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Degrees Of Freedom patents

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Floating unit and assembly for producing a modular floating structure comprising such floating units

Ets A. Deschamps Et Fils

Floating unit and assembly for producing a modular floating structure comprising such floating units

Degrees of freedom per communication node

Degrees of freedom per communication node

Degrees of freedom per communication node


Object tracking using occluding contours

Date/App# patent app List of recent Degrees Of Freedom-related patents
 Method and  fabrication of controlled chirp gratings patent thumbnailMethod and fabrication of controlled chirp gratings
In some aspects of the present application, an apparatus for producing an interference pattern on a photosensitive portion formed on a surface of a sample is disclosed. The apparatus can include an optical system for providing interference between two coherent spherical wavefronts impinging on a thin-film photosensitive material formed on a surface of a sample, wherein a plane of the surface normal of the sample is arranged at an angle with respect to a plane defined by center propagation vectors of the two coherent spherical wavefronts; and one or more actuating elements operable to actuate one or more optical elements in the optical system, the sample, or both the one or more optical elements and the sample in one or more degrees of freedom to control a relative magnitude of a longitudinal and a transverse chirp of the interference pattern..

 Floating unit and assembly for producing a modular floating structure comprising such floating units patent thumbnailFloating unit and assembly for producing a modular floating structure comprising such floating units
A system includes a first floating unit and at least one second floating unit. The first floating unit includes at least one system of connection to the second floating unit, this connecting system including a projectile connected to a free end of a mooring line and at least one male and/or female coupling element placed at a first of its ends.
Ets A. Deschamps Et Fils

 Degrees of freedom per communication node patent thumbnailDegrees of freedom per communication node
Systems and methods are disclosed to operate a communication network by dividing signal dimensions at a receiver into interference and intended signal dimensions; applying transmit precoding to mitigate interference by overlapping the interference from a plurality of transmitters into the interference dimension at thea receiver; and applying a receiver filter to cancel out the interference dimension at the receiver and recover the signal in the intended signal dimension.. .

 Object tracking using occluding contours patent thumbnailObject tracking using occluding contours
Embodiments disclosed pertain to object tracking based, in part, on occluding contours associated with the tracked object. In some embodiments, a 6 degrees of freedom (6-dof) initial camera pose relative to a tracked object in a first image may be obtained.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Automobile sun visor attachment patent thumbnailAutomobile sun visor attachment
An automobile sun visor attachment is configured to attach to a sun visor. The attachment includes means to easily apply and remove the attachment to an existing sun visor.

 Patient-matched total knee arthroscopy patent thumbnailPatient-matched total knee arthroscopy
A gauge assembly includes a distal femur gauge including medial and lateral condyle paddles each having a shape and size corresponding to a pre-operative planned distal resection of a patient's femur, and a tibial cutting block connected to the distal femur gauge. The condyle paddles include features, for example, pin-receiving holes, that permit intra-operative anterior-posterior and/or internal-external adjustment of the position of the distal femur gauge.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.

 Device for controlling trim of a boat patent thumbnailDevice for controlling trim of a boat
Device for controlling the trim of a boat including at least one trim tab element or the like, engaged to the transom of the boat by a hinge. At least one actuator is also provided, which is affixed to the transom by an upper terminal and to the tab by a lower terminal respectively through an upper joint and a lower joint.
Ultraflex S.p.a.

 Compliant underactuated grasper patent thumbnailCompliant underactuated grasper
A compliant underactuated grasper includes a palm base and two fingers. Each of the fingers comprises: a proximal phalanx; a distal phalanx; a compliant flexure joint connecting the distal phalanx to the proximal phalanx; and a pin joint connecting the proximal phalanx to the palm base, the pin joint constraining angular movement of the proximal phalanx relative to the palm base to rotation about a pin pivot axis.
Irobot Corporation

 Intra-operatively adjustable cutting guide patent thumbnailIntra-operatively adjustable cutting guide
A tibial cutting guide includes upper and lower portions having patient-matched surfaces. The upper portion defines resection slots for forming resections about the tibial eminence.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.

 Pulse measuring device and  pulse measurement therewith patent thumbnailPulse measuring device and pulse measurement therewith
A pulse measuring device according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises: a measuring unit which is capable of spherical movement with multiple degrees of freedom; and a movement unit on which the measuring unit is mounted, and which has a spherical movement part for moving the measuring unit spherically with multiple degrees of freedom while also having a linear movement structure for moving the measuring unit linearly with multiple degrees of freedom. The measuring unit comprises: a unit body which is coupled so as to be able to rotate relative to an end part of the movement unit; a linking part which is coupled to a lower end part of the unit body and is able to rotate relative to the unit body; and a sensor part which is equipped with a pulse diagnosis sensor..
Korea Institute Of Oriental Medicine


Method and editing 3d character motion

A method of editing a 3d character motion and an apparatus using the same, the method including analyzing correlations between degrees of freedom of joints with respect to a plurality of sample motions, and generating a new character motion desired by a user by editing a 3d character motion input by the user, wherein when a key joint is manipulated by the user, positions of other joints are transformed by use of the analyzed correlations between degrees of freedoms of the joints, so that the new character motion is generated.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Active resistive shimming for mri devices

Active resistive shim coil assemblies may be used in magnetic resonance imaging (mri) systems to reduce in-homogeneity of the magnetic field in the imaging volume. Disclosed embodiments may be used with continuous systems, gapped cylindrical systems, or vertically gapped systems.
Viewray Incorporated


Platform stabilization system

A platform stabilization system comprises a support frame, a platform and a plurality of isolators each extending directly between the support frame and the platform. Each isolator permits linear movement of the platform relative to the support frame with three degrees of freedom and permits rotational movement of the platform relative to the support frame with three degrees of freedom.
Pv Labs Inc.


Shock absorbing, total disc replacement prosthetic

Devices for implantation within a functional spinal unit (fsu) that can provide up to six independent degrees of freedom from a neutral position are provided. Such devices can comprise two endplates, a nucleus, a sled, and an optional, elastic boot attached to the endplates and enclosing the contents of the device, namely, the nucleus.
Truemotion Spine, Inc.


Long-bone fracture-reduction robot

A long-bone fracture-reduction robot is provided, and includes a machine base; a support slidably connected onto the machine base and able to move up and down; a plurality of electro-hydraulic drivers; and a six-degrees-of-freedom parallel robot arranged on the support, with the motion of the robot in six degrees of freedom hydraulically controllable using the plurality of electro-hydraulic drivers. The long-bone fracture-reduction robot includes two long-bone-fixing frames, one frame being coupled to the support and other being coupled to the six-degree-of-freedom parallel robot.


Cone beam ct imaging and image-guided procedures

Disclosed are embodiments of methods of and systems for detecting and biopsying lesions with a cone beam computed tomography (cbct) system. The system comprises, in some embodiments, a cbct device configured to output a cone beam ct image of at least a portion of a patient's breast and a multi-axis transport module, having at least three degrees of freedom and configured to position a biopsy needle within a 3d frame of reference based on inputs received from the cone beam ct device.
Koning Corporation


Observer preference model

A computer implemented method for predicting preferences of an observer for two images, the method comprising the steps of: receiving the first image and an associated salience map indicating regions of the first image that are likely to be scrutinized by the observer; receiving a content masking map indicating differences between the first image and the second image that the observer is likely to be able to perceive; determining a number of preference measures; and processing the salience map and the content masking map to determine a distribution of a set of values of the preference measures predicting the preferences of the observer for the first image and the second image, the set of values of the preference measures having a number of degrees of freedom.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Axis maintenance apparatus, systems, and methods

In some embodiments, an apparatus and a system, as well as a method and an article, may operate to select a longitudinal axis (250) within a borehole (220), and to move a down hole housing using at least one set of rollers (82) attached to the housing to contact a surface of the borehole (220), so that simultaneous movement with two rotational degrees of freedom is enabled within the borehole (220). The centerline of the housing can be substantially aligned with a selected longitudinal axis (250) while the housing moves along the selected longitudinal axis.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Reciprocating gardening tool and gardening tool attachment for reciprocating power tool

A hand held gardening tool has a drive with a reciprocating head to which a removable garden tool attachment formed of an elongate plate that can be a reciprocating saw blade formed into a j-shape, u-shape or o-shape has a non-straight and non-smooth ground engaging surface that preferably is a toothed or serrated elongate edge facing a user of the tool during ground engagement when pulled or dragged by the user toward the user during use. The drive reciprocates the attachment when the ground engaging surface engages the ground breaking up the ground cultivating the ground.


Method and automated control and multidimensional positioning of multiple localized medical devices with a single interventional remote navigation system

(b) constructing a cost function based on the spatial coordinates of the first and second medical devices, minimizing it and computing and automatically applying updates to the configurational degrees of freedom of the second medical device.. .


System and augmented ultrasound simulation using flexible touch sensitive surfaces

A method and system for ultrasound simulation for training purposes. The system comprises a probe assembly, an electronic tag, and a translation sensor.
Sonosim, Inc.


Multi-axis input apparatus

The inventive technology, in its various embodiments, relates to improved multi-axis input devices such as joysticks, and associated multi-axis optical displacement measurement means. Certain embodiments of the input devices may comprise elements movable with respect to each other in at least, e.g., three degrees of freedom and comprise ionically conductive elements that are utilized to generate a position signal in, e.g., at least three, or at least six degrees of freedom.


Steering techniques for surgical instruments

A steerable endoscopic tool uses concentric sleeves of varying curvature to steer a tool tip toward or in the direction of a location of surgical interest. By rotating and/or axially displacing such sleeves relative to one another the tool tip may be maneuvered within a current field of view with several degrees of freedom without any physical movement of an endoscope, thus facilitating improved surgical access and control without complex mechanical systems in the endoscope or at the surgical site..
The General Hospital Corporation


Method and painting objects

An apparatus for painting an object, the apparatus having a painting head equipped with a spraying nozzle arranged to deliver a flow of paint on a surface. The apparatus also includes a device for moving the painting head in the space according to at least two degrees of freedom.
Scuola Superiore S. Anna


Backplane optical connector

The present invention relates to a a backplane optical connector comprising includes a first connector secured to a backplane and a second connector mounted on a daughter board. The first connector comprises includes a first optical input-output part, guide holes, and a shutter.
Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited


Housing, bobbin, and electronic device

A housing covering an electronic component is provided. The housing includes a body, a first coupling portion, and a third coupling portion.
Delta Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Azimuth angle calibration method and motion analysis apparatus

A motion analysis apparatus includes a first calculation unit that calculates a first vector on a node in an absolute coordinate system using an output from a first inertial sensor attached to one of two rigid bodies linked by the node having a multiple degrees of freedom, a second calculation unit that calculates a second vector on the node in the absolute coordinate system using an output from a second inertial sensor attached to the other one of the rigid bodies; and a third calculation unit that calculates a difference in directions of the first vector and the second vector.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Imaging system subject support

A subject support (114) of an imaging system (100) includes a tabletop (124) that supports a subject or object in an examination region of the imaging system, a base (116), including a mechanical linear actuator (118), and a coupling (128) that mechanically couples the tabletop and the linear mechanical actuator such that the linear mechanical actuator translates the tabletop with respect to the examination region. The coupling rotates in two directions and translates in two directions, thereby providing four degrees of freedom, compensating for at least one of machining inaccuracies or misalignment of the linear mechanical actuator..
Koninklijke Philips N.v


Racket sport inertial sensor motion tracking analysis

A system for a racket comprises an inertial sensor for coupling to the racket, a processor connected to the inertial sensor, and a memory device connected to the processor. The inertial sensor includes an accelerometer array with three degrees of freedom in acceleration and a gyro array with three degrees of freedom in rotation.
Icuemotion, Llc


Frequency assignment method and transmission apparatus therefor

A frequency assignment method in a communication system is provided. The method includes transmitting, by a base station, a pilot signal to the plurality of terminals; receiving, by the base station, channel information and a signal to interference ratio (sir) from the plurality of terminals as feedback information; determining, by the base station, a number of subcarriers to be used for interference alignment and a terminal to which interference alignment is to be applied, using the feedback information; selecting, by the base station, a frequency set to be used for interference alignment among preset frequency sets for interference alignment, and generating a transmit precoding matrix using a maximum of degrees of freedom (dof) that can be obtained for each frequency; and transmitting, by the base station, an index of the selected frequency set to the determined terminal using the generated transmit precoding matrix..
Korea University Research And Business Foundation


Web insulation system, valve for a web insulation system, and a storage container using the web insulation system

A storage system, including an outer casing having an evacuated inner volume; a vessel for storage located within the outer casing and having a plurality of protrusions distributed on an outer surface thereof; and a plurality of filamentary strands spanning the inner volume, wherein at least some of the plurality of protrusions are essentially tangentially contacted by a plurality of the filamentary strands to secure the vessel in six degrees of freedom relative to the outer casing.. .
Board Of Trustees Of Northern Illinois University


Orbital welder with wire height adjustment assembly

A welding system for applying a weld to a workpiece, the welding system including a frame, a welding torch mounted on the frame, the welding torch including an electrode; a wire guide adapted to direct a wire toward the electrode; a wire alignment assembly including a fixture frame having a wire guide holder mounted thereon, the wire guide being supported on the wire guide holder, wherein the wire alignment assembly includes multiple degrees of freedom for adjusting the position of the wire guide as needed for a given welding operation.. .


Reduced degree of freedom robotic controller apparatus and methods

Apparatus and methods for training and controlling of, for instance, robotic devices. In one implementation, a robot may be trained by a user using supervised learning.
Brain Corporation


Methods and transesophageal microaccess surgery

The current invention describes methods of transesophageal access to the neck and thorax to perform surgical interventions on structures outside the esophagus in both the cervical and the thoracic cavity. It describes a liner device made of a complete or partial tubular structure, or a flat plate, the liner having means to facilitate creation of a side opening, which may include a valve.
Microaccess Inc.


Vibration energy harvesting using cycloidal motion

Some embodiments relate to an energy conversion device, comprising: a casing; an electromagnetic (em) transducer disposed at one side of the casing; a round magnet disposed in the casing and free to move relative to the casing and the em transducer in at least two degrees of freedom; and a ferromagnetic object fixed relative to the casing at an opposite side of the casing to the em transducer and arranged to attract the magnet toward a rest position within the casing. The em transducer is positioned so that movement of the magnet relative to the em transducer varies the magnetic field through the em transducer, thereby generating electrical potential across at least a part of the em transducer..
The Commonwealth Of Australia


Manufacturing process and apparatus having an interchangeable machine tool head with integrated control

A modular manufacturing system and methods of using are provided. The modular manufacturing system includes a plurality of manufacturing heads that perform different manufacturing processes.
Ingersoll Machine Tools, Inc.


Self-locking compact coupling

A coupling is provided for connecting a two-track trailer having at least one drawbar, to a non-motorized vehicle, or to a vehicle having an auxiliary drive, particularly a bicycle. The coupling has two interacting coupling parts releasable from one another and respectively connectable to the vehicle and to the drawbar.
Zwei Plus Zwei Gmbh


Axle fixation for a sprung vehicle axle

The invention relates to an axle fixation, an axle plate (5), and an axle link (2) for a sprung vehicle axle. The components of the axle fixation are a preferably tubular axle body (1), an axle link (2) which crosses the upper face and lower face of the axle body, the axle plate (5) which is arranged in the crossing region between the axle body (1) and the axle link (2), and traction elements for pulling the axle body (1) and the axle link (2) against each other, thereby deforming the axle plate (5).
Bpw Bergische Achsen Kg


Force limiting device and method

The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for limiting the contact force between a moving device and another object, using a parallel mechanism and torque limiters where the threshold force to activate the force limiting mechanism is not related to the configuration of the moving device or the location of the contact force relative to the activation point of the force limiting mechanism, and where the mechanism may be configured for one, two or three degrees of freedom. A counterbalance mechanism is also provided to counteract gravity load when the force limiting mechanism is configured for three degrees of freedom and responsive to contact forces including a vertical element.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


System and retracting body tissue

Retractor systems and methods for retracting body tissue during surgery. The retractor system includes a rail having two opposed widened rail portions separated by a narrowed portion, each widened portion engageable by a separate clamp.
Globus Medical Inc.


Medical analysis method

A medical analysis method uses a medical analysis machine provided with a poly-articulated robot (70) comprising joints defining at least six axes of rotation (a1, a2, a3, a4, a5, a6) and adapted for spacing and/or orienting a terminal member (66) according to six degrees of freedom, the terminal member bearing a grasping member (78) adapted for grasping a container (16). The medical analysis method comprises at least the succession of steps consisting of providing a container (16) containing a sample to be treated stemming from a human being or an animal, transferring said container (16) towards at least one treatment station of the medical analysis machine (100) by means of the poly-articulated robot, treating the sample in a treatment station, transferring the container towards a station for capturing images, and displaying the treatment results through a user interface..
Diamed Gmbh


Motorsports helmet with noise reduction elements

A motorsports helmet having an isolation mount defining a receptacle is provided. An adjustment plate is selectively disposed within the receptacle at different depths and includes an ear-cup.


Roll-to-roll printing fabricating print roller

A multiple degrees of freedom control apparatus for a roll-to-roll printing system.. .
The Chinese University Of Hong Kong


Rehabilitation systems and methods

The present invention integrates an actuated tilting rehabilitation table, video tracking of the patient arm and opposite shoulder, a low-friction forearm support with grasping force sensing, remote data transmission and additional weighing means, one or more large displays, a computer and a plurality of simulation exercises, such as video games. The patient can be monitored by a local or remote clinician.


System and locating fiducials with known shape

This invention provides a system and method for determining the pose of shapes that are known to a vision system that undergo both affine transformation and deformation. The object image with fiducial is acquired.
Cognex Corporation


Active space telescope with suspended mirror

An active space telescope intended to be mounted on a satellite and comprising at least one mirror, a mechanism for servo-controlling the mirror according to at least three degrees of freedom which comprises actuators and a support fixed to the actuators, an interface for fixing the mirror to the servo-control mechanism. The interface is a suspension system of predetermined stiffness which allows dynamic displacements of the mirror relative to the servo-control mechanism, and the telescope comprises means for limiting these dynamic displacements in the form of elastic abutments and means of cooperation with these elastic abutments..


Interferometer, system, and use

A compact, balanced, up to three degrees of freedom measuring interferometer which enables fiber delivery of an optical source without periodic nonlinearity, an interferometer system, and method for using an interferometer to measure up to three degrees of freedom is disclosed.. .
University Of Rochester


Walking aid

The present invention relates to a walking aid suitable for supporting patients with cerebral palsy whilst walking and/or during physiotherapy. The walking aid comprises a frame supported by a pair of wheels positioned next to one another, and a support element connected to the frame, for securing the walking aid to a patient.
Jestoh Bvba


Multiple-mode interface for spatial input devices

Systems and methods for providing presentations of digital graphical objects which are optimized at the time of presentation according to the characteristics of the user's input device. A web page has the ability to present a graphical object in one of two alternative representations: the first representation is displayed on the screen of the user's computer when there is no control signal from an input device communicating with the computer, or if an input device communicating with the computer provides fewer than three degrees of freedom simultaneously for manipulating the graphical object.
Conduit Ltd


Manipulator arrangement and movement device

A movement device and a manipulator configuration are provided for contact and/or invasive examination or treatment of the human or animal body under the influence of increased and/or changing acceleration. Wherein a functional head can be moved relative to a base along a plurality of degrees of freedom movable by drive devices and at least one drive device is constituted as a force-limited drive device..
Amst-systemtechnik Gmbh


System for positioning a tool relative to a workpiece

A system for positioning a tool relative to a workpiece includes a movable table for accommodating a workpiece, the table executing movements in two main moving directions during the processing of the workpiece, one or more planar measuring standards provided in stationary fashion about the tool and extend in the plane of the main moving directions, and scanning heads, mounted in at least three corners of the table, for detecting the position of the table relative to the measuring standards. The position of the table is determinable by the scanning heads in six degrees of freedom.
Dr. Johannes Heidenhain Gmbh


System and interactive vehicle design using performance simulation and prediction in execution of tasks

A computer-implemented method for interactive vehicle package design including receiving vehicle occupant package design model data including a task to be executed and receiving parameters defining a virtual human subject for executing the task, wherein the virtual human subject includes a plurality of degrees of freedom. The method including determining a plurality of motion descriptors of the virtual human subject including determining a manipulation over time of the degrees of freedom of the virtual human subject during accomplishment of the task and determining one or more performance metrics based on the motion descriptors.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Method of manufacturing an article

A method of manufacturing an article including taking an article in an initial state formed using an additive manufacturing process, the article including at least one set of mounting features; performing a second manufacturing process to transform the article into a second state, which includes mounting, via the at least one set of mounting features, the article in a holding device of a machine for operating on the article, wherein the position and orientation of the article in three linear and three rotational degrees of freedom within the machine operating volume is known and defined by virtue of the interaction of the mounting features with the holding device, and processing at least one feature on the article. The at least one mounting feature includes kinematic mount features which engage with corresponding kinematic mount features on the holding device of the machine..
Renishaw Plc


System and providing information on fuel savings, safe operation, and maintenance by real-time predictive monitoring and predictive controlling of aerodynamic and hydrodynamic environmental internal/external forces, hull stresses, motion with six degrees of freedom, and the location of marine structure

A system for monitoring a physical change of a marine structure includes a complex optical measuring instrument configured to detect a behavior and structural change of the marine structure by using at least one optical sensor by means of optical fiber bragg grating.. .
Cytroniq, Ltd.


Bending and twisting mechanism and its applications to robotics and energy conversion

A mechanism includes at least one module (m1) having a tubular structure with at least three faces, each of said faces comprising: two parallel longitudinal fibers (1, 4), rigid and inextensible, whose ends are connected through respective ball or elastic joints (0-1; 4-0) to the ends of the fibers of contiguous modules, or to a base (0); a transverse link (2) connecting said two longitudinal fibers, having a first end rigidly connected to said first fiber and a second end slidably connected to said second fiber, said transverse link being inextensible and having two rotational degrees of freedom; a longitudinal link (32) connecting said transverse link to a homologous transverse link of an adjacent module or to a base via a ball or elastic joint (32-0) and an universal joint (3-32); and an actuator (a) for changing the length of said longitudinal link.. .
Aldebaran Robotics


Intracardiac imaging system utilizing a multipurpose catheter

A three dimensional physiological mapping system utilizing an intracardiac echo catheter capable of being located in six degrees of freedom by a visualization, navigation, or mapping system. An echocardiography image of the intracardiac echo catheter may be projected within a geometric model of the visualization, navigation, or mapping system where the location of the projected image is adjusted in response to user input identifying a structure present in the echocardiography image and the geometric model..
St. Jude Medical, Atrial Fibrillation Division, Inc.


Steady hand micromanipulation robot

A cooperative-control robot includes a base component, a mobile platform arranged proximate the base component, a translation assembly operatively connected to the base component and the mobile platform and configured to move the mobile platform with translational degrees of freedom substantially without rotation with respect to said the component, a tool assembly connected to the mobile platform, and a control system configured to communicate with the translation assembly to control motion of the mobile platform in response to forces by a user applied to at least a portion of the cooperative-control robot. The translation assembly includes at least three independently operable actuator arms, each connected to a separate position of the mobile platform.
The Johns Hopkins University


Operating machine with redundant axes and resolution of the redundancy in real time

A program for a numerical control device is disclosed that determines path points to be approached by an end effector. A control signal group is ascertained for each path point that contains its set point value for each position-controlled axis.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Expandable interbody fusion device

An expandable interbody fusion device includes superior and inferior endplates that are configured to receive a sequentially inserted stack of interlocking expansion members or wafers. The like-configured wafers include features on their top and bottom surfaces that interlock the wafers in multiple degrees of freedom so that the wafer stack is not disrupted when the fusion device is fully expanded.
Spine Wave, Inc.


Percutaneous compression and distraction system

The present invention provides a compression and distraction shaft assembly used to apply compression and distraction to bones including vertebrae. Shaft a assembly and shaft b assembly are attached together via a polyaxial fulcrum.
Stryker European Holdings I, Llc


Csi feedback reduction for mimo interference alignment

Channel state information (csi) is reduced for a multi input multi output (mimo) channel, in which feeding back a part of the csi matrix is sufficient to align interference in a mimo network. A feedback dimension quantifies a cost of the csi feedback of the interference in the mimo network.
The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology


Adjustable display mount

A mounting system for mounting a display device to a surface, the mounting system adjustable in multiple degrees of freedom to selectively position and orientate the attached device relative to the mounting surface and/or other collocated display devices. According to various embodiments, a surface bracket is configured to attach to a mounting surface and an arm assembly operatively couples the surface bracket with a mount carriage.
Peerless Industries, Inc.


Injection treatment simulation using condensation

An injection treatment on a subterranean zone is simulated by modeling physically separate rock blocks of the subterranean zone by separate block models. The block model for each physically separate rock block represents intra-block mechanics of the rock block by finite element method.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Compliant constant velocity constant torque universal joint

A compliant constant velocity constant torque universal joint to transmit a rotary movement between two angled shafts, and/or a kinematic pair with two independent rotational degrees of freedom. This compliant structure is a large deflection compliant joint and the misalignment angle can be changed through the range of from 0° to 60°.
Flexous B.v.


Optical imaging arrangement with multiple metrology support units

An optical imaging arrangement includes an optical projection system and a support structure system. The optical projection system includes a group of optical elements configured to transfer, in an exposure process using exposure light along an exposure light path, an image of a pattern of a mask onto a substrate.
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh


Method to render global 5 dof motion effect with multiple local force-feedback

In order to generate force feedback data for a haptic device for providing simulated six degrees of freedom movement, a three dimensional acceleration component corresponding to the movement to be simulated is determined, a three dimensional velocity component corresponding to the movement to be simulated is determined and control signals for controlling at least three force feedback devices are determined, wherein each of the three force feedback devices provides three dimensional force effects to a fixation point associated to each of it, the three force feedback devices being arranged at defined positions with regard to each other, and the three fixation points define a geometric plane.. .
Thomson Licensing


Intubation systems and methods based on airway pattern identification

An intubation system of the present disclosure intubates based on an airway pattern indicating a trachea opening. The airway pattern is determined from analysis of airway data detected by a trachea identifying device disposed on a moveable guide stylet of the intubation system.


Haptic force-feedback for computing interfaces

Methods, systems, and apparatuses, including computer programs encoded on computer-readable media, provide two degrees of freedom active force feedback for touchscreens or any other general surface. The system includes a rubber ball attached to a pen-like structure with two motors that are capable of rotating freely when external force is applied.
New York University


Micropositioning device with multidegrees of freedom for piezoelectric actuators and associated method

A micropositioning device for a piezoelectric actuator includes a means for controlling an electric field applied to the piezoelectric actuator so as to deform the piezoelectric material, and means for simultaneous measurement of a variation of electric charge accumulated on the piezoelectric actuator resulting from the deformation; and means for acquiring measurements of the variation of electric charge, for processing these acquisitions and for estimating a displacement (x, y, z) of the piezoelectric actuator and/or an applied force.. .
Ecole Nationale Superieure De Mecanique Et Des Microtechniques


Software center and highly configurable robotic systems for surgery and other uses

Telerobotic, telesurgical, and/or surgical robotic devices, systems, and methods employ surgical robotic linkages that may have more degrees of freedom than an associated surgical end effector n space. A processor can calculate a tool motion that includes pivoting of the tool about an aperture site.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.


Mobile imaging system and method

A mobile fluoroscopic imaging system having a portable radiation source capable of emitting radiation in both single and, alternatively, pulse emissions and adapted to move in all degrees of freedom; a portable detector operable to detect radiation from the radiation source, wherein the detector is adapted to move independently of the radiation source in all degrees of freedom; the radiation source and detector each comprises an alignment sensor in communication with a computer; the computer is in communication with the radiation source and the detector; the position, distance and orientation of the radiation source and the detector are established by the computer; and the computer sends an activation signal to the radiation source to indicate when radiation may be emitted. Preferably, the radiation source is prevented from emission of radiation until the detector and the radiation source have achieved predetermined alignment conditions..
Portavision Medical Llc


Vibration control in data storage devices

A storage device has a device body and a read/write head for reading and writing data in a data track of a storage medium. An actuator system is mounted on the device body for effecting movement of the read/write head relative to the data track to align the head with the data track.
International Business Machines Corporation


Payload suspension for lighter-than-air structures

This invention provides a configuration of suspension lines, anchored with respect to an inner surface of an lta structure, and which provide reactive forces between an lta structure and its payload so as to constrain the translational and rotational motion of the payload to be nearly rigid with respect to the lta structure. Illustratively, the configuration constrains the motion of the payload with respect to the lta structure along all six degrees of freedom: e.g.
Altaeros Energies, Inc.


Out-of-vat liquid filter for ensuring reliable connection of water pipe connector

Disclosed is an out-of-vat liquid filter for ensuring reliable connection of a water pipe connector, comprising a liquid filtration tank and the water pipe connector. The water pipe connector comprises two water pipe connecting bases, a valve driving shaft, a latch tongue, a driving device with two degrees of freedom, and a handle.
Shenzhen Xingrisheng Industrial Co., Ltd


Tire changing machine with bead loosener arm

A wheel servicing machine has a bead loosener arm powered by an actuator attached to a machine base. The actuator includes a moveable actuator rod coupled to the bead loosener arm at a pivoting joint.
Hennessy Industries, Inc.


Robotic mechanism with two degrees of freedom

A robotic link mechanism comprising a pair of base elements connected by a passive flexible joint, such that flexure of the joint changes the mutual orientation of the base elements. A pair of obliquely truncated cylinders are confined between the base elements such that the obliquely formed end surfaces of the cylinders can rotate in sliding contact with each other, and the other end of each cylinder can rotate in sliding contact with its associated base element.
Technion Research & Development Foundation Ltd.


Phone adapter for optical devices

An adapter that optically couples a camera on a mobile device to an eye piece of an optical device. The adapter includes a base plate configured to retain the mobile device without obstructing a display screen on the mobile device.
Field Logic, Inc.


Six-legged walking robot having robotic arms for legs and plurality of joints

Disclosed is a hexapod walking robot having a robot arm combined with a leg and a plurality of joints. The hexapod walking robot having a robot arm combined with a leg and a plurality of joints includes a robot body; a plurality of legs installed to the robot body such that the legs have various degrees of freedom; and at least one grip unit installed to at least one of the legs such that at least one grip unit is foldable..
Korea Institute Of Ocean Science & Technology


Parallel micro-robot with 5-degrees-of-freedom

A parallel micro-robot with five degrees of freedom that is capable of manufacturing in compact size as well as capable of controlling more precisely compared with conventional parallel robot is disclosed. The parallel micro-robot with five degrees of freedom is capable of controlling an angle of the operating plate very precisely around two shafts rotating connection means which couples operating plate and up/down height adjusting actuator using a first and second angle adjusting actuator, and therefore, high accuracy is secured..
Koh Young Technology Inc.


Systems and methods for vertebral disc replacement

The present invention provides artificial disc prostheses, methods and instrumentation for implantation and revision thereof. Each prosthesis may comprise superior and inferior end plates and a nucleus positioned between articular surfaces of the end plates.
Synergy Disc Replacement, Inc.


Sterile optical sensor system having an adjustment mechanism

Systems, methods and a sensor alignment mechanism are disclosed for medical navigational guidance systems. In one example, a system to make sterile a non-sterile optical sensor for use in navigational guidance during surgery includes a sterile drape having an optically transparent window to drape the optical sensor in a sterile barrier and a sensor alignment mechanism.
Intellijoint Surgical Inc.


Axially compliant orbiting plate scroll and scroll pump comprising the same

An orbiting plate scroll of a scroll pump includes an orbiting plate having a first side and a second side, an orbiting scroll blade projecting in an axial direction from the first side of the orbiting plate, and a flexure whose compliance is in the axial direction. The flexure is coupled to the orbiting plate at the second side of the orbiting plate, and couples the orbiting plate and orbiting scroll blade to bearings that allow for free rotation of the orbiting plate scroll about a longitudinal axis, while constraining motion of the orbiting plate scroll in the remaining degrees of freedom..
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


Single-use biological 3 dimensional printer

A three dimensional printing device has a sterilizable printer assembly including at least one printing head, a printing platform, and a driving mechanism adapted to perform a movement of the at least one printing head relative to the printing platform along three degrees of freedom; a printer housing enclosing the printer assembly in a sterile manner, at least one aseptic connector fluidly connected to a corresponding one of the at least one printing head.. .
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Gmbh


Software center and highly configurable robotic systems for surgery and other uses

Telerobotic, telesurgical, and/or surgical robotic devices, systems, and methods employ surgical robotic linkages that may have more degrees of freedom than an associated surgical end effector n space. A processor can calculate a tool motion that includes pivoting of the tool about an aperture site.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.


Manual control system for maneuvering an endoscope

The present invention provides a system for maneuvering an endoscope (sfme) during a medical procedure, comprising a. At least one maneuvering system, adapted to maneuver said endoscope in at least two degrees of freedom (dof); and, b.
M.s.t. Medical Surgery Technologies Ltd.


Slide unlocking touchscreen device under screen locking state

A slide unlocking method for a touchscreen device under a screen locking state is provided. The method includes steps of: sampling a track generated by the sliding of a user's finger on a touchscreen, and sequentially acquiring a plurality of sampling points; acquiring a first sampling point and a last sampling point of the track, and calculating a transverse sliding distance and a longitudinal sliding distance of the finger on the touchscreen; and unlocking the touchscreen when the transverse sliding distance is greater than or equal to a first preset distance and the longitudinal sliding distance is less than or equal to a second preset distance; otherwise, keeping the screen in the lock state.
Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.


Uses of systems with degrees of freedom poised between fully quantum and fully classical states

Disclosed herein are systems and uses of systems operating between fully quantum coherent and fully classical states. Such systems operate in what is termed the “poised realm” and exhibit unique behaviors that can be applied to a number of useful applications.
Tampere University Of Technology


Transmission clutch control using lumped inertia modeling

A vehicle powertrain includes an engine, transmission, torque converter assembly, and controller. The controller includes recorded lumped inertia models of the powertrain and instructions for executing a clutch-to-clutch shift using these models.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Robotically controlled entertainment elements

A robotic mount is configured to move an entertainment element such as a video display, a video projector, a video projector screen or a staircase. The robotic mount is movable in multiple degrees of freedom, whereby the associated entertainment element is moveable in three-dimensional space.


Substrate processing apparatus

A transfer apparatus for transporting substrates in a transfer chamber having a first and second ends and two sides extending between the ends. The transfer apparatus includes a drive section, at least one base arm fixed at one end with respect to the transfer chamber and including at least one arm link rotatably coupled to the drive section and at least one transfer arm rotatably coupled to a common end of the base arm, the at least one transfer arm has two end effectors.
Brooks Automation, Inc.


Suitable control a system of photovoltaic concentration modules

The invention relates to a suitable control method for a system of photovoltaic concentration modules, which can be used to maintain the correct orientation of the modules in order to track the sun without requiring the use of positioning sensors. The sun is tracked by performing angular movements in relation to each of the degrees of freedom at given intervals, measuring the power or current supplied by the energy collection module(s).
Abengoa Solar New Technologies S.a.


Apparatus and evaluating joint performance

The present invention is generally directed to apparatuses and methods for evaluating the amount of “play” in a joint. In one embodiment, an apparatus is provided that quantifies the rotation of the tibia in response to a known torque.


Interaction peripheral device capable of controlling an element for touching and grasping multidimensional virtual objects

An interaction peripheral device (1) capable of controlling an element for touching and grasping multidimensional virtual objects, including at least two interaction modules (20), each interaction module (20) being intended to be actuated by a finger of an operator and including a control sensor allowing control of displacement, according to a predetermined number of degrees of freedom, of a portion of the element for touching and grasping virtual objects by bending/extending and/or adduction/abduction displacement of the finger of the operator, and a vibrator able to emit a vibration upon touching and/or letting go of a virtual object by a portion of said element for touching and grasping virtual objects, characterized in that each interaction module (20) is attached to said peripheral device through a connection (40) in a damping material.. .


Bladed fishing lure

A bladed weighted fishing lure is provided in which the blade is designed to oscillate side-to-side during retrieval and is loosely, but securely affixed to a wireform. The wireform includes an inferior portion that is rigidly secured to a weighted body and includes a medially placed feature for attachment of a fishing line.


Cell-based tissue analysis

Methods for cell-based tissue analysis utilize modern trends in digital microscopy to obtain, process, calibrate, and analyze digital images of tissue sections to quantify cell-based data for improved histological analysis. Using data from multiple images of a common tissue section, or data from images of multiple tissue sections, additional degrees of freedom are realized and the resulting analysis provides added depth to histological analysis of tissue samples.
Flagship Biosciences, Llc


Multi-axis hose connector assembly

A multi-axis hose connector is provided. The assembly comprises a first and second hose connector end secured to a first and second housing.


Device for the rehabilitation of movements of the foot

A device (7) for the rehabilitation of the movements of the foot (1) includes a supporting base (8) and a mobile platform (9) with a supporting surface (10) for resting the sole of the foot (1), wherein the mobile platform (9) is secured to the supporting base (8) by a pure rotation movement mechanism (12) with three degrees of freedom of rotary movement independent the one from the other and placed in parallel which allow rotations of the mobile platform around three axes (13, 14, 15) which intersect one another in a single rotation center (p). The supporting surface (10) is turned towards the rotation center (p) and is distant from the rotation center (p) in such a way that the rotation center (p) is positioned in correspondence to the ankle (2) of the foot (1)..
Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche

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