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Real-time, interactive measurement techniques for desktop virtualization

Methods and systems for partially updating a web page using an embedded iframe

Real-time collaboration center

Date/App# patent app List of recent Desktop-related patents
 System updates with personal virtual disks patent thumbnailSystem updates with personal virtual disks
A method and system for updating a collection of software resources in a virtual desktop infrastructure system. Virtual machines associated with sets of virtual disk elements in a hierarchy of disk layers, such as basic, department, or user virtual disks are offered updates for one or more available software resources.
 Real-time, interactive measurement techniques for desktop virtualization patent thumbnailReal-time, interactive measurement techniques for desktop virtualization
In one embodiment, a server system receives, from a client device configured to remotely access a desktop hosted by the server system, user input directed to the desktop. The server system further identifies a desktop operation to be performed in response to the user input, where the identifying is performed without relying on preconfigured information that indicates what the desktop operation should be, determines when the desktop operation has completed, and adds, upon completion of the desktop operation, one or more markers to the desktop.
 Methods and systems for partially updating a web page using an embedded iframe patent thumbnailMethods and systems for partially updating a web page using an embedded iframe
Methods and systems are provided for managing customer service calls using a localhost service operating within a desktop environment. The system includes a web-based application configured to display browser windows including an overlayed or embedded softphone component, and a desk top application which serves a telephony application configured to receive call status information from a cti adapter.
 Real-time collaboration center patent thumbnailReal-time collaboration center
A real-time collaboration center and method for using the same are described herein which enables a caller (end-user) to have a real-time collaboration session with a call center agent. In one embodiment, the real-time collaboration center is able to create a new real-time collaboration session for a caller where the caller is routed to the real-time collaboration session in which they might be joined by an automated call center agent which could provide product information and/or gather information to/from the caller while they wait for the live call center agent.
 Controlling computer-based instances patent thumbnailControlling computer-based instances
In general, embodiments of the present invention provide an approach to control computer-based interfaces from anywhere in a gui (e.g. A window, a desktop, etc.) regardless of the fixed position of the instances.
 Dynamic management of heterogenous memory patent thumbnailDynamic management of heterogenous memory
A method of operating a computing device includes dynamically managing at least two types of memory based on workloads, or requests from different types of applications. A first type of memory may be high performance memory that may have a higher bandwidth, lower memory latency and/or lower power consumption than a second type of memory in the computing device.
 Control device, and method for transfer control patent thumbnailControl device, and method for transfer control
Upon reception of a connection request from a client terminal, a control device couples a providing server that provides a virtual desktop environment to the client terminal. The control device then causes the client terminal to transfer a file maintained in the client terminal to the providing server to which the client terminal is coupled, according to correspondence information in which path information in the client terminal is associated with path information in the virtual desktop environment for each file used by the client terminal for executing an application in the virtual desktop environment.
 Bid adjustment suggestions based on device type patent thumbnailBid adjustment suggestions based on device type
Systems and methods for suggesting a bid adjustment value based on device type include receiving parameters for a third-party content provider's campaign to present third-party content on a first type of device. Based on the campaign's parameters, bids from peer providers that use similar campaign parameters for both the first type of device and another type of device may be identified.
 Bid adjustment suggestions based on device type patent thumbnailBid adjustment suggestions based on device type
Systems and methods for suggesting a bid adjustment value based on device type include receiving parameters for a third-party content provider's campaign to present third-party content on a first type of device. Based on the campaign's parameters, bids from peer providers that use similar campaign parameters for both the first type of device and another type of device may be identified.
 Cross-platform advertisement targeting patent thumbnailCross-platform advertisement targeting
An online system, such as a social networking system, enables targeted advertising to its users across platforms, such as mobile applications, desktop browsers, and mobile browsers. The online system stores interactions with advertisements or other content from multiple platforms with a user identifier.
Desktop item with led means has usb-unit(s) or usb-module to charge other electric or digital data device(s)
Desk top items with leds also include usb-unit(s) or usb-module(s) and, optionally, additional outlet-units, to supply power to other electric or digital devices such as a smart phone or digital data device.. .
Intelligent digital assistant in a desktop environment
Methods and systems related to interfaces for interacting with a digital assistant in a desktop environment are disclosed. In some embodiments, a digital assistant is invoked on a user device by a gesture following a predetermined motion pattern on a touch-sensitive surface of the user device.
Wireless thermostat and system
A secure wireless thermostat and system comprising the thermostat are described and taught. The temperature control unit replaces the traditional thermostat by attaching to the wall and using the existing wiring from the traditional thermostat.
Range based user identification and profile determination
An embodiment includes a main compute node that detects the physical presence of a first user and subsequently loads a profile for the first user. The main compute node may detect the first user's presence based on detecting a first compute node corresponding to the first user.
Systems and methods for collecting and accruing labor activity data under many-to-many employment relation and with distributed access
A system and methods enable distributed users to have controlled and distributed access to labor data, and the labor data are produced as the results of monitoring and accruing labor activities with many-to-many employment relation. One method further comprises: (1) a method of importing data as the result of monitoring labor activities, and resolving the employment relation under which a labor activity is performed; (2) a method of accruing labor activities using input data according to the employment relation identified by method (1), and; (3) a method of enabling controlled access to labor and payroll data for distributed users.
Interface scanning for disabled users
Systems and processes for scanning a user interface are disclosed. One process can include scanning multiple elements within a user interface by highlighting the elements.
Desktop sharing method and system
A method of sharing data in a computer-implemented system is provided. The system includes at least a publisher device and a viewer device.
System and method for exchanging cryptographic capabilities
In some data communication configurations, data received from a sender may need to be viewed or otherwise processed by more than one entity with a corresponding client. For example, a message sent to a corporate email address may be viewed by either or both a mobile device and a desktop device.
Method of providing virtual machine and service gateway for real-time virtual desktop service
Disclosed herein is a method of providing a virtual machine and service gateway for real-time virtual desktop service. The service gateway includes a user information management unit, a virtual machine information management unit, and a virtual machine generation unit.
System and methodology for selectively controlling the transmission of content
According to one aspect of the present invention, a system and methodology is provided which controls whether or not content is permitted to be transmitted from a source device depending upon the nature of the content and/or other factors more fully described herein. Source devices may include devices such as mobile phones, tablets, netbooks, laptops, desktop computers, and any other devices which are capable of transmitting content which is resident on such device.
System and method for access of user accounts on remote servers
In certain embodiments, the system of the invention automatically replicates a user's personal computing environment and provides associated remote server access using authentication credentials and data files supplied by a local handheld device as coordinated by session level software common to the handheld device, the replicated system, the system on which the replication occurs, and the remote servers. The application enables a handheld computing device to transfer a user's various online account credentials to a user's other computing devices securely and automatically.
Key-frame based authoring and generation of highly resizable document layout
The present invention is a software method for the authoring and generation of highly resizable document layouts that automatically adapt to a wide range of window and screen sizes spanning the desktop to smartphones by interpolating and adaptively skipping the display of document layouts mapped to multiple reference windows called key-frames such that the generated document layouts and styles in a runtime document window are adjusted to be as close to the author's intent as possible. The adaptive display-skipping technique can also be extended to support adaptive pagination of document layouts..
Communication between a web-based application and a desktop application
New functionality to be added to a web-based application and a desktop application is expressed as declarative and/or procedural code that a conventional rendering engine of the web-based application and the desktop application can use to directly update the state of the applications. Users need not update client-side components—such as the desktop application and/or any plug-ins used by the browser hosting the web-based application—to take advantage of new types of functionality..
Data processing method, connection auditing device, and system
Embodiments of the present invention disclose a data processing method, a connection auditing device, and a system, and relate to the communications field. The data processing method includes: when a terminal connects to a remote virtual desktop, obtaining a capability type of the terminal; obtaining a service data packet, and recognizing a type of the service data packet; when the type of the service data packet matches the capability type of the terminal, sending the service data packet to the terminal; and when the type of the service data packet does not match the capability type of the terminal, sending the service data packet to the remote virtual desktop.
Medical information query system
A query system is provided for retrieving information from a medical information system, or its databases. A user interactive query wizard facilitates creation of query scripts for retrieval of information from the medical information system.
Detecting the location of a keyboard on a desktop
Methods and systems for detecting the location of a keyboard on a desktop. The method includes receiving an image of the desktop with the keyboard situated thereon and analyzing the image of the desktop to identify an area of the image corresponding to the keyboard.
Providing user interfaces and window previews for hosted applications
A local computing device may use a remote computing device to host various resources on behalf of the local computing device. The local computing device may receive data related to a graphical window of the remotely hosted resource and generate a graphical window on the local desktop environment for the remotely hosted resource.
Identifying and highlighting critical popups in a multi-window environment
Provided are techniques for the identification and display of critical messages including displaying a default desktop on a computing system; detecting a first popup message; making a first determination that the first popup message conforms with user specified criteria; and in response to the first determination generating a first emergency desktop; populating the first emergency desktop with the first popup message; and displaying the first emergency desktop in place of the default desktop on the computing system.. .
Desktop bowling game
A desktop bowling game is provided including bowling pins having metal that is attractable by magnets located at a base of each bowling pin, a ball, a main unit having a playing board having a surface with position markers for setup of the pins, and a pin reset mechanism, located below the playing board. The pin reset mechanism includes a sliding plate that slides up and down beneath the playing board between a first, up position immediately below and adjacent to the playing board to a second, down position away from the playing board.
System and method for management of digital media
A media management system configured provides functionality to store, organize, and share digital media. The media management system may capture media in one or more media capture sessions and organize the media according to the time at which it was created or captured.
Method and system for creating and utilizing a metadata apparatus for management applications
A method and system used to create a metadata apparatus that functions as a standard electronic language to both describe a complex item in precise detail and define data, objects, people and locations related to the item so as to provide a common secure platform and unlimited secondary meaningful use for products and systems that manage the item and related elements. The physical components of the apparatus include data centers, servers, desktop computers, mobile computing devices such as laptop computers, smart phones and computer tablets, and electronic devices in the field.
Centrifuge tube droplet generator
A centrifuge tube droplet generator includes a centrifugally generated droplet system which accommodates a sample volume of below 20 microliters and below. The system has virtually no dead volume, is simple and inexpensive and can therefore be realized in a disposable unit.
Extending server-based desktop virtual machine architecture to client machines
A server-based desktop-virtual machines architecture may be extended to a client machine. In one embodiment, a user desktop is remotely accessed from a client system.
Electronic devices and methods for arranging functional icons of the electronic device
A portable electronic device having two input units, a processor, a memory and a display unit, allows single handed operation for the repositioning of desktop icons and shortcuts. The input unit includes a touch panel and another sensor and movements of the device are interpreted as commands to rearrange the current display locations of desktop items, for more convenient and personalized operations on the items.
User interface for a computing device
There is disclosed a computing device comprising: (a) a display; (b) one or more processors; (c) computer memory; (d) one or more computer programs stored in the computer memory and configured to be executed by the one or more processors and including instructions for generating ui elements designed to remain in the same screen position as the device size scales from smartphone to tablet to laptop to desktop to tv, providing a consistent ui across all of the respective screen sizes and device types.. .
Web application pinning including task bar pinning
Various embodiments provide a mechanism to allow end users to install web applications and websites onto their desktop. In accordance with one or more embodiments, client-side code can be utilized to allow developers associated with a website to define boundaries associated with user interaction, and have those boundaries enforced by a run-time engine.
Virtual desktop access using wireless devices
Aspects herein describe at least a method, system, and computer readable storage media for transmitting data from a first computing device to a second computing device. The first computing device comprises a host while the second computing device comprises a thin client for receiving a virtual desktop session.
Virtual desktop infrastructure (vdi) login acceleration
The time required to login to a remote or virtual desktop can be reduced by caching image data in a persistent memory location in-between remote desktop sessions. For instance, image data related to an image displayed on a client device during a first virtual desktop session may be cached after terminating the first virtual desktop session.
Method and apparatus for identifying computing resource trajectory
The present invention relates to the security of general purpose computing devices, such as laptop or desktop pcs, and more specifically to the detection of malicious software (malware) on a general purpose computing device. A challenge in maintaining a plurality of computing systems is that it may be required to have visibility into the extensive collection of computing related resources located across those systems as well as information about resources together with their behaviors and evolutions within those systems.
Virtual desktop infrastructure (vdi) login acceleration
The time required to login to a remote or virtual desktop can be reduced by caching image data in a persistent memory location in-between remote desktop sessions. For instance, image data related to an image displayed on a client device during a first virtual desktop session may be cached after terminating the first virtual desktop session.
Appratus, method for deploying applications in a virtual desktop interface system
In a vdi session, an application is dynamically deployed in a host server or a client device to achieve improved performance. The host server establishes a vdi session with the client device and executes an application in response to a request from the client device.
Mobile router capable of automatically detecting network connection mode and performing network connection setting, and method thereof
The present invention is to provide a mobile router, which can connect with a network transmission device capable of wired or wireless networking (e.g., a modem provided by a network service provider, a wireless lan access point, or a mobile communication access point) in a corresponding one of at least three network connection modes based on a wired ethernet, a wireless local area network and a wireless wide area network, so as to transmit a network packet from a terminal device (e.g., a desktop computer, a laptop computer, or a mobile phone) to the internet or vice versa through the network transmission device. The mobile router can automatically detect an applicable network connection mode and automatically apply network connection settings stored in a corresponding profile.
Desktop electronic magnifier
A desktop electronic magnifier in a first embodiment includes a monitor and a control panel mounted to the monitor so that access to the control panel cannot be blocked by any position of the monitor. In a second embodiment, a monitor is positioned atop a flat platform that surmounts the camera so that access to the control panel cannot be blocked by any position of the monitor.
Adaptive opengl 3d graphics in virtual desktop infrastructure
System and method embodiments are provided for improving the performance of opengl graphics rendering on vm architecture. In an embodiment, a method implemented in a system comprising multiple virtual machines (vms) includes intercepting, at a first vm that does not have direct access to a graphics processing unit (gpu), a command from an application to render graphics.
Using contextual and spatial awareness to improve remote desktop imaging fidelity
Image data representing a desktop image for a client device that is accessing the desktop remotely is compressed according to a method that preserves image fidelity in selected non-text regions. The method, which is carried out in a remote server, includes the steps of generating image data for the remote desktop image and analyzing different regions of the remote desktop image, identifying those regions of the remote desktop image that are text regions, selecting non-text regions of the remote desktop image for lossless compression based on a spatial relationship between the non-text regions and the text regions, compressing the image data using a lossless compression protocol for a portion of the image data corresponding to the selected non-text regions, and transmitting the compressed image data to the client device..
Systems and apparatuses for aggregating nodes to form an aggregated virtual storage for a virtualized desktop environment
Embodiments of the invention relate generally to software, data storage, and virtualized computing and processing resources. More specifically, systems and apparatuses are described for aggregating nodes to form an aggregated virtual storage for a virtualized desktop environment.
Virtual desktop interface for a service call center
A method for operating an agent terminal in a call routing environment in which an agent server routes customer service calls to the agent terminal. The method includes the agent terminal establishing a communication link with the agent server over a network, configuring an agent terminal display to display service metric parameters related to an incoming customer service call to be routed to the agent terminal, wherein the service metric parameters are retrieved via the communication link from a configuration database of the agent server; and monitoring and displaying on the agent terminal display: updated service metric parameters throughout a customer service call routed from the agent server..
Bandwidth optimization for remote desktop protocol
The processing of a first data stream to generate a second stream conforming to a remote desktop protocol (rdp) is described. Operations may include facilitating storage of first data from the first stream at a first index indicated in the first stream, facilitating retrieval of second data from a second index included in the first stream, and facilitating generation of the second stream conforming to the rdp and including the first and second data.
Method and system to build a representative model for web pages to interact with users
The present invention refers to a method and system to convert a web page into a representative and functional model to interact with the user, i.e., preserving all features and attributes a web page interaction provides. Such interaction occurs through a unit that accesses all user-requested contents or data.

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