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Multi-position duckhead adapter plugs and associated moveable plug assemblies

Date/App# patent app List of recent Detent-related patents
 Surgical instrument patent thumbnailnew patent Surgical instrument
In a surgical instrument with a shaft part (1), to which a slide (3) is assigned, wherein shaft part (1) and slide (3) are releasably connected to each other, a detent element (14) is intended to protrude from the shaft part (1) and/or from the slide and, as the slide (3) slides along the shaft part (1), the detent element (14) enters a recess (13) of the slide (3) and/or of the shaft part.. .
 Multi-position duckhead adapter plugs and associated moveable plug assemblies patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-position duckhead adapter plugs and associated moveable plug assemblies
Multi-position duckhead adapter plugs and associated moveable plug assemblies are disclosed that may be provided, for example, to couple an electrically powered device such as an information handling system to an ac mains power receptacle. A multi-position duckhead adapter plug may utilize electrically-conductive prongs configured and dimensioned for insertion into corresponding electrically-conducive sockets of a plug receptacle.
 Formliner and method of use patent thumbnailnew patent Formliner and method of use
A formliner, sheet, system, and methods of use and manufacture are provided in order to provide a product that can minimize and/or eliminate visible seaming between interconnected formliners during fabrication of a pattern on a curable material. In some embodiments, the formliner can comprise raised sections that define interrelated inner and outer dimensions.
 Blender system with rotatable blade assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Blender system with rotatable blade assembly
A blender system includes a container having a rotatable blade assembly therein, a lid covering an open end of the container, and a base with a motorized unit. When the container is coupled with the base, the motorized unit is adapted to drive rotation of the rotatable blade assembly.
 Snap-in glass block system patent thumbnailnew patent Snap-in glass block system
A block wall system comprising a framework having a perimeter, an intermediate vertical mullion, and an intermediate horizontal mullion with the blocks retained therein using flexible flanges. The intermediate vertical mullion and the intermediate horizontal mullion define one or more cavities within the framework.
 Indexing self-piercing die riveter patent thumbnailnew patent Indexing self-piercing die riveter
A self-piercing die riveter having an indexable die table on the nose of its frame. The die table has a number of dies disposed thereon.
 Connector having coupling mechanism patent thumbnailConnector having coupling mechanism
A connector includes a shell and a coupling mechanism rotatably coupled thereto. The coupling mechanism includes an inner coupling nut and an outer coupling nut separate from the inner coupling nut.
 Segmented antenna reflector patent thumbnailSegmented antenna reflector
In certain embodiments, a segmented reflector and an antenna having a segmented reflector are disclosed. In certain embodiments, the segments of the reflector are held in side-by-side relationship by the antenna transceiver.
 Nesting container lids with snap on wings patent thumbnailNesting container lids with snap on wings
Stackable lids for a container each include a top surface facing generally in a first direction and a bottom surface opposite the top surface and facing generally in a second direction. Pivotable wing portions extend from each side edge of the lid and each pivotable wing portion is joined to its respective side edge by a hinge.
 Latch mechanism patent thumbnailLatch mechanism
A latch is provided including a fork bolt configured to rotate between an unlatch position and a latched position. A detent is configured to cooperate with the forkbolt.
Latch mechanism
A latch is provided including a fork bolt configured to rotate between an unlatched position and a latched position. A detent is configured to cooperate with the fork bolt.
A valve includes a valve body and a handle operably connected to the valve body. The handle has a shut position that prevents fluid flow through the valve body and an open position that permits fluid flow through the valve body.
Standing seam roof clamp
A clamp for attaching solar panel grids to standing seam roof structures. The clamp includes opposing clamp halves having inter-engageable projections and recesses.
Cartridge shipping aid
A cartridge shipping aid is provided to retain staples within staple pockets of a staple cartridge during shipment. The cartridge shipping aid includes a base and a longitudinal rib extending perpendicularly from an underside of the base and indiscernible into a knife slot formed in a staple cartridge.
Air passage device
An air passage device for installation into a mounting opening in a wall of a housing for components generating waste heat, such as a switching box, has a base housing with a fan support for a fan and a design cover with a fan grid having sheet elements. At least one swivellable sheet element or at least one flexible, tongue-shaped side wall section, separated from the remaining side wall surface of the side walls of the design cover by slits running transversely to the longitudinal direction of the side wall, is formed in the region of the upper side wall of the design cover facing away from the swivel axis for swivelling the design cover.
Magnetic construction system and method
A magnetic construction system comprised of plural multi-shaped structural bodies each containing one or more captured magnets, wherein each magnet is free to rotate within its respective retaining pocket to align in magnetic polarity with rotatable magnets in adjacent structural bodies. Surface geometry around each magnet may include a radial detent feature which provides lateral and rotational stability between magnetically coupled structural bodies, or a radial recess which allows free rotation of respective structural bodies about the polar axis of magnetic coupling..
Plug-to-socket keying device and system
A plug-to-socket keying device includes a housing having an adjustment recess having a detent portion. A plurality of electrical contacts are carried by the housing.
Aesthetic self-ligating orthodontic bracket
A self-ligating orthodontic bracket for captivating an archwire with a tooth. The bracket includes a bracket body mountable to a tooth and a self-ligating mechanism having an archwire slot and a ligating slide.
Headband for personal speakers
An assembly for holding a personal speaker relative to a user's ear. A headband assembly can include a band, a sleeve attached to an end of the band, and an arm moveably secured to the sleeve.
Headband for personal speakers
An assembly for holding a personal speaker relative to a user's ear. A headband assembly can include a band, a sleeve attached to an end of the band, and an arm moveably secured to the sleeve.
Apparatus and method for preventing movement of release mechanism of a vehicle latch
A latch is provided including a fork bolt configured to rotate between an unlatched position and a latched position. A bellcrank lever is operably coupled to the fork bolt via a detent lever.
Vehicle door latch system and method
A door latch system of a vehicle includes a fork bolt lever engagable with a striker and is movable between a latched position for securing the striker and an unlatched position. A detent is movable between an engaged position in which the detent engages with the fork bolt lever to hold the fork bolt lever in the latched position and a disengaged position in which the detent is disengaged from the fork bolt lever to permit the fork bolt lever to move to the unlatched position.
Devices and methods for controlling and indicating the length of an interventional element
Devices and methods are provided for controlling and indicating the deployed length of an interventional element on an interventional catheter. The interventional element may be a stent or series of stents, a balloon, or any other interventional element for which length control is necessary or desirable.
Instruments for minimally invasive surgery total knee arthroplasty
An anti-backout stylus comprising a stylus and a locking stylus holder. The locking stylus holder engages the stylus at a series of discrete positions during insertion of the stylus into the holder.
Receiving element and fixing element magazine strip
The invention relates to a receiving element for a first and a second fixing element for use in bolt setting devices, comprising a receiving area (6) for the first fixing element (2) and comprising a connecting attachment (15) that is used together with the second fixing element to connect the receiving element (1) to a second receiving element (21) in a pivotal manner. The aim of the invention is to simplify the handling, production, and/or magazining of fixing elements for use in bolt setting devices.
Slotted bobbin magnetic component devices and methods
A slotted bobbin magnetic component device includes a bobbin having an elongated bobbin tube with transverse slots. One or more substantially flat electrically conductive winding inserts are inserted radially onto the bobbin tube via the transverse slots.
Microelectronic machine-based variable resonator
A tunable resonator is provided that has a high q for each resonate frequency. The tunable resonator is a mems tunable resonator wherein the tuner is affected by moving a moveable mass, associated with the resonating portion of the resonator, form a first position to a second position such that the moveable mass is held in the first position or second position by a detent rather than a constant electromagnet magnetic or electrostatic force applied thereon..
Motor vehicle lock
A lock, comprising a lock latch and a detent pawl, wherein the lock latch can be brought into open and closed positions, the lock latch in the closed position can be brought into engagement with a striker or the like, wherein the detent pawl can be brought into an engaged position in which said detent pawl fixes the lock latch in the closed position, and wherein the detent pawl can be lifted into a release position wherein the detent pawl releases the lock latch. The detent pawl can be brought into the release position by an actuating arrangement, a crash element is provided, said crash element can be adjusted by the crash-induced deformation of said component into a crash position, and the crash element in the crash position or an element coupled thereto blocks the detent pawl and/or the actuating arrangement or decouples the actuating arrangement from the detent pawl..
Medal-mounting assembly
A medal-mounting support bar assembly is especially constructed for mounting miniature military-type medals and consists of a rigid mounting bar and a pivotably attached, resiliently deformable clamping piece, securable in closed relationship to one another by detent coupling structure formed on the mounting bar and clamping piece at one end of the assembly. Jog elements adjacent the opposite ends of the clamping piece offset the arcuate central position thereof toward the mounting bar, thereby increasing the gripping force generated and reducing the length of the gaps that would otherwise be present, so as to better secure the endmost medals against inadvertent lateral displacement..
Dimm extraction tool
Aspects of the present invention disclose a dimm extraction tool for extracting a dimm from a dimm socket. Exemplary embodiments of the dimm extraction tool include a frame adapted for use as an air baffle within the dimm socket, a first arm and a second arm pivotably connected to the frame.
Collapsible safety rail system
A collapsible safety rail system for providing a portable or permanent protective barrier to provide for fall prevention from elevated or other work areas. Lockable pivot assemblies are located between heavy bases and the end posts of collapsible safety rail assemblies.
Control mechanism
An auxiliary appendage attachable to the steerable nozzle of an existing water craft. A first and second rudder blade attach to steerable nozzle.
Two stage serviceable safety clip and method of assembly
A serviceable safety clip for retaining an automotive trim panel to an inner panel. The serviceable safety clip includes a pin secured to the trim panel, wherein the pin includes a plurality of blades that each include a low retention detent and a high retention detent.
Interlocking modular sidewalk pavement system
A modular sidewalk pavement system having a plurality of pavers configured for interlocking engagement with each other. In the preferred embodiment, the pavers have a plurality of spaced apart, outwardly extending wedge members and a plurality of spaced apart inwardly disposed wedge receptacles along each side and end of the paver that are cooperatively configured for interlocking engagement, such that the wedge members of one paver are received into the wedge receptacles of one or more adjacent pavers.
Connectors used in modular furniture system
A connector for connecting two furniture modules or other stationary objects to form a modular system. The connector includes two hardware pieces, to be mounted onto two furniture modules, respectively.
Self aligning split mechanical seal employing a rotary seal ring having non-flat end faces
A split mechanical seal for mounting to a housing containing a rotating shaft, including a gland assembly, a holder assembly having an inner surface and an opposed outer surface, and a rotary seal ring that is sized and configured for seating within the space defined by the holder assembly. A detent groove is formed in the inner surface of the holder assembly for at least partially seating a portion of a sealing element, and another detent groove is formed in an outer surface of the rotary seal ring for at least partially seating another portion of the sealing element.
Securing of a blow-mould component
For fastening to a carrier component, a blow-molded component has at least one integrally molded tab with an oblong recess. A detent hook on the carrier component is able to reach behind the tab when passed through the recess.
Rotary knob assembly
A rotary knob assembly and methods for forming and controlling friction effecting features of the knob assembly are disclosed. The knob assembly includes a mounting structure and a knob.
Display stand and bracket
A display stand includes a base, a leg and a bracket. The bracket is mounted to a backside of the base and includes a bridge for receiving the at least one portion of the leg.
Ignition lock steering column lock assembly
An ignition lock steering column lock includes a locking unit of the type having a lockbolt, a lockbolt carrier, and a spring-biased carrier pin engageable by a post slidably provided on a rotatable driver. The carrier pin is positioned on a steering column side of the driver.
Power tool including an anti-tilt structure for an accessory
A power tool includes a motor, a foot plate, a biasing element, and an accessory. The motor is configured to move a saw blade in a repeating pattern of movement.
Power tool including an accessory
A power tool includes a motor, a foot plate, a detent system, and an accessory. The motor is configured to move a saw blade in a repeating pattern of movement.
Actuating device
An actuating device has an actuating member (2) pivotable in a first operating state about an axis (1). The actuating member (2) is connected in a torsion-proof manner with a toothed member (3).
Positioning element for motor vehicle doors and panels
The invention relates to a positioning element (1), with the aid of which the panel (2) or engine bonnet of a motor vehicle can be brought from the closed position (4) into a position in which a gap (9) forms between the upper edge (8) of the opening and the lower edge of the panel (2). The panel (2) can thus easily be unlocked and fully opened.
Wiper blade device
The invention relates to a wiper blade device comprising at least one spring strip (10a-e), at least one wiper strip support (12a-e) and at least one end sealing unit (14a-e). According to the invention, the end sealing unit (14a-e) comprises at least two detent elements (16a-e, 18a-e) for fixing the spring strip (10a-e) and/or the wiper strip support (12a-e)..
Non-chattering ball detent torque limiter
The present invention improves a ball-detent torque-limiting assembly by providing breakout means for maintaining an axial separation distance between opposing pocketed surfaces of the assembly once the balls have rolled out of their pockets, wherein the axial separation distance maintained by the breakout means is at least as great as the diameter of the balls. The breakout means assumes the axially directed spring load that urges the opposing pocketed surfaces together, thereby preventing the balls from entering and exiting the pockets in quick and violent succession following breakout and avoiding damage to the torque-limiting assembly.
Automatically extensible telescopic apparatus
An automatically extensible telescopic apparatus includes a first tube inserted in a second tube. A positioning unit includes a ferrule, two fins, a shaft, a toothed wheel and a first detent.
Cable management panel with sliding drawer
An optical fiber cable management panel is provided with slidable drawers and structure within the drawers for cable management and/or connection to other devices. Tray inserts drop into the drawers to provide the appropriate management and connection devices.
Wiping device
The invention relates to a wiping device, in particular a wiping device for a motor vehicle pane, comprising a wiper blade adapter (12a-12c) that has at least one detent element (40a-40c, 42a-42c), said element being designed, when mounted, to prevent a movement of the wiper blade adapter (12a-12c) relative to a retaining element (10a-10c) in a longitudinal direction (22a-22c). According to the invention, the wiping device has at least one securing means (30a-30c, 32a-32c) that is provided in order to secure the at least one detent element (40a-40c, 42a-42c) when mounted..
Hydraulic actuating device for actuation of at least one friction clutch and at least one gear setting element in a motor vehicle
A hydraulic actuating device for a friction clutch and a gear setting element has a power unit for pressure generation by use of an electrically driven pump. Gear setting and clutch actuating sections are hydraulically connected to the power unit.
Access tool for opening locked doors of vehicles
A modular access tool for operating door handles and door locks of motor vehicles from the exterior of the motor vehicle. The access tool is provided in sections which are removably attachable to one another such that the overall operative length is adjustable in discrete steps.
Valve integrated park inhibit solenoid assembly
A system for locking a park device in a transmission in an out-of-park mode of operation includes a valve body that defines a bore, a solenoid connected to the valve body, a lock feature disposed in the valve body and interconnected with the solenoid, and a servo piston disposed within the bore of the valve body. The servo piston has a detent and the servo piston is interconnected to the park device and is moveable between a first position and a second position.
Flow meter regulation valve fastening structure
A flow meter regulation valve fastening structure includes a holder with one side coupled with a regulation valve by screwing. The regulation valve has a regulation shaft with a flange and a screw head located at an upper side.
Wiper blade device
The invention relates to a wiper blade device comprising at least one spring strip (10) and at least one end sealing unit (12). According to the invention, in order to fix the spring strip (10), the end sealing unit (12) has at least one detent element (18) which is rendered flexible by means of an inner cavity (14) in an element (16) of said end sealing unit (12)..
Wiping device
The invention relates to a wiping device, in particular a wiping device for a motor vehicle pane, comprising a spring element (20a-20d) and a wiper blade adapter (12a-12d) that has at least one detent element (40a-40d, 42a-42d). According to the invention, the spring element (20a-20d) has at least one circular detent cavity (26a-26d, 28a-28d) in which the at least one detent element (40a-40d, 42a-42d) interlockingly engages when mounted, preventing a movement of the wiper blade adapter (12a-12d) relative to the spring element (20a-20d) in a longitudinal direction (22a-22d)..
High precision rigid gas-permeable contact lens edge curve polishing lathe
A high precision rigid gas-permeable contact lens edge curve polishing lathe includes a base provided at the bottom of a machine body. A first crank and a second crank are respectively provided on two sides of the base.
Adjustable armrest for a seating unit
An armrest assembly is provided for adjusting an armrest of a seating unit in three degrees of motion. The armrest assembly includes an angle-adjustment mechanism that allows the armrest to pivot and to translate forward, and a lift mechanism that enables vertical articulation of the armrest.
Sensor mounting apparatus and methods of using same
An apparatus to allow a one-handed operation of mounting a vibration sensor to a mounting pad adhered to a machine. An attachment screw includes a recessed socket with a detent to releasably retain a ball-end hex driver such that the driver can remain coupled to the attachment screw without force being applied by the user.
Automobile paddle shifters with first and second positions
A system for controlling gear changes in a vehicle. The system includes a steering wheel and a detent mechanism having an idle location, a first location, and a second location, the detent mechanism is coupled to the steering wheel.
Adjustable fan and post mount
An electric or battery powered fan has omni-directional adjustments which include a single point keyhole oscillation system that adapts a male end (key) flexible pipe coupled to a female keyhole detent system which is coupled to a spring push pin mechanism which allows for angle adjustments at a specific coefficient of friction, which are adjusted by torque from detent and stop mechanism. The flexible pipe allows for unlimited directional adjustments that withstand repositioning at any direction.
Tubular duct member
A tubular duct member comprises a plurality of sheet metal panels 10, 12 joined along adjacent longitudinal edges by cooperating folded sheet metal catches 14, 16, the catches being pushed together such that respective detent surfaces 28, 30 on each catch engage behind one another to retain the edges of the sheets together. One of the catches 14 includes a body 36 of resilient material compressed between the catches and biasing the catches apart to maintain the detent surfaces 28, 30 bearing against one another..
Interchangeable decorative cover for buttons
A decorative cover for interchangeable attachment to buttons to change the appearance of the button. The decorative cover includes a base member with a hollow bore extending through at least one end thereof, and a decorative part permanently attached to an opposite end.
Rear windshield wiper arm assembly with service up detent position
A rear windshield wiper arm assembly is adapted to support a wiper assembly as it moves across a surface to be wiped. The wiper arm assembly includes a head adapted to be mounted to a pivot shaft that defines a pivot axis and drives the wiper assembly in an oscillating manner across the surface to be wiped and a wiper arm supported on the head and rotatable thereto.
A toy having: a main body portion, the main body portion defining a receiving area; a member configured to be received within the receiving area; a mechanism for releasably securing the member in the receiving area, wherein the mechanism has a pair of arm members each having a protrusion for releasably engaging a detent on the member.. .
Connection unit for slide of rod
A connection unit cooperates with a rod when in use. The connection unit includes a fixing member, a pin rod, an oblique detent and a knob.
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
A fixing device includes a fixing rotary body and a pressing rotary body disposed opposite the fixing rotary body. A pivotable pressurization member contacts and presses the pressing rotary body against the fixing rotary body.
Rafter hook for fastening tool
A fastening tool rafter hook system supporting a power tool includes a power tool round section proximate to a tool handle. The round section has multiple pairs of indexing apertures, each positioned incrementally from a successive pair.
Firearm choke tube
A firearm choke tube includes a cylindrical body, a choke interrupted thread section, and a locking tab. The choke interrupted thread section is positioned on an outer surface of the cylindrical body and configured to threadably engage an interrupted thread section of a barrel of a firearm to limit longitudinal movement of the cylindrical body relative to the barrel.
Credit card shaped charging and data cable
A data and charging cable includes a body portion having a form factor substantially like that of a credit card, including a slot extending from a first end of the body portion toward a second end of the body portion. The cable includes an elastomeric tongue having a proximal end pivotably attached to the first end of the body portion and a distal end removably attached to the body portion by a detent mechanism.
Sliding-eave mount mechanism for canopy structure
A collapsible canopy structure includes one or more eaves, one or more fixed eave mounts, one or more sliding eave mounts and one or more vertical poles. Each of the vertical poles has a top end and a bottom end.
Angle adjusting structure of ratchet wrench
An angle adjusting structure of a ratchet wrench includes a shank, a driving head, a located member, a spring and a detent member. The shank includes a pivot socket and a limiting portion.

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