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This page is updated frequently with new Default-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Default-related patents
 Methods and systems for generating and interactively rendering object based audio patent thumbnailMethods and systems for generating and interactively rendering object based audio
Methods for generating an object based audio program, renderable in a personalizable manner, and including a bed of speaker channels renderable in the absence of selection of other program content (e.g., to provide a default full range audio experience). Other embodiments include steps of delivering, decoding, and/or rendering such a program.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

 Methods and systems for interactive rendering of object based audio patent thumbnailMethods and systems for interactive rendering of object based audio
Methods for generating an object based audio program which is renderable in a personalizable manner, e.g., to provide an immersive, perception of audio content of the program. Other embodiments include steps of delivering (e.g., broadcasting), decoding, and/or rendering such a program.
Dolby International Ab

 Systems and methods for detection of gaming experience management implementations patent thumbnailSystems and methods for detection of gaming experience management implementations
Systems, methods, and articles of manufacture provide for detection and/or utilization of gaming experience management. Various player and/or gameplay data may be utilized, for example, to alter an existing or default metric for a game—such as a probability of achieving a winning outcome.
Gamesys Ltd

 Computer-based peer-to-peer rotating savings and lending allowing for a revolver-type credit system and method patent thumbnailComputer-based peer-to-peer rotating savings and lending allowing for a revolver-type credit system and method
The present invention concerns generally with a computer-based peer-to-peer lending platform, and, more particularly, with an improved internet-based peer-to-peer rotating lending and savings allowing a revolver type credit platform implemented through a method, computer system, and computer-implemented algorithm directed at compensating peer-to-peer lending circles' participants for the time value of money and time-driven default risks, and allowing borrowing against a credit rating-based credit limit.. .
Rosca Finance Llc

 Method of obtaining payment information using an imaging barcode scanner patent thumbnailMethod of obtaining payment information using an imaging barcode scanner
A method of obtaining payment information using an imaging barcode scanner. An example method includes activating, by a processor, an imaging barcode scanner to scan a payment medium, such as a payment card, to obtain payment information from the payment medium.
Ncr Corporation

 Automated deployment and servicing of distributed applications patent thumbnailAutomated deployment and servicing of distributed applications
Deployment and servicing tasks associated with multi-tier, distributed applications, application environments and data centers are automated so that a person does not have to manually perform these tasks. All of the information describing and defining the distributed service is modeled and stored in a re-useable service template that can be used to drive an automated system to programmatically deploy and manage the service over time.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc.

 Portable electronic assay device, portable assay device and kit thereof patent thumbnailPortable electronic assay device, portable assay device and kit thereof
The present invention is related to a portable electronic assay device, a portable assay device and a kit thereof. The portable electronic assay device is used for determining a result of an assay performed using a test strip comprises a casing, an optical module, a light detector, and a processor.
Taidoc Technology Corporation

 System and  integrated hvacr and other energy efficiency and demand response patent thumbnailSystem and integrated hvacr and other energy efficiency and demand response
Electronic controller apparatus for automatically controlling and managing load demand and operation of energy-consuming equipment powered by alternating electrical power current, whereby feedback signals from a vapor compression evaporator or other source, and possibly other physical signals, are used to supplement the pre-fixed, learned, or default settings to optimize compressor operation (run time) in cooling and refrigeration equipment, and thereby to improve heat transfer in the evaporator. The effect is to improve the energy efficiency ratio (eer), seasonal energy efficiency ratio (seer), and coefficient of performance (cop) for the unit, and provide other advantages and improvements.
Pacecontrols, Llc

 Digitally controlled aspirator patent thumbnailDigitally controlled aspirator
A digitally controlled aspirator is provided with a processor that allows the user to select operating conditions including one or more default settings. The processor further includes sensors for sensing operational and environmental conditions and adjusts the operation of the aspirator to reflect the sensed conditions..
Zoll Medical Corporation

 Customizable flip and browse overlays in an interactive television system patent thumbnailCustomizable flip and browse overlays in an interactive television system
Systems and methods are provided for customizing the display of interactive television overlays. A condition related to the display of an overlay on top of video for a television channel may be defined for each of a plurality of television channels.
Rovi Guides, Inc.


Multi-purpose electronic switch

A multi-purpose electronic switch is disclosed herein. The multi-purpose electronic switch includes a housing having a front and a back and defining an internal volume, a switch having a default position and movable to a first position and a second position from the default position.
Amatis Controls, Llc


Universal emv credit card chip and mobile application for emulation

An electronic card with a programmable magnetic band which operates to emulate a magnetic stripe on a payment card. The card connects to a smartphone for reducing the amount of cards in a wallet using a nfc protocol.
Omne Mobile Payments Inc.


Device and processing data

A device for processing data includes: an input interface receiving input data; a processing unit processing data; and an encoding unit encoding data words which are obtained as input data at the input interface data in order to obtain encoded data words, the data words being encoded in such a way that a predefined portion of measured values which characterize the encoded data words and/or their processing by the device and which are ascertainable as a function of at least one physical variable of the device has a difference from a default value, the difference being less than or equal to a predefinable threshold value. The encoding unit executes an encoding rule for encoding the data words as a function of at least one encoding parameter, and the processing unit processes the encoded data words..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


System and variable presentation semantics of search results in a search environment

System and method for display of search results with variable presentation semantics in a search environment are disclosed. The method includes displaying search results of a search operation, the display comprising extracts of at least two search results such that the two search results have different presentation semantics from each other and wherein the presentation semantics of at least one portion of at least one of the search result is altered with respect to the default presentation semantics..


Spatial sonification of accelerating objects

Embodiments provided herein describe a feedback system that alters the distribution of a sound in a vehicle from a default configuration indicating to the driver that his action is dangerous or inefficient. The feedback system monitors one or more forces or accelerations such as speeding up, slowing down, changing the vehicle's direction, etc.
Harman International Industries, Inc.


Apparatus and suturing tissue

A suturing device of the present invention is in the form a compact, light-weight handheld device that includes a needle and suture assembly, a mechanism for gripping and releasing the needle/suture (a “needle transfer mechanism” or “needle shuttle mechanism”), safely capturing the needle/suture upon exit from the patient's tissue, and returning the needle to a position such that the process of delivering additional sutures to the patient can be repeated. A safety shield mechanism ensures the user is protected from the needle at all times.
Safepath Medical, Inc.


Default data path for nan aided connectivity

Methods, devices, and apparatuses for wireless communications in stations of a neighbor awareness network (nan) cluster are disclosed that may utilize a default data path of a wireless network. A first station may receive a message from a second station, the message may identify whether the second station wants to utilize a default data path or a customized data path for subsequent data transmission.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Digital image processing using face detection and skin tone information

A technique for processing a digital image uses face detection to achieve one or more desired image processing parameters. A group of pixels is identified that corresponds to a face image within the digital image.
Fotonation Limited


Security settings and indications of controllers

A system and approach having security assurance for a controller relative to outside connections such as internet. The controller may have locked and exposed modes.
Honeywell International Inc.


System guided surrogating control in broadcast and multicast

Methods, computer program products, and systems to assist in distribution of packets between a plurality of switch elements in a distributed switch, by monitoring an attribute of each of the plurality of switch elements including a first switch element and a first surrogate switch element, the first surrogate switch element in a first level of a hierarchy and configured using a default hierarchy configuration, the default hierarchy configuration forwarding a data frame to at least one of: a destination switch element of the data frame, and a second surrogate switch element, the second surrogate switch element in a second hierarchy level; computing a score, based on the monitored attribute, for each of the switch elements; and upon determining the score of the first switch element is greater than the score of the first surrogate switch element, designating the first switch element as the first surrogate switch element.. .
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Method and system for directly mapping web services interfaces and java interfaces

A method and system for directly mapping web services interfaces and java interfaces. In one embodiment, default mapping information is identified, the default mapping information having default interface mapping information and default schema to java mapping information.
Sap Se


Connection interface switching device for multiple portable devices

A connection interface switching device for multiple portable devices provides a communication channel between an i/o peripheral set and for a plurality of portable devices which are bundled with a default control program installed in the portable devices, and switches among the portable devices to establish a communication channel selected between one portable device and the i/o peripheral set according to a switch instruction generated by the default control program of the portable device. The connection interface switching device includes plural i/o ports, a controller, a memory module, a storage module and an i/o peripheral port, and an origin of the computer signal is controlled and switched to achieve the effect of sharing the same i/o peripheral set among multiple portable devices through the communication channel..
Good Way Technology Co., Ltd.


Commissioning system for ventilation system

A ventilation system comprises a control unit for controlling extraction and/or supply of air within a building, wherein said control unit is arranged such that it will not operate to supply and/or extract air until after a setup program has been successfully completed. Requiring execution of the setup program before permitting operation of the system ensures that the commissioning process is duly followed and that the system is not left operating on non-optimal default values.
Greenwood Air Management Limited


Modular device enclosure swivel use attachment system

A modular mobile device enclosure and multi-part system or kit for purposes of providing functionality of mobile devices while embedded within or upon clothing or objects comprising a connectable by swivel snap modular device enclosure that couples with the opposing connectable swivel snap track, swivel snap pin or other swivel snap connection whereas the device is accessed via a snap and swivel motion from wherever placed by the user. In cases where a swivel motion may not be required to access the device, the system or kit by default is a secure connection between the enclosure, track, object or harness..


Method and triggering devices and delivering small data

Method and apparatus are described for delivering triggers and small data. In an embodiment, a receiver may be configured to receive a trigger or small data packet, and a transmitter may be configured to transmit a subscriber information request to see whether a subscriber is present.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.


Terminal device for reducing power consumption and controlling the same

Disclosed are a terminal device and a method for controlling the terminal device that can reduce power consumption. The disclosed terminal device includes: a response time establisher unit which establishes a response time of an interactive application executed on the terminal device, with a frequency of a processor within the terminal device and a priority value of the interactive application as variables; a frequency determiner unit which determines the frequency of the processor based on a default priority value such that the response time does not exceed a preset response time threshold; a priority value determiner unit which determines the priority value based on the determined frequency such that the response time does not exceed the response time threshold; and an executor unit which runs the interactive application based on the determined frequency and the determined priority value..
Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University


Direct writable and erasable waveguides in optoelectronic systems

Technologies are generally described to form a waveguide in a polymer multilayer comprising a first and second polymer layer. The waveguide may be formed by directing light beams toward the polymer multilayer to form first and second cladding regions in the polymer multilayer, where the first and second cladding regions comprise a mixture of the first and second polymer layers.
Empire Technology Development Llc


Breathing apparatus with ventilation strategy tool

A system includes a breathing apparatus, a display unit and a processing unit that is operatively connected to the display unit. The processing unit is configured to provide a graphical visualization on the display unit.
Maquet Critical Care Ab


Light switch controlling light source via wireless transmission

This disclosure relates in general to a networked light switch. More specifically, the disclosure relates to a light switch that, in response to detecting a local input or motion, transmits a communication that causes another light switch to change a state of a light.
Belkin International, Inc.


Method for processing data associated with session management and mobility management

A user equipment (ue) in a communication system, and a method thereof are discussed. The method according to one embodiment includes receiving a deactivate bearer context request message; if a bearer identity in the deactivate bearer context request message is that of a default bearer to a packet data network (pdn), deleting all bearer contexts associated with the pdn; if a cause code in the deactivate bearer context request message indicates that reactivation is requested, stopping a session management back-off timer associated with a previously-established data connection if the session management back-off timer is running.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Intelligent communication line selection supporting rich context of input factors

Various user interfaces and other technologies for interacting with devices that support multiple communication lines can be implemented. For example, intelligent handling of communication line selection can help users deal with multiple communication line scenarios.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


System for, and , detecting the presence of a mobile communication device in proximity to an imaging reader and for automatically configuring the reader to read an electronic code displayed on the device upon such detection

A printed code associated with a product is illuminated with light having a first lighting characteristic, and is readable in a default mode of an imaging reader. An electronic code displayed on a mobile communication device is readable in another mode of the reader, with a different second lighting characteristic that is designed to minimize specular reflection from a screen of the device.
Symbol Technologies, Inc.


Technologies for preventing hook-skipping attacks using processor virtualization features

Technologies for monitoring system api calls include a computing device with hardware virtualization support. The computing device establishes a default memory view and a security memory view to define physical memory maps and permissions.


Method and device for text input and display of intelligent terminal

A method and apparatus for text input and display of an intelligent terminal are provided. The method comprises: when a user performs text input on a text editing interface of the intelligent terminal, the intelligent terminal collecting a contact area of the user with a touch screen; and when the collected contact area reaches a set first area threshold, the intelligent terminal displaying and/or storing the text input by the user according to a first font attribute, wherein the first font attribute is different from a default font attribute of the text editing interface.
Zte Corporation


User configurable user interface

A system for data entry includes a form module, where the form module includes at least one form having multiple fields and the form module is configured to receive data into the fields. Each of the fields is user selectable to set a default value and each of the fields is user selectable for removal from display in a form view.


Data feed having customizable analytic and visual behavior

A data marketplace infrastructure allows a data source company or a third party to associate to a data feed with a customizable preview application having analytic and visual features (e.g., business logic and a user interface). A potential customer can use discovery services of the data marketplace infrastructure to identify one or more data feeds offering sample data in a domain of interest of the potential customer.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Dynamic hover grace period

A hover section is displayed upon a gui following the lapse of a hover grace period interval that is dynamically adjusted. A default hover grace period interval is set and increasing if a hover display module determines manipulations of the gui indicate the hover section was displayed in error and is decreased if the hover display module receives a decrease hover grace period interval event.
International Business Machines Corporation


Vehicle seat, in particular for a motor vehicle

Vehicle seat, in particular, for a motor vehicle, has a seat cushion to accommodate a person, and a support member protecting a person on the seat cushion against sliding beneath a seat belt. There is an adjustment device for adjusting the support member relative to the seat cushion.
Faurecia Autositze Gmbh


Detachable blocking device, in particular on a clamping tool

A detachable blocking device, in particular on a clamping tool, having a blocking element, which blocks the displacement capability of a rod in at least one detachment direction in a blocking position, and a detachment member, which displaces the blocking element into a release position when moved from a default position into a detachment position, in which release position the rod can be displaced at least in the detachment direction. A brake element, in a braking position, acts on the rod so that the rod can only be displaced after neutralization of a braking force acting against the displacement direction of the rod, which braking force does not have to be neutralized in a sliding position of the brake element.
Wolfcraft Gmbh


Device pairing

A technique for facilitating connection establishment between wireless devices is provided. According to an example embodiment, the technique comprises storing, at an apparatus for wireless communication, one or more default authentication keys for authenticating a wireless device that is not paired with the apparatus; selectively operating the apparatus in one of predefined states, said states comprising at least a first state where the apparatus is connectable but not discoverable by other wireless devices; verifying, in response to having received, when the apparatus is operated in said first state, a connection request from a first wireless device that is not paired with the apparatus, whether at least one of said authentication keys is a valid authentication key for said first wireless device, and establishing, in response to having found at least one of said authentication keys to be a valid authentication key for said first wireless device, an authenticated connection with said first wireless device..
Nokia Technologies Oy


Apparatus and methods for provisioning devices to utilize services of mobile network operators

A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a method for facilitating, at a system including at least one processor, establishment of a communication session with a device coupled to a universal integrated circuit card (uicc) by way of network equipment of a default mobile network operator (mno), receiving, at the system, information descriptive of an mno selection, selecting, at the system, from a database of credentials of a plurality of mnos first credential information according to the received information, wherein the first credential information is associated with a first mno of the plurality of mnos, and transmitting, from the system, the first credential information to the uicc over the communication session by way of the device to cause the uicc to facilitate establishment of communications with network equipment of the first mno according to the first credential information. Other embodiments are disclosed..
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


Method and device for authenticating a mobile station on an alternative communications network

A method of authenticating a mobile station on an alternate communications network is disclosed, the mobile station being associated with a default communications network. The mobile station comprises a baseband processor to manage the antenna-related functions and a sim card to accommodate a default sim associated with the default communications network for receiving network credentials from the baseband processor.
Knowroaming Ltd


Methods, apparatus, and computer-readable medium for providing alternate visualization via wireless docking

Various aspects of the present disclosure provide for a first device that may establish a wireless docking session with a second device. The first device may determine whether a profile of a second device matches a profile stored in the first device.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Open type speaker leak test system and method

An open-type speaker leak test system and an open-type speaker leak test method are provided for testing whether an open-type speaker has a leak. The open-type speaker includes an enclosure with an opening.
Primax Electronics Ltd.


Unified user experience for smart phone with default integrated voip voice, voip messaging, voip video, and voip conferencing capabilities

A smart phone includes voip circuitry that enables the smart phone to make and receive voice and video calls and text messages over a data network using voip. The smart phone also includes gsm circuitry that enables the smart phone to make and receive voice and text messages through a gsm network.
Invariant Telecom, Llc.


Method for transmitting/receiving internet-based content and transmitter/receiver using same

The present invention relates to a method for transmitting/receiving contents through a network such as the internet, and to a transmitter/receiver using same, the transmission method comprising: converting content stored in a file format into a delivery format; and transmitting the content converted into the delivery format using an ip packet, wherein the file format and/or the delivery format includes priority information for expressing whether data that makes up the content is played back in default.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Proactive change of communication models

The invention concerns a method, arrangement and computer program product for handling communication between at least two applications in a communication network with the aid of at least one communication queue, the arrangement comprising a processor acting on computer instructions whereby said arrangement is operative to receive, in at least one common default communication queue, messages from a variety of applications according to a default communication model, distribute the messages to destination applications, monitor network communication parameters, predict the status of the communication quality based on the monitored network communication parameters, compare the predicted status with at least one communication failure criterion, select a corresponding relief communication model if the communication failure criterion is fulfilled, and implement the selected relief communication model.. .
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Method for adjusting a timing derate for static timing analysis

A static timing analysis method that determines an expected design condition surrounding a target cell in an integrated circuit design. A derate adjustment is determined based on the expected design condition for a target cell and a timing derate, representing variation in propagation delay for a default design condition, is then adjusted based on the derate adjustment.
Arm Limited


Generating contextual search presentations

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for generating contextual search presentations. One of the methods includes obtaining selection data identifying a term selected by a user from a document displayed to the user; determining whether or not the context data and the selection data satisfy one or more criteria for presenting any of one or more types of special case contextual search presentations; in response to determining that the context data and the selection satisfy criteria for presenting a first type of special case contextual search presentation, generating a first special case contextual search presentation of the first type; in response to determining that the context data and the selection data do not satisfy the criteria, generating a default contextual search presentation; and providing the first special case contextual search presentation or the default contextual search presentation for presentation to the user..
Google Inc.


Configuration controller for and a controlling a configuration of a circuitry

A configuration controller for and a method of controlling a configuration of a circuitry are provided. The configuration controller comprises an input, a selection checker, a data selector and an output.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Presenting search term suggestions on graphical user interfaces

A method, system, and computer program product for presenting search term suggestions on a graphical user interface (gui) are provided in the illustrative embodiments. A first keyword is extracted from a first suggested search term, the first suggested search term being a member of a subset of a set of suggested search terms.
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Analyzing scada systems

A method for analyzing scada projects includes generating a configuration for the scada system deployed in a default environment, receiving a first result of a set of tests run on the scada system scada system using the configuration in the default environment, determining whether the first result of the set of tests is successful, deploying the scada system using the configuration in a customer environment, comparing the default environment with the customer environment, determining differences between the default environment and the customer environment, receiving a result of another set of tests run based on the differences between the default environment and the customer environment, adjusting the configuration in the customer environment based on the result of the another set of tests to generate an adjusted configuration, and receiving a second result of the set of tests nm on the scada system using the adjusted configuration in the customer environment.. .
Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.


Leak test testing semi-finished product of speaker

A leak test system and a leak test method are provided for testing whether a semi-finished product of a speaker has a leak. The semi-finished product of the speaker includes a case.
Primax Electronics Ltd.


Battery power management in a thermostat with a wireless transceiver

A thermostat includes a controller for controlling the thermostat, a battery supplying power for the thermostat, and a wireless transceiver for receiving control information from a remote device and for transmitting information to the remote device. The controller sets a default time schedule for enabling the wireless transceiver..
Emerson Electric Co.


Teat treatment method and apparatus

Automatic teat treatment method and apparatus for treatment operations on teats of an animal using a robot apparatus. The method includes initiating automatic detection of spatial teat positions and registering the spatial positions of the detected teats; and deriving a dedicated treating action effective to move the treating device through a dedicated path defined by the registered spatial teat positions and carrying out treatment by moving the treating device through the dedicated path.
Delaval Holding Ab


Teat treatment method and apparatus

An automatic teat treatment method and apparatus uses a control system and an associated robot apparatus with an arm that carries a treatment apparatus, to establish a treatment operation start time and establish the presence of an animal at a treatment location, and then (i) initiate detection of a spatial teat position of a first teat, (ii) register the spatial position, (iii) derive a dedicated teat-treating action, (iv) carry out the teat-treating action, and (v) successively repeat the initiating, registering, deriving, and treating steps once in respect of each teat until all teats are treated, where, when after the start time, a predefined point in time is passed before any of the preceding steps is completed, the method is interrupted and a default treating action for treating all remaining untreated teats is derived and carried out by the treatment apparatus and thereafter the robot arm is retracted.. .
Delaval Holding Ab


Methods for ue indicating traffic-related information to network

A method of user equipment (ue) indication of traffic-related information to network is provided. The method comprises a ue determining a traffic indicator and transmitting the traffic indicator to a base station.
Mediatek Inc.


Method and apparatus of disparity vector derivation in 3d video coding

A method and apparatus for three-dimensional video encoding or decoding using an improved refined dv derivation process are disclosed. Embodiments according to the present invention first determine a derived dv (disparity vector) from temporal, spatial, or inter-view neighboring blocks, or any combination thereof of the current block in a dependent view.
Mediatek Inc.


Camera device and controlling a camera device

A camera device. A housing includes a first portion, a second portion and a curved portion disposed between the first portion and the second portion and including a curved surface.
Htc Corporation


Optimized serial text display for chinese and related languages

Various embodiments are disclosed for optimizing serial display of text comprising chinese characters (which appear in chinese and in other languages). Some embodiments comprise parsing a chinese text into display elements for serial display, each display element comprising a short phrase (generally one or two words) that is five or fewer characters in length.
Spritz Technology, Inc.


Optimization of integrated circuits for a reticle transmission process window using multiple fill cells

Embodiments of the present invention include systems and methods of controlling reticle transmission. A process window for reticle transmission is received.
Globalfoundries Inc.


Systems and methods for collaborative electronic communications

Systems and methods for collaborative electronic communications are presented. One or more messages within a collaborative electronic communication platform, such as emails or chat messages, can be selected for further action.
Contatta, Inc.


Method and system for updating predistortion coefficient

Disclosed is a method and a system for switching pre-distortion coefficients, which is used to solve the problem of interference with neighbor cells due to the inferior pre-distortion coefficients. The method comprises: presetting a primary table and a standby table, wherein the primary table stores default pre-distortion coefficients and the standby table stores updated pre-distortion coefficients; when a data source of a pre-distortion processor adopts the standby table, adopting the updated pre-distortion coefficients to perform parameter output processing to acquire pre-distortion parameters, and conveying the pre-distortion parameters and an input signal to the pre-distortion processor to process to acquire pre-distortion signals; conveying the pre-distortion signals through various signal processors to acquire a first signal, and determining the power data of the first signal; and based on the comparing result of the power data of the first signal and a setting range, there are different actions..
Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Co., Ltd


Operation station in wireless local area network

Disclosed are operation method of station in wireless local area network. An operation method comprises setting transmission power of a frame; setting a clear channel assessment (cca) threshold based on a difference between the set transmission power and a default value of the transmission power; and performing a cca operation based on the set cca threshold.
Newracom Inc.


Enhancing quality of service for high priority services

Quality of service may be enhanced for high priority traffic. A ue may communicate within a packet switched system, e.g., an lte network.
Apple Inc.


Method for adaptively monitoring paging messages with reduced power consumption and communications apparatuses utilizing the same

A method for adaptively monitoring paging messages in a ue with a subscriber identity card camping on a cell includes: detecting a loading of a paging channel from the cell and generating a loading status; determining a monitoring pattern according to the loading status and a default monitoring pattern; and monitoring the paging channel the monitoring pattern.. .
Mediatek Inc.


Radio receiving device and switching frequencies of radio stations

A radio receiving device, including a positioning module, a radio receiver, a speaker device, and a control unit, and a method of switching frequencies of radio stations are provided. The positioning module obtains a geographic location of the radio receiving device.
Compal Electronics, Inc.


System and distribution of electrical power and control data in temporary lighting installations

An ac circuit plc injection module of a plc-enabled power and data distribution system (300) includes: an ac power input (307) to receive an ac power signal; a plc transceiver circuit (430/440) to couple a plc signal onto the ac power signal; an ac circuit (411) to supply the ac power and the plc signal; and a plc blocking line filter (450) to filter the plc signal from passing to the ac power input. An associated method for a system having plural plc transmitters connected to plural plc enabled devices via plural ac circuits each associated with one of the plc transmitters, includes: setting plc network ids for each of the plc enabled devices to a default plc network id, and then assigning each of the plc enabled devices connected to each of the plc transmitters to a plc network id uniquely assigned that plc transmitter..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Plate type fuel reformer of fuel cell

A plate type fuel reformer of fuel cells includes a reformer module stacked by multiple sheet components, and an engaging surface formed on a surface of the reformer module and adhered to a surface of the default fuel cell module in order to form a great thermally-conductive combination. Detachable connections are formed between each of the sheet components and between the sheet components and the fuel cells module.


Method for calibrating luminance, displaying image and display device

A method for calibrating a luminance includes measuring a default luminance value of a display device when the display device is set at a default user-configured luminance configuration, calculating a calibration parameter according to a target luminance value and the default luminance value, and storing the calibration parameter in the display device so that the display device exhibits a display luminance value substantially identical to the target luminance value according to the calibration parameter when the display device is set at the default user-configured luminance configuration.. .
Amtran Technology Co., Ltd.


System and methods of adaptive sampling for emotional state determination

Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer readable media for determining the emotional state of a user are described herein. In one example, the method for determining the emotional state of the user comprises receiving a feed from a sensor at a default sampling frequency, and analyzing the feed to determine facial features of a user.
Wipro Limited


Performing static timing analysis in the presence of instance-based systematic variations

A method may include obtaining gate-level circuit design data that describes a gate-level circuit design. The gate-level circuit design data may include one or more instances of each of multiple cells that each may be associated with a corresponding default cell static timing data and a corresponding default cell stress data.
Fujitsu Limited


Method and operating a measuring device

The invention concerns a method for operating a measuring (data acquisition) device, particularly a magnetic resonance device of the type, wherein, in each of at least one determination pass, at least one result data record is determined in dependence on a default data record, wherein the result data record has at least one control parameter for controlling the measuring device for the acquisition of measurement data and/or at least one evaluation result determined from the measurement data, and wherein the determination pass includes multiple steps, in each of which an output data record is determined in dependence on an input data record and at least one processing rule, and wherein at least one of the steps is a dependent step in which the input data record of which is determined in dependence on the output data record of at least one further one further step among the multiple steps.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Tray and sleeve food packaging solution with a frictional fit between the sleeve and resilient external flanges of the tray

A food packaging solution features a food-containing tray to be frictionally retained within an outer sleeve. External flanges of the tray are each resiliently flexible from a normal default condition into a down-turned condition bent more downwardly away from the open top end of the tray than in the normal default condition, and the sleeve is shaped and dimensioned to accommodate the tray between the opposing side walls of the sleeve only when the flanges of the tray are in the down-turned condition.
Nupasta Inc.


Media alignment

A media alignment method includes printing a calibration pattern on a media in a print one by a printhead including forming a first corner identification marker at a first corner of a reference edge of the media, a second corner identification marker at a second corner of the reference edge, and a linear identification marker. The method also includes capturing the calibration pattern by an image capturing unit.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Method and device for handling base sequences in a communications network

A method in a network node, a network node, a method in a user equipment and a user equipment handle base sequences in a communications network. The network node is configured to communicate with a user equipment.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Adaptive quality of service for wireless networks

A 3gpp lte protocol enhancement realizes the full benefit of proposed dynamic frequency sharing systems by enhancing current bearer establishment and update provisioning for adaptive quality of service (qos) levels to support licensed shared access (lsa). A user equipment (ue) comprises a transceiver configured to define an adaptation context, define a default and one or more additional acceptable qos levels associated with the adaptation context, communicate a request to create or update an adaptive bearer specifying the defined adaptation context and additional acceptable qos levels, and receive or update spectrum resources for the adaptive bearer, the adaptive bearer.


Method and the management of remote nodes in a communication network

A manner of performing remote-node management, for example the management of onus in a pon. In that type of optical network, a management node such as an olt determines that a management command is to be transmitted and also determines the management protocol associated with the management command.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.


Method and targeting of interactive virtual objects

A method and an apparatus are used to target interactive virtual objects to subscribers in a television delivery system. Programs are selected and virtual object locations are defined in the selected programs.
Comcast Ip Holdings I, Llc


Automatic detection of recently used multifunction peripheral

Systems and methods for automatic detection of a recently used multifunction peripheral are disclosed. The method comprises receiving user interaction, on a mobile device, initiating a document processing operation, identifying a multifunction peripheral that was most recently used and that is capable of performing the document processing operation as a default multifunction peripheral, and identifying other previously-used multifunction peripherals that are capable of performing the document processing operation as alternative multifunction peripherals.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Automatic selection of mobile device default action

Systems and methods for automatic selection of mobile device default action are disclosed. The method comprises presenting a default action and a list of alternative actions that identify document processing operations that may be completed by a multifunction peripheral to thereby generate an electronic document, the default action automatically selected and the list of alternative actions available for selection and receiving user interaction, on the mobile device, with the list of alternative actions thereby selecting a selected alternative action.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Randomization of processor subunit timing to enhance security

Technologies are generally provided for a system to enhance security and prevent side channel attacks of targeted functions. Side channel attacks assume that the targeted functions operate at same speed each time, and observe timing data of the targeted functions to glean secure information.
Empire Technology Development Llc


Autonomous quasi co-location status redefinition by receiver in coordinated multipoint downlink

User equipment, ue (30), in a wireless radiocommunication network (10) supporting coordinated multi-point, comp, transmissions may autonomously adopt an assumption of the quasi co-located (qcl) status of two (or more) antenna ports that is different from the default qcl status defined or signaled by the network (10), in response to one or more estimates of certain operating parameter values. The altered qcl status assumption allows the ue (30) to correct parameter estimates more accurately, and/or to reduce complexity in the parameter estimation correction..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


User device enabling access to payment information in response to mechanical input detection

In certain embodiments, an electronic device can include a secure element that detects a mechanical input. The mechanical input can correspond to an instruction to transmit securely stored payment information to another device and/or to release such information to an application on the device (e.g., for use in an in-app commerce transaction).
Apple Inc.


Display device, display control method, and non-transitory recording medium storing computer readable display control program

A display device that displays a character string on a display frame in a default display state includes: a receiving unit configured to receive designation of a first display magnification; a magnification changing unit configured to perform a magnification change process to change display magnifications by setting a display magnification for the display frame at the first display magnification and setting a display magnification for the character string at a second display magnification lower than the first display magnification, when the first display magnification is higher than a display magnification in the default display state; and a display control unit configured to perform control so that only characters falling within the display frame having the display magnification changed to the first display magnification are displayed, the only characters being of the character string having the display magnification changed to the second display magnification.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Systems and methods for query optimization

The present disclosure relates to systems and methods for performing search queries and for query optimization. In accordance with certain embodiments, a query from a client may be received at a server, and a default query range (e.g., a period of time, or other factor) may be applied to the query.
Aol Inc.


Optimizing rendering of data tables

A method for determining optimal column widths used in the rendering of data tables displayed in a graphical user interface. The method includes receiving a table parameter associated with the contents of the table and determining if the table parameter has changed.
International Business Machines Corporation


Programming system and language for application development

In one embodiment, an improved programming system and language for application development is provided that combines elements of the c and objective-c languages without the constraints imposed by a requirement to maintain compatibility with the c language. The language provides the functionality of the c language compatibility in certain areas to improve the inherent safety of software written in the language.
Apple Inc.


Key combinations toolbar

Techniques disclosed herein permit users to input keyboard key combinations via context menu shortcuts. A context menu may be invoked by long-pressing a function key such as “ctrl.” the context menu includes key combination shortcuts associated with the pressed function key.
Vmware, Inc.


Push-lever magazine release for converting a carbine from clamshell magazines to removable magazines

A magazine release for installation on a carbine in place of an original sliding latch enables use of removable magazines in place of an original clamshell magazine. The magazine release features a support member having an upper portion coupled to a trigger assembly frame of the carbine in place of the original sliding latch.


Method for milking system and milking system

A method is provided for a milking system including a moving device, milking stalls each provided with teat cups, an automatic teat cup attachment system, and an automatic teat cup returning system configured to return the teat cups to default storage positions subsequent to the milking. Current positions of the teat cups are, for each of the milking stalls, sensed after the teat cup returning system withdraws the teat cups, but before the automatic teat cup attachment system fetches the teat cups.
Delaval Holding Ab


Method and obtaining mapping between random access parameter and resource

A method and an apparatus for obtaining a mapping between a random access parameter and a resource are disclosed in embodiments of the present invention, where the method includes: obtaining a random access parameter list, and obtaining a serial number of a parameter in the random access parameter list; obtaining a resource list; and obtaining a mapping between the random access parameter and a common enhanced dedicated channel resource in the resource list according to the obtained serial number of the random access parameter and the total number of resources in the obtained resource list, so that a network side device determines, according to the random access parameter sent by a ue, whether a corresponding common enhanced dedicated channel resource is available. In this way, a mapping between a signature and a default common e-dch resource can be defined, and a problem of relatively low random access efficiency is solved..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Location-based monitoring of environment and controlling thereto

A method for determining information for at least one mobile terminal within an area, wherein location of the at least one mobile terminal is determined within the area and measurement information from the area is retrieved from at least one sensor. The method includes a step of comparing measurement information of at least one sensor with at least one default value.
Lahden 4g-service Oy


Dynamic and adaptive channel scanning

Methods and apparatus for dynamic, adaptive scanning of communication channels are provided. A device alternates between scan cycles and rest cycles.
Apple Inc.

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