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Check clearing systems
A system and process for more efficiently clearing checks by transmitting MICR line data together with a URL link to facilitate check clearing via electronic debits by an ACH. The URL link can be used at the option of the paying bank (or other entity) to access images of the check...

Using a transaction card account to make recurring loan payments
Recurring loan payments (e.g., mortgage payments) through a transaction card account is disclosed. Information is received at a transaction account system from a loan company system corresponding to an application received at the loan company system from a requester for a loan involving automatic debits to a transaction card account. A...

Method and system for mobile device based authentication
In this specification, access may be provided to secure systems by authentication using mobile devices. Users may register a mobile device and password with an authentication system. To access a secure system, users may send a request with a registered phone number via SMS, internet or phone. In an embodiment, the...

System and method for consumer control over card-based transactions
A system and method for consumer control over card-based transactions and associated accounts. An interface is provided between a merchant or the merchant's bank and the bank or banks at which the consumer has accounts for card-based transactions. The interface acts as an intermediary, accessible to the consumer so that the...

System and method for consumer control over card-based transactions
A system and method for consumer control over card-based transactions and associated accounts. An interface is provided between a merchant or the merchant's bank and the bank or banks at which the consumer has accounts for card-based transactions. The interface acts as an intermediary, accessible to the consumer so that the...

Check21 processing of non-dda transactions
Embodiments provide processing of non-DDA transactions as Check21 transactions. In some implementations, a consumer registers a DDA account (e.g., a checking account) with a payment processing entity. The payment processing entity (e.g., or an agent or affiliate) generates a non-DDA account (e.g., a debit card account) and maps the new non-DDA...

Electronically maintained community escrow
Coin types of coins with which a user is permitted to pay for a transaction are divided into first and second groups. The coin types of the second group are of lower value than those of the first group. A difference in which a total amount of the transaction is a...

Implementing secure, anonymous customer information exchange in one or more vending machines through tokenized customer identifiers generated using a one-way hash function
A unique, anonymous, tokenized customer identifier is derived by a one-way hash function from a credit/debit account number each time a customer provides the same credit/debit card information at a vending machine. The customer identifier thus repeatedly generated at each of the vending machines is then used to track the customer's...

Planar data carrier
The invention relates to a data carrier or a group of such data carriers which allow for accurate correlation of information, the use of these data carriers, as well as a reading device, by means of which a data carrier via its structured information layer is associated with an action of...

Smart card loading transactions using wireless telecommunications network
Smart card transactions allow consumers to load value onto and make purchases using smart cards with a mobile telephone handset over the telecommunications network. To load the smart card, the handset receives a request to load value. The handset generates a funds request message and sends the message to a funds...

Combination atm/vending machine kiosk
ATM kiosk/vending machine network that services the unbanked and underbanked markets, that will enables wireless transactions and processing of currency, pre-paid cash debit cards, and online banking. The concept can be applied to any vending machine product such as sodas, beverages, gasoline, candy, postage stamps, and more with the following features...

Real-time payments through financial institution
A payment provider uses bank rails to enable a bank customer to send real-time payments through the bank site by simply entering a recipient identifier, such as an email address or mobile number. The bank has an account with the payment provider. Thus, when the customer sends a payment through the...

Conducting financial transaction
A payment device such as a debit card may be issued to an individual such as a minor. The debit card may be associated with spending control parameters to prevent overspending and other financial issues. Control parameters may include a weekly maximum that may be spent, approved transaction types (e.g., deposits...

Enhanced credit card security apparatus and method
A credit card, debit card, or other similar financial instrument is disclosed with the temporary assignment of a dynamic CVV for increased card security. The dynamic CVV is read, changed, and rewritten to the card with each transaction. To facilitate online purchases, a static CVV may also be provided for manual...

Retailer debit card system
Methods for soliciting and enrolling customers for a retailer payment instrument are disclosed. For example, a method is disclosed for enrolling a customer for a retailer debit card which includes receiving enrollment data from the customer, establishing a check writer rating for the customer based on a history of checks associated...

Value exchange system for use within an internet-based social network
Certain embodiments contemplate a computer-implemented method of enabling a value exchange between users of a SNS which functions within the confines of the SNS. Certain embodiments comprise an application which creates at least an interface to the value exchange system, a means for registration to enable users to register with the...

System and method for processing group gift cards using a temporary, limited scope social networking entity
Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for enabling gift card recipients to redeem gift card amounts using existing accounts such as a credit/debit card. A system practicing the method sends to a set of givers a set of respective invitations to contribute to a group gift, wherein...

System, method, and program product for foreign currency travel account
Systems, program product, and methods for securing or procuring destination currency funds for a traveler to be used for travel in a destination country commencing at a scheduled future travel date, are provided. A system can include a domestic financial institution server including foreign destination currency transaction account program product. The...

Automatic selection at a self-service dispensing device
A method is provided to auto select items when purchasing or leasing items at a self-service dispensing device. A user submits preferences that indicate items that the user wishes to purchase or lease. These preferences may be stored locally at a self-service dispensing device or at a central database accessible by...

System and method for processing remainder amounts of money from gift cards
Managing remainder amounts of a gift card using existing payment accounts such as a credit/debit card provides benefits. A system receives an identification of a giver and recipient of a gift card. A policy manages how the gift card is redeemed when the recipient makes a purchase using a recipient credit...

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