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Dynamic light emitting device (led) lighting control systems and related methods

Advanced overload protection in sigma delta modulators

Reference clock compensation for fractional-n phase lock loops (plls)

Date/App# patent app List of recent Delta-related patents
 Axmi218, axmi219, axmi220, axmi226, axmi227, axmi228, axmi229, axmi230 and axmi231 delta-endotoxin genes and methods for their use patent thumbnailnew patent Axmi218, axmi219, axmi220, axmi226, axmi227, axmi228, axmi229, axmi230 and axmi231 delta-endotoxin genes and methods for their use
Compositions and methods for conferring pesticidal activity to bacteria, plants, plant cells, tissues and seeds are provided. Compositions comprising a coding sequence for a toxin polypeptide are provided.
 Delta delay approach for ultrasound beamforming on an asic patent thumbnailnew patent Delta delay approach for ultrasound beamforming on an asic
Systems are disclosed for ultrasound beamforming on an application specific integrated circuit (asic). In certain embodiments, the system includes an ultrasound probe that includes a plurality of transducer elements electrically coupled to an asic.
 Apparatus and methods for relay-assisted uplink communication patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and methods for relay-assisted uplink communication
A relay device for supporting communications between a terminal device and a base station in a wireless communications system is described. The relay device comprises a transceiver arranged to at least receive an access request message from the terminal device; and a control processor operably coupled to the transceiver and arranged to process the access request message, extract information and determine therefrom a power delta value that is not based on a determination of pathloss between the relay device and the terminal device, generate a control element comprising the power delta value; and for relaying at least the control element to the base station.
 Multi-rate sigma delta digital-to-analog converter patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-rate sigma delta digital-to-analog converter
A multi-rate sigma delta digital-to-analog converter may include a signal input and a signal output, and multiple modulators. A first of the modulator may convert a digital input signal on the signal input to an analog output signal on the signal output.
 Advanced overload protection in sigma delta modulators patent thumbnailnew patent Advanced overload protection in sigma delta modulators
A sigma delta modulator (sdm) signal overload conditions are overcome without sacrificing performance or driving up implementation costs. These advanced overload protection method can be applied to any higher order sdm where overloading is a serious system concern..
 Super delta monopulse beamformer patent thumbnailnew patent Super delta monopulse beamformer
An improved approach to direction finding using a super delta monopulse beamformer is disclosed. A super delta channel signal that includes direction finding information from two circular delta channels is formed and output by the super delta monopulse beamformer.
 Reference clock compensation for fractional-n phase lock loops (plls) patent thumbnailnew patent Reference clock compensation for fractional-n phase lock loops (plls)
In one embodiment, a method includes determining a phase difference between a reference clock and a feedback clock in even and odd cycles for a phase lock loop (pll). The even and odd cycles are alternating clock periods.
 Method and arrangement for generating a clock signal by means of a phase locked loop patent thumbnailnew patent Method and arrangement for generating a clock signal by means of a phase locked loop
A method and an arrangement for generating a clock signal by a phase locked loop in which the time for adjusting to a prescribed frequency and phase of a clock signal is reduced by virtue of the fact that a plurality of selection signals respectively shifted by a time difference delta t are generated from the divided clock signal. A comparison signal (capture) is generated under control by an edge of the reference clock and a comparison is started in the case of which what is selected is that selection signal shifted by delta t which exhibits with its edge the least possible time deviation from the edge of the comparison signal, and the selected selection signal is output..
 Dynamic light emitting device (led) lighting control systems and related methods patent thumbnailnew patent Dynamic light emitting device (led) lighting control systems and related methods
Dynamic light emitting device (led) lighting adjustment systems and related methods are disclosed. In one aspect, a method can receive, at an led lighting fixture, a lighting adjustment signal corresponding to a target lighting level and determine a delta value that represents a difference between a current lighting level of the led lighting fixture and the target lighting level and a step time value associated with the determined delta value.
 Real time electrostatic discharge (esd) detection patent thumbnailReal time electrostatic discharge (esd) detection
In one embodiment, a method for determining electrostatic discharge (esd) includes building a slider delta comparison map using slider electrical and/or row bar quasi testing results, wherein row bar quasi testing is performed on row bars of multiple sliders, and wherein slider electrical testing is performed on individual sliders, determining whether a test device in a parent job passes primary esd delta criteria, when the test device fails the primary esd delta criteria: flagging the parent job of the test device as a reroute job and performing automatic actual parts rerouting for any jobs related to the parent job to pull parts from a test bin as opposed to a supply bin, wherein all parts pulled from the test bin are tested prior to assembly as opposed to parts pulled from the supply bin which are not 100% tested.. .
Polyisobutylene prepared at high velocity and circulation rate
A method of making a polyisobutylene polymer in a recirculating loop reactor with one or more reaction tubes in contact with a heat transfer medium includes controlling the delta p and polymerization reaction to provide a linear velocity of the reaction mixture of at least 11 ft/sec in the one or more tubes of the loop reactor and/or controlling the delta p and polymerization reaction of steps (b) and (c) to provide a recirculation ratio of the recirculation rate to the feed rate of at least 30:1. Typically, the process utilizes a recirculating pump operating at a pressure differential of from 35 psi to 70 psi..
Plants expressing delta6-desaturase genes and oils from these plants containing pufas and method for producing unsaturated fatty acids
The present invention relates to an improved process for the preparation of unsaturated fatty acids and to a process for the preparation of triglycerides with an increased content of unsaturated fatty acids. The invention relates to the generation of transgenic microorganism, with an increased content of fatty acids, oils or lipids with Δ6 double bonds owing to the expression of a moss Δ6-desaturase.
Delta-tocotrienol treatment and prevention of pancreatic cancer
Methods are disclosed for treating neoplastic disorders, such as pancreatic cancer, using tocotrienols; namely, gamma-tocotrienol and delta tocotrienol. The antitumorogenic effects of these compounds are shown both in vitro and in vivo using several human pancreatic cancer cell lines and mia-paca2 human pancreatic cancer cells xenografted in nude mice.
Image sensor and computing system having the same
An image sensor includes a pixel array and an analog-to-digital (a/d) conversion unit. The pixel array generates an analog signal by sensing an incident light.
High-resolution, active reflector radio frequency ranging system
A radio frequency ranging system is grounded in establishing and maintaining phase and frequency coherency of signals received by a slave unit from a master unit and retransmitted to the master unit by the slave unit. For a preferred embodiment of the invention, coherency is established through the use of a delta-sigma phase-lock loop, and maintained through the use, on both master and slave units, of thermally-insulated reference oscillators, which are highly stable over the short periods of time during which communications occur.
Serialization for delta encoding
Data can be serialized in such a manner as to facilitate later delta encoding, even when the serialization is performed using a lossy compression algorithm or an algorithm in which portions of the serialized data are encoded relative to other portions which may be modified. This can be achieved by approaches including preserving keyframe information across modified versions of a file, duplicating information from a previously created compressed file when serializing a later version, or adding change information showing differences between versions of a file during the serialization process..
Composition and method of synthesizing a biomolecule and its therapeutics applications
The embodiments herein provide a therapeutic composition comprising n (delta)-protonated l-2-amino-5-diaminomethyleneamino-pentanoic acid called j factor and a method of ex-vivo synthesis of j-factor from n(omega)′-protonated l-arginine at a ph of 5-9. The method involves increasing a temperature and or decreasing an acidity of an aqueous solution containing the n(omega)′-protonated l-arginine to obtain a ph value of greater than pka−2 or less than pka+2.
Pharmaceutical compositions and related methods
The present disclosure relates to compositions and methods for accelerating the healing process of wounds, increasing the closure of skin wounds, and decreasing inflammation at the site of a skin wound. Specifically, the disclosure relates to compositions comprising a delta-pkc activator, an alpha-pkc inhibitor, and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier that is free of ca2+ and mg2+ cations.
Method for generating a digital signal
A method is provided for generating a digital signal (ds) from an analog signal (ia, ua) generated by a frequency converter on the basis of pulse width modulation, wherein the digital signal corresponds to a mean value of the analog signal over a period of the pulse width modulation. The method includes the acts of: generating a bit stream (bs(i)) with a predetermined bit repetition duration (bw) depending on the analog signal by way of a sigma-delta modulator (1) and, during a time interval which has a duration which is at least as great as the period of the pulse width modulation: multiplying a respective bit (bs(i)) of the bit stream by a corresponding rating coefficient (bk(i)) for generating a respective bit/rating coefficient product and summing the respective bit/rating coefficient products, wherein the sum represents the digital signal..
Method, apparatus, and system for providing and using a scheduling delta queue
A contact center is described along with various methods and mechanisms for administering the same. Work assignment methods are disclosed that place tasks in bins by time intervals and are processed within a delta queue ring buffer.
Analysis of variance in network page access
Analyzing communication network data set access of a data set group constituted by multiple data sets. The method includes the following steps: (i) determining, for a first interval, a first low access count value corresponding to an amount of data sets in the data set group that have been accessed, in the first interval, an amount of times that is no greater than a low access threshold value; (ii) determining, for a second interval, a second low access count value corresponding to an amount of data sets in the data set group that have been accessed, in the second interval, an amount of times that is no greater than the low access threshold value; and (iii) determining a delta value based, at least in part, on a difference between the first low access count value and the second low access count value..
Phase-to-amplitude converter for direct digital synthesizer (dds) with reduced and and reconstructed add logic arrays
A sine wave generator for a direct digital synthesizer (dds) converts a digital phase input into a digital sine wave output. Sine values and slopes are stored in read-only memory (rom) for coarse upper phase bits in a first quadrant.
Method and apparatus for speech recognition
A computer-implemented method, apparatus and computer program product. The computer-implemented method performed by a computerized device, comprising: transforming a hidden markov model to qubits; transforming data into groups of qubits, the data being determined upon the hidden markov model and features extracted from an audio signal, the data representing a likelihood observation matrix representing likelihood of phoneme and state combinations in an audio signal; applying a quantum search algorithm for finding a maximal value of the qubits; and transforming the maximal value of the qubits into a number, the number representing an entry in a delta array used in speech recognition..
Method of diagnosis or prognosis of a neoplasm comprising determining the level of expression of a protein in stromal cells adjacent to the neoplasm
The invention provides diagnostic and therapeutic methods for neoplastic disease patients with neoplasms of, for example, the breast, skin, kidney, lung, pancreas, rectum and colon, prostate, bladder, epithelial, non-epithelial, lymphomas, sarcomas, melanomas, and the like, wherein the method comprises determining the level of expression o caveolin-1, caveolin-2, vimentin, calponin2, tropomyosin, gelsolin, prolyl 4-hydroxylase alpha, ef-i-delta, or m2-isoform of pyruvate kinase in stromal cells adjacent to the neoplasm.. .
Vaginal tissue rejuvenation compositions and methods
A method of stimulating elastin and/or collagen production in the tissues of the vagina, comprising the steps of providing a composition including at least one of a water soluble zinc salt such as zinc sulfate and a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor beta/delta (ppar 13/8) agonist, and administering the composition to the tissue of the vagina. Compositions for stimulating 5 elastin and/or collagen production in the tissues of the vagina are also disclosed..
Delta-pi signal acquisition
Values representative of modulation signal components are extracted from a modulated signal. The modulated signal contains a modulation signal.
Digital modulator
To provide a digital modulator including: a signal adjuster (105) which is provided with a plurality of output lines, and which outputs, to the output line, which corresponds to a range to which a level of an input signal belongs, a signal of a level corresponding to the level of the input signal; a plurality of internal digital modulators (111-1 to 111-n), each of which is provided so as to correspond to each of the plurality of output lines and carries out delta-sigma modulation on the signal of the corresponding output line to output the modulated signal; and an encoder (113) which encodes the plurality of modulated signals respectively outputted by the plurality of internal digital modulators.. .
Method and apparatus for wireless image transmission to a projector
A method and apparatus is provided in which a digital image is transmitted to a presentation projector resource over a wireless transmission medium using a reduced amount of bandwidth by transmitting a subset of the digital image data. The subset of image data may be a delta subset that represents those areas of the image that have changed since the previous transmission.
Multiplexed sigma delta modulator
A multiplexed sigma delta modulator constituted of: a control circuitry; a multiplexer responsive to the control circuitry and arranged to receive a plurality of input signals; a comparing circuit, a first input of the comparing circuit coupled to the output of the multiplexer; an integrator, the input of the integrator coupled to the output of the comparing circuit; a latched comparing circuit, one input of the latched comparing circuit coupled to the output of the integrator; a plurality of storage elements, each associated with one of the plurality of inputs; and a feedback circuit arranged to feedback the output of the latched comparing circuit to the second input of the comparing circuit, wherein the control circuitry is further arranged to store the charge of an element of the integrator on the associated storage element when the associated signal is not passed by the multiplexer to the output of the multiplexer.. .
Power amplification device
A power amplification device of the present invention includes a delta-sigma modulator which performs a multilevel delta sigma modulation on amplitude signals of input signals, a plurality of power amplifiers which amplify carrier signals, an encoder which generates a first control signal that controls on/off of the outputs from said plurality of power amplifiers in accordance with the output from said delta-sigma modulator, and a combiner which combines at least two power output from said plurality of power amplifiers in accordance with said first control signal.. .
Delta partitions for backup and restore
Systems and methods of using delta partitions for backup and restore are disclosed. An example method may include after a full backup, separating change information from static information.
Auto test for delta t diagnostics in an hvac system
An hvac controller may be programmed to initiate a delta t test in response to a request received from a user. The user may initiate the delta t test at the hvac controller or via a remote device.
Control-based inversion for estimating a biological parameter vector for a biophysics model from diffused reflectance data
What is disclosed is a system and method for estimating a biological parameter vector for a biophysics model using reflectance measurements obtained from a reflectance-based spectral measurement system. The present method uses a semi-empirical biophysics model to describe skin properties and estimate reflectance spectra and reduces the dimensionality of the estimated and measured reflectance spectra using basis vectors for computational efficiency.
Methods and pharmaceutical compositions for treating lymphoid malignancy
The present invention provides, inter alia, methods for treating, preventing, or ameliorating the effects of a lymphoid malignancy, such as those associated with a mutated phosphatase and tensin homolog (pten) gene, or t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (t-all). These methods include administering to a subject an effective amount of a phosphoinositide 3-kinase-delta (pi3kδ) inhibitor and a phosphoinositide 3-kinase-gamma (pi3kγ) inhibitor.
All-digital multi-standard transmitter architecture using delta-sigma modulators
The present disclosure is concerned with a digital transmitter using delta-sigma modulators (dmss) that uses an up-sampler and modulator block that follows the dsms to generate the rf equivalent of the baseband signal to be transmitted. The up-sampler and modulator block is simple to implement and contains only one or a few multiplexers implemented in high speed logic technology..
Sigma-delta converter system and method
A sigma-delta converter may include a filter coupled to a first summation circuit and a second summation circuit. A multi bit quantizer may be coupled to the second summation circuit.
Combinations comprising alpha-2-delta ligands
The instant invention relates to a combination, particularly a synergistic combination, of an alpha-2-delta ligand and a dual serotonin-noradrenaline re-uptake inhibitor (dsnri) or one or both of a selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor (ssri) and a selective noradrenaline re-uptake inhibitor (snri), and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, pharmaceutical compositions thereof and their use in the treatment of pain, particularly neuropathic pain.. .
Fiber optic cables and assemblies and the performance thereof
A fiber optic drop cable includes an optical fiber, a tight buffer layer on the optical fiber, at least one strength member, and a jacket surrounding the tight buffer layer. The jacket is coupled to the at least one strength member by at least partial embedment of at least one of the strength members in the jacket, which facilitates coupling between the jacket and strength member.
Rf signal generating circuit, and transmitter
An rf signal generating circuit that generates, from a digital signal, an rf pulse signal to be radio-transmitted. It includes a polar converter generating an amplitude signal and a phase signal from the digital signal; a signal decomposer receiving the amplitude signal as an input signal, and generates two signals, a pulse width control signal and a residual signal; a delta sigma modulator subjecting the residual signal to delta-sigma modulation; a pulse width modulator subjecting the phase signal to pulse modulation in accordance with the pulse width control signal, and outputting a pulse phase signal; and a mixer that mixes a signal output from the delta sigma modulator and the pulse phase signal to output the rf pulse signal.
Sigma-delta modulator with trimmed reference voltage for quantizer
A sigma delta modulator includes a first circuit that receives an analog signal and provides an intermediate signal and a first quantizer signal and further includes a first quantizer that receives the first quantizer signal and provides a first quantizer output. Also included are a second input circuit that receives the intermediate signal and provides a second quantizer signal and a second quantizer that receives the second quantizer signal and provides a second quantizer output.
Continuous data backup using real time delta storage
A continuous data backup using real time delta storage has been presented. A backup appliance receives a backup request from a backup agent running on a computing machine to backup data on the computing machine.
Encoding and decoding delta values
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for encoding and decoding delta values. In one aspect, a method includes accessing a compression buffer having a start position, a sentinel position, and a data storage region; obtaining a first value; determining that a second value stored in the sentinel position does not match a first sentinel value; determining that a third value stored in the start position matches a second sentinel value; and storing the first value at the start position of the compression buffer..
Edge determination device
A method of determining an edge on an option strategy is disclosed. An option strategy may be accepted where the option strategy is a combination of buying and selling puts in calls.
Method for designing band pass delta-sigma modulator, band pass delta-sigma modulator, signal processing device, and radio transceiver
F0 is a center frequency of a quantization noise stop band of the band pass delta-sigma modulator.. .
Delta wing unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and method of manufacture of the same
This disclosure pertains to the field of small-unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs). The delta wing vehicle consists of an isosceles triangular shaped lifting body milled from styrofoam.
Axmi221z, axmi222z, axmi223z, axmi224z and axmi225z delta-endotoxin genes and methods for their use
Compositions and methods for conferring pesticidal activity to bacteria, plants, plant cells, tissues and seeds are provided. Compositions comprising a coding sequence for a toxin polypeptide are provided.
Dynamically self-adjusting magnetometer
A dynamically self-adjusting magnetometer is disclosed. In one embodiment, a first sample module periodically generates an electronic signal related to at least one magnetic field characteristic of a monitored environment.
Yeast-based compositions and methods for the treatment or prevention of hepatitis delta virus infection
Disclosed are immunotherapeutic compositions and methods for preventing and/or treating hepatitis delta virus (hdv) infection, including yeast-based hdv immunotherapeutic compositions and methods of use of such compositions to prevent and/or treat hdv infection and symptoms and sequela thereof.. .
Syntax and semantics for buffering information to simplify video splicing
Innovations in syntax and semantics of coded picture buffer removal delay (“cpbrd”) values potentially simplify splicing operations. For example, a video encoder sets a cpbrd value for a current picture that indicates an increment value relative to a nominal coded picture buffer removal time of a preceding picture in decoding order, regardless of whether the preceding picture has a buffering period sei message.
Adaptive lossy framebuffer compression with controllable error rate
The device and method described in this application relate generally to graphics processing systems utilizing the tile based rendering technique and more specifically relate to the processing of the framebuffer data in graphics processing applications. The present invention discloses techniques to reduce the bandwidth needed to access the color data stored in the framebuffer.
Analogue-to-digital converter
An integrated-circuit, continuous-time, sigma-delta analogue-to-digital converter has a single-ended analogue input, a converter reference input, and a ground connection. The converter has a resistor-capacitor integrator arranged to receive the single-ended analogue input.
Bicmos gate driver for class-s radio frequency power amplifier
The invention may be embodied in a resynchronizing, push-pull drive circuit for driving the gate electrodes of a digital class-s radio frequency power amplifier (rf-pa). A binary bitstream received from a bitstream generator, such as a sigma-delta modulator, viterbi-based optimal-bit-pattern modulator sigma-delta, or other suitable modulator, is resynchronized to a low-jitter master clock, then converted to fast-rise, high-swing complementary digital signals to drive the gates of the class-s rf-pa.
Apparatus and a method for testing winding resistances of transformers
The present invention relates to an apparatus for measuring winding resistances of windings in a delta-connected transformer, comprising at least a first and a second dc current source (s1, s2) connected each between the phase ends of a first (a) and a second leg (c; b) respectively of the primary side (p) of the transformer and at least a third dc current source (s3) connected between two nodes (a, b) of the secondary side (s) of the transformer. Furthermore the invention relates to a method for measuring a winding resistance of windings in delta-connected transformers, comprising the steps of applying a first and a second measuring current to each one of two corresponding legs (c, b), applying a third measuring current (i2) between two nodes (b, a) of a pair of windings on the secondary side (s) and measuring at least a winding resistance of the winding between said nodes (b, a) on the secondary side (s) of the transformer and/or the winding resistance of a leg (a) of the primary side (p) as soon as an inductive voltage drop in the windings substantially equals zero..
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
A semiconductor light emitting device includes a first nitride semiconductor layer, a dopant doped semiconductor layer on the first nitride semiconductor layer, an active layer on the dopant doped semiconductor layer, a delta doped layer on the active layer, a superlattice structure on the delta doped layer, an undoped layer on the superlattice layer, a second nitride semiconductor layer including a first n-type dopant, a third nitride semiconductor layer including a second n-type dopant, and a fourth nitride semiconductor layer including a third n-type dopant.. .
Extending server-based desktop virtual machine architecture to client machines
A server-based desktop-virtual machines architecture may be extended to a client machine. In one embodiment, a user desktop is remotely accessed from a client system.
Recombinant microbial cells that produce at least 28% eicosapentaenoic acid as dry cell weight
Recombinant microbial cells are disclosed herein that produce an oil comprising at least 28 percent eicosapentaenoic acid (epa) measured as a weight percent of dry cell weight. These cells may comprise a polynucleotide sequence encoding an active acyl-coa:lysophosphatidylcholine acyltransferase (lpcat) comprising at least one amino acid mutation in a membrane-bound o-acyltransferase motif.
Single-bit direct modulation transmitter
Single-bit transmitter modulator having a digital pulse shaping filter configured to shape data pulses of an inphase signal and quadrature signal; an upsampling filter configured to increase the sample rate of the inphase signal and quadrature signal; a sigma-delta modulator providing a one-bit inphase output signal and a one-bit quadrature output signal; an inphase low-order analog low pass filter coupling the one-bit inphase output signal to an inphase channel input of a quadrature modulator, and a quadrature low-order analog low pass filter coupling the one-bit quadrature output signal to a quadrature channel input of a quadrature modulator; and, wherein the quadrature modulator is connected to a carrier signal generator and is configured to generate an inphase and quadrature modulated carrier.. .
Delta-sigma modulation apparatus and dynamic element-matching circuit thereof
A delta-sigma modulation apparatus and a dynamic element-matching circuit thereof are disclosed. The dynamic element-matching circuit includes a data aligner, a logic operation circuit, and a delayer.
Fractional-n frequency synthesizer with low quantization noise
A fractional-n frequency synthesizer with low quantization noise includes a phase frequency detector, a charge pump, a loop filter, a voltage controlled oscillator a divider and a delta-sigma modulator. The delta-sigma modulator computes “n” to the loop filter in the output current of the charge pump.
Magnetic field sensor linearization architecture and method
A method of processing an output signal and a readout circuit for a magnetic field sensor are disclosed. The purpose of the readout circuit is to generate a digital representation of the magnetic field vector strength.
Nitride semiconductor light emitting device and fabrication method thereof
Provided is a nitride semiconductor light emitting device including: a first nitride semiconductor layer; an active layer formed above the first nitride semiconductor layer; and a delta doped second nitride semiconductor layer formed above the active layer. According to the present invention, the optical power of the nitride semiconductor light emitting device is enhanced, optical power down phenomenon is improved and reliability against esd (electro static discharge) is enhanced..
Recovery of highly pure alpha-tocotrienol from crude palm oil extract
Disclosed is a process for the production of high purity alpha-tocotrienol from palm oil extract. More particularly, the invention relates to a process for the separation of alpha-tocotrienol from a mixtures of other tocotrienols and tocopherols and the use of a simplified separation scheme based on a combination of solid phase extraction and simulated moving bed (smb) separation steps employing polar phase simulated moving bed operation.
Resin composition, copper-clad laminate and printed circuit board for use therewith
A resin composition includes (a) an epoxy resin; (b) a benzoxazine (bz) resin; (c) a styrene maleic anhydride (sma) copolymer; and (d) a polyester. The resin composition includes specific ingredients of a polyester and is characterized by specific proportions thereof so as to achieve a low delta tg value of copper clad laminates manufactured in accordance with the resin composition and attain a low dielectric constant, a low dielectric dissipation factor, high heat resistance, and high fire retardation of the copper clad laminates and printed circuit boards manufactured in accordance with the resin composition..
Three-phase capacitor formed by two aligned cylinders with overpressure disconnection
Three-phase capacitor formed by two cylinders where each of the cylinders comprises an outer part which corresponds to a capacitor (1) and (2) while the inner part of each cylinder corresponds to a capacitor (3) and (3′) and which are connected in delta with phases (a), (b) and (c), where each capacitor is separated from the adjacent of each cylinder by means of an insulating material which allows the movement of the inner part with respect to the outer one of each cylinder in case of overpressure, which causes the breakage of the connections made in a particular manner, the breakage of the conductive coating layer (7) which connects armatures (3.1) and (1.2); the breakage of the conductive coating layer (8) which connected armatures (2.2) and (3′.2), the breakage of the connection of connection cable (6) with phase (c), serving as an effective means of protection against internal overpressures.. .

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