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Computer implemented method for management of standing orders

Computer implemented method for management of standing orders

Mobile device, method and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium for monitoring a vehicle path

Institute For Information Idustry

Mobile device, method and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium for monitoring a vehicle path

Date/App# patent app List of recent Default-related patents
 Integrated ip tunnel and authentication protocol based on expanded proxy mobile ip patent thumbnailnew patent Integrated ip tunnel and authentication protocol based on expanded proxy mobile ip
A gateway is preconfigured to establish an internet protocol (ip) tunnel with a default local mobility anchor on behalf of a mobile node. The gateway receives from the mobile node an internet access request including a mobile identifier and authorization and authentication protocol information, and sends to the default local mobility anchor an ip tunnel request to establish an ip tunnel.
Cisco Technology, Inc.
 Targeting ads to subscribers based on privacy protected subscriber profiles patent thumbnailnew patent Targeting ads to subscribers based on privacy protected subscriber profiles
Monitoring subscriber viewing interactions, such as television viewing interactions, and generating viewing characteristics therefrom. Generating at least one type of subscriber profile from at least some subset of subscriber characteristics including viewing, purchasing, transactions, statistical, deterministic, and demographic.
Prime Research Alliance E., Inc.
 Combination color and pen palette for electronic drawings patent thumbnailnew patent Combination color and pen palette for electronic drawings
An improved technique involves embedding a pen selection within a selected color. When a user selects a color for a new stroke by moving a cursor over a color icon, a pen palette appears within the selected color icon.
Citrix Systems, Inc.
 Computer implemented  management of standing orders patent thumbnailnew patent Computer implemented management of standing orders
A computer-implemented method for management of a standing order, the method comprising the steps of defining a standing order with a default amount; accepting a request to modify the amount of an upcoming standing order iteration; allowing to change the default amount of the standing order to a new amount; executing the identified upcoming iteration of the standing order with the new modified amount. A system implementing the method is also disclosed..
 Detection and mitigation of on-line advertisement abuse patent thumbnailnew patent Detection and mitigation of on-line advertisement abuse
Detecting and mitigating advertisement abuse software on a user device includes producing a digital document comprising a specification for a default advertisement and content. Advertisement abuse software for preventing the default advertisement from being displayed as specified on the user device is detected based on a test associated with one or more test elements.
Clarityray Solutions Ltd.
 Mobile device, method and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium for monitoring a vehicle path patent thumbnailnew patent Mobile device, method and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium for monitoring a vehicle path
The invention discloses a mobile device for monitoring a vehicle path. The mobile device includes a setting module, a satellite-positioning module, a determination module, and an alarm module.
Institute For Information Idustry
 Method and device for establishing packet data network connection patent thumbnailnew patent Method and device for establishing packet data network connection
Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and a device for establishing a packet data network pdn connection. A method includes: receiving, by a trusted wireless local area network access network twan device, a trigger message from a user equipment; obtaining, by the twan device, an access point name apn from the user equipment; sending, by the twan device, a create session request message carrying the apn to a pdn gateway; receiving, by the twan device, a create session response message carrying an ip address from the pdn gateway; and sending, by the twan device, the ip address to the user equipment.
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.
 End effector detection systems for surgical instruments patent thumbnailnew patent End effector detection systems for surgical instruments
A surgical instrument system can comprise a surgical instrument, a first end effector, and a second end effector, wherein the end effectors are attachable to the surgical instrument. The first end effector can comprise a first set of stored data pertaining to the first end effector, wherein the surgical instrument is configured to ascertain the first set of data and enter a first operating state.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.
 Touch-free water-control system patent thumbnailnew patent Touch-free water-control system
A system and method of touch free automatic faucet controlled by electronic sensors provides a primary-water-flow-mode, a continue-water-flow-mode, a temperature-control-mode, a faucet-pause-mode, an adjust-water-flow-mode and a flow-temperature-default-setting-mode for users to control faucet water flow and water temperature without touching any parts of faucet body. The system comprises at least three electronic sensors, a logical processor circuit board, an electricity power supply package, a water flow control valve assembly, a temperature control valve assembly, at least one faucet body housing and at least one inlet fluid line.
 Integrated architecture for performing online advertising allocations patent thumbnailIntegrated architecture for performing online advertising allocations
An improved architecture including system and methods for online advertising placement that provide possibly defaulting advertisement tags the opportunity to serve an advertisement ahead of a lower value tag that is guaranteed to fill, resulting in higher cpms (i.e., cost per mille) for web publishers. The system and methods are configured to deterministically render an advertisement impression from a list of possibly defaulting advertisements in a javascript-enabled web browser.
Openx Technologies, Inc.

Intra-block copying enhancements for hevc in-range-extension (rext)

High efficiency video coding (hevc) enhancements are described for intra-block copying for reducing motion vector (mv) coding redundancy and enhancing in range extensions (rext) by selecting a default block my predictor. In reducing mv data redundancy, the value of mvx and/or mvy can have a baseline at the width (w), or height (h) of the respective block, whereby fewer bits need to be encoded.
Sony Corporation

Method and providing default services to prospective subscribers in a communication network

In one embodiment, a subscriber services controller comprises at least one processing device having a processor coupled to a memory. The subscriber services controller is configured to associate at least one default profile with an access node of a communication network, to detect an access attempt by a prospective subscriber via the access node, and responsive to the detected access attempt, to provide default services to the prospective subscriber via the access node in accordance with the default profile.
Alcatel-lucent Canada Inc.

Nonvolatile memory device, memory system comprising same, and programming same

A method of programming a nonvolatile memory device comprises performing an n-th program loop based on state data stored in data latches according to a default state ordering, determining whether conversion of the default state ordering is required according to a predetermined criterion, as a consequence of determining that conversion of the default state ordering is required, converting all or part of the state data stored in the data latches from the default state ordering to another state ordering, and performing a (n+1)th program loop based on the converted state data.. .

Dynamic authentication in alternate operating environment

Systems and methods that employ dynamic credentials across distinct authentication standards can be used to reduce the burden associated with repeated re-authentication. A utility can be employed during logon in an alternate operating environment that stores information from the logon dynamically and generates a credential file that is employed to grant access to a resource without repeating the earlier logon procedure, even if the device changes its user state.
Wells Fargo Bank, N.a.

Dynamically adjusting ratios of beverages in a mixed beverage

The dynamic adjustment of ratios of beverages to be mixed and dispensed in creating mixed or blended beverages is provided. A selection of beverages may be received from a user interface menu displayed by a computing device.
The Coca-cola Company

Adjusting a display size of text

This is directed to adjusting the size of displayed text in response to receiving user instructions. An electronic device can display text or other content using one or more default sizes.
Apple Inc.

Power line based theft protection of electronic devices

Technologies for establishing and managing a connection with a power line communication network include establishing a communication connection between an electronic device and a security server. A default device encryption key associated with the electronic device is changed to correspond with a new device encryption key of the security server.

Device for planning a neuromodulation therapy

The present invention relates to a device for planning a neuromodulation therapy, whereby the device comprises receiving means to receive brain default mode network data of a patient, template means comprising a template brain default mode network data, normalizing means being configured such that normalized patient brain default mode network data can be prepared on the basis on the received brain default mode network data and the template brain default mode network data, storage means comprising a brain default mode network data base and comparison means configured such that the normalized patient brain default mode network data and the data contained in the brain default mode network data base can be compared. .
Sapiens Steering Brain Stimulation B.v.

Software defined network (sdn) switch clusters having layer-3 distributed router functionality

According to one embodiment, layer-3 (l3) distributed router functionality is provided to a switch cluster by receiving an address resolution protocol (arp) request packet from a first host at an entry switch in a switch cluster, a switch controller being in communication with the entry switch, and the arp request packet including a virtual router ip address of the switch controller as a target, forwarding the arp request packet to the switch controller after adding a header that adheres to a communication protocol used by the switch controller, receiving an arp response packet from the switch controller indicating: a source ip address corresponding to a virtual router of the switch controller and a smac corresponding to the switch controller, forwarding the arp response packet to the first host after stripping the communication protocol header, and setting the virtual router as a default gateway for traffic received from the first host.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Systems and methods for multiple aspirators for a constant pump rate

Methods and systems are provided for a parallel arrangement of at least two valved aspirators, with a high pressure source such as an intake throttle inlet coupled to a motive inlet of the arrangement and a low pressure sink such as an intake throttle outlet coupled to a mixed flow outlet of the arrangement. Intake throttle position and respective valves arranged in series with each aspirator of the arrangement are controlled based on intake manifold pressure and/or a desired engine air flow rate, for example such that a combined motive flow rate through the arrangement increases as intake manifold pressure increases.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Safety gate apparatus and method

A safety gate apparatus is provided which couples as a cost efficient and reliable gate for preventing falls and injury as well as a gate that can easily be opened by existing equipment such as a fork lift. The invention comprises a vertical sliding gate configured to move in a path of motion having at least a closed position and an open position.

Method and system for the support of application specific policies for conventional operating systems

The approaches described herein provide support for application specific policies for conventional operating systems. In an embodiment, a kernel module representing a kernel subsystem is executed within an operating system's kernel.
Oracle International Corporation

Central processing unit resource allocation method and computing node

A method for allocating a central processing unit resource to a virtual machine, including determining, according to a change in the number of virtual machines in an advanced resource pool, the number of allocated physical cores in the advanced resource pool; and adjusting, according to the number of the allocated physical cores in the advanced resource pool, the number of allocated physical cores in a default resource pool, where the advanced resource pool and the default resource pool are resource pools that are obtained by dividing physical cores of a central processing unit according to service levels of the resource pools.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Handling precompiled binaries in a hardware accelerated software transactional memory system

A method and apparatus for enabling a software transactional memory (stm) with precompiled binaries is herein described. Upon encountering an access operation in a transaction, an annotation field associated with a memory location referenced by the access is checked.

Method of programming the default cable interface software in an indicia reading device

An indicia reading apparatus includes an interconnect cable and an indicia reading device. The indicia reading device is configured so that, if the indicia reader device is not configured to any interconnect cable and detects an indicia which does not contain one of a plurality of specified sequences of data elements that the indicia reading device will recognize and use to configure itself to operate with the interconnect cable, the indicia reading device will indicate to the user of the indicia reading device that the indicia reading device needs to be configured to operate with the interconnect cable..
Hand Held Products, Inc.

System and a knowledge management and networking environment

Systems and methods of a knowledge management networking are disclosed here. In one aspect, embodiments of the present disclosure include a method, which may be implemented on a system, of hosting a web-space having a plurality of objects, the plurality of objects to include one or more of, representations of a set of users, a set of web-items, and a set of nets; wherein a net of the set of nets is a subset of the web-space comprising a sub-plurality of the plurality of objects.
Vcvc Iii Llc

Systems and methods for providing ordered results for search queries

Systems and methods are provided for providing an ordered list of search results in response to a query. Consistent with certain embodiments, computer-implemented systems and methods may identify content items corresponding to a query.
Mapquest, Inc.

Systems and methods for communicating scheduling data

A method or system for communicating scheduling data to a user is disclosed herein. The scheduling system may have an automatic “switch.” the switch changes a default, or adds a supplementary, appointment communication method during periods of high demand on the user's attention.
Diningcircle, Llc

Dynamic optimal connectivity path

Dynamically determining an optimum connectivity path is provided. default paths to connectivity sources associated with a payer may be determined and ranked based on various metrics, such as availability, content, and cost.
Passport Health Communications, Inc.

Method and tuning camera correction setting for camera module

A camera tuning circuit has a first storage space, a second storage space and a controller. The first storage space stores a first reference camera correction setting for a reference camera module under a first color temperature.
Mediatek Inc.

Led lighting system

The invention relates to led lighting system comprising a power supply circuit and one or more led modules. The power supply circuit is equipped with input terminals (k1, k2) for connection to a supply voltage source and first and second output terminals (k3, k4), and a driver circuit (i, ii) coupled between the input terminals and the first and second output terminals for generating a led current.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Apparatus for dispensing

A system for displaying and dispensing has a plurality of dispensers each having a hollow body formed with at least one wall of flexible material, and a dispensing opening through a wall of the body, the body providing a default internal volume, such that deforming the hollow body reduces the internal volume, increasing pressure within the internal volume, and a support structure to which the plurality of dispensers is joined, the support structure presenting the plurality of dispensers in a specific three-dimensional pattern.. .

Method and system for vpn isolation using network namespaces

One embodiment of the present invention provides a system for providing exclusive access to a virtual private network (vpn) connection to an authorized application. During operation, the system creates a unique network namespace that is different from a default network namespace of a host system.
Vmware, Inc.

Computer program installation across multiple memories

Embodiments herein are directed to a method for installing a program across multiple memories. The method includes calculating a memory space requirement of the program.
International Business Machines Corporation

Techniques for integrating parameterized information requests into a system for collaborative work

Techniques used in a system for collaborative work which gives collaborators unskilled in data processing technologies access to a variety of information resources to provide the collaborators with information resources which are obtained in response to parameterized information requests such as queries. The techniques use records in database tables to represent a class of parameterized information requests.
Virtualagility, Inc.

System and generating a natural hazard credit model

Embodiments include systems and methods of detecting and assessing multiple types of risks related to mortgage lending. One embodiment includes a system and method of detecting and assessing risks including early payment default risks, and natural hazards risks on loan applications.
Corelogic Solutions, Llc

Single tap transactions using a server with authentication

The invention describes how a consumer can hold their nfc enabled device in proximity to an nfc enabled point-of-sale terminal and with a single “wave” or “tap” to automatically redeem coupons, pay for a purchase using a default payment card or a selected card, view receipts view reward point balances, and receive relevant coupons and other digital artifacts both before and after the purchase. The nfc enabled device includes a secure element with a payment application, payment credentials, and other digital artifacts such as coupons.

System and motor control center configuration

Motor control centers are designed and configured by a series of interface screens that are served to a configuration computer. The system configuration may be based on a default configuration, and customization is made based upon user selection or input of data via the interface screens.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

Supplemental device for attachment to an injection device

A supplemental device for attachment to an injection device is presented having a display; a processor arrangement; a dose dialled detector operable to detect a dose of medicament dialled into an attached injection device; a dose delivery determiner for determining that a dose of medicament has been delivered; a quantity determiner determining a quantity of medicament that has been delivered; and a clock configured to determine a current time. The processor arrangement is configured when the supplemental device is in a default mode to display both a quantity of medicament that was delivered since a last dose and a time elapsed since delivery of the last dose..
Sanofi-aventis Deutsdchland Gmbh

Electronic device with radio function and operating method thereof

A method and a device for selecting a radio in an electronic device with a hybrid radio function. The method includes detecting an entrance to a hybrid radio function; determining a default radio mode to be executed as a default in response to a preconfigured mode determination condition; and receiving and reproducing a radio broadcast in a radio mode corresponding to the determined default radio mode.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Mobile connectivity in a communication network

According to an implementation of the present subject matter, systems and methods for providing mobile connectivity to users while roaming, on a dynamic basis are described. The method includes receiving a location update message associated with a user latched to a secondary service provider, the user having a subscriber identity module (sim) with a primary international mobile subscriber identity (imsi) number provided by a default service provider of the user, wherein the location update message is based on the primary imsi number of the user.
Alcatel Lucent

Redundancy and interoperability in multi-channel optoelectronic devices

A multi-channel optoelectronic device is configured to establish a redundant status link with a remote device. The optoelectronic device can transmit n transmit optical signals to the remote device over a plurality of transmit channels and receive n receive optical signals from the remote device over a plurality of receive channels.
Finisar Corporation

Wrist-wearable display controlling the same

Disclosed are a wrist-wearable display apparatus and a method of controlling the same. The disclosed wrist-wearable display apparatus includes a hidden display part connected to a wearable part coupled with a wrist; a main display part positioned over the hidden display part; and a rotation part configured to rotate the main display part, where the hidden display part is not exposed if the main display part is in a default initial position, and an area on at least a portion of the hidden display part is exposed if the main display part is rotated..
Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Hanyang University

Electronic device and human-computer interaction same

An electronic device includes a display member rotatably coupled to a base member. A touch-sensitive screen is located on a working surface of the base member.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Expandable bullnose assembly for use with a wellbore deflector

Disclosed are embodiments of expandable bullnose assemblies for use in a well system. One well system includes a deflector arranged within a main bore of a wellbore and defining a first channel that exhibits a predetermined diameter and communicates with a lower portion of the main bore, and a second channel that communicates with a lateral bore, and a bullnose assembly including a body and a bullnose tip arranged at a distal end of the body, the bullnose tip being actuatable between a default configuration, where the bullnose tip exhibits a first diameter, and an actuated configuration, where the bullnose tip exhibits a second diameter different than the first diameter, wherein the deflector is configured to direct the bullnose assembly into one of the lateral bore and the lower portion of the main bore based on a diameter of the bullnose tip as compared to the predetermined diameter..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Location stamping and logging of electronic events and habitat generation

Methods, systems, and computer-readable media provide for the detection, location stamping, and logging of electronic events and subsequent generation of habitat information. According to implementations, electronic events are detected and location stamped.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Financial increasing capital availability by decreasing lending risk

Some embodiments provide a guarantor system for backstopping all or a substantial portion of a lender's portfolio of loans with an insurance guarantee. The guarantor system builds the insurance guarantee into the covered portion of the lender's portfolio in an integrated manner, whereby the overhead cost for insuring the loans of the portfolio is distributed across the portfolio instead of being distributed individually to each borrower based on the individual borrower's risk profile.
Credibility Corp.

Method and system for more efficient operation of plug-in electric vehicles

A more efficient and/or flexible operation of plug-in electric vehicles is disclosed. An automobile having an energy conversion unit, an energy storage unit, a user selection unit, a global positioning system, and a control unit.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

Electronic device

An electronic device includes a first machine assembly, a second machine assembly, a first sensor, a second sensor, and a control circuit. The second machine assembly is pivoted to the first machine assembly.
Ite Tech. Inc.

Methods, systems, and products for providing ring backs

Ring backs are provided for calls. When a call is placed to a called address, a default ring back may be provided to a calling address.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Image processing device and method

An image processing device and method that enable suppression of a reduction in coding efficiency. The image processing device dequantizes quantized data generated through decoding, using a default quantization matrix having a same size as a block size that is a unit of processing in which dequantization is performed, when in a copy mode in which a quantization matrix is copied, quantization matrix reference data identifying a reference destination of the quantization matrix matches quantization matrix identification data identifying the quantization matrix.
Sony Corporation

Control station, mobile station, mobile communication system and mobile communication method

A mobile station that establishes a first transfer path by way of a first access network between the mobile station and a control station. The mobile station establishes a default eps (evolved packet system) bearer by way of a second access network between the mobile station and the control station by transmitting an attach request for requesting a handover of a partial flow among the plurality of flows when performing transmission/reception of a plurality of flows with the control station by using the first transfer path..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Using discoverable peer-to-peer services to allow remote onboarding of headless devices over a wi-fi network

The disclosure relates to using discoverable peer-to-peer (p2p) services to remotely “onboard” headless devices over a wi-fi network. In particular, an onboardee device may enter an onboarding mode in which the onboardee device becomes a wi-fi access point (ap) and an onboarder device connected to a private wi-fi network may discover the onboardee device and establish a secured session to engage with the p2p services running thereon.
Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc.

Backlight module and liquid crystal display

A backlight module and a liquid crystal display are provided. The backlight module includes an optical film, a reflection member and a light-emitting unit.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

Method and system for routing video calls to a target queue based upon dynamically selected or statically defined parameters

A computer-implemented method routes a video relay service call to a call queue corresponding to a preferred language after receiving an input from a user to initiate a video relay service call. The preferred language may be stored in connection with the phone number being called, and the system automatically routes the video relay service call to a call queue for one or more sign language interpreters fluent in the language associated with the telephone number.
Purple Communications, Inc.

Handheld electronic device with text disambiguation

A handheld electronic device enabled with disambiguation software. The device provides output in the form of a default output and a number of variants.
Blackberry Limited

Systems and methods for unlock with security mode

Methods and apparatus are provided for controlling a plurality of locks associated with a vehicle based on a security mode. The method includes receiving a request to unlock one of the plurality of locks and receiving, from a source of data, a first mode for the operation of the plurality of locks.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Font protection management

Font protection management is described. In one or more implementations, a font package is obtained for an application and includes fonts that are protected by obfuscation.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

System of executing application and method thereof

An application executing system and a method thereof are provided. When an application in an electronic device is executed, identification information is received for identification, and physiological characteristic information is further gathered.
Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

Customizable graphical user interface for network management

The present invention pertains to a method for providing a customizable user interface capable of auto rendering data models of a data network, for monitoring and management purposes a data network so as to allow for management of boilerplate operations such as logon/logout, fetching and storing data, executing actions and transactions management. The method comprising the steps of: storing: a data model having a plurality of elements and sub-elements representative of the data network, a widget library, default registry data, customization registry data.
Tail-f Systems Ab

Hybrid storage control system and method

Disclosed are a hybrid storage control system and method. Hard disk arrays are divided into a solid-state hard disk array and a disk-type hard disk array according to a type, and the solid-state hard disk array is used as a default data read source, thereby improving a data read speed of the system without reducing security performance of the system.
Memoright (wuhan)co., Ltd.

Server system and a data transferring method thereof

A server system includes a plurality of server nodes and a management module. Each server node includes a node control module that gathers operation state information of a corresponding server node.
Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

Providing indoor map data to a client computing device

A map data server may provide map data to a client device by generating a description of a geographic area that includes outdoor map features including a multi-story building. The multi-story building includes a “default” floor.
Google Inc.

Intelligent default weighting process for criteria utilized to score media content items

A system and device are provided for intelligently, or programmatically, assigning weights for one or more criterion utilized to score media content items based on an analysis of a group of media content items. In general, scoring criteria to be used to score media content items for a user are defined.
Abo Enterprises, Llc

System and determining a default account in a mobile wallet while providing an incentive to establish a default account in the mobile wallet

A method and system for determining a default account in a mobile wallet of a portable computing device while providing an incentive to establish a default account in the mobile wallet includes receiving a confirmation that the mobile wallet exists in the portable computing device, such as a mobile phone. Communications may be established with the mobile wallet over a communications network so that it can be determined which financial account in the mobile wallet is the default account.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Intelligent user interfaces for multiple sim cards

Various user interfaces and other technologies for interacting with devices that support multiple sim cards can be implemented. For example, sim-separated and sim-aggregated user interface paradigms can be supported.

Intelligent sim selection supporting rich context of input factors

Various user interfaces and other technologies for interacting with devices that support multiple sim cards can be implemented. For example, intelligent handling of sim card selection can help users deal with multiple sim card scenarios.

Autoadaptive engine idle speed control

A machine engine idle speed control system may include an automated autoadaptive mode to supplement typical economy and normal power modes. The autoadaptive mode may afford an operator with an automated option to optimize fuel economy and lower engine/machine noise.
Caterpillar Paving Products Inc.

Wireless transmission control for improved aggregated cell throughput capacity and signaling reliability

A wireless transmission control capability may be used to control downlink (dl) transmissions for a set of wireless user devices or for an individual wireless user device. A dl transmission control capability for a set of wireless user devices may include receiving dl channel operating parameter information associated with a set of cells, determining dl channel operating parameter distribution information based on the dl channel operating parameter information, and determining default dl channel operating parameter information for the set of cells based on the dl channel operating parameter distribution information and a target associated with the set of cells.
Alcatel Lucent

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