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Dental Implant patents

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Dental crown removal apparatuses and methods of using the same

Dental screw tip elevators and methods of using the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Dental Implant-related patents
 Patient-specific dental prosthesis and gingival contouring developed by predictive modeling patent thumbnailnew patent Patient-specific dental prosthesis and gingival contouring developed by predictive modeling
A method of designing a patient-specific prosthesis for a current patient includes receiving scan data of a mouth of the current patient to identify conditions at a location at which the patient-specific prosthesis is to be placed on a dental implant, and determining at least two clinical factors for the current patient. The method further includes identifying a desired outcome for soft tissue for the current patient at the location, and accessing a database having soft-tissue-outcome information for each of a plurality of previous patients.
 Dental crown removal apparatuses and methods of using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Dental crown removal apparatuses and methods of using the same
A dental crown removal apparatus easily and efficiently removes dental crowns, caps or other dental implants from a tooth. Specifically, the present invention provides a dental crown removal apparatus having a first elongated beak and a second elongated beak arranged in a pliers-type arrangement.
 Dental screw tip elevators and methods of using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Dental screw tip elevators and methods of using the same
A dental elevator apparatus used to easily and efficiently elevate a tooth or dental implant for removal thereof. Specifically, the dental elevator has a tip portion having a curved, helically-shaped contoured surface for engaging a tooth or dental implant, allowing the same to be utilized by a user, providing leverage against the tooth or dental implant for elevation of the same.
 Dental implant system and method patent thumbnailDental implant system and method
A method includes receiving an input indicative of a user's geographic location and providing a listing of providers available for use in planning and implementing a dental implant treatment plan based on the user's geographic location. A listing of dental implant treatment and planning software options available for use in planning and implementing the dental implant treatment plan for the patient are provided and selected by the user.
 Healing components for use in taking impressions and methods for making the same patent thumbnailHealing components for use in taking impressions and methods for making the same
The present invention provides a healing abutment for attachment to a dental implant with marking locations thereon. The marking locations either lack or have markers that provide a binary code system for retrieving unique information about the healing abutment and the underlying implant..
 Implant body, method of manufacture of same, and dental implant patent thumbnailImplant body, method of manufacture of same, and dental implant
To obtain improved bio-affinity and high bone attachment in an implant body, a method of manufacture for the implant body, and a dental implant. The implant body is fixed in a contact configuration to bone, and includes the base material formed from zirconia, and a surface layer formed on the surface of the base material and having a lower hardness than the base material.
 Method and drills for two stage protocol for creating an osteotomy for a dental implant patent thumbnailMethod and drills for two stage protocol for creating an osteotomy for a dental implant
A dental protocol for creating an osteotomy for an implant is disclosed. A first drill is selected having a tip to create a pilot hole in the bone surface of a patient.
 System and method for improving cement retention in implant-supported abutment patent thumbnailSystem and method for improving cement retention in implant-supported abutment
The current disclosure is directed to a dental implant system and method that modifies the screw access channel of an implant-supported abutment in order to improve cement retention within the abutment chamber and to improve retention strength of prosthesis. The cement-retaining system comprises an abutment screw and a longitudinal extension of the abutment screw that channels excess cement into the chamber.
 Dental implant system patent thumbnailDental implant system
A dental-implant system (1) having a first implant part (2) provided for being inserted into a jawbone and having a second implant part (4) associated therewith, provided for fixing a dental prosthetic piece, the implant parts (2, 4) being mechanically connectable to each other via a connection pin (8) which is formed onto one of the implant parts (4) and which can be pushed into a receiving channel (10) provided in the other implant part (2), and the cross-section of the connection pin (8) and the cross-section of the receiving channel (10) associated therewith each presenting in an indexing area a number of main directions (20) in which the radius takes in each case a relative maximum value, shall offer an even increased mechanic load-carrying ability and thus a particularly long service life when used in the patient's mouth. For this purpose, according to the invention, the outer cross-section of the implant part (2) including the receiving channel (10) is configured such that its radius also takes a relative maximum value within a tolerance range (22) of each of the main directions (20)..
 Custom dental implant fixture patent thumbnailCustom dental implant fixture
The present invention relates to dental implants, and more particularly to custom dental implant fixture that shortens the extraction to completed restoration period from 6-8 months to 4 months. The invention is to use the existing extraction site as is to place custom implant fixture, thereby avoiding a lengthy extraction healing stage and the subsequent osteotomy surgery..
Modification of root form dental implants for accelerated tissue regeneration
An endosseous dental implant for guided regeneration of gingival tissue onto the implant and method of producing the same is prepared by coating a region of the implant with biocompatible, random or aligned microfibers or nanofibers to which gingival epithelial and connective tissue cells may become attached. The fibers may be degradable or nondegradable.
Two-part dental component
Secondary component for connection to a dental implant having an internal bore, said secondary component having a head part and a base part, the head part including a coronal portion which in use protrudes from the dental implant, and, apical of the coronal portion, an attachment portion, the base part including implant connection means for connection to an implant and fastening means, wherein the attachment portion and fastening means can be directly coupled together in a rotatable manner in order to axially join the head and base parts together, while still enabling the base part to be rotated relative to the head part such that the implant connection means can engage the implant and secure the secondary component to this, the head part further including a through passage extending from the coronal portion to the attachment portion and the base part including drive means which, when the head and base parts are coupled together, is in communication with this passage.. .
Universal aligning adaptor system and methods
A system for dental implant restoration is provided. It includes universal aligning adaptors and prosthetic components having co-operable indices, which together form a translational, integrating system which aligns, synchronizes, and references the prosthetic components about an implant's central axis of rotation.
Packaging system for storing, capturing and transporting dental implants
Packaging system for dental implants allowing the conditioning of different types of implants due to its height regulation capacity that, additionally, eases the handling and the removal of the packaging implant by a gripper-shape mechanism, reducing damages or contamination risks of the implant before the usage.. .
Dental implant with multiple thread patterns
A modified dental implant fixture designed with a multiple of three or more thread or groove patterns which provide adequate wall thickness for a deep female conical connection such that the threads or grooves transition from smaller to larger moving in the apical direction along the long axis of the dental implant.. .
Dental implantation system and method using magnetic sensors
Provided herein, inter alia, is a system for indicating the location of a dental drill includes a dental handpiece, which further includes the dental drill. A plurality of sensors detect a magnetic field and produce a set of outputs, which are usable at least in part to indicate the location of the dental drill.
Applications of glass microparticles and nanoparticles manufactured from recycled glasses
Glass microparticles and/or glass nanoparticles have been developed for use as: reflective paints; abrasive papers/wheels; flame retardant paints; thermal insulation for aggregates, self-cleaning building materials, absorbent of oils, diesel, gasoline, brake fluids, transmission fluids, ethanol, methanol, and acetone; cosmetics (lipstick, foundation, etc.), medicated dental implant, and targeted drug delivery systems.. .
Components for use with implants and related methods
A system for dental restorations may comprise an abutment comprising an implant engaging portion and a component supporting portion terminating in a coronal end of the abutment. The implant engaging portion may extend apically from the component supporting portion and may have an external surface feature configured to be received in mating engagement within an opening in a dental implant.
Surgical guide system for dental implantology and method for making the same
Surgical guide system for dental implantology, comprising a plate (10) provided with one or more guide sleeves (2) delimiting corresponding through holes whose axes are oriented according to predetermined directions, and a drill (4) for osteotomy having a spindle that can be connected to a handpiece or similar tool and a drilling head or drilling portion (41), the drill (4) being apt to be associated to each of the guide sleeves (2) during an osteotomy step, the guide sleeves (2) having an occlusal side (2d) and a gingival side (2g). The diameter (d41) of the drilling head or portion (41) of the drill (4) is larger than the inner diameter (d2) of said one or more guide sleeves (2) while the spindle of the same drill (4) is of smaller diameter, such that the association of the drill (4) to any of the guide sleeves (2) can be performed only by inserting its spindle through the gingival side of the sleeves, and when the drill (4) is associated with any of the sleeves (2), the drilling head (41) of the drill (4) is protruding from the gingival side (2g) thereof.
Dental implant
The invention provides a dental implant including a neck portion, a bottom portion and a body portion. The body portion connects the neck portion and the bottom portion.
Dental implant
The invention provides a dental implant including a body portion, an abutment portion and a connection portion. The body portion has a body outer diameter.
Porous implant device for supporting a denture
A dental implant device has an implant portion for being placed in a bore in bone. The implant portion has a coronal end portion and a porous metal portion.
Screw and driver tool
The invention relates to a screw and corresponding screw driver for driving the screw into a dental implant at an angle from the longitudinal axis of the implant. The screw has a polygonal interface and the screw driver has a matching interface for driving the screw to rotate..
Jigs for placing dental implant analogs in models and methods of doing the same
A placement jig for locating a dental implant analog in a physical model of a patient's mouth includes a base, a guide-strut receiving feature, a throughbore, and an angled receiving feature. The guide-strut receiving feature is positioned within the base and is configured to receive a guide-strut of the physical model thereby positioning a lower surface of the placement jig at a desired distance from an opening of a bore in the physical model.
Dental implant pick up and drive assembly
The invention provides a dental implant pick up and drive assembly, comprising a dental implant and a pick up and drive device for picking up the implant and driving it into a patient's jawbone. The dental implant comprises a cavity disposed on one end of the dental implant, a first wall portion in a hexagon shape connected with the cavity, and a threaded portion enclosing the dental implant.
Removable dental implant bridge system
A removable dental implant bridge system configured for rigid detachable mounting of an implant removable bridge over a mini support bar, which in turn is configured for fixedly securing to the jaw bone of an individual, in a fashion facilitating fast and easy mounting yet fixedly supporting the implant removable bridge so as to obtain a sturdy and secure engagement to the mini support bar, and however suited for easy removal, wherein bar is substantially received with a teeth mimicking portion of the implant removable bridge and where the mini support bar is configured with scalloping at least at a labial face and a bottom face thereof.. .
Polyaxial dental implant system
A dental implant system is described, including a lower implant body configured to be implanted in bone, and an upper implant body that couples to the lower body, thereby forming a cavity between upper and lower bodies. The system can further include a rotatable, swivelable anchor having a base at least partially disposed within the cavity.
Dental superstructure attaching system and methods for attaching a dental superstructure to a dental implant
A dental superstructure attaching system for use with a dental implant is provided. The system comprises a longitudinal member being connectable with an implant or an implant connecting member via an at least partially curved interface area.
Method of attaching a dental component to a dental implant
The present invention relates to a method of attaching a dental component having an angulated screw channel to a dental implant. The present invention also relates to a dental component having an angulated screw channel and a metal adapter..
System and method for providing compact navigation-based surgical guide in dental implant surgery
A system and method for providing compact navigation-based surgical guide for dental implant surgery is disclosed. According to one embodiment, a surgical guide system comprise includes a surgical guide comprising having a tracking marker.
Continuous culturing device
A continuous device for culturing mammalian cells in a three-dimensional structure for the transplantation or implantation in vivo is described. The culturing device comprises (a) a scaffold formed by a matrix of interconnected growth surfaces spaced at regular intervals and (b) a fluid distribution means at the inlet and the exit of the growth areas.
Arrangement with an implant and/or a unit belonging to said implant, and method for production of the implant and/or unit
An implant (5, 13) and/or a unit (9), e.g. Spacer sleeve, belonging to said implant is/are intended to extend through a hole (4′) formed in a jaw bone (2) and through soft tissue (3) belonging to the jaw bone and to comprise one or more outer layers of principally titanium dioxide.
Device, system and method for prosthodontic restoration
This disclosed subject matter relates to dental implants in general, and in particular to dental implants having an abutment for mounting a prosthodontic restoration thereon, wherein the abutment is customizable and/or adjustable that may be configured according an individual's morphology, clinical situation and related prosthodontic requirements.. .
Packaging device for a dental implant
Packaging device (1) for a dental implant (2), comprising first (10a) and second (10b) means of lateral retention of the implant (2), which means are respectively fixed to two mutually opposite first lateral parts (11a) and (11b) of the peripheral lateral wall (4). At least one of the two first lateral parts (11a, 11b) is movable between a first position, in which the first (10a) and second (10b) means of lateral retention of the implant (2) are situated at a first distance from each other, and a second position, in which the first (10a) and second (10b) means of lateral retention of the implant (2) are situated at a second distance from each other, the second distance being shorter than the first distance..
Surgical guide fabrication
A digital model of a dental implant site can be modified to impart various features aligned to a trajectory for a planned drilling procedure. An object fabricated from the modified model can then be used as a mold to vacuum form or otherwise fabricate a drill guide for the drilling procedure.
Dental implant surgical training simulation system
A bone implant surgery system is used for simulating a dental surgical procedure having a display that shows placing a simulated bone implant at a simulated implant site on a living body by using a simulated surgical tool holding the simulated bone implant. At least one hand-held haptic device is used to control the surgical tool and at least one controller is specifically configured to cause movement of the surgical tool on the display based on motions of the haptic device and to cause haptic feedback to a user holding the haptic device depending on the position of the surgical tool on the display.
Method and apparatus for measuring a location and orientation of a plurality of implants
An apparatus is provided for measuring a location and orientation of each of a plurality of dental implants. The apparatus may include a base, and a plurality of extension members protruding from the base.
Dental implant and abutment system
A multi-unit dental implant system including a dental implant, a straight abutment, an angled abutment, and a plurality of copings or other components configured to universally fit on the cone-section of the straight abutment and the cone-section of the angled abutment.. .
Calcium aluminate based paste for stabilizing dental implants and restoring tissue attachment after surgery and methods therefor
The present invention relates to a calcium aluminate based paste forming a chemically bonded biomaterial on hydration thereof for in vivo anchoring of new implants, or stabilizing of existing implants in situ to an adjacent bone tissue, which paste provides a controlled ph value and temperature as well as initial hardening time. By virtue of the ph value and temperature the paste exhibits antibacterial and/or bacteriostatic properties.
Bone augmentation in dental implantology
For bone formation in the dental area, an allogeneic or xenogeneic bone transplant (502) with a clearance (106) into which an implant can be introduced, is proposed. The bone transplant has at least one expansion joint (504), the expansion joint (504) being arranged such that the bone transplant (502) can be expanded by introducing the implant into the clearance (106).
Dental implants, tools, and methods
Apparatus is provided that includes a dental implant having a lateral external surface. The implant is shaped so as to define a lumen therethrough having a lateral opening through the lateral external surface.
Dental implant
Dental implant with a base body made of ceramic anchorable in a jawbone and an implant superstructure attachable to the base body using a screw, wherein in an assembled state of the dental implant, a threaded portion of the screw engages with an inner thread formed in a blind hole of the base body, wherein the implant superstructure is by the screw pressed against the base body and wherein the engagement between the threaded portion of the screw and the internal thread of the blind hole occurs only in a lower half of the base body facing away from the implant superstructure.. .
Computer-aided positioning and navigation system for dental implant
A computer-aided positioning and navigation system for dental implant includes a computer system having built therein a dental implant planning software and providing a 3d digital human tissues model to create an implant navigation information, a positioning assistive device including a body providing a positioning portion and a guide portion and a connection member carrying an optical positioning device, one or multiple optical capture devices, and a display device electrically connected to the computer system. The computer system controls the optical capture device to capture images and drives the display device to display a part of the content of the 3d digital human tissues model and the implant navigation information..
Method and system for dental implant surgical guides
A dental implant surgical guide, its design method and system. A surgical guide has an adaption surface to fit onto patient's oral dental anatomy, as well as holes to guide the drills and to provide depth control to the drilling operations.
Method of surface treatment for zirconia dental implants
A method of surface treatment for zirconium oxide implants and the etching formula for the same are disclosed. The processes are carried out at room temperature.
Dental implant and method of implantation
A self-tapping dental implant has a unitary body with an open end and a bottom tip end. The implant is tapered downward from the open top to the tip end and has an internal cavity extending for substantially the length of the implant.
Substrate having an electron donating surface with metal particles comprising palladium on said surface
There is disclosed a substrate with an electron donating surface, characterized in having metal particles on said surface, said metal particles comprising palladium and at least one metal selected from the group consisting of gold, ruthenium, rhodium, osmium, iridium, and platinum, wherein the amount of said metal particles is from about 0.001 to about 8 μg/cm2. Examples of coated objects include contact lenses, pacemakers, pacemaker electrodes, stents, dental implants, rupture nets, rupture mesh, blood centrifuge equipment, surgical instruments, gloves, blood bags, artificial heart valves, central venous catheters, peripheral venous catheters, vascular ports, haemodialysis equipment, peritoneal dialysis equipment, plasmapheresis devices, inhalation drug delivery devices, vascular grafts, arterial grafts, cardiac assist devices, wound dressings, intermittent catheters, ecg electrodes, peripheral stents, bone replacing implants, orthopaedic implants, orthopaedic devices, tissue replacing implants, intraocular lenses, sutures, needles, drug delivery devices, endotracheal tubes, shunts, drains, suction devices, hearing aid devices, urethral medical devices, and artificial blood vessels..
Infected dental implant cleaning technique
A dental implant cleaning apparatus includes: a wire bundle formed of flexible materials; a tube enclosing the wire bundle; and a driver connected to the wire bundle, to drive the wire bundle. Accordingly, a clean dental implant may be maintained after the dental implant is placed, and a lifespan of an implant may be extended by mechanically removing chemical and biological infections (pollutants) from a surface of the implant when the implant is infected..
Dental implant system
A dental-implant having a first implant part provided for being inserted into a jawbone and having a second implant part associated therewith, provided for fixing a dental prosthetic piece, the implant parts being mechanically connectable to each other via a connection pin which is formed onto one of the implant parts and which can be pushed into a receiving channel provided in the other implant part and the outer cross-section of the connection pin and, matching said cross-section, the inner cross-section of the receiving channel associated therewith, each being designed in an indexing area as a polygon, shall enable a particularly simple mounting in a relatively short mounting time, while maintaining, nevertheless, a high accuracy of fit of the components and a correspondingly small rotational play of the mounting part relative to the post part. For this purpose, the connection pin comprises according to the invention at least two sections in the indexing area the outer edges of the polygon being rounded more strongly in a first, end-side section than in a second section..
Medical and dental implant package
The invention is a protective package for delivering a medical or dental implant to an implantation site. The protective package protects the implant from contact with any surfaces from which bacteria or other contaminants could be transferred to the implant itself.
Oval section dental implant
This invention concerns a dental implant with an oval section which allows making implants in places which were not able to make it in them before, because its being narrow in one of the directions distal-mesial or lingual-buccal. The design allows a better cosmetic and gingival case when making implant operation in molar place where two implants are putted distal-mesial and in case of lower incisals.
Frictional angled dental implant
The present invention discloses a frictional angled dental implant 100, and the dental implant 100 includes a planted portion 110 being fixedly planted to in an alveolar bone 1, a non-planted portion 130 having the height corresponding to the thickness of gum 2 and provided with an abutment connecting portion 131 on the upper portion thereof, the abutment connecting portion 131 being frictionally connected with an abutment, and a fastening portion 150 for fixedly fastening the non-planted portion 130 to the upper end of the planted portion 110, wherein the central axis i-i of the planted portion 110 and the central axis ii-ii of the non-planted portion 130 are crossed from each other, and the non-planted portion 130 is formed with a though-hole on the central axis i-i of the planted portion 110, the through-hole being inserted with the fastening portion 150.. .
Dental drill bit system and method
A dental drill is disclosed which allows for an osteotomy to be formed in a shape which closely matches the cylindrical shape of many dental implants. In so doing, the implant engages more tissue of the resulting osteotomy, thus resulting in greater ability for the tissue to penetrate and fuse with the implant while also reducing the chances of infection and reducing the overall recovery time.
Casting jig for chair-side manufacture of customizable sculptable anatomical healing caps
Casting jigs, methods, and kits that may be used in manufacture of anatomical healing caps. A casting jig may include a body having one or more wells within the body, each well being open at a proximal end thereof and having a negative shape corresponding to an anatomical healing cuff body of a given tooth position.
Device for indicating the position and orientation of a dental implant
A position locator for use in dental restorative procedure is described. The position locator is inserted into a replica of a dental implant or into a replica of an abutment.
Dental implant and dental implant system
A dental implant with a receiver for dental mounting parts is disclosed. The receiver comprises at least one cylindrical wall portion and the dental implant has a support face perpendicular to the longitudinal axis, so that a corresponding first mounting part can be radially supported on the at least one cylindrical wall portion and axially on the support face.
Dental implant system and associated insertion instruments
An implant system including: an insertion part including a screw part and neck part including a recess in a neck end face thereof for fixing an abutment and, distanced from the neck end face, projections; an insertion instrument screwing down the insertion part, and including a handle part and socket part having a socket end face including an opening and at least a driving part laterally bounded by walls, which driving part has a cross-section at right angles to the longitudinal axis, to accommodate the neck part and transfer tightening torque to the insertion part through the projections, the opening including a bridge part contiguous to the driving part and enclosing the neck part, situated next to the projections and extending to the neck end face, to form an interspace between the bridge part and the neck part, when the driving part embraces the projections of the neck part.. .
Fixtures for dental implants
A temporary coping for placement as an intermediate structure between a temporary restorative tooth and a support on a dental implant may comprise a coronal end, an apical end, and a lateral wall surrounding a hollow interior. The hollow interior may be dimensioned to receive a support mountable on a dental implant to place the temporary coping in mating engagement with the support along a substantial length of the hollow interior.

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