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Data Rate patents

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Power line docking station apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Data Rate-related patents
 Counter policy implementation patent thumbnailnew patent Counter policy implementation
According to an example, a counter policy implementation apparatus may include a policy determination module to receive a counter address for a local counter and to map the counter address to a specific policy of a plurality of policies, and a policy application module to receive a posted value and a double data rate (ddr) value associated with the local counter. The policy application module may include a comparator to compare the posted value or the ddr value with a maximum value associated with the local counter specified in the mapped policy, and an action block to perform an action specified by the mapped policy based on the comparison..
  patent thumbnailnew patent
A millimeter wave wireless (m2w2) interconnect is used for transmitting and receiving signals at millimeter-wave frequencies for short-range wireless communication with high data rate capability. The transmitter and receiver antennae may comprise an on-chip differential dipole antenna or a bond-wire differential dipole antenna.
 Systems and methods for data rate optimization in a wcan system with injection-locked clocking patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for data rate optimization in a wcan system with injection-locked clocking
A method for determining an optimal pulse repetition period (prp) in a system including a wireless transmission device operating in a static physical transmission environment includes providing a first and second injection-locked transmission system (ilt system). The method further includes implementing an algorithm in a microprocessor within the first ilt system.
 Power line docking station apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Power line docking station apparatus
A docking station apparatus for portable devices adapted to network with other apparatus such as climate control docking stations, temperature sensors, electrical power switches, etc., over the power line. The docking station has a connector adapted to accept a plurality of portable devices as well as a wireless connection for remote access.
 Double data rate counter, and analog-digital converting appratus and cmos image sensor using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Double data rate counter, and analog-digital converting appratus and cmos image sensor using the same
A double data rate (ddr) counter includes a clock selection unit suitable for selectively inverting a first counting clock based on a control signal and for outputting a second counting clock, a first latch stage suitable for latching the second counting clock based on a counting enable signal and for outputting the least significant bit (lsb) of the ddr counter, a determination unit suitable for generating the control signal based on the last bit state of the lsb in a reset counting period, and a second latch stage suitable for receiving the lsb as a clock input to generate a higher bit of the lsb at least in a main counting period.. .
 Can and flexible data rate can node apparatus and methods for mixed bus can fd communications patent thumbnailCan and flexible data rate can node apparatus and methods for mixed bus can fd communications
Controller area network (can) communications apparatus and methods are presented for can flexible data rate (can fd) communications in a mixed can network with can fd nodes and one or more non-fd can nodes in which a can fd node wishing to transmit can fd frames sends a first predefined message requesting the non-fd can nodes to disable their transmitters before transmitting the can fd frames, and thereafter sends a second predefined message or a predefined signal to return the non-fd can nodes to normal operation.. .
 System and method for adaptive information dissemination patent thumbnailSystem and method for adaptive information dissemination
In a distributed network, there are different data rates on different connections between a central computer system and remote terminal the central computer system includes one or more sets of data to be distributed to the remote terminals by extracting subsets of data from the set(s) of data. The subsets of data are distributed to selected groups of remote terminals based on an infrastructure load in order to adaptively distribute the data..
 Qsfp to 4x10gbase-t converter cable assembly patent thumbnailQsfp to 4x10gbase-t converter cable assembly
A quad small form-factor pluggable (qsfp) transceiver module is provided that is configured to interface with a qsfp host and to send and receive a plurality of data signals at a data rate of up to forty gigabits per second (40 g). A plurality of 10gbase-t ports with registered jack (rj) 45 connectors is also provided, wherein each of the 10gbase-t ports is configured to interface with a 10gbase-t device to send and receive a plurality of data signals at a data rate of ten gigabits per second (10 g).
 Securing virtual lane physical layers patent thumbnailSecuring virtual lane physical layers
A data stream with a given data rate is distributed into a plurality of virtual lanes or streams, each with a lower data rate than the data stream. Virtual lanes permit the use of lower cost electronics at the optical-electrical conversion points.
 Upbo for vectored dsl patent thumbnailUpbo for vectored dsl
Residual fext resulting from intended and/or inherent partial cancellation of crosstalk in vectored dsl systems impairs upstream power back-off (upbo) as traditionally implemented. By considering and taking into account the effects of residual crosstalk on vectored dsl system performance and operation, improved data rates and/or other vectored dsl system performance are realized through the use of upbo parameters generated for a given residual fext environment..
Application aware association in wireless networks
An application may be associated with an application endpoint that is accessed via a wireless local area network. In this disclosure, a wireless station may select and associated with one of a plurality of access points that provides better application throughput to the application endpoint.
Method and apparatus for providing multi-rate broadcast services
A method and apparatus for providing multi-rate broadcast services in a wireless communication system are disclosed. The present invention takes advantage of the higher capacity of better channels by providing a certain data rate common to all users, while sending additional information to users with better channel conditions.
Method for improving bandwidth in stacked memory devices
Apparatus and methods of increasing the data rate and bandwidth of system memory including stacked memory device dice. The system memory includes a memory device having a plurality of memory device dice in a stacked configuration, a memory controller coupled to the stacked memory device dice, and a partitioned data bus.
Apparatus and methods for modem assisted video telephony
Aspects of the present disclosure provide an apparatus and method for modem-assisted video telephony. As one example, a user equipment (ue) utilizes a modem to perform video telephony (vt) communication with a remote device through a wireless network.
Re-timing sampled data
For re-timing sampled data, input data samples at an input data rate are stored in a fifo buffer and output at an output data rate according to an output clock that is locked to the input data rate in dependence on a loop-filtered measure of the fill level of the said buffer. The frequency of the output clock is additionally controlled by an estimate of the input data rate..
Systems and methods for encoding alternative streams of video for playback on playback devices having predetermined display aspect ratios and network connection maximum data rates
Systems and methods for adaptive bitrate streaming of alternative streams of video encoded at resolution and sample aspect ratio combinations and maximum bitrates in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed. In one embodiment of the invention, a source encoder configured to encode a source video stream as a plurality of alternative streams of video for playback on a playback device includes a processor configured to receive multimedia content including source video data having a primary resolution, a primary sample aspect ratio, and a primary frame rate and to encode the source video data as alternative streams of video, where the resolution and sample aspect ratio of at least one of the alternative streams of video are selected to have an aspect ratio that is the same as a predetermined display aspect ratio and at least one of the alternative streams is encoded at a maximum bitrate..
Method, apparatus and computer program for search and synchronisation
Disclosed is an apparatus, method and computer program which frequency shifts a received signal by a first frequency value and low-pass filters the frequency shifted received signal at a first cutoff frequency to filter out a plurality of adjacent carrier frequencies. Parallel baseband processing is then performed on two or more adjacent carrier frequencies among the plurality of adjacent carrier frequencies based upon an adjacent carrier power criterion.
Multiple data rate memory with read timing information
A memory includes a memory array, read circuitry, and a strobe generator. The read circuitry is configured to provide read data from the memory array in response to a read request, wherein the read circuitry provides the read data in accordance with a first clock.
Multiple data rate memory with read timing information
A memory includes a memory array, read circuitry, and a strobe generator. The read circuitry is configured to provide read data from the memory array in response to a read request, wherein the read circuitry provides the read data in accordance with a first clock.
Low power management of multiple sensor integrated chip architecture
A method, device, system, or article of manufacture is provided for low-power management of multiple sensor chip architecture. In one embodiment, a method comprises, at a computing device that includes a first processor, a second processor and a third processor, receiving, by the first processor operating at a first clock rate, first sensor data from a first sensor operating at a first data rate; determining, by the first processor, a movement of the computing device using the first sensor data; in response to determining the movement of the computing device, performing, by the first processor, a first motion state algorithm to determine whether a modality of the computing device is a first motion state; and, in response to determining that the modality of the computing device is not the first motion state, changing, by the first processor, at least one of the first processor to operate at a second clock rate sufficient to perform a second motion state algorithm and changing the first sensor to operate at a second data rate sufficient to perform the second motion state algorithm, wherein the second motion state algorithm is used to determine whether the modality of the computing device is a second motion state..
Distribution of an ip-based multimedia channel to non-ip enabled devices
An apparatus and method for converting an ip-based multimedia channel and distributing the channel to a plurality of non-ip enabled devices based on the channel's popularity among the devices. The apparatus identifies a plurality of multimedia channels requested by a group of devices, and determines a data rate for providing each channel to the devices based on a popularity of each channel among the devices.
Intelligent information dissemination
The technology is suitable for any kind of distributed networks having different data rates on different connections and a computer system where the data to distribute is created. The system comprises one or more supersets of data to be distributed to client computers by extracting subsets of data from the superset(s) of data.
Method and apparatus for performing data rate conversion and phase alignment
A gearbox ic is incorporated into an optical communications system to enable an optical link that incorporates the system to achieve data rates that are at least double that which are currently achievable in optical links. The gearbox ic is compatible with asic designs currently used in optical fiber links.
Compact and fast n-factorial single data rate clock and data recovery circuits
A plurality of line interfaces is configured to receive a spread signal over the plurality of line interface. The spread signal carrying symbols with guaranteed symbol-to-symbol state transitions between consecutive symbols.
Multiple independent narrow channels in wireless networks
A multiple independent narrow-channel wireless network and method for transmitting and received data over a wireless network using a fragmented frequency spectrum. The system and method uses a plurality of narrow wireless channels obtained from splitting a wide wireless channel.
Non-convex optimization of resource allocation in multi-user networks with time-variant capacity
A plurality of resource requests and a plurality of estimated link capacities are received at a first device from other devices coupled to a network. Each of the plurality of resource requests is indicative of a requested data rate for a different one of a plurality of communication links.
Voip cooperative multipoint solution
It is provided a user equipment, including mode switching means adapted to switch, autonomously or based on a command from a base station of a communication system to which the user equipment belongs, the user equipment into a low data rate mode; measuring means adapted to measure a downlink reference signal received on a downlink from the base station; feedback preparing means adapted to prepare a feedback based on the measurement by the measuring means; encoding means adapted to encode the feedback, thus obtaining encoded data; modulating means adapted to modulate the encoded data; and providing means adapted to provide the modulated encoded data for being sent on the uplink at a predetermined time after the downlink reference signal was received, if the user equipment is in the low data rate mode.. .
Allocation of sub-channels of mimo channels using a basestation with a plurality of sectors
A base station for wireless network uses one or more mimo channels having subchannels, to communicate with multiple user equipments, and allocates the sub channels to the user equipments. Different subchannels of a given one of the channels can be allocated to different user equipments.
Method and apparatus for data rate controller for a code block multiplexing scheme
A receiver is used with third code blocks based on first code blocks, second code blocks, and a planning code block. The first code blocks are associated with a first sequence number and modulated with a first modulation scheme.
High data rate connectors and cable assemblies that are suitable for harsh environments and related methods and systems
An inline communications connector is provided that includes a housing and tip and ring contacts that are mounted in the housing. The tip contact includes an input tip socket, an output tip socket and a tip socket connection section that physically and electrically connects the input and output tip sockets.
Systems and methods for tracking a received data signal in a clock and data recovery circuit
A clock a data recovery circuit (cdr) operates recovers data from a serial input signal. The cdr uses oversampling to sample the serial input signal at multiple phases.
Pre-phase error correction
A cdma communication system includes a signal processor which encodes voice and nonvoice signals into data at various rates, e.g. Data rates of 8 kbps, 16 kbps, 32 kbps, or 64 kbps as i and q signals.
Systems and methods to transmit information among a plurality of physical upstream channels
A communication system includes a supervisory node (e.g., a headend) and one or more remote nodes (e.g., cable modems). The supervisory node or a remote node monitors a characteristic associated with the communication system.
Systems and methods for high rate ofdm communications
Messages transmitted between a receiver and a transmitter are used to maximize a communication data rate. In particular, a multicarrier modulation system uses messages that are sent from the receiver to the transmitter to exchange one or more sets of optimized communication parameters.
Adjustment of radiation patterns utilizing a position sensor
A device for a wireless rf link to a remote receiving device can radiate at different radiation patterns in response to detecting a change in the device position. As the device is moved, displaced, or re-positioned, a position sensor in the device detects the change in position and provides position information to a processor.
Solid-state imaging device, method of driving the same, and camera system
A solid-state imaging device includes: a pixel section in which a plurality of pixels including a photoelectric conversion element are arranged in a matrix; a pixel driving section that drives the pixels in a row unit so as to read out a pixel signal from the pixel section; a column processing section that performs a column process, synchronized with a first clock of a first frequency previously selected, on the pixel signal read out by driving of the pixel driving section; and a rate conversion control section that performs a rate conversion control of data processed in the column processing section in accordance with rate conversion information. The rate conversion control section includes a first rate converter, a second rate converter, a data rate conversion section, and a data output section..
Systems and methods for acquiring a received data signal in a clock and data recovery circuit
A clock a data recovery circuit (cdr) operates recovers data from a serial input signal. The cdr uses oversampling to sample the serial input signal at multiple phases.
Low density parity check (ldpc) encoding and decoding for small terminal applications
Approaches are provided for closing communications channel links (e.g., for small terminal applications in satellite communications systems), at lower effective data rates, in a most power efficient manner, while still meeting regulatory requirements. Such approaches employ modulation and coding schemes that facilitate such lower effective data rates in a most power efficient manner.
Remote health monitoring system
A data collection system collects and stores physiological data from an ambulatory patient at a high resolution and/or a high data rate (“more detailed data”) and sends a low-resolution and/or downsampled version of the data (“less detailed data”) to a remote server via a wireless network. The server automatically analyzes the less detailed data to detect an anomaly, such as an arrhythmia.
Method for controlling an antenna network quality factor of a near field communication device without changing matching network, and associated apparatus
A method for controlling an antenna network quality factor of an nfc device includes: determining whether a first data rate or a second data rate should be used for data communication during different time intervals, respectively; and when it is determined that the first data rate should be used during a first time interval of the time intervals, controlling a set of internal resistors positioned within a chip of the nfc device to have a first configuration during the first time interval, in order to adjust the antenna network quality factor. More particularly, the method further includes: when it is determined that the second data rate should be used during a second time interval of the time intervals, controlling the set of internal resistors to have a second configuration during the second time interval, in order to adjust the antenna network quality factor.
Apparatus for power transmission and for inductive communication
Apparatus for power transmission and for inductive communication with a track or rail-guided moving object, with a power transmission line which extends along an envisaged path of movement of the object—with which a current collector can make contact—for supplying power to moving loads, a separate data line, at least one communication inductance on the object coupleable magnetically to the data line, and with a communication device which is connected to the communication inductance. The communication device has a modem which operates on the basis of an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing method at a data rate of at least 50 mbit/s.
Polishing method and polishing apparatus
A method of polishing a substrate is disclosed. The method includes irradiating the substrate with light; measuring intensity of the reflected light; producing spectral waveform representing relationship between relative reflectance and wavelength of the light; performing a fourier transform process on the spectral waveform to determine a thickness of the film and a corresponding strength of frequency component; determining whether the determined thickness of the film is reliable or not by comparing the strength of frequency component with a threshold value; calculating a defective data rate representing a proportion of the number of unreliable measured values to the total number of measured values; and changing the threshold value based on the defective data rate..
Linearization of optical intensity modulation systems
Embodiments for improving the signal to noise and distortion (sinad) ratio in pulse amplitude modulation (pam)-m optical intensity modulation systems, to enable higher data rate communications, are provided. Embodiments can be used to improve the linearity and reduce the distortion of electrical and electro-optics components (including optical modulators) in optical intensity modulation systems.
Efficient signal processing for receive and transmit dbf arrays
In a phased-array communications system with a distributed processing architecture, channelized beamforming is used to minimize sampling and computational requirements, as well as reduce the data rates required for the communication of data and control information between system components. A central processor within the phased array system performs parallelized synthesis of channelized beams to form beams composite beams in sub-bands that overlap multiple channels.
Switching fabric of network device that uses multiple store units and multiple fetch units operated at reduced clock speeds and related method thereof
A switching fabric of a network device has a load dispatcher, a plurality of store units, a storage device, a plurality of fetch units, and a load assembler. Each of the store units is used to perform a write operation upon the storage device.
Data broadcasting with a prepare-to-broadcast message
Techniques for broadcasting data in a multi-channel network having a control channel and multiple data channels are described. A node wishing to broadcast data may determine a particular data channel from among the multiple data channels, a modulation technique, and a data rate to be utilized to broadcast the data.
Direct link setup mechanisms for wireless lans
A client station including a communication circuit to communicate, via an infrastructure mode, with an access point in a basic service set; identify, based on signals transmitted by the access point, a plurality of client stations in the basic service set capable of communicating via a direct link setup mode; and during a predetermined time period, communicate, via the direct link setup mode, with the plurality of client stations; and a control circuit to, during the predetermined time period, determine strength of signals received from the plurality of client stations via the direct link setup mode, determine highest supportable data rates for communicating with the plurality of client stations via the direct link setup mode, and select, based on (i) the strength of the signals and (ii) the highest supportable data rates, one or more of the plurality of client stations for communicating via the direct link setup mode.. .
Driver and memory controller having the same
A memory controller includes a bus driver that allows the controller to support both a semiconductor memory device supporting a low power double data rate 3 (lpddr3) transmission method and a semiconductor memory device supporting a low power double data rate 4 (lpddr4) transmission method.. .
Magnetic write head having a stacked coil architecture for high data rate performance
Approaches for a magnetic write head having a stacked coil architecture. Embodiments utilize the better process control capability available with thin films' thicknesses, compared to the control capability of vertical gap-filling processes, which provides for better scalability to shorter yoke length magnetic write heads, which are faster at writing data bits than are magnetic write heads having a longer yoke length..
Method of determining transport parameters for efficient data transport across a network
Methods are provided for determining, based on input parameters associated with a computing device and a network over which the computing device is connected to another computing device (such as a server), suitable transport parameters for requesting and receiving data, where the transport parameters are determined for efficient transmission with less susceptibility to interruptions and delays. The input parameters may be provided continuously in order to determine, on a real-time or near real-time basis, continuously updated transport parameters.
System and method for multimode device handover
Systems and methods of operating multimode 3g/4g communications devices in an overlapping 3g/4g coverage area (e.g., wimax or lte/cdma-evdo) include determining a loading condition of the 3g and 4g base stations. If the 3g and 4g base stations are lightly loaded, one or more 4g channel quality indicators (cqi) are compared with one or more corresponding 3g data rate control (drc) indices to determine which of the 3g and 4g networks allows a higher data throughput.
Resonance modifying connector
A connector assembly is provided that is suitable for modifying the resonant frequency of ground terminals used in conjunction with high data rate signal terminals. Ground terminals may be interconnected with a conductive bridge so as to provide ground terminals with a predetermined maximum effective electrical length.
Uplink transmissions and grants in extension carrier
A user equipment ue is configured with an integer value n which defines an effective data rate. The network sends to the ue a grant for uplink transmissions that comprises a resource indication field that allocates n channels each having a same predetermined uplink format and payload capacity.
Wireless communication method and apparatus for allocating training signals and information bits
Techniques of channel correction and demodulation for wireless systems are enhanced so that higher effective data rates, lower error rates or both can be achieved with a minimal processing load. Pilots are adaptively moved and/or removed, and their positions are changed, to enhance the channel estimation, decoding, and demodulation processes at the receiver.
High data rate writer design
A magnetic write head is fabricated with its main pole attached to and magnetically coupled to a tapered yoke. The tapered yoke can be a top yoke (on the trailing side of the pole), a bottom yoke (on the leading side of the pole) or a combination of top and bottom configurations.
Dynamic control of voice codec data rate
A method, system, and computer-usable non-transitory storage device for dynamic voice codec adaptation are disclosed. The voice codec adapts in real time to devote more bits to audio quality when it is most needed, and fewer bits to less important parts of utterances are disclosed.
Substrate processing system, substrate processing apparatus and method for accumulating data for substrate processing apparatus
A substrate processing system includes a monitored data receiving unit receiving a plurality of types of monitored data; a temporary memory unit periodically storing the monitored data; a monitored data rate detection unit detecting, as a monitored data rate, a total number of times each type of monitored data changes during a first time period by more than a predetermined amount; a monitored data writing allocation unit allocating a storing frequency to each type of monitored data based on the monitored data rate and an upper limit; a monitored data writing unit writing the monitored data to the temporary memory unit during the second time period based on the storing frequency; an accumulative memory unit storing the monitored data for a plurality of periods; and an accumulative data writing unit reading the monitored data for every third time period and storing the monitored data in the accumulative memory unit.. .
User equipment, method for determining resource, method for reporting resource, and system for distributing resource
A method, a user equipment (ue) and a communication system are provided. In the disclosure, a ue configured with multiple carriers determines whether a first, a second, and a third conditions are met, and then determines whether resources allocated for the ue on the carrier are sufficient or not accordingly.
Base station, method and computer program product
A base station, a method and a computer program product are disclosed. The base station is operable, in concert with other base stations within a group, to support wireless communications with user equipment.
Implementing mimo in mmwave wireless communication systems
A system and method are provided to increase data rates available in mmwave wireless communication systems by adapting a multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) in a next generation mmwave wireless communication system. The system and method advantageously employ the characteristics of mmwave antenna arrays, including multiple antenna elements in each antenna array, to implement the mimo scheme by establishing multiple beamformed communication links between a mmwave transmitter and receiver.
Data transport system, receiver and transmitter
A receiver includes a data unit decomposer for receiving data units transmitted via a transmission channel and extracting user data including invalid data and valid data by removing management data from the received data units, and a plurality of rate estimators for receiving data forwarded by the data unit decomposer and outputting the data to different output interfaces. Each rate estimator selects valid data from the user data forwarded by the data unit decomposer, inputs the selected valid data to a fifo unit, controls read frequency of the fifo unit based on an amount of remaining data in the fifo unit, and estimates a transmission data rate of an associated input interface in the transmitter based on at least one of a write cycle in writing the valid data to the fifo unit and the amount of remaining data in the fifo unit..
Relieving congestion in wireless local area networks
A traffic congestion estimation method used for a wlan comprising wireless terminals (10, 11, 12) and access points (20, 21, 22). Based on measuring how busy the wireless channel of certain access point is, and the single user transmission rate resulted from a specific radio link, an association indicator is derived and a centralized association server (30) notifies a terminal (10, 11, 12) initiating a wireless link of the most suitable access point (20, 21, 22) to be associated with.
Multilevel memory bus system
The present invention relates to a multilevel memory bus system for transferring information between at least one dma controller and at least one solid-state semiconductor memory device, such as nand flash memory devices or the like. This multilevel memory bus system includes at least one dma controller coupled to an intermediate bus; a flash memory bus; and a flash buffer circuit between the intermediate bus and the flash memory bus.
Device, method and system for media distribution
A media distribution system comprises a client device and a server device connected by a data link, in which the server device is operable to provide respective versions of successive contiguous segments of a media presentation, each segment being encoded as at least two versions at different respective data rates and the client device is operable to request, from the server device, a version of each successive segment so as to stream the media presentation from the server device to the client device; the server device being configured to provide a data file to the client device defining the available versions of the segments according to their respective data rates and an indication of their respective encoding quality; and the client device being configured to select, in respect of a segment of the media presentation, a version having a data rate which does not exceed the data capacity of the data link and which has the highest indication of encoding quality.. .
Data processing system and method of controlling access to a shared memory unit
A data processing system comprising at least a memory unit, a first client connected to the memory unit, and a second client connected to the memory unit is proposed. The first client may comprise a first memory access unit and an information unit.
Wideband digital spectrometer
A processor, comprising a first data input configured to receive a stream of samples of a first signal having a spectral space, the stream having a data rate of at least 4 ghz; a second data input configured to receive a stream of samples of a second signal; a multitap correlator, configured to receive the first stream of samples and the second stream of samples, and producing at least one correlation output for each respective sequential sample of the first signal received; and a programmable control configured to alter a relationship of the stream of samples of the first signal and the stream of samples of the second signal, to thereby select, under program control, an alterable correlation output.. .
Apparatus for decoding motion information in merge mode
Disclosed is an apparatus for decoding motion information in merge mode for reconstructing a moving picture signal coded at a low data rate while maintaining a high quality of an image. The apparatus for decoding motion information in merge mode discloses the position of a merge mode candidate and the configuration of a candidate in order to predict motion information in merge mode efficiently.
Video encoding system for dynamically managing energy, rate and distortion and surveillance system using the same
A video encoding system for dynamically managing energy, a data rate and data distortion is disclosed. The video encoding system for dynamically managing the energy, the data rate and the data distortion includes one or more sensors, an encoder configured to encode a signal obtained by the one or more sensors, an event sensing unit configured to determine whether an event is generated from the signal obtained by the one or more sensors, a memory configured to store the signal encoded by the encoder, a power supply unit configured to supply power to the one or more sensors, the event sensing unit, the encoder or the memory, and an control unit configured to control configuration of the energy supplied to the one or more sensors, the event sensing unit, the encoder or the memory..
Systems and methods of pipelined output latching involving synchronous memory arrays
Systems and methods of synchronous memories and synchronous memory operation are disclosed. According to one illustrative implementation, a memory device is disclosed comprising memory circuitry having a memory output, the memory circuitry including a sense amplifier having a first output and a second output, a first data path coupled to the first output of the sense amplifier, the first data path including 2 latches/registers, and a second data path coupled to the second output of the sense amplifier, the second data path including a plurality latches/registers.

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