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new patent Apparatus, method and computer program for communicating via a plurality of networks
Access control information is received from a first network, which is the device's serving network (500). The received access control information is stored as access control settings (505).
Broadcom Corporation

new patent Method and dynamically reconfiguring mobile devices from primary to secondary services based on pushed data
A new approach is proposed to support automated dynamic reconfiguration of a mobile device of a client from using a primary document service to a secondary document service by the same service provider based on pushed data received via the mobile device. When the client logs in to his/her account at the primary cloud-based document service by default and later receives an invite sent by another client via the secondary document appliance, a document app on the client's mobile device would automatically reconfigure itself to use the secondary document appliance for a specific set of operations on a document as required by the invite instead.
Barracuda Networks, Inc.

new patent Playback device demonstration
A playback device may be communicatively connected to a network device at a demonstration location. After connecting to the network device, the playback device may receive from the network device, a message indicating media content for playback by the playback device.
Sonos, Inc.

new patent Distributed white list for security renewability
To provide for security and robustness in distribution of high value video content such as uhd video, a white list is provided that does not grant default access to content like a revocation listing does, but rather forces a software update on potentially compromised devices to bring them back into copy protection compliance, eliminating, e.g., the use of certain outputs that have been compromised. Prior to outputting content, a source device determines whether the receiving device is on a white list, whether the output is still valid, whether the version number of the receiving device is still valid, and that the receiving device does not have insecure outputs on which it could re-output content..
Sony Corporation

new patent Systems and methods for battery charging
This disclosure relates to systems and methods for charging a battery. An example embodiment includes receiving information about an initial state of charge of a battery.
Google Inc.

new patent Method for adjusting a timing derate for static timing analysis
A static timing analysis method that determines an expected design condition surrounding a target cell in an integrated circuit design. A derate adjustment is determined based on the expected design condition for a target cell and a timing derate, representing variation in propagation delay for a default design condition, is then adjusted based on the derate adjustment.
Arm Limited

new patent Dynamic definitive image service
A representative image system is described herein that provides a representative image for any given search query. Upon receiving a search for a term (or terms), the system accesses an inverted index to identify images associated with that term.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

new patent Nonvolatile memory modules and data management methods thereof
Disclosed is a nonvolatile memory module. The nonvolatile memory module includes at least one nonvolatile memory, a random access memory (ram) and a device controller.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

new patent Dock for a mobile device
Disclosed herein is dock for a mobile device. An example of a dock includes an enclosure and an adjustable shelf.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

Targeted advertising
A method and apparatus for serving targeted advertising to a user via a user device are described including receiving content provided by a content provider, rendering the provided content, viewing a commercial, wherein the commercial was spliced into the content based on a default commercial selection algorithm at a commercial break, determining if the user wants to rate the commercial, accepting the user's rating of the commercial if the user wants to rate the commercial and communicating the user's rating of the commercial to the content provider.. .
Thomson Licensing

Default gateway extension

Many hybrid cloud topologies require virtual machines in a public cloud to use a router in a private cloud, even when the virtual machine is transmitting to another virtual machine in the public cloud. Routing data through an enterprise router on the private cloud via the internet is generally inefficient.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


In one aspect, the invention concerns a method of operating a chatbot to engage in a conversation with a correspondent the method comprises building a profile having plural profile variables for the correspondent; and during the conversation with the correspondent; selecting a node in the conversation data structure for processing based on the one or more profile variables, and processing the node to follow a conversation path based on the node's coded instructions and/or relationship with other nodes. In another aspect, the method comprises the steps of attempting to match the received input message with a node in the conversation data structure of the chatbot; if a matched node is found, selecting the matched node for processing; but if a matched node is not found, selecting a node for processing using a fuzzy search, or using a default procedure..
International Business Machines Corporation

Dynamic attribute based application policy

Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media are provided for dynamically setting an end point group for an end point. An endpoint can be assigned a default end point group when added to a network.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Data structure management in hybrid clearing and default processing

Data structures for data transactions related to clearing are managed by: maintaining a market participant account data structure for the market participant and a guaranty fund data structure representative of a guaranty fund contribution made by a clearing member in support of the market participant; receiving transaction data for the market participant in connection with the transaction; determining a settlement data level for the transaction and for which the market participant is responsible; determining a guaranty fund contribution data level for the transaction and for which the clearing member is responsible; adjusting the market participant account data structure in accordance with the determined settlement data level; and, adjusting the guaranty fund data structure in accordance with the determined guaranty fund contribution data level.. .
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.

Method and system for automatically generating recommendations for a client shopping list

A recommender system for use on a mobile platform or other computing device provides a user with a recommended list of products with default product quantities that are based on prior purchase behavior of the user or customer. This feature relies on analyzing a customer's past purchases and associating a score with each product.
Ahold Licensing SÀrl

Selecting content to surface via an inferred social connection

A system, method, and apparatus are provided for selecting electronic content to surface to a member of a user community, among content associated with a second member with whom an inferred (i.e., non-explicit) connection has been formed. Based on the members' types (e.g., professional, student, recruiter) and/or other factors, a type is assigned to the new connection.
Linkedin Corporation

Memory management method, memory storage device and memory control circuit unit

A memory management method, a memory storage device and a memory control circuit unit are provided. The memory management method includes: detecting a replacement physical unit number of a rewritable non-volatile memory module; adjusting an available capacity of the rewritable non-volatile memory module from a first available capacity to a second available capacity if the replacement physical unit number meets a default condition.
Phison Electronics Corp.

Method and managing workflows for communication network provisioning

According to the teachings herein, provisioning operations carried out via electronic processing in a communication network (60) benefit from the use of reordered workflows (20) having task orderings that are at least partly optimized with respect to task failure probabilities and/or resource-blocking penalties. The reordered workflows (20) are obtained by optimizing predefined provisioning workflows (10).
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Portable electronic device and control method thereof

A portable electronic device and a control method thereof are provided. The method is adapted to a portable electronic device including a rotatable element, a fixed element, a screen, a processor, a switch module with at least two protruding elements, and fixed points.
Compal Electronics, Inc.

Method with function parameter setting and integrated circuit using the same

A method with function parameter setting and an integrated circuit using the same are provided. The integrated circuit includes a function pin coupled to an external setting unit, a switch unit, and first and second function adjustment circuits.
Upi Semiconductor Corp.

Alignment based view matrix tuning

A head-mounted display device is disclosed, which includes an at least partially see-through display, a processor configured to detect a physical feature, generate an alignment hologram based on the physical feature, determine a view of the alignment hologram based on a default view matrix for a first eye of a user of the head-mounted display device, display the view of the alignment hologram to the first eye of the user on the at least partially see-through display, output an instruction to the user to enter an adjustment input to visually align the alignment hologram with the physical feature, determine a calibrated view matrix based on the default view matrix and the adjustment input, and adjust a view matrix setting of the head-mounted display device based on the calibrated view matrix.. .

Expandable bullnose assembly for use with a wellbore deflector

Disclosed are embodiments of expandable bullnose assemblies for use in a well system. One well system includes a deflector arranged within a main bore of a wellbore and defining a first channel that exhibits a predetermined diameter and communicates with a lower portion of the main bore, and a second channel that communicates with a lateral bore, and a bullnose assembly including a body and a bullnose tip arranged at a distal end of the body, the bullnose tip being actuatable between a default configuration, where the bullnose tip exhibits a first diameter, and an actuated configuration, where the bullnose tip exhibits a second diameter different than the first diameter, wherein the deflector is configured to direct the bullnose assembly into one of the lateral bore and the lower portion of the main bore based on a diameter of the bullnose tip as compared to the predetermined diameter..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Systems and methods for navigating a vehicle to a default lane

Systems and methods use cameras to provide autonomous navigation features. In one implementation, a driver assist navigation system is provided for a vehicle.
Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd.

Tuning a nfc antenna of a device

A nfc object reader's nfc antenna system configured to dynamically change an element of the nfc antenna system to maintain the nfc antenna system's antenna default resonant frequency. The nfc antenna system can be configured to include a tuning subsystem, integrated with sensors to trigger tuning of nfc antenna system's antenna..
Square, Inc.

Motion vector prediction

A system includes motion vector prediction circuitry that generates motion vectors for pixel groups and pixel subgroups within the pixel groups. For a current pixel group within the currently processed picture, the motion vector prediction circuitry selects a target reference picture.
Broadcom Corporation

Method and service center for assisting a customer to navigate a service

A method and service center (500, 600) for assisting a customer when said customer uses a communication device to navigate through a succession of choice options according to a default tree structure of option nodes. The service center obtains (202) customer information pertaining to the customer and identifies (204) from the customer information one or more customer-related keywords from a selection of predefined keywords.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Tuning a nfc antenna of a device

A nfc object reader's nfc antenna system configured to dynamically change an element of the nfc antenna system to maintain the nfc antenna system's antenna default resonant frequency. The nfc antenna system can be configured to include a tuning subsystem, integrated with sensors to trigger tuning of nfc antenna system's antenna..
Square, Inc.

Multimedia playing method and apparatus based on android system

The present disclosure provides a multimedia playing method and apparatus. The multimedia playing method includes: loading a source file and parsing a file header of the source file in order to determine whether the source file is a predefined format file, wherein the predefined format file includes menu information, and the menu information further includes default start menu information, at least two titles, at least one button for selecting a corresponding title and data for indicating the corresponding relations between the buttons and the titles; if the source file is a predefined format file, storing the menu information, and obtaining the default start menu information; extracting and playing the corresponding data of the current title..
Autochips Inc.

System and methods for video comment threading

Systems, methods and computer program products are provided for threading media responses. An interactive media response interface comprises a main carousel in a default state that displays one or more media items.
Vipeline, Inc.

Intuitive control of pressure-sensitive stroke attributes

Embodiments of the present invention provide systems, methods, and computer storage media directed to a drawing application that enables intuitive application of a pressure-sensitive effect to a rendered stroke. Such a drawing application may receive input stroke data along including pressure measurements along a path of the stroke.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Systems and methods for multiple aspirators for a constant pump rate

Methods and systems are provided for a parallel arrangement of at least two valved aspirators, with a high pressure source such as an intake throttle inlet coupled to a motive inlet of the arrangement and a low pressure sink such as an intake throttle outlet coupled to a mixed flow outlet of the arrangement. Intake throttle position and respective valves arranged in series with each aspirator of the arrangement are controlled based on intake manifold pressure and/or a desired engine air flow rate, for example such that a combined motive flow rate through the arrangement increases as intake manifold pressure increases.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Transmitter sharing system for dual active subscriptions

For a user equipment in a transmitter sharing dual subscriber identity module (sim) dual active subscriptions (dsda) mode, a first subscription of a first radio access technology (rat) in a packet switched data call in general has a lower priority than a second subscription in an active voice call in a second rat. As a result of this default high priority assigned to the active voice call, the first subscription may experience long delay, low throughput or in some cases radio link failure due to long starvations.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Data processing method, apparatus and system

Embodiments of the present invention relate to the communications field and provide a data processing method, an apparatus and a system, which can improve generality of a network concurrent function on an intelligent terminal. The data processing method includes: accessing a wireless local area network; establishing a first access point name apn, where the first apn is different from a default apn of the intelligent terminal, and the first apn is used to implement data service access to a cellular network when the wireless local area network is accessed; accessing the cellular network by using the first apn; and performing, in the wireless local area network and the cellular network accessed by using the first apn, transmission of a data service of the intelligent terminal.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Low power data transmission protocol

A data transmission system and method includes a network coordinator and a node. The node is configured to execute a schedule that may be a default schedule or may be a schedule received from the network coordinator.
Simmonds Precision Products, Inc.

Image processing apparatus, controlling the same, and storage medium

A plurality of address books including at least an address book for an administrator are stored in a storage unit, and it is determined, based on whether a request to display an address book is received via a screen of a transmission function or a request to display an address book is received via a screen of a transfer function, whether or not to display the address book for the administrator as a default from the plurality of address books stored in the storage unit.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Charging method, alternating current adaptor, charging management device and terminal

A charging method, an alternating current adapter, a charging management device and a terminal are disclosed. The alternating current adapter includes a micro-usb connector used to connect to an external terminal and charge the external terminal; a conversion module used to convert the accessed alternating current into the direct current to be output to the micro-usb connector as an output and boost a voltage to a designated value after receiving a voltage boosting instruction; a changeover switch used to connect two differential signal lines of the micro-usb connector to a resistor by normal default, and detects whether the two differential signal lines are in a short-circuit state when the micro-usb connector is connected to the external terminal, if so, trigger a control module and disconnect the two differential signal lines from the resistor; and the control module used to send the voltage boosting instruction to the conversion module after triggered..
Zte Corporation

Multi-terminal dc electrical network

A multi-terminal dc electrical network comprises a plurality of dc terminals, each dc terminal operatively connected to at least one other dc terminal via a respective dc power transmission medium; a plurality of converters, each converter being operatively connected to a respective one of the dc terminals, the plurality of converters including at least one designated converter; and a controller including a solver configured to use an algorithm to process a plurality of values to compute a no-load dc voltage for a first designated converter as a function of the plurality of values. The plurality of values include a first value defining an operating mode of each designated converter; a second value defining a default electrical characteristic of the multi-terminal dc electrical network or a computation parameter of the algorithm; and a third value defining an electrical measurement corresponding to a voltage or current in the multi-terminal dc electrical network..
General Electric Technology Gmbh

Vsync aligned cpu frequency governor sampling

Systems, methods, and apparatus are herein described for reducing stuttering or skipped frames in media rendering by switching between two sampling windows of a cpu frequency governor. In particular, a sampling window for the governor can switch between a first mode and a second mode, where the first mode involves a default sampling window having a period greater than 1/f, is out of phase with or not aligned with vsync pulses, and is clocked to an internal clock of the cpu frequency governor.
Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc.

Systems and methods for implementing trading and global matching based on request and offer of liquidity

Apparatus for stimulating trading in a limited-liquidity financial instrument are provided. One the method may include receiving a trade of liquidity for the limited-liquidity financial instrument.
Gfi Group Inc.

Unguided application crawling architecture

A system for automated acquisition of content from an application includes a link tracking module that controls an instance of the application executing within an emulator. For a selected state, the link tracking module controls the executing application instance to navigate to the selected state and identifies a first set of application states reachable by user interface interaction.
Quixey, Inc.

Suspended input method, apparatus, and computer storage medium

A method and apparatus for implementing a floating input, including: acquiring position information of an input box on a screen and resolution of the screen; and determining a default pop-up position of an input method panel on the screen according to the acquired position information and resolution. A user misoperation is avoided while the input box is not sheltered by the input method panel, thereby improving the user experience..
Zte Corporation

Critical paths accommodation with frequency variable clock generator

Aspects of the disclosure provide an integrated circuit and method for varying a frequency of a clock signal to accommodate critical paths in the integrated circuit. The integrated circuit can include a clock generator configured to generate a clock signal having a clock frequency that is variable, circuitry that includes a plurality of critical modules that can be selectively activated to operate under control of the clock signal, each critical module including one or more critical paths that a default clock frequency cannot accommodate, and a controller that causes the clock generator to vary the clock frequency of the clock signal based on propagation delays of those critical paths in activated critical modules..
Marvell Israel (m.l.s.l) Ltd.

Turbine engine having variable pitch outlet guide vanes

A gas turbine engine including a core engine and a fan configured in mechanical communication with the core engine is provided. The gas turbine engine also includes a plurality of outlet guide vanes positioned downstream from the fan along an axial direction defined by the gas turbine engine.
General Electric Company

Method for intelligently and dynamically selecting beacon transmitting nodes in ad-hoc networks

A method of transitioning a wireless networking device from a non-access point mode to an access point mode includes receiving a find network request from another wireless networking device and sending a find network response including beacon data and an identifier. The method includes receiving a join network request from the other wireless networking device and associating with the other networking device by transitioning from a default mode to an access point mode.
Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Systems and methods for wireless communication with implantable and body worn devices

A medical monitoring and communication system for wireless communication between an implantable medical device, a mobile user device, and a remote server includes a sensor device coupled to the implantable medical device. The sensor device is configured to default to a master mode prior to pairing with the mobile user device, listen for a request to connect from the mobile user device, refrain from communicating with the mobile user device responsive to the request to connect from the mobile user device being invalid, and switch to a slave mode to allow cooperative pairing with the mobile user device responsive to the request to connect from the mobile user device being valid.
Sorin Crm Sas

Set-top box with interactive portal and use of same

A set-top box with an interactive portal and system and method for use of the same are disclosed. In one embodiment of the set-top box, the set-top box is deployed to provide an interactive portal in a hospitality establishment having multiple rooms, such as a hotel.
Enseo, Inc.

Block vector prediction in video and image coding/decoding

Innovations in the area of prediction of block vector (“bv”) values improve encoding or decoding of blocks using intra block copy (“bc”) prediction. For example, some of the innovations relate to use of a default bv predictor with a non-zero value.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Determining load state of remote systems using delay and packet loss rate

Systems and methods are provided for managing workloads across multiple resources in a distributed computing system. A data traffic flow between a source device and each of a plurality of target devices within the distributed computing system is monitored.
Aol Inc.

Video on demand control method and control device using the method

In a video on demand (vod) method and control device using the method, a request for establishing a network topology from the media server is received and the network topology is established. Bandwidth values of several possible transmission routes in the network topology are calculated.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods for integrating a device with a software-defined networking controller

The disclosure is directed towards systems and methods for integrating a device with a software-defined networking (sdn) controller. A device intermediary to a plurality of clients and a plurality of servers can receive a request to establish a communicative connection between an sdn controller and the device.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Hvac unit, a generating a network address for a hvac unit and a hvac controller therefor

An hvac controller, a method for operating a hvac unit and a hvac unit are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, the hvac controller includes: (1) a memory configured to store a unique default network address for the controller and (2) a processor configured to automatically generate the unique default network address based on a seed value that is uniquely associated with the hvac unit..
Lennox Lndustries Lnc.

Dynamic heterogeneous hashing functions in ranges of system memory addressing space

Dynamic heterogeneous hashing function technology for balancing memory requests between multiple memory channels is described. A processor includes functional units and multiple memory channels, and a memory controller unit (mcu) coupled between them.
Intel Corporation

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  • Semiconductor Switch
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  • Semiconductor
  • Bipolar Transistor
  • Video Camera
  • Transceiver
  • Group Identifier
  • Local Area Network
  • Network Device
  • Data Packet
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  • Pdp Context
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