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 Adaptive unicast timeout for a wireless network having optimized routing patent thumbnailAdaptive unicast timeout for a wireless network having optimized routing
A system and method for optimizing performance of a network by creating a database of the time that a packet takes to be transmitted from one node to a next adjacent node, and uses that database to calculate a new default unicast timeout period, wherein if an acknowledgement is not received from a destination node within the default unicast timeout period, then the packet may be retransmitted in a period of time that is optimized and not dependent on waiting for a standard unicast timeout period to expire, and wherein a system and method also includes replacing the use of broadcast messages to learn the status of nodes on a network by creating a self-forming and self-correcting dynamic network by compiling a database of all known paths through a network, rating all known paths so that if the best route is blocked, the next best route can be substituted for it to enable a date packet to have the fastest path back to a source.. .

 Method and  generating connection in wireless communication system patent thumbnailMethod and generating connection in wireless communication system
A method for transmitting and receiving a signal in a packet data network gateway (pgw) of a mobile communication system according to an embodiment of the present specification comprises the steps of: receiving a first request message which includes an identifier of a terminal and is associated with a packet data network connection; sending a second request message to a policy and charging rules function (pcrf) server on the basis of the received first request message; and if quality of service (qos) related information is included in a response message received in response to the second request message from the pcrf, performing a control associated with the packet data network connection on the basis of the qos related information. In a wireless communication system using a pmip according to the present invention, it is possible to generate a pdn connection in accordance with the default qos..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Image capturing device with touch screen for adjusting camera settings patent thumbnailImage capturing device with touch screen for adjusting camera settings
Several methods for operating a built-in digital camera of a portable, handheld electronic device are described. In one embodiment, the device receives a user selection (e.g., tap, tap and hold, gesture) of a region displayed on the display screen (e.g., touch sensitive screen).
Apple Inc.

 Addressable electric safety contact monitoring system patent thumbnailAddressable electric safety contact monitoring system
An addressable electrical safety contact monitoring system is described. The system includes an input terminal connected to an external signal relating to a safety fault, a first signal wire connect the input terminal, a switch having a default position and an active position, a first electric connection between the input terminal and a switch, a microprocessor, a second electric connection between the microprocessor and the switch, an address-section mechanism, an output terminal and a third electric connection between the microprocessor and the output terminal.

 Margin requirement based on intrinsic value of index cds patent thumbnailMargin requirement based on intrinsic value of index cds
A computer system may access data describing positions in a portfolio. The portfolio positions may include a position in an index credit default swap corresponding to k separate credit entities.
Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Inc.

 Margin requirements for multi-currency cds portfolios patent thumbnailMargin requirements for multi-currency cds portfolios
A computer system may calculate margin component values for a multi-currency credit default swap (cds) portfolio. The portfolio may include a portion having positions corresponding to cdss denominated in a first currency and a portion having positions corresponding to cdss denominated in a second currency.
Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Inc.

 Informatics platform for integrated clinical care patent thumbnailInformatics platform for integrated clinical care
An informatics platform provides an architecture to integrate information from relevant patient information systems. The informatics platform may include: a workflow tool that can be used to prepare and review information at multi-disciplinary board meetings; a visual timeline of patient events; a search engine to search for patients with specific attributes; a graphing tool that can display disparate clinical variables in a single chart; a virtual pinboard for users to identify relevant patient information for board meetings; an image viewing application that can provide for comparison of images from different information systems; structured reporting functionality that incorporates system aggregated patient information and board recommendations; an application interface that integrates clinically relevant tools to provide patient specific references; a collaboration interface that facilitates communication of patient specific information and documents the discussion threads as independent reference points; and a default display of relevant patient information customized for each clinical specialty..
Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.

 Scrolling digital content with auto-aligning patent thumbnailScrolling digital content with auto-aligning
A solution is provided for presenting content items of a digital magazine to a user of a digital magazine server, where a slide operation is performed with auto-aligning feature that allows an edge of a content item to be aligned with a predetermined snap location. In one aspect, the auto-aligning feature is performed by determining friction that allows the slide operation to conclude with an edge of a content item aligned with the predetermined snap location, based on a prediction of a slide operation with default friction applied, and applying the determined friction to execute the slide operation.
Flipboard, Inc.

 Using a temporary default bearer for a packet data network session patent thumbnailUsing a temporary default bearer for a packet data network session
A device may receive a request to establish a packet data network (pdn) session for a user device. The device may provide a first instruction to establish the pdn session for the user device with a temporary default bearer based on receiving the request.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

 Method and system for panoramic multimedia streaming patent thumbnailMethod and system for panoramic multimedia streaming
Methods and apparatus for panoramic multimedia streaming where viewers may control spatial coverage of panoramic video components of multimedia signals are disclosed. A novel flexible streaming server is devised to perform client-specific content filtering in addition to adapting multimedia signals to characteristics of individual client devices as well as to varying capacities of network paths to client devices.
Vantrix Corporation

Method and modifying forwarding states in a network device of a software defined network

A method in a network controller coupled to a network device of a software defined network (sdn), of modifying forwarding table entries of the network device is described. The method includes constructing a first message including a flow profile associated with a plurality of flows and an install profile command, where the flow profile includes a flow profile identifier, and a set of default parameter values that are common for the plurality of flows.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Control arrangement, control system and high frequency power generating device

Techniques are described for controlling the power and/or matching the impedance of the output impedance of a high frequency power generator to the impedance of a load, in particular a plasma discharge. A control arrangement may include a control unit, to which a target value, an actual value, and a correction value is supplied, the control unit being set up to generate an adjustment value by taking into account the correction value.
Trumpf Huettinger Gmbh + Co. Kg

Display device having gate driving circuit and driving method thereof

A display device includes: a display panel; a voltage generator to output a gate on voltage to a voltage output terminal; a clock generator to receive the gate on voltage to generate at least one clock signal; a gate driving circuit including a plurality of driving stages to output gate signals to gate lines in response to the at least one clock signal, each of the driving stages including at least one transistor to adjust a threshold voltage based on a back bias control voltage; and a signal controller to detect a current variation of the voltage output terminal and including a back bias controller to search for the back bias control voltage to minimize a consumption current level of the voltage output terminal while changing the back bias control voltage from a default voltage level when the detected current variation is greater than a reference level.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Multi-core microprocessor that dynamically designates one of its processing cores as the bootstrap processor

A microprocessor includes an indicator and a plurality of processing cores. Each of the plurality of processing cores is configured to generate a default core id and to sample the indicator.
Via Technologies, Inc.

Overloading app icon touchscreen interaction to provide action accessibility

A method of operating a user device includes, in response to a set of app icons being displayed, monitoring for user interaction with one of the app icons. In response to detecting user interaction with a first app icon corresponding to a first app, the method determines whether the detected user interaction satisfies first criteria or second criteria.
Quixey, Inc.

Systems and methods for parallax compensation

An electronic device may include a touch screen electronic display configured to offset and/or shift the contact locations of touch implements and/or displayed content based on one or more calculated parallax values. The parallax values may be associated with the viewing angle of an operator relative to the display of the electronic device.
Elwha, Llc

Ambient light sensors with auto gain switching capabilities

An ambient light sensor that is operable in high gain mode and low gain mode is provided. The high gain mode may help provide satisfactory sensitivity at low light levels but may generate saturated output levels in bright ambient lighting conditions.
Apple Inc.

Method and assembly for operating a sanitary fixture

A method of operating a sanitary fixture including at least the steps of: a) defining a plurality of zones of a surrounding area of the sanitary fixture; b) detecting a current ambient situation by a sensor device; c) setting a default ambient situation; d) monitoring the plurality of zones by the sensor device; e) initiating an action of the sanitary fixture when with step d), a characterizable change in the ambient situation is detected. An assembly is also provided having at least one sensor device and a sanitary fixture.
Grohe Ag

Method and performing a handover in an evolved universal terrestrial radio access network

A method and an apparatus for performing a handover in an evolved universal terrestrial radio access network (e-utran) are disclosed. A wireless transmit/receive unit (wtru) sends a measurement report to a source evolved node b (enb), and receives a handover command from the source enb.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

Method and device for accessing server

A method and a device for accessing a server are provided. The method includes: obtaining a first access indicator for indicating a geographic region to which a default access server belongs, when it is detected an intelligent device is accessing a network.
Xiaomi Inc.

Interoperability with legacy clients

A method includes identifying a series of events formatted for a modern system. The series of events includes a master message usable by modern systems.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Command propagation optimization

Providing series level updates for a series. A method includes identifying a master message.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Setting sdn flow entries

A method for setting software defined network (sdn) flow entries. A packet transmitted from a host is received, and a local flow table of the sdn switch for a flow entry that matches address information of the packet is searched.
Hangzhou H3c Technologies Co., Ltd.

Memory device that supports multiple memory configurations

A memory device comprises: a plurality of memory configuration modes; an option selection logic for selecting one of the plurality of memory configuration modes to operate the memory device; and bonding pads. The bonding pads are connected to inputs of the option selection logic.
Everam Technology America, Inc.

Graphics processing unit providing thermal control via render quality degradation

Power management techniques are disclosed for a graphics processing unit (gpu) in which the gpu determines whether it is operating outside an operational limit and, when the gpu is operating outside the operational limit, the gpu alters performance of an operation to be performed texture processor within the gpu to reduce complexity of the operation. Otherwise, the gpu may perform the texture processing operation at its default complexity.
Apple, Inc.

Consensus scheduling for business calendar

Using a set of alternative events with both modern and legacy systems. A method includes identifying a master message including a set of alternative events formatted for a modern system.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Event based retention of read only files

Systems and methods are disclosed for implementing an event based retention schedule for a read only file. When a regular file is to be converted to an event based retention read only file, an “event-retain” property may be enabled on the file allowing the feature to be implemented.
Netapp, Inc.

Automatic disambiguation assistance for similar items in a set

A method includes calculating, for each unique pair of search results of a plurality of search results, a first similarity value; automatically determining that the determined first similarity value for one or more of the unique pairs exceeds a similarity value threshold; iterating through similarity value calculations, until a similarity value is recalculated for each of the one or more unique pairs for which the first similarity value exceeded the similarity value threshold; and displaying the plurality of search results, each search result including display of data corresponding to default fields, and data corresponding to any looked up field that was necessary to cause a recalculated similarity value to fall below a threshold similarity value for any unique pair that search result belongs to.. .
Allscripts Software, Llc

Add a new instance to a series

Adding an instance to a series in a fashion that preserves the series for both modern and legacy systems, even when the addition would not ordinarily be compatible with the legacy system. A method includes identifying a master message.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Wearable electronic device including a formable display unit

Particular embodiments described herein provide for a wearable electronic device, such as a bracelet, watch, wristband or armband that includes a circuit board coupled to a plurality of electronic components (which may include any type of components, elements, circuitry, etc.). One particular example implementation of a wearable electronic device may include a strap portion and a display portion that is secured to the strap portion.
Intel Corporation

Mechanism, use and controlling a rotary plate of a carousel, and merry-go-round comprising such a carousel

A device (36) for controlling said restraint means that is suitable for driving, on command, said restraint means into said released state, said restraint means being in the restrained state by default.. .

Wearable electrocardiogram measurement device and compressing an electrocardiogram

A wearable electrocardiogram measurement device and a method for compressing an electrocardiogram are disclosed. A heart detection unit detects a heart activity status of a human body to obtain electrocardiogram data.
National Kaohsiung First University Of Science And Technology

Cooktop having a plurality of heating elements

In a method for operating a cooktop, a process of removal and placement of a cookware element with respect to a starting position and an end position is detectable by a detection arrangement. A control unit forms a heating zone to match a detected cookware element.
Bsh Hausgeräte Gmbh

System and estimated best path prediction

A method of responding to an incoming contact at a contact center includes receiving the incoming contact from a user device associated with a user; determining an attribute related to the user; and identifying historical contact interactions of the contact center that each have a respective attribute matching the attribute related to the user. Thus, based on the identified historical contact interactions, a next action associated with the contact can be predicted in order to provide dynamically modifying, during handling of the incoming contact, a default path for handling the incoming contact based on the predicted next action..
Avaya Inc.

Power conservation in power sourcing equipment

A method is provided to conserve power in a power sourcing equipment (pse) that provides a pse port voltage at pse ports. The method includes, in response to detecting a powered device (pd) is connected to the pse port, providing a power supply output voltage at a default value and turning on the pse port.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp

Gesture-based reorientation and navigation of a virtual reality (vr) interface

A virtual reality (vr) device presents a virtual environment and detects an input that relates to a contact by a user. The vr device identifies attributes of the input, and the attributes include, for example, a portion of the vr device associated with the contact, a duration of the contact, and a direction of motion of the contact.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Method and system for bookmarking a webpage

The present disclosure describes method and systems for bookmarking. The method includes detecting a plurality of webpage elements having the same uniform resource locator (url) from among webpage elements on a webpage.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Virtual keyboard text entry method optimized for thumb typing, using partial word completion key entry values

Virtual keyboards become efficient and ergonomic by typing with small, incremental partial word completions, using fewest but largest possible keys, presented in highly condensed layouts, retaining familiar structural patterns of standard keyboards like qwerty, and utilizing curved thumb typing formats. The keyboard continuously adjusts numbers of keys, key sizes, predictive values and layouts, to minimize keystrokes, reduce errors, and maximize potential words entered, while providing the most ergonomic, minimalist interface possible at any moment, scaling to any size device.

Methods and apparatuses for providing quality of service dependent services to mobile clients in multiple backhaul environments

In one aspect, wireless communications may be provided by routing packets from a wireless communication device to a wide area network via a first network, wherein the packets comprise data for a first service and a second service. Upon determining that a second network is assigned as a default network, data for the first service and the second service may be selectively assigned the to the first network or the second network based at least in part upon whether the second network is assigned as the default network and further based at least in part on a quality of service requirement of the first service and the second service respectively.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Methods and apparatus to manage data connections for multiple subscriber identities in a wireless communication device

Apparatus and methods to manage data connections to multiple wireless networks in a wireless communication device supporting multiple subscriber identities via multiple subscriber identity modules (sims) are disclosed. A representative method includes detecting an application request to establish a data connection; obtaining a preference for prioritization of data connections for the multiple sims; and based on the preference, establishing the data connection with a wireless network associated with one of the multiple sims.
Apple Inc.

Systems and methods for establishing a packet data network connection for a wireless communication device

Embodiments are directed to establishing only a single pdn connection for a ciot device using, for example, minimum nas signaling and default parameters in the serving node. Thus, the existing session management signaling from the ciot device may be eliminated, and instead the core serving node may establish a single pdn connection or pdp context based on default values, subscription information, and other information locally available in the serving node or available in the network when the ciot device attaches to the network.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Intelligent electric apparatus and controlling same

The present disclosure relates to an intelligent electric apparatus and a method of controlling the intelligent electric apparatus. The method includes: acquiring a message broadcasted by a smart wearable device; judging whether the smart wearable device is a default smart wearable device in accordance with the message; and controlling a working condition of the intelligent electric apparatus in accordance with a preset parameter if the smart wearable device is determined as the default smart wearable device, the preset parameter including a parameter reflecting a distance between the smart wearable device and the intelligent electric apparatus..
Xiaomi Inc.

Low read data storage management

Systems and methods disclosed herein are used to efficiently manage low read data. In one aspect, a method includes, in response to detecting occurrence of a first event (e.g., pfail), writing low read data to non-volatile memory of a storage device with a fast slc programming mode, distinct from a default slc programming mode.
Sandisk Enterprise Ip Llc

System and adding and storing groups of firmware default settings

A system, method and computer-readable storage devices for enabling improved management and installation of default configurations for firmware such as a basic input/output system (bios) or unified extensible firmware interface (uefi) on a computer motherboard. The system disclosed herein includes an additional storage device connected to system south bridge, which can store additional groups of default firmware configuration settings.
Quanta Computer Inc.

Default topics:
  • Ip Address
  • Latch Mechanism
  • Semiconductor Switch
  • Microprocessor
  • Semiconductor
  • Bipolar Transistor
  • Video Camera
  • Transceiver
  • Group Identifier
  • Local Area Network
  • Network Device
  • Data Packet
  • Input Device
  • Pdp Context
  • Communications

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