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 Cooling electronic devices in a data center patent thumbnailCooling electronic devices in a data center
A data center cooling system includes a thermosiphon, an actuator coupled to the thermosiphon, and a controller. The thermosiphon includes an evaporator; a condenser; and at least one conduit coupled between the evaporator and the condenser to transport a working fluid between the evaporator and the condenser.
Google Inc.

 Method and device for providing a unique identifier to a hob induction coil patent thumbnailMethod and device for providing a unique identifier to a hob induction coil
A method for assigning a unique identifier to a hob induction coil of an induction hob including a plurality of hob induction coils, the method including the steps of: placing one or more device induction coils of a device above one or more hob induction coils such that at least one device induction coil and at least one hob induction coil are facing each other; establishing a communication link between the device induction coil and the hob induction coil, wherein information regarding a unique identifier is transmitted to the hob induction coil by the device induction coil; and receiving information regarding the unique identifier by the hob induction coil and storing the identifier associated with the hob induction coil within a memory of the induction hob.. .
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag

 User terminal and processor patent thumbnailUser terminal and processor
A user terminal according to present embodiment comprises a transmitter configured to transmit scheduling assignment information indicating a time-frequency location of a d2d data resource by which user data in d2d communication that is direct device to device communication is transmitted. The frequency location of the d2d data resource is determined on the basis of a persistent table where the frequency location of the d2d data resource and the frequency location of the scheduling assignment information are made to correspond to each other.
Kyocera Corporation

 Associating devices and users with a local area network using network identifiers patent thumbnailAssociating devices and users with a local area network using network identifiers
Techniques for associating devices and users with a local area network using network identifiers are provided. For example, a method, system, and computer-program product for associating network devices with a local area network using a network identifier are provided.
Belkin International, Inc.

 Method and  allocating association identifier patent thumbnailMethod and allocating association identifier
A method and an apparatus for allocating an association identifier, so as to dynamically allocate an association identifier (aid) to a target station. The method according to the embodiments of the present disclosure includes sending, by an access point (ap), an aid allocation message to a target station, where the aid allocation message carries a target aid of the target station, and the target station is a station to be allocated with an aid or a station with an aid to be updated..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Systems, methods, and devices for enhanced ofdma random access patent thumbnailSystems, methods, and devices for enhanced ofdma random access
Systems, methods, and apparatuses for signaling and generating an enhanced random access frame in a wireless network are provided. One aspect of this disclosure provides a method of wireless communication.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Method for transmitting and receiving signal in wireless communication system supporting device-to-device communication and apparatus therefor patent thumbnailMethod for transmitting and receiving signal in wireless communication system supporting device-to-device communication and apparatus therefor
The present invention provides a method for transmitting and receiving a signal for device-to-device (d2d) communication and an apparatus therefor, which are used in a wireless access system supporting d2d communication. A method for a device transmitting and receiving a signal according to one aspect of the present invention may comprise the steps of: identifying signals that are scheduled for a particular subframe configured for d2d transmission and reception; determining whether the scheduled signals overlap; and transmitting the scheduled signals on the basis of a pre-determined priority if the scheduled signals overlap.
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Method of transmitting reference signal for multi user mutliplexing in multi-antenna-based wireless communication system and apparatus therefor patent thumbnailMethod of transmitting reference signal for multi user mutliplexing in multi-antenna-based wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
The present specification proposes a method for a user equipment to receive a dm-rs (demodulation-reference signal) from a base station in a multi-antenna-based wireless communication system. Specifically, the method includes the step of configuring a plurality of parameter sets via a higher layer signaling, receiving a downlink control signal including information on an antenna port for the dm-rs and a number of layers, and receiving the dm-rs and a downlink data signal corresponding to the dm-rs based on the downlink control signal.
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Methods and  scheduling a narrowband response to wideband data in a high-efficiency wireless local area network patent thumbnailMethods and scheduling a narrowband response to wideband data in a high-efficiency wireless local area network
Methods and apparatus are disclosed for scheduling a narrowband uplink transmission from a wireless station to a wireless access point in response to a station-specific wideband downlink transmission from the access point to the station. A station-specific downlink frame includes a station identifier associated with the station, and further includes resource allocation information associated with an uplink transmission channel over which the station is to transmit an uplink frame.
Intel Ip Corporation

 Communication device and a  operating a communication device patent thumbnailCommunication device and a operating a communication device
A method and device for reducing the interruption in a first download, i.e. Ongoing reception, caused by the start of a second download, i.e.
Intel Ip Corporation

Method and wireless network data collection

A method on an electronic device for a wireless network is described. A first set of unique wireless access point ids is collected.
Google Technology Holdings Llc

Positioning location for transmitters with same physical cell identity (pci)

A method of wireless communication includes generating a position reference signal (prs) for a transmitter having a same physical cell identity (pci) as a macro enodeb. The prs is based on a virtual cell id and/or cell global identification (cgi) of the transmitter such that the prs is different from a prs of the macro enodeb.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Communication system, wired communication device, control method, and control program

A communication system includes a radio relay device and a wired communication device. The wired communication device includes a wired communication unit which performs wired communication with the radio relay device, a first identification information acquisition unit which acquires identification information of the radio relay device via the wired communication unit, a position information acquisition unit which acquires position information of the radio relay device based on the identification information acquired by the first identification information acquisition unit, and a position information output unit which outputs own position information based on the position information acquired by the position information acquisition unit..
Yamaha Corporation

Locating the source of a wireless signal

In some aspects, a wireless-signal source locator system includes wireless sensor devices distributed at distinct locations over a geographic region. The wireless sensor devices are configured to passively monitor wireless communication network signals in the geographic region.
Cognitive Systems Corp.

Wireless communication device, wireless communication method and wireless communication system

A wireless communication device, a wireless communication method and a wireless communication system. The wireless communication device includes: a classification unit, used for, based on the channel qualities of downlinks of a target cell and other cells in a cell cluster on a specific resource block, classifying the overall condition of the channel quality; and a control unit, used for controlling, so as to determine the target transmitting power of the target cell on the specific resource block by using a power distribution method adapting to the classification.
Sony Corporation

Method and terminal for detecting discovery signal

A disclosure of the present specification provides a method for detecting a discovery signal. The method is a method for detecting discovery signals from a plurality of transmission points (tp) using the same physical cell identifier (pcid) and may comprise the steps of: determining scrambling identifiers of the discovery signals for the plurality of transmission points on the basis of the pcid which is commonly used by the plurality of transmission points and resource elements (res) of the discovery signals transmitted from the plurality of transmission points; and demodulating the discovery signals on respective positions of the resource elements using the determined scrambling identifiers to detect the discovery signals..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Systems, methods, and geolocation platform mechanics

Systems, apparatus, methods, and articles of manufacture provide for geolocating a user and/or a user device, based on one or more location data sources. Some embodiments may include use of a user authentication process (e.g., a two-factor authentication service) to improve confidence in the determined location of a user device.
Gamesys Ltd.

Driver identification and data collection systems for use with mobile communication devices in vehicles

Systems, methods, and monitoring devices for collecting and transmitting operational data about a vehicle to a separate receiving device located within the vehicle, wherein the monitoring device includes a housing mounted to the vehicle and a power supply that powers electronic components contained within the housing, the electronic components include a microprocessor, memory in electronic communication with the microprocessor and configured to store the operational data, one or more sensors for detecting and determining the operational data about the vehicle, wherein the microprocessor causes the operational data to be stored in the memory, and a data transmission module, controlled by the microprocessor and configured to retrieve the operational data from the memory and to transmit the retrieved operational data to the separate receiving device. The operational data is stored in the separate receiving device for further processing, later upload, or further transmission to a remote receiver outside of the vehicle..
Obdedge, Llc

Information obtaining method and apparatus based on unlicensed cell

Embodiments of the present invention relate to the field of communications technologies and disclose an information obtaining method and apparatus based on an unlicensed cell (uscell). On an unlicensed cell, precision of obtained uscell information is significantly improved, so as to enable a base station to complete addition and deletion of a uscell.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Methods and arrangements in a telecommunication system

The present invention relates to a method and a device for supporting positioning with a minimum of assistance data signalling the method in the radio device that shall perform the positioning measurements comprises determining (440) a positioning reference signal pattern, based on a cell identity and a pre-defined mapping between the cell identity and the positioning reference signal pattern, and performing (450) positioning measurements based on the determined positioning reference signal pattern.. .
Idtp Holdings, Inc.

Ran based gateway functions

It is provided a method, comprising binding, for a terminal, at least one of an uplink and a downlink bearer to an ip address based on a gateway context, wherein the gateway context is controlled by a control device; and at least one of buffering and idle mode handling; wherein the buffering is adapted to buffer data for the terminal during hard handover of the terminal and to forward the data to the terminal after the hard handover is completed; the idle mode handling is adapted to forward a packet received for the terminal to a control device if the gateway context does not comprise an identification of a base station to which the terminal is attached.. .
Nokia Solutions And Networks Management International Gmbh

Electronic device and controlling transmission control protocol thereof

An electronic device and a method for controlling transmission control protocol are provided. The electronic device includes a communication circuit, a processor electrically connected to the communication circuit, and a memory electrically connected to the processor.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method and generating connection in wireless communication system

A method for transmitting and receiving a signal in a packet data network gateway (pgw) of a mobile communication system according to an embodiment of the present specification comprises the steps of: receiving a first request message which includes an identifier of a terminal and is associated with a packet data network connection; sending a second request message to a policy and charging rules function (pcrf) server on the basis of the received first request message; and if quality of service (qos) related information is included in a response message received in response to the second request message from the pcrf, performing a control associated with the packet data network connection on the basis of the qos related information. In a wireless communication system using a pmip according to the present invention, it is possible to generate a pdn connection in accordance with the default qos..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Access method and system, user equipment, and network side device

Embodiments of the present invention provide an access method and system, a user equipment, and a network side device. The method includes: receiving, by a user equipment, a first message that carries an identifier of a second network access point, where the second network access point can perform air interface offloading on a first network in which a user equipment is currently located; and when the first message carries identifiers of a plurality of second network access points, selecting, by the user equipment, one second network access point from the plurality of second network access points according to first auxiliary information, and accessing the selected second network access point.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Prioritized cell identification and measurement method

A prioritized cell identification and measurement method is disclosed. The method classifies frequency layers to be monitored and measured by an user equipment into normal- and reduced-performance groups.
Intel Ip Corporation

Wireless communication device and wireless communication system

A wireless device includes an imaging unit having an optical axis which is identical to a radio wave direction of a directional antenna, a reference image is stored in a storage unit, a wireless communication device serving as a communication counterpart and an area around the wireless communication device are photographed at regular intervals, and a control unit compares images photographed at regular intervals with a reference image, calculates a degree of similarity through normalized cross-correlation which is hardly influenced by a change in brightness, calculates an index value indicating a state of a region serving as a monitoring target based on a degree of weighted similarity, detects an abnormality when the index value is a specific numerical value or less, and outputs alert information including the photographed image when a state in which the abnormality is detected is continued for a certain period of time.. .
Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

Height information obtaining method, user equipment, access node, and network side device

A method for providing information about a height of a user equipment is disclosed. In an embodiment the method includes receiving, by user equipment, a first height requirement message sent by a network side device, wherein the first height requirement message is used to obtain a height information of a position in which the user equipment is located, listening, by the user equipment, to a broadcast message of an access node, wherein the broadcast message includes a node identifier of the access node and a receive power information of the access node received by the user equipment, and sending, by the user equipment, a response message to the network side device, wherein the response message includes the node identifier of the access node of the user equipment and the receive power information of the user equipment..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Carrier priority based automatic neighboring relation optimization

Exemplary apparatuses and methods are provided that address how to optimize automatic neighbor relations. Specifically, a base station receives measurements from a mobile terminal connected thereto.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

Mobile network-based tenant network service implementation method, system, and network element

A mobile network-based tenant network service implementation method and system and network elements are disclosed. The method includes: an mme of a mobile network performing identity authentication of a tenant network to which ue belongs on the ue; after the ue passes the identity authentication of tenant network, the mme selecting a local exchange node for the ue; the mme transmitting a creation/update message of a local exchange forwarding table to the local exchange node; the local exchange node creating or updating the local exchange forwarding table and generating a forwarding table entry of ue, wherein the forwarding table entry comprises identification information of ue; after ue bearers establishment are completed, the local exchange node writing ue bearer information into the forwarding table entry of ue; and the local exchange node implementing message forwarding of the tenant network according to the local forwarding table, thereby implementing a tenant network service..
Zte Corporation

Interface for access management of femto cell coverage

Access to femto cell service is managed through access control list(s), or “white list(s).” such white list(s) can be configured via a networked interface which facilitates access management to a femto cell. White list(s) includes a set of subscriber station(s) identifier numbers, codes or tokens, and can also include additional fields for femto cell access management based on desired complexity.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

User verification system and its implementing method

The invention discloses a user verification system and its implementing method. When a mobile device connects to a registration module of the user verification device to execute registration procedure, the unregistered identification code of mobile device will be sent to the user verification device.

Device, method, and system for augmented reality security

Devices and methods for authenticating a user of a mobile computing device to a content server include establishing a communication session between a target computing device and the content server that is identified by a session id. The target computing device generates a pairing token using the session id, which pairing token may be a two-dimensional bar code such as a quick response (“qr”) code, and presents the pairing token to the mobile computing device.
Intel Corporation

Apparatus and mobility procedure involving mobility management entity relocation

A device that identifies entry into a new service area, transmits a service area update request to a network device associated with a network, receives a control plane message from the network indicating control plane device relocation or a key refresh due to a service area change in response to transmitting the service area update request, and derives a first key based in part on data included in the control plane message and a second key shared between the device and a key management device. Another device that receives a handover command from a network device associated with a network, the handover command indicating a new service area, derives a first key based on data included in the handover command and on a second key shared between the device and a key management device, and sends a handover confirmation message that is secured based on the first key..
Qualcomm Incorporated

Recovery techniques in mobile networks

A technique for protecting location information of a subscriber in a mobile network is disclosed. A user mobility server (ums) receives a first query from a first call state control function (cscf).
Intellectual Ventures I Llc

Tamper prevention for electronic subscriber identity module (esim) type parameters

Disclosed herein are various techniques for preventing or at least partially securing parameters—e.g., type parameters—of electronic subscriber identity modules (esims) stored within an embedded universal integrated circuit card (euicc) from being inappropriately modified by mobile network operators (mnos). One embodiment sets forth a technique that involves modifying file access properties of the type parameters of esims to make the type parameters readable, but not updatable by the mnos.
Apple Inc.

Communication system

There is provided a communication device (4) for providing access to a service via an access point (11) in a cellular communication system (1). The communication device (4) includes an application (15) for accessing the service via said point (11).
Nec Corporation

Program and information processing apparatus

To judge whether there is roaming, a computer is caused to perform a position information acquisition procedure to acquire position information of the computer, a connection carrier information acquisition procedure to acquire connection carrier identification information for identifying a communication carrier of a communication network to which the computer is connected at the position where the position information was acquired, and a log information generation procedure to generate log information in which the position information and the connection carrier identification information are associated with each other.. .
Agoop Corp.

Systems for enabling subscriber monitoring of telecommunications network usage and service plans

Methods, servers and systems for directly accessing and modifying charging information maintained within a telecommunications operator's business and operating systems' infrastructure from user equipment. A mobile application server may receive a charging request from a user equipment, identify a relevant charging system based on the received request, send a charging request to the identified charging system for processing, receive a first response message including charging information from the identified charging system, generate a second response message based on the charging information included in the first response message, and send the generated second response message to the user equipment.
Openet Telecom Ltd.

Method and system for bundling multiple services through a mobile platform

A telecommunications service provider agrees to a pre-paid plan including phone, text and data services, which it provides to a user through her mobile device. The provider's computer system then sends a notification to the user's mobile device that refers to benefits and contains a launch prompt.
Rok Mobile International Ltd.

Systems and methods for performing load balancing and message routing for short message peer to peer protocol

The present disclosure is directed to systems and methods for performing load balancing and message routing by a device intermediary to a plurality of short message peer to peer (smpp) clients and a plurality of smpp servers. The device can receive a request from an smpp client to establish an smpp session, replace a first sequence identifier in the request with a second sequence identifier generated by the device, and store a mapping of the second sequence identifier to the first sequence identifier.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Sharing a talkgroup

A request to provide a sharecode is received from a first communication device associated with a first organization, and the sharecode is provided. Thereafter, the sharecode and a talkgroup sharing parameter are received from a second communication device associated with a second organization.
Iridium Satellite Llc

Location-aware multimodal communication system

A system and method for providing a multimodal list of transceiver devices to a remote terminal is disclosed. A positioning unit determines a location of a remote terminal.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Determining location via wireless access points

Determining a location of a user device comprises a wireless computing system supported by an access point. The wireless computing system receives a signal from the user device.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

System and providing secure access to a wireless network

A system and method are disclosed for controlling access by a portable electronic device (ped) to a wireless network. A near field communications (nfc) tag is affixed to each authorized ped.
The Boeing Company

Methods and systems for registering detection of electronic devices

Methods and systems for registering detection of electronic devices are provided. First, a first signal is wirelessly received by an electronic device, wherein the first signal is broadcasted by a first electronic device, and the first signal at least includes identification data and specific information corresponding to the first electronic device.
Noodoe Corporation

Calibration error conditions

Examples described herein involve identifying one or more error conditions during calibration of one or more playback devices in a playback environment. A microphone of a network device may detect and sample an audio signal while the one or more playback devices in the playback environment plays a calibration tone.
Sonos, Inc.

System and determining proximity of a controller to a media rendering device

A media rendering system includes a controller device and a media rendering device in communication via a communication network. The media rendering device is configured to render a media recording.
D&m Holdings, Lnc.

Low-latency audio networking

Low-latency audio networking is disclosed. In one embodiment, an example playback device includes a processor and memory having stored thereon instructions executable by the processor.
Sonos, Inc.

Condenser microphone with non-circular membrane

A non-uniform stress distribution of a mems microphone having a non-circular shape is compensated by a structured back plate that has a compensating structure to provide a stress distribution opposite to that of the membrane.. .
Epcos Ag

Playback based on received sound waves

Apparatus and methods are disclosed for acoustic optimization. An example playback device includes a first transducer to at least one of output sound waves and receive sound waves, a second transducer to at least one of output sound waves and receive sound waves, and an acoustic grille positioned in relation to the first transducer, where the acoustic grille is to reflect sound waves received at a first angle of incidence..
Sonos, Inc.

Unidirectional condenser microphone unit, unidirectional condenser microphone, and manufacturing unidirectional condenser microphone unit

A unidirectional condenser microphone unit is provided that have directionality unaffected by the external environment, and a method of manufacturing the unidirectional condenser microphone. The unidirectional condenser microphone unit having an interior and an exterior, the unidirectional condenser microphone includes a diaphragm, a fixed electrode facing the diaphragm, the fixed electrode constituting a capacitor with the diaphragm, an insulating base disposed in a back face side of the fixed electrode, the insulating base supporting the fixed electrode, an air chamber disposed in the back face side of the fixed electrode, and a gap disposed between the fixed electrode and the insulating base.
Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

Managing connections of a user device

Systems, methods, and computer-readable medium are provided for managing connections of user devices. For example, two source devices may be configured to maintain a data stream with one another.
Apple Inc.

Video searching for filtered and tagged motion

In one embodiment, captured video summaries are tagged with metadata so the videos can be easily searched. The videos are classified into different scenes, depending on the type of action in the video, so searching can be based on the type of scene.
Logitech Europe S.a.

Messaging between set top box and head end systems

A system, apparatus, and method provide messaging, between a headend system and a set top box. A distributor determines and provides an assigned communication identifier and an assigned server host address, that correspond to one of one or more first servers, to each of one or more set top box clients.
The Directv Group, Inc.

Methods and apparatus to present supplemental media on a second screen

Methods and apparatus to present supplemental media on a second screen are disclosed. An example method includes establishing a connection between a digital media device and a computing device based on information identifying the computing device and, in response to establishing the connection, receiving, at the computing device, a first notification from the digital media device including a location of supplemental media; accessing the supplemental media; and in response to accessing the supplemental media, sending a second notification that the supplemental media has been accessed, the second notification to enable media skipping on the digital media device..
The Nielsen Company (us), Llc

In-band trick mode control

A server may receive metadata associated with specific content in a transport signal stream from a content information service. The metadata may identify a point in time of the transport signal stream.
This Technology, Inc.

System and processing commerce events

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a method that includes providing, by a server, media content to a set top box; the media content includes an advertisement and a closed captioning line and the set top box is associated with a display device. The method also includes facilitating access to a shopping application for download at a communication device separate from the set top box, and inserting into the closed captioning line an identifier of a commerce event.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Apparatus, content availability notification

Systems and methods are operable to notify a user of content availability. An exemplary embodiment receives a content availability notification request that specifies at least one content of interest, searches current electronic program guide (epg) information to identify the content of interest, determines that the information identifying the specified content of interest is unavailable based upon the search of the current epg information, generates a content availability reminder that is associated with the specified content of interest, monitors a content database to determine an availability of the specified content of interest identified in the content availability reminder, determines that the specified content of interest is available when the monitored content database indicates availability of the specified content of interest, and generates a content availability reminder notification that indicates at least a title of the specified content of interest..
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.

Display apparatus connected to plural source devices and controlling the same

A television controlled by a remote controller, the television including a network interface to receive metadata corresponding to a content to be displayed on a screen, the metadata includes a thumbnail image, title information, actor information, genre information and synopsis information corresponding to the content, and a controller configured to control a display to display a thumbnail image corresponding to the content based on the received metadata on the screen, control the display to display title information, actor information, genre information and synopsis information corresponding to the specific content based on the received metadata, control the display to display related content information relates to another content corresponding to the specific content based on the received metadata, and when the related content information is selected, control the display to display a thumbnail image corresponding to the another content, a first item to identify a first source providing the another content and the second item to identify a second source providing the another content, the second source is different from the first source.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Interactive program manager and methods for presenting program content

A method includes sending, from a media device to a display device, media content associated with a channel provided by a content provider, the media content received from a network device associated with the content provider. The method includes analyzing, based on a profile, a data feed from a source external to the content provider to identify content of interest.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Systems and methods for associating media content with viewer expressions

Systems and methods for capturing media content in accordance with viewer expression are disclosed. In some implementations, a method is performed at a computer system having one or more processors and memory storing one or more programs for execution by the one or more processors.
Google Inc.

Content supply device, content supply method, program, terminal device and content supply system

The present disclosure relates to a content supply device, a content supply method, a program, a terminal device and a content supply system that are configured to be capable of realizing rapid zapping between channels in dash. The content supply device of the present disclosure supplies a plurality of items of streaming data with differing attributes, which is content with identical detail, to the same channel, and is provided with a supply portion that divides the streaming data into minimum units when the reception of streaming data is switched according to a timing that is made uniform with other channels, and supplies the streaming data to a reception side through a network, and a metafile generation portion that generates metafiles for the reception side to receive the streaming data that is supplied in the minimum units, which show that the streaming data is for zapping.
Sony Corporation

Methods and apparatus to calculate video-on-demand and dynamically inserted advertisement viewing probability

Methods, apparatus, systems and articles of manufacture are disclosed to calculate video-on-demand and dynamically inserted advertisement viewing probability. An example apparatus disclosed herein includes a category manager to identify a targeting strategy for advertisements associated with media presented in a first set of households and a second set of households, a probability engine to calculate a baseline viewing probability for a non-time shifted presentation of the media in the first set of households and the second set of households, and in response to identifying presentations of the media having a subsequent temporal sequence from the non-time shifted presentation, calculate corresponding time-shifted viewing probabilities of the media for the first set of households and the second set of households, and an imputation engine to generate viewing probability trend information of the media for the first set of households and the second set of households, the viewing probability trend information based on the respective time-shifted viewing probabilities, and adjust the targeting strategy to reduce wasteful targeting of the advertisements, the adjustment to select one of the first set of households or the second set of households to insert the advertisements based on the viewing probability trend information..
The Nielsen Company (us), Llc

Event-based content distribution

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for distributing content are disclosed. In one aspect, a method includes storing, in a data structure, data specifying a future live event.
Google Inc.

Identification of captured videos

An identification system receives a request from a user device to identify a video captured in a video stream. The identification system identifies a display area captured in the video stream in which the video is displayed.
Google Inc.

Chapter detection in multimedia streams via alignment of multiple airings

There is described a multimedia processing method comprising: identifying a start and end time ranges in an input multimedia stream; comparing said ranges to an alternate multimedia stream of the same program for regions of similarity; and defining time ranges as representing chapter regions responsive to the content of both streams within the time ranges having high similarities.. .
Piksel, Inc.

Content delivery network integration for home media client content

A device may provide information identifying one or more items of content stored by a home media client. The device may receive a request for content, of the one or more items of content, stored by the home media client.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Apparatus, a method and a computer program for video coding and decoding

A method comprising: identifying at least one boundary in an image based on one or more signal characteristics; classifying a region of the image containing the boundary as a region containing an edge; determining context-based information about the region to be signaled in a bitstream of video data; partitioning the region at least in two along the edge; and applying a transform on the region.. .
Nokia Technologies Oy

Distributed encoding of video with open group of pictures

A distributed video encoding system splits an input video into video segments. The video segments are encoded using multiple video encoding nodes.
Facebook, Inc.

Information display processing device and control program for information display processing device

In an information display processing device 1 for displaying a predetermined process result on a screen 14 of a display unit, the present device includes an encoding section 34 for creating a code image by encoding a piece of information held in the device and a display control section 35 for displaying, on the screen, the code image created by the encoding section 34 and a single identification header in a predetermined positional relationship to the code image, whereby the device reduces the processing load on a computer caused by an image search in a system which assists user operations through an image recognition process on a software basis.. .
Shimadzu Corporation

Method for decreasing the bit rate needed to transmit videos over a network by dropping video frames

An aspect of the disclosure is directed to transmitting a reduced stream of encoded video frames. An original stream of encoded video frames is analyzed, a plurality of frames are removed without re-encoding encoded video frames to generate the reduced stream of encoded video frames, and the reduced stream and metadata describing the plurality of removed frames are transmitted.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Image-filtering method and apparatus, and encoding/decoding method and apparatus using same

The present disclosure provides a video decoding apparatus including at least a decoder configured to decode information on a size of a current block from encoded data, transform information, an inverse transformer configured to reconstruct a residual block of the current block by inversely transforming the transform coefficients in units of the size of each of the transform blocks, a predictor configured to generate a predicted block by using an inter-prediction, an adder configured to reconstruct the current block by adding the residual block to the predicted block, and a filter configured to identify transform boundaries between the transform blocks in the reconstructed current block by using the size of each of the transform blocks determined based on both the size of the current block and the information on the transform type, and then perform deblocking-filtering on at least part of the transform boundaries.. .
Sk Telecom Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods of creating a three-dimensional virtual image

Embodiments of the present invention create a three-dimensional virtual model by a user identifying a three-dimensional object, capturing a plurality of two-dimensional images of said object in succession, said plurality of images being captured from different orientations, recording said plurality of images on a storage medium, determining the relative change in position of said plurality of images by comparing two subsequent images, wherein the relative change is determined by a difference in color intensity values between the pixels of one image and another image, generating a plurality of arrays from the difference determined and generating a computer image from said plurality of arrays, wherein said computer image represents said three-dimensional object.. .
Hashd, Inc.

Projection system, semiconductor integrated circuit, and image correction method

A projection apparatus projects pattern light onto an object, the pattern light including pattern images corresponding to information that indicates coded projection coordinates in a projection coordinate system. Each of the pattern images includes two or more continuous areas.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

Maintaining audio video conference continuity

A computing device receives session description protocol (sdp) information including network parameters, from a plurality of client devices participating in an audio-video conference hosted by a primary conference host. The computing device selects a secondary conference host from the plurality of client devices.
International Business Machines Corporation

Image pickup device, control method, and image pickup apparatus

[solving means] an image pickup device according to the present technique includes: a pixel array that reads out pixel signals obtained by photoelectrically converting incident light, from each of a plurality of pixels in the pixel array; an analog processing unit that carries out signal processing on the analog pixel signals to obtain digital image data; a storage unit that stores the image data; a signal processing unit that carries out signal processing on the image data stored in the storage unit; an output unit that outputs the image data stored in the storage unit; and a control unit that causes reading processing, analog processing, digital processing, and output processing to be executed at processing speeds independent from one another. The present technique is applicable to an image pickup device and an electronic apparatus, for example..

Adaptive shading correction

The present disclosure provides an adaptive shading correction method for correcting an image for lens shading, including segmenting the image into a plurality of blocks of pixels and identifying hue-flat blocks with a relatively low hue variance, where the hue-flat blocks are clustered into at least one cluster based on a spatial distribution of the blocks. Selected modification parameters for modifying an average shading mesh are identified by modifying the average shading mesh along a plurality of dimensions using a plurality of modification parameters, and processing the at least one cluster with the average shading mesh as modified so as to identify the selected modification parameters.
Apical Ltd.

Network-based pathology system with desktop slide scanner

A method for processing, saving and viewing a digital image of a microscope slide includes inserting a microscope slide into a digital slide scanner connected to an acquisition computer. A pre-scan formed from a plurality of image tiles uploaded to a network server while the pre-scan is being generated.
Mikroscan Technologies, Inc.

Smart device and controlling method thereof

A smart device and controlling method thereof are disclosed. The smart device includes a camera including a lens and an iris positioned over the lens, the iris including a single layer film; and a controller configured to cause the iris to adjust a size of an aperture formed in the film to adjust quantity of light incident on the lens.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Image forming apparatus, controlling image forming apparatus and storage medium

There is provided an image processing apparatus which comprises: a receiving unit configured to receive a print job from an information processing apparatus; an obtaining unit configured to obtain at least owner information and domain information from a header of the print job; a generating unit configured to generate user identification information including the owner information and the domain information; a registering unit configured to register the user identification information; and a storage unit configured to store the print job in association with the user identification information. Thus, it is possible to register the appropriate user identification information according to environments of a network system..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Image reading device

An image reading device includes an image processor that generates correction data to be used for shading correction and perform the shading correction using the correction data, and a memory that stores first black correction data to be used for the shading correction in a main scanning direction in a predetermined first position in a predetermined sub-scanning direction. The image processor generates third black data based on an image signal of a second reference plate extending in the sub-scanning direction in a predetermined second position in the main scanning direction, generates black correction data according to the sub-scanning direction based on the first black correction data and the third black data, and performs the shading correction using the black correction data so as to correct density unevenness in the main scanning direction and the sub-scanning direction caused by an interference between image signals from a plurality of sensors..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Lt

Device discovery using broadcast technology

Techniques described herein automatically discover the ip address of a first network device such as but not limited to a multifunction printer. Such techniques use a unique identifier of the first network device, such as for example a multifunction printer serial number.
Electronics For Imaging, Inc.

Information distribution system, information processing device, and information distribution method

An information distribution system includes a reception unit to receive first data from an application; plug-ins respectively corresponding to types of the devices; a determination unit to determine, for each of one or more devices specified by one or more pieces of selected address specification information, whether the first data relates to the first data which is a conversion source of one or more pieces of second data having been transmitted; and a distribution unit to transmit, to the devices using the plug-ins, the one or more pieces of second data each obtained by conversion into a data format specified by the data format information a and information for identifying whether the first data which is a conversion source of the one or more pieces of second data relates to the first data which is the conversion source of the one or more pieces of second data having been transmitted.. .

Printing system, information processing apparatus, computer readable medium, and image forming providing printing services over a network

A printing system includes an information processing apparatus and an image forming apparatus, and the information processing apparatus includes: an acquiring unit that acquires identification information of the image forming apparatus in a printing service system from the image forming apparatus by a short-range communication; and a transmitting unit that transmits, to the printing service system, a setting request which contains the identification information of the image forming apparatus acquired by the acquiring unit and identification information of a user in the printing service system and which is a request for making a setting for permitting the user to use the image forming apparatus; and the image forming apparatus includes a holding unit that holds the identification information of the image forming apparatus in the printing service system in such a form that the identification information can be acquired by the acquiring unit of the information processing apparatus.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Method and system for routing of inbound toll-free communications

Aspects of the present disclosure involve systems, methods, computer program products for consolidating toll-free features of two or more telecommunications networks. In one implementation, the network services may be consolidated through utilization of an enhanced feature server (efs) or other type of application server deployed in a telecommunications network.
Level 3 Communications, Llc

System and spectrum sharing management using dynamic spectrum policy enforcement

Policies that govern allocation of spectrum access credentials are established. The policies are configured to implement regulatory rules governing spectrum use in a geographic area.
Spectrum Bridge, Inc.

Adaptive voice-text transmission

Responsive to determining to transition a voice call from voice communications over a voice network to streamed text over a packetized data network, a voice conversation correlation identifier is created that identifies the voice call and specifies incoming and outgoing streamed text data as part of the voice call. Additional outgoing speech spoken by a user associated with the voice call is converted to streamed text data.
International Business Machines Corporation

Systems and methods for state awareness across communication channels and statefully transitioning between communication channels

A system may provide state awareness across communication channels and statefully transition a user between a source channel and a destination channel. A method may include storing a unique identifier associated with the user and data associated with the user, retrieving the data associated with the user based upon the user identifier and in response to the user entering the destination channel that is different from the source channel, and populating the data associated with the user in the destination channel.
Iii Holdings 1, Llc

Preventing accidental phone call session termination

Embodiments described herein provide approaches for preventing an accidental termination of a phone call session. Specifically, a user establishes a phone call session using a phone call device.
International Business Machines Corporation

Cordless phone apparatus, cordless phone system, and transferring data

Slave device information transmitter (127) of the present disclosure transmits slave device information to a mobile phone. Slave device transfer data receiver (122) receives slave device transfer data from the mobile phone, and stores the slave device transfer data in storage (103).
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Automatic volume control of a voice signal provided to a captioning communication service

Apparatuses and methods are disclosed for automatic volume control of an audio stream reproduced by a captioning communication service for use by a call assistant in generating a text transcription of a communication session between a hearing-impaired user and a far-end user. The automatic volume control automatically adjusts a volume of the audio stream reproduced by the captioning communication service responsive to a volume control command identifying which of the far-end voice signal and the near-end voice signal is active at a given time.
Captioncall, Llc

Communication device, relay determination method, and computer program product

According to an embodiment, a communication device includes a determiner, an extractor, and an identifier. The determiner is configured to determine whether received data is addressed to the communication device.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Methods, devices, and systems for determining a subset for autonomous sharing of digital media

Methods, systems, and devices for determining a subset of user devices from among a complete set of user devices based on a set of received information, i.e., attributes, associated with a photograph or user device that transmitted the photograph and attributes, where the disposition of the information may be used to determine the subset and then perform facial recognition check on the subset of user associated photographs in order to accurately identify each user or users present in the photograph.. .
I'm In It, Llc

Scalable content delivery network request handling mechanism to support a request processing layer

Described herein are improved systems, methods, and devices for delivering and managing metadata in a distributed computing platform such as a content delivery network (cdn) so as to configure content servers to handle client requests. The teachings hereof provide, among other things, scalable and configurable solutions for delivering and managing metadata, preferably by leveraging dynamically obtained control information.
Akamai Technologies, Inc.

Retrieving information about an online system user for use by an application during retrieval and installation of the application

An online system receives a request to install an application on a client device associated with a user of the online system and initiates retrieval of the application by the client device for installation. While the client device retrieves the application, the online system presents the user with a user interface for receiving information about the user for use by the application.
Facebook, Inc.

Facilitating quality of service and security via functional classification of devices in networks

Quality of service and security are facilitated via functional classification of devices within a network. One method includes receiving, by a first device, notification information of a presence of a second device among the devices of the network, wherein the devices are configured to communicate information about events associated with respective operations of the devices; and generating, by the first device, first information indicative of an identity of and a functional classification of a function of the second device.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Wireless communication device, communication device, and wireless communication system

According to an embodiment of the present invention, a wireless communication device includes a communication interface, a transferer, a storage, a storage controller, and a first controller. The transferer transfers a communication request acquired from a wireless communication terminal via the wireless connection by way of the communication interface or a different communication interface to a communication device which extracts a requested information identifier.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Token based dynamic cache-busting

A device may receive a request for a page. The page may include a content identifier that is associated with referencing first content for the page.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Systems and methods for http message content modification streaming

A content-overlay system adapted for creating a content layer displayed on a mobile device, without installing an additional application on the mobile device. A selection module reviews content requests and identifies when a mobile device requests content from a source that is targeted for content addition.
Routier Ltd.

Cross domain in-browser proxy

An in-browser proxy enables an application in a frame to make a cross domain request. The proxy executes within the browser, which has a first domain., Inc.

Near field communication system, and operating same

The present inventions, in one aspect, are directed to a system comprising a portable sensor device including a housing having a physical size/shape that is adapted to couple to a user's body, an identification tag including identification data which is associated with the sensor device and an identification tag transmitter to responsively and wirelessly transmit the identification data according to a first communication protocol. The system further includes a portable electronic device including an identification tag receiver to wirelessly receive the identification data of the identification tag according to the first communication protocol, transceiver circuitry to wirelessly and responsively communicate with the sensor device according to a second communication protocol, and processing circuitry to instruct the transceiver circuitry, after receiving the identification data, to wirelessly request, from the sensor device the sensor data and/or data which is representative of the sensor data..
Fitbit, Inc.

Identifying users' identity through tracking common activity

Systems and methods for identifying users according to their activity are disclosed. The identification of a user includes accessing a user activity log having a plurality of identifiers and corresponding activity information for each identifier, determining identifiers having correlating activity information, and assigning identifiers having correlating activity information to a common user..
Yahoo! Inc.

Identifying actions for a user of a digital magazine server to perform based on actions previously performed by the user

An application associated with a digital magazine server receives actions from a user of the digital magazine server with content provided by the application. Additionally, the application obtains rules including suggested actions for the user to perform that are associated with actions previously performed by the user.
Flipboard, Inc.

Secure, anonymous browsing with a remote browsing server

A client device may connect to a remote browsing server, which may browse to a uniform resource identifier, render a web service or other content, and stream the content back to the client device. The client device may have a web browser through which the server may stream rendered images and which may capture various inputs, such as mouse operations, keyboard inputs, and other input.
Colorado Code Craft Patent Holdco, Llc

System, apparatus, and managing communication, and recording medium

A communication management system stores session identification information for identifying one or more communication sessions for providing the service, and use state information indicating whether each one of the communication sessions is being used. In response to receiving from a first communication terminal a request for starting communication including first service identification information for identifying a first service, the management system transmits to the first communication terminal a session identification information of one of the communication sessions having the use state information indicating that the communication session is not being used based on determination..

Server-side plugin checker for toll-free data service

A system may receive a content identifier corresponding to content to be accessed via a toll free data service (toll-free data service). The system may determine, based on the content identifier, whether a content provider device, associated with the content, is configured with a serving component associated with serving the content via the toll-free data service.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Terminal connection device, processing information execution system, processing information execution method

A terminal connection device includes: a storage unit configured to store a priority based on a type of processing information for performing input or output of information; a communication unit configured to receive from another device a processing request in which the processing information is identified; and an input and output path assignment unit configured to acquire, when the communication unit has received the processing request, the type of the processing information identified in the processing request, to identify, by using an external processing information priority, which is a priority based on the type, and candidates of usable input and output paths for each piece of the processing information, the input and output path for executing the processing information relating to the processing request, and to assign the processing information to the identified input and output path.. .
Clarion Co., Ltd.

Method and system for displaying similar email messages based on message contents

A method and system for identifying changes to a data set, such as data within a mailbox, and performing actions based on the identified changes is discussed. In some examples, the system receives an indication of a change to a mailbox, creates a change journal entry for the change, and identifies data to be copied via the change journal entry.
Commvault Systems, Inc.

Synchronizing file data between computer systems

Non-limiting examples of the present disclosure describe implementation of an exemplary synchronization protocol to identify file data for synchronization as well as negotiate how to achieve data transport for synchronization of the file data. In one example, a request for synchronization of data is received from a processing device.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Hosted file sync with stateless sync nodes

Disclosed herein is a system and method to synchronize files from a hosted file system where the client endpoint devices have direct access to the files stored on a hosted file store. When the client desires to synchronize with the files stored on the hosted file store the process identifies a sync role that can process the request.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Automated server cluster selection for virtual machine deployment

A device receives a virtual machine (vm) to be deployed, and identifies multiple network device clusters for possible vm deployment. The device applies a weighting parameter to at least one of the multiple network device clusters to favor selection of the at least one of the multiple network device clusters over other network device clusters.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Peripheral identification within mobile container and use thereof

A method and system for identifying peripheral objects within a mobile container is provided. The mobile container wirelessly checks for the presence of objects that have been tagged or are embedded with wireless identification capabilities.
Jon Lou Inc.

Application deployment engine

Concepts and technologies are disclosed herein for an application deployment engine. A processor that executes an application deployment engine can receive an application request.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Message switch file sharing

Embodiments relate to message switch file sharing. A file is accessed by a computer processor of a client producer device to share with a plurality of client consumer devices across a network.
International Business Machines Corporation

Systems and methods for content storage and retrieval

Systems and methods are disclosed herein for accessing portions of a file at a client device. One or more portions of a file are selected for downloading to the client device, wherein the file is stored on a web-based storage system in communication with the client device via a network.
Google Inc.

Method and system for rendering content across multiple client devices

A method and a system for rendering digital content across multiple client devices are provided. At least a portion of first digital content is rendered on a first client device.
Audio Pod Inc.

Configuring manifest files referencing infrastructure service providers for adaptive streaming video

Techniques for serving a manifest file of an adaptive streaming video include receiving a request for the manifest file from a user device. The video is encoded at different reference bitrates and each encoded reference bitrate is divided into segments to generate video segment files.
Dlvr, Inc.

Communication apparatus and communication method

According to one embodiment, a communication apparatus includes a radio interface unit that sends a data message to a receiver and extracts, when a message sent by the receiver via unicast with an optimized transmission rate is received, rate information indicating the optimized transmission rate of the receiver from the received message, a message processor that generates the data message, in which a multicast identifier indicating a multicast group is a destination, and outputs the data message to the radio interface unit, and a selector that selects, according to the rate information, a data message transmission rate to send the data message.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Systems and methods for establishing and controlling conference call bridges

Systems and methods allow an administrator of a conference call bridge to control who is admitted to the conference call bridge. The systems and methods also allow the administrator to identify a new individual who will become the administrator of the conference call bridge when a triggering event occurs.
Vonage Network, Llc

Systems and methods for providing conference calling functions

Systems and methods allow an administrator of a conference call bridge to control who is admitted to the conference call bridge. The systems and methods also allow the administrator to identify a new individual who will become the administrator of the conference call bridge when a triggering event occurs.
Vonage Network, Llc

Systems and methods for establishing and controlling conference call bridges

Systems and methods allow an administrator of a conference call bridge to control who is admitted to the conference call bridge. The systems and methods also allow the administrator to identify a new individual who will become the administrator of the conference call bridge when a triggering event occurs.
Vonage Network, Llc

Providing on-demand vpn connectivity on a per-application basis

Disclosed are various approaches for providing on-demand virtual private network (vpn) connectivity on a per-application basis. First, an application is determined to have begun execution on a computing device.
Airwatch Llc

Dynamic ipsec policies

Some embodiments provide a method for securing communication of data messages of a particular machine that includes a dynamic first level address. The method identifies a fixed second level address for a particular data.
Nicira, Inc.

Intermediate network entity

There is presented a method and apparatus for controlling secure communications in a communications network. An intermediate network element (ine) receives a request from a client to establish a secure connection between the client and a first server.
Openwave Mobility Inc.

System and identifying phishing website

The present invention discloses a system and method for identifying a phishing website. The system comprises: a domain name acquisition unit, a domain name statistic unit and a website identification unit; the domain name acquisition unit being configured to collect all links found in a website to be identified so as to acquire the domain names corresponding to the links; the domain name statistic unit being configured to carry out a statistic on the number of times that the domain names occur in the website to be identified, and finding the domain name which has the most number of occurrences and mark it as a target domain name; and the website identification unit being configured to judge whether the website to be identified is a phishing website on the basis of the target domain name and the domain name of the website to be identified..
Beijing Qihoo Technology Company Limited

Secured user credential management

An identity management system prevents users' credential information from being harvested by phishing attackers. The identity management system can installed as a plug in on users' devices.
Okta, Inc.

Detecting denial-of-service attacks on graph databases

Detecting a denial-of-service attack on a graph database is provided. In response to receiving a request to process a graph query on the graph database from a client device via a network, a graph query pattern of the graph query is determined.
International Business Machines Corporation

Malware detection system based on stored data

A malware detection system based on stored data that analyzes an electronic message for threats by comparing it to previously received messages in a message archive or to a contacts list. Threat protection rules may be generated dynamically based on the message and contacts history.
Mimecast North America, Inc.

Captcha risk or score techniques

Captcha risk or score technique systems and methods are presented. A method can begin with extracting client information from the service request.
A10 Networks, Incorporated

Method and system of distinguishing between human and machine

A method and a system of distinguishing between a human and a machine are disclosed. The method includes: when a request for accessing a designated network service is received, recording information of the request which include a time of receiving the request and information of an access object that sends the request; computing a statistical value of requests sent by the access object in real time based on a record; and determining the access object to be abnormal when the statistical value of the requests sent by the access object falls outside a predetermined normal range.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Method and detecting security anomalies in a public cloud environment using network activity monitoring, application profiling and self-building host mapping

The disclosed computer-implemented method for detecting security anomalies in a public cloud environment using network activity monitoring, application profiling, and self-building host mapping may include (1) collecting host information that identifies (a) at least one communication channel that has previously facilitated communication between at least one host computing platform within a cloud computing environment and at least one additional computing platform and/or (b) at least one application that has previously run on the host computing platform, (2) monitoring network traffic involving the host computing platform, (3) detecting, while monitoring the network traffic, network activity that is inconsistent with the collected host information, and then (4) determining that the detected network activity represents a potential security threat within the cloud computing environment due at least in part to the detected network activity being inconsistent with the collected host information. Various other methods, systems, and computer-readable media are also disclosed..
Symantec Corporation

Attack stream identification method, apparatus, and device on software defined network

An attack stream identification method, apparatus, and device on a software defined network is presented, where an invalid stream filter table is stored in a switch, and the method includes the steps of the switch receives a data packet of a data stream and searches, according to a characteristic value of the data packet, the invalid stream filter table for a state field of a filter entry; when the state field is a suspected attack stream state or a non-attack stream state, the switch sends a report message to a controller, determines a rate value for sending the report message to the controller, and fills the rate value in a rate field of the filter entry; and when the rate value is greater than a preset rate threshold, the switch changes the state field of the filter entry to an attack stream state.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Maintenance of distributed computing systems

Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer readable media providing build and deploy a known file and identify unknown files found on the system. The method provides, deploying a file, creating a unique hash tag identifier and metadata associated with the file.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

Identifying phishing websites using dom characteristics

Embodiments of the present invention are directed to identifying phishing websites by rendering and analyzing document object model (dom) objects associated with a website for features that indicate phishing behavior. Embodiments analyze the full scope and functionality associated with a website by executing functions embedded in a dom object before analyzing the website for phishing activity.
Riskiq, Inc.

Anti-key logger apparatus, system, and method

An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for protecting against key logger malware. The protection includes protection form grabbing keylogger malware.
Trusted Knight Corporation

System and controlling a rendering device based upon detected user proximity

A media rendering system includes a proximity detecting device configured to detect a user identification device and receive a user identity from a user identification device when the user identification device is located within a proximity detecting region of the proximity detecting device. A media rendering device is in communication with the proximity detecting device.
D&m Holdings, Lnc.

Establishing connections between accounts maintained by an online system and third party accounts maintained by third party systems

Online system users interact with one or more third party systems, with the online system maintaining an account for each of its users and each third party system maintaining a third party account for each of its users. The online system compares information in a user's account to accessible information in third party accounts and establishes connections between the user's account and o third party accounts based on the comparisons.
Facebook, Inc.

Controlling access to data

A system for controlling access to data, includes: one or more interfaces operable to receive an access point deauthorization message, the access point deauthorization message including one or more access point identifiers; and one or more processors operable to: determine an account identifier associated with the access point identifier included in the received access point deauthorization message, and deauthorize an access point identified by the received access point identifier from accessing the financial account associated with the determined account identifier associated with the received access point identifier.. .
Bank Of America Corporation

Method for matching multiple devices, and device and server system for enabling matching

The present invention relates to a method for matching multiple devices, and a device and a server system for enabling the matching thereof. A matching method includes receiving first characteristic information on a biological state of a user from a first device, receiving second characteristic information associated with or generated according to the biological state of the user from a second device, and matching the first device with the second device on the basis of the first characteristic information and the second characteristic information.
Futureplay Inc.

Information processing system, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and recording medium

An information processing system includes an information processing apparatus, a first server, and one or more second servers configured to manage authority to use different applications. The information processing apparatus includes: a first request information transmitter configured to transmit first request information containing application identifying information that identifies an already-installed application, to the first server; a server specifying information receiver configured to receive server specifying information from the first server as a response to the first request information; a second request information transmitter configured to transmit second request information containing the use authority authentication information corresponding to the already-installed application to a second server that is specified by the server specifying information; a use authority information receiver configured to receive the use authority information from the second server as a response to the second request information..
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Security device provisioning

The provisioning of a security token object to a user is disclosed. The security token object is used for accessing a computing resource through a mobile device.
Secureauth Corporation

Security considerations for outgoing communications

A method includes determining a topic and a media type of a communication to be sent from a sending communication device to a designated receiving communication device, assigning one or more security requirements to the communication based on the topic and the media type, identifying a security state of the receiving communication device for receiving the communication via the media type, and transmitting the communication from the sending communication device to the receiving communication device only in response to the security state of the receiving communication device satisfying the one or more security requirements.. .
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Methods for enabling real-time digital object and tangible object interactions

A method for authorizing an electronic device to perform an action includes detecting interaction data from an interaction between a hardware sensor and an identity-augmented tangible object; wherein data of the first set of interaction data is intrinsically dependent on physical characteristics of the identity-augmented tangible device; computing parametric descriptors from the interaction data; transmitting the parametric descriptors and supplementary data to a remote database system; generating, on the remote database system, identity data from a comparison of parametric descriptors with a known set of parametric descriptors; and authorizing, in response to both of the identity data and the supplementary data, the electronic device to perform a first action.. .
Snowshoefood, Inc.

Using hash signatures of dom objects to identify website similarity

Embodiments are directed to using a hash signature of a rendered dom object of a website to find similar content and behavior on other websites. Embodiments break a dom into a large number of data portions (i.e., “shingles”), apply a hashing algorithm to the shingles, select a predetermined number of hashes from the hashed shingles according to a selection criteria to create a hash signature, and compare the hash signature to that of a reference page to determine similarity of website dom object content.
Riskiq, Inc.

Embedded authentication in a service provider network

Systems and methods are described for extending the trust relationship established with a network interface device that provides access to a service provider network that includes an ip-based overlay network. The trust relationship is extended to a consumer premises equipment (cpe) device operating on the overlay network.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc

System and secure encryption for electronic data transfer

A system for secure transfer of encrypted data involves a sender client, a recipient client, a main server, and a key server. The sender client receives instructions from a first user identifying transfer data and a recipient identifier, creates a key, encodes the transfer data using the key, and communicates the key and the recipient identifier to a server.
Ceelox Patents, Llc

User login method and system capable of analyzing user face validity

A user login method and system capable of analyzing user face validity is disclosed to request the user provide a digital authentication information containing the username and password and to simultaneously capture the user face instant video streaming, and then to analyze and obtain the valid physiological characteristic information of the user face instant video streaming, and then to get the valid face image from the captured user face instant video streaming, and then to output the valid physiological characteristic information, the valid face image and the digital authentication information for use as valid login credentials, improving the authenticity and accuracy of the login credentials.. .
Solid Year Co., Ltd.

Trusted and confidential remote tpm initialization

Techniques are provided to allow remote initialization of a trusted platform module. The results may be trusted and confidential even if the target device has malicious operating system or other software running..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Provisioning remote access points

Provisioning remote access points for use in a telecommunication network. A remote access point contains identity information established during manufacturing; this identity information may be in the nature of a digital certificate.
Aruba Networks, Inc.

System for domain control validation

A system and method for domain control validation is presented. At a certificate authority a request is received.
Go Daddy Operating Company, Llc

Push content to a currently utilized device among client devices

In one example, a system includes an authentication server that is configured to receive an authentication request for a primary application, provide time-based authentication credentials for the primary application, receive an updated authentication request for the primary application, wherein the updated authentication request includes a client device identifier (id) corresponding to a client device from which the authentication request is received, and transmit the client device id; the system may further include a push server that is configured to receive the transmitted client device id, and push an update to the client device having the client device id.. .
Empire Technology Development Llc

Method for managing user accounts in a hosted application

A method for managing user accounts in an application of an application provider, includes: receiving a request for proof of authentication to authenticate a user attempting to access the application, the user being registered with an identity provider having a trust relationship with the application provider; obtaining, from a local database, user data including authentication data and access rights data; authenticating the user by the authentication data; determining the user right to access the application, by the access rights data; determining the existence or absence of a user account associated with the user, by querying an external database managed by the application provider; if the user has the right to access the application and there is no user account associated with the user: triggering provisioning of the user account at an entity, generating a proof of authentication associated with the user, sending the proof of authentication to the application provider.. .

Emulation of federative authentication

A method for emulating authentication federation between a source domain and a target domain. A user in the source domain wishes to gain access to a target application in the target domain.
Authasas B.v.

Strong authentication with feeder robot in a federated identity web environment

Method, system, and programs for performing two-factor authentication for a controlled access application via one or more third-party host verification servers. An example method includes receiving a request to a controlled access application after a user has successfully logged into an enterprise system with a first identifier (id) factor, the controlled access application requiring additional authentication with a second id factor, obtaining first information to complete the second id factor, at least some of the first information being obtained from the user, and generating a first web form using the first information., Inc.

Method and system for user authentication

Disclosed are methods and systems for user authentication. User-specific data is aggregated by an authentication system.
Total System Services, Inc.

Directory service user synchronization

Disclosed are various examples for enrolling a client device and synchronizing user attributes for the client device across multiple directory services. A search request for user attributes can be sent to a first directory service with an identifier for a user account.
Airwatch Llc

Control system operable by mobile devices

A control system includes a control device, a controller, a plurality of user mobile devices, and a manager mobile device. An initial first identification information picked up by each user mobile device is sent to the manager mobile device, is authenticated, and is encoded together with a control device identification number corresponding to the control device.

Mobile application based account aggregation

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for automating the collection of user information for account aggregation. In one aspect, a method includes receiving, at a server computer system from a mobile device of a user, a first user request to access account information; receiving, at the server computer system from a provider computer system, a plurality of mobile device applications; for each respective establishment of the plurality of establishments: storing, at the server computer system, establishment login credentials of the user to access account information of the user at a computer system of the respective establishment, and obtaining account information of the user at the respective establishment; aggregating, on the computer system, all the account information of the user from the respective mobile device application of each establishment; and providing to the mobile device the aggregated account information of the user..
Yodlee, Inc.

Systems and methods for authorizing a session between a browser and a terminal server

Systems and methods for authorizing a session between a browser and a terminal server are disclosed. According to an aspect, a method includes receiving, from a browser, a request to initiate a session with a terminal server.
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Identifying panelists based on input interaction patterns

A panelist identification device for determining an identity of a panelist based on an input interaction pattern of the panelist is provided. Additionally, a method for determining an identity of a panelist based on an input interaction pattern of the panelist is provided.
Google Inc.

Group management of authenticated entities

Exemplary embodiments provide various techniques for managing groups of authenticated entities. In one exemplary computer-implemented method, an entity accesses a group roster that includes a first group identifier identifying a first group, a first group digital certificate associated with the first group, and a first entity identifier identifying the entity being a member of the first group.
Netapp Inc.

Systems and methods for implementing modular digital encryption key management solutions

An encryption key management apparatus receives from an authorized compute device, a raw dataset that is encrypted with at least one asymmetric encryption key. The apparatus can determine, based on the raw dataset, an identifier of a first entity associated with the raw dataset and an identifier of a second entity associated with the raw dataset.
Iaspire, Llc

System and building intelligent and distributed l2-l7 unified threat management infrastructure for ipv4 and ipv6 environments

A security gateway appliance is configured to evaluate network traffic according to security rules that classify traffic flows according to specifically identified application programs responsible for producing and/or consuming the network traffic and to enforce policies in accordance with network traffic classifications. The appliance includes an on-box anti-virus/anti-malware engine, on-box data loss prevention engine and on-box authentication engine.
Symantec Corporation

Interconnecting external networks with overlay networks in a shared computing environment

A method includes obtaining, by one or more processor, data from a virtual network of a tenant and an identifier of the tenant, where the virtual network of the tenant is one of at least two virtual networks in a shared computing environment where the at least two virtual networks overlay a physical network. Based on obtaining the identifier of the tenant, the method includes setting, by one or more processor, the identifier in metadata of the data and based on the identifier in the metadata, identifying, by the one or more processor, a network connection associated with the tenant.
International Business Machines Corporation

Enhanced thread handling in security handshakingdomain name system bypass in user applications

Disclosed herein are methods, systems, and software for bypassing a domain name system. In one example, a method of operating a user communication device includes receiving a user instruction requesting content within a user application of the user communication device.
Fastly, Inc.

Nat port manager for enabling port mapping using remainders

A network device may include one or more processors. The one or more processors may receive a call from a services processor to allocate network address translation resources for a data packet.
Juniper Networks, Inc.

Pro-active mechanism to detect lisp movable silent host

A network device may receive a request seeking a location identifier for an endpoint identifier from a first router. The network device may determine that the endpoint identifier belongs to a dynamic endpoint identifier range associated with a plurality of routers.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Identifying digital magazine server users based on actions by the users with content items presented by the digital magazine server

A digital magazine server presents content to a user that includes various content items. The user may provide a comment to the digital magazine server for association with a content item and may identify an additional user in the comment.
Flipboard, Inc.

Social network service for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and users

Methods and systems for sharing information related to operational metrics of a plurality of equipment used in manufacturing of semiconductor wafer includes interfacing a server with the equipment to allow the server to receive a plurality of parameters including operational metrics associated with operation of each of the plurality of equipment. The plurality of parameters are processed to identify event-related data, message-related data and to generate human-readable interpretation for the identified event-related data and the message related data.
Lam Research Corporation

Automation of matching of short message tags to content

A system, method, and computer-readable medium for providing a short message tag identification tool which performs a short message tag identification operation which automatically generates a short message tag identifier based upon short message content. In certain embodiments, the short message tag identification operation identifies trending short message tag identifiers and automatically generates a preferred short message tag identifier taking into account trending short message tag identifiers..
Dell Products L.p.

Display of a notification that identifies a keyword

A method comprising receiving a first message, receiving a second message, determining that the first message has an unread status, determining that the second message has an unread status, determining that at least one keyword is represented in the first message and the second message in response to the determination that the first message has an unread status and the determination that the second message has an unread status, determining a notification that identifies the keyword, signifies the receipt of the first message, and signifies the receipt of the second message, and causing display of the notification is disclosed.. .
Nokia Technologies Oy

Electronic mail-based vehicle crew messaging

A system for exchanging messages between crews stationed on a vehicle and staff or 3rd parties stationed within at least one or more travel points. A vehicle mail server has a shared e-mail account that is addressable with a unique vehicle attribute and accessible by the vehicle crew.
Panasonic Avionics Corporation

Systems and methods for directing messages to multiple user profiles on a mobile device

The disclosed technology covers messaging systems and methods, and computer program products embodying such systems and methods. An example computer-implemented method includes receiving, at a message server, a plurality of messages for a plurality of remote mobile devices; and providing a single network connection between the message server and a first mobile device of the plurality of mobile devices.
Google Inc.

Dynamic problem channel constructor

In an approach for dynamically linking a core problem and associated sub-problems during an information technology (it) critical situation, a processor detects a creation of a problem statement, wherein the problem statement includes a first tag. A processor creates a first collaboration channel based on the first tag associated with the problem statement, wherein the first collaboration channel is a communication medium.
International Business Machines Corporation

Content inference engine based on user behavior

Techniques described herein may be used to analyze written messages between users (e.g., messages in a mobile messaging application, simple messaging service (sms) messages, instant messages, etc.) to identify media content being discussed by the users. Additionally, the opinions of the users regarding the media content (e.g., favorable, unfavorable, etc.) may be deciphered and used to update user profiles.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Vehicle initiated communications with third parties via virtual personality

A system for vehicle to another party communications that includes a vehicle personality module adapted to create a vehicle personality and a communications system that utilizes the created vehicle personality for one or more communications instead of a user's profile. The one or more communications are associated with one or more of an identifier and an icon representing the vehicle personality, with this identifier and/or icon sent with at least one communication and displayable to the recipient of the communication..
Autoconnect Holdings Llc

Methods and systems for allocating and provisioning computing resources

Aspects of the present disclosure include systems and methods for the automatic allocation and/or provisioning of various infrastructural computing resources upon which networks, such as telecommunication networks operate. In various aspects, data identifying one or more computing resources needed to implement, support, and/or otherwise facilitate the execution and/or development of a particular computing process, application, software, process, and/or service may be received via one or more interfaces, such as a graphical user-interface (“gui”).
Level 3 Communications, Llc

Network prioritization based on node-level attributes

A first method includes a plurality of nodes communicating with a network switch, each node transmitting a packet with a packet header that includes a value of a node-level attribute selected from a node utilization level, a node role, and a dependency involving the node, and the network switch receiving the packet and prioritizing transmission of the packet based on the value of the node-level attribute identified in the packet header. In a related second method, each node reports the value of the node-level attribute to a management entity, the management entity determines a priority for each node based on the value of the node-level attribute received from each node, and the management entity provides the priority for each node to the network switch, such that the network switch prioritizes, for each packet, transmission of the packet based on the priority for the node involved in communication of the packet..
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Network named fragments in a content centric network

One embodiment provides a system that facilitates efficient and secure transportation of content. An intermediate node receives a packet that corresponds to a fragment of a content object message that is fragmented into a plurality of fragments.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

Systems and methods of achieving equal distribution of packets in a multicore system which acts as a tunnel end point

The present disclosure is directed towards systems and methods of steering packets received by a multi-core device serving as a tunnel endpoint. A device including a plurality of cores identifies a core corresponding to a request to transmit to a destination via a tunnel.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Gateways for sensor data packets in cellular networks

A device may include a processor and a computer-readable medium storing instructions which, when executed by the processor, cause the processor to perform operations for forwarding a sensor data packet. The operations may include receiving the sensor data packet.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

Method and scalable content routing and mobility in named data networks

Various disclosed embodiments include methods, systems, and computer-readable media for named data network (ndn) inter/intra-domain mobility. A complete de-coupling of identity and addressing space is established.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Assigning communication paths among computing devices utilizing a multi-path communication protocol

A method for routing communication paths among computing devices. The method includes a one or more computer processors identifying a computing entity and a data storage entity that transfer data.
International Business Machines Corporation

Multicast state reduction via tunneling in a routed system

A method is implemented by a network device in a network including a plurality of network devices. The method implements multicast forwarding configuration resulting in reduced state for the network by utilizing unicast tunneling between a root, replication points and leaves that implement each multicast distribution tree.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Method and system for automated injection of process type specific in-process agents on process startup

A system and method is disclosed that installs an agent on a computer system that is configured to be automatically started at startup of the computer system and that is also configured to detect the startup of processes on the computer system. The agent determines the capabilities to monitor process starts that available on the computer systems and installs an appropriate process start monitoring procedure.
Dynatrace Llc

Method and system for delay measurement of a traffic flow in a software-defined networking (sdn) system

Methods for delay measurement in a software-defined networking (sdn) system are disclosed. In one embodiment, one packet each is received from a first and a second network device.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Service chain fault detection method and apparatus

This application discloses a service chain fault detection method and an apparatus. The method includes: obtaining, by a service forwarding entity sfe, a first fault tracing detection request packet, and then determining to communicate with a first service function sf node, where the first fault tracing detection request packet includes a path identifier id and an address of a device for initiating fault detection, and the path id is used to identify a path of a service chain; obtaining, by the sfe, an id of the first sf node; and sending, by the sfe, a first fault tracing detection response packet to the device for initiating fault detection, where the first fault tracing detection response packet includes the path id, the id of the first sf node, and the address of the device for initiating fault detection..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Automatic capture of detailed analysis information based on remote server analysis

A system monitors a network or web application provided by one or more distributed applications and provides data for each and every method instance in an efficient low-cost manner. Agents may monitor the performance of the distributed application by the web services and report monitoring data as runtime data to the remote server, for example a controller.
Appdynamics, Inc.

Apparatus and utilizing fourier transforms to characterize network traffic

A non-transitory computer readable storage medium, comprising executable instructions to collect network traffic data, produce a fourier signature from the network traffic data, associate the fourier signature with a known pattern, collect new network traffic data, produce a new fourier signature from the new network traffic data, compare the new fourier signature with the fourier signature to selectively identify a match and associate the new network traffic data with the known pattern upon a match.. .
Symantec Corporation

Software defined storage stack problem diagnosis and optimization

An aspect includes storage stack analysis. A processor determines a client configuration of a client storage stack that includes a plurality of layers with configurable parameters to control storage and retrieval of data between an uppermost layer and a lowest layer.
International Business Machines Corporation

Techniques for yang model version control validation

In one embodiment, a method is provided for using a server computer, creating and storing a first module name, a first indication of a first version, and a first signature for a first data model that is digitally stored in a digital electronic data storage unit; receiving a second data model from the data storage unit and identifying a second module name in the second data model; comparing the second module name of the second data model to the first module name of the first data model; determining that the first module name and the second module name comprise a same name, and in response thereto, identifying a second indication of a second version from a revision field of the second data model; using the server computer, comparing the second indication of the second version from the second data model to the first indication of the first version of the first data model; determining the first indication and the second indication indicate the same version, determining a second signature for the second data model; comparing the second signature for the second data model with the first signature for the first data model; determining from the comparison that the second signature and the first signature are different, and in response thereto, creating and storing a flag value in main memory of the server computer and specifying that the second data model is different.. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Software defined topology (sdt) for user plane

A controller and a method for determining a logical topology of communications resources for providing a service offering. The controller comprises a function identifier, a graph generator and a mapper.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Ip-based interconnection of switches with a logical chassis

One embodiment of the present invention provides a switch. The switch includes a logical channel apparatus and a tunnel apparatus.
Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

Establishment of connection channels between complementary agents

Embodiments relate to dynamically establishing and reconfiguring connection channels. More specifically, performance metrics for each agent may be quantitatively assessed, complementary agents may be identified based on the performance metrics, and connection channels may be established between the complementary agents.

Automatic network node relay link configuration tool

The implementation of the relay configuration tool may lead to the rapid deployment of relay links between network nodes. The tool may receive identification information of a donor network node that provides backhaul access to a core network, as well as identification information of a remote network node that is to use the backhaul.
T-mobile Usa, Inc.

Method and controlling out-of-band interference and error vector magnitude (evm)using peak-to-average-power-ratio (papr) reduction with constraints

A method and system uses a constrained set of indexed samples to identify a next generation population of samples that exhibits a more desirable signal characteristic such as lower papr, out-of-band emission and error vector magnitude. The invention generates an intermediate set of indexed samples which are subjected to a fitness function and next generation calculations to produce next generation indexes for the next population of samples.

Rfid secure authentication

Authentication systems and methods for a population of devices each associated with an rfid tag are described. For each device, a secret key is combined cryptographically with a publicly-readable unique identifier (uid) of an rfid tag to obtain a unique authorization signature.
Covidien Lp

Providing device, terminal device, providing method, non-transitory computer readable storage medium, and authentication processing system

A providing device according to the present application includes a detecting unit and a providing unit. The detecting unit detects a function, from among functions used for communication with an authentication server that authenticates the identity of a user by verifying a signature of authentication result information that is information created by adding the signature using a predetermined key to an authentication result obtained by an authentication device that performs personal authentication on the user and that is information processed by a specific authentication procedure, that is not held by a terminal device that is used by the user.
Yahoo Japan Corporation

Methods and systems for managing network activity using biometrics

The present disclosure describes systems and methods for managing network traffic using biometrics. A server may store a first value n, a primitive root modulo n, and a plurality of verification codes generated using the primitive root modulo n to the power of a hash function result of a respective portion of a first biometric template acquired from the user during enrollment.
Eyelock Llc

Set top box with sharing of external hard disk drive

An audio/video content management apparatus, for use with an external hard drive, includes a control circuit that performs a trust token generation operation. The trust token generation operation includes obtaining first identification information and hard drive identification information, encrypting and combining the first identification information and the hard drive identification information as a trust token, and sending the trust token to the external hard drive.
Arris Enterprises, Inc.

Secure offline authentication

A user workstation stores a vendor identifier and encrypted data comprising a first string of randomized data, a second string of randomized data, and encrypted text, the encrypted text further comprising a first security answer. The user workstation receives credentials information and a second security answer.
Bank Of America Corporation

Key management for compromised enterprise endpoints

Threat detection instrumentation is simplified by providing and updating labels for computing objects in a context-sensitive manner. This may include simple labeling schemes to distinguish between objects, e.g., trusted/untrusted processes or corporate/private data.
Sophos Limited

Signaling methods and advanced mimo communication systems

A user equipment (ue) capable of communicating with a base station (bs) includes a transceiver configured to receive a signal comprising a csi process configuration, wherein the csi process configuration comprises a csi-rs resource configuration to identify a plurality of csi-rs resources, each csi-rs resource configured with the number of antenna ports, and a controller configured to derive a csi-rs resource indicator (cri) by utilizing the csi-rs, wherein the transceiver is further configured to transmit the cri to the base station, and wherein when the number of antenna ports in each configured csi-rs resource is one (1), reporting instances for the cri are subframes satisfying an equation specified in the disclosure. The corresponding base station and method are also disclosed..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

Inter-ue interference cancellation

Interference cancellation occurs for devices, where the source of the interference is another ue. The victim ue receiver identifies subframes vulnerable to potential interference from other ues.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Short training time for mimo systems

Methods for wireless communication and system therefrom are provided. According to aspects, a method includes generating a plurality of training packets for transmission, and outputting each of the plurality of training packets for transmission to a device in a different one of a plurality of directions, wherein at least two of the plurality of training packets are output for transmission to the device in at least two of the plurality of directions using orthogonal transmission types.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Clock synchronization management device, control method and computer program product

According to an embodiment, a clock synchronization management device includes an accuracy evaluation unit and a network formation unit. The accuracy evaluation unit evaluates the accuracy of a clock for synchronization with respect to each of devices constituting a decentralization system and classifies each of the devices into a plurality of divisions based on whether each of the devices is capable of supplying at least the clock for synchronization to another device.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Radio creating a station list

A method for creating a station list for display in a radio system includes creating a station profile of at least one radio station, the station profile comprising at least one of geographical information, alternative frequencies, a program identification code and radio data system data of the respective radio station, storing the at least one station profile and creating the station list based on a station profile of a currently received radio station and the at least one stored station profile.. .
Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

Method of controlling uplink multiple user transmissions in densely deployed wireless local area networks

Densely populated wireless local area networks (wlans) can encounter issues with processing multiple user (mu) uplink (ul) transmissions sent from many stations (stas) simultaneously. The access points (ap) or master stations in these densely populated wlans must manage the ul mu transmissions.
Intel Corporation

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