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Data Rate patents

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Dynamic management of heterogenous memory

Dual mode communications device and method of improving data rate thereof

Dispersion tolerant optical system and method

Date/App# patent app List of recent Data Rate-related patents
 High data rate broadcast channel systems, devices, and methods patent thumbnailHigh data rate broadcast channel systems, devices, and methods
Methods, systems, and devices are provided that may enable wireless communications systems that utilize flexible bandwidths to transmit at the same or similar rates as wireless communications systems that utilize normal bandwidths. Some embodiments identify a target rate for a broadcast channel of a first bandwidth carrier system and transmit broadcast information utilizing the target rate.
 Dynamic management of heterogenous memory patent thumbnailDynamic management of heterogenous memory
A method of operating a computing device includes dynamically managing at least two types of memory based on workloads, or requests from different types of applications. A first type of memory may be high performance memory that may have a higher bandwidth, lower memory latency and/or lower power consumption than a second type of memory in the computing device.
 Dual mode communications device and method of improving data rate thereof patent thumbnailDual mode communications device and method of improving data rate thereof
There are provided a dual mode communications device and a method of improving a data rate thereof. The dual mode communications device according to the embodiment of the present invention may include a selection unit 100 connecting antenna terminals to receive terminals or transmit terminals, a receive path circuit unit allowing rf receive signals from each of the first and second antennas to pass therethrough, a transmit path circuit unit providing rf transmit signals to the transmit terminals of the selection unit, an rf circuit unit converting the rf receive signals from the receive path circuit unit into baseband signals and converting the baseband signals to be transmitted into the rf transmit signals, and a baseband circuit unit performing control and signal processing of the selection unit in a single communications mode among a dual mode and a single mode..
 Dispersion tolerant optical system and method patent thumbnailDispersion tolerant optical system and method
An optical communication system and method of use are described. The system comprises an optical source adapted to receive a digitally encoded data signal comprising sequences of data at a data rate (b) and comprising two signal levels representing a first state and a second state of the data signal, the optical source being adapted to produce an optical signal substantially frequency modulated with frequency excursion Δν comprising a first instantaneous frequency (ν0) associated to the first state and a second instantaneous frequency (ν1) associated to the second state; an optical converter adapted to receive the substantially frequency modulated optical signal, the optical converter having an optical transfer function varying with frequency and including at least one pass band, the at least one pass band having a peak transmittance and at least a low-transmittance region..
 Interference suppressing ofdm system for wireless communications patent thumbnailInterference suppressing ofdm system for wireless communications
An is-ofdm system for point-to-point wireless communications that suppresses narrow-band interference comprises an is-ofdm transmitter and an is-ofdm receiver, wherein a transmitted signal comprises a plurality of subcarriers, and further wherein each subcarrier contains more than one and potentially all symbols transmitted in a given frame. The is-ofdm transmitted signal is at a data rate that is equal to the data rate of the input data stream via the use of p/s converters..
 Multi-rate mac to phy interface patent thumbnailMulti-rate mac to phy interface
A method and system for a multi-rate media access control layer (mac) to physical layer (phy) interface is provided. The method to provide a multi-rate media access control layer (mac) interface comprises receiving a first set of signals, sampling the first set of signals to determine a type of interface to be used to transmit or receive the first set of signals or a subset of the first set of signals, generating a select signal indicating type of interface to be used based on the sampling step and transmitting the first set of signals or a subset of the first set of signals using the interface indicated by the select signal.
 Method and system for compromise greenfield preambles for 802.11n patent thumbnailMethod and system for compromise greenfield preambles for 802.11n
Aspects of the invention described herein may enable a greenfield access mode in ieee 802.11n wlan systems in comparison to an alternative approach that may not provide greenfield access. The utilization of greenfield access may reduce the portion of time required to transmit data due to overhead comprising preamble fields and header fields.
 Method and system for achieving higher video throughput and/or quality patent thumbnailMethod and system for achieving higher video throughput and/or quality
Digital data, including audio and video, may be communicated at increased data rates by utilizing non-data signal channels in cables to communicate additional data. For data transmission, a reformatter receives data in a first format adapted for communication over the data signal channels of a cable.
 Operation chart rescaling patent thumbnailOperation chart rescaling
Techniques for operation chart rescaling are described. In at least some embodiments, an operations chart is provided that tracks various parameters for an operation.
 Multi-scheme downhole tool bus system and methods patent thumbnailMulti-scheme downhole tool bus system and methods
A multi-scheme downhole tool bus system is provided. The system may comprise a tool bus master and a number tool bus slaves coupled together via a communications link the communications link may include an uplink communication and a downlink communication.
Driver for high speed electrical-optical modulator interface
An electrical-optical modulator may function at high data rates and may be realized in comparably low cost silicon base technology, typically in bjt, bicmos or cmos technologies. The output signal path may include a high transition frequency bjt and by using an active load constituted by a mos driven by an inverted version of the modulating signal that drives the bjt, the falling edge of the output signal is sped up..
Method and system for modularized configurable connector system for ethernet applications
A first modular ethernet connector and a coupled corresponding second modular ethernet connector may communicate data based on ethernet standards. The ethernet connectors may be configurable and comprise at least twelve contact positions.
System and methods for anonymous crowdsourcing of network condition measurements
A communication device and method for crowdsourcing of information from one or more communication devices. The crowdsourced information can be defined by one or more parameters defined in an operational framework.
Rate scalable io interface with zero stand-by power and fast start-up
Systems and methods of interconnecting devices may include an input/output (io) interface having one or more clock circuits, a power supply coupled to the one or more clock circuits, and logic to receive a rate adjustment command at the io interface. The logic may also be configured to adjust a data rate of the io interface in response to the rate adjustment command, and to adjust an output voltage of the power supply in response to the rate adjustment command..
Dynamically adjusting number of transmit antennas for mimo systems to use greater transmit power
Techniques are presented to reduce the number of antennas used for a transmission for a given antenna configuration and data rate. At a wireless communication device having a plurality of antennas and capable of sending a transmission via one or more of the plurality of antennas, a determination is made of a data rate and antenna configuration to be used for a transmission.
Quality control scheme for multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) systems
A method and apparatus for optimizing the system capacity of an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) system that uses with multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) antennas. In a receiver, a target quality of service (qos) metric and reference data rate are set.
System and methods for reducing uplink resources to provide channel performance feedback for adjustment of downlink mimo channel data rates
Systems and methods for improving the performance of a mimo wireless communication system by reducing the amount of uplink resources that are needed to provide channel performance feedback for the adjustment of data rates on the downlink mimo channels. In one embodiment, a method comprises encoding each of a set of data streams according to corresponding data rates, permuting the data streams on a set of mimo channels according to a full permutation of combinations, transmitting the permuted data streams, receiving the permuted data streams, decoding and determining an snr for each of the data streams, computing a condensed snr metric for the set of data streams, providing the condensed metric as feedback, determining a set of individual snr metrics for the data streams based on the condensed snr metric, and adjusting the data rates at which the data streams are encoded based on the individual snr metrics..
Devices and methods for power consumption control in powerline communications systems and apparatus
The present disclosure includes systems and techniques relating to power line communications (plc) systems and apparatus. In some implementations, a method includes determining information regarding a potential data rate to be used with a powerline communications (plc) channel, reducing a bias current or voltage of an analog front end of a plc transceiver based on the determined information to reduce power consumption of the analog front end of the plc transceiver, and transmitting or receiving data over the plc channel with the reduced bias current or voltage of the analog front end of the plc transceiver..
High data rate aircraft to ground communication antenna system
A method for ground to air communication includes receiving a first pilot signal on a first wide beam from a first ground base station by a first antenna element covering a first range of azimuth angles from an aircraft. Data is received on a directed data beam from the first ground base station by the first antenna element.
Frame scheduling for channel bonding
In a method of scheduling frames, a first channel of a plurality of channels is selected for a first frame. The first frame is sent across a media-independent interface to a physical-layer device for transmission on the first channel.
Method and apparatus for data transmission using multiple transmit antennas
A method and apparatus for increasing the data rate and providing antenna diversity using multiple transmit antennas utilize a set of bits of a digital signal to generate a codeword. Delay elements may be provided in antenna output channels, or, with suitable code construction, delay may be omitted.
Dynamic modulation selection
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for transmitting data. In one aspect, a method obtains a baseline data rate for transmissions from a node that are received over a channel of a power line communications system and a set of available modulation techniques for the node.
Rate adaptation for data communication
In some embodiments, a method includes receiving, at a first device via a channel of a communication medium, multiple data transmissions, wherein a code rate of multiple code rates is associated with each data transmission of the multiple data transmissions. The method includes determining, based on signal characteristics of the multiple data transmissions, the data transmission from among the multiple data transmissions having a preferred physical data rate.
Rate adaptation for data communication
In some embodiments, a method includes receiving, at a receiver of a first device via a channel of a communication medium, multiple data transmissions. Each data transmission of the multiple data transmissions has a guard interval of multiple guard intervals, wherein the multiple guard intervals have different lengths.
Multi-media data rate allocation method and voice over ip data rate allocation method
A multimedia bitrate adaption method for individual users wherein only a set of predetermined bitrates may be selected as the multimedia bitrate of the user. The predetermined bitrates are quantized into exponentially distributed levels, and the users' experiences corresponding to the predetermined bitrates are with the same intervals, thereby increasing the service capacity and improving user satisfaction..
Selectively adjusting a rate or delivery format of media being delivered to one or more multicast/broadcast single frequency networks for transmission
In an embodiment, a first mbsfn area is configured to support a higher data rate than a lower data rate portion of a second mbsfn area, and an application server executes a common data rate mode by delivering a data stream for a group session to the first and second mbsfn areas via ip multicast at a common data rate that is regulated by quality feedback. In a further embodiment, the application server exits the common data rate mode and delivers the data stream to the first mbsfn area via ip multicast at an mbsfn-specific data rate that is higher than the common data rate, while delivering the data stream to the lower data rate portion of the second mbsfn area via ip unicast.
Wireless network encoding management method and system
A wireless network encoding management method and device. The method includes: determining whether a network infrastructure allows inter-network wireless network encoding; if the inter-network wireless network encoding is allowed, selecting, from neighboring networks of the network infrastructure, a node capable of forming an inter-network wireless network encoding group; and forming the inter-network wireless network encoding group and performing a scheduling design.
Systems and methods for network discovery and selection using contextual information
A communication device and method for offloading communications from a first communication network to a second communication network. The offloading decision can be based on one or more parameters defined in a communication framework.
Method and system for operating a communication circuit configurable to support one or more data rates
A method and system for operating a communication circuit that is configurable to support one or more communication standards on a single device. The communication circuit includes a transmitting device that comprises a pcs module operating at a first data rate, and a second pcs module operating at a second data rate.
Reduced complexity converter snr calculation
An audio encoder configured to encode an audio signal to generate a bitstream having e-ac-3 format, including by determining a first control parameter indicative of an allocation of available mantissa bits for quantized audio content of the signal. The encoder is configured to perform transcoding simulation to determine a second control parameter in a manner based at least in part on statistical analysis of results of e-ac-3 bit allocation processing of audio data assuming a first target data rate, and of ac-3 bit allocation processing of the data assuming a second target data rate, and to include the second control parameter in the bitstream for use by a converter to convert the bitstream into a second to bitstream having ac-3 format at the second target data rate.
Radio over ethernet for radio access network and cloud-ran
An architecture for transporting radio samples, compressed samples or pre-processed radio samples in symbol form across a communication network, including a packet switched network such as ethernet. Further, the conversion of the radio samples from streaming data to a packetized format can also be performed.
Rate-less wireless communication using protocol coding
A communication system having two communication units configured for wireless communication and a method for wireless communication. Each of the communication units includes a communication controller using at least two communication protocols: a first protocol for communicating having a first error rate threshold and a fixed data rate, and a second protocol for communicating having a second error rate threshold being higher than the first error rate threshold and a non-fixed data rate.
Effective bandwidth path metric and path computation method for wireless mesh networks with wired links
Enhanced mesh network performance is provided by computation of a path metric with respect to multi-hop paths between nodes in a mesh network and determination of a path through the mesh network that is optimal according to the path metric. Information is communicated in the mesh network according to the determined path.
Low power, high speed multi-channel chip-to-chip interface using dielectric waveguide
An exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides an improved dielectric waveguide named electrical fiber. The electrical fiber with a metal cladding may isolate the interference of the signals in other wireless channels and adjacent electrical fibers, which typically causes band-limitation problem, for a smaller radiation loss and better signal guiding to lower the total transceiver power consumption as the transmit distance increases.
Variable rate coding for forward and reverse link
A technique for encoding a signal used in a digital communication system in which individual traffic channel data rates may be adapted to specific channel conditions. In particular, a forward error correction coding rate is adapted for individual channels while at the same time maintaining a fixed block size independent of the fec coding rate.
Flexible utilization of block storage in a computing system
Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method, computer program product, and system for utilizing a block storage device as dynamic random-access memory (dram) space, wherein a computer includes at least one dram module and at least one block storage device interfaced to the computer using a double data rate (ddr) interface. During boot up, the computer configures dram and block storage devices of the computer for utilization as dram or block storage.
Systems and methods for support of non-volatile memory on a ddr memory channel
Systems and methods are provided for supporting use of non-volatile memory (nvm) on a double data rate (ddr) memory channel for an information handling system so that non-volatile memory devices (e.g., such as phase change memory “pcm” devices) may be employed for main memory usage. In one possible implementation, information handling system memory reads may be managed directly in hardware as memory semantics via use code, while memory writes may be separately handled, e.g., via an operating system (os)/driver.
Channel tracking in an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing system
A receiver determines phase and frequency information from data signals that carry information from a transmitter to a receiver, instead of or in addition to, information from control signals. In a specific embodiment, the information is obtained from data signals modulated as a binary phase-shift keying (“bpsk”) waveform by demodulation.
Link aggregation system, protection system, and cross polarization interference cancellation applications for all outdoor radios using wireless channels operating at a licensing-free 60 ghz band
System and method for implementing a link aggregation system, a protection system, and an xpic application for an all outdoor radios system using a wireless channel operating at a license-free 60 ghz band are provided. The license-free 60 ghz band offers a wide frequency bandwidth that can support a high speed data rate up to 10 gbps in full duplex mode, frequency reuse, and high security due to its fast oxygen absorption at 60 ghz.
Multimode multicarrier modem system and method of communication over the same
An alternative approach to coping with the ever increasing demand for faster communications hardware is to design modems that are capable of operating its speeds at a higher data rate than a speed required for a single port of the standard communication rate for that modem. Basically, by utilizing a resource manager, that directs the data in and out of the various portions of the modem in an orderly manner, keeping track of which of the ports is being operated at any given point in time, a standard single port modem can be reconfigured, for example, at an over clocked rate, to manipulate the data input and output of a modem..
Ethernet media converter supporting high-speed wireless access points
Disclosed are method and system for ethernet media conversion supporting high-speed wireless access points. The method includes receiving at each of a plurality of input-side ethernet modules in a media converter, a plurality of input data streams at a first data rate.
Super-steep step-phase interferometer
Step-phase interferometers are provided for use as optical interleavers/de-interleaver for optical communication. High data rates require a wide band-width to pass the high-speed modulated optical spectrum, and further require a wide stop-band to reject the signal from adjacent channels.
Communication method, communication terminal, supervisor terminal and related computer programmes
A communication method in a communications network is provided. The method includes, in a communications network in which a communication link has been communication link having been allocated by a resource manager module in accordance with a first value of a characteristic of data rate, latency or jitter required for providing a first service on the said link between a first and a second communication terminal, the steps of transmitting a request to replace the said first communication service by a second communication service between at least the first and second terminals; further to receipt of the said request by the resource manager module of the network, replacing by the said resource manager module of the first value of the said characteristic by a second value required for providing the said second service; and providing the second communication service instead of the first communication service between the first and second terminals on the said communication link..
Battery-operated stationary sensor arrangement with unidirectional data transmission
Embodiments of the present invention provide a battery-operated stationary sensor arrangement with a unidirectional data transmission. The battery-operated stationary sensor arrangement has a sensor, a means for generating data packets and a means for transmitting data packets.
Allocation of sub channels of mimo channels of a wireless network
A base station for wireless network uses one or more mimo channels having subchannels, to communicate with multiple user equipments, and allocates the sub channels to the user equipments. Different subchannels of a given one of the channels can be allocated to different user equipments.
Systems and methods to conserve power of machine-to-machine devices using a shared data channel
Methods, systems, and devices are described for managing wireless communications in a machine-to-machine (m2m) wireless wide area network (wan). A traffic slot map is generated.
System and method for estimating an effective bandwidth
In one embodiment, a method for a method of estimating an effective bandwidth of a traffic source includes obtaining a first traffic pattern from a first traffic source. Also, the method includes setting a first effective bandwidth between a mean data rate of the first traffic source and a peak data rate of the first traffic source.
Radio frequency communication
A point-to-point radio frequency (rf) communication system having one or more communication units coupled to respective television cameras and displays; and a further communication unit; wherein the units transmit video data to the further communication unit at frequencies greater than or equal to 50 ghz and at data rates greater than or equal to 1 gigabit/second; and the units receive video data transmitted by the further communication unit at frequencies greater than or equal to 50 ghz and at data rates 250 megabits/second. The units can each include an antenna with a waveguide diplexer and an rf transceiver circuit board having sufficient transmit/receive isolation for the transmitting and receiving to take place point-to-point at distances greater than or equal to 1 km..
Extended range, high data rate, point-to-point crosslink placed on fixed or mobile elevated platforms
Methods and systems are provided for relocatable wireless communication links to locations that may present accessibility problems using, for example, small unmanned aerial systems (suas). An suas implemented as an easy-to-operate, small vertical take-off and landing (vtol) aircraft with hovering capability for holding station position may provide an extended range, highly secure, high data rate, point-to-point wireless communication link (also referred to as a “crosslink”) that is easily relocatable with very fast set-up and relocating times.
Joint papr reduction and rate adaptive ultrasonic ofdm physical layer for high data rate through-metal communications
A link adaptive orthogonal frequency-division multiplexed (ofdm) ultrasonic physical layer is provided that is capable of high data rate communication through metallic structures. The use of an adaptive ofdm subcarrier-based modulation technique mitigates the effects of severe frequency selective fading of the through-metal communication link and improves spectral efficiency by exploiting the slow-varying nature of the channel.
Communication channel capacity estimation
Prediction of a channel capacity is accomplished based on a tdr echo without explicitly estimating the topology of the line. The prediction is based on obtaining a measured tdr echo, determining a theoretical tdr echo for a plurality of loop lengths, estimating the equivalent tdr length based on an optimization, updating the equivalent tdr length and utilizing the updated tdr length to predict one or more of the upstream and downstream data rates..
Scheduling method and apparatus for use in d2d communication system
A scheduling method and an apparatus are provided for use in a device-to-device (d2d) communication system. A scheduling method of a node in a wireless communication system according to the present disclosure includes acquiring a first data rate on a first link in consideration of interference occurring when a second link is established, acquiring a second data rate on the first link without consideration of the second link, acquiring, when the second link is established, a third data rate on the second link, and determining whether to establish the second link in consideration of the first data rate, second data rate, and third data rate..
Packet collisions and impulsive noise detection
A method includes determining a first signal-to-noise ratio (snr) average for a first symbol set of at least one or more first symbols in one or more packets. The method includes determining a second snr average for a second symbol set of at least one or more second symbols in the one or more packets.
Fine-grained bit-rate control
A system implements rate control for encoding and decoding operations, for example, operations performed on slices of data such as image data. The system implements fine-grained bit rate control allowing for non-integer bit rates to be specified for the system.
Method and apparatus for quantisation index modulation for watermarking an input signal
With quantisation index modulation qim it is possible to achieve a very high data rate, and the capacity of the watermark transmission is mostly independent of the characteristics of the original audio signal, but the audio quality suffers from degradation with each watermark embedding-and-removal step. In order to avoid degradation of the audio quality, the inventive audio signal watermarking uses specific quantiser curves in time domain and in particular in frequency domain for embedding the watermark message into the audio signal, whereby the processing is almost perfectly reversible.
Teleoperated industrial robots
A teleoperated robot system has a watchdog to determine if the rate of data transmission from a computing device such as a robot controller located in the station used by the operator of the teleoperated robot to the remotely located industrial robot has fallen below a minimum data rate or the time for transmission of data has exceeded a maximum time. Upon the occurrence of either or both of the foregoing, one or more types of corrective action are undertaken to bring the teleoperated robot and the processes performed by the robot..
Successive interference cancellation (sic) ordering algorithms for improved multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) performance
Certain aspects of the present disclosure provide ordering techniques for a successive interference cancellation (sic) receiver which may be used to robustly choose a correct stream for first decode under varying data rates, snr and mobile propagation conditions in multiple input multiple output (mimo) systems. The sic ordering techniques discussed in the disclosure include snr and/or rate based information theoretic approach.
Use of orthonormal transformation for improving performance of digital transmission under heavily faded channels with doppler effects
The inventive apparatus is simple and maintains constant end-to-end response time, sustainable effective data rate and bounded error performance which is conducive to specify a quality of service (qos) which is useful for service provisioning.. .
Hypothetical reference decoder
Disclosed is a system and method of controlling a video decoder, including a reviewing channel data representing coded video data generated by an encoder to identify parameters of a hypothetical reference decoder (hrd) used by the encoder during coding operations. A parameter representing an exit data rate requirement of a coded picture buffer (cpb) of the hrd is compared against exit rate performance of the video decoder.
Apparatus for decoding motion information in merge mode
Disclosed is an apparatus for decoding motion information in merge mode for reconstructing a moving picture signal coded at a low data rate while maintaining a high quality of an image. The apparatus for decoding motion information in merge mode discloses the position of a merge mode candidate and the configuration of a candidate in order to predict motion information in merge mode efficiently.
Rate agile rate-adaptive digital subscriber line
Methods and apparatus for maintaining the maximum achievable data rate on a dsl line, up to and including a rate to which a user subscribes is described. Performance monitoring is conducted on the dsl line on an ongoing basis to determine noise margins in each direction.
System and method of communication using at least two modulation methods
A device may be capable of communicating using at least two type types of modulation methods. Methods and systems are provided for communication of data according to a communications method in which a master transceiver communicates with one or more slave transceivers according to a master/slave relationship.
Wireless wide area network characteristics indicated over a wireless local area network
What is disclosed is a method of operating a communications system. The method includes transferring a wireless local area network (wlan) beacon signal from a wireless transceiver, where the wlan beacon signal comprises packets identifying the wlan.
Network-capacity optimized adaptive http streaming
The present disclosure relates to a technique of adjusting the download of one or more adjustable content streams, the one or more content streams are provided in a network by a server (200) for streaming the one or more content streams to one or more clients (100a, 100b) and each of the one or more content streams comprises a plurality of content segments. A method embodiment comprises the steps of: generating a manifest file comprising one or more media bit rate candidates each of which indicating an encoded media data rate of the content segments of the one or more content streams, wherein the media data rate candidates are generate by considering a perceived quality of the one or more content streams; and manipulating the manifest file by adjusting at least one of the one or more media data rate candidates based on the available data rate between the server (200) and the one or more clients (100a, 100b) for downloading the content segments..
Data rate throttling
The throttling of mobile device data rates is provided at events, e.g., sporting events, and other venues with large, dense crowds. The system can monitor the loading of the mobile radio antennas at the venue, and when the loading reaches a threshold loading point, the system can selectively throttle the data rates of mobile devices at the venue.
Timeslot mapping and/or aggregation element for digital radio frequency transport architecture
A serial link interface unit includes serialized data stream interfaces configured to receive a serialized data stream having a data rate and set of timeslots; an aggregate serialized data stream interface configured to communicate an aggregate serialized data stream having aggregate data rate and plurality of aggregate timeslot sets each coming sequentially in time, wherein a second aggregate timeslot set comes after a first aggregate timeslot set; and wherein the serial link interface unit interleaves data from the different serialized data streams received at the plurality of first interfaces by mapping data from a first timeslot from each different serialized data stream to the first aggregate timeslot set in the aggregate serialized data stream and mapping data from a second timeslot from each different serialized data stream to the second aggregate timeslot set in the aggregate serialized data stream.. .
Perpendicular magnetic write head having a hull shaped stitched pole
A magnetic write head having a stitched magnetic pole (also referred to as a shaping layer) for conducting magnetic flux to the pole tip portion of a magnetic write pole. The stitched magnetic pole has a shape so as to be thicker in a central region that is aligned with the pole tip of the write pole and is thinner a its outer sides.
System and method for a wireless display low power managed adapter
A method for managing wireless data communication links includes establishing first and second wireless data communication links between a host system and a wireless display adapter. The first wireless data communication link is associated with a high data rate of data traffic between the host system and the wireless display adapter, and the second wireless data communication link is associated with a low data rate of data traffic.
Error protection transcoders
A variable data rate error protection transcoder includes an input mapper receiving an input transcodeable codeword and outputting an input intermediate codeword. The input transcodeable codeword includes at least one input transcodeable information bit and at least one input transcodeable parity bit.
Method and system for structural similarity based perceptual video coding
The present invention is a system and method for video coding. The video coding system may involve a structural similarity-based divisive normalization approach, wherein the frame prediction residual of the current frame may be transformed to form a set of coefficients and a divisive normalization mechanism may be utilized to normalize each coefficient.
Method, apparatus and system for uplink rank adaptation
A method, an apparatus and a system for uplink rank adaptation are provided in the present invention, wherein the method comprises: estimating the maximum supportable data rate and channel information of a user equipment in uplink transmission; comparing the maximum supportable data rate with one or more predetermined thresholds, wherein the predetermined thresholds are associated with corresponding ranks; and determining a rank used by the user equipment in the uplink transmission based on a result of the comparison and the estimated channel information. With the present invention, a base station can quickly determine a rank for uplink mimo transmission, decrease the rank estimating error, and lower the computation complexity for estimating the rank and the subsequent pre-coding vector..
Network system and routing method
The routing method includes: receiving identification information of nodes to construct a network topology diagram and receiving support rates of connection ports through a controller; monitoring data rates of the connection ports through the controller; receiving a route planning request through the controller; separately calculating costs of links according to the data rates of the connection ports and the support rates of the connection ports after receiving the route planning request through the controller; searching a plurality of candidate paths between a source-destination pair according to the route planning request and the network topology diagram through the controller; summing the costs of links passed by each candidate path to acquire a sum of link-cost of each candidate path through the controller; and, selecting one of the candidate paths with the smallest sum of link-cost as a packet transmitting path between the source-destination pair through the controller.. .
Network system and load balancing method
The load balancing method includes: receiving identify information of the nodes to construct a network topology diagram and receiving support rates of connection ports through a controller; monitoring average data rates of the connection ports through the controller; when the average data rate of one of the connection ports is in excess of a congestion criteria, searching a packet flow with the highest data rate among packet flows passing through the connection port of which the average data rate is in excess of the congestion criteria through the controller; and performing a shortest path first algorithm according to the packet flow with the highest data rate and the network topology diagram, wherein the computed connection ports do not include the connection port of which the average data rate is in excess of the congestion criteria; and a new transmitting path is acquired.. .

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