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Data Rate patents

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Reduced latency media distribution system

Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

Reduced latency media distribution system

Transmission device and pause frame conversion method

Fujitsu Limited

Transmission device and pause frame conversion method

Transmission device and pause frame conversion method

Regents Of University Of California

Throughput enabled rate adaptation in wireless networks

Date/App# patent app List of recent Data Rate-related patents
 Ofdma subchannel assignment patent thumbnailOfdma subchannel assignment
A device includes a signaling interface to receive ofdm signaling for an ofdm channel from multiple transmit nodes, an ofdm receiver to process the ofdm signaling, and a channel allocation module. The channel allocation module allocates subchannels of the channel among transmit nodes by: determining, for each transmit node, a corresponding snr for each of the subchannels; assigning to each transmit node a corresponding subset of buckets of a set of buckets, the number of buckets in the subset based on a data rate requirement of the transmit node; distributing subchannels among the buckets based on the snrs of the subchannels; and, for each transmit node, allocating to the transmit node the subchannels distributed to the subset of buckets assigned to the transmit node.
Vixs Systems Inc.

 Reduced latency media distribution system patent thumbnailReduced latency media distribution system
A system for distributing audio or video data across a network, wherein an input data rate controller at a server controls the transmission rate to a client such that it matches the intended rendering rate of the data, and time stamps the data using a clock that is synchronized with the clock of the client. The client monitors the rate at which data is received, compares the rate against the rate at which the data is actually rendered, and adjusts the rate at which the data is actually rendered depending on the comparison..
Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

 Transmission device and pause frame conversion method patent thumbnailTransmission device and pause frame conversion method
A client interface unit receives a pause frame transmitted from a client device compatible with a relatively low communication rate. A data rate conversion unit generates a plurality of pause frames in accordance with a pause time designated by the received one pause frame and transmits the plurality of pause frames to a frame processing unit compatible with a relatively high communication rate.
Fujitsu Limited

 Throughput enabled rate adaptation in wireless networks patent thumbnailThroughput enabled rate adaptation in wireless networks
Rate adaptation in a digital wireless communication network is performed by measuring by a wireless node data throughput values attained while communicating at different data rates on a channel in the network. The node calculates from the measured throughput alone a current transmission rate without any a priori knowledge of a state of the channel.
The Regents Of The University Of California

 Systems and methods for clock and data recovery patent thumbnailSystems and methods for clock and data recovery
Apparatus and method for clock and data recovery are disclosed. A reset circuit counts clock cycles between edges of an input signal and resets a signal processing circuit that performs acquisition and tracking of a data stream when the clock cycle count is outside of a range.
Analog Devices Global

 Resource sharing in a telecommunications environment patent thumbnailResource sharing in a telecommunications environment
A transceiver is designed to share memory and processing power amongst a plurality of transmitter and/or receiver latency paths, in a communications transceiver that carries or supports multiple applications. For example, the transmitter and/or receiver latency paths of the transceiver can share an interleaver/deinterleaver memory.
Tq Delta, Llc

 Uplink backpressure coordination patent thumbnailUplink backpressure coordination
The present invention addresses apparatuses, methods and computer program product for enabling uplink backpressure coordination in networks. Uplink user data rate on a transmission interface of a base station as well as uplink user data rate for each radio cell assigned to the base station per quality of service class identifier class based on each active data radio bearer are evaluated, available transmission resources of the transmission interface based on the evaluation results are determined, transmission resources to each guaranteed bit rate bearer are assigned, and the remaining transmission resources to the active non-guaranteed bit rate bearers are distributed..
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

 Method and apparatus of dynamically adjusting bit rate of bearer in wireless communication system patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus of dynamically adjusting bit rate of bearer in wireless communication system
The present disclosure relates to a pre-5th-generation (5g) or 5g communication system to be provided for supporting higher data rates beyond 4th-generation (4g) communication system such as long term evolution (lte). A method and apparatus of dynamically operating a bearer in a wireless communication system is provided.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 System and  establishing a call on a packet network patent thumbnailSystem and establishing a call on a packet network
A method for establishing a call over a packet network may include receiving a call request on a packet network from an originating call device. Status one or more segments of a transmission path may be determined.
Centurylink Intellectual Property Llc

 Method and  controlling data rate of a reverse link in a communication system patent thumbnailMethod and controlling data rate of a reverse link in a communication system
Various aspects of the invention provide for determining data rate for a reverse link communication by determining packets of data for transmission for a number of communication services, determining a data rate for transmission of the packets of data based on an arrangement of the packets of data in a queue allowing for meeting the transmission deadline for each of the packets of data. The base station determines whether available resources allow for allocation at the base station for transmission from the mobile station at the determined data rate and duration.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Inductive-coupling system and method with compensation to prevent interference

In a related transmitting circuit employing electromagnetic induction that is used in a communication system, there is a problem in that, because only one inductor is used in the transmitting circuit, it is impossible to perform communication at a data rate higher than the self-resonant frequency of the inductor. A transmitting circuit according to an embodiment of the present invention is a transmitting circuit that drives an inductor to transmit data to a semiconductor chip insulated from a semiconductor chip on which the transmitting circuit is mounted, and includes a driving circuit that receives outgoing data transmitted at a data rate higher than the self-resonant frequency of the inductor and outputs an outgoing signal that drives the inductor at the data rate of the outgoing data..
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Bi-directional and reverse directional resource reservation setup protocol

A wireless user equipment (ue) may include a reservation setup protocol (rsvp) message generator. The rsvp message generator may be configured to generate a rsvp message to a communication peer via a network that includes at least one router for reserving resources along a path.
Interdigital Technology Corporation


Hybrid arq schemes with soft combining in variable rate packet data applications

A system and method for transmitting high speed data on fixed rate and for variable rate channels. The system and method provides the flexibility of adjusting the data rate, the coding rate, and the nature of individual retransmissions.
Apple Inc.


Full duplex transmission high speed backplane system

An integrated circuit (ic) for a backplane serializer/deserializer (serdes) system, comprising a first transmitter configured to send first data at a data rate to a second receiver in a second ic, a first receiver configured to receive second data at the data rate from a second transmitter in the second ic, wherein each of a first link and a second link is to the first transmitter, the first receiver, the second transmitter, and the second receiver, and wherein both the first link and the second link combined are configured to transfer the first data from the first transmitter to the second receiver and transfer the second data from the second transmitter to the first receiver at the data rate.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Wlan throughput prediction

According to one aspect of the present disclosure, a method is implemented by a network node in relation to a basic service set (bss) that includes an access point providing a wireless local area network (wlan). The network node predicts a downlink data rate for downlink transmissions from the access point to a particular ue based on either signal qualities of a first set of uplink transmissions which are sent from the particular ue to the access point or a default signal quality value.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Avoiding extended interframe space

Methods, systems, and devices are described for avoiding extended interframe space (eifs) in a wireless local area network (wlan). A wireless device may transmit a message during a transmit opportunity (txop) that includes a first portion transmitted at a first data rate and a second portion transmitted at a second rate that is higher than the first.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Pci express expansion system

Expansion boxes have been traditionally used to provide additional expansion slots to those that are provided in the computer system. As the speed of expansion busses has increased, it has become increasingly difficult to provide an expansion box and interconnect to that expansion box that is reliable and low cost.
Rj Intellectual Properties, Llc


Video telephony service quality enhancement method and apparatus

A communication method and apparatus is provided for enhancing video telephony service quality by protecting against call setup failure or service quality degradation caused due to switching of the user equipment (ue) to a network which does not fulfill the data rate required for video telephony in the video call setup process. The communication method of a terminal in a mobile communication system according to the present disclosure includes transmitting a video telephony call setup request message, receiving a switching command for circuit switched fall back (csfb), and setting, if the switching command includes a target cell type set to the 2nd generation (2g) cell and if a 3rd generation (3g) cell to which the terminal can access exists, up the video telephony call by switching a connection to the 3g cell..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Communication system

The present invention has an object to provide a communication system capable of appropriately providing services while improving a data rate using carrier aggregation. In step st1408, of a cell1 and a cell2 of a base station a, rrc connection is established between the cell1 and a ue, and the cell1 becomes a primary cell (pcell).
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Method and measuring and reporting a rank and a precoding matrix for multiple-input multiple-output communication

A method and apparatus for measuring and reporting a rank and/or a precoding matrix for multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) communication are disclosed. A metric indicating a channel condition is measured and a rank is selected based on the metric.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.


Imaging system and method

An imaging system includes a camera and a controller. The camera is configured to be disposed on a first vehicle system or at a wayside location along a route to generate image data within a field of view of the camera.
General Electric Company


Method for using a base station to selectively utilize channels to support a plurality of communications

A method for using a code division multiple access (cdma) subscriber unit to transmit a communication to a base station at a first data rate using at least one communication channel, determine an adjusted data rate desired for support of the communication, and transmit the communication to the base station over a second channel at a second data rate, wherein the first data rate is different than the second data rate.. .
Interdigital Technology Corporation


Sensor subassembly and sending a data signal

A sensor subassembly having a memory unit for storing a sensor data value from the sensor subassembly and a transmission unit for sending a data signal with information about the stored sensor data value to an external receiver at a data rate that is dependent on a clock frequency of a clock signal produced by the sensor subassembly. The transmission unit sends the data signal with the information about the stored sensor data value on the basis of a piece of trigger information in an externally received control signal..
Infineon Technologies Ag


Forward error correction (fec) data transmission system

A device implementing a forward error correction data transmission system may include at least one processor circuit. The at least one processor circuit may be configured to perform line encoding on a data stream received from a media access control (mac) module, and periodically insert alignment markers after every number of blocks of the data stream, where the alignment markers are determined based at least in part on a data rate of an associated port.
Broadcom Corporation


Otn rate adjustment control plane restoration, congestion control, and network utilization

A method, a controller, and an optical transport network (otn) network include provisioning an end-to-end path with a defined committed information rate (cir) and a peak information rate (pir) via an optical control plane; computing a path for the end-to-end path based on the cir and the pir; configuring the end-to-end path on the computed path at an optical channel data unit (odu) data rate supporting the pir if the computed path can support the pir or at the odu data rate supporting the cir if the computed path can support the cir and not the pir; and adjusting the odu data rate of the end-to-end path based on a rate adjustment requirement in the otn network and based on the cir and the pir.. .
Ciena Corporation


Wideband digital spectrometer

A processor, comprising a first data input configured to receive a stream of samples of a first signal having a spectral space, the stream having a data rate of at least 4 ghz; a second data input configured to receive a stream of samples of a second signal; a multitap correlator, configured to receive the first stream of samples and the second stream of samples, and producing at least one correlation output for each respective sequential sample of the first signal received; and a programmable control configured to alter a relationship of the stream of samples of the first signal and the stream of samples of the second signal, to thereby select, under program control, an alterable correlation output.. .
Hypres, Inc.


Downlink data rate-matching

Provided are a downlink data rate-matching method and device, the method including: a ue acquiring one of the following information: one or more sets of rate-matching resource indication information configured by a base station and used for instructing the ue to perform rate-matching, one or more sets of rate-matching resource indication information and combined rate-matching resource indication information, and rate-matching resource indication information of a serving cell of the ue acquired when the ue accesses a network; the ue determining a dci format corresponding to downlink grant indication information in a subframe of downlink control information transmitted by the base station; and the ue determining rate-matching resource information corresponding to the dci format and used for rate-matching according to the dci format and a preset corresponding relationship, and conducting downlink data rate-matching according to the rate-matching resource information. The solution improves rate-matching accuracy..
Zte Corporation


Transport of ethernet packet data with wire-speed and packet data rate match

Method, apparatus, and systems for reliably transferring ethernet packet data over a link layer and facilitating fabric-to-ethernet and ethernet-to-fabric gateway operations at matching wire speed and packet data rate. Ethernet header and payload data is extracted from ethernet frames received at the gateway and encapsulated in fabric packets to be forwarded to a fabric endpoint hosting an entity to which the ethernet packet is addressed.
Intel Corporation


Maximizing data rate by adjusting codes and code rates

The present invention provides for making code rate adjustments and modulation type adjustments in a pseudonoise (pn) encoded cdma system. Coding rate adjustments may be made by changing the number of information bits per symbol, or forward error code (fec) coding rate.
Intel Corporation


System for relayed data transmission in a high-speed serial link

A system for transmitting data from a timing controller (tcon) to several source driver integrated circuits (sics) in a display. The system is suitable for use either with a high data rate or a low data rate to each of the sics.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Bonding device and method

A device that includes a plurality of transceivers configurable to simultaneously operate with a combination of bonded and unbonded transceivers. A first transceiver of the plurality of transceivers is operable at a first data rate, and a second transceiver of the plurality of transceivers is simultaneously operable at a second data rate that is different than the first data rate.
Tq Delta, Llc


Apparatus, asymmetric, full-duplex communication

Techniques and methods for performing asymmetric, full-duplex communication via a signal line. In an embodiment, a transceiver includes transmit circuitry to transmit a first signal via a node coupled to a signal line, where the first signal is transmitted concurrently with the transceiver receiving a second signal via the node at a substantially different data rate than that of the first signal.
Silicon Image, Inc.


Mode-changeable dual data rate random access memory driver with asymmetric offset and memory interface incorporating the same

A memory driver, a method of driving a command bus for a synchronous dual data rate (sddr) memory and a memory controller for controlling dynamic random-access memory (dram). In one embodiment, the memory driver includes: (1) pull-up and pull-down transistors couplable to a command bus of a memory controller and operable in 1n and 2n timing modes and (2) gear down offset circuitry coupled to the pull-up transistor and operable to offset the command bus when transitioning out of the 1n timing mode and increase an extent and duration of 1-0-1 transitions on the command bus..
Nvidia Corporation


Increased spectral efficiency and reduced synchronization delay with bundled transmissions

Techniques are provided for increasing spectral efficiency over data channels in a storage or communication system. In some embodiments, data may be encoded and transmitted over multiple channels.
General Electric Company


Systems and methods for providing mobile applications to users at a predetermined data rate

Systems and methods are described for providing mobile applications at a predetermined data rate. In an embodiment, a request for a campaign is received, the request including an application title, an access endpoint, a campaign duration, and a list of a plurality of communication network operators.
Lotusflare, Inc.


Dynamically-selectable multi-modal modulation in wireless multihop networks

In a self-organizing wireless multihop network, each node device selects operation among short-range (sr) and long-range (lr) communication modes, among which the sr mode uses a higher data rate than the lr mode. Each node device advertises connectivity link availability for neighboring node devices, and selectively initiates a link in response to connectivity availability advertised by at least one neighboring node device.


Packet mode auto-detection in multi-mode wireless communication system, signal field transmission for the packet mode auto-detection, and gain control based on the packet mode

A method for automatically detecting a packet mode in a wireless communication system supporting a multiple transmission mode includes: acquiring at least one of data rate information, packet length information and channel bandwidth information from a transmitted frame; and determining the packet mode on the basis of the phase rotation check result of a symbol transmitted after a signal field signal and at least one of the data rate information, the packet length information and the channel bandwidth information acquired from the transmitted frame.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Systems and methods for implementing application profiles and device classes in power line communication (plc) environments

Systems and methods for application profiles and device classes in power line communications (plcs) are described. In some embodiments, a plc device has the device class defined by a phy layer and may include a processor and a memory coupled to the processor.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Method and reference-less repeater with digital control

Reference-less repeating circuits provide significant advantages over repeating circuits requiring external frequency references. These repeating circuits eliminate the need for external frequency references provide significant power, layout, and physical isolation advantages.
Broadcom Corporation


Parallelogram cell design for high speed vertical channel 3d nand memory

Roughly described, a memory device has a multilevel stack of conductive layers. Pillars oriented orthogonally to the substrate each include series-connected memory cells at cross-points between the pillars and the conductive layers.
Macronix International Co., Ltd.


Encoding data in multiple formats

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for modulating card information between a card reader and a user device. One of the methods includes receiving, from a read head of the card reader, card information associated with a card.
Square, Inc.


System and selecting portions of video data for high quality feed while continuing a low quality feed

A method for operating a video system is provided. The method includes receiving video data comprising a scene from a video capture device at a video processor, and processing the video data to produce first video data of the scene at a first quality level in the video processor.
Verint Systems Inc.


Data rate adaptation based on time-based events

In one embodiment, a plurality of time-based events is determined in a computer network. Messages are transmitted in the computer network in accordance with the plurality of time-based events.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Data rate selection with proactive routing in smart grid networks

In one embodiment, a device communicates with one or more neighboring devices in a shared-media communication network using a default data rate. The device determines that the default data rate is not supported by a particular one of the neighboring devices.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Locking detection circuit for cdr circuits

A locking detection circuit for cdr circuits includes a first frequency divider, a second frequency divider, a first sampler, a second sampler, and a locking detector, with a data signal outputted by a cdr circuit being inputted to the first frequency divider and the first sampler respectively, the first frequency divider being connected with the first sampler, a clock pulse outputted by the cdr circuit being inputted to the second frequency divider and the second sampler respectively, output terminals of the first and second samplers being connected with the locking detector which is for detecting if rising edges of the data signal outputted and the clock pulse outputted are aligned, and then outputting a detection result. The circuit size and power consumption is reduced, and it is applicable to spread spectrum carrier with high data rate over 1 gbps and with any protocol, whose application scope is broadened..
Ipgoal Microelectronics (sichuan) Co., Ltd.


Implementation of related clocks

An integrated circuit (ic) that includes multiple clock domains is provided. Each clock domain operates at a user specified data rate, and the data rates of at least two of the clock domains are related by a common base clock.
Tabula, Inc.


Pcie clock rate stepping for graphics and platform processors

Circuits, methods, and apparatus for modifying the data rate of a data bus. In a circuit having two processors coupled by a data bus, the processors each learn that the other is capable of operating at a modified data rate.
Nvidia Corporation


Operation chart rescaling

Techniques for operation chart rescaling are described. In at least some embodiments, an operations chart is provided that tracks various parameters for an operation.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Receive clock calibration for a serial bus

Master and slave devices may be coupled to a control data bus. A method includes controlling data transmissions over a bus using a master device.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Dynamically adjusting data processing speed based on buffer utilization

The embodiments disclosed herein provide a computing device that includes an upstream buffer and downstream data processing circuit that establish a data processing path where the data stored by upstream buffer is received and processed by the downstream data processing circuit. Using a buffer utilization characteristic of the upstream buffer such as its current availability (e.g., the buffer is 50% full) or an input data rate, the computing device adjusts the clock signal used to drive the downstream data processing circuit.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Remote antenna clusters and related systems, components, and methods supporting digital data signal propagation between remote antenna units

Distributed antenna systems supporting digital data signal propagation between remote antenna clusters, and related distributed antenna systems, components and methods are disclosed. The distributed antenna systems facilitate distributing digital data signals to provide digital data services remotely to distributed remote antenna units.
Corning Optical Communications Llc


Combined amplitude-time and phase modulation

A method for generating a compound signal wave with one or more substantially sinusoidal waveform(s) containing an encoded digital information combined with a variable phase changing waveform(s) producing a compound notched sinusoid waveform that includes at least a sine wave that is amplitude-time modulated and at least one phase modulated wave(s). The encoded digital information can be 1 to n bits per cycle limited only by hardware clock speeds.


Predictive caching and fetch priority

Predicting what content items a user finds important and sending those items to a cache on the user's device at times when doing so will not drain resources and will not result in expensive data rates. Applying a ranking function that examines recency and other content metadata associated with the user's content items stored in a synchronized content management system.
Dropbox, Inc.


Wearable data storage and caching

Embodiments of the invention include a caching device for temporary storage of content generated using a content-generating device. The caching device and the content-generating device can be operatively coupled.
Imation Corp.


At-rate serdes clock data recovery with controllable offset

Embodiments include systems and methods for applying a controllable early/late offset to an at-rate clock data recovery (cdr) system. Some embodiments operate in context of a cdr circuit of a serializer/deserializer (serdes).
Oracle International Corporation


Apparatus and rate control in mobile communication system

Disclosed are an apparatus and system for controlling a data rate in a mobile communication system. The apparatus includes a controller which is configured to update an offset when an error rate of a channel needs to be corrected based on a code rate of a frame, presence/absence of an error through cyclic redundancy check (crc), and channel state information such as an offset value, and maintain the offset when the code rate of the channel is a maximum value or a minimum value..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Configurable receiver architecture for carrier aggregation with multiple-input multiple-output

A wireless communication system and method that includes configurable carrier aggregation (ca) and/or multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) operational modes. In ca, multiple carriers (i.e., channel bundling) are aggregated and jointly used for transmission to/from a single terminal.
Broadcom Corporation


Method, computer-readable storage device, and allocating timeslots on channels in a wireless network

A method, computer-readable storage device, and apparatus for allocating a plurality of timeslots of each channel of a plurality of channels in a wireless network are disclosed. For example, the method determines a location and a velocity for each user endpoint device of a plurality of user endpoint devices, estimates a future data rate for each user endpoint device at the location, estimates future timeslot allocations of each channel of the plurality of channels in the wireless network in accordance with the future data rate that is predicted for each user endpoint device, and allocates each timeslot of the plurality of timeslots of each channel of the plurality of channels in the wireless network to a user endpoint device of the plurality of user endpoint devices in accordance with the future timeslot allocations that are estimated for each channel..
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


System and improving channel efficiency in a wireless link

System and method for improving channel efficiency in a wireless link between an access-point transceiver and a first transceiver. The first transceiver may have a first data throughput rate that is lower than the maximum possible data throughput rate of the wireless link.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Multi-media multi-modulation and multi-data rate mesh network

A node having a multiple protocol receiver may listen to multiple links in parallel and determine a quality of links having multiple communication technologies between the node and multiple neighbor nodes. The multiple communication technologies may include radio frequency (rf) communication technologies and one or more power line communication (plc) communication technologies.
Itron, Inc.


Deployment and distribution model for improved content delivery system

A deployment and distribution model improves content delivery with a business incentive for placement of kiosks with one or more wireless access points in public locations so that portable media players (pmps) can receive media content (e.g., audio, video, text, haptic content, etc.). In addition, coordination between subscribing users of pmps, vendors who provide kiosks, and a network central controller of a content distribution system allow for prepositioning of video content at the kiosks through economically desirable low data rate communication links from the network (e.g., dial-up modem, dsl, etc.); coordinated queuing of downloads (e.g., partial downloads) between kiosk to pmp, peer-to-peer (p2p) downloading between pmps, and uploads from pmp to kiosk; billing/crediting to correspond with such participation in the distribution; and changing priority/selection of prepositioning of content at kiosks to reflect a clientele profile..
Qualcomm Incorporated


Signaling to application lack of requested bandwidth

A system for signaling an application when a requested data rate and quality of service cannot be achieved using ofdm wireless data transmission, and the application proceeds by either renegotiating qos and data rate, or waiting until they requested rate and qos are met.. .
Microsoft Corporation


Dynamic buffer partitioning

At least one implementation herein enables interleaver and deinterleaver buffer modification during showtime. That is, at least one implementation herein enables a multicarrier controller apparatus to reallocate interleaver and deinterleaver buffer memory to accommodate data rate changes in the upstream and downstream communication channels..
Lantiq Deutschland Gmbh


Apparatus and avoiding message collision between v2v communication

An apparatus for avoiding a message collision between vehicle to vehicle (v2v) communications may include a channel busy percentage (cbp) determiner configured to determine a cbp and a controller configured to establish a data rate based on the determined cbp. When the cbp exceeds a preset reference value, the controller may adapt the data rate to an upper data rate.
Korea University Research And Business Foundation


Lossless video data compressor with very high data rate

Lossless video data compression is performed in real time at the data rate of incoming real time video data in a process employing a minimum number of computational steps for each video pixel. Each pixel 8-bit byte is converted to a difference byte representing the difference between the pixel and its immediate predecessor in a serialized stream of the pixel bytes.
Cognitech, Inc.


Application user interfaces for non-identical data rate links

An apparatus for operating a low data-rate (ldr) link and legacy switch at a high data-rate (hdr) includes a first block and a second block. The first block receives input signals from the legacy switch and generates identical output signals.
Broadcom Corporation


Icm foot-print with upoe support

Power over ethernet (poe)/universal power over ethernet (upoe) may be enabled at multigigabit port-channel connections. This may allow for additional speed support in auto-negotiation messages while employing multigigabit speeds.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Adjustable data rates

Adjustable data rate data communications may be provided. First, a plurality of remote data rates at which a remote device is configured to operate may be received.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Flexible data transmission scheme adaptive to communication channel quality

Methods and apparatus for transferring data along a link with a 10 gbase-t transceiver at a variable data rate are disclosed. One exemplary method includes detecting a link quality metric; and selecting a symbol transmission rate and a data modulation scheme based on the detected link quality metric.
Aquantia Corporation


Optical transceiver with variable data rate and sensitivity control

An optical communications system includes a modulator/demodulator (modem) to transmit outgoing communications data and to receive incoming communications data in a transceiver. A main detector is coupled to the modem to convert an optical signal representing the incoming communications data to an electrical signal for the modem.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation


Double data rate counter, and analog-to-digital converter and cmos sensor including the same

A double data rate (ddr) counter includes a first control block suitable for toggling a counter clock according to a count mode signal and a previous state value of a sampling block; a second control block suitable for determining whether to toggle a clock signal inputted to a counting block corresponding to an (lsb+1) bit or higher; a third control block suitable for determining an enable period of the counting block; the sampling block suitable for sampling a state of the clock signal and outputting an lsb value, when an input signal transits; and the counting block suitable for performing counting according to output signals of the second and third control blocks and outputting a counter output signal having the (lsb+1) bit or higher.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.


Backward compatible connectivity for high data rate applications

The present invention provides a communication jack for connecting to one of a first plug and a second plug. The jack includes a housing, plug interface contacts, and coupling circuitry.
Panduit Corp.


Method and processing slow infrequent streams

A method for efficiently processing write data from a storage controller to a striped storage volume is provided. The method includes receiving, by the storage controller, a host write request including a host write request size, calculating, by the storage controller, that a time to fill a stripe including the host write request is not less than a host guaranteed write time, and processing, by the storage controller, the host write request as a write-through host write request.
Dot Hill Systems Corporation


Method and processing fast asynchronous streams

A method for efficiently processing write data from a storage controller to a striped storage volume is provided. The method includes receiving, by the storage controller, a host write request including a host write request size, calculating, by the storage controller, that a time to fill a stripe including the host write request is less than a host guaranteed write time, and processing, by the storage controller, the host write request as a writeback host write request.
Dot Hill Systems Corporation


Adapting basic service set basic rate set for 802.11 wireless local area networks

Adaption of a basic service set (bss) basic rate set for a wireless local area network (wlan) access point (ap) may be achieved by, for example, determining a transmission power metric for one or more subscriber stations (stas) associated with the ap, modifying one or more data rates in the bss basic rate set for the ap based on the transmission power metric, and transmitting the modified bss basic rate set to the one or more stas.. .
Qualcomm Incorporated


Devices and methods for control channel decoding with preamble skip to reduce decoding time

Access terminals are configured to decrease awake state durations (and conversely increase standby state durations) utilizing a preamble skip operation. According to one example, an access terminal may assign a finger of a receiver to receive a control channel transmission at a time after a beginning of a preamble of the control channel transmission, and before an initial boundary of a slot after a first slot of the control channel transmission, the preamble of the control channel transmission including information corresponding to a data rate of the control channel transmission.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Wireless multimedia system

Methods and systems for a novel multi-media macro-network. A picon media server is connected with variety of high data rate sources including high definition video and audio connections.
Sigma Group Inc.


Multimode multicarrier modem system and communication over the same

An alternative approach to coping with the ever increasing demand for faster communications hardware is to design modems that are capable of operating its speeds at a higher data rate than a speed required for a single port of the standard communication rate for that modem. Basically, by utilizing a resource manager, that directs the data in and out of the various portions of the modem in an orderly manner, keeping track of which of the ports is being operated at any given point in time, a standard single port modem can be reconfigured, for example, at an over clocked rate, to manipulate the data input and output of a modem..


Method and wireless transmission of high data rate streams

Methods, system and devices for wireless transmission of hdmi data streams. Plurality of data multiplex converters are constructed and used in parallel to process one hdmi datastream into plurality of channels of data packets wherein the plurality of channels of data packets are transmitted through wi-fi wireless protocols to a destination device.
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Delay-based traffic rate control in networks with central controllers

A process is performed by a controller in a split-architecture network. The controller monitors congestion of traffic groups across the split-architecture network and executes the process to provide delay based data rate control to alleviate congestion of the traffic groups.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Multi-rate transparent mux for optical communications networks

Bit-transparent muxing of an input signal for transport through an optical communications network. A fixed length container of the optical communications network is defined, which includes an overhead and a payload.
Rpx Clearinghouse Llc


Adaptive coded-modulation for intelligent optical transport networks

A computer implemented method for dynamic data rate adjustment within a cascaded forward error correction fec for optical communications includes subjecting data communicated over an optical network to a forward error correction in an encoding or decoding of the data, the encoding or decoding employing a codeword, re-encoding part of the codeword for generating a subsequent codeword where an actual code rate is tuned by adjusting a size of data encoded to provide re-encoded data, and dynamically changing the re-encoded data size to achieve cascaded rate adaptive fec for communication of the data over the optical network.. .
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.


Diagnostic data generation apparatus, integrated circuit and generating diagnostic data

A diagnostic data generation apparatus for a display controller comprises an underrun detector arranged to monitor, when in use, buffer depletion in order to detect an underrun condition. The underrun condition results from a data feed lag associated with a mismatch between a buffer fill rate and a predetermined output data rate.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Method and transmitting and receiving downlink control information in a mobile communication system supporting uplink packet data service

A method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving downlink control information in a mobile communication system supporting an uplink packet data service are provided. To transmit packet data in an harq mobile communication system, a second transceiver receives an rg as rate control information from a first transceiver.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Bearer management use in beamforming-based radio communication system

Methods and apparatuses are provided for bearer arrangement in a beamforming-based radio communication system. Channel qualities of cells available for communication with an electronic device and cell loads stored are checked in a scheduling table, when a service flow configuration request message is received for providing a service flow to the electronic device is received.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method, apparatus, computer program and computer program product for transmitting image data

In a method for transmitting image data from a plurality of cameras in a vehicle, a set of functions is provided, which set of functions comprises a plurality of functions each having a requirement for a respective image setting of at least one of the cameras. If a function is activated, a respective image setting is set for at least one of the cameras on the basis of at least one of the function and a respective predefined desired data rate during image data transmission in order to provide the image data from the respective camera for the respective function..
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Continuous adaptation of a channel equalizer

The present disclosure is directed to a system and method for continually adapting a channel equalizer that includes a precoder based on changing channel conditions. The precoder is described as being implemented in the exemplary context of a 10gbase-t physical layer (phy) device.
Broadcom Corporation


Electrical harness connector system with differential pair connection link

An electrical connector system includes a plug connector and a receptacle connector, each of which include a plurality of terminal receiving cavities for receiving a plurality of terminal lead wires. The electrical connector system further includes a connector link comprising a twisted pair differential cable for providing a data rate high data rate signal transmission transfer with the connector system, in addition to standard power and signal transmission, wherein the connector link is modularly connected within the electrical connector system..
Molex Incorporated


Double data rate test interface and architecture

A device test architecture and a reduced device test interface are provided to enable efficient testing of embedded cores and other circuits within devices. The reduced device test interface is achieved using a double data rate (ddr) signaling technique between the tester and the device.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Upstream burst noise detection

The present disclosure is directed to a system and method for detecting burst noise. The system and method are described in the exemplary context of a cable modem system and can be used in such a system to specifically detect upstream burst noise.
Broadcom Corporation


Wireless communication system, communication control method, control device, control method, control program, and wireless terminal

Connection destinations of a plurality of wireless terminals are selected from a plurality of connection destination candidates to maximize an evaluation value based on each of data rates in cases where each of the wireless terminals is connected to each of the connection destination candidates and each of resource allocation rates for each of the wireless terminals at each of the connection destination candidates.. .
Fujitsu Limited


System and multicast communications in wi-fi networks

A system and method for reliable multicast communications is disclosed herein. In one aspect, a first station may receive a first multicast frame having a first modulation and coding scheme and a first sequence number.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Adaptive pacing of media content delivery over a wireless network

A method includes monitoring, at a base station of a wireless network, channel quality information corresponding to a wireless channel used by the base station to stream media content to a communication device. The media content is streamed to the communication device at a particular effective transfer rate via data bursts.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

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