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Method and system for manipulating data
A method of manipulating data includes receiving a data manipulation command for corresponding data, which corresponds to a first logical block address, to a second logical block address. The method further includes mapping the second logical block address to a physical block address, which is mapped to the first logical block...

Enforcing restrictions for graph data manipulation operations
Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with data manipulation operation restriction enforcement on graph data are described. A statement specifying a data manipulation operation to modify graph data that will modify one or more triples in the graph data is received. One or more resources that the one or more triples...

Natural language navigation for power monitoring systems
A method of parsing a natural language phrase to retrieve data associated with a power monitoring system. An input receives a natural language phrase including terms, one of which indicates a data manipulation action for manipulating data of the power monitoring system. A parser component parses the phrase to extract the...

Dispersed storage network data manipulation
A method begins by a processing module receiving data for dispersed storage, wherein the data has an associated user identification (ID), and obtaining a codec flag based on the associated user ID. The codec flag may indicate one or more codec types and a codec execution order. The codec types may...

Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method utilizing data filtering
An apparatus and method are used to form patterns on a substrate. The apparatus comprises a projection system, a patterning device, a low-pass filter, and a data manipulation device. The projection system projects a beam of radiation onto the substrate as an array of sub-beams. The patterning device modulates the sub-beams...

Methods and system for dynamic database content persistence and information management
According to one embodiment of the invention, a method for composing information into a generic information cell structure, which includes an information vacuole and a cell, is provided. In another embodiment, attaching generic tags, which correspond to the generic information cell structure, is provided. In another embodiment, generating structural and positional...

Data management apparatus for comparing patient data with ailment archetypes to determine correlation with established ailment biomarkers
The Patient Data Management System operates under the control of a physician to implement a patient-specific instance of the apparatus which is capable of accessing at least one data manipulation module, each defining at least one process for transforming patient medical data pursuant to a predefined schema. A patient medical data...

Media rendering hierarchy
To process media data from one or more sources, a hierarchy of media components are formed. Each media component receives as input one or more streams of media data and manipulates the media data to produce an output media stream. The media components conform to a uniform plug-in structure. The plug-in...

Interventional imaging and data processing
An imaging system includes a radiation source () that emits radiation that traverses an examination region. A controller () activates the radiation source () to emit radiation and deactivates the radiation source () to stop radiation emission. The controller () selectively activates the radiation source () to emit radiation at one...

Computer systems for data manipulation and related methods
A computer system for data management arranged to provide at least four components: a generator component, a solver component, a simulation component and a visualisation component, wherein the simulation component is arranged to simulate stochastic processes and output simulation data of the simulated process to the generator component; the generator component...

Incremental materialized view refresh with enhanced dml compression
An incremental refresh of a materialized view may be simplified, and therefore made more cost efficient, by reducing the number of DML operations being merged with the materialized view during the incremental refresh. Specifically, subsequences of sequences of data manipulation language operations that have been recorded for a particular row of...

Information processor, information processing system, data archiving method, and data deletion method
An information processor may include a command receiving unit that receives an immediate processing command in which a deletion target to be deleted from the database is conditioned, and a registration processing unit that registers information defining the deletion target into a management data unit. In addition, the information processor may...

Portable terminal device, data manipulation processing method and data manipulation processing program
Even when data with a hierarchical data structure is displayed, it can be identified which hierarchy's data a manipulation instruction by a touch operation performed on a touch panel directs to, and thereby a predetermined function can be executed. A portable terminal device comprising a touch panel on a display screen...

Dma engine capable of concurrent data manipulation
Disclosed is a method and device for concurrently performing a plurality of data manipulation operations on data being transferred via a Direct Memory Access (DMA) channel managed by a DMA controller/engine. A Control Data Block (CDB) that controls where the data is retrieved from, delivered to, and how the plurality of...

Client/server waveform viewer using bitmaps
Improving on the waveform viewing technology can advantageously address the industry's need for speedup and capacity of existing solution. As described herein, making data manipulation local and bounded can facilitate tremendous speedup. The waveform viewer can process data on-demand where the user explicitly specifies signals and a desired window (i.e. range)....

Compact batch viewing techniques for use in batch processes
A data collection and viewing application associated with a batch process control system used within a process plant provides a user interface that allows a user to quickly and easily examine a particular batch process or a batch run, to compare separate batch runs and/or to determine whether the particular batch...

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