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Date/App# patent app List of recent Detent-related patents
 Rear windshield wiper arm assembly with service up detent position patent thumbnailnew patent Rear windshield wiper arm assembly with service up detent position
A rear windshield wiper arm assembly is adapted to support a wiper assembly as it moves across a surface to be wiped. The wiper arm assembly includes a head adapted to be mounted to a pivot shaft that defines a pivot axis and drives the wiper assembly in an oscillating manner across the surface to be wiped and a wiper arm supported on the head and rotatable thereto.
 Toy patent thumbnailToy
A toy having: a main body portion, the main body portion defining a receiving area; a member configured to be received within the receiving area; a mechanism for releasably securing the member in the receiving area, wherein the mechanism has a pair of arm members each having a protrusion for releasably engaging a detent on the member.. .
 Connection unit for slide of rod patent thumbnailConnection unit for slide of rod
A connection unit cooperates with a rod when in use. The connection unit includes a fixing member, a pin rod, an oblique detent and a knob.
 Fixing device and image forming apparatus patent thumbnailFixing device and image forming apparatus
A fixing device includes a fixing rotary body and a pressing rotary body disposed opposite the fixing rotary body. A pivotable pressurization member contacts and presses the pressing rotary body against the fixing rotary body.
 Rafter hook for fastening tool patent thumbnailRafter hook for fastening tool
A fastening tool rafter hook system supporting a power tool includes a power tool round section proximate to a tool handle. The round section has multiple pairs of indexing apertures, each positioned incrementally from a successive pair.
 Firearm choke tube patent thumbnailFirearm choke tube
A firearm choke tube includes a cylindrical body, a choke interrupted thread section, and a locking tab. The choke interrupted thread section is positioned on an outer surface of the cylindrical body and configured to threadably engage an interrupted thread section of a barrel of a firearm to limit longitudinal movement of the cylindrical body relative to the barrel.
 Credit card shaped charging and data cable patent thumbnailCredit card shaped charging and data cable
A data and charging cable includes a body portion having a form factor substantially like that of a credit card, including a slot extending from a first end of the body portion toward a second end of the body portion. The cable includes an elastomeric tongue having a proximal end pivotably attached to the first end of the body portion and a distal end removably attached to the body portion by a detent mechanism.
 Sliding-eave mount mechanism for canopy structure patent thumbnailSliding-eave mount mechanism for canopy structure
A collapsible canopy structure includes one or more eaves, one or more fixed eave mounts, one or more sliding eave mounts and one or more vertical poles. Each of the vertical poles has a top end and a bottom end.
 Angle adjusting structure of ratchet wrench patent thumbnailAngle adjusting structure of ratchet wrench
An angle adjusting structure of a ratchet wrench includes a shank, a driving head, a located member, a spring and a detent member. The shank includes a pivot socket and a limiting portion.
 Detachable end effector and loader patent thumbnailDetachable end effector and loader
A surgical device comprises an elongate shaft having an outer tube and an inner rod positioned in the outer tube. The outer tube and inner rod each comprise a distal end and a proximal end.
Safety shredder
A safety inlet apparatus for a paper feed opening of a shredder, with cutting cylinders including an upper casing having a feed end with a safety dam with upper and lower indices. An angled plate means set apart from the upper casing forms the paper feed opening.
Actuator assembly having an external plunger sleeve
A plunger-style actuator assembly for use in a detent mechanism includes a guide post and an external plunger sleeve supported for sliding movement over the guide post. The external plunger sleeve rides along bearing surfaces that longitudinally extend between the guide post and the external plunger sleeve..
Laboratory table having tabletop elements
Laboratory table has a frame with front and rear frame parts, at least one detent element, at least one detent extension and at least one replaceable tabletop element on the frame. Each tabletop element has at least one fixing mechanism for interacting with the frame parts and for holding a corresponding detent element and detent extension in fixing positions.
The transmission includes a case, a rotation shaft rotatably supported on the case, a speed change gear rotatably supported on the rotation shaft, fork shaft movable in an axial direction in response to the shift operation, a connecting member for changing over a connection condition of the speed change gear between a connected condition with the rotation shaft and a disconnected condition from the rotation shaft in response to an axial position of the fork shaft, a parking gear fixed to the rotation shaft, a detent member movable between a detent position where the rotation of the parking gear is restricted and a detent released position where the rotation of the parking gear is allowed and a cam member for moving the detent member to the detent position or to the detent released position in response to the axial position of the fork shaft.. .
Receptor and lock for glasses with removable lenses
A glasses structure that receives a variety of lens element types including full-frame, half-frame and frameless lens elements. A temple that receives a connector on the lens element includes a kerf-like slotted spring lock, that releases under pressure to allow the insertion of the lens element and once inserted, provides sufficient force to retain the lens element in position even during athletic activity.
Humidity sensor and method of manufacturing the same
A humidity sensor includes a humidity detention section, a pad section, and a dam section. The humidity detention section includes a pair of detection electrodes facing each other on a predetermined surface of a substrate and a humidity-sensitive film covering the detection electrodes.
Tamper-evident anti-refill dispensing fitment for a container
An anti-refill product includes a container including a neck with a neck finish, a fitment received in the neck, and a radially expandable element detachably coupled to the fitment. The radially expandable element is disposed to engage a detent in the neck and detach from the fitment when the fitment is removed from the neck, such that the radially expandable element falls into the body and expands, preventing removal into and through the neck..
Case for wireless devices
A device for protecting wireless communication devices having a two piece cover, a front cover and a rear cover. The front cover has a shaped body with a front cover lip; the rear cover has a shaped rear body with a rear cover lip.
Powerless brake
A motor brake includes an actuator fixed to a motor shaft and including spaced peripheral ears including a member therethrough. A fixed plate includes spaced detents and an output about the actuator has spaced ball releasably urged into the fixed plate detents by the actuator ear members.
Adjustable firearm gas block
An adjustable firearm gas block has a gas channel intersected by a threaded bore. A set screw with longitudinal slots is driven through the bore until it enters and constricts the gas channel.
Operating device
A hydraulic operated valve includes an electromagnetic adsorption mechanism and a steel ball. In the electromagnetic adsorption mechanism, when a current is supplied, an adsorption plate is adsorbed by a solenoid.
Reagent injector with crimped pintle
An injector for injecting a reagent includes an electromagnet and an axially translatable valve member positioned within a housing. The valve member is moveable from a seated position to an unseated position in response to energizing the electromagnet.
Welding system with terminal cover piece
A welding system includes a frame having a first sliding track and a second sliding track. The welding system also includes a cover piece having a first set of tabs configured to slide within the first sliding track, and a second set of tabs configured to slide within the second sliding track.
Compressor fairing segment
A compressor fairing segment includes a body having an upstream surface, a downstream surface, and opposing side surfaces between the upstream and downstream surfaces. A first detent on the upstream surface is shaped to conform to a first complementary fitting inside a compressor.
Trigger with adjustable shoe
In some embodiments, a trigger comprises a finger portion comprising a plurality of detent locations and a shoe comprising a resiliently deformable detenting structure. The shoe is attachable to the finger portion at a plurality of predetermined positions via said resiliently deformable detenting structure occupying a detent location.
Tibial insert locking mechanism
A tibial implant includes a baseplate having a proximally facing surface surrounded at least in part by a proximally extending wall. The wall has a ramp surface extending from the wall towards the baseplate proximally facing baseplate surface and a bore located distally of the ramp.
Profile element connecting a vehicle pane to a water draining chamber
A profile element for connecting a vehicle pane to a water draining chamber includes a u-shaped snap-in recess formed by a bearing rib and a resilient leg disposed below the bearing rib. At an entrance into the snap-in recess, the bearing rib protrudes downward towards the resilient leg and the resilient leg protrudes upward towards the bearing rib so as to define an engagement aperture into the snap-in recess between an upper-most part of the protrusion of the resilient leg and a lower-most part of the protrusion of the bearing rib.
Multi-position adjustable height seat post
A multi-position adjustable height seat post comprises an inner tube, an outer tube, a locking assembly, a triggering device, a first extending element, and a second extending element disposed between the tubes. The locking assembly comprises an actuating unit, a plurality of parallel grooves located in the outer tube, a plurality of spherical detent elements located, in the grooves, and a plurality of spherical elements located in the inner tube.
Valve switchbox
A switchbox for monitoring the position of a manual quarter-turn valve has a housing mountable to the valve to be monitored/controlled. A handle-driven shaft extends through the housing, with one end of the shaft couplable to the valve stem such that movement of the shaft moves the valve stem.
Compressed air coupling
A female coupling-half has two pawls (7) each with a distal detent (8), to engage the nipple (3) circumferential groove, and a proximal rounded detent (15), which can lodge in either a rest closed position (16) for a closed valve (2) or a valve-open position (17). The inserted nipple (3) moves the valve (2) which brings with it the pawls (7) via central projections (13) thereon and the manual sleeve (10) until the proximal rounded detent (15) lodges in its valve-open position (17).
User initiated break-away clutching of a surgical mounting platform
Robotic and/or surgical devices, systems, and methods include kinematic linkage structures and associated control systems configured to facilitate preparation of the system for use. One or more kinematic linkage sub-systems may include joints that are actively driven, passive, or a mix of both.
Flow control system for a detention pond
A flow control system of the present invention includes a movable riser slideably engaged with a stationary riser and having a flange. The stationary riser is interfaced to a downstream drainage system.
Star-handle system for locking antenna to a vehicle roof
The invention relates to a roof antenna (1) for mounting on a roof (2) of a vehicle, said roof antenna (1) having a base plate (7) and an antenna cover (3) that can be connected to the base plate (7). A printed circuit board (4) with antenna elements and at least one plug connection (5) is arranged under the antenna cover (3).
One-piece slide-on sunshade hook
A sunshade hook assembly includes a body having a generally j-shaped hook. The hook has a first, proximal portion that merges into the body, and a second, distal portion forming an open-ended terminal end dimensioned to receive a rod of the associated sunshade.
Advanced pickup selector switch assembly
The advanced pickup switch is a lever-style switch that will allow any guitarist, with a minimal amount of technical skill, to alter the pickup wiring configuration of their electric guitar for altering the tonal choices available without the need to manually hard-wire each connection. The tonal alterations are effected via rotationally and axially displaceable multi-layer printed circuit board (pcb) discs that contain pre-determined tracings for specific pickup coil configurations.
Outrigger line lock positioning device
Disclosed is a line positioning device for use with fishing vessel outriggers. The positioning device employs a housing having a pulley, a resilient bushing positioned next to the pulley, and a lever arm that is strategically positioned to engage a halyard line against the resilient bushing.
Adjustable shoe for a power tool
A band saw includes a first wheel and a second wheel for supporting a continuous band saw blade, a motor operable to drive at least one of the first and second wheels, a housing supporting the first wheel and the second wheel, a shoe for engaging a workpiece, the shoe including a first detent feature. The band saw also includes a second detent feature cooperating with the first detent feature to hold the shoe with respect to the housing.
Micro camera module having a housing with a graduated lens assembly receiver portion
A novel micro camera module that is manually adjustable between a close-up mode and an infinite mode includes a lens assembly adjustably mounted within a sleeve that is adjustably mounted into a housing. In a particular embodiment the sleeve includes a channel (cam groove) that is engaged by a plurality of pins fixed to the housing.
Locking device, particularly for double-hung windows
A sash lock mechanism of all-plastic construction incorporating a plastic detent spring arrangement having operating characteristics equal or superior those of conventional metallic springs while providing a more economical manufacture and assembly. The detent spring is of closed rectangular form, with inwardly bowed side elements positioned to act on opposite sides of a detent cam positioned between them, and connected at their ends by integral end and corner elements.
Pressure relief latch mechanism
A latch mechanism having a mounting bracket, a body portion, and a flange portion. The latch mechanism is used for connecting a first and second members.
Cradle for an ultrasound probe
A cradle for holding an ultrasound probe used to image a patient prior to and during medical procedures includes a base for securing to a stepper-stabilizer, roller-bearings supported on the base, and a probe-holder that rotates on the otter-bearings in a smooth angular rotation on a horizontal axis relative to the base. The probe-holder includes a front yoke and a rear yoke, and a yoke retainer supporting the front yoke.
Operating element that can be actuated by pressure and rotation
An operating element that can be actuated by pressure and rotation, comprising an actuating rotatably mounted on a bearing block by a bearing shaft, at least one switch that can be actuated by a pressure actuation of the actuator, a sensor for detecting a rotational actuation of the actuator, a detent wheel connected to the bearing shaft, and a spring-loaded detent element which interacts with a detent contour of the detent wheel and which blocks the rotational mobility of the detent wheel upon a pressure actuation of the actuator. The detent element is a lever which can pivot about a pivot bearing and which has a detent pin that sits against the detent contour.
Power tool
A power tool has an electric motor driving a spindle and a rotary encoder for setting a torque limit. A control circuit is operatively connected to the rotary encoder for interrupting power supply to the motor when the torque limit has been reached.
Easy change display frame
A display frame (1) has a front panel (2), a back or rear panel (3) and an artwork pocket (5) between the back and front panels. The front panel provides a border around an opening or window (7) to the artwork pocket (5).
Inflation devices for intragastric devices with improved attachment and detachment and associated systems and methods
Inflation devices for inflating intragastric devices and associated systems and methods are disclosed herein. In several embodiments, an inflation device can include a tube, an inner detent, and an outer detent.
Range switchover apparatus
When electric power supply is started, an initial driving operation is performed to switch over a power supply phase of a motor in open-loop control. Initial learning processing is performed to learn a phase deviation correction value for the power supply phase relative to a count value of a pulse signal of an encoder.
Dual size tool-bit holder
A tool-bit holder (10) for varying tool-bit shank profiles comprising a hub (12) having a longitudinal bore (28) adapted for receiving a tool-bit shank (66, 70, 80). The hub (12) has a plurality of radial slots (38) communicating with the first section (30) of the longitudinal bore (28).
Safety screen frame
A safety screen frame has four frames joined together to form a fall resistant window screen to prevent accidental falling. Each frame has an upper frame portion and a lower frame portion integrally formed out of aluminum.
Spring biased lock for magazine of nail gun
A magazine of nail gun is provided with a nail receptacle; a cover slidably mounted on the receptacle; a cavity on an uneven bottom of the cover; a first hole from the cover to the cavity; a spring biased button in the first hole; a first retaining member secured to the button and urging against a bottom of the cavity so as to retain the button; a second hole through the receptacle and aligned with the first hole; a spring biased detent in the second hole and projecting out of the second hole to urge against a bottom of the button; and a second retaining member secured to the detent and urging against the bottom of the receptacle so as to retain the detent. The cover is locked by the receptacle in a storage position of the magazine..
Firearm charging handle
An improved charging handle for a firearm, specifically for automatic and semi-automatic rifles, where the charging handle is provided with operator engagement sides generally parallel to the long axis of the charging handle rod. In certain embodiments, the charging handle includes a latch mechanism comprising a non-pivoting pin for engagement with a detent on a firearm exterior surface and a biasing mechanism biasing the pin toward the elongate member, such that when the charging handle assembly is inserted fully into the firearm the pin engages the detent and is held in engagement by the biasing mechanism.
Torque multiplier and method of use
A torque multiplier apparatus includes an input pinion, a geared torque multiplier mechanism, and an input retainer. The input pinion and the input retainer include first and second identical connectors so that a detent stud can be positioned in either one of the first and second connectors, allowing the torque multiplier to be used for increased torque (and reduced speed) or for increased speed (and lesser torque).
Screw implant and system and method for locking a screw in an implant plate
A plate system and method comprising a plate and a screw having an integral resilient lock. The screw comprises a head that has a portion that is adapted to be compressible as it is screwed into bone using a tool.
Cart transporting apparatus
A cart transporting apparatus including a hitch assembly and a cart coupling assembly. The hitch assembly may include an elongated body, at least one catch member, and a hitch stop.
Heat and explosion resistant cargo container
Provided herein is a blast resistant cargo container sufficiently lightweight to be practical for aircraft transport. The container includes a frame assembly and a plurality of panels.
Sediment and detention basin drainage system and method
A fluid drainage system configured for draining a basin impounding fluid and sediment, solids or the like of varying density and turbidity. The system includes a first conduit and a second conduit within or adjacent to the first conduit to form a fluid receiving chamber between the first and second conduits, each conduit having apertures therethrough, with the apertures of the first and second conduits being sized and arranged relative to one another and so configured as to preferentially discharge fluid from the top of a basin, thus providing flow conditions which inhibit the entry of sediment into the system so as to maximize the retention of sediment within the basin and reduce turbidity and total suspended sediment in the discharged fluid..
Force-based heart valve sizer
A valve sizer for determining an appropriate replacement valve size when performing a heart valve replacement procedure is provided. In one version the valve sizer has a hollow shaft with proximal and distal ends.
Needle-exchangeable and self-destruction insulin syringe
A needle-exchangeable and self-destruction insulin syringe comprises a barrel (1), a push rod (2), a rubber piston (3) and a needle seat (4). The barrel (1) is provided with a connection needle seat (7) matched with a needle hub (5).
Helix type vertical axis turbine blades and method for continuously making same
A sheet metal blank is formed into a helical turbine blade by stretching an outer portion of the blank by creating indents and detents thereon. Then the stretched side is flattened and the stretched structure is formed into a helical shape..
Tonneau cover apparatus for a pickup truck bed
A tonneau cover apparatus is provided. In one aspect, a tonneau cover apparatus includes a handle or lever, a mount, a locator, a finger, a detent and a complementary peg.
A valve having a housing, a flap rotatably arranged in the housing and connected to a drive shaft mounted in the housing, an electric motor for driving the drive shaft, having a gearing which has at least one toothed segment and which is arranged between the electric motor and the drive shaft, and a sensor, which has a magnet, for determining the angle of rotation of the flap. The toothed segment has at least two detent hooks that engage around the magnet.
Urostomy fluid discharge valve
A fluid discharge valve for releasing fluid from a urostomy pouch comprises a first valve element and a second valve element. The first valve element includes a first bore, a distal portion and a first flange element.
Extension bar
An extension bar includes a rod having an outer periphery thereof including a recess and a positioning track extended thereon. The recess defines a first contact section and a second contact section disposed after the first contact section longitudinally.
Two-stage hybrid check link assembly
A check link assembly for a vehicle closure is configured to be operable in two phases: a detent check phase and an infinite check phase. The vehicle closure is pivotably connected to a vehicle body and has a closed position and an open position.
Cable-actuated latching mechanism
A cable-actuated latching mechanism is disclosed herein. In one or more embodiments, the cable-actuated latching mechanism includes an insert body having at least one groove formed therein; a bent elongated strip disposed in the at least one groove of the insert body; a detent coupled to the bent elongated strip; and an actuation cable or wire operatively coupled to the bent elongated strip, a portion of the actuation cable or wire being disposed in the insert body.
System and method for identity verification in a detention environment
A system and method for identity verification in a detention environment and for tracking information between individuals in a detention environment with individuals who are not in the detention environment across disparate functional systems.. .
Automatically extensible telescopic apparatus
An automatic extensible telescopic apparatus includes an internal tube inserted in an external tube. A positioning unit includes a ferrule, two fins, an axle, a toothed wheel and a first detent.
Locking device for adjusting element
The invention relates to a device for locking an adjusting means (5), in particular an electrical addressing device, mounted on a printed circuit board (1) which extends in an x and/or y direction. The device includes an essentially flat base plate (2) having a length (l), a width (b), and a thickness (d), to which a first detent spring (4) is attached for locking engagement with marking means (23, 23′) of the adjusting means (5).

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