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Demodulation patents

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Method and apparatus for reducing coupling between signals in a measurement system

Method and apparatus for selective communication signal deciphering

Systems, apparatus, and methods for receiving paging messages by creating fat paths in fast fading scenarios

Date/App# patent app List of recent Demodulation-related patents
 Communication system and communication device patent thumbnailnew patent Communication system and communication device
A communication system has a first communication device, and a second communication device that conducts wireless communication the first communication device. The first communication device has a first transmitter that transmits a signal to the second communication device while modulating the signal, and a first transmission controller that controls the first transmitter.
 Method and apparatus for reducing coupling between signals in a measurement system patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for reducing coupling between signals in a measurement system
A method and an apparatus for separating a composite signal into a plurality of signals is described. A signal processor receives a composite signal and separates a composite signal in to separate output signals.
 Method and apparatus for selective communication signal deciphering patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for selective communication signal deciphering
Selective deciphering of a received signal, as taught herein, provides a number of advantages, including greater efficiency through the elimination or at least reduction of wasted decoding cycles. The technique, such as practiced in a user equipment or other wireless communication device, capitalizes on the advantageous recognition herein that the demodulation results obtained for at least some types of received data blocks may be inspected or otherwise evaluated for characteristic patterns that are indicative of whether the data block was or was not ciphered for transmission.
 Systems, apparatus, and methods for receiving paging messages by creating fat paths in fast fading scenarios patent thumbnailSystems, apparatus, and methods for receiving paging messages by creating fat paths in fast fading scenarios
This disclosure provides systems, methods, and apparatus for receiving paging messages in fast fading scenarios. In one aspect, a method of demodulating a paging message during an assigned time slot by a wireless communications apparatus operating in an idle mode is provided.
 Broadcast signal transmitter, broadcast signal receiver, and method for transceiving broadcast signals in broadcast signal transceivers patent thumbnailBroadcast signal transmitter, broadcast signal receiver, and method for transceiving broadcast signals in broadcast signal transceivers
A broadcast signal receiver according to the present invention comprises: a demodulator for performing ofdm demodulation on a received broadcast signal including a frame for the delivery of a broadcast service: a frame demapper for outputting the frame, the frame including a preamble that contains first signaling information, and a plurality of link-layer-pipes (llps) that contain plp data, second signaling information and third signaling information, with the plp data including a base layer and an enhancement layer of the broadcast service; and a decoder for decoding the first signaling information, for decoding the second and third signaling information, and for selectively decoding the plp data by using the third signaling information.. .
 Communication system, base station apparatus, mobile station apparatus, and communication method patent thumbnailCommunication system, base station apparatus, mobile station apparatus, and communication method
Provided are a communication system, a base station apparatus, a mobile station apparatus, and a communication method for reducing interference between uncoordinated adjacent cells. The communication system of the present invention comprises a base station apparatus and a mobile station apparatus.
 Dm rs based lte downlink physical layer patent thumbnailDm rs based lte downlink physical layer
It is provided an apparatus, including synchronizing means adapted to synchronize with a cell of a cellular communication system based on a synchronization signal and to obtain a cell identification of the cell; receiving means adapted to receive a symbol only on one or more subcarriers and subframes which carry at least one symbol of a physical broadcast channel; first obtaining means adapted to obtain a common demodulation reference symbol based on the cell identification and the received symbol; demodulating means adapted to demodulate a signal received on the physical broadcast channel based on the common demodulation reference symbol; user equipment means adapted to provide a user equipment functionality of the communication system.. .
 Method for transceiving reference signal in wireless access system and terminal therefor patent thumbnailMethod for transceiving reference signal in wireless access system and terminal therefor
Disclosed are a method for transceiving reference signals in a wireless access system supporting carrier aggregation and a terminal therefor. Specifically, the method comprising the steps of: generating a beacon reference signal for estimating an uplink channel using an uplink reference signal; inserting the generated beacon reference signal into the last symbol of a subframe in an uplink frequency region; and transmitting the inserted beacon reference signal to a base station using a subframe that is equivalent to a demodulation reference signal..
 Video demodulation device patent thumbnailVideo demodulation device
A demodulator of a video demodulation device includes an analog-to-digital converter converting an analog if signal into a digital if signal, a luminance gain adjuster performing gain adjustment of a luminance component included in the digital if signal such that a maximum of the luminance component within a predetermined period becomes equal to a predetermined reference value, and a synchronization corrector receiving as input a result of the gain adjustment, correcting a signal corresponding to a signaling period of the horizontal synchronizing signal, and outputting the signal as a cvbs signal. The synchronization corrector outputs, as the cvbs signal, a composite signal containing the luminance component and a color component included in the gain adjustment result when the composite signal is smaller than the reference value, or the reference value when the composite signal is equal to or greater than the reference value..
 Interference cancellation for wireless communications patent thumbnailInterference cancellation for wireless communications
Techniques for improving the capacity of a wireless communications system using interference cancellation (ic). In an early decoding and ic aspect, a frame transmitted from a user to a base station may be decoded prior to the entire frame being received by the base station.
Method and apparatus for demodulating downlink channel in communication system and baseband chip
The present disclosure provides a method and an apparatus for demodulating a downlink channel in a communication system, and a baseband chip. The demodulation method may include: obtaining re data corresponding to the downlink channel successively from an ofdm symbol; demodulating the re data to obtain demodulated data; filling the demodulated data to a corresponding position in a downlink channel buffer; and proceeding to obtain re data corresponding to the downlink channel successively from a next ofdm symbol if a sequence number of the ofdm symbol does not reach a predetermined number.
Systems and methods for performing demodulation and modulation on software defined radios
A system and method are provided for extracting and demodulating one or more channels in a radio signal. The method includes receiving a first radio signal using a radio frequency front end, translating a first band of frequencies of the first radio signal to a second band of frequencies to generate a second radio signal, digitizing the second radio signal to generate a digital signal, extracting one or more additional band of frequencies of the digital signal, each additional band of frequencies corresponding to a channel, and demodulating one or more channels to generate a respective demodulated signal.
Demodulation method and apparatus, decoding method and apparatus and baseband chip in communication system
The present disclosure provides a demodulation method and apparatus, a decoding method and apparatus and a baseband chip in a communication system. The decoding method includes: when demodulated data in a buffer space is enough to foam a second predetermined number of cb data, reading the demodulated data to form the second predetermined number of cb data from the buffer space; decoding the second predetermined number of cb data.
Data transmission method and system, transmitter, and receiver
A data transmission method and system, transmitter and receiver. The method includes: mapping, by a transmitter, a plurality of data streams to a plurality of antennas of the transmitter by using precoding matrices and transmitting the plurality of data streams to a receiver via the plurality of antennas, wherein the transmitter selects the precoding matrices by taking a resource block as a granularity.
Systems and methods for performing fiber node splits using remote qam modulation and demodulation
Systems and methods are provided for performing fiber node splits in docsis cable systems by performing remote modulation and/or demodulation in the fiber node. In the downstream direction, a high-speed digital fiber optic interface can be used to send data from the cmts to the fiber node, which then modulates the data onto separate downstream interfaces for subsequent distribution of the downstream data to cms and/or stbs.
Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving control channel in wireless communication system
A control channel transmission/reception method and an apparatus for transmitting/receiving control channels using a resource allocation scheme applicable regardless of reference signal transmission or whether the reference signal is transmitted in distributed transmission mode or localized transmission mode are provided. The control channel transmission method includes mapping a demodulation reference signal (dmrs) to resource elements (res) of a resource block (rb) for transmitting a control channel, mapping the control channel to the res numbered with numbers of predetermined number of resource element groups (regs) in a frequency-first ascending order cyclically, with the exception of the res to which the dmrs is mapped, and transmitting the dmrs and the control channel..
Method and apparatus for transmitting control information in wireless communication systems
A method for transmitting control information by a base station in a wireless communication system is provided. The method includes determining a precoder to be applied to a resource and a demodulation reference signal (dmrs) port, the resource being used to transmit the control information, and the dmrs port corresponding to the resource and being used to transmit a dmrs, precoding the resource and the dmrs port by using the determined precoder, and transmitting the control information and the dmrs to a user equipment..
Optical interferometric apparatus
An optical interferometric apparatus comprises a light source emitting a coherent light, a polarizing beam-splitting element splitting the light into a first light and second light which travel along an optical fiber element and then are combined. Then, a beam-splitting element split the combined light into a third light and a fourth light, and a first phase-modulation element and a second phase-modulation element respectively are disposed on the optical paths of the third and fourth lights.
System and method for mitigating burst noise in a communications system
A system, method and computer program product is provided for mitigating the effects of burst noise on packets transmitted in a communications system. A transmitting device applies an outer code, which may include, for example, a block code, an exclusive or (xor) code, or a repetition code, to one or more packets prior to adaptation of the packets for transmission over the physical (phy) layer of the communications system, wherein the phy layer adaptation may include fec encoding of individual packets.
Channel tracking in an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing system
A receiver determines phase and frequency information from data signals that carry information from a transmitter to a receiver, instead of or in addition to, information from control signals. In a specific embodiment, the information is obtained from data signals modulated as a binary phase-shift keying (“bpsk”) waveform by demodulation.
Wireless receiving apparatus and program
A data signal component output from a reference signal demultiplexer and channel state information obtained by using dm-rs output from a channel estimating unit are input into a modulo estimating unit. In a channel compensator, a first provisional decision value sequence is calculated on the basis of the channel state information.
Data-modulated pilots for phase and gain detectors
Methods, systems, and devices are described for mitigating an unwanted increase in a coding rate of a wireless communication signal. A plurality of symbols including a transmitted codeword is received.
Demodulation method, demodulation device, and electronic apparatus
A satellite signal which carries a navigation message including satellite-specific information is received. Data of the navigation message is demodulated from received satellite signal.
Decoding method and multimedia playing system
By inserting a symbol start tag at a start of a data segment corresponding to each symbol of a multimedia data stream, and by inserting frame start tags at starts of different frames in a start data segment, data signals belonging to different channels can be precisely and rapidly classified and decoded when the multimedia data stream is performed with demodulation.. .
Remedying low densities of ones in transmission and reception of digital television signals
In a dtv transmitter the bits of shortened bch codewords that exhibit undesirably low densities of ones are ones' complemented before being further coded, and used to modulate carrier waves. In a dtv receiver the further coding is decoded after demodulation.
Modem with expansion module
A modem with an expansion module includes a modulation/demodulation module and the expansion module. The modulation/demodulation module is provided to execute modulation and demodulation operations to network signals.
Transmission and reception apparatus and method
A transmission apparatus includes a plurality of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) modulation signal generators, which generate a first ofdm modulation signal and a second ofdm modulation signal. The transmission apparatus also includes a transmitter that transmits the first ofdm modulation signal from a first antenna and the second ofdm modulation signal from a second antenna, in an identical frequency band.
Method of and apparatus for pre-coded physical downlink control channel reference signal and blind decoding
The invention proposes a method of and apparatus for a pre-coded physical downlink control channel reference signal and blind decoding. In a design of the reference signal, the demodulation reference signal is used for demodulating physical downlink control channel signaling, wherein the physical downlink control channel signaling is embedded in a physical downlink shared channel, an the demodulation reference signal is included in a control channel element.
Terminal apparatus for controlling downlink transmission power and method for same
A terminal apparatus for controlling downlink signal transmission power and a method for same are disclosed. The present invention is a method and a terminal apparatus for transmitting downlink transmission power, a method for the base station controlling the downlink transmission power in a wireless communication system comprising the steps of: transmitting a physical downlink shared channel (pdsch) to the terminal through a carrier comprising orthogonal frequency distribution multiplexing (ofdm) symbols which do not have a cell-specific reference signal (crs); and transmitting an upper layer parameter for controlling the transmission power of the physical downlink shared channel (pdsch), wherein the upper layer parameter comprises information on at least one of pdsch energy per resource element (epre), channel state information reference signal (csi-rs) epre, and demodulation reference signal (dm-rs) epre..
Communication system, terminal, and base station
There are provided a base station, a terminal, and a communication system in a wireless communication system in which a base station and a terminal communicate with each other, in which the base station and the terminal can efficiently perform communication. The communication system includes a higher layer processing unit 605 configured to configure, at the base station, for each terminal, a first reference signal configuration for configuring a measurement target for channel state reporting, configured to configure, at the base station, for each terminal, a second reference signal configuration specifying a resource element to be excluded from the target of data demodulation in a case where the terminal demodulates data, and configured to configure, at the base station, for each terminal, a third reference signal configuration for configuring a measurement target for which a reference signal received power is to be measured by the terminal..
Swing-style and high signal-to-noise ratio demodulation devices and corresponding demodulation method for the measurement of low coherence interference displacement
This invention provides a swing-style and high signal-to-noise ratio low coherence interference demodulation devices and the corresponding demodulation method for the measurement of displacement. In the displacement sensing method, the optical path difference, which is built by the light reflections from the reference surface and the test object, varies with the displacement of the test object.
Multi-band multiplexing intra-cavity gas sensing system and method
Disclosed is a multi-band multiplexing intra-cavity gas sensing system and method. The system consists of a laser resonant cavity subsystem, a gas sensing subsystem and a detection-demodulation subsystem.
Distributed disturbance sensing device and the related demodulation method based on polarization sensitive optical frequency domain reflectometry
This invention relates to a distributed disturbance sensing device based on polarization sensitive optical frequency domain reflectometry (ofdr) and the related demodulation thereof. The device, adopting ofdr, polarization controlling and analysis techniques, consists of a ultra-narrow linewidth tunable laser source module, polarization generating and polarization splitting balanced detecting module, laser source optical frequency and phase monitoring module, high-speed optical switch and so on to establish a large-scale and long-distance optical sensing network.
Stationary proximity wireless communication apparatus, portable proximity wireless communication apparatus, proximity wireless communication system and proximity wireless communication method
A stationary proximity wireless communication apparatus has an electromagnetic-wave transmitting and receiving part comprising a first indicator that indicates a zone to place a portable proximity wireless communication apparatus and an antenna that is installed in the zone to emit electromagnetic waves having directivity in a direction of a recommended optimum position suitable to place the portable proximity wireless communication apparatus in the zone from a position different from the recommended optimum position, and a wireless communication part configured to perform modulation and demodulation processes of electromagnetic waves transmitted and received at the antenna.. .
Transmission device, preamble transmission device and transmission method
In order to provide a transmission device and transmission method with which a response signal for random access preamble transmitted from a preamble transmission device is efficiently transmitted, setting unit (101) in base station (100) sets a first resource candidate group, which enables terminal (200) capable of receiving a latch response transmitted by demodulation reference signal (dmrs) transmission to be selected, and a second resource candidate group, which enables terminal (300) incapable of receiving a latch response transmitted by dmrs transmission but capable of receiving a latch response transmitted by cell-specific reference signal (crs) transmission to be selected. Control unit (103) selects dmrs transmission as the latch response transmission method when a resource in which latch preamble has been received is included in the first candidate group, but selects crs transmission as the latch response transmission method when the resource is included in the second resource candidate group..
Demodulation reference signal based channel state information feedback in ofdm-mimo systems
A method and apparatus for using demodulation reference signal (dm-rs) based channel state information (csi) feedback in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing-multiple-input multiple-output (ofdm-mimo) systems is disclosed. The wireless transmit/receive unit (wtru) receives one or more resource blocks from a base station, wherein the resource blocks (rbs) include demodulating reference signals (dm-rs) and precoder information.
Receiver, signal demodulation module and demodulation method thereof
A signal demodulation module is disclosed. The signal demodulation module includes an injection-locked oscillator, an envelope detector and a data slicer.
Master unit, remote unit and multiband transmission system
A master unit and a remote unit is provided for a multiband transmission system for distributing and combining signals of at least one wireless communication network and at least one digital network. A reference frequency generator is arranged in the master unit, the reference frequency generator being designed to clock a master modem for converting the signals of the at least one digital network.
Method and system for providing an uplink structure and minimizing pilot signal overhead in a wireless communication network
A method and system are provided having an uplink control structure and a pilot signal having minimal signal overhead for providing channel estimation and data demodulation in a wireless communication network. The uplink control structures enable mobile terminals to communicate with corresponding base stations to perform various functions including obtaining initial system access, submitting a bandwidth request, triggering a continuation of negotiated service, or providing a proposed allocation re-configuration header.
Current sensing circuit and method thereof
A current sensing circuit comprises a high frequency signal generator, an electromagnetic exchanger, and a demodulation circuit. The high frequency signal generator generates a high frequency signal.
Joint demodulation of a desired signal and an interfering signal based on a carrier-to-interference ratio estimate
A technique includes jointly demodulating a desired signal and an interfering signal of a received signal in response to a carrier-to-interference ratio estimate for the received signal being below a threshold level. The jointly demodulating is based on first channel impulse response coefficients associated with the desired signal and second channel impulse response coefficients associated with the interfering signal.
Methods and systems for a distributed radio communications network
The present disclosure is directed to methods and systems for providing a distributed radio communications network. Each of a first gateway and a second gateway may separately receive modulated signals comprising at least a portion of data from a first node of a plurality of geographically-dispersed nodes.
Method and base station for informing power message
A method for informing about power information and a base station are disclosed in the present document. The method includes: a base station informing a user equipment of at least one of the following types of power ratio information through signalings: ratio information of transmission power for transmitting a second category of control signaling information to transmission power for transmitting dedicated demodulation pilots; and ratio information of transmission power for transmitting data information to transmission power for transmitting dedicated demodulation pilots in a subframe where data transmission occupies only one slot.
Method and device for allocating physical hybrid arq indicator channel, and user equipment
Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method and a device for allocating a physical hybrid arq indicator channel, and a user equipment. The method for allocating a physical hybrid arq indicator channel includes: determining, according to an extended parameter, a cyclic shift value of a demodulation reference signal that is indicated in a physical downlink control channel pdcch, and a minimum labeling index value of a physical resource block prb that is occupied by an uplink data transmission block, a phich index number that corresponds to the uplink data transmission block, where the extended parameter includes a cell-specific parameter and a user-equipment-specific parameter; and allocating a phich to the uplink data transmission block according to the phich index number..
Two-way communication using wireless power signal
The present description relates to an apparatus for transmitting wireless power and a method for same, comprising: a power transmission control portion for generating a packet comprising data for at least one electronic device; a modulation/demodulation portion for modulating a carrier signal so as to comprise the packet that is generated; and a power conversion portion for forming the wireless power signal for transmitting power, based on the carrier signal that is modulated, wherein the power transmission control portion transmits the packet to the at least one electronic device through the wireless power signal. Also, the present description relates to the electronic device and a method for receiving power by same, comprising: a power reception portion for receiving the wireless power signal from the apparatus for transmitting wireless power; a modulation/demodulation portion for demodulating the packet which is comprised in the wireless power signal; and a power reception control portion for obtaining data based on the packet that is demodulated..
Diagnosis of cellular network element states using radio frequency measurements
Techniques for monitoring and diagnosing states of wireless network elements having a known impact on uplink interference are presented. In an aspect, a method includes receiving, by a system including a processor, diagnostic data for a cellular network including strength data representative of strengths of radio frequency signals, prior to demodulation, respectively received at a plurality of antennas of a base station of the cellular network over a defined duration of time and at a defined sampling rate.
Method and device for testing the material of a test object in a nondestructive manner
A method for testing the material of a test object (8) in a nondestructive manner, said test object being moved relative to a probe (1) at a variable relative speed, comprises the following steps: detecting a probe signal (us) by means of the probe (1), subjecting the probe signal (us) to analog-to-digital conversion in order to generate a digitized probe signal (usd) in the form of a sequence of digital words with a predefined, in particular constant, word repetition rate, n-stage decimation of the word repetition rate of the digitized probe signal (usd) or of a digital demodulation signal (um) derived from the digitized probe signal by means of n cascaded decimation stages (5_1 to 5_n), where n≧2, selecting an output signal (ua_1 to ua_n) of one of the n decimation stages (5_1 to 5_n) depending on the instantaneous relative speed and filtering the selected output signal by means of a digital filter (7), which is clocked with the word repetition rate of the selected output signal.. .
Secure modulation and demodulation
A system and method are disclosed for securely transmitting and receiving a signal. A nonlinear keying modulator is used in the transmitter to encrypt the signal using a nonlinear keying modulation technique.
Display device
A display device is driven through no wire cable such as an fpc, and a display image is continuously held for a certain period of time by storing an image signal received from a wireless communication device so that the display image can be held even when the display device is out of communication range with the wireless communication device. A display device includes at least a pixel circuit having an sram (static random access memory) circuit, a circuit which controls the pixel circuit, an antenna circuit, a circuit which generates a demodulation signal, a circuit which rectifies a wireless signal, a circuit which generates first voltage, a charge circuit which stores second voltage, a charge control circuit, a voltage supply control circuit, and a circuit which controls the charge control circuit and the voltage supply control circuit..
Cable communication systems and methods employing 256-qam upstream channels and having increased upstream capacity for supporting voice and/or data services
Cable communication systems and methods to provide voice and/or data services to subscriber premises via a cable plant that conveys upstream information over an upstream path bandwidth, and a cable modem system including one or more demodulation tuners to receive and demodulate one or more upstream radio frequency (rf) signals. An rf signal includes an encoded carrier wave having a carrier frequency of between approximately 5 mhz and 25 mhz that is modulated using quadrature amplitude modulation (qam) with voice and/or data information constituting at least some of the upstream information.
Coherent optical receiver, apparatus and method for detecting inter-channel skew in coherent optical receiver
In a coherent optical receiver, sufficient demodulation becomes impossible and consequently receiving performance deteriorates if an inter-channel skew arises, therefore, a method for detecting inter-channel skew in a coherent optical receiver according to an exemplary aspect of the invention includes the steps of: outputting a plurality of optical signals separated into a plurality of signal components by making a test light from a test light source interfere with a local light from a local light source; detecting the optical signals and outputting detected electrical signals; quantizing the detected electrical signals and outputting quantized signals; performing a fast fourier transform process on the quantized signals; and calculating a difference in propagation delay between the plurality of signal components on the basis of a plurality of peak values in the results of performing the fast fourier transform process.. .
Apparatus and method for demodulation of fsk signals
An apparatus and method for demodulation of fsk signals are provided. Digital pulses of the fsk signals can be processed to detect digital data contained in the fsk frequencies by converting the fsk frequencies from a frequency signal to a digital logic signal and vice versa..
Compensation apparatus, signal generator and wireless communication equipment
A compensation apparatus compensates a quadrature-demodulated signal output from a quadrature demodulator 5 that performs quadrature demodulation by using a signal of a carrier frequency fc, by removing an image component caused by the quadrature demodulator 5 from the quadrature-demodulated signal. The compensation apparatus includes a signal generator 10 that generates a reference signal having a predetermined bandwidth in a reception band, and provides the reference signal to an input side of the quadrature demodulator 5.
Injection-locked rf receiver having trifilar transformer splitter
The present invention relates to an injection-locked rf receiver having trifilar transformer splitter. The injection-locked rf receiver includes a trifilar transformer splitter, an injection-locked oscillator and a phase detector.
Systems and methods for adaptive blind mode equalization
A blind mode adaptive equalizer system to recover the in general complex valued data symbols from the signal transmitted over time-varying dispersive wireless channels is disclosed comprising an adaptive communication receiver for the demodulation and detection of digitally modulated signals received over wireless communication channels exhibiting multipath and fading, the receiver comprising an rf front end, an rf to complex baseband converter, a band limiting matched filter, a channel gain normalizer, a blind mode adaptive equalizer with hierarchical structure, an initial data segment recovery circuit, a differential decoder, a complex baseband to data bit mapper, and an error correction code decoder and de-interleaver.. .
Sonic fast-sync method and system for bluetooth
A method, apparatus and computer program product for fast-synching a wireless bluetooth connection using a first device's wireless identifier is provided. One implementation of the present invention modulates the wireless identifier as a sonic bluetooth code over a sonic carrier signal.
Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
A wireless communication apparatus includes a wireless section configured to receive a plurality of signals via a plurality of antennae from a transmitting device having another plurality of antennae; and a demodulation section configured to apply qr decomposition to a channel matrix generated based on the received signals from the wireless section, to extract a plurality of weight coefficients corresponding to a symbol to be demodulated from a unitary matrix q, to filter the received signals weighted with the weight coefficients, and to separate the filtered received signals based on a submatrix of an upper triangular matrix r.. .
Methods and apparatus for identification of small cells
Orthogonal multi-user, multiple input, multiple output (mu-mimo) multiplexing capacity for demodulation reference signals (dmrss) is increased without increasing the overhead in resource elements per physical resource block by using length-4 orthogonal cover codes (occ-4). A base station switches between legacy dmrs antenna port mappings and occ-4 mapping based upon either a transmission mode or a channel station information process configuration field value..
Motion/vibration sensor
A motion/vibration sensor includes a transmit/receive antenna unit, an oscillation unit and a frequency-mixing unit. The transmit/receive antenna unit receives an output signal from the oscillation unit and transmits a detection signal toward at least one object.
Systems and methods for asynchronous re-modulation with adaptive i/q adjustment
Various embodiments provide for systems and methods for signal conversion of one modulated signal to another modulated signal using demodulation and then re-modulation. According to some embodiments, a signal receiving system may comprise an i/q demodulator that demodulates a first modulated signal to an in-phase (“i″) signal and a quadrature (“q″) signal, an i/q signal adjustor that adaptively adjusts the q signal to increase the signal-to-noise ratio (snr) of a transitory signal that is based on a second modulated signal, and an i/q modulator that modulates the i signal and the adjusted q signal to the second modulated signal.
Method and apparatus for demodulation of a desired signal in the presence of nonlinear-distorted interference
The present disclosure provides methods and apparatuses for demodulating discrete-time desired signals in a period-td bandpass desired signal in the presence of interference that results from a period-t bandpass interference signal that has been nonlinear distorted. Estimation of the nonlinear-distorted interference and subsequent cancellation from a received signal, that includes the interference and desired signal, produces residual-interference signals.
Interference-aware detection method and apparatus for use in wireless communication system
Methods and apparatus are provided for transmitting and receiving control information, for interference detection by a user equipment (ue), in a wireless communication system. A base station determines whether the ue supports interference-aware detection.
Ultrasound imaging system
An ultrasonic imaging system for generating an ultrasonic image of a motion status of an object according to at least an ultrasonic motion signal generated by detecting the motion of the object is provided. The ultrasonic imaging system includes a demodulation module, an analog sub-array beamformer, a filter, an analog-to-digital converter and an image processing module.
Optical demodulation using an image sensor
A controller for an image sensor includes a mode selector that receives a selection between image capture mode and data capture mode. An exposure sensor collects exposure data for a scene falling on the image sensor.
Motion/vibration detection system and method
A motion/vibration detection system and method therefore are provided. The system includes a transmitter and a receiver.
Cofdm broadcast systems employing turbo coding
Turbo-coded data are transmitted using quadrature amplitude modulation (qam) of cofdm carrier waves in digital television (dtv) broadcast systems. The qam symbol constellations map the parity bits of the turbo coded data so as to be de-mapped with higher confidence levels than the data bits, facilitating turbo decoding.
Power compensation method, base station, and terminal equipment
A power compensation method, base station and user equipment. The method includes: transmitting, by a base station, when an expanded ue-specific pdcch is amplitude phase keying modulated, a first ratio of the epre of the expanded ue-specific downlink control channel to the epre of a dm-rs in a first time slot occupied by the expanded ue-specific pdcch, so that the terminal equipment performs power compensation in decoding the received data transmitted by the base station according to the first ratio, thereby ensuring correct demodulation of the received data by the terminal equipment..
Method for allocating pilots
There is provided a method for allocating pilots to a sub-frame. The sub-frame includes a plurality of blocks in time domain.
Distributed v-mimo processing for coordinated multipoint reception
The base stations in a coordinating set, i.e., comp set, implement distributed v-mimo processing to decode uplink signals transmitted from multiple user terminals over the same time and frequency resources. Each base station uses the extrinsic information received from its coordinating base stations to facilitate demodulation and decoding.

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