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Degrees Of Freedom patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Degrees Of Freedom-related patents
 System and  providing information on fuel savings, safe operation, and maintenance by real-time predictive monitoring and predictive controlling of aerodynamic and hydrodynamic environmental internal/external forces, hull stresses, motion with six degrees of freedom, and the location of marine structure patent thumbnailnew patent System and providing information on fuel savings, safe operation, and maintenance by real-time predictive monitoring and predictive controlling of aerodynamic and hydrodynamic environmental internal/external forces, hull stresses, motion with six degrees of freedom, and the location of marine structure
A system for monitoring a physical change of a marine structure includes a complex optical measuring instrument configured to detect a behavior and structural change of the marine structure by using at least one optical sensor by means of optical fiber bragg grating.. .
Cytroniq, Ltd.
 Bending and twisting mechanism and its applications to robotics and energy conversion patent thumbnailnew patent Bending and twisting mechanism and its applications to robotics and energy conversion
A mechanism includes at least one module (m1) having a tubular structure with at least three faces, each of said faces comprising: two parallel longitudinal fibers (1, 4), rigid and inextensible, whose ends are connected through respective ball or elastic joints (0-1; 4-0) to the ends of the fibers of contiguous modules, or to a base (0); a transverse link (2) connecting said two longitudinal fibers, having a first end rigidly connected to said first fiber and a second end slidably connected to said second fiber, said transverse link being inextensible and having two rotational degrees of freedom; a longitudinal link (32) connecting said transverse link to a homologous transverse link of an adjacent module or to a base via a ball or elastic joint (32-0) and an universal joint (3-32); and an actuator (a) for changing the length of said longitudinal link.. .
Aldebaran Robotics
 Intracardiac imaging system utilizing a multipurpose catheter patent thumbnailIntracardiac imaging system utilizing a multipurpose catheter
A three dimensional physiological mapping system utilizing an intracardiac echo catheter capable of being located in six degrees of freedom by a visualization, navigation, or mapping system. An echocardiography image of the intracardiac echo catheter may be projected within a geometric model of the visualization, navigation, or mapping system where the location of the projected image is adjusted in response to user input identifying a structure present in the echocardiography image and the geometric model..
St. Jude Medical, Atrial Fibrillation Division, Inc.
 Steady hand micromanipulation robot patent thumbnailSteady hand micromanipulation robot
A cooperative-control robot includes a base component, a mobile platform arranged proximate the base component, a translation assembly operatively connected to the base component and the mobile platform and configured to move the mobile platform with translational degrees of freedom substantially without rotation with respect to said the component, a tool assembly connected to the mobile platform, and a control system configured to communicate with the translation assembly to control motion of the mobile platform in response to forces by a user applied to at least a portion of the cooperative-control robot. The translation assembly includes at least three independently operable actuator arms, each connected to a separate position of the mobile platform.
The Johns Hopkins University
 Operating machine with redundant axes and resolution of the redundancy in real time patent thumbnailOperating machine with redundant axes and resolution of the redundancy in real time
A program for a numerical control device is disclosed that determines path points to be approached by an end effector. A control signal group is ascertained for each path point that contains its set point value for each position-controlled axis.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
 Expandable interbody fusion device patent thumbnailExpandable interbody fusion device
An expandable interbody fusion device includes superior and inferior endplates that are configured to receive a sequentially inserted stack of interlocking expansion members or wafers. The like-configured wafers include features on their top and bottom surfaces that interlock the wafers in multiple degrees of freedom so that the wafer stack is not disrupted when the fusion device is fully expanded.
Spine Wave, Inc.
 Percutaneous compression and distraction system patent thumbnailPercutaneous compression and distraction system
The present invention provides a compression and distraction shaft assembly used to apply compression and distraction to bones including vertebrae. Shaft a assembly and shaft b assembly are attached together via a polyaxial fulcrum.
Stryker European Holdings I, Llc
 Csi feedback reduction for mimo interference alignment patent thumbnailCsi feedback reduction for mimo interference alignment
Channel state information (csi) is reduced for a multi input multi output (mimo) channel, in which feeding back a part of the csi matrix is sufficient to align interference in a mimo network. A feedback dimension quantifies a cost of the csi feedback of the interference in the mimo network.
The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology
 Adjustable display mount patent thumbnailAdjustable display mount
A mounting system for mounting a display device to a surface, the mounting system adjustable in multiple degrees of freedom to selectively position and orientate the attached device relative to the mounting surface and/or other collocated display devices. According to various embodiments, a surface bracket is configured to attach to a mounting surface and an arm assembly operatively couples the surface bracket with a mount carriage.
Peerless Industries, Inc.
 Injection treatment simulation using condensation patent thumbnailInjection treatment simulation using condensation
An injection treatment on a subterranean zone is simulated by modeling physically separate rock blocks of the subterranean zone by separate block models. The block model for each physically separate rock block represents intra-block mechanics of the rock block by finite element method.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Compliant constant velocity constant torque universal joint

A compliant constant velocity constant torque universal joint to transmit a rotary movement between two angled shafts, and/or a kinematic pair with two independent rotational degrees of freedom. This compliant structure is a large deflection compliant joint and the misalignment angle can be changed through the range of from 0° to 60°.
Flexous B.v.

Optical imaging arrangement with multiple metrology support units

An optical imaging arrangement includes an optical projection system and a support structure system. The optical projection system includes a group of optical elements configured to transfer, in an exposure process using exposure light along an exposure light path, an image of a pattern of a mask onto a substrate.
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

Method to render global 5 dof motion effect with multiple local force-feedback

In order to generate force feedback data for a haptic device for providing simulated six degrees of freedom movement, a three dimensional acceleration component corresponding to the movement to be simulated is determined, a three dimensional velocity component corresponding to the movement to be simulated is determined and control signals for controlling at least three force feedback devices are determined, wherein each of the three force feedback devices provides three dimensional force effects to a fixation point associated to each of it, the three force feedback devices being arranged at defined positions with regard to each other, and the three fixation points define a geometric plane.. .
Thomson Licensing

Intubation systems and methods based on airway pattern identification

An intubation system of the present disclosure intubates based on an airway pattern indicating a trachea opening. The airway pattern is determined from analysis of airway data detected by a trachea identifying device disposed on a moveable guide stylet of the intubation system.

Haptic force-feedback for computing interfaces

Methods, systems, and apparatuses, including computer programs encoded on computer-readable media, provide two degrees of freedom active force feedback for touchscreens or any other general surface. The system includes a rubber ball attached to a pen-like structure with two motors that are capable of rotating freely when external force is applied.
New York University

Micropositioning device with multidegrees of freedom for piezoelectric actuators and associated method

A micropositioning device for a piezoelectric actuator includes a means for controlling an electric field applied to the piezoelectric actuator so as to deform the piezoelectric material, and means for simultaneous measurement of a variation of electric charge accumulated on the piezoelectric actuator resulting from the deformation; and means for acquiring measurements of the variation of electric charge, for processing these acquisitions and for estimating a displacement (x, y, z) of the piezoelectric actuator and/or an applied force.. .
Ecole Nationale Superieure De Mecanique Et Des Microtechniques

Software center and highly configurable robotic systems for surgery and other uses

Telerobotic, telesurgical, and/or surgical robotic devices, systems, and methods employ surgical robotic linkages that may have more degrees of freedom than an associated surgical end effector n space. A processor can calculate a tool motion that includes pivoting of the tool about an aperture site.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

Mobile imaging system and method

A mobile fluoroscopic imaging system having a portable radiation source capable of emitting radiation in both single and, alternatively, pulse emissions and adapted to move in all degrees of freedom; a portable detector operable to detect radiation from the radiation source, wherein the detector is adapted to move independently of the radiation source in all degrees of freedom; the radiation source and detector each comprises an alignment sensor in communication with a computer; the computer is in communication with the radiation source and the detector; the position, distance and orientation of the radiation source and the detector are established by the computer; and the computer sends an activation signal to the radiation source to indicate when radiation may be emitted. Preferably, the radiation source is prevented from emission of radiation until the detector and the radiation source have achieved predetermined alignment conditions..
Portavision Medical Llc

Vibration control in data storage devices

A storage device has a device body and a read/write head for reading and writing data in a data track of a storage medium. An actuator system is mounted on the device body for effecting movement of the read/write head relative to the data track to align the head with the data track.
International Business Machines Corporation

Payload suspension for lighter-than-air structures

This invention provides a configuration of suspension lines, anchored with respect to an inner surface of an lta structure, and which provide reactive forces between an lta structure and its payload so as to constrain the translational and rotational motion of the payload to be nearly rigid with respect to the lta structure. Illustratively, the configuration constrains the motion of the payload with respect to the lta structure along all six degrees of freedom: e.g.
Altaeros Energies, Inc.

Out-of-vat liquid filter for ensuring reliable connection of water pipe connector

Disclosed is an out-of-vat liquid filter for ensuring reliable connection of a water pipe connector, comprising a liquid filtration tank and the water pipe connector. The water pipe connector comprises two water pipe connecting bases, a valve driving shaft, a latch tongue, a driving device with two degrees of freedom, and a handle.
Shenzhen Xingrisheng Industrial Co., Ltd

Tire changing machine with bead loosener arm

A wheel servicing machine has a bead loosener arm powered by an actuator attached to a machine base. The actuator includes a moveable actuator rod coupled to the bead loosener arm at a pivoting joint.
Hennessy Industries, Inc.

Robotic mechanism with two degrees of freedom

A robotic link mechanism comprising a pair of base elements connected by a passive flexible joint, such that flexure of the joint changes the mutual orientation of the base elements. A pair of obliquely truncated cylinders are confined between the base elements such that the obliquely formed end surfaces of the cylinders can rotate in sliding contact with each other, and the other end of each cylinder can rotate in sliding contact with its associated base element.
Technion Research & Development Foundation Ltd.

Phone adapter for optical devices

An adapter that optically couples a camera on a mobile device to an eye piece of an optical device. The adapter includes a base plate configured to retain the mobile device without obstructing a display screen on the mobile device.
Field Logic, Inc.

Six-legged walking robot having robotic arms for legs and plurality of joints

Disclosed is a hexapod walking robot having a robot arm combined with a leg and a plurality of joints. The hexapod walking robot having a robot arm combined with a leg and a plurality of joints includes a robot body; a plurality of legs installed to the robot body such that the legs have various degrees of freedom; and at least one grip unit installed to at least one of the legs such that at least one grip unit is foldable..
Korea Institute Of Ocean Science & Technology

Parallel micro-robot with 5-degrees-of-freedom

A parallel micro-robot with five degrees of freedom that is capable of manufacturing in compact size as well as capable of controlling more precisely compared with conventional parallel robot is disclosed. The parallel micro-robot with five degrees of freedom is capable of controlling an angle of the operating plate very precisely around two shafts rotating connection means which couples operating plate and up/down height adjusting actuator using a first and second angle adjusting actuator, and therefore, high accuracy is secured..
Koh Young Technology Inc.

Systems and methods for vertebral disc replacement

The present invention provides artificial disc prostheses, methods and instrumentation for implantation and revision thereof. Each prosthesis may comprise superior and inferior end plates and a nucleus positioned between articular surfaces of the end plates.
Synergy Disc Replacement, Inc.

Sterile optical sensor system having an adjustment mechanism

Systems, methods and a sensor alignment mechanism are disclosed for medical navigational guidance systems. In one example, a system to make sterile a non-sterile optical sensor for use in navigational guidance during surgery includes a sterile drape having an optically transparent window to drape the optical sensor in a sterile barrier and a sensor alignment mechanism.
Intellijoint Surgical Inc.

Axially compliant orbiting plate scroll and scroll pump comprising the same

An orbiting plate scroll of a scroll pump includes an orbiting plate having a first side and a second side, an orbiting scroll blade projecting in an axial direction from the first side of the orbiting plate, and a flexure whose compliance is in the axial direction. The flexure is coupled to the orbiting plate at the second side of the orbiting plate, and couples the orbiting plate and orbiting scroll blade to bearings that allow for free rotation of the orbiting plate scroll about a longitudinal axis, while constraining motion of the orbiting plate scroll in the remaining degrees of freedom..
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Single-use biological 3 dimensional printer

A three dimensional printing device has a sterilizable printer assembly including at least one printing head, a printing platform, and a driving mechanism adapted to perform a movement of the at least one printing head relative to the printing platform along three degrees of freedom; a printer housing enclosing the printer assembly in a sterile manner, at least one aseptic connector fluidly connected to a corresponding one of the at least one printing head.. .
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Gmbh

Software center and highly configurable robotic systems for surgery and other uses

Telerobotic, telesurgical, and/or surgical robotic devices, systems, and methods employ surgical robotic linkages that may have more degrees of freedom than an associated surgical end effector n space. A processor can calculate a tool motion that includes pivoting of the tool about an aperture site.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

Manual control system for maneuvering an endoscope

The present invention provides a system for maneuvering an endoscope (sfme) during a medical procedure, comprising a. At least one maneuvering system, adapted to maneuver said endoscope in at least two degrees of freedom (dof); and, b.
M.s.t. Medical Surgery Technologies Ltd.

Slide unlocking touchscreen device under screen locking state

A slide unlocking method for a touchscreen device under a screen locking state is provided. The method includes steps of: sampling a track generated by the sliding of a user's finger on a touchscreen, and sequentially acquiring a plurality of sampling points; acquiring a first sampling point and a last sampling point of the track, and calculating a transverse sliding distance and a longitudinal sliding distance of the finger on the touchscreen; and unlocking the touchscreen when the transverse sliding distance is greater than or equal to a first preset distance and the longitudinal sliding distance is less than or equal to a second preset distance; otherwise, keeping the screen in the lock state.
Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.

Uses of systems with degrees of freedom poised between fully quantum and fully classical states

Disclosed herein are systems and uses of systems operating between fully quantum coherent and fully classical states. Such systems operate in what is termed the “poised realm” and exhibit unique behaviors that can be applied to a number of useful applications.
Tampere University Of Technology

Transmission clutch control using lumped inertia modeling

A vehicle powertrain includes an engine, transmission, torque converter assembly, and controller. The controller includes recorded lumped inertia models of the powertrain and instructions for executing a clutch-to-clutch shift using these models.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Robotically controlled entertainment elements

A robotic mount is configured to move an entertainment element such as a video display, a video projector, a video projector screen or a staircase. The robotic mount is movable in multiple degrees of freedom, whereby the associated entertainment element is moveable in three-dimensional space.

Substrate processing apparatus

A transfer apparatus for transporting substrates in a transfer chamber having a first and second ends and two sides extending between the ends. The transfer apparatus includes a drive section, at least one base arm fixed at one end with respect to the transfer chamber and including at least one arm link rotatably coupled to the drive section and at least one transfer arm rotatably coupled to a common end of the base arm, the at least one transfer arm has two end effectors.
Brooks Automation, Inc.

Suitable control a system of photovoltaic concentration modules

The invention relates to a suitable control method for a system of photovoltaic concentration modules, which can be used to maintain the correct orientation of the modules in order to track the sun without requiring the use of positioning sensors. The sun is tracked by performing angular movements in relation to each of the degrees of freedom at given intervals, measuring the power or current supplied by the energy collection module(s).
Abengoa Solar New Technologies S.a.

Apparatus and evaluating joint performance

The present invention is generally directed to apparatuses and methods for evaluating the amount of “play” in a joint. In one embodiment, an apparatus is provided that quantifies the rotation of the tibia in response to a known torque.

Interaction peripheral device capable of controlling an element for touching and grasping multidimensional virtual objects

An interaction peripheral device (1) capable of controlling an element for touching and grasping multidimensional virtual objects, including at least two interaction modules (20), each interaction module (20) being intended to be actuated by a finger of an operator and including a control sensor allowing control of displacement, according to a predetermined number of degrees of freedom, of a portion of the element for touching and grasping virtual objects by bending/extending and/or adduction/abduction displacement of the finger of the operator, and a vibrator able to emit a vibration upon touching and/or letting go of a virtual object by a portion of said element for touching and grasping virtual objects, characterized in that each interaction module (20) is attached to said peripheral device through a connection (40) in a damping material.. .

Bladed fishing lure

A bladed weighted fishing lure is provided in which the blade is designed to oscillate side-to-side during retrieval and is loosely, but securely affixed to a wireform. The wireform includes an inferior portion that is rigidly secured to a weighted body and includes a medially placed feature for attachment of a fishing line.

Cell-based tissue analysis

Methods for cell-based tissue analysis utilize modern trends in digital microscopy to obtain, process, calibrate, and analyze digital images of tissue sections to quantify cell-based data for improved histological analysis. Using data from multiple images of a common tissue section, or data from images of multiple tissue sections, additional degrees of freedom are realized and the resulting analysis provides added depth to histological analysis of tissue samples.
Flagship Biosciences, Llc

Multi-axis hose connector assembly

A multi-axis hose connector is provided. The assembly comprises a first and second hose connector end secured to a first and second housing.

Device for the rehabilitation of movements of the foot

A device (7) for the rehabilitation of the movements of the foot (1) includes a supporting base (8) and a mobile platform (9) with a supporting surface (10) for resting the sole of the foot (1), wherein the mobile platform (9) is secured to the supporting base (8) by a pure rotation movement mechanism (12) with three degrees of freedom of rotary movement independent the one from the other and placed in parallel which allow rotations of the mobile platform around three axes (13, 14, 15) which intersect one another in a single rotation center (p). The supporting surface (10) is turned towards the rotation center (p) and is distant from the rotation center (p) in such a way that the rotation center (p) is positioned in correspondence to the ankle (2) of the foot (1)..
Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche

Redox flow battery with external supply line and/or disposal line

A redox flow battery is illustrated and described, having at least one cell frame enclosing a cell interior and having at least one supply line provided outside the cell frame for supplying electrolyte to the cell interior and/or at least one disposal line provided outside the cell frames for removing electrolyte from the cell interior. In order to provide greater degrees of freedom in the design of the cell so as to make available redox flow batteries with improved properties, it is envisaged that the supply line for supplying electrolyte to the cell interior and/or the disposal line for removing electrolyte from the cell interior is in fluid contact with the cell interior via a plurality of separate flow channels in the cell frame..
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

Method of controlling virtual object or view point on two dimensional interactive display

A method of controlling a viewpoint of a user or a virtual object on a two-dimensional (2d) interactive display is provided. The method may convert a user input to at least 6 degrees of freedom (dof) structured data according to a number of touch points, a movement direction thereof, and a rotation direction thereof.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Stabilizing shooting rest apparatus and method

Disclosed herein is a stabilizing shooting rest that includes a base attachable to the belt of a wearer. The stabilizing shooting rest further includes a telescopic elongated member having a proximate end attached to the base and extending to a distal end, the telescopic elongated member attaching to the base such that the telescopic elongated member is movable about the base with at least two rotational degrees of freedom.

Patient mounted mri and ct compatible robot for needle guidance in interventional procedures

A patient mountable robot includes a four link mechanism, three actuators, and a first robot base. The mechanism includes four links that form a closed loop structure.
Children's National Medical Center

System and method retracting body tissue

A method for retracting body tissue providing a retractor system that includes a rail having two opposed widened rail portions separated by a narrowed portion, each widened portion engageable by a separate clamp. The clamps are configured to support the rail to a fixed surface, or to support a surgical device.
Globus Medical, Inc.

Technique for converting a model predictive control (mpc) system into an explicit two-degrees of freedom (2dof) control system

A method includes obtaining a reference tracking performance ratio and a disturbance rejection performance ratio associated with a model predictive control (mpc) controller. The method also includes filtering an output target signal for the controller using a first filter based on the reference tracking performance ratio.

Robotic platform for mini-invasive surgery

Robotic platform for mini-invasive surgery comprising robotic arms (4a, 4b) suitable to be placed in the body of a patient, introduced through a single access port, which are an extension of external robotic manipulators (19). The continuity between external (1) and internal (4a, 4b) robotic arms is guaranteed by means of a trans-abdominal magnetic connection (6) between the internal robotic arm integral with the external one.

Assistive device for positioning a medical instrument relative to an internal organ of a patient

The invention relates to an assistive device for positioning a medical instrument (2) inserted into a natural duct (100) or an artificial duct of a patient relative to an internal organ (p) of a patient, wherein the device comprises a support (1) that is to be inserted at least in part into the body of the patient and supports the medical instrument, means for moving the support, wherein said movement means comprise an articulated arm (9) that includes a plurality of degrees of freedom for moving a proximal end (1a) of the support, means for acquiring images of the internal organ for positioning the medical instrument relative to the internal organ, wherein the image acquisition means comprise a probe (5) supported by the support such that the medical instrument and the probe are rigidly connected, and a control unit (10) for controlling the movement means, which is connected to the image acquisition means and comprises image analyzing means (11) for generating control commands for the articulated arm in order to control at least one movement of the medical instrument relative to the internal organ. The invention further relates to a method for controlling such a device..

Systems and methods for aligning a near-eye display device

A near-eye display system includes (a) a near-eye display device, having a display and capable of providing, to a pupil of a user, an image from the display superimposed on an ambient scene, and (b) a fixture for coupling the near-eye display device to a holder mounted to the user, wherein the fixture has a plurality of degrees of freedom for alignment of the display device with respect to the pupil.. .

Metrology system optimization for parameter tracking

Methods and systems for evaluating the capability of a measurement system to track measurement parameters through a given process window are presented herein. Performance evaluations include random perturbations, systematic perturbations, or both to effectively characterize the impact of model errors, metrology system imperfections, and calibration errors, among others.

Catheter control system and graphical user interface

A remote workstation for the control of percutaneous intervention devices is provided. The remote workstation includes a control system for remotely and independently controlling at least two percutaneous intervention devices.

Cube corner retroreflector for measuring six degrees of freedom

A target and method of manufacturing the target is provided. The method of manufacturing includes providing the cube cornered retroreflector, the cube cornered retroreflector including a first, second and third planar reflectors.

User interface devices

User interface devices (uids) for sensing position or motion of an actuator assembly in multiple degrees of freedom are disclosed. In one embodiment a uid includes a frame having a top and bottom assembly, an actuator assembly disposed within a volume between the top and bottom of the frame having magnets disposed therein, a sensor array for sensing magnetic fields from the magnets in multiple axes, and a processing element for receiving the sensed magnet fields and generating a uid output signal corresponding to a position, translation, rotation, deformation, or other action of the actuator assembly..

Providing a description of aircraft intent

The present invention provides a computer-implemented method of generating an aircraft intent description expressed in a formal language that provides an unambiguous four-dimensional description of an aircraft's intended motion and configuration during a period of flight. A flight intent description is parsed to provide instances of flight intent that span a flight segment, the flight segments together spanning the period of flight.

Expandable interbody fusion device

An expandable interbody fusion device includes superior and inferior plates that are configured to receive a sequentially inserted stack of expansion members or wafers. The superior and inferior plates include features that at least initially interlock the two plates until the superior plate is dislodged by pressure from the growing wafer stack.

Uv forming roll to roll alignment

A uv forming apparatus and method for roll to roll alignment is disclosed. The apparatus comprises an unrolling mechanism (101), a coating mechanism (102), a uv forming mechanism (100), a stripping mechanism (107) and a withdraw roll mechanism (110); wherein the apparatus further comprises an adjusting alignment mechanism (10) comprising a flat mold supporting apparatus (116) and an alignment probe (108), the flat mold supporting apparatus (116) is capable of adjusting the position of the flat mold at three degrees of freedom including horizontal, vertical, and angle; the mold (112) is disposed on the flat mold supporting apparatus, the uv forming mechanism (100) and the adjusting alignment mechanism (10) are fixed to the forming apparatus.

Manipulation of overlapping objects displayed on a multi-touch device

A multi-touch display device that is configured to display multiple objects concurrently and that provides multi-touch controls for manipulating multiple of the displayed objects with multiple degrees of freedom concurrently but independently is configured to reduce the degrees of freedom provided by the manipulation controls for at least two of the displayed objects in response to detecting that an input mechanism is exerting control over the two displayed objects concurrently.. .

Apparatus for guiding a moving web

An apparatus (20) for steering a web (22), including a web path having at least one steering roller (24) and an exit roller (26), each having a mount; wherein the steering roller(s) (26) each have an axis of rotation and wherein the mounts for the steering roller(s) (26) can pivot those axes with a total of two degrees of freedom. An array (30) comprising a plurality of sensors (30a) for monitoring the position of the web (22) is present connected to a controller so as to determine the position and angular orientation of the web (22).

Vehicle test apparatus and vehicle test system

A vehicle test apparatus includes: a test article installation vehicle body to which four axles corresponding to four wheels that are a left front wheel, a right front wheel, a left rear wheel and a right rear wheel are attached, and on which a test article is installed; a first motion base that supports the test article installation vehicle body, and that allows the test article installation vehicle body to make motions of six degrees of freedom; and four second motion bases each of which supports a corresponding one of the axles, and each of which allows a corresponding one of the axles to make motions of six degrees of freedom.. .

Vehicle test system

In a vehicle test system, a displacement degree computing unit computes degrees of six-degree-of-freedom displacements of each of second motion bases, which correspond to external forces of respective six degrees of freedom detected by a corresponding one of six-axis force sensors, on an assumption that each of the second motion bases has a virtual mechanical impedance. A mb second target value generator generates final position and posture target values for each of the second motion bases based on the position and posture target values for each of the second motion bases and the degrees of six-degree-freedom displacements of each of the second motion bases..

Method and docking a test head with a peripheral

A method and apparatus for docking an electronic test head with a peripheral, which positions devices for testing. Exact-constraint alignment features, also sometimes known as kinematic features, are incorporated to provide repeatable positioning of the test head in three degrees of freedom with respect to the docking plane of the peripheral.

5 degrees of freedom alignment-correcting preloaded bearing connection system

Exemplary embodiments provide a rotary misalignment-compensation bushing connection system that may be used in large-scale operations where several components are mounted in alignment on a single pin. For example, the misalignment-compensation system may be used in preloaded connection of a male lug rotatably mounted between a first lug and a second lug, on heavy equipment, for example, oil field exploration and production equipment.

Constrained virtual camera control

A method is described that includes receiving, from a first device, input used to select a first object in a computer-generated environment. The first device has at least two degrees of freedom with which to control the selection of the first object.

Plasma torch cutting device and process

A method of operating a plasma arc torch system includes placing a work piece to be cut on a table of the plasma arc torch system, wherein at least a portion of the work piece has a planer surface facing away from the table. A plasma arc torch is positioned adjacent the planer surface of the work piece using a positioning apparatus, wherein the positioning apparatus has at least five degrees of freedom about which it can move the plasma arc torch relative the work piece for cutting the work piece on the table.

Umbrella having a pivot joint to provide additional degrees of freedom of orientation of its canopy

An umbrella having the crown of the canopy coupled to a support structure via a pivot joint that is structured and configured to allow swiveling and/or tilting of the canopy with ease by a user, in more than one plane or with more than one degree of freedom with respect to the support structure. The canopy frame includes a longitudinal central support hub, and the pivot joint is rotatable about a rotation axis, wherein the axis of the canopy support hub makes a fixed or variable non-zero angle with respect to the pivot joint rotation axis.

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