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Date/App# patent app List of recent Default-related patents
 Light switch controlling light source via wireless transmission patent thumbnailLight switch controlling light source via wireless transmission
This disclosure relates in general to a networked light switch. More specifically, the disclosure relates to a light switch that, in response to detecting a local input or motion, transmits a communication that causes another light switch to change a state of a light.
Belkin International, Inc.

 Systems and methods for dimming of a light source patent thumbnailSystems and methods for dimming of a light source
In embodiments, improved capabilities are described for dimming performance of lighting methods and systems, such as the improvement of dimming led lamps that are dimmed from standard external dimming devices. Methods and systems for improving dimming performance include a fast startup override facility for overriding a default dimming function of the lamp's electronics through forcing the lamp electronics to operate with a higher than normal duty cycle to ensure the lamp electronics can deliver higher than normal power to an led module during a dimming current level startup condition.
Ecosense Lighting Inc.

 Apparatus,  allocating identifiers to components of a control system patent thumbnailApparatus, allocating identifiers to components of a control system
Techniques and mechanisms to enable addressing of components accessed via a control interface. In an embodiment, a plurality of identifiers is logically split into first and second pools.

 Instant messaging system and method patent thumbnailInstant messaging system and method
An instant messaging system comprising an instant messaging server to which a plurality of client devices are connectable to the internet; where client device(s) belonging to a user is connectable to the instant messaging server by using an identifier of the user; wherein in a default mode an instant message is sent from a client device to the instant messaging server for routing to an intended recipient via internet connection; and if the internet connection is not available the instant message is routed via another electronic link to the instant messaging server for routing to an intended recipient, the another electronic link using a session-based protocol is disclosed.. .
Chikka Pte Ltd

 Lisp stretched subnet mode for data center migrations patent thumbnailLisp stretched subnet mode for data center migrations
The present disclosure describes methods and systems for enabling a migration of network elements from a first location to a second location remote from the first location without changing the internet protocol (ip) addresses, subnet mask, and/or default gateway of the network elements. The first location has a first locator/identifier separation protocol (lisp) router configured on a stick and the second location having a second lisp router configured on a stick.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

 Handling connections between network devices that support multiple port communication modes patent thumbnailHandling connections between network devices that support multiple port communication modes
Techniques for handling connections between network devices that support multiple port communication modes are provided. In one embodiment, a first network device can detect a communication problem between a local port of the first network device and a peer port of a second network device, where the local port supports a plurality of communication modes including a default mode and one or more non-default modes.
Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

 Method and system for customer evaluation and development/provision of multiple types of varied and pre-approved customized product offers to evaluated customers for on-demand acceptance and fulfillment patent thumbnailMethod and system for customer evaluation and development/provision of multiple types of varied and pre-approved customized product offers to evaluated customers for on-demand acceptance and fulfillment
This invention relates to a system that generates pre-approved financial product offers, such as credit offers, after evaluating information retrieved from internal and/or external databases which contain customer information. The system is particularly suitable for generating pre-approved multi-product offers from the suite of products a user institution has available in addition to a default offer..
Cunexus Solutions

 Collaborative profile-based detection of behavioral anomalies and change-points patent thumbnailCollaborative profile-based detection of behavioral anomalies and change-points
A predictive estimator, trained on a data corpus, is used to generate a probability estimate based a sequence of data related to an entity. The predictive estimator computes an instantaneous surprise score which is a quantification of a short-term deviation of a datum from the probability estimate.
Fair Isaac Corporation

 Method to delay locking of server files on edit patent thumbnailMethod to delay locking of server files on edit
A server is implemented with a modified file open action, which, when a user performs the modified open, initially opens a file without locking the file. When a user indicates (either explicitly or implicitly) that the user is attempting to or intending to open the file, the file can then be locked for editing.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Multi-dimensional decomposition computing method and system patent thumbnailMulti-dimensional decomposition computing method and system
Disclosed is a multi-dimensional decomposition computing method and system, related to the field of multi-dimensional decomposition computing technique, applicable to performing multi-dimensional decomposition on big data to reduce computation complexity. The method executes: generating an recursion topology based on pre-processed big data; the recursion topology comprising dimension combination and recursion path among the dimension combinations; based on default fixed strategy, defining a fixed dimension combination and defining a computation path forming an optimized fixed dimension combination; based on the recursion topology, generating computation tasks; and based on the fixed dimensional combination and the computation path of the optimized fixed dimension combination, activating the computation tasks, computing the computation tasks and obtaining computing results.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited


Replicating the appearance of typographical attributes and text adornments in digital publications

Techniques are disclosed for replicating the appearance of typographical attributes and text adornments in digital publications. Content in a fixed layout format is converted into a standard digital publication format by applying a <span> tag to each word of the content.
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Contextual utilization management of applications in a pervasive device

Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, system and computer program product for contextual application utilization management in a pervasive device. In an embodiment of the invention, a method of contextual application utilization management in a pervasive device includes annotating different applications in a pervasive device with different context associations for respectively different environmental contexts of the pervasive device.
International Business Machines Corporation


Creating multiple cursors for duplicated entry

A computer processor receives a selection to create a duplicate cursor in addition to a default cursor. The computer processor determines a first position corresponding to a default cursor, and the computer processor stores information about the first position.
International Business Machines Corporation


Creating multiple cursors for duplicated entry

A computer processor receives a selection to create a duplicate cursor in addition to a default cursor. The computer processor determines a first position corresponding to a default cursor, and the computer processor stores information about the first position.
International Business Machines Corporation


Flying apparatus and remotely controlling a flying apparatus using the same

The flying apparatus of the invention includes a main body, a first distance sensor and a second distance sensor. The first distance sensor and the second distance sensor are disposed at the bottom surface and the top surface of the main body, respectively.
Pegatron Corporation


Providing an instruction notification for navigation

A mechanism for providing an instruction notification for navigation. A method includes receiving destination data of a user device and generating default navigation instruction in view of the destination data.
Red Hat, Inc.


Mouthpiece for controlled delivery of a breathing gas

The present invention relates to a mouthpiece for controlled delivery of a breathing gas including oxygen, preferably an increased ratio of oxygen with respect to ambient air, to the respiratory tracts of a user comprising a valve having two modes; a closed default mode, which substantially impedes any flow of the breathing gas through the valve; and an active open mode, which allows for a substantial flow of the breathing gas through the valve, wherein the open mode can be activated by the user manipulating the valve with his/her mouth. The invention also relates to the use of such a valve in a device for delivery of breathing gas and further to an apparatus for controlled delivery of the breathing gas to the respiratory tracts of a user.
Resmed R&d Germany Gmbh


Power adaptation in an electronic device

In order to improve communication with another electronic device, during an advertising mode an electronic device (such as a smartphone) may transmit a packet with advertising information using a default transmit power level. Then, based on feedback about a performance metric associated with the communication from the other electronic device, the electronic device may selectively increase the transmit power level for a subsequent packet.
Apple Inc.


Simplified advanced motion prediction for 3d-hevc

A video coder determines a candidate for inclusion in a candidate list for a current prediction unit (pu). The candidate is based on motion parameters of a plurality of sub-pus of the current pu.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Managing workflows upon a security incident

Systems, methods, and software described herein provide for managing service level agreements (slas) for security incidents in a computing environment. In one example, an advisement system identifies a rule set for a security incident based on enrichment information obtained for the security incident, wherein the rule set is associated with action recommendations to be taken against the incident.
Phantom Cyber Corporation


Methods and systems for dynamically adjusting frequency offsets for mitigating interference

Disclosed herein are methods and systems for dynamically adjusting frequency offsets for mitigating interference. One embodiment takes the form of a process carried out by a mobile radio configured to use an adjustable transmit frequency.
Motorola Solutions, Inc


Adaptive controller based on transient normalization

A controller is provided for controlling a power stage of a power converter according to a control law, the control law implementing a specific type of compensator and being pre-designed to generate an objective response of a default power converter for a default parameter value of a component of the power stage. The controller is further configured to determine an actual response for an actual parameter value of the component of the power stage and to alter the control law for the actual parameter value of the component of the power stage such that the actual response matches the objective response.
Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden Ag


Vbus power switch

This document discusses, among other things, an electronic circuit and method for defaulting to a valid battery supply to power an electronic device. In an example, an electronic circuit can be configured to receive information about the battery supply (e.g., an internal battery), such as the battery supply voltage (vbat), and to determine if the battery supply is valid or invalid using the received information (e.g., comparing the vbat to a threshold).
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation


Automobile monitoring for operation analysis

An automobile monitoring arrangement tracks and records automobile operation for post-use automobile operation analysis and in a manner with default-operation modes that facilitate use by automobile owners/supervisors and by those supervised by the automobile owners/supervisors. In one specific embodiment, sounds from the vehicle are monitored while the vehicle is in operation.
Strategic Design Federation W, Inc.


Methods and systems to adaptively detect object borders from electronic device images

A method of automatically identifying a border in a captured image may include capturing an image of a target by an image sensor of an electronic device, and, by one or more processors, processing the image to automatically detect a border of the target in the image by applying an automatic border detection method to the image. The method may include presenting the image of the target to a user via a display of the electronic device so that the presented image comprises a visual depiction of the detected border, receiving an adjustment of the border from the user, determining whether to update the default parameters based on the received adjustment, in response to determining to update the default parameters, determining one or more updated parameters for the automatic border detection method that are based on, at least in part, the received adjustment, and saving the updated parameters..
Xerox Corporation


Method for detecting failure of energy harvesting device

The invention relates to a method that comprises: obtaining information relating to an energy harvesting device (11) from a secondary information source by a server (15) comprising a mapping database, comparing a mapping database, comparing the obtained information to the information in the mapping database by the server (15), and determining a default state of the energy harvesting device (11). The invention further relates to an apparatus, a system and a computer program product comprising instructions to perform the method..
Nokia Technologies Oy


System and controlling charging and discharging of electric vehicle

A method for controlling charging and discharging of an electric vehicle, the method comprising: first, analyzing information such as the battery status and the history default rate of electric vehicles applying for joining a power-grid charging and discharging service, and screening out an electric vehicle that can participate in the charging and discharging service for electric vehicles in the future; then, determining an optimal combination state of a generator set and the electric vehicle by using a method of electric energy transmission cost comparison; and further monitoring in real time the status of the electric vehicle during charging and discharging, and performing real-time power control on the electric vehicle, whereby an electric vehicle aggregator not only can meet the requirements on the charging and discharging service of the power system, but also can implement energy management and real-time control of the electric vehicles during charging and discharging, thereby reducing the effect of charging and discharging on the vehicle-mounted power battery.. .
State Grid Corporation Of China


Light switch controlling light source via wireless transmission

This disclosure relates in general to a networked light switch. More specifically, the disclosure relates to a light switch that, in response to detecting a local input or motion, transmits a communication that causes another light switch to change a state of a light.
Belkin International, Inc.


Signalling reduction for ip traffic in wireless networks

Method and apparatuses are provided for setting up at least one dedicated bearer, db, or at least a secondary pdp contexts, spc, in a system comprising a terminal (1) a gateway (4) and an application server (6), for further transmitting internet protocol packets between at least the terminal and the gateway, the method comprising the steps—setting (202) up a default bearer or first pdp context between the terminal and the gateway;—providing (206; 208) a list of associations from the application server to the terminal, and—providing (209) a list of associations in or to the gateway, wherein each association comprises a service identity (m, n) and one or more applications (p; q);—starting (212) an application;—detecting (213, 217) at least one or more five-tuples, ft, associated with the application;—creating (214, 215; 216), in both the terminal (1) and the gateway (4), for the service identity associated with the stated application in question, a further association concerning at least the detected one or more ft;—setting (220, 220a) up a db/spc for the service identity between terminal and gate-way; and—binding (224; 226) in the terminal (1) and/or in the gateway (4), the ft further associated with the service identity to the db/spc.. .
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Tuning based on historical geographic location

A history of user listening patterns associating geographic locations with media stations is stored and used to aid in selecting a media station. If a media station associated with a current geographical location is available, that station can be automatically tuned by a wireless media receiver.
Iheartmedia Management Services, Inc.


Radio access network control of media session

A method for controlling media communication session between a user and a receiving equipment via a core network is disclosed. The method includes checking a database to retrieve policy rules applicable to the user.
Athonet S.r.l.


Graphical user interface based airline travel planning

Graphical user interface (gui) based methods and systems to generate and revise travel itineraries, including to permit a user to input or select multiple sequential travel destinations and corresponding dates in a calendar based gui, to generate a travel itinerary using default itinerary parameters, to display the travel itinerary and user configurable itinerary parameter within the gui, and to revise the travel itinerary in response to user configured itinerary parameters. An itinerary parameter may be configurable to apply to a selected portion of the itinerary or to the entire itinerary.
Google Inc.


Method and processing memo in portable terminal

A method and an apparatus for processing a memo in a portable terminal are provided. The method includes displaying a memo screen, detecting a memo input in the memo screen, processing the memo input to generate an image, adjusting a line spacing of the memo screen according to the image, and adjusting the image to a default line spacing..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method of controlling sled planar of blade server

The present invention provides a method for controlling a sled planar of a blade server including activating a chassis management system, determining whether a request sent from the chassis management system is a shutting down signal or a resetting signal, comparing whether a power measured value of a sled planar of a blade server exceeds a power threshold value when the request is the shutting down signal or the resetting signal, determining whether the chassis management system encounters a system error when the power measured value of the sled planar of the blade server does not exceed the power threshold value, and shutting down or resetting the sled planar of the blade server according to a default condition when the chassis management system does not encounter the system error.. .
Inventec Corporation


Automatic mutual exclusion

An automatic mutual exclusion computer programming system is disclosed which allows a programmer to produce concurrent programming code that is synchronized by default without the need to write any synchronization code. The programmer creates asynchronous methods which are not permitted make changes to shared memory that they cannot reverse, and can execute concurrently with other asynchronous methods.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Touch panel and controlling method thereof

The controlling method for a touch panel is disclosed. The controlling methods includes: executing a waking-up procedure to output a waking-up signal; comparing a measured value of the waking-up signal with a pre-determined threshold value; the touch panel staying in a power-saving mode if the measured value of the waking-up signal is smaller than the positive pre-determined threshold value or larger than the negative pre-determined threshold value; and the touch panel starting a detection procedure if the measured value of the waking-up signal is larger than the positive pre-determined threshold value or smaller than the negative default threshold..
Imagination Broadway Ltd.


Method for lift pump control

Methods and systems are provided for controlling a low pressure pump in port fuel direct injection (pfdi) engines. One method includes, when operating a high pressure pump in a default pressure mode, pulsing the low pressure pump when pressure in a high pressure fuel rail decreases below a threshold.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Expandable bullnose assembly for use with a wellbore deflector

A method includes introducing a bullnose assembly into a main bore of a wellbore, the bullnose assembly including a body and a bullnose tip actuatable between a default configuration, where a collet body forming part of the bullnose tip exhibits a first diameter, and an actuated configuration, where the collet body exhibits a second diameter different than the first diameter. The bullnose assembly is then advanced to a deflector arranged within the main bore and defining a first channel that exhibits a predetermined diameter and communicates with a lower portion of the main bore, and a second channel that communicates with a lateral bore.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Temperature adjusted dimming controller

Systems and methods are disclosed for adjusting the correlated color temperature (cct) reflecting the warmth of emitted light for a non-tungsten based lighting device as intensity of the lighting device is modified. The cct of the non-tungsten based lighting device is determined at a lighting control device that can provide fixture-dependent driver levels to various lighting devices of varying types.
Abl Ip Holding Llc


Gesture-based editing of 3d models for hair transplantation applications

Methods and systems are provided for gesture-based editing of three-dimensional (3d) models of real targets, for example, for use in planning hair transplantation procedures. According to some embodiments of the methodology disclosed, a 3d control points on an initial default model are matched automatically with the drawing of an outline of a target feature that a user wishes to define and deformed appropriately to quickly and accurately modify and update the initial default model into a resulting fitting model of the real target..
Restoration Robotics, Inc.


Paravirtualized access for device assignment by bar extension

A hypervisor associates a combined register space with a virtual device to be presented to a guest operating system of a virtual machine, the combined register space comprising a default register space and an additional register space. Responsive to detecting an access of the additional register space by the guest operating system of the virtual machine, the hypervisor performs an operation on behalf of the virtual machine, the operation pertaining to the access of the additional register space..
Red Hat Israel, Ltd.


Aircraft engine fuel system

This invention concerns fuel delivery system for an aircraft engine (10). The system entails two or more fuel sources (32, 34, 36) onboard an aircraft (54), each fuel source (32, 34, 36) having a different fuel therein.
Rolls-royce Plc


Apparatus, method and article for physical security of power storage devices in vehicles

A network of collection, charging and distribution machines collect, charge and distribute portable electrical energy storage devices (e.g., batteries, supercapacitors or ultracapacitors). To avoid theft and tampering of the portable electrical energy storage devices, by default, each portable electrical energy storage device is locked in and operably connected to the vehicle to which it provides power unless the vehicle comes within the vicinity of a collection, charging and distribution machine or other authorized external device such as that in a service center.
Gogoro Inc.


Synchronization in communications networks

According to a first aspect there is presented a method for synchronization in a wireless device-to-device (d2d) based communications network as performed by a first wireless device. The method comprises identifying an attempt to make a network connection on a default sub-channel over a d2d communications interface from a second wireless device.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


System and identifying internet attacks

A system and a method that employs such system to detect and counteract internet attacks of man-in-the-browser and/or man-in-the-middle type are disclosed. The system comprises a traffic inspector in signal communication with a client computer having a web browser residing therein for internet browsing and with a web server having a web application residing therein.


System and automatically addressing devices in a multi-drop master/slave network

A system for assigning communications addresses within a network is provided. The system comprises a memory and at least one processor coupled to the memory.
Schneider Electric It Corporation


Visible light communication method, identification signal, and receiver

A visible light communication method is provided that includes obtaining a first id indicating a default interpolation id previously stored in a receiver. The method also includes obtaining a second id, by the receiver, through visible light communication with a light source, and generating a third id, by the receiver, by combining the first id and the second id.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America


Self clocking comparator for a charge pump

A self clocking comparator for clocking a charge pump providing a high voltage output including multiple gain stages and a reset circuit. The gain stages are configured to assert the compare voltage at a first voltage level in a default state when the sense voltage is greater than the reference voltage, and to assert the compare voltage to a second voltage level in a reset state when the sense voltage falls below the reference voltage.
Silicon Laboratories Inc.


File system with per-file selectable integrity

A file system uses data integrity techniques that are a selectable attribute of a file system object. Some file system objects have integrity on for various accesses, while other file system objects do not.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


System and hijacking inodes based on replication operations received in an arbitrary order

A system and method for hijacking inodes based on replication operations received in an arbitrary order is used to assist a data replication operation from a source storage system to a destination storage system. The source storage system generates a set of replication operations as part of a replication process and transmits the replication operations in an arbitrary order.
Netapp, Inc.


Electronic device and gravity sensing calibration method thereof

An electronic device and a gravity sensing calibration method thereof are provided. The electronic device includes a gravity sensing unit, an image capturing unit and a processing unit.
Wistron Corporation


Appliance for drying laundry with enhanced operation flexibility

A laundry drying appliance having a cabinet, a treatment chamber inside the cabinet, a drying air recirculation path for conveying air into/out from the treatment chamber, a drying air propeller driven by a drying air propeller motor for causing the drying air to recirculate along the recirculation path, a drying air moisture condensing and heating system in the drying air recirculation path for dehydrating the moisture-laden drying air leaving the treatment chamber and heating the dehydrated drying air before it re-enters into the treatment chamber, laundry drying cycle selector for selecting one out of a number of default laundry drying cycles, a control unit adapted to control the machine operation by operating the drying propeller at a default average speed corresponding to the selected drying cycle, and a command input means operable by the user to change an average working speed of the drying air propeller.. .
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag


Systems and methods for synchronization within a neighborhood aware network

Methods, devices, and computer program products for synchronization of wireless devices in a peer-to-peer network are described herein. In one aspect, a method of wireless communication apparatus is provided.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Handling of wlan offloadability indication

A method of wireless communication by a ue includes receiving an indication information; determining, based on the indication information, whether a connection of the ue is authorized to be offloaded from a first channel to a second channel; determining, when the connection is not authorized to be offloaded, whether there is an ongoing handover procedure to offload the connection of the ue from the first channel to the second channel or whether the indication information is received in a message corresponding to a request to deactivate a default evolved packet system (eps) bearer of the connection of the ue. The method further includes disregarding the indication information when the connection is not authorized to be offloaded and it is determined that either there is an ongoing handover procedure to offload the connection of the ue from the first channel to the second channel or the message corresponds to a request to deactivate a default eps bearer of the connection..
Qualcomm Incorporated


Browsing and viewing video assets using tv set-top box

Roughly described, a system and method for delivering video content to a user's client device in a video-on-demand (vod) system, which includes providing a collection of video segments, the segments having a predefined default sequence; establishing a streaming video session according to a session-oriented protocol; transmitting toward the client device a script executable by the client device, the script operable to transmit navigational codes toward the head-end equipment in response to and indicating user selection among navigational choices; beginning transmission of the video segments in the collection toward the client device in accordance with the default sequence of segments; and in response to receipt of one of the navigational codes, and without tearing down the streaming video session, altering the transmission sequence to jump to the segment that the user selected.. .
Harmonic, Inc.


Method for recognizing disguised malicious document

A method for recognizing disguised malicious document, carried out by a computer system including a central processing unit (cpu), a memory, and a database storing rules for defining executable file and non-executable file, comprising steps of: receiving a static file through a network and an input/out interface; scanning the static file for a file header to determine if it is a non-executable file; analyzing file body of the non-executable file to locate components of an executable file and mark these positions; extracting components of the executable file from the non-executable file; concatenating the extracted components in accordance with a default rule or a heuristic rule to form a new file; and obtaining a new file that is executable, such that the received static file is a non-executable file having an embedded executable file, thus labeling the static file as a disguised malicious document.. .
Verint Systems Ltd.


System and default payment setting

A consumer accesses a secure area of a transaction account website and provides their login information for retail websites. The transaction account issuer or a third party creates a script that logs in to the retail websites on behalf of the consumer and transmits transaction account information associated with the transaction account.
American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.


Methods and systems for displaying virtual files side-by-side with non-virtual files and for instantaneous file transfer

A virtual file system architecture manages the default folders defined by the operating systems of electronic devices in a way enabling virtual files to appear to be placed side-by-side with real files stored on the physical storage of the device. Furthermore, a file transfer method and system are provided for transfer of files between two or more devices that make transferred files appear as being locally available on the receiving devices before the beginning of the transfer using the virtual file system..
Forgetbox Sas


Method and configurable microplanning

Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products are described herein that are configured to be embodied as a configurable microplanner. In some example embodiments, a method is provided that comprises accessing a document plan containing one or more messages.
Arria Data2text Limited


Actuator provided with a gear box, position indicator for a gear box, and related methods

An actuator system and method (10) includes a blow out preventer (11), a hydraulic motor (12), a gear box (13) intermediate hydraulic motor (12) and blow out preventer (11), and a position indicator (14). Gear box (13) has an input (19), an output (20), and a gear set (23).
Parker-hannifin Corporation


Crankshaft rotating angle controlling system for controlling crankshaft rotating angle and crankshaft rotating angle controlling controlling the same

A crankshaft rotating angle controlling method and a crankshaft rotating angle controlling system are provided. A shut-off signal is obtained, and an engine speed is judged.
Industrial Technology Research Institute


Communication device, establishing wireless peer-to-peer connections

A communication device for establishing wireless peer-to-peer connections includes a network interface, a memory and a processor. The processor receives a command to initiate a wireless peer-to-peer connection with a second device, sets an intent parameter to a default value and stores the intent parameter in the memory.
Blackberry Limited


Image processing system and image processing method

An image processing system includes a vote adding portion, a vote reception portion, a vote determination portion, and a default registration portion. The vote adding portion adds a vote key indicating whether image data is good or bad, to the image data.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Application level audio connection and streaming

Systems and methods disclosed herein may include receiving from an audio application running on the computing device, a selection of a multimedia endpoint device. The multimedia endpoint device may be connected with the audio application in response to a request from the audio application.
Microsoft Corporation


Method and system for vpn isolation using network namespaces

One embodiment of the present invention provides a system for providing exclusive access to a virtual private network (vpn) connection to an authorized application. During operation, the system creates a unique network namespace that is different from a default network namespace of a host system.
Vmware, Inc.


Method and system for graphic code processing

A method and system for processing graphical codes are disclosed. A device with one or more processors and memory obtains a respective graphic code (e.g., a qr code, barcode, sku or the like) and identifies an operation corresponding to the respective graphic code.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited


Electronic device and setting network model

A method for setting network models of an electronic device includes setting a default network model list comprising a plurality of default network models for the electronic device and setting a sequence of the plurality of default network models. A specified network model that is used to connect the electronic device to a telecom company is searched from the default network model list according to the sequence.
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.


Ups sensitivity of power status parameter adjustment setting method

A ups sensitivity of power status parameter adjustment setting method used in ups system for allowing sensitivity setting of power status parameter manually by user or according to system default value. Microcontroller can automatically switch sensitivity to high to enhance power protection if power status of input power supply is judged in the range set according to option of energy-saving, electrical safety or set time in priority after completing counting time.
Cyberpower Systems, Inc.


Transport system for convertible battery pack

A battery pack and transport coupler for enabling the battery pack to reduce the pack power capacity. The battery pack include a plurality of strings of battery cells and a switching network for coupling and decoupling the strings of battery cells from each other.
Black & Decker Inc.


Client-based product configurator on optimized data structures

Methods, systems, and computer-readable storage media for configuring products based on a client-side product configurator. Implementations include actions of transmitting a variant product configurator (vpc) to a client-side computing device, the vpc comprising instructions the are executable to configure a product, receiving a first request, and in response, transmitting default product configuration data to the client-side computing device, receiving a second request, and in response, transmitting complete product configuration data to the client-side computing device, the complete product configuration data being stored in an in-memory database, receiving product configuration data including one or more user-selected features for the product and corresponding pricing information, and storing the product configuration data in computer-readable/-writable memory..


System and generating motivaton profiles of individuals

A system and computer-implemented method for generating motivation profiles of one or more individuals is provided. The system comprises an administrator interface configured to provide options for configuring default profiles and defining one or more stimuli.
Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.


Secure wireless network-based activation for table-side information and point-of-sale devices

A new terminal is seamlessly and securely integrated to an existing (primary) wi-fi network within an operating environment at a restaurant location. The location includes a data management server (dms) for managing the local operations of devices operating there.
Tabletop Media Llc D/b/a Ziosk


Maintaining storage profile consistency in a cluster having local and shared storage

A per device state is introduced that indicates whether a storage device is shared clusterwide or not. The state may be populated by default based on detected device locality.
Vmware, Inc.


Method for defining and controlling aircraft taxi profile

A system and method are provided for defining, optimizing, and controlling taxi profiles for aircraft equipped with onboard non-engine drive means controllable to drive one or more nose or main landing gear wheels to drive an aircraft autonomously during taxi. An onboard taxi profile control system may employ smart software to determine selected taxi operational data at an airport and use this data to control and maintain torque of the drive means at desired selected levels that move the aircraft during taxi in response to determined taxi data or predetermined programmed taxi parameters.
Borealis Technical Limited


Dynamic control for light electric vehicles

A method for dynamic control of an electric vehicle operable based on a throttle value received from a throttle and a default throttle map correlating default output values with throttle values, the method including: determining a user parameter; detecting a condition indicative of perturbation; in response to detecting the condition indicative of perturbation, determining a replacement output value for a first throttle value based on the user parameter; and controlling vehicle operation to meet the replacement output value in response to receipt of the first throttle value.. .
Boosted, Inc.


Method and device for providing ssid in wlan

This disclosure provides a method for providing a service set identifier (ssid) in a wireless local area network (wlan). The method includes encoding the ssid with a character encoding for each of one or more default system platforms, to generate one or more ssid codes suitable for the system platforms, and broadcasting the generated ssid codes suitable for the system platforms in the wlan..
Xiaomi Inc.


Programming user behavior reporting

Methods and systems for reporting user activity are provided. Sequentially numbering the reports allows for reports being sent at regular intervals to be associated with a timestamp, even if the system clock has not been set.
Flextronics Ap, Llc


Personalizing communications services using environmental data

A method for personalizing communication services includes setting a series of selectable options as a default for a system that provides personalized communication services. When a communication from an initiating party is received, a computer of the system automatically determines, based on environmental data provided for the communication independent of information provided by the initiating party during the communication, predictive information that predicts potential objectives potentially sought by the initiating party in initiating the communication.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc


Multi-tiered authentication methods for facilitating communications amongst smart home devices and cloud-based servers

Apparatus, systems, methods, and related computer program products for synchronizing distributed states amongst a plurality of entities and authenticating devices to access information and/or services provided by a remote server. Synchronization techniques include client devices and remote servers storing buckets of information.
Google Inc.


System and improving the utility of regulators and associated methods

An integrated circuit (ic) includes a first circuit that is powered by a first supply voltage, and a second circuit that is powered by a second supply voltage. The second supply voltage has a lower level than the first supply voltage.
Silicon Laboratories Inc.


Systems and methods for executing custom fleet vehicle management scripts

System and methods are disclosed for gathering vehicle data from a vehicle engine computer installed in an engine of a vehicle and a plurality of sensors disposed about the vehicle and providing functionality for a third-party to install and then execute custom scripts within a telematics application to change default functionalities of the telematics application when processing the vehicle data.. .
Telogis, Inc.


Electronic active lock pin control middle phase type continuously variable valve timing system

An electronic active lock pin control method may include checking whether a default position of a lock pin is present, determining whether the checked default position of the lock pin is due to lock pin parking or limphome, entering the default position of the lock pin into an active mode at a time of the lock pin default position by the lock pin parking, while entering the default position of the lock pin into a passive mode at a time of the lock pin default position by the limphome, and performing a phase control mode to track the middle phase type cvvt target value after the passive mode or the active mode.. .
Kia Motors Corporation


Controlling a crowd parameter of an industrial machine

An industrial machine that includes a dipper, a dipper handle, a boom, a crowd motor, a hoist motor, a swing motor, a first sensor, a second sensor, and a controller. The first sensor generates a first signal related to a dipper handle angle and the second sensor generates a second signal related to a hoist rope angle.


Multiplexing transmission millimeter-wave communication space, and millimeter-wave communication device

Disclosed is a millimeter-wave communication spatial multiplexing transmission method, and the method includes: a millimeter-wave communication device initiating high-speed data communication with a target device, sending a beamforming request to the target device via a low frequency band communication module, if the millimeter-wave communication device has received an acknowledgement response sent by the target device via the low-frequency band communication module and learns that a non-target device is performing the high-speed data communication in a same frequency band with the high-speed data communication initiated by the millimeter-wave communication device, the millimeter-wave communication device configuring transmitting power which is less than default power to perform beam scanning.. .


Method to manage multiple caller identities in a telecommunication system

In a telecommunication system, providing to a recipient end point a caller identification (cid) from a calling end point, the calling end point including a default cid and at least one additional cid. The method includes receiving a call setup message from the calling end point, the call setup message including the additional cid, allocating a temporary end point for the call, from a pool of available end points, sending contact data for the allocated temporary end point to the calling end point, processing a first call received from the calling end point to the temporary end point, processing a second call to the recipient end point using the additional cid as the calling cid, and joining the first and second calls to generate a call from the calling end point to the recipient end point..


Optimizing multimedia streaming in wlans (wireless local access networks)

An sdn controller to provision network resources at a data plane to keep progressive downloads of multimedia files proportional to encoding rates is disclosed. Packets from a new or unknown flow being downloaded at a default rate are forwarded from an access point, or other device, to an sdn controller for analysis.


Machine providing method, machine providing system and computer-readable recording medium having stored therein machine providing program

A method for providing one or more machines to a user in a unit of the machine includes: deciding, when a first machine allocated to a user is to be released from allocation to the user, whether or not firmware that controls operation of the first machine has been changed after the allocation; storing, when the firmware has been changed, information relating to a changed firmware into a storage unit in an associated relationship with the user; deciding, when the first or a second machine is allocated to the user, whether or not the information corresponding to the user is stored in the storage unit; setting, in a case where the information is stored, the changed firmware to the first or second machine, and setting, in a case where the information is not stored, default firmware to the first or second machine.. .


Communication apparatus, communication method, and computer-readable recording medium

A communication apparatus includes a first storage unit, a second storage, and a first registrator. The first storage stores at least a destination address representing an ipv6 address that is a destination of a packet and a next hop address representing an ipv6 address of a next hop representing the next destination to which the packet is transferred in association with each other.

Default topics: Ip Address, Latch Mechanism, Semiconductor Switch, Microprocessor, Semiconductor, Bipolar Transistor, Video Camera, Transceiver, Group Identifier, Local Area Network, Network Device, Data Packet, Input Device, Pdp Context, Communications

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