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Hierarchically structural and biphillic surface energy designs for enhanced condensation heat transfer

Vehicle seat memory track assembly with memory adjustment compensation

Sloped hierarchically-structured surface designs for enhanced condensation heat transfer

Date/App# patent app List of recent Designs-related patents
 Burr hole plug designs patent thumbnailnew patent Burr hole plug designs
The burr hole plug comprises a plug base configured for being mounted around a burr hole, and having an aperture through which an elongated medical device exiting the burr hole may pass. The burr hole plug further comprises a retainer configured for being mounted within the plug base aperture.
 Bursting head device patent thumbnailnew patent Bursting head device
Embodiments of the present disclosure provide improvements in bursting head designs and methods of use for pulling cable or pipe through space underground.. .
 Light-field based autofocus patent thumbnailnew patent Light-field based autofocus
In various embodiments, the present invention relates to methods, systems, architectures, algorithms, designs, and user interfaces for light-field based autofocus. In response to receiving a focusing request at a camera, a light-field autofocus system captures a light-field image.
 Marine security system patent thumbnailnew patent Marine security system
There is proposed a marine security system which comprises at least two different monitoring elements (irc, irs) and a controller (pc) connected thereto in particular for warding off pirates, said controller triggering an alarm and/or activating alarm devices as a function of the displays or outputs of the different monitoring elements. In addition, at least two separate line or conduit systems (la, lb) and outlets (da, db) connected thereto are provided, from which at least one substance can be discharged.
 On-die programming of integrated circuit bond pads patent thumbnailnew patent On-die programming of integrated circuit bond pads
Soc and sip designs are configured with an antifuse link within the die to allow on-die programming of bond wires connecting package lead fingers to the bond pads on the die. This permits alteration of the bond pad connections for the die, particularly for the ground voltage ground signal (vss) connections on the bond pad, at the testing stage after the die package and the power supply have been installed on the pcb.
 Vehicle seat memory track assembly with memory adjustment compensation patent thumbnailnew patent Vehicle seat memory track assembly with memory adjustment compensation
The disclosed system employs vehicle seat track assembly including an easy entry system for a vehicle seat, further including a memory system having an adjustment increment compensator which allows for memory system which records displacement by an incremental distance, y, to be employed in a vehicle seat which employees a seat track that allows for fore-aft adjustment by a second incremental distance, x, thereby allowing seat designers and manufacturers to employ a single easy entry memory system on multiple vehicle seat track designs, each of which may have seat tracks which allow fore-aft adjustment at different increments, without modifying the easy entry memory system for each variation in fore-aft adjustment increment. The disclosed compensator also insures that the memory system will be activated even when there is a slight misalignment of the memory module components at the time of activation..
 Bumpless build-up layer package with pre-stacked microelectronic devices patent thumbnailnew patent Bumpless build-up layer package with pre-stacked microelectronic devices
The present disclosure relates to the field of integrated circuit package design and, more particularly, to packages using a bumpless build-up layer (bbul) designs. Embodiments of the present description relate to the field of fabricating microelectronic packages, wherein a first microelectronic device having through-silicon vias may be stacked with a second microelectronic device and used in a bumpless build-up layer package..
 Sloped hierarchically-structured surface designs for enhanced condensation heat transfer patent thumbnailnew patent Sloped hierarchically-structured surface designs for enhanced condensation heat transfer
An apparatus. The apparatus comprises a distribution of microstructures on an area of a surface, each of the microstructures having one or more sloping sides.
 Hierarchically structural and biphillic surface energy designs for enhanced condensation heat transfer patent thumbnailnew patent Hierarchically structural and biphillic surface energy designs for enhanced condensation heat transfer
An apparatus comprising a base layer, a distribution of separated micro-nucleation sites thereon. The apparatus also includes a distribution nanostructures located on the base layer, each of the micro-nucleation sites being adjacent to some of the nanostructures.
 Systems and methods for making fiber webs patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for making fiber webs
Systems and methods for forming fiber webs, including those suitable for use as filter media and battery separators, are provided. In some embodiments, the systems and methods involve designs which allow improved control of the fiber web forming process.
Methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for implementing electronic circuit designs with simulation awareness
Disclosed are methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for implementing electronic designs with simulation awareness. A schematic is identified or created and simulated at the schematic level to characterize the functional behavior of the circuit or to ensure the circuit design meets the required design specifications.
Test architecture for characterizing interconnects in stacked designs
Aspects of the invention relate to ring-oscillator-based test architecture for characterizing interconnects in stacked designs. The disclosed ring-oscillator-based test architecture comprises a plurality of boundary scan cells coupled to a plurality of interconnects.
Resource mapping in a hardware emulation environment
A system and method is disclosed in an emulation environment that dynamically remaps user designs. In one embodiment, a request is received to load an integrated circuit design to be emulated in a desired partition within the emulator.
Structure building toy
A structure building toy is disclosed. The structure building toy is formed of one or more panels having interlocking panel connectors and a unique design.
Decoupling mim capacitor designs for interposers and methods of manufacture thereof
Decoupling metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitor designs for interposers and methods of manufacture thereof are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of forming a decoupling capacitor includes providing a packaging device, and forming a decoupling mim capacitor in at least two metallization layers of the packaging device..
Methods for manufacture a capacitor with three-dimensional high surface area electrodes
A capacitor, and methods of its manufacture, having improved capacitance efficiency which results from increasing the effective area of an electrode surface are disclosed. An improved “three-dimensional” capacitor may be constructed with electrode layers having three-dimensional aspects at the point of interface with a dielectric such that portions of the electrode extend into the dielectric layer.
Multi-band color vision filters and method by lp-optimization
The invention generally relates to optical filters that provide regulation and/or enhancement of chromatic and luminous aspects of the color appearance of light to human vision, generally to applications of such optical filters, to therapeutic applications of such optical filters, to industrial and safety applications of such optical filters when incorporated, for example, in radiation-protective eyewear, to methods of designing such optical filters, to methods of manufacturing such optical filters, and to designs and methods of incorporating such optical filters into apparatus including, for example, eyewear and illuminants.. .
Lightweight aircraft passenger seat assembly
A lightweight aircraft passenger seat assembly comprises at least one seat portion and at least one supporting portion for supporting the at least one seat portion relative to an aircraft structure. In order to provide an improved lightweight aircraft passenger seat assembly having a reduced weight, size and complexity as compared to conventional lightweight passenger seat designs, the invention provides a lightweight aircraft passenger seat assembly, comprising at least one seat portion with at least one seat shell for an aircraft passenger and at least one supporting portion for supporting the at least one seat portion relative to an aircraft structure, wherein the at least one seat shell and the at least one supporting portion are constructed as light-weight components..
Integrated and modular approach for converting electrical power to ionic momentum and high differential voltage potential
An integrated and modular approach is provided to convert electrical power to ionic momentum and a resulting high differential voltage field potential using an integrated multi-planar or axial microwave array and energetically sympathetic dielectric antennae to convert distilled liquid water to steam plasma and propagate the resulting water derived ions and electrons, steam and microwave energy into a modular energetic planar arrangement for integration into reactor vessels of various designs for the reduction of waste stream and fossil sourced feedstocks into their fundamental gaseous components and simultaneous reformation into desired synthesis or methane gas. The formed steam plasma (initiating plasma) generates electrons and ions which are propagated differentially to create a high differential voltage field potential which in conjunction with dielectric heating and far infrared radiation induced feedstock ionic polarization effects creates a series of primary feedstock reducing plasma fields for efficient plasma gasification with simultaneous product gas reformation..
Cantilever microprobes for contacting electronic components and methods for making such probes
Embodiments disclosed herein are directed to compliant probe structures for making temporary or permanent contact with electronic circuits and the like. In particular, embodiments are directed to various designs of cantilever-like probe structures.
Energizing elements for a clutch
An electromagnetic clutch includes a rotatable input member and a rotatable output member. A clutch plate is fixed for rotation with one of the input member and the output member.
Tunable check valve
Tunable check valves reduce valve-generated vibration to increase the reliability of tunable fluid ends. Selected improved designs described herein reflect disparate applications of identical technical principles (relating to, e.g., the vibration spectrum of an impulse).
Methods and apparatus for wetting pretreatment for through resist metal plating
Disclosed are pre-wetting apparatus designs and methods for cleaning solid contaminants from substrates prior to through resist deposition of metal. In some embodiments, a pre-wetting apparatus includes a process chamber having a substrate holder, and at least one nozzle located directly above the wafer substrate and configured to deliver pre-wetting liquid (e.g., degassed deionized water) onto the substrate at a grazing angle of between about 5 and 45 degrees.
Magnetic sensor packaging for transmissions
Designs to package a magneto-elastic torque sensor in an automotive transmission for volume production applications are provided. One transmission includes an output shaft and a magnetic torque sensor.
Microelectromechanical bulk acoustic wave devices and methods
Micromachined gyroscopes, such as those based upon microelectromechanical systems (mems) have the potential to dominate the rate-sensor market mainly due to their small size, low power and low cost. As mems gyroscopes are resonant devices requiring active excitation it would be beneficial to improve the resonator q-factor reducing the electrical drive power requirements for the excitation circuitry.
High capacitance multilayer with high voltage capability
New designs for multilayer ceramic capacitors are described with high voltage capability without the need of coating the part to resist surface arc-over. One design combines a high overlap area for higher capacitance whilst retaining a high voltage capability.
Automated scalable verification for hardware designs at the register transfer level
A system and methods are provided for verifying a hardware design for an electronic circuit. The method may include: providing a hardware design description for the electronic circuit; extracting a set of design constraints from the hardware design description, where the set of design constraints represents the electronic circuit in terms of signals and logical operations performed on the signals; creating an abstraction model from the set of design constraints, where the abstraction model abstracts one or more of the logical operations in the set of design constraints by replacing the abstracted logical operations with uninterpreted functions; and property checking the abstraction model in relation to one or more design properties.
Automated design, selection, manufacturing and implantation of patient-adapted and improved articular implants, designs and related guide tools
Disclosed are automated systems, devices and methods that facilitate the design, selection, manufacturing and/or implantation of improved and/or patient-adapted (e.g., patient-specific and/or patient-engineered) orthopedic implants and guide tools, as well as associated methods, designs and models.. .
Imprint tool
An imprinter for creating impressions of designs in media such as buttercream, fondant, gum paste, modeling dough, and cookie dough for decoration. The imprinter includes a retainer having a retainer body and at least one retaining portion and a lock configured to be received by the retainer.
Liquid lithium cooled fission reactor for producing radioactive materials
A liquid lithium-cooled fission reactor optimized for producing radioactive materials. The reactor is designed to enhance the availability of rare radioactive materials that have significant value for national defense, industrial research, and medical care.
Steering wheel hand detection systems
Steering wheel hand detection systems are disclosed herein. The systems can optionally be used with a system for identifying the presence and/or location of a driver's hands on the steering wheel.
Lawn mower assemblies
Lawn mower designs are provided that enhance the efficiency and/or flexibility of use. In a first embodiment, a lawn mower is provided that includes at least one side/wing mowing deck that is movable relative to the main mower deck in a substantially horizontal plane.
System, method, and program product for digital production management
Systems, methods, and program products for managing digital production from one or more production devices with one or more sources providing inputs of production designs and/or production options are disclosed.. .
Scan-based test architecture for interconnects in stacked designs
Aspects of the invention relate to scan-based test architecture for interconnects in stacked designs. The disclosed scan-based test architecture comprises a scan chain.
Javascript api for webrtc
The present invention provides a system and method for real-time communication signaling between html5 endpoints and the ims core of a telecommunication network. The system includes a webrtc session controller (wsc) that terminates web communications with the client-side, parses, and normalizes the web communications into an internal protocol suitable for communication with telecommunications network systems.
Integration of shallow trench isolation and through-substrate vias into integrated circuit designs
A method of manufacturing an ic, comprising providing a substrate having a first side and a second opposite side, forming a sti opening in the first side of the substrate and forming a partial tsv opening in the first side of the substrate and extending the partial tsv opening. The extended partial tsv opening is deeper into the substrate than the sti opening.
Lighting devices
Improved lighting devices, such as non-rechargeable and rechargeable flashlights, having simplified designs with fewer component parts are described. A focusing feature is described where the light source is held stationary and the reflector is moved through the engagement of threads and/or teeth arrangement.
Symmetrical flat panel display
A display includes an encapsulation layer and a substrate. The substrate includes a chip on glass (cog) seat and a flexible printed circuit (fpc) connector seat.
Low acoustic noise capacitors
The described embodiments relate generally to a capacitor assembly for mounting on a printed circuit board (pcb) and more specifically to designs for mechanically isolating the capacitor assembly from the pcb to reduce an acoustic noise produced when the capacitor imparts a piezoelectric force on the pcb. Termination elements in the capacitor assembly, including a porous conductive layer in the capacitor assembly may reduce an amount of vibrational energy transferred from the capacitor to the pcb.
Decoupling mim capacitor designs for interposers and methods of manufacture thereof
Decoupling metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitor designs for interposers and methods of manufacture thereof are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of forming a decoupling capacitor includes providing a packaging device, and forming a decoupling mim capacitor in at least two metallization layers of the packaging device..
Vapor vacuum condensing boiler designs
One embodiment of the present invention is a boiler for boiling water to produce steam, having (1) an evaporating section comprising (a) a combustion chamber for burning fuel with air and generating hot flue gas, (b) an evaporating heat exchanger around the combustion chamber for exchanging heat between the flue gas and water to produce the steam which exits the boiler; and (2) a condensing section comprising (c) a condensing heat exchanger for exchanging heat between the hot flue gas from the combustion chamber and a low-temperature water return having a temperature below approximately 100° f., generating flue gas condensate, which leaves the boiler, wherein the low-temperature water return is heated by the hot flue gas in the condensing heat exchanger before entering the evaporating heat exchanger for additional heating. The disclosed vacuum condensing boilers make vapor vacuum steam more efficient and economical for industrial, commercial, and home applications..
Undersea free vehicle and components
A free vehicle suitable to serve as a platform to carry a variety of equipment to the ocean floor, actuate devices at the floor and at intermediate points on the way to and returning from the ocean floor is described. The free vehicle includes standardized power, control electronics, navigation equipment and mechanical release mechanisms that can be used in conjunction with custom experiments.
Adjustable shoestring device
An adjustable shoestring includes an elastic shoestring body and a fastener coupled to the body. The body includes an elastic rope ribbon, a buckle hole, and engaging balls spaced equidistantly configured on the right side of the rope ribbon.
Optimizing designs of integrated circuits
Methods and systems for optimizing and/or designing integrated circuits. One exemplary method includes determining fanout of a driving component in a representation of an integrated circuit (ic) being designed, determining for the driving component, the loads in the representation of the ic driven by the driving component, and determining use of existing wiring resources used to connect the loads to the driving component.
Routing interconnect of integrated circuit designs with varying grid densities
Routing methods for an integrated circuit design layout are disclosed. The layout can include design netlists and library cells.
Method and system for automated computer program generation
A computer program making use of an expert system, novel user interface, a knowledge repository, and a relational database to automate the creation and customization of new computer programs and/or electronic system designs.. .
Method and apparatus for designing a system architecture
Embodiments for designing banking system architecture are disclosed. A system comprises a banking solutions architecture module comprising a product component, a services component, and a process component.
Titles of my related inventions are binary mixed equations, binary-school cards, binary quads puzzles and binary quads games.
My binary mixed equation is a new math equation format and my binary quads puzzles, binary quads games and binary-school cads are new math related instructional aids i created to introduce students to the world of base two numbers, while reinforcing their math kills. I used binary coded decimal number sequences of ones (1) and zeros (0) to represent decimal numbers within a traditional equation format.
Double-clad, gain-producing fibers with increased cladding absorption while maintaining single-mode operation
The cladding absorption of single-mode, double-clad, gain-producing fibers is increased in fiber designs that includes a trench region disposed between the core and inner cladding regions. Increased cladding absorption is achieved while maintaining single-mode operation..
Heterogeneous core designs and thorium based fuels for heavy water reactors
A channel type heterogeneous reactor core for a heavy water reactor for burnup of thorium based fuel is provided. The heterogeneous reactor core comprises at least one seed fuel channel region comprising seed fuel channels for receiving seed fuel bundles of thorium based fuel; and at least one blanket fuel channel region comprising blanket fuel channels for receiving blanket fuel bundles of thorium based fuel; wherein the seed fuel bundles have a higher percentage content of fissile fuel than the blanket fuel bundles.
Static random access memories (sram) with read-preferred cell structures, write drivers, related systems, and methods
Static random access memories (sram) with read-preferred cell structures and write drivers are disclosed. In one embodiment, the sram has a six transistor bit cell.
Printing ribbon security apparatus and method
An apparatus and method of securing and maintaining the integrity of desired information on a ribbon and media subsequent to a printing operation is provided. The apparatus and method includes a thermal transfer printer having a print station and a printhead operable for performing a printing operation.
Batch-type resistance furnace made of phosphate concrete
The invention relates to designs for the linings and roofs of heat-engineering units for mechanical engineering and can be used in the construction of industrial furnaces in the metallurgical, heat-engineering, petroleum-processing and petrochemical industries, in the production of construction materials and in other branches of industry. The aim of the invention is to produce a strong refractory lining for resistance furnaces with a low consumption of electrical energy and a reduction in the weight and overall dimensions of the furnace.
Rate adaptive irregular qc-ldpc codes from pairwise balanced designs for ultra-high-speed optical transports
Systems and methods for data transport include encoding one or more streams of input data using one or more quasi-cyclic low density parity check (qc-ldpc) encoders; controlling irregularity of the qc-ldpc encoded data while preserving the quasi-cyclic nature of the ldpc encoded data and eliminating the error floor phenomenon. A parity-check matrix may be partially reconfigured to adapt one or more code rates; and one or more signals are generated using a mapper, wherein the output of the mapper is modulated onto a transmission medium.
Interconnection designs and materials having improved strength and fatigue life
Methods and designs for increasing interconnect areas for interconnect bumps are disclosed. An interconnect bump may be formed on a substrate such that the interconnect bump extends beyond a contact pad onto a substrate.
Stringed instrument plectrum cover
A stringed instrument plectrum cover that includes a formed structure having a conformal shape adapted to match the tear-drop shape of an instrument pick. The cover comprises a thickened member having an open interior.
Shoe having a printed design and printing process for shoes
A shoe has a cohesive design/logo that spans the entirety of the shoe and the design is printed prior to assembly. The panels of the shoe are included on a large piece of material large enough to encompass all the panels of the shoes that will require printing.
Wrap based fill in layout designs
Techniques for “wrapping” functional geometric elements with fill geometric elements are provided. With some implementations, functional geometric elements, such as geometric elements representing metal contact and interconnect structures, are identified in layout design data.
System, method and apparatus for three-dimensional digital design content rights management
The present invention comprises a system and method for providing three-dimensional and maintaining digital design rights management. The invention comprises a first server computer configured to transmit, to user terminals, images associated with three-dimensional designs.
Ultimate bikini under pads (ubup)
Ubup is an attractive feminine design alternative to the present menstrual pads. Under pads and panties are hybrid designs that are attractively feminine bikini panties.
Swim devices
A swim device comprising elongated foot pockets which surround each of the feet of the swimmer, continued distally with tapers ending in neckings connected in a functional manner to blades for each foot. The neckings of the tapers of both feet may be connected to one blade (monofin).
Bump structural designs to minimize package defects
A method of forming a chip package includes providing a chip with a plurality of first copper post bumps having a first height of copper post. The method also includes providing a substrate with a plurality of second copper post bumps having a second height of copper post.
Backpressure control unit, liquid ejecting head, and liquid ejecting apparatus
A backpressure control unit that introduces a liquid from an external liquid holding unit and supplies the liquid to a main head unit for ejecting the liquid via a nozzle opening includes a flow channel member having an introduction channel, a valve member, and a supply channel, and a cover that that combines a base portion and a cover portion and houses the flow channel member therewithin. This provides a backpressure control unit that improves yields by absorbing discrepancies in properties of backpressure control valves to the greatest extent possible while at the same time making it possible to change designs in a flexible manner..
Pressure release means and placement indicator for inflatable catheter or respiratory gas supply retention means
Under- and overinflation of retention balloons and cuffs for catheters including foley catheters, and for endotracheal tubes, tracheostomy tubes, laryngeal mask airways and similar devices is correlated with hospital acquired infections and with patient injury. In this patent, a solution that correctly inflates inflatable retention devices is taught, whereby a pressure release means is incorporated into the inflation pathway from the fluid input syringe to the retention means while inflating.
Wide waistband and pant supporting undergarment
The present invention provides underwear that are configured for use with pants that are worn below the waistline of a user. The underwear may comprise a wide waistband that is configured to cover from one-third to one-half the total length of the underwear, whereby the waistband occupies an area from just above to just below the waistline of a user.
Method and apparatus for dynamically allocating memory address space between physical memories
A memory address space for each of a plurality of physical memories in a microprocessor-based system is allocated prior to knowing the desired logical size of at least one of the physical memories. At least two of the allocated memory address spaces overlap at least a portion of each other.
Extended active disturbance rejection controller
Multiple designs, systems, methods and processes for controlling a system or plant using an extended active disturbance rejection control (adrc) based controller are presented. The extended adrc controller accepts sensor information from the plant.
Patient-adapted and improved articular implants, designs and related guide tools
Methods and devices are disclosed relating improved articular models, implant components, and related guide tools and procedures. In addition, methods and devices are disclosed relating articular models, implant components, and/or related guide tools and procedures that include one or more features derived from patient-data, for example, images of the patient's joint.
Methods and apparatus for detecting molecular interactions using fet arrays
Methods and apparatuses relating to large scale fet arrays for analyte detection and measurement are provided. Chemfet (e.g., isfet) arrays may be fabricated using conventional cmos processing techniques based on improved fet pixel and array designs that increase measurement sensitivity and accuracy, and at the same time facilitate significantly small pixel sizes and dense arrays.
Methods and apparatus for detecting molecular interactions using fet arrays
Methods and apparatuses relating to large scale fet arrays for analyte detection and measurement are provided. Chemfet (e.g., isfet) arrays may be fabricated using conventional cmos processing techniques based on improved fet pixel and array designs that increase measurement sensitivity and accuracy, and at the same time facilitate significantly small pixel sizes and dense arrays.
Targeted delivery and prodrug designs for platinum-acridine anti-cancer compounds and methods thereof
Acridine containing cisplatin compounds have been disclosed that show greater efficacy against cancer than other cisplatin compounds. Methods of delivery of those more effective cisplatin compounds to the nucleus in cancer cells is disclosed using one or more amino acids, one or more sugars, one or more polymeric ethers, c1-6alkylene-phenyl-nh—c(o)—r15, folic acid, αvβ3 integrin rgd binding peptide, tamoxifen, endoxifen, epidermal growth factor receptor, antibody conjugates, kinase inhibitors, diazoles, triazoles, oxazoles, erlotinib, and/or mixtures thereof; wherein r15 is a peptide..

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Designs topics: Through Silicon Via, Longitudinal Direction, Remote Radio Head, Cutting Wheel, Atherectomy, Continuous Improvement

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