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Date/App# patent app List of recent Debit-related patents

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Server function for device-to-device based content delivery
A method for operating a server includes receiving, at the server, a request from a mobile device identifying a data file and retrieving the data file from a remote storage device in response to receiving the request. A party other than a party that operates the server operates the remote storage...

Secured point of sale transaction using fingerprint recognition
A method for operating a computerized system for processing cashless and cardless financial transactions, the method comprising the steps of: registering a user's fingerprint with an entity, by using the user's fingerprint to create a first image of the user's fingerprint and then storing the first image of the user's fingerprint...

Gratuity processing system apparatus and related methods
Apparatus and methods are disclosed to improve the administration of tip monitoring, collection, and distribution, and related reporting needs (such as for U.S. tax reporting). POS systems and employee prepaid debit cards can be used to make the distribution process “cash-less.”...

Secure tokenless transaction system and method
The tokenless transaction system described herein allows a user conduct financial transactions absent the need for his/her credit cards, debit cards, promotional cards, discount cards, and all other cards typically used in executing a financial transactions. In the same manner, the chances to have a card lost or stolen are reduced,...

Devices, systems and methods for managing custom alpha tags
Devices, systems and methods are disclosed for a subscriber of services on a network to display a custom operator name or alpha tag on the subscriber mobile communications device. The custom alpha tag (or operator name) is selected or defined by the subscriber via an interface on a communications device, and...

Combination protective jacket and spacer device for data storage cards
A protective jacket or sleeve for data storage cards. The jacket includes a planar body having an open side edge leading into an interior space for accommodating and protecting a data storage card, such as a debit or credit card. The jacket is constructed from a flexible, clear or transparent non-ferromagnetic...

Systems and methods for instant funding of financial service products
Systems and methods are disclosed for opening new accounts, immediately funding those accounts, and supplying users with funded debit cards within a single visit. According to disclosed embodiments, a financial services kiosk or a combination of financial services systems is configured to open a new account, transfer funds to the new...

Method and system for allocating charitable contribution based upon credit and debit card discount fees
The computerized method/system allocates charitable contributions based upon credit/debit card discount fees selected by a vendor. An intermediary payment processor (IPP) permits the vendor to select fees/rates and charity. The IPP either (a) calculates an estimated charitable contribution based upon vendor's sales or (b) permits the vendor to select the charity's...

Systems and methods for managing an account
An account is managed using information read from a dual frequency transponder. Information stored on the dual frequency transponder can be read by a NFC-enabled device and by a UHF RFID reader. The information links, corresponds, or otherwise provides access to account information stored at a remote server. For example, a...

Searching digital receipts at a mobile device
The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for searching digital receipts at a mobile device. A customer mobile device receives and stores one or more digital receipts. The one or more digital receipts correspond to transactions conducted with a merchant. A user can select search criteria for...

Social networking data augmented gaming kiosk
In particular embodiments, a method includes receiving a message in response to detection of a token by a presence reader; transmitting a request to access an account associated with an external network in response to receiving the message; establishing access to the account in response to authentication of the request by...

Systems and methods for financial data communications and data management
The principles and embodiments of the present invention relate to a system for facilitating an interaction between a person (group or sponsor) and a merchant. In some embodiments, a system is provided in which the person electronically institutes a promise to spend a specific amount of money on purchases with the...

Money transfer system gateway service
Systems and methods for person-to-person and person-to-merchant remittances from a person having a closed loop system account to merchants who are not members of the closed loop system. In an embodiment, a payment gateway computer receives a remittance transaction request from a payment services provider (PSP) computer associated with a closed-loop...

Resolution system linking, matching, transferring, paying and netting obligations
An economic value exchange and invoice resolution system is described that includes: at least one sales invoice, wherein each sales invoice comprises a credit value, at least one purchase invoice, wherein each purchase invoice comprises a debit value, at least one database or repository stored on a medium for executing the...

System for administering an incentive award
A method for administering an incentive award system in which a bank issues a credit or debit card account to a participant and sets up an interest bearing account for the participant to receive the incentive award. Specific merchants are designated who have agreed to make awards of a specified amount...

Fully-automatic digital electronic payment transaction identity authentication method with high security
The present invention enables a cardholder to apply to a card issuing institution to set up a chip debit card. The card issuing institution builds a computing formula into the chip, and when the cardholder uses the chip debit card, the financial transaction system inserts relevant information from the financial transaction...

System and method for data analytics
The invention relates to a system and method for providing anonymized, filtered data from a financial institution having cardholders to a business client. The method may include the steps of storing data in at least one database. The data may include credit card transaction data and debit card transaction data maintained...

Electronic funds transfer consumer authorization verification system
An electronic funds transfer consumer authorization verification system for efficiently proving that a consumer authorized a financial transaction via an ACH network. The electronic funds transfer consumer authorization verification system generally includes accepting by a business an authorization from a consumer to debit and/or credit the consumer's financial account in a...

Electronic transaction access system and method using a player tracker card
A electronic transaction access system and method using a player tracker card is provided in which a player tracker card issued by a casino may be used as an access device for an electronic transaction. The electronic transaction that may be accessed using the player tracker card may include, for example,...

Systems and methods for mobile payments
Systems and methods are provided for mobile payments. A financial institution may offer an electronic prepaid card of a merchant for sale to holders of Demand Deposit Accounts (DDA) and/or Line of Credit Account and/or Loan Account. If the DDA account holder and/or Line of Credit Account holder and/or Loan Account...

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