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Date/App# patent app List of recent Default-related patents
 Path selection in a multi-service and multi-tenant secure cloud environment patent thumbnailnew patent Path selection in a multi-service and multi-tenant secure cloud environment
A device and method are provided to provide multi-exit firewall capabilities for cloud server or cloud service deployments without prior knowledge of reachability information of a client device where the client device may belong to one of several networks accessing the cloud server or cloud service. The reachability information may be derived based on flow of data to and from the client device in response to a data transfer initiation request.
Cisco Technology, Inc.
 Application security verification method, application server, application client and system patent thumbnailnew patent Application security verification method, application server, application client and system
The disclosure discloses an application security verification method, an application server, an application client, and a system, wherein the application security verification method includes: detecting by an application server, an occurrence of a default security risk event on an application client; obtaining by the application server, default verification information associated with a login account of the application client; and sending by the application server, the default verification information to the application client in order to verify the application client. A user of an application client may therefore verify the security of the application client and the application server, thereby effectively prevents any forged and illegal app from threatening the security of the user's private information and financial information..
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
 Method and device for displaying webpage contents in browser patent thumbnailnew patent Method and device for displaying webpage contents in browser
Examples of the present disclosure provide a method and device for displaying webpage contents in a browser. The method includes: obtaining a webpage requested to be read by a user; determining whether the webpage is a content-based webpage; when determining the webpage is the content-based webpage, extracting a title and text from the webpage based on a default rule, and outputting the title and text in the browser with a default reading mode.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited
 Information storage system including a plurality of storage systems that is managed using system and volume identification information and storage system management  same patent thumbnailnew patent Information storage system including a plurality of storage systems that is managed using system and volume identification information and storage system management same
An embodiment of this invention is an information storage system comprising a plurality of storage systems connected to be able to communicate. Each of the plurality of storage systems includes default storage system identification information which is the same to the plurality of storage systems, common volume identification information for uniquely identifying volumes provided by the plurality of storage systems to a host computer among the plurality of storage systems, and a controller configured to return the default storage system identification information to the host computer in response to a request from the host computer and to process a read or write request to a volume accompanying the common volume identification information from the host computer..
Hitachi, Ltd.
 Hashing algorithm for network receive filtering patent thumbnailnew patent Hashing algorithm for network receive filtering
Roughly described, a network interface device is assigned a maximum extent-of-search. A hash function is applied to the header information of each incoming packet, to generate a hash code for the packet.
Solarflare Communications, Inc.
 Remote transaction processing at a server based on user confiration and a default payment method patent thumbnailnew patent Remote transaction processing at a server based on user confiration and a default payment method
A method and system for conducting an online payment transaction through a point of sale device. The method includes receiving input from a user selecting an item for purchase through the point of sale device; calculating a total purchase amount for the item in response to a request from the user to purchase the item; and sending payment authorization for the total purchase amount from the point of sale device to a payment entity, in which the payment authorization is sent to the payment entity via a mobile communication device of the user.
 Credit risk decision management system and method using voice analytics patent thumbnailnew patent Credit risk decision management system and method using voice analytics
A credit risk decision management system and method using voice analytics are disclosed. The voice analysis may be applied to speaker authentication and emotion detection.
Global Analytics, Inc.
 Computer-assisted collaborative tagging of video content for indexing and table of contents generation patent thumbnailnew patent Computer-assisted collaborative tagging of video content for indexing and table of contents generation
Methods and systems for generation of an index and table-of-contents (toc) for videos based on user given labels or a combination of user input and automated indexing techniques are provided. According to one embodiment, an annotation tool and a video player are presented to individual subscribers/users of a video discovery and consumption service.
Clipmine, Inc.
 Finding optimal read thresholds and related voltages for solid state memory patent thumbnailnew patent Finding optimal read thresholds and related voltages for solid state memory
A read is performed using a first iteration of a read threshold voltage that is set to a default voltage to obtain a first characteristic. A second iteration of the read threshold voltage is generated using the default voltage and an offset.
Sk Hynix Memory Solutions Inc.
 Image processing apparatus and control method therefor, and storage medium patent thumbnailnew patent Image processing apparatus and control method therefor, and storage medium
An image processing apparatus that is capable of calculating an appropriate replacement guide value of a part even in a case where the image processing apparatus operates under different operating modes. The image processing apparatus is capable of operating in a plurality of operating modes of different image forming speeds and has a replacement guide default value showing a guide for replacement of a part for each of the operating modes.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Communicator with profiles

A communicator has profiles for holding locators for items in a tree-like database for a smart device that monitors a process. The communicator is connected to the smart device and obtains tag and other identity information to find the profile for the smart device.

Method for synchronizing clocks in nodes of a vehicle network and node designed to perform the method

A method for synchronizing clocks in nodes of a vehicle network of a motor vehicle corrects a time difference between a master clock and a slave clock, taking into account transmission delay for a message between a master node and a slave node. At least for a first synchronization of the master clock to a slave clock after the nodes of the vehicle network are started up, a default transmission delay in the slave node is used to correct the time difference, and/or the slave node sending out a delay request message, and recording in the master node the time at which delay request message is received and the master node sending the time, as a delay response message, back to the slave node.

Parallel network simulation apparatus, methods, and systems

In some embodiments, systems, methods, and articles may operate to compute, in parallel, to determine values of unknowns in network equations associated with a network of sub-surface wells and at least one surface facility, for intra-well subdivisions of the network, and then for inter-well subdivisions of the network, wherein the computing is based on default values of the unknowns, or prior determined values of the unknowns. Additional activities may include constructing a distributed jacobian matrix having portions comprising coefficients of the unknowns distributed among a number of processors, wherein each of the portions is distributed to a particular one of the processors previously assigned to corresponding ones of the subdivisions.

Profiles for streamlining calibration test

A calibrator has profiles for holding locators for items in a tree-like database of smart device that monitors a process. The calibrator is connected to the smart device and obtains tag and other identity information to find the profile for the smart device.

Merge mode for motion information prediction

Disclosed herein are representative embodiments of processing digital image data. In one exemplary embodiment disclosed herein, for a current block of a first frame of digital image data, a list of motion vector prediction information for the current block is populated with candidate motion vector prediction data that includes default motion vector prediction data.

Scalable video coding/multiplexing compatible with non-scalable decoders

Scalable video coding and multiplexing compatible with non-scalable decoders is disclosed. In some embodiments, video data is received and encoded in a manner that renders at least a base layer to be compatible with a non-scalable video encoding standard, including by assigning for at least the base layer default values to one or more scalability parameters.

Method, device, and system for resource configuration

A method and a communications system are provided. The system includes a base station and a rnc.

Image forming apparatus, image forming controlling image forming operation

Disclosed is an image forming apparatus, which makes it possible to easily control various kinds of functions. The apparatus is provided with an apparatus controlling firmware that controls a default display screen, and a web display screen application program that controls a customizable display screen according to a process being separate from another process for the apparatus controlling firmware.

Rasterization in graphics processing system

A method and system are provided for performing rasterisation of input primitives to generate graphics fragments to be subsequently processed to generate output data for display in a render output area. The method comprises, for each input primitive, determining from the vertex data of the primitive a bounding box for the primitive, and performing a multi-level patch analysis in order to determine patches covered at least partially by the primitive, at a first level the render output area being divided into one or more patches, and at each subsequent level the render output area being divided into a plurality of patches smaller than the patches of the preceding level.

Resettable lighting system and method

A lighting system, including: light emitting elements; a reset switch operable in a first and second state; non-volatile reset memory configured to record the state of the reset switch when power is provided to the system; a wireless communication system; non-volatile communication memory configured to store default settings and configuration settings; a control system operable, in response to initial power provision to the control system, between: a configured mode when an instantaneous reset switch state matches the recorded state, the configured mode including: connecting the wireless communication system to a remote device based on the configuration settings, receiving instructions from the remote device, and controlling light emitting element operation based on the instructions; and a reset mode when the instantaneous reset switch state differs from the recorded state, the reset mode including: erasing the configuration settings from the communication memory and operating the system based on the default settings.. .

Intervention conditions

In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a touch input within a particular region of a display area of the computing device. The display area presents a user interface (ui) including a number of views organized in a hierarchy.
Facebook, Inc.

Method for inline image resizing

The present invention provides a computer implemented method for resizing an inline image on a server. The method includes generating a hyper-text markup language (here in after html) image template, receiving a request for the inline image from a mobile device by the transceiver, retrieving the image by the one or more processors, fetching display resolution of the mobile device based on the device identifier by the one or more processors and resizing the inline image by the one or more processors.
M/s. Mobilemotion Technologies Private Limited

Graphical user interface machine to present a window

Within a graphical user interface, a window may be spawned at one point in time and then populated with content at a later point in time. By execution of browser-executable code by a user's device and corresponding server-side code by a machine, a pop-under window may be spawned by the user's device.
Hipmunk, Inc.

Managing open tabs of an application

Systems and methods for managing open tabs of an application are provided. In some aspects, a page is presented in a first tab from among multiple tabs open in an application at a computing device.
Google Inc.

Object version management

Object-oriented network management includes defining an information model with one object class for each type of network resource and network entity to be managed. A hierarchy tree with a plurality of hierarchy levels is defined independent from an inheritance hierarchy.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Long-life asset tracking

A method and system for long-life asset tracking is disclosed. One example utilizes an activation module to provide an activation signal to at least a portion of the long-life asset tracker.
Trimble Navigation Limited

Multifactor drive mode determination

A system and method of determining whether a device user is driving provide an improved ability to switch between a normal mode and a driving mode with fewer false positives and false negatives. Bluetooth connectivity and motion sensor readings are fused to make the drive mode determination and to set the timing of nay switch.
Motorola Mobility Llc

Semiconductor device and driving the same

A semiconductor device includes a periodic signal generating circuit for generating a periodic signal having a set period regardless of changes in temperature in response to a first trimming signal as a default value and controlling the set period of the periodic signal based on the temperature in response to a second trimming signal, and an internal circuit to perform a set operation in response to the periodic signal.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.

Light exposure system and light exposure process

A light exposure system includes a light source device, a shutter device and a control device. The light source device is capable of emitting a light to an assembly liquid crystal cell.
Innolux Corporation

Photographic apparatus with supplemental light adjusting function and method used in the same

A photographic apparatus with supplemental light adjusting function and the supplemental light adjusting method used in the same are provided. The photographic apparatus comprises a light source and a photographic element.
Benq Corporation

Method for unlocking touch-sensitive device, and touch-sensitive device

Embodiments of the invention disclose a method for unlocking a touch-sensitive device and a touch-sensitive device, which resolves a problem that a user always performs unlocking by inputting a default password or by using a default preset graphical interaction interface of the touch-sensitive device, which is monotonous and uninteresting. The method includes: receiving, by the touch-sensitive device, a second unlocking manner input by a user; and unlocking itself by the touch-sensitive device if the second unlocking manner is the same as a first unlocking manner, where the first unlocking manner is preset by the user according to an unlocking feature, and the unlocking feature is position-related and is preset by the user.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Establishing user-confidence levels of data inputs

An embodiment takes the form of a method carried out by a computing system comprising a processor and instructions for carrying out the method. The method includes (i) presenting via a user interface a plurality of data-input fields having an associated default order for user entry of respective values in the respective data-input fields, (ii) receiving respective values entered via the user interface in the respective data-input fields, (iii) storing a respective current counter value of an incrementing counter in association with receiving each respective entered value, (iv) establishing a respective user-confidence level for each of one or more of the respective entered values, wherein each established user-confidence level is set based at least in part on a comparison of the associated default order with a set of one or more of the stored counter values, and (v) outputting one or more of the established user-confidence levels..
Motorola Solutions, Inc

Content presentation for mpeg media transport

A method for simplified mpeg media transport (mmt) content presentation is provided. Two or more assets of an mmt package processing unit (mpu) are identified.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Biniog sathi apparatus, system, and a method thereof

The present invention relates generally to an inventive concept in investment and charitable contributions. The present invention also contemplates modifying the existing banking model with the incorporation of a zakat or charity fund that will allow the financial institutions to mitigate the default risk for loans.

Control means and operating an internal combustion engine

A method for operating an internal combustion engine is described in which a combustion air ratio (λ) is determined and used to determine a deviation of this combustion air ratio from an in particular default or determined set point combustion air ratio. Spontaneous ignition of the internal combustion engine are detected based on the determined deviation (Δλ) and used to control the operation of the engine..
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Mobile device mode of operation for visually impaired users

A mobile device operates in a standard mode of operation, or operates in a visually impaired (vi) mode of operation designed for visually impaired users and in which a display screen of the mobile device is turned off by default. The display screen may thus remain turned off in the vi mode even when conditions under which the display screen is turned on in the standard mode are satisfied.
Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

Device and monitoring a heating appliance

Disclosed herein is a system for monitoring a heating apparatus that includes a motion detector configured to determine whether a person is proximate the heating apparatus. The motion detector is default deactivated.

Broadband amplifier linearization using captured histogram data

A transmitter's operation is characterized using components having relatively low cost and low complexity. A device includes comparator(s) that compare a transmitter's analog output to predetermined level(s) to generate count(s) associated with analog output range bin(s).
Broadcom Corporation

Mobile devices having a common communication mode

A second communication mode can be enabled for a source device and a destination device. Each device can be a mobile device having a first communication mode and a default number for the first communication mode.
Ringcentral, Inc.

Method and determining guard period on time division duplex system

Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for determining a guard period (gp) in a time division duplexing (tdd) system. A communication method based on time division duplexing (tdd) includes: determining, by a base station, a guard period based on information on a distance between user equipment and the base station; and performing, by the base station, downlink transmission to the user equipment based on the determined guard period, wherein the guard period is determined based on one of a default guard period mode, a reduced guard period mode, and a zero guard period mode, and the reduced guard period mode is a mode for setting a reduced guard period, which is shorter than the default guard period set based on the default guard period mode, and the zero guard period mode is a mode for setting a length of the guard period to 0..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Method and device for measuring the flatness of a metal product

A method measures the flatness of a metal product and an associated device. The method applies to a metal product, in the form of either a strip or a plate from a metallurgical processing line.
Siemens Vai Metals Technologies Gmbh

Method and converting 2d-images and videos to 3d for consumer, commercial and professional applications

A method for converting a 2d images and videos to 3d includes applying a set of pre-defined heuristic rules to assign a depth value for each pixel of a two-dimensional (2d) image source based on pixel attributes to generate an initial default depth map, refining the pre-defined heuristic rules to produce customized heuristic rules, applying the customized heuristic rules to the initial default depth map to produce a refined depth map, and rendering a three-dimensional (3d) image in a predefined format using the refined depth map.. .
Barkatech Consulting, Llc

Keyboard with swappable keys and key functions

A keyboard may provide a user with a customizable keyboard layout. Keys may be moved from their default position into a new key position while retaining their indicated keystroke function.
Lenovo (singapore) Pte, Ltd

System for the monitoring and maintenance of remote autonomously powered lighting installations

A system of monitoring and/or maintaining remotely located autonomously powered lights, security systems, parking meters, and the like is operable to receive data signals from a number of the devices, and provide a comparison with other similar devices in the same geographic region to detect a default condition of a particular device, and/or assess whether the defect is environmental or particular to the specific device itself. The system includes memory for storing operating parameters and data, and outputs modified control commands to the devices in response to sensed performance, past performance and/or self-learning algorithms.
Clear Blue Technologies Inc.

Automatic mutual exclusion

An automatic mutual exclusion computer programming system is disclosed which allows a programmer to produce concurrent programming code that is synchronized by default without the need to write any synchronization code. The programmer creates asynchronous methods which are not permitted make changes to shared memory that they cannot reverse, and can execute concurrently with other asynchronous methods.
Microsoft Corporation

Software defined networking systems and methods via a path computation and control element

Software defined networking systems and methods are described via a path computation and control element (pcce) that is based in part on a path computation element (pce). A common, simple interface is designed based on an existing pce interface that allows a centralized entity (i.e., a path computation and control element or pcce) to control the initiation of new connections or tunnels and by default to manage the state of these connections or tunnels once established.
Ciena Corporation

Methods and systems for ranking of human profiles

The present subject matter relates to method(s) and system(s) to rank human profiles based on selection criteria personalized to a selector. In an embodiment, the method includes obtaining querying criteria from the selector to query a database comprising a set of human profiles.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited

System and enhancing credit and debt collection

A system and method for enhancing assignment of debtor accounts to a plurality of collection parties is presented. The preferred embodiment is capable of optimizing the way by which individual performance entities are assigned to collect on actionable individual debtor accounts by a creditor.
Neu Ip, Llc

Electronic gaming machine and gaming method

An electronic gaming machine includes a housing having a display for displaying a game, an electronic game controller and an input means in electronic communication with said electronic game controller for receiving commands from a player to operate said electronic gaming machine. The game comprises predetermined winning combinations of randomly selected game symbols that award prizes to a player and a plurality of bet levels for the game, the bet levels comprising at least a default bet level.
Ainsworth Game Technology Limited

Multi-position rolling and jumping toy

The present invention relates to a toy including a carriage (12), a pair of wheels (14), a sliding part (16) mobile along the carriage between extended and retracted positions, a spring stressed between the carriage and the sliding part, and means adapted to i) to progressively store a mechanical energy in the spring by displacement of the sliding part towards the retracted position, and ii) to release the thus-stored energy. The sliding part includes an end (32) supporting a jaw (34) and a pad (36).

Specifying priority on a virtual station interface discovery and configuration protocol response

A method implemented by a network component is provided. The method includes receiving a virtual station interface (vsi) discovery protocol (vdp) request from an edge virtual bridging (evb) station and transmitting, to the evb station, a vdp response in response to the request.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Transmission path management system and method

A transmission management method, used for calculating a virtual lease line (vll), the method includes: providing a user interface for input a start area and an end area of the vll; receiving a request including the start area and the end area; determining whether there is a port of a router device located on the start area is directed to the end area; if not, determining whether there is a port of a default router device directed by the router device by default is directed to the end area; determining the router devices constituting the vll when determining there is a router device is directed to the end area; and determining which ports of the router devices are ports to be connected to another port, and producing vll information including the router devices constituting the vll and the ports to be connected.. .
Power-all Networks Limited

Transmission path control device

A transmission path control device is connected to a management server and a router device located on the same area as the transmission path control device. The transmission path control device determines whether a corresponding router device has a port directed to an end area when receiving a virtual lease line (vll) establishing request including a start area and the end area of the vll.
Power-all Networks Limited

Method and system for achieving automatic compensation in glass substrate exposure process

The present invention discloses a system for achieving automatic compensation in glass substrate exposure process, including a measurement machine, a communication interface module and an exposure machine, wherein the measurement machine, for performing measurement on exposed glass substrate, and transmitting measured exposure shift data of each measurement point through communication interface module to a default storage area of exposure machine; and the exposure machine, for reading exposure shift data from each default storage area, obtaining a compensation value corresponding to each measurement point based on the exposure shift data and performing compensation processing on the glass substrate and each exposure point corresponding to each measurement point. The present invention also discloses a corresponding method.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

Automated system for lighting control

In some embodiments, a method includes receiving a signal indicating that a timeout timer associated with a space has crossed a threshold. If a motion sensor is disposed within the space, the method includes sending a signal to a wireless controller operatively coupled to a light source such that the wireless controller reverts to a default state.
Powercast Corporation

Verification of uml state machines

A method, apparatus and computer-implemented method, the method comprising: receiving a statechart comprising a complex feature; and replacing the complex feature with a transformed feature, thereby transforming the statechart to a second statechart, wherein replacing the complex feature comprises: creating an auxiliary variable or a default state; changing a value of the auxiliary variable at the beginning of the transformed feature and changing the value of the auxiliary variable again at its end; and taking a transition from the default state, such that the transition occurs in accordance with the value of the auxiliary variable.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Graphical user interface for advertising system and method relating thereto

The present disclosure provides a computer-implemented graphical user interface for use in an advertising system. The computer-implemented graphical user interface for use in an advertising system comprises a template having a plurality of fields for receiving content relating to an advertisement, each field being prepopulated with a corresponding default value; wherein a first set of said fields is presented substantially in accordance with a layout of the advertisement.
Martian Logic Pty Ltd

Method and system for taking a survey with improved accuracy and effectiveness

A computer-implemented method of generating questions for a survey is presented. The method entails receiving user input regarding a relevant characteristic in response to a first question, and using the user input and a default item to determine items to be included in the second question, wherein the items are associated with the relevant characteristic and are in a same item group as the default item.

Image coding method, image decoding method, image coding apparatus, image decoding apparatus, image coding and decoding apparatus

An image coding method includes: coding (i) coefficient information, (ii) a first flag indicating whether to quantize one or more blocks using quantization, (iii) a second flag indicating whether the plurality of quantization matrices are included in a sequence parameter set, and (iv) a third flag indicating whether the plurality of quantization matrices are included in a picture parameter set; and quantizing the plurality of coefficients, wherein when the one or more blocks are quantized using a plurality of default matrices, the following are coded in the coding: (i) the first flag indicating that the one or more blocks are quantized using the plurality of quantization matrices, (ii) the second flag indicating that the plurality of quantization matrices are not included in the sequence parameter set, and (iii) the third flag indicating that the plurality of quantization matrices are not included in the picture parameter set.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

Communication mechanism using demodulation reference signal based communication mode

There is provided a mechanism for conducting a communication between at least one communication network control element such as an enb and at least one communication element such as a ue wherein a dm rs based communication mode is used. Dmrs (scrambling) sequences are generated wherein each dmrs sequence includes a set of calculation parameters being specific for the respective dmrs sequence, wherein the set of calculation parameters is configurable by the enb during communication.

Resource allocation in different tdd configurations with cross carrier scheduling

A downlink resource grant is on a first component carrier having a first downlink to uplink dl/ul subframe configuration, and cross schedules to a second component carrier having a different second dl/ul subframe configuration. If a first set si of downlink subframes associated with a subframe n of the first dl/ul subframe configuration only partially overlaps with a second set s2 of downlink subframes associated with the subframe n of the second dl/ul subframe configuration, then explicit signaling is utilized to select whether uplink radio resources in subframe n for channel selection are implicitly or explicitly allocated.
Broadcom Corporation

Information processing apparatus and control method thereof

An information processing apparatus according to this invention, when accepting an instruction to execute a job based on a history of a previously executed job, identifies settings allowed to be reflected to the job to be executed based on the instruction from among settings of the previously executed job. The information processing apparatus executes the job based on the instruction according to the settings obtained by reflecting the identified settings to default settings of the job to be executed..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Network video recorder system

An apparatus and method is presented for network video management and recording of video signals and video analytics generated by a network of ip-enabled cameras. A set of ip cameras are connected in a lan to a network video recorder further connected by lan or wan to a set of client stations.

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