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Data Storage patents

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Image capturing apparatus and information processing apparatus

System for and method of tracking target area in a video clip

Management of variable resistance data storage device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Data Storage-related patents
 System for interacting with an electronic program guide patent thumbnailnew patent System for interacting with an electronic program guide
A computer system includes a display that displays an electronic program guide to a user. A data storage unit includes keywords related to television shows currently being broadcast.
 Ecc management for variable resistance memory cells patent thumbnailnew patent Ecc management for variable resistance memory cells
A data storage device may generally be constructed and operated with at least a controller configured to identify a variance from a predetermined threshold in at least one variable resistance memory cell and upgrade a first error correction code (ecc) level to a second ecc level for the at least one variable resistance memory cell.. .
 Semiconductor memory devices including error correction circuits and methods of operating the semiconductor memory devices patent thumbnailnew patent Semiconductor memory devices including error correction circuits and methods of operating the semiconductor memory devices
A memory controller includes a controller input/output circuit configured to output a first command to read first data, and output a second command to read an error corrected portion of the first data. A memory device includes: an error detector, a data storage circuit and an error correction circuit.
 Systems and methods for managing data in a system for hibernation states patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for managing data in a system for hibernation states
The present application is directed to systems and methods for managing data in a system for hibernation states. In one implementation, a memory device comprises a controller memory, a main memory, a buffer to the main memory and a controller comprising a processor.
 System and method for storing data securely patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for storing data securely
Systems, methods, and media may provide secure data storage. A request may be transmitted for a requested container to a database, the request comprising a requested container identifier of the requested container.
 Object storage system patent thumbnailnew patent Object storage system
The storage system exports logical storage volumes that are provisioned as storage objects. These storage objects are accessed on demand by connected computer systems using standard protocols, such as scsi and nfs, through logical endpoints for the protocol traffic that are configured in the storage system.
 System, method and computer program product for tamper protection in a data storage system patent thumbnailnew patent System, method and computer program product for tamper protection in a data storage system
Systems, methods and computer software utilized in the implementation of tamper protection, where unique information associated with data storage tapes and with particular revisions of these tapes is stored on the storage medium itself and on a memory of the tape cartridge, so that the data can be compared to determine whether unauthorized modifications have been made to the tapes. One embodiment is a system which includes an archive node appliance coupled between a set of hosts and a tape media library.
 Assigning a weighting to host quality of service indicators patent thumbnailnew patent Assigning a weighting to host quality of service indicators
Quality of service indicators are provided from a host via a host interface. The quality of service indicators relate to data stored in a non-volatile data storage via the host.
 Server cluster initiation patent thumbnailnew patent Server cluster initiation
According to an embodiment, a build server device includes a processor, data storage, and a plurality of modules including a receiving module, a generating module and an initiation module. The receiving module is configured to receive information regarding a server cluster including at least an indication of a front end server of the server cluster.
 Information system, method and program for managing the same, method and program for processing data, and data structure patent thumbnailnew patent Information system, method and program for managing the same, method and program for processing data, and data structure
An information system includes a plurality of data storage servers that manage a data constellation in a distributed manner, an id assigning unit (112) that assigns logical identifiers to the plurality of data storage servers on a logical identifier space, a range determination unit (114) that correlates a distribution of data in the data constellation with the logical identifier space so as to determine a range of values of the data corresponding to the logical identifier, and a destination resolving unit (340) that obtains, when searching for the destination of a node which stores any data having any attribute value or any attribute range, a logical identifier corresponding to a range of an attribute value space of the data which matches at least a part of the attribute value or the attribute range, on the basis of a correspondence relation among the range of values of the data, the logical identifier, and the destination address, with respect to each of the data storage servers, and determines the destination address of the data storage server corresponding to the logical identifier as a destination.. .
new patent Communication apparatus, communication method and non-transitory computer readable medium
According to an embodiment, there is provided a communication apparatus including: a first acquiring unit, a determining unit and a second acquiring unit. The first acquiring unit acquires first data from a first acquisition destination upon receiving an acquisition request of the first data from a requester.
new patent Resolver-based data storage and retrieval system and method
System and method for associating general data with an end-user based on the domain name system (dns) resolver that the end-user uses to map the canonical domain names of internet services to their associated network addresses. The present invention elegantly addresses concerns of scale regarding the key-space, for example the global number of distinct dns resolvers, and the data-space, for example the number of distinct geographical areas to associate.
new patent Asymmetric distributed data storage system
Asymmetric distributed replicated data storage systems and methods are described herein. The storage system includes zones that are independent, and autonomous.
new patent Geographical data storage assignment based on ontological relevancy
System and method for distributing channelized content to a plurality of cohesive local networks. The channelized content is aggregated at a remote central processor with associated storage according to ontological relevancy, and then distributed over a network such as the internet to the local networks.
new patent Server, backup system and backup method
A server includes: a first data storage device that stores therein data for use in service provided by the server; a backup data storage device that stores therein backup data for data stored in a second data storage device of another server; a service provision unit that provides the service by using the data stored in the first data storage device and by using the backup data stored in the backup data storage device; an update information creation unit that creates update information representing a content of the updating of the first data storage device; an update information transmission unit that transmits the created update information to the another server; and an update information reception unit that receives update information which is transmitted from the another server, and reflects the content of updating of the second data storage device on the backup data stored in the backup data storage device.. .
new patent System and method for log conflict detection and resolution in a data store
A system that implements a data storage service may store data on behalf of storage service clients. The system may maintain data in multiple replicas that are stored on respective computing nodes in the system.
new patent Electronic quantity purchasing system
Disclosed is an electronic quantity purchasing system which is a host computer that a user may access to purchase quantities of goods or services at a locked-in price for later redemption. The preferred communication means employed is via secure, high-speed internet access.
new patent Enterprise content management deployment, collaboration, and proposal tool
A method executed by a processor of a computing device provides enterprise content management (ecm) solution information. A set of ecm solutions is accessed from a data storage and transmitted through a network to an organization.
new patent Clinical quality analytics system with recursive, time sensitive event-based protocol matching
A clinical quality analytics system may include a data storage to store electronic medical record (emr) data. The system may map events from the emr data to a process map through a recursive matching process.
new patent Remote monitoring terminal device for mobile work vehicle or vessel
Disclosed is a remote monitoring terminal device including: connection terminals (t, . .
new patent Method of creating compound file and data storage device having the compound file
A method for creating a compound file where additional data is inserted into an image file and a data storage device having the compound file recorded therein is provided. The method includes receiving, by a compound file creating apparatus, the image file and the additional data, and creating, by the compound file creating apparatus, the compound file by using the received image file and the additional data, wherein the compound file comprises an image file header corresponding to the image file, image data corresponding to the image file, and a marker recorded in a tail of the compound file and indicating that the compound file is an image file having the additional data inserted therein..
new patent Visual information processing allocation between a mobile device and a network
An illustrative mobile device includes a data storage configured to at least temporarily store visual information and at least one processor that is configured to determine whether to request visual information processing from a network with which the mobile device may communicate. The processor is configured to determine a mobile device condition and a network condition.
new patent System for and method of tracking target area in a video clip
A system for and a method of tracking a target area in a video clip. In an embodiment, a video clip comprising a sequence of frames is obtained.
new patent Management of variable resistance data storage device
Various embodiments may generally be directed to a variable resistance data storage device and a method of managing the device. A data storage device may have at least a controller configured to re-characterize at least one variable resistance memory cell in response to an identified variance from a predetermined resistance threshold..
new patent High performance cartridge format
A data storage system according to one embodiment includes a magnetic head, a drive mechanism for passing a magnetic medium over the magnetic head, and a controller electrically coupled to the magnetic head. The data storage system is configured to use at least two different track width formats, where which of the at least two different track width formats used by the system during reading and/or writing of data is selectable.
new patent Image capturing apparatus and information processing apparatus
An image capturing apparatus includes a temporary image accumulating unit in which still images are stored, the still images being captured automatically and continuously regardless of an instruction of a user; an image capturing timing data storage unit in which image capturing timing data is stored, the image capturing timing data including speech information based on sound data and delay time information which are associated with each other; an image capturing timing data specifying unit specifying image capturing timing data containing speech information corresponding to the sound data from the plurality of image capturing timing data; a sound event detecting unit detecting a sound event from the sound data; and a temporary image selecting unit selecting the still image captured at a time before the sound event from the temporary image accumulating unit based on the sound event and the delay time of the specified image capturing timing data.. .
new patent Apparatus, method, and program for 3d data analysis, and fine particle analysis system
As a data analysis apparatus that can easily and intuitively identify fine particles and small fine particle populations to be analyzed in a distribution graph and that can obtain accurate statistical data regarding these, a 3d data analysis apparatus is provided that includes a data storage unit which saves measurement data regarding fine particles, an input unit which selects independent three types of variables from the measurement data, a data processing unit which calculates positions and figures in a coordinate space whose coordinate axes are the three types of variables and which creates a 3d stereoscopic image representing characteristic distribution of the fine particles, and a display unit which displays the 3d stereoscopic image and that displays, in the 3d stereoscopic image, the figures in each region of the coordinate space divided into a plurality of regions by a plane in a different color in each region.. .
new patent Pinch detection apparatus for opening-and-closing member, and opening-and-closing member apparatus
A pinch detection apparatus for an opening-and-closing member actuated by a motor, the pinch detection apparatus includes a reference data storage portion calculating load data on the basis of a rotation speed of the motor and an environmental temperature, the reference data storage portion storing the load data and the environmental temperature as reference load data and reference temperature data, respectively, a drive load calculation portion calculating drive load data, and a pinch determination portion configured to determine an occurrence of pinch on the basis of a comparison result obtained by comparing a difference between the reference load data and the drive load data with a threshold, the pinch determination portion configured to correct a relative relation between the difference between the reference load data and the drive load data, and the threshold on the basis of a relative relation between a reference temperature and a drive temperature.. .
new patent Electric power system for electric devices
The present invention concerns an electrical supply system for electrical apparatus, comprising at least one master electrical socket, referred to as the primary master socket, able to be connected between an electrical supply source and at least one electrical apparatus. The system is characterised in that the primary master socket comprises: connection means to a user terminal or to a data storage means configured so as to receive a plurality of computerised calendars; data storage means able to store the plurality of computerised calendars; transmission means configured so as to transmit at least one computerised calendar to another electrical socket.
new patent Self-aligned charge-trapping layers for non-volatile data storage, processes of forming same, and devices containing same
A discrete storage element film is disposed above a tunneling dielectric film against a shallow trench isolation structure and under conditions to resist formation of the discrete storage element film upon vertical exposures of the shallow trench isolation structure. A discrete storage element film is also disposed above a tunneling dielectric film against a recessed isolation structure.
new patent
A modular enclosure system and kit for containing and regulating the flow of air in and around data center and gateway facility equipment (e.g., server racks, equipment racks, cabinets, data storage libraries). The modular enclosure system can readily be adapted to differing types of equipment and to the differing cooling needs of different equipment.
Data storage system and method for security information interaction
The present invention proposes a data storage system and method used for the security information interaction. Said data storage system used for the security information interaction comprises a security information storage device, an unlock password generating device and an unlock server.
Password audit system
A password audit system is provided for determining the strength of user passwords in a computer system, application or network to which users have access via a user identification and password. The password audit system may include: an interface for establishing a data connection between the password audit system and the computer system, application or network, configured to retrieve cipher text user passwords stored thereon; a central processing unit, configured to successively generate different plain text passwords, encode them into corresponding cipher text passwords, and compare the encoded cipher text passwords to a given one of the retrieved cipher text passwords, until a match is found or a predetermined time has elapsed; and data storage means for storing data relating to the strength of the user passwords, the strength being dependent on the employed method to generate the different plain text passwords and/or the time needed to find a match..
Storage at m bits/cell density in n bits/cell analog memory cell devices, m>n
A method for data storage includes accepting data for storage in a memory that includes multiple analog memory cells and supports a set of built-in programming commands. Each of the programming commands programs a respective page, selected from a group of n pages, in a subset of the memory cells.
Implementing raid in solid state memory
The present disclosure includes systems and techniques relating to implementing fault tolerant data storage in solid state memory. In some implementations, a method includes receiving a data request for a solid state memory; identifying a logical block grouping corresponding to the data request, wherein the logical block grouping indicates physical data storage blocks spanning at least two distinct memory units of the solid state memory; reading stored data and parity information from at least a portion of the physical data storage blocks spanning the at least two distinct memory units; and recovering data of at least one block of the logical block grouping based on the stored data and the parity information..
Logical-to-physical address translation for a removable data storage device
A method for making memory more reliable involves accessing data stored in a removable storage device by translating a logical memory address provided by a host digital device to a physical memory address in the device. A logical memory address is received from the host digital device.
Data replication with dynamic compression
A method for replicating data between two or more network connected data storage devices, the method including dynamically determining whether to compress data prior to transmitting across the network based, at least in part, on bandwidth throughput between the network connected data storage devices. If it has been determined to compress the data, the method involves compressing the data and transmitting the compressed data over the network.
Charged particle beam writing apparatus, and buffer memory data storage method
A charged particle beam writing apparatus includes a buffer memory including a memory region capable of contemporarily storing writing data for data processing regions, wherein writing data including data files is temporarily stored for each of the data processing regions, a dividing unit to divide the memory region of the buffer memory into a first region being large and a second region being small, a specifying unit to specify the memory region such that a data file being large is preferentially stored in the first region and a data file being small is stored at least in the second region, concerning the data files for each of the data processing regions included in the writing data, and a data processing unit to read data files corresponding to each of the data processing regions from the buffer memory, and to perform data processing using the read data files.. .
Memory controller, method of operating the same and memory system including the same
A memory controller controlling a nonvolatile memory device having a plurality of memory blocks as a data storage space includes an error detection and correction circuit and a reclaim control unit. The error detection and correction circuit receives data from a memory block and calculates a comparison result by comparing a bit error rate of the received data and a predetermined value.
System and method for geolocation of social media posts
A system for geolocation of social media posts, comprising a social search engine; a geolocation software module; and a network-attached database comprising at least a media storage and a metadata storage. The social search engine retrieves a plurality of social media content postings and stores them in the database; and the geolocation software module geolocates a first social media content posting by: extracting metadata from the posting; extracting embedded location data from the posting; identifying an author of the posting; determining if the metadata storage contains location-related data about the author, if one was identified; determining if author location data is available; identifying any known place names in the social media content posting; disambiguating a plurality of locations obtained; and geotagging the posting and storing the resulting geotagged posting in the metadata storage..
System and method for facilitating electronic discovery
A method for facilitating discovery of electronic data stored in a data storage system. The method includes generating a snapshot of the electronic data, wherein the snapshot permits read access to the data, and a copy-on-write technique is used to perform modifications to the data, such that the snapshot is immutable but ongoing user operations with respect to the data can be performed substantially without interruption.
Scoring system, method and device for generating and updating scores for marketed offerings
A system, method and device generate a score for a marketed offering. In one embodiment, the system has a data storage device storing data associated with a contributor-derived factor, a supplemental factor and at least one mathematical formula..
Proximity device for bundling of products and/or services
A process stores, at a data storage device within a product and/or a product package, data associated with a bundle of products and/or services. Further, the process sends, from a proximity-based device within the product and/or the product package, the data to a mobile device when the mobile device is within a proximity to the proximity-based device..
Contribution system, method and device for incentivizing contribution of information
A system, method and device provide an incentive for the contribution of information related to marketed offerings. In one embodiment, the system has a data storage device storing data associated with marketed offerings, at least one point-earning condition and at least one award condition..
Bipolar multistate nonvolatile memory
Embodiments generally include a method of forming a nonvolatile memory device that contains a resistive switching memory element that has an improved device switching capacity by using multiple layers of variable resistance layers. In one embodiment, the resistive switching element comprises at least three layers of variable resistance materials to increase the number of logic states.
Remote wellsite material tracking
A wellsite system that includes a bulk material transporter, a mobile tagger, and an uplink. The bulk material transporter includes a supply of a bulk material, a meter to measure output from the supply, and a data logger to log the output as a function of a predetermined parameter.
Internet phone trailer
A training system is disclosed. The training system includes a server.
Semiconductor memory device for storing multivalued data
Data storage circuits are connected to the bit lines in a one-to-one correspondence. A write circuit writes the data on a first page into a plurality of 5 first memory cells selected simultaneously by a word line.
Data storage system and a method of cooling a data storage system
A data storage system and a method of cooling the data storage system are presented. The data storage system includes: an enclosure; one or more drawer structures disposed within the enclosure, wherein at least one of the drawer structures is configured to receive one or more electronic devices; and one or more temperature control elements positioned adjacent to the bottom of the at least one drawer structure, wherein at least one of the temperature control elements is arranged in use to thermally communicate with at least one of the electronic devices..
Temperature-defined data-storage policy for a hybrid disk drive
Data is stored in a hybrid drive that includes a magnetic storage medium and a non-volatile solid-state device using a temperature-defined data-storage policy. According to the temperature-defined data storage policy, the drive can perform operations for modulating the temperature of the drive, minimizing increased wear on memory cells in the non-volatile solid-state device, and/or preventing data stored in the non-volatile solid-state device from being lost..
Protecting information written to recording medium
A data storage device can include a recording medium; a controller unit to generate control signals in response to write information and write commands; and a transducer section coupled to receive the controls signals, and in response, write the write information into the recording medium and form a data protection pattern in the recording medium adjacent to the write information.. .
Control system for forming and outputting image, control apparatus for forming and outputting image, and recording medium storing a control program for forming and outputting image
A control system for forming and outputting an image, in which an image output control apparatus cooperates with another information processing apparatus that instructs an image forming apparatus to form and output an image. The control system includes an intermediate data generator that acquires an image to be output and generates intermediate data as print data, an intermediate data storage processor that stores the generated intermediate data in a predetermined storage area, an intermediate data acquisition unit that acquires the intermediate data, an additional processor that executes an additional process in outputting the image based on the acquired intermediate data, and a print job generation controller that instructs a print job generator that generates a print job to instruct the image forming apparatus to execute forming and outputting the image to generate the print job based on the intermediate data..
The invention relates to a shredder/document shredder for sheet-shaped material, such as paper and material of the like or similar data storage media, having a thickness sensor which protrudes at least partially into a receiving slot. According to the invention, the thickness sensor does not change its position if too much material to be shredded (for example, paper) passes into the receiving slot, but rather pivots about its rotational axis as a result of the friction with the material.
Apparatus to measure the power expended in propelling a vessel on water
An apparatus is disclosed comprising a suite of sensors for measuring instant static and dynamic pressure, speed of the water flowing past the vessel in the direction of travel of the vessel, acceleration of the vessel in the direction of motion, and position of a vessel, such as a row boat. A microprocessor receives data from the sensors and calculates power expended by the rower, paddler, or other human or non-human power source by finding the total of all forces impinging upon the vessel and passengers, thereafter multiplying by the speed of the water flowing past the vessel in the direction of travel of the vessel.
Efficient data storage in multi-plane memory devices
A method for data storage includes initially storing a sequence of data pages in a memory that includes multiple memory arrays, such that successive data pages in the sequence are stored in alternation in a first number of the memory arrays. The initially-stored data pages are rearranged in the memory so as to store the successive data pages in the sequence in a second number of the memory arrays, which is less than the first number.
Datacenter utilizing modular infrastructure systems and redundancy protection from failure
A datacenter housing servers, computers, data storage devices, telecommunications and related equipment for storing and accessing large amounts of data on a continuous, uninterrupted and reliable basis, which is provided with a supporting system or infrastructure for supplying power and cooling to the datacenter, which involves equipment primarily contained in modules situated outside the building that houses the primary computer and server equipment, whereby said supporting system or infrastructure is designed with redundant equipment, connections, and controls to avoid any single point of potential failure.. .
Restoring expander operations in a data storage switch
Systems and methods presented herein provide for recovering a failed expander in a data storage switch to restore the switch to optimal. In one embodiment, a data storage switch includes a master expander having a first firmware module operable to link a plurality of logical volumes to at least one initiator through a first plurality of physical transceivers.
Systems and methods for accommodating end of transfer request in a data storage device
Systems and methods for data processing particularly related addressing latency concerns in relation to data processing.. .
Distributed storage method, apparatus, and system for reducing a data loss that may result from a single-point failure
A distributed data storage method, apparatus, and system for reducing a data loss that may result from a single-point failure. The method includes: splitting a data file to generate k data slices, splitting each data slice of the k data slices to generate m data blocks for each data slice, and performing check coding on the m data blocks by using a redundancy algorithm to generate n check blocks; determining, by using a random algorithm, a first physical storage node corresponding to one block of the m data blocks and the n check blocks, and determining at least m+1 different physical storage nodes based on the determined first physical storage node and according to a first rule-based sorting manner; and storing at least m+1 blocks of the m data blocks and the n check blocks onto the at least m+1 different storage nodes, where k, m, and n are integers..
Scheduling of reactive i/o operations in a storage environment
A system and method for effectively scheduling read and write operations among a plurality of solid-state storage devices. A computer system comprises client computers and data storage arrays coupled to one another via a network.
Mobile personalized boot data
A system and associated method of using may generally have at least a mobile data storage device with a controller directing data to first and second tiers of memory. The first tier of memory can have at least boot data pre-fetched from the second tier of memory with the boot data including at least metadata and personalized user data..
Architecture for writing and reading data in a data storage system
A system including an encoder module, a buffer first-in first-out (fifo) module, a buffer manager module, n fifo modules, and n input/output (i/o) modules. The encoder module encodes data received from a host and generates p units of encoded data, where p is an integer greater than 1.
Data storage system
A system (1) comprises a plurality of data structures. Each of the data structures comprises an association to a disjoint key range ri=[k_i,k_{i+1}), where k_i is an ordered sequence arranged to be held in an internal memory (3) key range index.
File cloning and de-cloning in a data storage system
A file cloning mechanism allows for quickly creating copies (clones) of files within a filesystem, such as when a user makes a copy of a file. In exemplary embodiments, a clone of a source object is at least initially represented by a structure containing references to various elements of the source object (e.g., indirect onodes, direct onodes, and data blocks).
Multiple platform data storage and synchronization
The disclosed technology can enable application data to be stored with an online content management system. In some embodiments, a user's application installed on a first computing device can send application data, such as current state information of the application, to be stored on the network service.
Systems and methods for authentication notification
A processor implemented method and system for preventing fraudulent transactions between users and vendors. The method includes: receiving, at a server, information relating to a transaction between a user and a vendor, the server receiving the information from at least one vendor transaction processing unit, the server comprising at least one server processor and being coupled to at least one data storage device; locating on the at least one storage device contact information relating to the at least one user, the contact information comprising at least one communications address for at least one customer-registered unit associated with the user; and c) transmitting transaction information to the at least one user-registered unit over the at least one communications network..
Use of natural query events to improve online advertising campaigns
A system and method to identify targeting criteria for online advertising campaigns based on natural query event data are described. A request to determine targeting criteria is received from an advertiser entity.
Integrated erp based planning
Various embodiments of systems and methods for planning a to-be-planned project are described herein. A project planning framework is provided for planning a to-be-planned project.
Global insurance compliance management system
A computer based system for managing insurance compliance may comprise a computer, software, data storage, secured web services platform connecting the software to the data storage, and user interface for a user stakeholder to access insurance data of other stakeholders including insurance agencies, insurance carriers, policy holders, and verifier entities. A method for managing insurance compliance may comprise providing a dashboard interface to a user stakeholder, receiving login information to access an insurance status, and indicating the insurance status to the user stakeholder.
Prescription decision support system and method using comprehensive multiplex drug monitoring
A system and method for informed prescribing implements a multiplex assay system to measure each of a plurality of chemical entities associated with a patient from a single body fluid sample, and identifies medication levels for each of the measured chemical entities relative to respective target ranges. A drug interaction program module such as a neutral network engine is iteratively trained using the identified medication levels and historical patient data from data storage.
Recording medium storing apparatus control program, apparatus control system, and apparatus control device
A medium having stored therein a program, the program causing a computer to execute a process, the process comprising: selecting a vibration medium corresponding to first vibration data, on the basis of matching between the first vibration data and the reference vibration data, the first vibration data corresponding to first vibration transmitted via the vibration medium and detected; selecting reference vibration data corresponding to second vibration data, from among the reference vibration data stored in the reference data storage unit on the basis of the second vibration data and a correction value of the reference vibration data, the second vibration data corresponding to second vibration transmitted via the selected vibration medium and detected; updating a correction value of the selected reference vibration data on the basis of the second vibration data; and generating a control signal for controlling the apparatus on the basis of the selected reference vibration data.. .
Logistics system, and method for recovery from abnormality in logistics system
A logistics system includes a transport device and a controller and stores inventory data of objects. The logistics system stores the inventory data in a storage unit, data on objects being transported by the transport device in a transport data storage unit, and recovery procedures for the transport device in a recovery procedure storage unit.

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