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 Runtime exception and bug identification within an integrated development environment patent thumbnailnew patent Runtime exception and bug identification within an integrated development environment
In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method includes monitoring one or more data sources resulting from execution of one or more program components. One or more events are encountered in the one or more data sources during the execution of the one or more program components.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Runtime exception and bug identification within an integrated development environment patent thumbnailnew patent Runtime exception and bug identification within an integrated development environment
In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method includes monitoring one or more data sources resulting from execution of one or more program components. One or more events are encountered in the one or more data sources during the execution of the one or more program components.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Application load adaptive multi-stage parallel data processing architecture patent thumbnailnew patent Application load adaptive multi-stage parallel data processing architecture
Systems and methods provide an extensible, multi-stage, realtime application program processing load adaptive, manycore data processing architecture shared dynamically among instances of parallelized and pipelined application software programs, according to processing load variations of said programs and their tasks and instances, as well as contractual policies. The invented techniques provide, at the same time, both application software development productivity, through presenting for software a simple, virtual static view of the actually dynamically allocated and assigned processing hardware resources, together with high program runtime performance, through scalable pipelined and parallelized program execution with minimized overhead, as well as high resource efficiency, through adaptively optimized processing resource allocation..

 Secure code delivery patent thumbnailSecure code delivery
A method and apparatus for secure code delivery. In one embodiment the method is implemented on a computer system, and includes reading an access privilege from a first set of access privileges, wherein the first set of access privileges corresponds to a first file that comprises first encrypted source code.
Renesas Electronics America Inc.

 Automatch process and system for software development kit for application programming interface patent thumbnailAutomatch process and system for software development kit for application programming interface
A computer system and process is provided to generate computer programming code, such as in a software development kit (sdk). The sdk generated allows an application to use a given api.
Apimatic Limited

 Mapping selections between a browser and the original fetched file from a web server patent thumbnailMapping selections between a browser and the original fetched file from a web server
A selection in a browser in an integrated development environment can be mapped back to the original document that was fetched from a web server by uniquely identifying elements in the original document. A dom can be created from the original document where the dom retains the unique identifiers associated with the elements.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc.

 Development team file collaboration patent thumbnailDevelopment team file collaboration
In an approach for dynamically collaborating with respect to a file within an integrated development environment (ide), a processor receives from a first ide of a first user, a selection of a first version of a source code file associated with a software development project. A processor receives a choice of one or more file identification parameters for the first version of the source code file.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Automatic multi-platform mobile application development patent thumbnailAutomatic multi-platform mobile application development
A mobile application development system includes a processor that is a functional component of the mobile application development system and that is configured to execute programmatic steps. A build component is configured to receive web application source code and generate a mobile web application for a targeted mobile application platform.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Real-time video streaming to client video element patent thumbnailReal-time video streaming to client video element
Real-time video streaming is essential in many types of systems. A system for streaming real-time video provides a low-latency solution allows systems and humans to respond to real-time events as they occur.
Flir Commercial Systems, Inc.

 Software development system in system development based on model-based method patent thumbnailSoftware development system in system development based on model-based method
A software development system provided with: a threat database which retains data indicating one or more threats that are factors that cause risks in information security to occur; and a threat analysis tool unit which, with regard to individual elements of a control model which is created from design information for a development target by a model-based development system and simulates the development target, extracts data of corresponding threats from the threat database to thereby create and output threat list data that indicates a plurality of threats for the control model.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Modular co-versioning in a dynamically linked runtime environment

Modular co-versioning may involve the creation of multi-version libraries that may include multiple versions of a class. A multi-version library may include a base version and one or more other versions each of which may correspond to a particular, respective version of a software development kit, runtime environment or software platform, according to various embodiments.
Oracle International Corporation

System and using ubershader variants without preprocessing macros

Ubershaders may be used in a graphics development environment as an efficiency tool because many options and properties may be captured in a single shader program. Each selectable option of property in the shader code may be tagged with an attribute to indicate the presence of the selection.
Apple Inc.

Declarative design-time experience platform for code generation

The disclosure generally describes methods, software, and systems, including a method for using templates to generate application code. A selection of a template is received from an application development user interface.
Sap Portals Israel Ltd.

Methods of treating neurodevelopmental diseases and disorders

The present invention relates generally to methods for the treatment and/or prophylaxis of neurological diseases and disorders involving administration of trans 10-hda. In particular, the methods of the present invention are useful in the treatment and/or prophylaxis of acquired or progressive neurodevelopmental disorders and conditions in mammals.
The Florey Institute Of Neuroscience And Mental Health

Automatic pre-detection of potential coding issues and recommendation for resolution actions

A tool for automatic pre-detection of potential software product impact according to a statement placed in a software development system, and for automatically recommending for resolutions which accesses a repository of information containing a history of changes and effects of the changes for a software project; using a received a statement in natural language to perform a natural language search of the repository; according to the findings of the search of the repository, using a machine learning model to compose an impact prediction regarding the received statement relative to the findings; and automatically placing an advisory notice regarding to the impact prediction into the software development system, wherein the advisory notice is associated with the received statement.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Integrated system for software application development

Methods and systems are disclosed for developing a software application through requirements specification, design, effort estimation, assigning and tracking work items, development, testing, collaboration and project management. The system is structured as an integrated software development system allowing for structured, systematic and user friendly set up of requirements specification (including workflow, user interface, business rules and integrations), technical design for ui features and integrations using design patterns, automated effort estimation, automated story card and task creation.

Cloud integrated vehicle platform

A cloud integrated vehicle infotainment platform, method, and system are described. The system may include a cloud-integrated vehicle infotainment platform in communication with a vehicle information platform.
Vinli, Inc.

Optimizing access to production data

Various systems, methods, and processes for optimizing access to production data in application development and testing environments are disclosed. If an input/output (i/o) operation is a read operation, a storage location on a virtual storage unit at which the read operation is to be performed is determined.
Symantec Corporation

Web application development platform with relationship modeling

A system and method for dynamically creating web applications from data is described. Simple data is transformed into a declarative application data model that is then parsed by a server and compiled into a functional web application.

Methods and apparatus to determine developmental progress with artificial intelligence and user input

The methods and apparatus disclosed herein can diagnose or identify a subject as at risk of having one or more developmental disorders with fewer questions, decreased amounts of time, and determine a plurality of developmental disorders, and provide clinically acceptable sensitivity and specificity in a clinical environment. The methods and apparatus disclosed herein can be configured to diagnose or determine the subject as at risk of a developmental disorder among a plurality of developmental disorders, and decreasing the number of questions presented can be particularly helpful where a subject presents with a plurality of possible developmental disorders.
Cognoa, Inc.

Modular computer application development and usage

The standardized data container also serves a data and application call knowledgebase template and facilitates knowledge transfer between users and developers.. .

Methods of treating developmental disorders using pipradrol

Methods of treating developmental disorders by administering a pharmaceutical composition of pipradrol or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof are provided. The methods may be used to treat conditions such as epilepsy, landau-kleffner syndrome, lennox-gastaut syndrome (lgs) and dravet syndrome..
Ovid Therapeutics Inc.

Induced expression of brain derived neurotrophic factor (bdnf) for treatment of neuromuscular, neurodegenerative, autoimmune, developmental and/or metabolic diseases

A method of treating a host of neuromuscular, neurodegenerative, developmental, autoimmune and metabolic diseases/disorders related to aging, such as traumatic injury, stroke, huntington's disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis (ms), lupus, type-1 and type-2 diabetes, maturity onset diabetes of the young (mody), myasthenia gravis (mg), rheumatoid arthritis (ra), graves' disease, guillain-barré syndrome (gbs), metabolic syndrome, muscular dystrophy or duchenne muscular dystrophy (dmd), severe burns, aging, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als), friedreich's ataxia, batten disease, alzheimer's disease, optic neuritis, leber's hereditary optic neuropathy (lhon), autism, rett syndrome, batten disease, angelman's syndrome, leigh disease, fragile-x syndrome, depression, parkinson's disease, mitochondrial diseases, developmental disorders, metabolic disease disorders and/or autoimmune disorders by inducing endogenous bdnf expression with dnp treatment to protect from neuromuscular dysfunction/disorders and/or neurodegeneration and/or muscle wasting. Dnp was administered to mice daily over a range of doses, and subsequently bdnf expression in the brain showed a dose dependent and non-linear increase in expression..
Mitochon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

System and supporting movable object application development

Systems and methods can support application development in a movable object environment. A movable object manager can establish a connection with a movable object, and receives one or more data packets from the movable object.
Sz Dji Technology Co., Ltd.

System and evaluating human resources in a software development environment

The present disclosure discloses system and method for evaluating a human resource in a software development environment. At first, historical performance data and profile data associated with a plurality of human resources involved in a software project is received.
Hcl Technologies Limited

System and masking complexity in a heterogeneous development environment

A system and method for masking the complexity of developing software for a heterogeneous target execution environment may be established by configuring an integrated development environment to perform certain masking mechanisms. For example, the integrated development environment used to develop a background process may be used to create a background process-file on the target execution environment.
Unisys Corporation

Software development and distribution platform

A system and method for developing and distributing software. Third-party software development kits (sdks) are received and stored by a software development and distribution platform (sddp), with each third-party sdk published by a third-party service provider, the plurality of third-party sdks including a first third-party sdk.
Twitter, Inc.

System and software development using graphical tree structures

A method for building a software application includes: creating data fields based on input from a user, each having a value or a reference to another data field; grouping the data fields into node data structures, each having a node state for specifying allowable operations; assigning respective node data structures to a plurality of container data structures, respectively, where each container data structure stores information about conditions, actions, actions results, and permission settings to operate on one or more data fields. The method further includes creating tree data structures by linking the container data structures in a predetermined hierarchical manner, where each tree data structure includes information about relations of container data structures and node data structures in each tree data structure; and linking the tree data structures in an ordered sequence to create a computer executable process for performing an application..

Model augmentation in a model-driven application development environment

A principal model is configured within a memory to facilitate automatic generation of at least one resource for use by a computer-executable application. At least one model item required for a task that is absent from the principal model is identified.
International Business Machines Corporation

Methods and systems for analyzing software development risks

Methods and systems for analyzing software development risks are described. In one embodiment, a plurality of risk factor questions associated with a software development process of a software program during a software development stage in which the software program is being created or will be created are generated.
Express Scripts, Inc.

Methods and system to create applications and distribute applications to a remote device

A remotely accessible integrated development environment, and a sub-system for deploying applications to a remote device is disclosed. The sub-system may further comprise a rendering engine which is configured based upon a platform of the remote device, wherein the rendering engine is configured to communicate with, and receive applications from, a remotely accessible application server..
Good Technology Holdings Limited

Software development kit platform

A computing system including a first and a second application. The first application includes a first local software development kit (sdk) platform instance, and the first local sdk platform instance includes a first non-core sdk module instance, an application discovery module, and an inter-application communication module.
Twitter, Inc.

Integrated software development environments, systems, methods, and memory models

A data schema stores both data and metadata as data in a hierarchical, extensible schema made of three classes of objects. The data schema includes algorithms that generate the data schema and provide the functionality.
Integrator Software

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