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Degrees Of Freedom patents


This page is updated frequently with new Degrees Of Freedom-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Degrees Of Freedom-related patents
 Miniature camera zoom actuator patent thumbnailnew patent Miniature camera zoom actuator
Some embodiments include a fixed chassis structure and a moveable carriage body carrying one or more lenses. The carriage body is movably mounted to the chassis structure so as to limit a plurality of degrees of freedom of movement of the moveable carriage body but to allow movement along an optical axis through the one or more lenses.

 Three-dimensional printing device patent thumbnailnew patent Three-dimensional printing device
A three-dimensional printing device includes a base, a holder disposed above the base, a printing head fixed on the holder and including a nozzle configured to discharge a resin material, a stage disposed in the base below the printing head configured to hold the resin material discharged from the nozzle, and a stage moving mechanism configured to move the stage with five or more degrees of freedom.. .
Roland Dg Corporation

 Acoustic-electric stringed instrument with improved body, electric pickup placement, pickup switching and electronic circuit patent thumbnailAcoustic-electric stringed instrument with improved body, electric pickup placement, pickup switching and electronic circuit
An electric-acoustic stringed instrument has a removable, adjustable and acoustic artwork top with a decorative bridge and tailpiece; a mounting system for electric string vibration pickups that allows five degrees of freedom in placement and orientation of each pickup anyplace between the neck and bridge; a pickup switching system that provides k*(k−1)/2 series-connected and k*(k−1)/2 parallel-connected humbucking circuits for k matched single-coil pickups; and an on-board preamplifier and distortion circuit, running for over 100 hours on two aa cells, that provides control over second- and third-harmonic distortion. The switched pickups, and up to m=12 switched tone capacitors provide up to m*k*(k−1) tonal options, plus a linear combination of linear, near second-harmonic and near-third harmonic signals, preamp settings, and possible additional vibration sensors in or on the acoustic top..

 Robotically controlled architectural elements patent thumbnailRobotically controlled architectural elements
A robotic mount is configured to move an architectural element such as a floor, ceiling, wall or portion thereof, such as a panel, or plumbing, hvac, or electrical elements. The robotic mount is movable in six degrees of freedom, whereby the associated architectural element is moveable in a three-dimensional space.

 System and  control of quadrotor air vehicles with tiltable rotors patent thumbnailSystem and control of quadrotor air vehicles with tiltable rotors
A system and method of controlling quadrotor air vehicles (qrav) that may include an additional two degrees of freedom for each of the four propellers of the qrav. Each of the four rotors may be allowed to rotate (tilt) around two local axes selected from the x-axis (roll), y-axis (pitch), and z-axis (yaw).
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

 Surrogate: a body-dexterous mobile manipulation robot with a tracked base patent thumbnailSurrogate: a body-dexterous mobile manipulation robot with a tracked base
Robotics platforms in accordance with various embodiments of the invention can be utilized to implement highly dexterous robots capable of whole body motion. Robotics platforms in accordance with one embodiment of the invention include: a memory containing a whole body motion application; a spine, where the spine has seven degrees of freedom and comprises a spine actuator and three spine elbow joints that each include two spine joint actuators; at least one limb, where the at least one limb comprises a limb actuator and three limb elbow joints that each include two limb joint actuators; a tracked base; a connecting structure that connects the at least one limb to the spine; a second connecting structure that connects the spine to the tracked base; wherein the processor is configured by the whole body motion application to move the at least one limb and the spine to perform whole body motion..
California Institute Of Technology

 Gimbal assembly for tool support patent thumbnailGimbal assembly for tool support
A supporting and orienting apparatus for balancing tools. An inner gimbal portion holds and balances a tool and is rotationally disposed within an outer gimbal portion.

 Optical force transducer patent thumbnailOptical force transducer
Force transducer (10) include two structural members (11, 12) spaced apart to define a gap (101) and being linked to each other. Optical fibres (13) are to the members and are freely suspended in the gap.
Universite De Mons

 Crossed-cylinder wrist mechanism with two degrees of freedom patent thumbnailCrossed-cylinder wrist mechanism with two degrees of freedom
According to an aspect, a device may include a first member, a second member, and a wrist mechanism disposed between the first member and the second member. The wrist mechanism may include a first cylinder portion coupled to the first member, and a second cylinder portion coupled to the second member.
Brigham Young University

 Facial interface and headgear system for use with ventilation and positive air pressure systems patent thumbnailFacial interface and headgear system for use with ventilation and positive air pressure systems
The present disclosure relates to a mask assembly system that has an adjustable headgear system with adjustable sidepiece for conforming to a user's face. Additionally, the mask assembly allows for detachable nasal pillows to be rotated about multiple degrees of freedom..
Human Design Medical, Llc


Adjustable positive airway pressure or ventilation system

The present disclosure relates to a comfortable and adjustable nasal pillow configured to be part of a nasal pillow system that is part of a mask system used with a ventilation or pap device. The nasal pillows are configured to have multiple degrees of freedom of rotation..
Human Design Medical, Llc


Modular robot system

A modular robot for use as an educational robot system having multiple degrees of freedom and mounting features that allow multiple modules to be assembled with accessories to form a multitude of configurations. Each module is independently mobile and useful when alone or assembled with other modules.
Barobo, Inc.


Method of converting 2d video to 3d video using 3d object models

Method for converting 2d video to 3d video using 3d object models. Embodiments of the invention obtain a 3d object model for one or more objects in a 2d video scene, such as a character.
Legend3d, Inc.


Suspension and guidance tool relative to a mill

An apparatus for suspending and guiding at least first and second linerbolt removal tools externally of a grinding mill. The first linerbolt removal tool is associated with a first carriage assembly and used for knocking out linerbolts on a cylindrical main body portion of the mill.
Russell Mineral Equipment Pty Ltd


Apparatus and producing a biocompatible three-dimensional object

An apparatus for making a biocompatible three-dimensional object including at least one delivery unit arranged to deliver at least one biocompatible fluid substance towards a 3d mold having a matrix surface to obtain a coating layer of a predetermined thickness configured for coating the matrix surface. The three-dimensional object may be a heart valve.
S.m. Scienzia Machinale S.r.l.


Suspended flying rig system

A suspended flying rig system includes a plurality of cables attached to a load support releasably securing a load. In response to retraction and/or deployment of at least one of the plurality of cables, motion is provided generally within a three-dimensional working space to the load support.
Tait Towers Manufacturing, Llc


Suspended flying rig system

A suspended flying rig system includes a plurality of cables attached to a load support releasably securing a load. In response to retraction and/or deployment of at least one of the plurality of cables, motion is provided generally within a three-dimensional working space to the load support.
Tait Towers Manufacturing, Llc


Spinal implant and methods of manufacture thereof

Disclosed herein is an invertebral disc prosthesis comprising a first cantilever arm; the first cantilever arm comprising a shaft that is affixed to a disc; a second cantilever arm that comprises a plurality of rods that contact the disc; the plurality of rods being equidistant from a central axis of the shaft; and a third cantilever arm that comprises a platform to which are attached a plurality of rings; the rings being concentrically disposed about the shaft; the rings being in operative communication with each other; where the plurality of rods contacts the platform; and where the second cantilever arm has more degrees of freedom than the first cantilever arm, while the third cantilever arm has a number of degrees of freedom that are greater than or equal to the number of degrees of the second cantilever arm.. .
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.


Transconnector for coupling first and second spinal fixation elements

Transconnector devices and methods of use are provided. A transconnector device has the capability of connecting to elongate spinal fixation elements having various cross-sectional dimensions.
Spinecraft, Llc


Method for measuring three orientational degrees of freedom of a cube-corner retroreflector

A method for determining three orientational degrees of freedom of a cube-corner retroreflector by obtaining with a photosensitive array an image of a three straight marks on the retroreflector and, with a programmable control device, taking a two-dimensional transform of the image and determining the three orientational degrees of freedom.. .
Faro Technologies, Inc.


Zero-baseline 3d map initialization

A computer-implemented method, apparatus, computer readable medium and mobile device for initializing a 3-dimensional (3d) map may include obtaining, from a camera, a single image of an urban outdoor scene and estimating an initial pose of the camera. An untextured model of a geographic region may be obtained.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Automated system for joining portions of a chassis and method thereof

An automated system for joining at least two portions of a chassis includes an actuation device (3) adapted to move at least one portion in the space “xyz” with three degrees of freedom. A central control unit (5) controls each actuation device (3) as a function of data obtained through sensors (7).
Alenia Aermacchi S.p.a.


Apparatus and producing a biocompatible three-dimensional object

An apparatus for making a biocompatible three-dimensional object including at least one delivery unit arranged to deliver at least one biocompatible fluid substance towards a support body having a matrix surface to obtain a coating layer of a predetermined thickness configured for coating the matrix surface. Furthermore, a handling unit is provided arranged to provide a relative movement according to at least 3 degrees of freedom between the support body and each delivery unit.
S.m. Scienzia Machinale S.r.l.


Robot alignment systems and methods of aligning a robot

Presently disclosed robotic alignment systems and methods may allow for alignment of a platform of a robot with respect to an access port of a part, such as a wing of an aircraft. A robot positioned under the wing may include a base and an upper platform coupled together by a plurality of legs.
The Boeing Company


Equipment for taking a bent pipe

Equipment for taking a bent pipe provided with a mechanical arm, preferably featuring three degrees of freedom, operated by first means controlled by at least one preferably programmable first electronic device, and equipped with at least one container located at an end of the arm, means facilitating the unloading of the bent pipe into the container, and means to close it and to unload the bent pipe. .
Crippa S.p.a.


Surgical mimicked motion

The present invention generally provides methods and devices for controlling movement of an end effector, and in particular for causing mimicked motion between an input tool and an end effector during a surgical procedure. In an exemplary embodiment, a surgical system is provided having a master assembly with an input tool and a slave assembly with an end effector.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Techniques for using gesture recognition to effectuate character selection

This disclosure provides a pose- or gesture-based recognition system that processes images of the human hand, downconverts degrees of freedom of the human hand to lower-dimensional space, and then maps the downconverted space to a character set. In one embodiment, the system is implemented in a smart phone or as a computer-input device that uses a virtual keyboard.


Wrist and forearm exoskeleton

An exoskeleton device and method of using the same is provided that helps rehabilitate limbs such has the lower arm. Embodiments of the exoskeleton device have multiple degrees of freedom so that a limb such as the lower arm may flex or rotate in multiple directions to establish or re-establish neural connections in the brain.


Adjustable drive mechanism

An adjustable drive mechanism, which may be used to control the elevation angle of a telescope or antenna, is disclosed. The adjustable drive mechanism can include a base plate configured to couple with a support structure and having a first spherical portion facing away from the support structure.
Raytheon Company


An generating motion around a remote centre of motion

Apparatus (10) for generating motion around a remote center of motion (rcm), comprising a distal link (l12, lr) arranged to revolve about the remote center of motion and to translate through the remote center of motion, a proximal link (l10, li) arranged to revolve about a proximal center of motion (lcm), coupled to a base link, through a rotational joint (150) and a sliding joint (181), a first mechanism comprising a first link (l9, be) pivotally coupled to the proximal link (l10) and to the distal link (l12) and operable to transfer motion of the proximal link relative to the proximal center of motion to a motion of the distal link relative to the remote center of motion by maintaining a parallelogram (par1), and a second mechanism operable to move the first link with two degrees of freedom in a plane parallel to the plane of motion of the proximal link, characterised in that the second mechanism comprises one link or a serial connection of links (l4, l8, l3, l7, l2, l6) connecting the base link to the first link, configured to have an orientation of instant motion which is different from an orientation of instant motion of the proximal link (l10), relative to the base link.. .
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven


Comb drive and leaf spring camera actuator

An actuator package includes a base frame member and an image sensor. The actuator package further includes a plurality of comb drive actuators affixed to the base frame member by a plurality of respective electrically conductive leaf spring flexures.
Apple Inc.


Haptic device with controlled traction forces

A haptic device includes a substrate that is subjected to lateral motion such as lateral oscillation with one or more degrees of freedom together with modulation of a friction reducing oscillation in a manner that can create a shear force on the user's finger or on an object on the device.. .
Northwestern University


Global navigation systems antenna

A phased array antenna that can be utilized in one or multiple global navigation satellite systems. This type of gnss phased array antenna is often referred to as a crpa.
Ohio University


Test body for determining rotation errors of a rotating apparatus

A test body is provided for determining one or more rotation errors of a rotating apparatus with respect to one or more degrees of freedom of movement, in which a real rotating movement of the rotating apparatus differs from an ideal rotating movement. The test body includes a holder which, together with a part of the rotating apparatus, can be rotated about an axis of rotation.
Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik Gmbh


Fracture reduction structure

Technologies are generally provided for an attachment device to achieve pelvic fracture reduction and stabilization. An example attachment device may include two or more screws coupled together in succession to generate a reduction force when inserted through bony tissue.
Empire Technology Development Llc


Pure translational serial manipulator robot having three degrees of freedom with a reduced space requirement

A serial carrier having at least three degrees of freedom, comprising three rotoid connections, two of which have orthogonal axes (x1, x2), one among the first, second and third connections enabling the carrier to be hinged to a frame, and comprising an effector (8), said carrier comprising two passive devices (4, 6) with a parallelogram deformable in the plane which are connected on the one hand to the frame and on the other hand to the effector (8), and a first and a second passive transmitting devices (d1, d2) each formed by a double u-joint, the first double u-joint (d1) being connected to the frame and the second double u-joint being connected to the effector, both double u-joints being connected between them. The deformable parallelogram devices (4, 6) and the transmitting devices (d1, d2) can restrict the movement of the effector (8) to the only three translational degrees of freedom..
Commissariat à L'ènergie Atomique Et Aux ènergies Alternatives


Wynne-dyson projection lens with reduced susceptibility to uv damage

A wynne-dyson projection lens for use in an ultraviolet optical lithography system is disclosed, wherein the projection lens is configured to have reduced susceptibility to damage from ultraviolet radiation. The projection lens utilizes lens elements that are made of optical glasses that are resistant to damage from ultraviolet radiation, but that also provide sufficient degrees of freedom to correct aberrations.
Ultratech, Inc.


Integrated portable stand, power supply, and control panel

A portable stand includes a supporting frame, wherein the supporting frame has a base assembly operatively connected to at least one extendible leg for movement about a pivotal axis. The base assembly includes a base plate adapted for attachment to an interior of a case.
Air Systems, Inc. Dba Air Systems International, Inc.


Suspension system especially for underwater cable

A suspension system receives an associated cable. The suspension system includes first and second mount arms disposed in spaced relation that receive a collar assembly having first and second collar members dimensioned to circumferentially enclose around the associated cable in a first assembled position, and a second open position, where the first and second collar members do not circumferentially enclose the associated cable.
Pmi Industries, Inc.


Immersive, flux-guided, micro-coil apparatus and method

A pemf web using immersive, flux-guided, micro-coils to direct intense, deeply penetrating, magnetic flux into a subject from each micro-coil capable of pointing in an arbitrary direction. Micro-coils are spooled around iron cores, insulated properly, and soldered to connecting wires, all embedded in a polymeric resin, such as cold-cured silicone resin.
Pulse, Llc


Expandable interbody fusion device

An expandable interbody fusion device includes superior and inferior endplates that are configured to receive a sequentially inserted stack of interlocking expansion members or wafers. The like-configured wafers include features on their top and bottom surfaces that interlock the wafers in multiple degrees of freedom so that the wafer stack is not disrupted when the fusion device is fully expanded.
Spine Wave, Inc.


Rod contouring alignment linkage

Pedicle screws are designed to provide polyaxial coupling to pedicles of a vertebra. Intermediate pieces are attached to the pedicles screws and receive extender shafts.
Stryker European Holdings I, Llc


Maglev workpiece table with six degrees of freedom

A maglev working table with six degrees of freedom comprises a pedestal (800), a rotation drive apparatus, a planar-motion apparatus, an angle measuring apparatus (500), and a displacement measuring apparatus. The displacement measuring apparatus comprises four direct-current motors (600) and four displacement measuring apparatus psd assemblies.
Tsinghua University


Smart helmet

A smart helmet including a projection surface, a projection unit, a processing unit, and a first pivoting unit is provided. The projection unit projects an image light into the projection surface according to a projection data.
Coretronic Corporation


Operation support system and control operation support system

An operation support system performing treatment on a target tissue while observing using an image capturing unit, using a treatment unit installed at a distal end side of a manipulator, a distal end seen from a fixing end of the manipulator, includes: the manipulator having joints corresponding to degrees of freedom and including at least two redundant joints having a redundant relationship among the joints; an operating unit configured to provide operating information corresponding to the degrees of freedom; a positional relationship calculation unit calculating a switching positional relationship between the target tissue or the treatment unit and the image capturing unit; and a control unit controlling an operation of the joint according to the operating information. The control unit controls the manipulator using one redundant joint as a driving joint and the other redundant joints as a fixing joint based on the switching positional relationship..
Olympus Corporation


Energy recovering legged robotic device

A legged robotic device is disclosed. The legged robotic device can include a plurality of support members coupled together for relative movement defining a plurality of degrees of freedom, which can correspond to degrees of freedom of a human leg.
Sarcos Lc


Legged robotic device utilizing modifiable linkage mechanism

A legged robotic device is disclosed. The legged robotic device can include a mechanism formed at least in part by a plurality of support members coupled together for relative movement defining a plurality of degrees of freedom, at least some of the plurality of degrees of freedom corresponding to degrees of freedom of a human leg.
Sarcos Lc


Holder for a transesophageal echocardiography probe

A device includes a first retainer plate, a second retainer plate, a connector link, and a clamp. The second retainer plate has a clearance aperture.


Hand-held articulating arm camera mount

The present disclosure provides a hand-held camera mount for mounting an imaging device. In one embodiment, a hand-held imaging device mount comprises a handle configured to be held by a user; a base connected to the handle; an arm movably secured to the base such that the arm can be rotated relative to the handle and secured in place; and a mount head movably secured to the arm such that the mount head can be moved relative to the arm and secured in place, the mount head configured to mount an imaging device, wherein the imaging device mount permits an imaging device mounted to the mount head to be adjusted with multiple degrees of freedom relative to the handle..


Medical robot arm apparatus, medical robot arm control system, medical robot arm control method, and program

Provided is a surgical imaging apparatus that includes a multi-link, multi joint structure including a plurality of joints that interconnect a plurality of links to provide the multi-link, multi joint structure with a plurality of degrees of freedom, at least one video camera being disposed on a distal end of the multi-link, multi-joint structure; at least one actuator that drives at least one of the plurality of joints; and circuitry that detects a joint force experienced at the at least one of the plurality of joints in response to an applied external force, and controls the at least one actuator based on the joint force so as to position the video camera.. .
Sony Olympus Medical Solutions Inc.


Wristed surgical instrument capable of multiple functions, without requiring extra inputs

The present invention is generally related to the art of surgical instruments for use in minimally invasive surgery and more specifically to robotic laparoscopic surgery. According to one aspect of the invention, this articulated instrument is capable of producing a wrist-like motion, i.e.


Electromagnetic sensor integration with ultrathin scanning fiber endoscope

Methods and systems for imaging internal tissues within a body are provided. In one aspect, a method for imaging an internal tissue of a body is provided.
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization


Signal conducting coupling

A device including a prosthesis including an external component configured to output a signal in response to an external stimulus and a skin penetrating component configured to communicatively transfer the signal at least partially beneath skin of the recipient, wherein the device is configured such that the skin penetrating component can move in a plurality of degrees of freedom relative to the external component while retained to the external component.. .
Cochlear Limited


Vibration control in data storage devices

A storage device has a device body and a read/write head for reading and writing data in a data track of a storage medium. An actuator system is mounted on the device body for effecting movement of the read/write head relative to the data track to align the head with the data track.
International Business Machines Corporation



A movement simulator [100] has at least three translational degrees of freedom and has at least three actuator assemblies [106, 108, 110] each of which having a four bar parallelogram/trapezoidal link arrangement. A stiffener [214] is also disclosed..
Moog Bv


Faucet with articulating arm

A faucet includes a sprayhead removably supported by a positioning arm. The positioning arm is articulated to provide multiple degrees of freedom..
Delta Faucet Company


Magnetic resonance fingerprinting (mrf) serial artificial neural network (ann) sequence design

Example apparatus and methods employ an artificial neural network (ann) to automatically design magnetic resonance (mr) pulse sequences. The ann is trained using transverse magnetization signal evolutions having arbitrary initial magnetizations.
Case Western Reserve University


Reconfigurable optical processing system

An optical processing system comprises an optical input; one or more spatial light modulator arrays; and a detector array; wherein at least of said spatial light modulator arrays incorporates a plurality of data elements focusing elements; said data elements and/or said focussing elements having multiple degrees of freedom.. .
Optalysys Ltd.


Method for determining contact position parameters of a joint connecting two bones

A data processing method for determining six parameters, corresponding to six degrees of freedom, of a contact position of a joint which connects two bones, comprising the steps of acquiring a 3d model of each bone, acquiring four of the six parameters as given parameters, selecting initial values for the two remaining parameters and varying the two remaining parameters virtually in order to achieve a virtual relative position between the two 3d models such that they are in contact with each other.. .


Dry friction clutch with dampening system

A pneumatic dry friction clutch with a cone-shaped friction backing member and an intermediate member interlinked together with mating protrusions and recesses. The axial and circumferential degrees of freedom minimize or reduce noise and vibrations of the clutch, particularly any resonance.


Belt attachment and system

Disclosed herein is a belt assembly including a flexible belt with an improved belt attachment. The belt attachment includes two crossbars spaced along the length of the belt.


Apparatus and estimating vehicle velocity

An apparatus and a method for estimating a vehicle velocity are provided. The apparatus includes an inertia sensor that is configured to measure six degrees of freedom of a vehicle and a vehicle interior sensor that is configured to measure vehicle information.


Position and location detection of objects

A method for position and location determination of objects, particularly uncooperative objects. A 3d sensor delivers data of the target object, which are compared with target object data stored in a model database and are used both for an initial position and location estimation and for a subsequent more accurate position and location estimation of the target object.


Propeller/rotor control apparatus and method

An apparatus for controlling a rotor of a rotary wing aircraft, including a stationary frame, a rotary propulsion shaft extending through the frame, the propulsion shaft having a first shaft portion and a second shaft portion coupled to the first shaft portion at a joint, the first shaft portion being configured to be coupled to a drive unit and the second shaft portion being pivotable relative to a centerline of the first shaft portion in two degrees of freedom about the joint, and at least one actuator coupled to the stationary frame at one end and connected to the second shaft portion at the other end so that the second shaft portion rotates relative to the at least one actuator, the at least one actuator being configured to pivot the second shaft portion in the two degrees of freedom.. .


Modular rotor craft rotor hub system

A rotor arm assembly for use in a rotor craft rotor hub system includes a pitch shaft and a plurality of discrete bearings coupled to the pitch shaft. The plurality of bearings are elastomeric bearings configured to facilitate movement of the rotor arm assembly about a plurality of degrees of freedom.


Hinge having multiple degrees of freedom

Techniques for forming a hinge are described herein. The hinge is to couple a first housing of a computing device and a second housing of the computing device.


Actuation mechanism, optical apparatus, lithography apparatus and manufacturing devices

An actuator to displace, for example a mirror, provides movement with at least two degrees of freedom by varying the currents in two electromagnets. A moving part includes a permanent magnet with a magnetic face constrained to move over a working area lying substantially in a first plane perpendicular to a direction of magnetization of the magnet.
Asml Netherlands B.v.


Magnetic bearing, shaft and shaft mounting

A magnetic bearing for the mounting of a shaft (7), in particular for a spinning rotor of an open-end spinning device, features several pole shanks (2) of a stator (1) for the active radial magnetic mounting of the shaft (7) in two degrees of freedom, which in each case are surrounded by a coil (6) and are radially arranged to each other, whereas the pole shanks (2) are arranged at each other in such a manner that they release an opening (4) for the shaft (7). In the area of the opening (4), and on the side of the coils (6) turned away from the opening (4), the pole shanks (2) are connected to each other.
Rieter Cz S.r.o.


Remotely adjustable degrees of freedom for suspension coupling

Apparatus and associated methods relate to remote control over a number of degrees of freedom of coupling between a first suspension member and a second suspension member. In an illustrative embodiment, when in an uncoupled state, the first suspension member may move substantially independently of any motion of the second suspension member.
Skinz Protective Gear


Joint assembly and walking assistance robot

In a joint assembly of a walking assistance robot that is capable of performing an operation with 3 degrees of freedom, similarly to a user's joint, a rolling motion and a sliding motion are simultaneously made, and a rotation center changes so that the joint assembly can make a similar motion to that of an actual knee joint of the user. Thus, when the user wears the walking assistance robot and walks, misalignment can be prevented from occurring in the knee joint..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Robotic apparatus, method, and applications

A dexterous robotic apparatus includes an asymmetrical hand mechanism including only two finger components: a first independent finger and a second independent finger, and a respective first finger motor and a respective second finger motor disposed in the hand mechanism, wherein the hand mechanism is characterized by only two continuous degrees of freedom.. .
Cornell University


Hybrid stabilizer with optimized resonant and control loop frequencies

A hybrid stabilizer isolates a payload from vibrations across six degrees of freedom using an underdamped passive stabilizer in series with an active stabilizer that is mounted to the foundation, thereby improving isolation. In a first aspect, the passive stabilizer is one or more underdamped springs that reduce high frequency vibrations and in some embodiments the passive stabilizer is tuned to a resonant frequency at most half the control loop frequency of the active stabilizer.
Tolo, Inc.


Agile, driven joint with three degrees of freedom

The invention relates to a joint drive with a joint unit and a curved guide drive. The joint unit comprises a first and a second transmission wheel which are positioned opposite each other.
Technische Universitat Munchen


Posture rehabilitation apparatus

Posture apparatus for rehabilitating alterations of the locomotor system includes a rectangular-shaped platform offering housing to two portions and receive a subject user, each portion respectively including a base reversibly respectively fixed to its corresponding portion and adapted to respectively support a support matching the left foot and a support matching the right foot of the subject; a belt with elastic band adapted to be worn by the subject; at least one elastic cord for connecting the belt with support elements present on the apparatus; at least two telescopic rods adapted to fix at a predetermined height the support elements; the apparatus conferring to the anatomic structures involved in the exercise, and to the feet of the subject, a high number of degrees of freedom of movement, with the matching feet supports divided into two transverse portions which allow the foot to perform a natural helical movement.. .


Collapsible and stackable parts rack

A rack for holding articles, components, parts and other such items and further being collapsible and stackable upon other similar racks whether any of the racks are in an upright or collapsed position. The rack includes a shelf and a plurality of leg assemblies distributed about the shelf perimeter, the leg assemblies each having a leg footer, a leg member, and a slider pivot bearing joining the proximal ends of the leg footer and leg member thereby constraining relative motion between the leg footer and leg member to two degrees of freedom.
Honda Logistics North America, Inc.


Medical robot arm apparatus, medical robot arm control system, medical robot arm control method, and program

Provided is a medical robot arm apparatus including a plurality of joint units configured to connect a plurality of links and implement at least 6 or more degrees of freedom in driving of a multi-link structure configured with the plurality of links, and a drive control unit configured to control driving of the joint units based on states of the joint units. A front edge unit attached to a front edge of the multi-link structure is at least one medical apparatus..
Sony Olympus Medical Solutions Inc.


Minimally invasive surgical system

The distal end of a surgical instrument is movable in all six cartesian degrees of freedom independently of other components of a telemanipulated surgical system. The surgical instrument extends through a guide tube.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.


Fusing and cutting surgical instrument and related methods

A surgical instrument can include a shaft having a proximal end and a distal end, and a wrist coupled to the distal end of the shaft and configured to articulate in multiple degrees of freedom. An end effector having jaws may be supported by the wrist.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.


Syndesmosis screw

Disclosed bone screws include multiple screw elements engaged together to provide the required strength along a longitudinal direction and the required flexibility in other degrees of freedom. The disclosed bone screws have a low profile.
Coorstek Medical Llc D/b/a Imds


Epitaxial film on nanoscale structure

An embodiment of the invention includes an epitaxial layer that directly contacts, for example, a nanowire, fin, or pillar in a manner that allows the layer to relax with two or three degrees of freedom. The epitaxial layer may be included in a channel region of a transistor.
Intel Corporation


Survivable cloud data storage and transport

Presented is a multi-channel data process to utilize wavefront multiplexing for data storage and data stream transport with redundancy on cloud or in a distribution network. This processing features additional applications for multi-media recording and data communications via transponding platforms including satellites, unmanned air vehicles (uavs), or others for better survivability and faster accessing.


Umbrella having a pivot joint to provide additional degrees of freedom of orientation of its canopy

An umbrella having a support arm, a canopy having a support hub defining a first axis, and a pivot joint coupling the support hub to the support structure. The pivot joint is rotatable with respect to the support structure, about a second axis at a fixed angle with respect to the support structure.


Hot wedge welding device

A hot-wedge welding device for overlap welding plastic webs, comprising a hot wedge, a pressure device for pressing the plastic webs against the hot wedge which comprises a respective pressure unit associated with one of the hot-wedge flat sides, and further comprising two mutually opposing pressure rollers. The hot wedge is pivotably mounted on a bearing shaft by way of a bearing bushing, which extends between the two hot-wedge flat sides parallel to the hot-wedge front edge at a distance therefrom.
Leister Technologies Ag


Targeting an orthopaedic implant landmark

A system for targeting landmarks on devices such as surgical implants is disclosed. The system can include a field generator for generating one or more magnetic fields, an orthopaedic implant located within the magnetic fields, the implant having at least one landmark, a removable probe with a first magnetic sensor, a landmark identifier and a processor.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.


Dynamic deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) models and kits

A dynamic dna model and dna model kit that is based on the atomic coordinates of double-stranded dna, but can be easily untwisted to form a flattened 2-d ladder structure. Once untwisted, the two strands of dna can be easily “unzipped” to create single-stranded dna templates that can be used to demonstrate the processes of dna replication and transcription.


Method of determining a position and orientation of a device associated with a capturing device for capturing at least one image

A method of determining a position and orientation of a device is provided. The position and orientation of the device is determined based on multiple degrees of freedom (dof) and the device is associated with a capturing device for capturing at least one image is provided.
Metaio Gmbh


Feature validation using motion registration

During an analysis technique, the locations of a polyp candidate (and, more generally, a feature) in images of the colon acquired with different orientations of an individual are compared to determine if the polyp candidate is a true positive (an actual polyp) or a false positive (an artifact). In particular, the locations are compared for images when the individual is supine and prone.
Echopixel, Inc.


Polarized tracker tracking movement

A system and method are provided for leveraging emitted polarized electromagnetic radiation as a means to track relative orientation and position of an object with regard to another object. Six basic degrees of freedom including three angular and three translational are determined based on making multiple polarization-based measurements and then determining the corresponding geometry that would yield those measurements..
Honeywell International Inc.


Camera-based visual adjustment of a movable x-ray imaging system

The present invention relates to the adjustment of movable x-ray imaging systems. In order to provide a facilitated alignment and positioning for a movable x-ray imaging system with reduced hardware requirements and allowing an intuitive operation, a movable x-ray imaging system (10) for aligning an object of interest and an x-ray imaging arrangement in relation to each other is provided.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Flexible master - slave robotic endoscopy system

A master-slave robotic endoscopy system includes a flexible primary endoscope probe having at least one tool channel for carrying a tendon-sheath driven robot arm and corresponding end effector, and a secondary endoscope probe channel for carrying an imaging endoscope. The imaging endoscope provides enhanced image capture range relative to a distal end of the primary endoscope probe by way of a secondary endoscope probe channel distal opening proximally offset from the primary endoscope probe distal end; a ramp structure distally carried by the primary endoscope probe; and/or one or more actuatable distal imaging endoscope regions.
National University Of Singapore


Communications connector with improved contacts

A network cable jack includes a printed circuit board (pcb) for balancing both inductive and capacitive coupling. Using a pcb allows compact trace paths to be formed without significantly increasing manufacturing costs.
Panduit Corp.


Ergonomics test buck

A test buck, a test buck system and related method are disclosed. The test buck system may comprise a controller and a test buck.
Caterpillar Inc.


Motion tracking system for real time adaptive imaging and spectroscopy

This invention relates to a system that adaptively compensates for subject motion in real-time in an imaging system. An object orientation marker (30), preferably a retro-grate reflector (rgr), is placed on the head or other body organ of interest of a patient (p) during a scan, such as an mri scan.
Uwm Research Foundation, Inc.


Bending machines for bending profiles, metal sheets and the like

Machines for bending profiles, metal sheets and the like are provided. Such machines include those having a structure or frame and a bending device with three rollers.


Shock absorbing, total disc replacement prosthetic device

A hybrid mechanical device comprising rigid-body joints, such as rotational and planar joints, and one or more continuum joints that operate based on constitutive properties of materials, such as, for example, flexure, extension and compression. Embodiments include a tripartite nucleus comprising a cap, core, and sled.
Truemotion Spine, Inc.


Degrees of freedom in multicell wireless systems with full-duplex base stations using interference alignment and methods for enabling full-duplex with half duplex clients

An interference alignment system for communication structures that includes a single cell channel comprising an access point node, and a full bipartite interference channel (fbic) configuration of a plurality of receiving nodes and a plurality of transmitting nodes. Each receiving node sees an interfering signal from all transmitting nodes.
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

Degrees Of Freedom topics: Degrees Of Freedom, Virtual Reality, Tracking System, Laser Welding, Input Device, Input Devices, Conductive Elements, Transducer, Video Game, Navigation, Distributed, Cartesian Coordinates, Coordinates, Instruments, Surgical Instrument

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