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Date/App# patent app List of recent Default-related patents
 Circuit switched fallback patent thumbnailCircuit switched fallback
The embodiments of the present application discloses a circuit switched fallback method, a ue, an msc, and an mme. The method includes: sending, by a ue to an mme, a request message for requesting to perform csfb; receiving, by the ue, a switch command sent by an enodeb; releasing or holding a default cs call of the ue after the ue switches to the cs domain according to the switch command, where the default cs call is generated by the ue according to the switch command; and by using an msc, initiating, by the ue, a cs call or receiving a cs call.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Configurable power supply circuit with external resistance detection patent thumbnailConfigurable power supply circuit with external resistance detection
A power supply circuit, suitable for use in an integrated circuit, the circuit configured to detect whether an output voltage has been specified using an external resistance network. The power supply circuit is configured to determine the appropriate output voltage to be generated based on a voltage measured at a single input pin of the power supply circuit, where the single input pin provides a feedback voltage used in the control loop of the power supply circuit.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

 Battery charger with user interface patent thumbnailBattery charger with user interface
A battery charger may accommodate simultaneous charging of one or more batteries. The battery charger may also accommodate high power charging of a single battery.
Traxxas Lp

 Battery charger with user interface patent thumbnailBattery charger with user interface
A battery single charger may accommodate li-type and ni-type batteries, having default charge settings and user-adjustable charge parameters in an ‘advanced mode’. Lithium polymer (lipo) batteries equipped with rfid technology and integrated balance taps may communicate with a device such as a battery charger equipped with similar technology providing information such as chemistry type, cell count, recommended charge rates, number of charges on the battery, among other types of information.
Traxxas Lp

 Overcurrent protection for an automotive instrument cluster patent thumbnailOvercurrent protection for an automotive instrument cluster
A system and method for protecting an instrument panel circuit from overcurrents includes a differential amplifier that magnifies a voltage drop across at least one power input component. The magnified voltage drop is provided to a hysteresis comparator that compares the voltage drop against a pair of hysteresis thresholds.
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

 User-driven evolving user interfaces patent thumbnailUser-driven evolving user interfaces
The described technologies can be used for customizing and evolving user interfaces. In one embodiment, a method can comprise storing a default graphical user interface template.

 Digital microscope having a click stop patent thumbnailDigital microscope having a click stop
A digital microscope has a stationary stand body (12) and a pivot unit (14) pivotably mounted on the stand body (12). The pivot unit (14) includes an image sensing unit for acquiring images of objects.
Leica Microsystems (schweiz) Ag

 Barrier safety gate patent thumbnailBarrier safety gate
A barrier safety gate is provided which flexes and moves apart in order to receive the vertical path of motion of forks of a fork lift for loading and unloading from a raised platform. The barrier safety gate includes a first and a second pair of opening, flexible guidance members having a default, closed position and an opening, flexible path of motion.

 Medical electronic device patent thumbnailMedical electronic device
A medical electronic device comprises at least a battery module, a detector for detecting the remaining battery of the battery module to generate a detection signal, a processor generating a first status information according to the detection signal, a transceiver and a function circuit. The processor transmits and receives the first status information and the control signal by the transceiver.
Gimer Medical Co., Ltd.

 Bluetooth hearing aid system patent thumbnailBluetooth hearing aid system
A hearing aid system includes a bluetooth enabled sound output device and bluetooth enabled sound output device. The sound output device has a first processor coupled to a first memory, to a first bluetooth module, to a sound processing module including an amplifier and a speaker, and to a first power supply.
Ubdevice Corp.


Treatment of cloud-based and local attachments in communication applications

Users of communication applications may be enabled to select from a user-friendly and efficiently provided list of files that may be of interest to them to attach to a correspondence and send to one or more recipients. For example, the communication application may retrieve information from one or more application programming interfaces (apis) associated with applications of the user to determine the list of files.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


One button configuration of embedded electronic devices

The present invention provides a system and method of configuring embedded electronic devices in a data center. The method includes: requesting device configuration information by the one or more embedded electronic devices via a wireless protocol; receiving the request at an update apparatus; in response to receiving the request at the update apparatus, retrieving a configuration file at the update apparatus, wherein the configuration file comprises a series of instructions for configuring the one or more embedded electronic devices in a default configuration; transmitting the configuration file from the update apparatus to the one or more embedded electronic devices via the wireless protocol; and configuring the one or more embedded electronic devices according to the configuration file..
Schneider Electric It Corporation


System and securing inter-component communications in an operating system

System and methods for securing inter-component communications in an operating system are provided. Systems and methods provided herein secure inter-component communications in an operating system by selectively generating instances when inter-component communication requests occur, whereby each of the generated instances are attached to a newly created blocked permissions list.
Singapore Management University


Module auto addressing in platform bus

A system and approach for addressing modules on a platform bus that may incorporate a master module and one or more slave modules. The platform bus may run through sub-base connectors that interlock modules together on a rail.
Honeywell International Inc.


Dynamic issue masks for processor hang prevention

Embodiments include issuing dynamic issue masks for processor hang prevention. Aspects include storing an instruction in an issue queue for execution by an execution unit, the instruction including a default issue mask.
International Business Machines Corporation


Dynamic issue masks for processor hang prevention

Embodiments include issuing dynamic issue masks for processor hang prevention. Aspects include storing an instruction in an issue queue for execution by an execution unit, the instruction including a default issue mask.
International Business Machines Corporation


Managing access to resource versions in shared computing environments

The disclosed embodiments provide a system that manages access to resource versions in a shared computing environment. Routing data including locations of the resource versions is used to route a request to a resource version in the shared computing environment.
Linkedin Corporation


Outdoor unit of air conditioner and controlling the same

Provided are an outdoor unit of an air conditioner that detects snow that piles up on the outdoor unit of the air conditioner and a method of controlling the same. When a detection device is installed in the outdoor unit and snow piles up in a snow cover detection area included in the detection device, it is detected using an optical sensor whether snow cover occurs.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Seam allowance guide aide label, sewing with color label

A seam allowance guide aide label, sewing with color label, to be applied to the surface of a sewing machine plate, as a stick-on label. The label has imprinted vertical and horizontal lines with colors; the first vertical line is the guideline to align the label to the default needle position for applying the label to the sewing machine's plate.


Method for processing exceptional case of establishing default bearer in mobile communication system and device therefor

There are provided a method for processing an exceptional case of establishing a default bearer and a device therefor in order to solve a problem in that a user equipment cannot actually receive an ip service by accessing a packet network while failing in establishing the default bearer in a mobile communication system. A method for processing an exceptional case of establishing a default bearer in a mobility management entity includes: receiving a network attachment request from a user equipment; transmitting a network attachment acceptance including an activation request of the default bearer to the user equipment in response to the network attachment request; and cancelling a network attachment procedure when a completion response to the activation request of the default bearer is not received from the user equipment within a predetermined time..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Method for handover without default bearer and device

Embodiments of the present application provide a method for a handover without a default bearer. A first network device sends a relocation request to a second network device.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Adaptive picture section encoding mode decision control

A cost function for use in an encoding mode decision for encoding a section of a digital picture is determined using a non-default relationship between lagrange multiplier (λ) values and quantization parameter (qp) values to determine the cost function when a number of bits per section (nbs) of the digital picture is in a predetermined range and determined using a default relationship between the a, values and the qp values to determine the cost function otherwise. The determined cost function is used to make the section encoding mode decision and the section is encoded according to the encoding mode decision.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


Injecting custom classes in application code to facilitate network traffic monitoring

Various methods and systems for facilitating network traffic monitoring in association with an application running on a client device are provided. In this regard, aspects of the invention facilitate monitoring network traffic being transmitted to and/or from a client device, such as a mobile device, so that network performance can be analyzed.
Splunk Inc.


Simplified multiple input multiple output (mimo) communication schemes for interchip and intrachip communications

Aspects disclosed in the detailed description include simplified multiple input multiple output (mimo) communication schemes for interchip and intrachip communications. In exemplary aspects, mimo techniques are applied to interchip and intrachip communication systems.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method and closed loop transmit diversity transmission initial access

Uplink precoding in closed loop transmit diversity (cltd). The methods and apparatus relate to precoder operations during an initial stage using default precoder tap weights, and a second stage wherein precoder weights obtained from a precoder control indicator channel information are used, provided the signal quality of the precoder control indicator channel is sufficiently reliable.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.


System for the monitoring and maintenance of remote autonomously powered lighting installations

A system of monitoring and/or maintaining remotely located autonomously powered lights, security systems, parking meters, and the like is operable to receive data signals from a number of the devices, and provide a comparison with other similar devices in the same geographic region to detect a default condition of a particular device, and/or assess whether the defect is environmental or particular to the specific device itself. The system includes memory for storing operating parameters and data, and outputs modified control commands to the devices in response to sensed performance, past performance and/or self-learning algorithms.
Clear Blue Technologies Inc.


Methods and apparatus to manage marketing forecasting activity

Methods and apparatus are disclosed to manage marketing forecasting activity. An example method includes retrieving, with a processor, a vetted sales forecast of a marketing objective, a corresponding set of drivers, and historical control data of the set of drivers, calculating, with the processor, (a) a first probability of not adjusting the set of drivers to meet the marketing objective and (b) a second probability of adjusting the set of drivers to meet the marketing objective, the first probability and the second probabilities based on the historical control data, overlaying default confidence limits associated with the vetted sales forecast on a graphical display, and in response to an adjustment via a graphical user interface to at least one of the default confidence limits, adjusting a frequency of displayed alerts of the vetted sales forecast to prevent at least one of overestimation or underestimation of adjustment of the set of drivers based on (a) the first probability, (b) the second probability and (c) a cost of adjusting the set of drivers..
The Nielsen Company (us), Llc


Suspending transactional-memory transactions without stack corruption

A technique for suspending transactional memory transactions without stack corruption. A first function that begins a transactional memory transaction is allocated a stack frame on a default program stack, then returns.
International Business Machines Corporation


Suspending transactional-memory transactions without stack corruption

A technique for suspending transactional memory transactions without stack corruption. A first function that begins a transactional memory transaction is allocated a stack frame on a default program stack, then returns.
International Business Machines Corporation


Non-transitory computer readable recording medium on which a ui program is recorded, print control apparatus and control the same

A ui program is recorded on a non-transitory computer readable medium for operating a computer as a print control apparatus in cooperation with a driver core module. The ui program causes the computer to execute: a first display control step of running a display program and displaying first setting items ecα (ec1 to ec5 and ec41), and a second display control step of running a default program and displaying a second setting item ecβ (ec42) which cannot be displayed by the display program.
Konica Minolta Inc.


Sous vide cooking

A method for “sous-vide” cooking includes receiving food type, food quantity, cook begin time, and cook finish time parameters and looking up a default time-temperature pair in a cooking services database. When the default time-temperature pair is suitable for yielding a cooked food meeting the food type, food quantity, cook begin time, and cook finish time parameters, a cooking control routine is derived from the default time-temperature pair.
Mellow Inc.


Device and managing bandwidth of video conference

In a method for managing video conference bandwidth, original video images with a predetermined quantity are acquired from a video sent from a client device. The video sent from the client device is compressed according to a default video compression parameter.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Multi-tenant application using hierarchical bean factory container

Various embodiments provide on premise and cloud deployment support for components that may not be multi-tenant enabled. A single application in a highly non-intrusive way without effecting application functional logic.
Oracle International Corporation


Method and system for setting up routing in a clustered storage system

Methods and systems for setting up routing in a clustered storage system are provided. The method includes generating a global routing data structure having a plurality of default routes for a clustered storage system having a plurality of nodes; creating a logical interface for a virtual storage system presented to a client system for using storage space at the clustered storage system managed by one of the plurality of nodes; examining the global routing data structure by the plurality of nodes for adding a route for the logical interface when a gateway address of the route is on a same subnet as the logical interface; and storing the route in a routing data structure for the node that manages the logical interface for the virtual storage system..
Netapp, Inc.


Systems and methods for an extranet multicast virtual private network in a virtual routing and forwarding based customer edge device

An information handling system is provided. The information handling system includes a customer edge device coupled to a provider edge device.
Dell Products L.p.


Luminance adjusting display screen of electronic device

A luminance adjusting method for a display screen of an electronic device includes the following steps. Firstly, a current brightness value and a current imaging color value of the display screen are recorded.
Primax Electronics Ltd.


Anti-theft system and anti-theft method

An anti-theft system and an anti-theft method are provided. The anti-theft system includes a box, a plurality of identification lines, a first sensor, and a controller.
Proeasy Network Solutions Co., Ltd.


Location-based updating of profile data

A method of updating user profile data involves at least one processor receiving from a mobile device a user identifier and first current position data associated with a first current location of the mobile device. The processor(s) queries a search index with the identifier for a profile associated with the user identifier, determines from the first current position data that the mobile device is outside a default location defined in the profile, and incorporates into the search index profile data in association with first current location information derived from the first current position data.
Avid Dating Life Inc.


Method and touch gestures

A system and method for facilitating employing touch gestures to control or manipulate a web-based application. The example method includes employing a browser running on a device with a touch-sensitive display to access content provided via a website; determining a context associated with the content, including ascertaining one or more user interface controls to be presented via a display screen used to present the content, and providing a first signal in response thereto; receiving touch input from a touch-sensitive display and providing a second signal in response thereto; and using the second signal to manipulate the display screen in accordance with the context associated with the content presented via the display screen.
Oracle International Corporation


Easy-to-use grid-based user interface and navigation model for smart tv devices

The embodiment this patent proposes is a user interface (portal) for smart tv devices composed of a grid of different types of elements: sections, applications, widgets and anchor spaces. This grid of elements can be scrolled to the left or to the right to allow the user to access hidden elements.
Npg Technology, S.a.


Technologies for collaborative hardware and software scenario-based power management

Technologies for collaborative hardware-software power management include a computing device having a processor that supports a low-power idle state. The low-power idle state may be connected standby or a low-power audio playback state.


Method for predicting disparity vector for interlayer video decoding and encoding apparatus and method

An interlayer video decoding method and apparatus and an interlayer video encoding method and apparatus are provided. The decoding method includes: reconstructing, based on encoding information obtained from a bitstream, a first layer image and a first layer depth map; determining whether a disparity vector is predictable using peripheral blocks of a second layer current block; and when the disparity vector is not predictable using the peripheral blocks, determining a disparity vector of the second layer current block using a default disparity vector and the reconstructed first layer depth map..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods for routing data

Methods and systems for routing data are disclosed. In one aspect, service management can be implemented on one or more computing devices located between at least one router and one or more nodes.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc


Enhanced communication link using synchronization signal as link command

A system communicating over a full duplex control channel of a multimedia communication link by using synchronization signals that may also function as a logical link command. Synchronization indicators are exchanged between two communicating devices for maintaining synchronization of a logical link.
Silicon Image, Inc.


Electronic device and displaying desktop icons

A method for displaying desktop icons in an electronic device at first shows all icons as having a three-dimensional appearance and a default depth. A frequency of execution is recorded for each executed application having an icon and the apparent depth of each icon is changed to reflect different execution frequencies within a predetermined time period..
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Methods and systems for determining routing

Systems and methods are presented for sequencing locations and events and determining routing and itineraries for the sequence. In some embodiments the system may receive a starting location, a first location, and a second location in a default order.


Rear spoiler device for a vehicle

The invention relates to a rear spoiler device (10) for a vehicle (1), which has at least one rear door (8, 9), the device having at least one lateral air-deflector element (32) and a roof air-deflector element (24) that can be adjusted between a default position and a travel position for contour extension and aerodynamic air conduction when the rear door (8, 9) is closed. It comprises a wing (30), which has a first swivel joint (31), in order to be pivotably fastened to the rear door (8, 9), wherein the wing (30) is adjustably attached to the lateral air-deflector element (32) via at least one second swivel joint (34), wherein at least one locking device (40) is provided for locking the lateral air-deflector element (32) with the wing (30), and a coupling device (60) is provided for coupling an adjustment of the locking device (40) to the adjustment of the roof air-deflector element (24)..
Wabco Gmbh


Electrified vehicle operating mode prompt

An exemplary method includes prompting a user to change an operating mode of an electrified vehicle from a first mode to a second mode that is different than the first mode. The first mode is a default mode.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Automatic park and reminder system and use

A parking system adaptively controlling a vehicle during a parking maneuver using a park assist system, for example an active park assist (apa) or trailer backup assist (tba). Control of the park assist system based on previous speed profiles at a geographic location where the same park assist system was previously activated.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Personal device and integration of mind/body focus energy

The present invention provides a device and related method that uses a physical stimulus (27) to alert the user of a possible disturbance through biofeedback in response to external body temperature fluctuations outside the normal range (26) to make the user consciously aware (30) of the disturbance so the user can refocus energy and attention. The present device comprises an electric circuit (8), energy source (3), timing element, physical stimulus generator (4), programmable component which sends a physical stimulus to said user at a default or programmed time interval, and at least one thermal sensor (9) disposed to come into direct contact with the user's skin to detect abnormal changes in skin temperature and send a physical stimulus to the user..


Resettable lighting system and method

A lighting system, including: light emitting elements; a reset switch operable in a first and second state; non-volatile reset memory configured to record the state of the reset switch when power is provided to the system; a wireless communication system; non-volatile communication memory configured to store default settings and configuration settings; a control system operable, in response to initial power provision to the control system, between: a configured mode when an instantaneous reset switch state matches the recorded state, the configured mode including: connecting the wireless communication system to a remote device based on the configuration settings, receiving instructions from the remote device, and controlling light emitting element operation based on the instructions; and a reset mode when the instantaneous reset switch state differs from the recorded state, the reset mode including: erasing the configuration settings from the communication memory and operating the system based on the default settings.. .
Lifi Labs, Inc.


Power adaptation during communication for improved margin

In order to improve communication with another electronic device, during an advertising mode an electronic device (such as a smartphone) may transmit a packet with advertising information using a default transmit power level. Then, based on feedback about a performance metric associated with the communication from the other electronic device, the electronic device may selectively increase the transmit power level for a subsequent packet.
Apple Inc.


Devices, mobile custom response

Devices, systems and methods are disclosed for selecting and sending one of a plurality of responses to a call on a communications device. A user may select a default response or a custom response.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Long-life asset tracking

A method and system for long-life asset tracking is disclosed. One example utilizes an activation module to provide an activation signal to at least a portion of the long-life asset tracker.
Trimble Navigation Limited


Camera and control method thereof

A camera and a control method thereof are provided. The camera includes a lens, one or more operation units, an image sensor, a thermal sensor, and a control unit.
Vivotek Inc.


Configurable signaling field and its indication

A method of providing a configurable signaling (sig) field is proposed to reduce the sig overhead of a data packet in a wireless network. The sig field comprises both he-sig-a field and he-sig-a2 field.
Mediatek Inc.


Fibre channel gateway system

An ethernet switch includes an ethernet processing system. Layer two (l2) forwarding tables are provided with the ethernet processing system, and a memory system is coupled to the ethernet processing system and includes ethernet processing system software.
Dell Products L.p.


Shopping pattern recognition

Shopping patterns for a customer with respect to a particular product that is repeatedly purchased by the customer with a given frequency are recognized across multiple channels. The shopping patterns are utilized to make suggestions, reminders, and default shopping lists on behalf of the customer..
Ncr Corporation


Simultaneous video and bus protocols over single cable

Method and systems are disclosed for transporting simultaneous video and bus protocols over a single cable. At least some of the illustrative embodiments are systems including a main switch configured to operate in an enhanced mode where the main switch is configured to transfer data from a first data source and a second data source to a cable, operate in a default mode where the main switch is configured to transfer data from the second data source to the cable without transferring data from the first data source; a multipurpose switch configured to operate in a handshake mode where the multipurpose switch transports handshake data between the cable and a digital logic, operate in a data mode where the multipurpose switch transports bus data between the cable and the second data source; and the digital logic programed to enable modes of operation of the multipurpose switch and the main switch..
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Intrauterine device

An intrauterine device for applying force to a wall of a uterus to promote contraception without blocking the fallopian tubes may include an elongate member formed of a resilient material and having a default expanded configuration and a spring portion disposed approximately at a midpoint between two ends of the elongate member. The iud may also include two tissue contact members, one tissue contact member disposed at one of the two ends of the elongate member and the other tissue contact member disposed at the other end.
Contramed Llc


Patient sensor data exchange systems and methods

A system for patient data exchange is provided and includes a plurality of sensors monitoring a patient according to a default sensor configuration, and a patient data exchange engine that receives a request comprising one or more parameters, identifies at least one applicable sensor from the plurality of sensors based on the one or more parameters, and reconfigures the at least one applicable sensor from the default sensor configuration to a different sensor configuration in accordance with the one or more parameters to generate applicable sensor data responsive to the request. In specific embodiments, the patient data exchange engine further computes a monetary value for the generated sensor data based at least on an attribute of the patient and an attribute of the sensor data..
Nant Health, Llc


Vending machine having integrated, user-accesible, single serve brewer interlocked with authorization unit

A vending machine having a housing incorporating an authorization unit, a storage area for storing vendible product, a dispenser for dispensing the vendible product, and an integrated brewer. The vendible product stored in the storage area comprises a cup containing a brew pack and condiments.
Meyers Munchies And Vending Ltd.


Media file sharing method and system

A media file sharing method and a media file sharing system are provided. The sharing method comprises: presetting and saving an lan, a dlna application and a media file that are default during a sharing process; establishing a sharing pair relationship between a master device and a slave device in the dlna application; generating an nfc triggering label embedded in the master device according to the lan, the dlna application, the media file and the sharing pair relationship; activating the nfc triggering label by the master device through an nfc sensing operation; the master device and the slave device logging into the lan and the dlna application that are default according to the nfc triggering label and completing the sharing pairing according to the sharing pair relationship; receiving the media file from the master device by the slave device and completing processing of the media file..
Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.


Dynamic tuning in dense arrays of electrically small elements

A system and method for dynamically tuning antenna elements is disclosed. The method comprises: receiving requests to capture over the air broadcasts; selecting an antenna element from a group of available antenna elements to capture one of the requested over the air broadcasts; applying default settings to tune the selected antenna element to capture the one of the requested over the air broadcasts; and dynamically tuning the selected antenna element to enhance reception of the one of the requested over the air broadcasts.
Charter Communication Operating, Llc


Electronic communications management system and method

A system and methods that prioritize email based on the use of cryptographic signatures are described. The system can allow email to be received without blocking a subset of the email.
Crrc, Inc.


System and generating health & lifestyle observations and recommendations for an individual

A system and method is disclosed for generating health and lifestyle related observations and recommendations for a user, based on information collected from the user. The system and method of the present invention is configured to accept user inputs that include activity, physical, biological, environmental, subjective, goal, real-time and historical user information, inputted directly into the system, or via a third party integration.


Interacting with data from a document via document an application pages

A document application is used to interact with a document as if the document was an application. Data from the document is automatically/manually selected to be associated with the document application.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Processing user input events in a web browser

A method and computing device are provided for processing user events received via a user interface, such as a touchscreen, in multiple threads. When a user event is received for a target element in a webpage, the user event is dispatched to both a main browser thread and a secondary thread.
Blackberry Limited


System optimizing method and apparatus

The present invention relates to the technical field of network communications, and discloses a system optimizing method and apparatus. The system optimizing method comprises: judging whether programs running in the system meet a preset optimization rule; displaying programs that meet the preset optimization rule in a first class of a program list and displaying programs that do not meet the preset optimization rule in a second class of the program list, wherein states of the programs in the first class are selected by default and states of the programs in the second class are not selected by default; and performing optimization processing for programs in the program list whose states are selected according to a triggered optimization instruction, wherein the optimization instruction includes the states of the programs in the program list.
Beijing Qihoo Technology Company Limited


Specialized app development and deployment system and method

According to at least one embodiment, a computer system for binding widgets to devices is provided. The computer system includes one or more memory elements collectively storing a plurality of widgets including a plurality of default identifiers and a plurality of identifiers of a plurality of devices associated with an identified space.
Schneider Electric Buildings, Llc


Cluster-radio information interchange system for enhancing human-machine interface experience

A display system for a vehicle includes an instrument cluster having a cluster display constructed and arranged, in a default cluster mode of operation, to display vehicle operating information. A radio display is separate from and disposed generally adjacent to the cluster display.
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.


Systems and methods for providing efficient and focused visualization of data

Systems and methods for providing efficient and focused visualization of data are provided herein. An exemplary method may include determining a default view layout for a user, the default view layout including representations of table records for the user, the default view layout and representations are selected based upon a table record count for the user, generating a graphical user interface having the selected default view layout, and providing the graphical user interface to a display device..
Axcient, Inc.


Short-path fuzzy navigation method

A short-path fuzzy navigation method is provided. The short-path fuzzy navigation method has steps of: a navigation apparatus planning a default path having a plurality of intersections thereon; and the navigation apparatus starting a short-path fuzzy navigation procedure.


Actuator lock

A locking device for use in a rotor blade, said locking device comprising: a locking member that is arranged to be movable from an unlocked position to a locking position upon experiencing sufficiently fast rotation; and a selectively engagable retaining device arranged when engaged to retain the locking member in the unlocked position. The locking device will typically default to an unlocked position during normal rotation and will only be locked so as to prevent movement when the retaining device is de-activated.
Microtecnica S.r.l


System and creating unique profiles on a social networking site

A social networking system enables users to join multiple user groups and create separate profiles for each group they join on the site. Each profile has a default set of user fields and a set of customized, administrator-created fields.
Dropbox, Inc.


Flexible server architecture with ability to dynamically change gateway communication channels

This disclosure relates to systems, methods, and computer readable media for allowing users or systems to change the gateway for particular channels of communication in an on-demand fashion, i.e., with the “flick of a switch.” more particularly, but not by way of limitation, this disclosure relates to systems, methods, and computer readable media which, by default, directly interact with each channel of communication and then funnel messages to the appropriate connected clients. Moreover, according to the techniques disclosed herein, each user may choose which device becomes the entry and/or exit point (i.e., gateway) for each communication channel, and that device may instantly become the “master” for those messages arriving via that communication channel.
Entefy Inc.


Desktop management method and electronic device with desktop management function

A desktop management method is used for managing a plurality of icons in a desktop. The desktop management method includes steps of setting a first counting period; accumulating a first number of used times of each icon during the first counting period; keeping a default color of n icons when the first number of used times of each of the n icons is larger than a predetermined number; thinning a default color of m icons when the first number of used times of each of the m icons is smaller than or equal to the predetermined number and larger than or equal to 1; and converting a default color of q icons into transparent and displaying q marks corresponding to the q icons when the first number of used times of each of the q icons is equal to 0..
Wistron Corporation


Starting an application on a mobile device

The invention relates to management of programs on a mobile device, and in particular, to a method for activating application programs on a mobile device, and a mobile device based on this method. The method for activating application programs on a mobile device according to an embodiment of the invention comprises the following steps: receiving an application request from a device which is located outside the mobile device; identifying a transmission protocol associated with the application request; and if there are a plurality of safety entities in the mobile device which support the transmission protocol and store application programs associated with the application request, activating an application program associated with the application request in a default safety entity..
China Union Pay Co.,ltd.


Electronic device and providing user interface

Disclosed is a method for providing a user interface, in which an electronic device divides a display region into a main region and a sub-region and displays default information or event information on the sub-region. The electronic device determines whether there is a user input on the sub-region.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method for automatically changing display version of website

The invention provides a method for automatically switching to a desktop version website when using a display to show an image of a smartphone. The method includes the steps of: a) connecting a docking station with a switch to a smartphone and a display; b) echoing an image from the smartphone onto the display; c) starting an internet connection function of the smartphone; and d) opening a proprietary web browser with a default of displaying a desktop version..
I/o Interconnect Inc.


Interface for interchanging data between redundant programs for controlling a motor vehicle

An electronic control unit for controlling and/or regulating at least one motor vehicle includes at least one integrated microcontroller system for executing software and at least two microcontroller units that each executes at least one independent operating system. The at least one interface is provided for the purpose of interchanging information between the microcontroller units.
Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg


Method and system for determining the refractive properties of an eye of a child

The invention is directed to a system for determining the refractive properties of an eye. The system includes a wavefront measurement device for measuring the refractive properties of the eye.
Carl Zeiss Vision International Gmbh


Systems and methods for uplink signaling using time-frequency resources

Methods, base stations and access terminals for uplink signaling are provided. Resource request channel characteristics such as location in time-frequency, sequence, time slot, are assigned to each access terminal to distinguish their resource requests from the resource requests of other access terminals.
Apple Inc.


Apparatus and methods for managing quality of experience during the delivery of content

Apparatus and methods for managing the quality of experience of delivery of content to end-point or user devices. In one embodiment, metrics data pertaining to network conditions being experience by consumer devices attached to a managed network are monitored by a network entity.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc


Fast initializing a call for an application of ptt type on an ip-wan cellular network

A method for initializing a call for a mobile terminal including ptt applications on an ip-wan cellular network, the method including, for each user of the mobile terminal connected to an ip-wan modem intended to register for a group call: upon starting up the ip-wan modem, connecting the mobile terminal to the ip-wan cellular network; when a ptt client is active and has obtained an ip address of a ptt server, initiating by the ptt client a procedure for registering a sip with the ptt server on a default ip-wan carrier; performing by the ptt client a procedure for affiliation to a call group with the ptt server on the default ip-wan carrier, and as soon as the procedure for affiliation to the call group is performed, executing an “invite” (sip) procedure to rtp resources at an application level on a ptt side and on the ptt client side, to allow the establishment of the rtp session after the affiliation of the ptt client to the group.. .
Cassidian Sas


Policy synchronization for multiple devices

Technologies are generally described for generating policies for multiple devices associated with a user. In some examples, one or more policies associated with a user may be accessed.
Empire Technology Development Llc


Method and configuration center server for configuring server cluster

A method for configuring server cluster includes: judging whether a signal processing function is a default exit value; if not, determining a configuration request is received from a server to be configured; obtaining a write lock from a shared memory and configuration information from a database, writing the configuration information in the shared memory, releasing the write lock; if receiving an exit signal between obtaining and releasing the write lock, setting the signal processing function to be the default exit value; obtaining a read lock from the shared memory, reading the configuration information from the shared memory, sending the read configuration information to the server, releasing the read lock, returning to the step of judging whether a signal processing function is a default exit value; if receiving the exit signal between obtaining and releasing the read lock, setting the signal processing function to be the default exit value.. .
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited


Segmentable optical node module configurable as an rf amplifier and corresponding methods and systems

A module for a hybrid fiber coax network includes a quad-output amplifier module that can include a port to couple to upstream devices, four ports to couple to downstream devices, and a configured port. The configured port can optionally couple to one of a radio frequency (rf) pre-amplifier or one or more optical transmitter modules or receiver modules.
Arris Enterprises, Inc.


Method of determining default read voltage of non-volatile memory device and reading data of non-volatile memory device

A method of determining a default read voltage of a non-volatile memory device which includes a plurality of first memory cells, each of which stores a plurality of data bits as one of a plurality of threshold voltages corresponding to a plurality of logic states, includes programming a first data to the first memory cells so that the logic states of the first memory cells are balanced or equally used. The method includes applying a first default read voltage included in default read voltages to word lines coupled to the first memory cells, and measuring a first ratio of first on-cells, each of which has a threshold voltage smaller than or equal to the first default read voltage, among the first memory cells, and modifying the first default read voltage based on the first ratio and a first reference value corresponding to the first default read voltage..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Interactive three dimensional displays on handheld devices

Techniques are disclosed for rendering an anamorphic projection of 3d scene geometry on a handled device using a correct asymmetric perspective geometry projection. Once pose of the handheld device is determined, a relative eye position may be inferred when the device is tilted away from an initial or default pose, based on data supplied by accelerometers.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Style extensibility applied to a group of shapes by editing text files

Style extensibility is provided to shapes in a diagram by editing text files. A structured data model is used to render the diagram representing items provided by the user in a text-based format such as a bulleted list.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Game controller on mobile touch-enabled devices

Various technologies described herein pertain to controlling a game with a mobile touch-enabled device. A thumbstick and a mode selection button can be rendered on a display of the mobile touch-enabled device.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Handover of mobility management entity for load balancing

There is provided a mechanism for executing a handover for a subscriber between mobility management entities for load balancing reasons. A current mobility management entity sends (s10) a handover trigger message to a communication network control element like an enb for indicating a relocation to the current cell and tracking area of the subscriber.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy


System and alerting a first mobile data processing system nearby a second mobile data processing system

Provided is a fully automated web service with location based services generally involved in transmission of situational location dependent information to automatically located mobile receiving data processing systems. The web service communicates with a receiving data processing system in a manner by delivering information to the device when appropriate without the device requesting it at the time of delivery.
Apple Inc.


Non-zero rounding and prediction mode selection techniques in video encoding

In one aspect of this disclosure, rounding adjustments to bi-directional predictive data may be purposely eliminated to provide predictive data that lacks any rounding bias. In this case, rounded and unrounded predictive data may both be considered in a rate-distortion analysis to identify the best data for prediction of a given video block.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Protected graphical user interface for role-based application and data access

Methods, systems, and computer program products for a protected graphical user interface for role-based application and data access are provided herein. A method for controlling access on an endpoint device to at least a portion of an application includes obtaining a default configuration indicating whether one or more widget functions associated with the application are enabled in a graphical user interface; modifying one or more of the widget functions in the default configuration to a disabled status in the graphical user interface based on a privilege configuration; determining if one or more user click events generated using the graphical user interface are associated with a widget function having the disabled status; and preventing the user click events having the disabled status from being provided to an operating system for further processing, wherein at least one of the steps is carried out by a computing device..
International Business Machines Corporation


Self-forming network

A connected computer may be operated as node by inspecting communications from other nodes that pass through that node. From the communications, two or more pointers may be determined for the given node.


Systems and methods for communicating into a shielded environment

A system and method for wirelessly communicating into a shielded area are described. In one particular example, a bi-directional amplifier that allows two-way communication into a tunnel is mounted at a tunnel portal and thereby allows rf signals to be exchanged therefrom using a single switched pathway.
Tunnel Radio Of America, Inc.


Normalization rule generation and implementation systems and methods

Product records having attributes according to various schema are normalized such that the attributes thereof conform to a canonical schema. Attributes for large numbers of product records are normalized according to a map-reduce framework in which mappers are defined but no reducers.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.


Bus-based cache architecture

Digital signal processors often operate on two operands per instruction, and it is desirable to retrieve both operands in one cycle. Some data caches connect to the processor over two busses and internally uses two or more memory banks to store cache lines.
Analog Devices Technology


Operating memory controller and nonvolatile memory device

A method of operating a nonvolatile memory device including a plurality of memory cells is provided. A default read operation is performed on a page using a default read voltage set to generate default raw data.


System and staging in a cloud environment

A method and system for staging in a cloud environment defines a default stage for integration flows. An integration flow is defined by (a) stages including (i) a live stage to follow the default stage, (ii) additional stages between the default and live stages, and (b) endpoint definitions for the live and additional stages.
Software Ag


Cache mobility

A method and system of selecting and migrating relevant data from among data associated with a workload of a virtual machine and stored in source storage cache memory in a dynamic computing environment is described. The method includes selecting one or more policies, the one or more policies including a size policy defining a default maximum size for the relevant data.
International Business Machines Corporation


Augmenting programming languages with a type system

Described is a technology by which metadata augments a programming language such as javascript. Software components such as application programming interfaces are associated with metadata.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Cache mobility

A method and system of selecting and migrating relevant data from among data associated with a workload of a virtual machine and stored in source storage cache memory in a dynamic computing environment is described. The method includes selecting one or more policies, the one or more policies including a size policy defining a default maximum size for the relevant data.
International Business Machines Corporation

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