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Degrees Of Freedom patents


This page is updated frequently with new Degrees Of Freedom-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Degrees Of Freedom-related patents
 Fiber optic connector assembly,  forming a transceiver interface, and ferrule patent thumbnailnew patent Fiber optic connector assembly, forming a transceiver interface, and ferrule
An fiber-optic connector assembly includes a fiber optic ferrule and a connector, which engage an optical transceiver component. The fiber optic ferrule engages a mating plane of a lens array in the optical transceiver component and floats within the connector.
Us Conec, Ltd.

 Lifting device for use at a manual work station patent thumbnailnew patent Lifting device for use at a manual work station
A lifting device includes a framework (2) and a manipulator arm (8) pivotally connected to the framework. The manipulator arm includes a first end portion (19) and a second end portion (13) adapted to carry a tool (20).
LÖfs Specialmaskiner Ab

 Upper-body robotic exoskeleton patent thumbnailnew patent Upper-body robotic exoskeleton
The present disclosure includes a robotic exoskeleton comprising a back portion providing at least two degrees of freedom, two shoulder portions, each shoulder portion providing at least five degrees of freedom, two elbow portions, each elbow portion providing at least one degree of freedom, and two forearm portions, each forearm portion providing at least one degree of freedom. The present disclosure may also relate to associated robotic forearm joints and robotic shoulder joints..

 Flexible surgical instrument with links undergoing solid-state transitions patent thumbnailnew patent Flexible surgical instrument with links undergoing solid-state transitions
A surgical instrument has a tip section with several degrees of freedom of articulation and at least one link that may be too long for insertion through an entry guide that follows a curved path. Each long link is made of a shape memory alloy or another material having a state in which the link is sufficiently flexible to bend as needed to pass through the entry guide.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

 Phantom degrees of freedom in joint estimation and control patent thumbnailnew patent Phantom degrees of freedom in joint estimation and control
Methods, apparatus, and systems for operating a surgical system. In accordance with a method, a position of a surgical instrument is measured, the surgical instrument being included in a mechanical assembly having a plurality of joints and a first number of degrees of freedom, the position of the surgical instrument being measured for each of a second number of degrees of freedom of the surgical instrument.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

 Diagnosing and treating movement disorders patent thumbnailDiagnosing and treating movement disorders
A system for obtaining and analyzing data for overall joint motion from a plurality of joints of a subject experiencing a movement disorder involves a plurality of kinematic sensors configured to be placed on a body of a subject experiencing a movement disorder proximal a plurality of joints of the subject. The kinematic sensors are selected to measure overall joint motion with sufficient degrees of freedom for individual joints so that data collected by the sensors can be deconstructed into multiple degrees of freedom for individual joints and analyzed to provide amplitude of the movements caused by the movement disorder and/or relative contributions from and/or directional bias for each muscle group that may be implicated in the movement of each joint.
Mddt Inc.

 Multi-degrees-of-freedom hand controller patent thumbnailMulti-degrees-of-freedom hand controller
Disclosed is a controller including a first control member, a second control member that extends from a portion of the first control member, and a controller processor that is operable to produce a rotational movement output signal in response to movement of the first control member, and a translational movement output signal in response to movement of the second control member relative to the first control member. The rotational movement output signal may be any of a pitch movement output signal, a yaw movement output signal, and a roll movement output signal, and the translational movement output signal may be any of an x-axis movement output signal, a y-axis movement output signal, and a z-axis movement output signal.
Fluidity Technologies, Inc.

 Systems, devices, and methods for tracking moving targets patent thumbnailSystems, devices, and methods for tracking moving targets
A system for tracking a moving target having up to six degrees of freedom and rapidly determining positions of the target, said system includes an easy to locate precision optical target fixed to the target. This system includes at least two cameras positioned so as to view the optical camera from different directions with each of the at least two cameras being adapted to record two dimensional images of the precision optical target defining precise target point.

 Zoom function system patent thumbnailZoom function system
A zoom function system is disclosed. The zoom function system includes an upper lens assembly, a lower lens assembly, an upper actuator, and a lower actuator.

 Autofocus system patent thumbnailAutofocus system
An autofocus system is disclosed. The autofocus system includes a lens assembly, an upper actuator, and a lower actuator.


Probe that cooperates with a laser tracker to measure six degrees of freedom

A system includes a measurement device configured to measure a distance, a first angle, and a second angle to a retroreflector target. The system further includes a probe having the retroreflector target, an inclinometer sensor, a camera, and a processor, the inclinometer sensor configured to determine a two-dimensional inclination of the probe relative to a gravity vector, the camera configured to capture an image of a light emitted from or reflected by the measurement device, the processor configured to determine six degrees of freedom of the probe based at least in part on the distance, the first angle, the second angle, the two-dimensional inclination, and the captured image of the camera..


Aircraft landing gear assembly

An aircraft landing gear includes an axle on which wheel and brake assemblies are mounted. An adaptor member is mounted on the axle and arranged to define a brake rod connection point that is distinct from a conventional brake rod connection point defined by the brake assembly.


Method and performing an imaging procedure of an object of interest

A device and a related mammography method employing the device are described. The device comprises an x-ray source, an x-ray detector placed under a support plate for supporting an object and arranged to detect the x-rays coming from the x-ray source after they have passed through the object, and a positioning assembly with an arm having multiple degrees of freedom which is a collaborative robot for positioning the x-ray source with respect to the support plate.


Electromagnetic (em) power density and field characterization technique

An apparatus and method for characterization of a directed beam of electromagnetic radiation is provided. An exemplary embodiment of the invention can include an apparatus and measuring technique method which uses a model for blackbody radiation that includes consideration all the degrees of freedom due to translation, vibration, and rotation of molecules or atoms that make up the absorber and a heat transfer term which averages the behavior of all the atoms of the material as a function of temperature.


Ultrasonic actuator device and applications thereof

Ultrasonic actuator device (100) includes actuator arm arrangement (10) including first and second actuator sections (11,12), wherein the first section is arranged for coupling with support structure (50) and the second section is movable relative to the first section, and ultrasonic driver device (20) including at least one ultrasonic driver unit (21-28) coupled with at least one of first and second sections for driving actuator arm arrangement (10) and for providing movement of the second section relative to the first section, and wherein actuator arm arrangement (10) is movable with at least two degrees of freedom and the at least one ultrasonic driver unit includes an array of oscillating elements being arranged for creating an acoustic stream in an adjacent medium in response to application of ultrasound. Furthermore, an operational instrument including at least one ultrasonic actuator device (100) and a method of using the device are described..


Centrifuge with vector-seeking linkage

Technologies pertaining to a centrifuge that comprises a vector-seeking linkage are disclosed herein. In a general embodiment, the centrifuge comprises a spindle that is rotatable about an axis of rotation.


Puck system

A puck system achieves adjustable stance in three degrees of freedom—foot placement, foot angulation, and crosswise centering—on a snow gliding board. The puck system includes pairs of puck assemblies for each rider's foot.


Phantom degrees of freedom for manipulating the movement of surgical systems

Methods, apparatus, and systems for performing minimally invasive surgery through an aperture of a patient. In accordance with a method, parameters are received from an input device associated with a surgeon, the parameters indicating a desired state of an end effector of a surgical instrument oriented through the aperture.


Catheter control system and graphical user interface

A remote workstation for the control of percutaneous intervention devices is provided. The remote workstation includes a control system for remotely and independently controlling at least two percutaneous intervention devices.


Miniature mobile marker system and method

A small, portable signal generator provides a unique marker signal modulated with a selectable number of degrees of freedom for insertion into a portion of a broadband communication system (bcs) such as a subscriber installation site that may or may not be connected to the remainder of the bcs. If payload signals are not present or brief interference with payload signals is tolerable, a high level marker signal may be injected with level control upon detection of an egress signal to detect very minor leakage sources and thus increase quality of the qualification of installation or repairs.
Comsonics, Inc.


Radar detection of endo-clutter high-value targets using tracker feedback

A radar signal target detection and display system employs feedback to produce improved detection and tracking. Portions of the radar images for each antenna channel to search for the target of interest are defined using the track state to define the center of the search region and using the track covariance matrix to define the size of the region.
Bae Systems Information & Electronic Systems Integration Inc.


Archery sighting device for a mechanical release

A sighting device for a bow which attaches to a release mechanism being used with said bow. The sighting device includes a sighting assembly, a positioning-and-orienting arm with multiple degrees of freedom, and a mounting clamp.


Robotic system

The present invention discloses a task specific robot for the procedure of endoscopic submucosal dissection (esd). This robot has two arms with nine degrees of freedom (dof), and the capability of tissue elevation and dissection.
The Chinese University Of Hong Kong


Motion tracking system for real time adaptive imaging and spectroscopy

This invention relates to a system that adaptively compensates for subject motion in real-time in an imaging system. An object orientation marker (30), preferably a retro-grate reflector (rgr), is placed on the head or other body organ of interest of a patient (p) during a scan, such as an mri scan.
Uwm Research Foundation, Inc.


Camera actuator

An actuator package includes a base frame member and an image sensor. The actuator package further includes a plurality of comb drive actuators affixed to the base frame member by a plurality of respective electrically conductive leaf spring flexures.
Apple Inc.


Angularly unbounded three-axis spacecraft simulator

A method of simulating 3-degrees of freedom spacecraft rotational dynamics is provided that includes attaching a payload, using a spherical air bearing, to an inner gimbal of a 3-axis gimbal, where the 3-axis gimbal includes an outer gimbal, a mid-gimbal and the inner gimbal, using a motion controller to control motion of each the gimbal of the 3-axis gimbal, where the motion controller includes an appropriately programmed computer and a motion control motor, sensing limits of free travel of the spherical air bearing, using a position sensor, and changing a position of the 3-axis gimbal away from the limit of free travel of the spherical air bearing when the spherical air bearing approaches the limit of free travel, wherein the position change effects travel of the spherical bearing to be unbounded by the limit of free travel, wherein 4π steradians spacecraft dynamics of the payload are simulated.. .
The United States Of America As Reprsented By The Secretary Of The Navy Office Of Naval Research


Optical image stabilization actuator module

An optical image stabilization actuator module includes a base, a ball holder, a plurality of balls, a plurality of coils, a plurality of yokes, and a plurality of magnets. The base is disposed with a plurality of ball support pillars; the ball holder is disposed with a plurality of ball housing spaces; the ball holder is disposed on top of the base.
Topray Mems Inc.


Self-locking compact coupling

A coupling is provided for connecting a two-track trailer having at least one drawbar, to a non-motorized vehicle, or to a vehicle having an auxiliary drive, particularly a bicycle. The coupling has two interacting coupling parts releasable from one another and respectively connectable to the vehicle and to the drawbar.
Zwei Plus Zwei Gmbh


Pneumatic manufacturing system for complex tissues and organs, having multiple degrees of freedom and multiple nozzles

Disclosed is a pneumatic manufacturing system for complex tissues and organs, having multiple degrees of freedom and multiple nozzles, belonging to the organs manufacturing field. The system comprises an x-direction movement mechanism, a y-direction movement mechanism, a q-direction rotation mechanism, a lifting platform, a rotation-forming platform, a shell, a high-pressure gas source, a multiple-nozzle forming unit, a spraying solution pressure tank, a temperature control device, a sterilizing device and a control unit.
Tsinghua University


Terrain-based machine comprising implement state estimator

Terrain-based machines are provided comprising a translational chassis movement indicator, a terrain-based implement, an implement inclinometer, and an implement state estimator. The translational chassis movement indicator provides a measurement indicative of movement of the machine chassis in one or more translational degrees of freedom.
Caterpillar Trimble Control Technologies Llc


Visual guidance display for surgical procedure

A visual guidance system for use in a surgical procedure. The system includes an image processing unit programmed to receive a three-dimensional image of a surgical area, information on an instrument being used in the procedure, and a surgical plan including a planned trajectory that the instrument should follow.
X-nav Technologies, Inc.


Secondary mirror positioning mechanism

Systems that provide an active adjustment of mirrors and specifically of secondary mirrors, and that provide active adjustment of secondary mirrors in six degrees of freedom, and that can carry the additional load during launch.. .
Raytheon Corporation


Apparatus for forming a transceiver interface, ferrule, and optical transceiver component

An apparatus for forming a transceiver interface includes an fiber optic ferrule and an optical transceiver component. The fiber optic ferrule engages a mating plane of a lens array in the optical transceiver component.
Us Conec, Ltd.


Novel technique of displacement and rotation measurement

A simple and reliable novel method providing the ability to measure the spatial relative displacement and rotation of objects as well as the measurement of the different degrees of freedom of each object (i.e. Rotations and translations) relative to an inertial frame.


Pedicle screw system and spinal stabilization system

A pedicle screw system, including a pedicle screw having a screw shaft with an external thread and having a screw head supported on the screw shaft in a ball-and-socket joint relationship. The screw head includes a connecting element receptacle for a connecting element of a spinal stabilization system.
Aesculap Ag


Pedicle screw system and spinal stabilization system

A pedicle screw system, including a pedicle screw having a screw shaft with an external thread and having a screw head supported on the screw shaft in a ball-and-socket joint relationship. The screw head includes a connecting element receptacle for a connecting element of a spinal stabilization system.
Aesculap Ag


Device for controlling a polyphase inverter

The device according to the invention controls a polyphase inverter (10, 14, 17) intended for powering from a dc current source (cc) a polyphase rotating electric machine (1). The device is of the type of those generating commutation functions driving commutation elements (9, 13) of the inverter in such a way as to obtain a reduction of the losses in the commutation elements and a decrease of an effective current in a decoupling capacitor (16) of the source (cc).
Valeo Equipements Electriques Moteur


Actuation systems and methods

Actuation systems and methods are disclosed. Such systems may comprise a motor having a drive shaft, one or more modules coupled to the drive shaft, each module comprising one or more energy storage elements and one or more actuating members connecting the one or more energy storage elements to one or more degrees of freedom, which are configured to actuate in response to a discharge of energy from the one or more energy storage element, and a plurality of clutches associated with each module to couple the energy storage element of the module to the drive shaft of the motor and to control an energy state of the energy storage element independent of energy storage elements of other modules..
Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Haptic touch panel assembly for a vehicle

A haptic touch panel assembly for a vehicle. The haptic touch panel assembly includes a haptic touch panel, a support substrate, and a suspension component to couple the haptic touch panel to the support substrate.
Faurecia Interior Systems, Inc.


Suspension component for a haptic touch panel assembly

A suspension component for coupling a touch panel to a substrate in a haptic touch panel assembly. The suspension component includes a flexible connector that extends between a first end adapted for attachment to the touch panel and a second end adapted for attachment to the substrate.
Faurecia Interior Systems, Inc.


Three dimensional imaging of the motion of teeth and jaws

Pre-calibrated position sensors, and a computer or cloud based service are used to show motion in real time of the teeth and jaws depicting six degrees of freedom. The computer receives anatomically correct 3d images of any portion of the craniomandibular system with a position sensor(s) attached.


Device for holding an object during engraving that allows one or more degrees of freedom

An engraving tool for allowing a craftsperson to engrave an object, such a ring or other jewelry, while allowing a discrete number of degrees of freedom but restricting all others. In an embodiment, an engraving tool includes a base portion coupled to a manipulator housing portion that is rotatably attached to the base portion such that the manipulator housing portion may be rotated in a first degree of freedom (e.g., rotated in a horizontal plane with respect to a vertical axis of the base portion).
Yamsi Leather And Silver Llc


Processing tool and hemming device

A hemming device wherein a processing tool is equipped with a base part moved by a robot, a processing unit having a hemming roller and a guide roller, and a floating mechanism that is attached to the base part and elastically supports the processing unit with six degrees of freedom.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Camera actuator

Some embodiments include an actuator assembly for mounting a moving component. In some embodiments, the actuator assembly includes a base substrate including a first portion for mounting comb drive actuators and a second portion for mounting the moving component.
Apple Inc.


Device for the movement and positioning of an element in space

An industrial robot includes a parallel kinematics mechanism that provides three degrees of freedom to a ring structure while maintaining the ring structure substantially in a fixed orientation relative to a reference plane established by a stationary base plate. A pivot sleeve is suspended within the stationary base plate and may pivot on two perpendicular axes of an intermediate gimbal.


Apparatus and customized shaping of orthodontic archwires and other medical devices

An apparatus and method for bending or shaping orthodontic archwires or other medical devices into a complex, patient individual shape is described. The apparatus comprises of two moveable, compact, manipulators with, in total, at least three revolute joints defining three rotation axes and at least three prismatic joints defining at least three translation axes.
Orametrix, Inc


Apparatus and customized shaping of orthodontic archwires and other medical devices

An apparatus and method for bending or shaping orthodontic archwires or other medical devices into a complex, patient individual shape is described. The apparatus comprises of two moveable, compact, manipulators with, in total, at least three revolute joints defining three rotation axes and at least three prismatic joints defining at least three translation axes.
Orametrix, Inc


Sterile optical sensor system having an adjustment mechanism

Systems, methods and a sensor alignment mechanism are disclosed for medical navigational guidance systems. In one example, a system to make sterile a non-sterile optical sensor for use in navigational guidance during surgery includes a sterile drape having an optically transparent window to drape the optical sensor in a sterile barrier and a sensor alignment mechanism.
Intellijoint Surgical Inc.


Cyclical sensor array

A non-straight sensor array within a gravity field, within a surface and cyclically surrounding a medial axis. The sensor array includes rigid bodies holding gravimetric tilt sensors, the rigid bodies being connected by flexible joints.


Robotic apparatus

A robotic apparatus has eight actuators (m0-m7) and a linkage (link 0-link 5) that actuates an end effector. Three serial macro freedoms have large ranges of motion and inertias.


Deriving input from six degrees of freedom interfaces

The present invention relates to interfaces and methods for producing input for software applications based on the absolute pose of an item manipulated or worn by a user in a three-dimensional environment. Absolute pose in the sense of the present invention means both the position and the orientation of the item as described in a stable frame defined in that three-dimensional environment.
Electronic Scripting Products, Inc.


Phone adapter for optical devices

An adapter that optically couples a camera on a mobile device to an eye piece of an optical device. The adapter includes a base plate configured to retain the mobile device without obstructing a display screen on the mobile device.
Fl Archery Holdings Llc


Tissue processing and slide staining apparatus with robotic arm having three degrees of freedom

The embodiments herein provide a tissue processing and slide staining equipment with a three degree freedom robotic arm that simultaneously performs tissue processing and slide staining for several sample baskets with similar or different processing methods. The equipment comprises two dimensional array of cylindrical containers with lids to hold sample baskets in position.


Universal motion simulator

The present application provides a motion simulator apparatus and method of use. The motion simulator apparatus may include an anthropomorphic robot arm adapted to provide at least six degrees of freedom of movement, a user pod for receiving a user and being operatively connected to the anthropomorphic robot arm, and a haptic interface operatively associated with the user pod for providing haptic feedback to the user in correspondence with the movement of the user pod..
Deakin University


Methods and devices for forming holes in bone to stimulate bone growth

Methods and devices are provided for forming holes in bone to stimulate bone growth. In one exemplary embodiment, a surgical instrument set can include a driver having a first mating element, and a bone pick have a second mating element configured to releas ably mate with the first mating element at any of a plurality of angular orientations.
Depuy Mitek, Llc


Recognition of free-form gestures from orientation tracking of a handheld or wearable device

A user performs a gesture with a hand-held or wearable device capable of sensing its own orientation. Orientation data, in the form of a sequence of rotation vectors, is collected throughout the duration of the gesture.
Intel Corporation


Isochronous paraxial timepiece resonator

A timepiece resonator including one weight connected by flexible strips to fixed attachment points of a fixed structure, this weight being subjected to a torque and/or a stress, and oscillating with at least two degrees of freedom in translation, and these flexible strips maintain the oscillations of this weight about a virtual pivot.. .
Eta Sa Manufacture Horlogere Suisse


Wafer edge inspection with trajectory following edge profile

This inspection system has an optical head, a support system, and a controller in electrical communication with the support system. The support system is configured to provide movement to the optical head with three degrees of freedom.
Kla-tencor Corporation


Bokah blocks

A toy assembly includes a flexible joint element and a construction member. The flexible joint element comprises two spherical components and a flexible string.


Spinal connectors and related methods

In some embodiments, a connector can be configured to couple a first fixation element (e.g., a first rod) to a second fixation element (e.g., a second rod). One or both of the first and second fixation elements can be included with the connector, or one or both can be separately provided.
Depuy Synthes Products, Llc


System and tracking objects with projected m-sequences

According to embodiments of the present invention are a system and method that use projected structured patterns of light and linear optical sensors for motion tracking. Sensors are capable of recovering two-dimensional location within the projection area, while several sensors can be combined for up to six degrees of freedom tracking.
The Walt Disney Company


Phase-locked loop with multiple degrees of freedom and its design and fabrication method

A design method for a phase-locked loop comprises: a controlled-frequency oscillator; a phase comparator, to determine a phase difference between an output signal of the controlled-frequency oscillator and a reference signal; a corrector to receive as input a signal representative of the phase difference and to generate at its output a first correction signal; at least one second corrector, to receive as input a signal representative of or affected by a phase noise of the reference signal or of the output signal of the controlled-frequency oscillator and to generate at its output a second correction signal; and a circuit for generating a slaving signal for the controlled-frequency oscillator on the basis of the first and second correction signals; the method using the h-infinity method. Method for fabricating such a loop comprising a design step implementing this method.
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


Multidimension vibrating mouse

Mouse capable of communicating with a software application of a computer, comprising a baseplate (2) and a housing (3) linked to one another by a link element (6) allowing the housing (3) to be inclined relative to the baseplate (2), such that the mouse is provided with at least four degrees of freedom, characterized in that the mouse comprises at least one vibration device.. .


Bipartite sensor array

A bipartite sensor array comprising two portions capable of assembly into a single sensory system. A first portion includes rigid bodies connected by elongate flexures and fitted with gravimetric tilt sensors.
059312 N.b. Inc.


Heat storage material

The heat storage material of the present invention is a heat storage material comprising a substance that induces an electronic phase transition, wherein the electronic phase transition is a phase transition of multiple degrees (associated) with freedom including a spin degree of freedom and an orbital degree of freedom, which are internal degrees of freedom of electrons, and the substance is v(1-x)crxo2 (0<x≦0.23).. .


Articulating surgical instruments and deploying the same

A surgical instrument comprises a steering mechanism. The steering mechanism comprises a handle at a proximal end of the surgical instrument.
Medrobotics Corporation


Systems, devices, and methods for tracking and compensating for patient motion during a medical imaging scan

A motion compensation system for tracking and compensating for patient motion during a medical imaging scan comprises an optical marker comprising an optically visible pattern and a mounting portion; a first optical detector positioned to digitally image the optically visible pattern along a first line of sight; a second optical detector positioned to digitally image the optically visible pattern along a second line of sight; a tracking engine configured to determine a pose of the object in six degrees of freedom by analyzing images from the first and second optical detectors; and a controller interface configured to generate tracking information based on the pose and to electronically transmit the tracking information to a scanner controller to enable compensation within a medical imaging scanner for object motion.. .
Kineticor, Inc.


Manufacturing within a single-use container

A manufacturing assembly has at least a sterilizable chamber containing at least one of a three-dimensional printing device (additive manufacturing), a computer numerical controlled (cnc) finishing head (subtractive manufacturing), a vacuum-forming unit, an injection-molding unit, a laser-cutting unit, a ultrasonic-welding unit, a robotic arman analysis device, a sampling device or a combination thereof. A plurality of individual sterilizable chambers may be aseptically connected into a network of sterilizable chambers that provides additional functionality for the manufacturing assembly.
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Gmbh


Table saw riving knife mounting arrangement

A riving knife mounting assembly is provided that rigidly and accurately positions the riving knife relative to the cutting blade by way of a simple and intuitive mechanism. Interaction between a clamping plate and a locking plate engage opposite sides of the riving knife to hold the riving knife in place, and provides a sensible indication that the two components are properly mated.
Robert Bosch Tool Corporation


Multiple imager camera

A multiple imager camera includes a block, an imager, and an alignment apparatus. The block is configured to direct an image to a plurality of imagers located proximate to a plurality of apertures defined by the block.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.


Robotic manipulation methods and systems for executing a domain-specific application in an instrumented environment with electronic minimanipulation libraries

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to the technical features relating to the ability of being able to create complex robotic humanoid movements, actions, and interactions with tools and the instrumented environment by automatically building movements for the humanoid; actions and behaviors of the humanoid based on a set of computer-encoded robotic movement and action primitives. The primitives are defined by motions/actions of articulated degrees of freedom that range in complexity from simple to complex, and which can be combined in any form in serial/parallel fashion.


Expandable interbody fusion device

An expandable interbody fusion device includes superior and inferior plates that are configured to receive a sequentially inserted stack of expansion members or wafers. The superior and inferior plates include features that at least initially interlock the two plates until the superior plate is dislodged by pressure from the growing wafer stack.
Spine Wave, Inc.


Surgical devices with intracorporeal elbow joint

Surgical devices are disclosed herein that generally include an intracorporeal elbow joint to facilitate translational movement of an end effector while allowing a body portion of the surgical device and a trocar or working channel through which the device is inserted to be maintained in a fixed angular orientation relative to the patient. This allows a plurality of such devices to be used effectively with a single incision or access device.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Net reeling drum apparatus

A net reeling drum apparatus has a base support frame; a rotating arm assembly rotatably connected to the base support frame defining a first axis of rotation; a rotating arm motor attached to the base support frame and mechanically connected to the rotating arm assembly for rotating the rotating arm assembly around the first axis of rotation; a drum member rotatably connected to the rotating arm assembly defining a second axis of rotation; a drum motor mechanically connected to the drum member for rotating the drum member around the axis of rotation, such that when reeling in a net line connected to a net around the drum member, the net reeling drum apparatus includes two degrees of freedom of motion that increases the ease and efficiency of reeling in the net line around the drum member.. .


Arrangement for actuating an element in a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus

The invention relates to arrangements for actuating an element in a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus. In accordance with one aspect, an arrangement for actuating an element in a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus comprises a first number (nr) of degrees of freedom, wherein an adjustable force can be transmitted to the optical element in each of the degrees of freedom, and a second number (na) of actuators, which are coupled to the optical element in each case via a mechanical coupling for the purpose of transmitting force to the optical element, wherein the second number (na) is greater than the first number (nr).
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh


Method and apparatus analyzing a target material

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, an apparatus including a material having one or more atomic layers with two or less degrees of freedom for motion of charges in the material, and a gate coupled to the material for controlling charge concentration of the material. The material can have constricted sides, a first through-hole, and a first port and a second port for conduction of charges in the material.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinoi S


Shear valve system and methodology

A technique facilitates control of fluid flows in a wide variety of applications and environments, including downhole well environments. The technique utilizes a valve system which may include a shear seal valve for controlling fluid flows.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Vehicle body structure

A vehicle body structure is provided that is capable of increasing the degrees of freedom of applicable vehicle type, and that is capable of suppressing a cabin from deforming in a frontal collision by improving load transmission performance. A dash cross member is installed running along a vehicle width direction at a lower section of a dash panel.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Compensating device for a tool unit and fitting method by means of the tool unit

A compensating device for a tool for fitting an element into a hole of a workpiece, the tool mounted axially on a housing by the compensating device, the compensating device having a clamping arrangement arranged between the tool and the housing and including at least two controllable clamping units. The clamping units are operable in an initial state to secure the tool rigidly to the housing, and in a compensating state to set different degrees of freedom defining possibilities of movement of the tool, and the compensating device also includes a control unit which is designed to activate the clamping units..
Newfrey Llc


Training device for ball throwing

A training device is provided for teaching a desired overhand ball throwing technique. The device includes a guide track, a ball, and a ball mount that attaches the ball to the guide track.


Magnetically damped isolator and pointing mount

A magnetically damped mounting and isolation system with pointing capability. A payload is mounted to an isolator plate, a base plate is mounted to a satellite or other space vehicle, and the isolation system provides damping of all six degrees of freedom of isolator plate motion relative to the base plate.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation


Sub-network enhanced reflectionless filter topology

Reflectionless low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, band-stop, all-pass, and all-stop filters, as well as a method for designing such filters is disclosed, along with a method of enhancing the performance of such filters through the use of sub-networks to further modify and improve the frequency response. These filters preferably function by absorbing the stop-band portion of the spectrum rather than reflecting it back to the source, which has significant advantages in many different applications.
Associated Universities, Inc.


Alignment device and transmitter/receiver system with two angular degrees of freedom

An alignment device, having two angular degrees of freedom is provided. The alignment device is adjustable such that it is suitable for aligning a first apparatus with respect to a second apparatus.
Servomex Group Limited


Line guide made of multi-axially angle-adjustable links

The invention relates to a cable guide (1) comprising links (2) that are each angle-adjustable multi-axially relative to each other and connected to each other in articulated fashion, where each link (2) displays an inner part (3) with corresponding, multi-axially angle-adjustable, articulated connectors (5, 6) and a casing part (4) for peripheral delimitation of at least one guiding duct (7), and the casing part (4) encompasses at least one segment (10), which is connected to the inner part (3) by a web (20), in a manner permitting it to be pivoted open for accessing the associated guiding duct (7) on the peripheral side. To facilitate the insertion and removal of lines, and to increase their protection, it is proposed that the casing parts (4) of adjacent links (2) overlap in the longitudinal direction (l), and that a joint arrangement (30) having at least two degrees of freedom be provided between the at least one segment (10) and the web (20), by means of which the segment (10) is mounted in such a way that it can move outwards transversely to the longitudinal direction (l) while being pivoted open..
Igus Gmbh


Apparatus and grouping and positioning items

An apparatus displaces and positions items in a predetermined configuration. The apparatus includes a grouping station, a grouping manipulator using at least two degrees of freedom and having a prehension end-effector and a placing manipulator using at least four degrees of freedom and having a prehension end-effector.
Premier Tech Technologies Ltee


Low-impedance articulated device and assisting a manual assembly task

A system for assisting an operator in a manual assembly task includes a base assembly, end-effector, and controller. The base assembly has joint actuators providing three or more degrees of freedom (dof).
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Dynamic pendula stool

Disclosed herein is a dynamic pendula stool possessing a foot, a leg secured to the foot, and a seat secured to the top end of the leg. The leg has a telescopic column that includes a lower part secured to a spherical foot with a diameter of 20-cm or less and an upper part with a free end having an articulation.


Miniature camera zoom actuator

Some embodiments include a fixed chassis structure and a moveable carriage body carrying one or more lenses. The carriage body is movably mounted to the chassis structure so as to limit a plurality of degrees of freedom of movement of the moveable carriage body but to allow movement along an optical axis through the one or more lenses.


Three-dimensional printing device

A three-dimensional printing device includes a base, a holder disposed above the base, a printing head fixed on the holder and including a nozzle configured to discharge a resin material, a stage disposed in the base below the printing head configured to hold the resin material discharged from the nozzle, and a stage moving mechanism configured to move the stage with five or more degrees of freedom.. .
Roland Dg Corporation


Acoustic-electric stringed instrument with improved body, electric pickup placement, pickup switching and electronic circuit

An electric-acoustic stringed instrument has a removable, adjustable and acoustic artwork top with a decorative bridge and tailpiece; a mounting system for electric string vibration pickups that allows five degrees of freedom in placement and orientation of each pickup anyplace between the neck and bridge; a pickup switching system that provides k*(k−1)/2 series-connected and k*(k−1)/2 parallel-connected humbucking circuits for k matched single-coil pickups; and an on-board preamplifier and distortion circuit, running for over 100 hours on two aa cells, that provides control over second- and third-harmonic distortion. The switched pickups, and up to m=12 switched tone capacitors provide up to m*k*(k−1) tonal options, plus a linear combination of linear, near second-harmonic and near-third harmonic signals, preamp settings, and possible additional vibration sensors in or on the acoustic top..


Robotically controlled architectural elements

A robotic mount is configured to move an architectural element such as a floor, ceiling, wall or portion thereof, such as a panel, or plumbing, hvac, or electrical elements. The robotic mount is movable in six degrees of freedom, whereby the associated architectural element is moveable in a three-dimensional space.


System and control of quadrotor air vehicles with tiltable rotors

A system and method of controlling quadrotor air vehicles (qrav) that may include an additional two degrees of freedom for each of the four propellers of the qrav. Each of the four rotors may be allowed to rotate (tilt) around two local axes selected from the x-axis (roll), y-axis (pitch), and z-axis (yaw).
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals


Surrogate: a body-dexterous mobile manipulation robot with a tracked base

Robotics platforms in accordance with various embodiments of the invention can be utilized to implement highly dexterous robots capable of whole body motion. Robotics platforms in accordance with one embodiment of the invention include: a memory containing a whole body motion application; a spine, where the spine has seven degrees of freedom and comprises a spine actuator and three spine elbow joints that each include two spine joint actuators; at least one limb, where the at least one limb comprises a limb actuator and three limb elbow joints that each include two limb joint actuators; a tracked base; a connecting structure that connects the at least one limb to the spine; a second connecting structure that connects the spine to the tracked base; wherein the processor is configured by the whole body motion application to move the at least one limb and the spine to perform whole body motion..
California Institute Of Technology


Gimbal assembly for tool support

A supporting and orienting apparatus for balancing tools. An inner gimbal portion holds and balances a tool and is rotationally disposed within an outer gimbal portion.


Optical force transducer

Force transducer (10) include two structural members (11, 12) spaced apart to define a gap (101) and being linked to each other. Optical fibres (13) are to the members and are freely suspended in the gap.
Universite De Mons


Crossed-cylinder wrist mechanism with two degrees of freedom

According to an aspect, a device may include a first member, a second member, and a wrist mechanism disposed between the first member and the second member. The wrist mechanism may include a first cylinder portion coupled to the first member, and a second cylinder portion coupled to the second member.
Brigham Young University


Facial interface and headgear system for use with ventilation and positive air pressure systems

The present disclosure relates to a mask assembly system that has an adjustable headgear system with adjustable sidepiece for conforming to a user's face. Additionally, the mask assembly allows for detachable nasal pillows to be rotated about multiple degrees of freedom..
Human Design Medical, Llc


Adjustable positive airway pressure or ventilation system

The present disclosure relates to a comfortable and adjustable nasal pillow configured to be part of a nasal pillow system that is part of a mask system used with a ventilation or pap device. The nasal pillows are configured to have multiple degrees of freedom of rotation..
Human Design Medical, Llc


Modular robot system

A modular robot for use as an educational robot system having multiple degrees of freedom and mounting features that allow multiple modules to be assembled with accessories to form a multitude of configurations. Each module is independently mobile and useful when alone or assembled with other modules.
Barobo, Inc.


Method of converting 2d video to 3d video using 3d object models

Method for converting 2d video to 3d video using 3d object models. Embodiments of the invention obtain a 3d object model for one or more objects in a 2d video scene, such as a character.
Legend3d, Inc.

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