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Method and system using combined healthcare payment device and web portal for receiving patient medical information
Embodiments of systems and methods in accordance with the present invention relate to a centralized portal for making healthcare information of a patient accessible to a plurality of entities, including but not limited to the patient himself/herself, healthcare providers authorized by the patient, and healthcare payers (insurance carriers) authorized by the...

System and method for integrated player tracking and cash access
The present invention relates to a system and method for integrating player tracking and cash access in a casino or other gaming environment. One aspect of the invention allows for fund access and management wherein gaming machines, such as slot machines, receive playable credits directly from a patron's banking or credit...

Financial transaction system with integrated electronic messaging, control of marketing data, and user defined charges for receiving messages
A method of performing financial transactions between users of accounts comprising electronic messaging and crediting and debiting of at least one financial account. The invention also allows each user to define a schedule of receipt charges associated with the identities of other users to be charged as compensation for accepting delivery...

Inter-currency cheque payment clearing
A method of cheque payment clearing involves a payee financial institution receiving an electronic representation of a paper cheque. The electronic cheque representation identifies a payment amount, a payor financial institution and a payor account. The payment amount is payable from the payor account in a first currency. The payee institution...

Secure transfer of online privileges including non-financial options
Transferring online privileges, including: receiving a request for a payment including one or more non-financial items; debiting the one or more non-financial items from a second account; and crediting the one or more non-financial items to a first account, wherein the first account and the second account are accounts residing in...

Smart card purchasing transactions using wireless telecommunications network
A smart card transaction allows a consumer to load value onto a smart card and to make purchases using a smart card with a mobile telephone handset over the telecommunications network. For loading, the system includes: a mobile telephone handset including a card reader; a gateway computer; a funds issuer computer;...

System and method for a merchant debit card program including a plurality of issuers
A merchant debit card program is described that includes a plurality of authorized issuers for debit card accounts. The merchant debit card program includes a merchant loyalty program that provides rewards to enrolled debit card accounts. The authorized issuers provide management of the debit card accounts including customer statements, payment authorizations...

Methods for conducting electronic payment transactions with scannable codes
One embodiment of the invention provides for making electronic payments by scanning a merchant 2D code located near the point of sale with the customer's cell phone and transmitting the code or data embodied by the code to a payment center where the merchant's account can be credited and the customer's...

System and method of electronically perfecting a premium finance agreement
A system and method of electronically perfecting a premium finance agreement (PFA) includes receiving data associated with an agent, the agent representing a potential insured; receiving data from the agent corresponding to at least a down payment for the PFA by the insured; providing the agent with the ability to electronically...

Systems and methods for establishing or improving credit worthiness
Systems and methods for establishing or improving a consumer's credit worthiness are disclosed. A system for establishing or improving a consumer's credit worthiness may include three or more levels, in which a consumer is provided with increasing financial responsibilities. In a first level, a consumer may be provided with one or...

Method and system for making donations to charitable entities
A system for a user making a donation to a third party by redeeming reward points, including an issuing bank computer storing a user credit/debit card account and a user reward point account, and a funds processor programmed to send a web page to a user device querying the user if...

Method and system for managing sovereign/non-sovereign dual debit accounts
A sovereign/non-sovereign dual debit account (DDA) management system includes a DDA entity having a sovereign debit account containing sovereign currency and a non-sovereign debit account containing non-sovereign currency and a currency trading entity. The system further includes a real-time digital currency exchange (rtDCE). The DDA entity and the currency trading entity...

Method, device, add-on and secure element for conducting a secured financial transaction on a device
A device, an add-on and a secure element for conducting a secured financial transaction are disclosed. The device comprises a central processing unit; a communication interface for establishing a communication between the device and a financial institution related to a financial account; an interface for acquiring data relating to the financial...

Systems, devices, and methods for processing payments for a card
Embodiments of the disclosure include systems, methods, and devices for processing payments for a card. Such embodiments include receiving payment information from a payor at an intermediate entity server as well as authorizing the payment transaction, by the intermediate entity server, based on the payment information. Further such embodiments include providing...

System to utilize telecommunications data to authorize and activate equipment
This system enables equipment that previously has been activated by coin, bill, token, payment cards, etc to be activated from a telecommunications device, which will typically but not necessarily be mobile. The system maintains a database of registered users, their payment mode, prepaid or paid at time of service, account balance...

Methods and apparatus for managing network linked gambling video games
Methods and apparatus for playing video games in a network environment are provided. One method includes receiving a request to initiate a game for a player of a first network connected device and enabling a second player from a second networked connected device to play the game. The method also enables...

Secure element as a digital pocket
The disclosure includes a system and method in which one or more virtual resources are presented to a secure element; and the one or more virtual resources are mapped to available resources based on a model architecture for the secure element in order to provide hardware abstraction, the available physical resources...

Methods and systems for routing payment transactions
Methods and systems for routing payment transactions electronically involve interrogating by computer logic each payment transaction received by a payments interface processor to identify a payment destination and a payment source and to determine, according to pre-defined parameters, whether the payment transaction is eligible for processing via an internal payment transaction...

Buyer initiated payment
Transferring funds from a payment originator (or payor) to a payment beneficiary (or payee) pushes the funds directly to a beneficiary's bank. The beneficiary's bank is not required to actively pull funds into the beneficiary's account. An originator can use a publicly known beneficiary indicator to direct payment to the beneficiary....

Systems and methods of managing postpaid and prepaid accounts
A computerized method of managing postpaid and prepaid accounts of subscribers. The method comprises managing, for each of a plurality of subscribers, a prepaid account and a postpaid account having a common identifier, providing at least one accounts management rule, receiving payment instructions to debit or credit a first of the...

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