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This page is updated frequently with new Default-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Default-related patents
 Method and  encoding multilayer video and  decoding multilayer video patent thumbnailMethod and encoding multilayer video and decoding multilayer video
Provided is a multilayer video decoding method including obtaining a multilayer video bitstream; determining, based on the obtained multilayer video bitstream, whether or not a default reference type, in which at least one layer is inter-layer predicted by using at least one reference layer by default, is used; and inter-layer predicting the at least one layer by using the at least one reference layer according to the default reference type, based on the determining of whether or not the default reference type is used, and decoding an image including the at least one layer.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Adaptive parsing of sparse xml data patent thumbnailAdaptive parsing of sparse xml data
Techniques for representing and generating xml data are provided. An associated system includes one or more processors and a mapping module configured to execute upon the one or more processors.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Application-layer managed memory cache patent thumbnailApplication-layer managed memory cache
In order to prevent data thrashing and the resulting performance degradation, a computer system may maintain an application-layer cache space to more effectively use physical memory and, thus, significantly improve an application-memory hit ratio and reduce disk input-output operations. In particular, the computer system may maintain a managed memory cache that is separate from an operating systems' default page cache.
Linkedin Corporation

 Rack having automatic recovery function and automatic recovery  the same patent thumbnailRack having automatic recovery function and automatic recovery the same
A rack comprising a control module and a plurality of nodes is present. The control module comprises a rack management controller (rmc), and each of the plurality of nodes comprises a baseboard management controller (bmc).
Aic Inc.

 Multiple electrode vectors for implantable cardiac treatment devices patent thumbnailMultiple electrode vectors for implantable cardiac treatment devices
The implantable cardiac treatment system of the present invention is capable of choosing the most appropriate electrode vector to sense within a particular patient. In certain embodiments, the implantable cardiac treatment system determines the most appropriate electrode vector for continuous sensing based on which electrode vector results in the greatest signal amplitude, or some other useful metric such as signal-to-noise ratio (snr).
Cameron Health Inc.

 Controlling and coding light, using transfer function of light source-driver patent thumbnailControlling and coding light, using transfer function of light source-driver
Controllers (1) control generators (2) arranged to generate frequency signals for controlling converters (3) in drivers for driving light circuits (5). The controllers comprise first parts (11) for in response to feed-back information from the light circuits (5) produce control signals arranged to control the generators (2) and second parts (12) for in response to data information adapting the control signals.
Philips Lighting Holding B.v.

 Method and apparatus of lwa pdu routing patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus of lwa pdu routing
Apparatus and methods are provided for lwa pdu routing. In one novel aspect, lte pdu packets are routed through a wlan ap to a ue by encapsulation of the data packets.
Mediatek Inc.

 Event suppression method and system patent thumbnailEvent suppression method and system
A method and system for managing and dynamically suppressing event notification is provided. The method and system receives an indication of an event from a storage environment to be processed by a support system according to a set of default delivery parameters.
Netapp, Inc.

 Power line based theft protection of electronic devices patent thumbnailPower line based theft protection of electronic devices
Technologies for establishing and managing a connection with a power line communication network include establishing a communication connection between an electronic device and a security server. A default device encryption key associated with the electronic device is changed to correspond with a new device encryption key of the security server.
Intel Corporation

 System and  a security system patent thumbnailSystem and a security system
An apparatus and method is presented for network video management and recording of video signals and video analytics generated by a network of ip-enabled cameras. A set of ip cameras are connected in a lan to a network video recorder further connected by lan or wan to a set of client stations.
Razberi Technologies, Inc.


Methods and providing viable landing sites for a mobile deployment of, inter alia, an interactive hierarchical entitlement feature

A method for providing hierarchal client entitlement information in a graphical user interface (“gui”) is provided. The method includes deploying the information on a mobile platform.
Bank Of America Corporation


Design information providing device

A design information providing server includes a first webpage transmitter configured to transmit data on a webpage displaying a plurality of composite components to a terminal, a second webpage transmitter configured to transmit data on information such as a design consideration of a selected composite component at the terminal, and a file transmitter configured to transmit, in response to a file request from the terminal, file data to the terminal, the file data containing information on the selected composite component with default specifications and elemental components thereof and information on elemental components of a selected composite component with non-default specifications. Such design information providing device is configured to allow a user to rationalize designing of a composite component with desired specifications and to convey useful technical knowledge on designing of the composite component to the user..
Misumi Corporation


Dynamic range control for a wide variety of playback environments

In an audio encoder, for audio content received in a source audio format, default gains are generated based on a default dynamic range compression (drc) curve, and non-default gains are generated for a non-default gain profile. Based on the default gains and non-default gains, differential gains are generated.
Dolby International Ab


Memory configuration operations for a computing device

In the described embodiments, a computing device executes firmware to perform a startup initialization operation, wherein performing the startup initialization operation comprises setting an operating state of a memory in the computing device to a default low performance memory operating state. After completing the startup initialization operation, the computing device executes an operating system, wherein executing the operating system comprises performing a memory test to determine a high performance memory operating state.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.


Initial operational mode for integrated circuit

An integrated circuit (ic) and associated method support using a pre-use configuration for determining an initial/preferred operational mode for the ic from plural operational modes that may be entered following power-up cycles of the ic. The initial/preferred operational mode can be determined after the design phase of the ic so that, during ic operation, wasted power or delay are not incurred by first requiring that the ic power up in a default operational mode and subsequently run executive code to reprogram the ic to enter an operational mode that is preferred for the application for which the ic is being used by the ic integrator/user.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Protechhn - battery monitor

What this invention does is allow/deny the flow of electricity to a windows based laptop's ac adapter from the power outlet, when the laptop's battery reaches the minimum or maximum battery level percentage that is set by the user, in the application that has to be installed in a windows based laptop. The user is able to change these values at any time or reset the values to their defaults..


Dive computer with free dive mode and wireless data transmission

A dive computer with a free dive mode and/or wireless data transmission capabilities. In one embodiment the invention relates to a diving apparatus including a dive computer having a free dive mode, where the dive computer is configured to calculate a nitrogen loading in the free dive mode using a default value which is the fraction of oxygen in air, and where the free dive mode is used when a diver makes a dive without a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.
Pelagic Pressure Systems Corp.


Seizure onset classification and stimulation parameter selection

A neurostimulation system senses electrographic signals from the brain of a patient, extracts features from the electrographic signals, and when the extracted features satisfy certain criteria, detects a neurological event type. A mapping function relates the detected neurological event type to a stimulation parameter subspace and a default stimulation parameter set where the values of the stimulation parameters define an instance of stimulation therapy for the patient.
Neuropace, Inc.


Breath actuated nebulizer

A breath actuated nebulizer for administration of an inhaled medication to a patient is provided with a generally cylindrical body in a horizontal orientation to the patient. Within the body is a venturi configured to nebulize a liquid medication in a reservoir.
Inspirx, Inc.


Tgc controls for an ultrasonic diagnostic imaging systme

The tgc slide switches (20) which provide the tgc control of an ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system have leds (10) mounted on the sliders (22) of the slide switches so that the switches can be easily visualized in a darkened room. The light emitted by the led of a switch is changed to an indicative color or brightness when the slider of the switch is set in its default position (36) for the application of a nominal gain to echo signals received from a given depth..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Dynamic on-demand data network connection control service

A method, a device, and a non-transitory storage medium provide for receiving a request from an end device to access a network; obtaining subscription data pertaining to the end device based on the request; determining whether to establish a default bearer during an attachment procedure based on at least one of the request or the subscription data; permitting attachment to the network without establishment of the default bearer based on determining not to establish the default bearer; and storing context data that indicates the end device is attached without the default bearer based on the permitting. Additionally, the method, the device, and the non-transitory storage medium provide for end device-side and network device-side setting up and tearing down of the default bearer subsequent to attachment..
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Dynamic range control for a wide variety of playback environments

In an audio encoder, for audio content received in a source audio format, default gains are generated based on a default dynamic range compression (drc) curve, and non-default gains are generated for a non-default gain profile. Based on the default gains and non-default gains, differential gains are generated.
Dolby International Ab


Default data packet routing in a nfc device

A method includes receiving a data packet transmitted by a near field communications (nfc) device at a nfc controller. Whether the data packet includes application identifier routing information is determined, and based thereupon the data packet is routed to a default application identifier routing address based on a look-up table lacking an application identifier routing address associated with the application identifier routing information.
Stmicroelectronics International N.v.


Apparatus and method to change current limit

An electronic device and method may change a default current limit of a usb power system. The electronic system may include a cable detector component to detect a plug to couple to a port, a source detector component to determine an identification of a power source, and circuitry to change an input current limit or an output current limit of the electronic device..
Intel Corporation


Integrated circuit design system

An integrated circuit (ic) design system includes a processor; and a non-transitory computer readable medium connected to the processor. The non-transitory computer readable medium is configured to store a configuration file containing a custom ic design parameter, to store a process design kit (pdk) containing a default ic design parameter, and to store instructions for execution by the processor.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Apparatus, system and protocol adaptation layer (pal) communication to indicate transitioning a device to a default state

Some demonstrative embodiments include apparatuses, systems and/or methods of transitioning a device to a default state. For example, an apparatus may include a first protocol adaptation layer (pal) communication unit to communicate pal traffic with a second pal communication unit over a communication link, the pal traffic comprising traffic of a pal connection over a pal, the pal is above a layer of the communication link, wherein the first pal communication unit is to communicate a device reset request and a device reset response with the second pal communication unit over the communication link, the device reset request indicating transitioning of a peripheral device to a default state, the device reset response in response to the device reset request, the device reset response indicating whether the device reset request is successfully handled..
Intel Corporation


Magnetic resonance imaging achieving water/fat separation

In a method and medical equipment for selecting a scanning protocol set, a preset virtual scanned object model including multiple scanned areas is loaded into a computer. The virtual scanned object model is a graphic or image model.
Siemens Shenzhen Magnetic Resonance Ltd.


Apparatus, volte call continuity

A system, apparatus and method to maintain continuity of a voice over long term evolution (lte) (volte) call. The system includes a first user equipment (ue) configured to perform a (volte) call and a second ue configured to perform the volte call with the first ue.
Apple Inc.


Method of inter-view advanced residual prediction in 3d video coding

A method and apparatus for inter-view arp (advanced residual prediction) are disclosed. According to one embodiment, a first inter-view reference block of a first inter-view reference picture in a first reference view is determined using a current mv (motion vector) of the current block in an inter-view direction.
Media Tek Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Method and device for communication in a communications network

The embodiments herein relate to a method in a user equipment (605) for communicating with a base station (603) in a communications network (600). The user equipment (605) is configured to communicate with the base station (603) according to a selectable of at least two user equipment categories.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Method and dense hyper io digital retention

System and method to encode and decode raw data. The method to encode includes receiving a block of uncoded data, decomposing the block of uncoded data into a plurality of data vectors, mapping each of the plurality of data vectors to a respective bit marker, wherein the respective bit marker is shorter than said respective mapped data vector, and storing the bit marker in a memory to produce an encoded representation of the uncoded data.
Symbolic Io Corporation


Association or linking of symbol bearing array elements in a gaming machine

A gaming system includes a wagering game mechanism associating the game-outcome symbol of multiple reels of the wagering game to a unified game-symbol outcome. The wagering game generates an outcome symbol array with independent array elements and one or more associated groups of array elements.
Wms Gaming Inc.


Network social messaging system including social recognition messages redeemable by recipients for value

A computer-implemented method for managing recognition accounts stored in a social network system, comprising providing content to a patron computer, determining whether the content is able to result in monetary compensation, including, within a presentation format of the content, a user interface feature usable to signal an authorization for monetary compensation for the content, accepting, from the patron computer, an indication of a request to provide monetary compensation to a creator of the content, determining, using the patron computer or the social network system, based on patron actions or patron default settings, whether to give nonmonetary recognition for the content, updating a nonmonetary recognition database based on nonmonetary recognition given for the content, and transferring amounts among recognition accounts.. .


Pos network including printing and highlighting

The invention provides for optional printing at a point of sale (pos). The invention provides a system and computer implemented method for printing information at a pos relating to a purchase transaction at the pos, comprising printing a second alternative instead of a default print, or printing both a default and a second print, in both cases dependent upon the second print being timely delivered to the pos printer.
Catalina Marketing Corporation


Dynamically controlling a file system write cache

Methods, computing systems and computer program products implement embodiments of the present invention that include initializing, by a processor executing a file system in communication with a block manager managing multiple storage regions on a storage device, a file system write cache to have a default cache size, the default cache size corresponding to a first storage capacity of a default number of the storage regions. Upon detecting that a current number of the storage regions that are not in use by the block manager is less than the default number, the file system write cache is resized to a reduced cache size that corresponds to a second storage capacity of the current number of the storage regions.
International Business Machines Corporation


Control a portable electronic device coming with an external control module

The disclosure is related to a control method for a portable electronic device coming with an external control module. A main body of the control module has a built-in circuit system and a power supplying unit.
Nextdrive Inc.


Stride seeker elliptical exercise apparatus

The present invention relates to a standup exercise apparatus that simulates walking and jogging with arm exercise. More particularly, the present invention relates to an exercise machine having separately supported pedals for the feet and arm exercise coordinated with the motion of the feet where the pedal stride length is determined by the movements of an operator.


Method and transferring radio service between transmission points in a wireless communication service

One aspect of the teachings herein involves the temporary transfer of radio identities from one service area of a wireless communication network to another service area, where the individual radio identities are used to differentiate individual radio connections between the network and respective wireless nodes supported by the network. In particular, the temporary transfer of a given radio identity from its default service area for use in another service is limited temporally and/or geographically.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Refresh rate adjust

A technique includes determining that a row of memory has been activated at a threshold rate. Upon reaching the threshold rate, a refresh rate for the row of memory and an adjacent row of memory may be increased.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp


Method, apparatus, and system for improving resume times for root ports and root port integrated endpoints

A serial point-to-point link interface to enable communication between a processor and a device, the high speed serial point-to-point link interface including a transmitter to transmit serial data, a receiver to deserialize serial data, and control logic to implement a protocol stack. The protocol stack supports a plurality of power management states, including an active state, a first off state, in which a supply voltage is maintained, and a second off state, in which the supply voltage is not to be provided to the device.
Intel Corporation


Method, apparatus, and system for improving resume times for root ports and root port integrated endpoints

A system on a chip (soc) is provided with a multicore processor, a level-2 (l2) cache controller, an l2 cache, an integrated memory controller, and a serial point-to-point link interface to enable communication between the multicore processor and a device. The interface implements a protocol stack and includes a transmitter to transmit serial data to the device and a receiver to deserialize an incoming serial stream.
Intel Corporation


Direct injection fuel pump system

Systems and methods are provided for operating a direct injection fuel pump. One example system comprises an accumulator positioned within a bore of the direct injection fuel pump in a coaxial manner wherein the accumulator is positioned downstream from a solenoid activated check valve.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Redundant and selectable gateway and control elements for remote connected thermostats

A networking thermostat is described that includes a main processor and a communications processor. The main processor includes a network manager function, a master messaging function and a slave messaging function while the communications processor includes a wireless radio enabling the thermostat to communicate with other networking thermostats.
Entouch Controls, Inc.


Self adjusting generator speed control

The present invention relates to a generator control system that includes a generator, a variable displacement pump, a generator speed sensor, and a generator speed controller. The generator speed sensor generates a measurement output signal that corresponds to the speed of the generator.
Volvo Constructionequipment Ab


Adaptive configuration of non-volatile memory

Examples are disclosed for adaptive configuration of non-volatile memory. The examples include a mode register configured to include default and updated values to indicate one or more configurations of the non-volatile memory.
Intel Corporation


Personal account authorization controls

Methods and systems for processing transactions are disclosed. An example method can comprise generating or manipulating an account.
Total System Services, Inc.


Memory sparing on memory modules

Example implementations relate to using a spare memory on a memory module. In example implementations, a memory module may have a plurality of memories, including default memories and a spare memory.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp


System and wiping encrypted data on a device having file-level content protection

Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for erasing user data stored in a file system. The method includes destroying all key bags containing encryption keys on a device having a file system encrypted on a per file and per class basis, erasing and rebuilding at least part of the file system associated with user data, and creating a new default key bag containing encryption keys.
Apple Inc


Techniques for computer system recovery

Techniques for computer system recovery which remotely restore a default partition to a recent state even when an operating system is functioning abnormally. In an example embodiment, a service center computer establishes a first network connection to a monitored computer system.
Ncr Corporation


Method for calibrating a laser deflection apparatus of a laser microdissection system and laser microdissection system

A method for calibrating a laser deflection device in a reflected light device of a microscope of a laser inictodissection system having a digital image capturing unit comprising an image evaluation module includes generating a laser beam; guiding the laser beam through a microscope objective; directing the laser beam to a position defined by actuation sinals; placing a calibration object in the object plane of the microscope objective; actuating the laser deflection device using first actuation signais and first calibration values, making at least one calibration mark on the calibration object; capturing an image ofthe calibration object by the digital image capturing unit; determining actual position values for the at least one calibration mark; and determining second calibration values based on a relationship between the default position values and the actual position values.. .
Leica Microsystems Cms Gmbh


Hand tool and using same

A work tool includes a tool handle assembly that is moveable between an open default position and a closed working position. The tool handle assembly is constructed with an upper tool handle assembly and a lower tool handle assembly where the upper tool handle assembly and the lower tool handle assembly are configured to be snap-fit together to enable pivotal movement between the upper tool handle assembly and the lower tool handle assembly.
Quic Industries, Inc.


Method and system for detecting signals of pulse diagnosis, and detecting device of pulse diagnosis

The present invention is related to a method and a system for detecting signals of pulse diagnosis, and a detecting device of pulse diagnosis. The method comprises following steps.
Taidoc Technology Corporation


Method and device for proximity discovery among ues

The present invention discloses a method for proximity discovery among user equipments (ues). The method includes: a ue registers with a device to device (dtd) server and obtains dtd default resources from a received registration response.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Configuring a vehicle to receive content data

A communication system and methods of using the communication system is described. One method includes configuring a telematics unit in a vehicle with at least one access point name (apn).
General Motors Llc


Dynamic range control for a wide variety of playback environments

In an audio encoder, for audio content received in a source audio format, default gains are generated based on a default dynamic range compression (drc) curve, and non-default gains are generated for a non-default gain profile. Based on the default gains and non-default gains, differential gains are generated.
Dolby International Ab


Reticle transfer system and method

A fabrication system comprises placing an internal buffer at a default position of a local system, wherein the default position is a first boundary between a first service area and a second service area, loading a reticle from a first apparatus into a first carrier, wherein the first apparatus and the first carrier is located in the first service area, determining whether a conflicting reticle transfer event occurs in the second service area and transporting the reticle to a second apparatus in the second service area.. .
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Generation of a data input user interface in a processing device configured to generate property inspection reports

A processing device receives type data and location data for a property. The processing device determines a default status for a feature of the property based on the type data and location data.
Taos Jam Solutions Llc


Customizable bladed applications

Customizable bladed applications are described herein. A device platform is configured to provide a simultask mode that enables combined user access to multiple applications of the platform via respective chrome portions.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Weapon stabilizing device and method

A weapon stabilizing device for stabilizing a weapon during use. The device includes a spool member configured to release and retract an anchor line with rotation of the spool member.
Barnett Outdoors, Llc


Method for controlling refrigerator

Provided is a method for controlling a refrigerator. The method includes turning on power of the refrigerator and starting a compressor; setting a predetermined power consumption parameter to a default value; measuring power consumption within a set period during an operation of the refrigerator; recognizing whether the measured power consumption is smaller than previous power consumption; and changing a value of the power consumption parameter when the measured power consumption is greater than the previous power consumption..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Apparatus and arrestment of a flight control surface

A secondary actuation mechanism for arresting movement of a control surface may include a secondary actuator, a drive link coupled to the secondary actuator, and a secondary connecting rod coupled between the drive link and the control surface, wherein the control surface is movable to a default position in response to actuation of the secondary actuator, and the secondary actuator retains the control surface at the default position. .
The Boeing Company


Neuro-fuzzy logic for controlling material addition processes

A method may include controlling, by a computing device, a directed energy deposition material addition (ded ma) technique based at least in part on a thermal model. The thermal model may define a plurality of default operating parameters for the ded ma technique.
Rolls-royce Corporation


Apparatus and controlling electric vaporizer

The present invention introduces a method for controlling the power of an electric vaporizer, i.e. An electronic cigarette.
Pixan Oy


Method and system for contextual advertisement replacement utilizing automatic content recognition

An automatic content recognition (acr)-enabled connected tv device may be operable to identify, utilizing acr, viewer interaction and/or viewer information. The acr-enabled connected tv device may present, utilizing the acr, a variant of an advertisement in a next ad pod during presentation of content, based on the identified viewer interaction and/or the identified viewer information.


In-vehicle multimedia system connected to external device and control method thereof

A method for efficiently setting an external device to execute an interworking function in an in-vehicle multimedia system and a method for performing the same are provided. The method includes connecting at least one external device to the in-vehicle multimedia system and then detecting a number of connected external devices.


Ios device based webpage blocking

An ios device-based webpage blocking method, being applied to an ios device comprising application programs and system components, the method comprising: an application program conducts sub-classing on a system default uniform resource locator (url) caching object to obtain control of a network request; matching the url character string parsed from the request message with a link character string; if the matching is successful, then generating pseudo response data and displaying according to the pseudo response data, thus blocking webpage advertisements or malicious webpages, reducing occupying of system resources and network resources, improving system operation speed and speed and smoothness of user network access, and lowering device power consumption. The present invention solves the problem in the prior art of resources being occupied by webpage advertisements or malicious webpages..


Method and an controlling messages between host and controller

A method of controlling at least one message including at least one command and response; and an apparatus therefore are discussed. The method according to one embodiment includes transmitting a get command including a parameter identifier to a receiver for retrieving parameter information; receiving a get command response corresponding to the get command, the get command response including the parameter information corresponding to the parameter identifier and first status information.


Multicolor biometric scanning user interface

A mobile computing device may include a biometric sensor in proximity with a color-controlled layer. Where the color of the color-controlled layer may be changed, a processor of the mobile computing device may control the color of the color-controlled layer responsive to sensing various conditions.


Systems and methods for managing loading priority or sequencing of fragments of a web object

This disclosure is directed to methods and systems for managing rendering of a web page in a browser. A client operated by a user may execute code within a first fragment of a web page as the first fragment is presented to the user.


Computer instructions for limiting access violation reporting when accessing strings and similar data structures

Embodiments are directed to a computer implemented method of accessing a data frame, wherein a first portion of the data frame is in a first memory block, and wherein a second portion of the data frame is in a second memory block. The method includes initiating, by a processor, an access of the data frame.


Processing page fault exceptions in supervisory software when accessing strings and similar data structures using normal load instructions

Embodiments are directed to a method of accessing a data frame, wherein a first portion of the data frame is in a first memory block, and wherein a second portion of the data frame is in a second memory block. The method includes determining that an access of the data frame crosses a boundary between the first second memory blocks, determining that an attempted translation of an address of the first portion of the data frame in the first memory block did not result in a translation fault, and accessing the first portion of the data frame.


Processing page fault exceptions in supervisory software when accessing strings and similar data structures using normal load instructions

Embodiments are directed to a method of accessing a data frame, wherein a first portion of the data frame is in a first memory block, and wherein a second portion of the data frame is in a second memory block. The method includes determining that an access of the data frame crosses a boundary between the first second memory blocks, determining that an attempted translation of an address of the first portion of the data frame in the first memory block did not result in a translation fault, and accessing the first portion of the data frame.


Display/input device, image forming apparatus, and controlling a display/input device

A display/input device has an input portion, a display panel, a storage portion, and a control portion. The storage portion stores current value data containing current setting values, default value data, and saved setting data containing setting values changed, on registration, from default values.


Computer instructions for limiting access violation reporting when accessing strings and similar data structures

Embodiments are directed to a method of accessing a data frame. The method includes, based at least in part on a determination that the data frame spans first and second memory blocks, and further based at least in part on a determination that the processor has access to the first and second memory blocks, accessing the data frame.


Memory management method, memory storage device and memory controlling circuit unit

A memory management method, a memory storage device and a memory controlling circuit unit are provided. The method includes: programming data into a plurality of memory cells of a rewritable non-volatile memory module; determining whether a storage state of the data conforms with a first condition or a second condition based on a default bias range and a threshold voltage distribution of the memory cells storing the data; performing a first operation if the storage state of the data conforms with the first condition; and performing a second operation if the storage state of the data conforms with the second condition.


Mobile terminal and application icon moving method thereof

A mobile terminal and an application icon moving method thereof are provided. When a predetermined application icon is selected from a menu screen including a plurality of application icons and moved to a control region, a default home screen or the whole home screen stored in a memory may be selectively displayed according to a moved position of the corresponding icon, and also an icon-insertable position may be visually guided on the displayed home screen.


Application customization using a customization file

Techniques and systems for receiving and using a customization file are provided, including a computing device, a method, or a computer-program product. For example, a method may include receiving a customization file that includes customized content for customizing a communication interface overlay.


Jewelry clasp

A clasp for connecting one or more jewelry items together has a male body and a female body. The male body engages with the female body by placing an insert of the male body into an insert-receiving volume of the female body.


Illumination apparatus and storage medium

There is provided an illumination apparatus including an illumination unit, a reception unit, and a control unit configured to control illumination of the illumination unit in accordance with a default illumination pattern. When the reception unit receives an illumination pattern, the control unit performs illumination control different from the illumination according to the default illumination pattern..


Method of deriving default disparity vector in 3d and multiview video coding

A method and apparatus for a three-dimensional or multi-view video encoding or decoding system utilizing unified disparity vector derivation is disclosed. When a three-dimensional coding tool using a derived disparity vector (dv) is selected, embodiments according to the present invention will first obtain the derived dv from one or more neighboring blocks.


Communication device, communication method, and program

A communication device (10) having at least one interface used in communication including a default router in a path includes: an id determination unit (110) that determines whether or not a zone id is assigned to a communication request including a link local address of internet protocol version 6 (ipv6) as a destination address; and an id supplementing unit (120) that, when it is determined that the zone id is not assigned, acquires an interface id for identifying the interface as a default interface id and adds the acquired default interface id as the zone id of the communication request.. .


Determining a delivery location and time based on the schedule or location of a consignee

Systems, methods, apparatus, and computer program products are provided for programmatically determining/identifying a delivery location and time based on the schedule of the consignee. One example embodiment may include a method comprising receiving shipping/parcel information/data, the shipping/parcel information/data indicative of an item/parcel to be delivered to a consignee by a carrier, determining whether consignee schedule information/data is accessible, the consignee schedule information/data comprising information/data indicative of a consignee and information/data indicative of a location and an associated time at which the consignee has indicated an ability to receive an item, and providing, to a client device, via a network, a delivery location and a delivery time, the delivery location and the delivery time determined between the consignee schedule information/data and the default delivery location and the estimated time of delivery..


Using single white-box implementation with multiple external encodings

A method of performing a keyed cryptographic operation by a cryptographic system mapping an encoded input message to an output message, including: receiving an encoding selection parameter p; receiving the encoded input message, wherein the encoding on the input message corresponds to the encoding selection parameter p; decoding the input message using an inverse of a default input encoding; computing a first portion of the cryptographic operation on the decoded input message to produce a first portion output; and compensating the first portion output based upon the encoding selection parameter p.. .


Computerized search dependant on spatial states

Mobile computing platforms equipped with sensors for determining, spatial parameters such as position and pointing direction form basis for advanced search systems whereby a search is conducted in view of an offset to specify preferred fields of interest which lie ahead of a user—for example in a direction of travel. User selectable offsets and prescribed default offsets further aid formation of high performance queries which tend to produce more relevant search results related to a user's most immediate interests..


Method of programming the default interface software in an indicia reading device

An indicia reading apparatus includes an nfc module and an indicia reading device. The indicia reading device is configured so that, if the indicia reader device is not configured to any nfc module and detects an indicia which does not contain one of a plurality of specified sequences of data elements that the indicia reading device will recognize and use to configure itself to operate with the nfc module, the indicia reading device will indicate to the user of the indicia reading device that the indicia reading device needs to be configured to operate with the nfc module..


Apparatus and performing a check to optimize instruction flow

An apparatus and method for performing a check on inputs to a mathematical instruction and selecting a default sequence efficiently managing the architectural state of a processor. For example, one embodiment of a processor comprises: an arithmetic logic unit (alu) to perform a plurality of mathematical operations using one or more source operands; instruction check logic to evaluate the source operands for a current mathematical instruction and to determine, based on the evaluation, whether to execute a default sequence of operations including executing the current mathematical instruction by the alu or to jump to an alternate sequence of operations adapted to provide a result for the mathematical instruction having particular types of source operands more efficiently than the default sequence of operations..


Method for monitoring a cold start of a brayton cycle power generation system

A method for monitoring cold start of brayton cycle power generation system comprises: measuring an ambient temperature to obtain a brayton cycle predetermined operating line of a working fluid, parameter values and calculated values of three monitoring points of the brayton cycle predetermined operating line, and a position of a saturation curve of the working fluid according to the ambient temperature and a lut; starting the cold start, continuously measuring the parameter values of the three monitoring points, and meanwhile continuously recording and displaying moving trajectories of the parameter values and the calculated values of the three monitoring points; after the parameter values and the calculated values of the three monitoring points are close to the default values, operating the brayton cycle power generation system for a predetermined time; and ending the cold start, to enter a stable operating state of the brayton cycle power generation system.. .


Defibrillator with overridable cpr-first protocol

Methods and apparatus are provided for determining a defibrillation treatment protocol in an external defibrillator whereby a user may override a cpr-first default protocol. The method includes following steps configured in a defibrillator controller of issuing an inquiry; waiting for a response to the inquiry for a set time; ordering a cpr treatment protocol if no response is received within the set time; analyzing a response; ordering a cpr treatment protocol upon receiving a non-affirmative response to the inquiry; and ordering a shock treatment protocol upon receiving an affirmative response to the inquiry.


Light switch controlling light source via wireless transmission

This disclosure relates in general to a networked light switch. More specifically, the disclosure relates to a light switch that, in response to detecting a local input or motion, transmits a communication that causes another light switch to change a state of a light.
Belkin International, Inc.


Systems and methods for dimming of a light source

In embodiments, improved capabilities are described for dimming performance of lighting methods and systems, such as the improvement of dimming led lamps that are dimmed from standard external dimming devices. Methods and systems for improving dimming performance include a fast startup override facility for overriding a default dimming function of the lamp's electronics through forcing the lamp electronics to operate with a higher than normal duty cycle to ensure the lamp electronics can deliver higher than normal power to an led module during a dimming current level startup condition.
Ecosense Lighting Inc.


Apparatus, allocating identifiers to components of a control system

Techniques and mechanisms to enable addressing of components accessed via a control interface. In an embodiment, a plurality of identifiers is logically split into first and second pools.


Instant messaging system and method

An instant messaging system comprising an instant messaging server to which a plurality of client devices are connectable to the internet; where client device(s) belonging to a user is connectable to the instant messaging server by using an identifier of the user; wherein in a default mode an instant message is sent from a client device to the instant messaging server for routing to an intended recipient via internet connection; and if the internet connection is not available the instant message is routed via another electronic link to the instant messaging server for routing to an intended recipient, the another electronic link using a session-based protocol is disclosed.. .
Chikka Pte Ltd


Lisp stretched subnet mode for data center migrations

The present disclosure describes methods and systems for enabling a migration of network elements from a first location to a second location remote from the first location without changing the internet protocol (ip) addresses, subnet mask, and/or default gateway of the network elements. The first location has a first locator/identifier separation protocol (lisp) router configured on a stick and the second location having a second lisp router configured on a stick.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Handling connections between network devices that support multiple port communication modes

Techniques for handling connections between network devices that support multiple port communication modes are provided. In one embodiment, a first network device can detect a communication problem between a local port of the first network device and a peer port of a second network device, where the local port supports a plurality of communication modes including a default mode and one or more non-default modes.
Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.


Method and system for customer evaluation and development/provision of multiple types of varied and pre-approved customized product offers to evaluated customers for on-demand acceptance and fulfillment

This invention relates to a system that generates pre-approved financial product offers, such as credit offers, after evaluating information retrieved from internal and/or external databases which contain customer information. The system is particularly suitable for generating pre-approved multi-product offers from the suite of products a user institution has available in addition to a default offer..
Cunexus Solutions


Collaborative profile-based detection of behavioral anomalies and change-points

A predictive estimator, trained on a data corpus, is used to generate a probability estimate based a sequence of data related to an entity. The predictive estimator computes an instantaneous surprise score which is a quantification of a short-term deviation of a datum from the probability estimate.
Fair Isaac Corporation


Method to delay locking of server files on edit

A server is implemented with a modified file open action, which, when a user performs the modified open, initially opens a file without locking the file. When a user indicates (either explicitly or implicitly) that the user is attempting to or intending to open the file, the file can then be locked for editing.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Multi-dimensional decomposition computing method and system

Disclosed is a multi-dimensional decomposition computing method and system, related to the field of multi-dimensional decomposition computing technique, applicable to performing multi-dimensional decomposition on big data to reduce computation complexity. The method executes: generating an recursion topology based on pre-processed big data; the recursion topology comprising dimension combination and recursion path among the dimension combinations; based on default fixed strategy, defining a fixed dimension combination and defining a computation path forming an optimized fixed dimension combination; based on the recursion topology, generating computation tasks; and based on the fixed dimensional combination and the computation path of the optimized fixed dimension combination, activating the computation tasks, computing the computation tasks and obtaining computing results.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

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