized audible command; determining a digitized audible command with the greatest magnitude, and further determining to which controlling device the audible command is directed to on the basis of the unique identifier associated with the digitized audible command with the greatest magnitude; performing speech recognition on the digitized audible command with the greatest magnitude; and forwarding a command to the controlling device corresponding to the digitized audible command with the greatest magnitude, the command corresponding to the audible command that can be implemented on the controllable device controlled by the controlling device.. .
Crestron Electronics, Inc.

System and providing supplemental power to units

A system and method for providing supplemental power to a notification unit of a device in a fire alarm system. The notification unit generates alert signals for indicating an alarm.
Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh

System and universal serial bus (usb) protocol debugging

In one embodiment an electronic device includes a processor and at least one universal serial bus (usb) subsystem comprising logic, at least partially including hardware logic, configured to detect a connection from a remote electronic device to a usb port of the electronic device, determine whether the usb port of the electronic device is to act as an upstream facing port or a downstream facing port, and in response to a determination that the usb port of the electronic device is to be configured as an upstream facing port, to implement a port mapping process to map the usb port to one of a device controller or a debug controller. Other embodiments may be described..
Intel Corporation

Transmission device and activation transmission device

A transmission device includes an internal device for transmitting a broadcast signal includes a nonvolatile memory, an internal device control section and a cpu. The nonvolatile memory holds setting information about the internal device.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Application management device, application management method, and computer-readable recording medium

An application management device includes a memory that stores therein application conditions for defining a condition of whether an update program is to be applied to a data center. The application management device acquires information for an update program from a control center that manages failures in a plurality of data centers including the data center.
Fujitsu Limited

Electronic device, device computer readable recording medium, and device control method

An electronic device comprising: a memory, and a processor coupled to the memory and the processor configured to: display an object to a display screen, and control, when an operation for selecting the object is detected, execution of a processing associated with the object based on a time difference between a first time at which the object is displayed and a second time at which the object is selected.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Multi-finger touch

A multi-finger touch (e.g., a simultaneous touch of two or more touch-sensitive regions of a touchpad or touchscreen by three or more objects) that causes a touch-sensitive device to perform a function (e.g., open an application control program, open a device control menu, and/or interrupt a startup process and perform a function other than launching the operating system in the normal mode).. .
Polycom, Inc.

Food blender with safety protection mechanism

A food blender includes a blender base including a housing defining therein a connecting seat, a connector mounted in the housing, a plurality of sensing elements mounted in the housing near the connecting seat and a driving device fixedly mounted in the housing and coupled with the connector and the sensing elements, and a food container detachably mountable in the connecting seat of the housing and having a stirrer and a plurality of magnetic members mounted in a container body thereof. The driving device controls the operation of the stirrer according to the number of the magnetic members actually detected by the sensing elements..

Wireless communication device, wireless communication method, wireless communication device control program, and wireless communication system

A wireless communication device performs a communication with a communication device wirelessly. The wireless communication device comprises a communication information acquisition unit, a selection unit, and a communication unit.
Seiko Epson Corporation

Method, device, and system for controlling total quantity of online attached users

The present invention provides a method, a device, and a system for controlling a total quantity of online attached users. A total user quantity control device controls a total quantity of online attached users of an mvno, so that an mno can accurately count the quantity of online attached users of the mvno in time, and effectively control the total quantity of online attached users of the mvno, so as to prevent the quantity of online attached users of the mvno from exceeding a total user quantity set by the mno..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Machine to machine architecture

A machine-to-machine communication platform provides a flexible system for device control and solution hosting. In particular, the communication platform hosts and manages third party vertical solutions that interact with external devices.
Accenture Global Services Limited

Device capable of using external volatile memory and device capable of releasing internal volatile memory

The present invention includes a device capable of using an external volatile memory. An embodiment of the device comprises: a storage controller operable to control the data access of a non-volatile storage medium and communicate with an external device, the external device controlling an external volatile memory.
Realtek Semiconductor Corporation

Image processing virtual reality controller system and method

A method, including receiving, by a processor of a virtual reality controller system, a source file of a target hardware device, creating, by the processor, a virtual machine that emulates the target hardware device using the source file, and displaying a virtual target device controller on a display of the virtual reality controller system.. .
Intellectual Fortress, Llc

Driving assistance device

A driving assistance device used for a vehicle includes: a display processing device that displays a map on a display device; an immature pattern identification device that identifies an immature pattern inexperienced by a driver of the vehicle among multiple patterns with predetermined types into which multiple components of a road network included in the map are classified; and an accessible area identification device that identifies an accessible area to which the vehicle is reachable from a set start point without passing through the immature pattern identified by the immature pattern identification device. The display processing device controls the display device to display the map on which the accessible area identified by the accessible area identification device is superimposed..
Denso Corporation

Non-uniform displacement engine control system with different control modes based on state of charge of battery and controlling non-uniform displacement engine with different control modes based on state of charge of battery

A non-uniform displacement engine control system with different control modes based on a state of charge (soc) of a battery, the system includes a non-uniform displacement engine including a plurality of cylinders, the cylinders comprising at least two sizes of cylinders having different displacements, a motor connected to a driving shaft of the engine, a battery for supplying electrical energy to the motor, and a motor control device for controlling the motor, wherein the motor control device controls the motor to compensate for a difference in torque due to different displacements of the cylinders such that a sum of engine torque and motor torque in explosion stroke of each cylinder is uniform, and the motor control device has a charge intention mode or a discharge intention mode based on the soc of the battery.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Method and system for a lift device control system

A system and method of controlling a scissors lift vehicle are provided. The system includes a main computer including one or more processors and one or more memory devices communicatively coupled to the one or more processors, a steer controller configured to receive commands from the main computer to control a plurality of independently steerable wheel assemblies, each wheel assembly including a steer angle sensor, a steer angle actuator, and a drive motor, and a scissors lift controller configured to control a hydraulic piston assembly including a hydraulic fluid reservoir internal to a piston rod assembly.
Xtreme Manufacturing, Llc

Damper control device

The damper control device includes a three axis rate sensor that detects a pitching angular velocity of a vehicle body of a two-wheeled vehicle, a pressure sensor that detects a pressure of a contraction-side chamber in a front-wheel side damper, a pressure sensor that detects a pressure of a contraction-side chamber of a rear-wheel side damper, and a correction unit that corrects the pitching angular velocity. The damper control device controls the pressure of the contraction-side chamber in the front-wheel side damper and the pressure of the contraction-side chamber of the rear-wheel side damper on the basis of the corrected pitching angular velocity, the pressure of the contraction-side chamber in the front-wheel side damper and the pressure of the contraction-side chamber of the rear-wheel side damper..
Kyb Corporation

Controlling packet transmission in software defined network

A controller acquires information of a forwarding device in the sdn which is connected with an external network and/or a terminal device. The controller calculates a maximum transmission rate for the forwarding device to transmit a sdn packet to the controller according to the acquired information of the forwarding device.
Hangzhou H3c Technologies Co., Ltd.

Micro-segmenting networked device controller

A micro-segmenting networked controller device receives network traffic information from at least one micro-segmenting network devices. At least two of the micro-segmenting networked devices are communicatively coupled to at least one micro-segment within a network.
Eunomic, Inc.

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