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Degrees Of Freedom patents


This page is updated frequently with new Degrees Of Freedom-related patent applications.

 Free-space force feedback system patent thumbnailFree-space force feedback system
A free-space force feedback system that can be mounted to an input/output device so as to enable its operator complete ambulatory movement is provided. The input/output device may determine operator position, motion and torque (input) so that said device can interactively impart a command torque vector force (output) so as to provide from one to six degrees of freedom and highly realistic force feedback to an operator of the input/output device.

 Multi-hulled vessel having a compensating connection for reducing bearing load patent thumbnailMulti-hulled vessel having a compensating connection for reducing bearing load
A multi-hull vessel having a first hull and a second hull. The multi-hull vessel has a connecting structure, via which the first hull is connected to the second hull.
Futura Yacht Systems Entwicklungs-und Vertriebs-gmbh & Co Kg

 Drive systems and methods of use patent thumbnailDrive systems and methods of use
Drive systems and methods of use are disclosed herein for performing medical procedures on a patient. The drive systems include various handle types and triggers for controlling catheters and end effectors.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

 Automated guided vehicle (agv) with batch picking robotic arm patent thumbnailAutomated guided vehicle (agv) with batch picking robotic arm
A system includes an automated guided vehicle (agv). A loading table is positioned on the agv.
Bastian Solutions, Llc

 Apparartus for changing an abrasive sheet in an abrading machine patent thumbnailApparartus for changing an abrasive sheet in an abrading machine
An apparatus for replacing an abrasive sheet in a sanding machine comprising a working head in which it is provided a support body having an engagement surface arranged to engage with an abrasive sheet. The sanding machine also comprises a handling device arranged to actuate the support body in space according to at least two degrees of freedom.
Fabrica Machinale S.r.l.

 Apparatuses and methods for modeling tubing runs patent thumbnailApparatuses and methods for modeling tubing runs
A modeling assembly (100) for layout of rigid tubing comprises a first releasable coupling assembly (110) and a second releasable coupling assembly (120). The modeling assembly (100) also comprises a lockable adjustment assembly (130) comprising a first component (140) and a second component (150).
The Boeing Company

 Hand-held articulating arm camera mount patent thumbnailHand-held articulating arm camera mount
The present disclosure provides a hand-held camera mount for mounting an imaging device. In one embodiment, a hand-held imaging device mount comprises a handle configured to be held by a user; a base connected to the handle; an arm movably secured to the base such that the arm can be rotated relative to the handle and secured in place; and a mount head movably secured to the arm such that the mount head can be moved relative to the arm and secured in place, the mount head configured to mount an imaging device, wherein the imaging device mount permits an imaging device mounted to the mount head to be adjusted with multiple degrees of freedom relative to the handle..
Evoke Innovative Solutions Inc.

 Device and  determining inertia properties of an object patent thumbnailDevice and determining inertia properties of an object
The present application relates to devices for determining inertia properties of an object, said devices comprising a support and a measuring platform which are arranged relative to each other in such a way that movements between two and five degrees of freedom are possible.. .
Resonic Gmbh

 Integrated robotic 3d printing system for printing of fiber reinforced parts patent thumbnailIntegrated robotic 3d printing system for printing of fiber reinforced parts
A system for printing a three-dimensional object is provided. The system can include at least one print head configured to receive a continuous fiber and at least partially encase the continuous fiber with a formation material to create a composite material.
Tighitco, Inc.

 Parallel kinematics robot with rotational degrees of freedom patent thumbnailParallel kinematics robot with rotational degrees of freedom
A parallel kinematics robot includes a base and an end effector movable in relation to the base. A first actuator is attached to the base and connected to the end effector via a first kinematic chain including a first drive arm, a first rod, a first joint between the first drive arm and the first rod, and a second joint between the first rod and the end effector.
Abb Schweiz Ag

Feed finger positioning apparatus and methods

An apparatus for positioning a feed finger engageable with a saw blade includes: a first motion system configured to move the feed finger in a first degree of freedom; a second motion system configured to move the feed finger in a second degree of freedom different than the first degree of freedom; and a third motion system configured to move the feed finger in a third degree of freedom different than the first and second degrees of freedom. The third degree of freedom includes linear translational motion in a direction having a non-zero component normal to a plane of the saw blade..
Williams & White Machine Inc.

Intubation systems and methods based on airway pattern identification

An intubation system of the present disclosure intubates based on an airway pattern indicating a trachea opening. The airway pattern is determined from analysis of airway data detected by a trachea identifying device disposed on a moveable guide stylet of the intubation system.

Roll detection and six degrees of freedom sensor assembly

A roll-detecting sensor assembly includes a coil extending along and disposed about an axis. The coil comprises one or more portions, with each portion defining a winding angle.
Mediguide Ltd.

Apparatuses and methods for installing electrical contacts into a connector housing

An apparatus (100) for installing at least one electrical contact (152) into a connector housing (150) comprises a base (110) configured to fixedly support the connector housing (150), an alignment guide (122), extending from the base (110) and having a central axis (164), and a carrier (124), translatably and pivotally coupled with the alignment guide (122). With the connector housing (150) fixedly supported by the base (110), the alignment guide (122) is configured to be parallel to an insertion axis (160) of a socket (154) of the connector housing (150), and the carrier (124) is movable parallel to the insertion axis (160).
The Boeing Company

Reconfigurable optical processing system

An optical processing system comprises an optical input; one or more spatial light modulator arrays; and a detector array; wherein at least of said spatial light modulator arrays incorporates a plurality of data elements focusing elements; said data elements and/or said focussing elements having multiple degrees of freedom.. .
Optalysys Ltd.

Gimbal having parallel stability mechanism

The present disclosure describes devices and methods for providing movement of a payload about at least two degrees of freedom. A gimbal mechanism as described herein can provide rotation of a payload about at least two different axes, wherein the rotation about the two axes is controlled by two actuators that can be actuated independently of one another.
Sz Dji Technology Co., Ltd

Five-degree-of-freedom adjustment and positioning assembly/measurement of rotor and stator of aircraft engine

A five-degree-of-freedom adjustment and positioning method and apparatus for assembly/measurement of rotor and stator of an aircraft engine; said method comprises adjusting a plane motion and a rotation of a tested piece through composite motion comprising five degrees of freedom: a 360° rotatory motion around a z axis, a plane motion along an x axis and a plane motion along a y axis, a rotatory motion around the x axis and a rotatory motion around the y axis; said apparatus comprises: a clamping mechanism (1), a turning platform component (a), a translational platform component (b) and a rotational platform component (c). The present invention designs a five-degree-of-freedom adjustment and positioning method and apparatus having properties of large load bearing, high precision and high stiffness, thus improving assembly efficiency and measurement accuracy of the aircraft engine..
Harbin Institute Of Technology

Spinal treatment devices, methods, and systems

Active wearable body brace embodiments provide selectable conformation control of the interface between the trunk of a human subject and the brace, which conformation may be varied over time and responsively to feedback and an updateable prescription. Further active wearable body brace embodiments provide selectable movement control of the interface between the trunk of a human subject and the brace with up to six degrees of freedom between elements to allow a controller to implement operations such as muscle challenges, active support, and passive-like support where actuators mimic springs.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

Sun visor assembly for motor vehicles with pivoting mirror

A sun visor assembly is provided. The sun visor assembly includes a support, a visor body carried on the support and a mirror carried on the visor body.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Coral dipping tank

A dipping tank includes a pump, a container, a fitting, and a plate which is used to place objects, such as corals, to be dipped. The pump draws fluid from inside the container and discharges it into the container through the fitting.

Surgical adaptor and method

A surgical adaptor comprises a first member is attachable to a first surgical instrument having a projection that defines an axis. A second member is attachable to a second surgical instrument such that the second surgical instrument is movable in at least two degrees of freedom relative to the axis.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

Tool for multi-positioning and holding a device

A tool for multi-positioning and holding a device without requiring a user's hands. In one embodiment, a tool, such as a robotic arm, is secured to a user's forearm, such as with a pair of hook-and-loop fasteners attached to the robotic arm that wrap around the arm and then are fastened to each other.
Elephino, Llc

Medical systems comprising tool members

Described herein are various method of using a direct drive system to perform procedures at a distance. One exemplary method include tying a knot or suturing at a distance with a first and second end effector.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Apparatus and measuring six degrees of freedom

A dimensional measuring device sends a beam of light to a remote probe having a retroreflector and a pitch/yaw sensor. The pitch/yaw sensor passes the light through an aperture and a lens to a position sensor that generates an electrical signal indicative of the position of the received light.
Faro Technologies, Inc.

Method for controlling an automated work cell

The invention relates to a method for controlling an automated work cell (2) including at least one robot arm (4) with at least three degrees of freedom (a1-a6), a programmable logic controller (6) suitable for developing a trajectory order (om) based on an instruction to perform a trajectory of an application programmed in the programmable logic controller, a robot controller (10), suitable for steering the movement of the robot arm (4), and a communication bus (5) between the programmable logic controller (6) and the robot controller (10). The method comprises steps consisting of a) developing, in the programmable logic controller (6), a trajectory order (om) including parameters for executing a trajectory defined at least between a departure point and an arrival point; b) transmitting the trajectory order (om) developed in step a) to a computing unit (11) of the robot (10); c) developing, in the computing unit (11) of the robot controller (10) and based on the trajectory order (om) transmitted in step b), elementary movement instructions for steering the robot arm (4) on the trajectory defined by the trajectory order (om)..
Staubli Faverges

Optimized plate fin heat exchanger for improved compliance to improve thermal life

A heat exchanger includes a hot passage; a cold passage adjacent the hot passage; a pair of tube sheets, with one tube sheet on each opposing side of one of the hot passage and the cold passage; a fin in one of the hot passage and the cold passage; wherein the fin includes a first distal portion, a second distal portion, and an intermediate portion between the first and second distal portions; wherein the fin is configured to provide, at only the first distal portion and the second distal portion, improved flexibility in three degrees of freedom of movement within one of the hot passage and the cold passage.. .
Honeywell International Inc.

Tube bending machine with an automatic loading automatic loading of tubes on the bending head of a tube bending machine

The machine includes: a bending head movable with at least two degrees of freedom in a transverse vertical plane; a first drive is arranged to move the bending head in the plane and to move a tool of the bending head between an open position, in which it defines with a die of the bending head a free space adapted to receive a tube to be bent, and a closed position, in which it clamps the tube against the die. A tube-carrying structure is rotatable about an axis of rotation perpendicular to the plane; a second drive is arranged to cause the tube-carrying structure to rotate about its own axis of rotation; and an electronic control unit is arranged to control the first and second drives so as to move the bending head and the tube-carrying structure in a position such that the tube is received with a desired orientation in the free space between the die and the tool..
Blm S.p.a.

Ultrasonic guidance of a probe with respect to anatomical features

Systems and methods for probe insertion using feedback from ultrasound guidance using anatomical features. The present disclosure is directed to ultrasound imaging for the generation of ultrasound images of anatomical features such as bone and/or visualizing ultrasound images of anatomical features in a subject being imaged.
Rivanna Medical Llc

System and teaching how to weld

The present invention relates to a welding teaching system, which is formed by a six degrees of freedom platform or stewart platform on which the welding gun carrying the electrode is placed. The stewart platform is connected to communication means and automatized movements as well as processing means which allow the recording of the experimented welder's movement in order to reproduce them for a welder trainee who is in a training stage.
Universidad De Santiago De Chile

Turbine cooled cooling air by tubular arrangement

A gas turbine engine may include a combustor having an inner wall and an outer wall defining a combustion chamber there between. The inner wall and the outer wall may each have at least one opening into the combustion chamber.
Rolls-royce Plc

Control device, robot system and generating control data

An optional position is set as a specification point (10) to a multi-joint manipulator (101). A restrained control command value is calculated to control the multi-joint manipulator in a restrained condition that at least one of degrees of freedom of movement of the multi-joint manipulator is restrained in the specification point, when a control command value to control the multi-joint manipulator is given..
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Multi-active-axis, non-exoskeletal rehabilitation device

A robotic device for operation in association with an appendage of a user, wherein the appendage of the user has an endpoint, the robotic device including: a base; and a robotic arm attached to the base and having an endpoint, the robotic arm having at least two active degrees of freedom relative to the base and being configured so that when the base is appropriately positioned relative to a user, the reference frame of the robotic device is oriented generally similarly to the reference frame of the user and motions of the endpoint of the appendage of the user are mimicked by motions of the endpoint of the robotic arm.. .
Barrett Technology, Inc.

Belt attachment and system

Disclosed herein is a belt assembly including a flexible belt with an improved belt attachment. The belt attachment includes two crossbars spaced along the length of the belt.
Natel Energy, Inc.

Mechanical support of an indirect contact lens by a surgical microscope during vitreoretinal surgery

An indirect contact lens is mechanically coupled to a surgical microscope during ophthalmic surgery, such as vitreoretinal surgery. The indirect contact lens rests on a cornea of an eye of a patient during the surgery but is supported by a surgical microscope attachment having multiple degrees of freedom to accommodate small movements of the eye while remaining aligned to an optical axis of the surgical microscope..
Novartis Ag

Unmanned aerial vehicle having a projector and being tracked by a laser tracker

An unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) such as a drone, quadcopter or octocopter having a projector on board for projecting information into physical space such as onto objects or locations while the uav is in flight, and further with the position and orientation (i.e., the six degrees of freedom) of the uav in flight being accurately tracked and controlled from the ground, e.g., by a laser tracker or a camera bar, thereby leading to a relatively more stable flight of the uav.. .
Faro Technologies, Inc.

Surgical limb positioning and support device and method

A limb positioning and support device for achieving and maintaining reduction of a human bone in connection with surgical procedures involving orthopedic and other surgical fracture tables. The limb positioning and support device includes an articulating and rotating positioning and support arm coupled between a surgical table and a limb saddle.

Hand intended for being provided on a humanoid robot with improved fingers

A hand intended for a humanoid robot comprises a palm and at least one finger articulated to the palm, the finger comprising at least one phalanx and an articulation linking the phalanx to the palm, the phalanx extending in a main direction. According to the invention, the articulation comprises an elastic joining piece allowing several degrees of freedom.
Aldebaran Robotics

Imu system for assessing head and torso orientation during physical motion

A method and apparatus for monitoring the head and torso orientation of a subject during physical motion. The method and apparatus employ at least two inertial measurement units (imus) being temporally synchronized with each other and each measuring three degrees of freedom of angular velocity, acceleration, and optionally magnetic field.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

Adjustment of tooth position in a virtual dental model

The present disclosure provides computing device implemented methods, computing device readable media, and systems for adjustment of tooth position in a virtual dental model. Virtual dental modeling can include detecting space and/or collision between posterior teeth of an upper jaw and posterior teeth of a lower jaw in a virtual dental model that has been set in a preliminary target position.
Align Technology, Inc.

Master interface device for a motorised endoscopic system and installation comprising such a device

A master interface device for remotely controlling at least one instrument mounted in an endoscope. The device includes at least one control handle device in the form of a subassembly able to be manipulated in the same degrees of freedom as the associated control instrument.
Institut De Recherche Sur Les Cancers De L'appare- Il Digestif-ir-cad (association RÉgie Par Les Art

Percutaneous compression and distraction system

The present invention provides a compression and distraction shaft assembly used to apply compression and distraction to bones including vertebrae. Shaft a assembly and shaft b assembly are attached together via a polyaxial fulcrum.
Stryker European Holdings I, Llc

Fishing lure

A fishing lure includes a lure body itself including a tail section and a head section. The head section includes a line attachment system for coupling fishing line or other tackle to the front of the lure which provides both increased structural competency and degrees of freedom for motion of the lure as it travels through water.

Mapping of blood vessels for biometric authentication

Improved thermoacoustic imaging is provided by ensuring directional uniformity of the microwave excitation provided to the target being imaged. This directional uniformity can be quantified in terms of the eccentricity e of the polarization ellipse of the microwave excitation.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Remotely adjustable degrees of freedom for suspension coupling

Apparatus and associated methods relate to remote control over a number of degrees of freedom of coupling between a first suspension member and a second suspension member. In an illustrative embodiment, when in an uncoupled state, the first suspension member may move substantially independently of any motion of the second suspension member.
Skinz Protective Gear

Facial interface and headgear system for use with ventilation and positive air pressure systems

The present disclosure relates to a mask assembly system that has an adjustable headgear system with adjustable sidepiece for conforming to a user's face. Additionally, the mask assembly allows for detachable nasal pillows to be rotated about multiple degrees of freedom..
Human Design Medical, Llc

Adjustable positive airway pressure or ventilation system

The present disclosure relates to a comfortable and adjustable nasal pillow configured to be part of a nasal pillow system that is part of a mask system used with a ventilation or pap device. The nasal pillows are configured to have multiple degrees of freedom of rotation..
Human Design Medical, Llc.

Substrate processing apparatus

A transfer apparatus for transporting substrates in a transfer chamber having a first and second ends and two sides extending between the ends. The transfer apparatus includes a drive section, at least one base arm fixed at one end with respect to the transfer chamber and including at least one arm link rotatably coupled to the drive section and at least one transfer arm rotatably coupled to a common end of the base arm, the at least one transfer arm has two end effectors.
Brooks Automation, Inc.

General two degree of freedom isotropic harmonic oscillator and associated time base

The mechanical isotropic harmonic oscillator comprises at least a two degrees of freedom linkage supporting an orbiting mass with respect to a fixed base with springs having isotropic and linear restoring force properties wherein the mass has a tilting motion. The oscillator may be used in a timekeeper, such as a watch..
Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)

Suspension system and ride-on grounds maintenance vehicle incorporating same

A suspension system for use with a grounds maintenance vehicle such as a ride-on lawn mower. In one embodiment, the suspension system provide at least a first suspension apparatus positioned between a chassis of the mower and an operator support platform.
The Toro Company

Print head mounting structure

A print head mounting structure includes a beam that extends along a scan axis y of the print head; and a carriage adapted to be driven for reciprocating movement along the beam. The carriage includes a print head carrier for carrying the print head, a cable guide carrier and a link.
OcÉ-technologies B.v.

Simulator ride

A flying simulator ride in accordance with present embodiments may include a suspended rotator ring capable of motion in six degrees of freedom. The flying simulator ride may also include a passenger support system suspended from the rotator ring wherein the passenger support system includes a first passenger support unit; and a second passenger support unit, wherein at least one of the first passenger support unit or the second passenger support unit are configured to move relative to one another to assume a stacked configuration and a loading configuration, wherein a distance between the rotator ring and the first passenger support unit is decreased in the stacked configuration relative to the loading configuration..
Universal City Studios Llc

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