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Systems and methods for integrated game play at payment-enabled terminals
A game play system and methods for facilitating game play purchases through a payment-enabled terminal store a plurality of records of game play number sets associated with respective payment card numbers. The association of game play number sets with respective payment card numbers allows for substantially “ticketless” lottery wagers, draws, scratch...

Multi-functional credit card type portable electronic device
An embodiment includes a credit card device capable of generating a programmed magnetic field of alternating polarity based on a speed of a card swipe, and methods for constructing the device for the purpose of emulating a standard credit card. An apparatus is described to allow said device to emulate behavior...

Radio frequency powered smart, debit, and credit card system employing a light sensor to enable authorized transactions
This invention provides an embedded light sensor in the card that controls whether the card can transmit card data when energized by an RF energy source. Certain smart, debit or credit cards energize internal component within the card when entering into certain RF energy fields. The use of a light sensor...

Credit card security cover
A durable, rigid adhesive cover for credit cards, debit cards and the like. The cover provides physical and information protection for the cards, and further may provide aesthetic customization and enhancement....

Transfer account machine, non-transitory computer medium having computer program, and associated computer-implemented method
Embodiments of the present invention include transfer account machines, computer program products, and associated computer-implemented methods of providing prioritized payments from the proceeds of automatic or direct deposits. Embodiments of the present invention include routing automatic deposit information to a financial institution computer managing a prioritized payment program and formulating an...

Methods and systems for exchanging and/or transferring various forms of value
Methods and systems for exchanging various forms of value, including coins, currency, credit, debit, and/or bank account funds, for prepaid cash cards, credit cards, phone cards, and the like. In one embodiment, a value exchange machine includes a coin input region, a coin sorting/counting apparatus, a card reader, and a communications...

Parking meter and a device therefor
A single bay parking meter device is provided which accepts payment by means of a credit or debit card, an electronic purse, or coins. The device has a power supply unit, a solar power charging arrangement and power management, such that it does not need power supply cables to be installed...

Point of service transaction management for service facilities
The present invention enables the collection by credit/debit card payment of customer co-pay and self-pay charges via an integrated point-of-service transaction management system and method. The system and method of the present invention may assist health care facilities in the collection of co-pay and self-pay charges at the time service is...

Method of secure compensation of grouped promotional sales with variable rate and system for implementing same
A purchaser user enrolled with a service provider for promotional sales is provided with a smart cell phone and possibly a bank card issued by a banking partner of the service provider, said bank card being associated with a debit/credit account for a means of payment for promotional sales of the...

Method and system using combined healthcare payment device and web portal for receiving patient medical information
Embodiments of systems and methods in accordance with the present invention relate to a centralized portal for making healthcare information of a patient accessible to a plurality of entities, including but not limited to the patient himself/herself, healthcare providers authorized by the patient, and healthcare payers (insurance carriers) authorized by the...

System and method for integrated player tracking and cash access
The present invention relates to a system and method for integrating player tracking and cash access in a casino or other gaming environment. One aspect of the invention allows for fund access and management wherein gaming machines, such as slot machines, receive playable credits directly from a patron's banking or credit...

Financial transaction system with integrated electronic messaging, control of marketing data, and user defined charges for receiving messages
A method of performing financial transactions between users of accounts comprising electronic messaging and crediting and debiting of at least one financial account. The invention also allows each user to define a schedule of receipt charges associated with the identities of other users to be charged as compensation for accepting delivery...

Inter-currency cheque payment clearing
A method of cheque payment clearing involves a payee financial institution receiving an electronic representation of a paper cheque. The electronic cheque representation identifies a payment amount, a payor financial institution and a payor account. The payment amount is payable from the payor account in a first currency. The payee institution...

Secure transfer of online privileges including non-financial options
Transferring online privileges, including: receiving a request for a payment including one or more non-financial items; debiting the one or more non-financial items from a second account; and crediting the one or more non-financial items to a first account, wherein the first account and the second account are accounts residing in...

Smart card purchasing transactions using wireless telecommunications network
A smart card transaction allows a consumer to load value onto a smart card and to make purchases using a smart card with a mobile telephone handset over the telecommunications network. For loading, the system includes: a mobile telephone handset including a card reader; a gateway computer; a funds issuer computer;...

System and method for a merchant debit card program including a plurality of issuers
A merchant debit card program is described that includes a plurality of authorized issuers for debit card accounts. The merchant debit card program includes a merchant loyalty program that provides rewards to enrolled debit card accounts. The authorized issuers provide management of the debit card accounts including customer statements, payment authorizations...

Methods for conducting electronic payment transactions with scannable codes
One embodiment of the invention provides for making electronic payments by scanning a merchant 2D code located near the point of sale with the customer's cell phone and transmitting the code or data embodied by the code to a payment center where the merchant's account can be credited and the customer's...

System and method of electronically perfecting a premium finance agreement
A system and method of electronically perfecting a premium finance agreement (PFA) includes receiving data associated with an agent, the agent representing a potential insured; receiving data from the agent corresponding to at least a down payment for the PFA by the insured; providing the agent with the ability to electronically...

Systems and methods for establishing or improving credit worthiness
Systems and methods for establishing or improving a consumer's credit worthiness are disclosed. A system for establishing or improving a consumer's credit worthiness may include three or more levels, in which a consumer is provided with increasing financial responsibilities. In a first level, a consumer may be provided with one or...

Method and system for making donations to charitable entities
A system for a user making a donation to a third party by redeeming reward points, including an issuing bank computer storing a user credit/debit card account and a user reward point account, and a funds processor programmed to send a web page to a user device querying the user if...

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