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Shoe having a printed design and printing process for shoes

Date/App# patent app List of recent Designs-related patents
 Rate adaptive irregular qc-ldpc codes from pairwise balanced designs for ultra-high-speed optical transports patent thumbnailnew patent Rate adaptive irregular qc-ldpc codes from pairwise balanced designs for ultra-high-speed optical transports
Systems and methods for data transport include encoding one or more streams of input data using one or more quasi-cyclic low density parity check (qc-ldpc) encoders; controlling irregularity of the qc-ldpc encoded data while preserving the quasi-cyclic nature of the ldpc encoded data and eliminating the error floor phenomenon. A parity-check matrix may be partially reconfigured to adapt one or more code rates; and one or more signals are generated using a mapper, wherein the output of the mapper is modulated onto a transmission medium.
 Interconnection designs and materials having improved strength and fatigue life patent thumbnailnew patent Interconnection designs and materials having improved strength and fatigue life
Methods and designs for increasing interconnect areas for interconnect bumps are disclosed. An interconnect bump may be formed on a substrate such that the interconnect bump extends beyond a contact pad onto a substrate.
 Stringed instrument plectrum cover patent thumbnailnew patent Stringed instrument plectrum cover
A stringed instrument plectrum cover that includes a formed structure having a conformal shape adapted to match the tear-drop shape of an instrument pick. The cover comprises a thickened member having an open interior.
 Shoe having a printed design and printing process for shoes patent thumbnailnew patent Shoe having a printed design and printing process for shoes
A shoe has a cohesive design/logo that spans the entirety of the shoe and the design is printed prior to assembly. The panels of the shoe are included on a large piece of material large enough to encompass all the panels of the shoes that will require printing.
 Wrap based fill in layout designs patent thumbnailWrap based fill in layout designs
Techniques for “wrapping” functional geometric elements with fill geometric elements are provided. With some implementations, functional geometric elements, such as geometric elements representing metal contact and interconnect structures, are identified in layout design data.
 System, method and apparatus for three-dimensional digital design content rights management patent thumbnailSystem, method and apparatus for three-dimensional digital design content rights management
The present invention comprises a system and method for providing three-dimensional and maintaining digital design rights management. The invention comprises a first server computer configured to transmit, to user terminals, images associated with three-dimensional designs.
 Ultimate bikini under pads (ubup) patent thumbnailUltimate bikini under pads (ubup)
Ubup is an attractive feminine design alternative to the present menstrual pads. Under pads and panties are hybrid designs that are attractively feminine bikini panties.
 Swim devices patent thumbnailSwim devices
A swim device comprising elongated foot pockets which surround each of the feet of the swimmer, continued distally with tapers ending in neckings connected in a functional manner to blades for each foot. The neckings of the tapers of both feet may be connected to one blade (monofin).
 Bump structural designs to minimize package defects patent thumbnailBump structural designs to minimize package defects
A method of forming a chip package includes providing a chip with a plurality of first copper post bumps having a first height of copper post. The method also includes providing a substrate with a plurality of second copper post bumps having a second height of copper post.
 Backpressure control unit, liquid ejecting head, and liquid ejecting apparatus patent thumbnailBackpressure control unit, liquid ejecting head, and liquid ejecting apparatus
A backpressure control unit that introduces a liquid from an external liquid holding unit and supplies the liquid to a main head unit for ejecting the liquid via a nozzle opening includes a flow channel member having an introduction channel, a valve member, and a supply channel, and a cover that that combines a base portion and a cover portion and houses the flow channel member therewithin. This provides a backpressure control unit that improves yields by absorbing discrepancies in properties of backpressure control valves to the greatest extent possible while at the same time making it possible to change designs in a flexible manner..
Pressure release means and placement indicator for inflatable catheter or respiratory gas supply retention means
Under- and overinflation of retention balloons and cuffs for catheters including foley catheters, and for endotracheal tubes, tracheostomy tubes, laryngeal mask airways and similar devices is correlated with hospital acquired infections and with patient injury. In this patent, a solution that correctly inflates inflatable retention devices is taught, whereby a pressure release means is incorporated into the inflation pathway from the fluid input syringe to the retention means while inflating.
Wide waistband and pant supporting undergarment
The present invention provides underwear that are configured for use with pants that are worn below the waistline of a user. The underwear may comprise a wide waistband that is configured to cover from one-third to one-half the total length of the underwear, whereby the waistband occupies an area from just above to just below the waistline of a user.
Method and apparatus for dynamically allocating memory address space between physical memories
A memory address space for each of a plurality of physical memories in a microprocessor-based system is allocated prior to knowing the desired logical size of at least one of the physical memories. At least two of the allocated memory address spaces overlap at least a portion of each other.
Extended active disturbance rejection controller
Multiple designs, systems, methods and processes for controlling a system or plant using an extended active disturbance rejection control (adrc) based controller are presented. The extended adrc controller accepts sensor information from the plant.
Patient-adapted and improved articular implants, designs and related guide tools
Methods and devices are disclosed relating improved articular models, implant components, and related guide tools and procedures. In addition, methods and devices are disclosed relating articular models, implant components, and/or related guide tools and procedures that include one or more features derived from patient-data, for example, images of the patient's joint.
Methods and apparatus for detecting molecular interactions using fet arrays
Methods and apparatuses relating to large scale fet arrays for analyte detection and measurement are provided. Chemfet (e.g., isfet) arrays may be fabricated using conventional cmos processing techniques based on improved fet pixel and array designs that increase measurement sensitivity and accuracy, and at the same time facilitate significantly small pixel sizes and dense arrays.
Methods and apparatus for detecting molecular interactions using fet arrays
Methods and apparatuses relating to large scale fet arrays for analyte detection and measurement are provided. Chemfet (e.g., isfet) arrays may be fabricated using conventional cmos processing techniques based on improved fet pixel and array designs that increase measurement sensitivity and accuracy, and at the same time facilitate significantly small pixel sizes and dense arrays.
Targeted delivery and prodrug designs for platinum-acridine anti-cancer compounds and methods thereof
Acridine containing cisplatin compounds have been disclosed that show greater efficacy against cancer than other cisplatin compounds. Methods of delivery of those more effective cisplatin compounds to the nucleus in cancer cells is disclosed using one or more amino acids, one or more sugars, one or more polymeric ethers, c1-6alkylene-phenyl-nh—c(o)—r15, folic acid, αvβ3 integrin rgd binding peptide, tamoxifen, endoxifen, epidermal growth factor receptor, antibody conjugates, kinase inhibitors, diazoles, triazoles, oxazoles, erlotinib, and/or mixtures thereof; wherein r15 is a peptide..
Casing detection tools and methods
Methods and tools for detecting casing position downhole is presented. The method utilizes electromagnetic.
High efficiency permanent magnet machine
The present invention is a high efficiency permanent magnet machine capable of maintaining high power density. The machine is operable over a wide range of power output.
Rim, airless tire and hubcap designs configured to directionally convey air and methods for their use
The present turbine fan rim, turbine fan airless tire and turbine fan hubcap designs are configured to remove air from under the underside of a moving vehicle when rotated in a particular direction, typically in a forward direction. This air movement can create a vacuum below the vehicle, which can create a down force on the vehicle increasing traction between the vehicle's tires and the road surface and lowering the vehicle's center of gravity.
Rim, airless tire and hubcap designs configured to directionally convey air and methods for their use
The present turbine fan rim, turbine fan airless tire and turbine fan hubcap designs are configured to remove air from under the underside of a moving vehicle when rotated in a particular direction, typically in a forward direction. This air movement can create a vacuum below the vehicle, which can create a down force on the vehicle increasing traction between the vehicle's tires and the road surface and lowering the vehicle's center of gravity.
3-ski snowbike
The 3-ski snow bike designs transform bicycles into 3-ski snow bikes that can be used for downhill and cross country snow biking. It consists of a bicycle frame with 1 permanent front ski instead of the front wheel and 2 detachable rear skis on each side.
Railroad spikes and methods of making the same
Embodiments of the present invention are directed to improved designs of railroad spikes and improved methods of manufacturing the same. According to one exemplary embodiment, a method for manufacturing a railroad spike may comprise the steps of: preparing a metal blank having a substantially circular cross-section; subjecting the metal blank to at least one cold heading process and at least one cold extrusion process to form a railroad spike having (a) a circular head with a fillet at its bottom side that is angled to engage a railroad tie plate or rail base and (b) a non-threaded shank with a substantially square cross-section and a chiseled tip; and coating the railroad spike with an anti-corrosion material..
Partitioning designs to facilitate certification
This disclosure relates generally to field-programmable gate arrays (fpgas). Some implementations relate to methods and systems for partitioning fpga circuit designs to facilitate certification.
Interchangeable molding designs
A molding member may include at least one interchangeable panel that may be interchanged after the molding member has been installed to a support structure. The molding member may allow the molding design to be replaced to match the desired appearance of the room in which the molding is attached.
Interchangeable molding designs and lighting panels
A molding member may include at least one interchangeable panel that may be interchanged after the molding member has been installed to a support structure. The molding member may allow the molding design to be replaced to match the desired appearance of the room in which the molding is attached.
Internally illuminated light diffusing footwear
An illumination system is housed in a footwear, the footwear including a sole and an upper. A structure and a liner form inner layers connected to the upper.
Advanced datacenter designs
In an embodiment, a datacenter includes a silo-shaped enclosure defining a shelter from an environment and a plurality of racks having datacenter equipment and configured within the silo-shaped enclosure. The racks are configured in a substantially cylindrical arrangement that defines an interior channel to receive and expel an exhaust airflow communicated from a first side of the plurality of racks to a second side of the plurality of racks abutting the interior channel..
High efficiency output stage amplification for radio frequency (rf) transmitters
Highly power efficient transmitter output stage designs are provided. In an embodiment, the probability density function (pdf) of an input signal is divided into a plurality of regions, and samples of the input signal are processed depending on the region of the pdf within which they fail.
Hybrid digital/analog power amplifier
The invention may be embodied in radio frequency power amplifier (rf-pa) predriver circuits employing a hybrid analog/digital rf architecture including a resynchronizing digital-to-analog convertor to drive an efficient high-power output stage suitable for driving standard high power amplifier (hpa) output devices. The hybrid analog/digital rf architecture retains the advantages of high digital content integration found in conventional class-s architecture, while relaxing the performance requirements on the output transistors and on the bitstream generator.
Rippled disc electrostatic generator/motor configurations utilizing magnetic insulation
Electrostatic generators/motors designs are provided that generally may include a first rippled stator centered about a longitudinal axis; a second rippled stator centered about the axis, a first rippled rotor centered about the axis and located between the first rippled stator and the second rippled stator. A magnetic field having field lines about parallel with the average plane of at least one of the first rippled stator or the second rippled stator is provided with either a halbach array configuration or a conductor array configuration..
Parasitic inductance reduction for multilayered board layout designs with semiconductor devices
A highly efficient, single sided circuit board layout design providing magnetic field self-cancellation and reduced parasitic inductance independent of board thickness. The low profile power loop extends through active and passive devices on the top layer of the circuit board, with vias connecting the power loop to a return path in an inner layer of the board.
Electromigration analysis for standard cell based designs
Methods and media for analyzing electrical designs are provided. A method includes and the media are configured for providing or loading to an analysis tool a design that includes a plurality of cell instances of a standard cell and estimating a failure rate of the design using in context electrical parameters for the plurality of cell instances and a parameterized electromigration (em) view of the standard cell.
Printed substrate design system, and printed substrate design method
A printed substrate design system designs a substrate configuration of a printed substrate on which an ic and a passive component are mounted, and a cable is connected to the printed substrate. The printed substrate design system includes: an input unit that receives input of printed substrate design information; an emi characteristic derivation unit that derives an emi characteristic from the input printed substrate design information received by the input unit, the emi characteristic being a characteristic of emi occurring from the printed substrate; a determination criteria storage unit that stores an emi allowable condition being a condition of an allowable emi characteristic of the printed substrate; an emi condition determination unit that compares the emi characteristic derived by the emi characteristic derivation unit with the emi allowable condition stored in the determination criteria storage unit, the emi condition determination unit determining whether the emi characteristic of the printed substrate satisfies the emi allowable condition; a substrate configuration change unit that changes an internal configuration of the printed substrate in a case where the emi condition determination unit has determined that the emi allowable condition is not satisfied, the substrate configuration change unit setting design information of the printed substrate with the re-changed structure to design information for deriving the emi characteristic in the emi characteristic derivation unit; and an output unit that outputs a printed substrate configuration that satisfies the emi allowable condition in a case where the emi condition determination unit has determined the emi allowable condition is satisfied..
Identifying hierarchical chip design intellectual property through digests
One method implementation disclosed includes detecting matching leaf cells that have functionally identical designs (optionally, similar designs) and assigning matching names for the matching leaf cells to replace original, non-matching names. Optionally, digests can be calculated for the leaf cells and used to detect similarities and/or differences.
System and method for automated coding and testing of benefits
A system and method for automated coding and testing of insurance benefits is provided. The system comprises a user interface to receive data pertaining to benefits based on insurance benefits contracts and to create benefit plan designs (bpds) using the received data.
Stent designs for reduced infolding of graft material
A stent-graft comprises a substantially tubular graft material, and a stent coupled to the graft material. The stent has proximal and distal ends and further has compressed and deployed states.
Distal tip for bone fixation devices
Distal tip designs for bone fixation devices are disclosed. In some embodiments, a system for bone fixation includes a delivery catheter having a proximal end and a distal end; an expandable member having a proximal region and a distal region, wherein the expandable member is releasably attached about the distal end of the delivery catheter at the proximal region of the expandable member; a distal cap attached to the distal region of the expandable member to seal the expandable member; a light conducting fiber; and a light-sensitive liquid; wherein the delivery catheter has an inner void for passage of a light-sensitive liquid into the expandable member to expand the expandable member and an inner lumen for passage of the light conducting fiber into the expandable member to cure the light-sensitive liquid inside the expandable member..
Coupling structures for an ultrasound probe
A probe cap for use with an ultrasound probe including a head portion and an acoustic surface is disclosed. In one embodiment, the probe cap includes a body that defines a cavity sized for releasably receiving the head portion of the probe therein.
Prna mutlivalent junction domain for use in stable multivalent rna nanoparticles
Trifurcate rna junction domains derived from phi29 prna are described that assemble with high affinity and that are stable in vitro and in vivo. Further expansion of trifurcated rna domains to multiple way junction scaffolds via creative designs enable an array of toolkit to construct nanoparticle architectures with diverse shapes and angles.
Expandable broadhead with chisel tip
Designs for expandable broadhead arrowheads with chisel tips for attachment to arrow shafts are provided. The chisel tips, when inserted into the ferrules of the expandable broadheads, provide greater durability, improved flight characteristics for the projectile to which the broadheads are attached, and more effective deployment of the cutting blades of the expandable broadheads..
Modular nucleic acid-based circuits for counters, binary operations, memory, and logic
We have created novel engineered genetic counter designs and methods of use thereof that utilize dna recombinases to provide modular systems, termed single invertase memory modules (simms), for encoding memory in cells and cellular systems. Our designs are easily extended to compute to high numbers, by utilizing the >100 known recombinases to create subsequent modules.
Serpentine fluid reactor components
Some embodiments of the present invention provide components for a serpentine fluid reactor which is optimized for one or more objective functions of interest such as pressure drop, erosion rate, fouling, coke deposition and operating costs. The components are designed by computer modeling the components individually and collectively in which the cross section of flow path is substantially circular under industrial conditions to validate the model design and its operation.
Low ac resistance conductor designs
Described herein are improved configurations for providing a stranded printed circuit board trace comprising, a plurality of conductor layers, a plurality of individual conductor traces on each of the said conductor layers, and a plurality of vias for connecting individual conductor traces on different said conductor layers, the vias located on the outside edges of the stranded trace. The individual conductor traces of each layer may be routed from vias on one side of the stranded printed circuit board trace to vias on the other side in a substantially diagonal direction with respect to the axis of the stranded printed circuit board trace.
Sustainable aquaponic system and method for growing plants like medical cannabis
A system and method of sustainable aquaponics that vertically integrates unique aquaponic system designs with alternative aquaculture fish feed sources, fingerling production methods, alternative aquaculture/farmed fish grow out models, and green energy sources that yield organic produce in the form of fruits and vegetables. A raceway system serves as the hub for grow-out throughout the warm and cold months.
Powder coating booth
A powder spray for lengthy parts includes a booth wall structure comprised primarily of doors. A moveable roof may be raised and lowered to clean powder overspray from the interior surfaces of the booth.
Method and apparatus for verifying debugging of integrated circuit designs
Method and apparatus for verifying debugging aspects of integrated circuit (ic) designs. In one aspect, an ip provider(s) can use the same process that isolated ip defect(s) to demonstrate to the customer (whether an ic designer or an ip consumer such as a smartphone manufacturer) that the debugging was successful, and that errors in operation will not recur.
Method and apparatus for isolating and/or debugging defects in integrated circuit designs
Method and apparatus for debugging aspects of integrated circuit (ic) designs employ techniques by which defective intellectual property (ip) in those ic designs can be exercised, and defects identified, without disturbing the ip itself, but at the same time isolating the source of the defect(s) to the responsible ip provider(s). The ip provider then can debug the ip.
Apparatus for performing matrix vector multiplication approximation using crossbar arrays of resistive memory devices
An apparatus that performs the mathematical matrix-vector multiplication approximation operations using crossbar arrays of resistive memory devices (e.g. Memristor, resistive random-access memory, spintronics, etc.).
Methods and systems for financial transactions
Relationship banking and mobile banking are discussed and presented here. In section 1, we present pre-approval, fulfillment, and application process.
Solid freeform fabrication of implant components
Disclosed are designs, methods and systems for manufacturing implants, implant components, features of implant components, and/or related tools using solid freeform fabrication or additive metals technologies.. .
Protected lithium electrodes having a porous electrolyte interlayer and associated battery cells
Active metal and active metal intercalation electrode structures and battery cells having ionically conductive protective architecture including an active metal (e.g., lithium) conductive impervious layer separated from the electrode (anode) by a porous separator impregnated with a non-aqueous electrolyte (anolyte). This protective architecture prevents the active metal from deleterious reaction with the environment on the other (cathode) side of the impervious layer, which may include aqueous or non-aqueous liquid electrolytes (catholytes) and/or a variety electrochemically active materials, including liquid, solid and gaseous oxidizers.
Alignment mark design for semiconductor device
Better alignment mark designs for semiconductor devices may substantially lessen the frequency of layer misalignment scanner alignment problems. Exemplary alignment mark designs substantially avoid or minimize damage during the fill-in and etching and chemical mechanical processing processes.
Methods, structures, and designs for self-aligning local interconnects used in integrated circuits
An integrated circuit includes a gate electrode level region that includes a plurality of linear-shaped conductive structures. Each of the plurality of linear-shaped conductive structures is defined to extend lengthwise in a first direction.
Rectractable oxygen supply-hose reel and mechanism housing cover for medical oxygen therapy devises and medical oxygen treatment devises.
This invention modifies and redesigns a spring-loaded, retractable supply hose mechanisms used to pan out, retract, and store hoses used for gases (e.g., oxygen), treatments, or fluids, specifically this inventor's prior art, the retractable oxygen supply hose mechanism, u.s. Pat.
Self-defense spray manufactured in various designs with portability
A portable self-defense spray to protect a person from danger under an emergency situation is provided. The compressive-spray structure includes a compact case manufactured in various designs by using a flexible long-length filling tube filled with the cn solution.
Equipment designs for applying agricultural management materials
An apparatus and method for applying an agricultural management material to targeted area. Exemplary agricultural management materials include viscous materials..
Decorative transparent dinnerware articles with interchangeable display capability
A unique, versatile system of providing decorative dinnerware articles (plates, bowls, platters, and the like) with viewable designs on demand is provided. Such an article (as well as system) includes at least one transparent top component of a suitable polymer construction that nests with a lower component such that the two connect reliably in a manner that a user may place a decoration of his or her choosing between both component such that the design may be viewed through at least the top component (the lower component may be transparent, as well, if desired).
Bubble and foam solutions using a completely immersed air-free feedback flow control valve
The embodiments disclosed herein relate to methods and apparatus for promoting bubble-free circulation of processing fluids in a recirculation system. Certain disclosed techniques involve passive, mechanical valve designs that promote variable resistance to flow in a drain.
Cooling tower with indirect heat exchanger
An improved heat exchange apparatus is provided with indirect evaporative heat exchange section consisting of a plate type heat exchanger which provides more surface area per volume compared to other designs. The indirect plate style heat exchanger may be combined with one or more direct evaporative heat exchange sections in multiple arrangements..
Drum slip
An interchangeable drum slip that may be quickly installed to change the appearance of a drum and to provide protection to the drum shell. The drum slip is a rectangular piece of material that is pre-cut to precisely fit specific models of drums.
Mouth guard
Mouth guards of varying designs. The mouth guard is generally moldable and has non-planar biting surfaces.
Matching back pressures on differential oil-filled diaphragms
Exemplary embodiments of the present invention provide a differential pressure transducer that comprises first and second diaphragms of different configurations, i.e., different diameters and/or thicknesses. The pressure transducer provides more versatility over prior art designs as the diaphragms can be of different configurations yet still maintain substantially similar back pressures.
System and method for sharing digital objects
Implementations of systems and methods according to present principles provide new ways to share digital objects in computing environments, improving the user experience and also enhancing communication and relationships among people. The “sharings” can occur as a transfer of an object from one user to another or the transfer of the object into an environment (or vice versa).
Method for tailoring garments
A method for tailoring garments includes steps for browsing and selecting a manufacturing country and a main design for a garment, browsing and selecting auxiliary designs for the main design, inputting sizes and dimensions of the user for the garment, finalizing the main design and the auxiliary designs for the garments, patterning fabric with grade marking in an off-line workshop according to the main design, cutting the fabric according to the grade marking in the off-line workshop, finishing the garment in the off-line workshop using the cut fabric and auxiliary material procured according to the auxiliary designs, and delivering the finished garment to the user in the off-line workshop.. .
Internal header flow divider for uniform electrolyte distribution
The present disclosure details header flow divider designs and methods of electrolyte distribution. Internal header flow dividers may include multiple flow channels and may be built into flow frames.
Multicore fiber designs for spatial multiplexing
In an optical fiber, a plurality of individual cores extend through a common cladding. Each individual core supports at least one local transverse spatial mode.
Integral current transforming electric circuit interrupter
An electric power switch suitable as a capacitor, line and load switch for transmission and distribution voltages includes an external actuator controlled by current transformers (cts) mounted on live tanks comprising insulators forming dielectric containers that house the contactors of the switch. The cts are located on the outside of the insulators in the regions of the insulators overlying the internal contactors between the upper and lower high voltage line taps.
System and method for evaluating intraocular lens performance
Systems and methods for providing improved techniques for evaluating performance of intraocular lenses. Such techniques can be used to evaluate lens designs and can help reduce the need for multiple clinical trials that may otherwise be needed to evaluate multiple design iterations.
Antenna designs and system for reducing energy emissions from wearable mobile device
The present invention relates to design of antennas for efficient communication over the radio-frequency airwaves in applications such as cellular phones and more particularly, wearable wireless devices, and to a system for reducing the overall electromagnetic energy radiated from a cellular phone designed to be worn on the body. The invention includes a series of antenna designs with a configuration of materials that can transmit wireless signals efficiently without excess power being emitted, enabling regulatory approval of a wearable wireless communications device, enhancing consumer safety, and increasing battery life.
Enhanced transconductance circuit
A transconductance circuit that improves linearity and output current over a wider range of input voltages than prior designs. The transconductance circuit may include first and second sets of paired differential transistors.
Digital frame cover and decorative wrap
Disclosed is a digital frame cover comprised of two basic components which are utilized in conjunction with each other to decorate the front perimeter of a digital frame. The two primary components of the digital frame cover being (1) a hollow rectangular cover comprising cutouts at various locations, and (2) a “decorative wrap” of interior dimensions which allow the decorative wrap to fit snugly over the exterior of the cover.

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