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Data Mining patents


This page is updated frequently with new Data Mining-related patent applications.

 Generating image-based diagnostic tests by optimizing image analysis and data mining of co-registered images patent thumbnailGenerating image-based diagnostic tests by optimizing image analysis and data mining of co-registered images
A method for generating an image-based test improves diagnostic accuracy by iteratively modifying rule sets governing image and data analysis of coregistered image tiles. Digital images of stained tissue slices are divided into tiles, and tiles from different images are coregistered.

 Digital advertising system patent thumbnailDigital advertising system
A digital advertising system includes an advertisements module that provides a number of digital advertisements for display on a digital display device. A digital sign module including the digital display device displays digital advertisements provided by the advertisements module, and captures video analytics data relating to previous viewers of the digital advertisements displayed by the digital sign module.
Intel Corporation

 Automated security vulnerability exploit tracking on social media patent thumbnailAutomated security vulnerability exploit tracking on social media
Embodiments automate tracking of exploit information related to initially-identified security vulnerabilities, through the data mining of social networks. Certain social network communities (e.g., those frequented by hackers) share information about computer security breaches (zero-day events).
Sap Se

 Method and system for the analysis and association of patient-specific and population-based genomic data with drug safety adverse event data patent thumbnailMethod and system for the analysis and association of patient-specific and population-based genomic data with drug safety adverse event data
A method for assessing and analyzing one or more drugs, adverse effects and associated risks, and patient characteristics resulting from the use of at least drug of interest is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of selecting one or more cases for analysis, said cases describing the behavior between at least one drug of interest and a patient genotype; profiling statistically derived values from multiple cases related to the safety of the at least one drug, wherein at least one filter is employed for deriving said values; at least one data mining engine; and an output device for displaying the analytic results from the data mining engine.
Druglogic, Inc.

 Data preparation for data mining patent thumbnailData preparation for data mining
A system for preparing data for data mining can be utilized to automate translation of raw data to denormalized high-dimensional data in a format of vectors by processing the raw data in a computer cluster processing system. In embodiments, a system for preparing data for data mining includes a data assemble definition interface, a data assemble plan generator, a data assemble plan compiler, a cluster execution module, and a data warehouse module.
Bloomreach, Inc.

 Data mining management server patent thumbnailData mining management server
A system for outputting an action signal to a controlled system is provided. The system includes a memory storing individuals to be deployed to a production environment as an actor, wherein each of the individuals has a rule associated therewith for asserting an action, and the actor includes one or more individuals, is associated with the controlled system and is configured to transmit an intermediate action signal for asserting the action.
Sentient Technologies (barbados) Limited

 Data mining algorithms adopted for trusted execution environment patent thumbnailData mining algorithms adopted for trusted execution environment
Distributed systems for protecting networked computer assets from compromise are disclosed. The distributed system includes one or more enterprise event sources, such as endpoint(s).
Mcafee Inc.

 Methods and systems for identifying and prioritizing insights from hidden patterns patent thumbnailMethods and systems for identifying and prioritizing insights from hidden patterns
A method and system for identifying and prioritizing business useful insights from hidden patterns. This invention relates to data mining techniques and more particularly to identify and prioritize insights from a plurality of insights present in a large set of data.
Icube Global Llc

 Bulk encoding of medical items using rfid tags patent thumbnailBulk encoding of medical items using rfid tags
A system and method for bulk encoding medical items in a tracking system in a healthcare facility comprises attaching to each of a plurality of identical medical items a blank rfid tag. When activated simultaneously, the serial numbers of all rfid tags on all the identical medical items are read and their serial numbers are associated with the pre-stored characteristics of the medical item in a data base.
Meps Real-time, Inc.

 Methods and  providing personalized controlling for vehicle patent thumbnailMethods and providing personalized controlling for vehicle
A method for providing customized infotainment options to a vehicle user. The method includes receiving, by a system having a processor, using a data mining module of a learning interface, and from a control panel, a first control signal including an information data set.
Gm Global Technology Operation Llc

Method and computer software program for a smart home system

A method and a computer software program for operating a smart home system including a sensor electrically coupled to each device, a central processing unit (cpu), and a data storage is disclosed that includes the steps of receiving attributes of a user, calculating a distance between the user and a device, performing a distance analysis, forming a habitual usage profile using a sequence pattern data mining algorithm, and sending a habitual usage command in accordance with said habitual usage profile.. .
Ton Duc Thang University

Antenna pattern data mining for automotive gnss receivers

The system provides a global navigation satellite system (gnss) receiver in a vehicle. The gnss receiver includes a radio frequency (rf) receiving circuit configured to receive gnss signals from a plurality of gnss satellites orbiting earth at respective azimuth and elevation angles, a memory device storing an predetermined antenna pattern including initial signal to noise ratio (snr) values for each of the respective azimuth and elevation angles, and a processor.
Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.

Privacy aligned and personalized social media content sharing recommendations

Systems and methods are provided that facilitate selecting videos to share in a messaging session. A system is provided that includes an accessible data mining component configured to generate a first set of data associated with a messaging session between a user and one or more other user, the first set of data excluding data that is inaccessible to the user and comprising data that is accessible to the user, and an identification component configured to identify a set of media items based on the first set of data.
Google Inc.

Data mining predicting information content from a network data stream

A content extraction system can analyze a network data stream communicated among nodes of a network. The content extraction system can include non-transitory computer storage configured to store at least a portion of the network data stream and a hardware processor in communication with the non-transitory computer storage.
Covermymeds Llc

Universal internet information data mining method

By means of providing directly a data mining requiring user with a universal internet information data mining requirement description human-machine interaction template, the present invention provides big internet data with a set of both open and strictly-defined constraints for concept collection, data structures, and data mining operations, thus satisfying three factors for establishing a data mining model, providing an important condition for increasing the value density of an internet mining service, and allowing for implementation of universal and parallel mining of structured data, semi-structured data, and non-structured data of the internet.. .

Data mining method and apparatus

A data mining method and apparatus where the method includes determining multiple execution steps of a data mining process, acquiring a correspondence between a physical resource required by each execution step in a running process and a physical resource occupied by input data of the data mining process, determining a node for executing each execution step, determining, according to a maximum amount of data of input data that can be processed by the node for executing each step, a maximum amount of data of input data that can be processed by the distributed system, and processing to-be-mined data in accordance with the data mining process according to the maximum amount of data of the input data that can be processed by the distributed system. The input data is accurately and effectively limited such that normal running of the system can be ensured..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Question answering system with data mining capabilities

A question is received. The question is in a natural language.

Integrated data mining system architecture for extraction, processing and consumption of user data for customizing search engine output and other applications

The present invention discloses several embodiments of data mining architectures. Data mining architectures have components such as secure cloud servers hosting data warehouses, data modelers, analytics engines, and query engines.

Method of generating smart outputs in real time from aggregated data using data mining algorithms

A method of generating smart outputs in real time from aggregated data using data mining algorithms analyzes user-submitted data or retrieved third-party data with data mining algorithms in order to produce results that help the users to make informed decisions. Users submit data, query the system, and receive smart outputs from the data mining process in real time..

Bus planning method using mobile communication data mining

A method for using mobile communication data mining to perform bus planning is disclosed, wherein the method comprises: acquiring mobile signaling data of a mobile terminal in a statistic area within a statistic time period from a server of an operator, and acquiring location updating information of the mobile terminal according to the mobile signaling data of the mobile terminal; acquiring a spatiotemporal data set of a user corresponding to each user terminal according to the location updating information of the mobile terminal; acquiring a crowd staying point set and crowd travel characteristics according to the spatiotemporal data set of each user; and performing bus planning according to the crowd staying point set and the crowd travel characteristics, and a device for implementing the above method is further disclosed.. .
Zte Corporation

Data mining heterogeneous data sources

Systems and methods integrate disparate backup devices with a unified interface. In certain examples, a management console manages data from various backup devices, while retaining such data in its native format.
Commvault Systems, Inc.

Social identity of objects

A system incorporates an internet service storing descriptions, locations and circumstances for virtual objects, creating a virtual world mirroring the real world, with each virtual object associated with a unique code enabling quick search and identification of the virtual objects. The system in some implementations allows search and data mining as well as associating virtual objects with the user that creates the virtual object..

Systems and methods for categorizing and presenting performance assessment data

The field of the invention relates to systems and methods for data mining and processing, and more particularly to systems and methods for automating content from performance assessment data. In one embodiment, an automated notes and categorization system may include a primary database comprising performance assessment data.

Navigating a website using visual analytics and a dynamic data source

Embodiments of the present invention disclose identifying relevant content in a social media website. A data set is identified using a computer.
International Business Machines Corporation

Navigating a website using visual analytics and a dynamic data source

Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method, computer program product, and system for identifying relevant content in a social media website. A social media site is mined for data and that data is stored as a data set.
International Business Machines Corporation

Device and analyzing reputation for objects by data mining

A device for analyzing reputation for objects by data mining is provided. The device includes a big data collector assembly collecting first information from a web page, a text preprocessor assembly analyzing morpheme information from an original text of the first information, an ontology dictionary extender assembly classifying the morpheme information according to each category and extracting an associated word, an object recognizer assembly measuring similarity between the associated word from the morpheme information to recognize a plurality of entity names associated with a first object, an information sensitivity classifier assembly classifying sensitivity of the first information based on a frequency of a sensitive word associated with the first object from the morpheme information, and a risk evaluation modeler assembly deriving a numeric risk value of the first information according to a numeric sensitivity value of the sensitive word and a weight value level for evaluating event importance..
Institute For Sustainable Development

Risk modeling system

The system provides early warning intelligence feeds which analyze risks of potential human caused threats and naturally caused hazards. It includes data mining functions that autonomously search and categorize threats/hazards from worldwide open source data on a continuing basis.

Self-learning based crawling and rule-based data mining for automatic information extraction

Methods and systems for automatic information extraction by performing self-learning crawling and rule-based data mining is provided. The method determines existence of crawl policy within input information and performs at least one of front-end crawling, assisted crawling and recursive crawling.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Outage prevention in an electric power distribution grid using smart meter messaging

A system and method is disclosed for using ami smart meter messaging types and data mining decision trees to determine if local equipment failure is present. The system and method may be used to predict impending failure based upon smart meter message behaviors and to create proactive investigation tickets.
Florida Power And Light Company

Entity matching method and apparatus

An entity matching method and apparatus, where the method includes, calculating kernel matrices k and l after reading a first data source and a second data source with inconsistent entity quantities, respectively, solving a first optimization objective function to obtain a matrix m of a correspondence between an entity on the first data source and an entity on the second data source, and outputting the obtained matrix m. Hence, according to the entity matching method and apparatus provided in the present disclosure, entity matching when entity quantities of data sources are inconsistent may be performed such that accuracy of data mining may be effectively improved, and data value may be effectively presented..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Peptidomimetic compounds and related methods

Provided herein are compounds and methods of using same for the perturbation and/or inhibition of protein-protein interactions. Also provided herein is a data mining method useful for the identification of protein-protein interactions that may be inhibited by these compounds..

Method and data mining

The invention is related to a method, apparatus and a computer program product for data mining and more particularly, but without limitation, including data mining for processing business intelligence reports, which efficiently represent the data records in a way that minimizes storage of redundant information and at the same time enables extremely efficient construction of breakdowns, efficiently represent breakdowns with minimum memory overhead and at the same time facilitate efficient traversal of the tree structures represented to enable fast generation of reports and manage update of the data records to minimize the impact on existing breakdowns as well as minimize the computations required to update reports to reflect the changes after an update.. .
Oricane Ab

Data mining multilingual and contextual cognates from user profiles

Techniques for identifying multilingual cognates and using the multilingual cognates are provided. In one technique, multilingual cognates identified from multiple user profiles are used to train one or more translation models.
Linkedin Corporation

Door improvements and data mining via accelerometer and magnetometer electronic component

An electronic door lock including a magnetometer, an accelerometer, and a processor. The processor is configured to determine a status of a door with respect to a door frame using data provided by the accelerometer and magnetometer which collectively generate acceleration data, velocity data and positional data of the door.
Schlage Lock Company Llc

A system suitable for one or both of audio processing and graphics processing and a processing in association therewith

A method of processing which can include receiving input signals from a plurality of sources, data mining the input signals, interpreting the mined data, optionally providing a set of settings and processing the input signals based on the interpretation of the mined data and, optionally, the set of settings to produce output signals. The input signals can be data mined to identify one or both of unique characteristics and attributes associable with the input signals.
Creative Technology Ltd

Method for traffic flow prediction based on spatio-temporal correlation mining

The disclosure includes a method for traffic flow prediction based on data mining on spatio-temporal correlations. The method includes establishing a prediction model, data mining on spatio-temporal correlations, and traffic flow prediction based on spatio-temporal correlated data.
Fudan University

Benchmarking through data mining

A system with access to regularly updated information regarding an entity can generate information regarding the performance of that entity. For example, values of various key performance indicators (kpis) can be determined.
Xero Limited

Data mining method

The present invention proposes a method for data mining, the method comprising: making statistics of the feature vectors of each target object according to the records in a target data set so as to constitute a rough data set, each of the feature vectors including the value of at least one attribute data of the target objects corresponding thereto; screening the feature vectors which correspond to all known the first type of target objects from the rough data set, and performing a filter operation onto the screened feature vectors to obtain samples; and building a regression model based on the samples, and then using the built regression model to determine whether each of all known the second type of target objects potentially belongs to the first type of target objects. The method for data mining disclosed in the present invention is capable of mining and classifying the target objects according to the comprehensive features of the target objects..
China Unionpay Co., Ltd.

Data mining in a digital map database to identify intersections located at hill bottoms and enabling precautionary actions in a vehicle

Disclosed is a feature for a vehicle that enables taking precautionary actions in response to conditions on the road network around or ahead of the vehicle, in particular, an intersection located at the bottom of a hill. A database that represents the road network is used to determine locations where an intersection of roads is located at the bottom of a hill and then, precautionary action data is added to the database to indicate such locations.
Here Global B.v.

System, method, and platform for user generated advertising campaign

An electronic portal provides merchant users facilitated generation of advertising campaigns via text messaging. A merchant user may initiate an advertising campaign by text messaging the portal.

Method for establishing prediction model based on multidimensional texture of brain nuclear magnetic resonance images

Disclosed is a method for establishing a prediction model based on a multidimensional texture of brain nuclear magnetic resonance images. Images are segmented using a region growing method, a contourlet transform method is used to extract an edge texture feature parameter of rois, a multidimensional database is established, and a prediction model is established using various data mining methods, comprising a gaussian process, a support vector machine, a random forest, a lasso regression and a semi-supervised support vector machine.
Capital Medical University

Data mining technique with experience-layered gene pool

Roughly described, a computer-implemented evolutionary data mining system includes a memory storing a candidate gene database in which each candidate individual has a respective fitness estimate; a gene pool processor which tests individuals from the candidate gene pool on training data and updates the fitness estimate associated with the individuals in dependence upon the tests; and a gene harvesting module providing for deployment selected ones of the individuals from the gene pool, wherein the gene pool processor includes a competition module which selects individuals for discarding from the gene pool in dependence upon both their updated fitness estimate and their testing experience level. Preferably the gene database has an elitist pool containing multiple experience layers, and the competition module causes individuals to compete only with other individuals in their same experience layer..
Sentient Technologies (barbados) Limited

Method of knowledge extraction through data mining

The disclosed embodiments relate to data mining methods for determining economically valuable cause effect relationships between objects and properties associated with objects using co-occurrence frequency measurements of semantic terms characterizing observations of properties, effects or behaviors of objects in different environments and using these measurements as object descriptors in calculations determining object similarities. Specifically, these methods may be used to identify new indications of medicines, identify biomarkers associated with disease, identify biomarkers associated with drug effects, quantify disease diagnosis, identify novel drug targets, identify pharmacologic equivalencies of medicines, identify pharmacologic equivalencies between medicines and traditional medicines, identify pharmacologic equivalencies between medicines and natural products, identify equivalencies between alternate medical procedures, identify risk benefit profiles of medicine combinations, identify targets for antibodies, identify synergies between medicines, identify side effects of medicines, identify risks of experimental medicines, identify functions of biological networks..
Systamedic Inc.

Visual data mining

Method and system for finding targets within visual data, comprising receiving target object information. Generating a set of target object semantic attributes from the target object information.
Vision Semanatics Limited

Information processing system, information processing method, and recording medium with program stored thereon

This invention helps improve the precision of data mining. This information processing device is provided with the following: a function-defining means that defines a new function by composing a plurality of functions; an attribute-generating means that applies said new function to an attribute to generate a new attribute that is the result of applying that function to that attribute; and a determining means that inputs the new attribute to an analysis engine, which executes an analysis process on the basis of the attribute, and determines whether or not information outputted by said analysis engine satisfies a prescribed requirement..
Nec Corporation

Information processing system, information processing method, and recording medium with program stored thereon

This invention helps improve the precision of data mining. This information processing system is provided with an attribute-generating means and an evaluating means, as follows.
Nec Corporation

Intelligent motion capture element

Intelligent motion capture element that includes sensor personalities that optimize the sensor for specific movements and/or pieces of equipment and/or clothing and may be retrofitted onto existing equipment or interchanged therebetween and automatically detected for example to switch personalities. May be used for low power applications and accurate data capture for use in healthcare compliance, sporting, gaming, military, virtual reality, industrial, retail loss tracking, security, baby and elderly monitoring and other applications for example obtained from a motion capture element and relayed to a database via a mobile phone.
Blast Motion Inc.

Systems and methods of data mining to customize software trial demonstrations

The technology disclosed describes systems and methods for delivering software trial demonstrations that are customized, with features identified as interesting to a software demonstration candidate, by mining biographical and behavioral data of the candidate. The technology further discloses systems and methods for the customization of trial demonstrations with software usage stories that reflect a software demonstration candidate's interests, identified by analyzing mined biographical and behavioral data about the candidate.., Inc.

Power generation performance evaluation power generator set

A power generation performance evaluation method and an apparatus thereof for a generator set are provided according to the embodiments of the present invention, which are related to the technical field of power apparatuses and are able to provide an accurate evaluation for the power generation performance of the generator set in combination with historical operation data of the generator set. The method comprises the following steps of: acquiring historical operation data of at least one generator set; selecting training data of each generator set from the historical operation data; obtaining a longitudinal power generation amount prediction model of the at least one generator set by calculating the training data of each generator set through an artificial intelligence algorithm based on data mining; and acquiring to-be-evaluated operation data of a to-be-evaluated generator set among the at least one generator set, and inputting the to-be-evaluated operation data into a corresponding longitudinal power generation amount prediction model to detect whether the longitudinal power generation performance of the to-be-evaluated generator set is normal.
Envision Energy (jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

Diagnostic digital data mining of biological waves with spectral electrocardiography (secg)

Systems, methods and computer-readable media are provided to enable early diagnosis of a wide variety of potentially lethal or catastrophic medical conditions using improved diagnostic analysis of non-stationary, non-linear biological signals. The analysis techniques includes accessing a biological signal in the memory; determining a region of a recording to be displayed for the accessed biological signal; obtaining a signal of a morphologic characteristic and a signal of a spectral frequency characteristic included in the accessed biological signal; displaying for the determined region of the recording, spatially-separated and synchronized in time with each other, a first visually-compressed view including the signal of the morphologic characteristic and a second visually-compressed view including the signal of the spectral frequency characteristic; and, upon receiving an input from a user, changing a degree of visual compression of the displayed first visually-compressed view and displayed second visually-compressed view..

Method and enhanced in-store retail experience using location awareness

Embodiments of the invention provide a nexus between a user's presence within or proximate to a brick and mortar store outside of an explicit user transaction within the store, that is based solely upon the user's presence within the store, and not on any affirmative actions taken by the user by maintaining location awareness of the user and by communicating this awareness in real time, as the user moves from location to location, to brick and mortar stores at or near to the user's location. In this way, embodiments of the invention link the user's virtual presence, for example via the internet, and all of the user-related information that is available for data mining, for example using big data techniques, to the user's physical presence at a physical location to create an enhanced user experience within the physical location in real time..
24/7 Customer, Inc.

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