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Data Center patents


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new patent Network interface card having embedded virtual router
A high-performance, scalable and drop-free data center switch fabric and infrastructure is described. The data center switch fabric may leverage low cost, off-the-shelf packet-based switching components (e.g., ip over ethernet (ipoe)) and overlay forwarding technologies rather than proprietary switch fabric.
Juniper Networks, Inc.

new patent Information processing device and data center system
A calculation unit calculates a priority for investigating each of a plurality of services operated by a first system and a second system that is a cluster configuration and is divided into a plurality of nodes in a plurality of data center, when the services are handed over from the first system to the second system, based on a degree of influence on a client device that uses the services and a degree of importance of each of the services. An output unit outputs the calculated priority..
Fujitsu Limited

new patent De-congesting data centers with wireless point-to-multipoint flyways
In one embodiment, a source top-of-rack (tor) switch may identify multiple destination tor switches from a group of tor switches to send data traffic to. The source tor switch may be connected to the group of tor switches via a base network.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

new patent System, two-way transport of data over a single fiber strand
The systems, apparatuses and methods of the present invention set forth improvements to the problems of the current pairing or duplex paradigm, resulting in a dramatic increase in fiber transmission efficiency, accomplished explicitly by restructuring presently-aligned c-band wavelengths into innovative dwdm transmit and receive formats, and through implementing photonic-wave changes, which directs ethernet data flow onto new path adaptations. These improvements could reduce line haul expenses significantly, believed to reach a projected 50% less requirement/deployment of fiber strands.
Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative

new patent Methods and systems relating to optical networks
data center interconnections, which encompass wscs as well as traditional data centers, have become both a bottleneck and a cost/power issue for cloud computing providers, cloud service providers and the users of the cloud generally. Fiber optic technologies already play critical roles in data center operations and will increasingly in the future.
Aeponyx Inc.

new patent Electronic anti-counterfeiting system and electronic anti-counterfeiting method thereof
The present invention, which is applicable to the field of electronic anti-counterfeiting technology, provides an electronic anti-counterfeiting system and an electronic anti-counterfeiting method using the same. The electronic anti-counterfeiting system comprises: a server disposed in a data center, the server comprising a database which stores the information about the logistics code and the anti-counterfeiting code of goods and the goods' production, transportation, sales and authenticity information corresponding to the information about the logistics code and the anti-counterfeiting code; at least one sales terminal in communication with the server, the sales terminal, after reading the logistics code of the goods, sending to the server such information that the goods is sold; and at least one query terminal in communication with the server, the query terminal, after reading the anti-counterfeiting code of the goods, sending the anti-counterfeiting code to the server to gain access to query result information returned from the server.

new patent Parallel processing of data for an untrusted application
An untrusted application is received at a data center including one or more processing modules and providing a native processing environment. The untrusted application includes a data parallel pipeline.
Google Inc.

new patent Control center system for searching and managing objects across data centers
A centralized control center system for searching and managing one or more objects on granular object level in one or more datacenters is provided. The control center system includes a memory unit, and a processor.
Payoda Inc.

new patent System and providing a messaging application program interface
A system and method for providing a message bus component or version thereof (referred to herein as an implementation), and a messaging application program interface, for use in an enterprise data center, middleware machine system, or similar environment that includes a plurality of processor nodes together with a high-performance communication fabric (or communication mechanism) such as infiniband. In accordance with an embodiment, the messaging application program interface enables features such as asynchronous messaging, low latency, and high data throughput, and supports the use of in-memory data grid, application server, and other middleware components..
Oracle International Corporation

new patent Systems and methods relating to host configuration optimization in a data center environment
Systems and methods are disclosed for calculating and utilizing a variable cpu weighting factor for host configuration optimization in a data center environment. According to one illustrative embodiment, implementations may utilize actual workload profiles to generate variable cpu weighting factor(s) to optimize host configurations..
Virtustream, Inc.

new patent

Determining power capping policies for a computer device

Aspects of the present disclosure provide techniques for accurately determining maximum and minimum power capping values that may be used to increase power use efficiency (pue) and reliability of a computing environment (e.g., a data center comprising one or more servers).. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.

System and modular data center

The present disclosure relates to a unit structure for use in forming a modular data center. The unit structure may have an elongated frame structure forming a rectangular-like subsystem, and may be adapted to be supported above a floor surface.
Liebert Corporation

Random next iteration for data update management

Host machines and other devices performing synchronized operations can be dispersed across multiple racks in a data center to provide additional buffer capacity and to reduce the likelihood of congestion. The level of dispersion can depend on factors such as the level of oversubscription, as it can be undesirable in a highly connected network to push excessive host traffic into the aggregation fabric.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Zone-based firewall policy model for a virtualized data center

Techniques are provided for implementing a zone-based firewall policy. At a virtual network device, information is defined and stored that represents a security management zone for a virtual firewall policy comprising one or more common attributes of applications associated with the security zone.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

System and data center security enhancements leveraging managed server socs

A data center security system and method are provided that leverage server systems on a chip (socs) and/or server fabrics. In more detail, server interconnect fabrics may be leveraged and extended to dramatically improve security within a data center..
Iii Holdings 2, Llc

System and methods for load placement in data centers

A system for operating information handling systems forming a network including a plurality of switches is provided. The system includes an open flow controller coupled to each of the plurality of switches; a plurality of links, each link configured to transmit data packets between two switches from the plurality of switches; wherein: the open flow controller is configured to determine a traffic flow across each of the plurality of links; and each one of the plurality of switches is configured to re-route a data packet when the traffic flow in a link associated to the switch exceeds a threshold.
Dell Products L.p.

Cabinet server and data center based on cabinet server

A cabinet server and a data center where the cabinet server includes multiple function node layers vertically arranged to form a server core and multiple intra-cabinet antennas vertically arranged and disposed at one side of the server core, an intra-cabinet antenna is wirelessly connected to adjacent intra-cabinet antennas. A transmission path is formed of the vertically arranged intra-cabinet antennas when a radio signal is transmitted within the cabinet server.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Feedback system for optimizing the allocation of resources in a data center

To improve resource utilization and reduce the virtual machine sprawl in a data center, resource utilization is predicted based on previously measured utilizations, and then, using the predicted utilizations, optimizing the allocation of the computing resources among the virtual machines in the data center. In operation, measurements related to resource utilization by different virtual machines executing in a data center are collected at regular intervals.
Cloubrain, Inc.

Provisioning storage devices in a data center

In one embodiment, a fabric interconnect device accesses a software inventory of a storage device comprising a plurality of hardware components including at least one storage controller and a plurality of storage mediums. At least one entry of the software inventory identifies a hardware component of the storage device and an indication of at least one version of software installed for use by the hardware component or an indication that no software is installed for use by the hardware component.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Data center floor management

A floor tile for a data center floor is provided that includes a first tile module having a main surface including a first side wall portion and a second side wall portion extending from opposite edges of the main surface, the first side wall portion and second side wall portion each including at least one recess for receiving cabling; and a second tile module having a main further surface adapted to form a removable lid of the first tile module. A data center floor including such a floor tile and a data center including such a data center floor are also provided..
International Business Machines Corporation

Systems, methods and computer readable medium to implement secured computational infrastructure for cloud and data center environments

Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable medium are provided to secure data centers and cloud computing. A method receives network identifiers for functions, requests a network key for each function, allocates network interfaces, requests a virtual network interface controller allocation, requests a network key for each cloud function, receives storage identifiers for functions, requests a storage key for each cloud function, allocates virtual storage disks, requests a storage interface controller allocation, requests a storage key for each cloud function.

Federated firewall management for moving workload across data centers

A method of providing firewall support for moving a data compute node (dcn) across data centers. The method receives a set of global firewall rules to enforce across multiple data centers.
Nicira, Inc.

Systems and methods to create highly scalable network services

Various embodiments of the invention provide for an unparalleled scalable and reliable load distribution design for use in a large class of network applications, including cloud computing in modern data center networks and similar services, which can benefit from the invention by taking advantage of commonly available network components and systems. In particular, various embodiments of the invention extend a logical load distributor model to include distributed clusters of loosely coupled components.
Dell Products L.p.

Dynamic virtual machine network policy for ingress optimization

A method of performing ingress traffic optimization for active/active data centers. The method creates site-specific grouping constructs for virtual machines that run applications that are advertised to the external networks.
Vmware, Inc.

Mixed deployment architecture for distributed services

Systems and methods for a mixed deployment architecture are provided. A data center system may include a core compute grid system and a plurality of distributed compute grid systems.
Paypal, Inc.

Method and system for testing and analyzing management servers

The current document is directed to methods and systems for testing and analyzing the operational characteristics of management servers that manage multiple host systems in distributed computing systems on which virtual data centers and other types of virtual infrastructure are implemented. Management servers are generally designed to manage host systems that include particular types of virtualization layers, referred to as “native host systems.” in a described implementation, a management server is connected to a host-gateway appliance that includes host-gateway control logic implemented within a server computer.
Vmware, Inc.

Providing firewall rules for workload spread across multiple data centers

A method of replicating firewall rules for a tenant that has several data compute nodes across a group of data centers. The method receives a first set of firewall rules that references first and second sets of objects in a first data center.
Nicira, Inc.

Optoelectronic packaging assemblies

Optoelectronic packaging assemblies are provided that are useful for optical data, transfer in high performance computing applications, board to board in data centers, memory to cpu, switch/fpga (field programmable gate array) for chip to chip interconnects, and memory extension. The packaging assemblies provide fine pitch flip chip interconnects and chip stacking assemblies with good thermo-mechanical reliability.
Intel Corporation

Replicating firewall policy across multiple data centers

A method of replicating firewall rules across a group of data centers. Each data center includes a set of hosts and a network manager.
Nicira, Inc.

Cooling electronic devices in a data center

A thermosiphon includes a condenser; an evaporator that includes a fluid channel and a heat transfer surface, the heat transfer surface defining a plurality of fluid pathways in the fluid channel that extend through the fluid channel, the evaporator configured to thermally couple to one or more heat-generating electronic devices; and a transport member that fluidly couples the condenser and the evaporator, the transport member including a liquid conduit that extends through the transport member to deliver a liquid phase of a working fluid into the fluid pathways, the transport member further including a surface to vertically enclose the plurality of fluid pathways.. .
Google Inc.

Systems and methods for configuring an electronic device for cellular-based communications

Embodiments are provided for registering an electronic device of a subscriber for cellular-based communications. According to certain aspects, the cellular-based communications may be facilitated by a data center while the electronic device is not easily within range of a cellular network, such as when the electronic device is traveling on an aircraft.
Gogo Llc

Systems and methods for a mobile uav-based emergency communication scanner

Disclosed herein are systems and methods for communication scanners, which utilize mobile-based platforms to facilitate the communications. In an embodiment, the mobile uav based emergency communication scanner is comprised of an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), deployed sensor resources, mapping application and a big-data center.

Optimizing routing and load balancing in an sdn-enabled cloud during enterprise data center migration

Network routing and load balancing in a software design network (sdn)-enabled computing environment may be provided. Input data discovered from a source computing environment is received, wherein one or more of components of the source computing environment are to be migrated to a target computing environment, the input data comprising at least source configuration information and utilization information.
International Business Machines Corporation

Session activity tracking for session adoption across multiple data centers

Techniques are disclosed for managing session activity of sso access across multiple data centers. Session activity of sso access is managed across multiple geographically disperse computing systems clustered together to form a multi-data center (mdc) system.
Oracle International Corporation

Distributed data center architecture

A network element is configured to provide a distributed data center architecture between at least two data center locations. The network element includes a plurality of ports configured to switch packets between one another; wherein a first port of the plurality of ports is connected to an intra-data center network of a first data center location and a second port of the plurality of ports is connected to a second data center location that is remote from the first data center location over a wide area network (wan), and wherein the intra-data center network of the first data center location, the wan, and an intra-data center network of the second data center location utilize an ordered label structure between one another to form the distributed data center architecture..
Ciena Corporation

Methods and systems to evaluate data center resource allocation costs

This disclosure is directed to methods and systems to evaluate resource allocation costs of a data center. Methods and systems compute resource allocation costs of a cloud computing industry to obtain industry benchmarks that are compared with the resource allocation costs of the data center.
Vmware, Inc.

Method and control system providing an interactive interface for device-level monitoring and servicing of distributed, large-scale information handling system (lihs)

A controller of a large-scale information handling system (lihs) includes a memory containing visual representations of architecture and sub-architecture associated with respective data center (dc) configurations. An interactive component-level visual monitoring and control (icvmc) system includes a processor in communication with the component level monitors and the memory and includes an icvmc module executing on the processor to receive identification information from one or more component-level monitors of a dc.
Dell Products, L.p.

Method and information handling system providing an interactive interface for device-level monitoring and servicing of data center

Interactive component-level visual monitoring and controlling an information handling system (ihs) includes displaying a visual representation of one of a plurality of different levels of the ihs based on a current level identified/selected on a graphical user interface (gui). A current functional state is received of functional components of the ihs at each component level that are being monitored.
Dell Products, L.p.

Determining server location in a data center

Embodiments generally relate to a method and device of determining a location of a server in a data center by establishing a relationship between a rack unit where each server of the data center is located and a port of a switch and determining the rack unit where the server is located based on a port of a switch connected to the server and the established relationship, and determining a location of the rack unit where the server is located based on relative positions of the switch connected to the server and a plurality of reference points.. .
Emc Corporation

Methods and systems to evaluate cost driver and virtual data center costs

This disclosure is directed to methods and systems to evaluate the performance of a virtual data center (“vdc”) running in a data center by comparing costs of cost drivers and vdc costs with cloud computing industry benchmarks. Methods collect costs of cost drivers and total vdc costs of a cloud computing industry.
Vmware, Inc.

Memory bandwidth management for deep learning applications

In a data center, neural network evaluations can be included for services involving image or speech recognition by using a field programmable gate array (fpga) or other parallel processor. The memory bandwidth limitations of providing weighted data sets from an external memory to the fpga (or other parallel processor) can be managed by queuing up input data from the plurality of cores executing the services at the fpga (or other parallel processor) in batches of at least two feature vectors.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

A predicting thermal-insights of a data center

Disclosed is a method for real-time prediction of thermal-insights for a heat dissipating device in a data center cooled by one or more cooling units. The method uses a concept of influence mass fractions in conjunction with proper orthogonal decomposition (pod) based reduced order model.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited

System and verifying provisioned virtual services

This disclosure relates to various systems, methods, architectures, mechanisms, or apparatuses for verifying or auditing that virtual services are correctly instantiated at a data center. Verification that virtual services are correctly instantiated at a data center may include comparing normalized datasets representing the actual instantiated services associated with a virtual services provisioning entity to normalized datasets representing the expected instantiated services associated with the provisioning entity.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

Technologies for data center environment checkpointing

Technologies for environment checkpointing include an orchestration node communicatively coupled to one or more working computing nodes. The orchestration node is configured to administer an environment checkpointing event by transmitting a checkpoint initialization signal to each of the one or more working computing nodes that have been registered with the orchestration node.
Intel Corporation

Remote-direct-memory-access-based virtual machine live migration

The current document is directed to methods and systems for moving executing virtual machines between host systems in a virtual data center. In described implementations, remote-direct memory access is used for transferring memory contents and, in certain implementations, additional data between the host systems to facilitate live migration of virtual machines.
Vmware, Inc.

Seamless address reassignment via multi-tenant linkage

The technology described herein manages the deployment of a group of machines from a staged state to a production state, while maintaining both the production and staged machines behind a single virtual internet protocol (vip) address. The machines may be deployed within one or more data centers.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Optimizing order of migrating virtual computing instances for increased cloud services engagement

The order of migrating virtual computing instances from a private data center to a public cloud is optimized using a tsp solver. The method of migrating a plurality of virtual computing instances that are in communication with each other within a private data center to a public cloud includes the steps of assigning, for each different pair of virtual computing instances, a numerical value that represents an amount of data transmission between the pair over a predetermined period of time, determining a recommended order of migration for the virtual computing instances based on the assigned numerical values, and migrating the virtual computing instances according to the recommended order..
Vmware, Inc.

Floating set points to optimize power allocation and use in data center

An interactive component-level visual monitoring and control (icvmc) system of a large-scale information handling system (lihs) displays on a display device graphical user interfaces (guis) that include a visual representation of data centers (dcs) each having functional components operationally configured and interconnected in a system that operates based, at least in part, on one or more set points stored in respective registers. In response to receiving a user selection, icvmc system changes set point/s respectively in registers in at least one dc based upon a test protocol or a locally-optimized operating protocol to obtain one of a test result and a local optimization of the at least one dc..
Dell Products, L.p.

Inflatable data center

A data center can include an inflatable enclosure in which rack computer systems can be installed and can provide computing capacity. The inflatable enclosure includes an inflatable structure which is at least partially inflated based on cooling air discharged into the inflatable enclosure by one or more cooling modules.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

System and high-performance, low-power data center interconnect fabric

A system and method are provided that support a routing using a tree-like or graph topology that supports multiple links per node, where each link is designated as an up, down, or lateral link, or both, within the topology. The system may use a segmented mac architecture which may have a method of re-purposing mac ip addresses for inside macs and outside macs, and leveraging what would normally be the physical signaling for the mac to feed into the switch..
Iii Holdings 2, Llc

Methods and systems to determine application license costs in a virtualized data center

Methods and systems to compute application license costs of a number of applications run on virtual machines of a virtualized data center are described. In one aspect, one or more of the virtual machines (“vms”) that form the virtual data center are determined.
Vmware, Inc.

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