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Reference signal design for cell search in an orthogonal wireless communication system

Reference signal design for cell search in an orthogonal wireless communication system

Dynamic and adaptive channel scanning

Date/App# patent app List of recent Default-related patents
 Object property-value specification using pop-up graphical interfaces patent thumbnailnew patent Object property-value specification using pop-up graphical interfaces
A method of populating object property values includes receiving an instruction on behalf of a user. The instruction represents an input indicating selection of the object.
 Night mode patent thumbnailnew patent Night mode
A device that provides a map and/or navigation application that displays items on the map and/or navigation instructions differently in different modes. The applications of some embodiments provide a day mode and a night mode.
 System and method for computing and overwriting the appearance of project tasks and milestones patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for computing and overwriting the appearance of project tasks and milestones
A computer-implemented system that transforms one or more project plans to create a graphical project view. The appearance of the project view is determined by a default style, one or more style rules applied to each task or milestone in the chart, or both.
 Systems and methods to manage online analytical and transactional processing for an in-memory columnar database patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods to manage online analytical and transactional processing for an in-memory columnar database
According to some embodiments, a database, containing entries, may be stored across first and second storage medium, entries in the second storage medium being default invisible for online transactional processing. A central software layer processor between the database and an application may identify a subset of the entries stored in the first storage medium as being default visible for online transactional processing, wherein entries stored in the first storage medium that are not within the subset are default invisible for online transactional processing.
 Reference signal design for cell search in an orthogonal wireless communication system patent thumbnailnew patent Reference signal design for cell search in an orthogonal wireless communication system
Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate efficient cell acquisition in a wireless communication system. In one aspect, a reference signal for use in cell acquisition can be constructed in a bandwidth-agnostic manner such that it contains a common central portion in a predetermined frequency band that is independent of a bandwidth utilized by an associated wireless communication system.
 Dynamic and adaptive channel scanning patent thumbnailnew patent Dynamic and adaptive channel scanning
Methods and apparatus for dynamic, adaptive scanning of communication channels are provided. A device alternates between scan cycles and rest cycles.
 Information processing apparatus, method, and program patent thumbnailnew patent Information processing apparatus, method, and program
An information processing apparatus which operates an operating system providing a first user interface environment appropriate for a touch panel and a conventional desktop user interface environment automatically executes processing by using information set as a default value, if an operation by a user on a pop-up dialog, which is displayed in the desktop user interface environment and is related to functions including a secure print function provided by a printer driver, is not performed for a predetermined period of time.. .
 Securing modules in an electronics system patent thumbnailnew patent Securing modules in an electronics system
A method and apparatus for securing electronic components in an electronics system enclosure are disclosed. An apparatus can include an electronics system enclosure having a compartment adapted to receive a removable electronic component.
 Display apparatus, method of controlling display apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium patent thumbnailDisplay apparatus, method of controlling display apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium
A method of controlling a display apparatus is provided. The method of controlling a display apparatus includes generating a display screen which displays a default home screen, from among a plurality of home screens, and a portion of a home screen, from among the plurality of home screens, different from the default home screen, when power to the display apparatus is turned on; and displaying the generated display screen..
 Programming language with extensions using a strict meta-model patent thumbnailProgramming language with extensions using a strict meta-model
Systems and methods for extending a programming language with a set of extensions using a strict meta-model are disclosed. Embodiments provide a set of interfaces that allow a schema to be synthesized.
Method of promptly starting windowed applications installed on a mobile operating system and device using the same
A device of promptly starting windowed applications installed on a mobile operating system (os) provides a starting button on a mobile device running the mobile os installed thereon to promptly start a windowed application menu. The windowed application menu can be used to add or remove applications installed on the mobile os to be started under a windowed mode thereto or therefrom.
Method and device for configuring visualization of a web browser
A method is performed at a mobile device for configuring visualization of an application running on the mobile device. The mobile device displays an application on its display, the application including a content display region and a visualization control icon at a default dimension.
Data templates for default data in data binding
The present disclosure involves methods and devices, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for providing a remote update of a user interface on a computing device. In one aspect, a server performs the operations of: providing a data template to a remote computing device, wherein the data template defines multiple data cells that are bound to a graphical user interface at the remote computing device, and wherein each data cell is associated with a current data element; receiving multiple second data elements each corresponding to one of the multiple data cells of the data template; determining that one or more of the second data elements are different from the current data elements of the corresponding data cells of the data template; and transmitting the one or more second data elements that are different from the current data elements of the corresponding data cells of the data template to the remote computing device for associating the transmitted one or more second data elements with the corresponding data cells of the data template..
Implementation of an air tube button
An approach is described for implementing an air tube button in a computing system. An associated apparatus may include an air tube having an aperture located on a panel of the computing system.
Method and apparatus for transferring remote session data
Examples of systems and methods are provided for communication and for forwarding display data and cursor type related to a remote session between a client device and a remote server. The system may facilitate establishing the remote session with the remote server.
Systems, methods, and computer program products for supply chain finance
Systems and methods for providing supply chain financing that include receiving a request to finance an asset of a borrower, where the asset is associated with goods provided by a supplier to a buyer under the control of a supply chain/logistics entity. Attributes of a trade ecosystem of the supplier and/or the buyer are evaluated to determine whether to finance the asset.
Targeted advertising
A method and apparatus are described including receiving content provided by a content provider, rendering the provided content, viewing a commercial, wherein the commercial was spliced into the content based on a default commercial selection algorithm at a commercial break, determining if the user wants to rate the commercial, accepting the users rating of the commercial if the user wants to rate the commercial, and communicating the commercial and the users rating of the commercial to one or more social networking sites.. .
Systems and methods for replacing lower value symbols with higher value symbols in a game
In accordance with some embodiments, systems, methods and articles of manufacture provide for facilitating a game by: (i) determining a plurality of symbols selected for use in at least one game event; (ii) identifying a symbol of the plurality of symbols which corresponds to a highest relative value, thereby determining a replacement symbol; (iii) designating as a default symbol at least one symbol of the plurality of symbols which is not the replacement symbol; (iv) determining an initial outcome for the at least one game event; (v) determining that the initial outcome include at least one default symbol; and (vi) replacing with the replacement symbol each of the at least one default symbols, thereby creating a revised outcome. In one embodiment, the default symbol is the symbol corresponding to the lowest relative value.
Vehicular wireless transmission apparatus
A vehicular wireless transmission apparatus includes a memory that stores (i) a default adjustment value relative to a default vehicle model, (ii) a default vehicle model data indicating the default vehicle model, and (iii) a correction value table for correcting the default adjustment value to be compliant with each of different vehicle models different from the default vehicle model. When a host vehicle model data read from a different ecu does not match with the default vehicle model data stored in the memory, it is determined that the vehicular wireless transmission apparatus is presently mounted in a host vehicle model indicated by the host vehicle model data read from the different ecu.
Automatic analyzer and method for detecting measurement value abnormalities
An automatic analyzer detects measurement value abnormalities stemming from reaction process anomalies caused by the presence of foreign matter or bubbles. It is determined whether the results of concentration calculation based on light quantity data from multiple target detectors each fall within an applicable determination range.
Dvr conflict resolution
A method includes receiving an indication of a dvr conflict that includes at least two conflicting video programs. The method also includes identifying attributes of the conflicting video programs, and identifying a local pattern of dvr conflict resolution associated with a user based on the conflicting video programs.
Graphical user interface
In one example in accordance with the present disclosure, a computing system is provided. The system comprises a user detection module, a distance detection module, and a presentation module.
Resource management based on biometric data
The techniques and systems disclosed herein pertain to preventing unauthorized access to computing resources by unauthorized persons by deploying biometric security. To implement biometric security, the computing device, possibly by the os, may obtain samples of one or more biometric factors unique to the owner.
Efficient electronic cigarette charging device and method for using the same
An efficient electronic cigarette charging device and a method for efficiently charging an electronic cigarette are provided, the device comprises an electronic cigarette case and a battery rod, the battery rod includes a charging management unit and an electronic cigarette battery unit, the electronic cigarette case includes an electronic cigarette case battery unit, a current sample unit, a micro-control unit and a adjustable voltage output unit, the current sample unit is configured to sample actual charging current the charging management unit to the electronic cigarette battery, and the micro-control unit is configured to compare the actual charging current with default battery constant charging current, and further control the adjustable voltage output unit to adjust the charging voltage output.. .
Method for fabricating defect free silicon mold insert
The present invention discloses a method for fabricating a default free silicon mold insert. The method includes providing a silicon mold insert substrate, producing a photoresist pattern, coating a metal film, removing the photoresist pattern, performing heating and annealing, performing dry etching, and removing the metal balls so as to fabricate the default free silicon mold insert.
System and method for supporting multiple identities for a secure identity device
A multiple-identity secure device (misd) persistently stores a single identification code (a “seed identity”). The seed identity need not be a network address, and may be stored in an integral memory of the device, or on an interchangeable card received in a physical interface of the misd.
System and method for wiping encrypted data on a device having file-level content protection
Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for erasing user data stored in a file system. The method includes destroying all key bags containing encryption keys on a device having a file system encrypted on a per file and per class basis, erasing and rebuilding at least part of the file system associated with user data, and creating a new default key bag containing encryption keys.
Sensing vector selection in a cardiac stimulus device with postural assessment
Methods, implantable medical devices and systems configured to perform analysis of captured signals from implanted electrodes to identify cardiac arrhythmias. In an illustrative embodiment, signals captured from two or more sensing vectors are analyzed, where the signals are captured with a patient in at least first and second body positions.
Vector switching in an implantable cardiac stimulus system
The implantable cardiac treatment system of the present invention is capable of choosing the most appropriate electrode vector to sense within a particular patient. In certain embodiments, the implantable cardiac treatment system determines the most appropriate electrode vector for continuous sensing based on which electrode vector results in the greatest signal amplitude, or some other useful metric such as signal-to-noise ratio (snr).
Telecommunications system and method for a mobile device allowing escalation through notification levels
Upon receipt of a communication, the mobile device performs an escalation from visual to tactile to audible notification. The user can designate particular “contacts” listed in a database as being authorized to send high priority communications to the device.
Method and system for selective and secure interaction of byod (bring your own device) with enterprise network through mobile wireless networks
A mechanism to allow provisioning and use of byod (bring your own device) for authorized access in the enterprise network through a 3g/4g/wi-fi access network is provided. A brokering entity in the mobile packet core is provisioned for each authorized employee with enterprise specific rules for security and steering of user traffic.
Virtual router redundancy protocol for scalable distributed default routing gateway
A vrrp router group can operate in either a standard vrrp mode or a distributed gateway mode in which all vrrp routers generate vrrp control packets but transmit those packets only to local access network-side hosts. The rate of vrrp control packet generation may be decreased in the distributed gateway mode relative to the standard mode.
System and method for generating a representative computerized display of a user's interactions with a touchscreen based hand held device on a gazed-at screen
A system and method of interacting with a smartphone application displayed over a remote display gazed at by a user including a normal mode of operation which may be the default, a hovering mode of operation which may be triggered by a trigger event, and a release event which reverts from hovering mode to normal mode. An enhanced hovering ability is typically provided while hovering, in that a predetermined set of operative gestures is enabled, such that a range of predetermined gestures is available for operating purposes while hovering..
Location based charging control system
A method for automatically charging the battery pack of an electric vehicle in accordance with a set of location sensitive charging instructions is provided. Exemplary location sensitive charging instructions include preset charging schedules and preset charge level limits.
Digital rights management systems and methods for audience measurement
Digital rights management systems and methods for audience measurement are disclosed. Example methods disclosed herein include enabling a media handler implemented by a media device to begin presenting first media based on a first digital license associated with the first media.
Personalizing default search queries on online social networks
In one embodiment, a method includes accessing a social graph that includes a plurality of nodes and edges. A first node corresponds to a first user associated with an online social network and second nodes correspond to a concept or a second user.
Automobile monitoring for operation analysis
An automobile monitoring arrangement tracks and records automobile operation for post-use automobile operation analysis and in a manner with default-operation modes that facilitate use by automobile owners/supervisors and by those supervised by the automobile owners/supervisors. In one specific embodiment, sounds from the vehicle are monitored while the vehicle is in operation.
Apparatus, system and method of protocol adaptation layer (pal) communication to indicate transitioning a device to a default state
Some demonstrative embodiments include apparatuses, systems and/or methods of transitioning a device to a default state. For example, an apparatus may include a first protocol adaptation layer (pal) communication unit to communicate pal traffic with a second pal communication unit over a communication link, the pal traffic comprising traffic of a pal connection over a pal, the pal is above a layer of the communication link, wherein the first pal communication unit is to communicate a device reset request and a device reset response with the second pal communication unit over the communication link, the device reset request indicating transitioning of a peripheral device to a default state, the device reset response in response to the device reset request, the device reset response indicating whether the device reset request is successfully handled..
Packet switch device and method of the same
A packet switch device includes an input port, a loop-back port, a storage module, and a switch engine. The input port receives a packet.
Method for rendering data of a three-dimensional surface
Some embodiments of the invention pertain to a method for displaying a representation of a portion of a three-dimensional surface by rendering data representing physical features of the portion of the three-dimensional surface. The data may be apportioned into a multitude of tiles at a plurality of different detail levels.
Portable computer and operating method thereof
A portable computer and an operating method thereof are provided. The portable computer comprises an input device, a power button, a non-volatile memory, a central processing unit (cpu), an embedded controller (ec), and a chipset.
Dvb-s receiver device, adapter for interconnecting a tuner and a scart connector of the dvb-s receiver device, and method for automatically detecting an output voltage of the tuner
A digital video broadcasting-satellite (dvb-s) receiver device includes a tuner, a scart (syndicat des constructeurs d'appareils radiorécepteurs et téléviseurs) connector and a system on chip (soc). The tuner is for generating an output voltage.
Space constrained small format visual analytic labeling
Systems and methods for automated rule-based labeling of space constrained small format visual analytics are disclosed. A label engine receives visual analytic data and metadata.
Navigation framework for visual analytic displays
Systems and methods for model based creation and editing of visual analytic dashboards are disclosed. A dashboard manager receives a dashboard model that defines the specification of a particular dashboard.
Guaranty fund apportionment in default auctions
A method apportions guaranty fund contributions into tranches in connection with an auction directed to transferring open positions in a set of markets, such as positions in interest rate swap contracts. Bids for the open positions from non-default market participants are received.
Method of doing business for auctioning a defaulted loan
A method of doing business includes identifying an owner of property willing to sell his property by an online auction, entering into a contract with the owner obligating him to complete the sales of his property conducted pursuant to terms of the contract; pre-arranging a minimum auction price for his property that accounts for the owner's interest, plus costs and fees, conducting the on-line auction with a plurality of bidders for his property whereby at the on-line auction's conclusion there is a winning bidder and ensuring the transfer of the winning bidder's funds to the escrow holder.. .
Method for attaching e-utran and mobility management entity
This application discloses a method of attaching to e-utran and a mobility management entity so as to lower the time delay in attachment of a user equipment to the network and improve the efficiency of attachment. The method includes: a step a of retrieving at the network side context information of a user equipment upon reception of an attach request sent by the user equipment; a step b of performing at the network side an authentication procedure and a security procedure with the user equipment; a step c of establishing at the network side a tunnel with the user equipment for information transmission; and a step d of establishing at the network side a default bearer with the user equipment, wherein the step b and the step c are performed in parallel after the step a is performed successfully; and the step d is performed upon determining that the step b and the step c are performed successfully..
Policy decisions based on subscriber spending limits
A policy and charging rules function node of a network may receive from the network an indication of an element of user equipment connecting to the network, query a subscription profile repository to receive a subscriber profile associated with the user equipment, the subscriber profile including indicators used in the selection of subscriber policies associated with the subscriber, and create a spending limit session based on the subscriber profile without waiting to receive a request from the user equipment for data services. The node may receive the request for data services from the element of user equipment, identify the spending limit session specifically corresponding to the user equipment, and respond to the request according to spending limit rules of the spending limit session associated with the element of user equipment.
Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for determining a resource index
This disclosure provides methods for determining or calculating a default enhanced dedicated channel, e-dch, resource index, and apparatuses for performing the method. In some embodiments, a method for calculating a e-dch resource index includes: receiving a concurrent transmission time interval, tti, partition index, ctpi, and calculating (sigind+ctpi) mod y or calculating (sigind mod (y−ctpi))+ctpi, where y is the total number of e-dch resources configured in a cell for enhanced uplink in cell_fach state and idle mode, and sigind is the signature index value of the nth prach preamble signature corresponding to an access indicator, ai, that is configured available in the cell and corresponding to e-dch transmission for enhanced uplink in cell_fach state and idle mode..
Monitor manipulator
A system includes a display, a manually operable controller and a mechanism. The display includes a screen, a first axis and a second axis disposed within a plane that is parallel and adjacent the screen.
Patient safety system with automatically adjusting bed
A patient safety system including an adjustable bed and a patient monitoring system is disclosed herein. The adjustable bed can automatically adjust to a safe default configuration when the safety system detects that a care provider has left the patient's room or when the safety system detects that the patient is trying to leave the bed.
Control unit for a recuperative brake system of a vehicle and method for braking a vehicle
A control device for a recuperative braking system of a vehicle includes: an actuating device configured to (i) select the maximum value of a front axle generator braking torque and of a rear axle generator braking torque, taking into account at least one provided default variable concerning a setpoint total braking torque which is predefined by a driver, (ii) control an electric motor, and (iii) control a hydraulic front axle brake circuit component and a hydraulic rear axle brake circuit component in such a way that a front axle brake pressure and a rear axle brake pressure are settable in such a way that a difference between a predefined setpoint braking torque distribution and an actual braking torque distribution present between the front axle and the rear axle is minimized.. .
Single tap transactions using a mobile application with authentication
The invention describes how a consumer can hold their nfc enabled device in proximity to an nfc enabled point-of-sale terminal and with a single “wave” or “tap” to automatically redeem coupons, pay for a purchase using a default payment card or a selected card, view receipts view reward point balances, and receive relevant coupons and other digital artifacts both before and after the purchase. The nfc enabled device includes a secure element with a payment application, payment credentials, and other digital artifacts such as coupons.
Speech synthesis from acoustic units with default values of concatenation cost
A speech synthesis system can select recorded speech fragments, or acoustic units, from a very large database of acoustic units to produce artificial speech. When a pair of acoustic units in the database does not have an associated concatenation cost, the system assigns a default concatenation cost.
System and method for adjusting braking pressure
A vehicle control system includes a forward vehicle sensor transmitting a forward vehicle message based on a distance to a forward vehicle. An adaptive cruise controller receives the forward vehicle message and receives at least one additional message indicating a respective status of the vehicle, the adaptive cruise controller sets a braking pressure for an adaptive cruise controller braking event above a default braking pressure if the adaptive cruise controller determines, based on the at least one of the additional messages, that the vehicle will maintain stability during the adaptive cruise controller braking event..
Method, device and system for cross-platform video file playing
A cross-platform video playing method, playing device and playing system is presented. The method includes the steps of receiving a shared video sent by a first terminal; detecting whether a video format of the shared video is consistent with a video format which is supported by a default video player on a second terminal; in case if it is detected that the video format of the shared video is inconsistent with the video format which is supported by the default video player on the second terminal, converting the shared video into a video media file that can be played by the default video player on the second terminal; and transmitting the video media file to the second terminal, such that the received video media file can be played directly by the default video player without having to perform video format conversion or installing a video player on the second terminal..
Hybrid error correction method and memory repair apparatus thereof
A hybrid error correction method and a memory repair apparatus thereof are provided for a dynamic random access memory (dram). The memory repair apparatus includes a mode register and a hybrid error correction code and redundancy (hear) module.
Method, server, and system for directing network traffic
A server, intermediation server, system and a method for directing network traffic are provided. The name server and intermediation server each include a network interface configured to communicate with a network, a memory configured to store the profile record a processor in communication with the memory and the network interface.
Method, apparatus, server and system for adapting a client to a hardware environment
A method, apparatus, server and system for adapting a client to a hardware environment is presented. A server obtains hardware environment information of a client.
Abnormal battery detecting system and abnormal battery detecting method for battery module
An abnormal battery detecting system for an electric vehicle includes a power supply unit, a displaying unit, a battery module, a safety protection unit, a detecting unit, and a controlling unit. The battery module a main power source of the electric vehicle.
Systems and methods present a game variant
A system, a non-transitory machine-readable storage medium storing instructions, and a computer-implemented method to present a game variant is provided. A user interface may be presented on a client device.
Electronic device and method for switching dual subscriber identity modules
Method of switching dual subscriber identity modules (sims) of an electronic device includes predetermining a number of sequences. Each of the sequences represents a combination of a number num1 of a first state value, and a number num2 of a second state value.
Systems and methods for adjusting power settings of a wireless device
A method of adjusting power settings on a wireless device is described. The method includes applying a default power setting.
Mobile communication device with human body recognition function
A mobile communication device with a human body recognition function includes sensing pad and a sensor. The sensing pad is electrically connected to the sensor.
Image processing device for reducing image noise and the method thereof
An image processing device for reducing image noise and the method thereof are provided. The method for reducing image noise includes the following steps.
Fixed hs-dsch or e-dch allocation for voip (or hs-dsch without hs-scch/e-dch without e-dpcch)
In order to reduce the hs-scch overhead, a fixed time allocation approach could be used. In that case, the scheduling time of each voip user is semi-static and thus there is no need to transmit e.g.
Systems and methods for transmitting channel quality information in wireless communication systems
A base station for use in a wireless network capable of communicating with a plurality of mobile stations. The base station transmits to a first mobile station downlink subframes of ofdm symbols.

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