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System to automate development of system integration application programs and method therefor
A symbolic representation of a business process is received, the process including transfer of information from a first software application to a second software application. An association between a first data field included at the first software application and a second data field included at the second software application is determined,...

Panoptic visualization document database management
A system includes a database management system engine, data manipulation subsystem and layout engine. The management system engine is configured to manage a database having stored therein a panoptic visualization document collection of document components each of which has associated metadata providing information about the respective document component, with the document...

Facilitating data manipulation in a browser-based user interface of an enterprise business application
Optimal presentation and editing of business data in a browser-based user interface of an integrated web-based business information system is described, including a browser at a user computer in dynamic communication with a web server allowing database editing and updating without browser page refreshes. For optimizing the data input/editing experience of...

Method, system and apparatus for data manipulation
According to at least one exemplary embodiment, a system and method of inputting data may be described. One such method can include running a software application on a device with a touch screen; generating a swipe pattern through interaction of a user with the touch screen; saving the swipe pattern; associating...

Distributed database
According to a first aspect of the present invention there is provided a method of operating a distributed database comprising a plurality of database nodes. The method comprises, at a first database node of the plurality of database nodes, receiving a request to manipulate data from a client (B1), determining if...

Method of processing data samples and circuits therefor
The present invention relates to data manipulation and in particular incrementing, decrementing and comparing binary coded numbers, notably the manipulation of thermometer codes and the performance of arithmetic operations thereon. A method of processing data is provides which comprises receiving a series of data samples, each sample being represented as an...

System to automate mapping of variables between business process applications and method therefor
Profiles associated with two applications are received. Each profile identifies a set of data fields identified by a corresponding full path name. Associations between data fields of the profiles are identified based on mapping pairs included in a full path mapping database, mapping pairs included in a shortest unique path mapping...

Providing configurable workflow capabilities
Techniques are described for providing clients with access to functionality for creating, configuring and executing defined workflows that manipulate source data in defined manners, such as under the control of a configurable workflow service that is available to multiple remote clients over one or more public networks. A defined workflow for...

System and method for mathematics ontology extraction and research
An extensive computer based online math research system (the “Research System”) having as its foundation an Ontology of mathematics, and utilizing unique and intensive computer support, coordination, data structuring, data storage, computer processing, retrieval capabilities, and data-mining capabilities, and an Ontology editing system that runs on computer software with computer processors...

System and method for automated test configuration and evaluation
A comprehensive system for enabling automated configuration and testing of software applications and services is disclosed. The system includes test interfaces, a test database and test functionality. Configuration functionality allows for rapid, accurate and efficient set up of one or more test accounts. Data manipulation interfaces and methods allow for the...

Coverage discovery
Automated, intelligent coverage discovery is provided. A request to find hidden or additional coverage for a self-pay, government-funded payer, and commercial payer accounts may be received. Rules defining certain search criteria and actionable information, such as demographic and payer data manipulations to find coverage data, may be executed. Requests for eligibility...

Data manipulation following delivery of a cardiac stimulus in an implantable cardiac stimulus device
Methods of cardiac rhythm analysis in an implantable cardiac stimulus device, and devices configured for such methods. In an illustrative embodiment, certain data relating to cardiac event rate or amplitude is modified following delivery of a cardiac stimulus. In another embodiment, cardiac rhythm analysis is performed using one of plural states,...

Database management device and database management method
A database management device includes plural index blocks having a tree structure and each having an access counter and at least one index entry for identifying one piece of row data constituting a table data or another index block, and an access management device that updates the access counter of each...

Method and system for manipulating data
A method of manipulating data includes receiving a data manipulation command for corresponding data, which corresponds to a first logical block address, to a second logical block address. The method further includes mapping the second logical block address to a physical block address, which is mapped to the first logical block...

System and method for determining high resolution positional data from limited number of analog inputs
A system and method for determining the position of an object in a space includes positioning the object within the overlapping detection fields of a plurality of analog proximity sensors, wherein the proximity sensors produce an output signal having a signal strength related to the proximity of the object to the...

Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method utilizing data filtering
An apparatus and method are used to form patterns on a substrate. The apparatus comprises a projection system, a patterning device, a low-pass filter, and a data manipulation device. The projection system projects a beam of radiation onto the substrate as an array of sub-beams. The patterning device modulates the sub-beams...

3-d audio data manipulation system and method
A 3-D audio data manipulation system providing a multi-dimensional audio field generated by a speaker array. The speaker array is driven by audio data and has a plurality of speakers, with each speaker having a unique physical position within the audio field. The system includes a 3-D mixing module having a...

Data manipulation on electronic device and remote terminal
Methods and systems of manipulating data on an electronic device and a remote terminal are disclosed. The system includes at least one controller in an electronic device and a remote terminal, configured to initialize the electronic device and the remote terminal, detect a first input signal associated with a desired action,...

Reconfigurable device for repositioning data within a data word
Disclosed is a system and device and related methods for data manipulation, especially for SIMD operations such as permute, shift, and rotate. An apparatus includes a permute section that repositions data on sub-word boundaries and a shift section that repositions the data distances smaller than the sub-word width. The sub-word width...

Computer readable medium for translating protocols
The disclosed subject matter presents a method for translating between protocols using an extended scripting language. In one embodiment ECMA-262 scripting language is extended to enable one with ordinary skill in the art to create scripts which may be used to perform diverse data manipulation including, but not limited to: file...

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