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Date/App# patent app List of recent Deflate-related patents
 Portable high-rise toilet seat patent thumbnailnew patent Portable high-rise toilet seat
A portable high-rise toilet seat apparatus includes an inflatable bladder having a configuration of a toilet seat. The bladder includes at least one inlet port configured to receive air or water whereby to inflate the bladder.
 Ice adaptive tire system patent thumbnailIce adaptive tire system
An adaptive tire system can include retractable and extendable bolts for enhancing traction, for example, on ice-covered roadways. The system can include pneumatically operated bolt assemblies mounted inside a tire having custom reinforced belts.
 Stable aortic blood pump implant patent thumbnailStable aortic blood pump implant
An aortic blood pump is described that is secured to a patient aorta that can be inflated and deflated in response to selective communication with a source of pressurized fluid or air. An expanded stent creates an area in with the pump and inflate and deflate.
 Valve assemblies for a dunnage or cargo air bags, and related methods of use patent thumbnailValve assemblies for a dunnage or cargo air bags, and related methods of use
Generally disclosed is an exemplary dunnage bag valve assembly that may be used to inflate a dunnage bag to capacity or deflate a dunage bag while minimizing the impact of fighting back pressure during deflation. In one embodiment the valve assembly comprises: a tubiform body having a flange disposed therearound; an internal support bar; a flapper coupled to the support bar along the midsection of the flapper, wherein the flapper closes the tubiform of the tubiform body; a lever with a fulcrum on the support bar, wherein operating of the lever on the fulcrum bends or folds the flapper along its midsection for opening the tubiform of the tubiform body during deflation of an air bag..
 Safety wheel and tire assembly patent thumbnailSafety wheel and tire assembly
A metal safety wheel has a center disk and an outer, perimeter flange with a solid rubber tire mounted thereon. The wheel and tire assembly has an outside diameter slightly less than that of a conventional pneumatic wheel and tire assembly with which it may be co-mounted on a vehicle's axle.
 Device for inflating a bicycle/motorcycle tire patent thumbnailDevice for inflating a bicycle/motorcycle tire
My invention is a portable air transferring device, involving two identical clip-on valves at each end of a hollow tube. When the clip-on valves are each engaged, air flows through the hose between a good car tire and a partially or fully deflated bicycle or motorcycle tire.
 Inflatable air barriers patent thumbnailInflatable air barriers
Example inflatable air barriers are disclosed herein. Some example barriers disclosed herein include one or more inflatable tubes for maintaining a sealed airlock leading to an underground shelter.
 Visual inflation/deflation indicator for a balloon catheter patent thumbnailVisual inflation/deflation indicator for a balloon catheter
Devices, systems and methods are disclosed for providing a direct visual indication of the relative inflationary condition of the balloon on a balloon catheter after insertion into the patient. In certain exemplary embodiments, a gastrostomy tube catheter is disclosed having a fluid feeding lumen and a balloon inflation lumen, a balloon communicating with the balloon inflation lumen, and an indicator strip having one end fixedly attached to the balloon and a free end movable along the length of the tube in accordance with the relative inflation and deflation of the balloon.
 Door and system providing radio frequency shielding against high-altitude electromagnetic pulse patent thumbnailDoor and system providing radio frequency shielding against high-altitude electromagnetic pulse
Pneumatic door system of fluid lines, valves, switches, and sensors integrated into hinge mechanisms, door frame, and door connected to a fluid pressurization system to inflate and deflate one or more fluid seals attached to outer perimeter of door adjacent to inner perimeter of door frame to close gap between outer perimeter of door and inner perimeter of door frame to provide radio frequency shielding against, for example, high-altitude electromagnetic pulse. Air seal creates a substantially impermeable barrier against radio frequency transmission, as well as air infiltration, when fully inflated.
 Method and system to identify intraocular pressure (iop) of an eye patent thumbnailMethod and system to identify intraocular pressure (iop) of an eye
Non-tactile and non-evasive tonometer utilizing air flow with a definite amount of pressure to the eye and a mechanism to deflate the thin foil set that is placed near to eye ball such that re-bounded air hits on it. The mechanism involves acquiring or capturing then the images of the known pattern marking on thin foils both before and after deflating process due to rebounded air.
Inflatable mattress and control methods
A patient support, such as a mattress, includes a plurality of inflatable bladders. Depth sensors are included in the support that measure the degree of penetration of a patient into the mattress.
Patient position detection for patient support surface
A patient support apparatus includes a patient support surface to support a patient. The patient support surface has at least one air bladder that is inflated and/or deflated to achieve a turn assist function and/or a therapy function of the patient support surface.
Drug eluting sculpting balloon
A plaque-modifying balloon and method for use in an endovascular procedure includes an elongated balloon that defines a longitudinal axis and is inflatable from a first deflated configuration to a second radially expanded configuration. One or more plaque-modifying elements are mounted on the outside of the inflatable balloon.
Brace having an inflation control
Systems, methods, and devices are described for providing a brace having an inflation control. The control directs fluid flow from an inflation component to one or more inflatable cells of the brace.
Vibration and pressure damping device for gripping handles and steering mechanisms
A damping device for a handgrip of an object includes a bladder disposed in said handgrip, an inflation device in fluid communication with the bladder, and a controller adapted to detect at least one of vibrations and impact pressure, and automatically adjust a cushion pressure of said bladder by causing the inflation device to inflate or deflate the bladder with a fluid as appropriate in order to attenuate the at least one of vibrations and impact pressure transmitted through said handgrip.. .
Stent retained on a balloon catheter
A balloon is inflated from a collapsed configuration, then deflated. A polymeric stem is then disposed over the deflated balloon and the stent crimped to the balloon..
Systems and methods for selective auto-retroperfusion along with regional mild hypothermia
Systems and methods for selective auto-retroperfusion along with regional mild hypothermia. In at least one embodiment of a system for providing a retroperfusion therapy to a venous vessel of the present disclosure, the system comprises a catheter for controlling blood perfusion pressure, the catheter comprising a body having a proximal open end, a distal end, a lumen extending between the proximal open end and the distal end, and a plurality of orifices disposed thereon, each of the orifices in fluid communication with the lumen, and at least one expandable balloon, each of the at least one expandable balloons coupled with the body, having an interior that is in fluid communication with the lumen, and adapted to move between an expanded configuration and a deflated configuration, and a flow unit for regulating the flow and pressure of a bodily fluid, and a regional hypothermia system operably coupled to the catheter, the regional hypothermia system operable to reduce and/or regulate a temperature of the bodily fluid flowing therethrough..
Open surgery anastomosis device, system, and method
A medical device, system and method tor an open surgical procedure configured to couple, for example, open ends of anatomical structures. The system includes an expandable tubular structure and inflatable balloon positioned within the tubular structure.
Adaptable device for electrically isolating pulmonary veins in atrial fibrillation
Device for electrically isolating the pulmonary veins in atrial fibrillation for treatment thereof by means of ablation of a circumferential zone of tissue in a position where a pulmonary vein extends from an atrium, comprising: a catheter (1) having a terminal part and a distal part and comprising a first tubular element (2); a second tubular element (4) concentric with said first tubular element (2) and an axial rod-like element (6) which extends beyond the distal end of said first and second tubular elements (2; 4); a first tubular toroidal element (13) supported by a plurality of tubular arms (11) which extend from said distal end towards said toroidal element (13) forming a kind of cage which can be opened in umbrella fashion around the distal end of said catheter (1), said tubular arms (11) and said toroidal element (13) being in fluid communication with each other and with said second tubular element (4) of said catheter (1); and a second toroidal tubular element (9) in fluid communication by means of the radial arms (8) with said first tubular element (2) of said catheter (1), all of which so that in a first operating condition said first and second toroidal elements (13; 9) with the associated tubular arms (11) are deflated and made to adhere to said distal end of the catheter; in a second operating condition said distal end of the catheter is inserted inside the orifice of a pulmonary vein (18) and a fluid is pumped into said first toroidal element (13) and into said arms (11) so as to position said arms against the orifice of the said pulmonary vein (18); and in the third operating condition an ablation element is introduced and/or activated inside said second toroidal element (9), inflating it and bringing it into contact with the orifice (18″) of the said pulmonary vein (18) for ablation of a circular zone of tissue around the orifice of the said vein.. .
Method and apparatus for constructing membrane lined structures for holding large fluid volumes
A membrane lined structure for storing large fluid volumes comprising a base surrounding by supporting wall structures, and lined with a double membrane sealed at the edges and formed into a plurality of cellular components which can be inflated and deflated to assist in positioning for purposes of constructing the structure and securing the liner to the upper edges of the structural walls. The cellular membranes can further be monitored to ensure the integrity of the membrane liner prior to filling of the structure or during regular operations..
Variable width hospital bed
A system for changing width of a person support apparatus is disclosed. A person support apparatus comprises at least one deck extension which is configured to be retracted or extended by at least one motor controlled by a bed controller.
Methods and systems for performing a medical procedure
Method and system for treating a patient using a compressible, pressure-attenuating device. According to one embodiment, the system is used to treat urinary tract disorders and can include one or more of an access device, a delivery device, a pressure-attenuating device, and a removal device.
Methods and systems for performing a medical procedure
Method and system for treating a patient using a compressible, pressure-attenuating device. According to one embodiment, the system is used to treat urinary tract disorders and can include one or more of an access device, a delivery device, a pressure-attenuating device, and a removal device.
Methods and systems for performing a medical procedure
Method and system for treating a patient using a compressible, pressure-attenuating device. According to one embodiment, the system is used to treat urinary tract disorders and comprises an access device, a delivery device, a pressure-attenuating device, and a removal device.
Tri-cell lumber support travel pillow
The present invention relates to a portable self-contained inflatable pillow comprising two or three separate cells attached laterally to each other. Each cell has its own hermetically sealed nipple for individual inflation.
Dual wheels with internal air passageways
This invention describes a system to maintain equal pressure in a pair of dual tires, and also incorporates a valve mechanism that will prevent one dual wheel tire from going flat in the event the other dual wheel tire experiences a rapid air loss. Dual wheels are typically mounted on the vehicle hub with both wheel disc faces in direct contact with each other.
Biased artificial sphincter cuff
A cuff for use an as artificial sphincter includes an inflatable chamber and a backing. The inflatable chamber includes opposing inside and outside surfaces and inflated and deflated states.
Invaginating valvuloplasty balloon catheter and methods of use therefor
The disclosure pertains to an invaginating inflatable balloon catheter and methods of using the catheter. The catheter of the disclosure includes an outer tubular body, an inner tubular body, and an inflatable balloon attached to the tubular bodies such that the balloon is adapted to be inflated within a valve or other tissue to be dilated.
Pressure-regulatable pressure sores prevention cushion
A pressure-regulatable pressure sores prevention cushion is provided. The cushion comprises an air cell array, having a plurality of air cells and being divided into at least four air cell zones, the air cells in each air cell zone being in communication with each other, but air cells in any two adjacent air cell zones being not in communication with each other; a plurality of air passages, located under the air cell array and each of which being connected to and in communication with at least one of the air cell zones; a base, on which the air cell array having a plurality of air cells and the air passages being disposed; a plurality of air ducts, which are disposed within the base, an end of each air duct being in communication with a corresponding air passage, and the other end extending out of the cushion and being provided with a joint, and each air duct having a respective valve; and an automatic pressure regulator, which is in communication with the joints of the plurality of air ducts and electrically connected to the respective valve of each duct to enable the automatic pressure regulator to inflate or deflate each air duct..
Swimming pool pillow
A cover device for a swimming pool is disclosed that effectively keeps out debris including leaves, branches, or even small animals, and helps trap heat underneath the cover saving users the cost of a pool heater. The cover device comprises a flexible member that can be folded up for storage when deflated.
Float device
A float device for use in a body of water includes a float configured to transform between a deflated state and an inflated state. The float includes at least one internal chamber.
Catheter balloon employing force sensing elements
An apparatus for medical diagnosis and/or treatment is provides. The apparatus includes a flexible substrate forming an inflatable body and a plurality of force sensing elements disposed on the flexible substrate.
Apparatus and methods for inflating and deflating balloon catheters
Among the various embodiments, objects and features of the present invention may generally be noted an inflation/deflation syringe that enables one-handed operation to inflate a medical device to a given pressure or volume and one-handed operation to deflate said medical device.. .
System and methods for raised touch screens
A touch sensitive display assembly includes a touch screen and a button array. The touch screen is configured to display one or more input keys.
Skin-covered articles with reaction injection molded foam layer
A composite article is formed with a reaction-injection mold (rim) foam layer between a substrate and a flexible skin in a rim tool having at least one inflatable seal defining an edge of the foam layer. The rim tool is clamped in a fully closed position.
Dilation device
Dilation system comprising a dilatable device made from a thermoplastic material having a closed end and an open end, the open end being connected to a pressure source, said dilatable device being able to be inflated by the application of pressure and deflated by loss of pressure to retain almost its original dimension, wherein the dilatable device has at least two layers (121, 161) of said thermoplastic material and sandwiched in between said two layers (121, 161) of thermoplastic material a braided mesh (41) made from a multitude of metal wires, wherein the braided mesh (41) of the inflatable device in the non-pressurized state has a braiding angle (γ) of less than 54.7° in at least one portion of the inflatable device and a braiding angle (α) of more than 54.7° in at least one other portion of the inflatable device such that under internal pressure the braiding angle (γ) in the at least one portion of the inflatable device will increase to an angle (δ) under increase of diameter and reduction of length and the braiding angle (α) in the at least one other portion of the inflatable device will decrease to an angle (β) under reduction of diameter and increase of length, the length increase in the at least one other portion compensating for the length reduction in the at least one portion.. .
Expandable joint implant
An expandable implantable device sized for occupying space in a cavity formed between small bones in a human hand or foot. Comprising a first smooth surface on which a first small bone may slide.
Non-compliant medical balloon having an integral non-woven fabric layer
A non-compliant medical balloon may be changed from a deflated state to an inflated state by increasing pressure within the balloon. The non-compliant medical balloon is composed of randomly oriented fibers forming an angle.
Compression garment including bladder having reduced inflatable volume
A compression garment including a bladder having a reduced inflatable volume. Connector elements positioned inside an inflatable chamber of the bladder limit expansion of the bladder for limiting a fluid volume required for fully inflating or expanding the bladder.
Pneumatic seat cushion system
A pneumatic seat cushion system (10) has a deformable cushion (11) having a seating surface (12) and a self inflating cushion bladder (14) positioned beneath the seating surface (12). The self inflating cushion bladder (14) has an airtight envelope (15) containing compressible material (16) which is in air communication (19) with a displacement bladder (18) such that when in use the airtight envelope (15) and the displacement bladder (18) form a closed system from which no air can enter or escape.
Expandable high pressure tank for air compressor
The present invention is directed, in part, to an apparatus and methods related to an expandable storage tank for compressed gas, the storage tank prepared from a puncture resistant, flexible fabric material in which the storage tank is expandable to a desired volume when inflated and when deflated. During periods of non-use the storage tank is retracted in a compact and folded manner to save space compared to when the tank is inflated.
Buoyancy power generating apparatus
A buoyancy power generating apparatus includes: a tank adapted to receive liquid therein; a buoyancy mechanism disposed in the tank and including a bladder support and a bladder supported on the bladder support; a vertical support disposed outwardly of the tank; a weight unit supported movably on the vertical support; and a transmission coupled to the buoyancy mechanism and the weight unit so that the weight unit can be driven by the bladder to move upwardly during upward movement of the bladder and that the weight unit can be moved downwardly by gravity when the bladder is deflated.. .
Varying diameter vascular implant and balloon
A method for deploying an expandable implant in a body passage of varying diameter includes selecting a balloon having a radial dimension that varies, when the balloon is inflated, in accordance with the varying diameter of the body passage. The balloon is inserted, in a deflated state, into the body passage, with the expandable implant fitted radially around the balloon.
Apparatus and methods for attaching soft tissue to bone
Suture anchors and methods for using the suture anchors for attaching soft tissue, such as ligaments, tendons, and muscles, to bone are disclosed herein. A suture anchor for attaching soft tissue to bone includes a catheter having an elongated shaft with a proximal end, a distal end, and a longitudinal axis therebetween, wherein the catheter has at least one inner lumen capable of allowing a light curable adhesive to pass therethrough; a balloon portion engaging the distal end of the catheter, wherein the balloon portion expands from a deflated state to an inflated state when a light curable adhesive is delivered to the balloon portion; and at least one suture material for passing through soft tissue to attach the soft tissue to a bone..
Portable pneumatic abdominal aortic compression system
A portable pneumatic abdominal aortic tourniquet for occlusion of the abdominal descending aorta to restrict blood supply to a non-compressible arterial hemorrhage in the abdominal region. The tourniquet comprising an adjustable waist strap for securing around an abdomen; a directed air bladder mounted to the waist strap having a generally “v” shaped construction operable between a deflated condition wherein the directed air bladder is collapsed, and an inflated condition wherein the directed air bladder is expanded for exerting pressure against the abdomen; and, an air source connected to the directed air bladder for operating the directed air bladder between the deflated condition and the inflated condition..
Inflatable rocket assembly
An inflatable rocket assembly is an apparatus that improves upon existing rocket shaped balloons. The apparatus is provided in a particular arrangement that enables said inflatable rocket assembly to traverse a fluid, in a particular manner, upon being thrown by human capable means.
Method and system of retriever systems for marine geophysical survey sensor streamers
Retriever systems for marine geophysical survey sensor streamers. At least some of the illustrative embodiments are methods including attaching a retriever system to a sensor streamer by: wrapping a lifting bag assembly at least partially around the sensor streamer, the lifting bag assembly comprising a deflated lifting bag, a gas cylinder, and a depth trigger mechanism; and covering the lifting bag assembly with an outer cover..
Engaging structure between a housing and an inflatable element
The present invention is to provide an engaging structure applicable to a display device and including a housing and an inflatable element, wherein the housing serves as a protective case of the display device and is formed with at least one assembly hole, and the inflatable element is formed with at least one connecting portion, such that, when the housing is assembled into an accommodating space of the inflatable element and the inflatable element is fully inflated, the connecting portion is engaged in the corresponding assembly hole. Thus, the portions of the inflatable element that correspond in position to the accommodating space are tightly pressed against the sides of the housing other than the side where a screen is installed at the display device.
System and method for a pressure signal linearization transfer function
A method for operating a pneumatic lumbar support between a deflated position and an inflated position. The method includes inflating a bladder of the pneumatic lumbar support; sensing a pressure within the bladder using a pressure sensor; producing an inflation output signal from the pressure sensor, wherein the inflation output signal is a function of time; and converting the inflation output signal using an inflation-deflation transfer function..
Marine vehicle systems and methods
Marine vehicle systems and methods are disclosed. The marine vehicle can be buoyancy controlled, enabling efficient, extended use of the marine vehicle.
Fluid control system for inflatable sphincter prostheses
A fluid transfer system for an inflatable sphincter prosthesis is disclosed. The implantable inflatable sphincter prosthesis may include a fluid transfer system and at least one inflatable cuff for occluding a body channel.
Personal floatation device sleeve
The personal floatation device (pfd) sleeve presented in this application comprises a sleeve in the form of a strip that can be worn on a swimmer's appendage including leg, calf and arm. The pfd sleeve may be made of a flexible, water resistant material.
Inflatable device for transporting and prepping a wig
An inflatable wig head provides its users with the ability to effectively transport and protect their investment in their wigs or hairpieces. Unlike conventional wig heads that are rigid and difficult to travel with, the wig head of the present invention can be inflated or deflated as needed.
Adjustable support apparatus
Presented herein are various adjustable support apparatus and methods for using the same. The apparatus comprises a cover defining a user-facing surface, at least a portion of the user-facing surface defining a plurality of raised members.
Transcatheter heart valve with micro-anchors
Methods and devices for treating defective heart valves are disclosed herein. In one exemplary embodiment, a transcatheter heart valve includes an expandable shape memory stent and a valve member supported by the stent.
Drug eluting folding balloon
A balloon catheter includes a first outer tubular member, a second inner tubular member, an inflatable balloon, and a drug coating applied to at least a portion of the inflatable balloon. The inflatable balloon has opposing distal and proximal end portions.
Medical balloon
A non-compliant medical balloon, where the non-compliant medical balloon may be changed from a deflated state to an inflated state by increasing pressure within the balloon, is made with a first fiber layer, a second fiber layer over said first fiber layer such that the fibers of the first fiber layer and the fibers of the second fiber layer form an angle and a binding layer coating the first fiber layer and said second fiber layer. The interior surface area of the non-compliant medical balloon remains unchanged when the balloon changes from a deflated state to an inflated state.
Emergency pneumatic tire inflator
This is a pneumatic device used to transfer air from an inflated tire to a deflated tire using a flexible tube and methods of use. The transfer tube is flexible and allows sealed air to transfer through in one direction by using standard screw-on valve connectors on each end and a one-way check valve intersecting the tubing, thus preventing a loss of air from the tire being inflated using no other gauges or mechanical devices..
Flexible heat accumulator for engine coolant
A heat accumulator for a vehicle engine, comprising storing coolant in a flexible storage container with an inner body and an outer body, with an insulation device arranged between the bodies, and an inflow and an outflow for the coolant wherein the storage container can expand and deflate in response to the amount of coolant stored. The flexible storage container allows for the heat accumulator to conform to various under hood space constraints..
Length and diameter adjustable balloon catheter
Adjustable balloon catheter including an inner tubular member that has an inflation lumen defined therein. An expandable member is coupled to the distal end portion of the inner tubular member and has an inner chamber in fluid communication with the inflation lumen.
System and method of compression and decompression
The disclosure relates to a system and a method for hardware encoding and decoding according to the limpel ziv stac (lzs) and deflate protocols based upon a configuration bit.. .
Air pressure adjustable elastic body used in shoe sole as a shock absorber
An air pressure adjustable elastic body used in shoe sole as a shock absorber is provided with two joining members oppositely connected by a connecting member, one of the joining members is formed with an accommodation space, and another one of the two joining members is provided with an inflation/deflation module which inflates/deflates the elastic body; and the connecting member is an integral structure disposed along the connecting edge of the two joining members and includes an upper portion, a lower portion and a lateral portion which connects the upper portion and the lower portion, the upper portion and the lower portion cooperate with the lateral portion to define a clamping opening for enclosing the connecting edges of the two joining members and sealing the two joining members.. .
Automatic ankle brachial pressure index system
An abpi measurement system includes a cuff for each ankle and a cuff for each arm of a patient. Each cuff has first and second chambers.
Natural orifice surgery system
Embodiments of a surgical access port system that comprises a retractor that is adapted for being coupled to a cap and that is particularly useful in natural orifice surgery are described. The retractor comprises an outer ring, wherein the outer ring is configured to be disposed proximate the natural orifice of the patient and substantially surround the orifice; a tubular body; a funnel segment extending between and coupling the outer ring and the tubular body, wherein the funnel segment provides a diametric reduction between the relatively large diameter of the outer ring and the relatively smaller diameter of the tubular body, which is sized to fit within a natural orifice with minimal distention of the orifice; and an inflatable member disposed around the distal end of the tubular body, the inflatable member sized and configured to fit snugly around the tubular body in the deflated condition and to expand against the wall of the natural orifice in the inflated state to thereby stabilize and retain the retractor within the orifice..
Drag reducing apparatus for a vehicle
The disclosure comprises a pair of inflatable substantially inelastic lobes. A single lobe can be mounted on each of the rear trailer doors of a standard tractor-trailer unit.
Inflation support system for mr guided hifu
A support device has an inflatable element positioned above a top side of a table, above which a patient can be positioned. The table is part of, and movable into and out of a bore of, a medical imaging machine.
Length and diameter adjustable balloon catheter
Adjustable balloon catheter including an inner tubular member that has an inflation lumen defined therein. An expandable member is coupled to the distal end portion of the inner tubular member and has an inner chamber in fluid communication with the inflation lumen.
Compression therapy device with multiple simultaneously active chambers
Pneumatic and therapeutic compression systems are disclosed including treatment protocols that may be used with such systems. A pneumatic compression system may include a source and sink of a pressurizing fluid.
Balloon punctal plug
A lacrimal insert such as a punctal plug may incorporate a balloon or other similar structure to facilitate anchoring of the punctal plug within the lacrimal canaliculus. The balloon may be inflated once it is positioned and deflated if removal is required or desired.
Control of hospital bed chair egress configuration based on patient physiology
A patient support apparatus includes a frame having a patient support deck that is movable between a horizontal position to support a patient in a lying position and a chair egress position to support the patient in a sitting position. Depending upon a height of the patient, a lift system is operated to support the patient support deck relative to an underlying floor at different heights when the patient support deck is moved to the chair egress position.
An ischemia and reperfusion device
A therapeutic ischemic and reperfusion device with an associated monitoring system for generally enhancing the vascular and metabolic environment and wellbeing of a subject. A method for the treatment and prophylaxis of various medical conditions including environmental induced oxidative stress using the therapeutic ischemic and reperfusion device and associated monitoring system is also contemplated herein.

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