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Destination Image patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Destination Image-related patents
 Object detection method, object detection apparatus and image pickup apparatus patent thumbnailObject detection method, object detection apparatus and image pickup apparatus
An object detection method performed by an apparatus which stores a general model for a specific object type in advance, the general model describing a plurality of components which are expected to co-exist in objects of the specific object type, the method including: a sample image receiving step of receiving one or more sample images, the one or more sample images each include a same query object of the specific object type; an object detector creating step of creating, using the general model and the one or more sample images, a detector specific to said query object; and an object detecting step of detecting, using the created detector specific to the query object, the query object from a destination image. According to the object detection method mentioned above, various objects of a specific object type can be precisely detected with high flexibility..
Method for sub-pixel texture mapping and filtering
A method for sub-pixel texture mapping and filtering is provided. The method includes the steps of: dividing an area on a source image into a red (r) sub-area, a green (g) sub-area, and a blue (b) sub-area, where the area on the source image is corresponding to a pixel of a destination image presented by a display device; sampling the r sub-area to obtain a r color value, sampling the g sub-area to obtain a g color value, and sampling the b sub-area to obtain a b color value; and rendering r, g, b color components of the pixel of the destination image according to the r color value, the g color value, and the b color value..
Approximate pyramidal search for fast displacement matching
A method for approximate pyramidal search for displacement matching is provided that includes performing a complete window-based search at a coarsest resolution level in a resolution pyramid to determine a best matching point in a destination image for each point in a source image, wherein a displacement from each point to the best matching point is determined, counting, for each displacement of the determined displacements, a number of points having the displacement, selecting displacements from the determined displacements based on the number of points counted for each displacement and a predetermined threshold, and performing a search at the next finer resolution level in the resolution pyramid to determine a best matching point in the destination image for each point in the source image, wherein the search for a best matching point for each point is limited to the selected displacements and a reduced search window around each displacement.. .
 Rendering and un-rendering using profile replacement patent thumbnailRendering and un-rendering using profile replacement
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including medium-encoded computer program products, can perform rendering and un-rendering using profile replacement. A computer implemented method includes obtaining source image data associated with a source input-referred color space, transforming the source image data to intermediate image data associated with an intermediate input-referred color profile, applying a rendering operation to the intermediate image data by associating the intermediate image data with an intermediate output-referred color profile, and transforming the intermediate image data to destination image data associated with a destination output-referred color space using the intermediate output-referred color profile.
 Bicubic downsampling in a constrained environment patent thumbnailBicubic downsampling in a constrained environment
An system is described for managing bicubic downsampling in a constrained environment. The system may be configured to detect a request for a destination image, access a read-copy pattern for the ratio of downsampling, access the source image, and generate the destination image using the source image and the read-copy pattern..
 Image encoding apparatus patent thumbnailImage encoding apparatus
The invention significantly decreases the number of buffers for an encoding delay and a data delay without lowering the prediction performance in predication encoding. To this end, a frame, at the same time, of a right neighboring camera is referred to, and the encoding timing of a reference destination image is delayed by an encoding time of several blocks with respect to a reference source image..
 Teleport preview provisioning in virtual environments patent thumbnailTeleport preview provisioning in virtual environments
Upon a request for a teleportation operation, a user of a virtual universe is provided with an interface for specification of image resolution parameters for initial rendering of a teleportation destination and the user's avatar which are degraded from a full resolution rendering of the teleportation destination and avatar. Degradation of resolution can be in regard to any of a plurality of image qualities such as spatial resolution, temporal resolution colors or color depth, light modeling and rendering style or the like or combinations thereof.
 Image drawing device and image drawing method patent thumbnailImage drawing device and image drawing method
Disclosed is an image drawing device including a gradation drawing unit for generating two background drawing objects which are to be located in a lower layer than a gradation target drawing object and drawing the gradation target drawing object on one of the background drawing objects while carrying out an antialiasing process between the one of the background drawing objects and the gradation target drawing object to generate a source image, and combining the source image on a basis of an alpha map to generate a destination image.. .
 Wide-angle lens image correction patent thumbnailWide-angle lens image correction
A system for correcting distortion effects in a distorted image includes a memory controller for reading pixels (corresponding to a subset region in a destination image) of the distorted image from a system memory to local memory. A look-up table stores an offset and interpolation weight for each pixel, and an alu computes, using stored values only in the local memory, values of each of the pixels in the region in the destination image..

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