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Cytokine patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Cytokine-related patents
 Biomarkers in inflammatory bowel disease patent thumbnailBiomarkers in inflammatory bowel disease
The present invention provides a method of determining whether a patient with inflammatory bowel disease (ibd) and who has been treated with anti tnfα therapy is in immunological remission (ir), said method comprising determining the level of a cytokine selected from tnfα, il-17 and ifn-γ in a g1 mucosal sample from said patient. Also provided are methods of prognosis and treatment using said method of determination, in particular discontinuing treatment if said patient is in ir and continuing treatment if said patient is not in ir..
University Of TromsØ

 Methods for catheter-based renal neuromodulation patent thumbnailMethods for catheter-based renal neuromodulation
Methods and apparatus are provided for monopolar neuromodulation, e.g., via a pulsed electric field. Such monopolar neuromodulation may effectuate irreversible electroporation or electrofusion, necrosis and/or inducement of apoptosis, alteration of gene expression, action potential attenuation or blockade, changes in cytokine up-regulation and other conditions in target neural fibers.
Medtronic Ardian Luxembourg S.a.r.l.

 Methods modulating immunoregulatory effect of stem cells patent thumbnailMethods modulating immunoregulatory effect of stem cells
The present invention provides methods or kits with inflammatory cytokines to pretreat 1-iscs to augment their immune modulatory effect, in prevention and treatment of various diseases such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis, lupus, sepsis, hepatitis, cirrhosis, parkinson's disease, chronic infections, and gvhd. The present invention relates to novel methods for enhancing the immunosuppressive or the immune stimulatory activities of mesenchymal stem cells (jvfscs)..
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

 Use of adcc-optimized antibodies for treating weak patients patent thumbnailUse of adcc-optimized antibodies for treating weak patients
The invention concerns the use of human or humanized chimeric monoclonal antibodies which are produced in selected cell lines, said antibodies bringing about a high adcc activity as well as a high secretion of cytokines and interleukins, for treating underpopulations of so-called weak-response patients exhibiting cd16 fcgr3a-158f homozygote or fcgr3a-158v/f heterozygote polymorphism.. .
Laboratoire Francais Du Fractionnement Et Des Biotechnologies

 Chemokine-cytokine fusion proteins and their applications patent thumbnailChemokine-cytokine fusion proteins and their applications
The present invention provides a fusion protein, comprising a chemokine polypeptide, which is a chemokine or a receptor binding domain thereof; and a cytokine polypeptide connected to said chemokine polypeptide, which is an interleukin, a tnf-superfamily cytokine or a receptor-binding domain thereof; wherein the chemokine polypeptide and the cytokine polypeptide have a common target cell, and the fusion protein has an improved chemokine activity as compared to the chemokine polypeptide, and an improved cytokine activity as compared to the cytokine polypeptide.. .

 Use of common gamma chain cytokines for the visualization, isolation and genetic modification of memory t lymphocytes patent thumbnailUse of common gamma chain cytokines for the visualization, isolation and genetic modification of memory t lymphocytes
It is described in vitro methods for expanding, detecting or isolating rare populations of antigen specific memory t cells. It is also described an in vitro method for obtaining a genetically modified memory t cell population.
Ospedale San Raffaele S.r.l.

 Apparatus and methods for pasteurization of human milk patent thumbnailApparatus and methods for pasteurization of human milk
The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for the inactivation of a biological contaminant in a human milk product by exposing the milk product to uv by imparting a vortical flow to the milk product. The exposure inactivates or reduces the amount of a contaminant in the milk product; and the activity of a bioactive component present in the milk product is not substantially reduced.
Carag Ag

 Method for diagnosing and treating fibromyalgia patent thumbnailMethod for diagnosing and treating fibromyalgia
The invention provides methods, kits and reagents for diagnosing fibromyalgia (fm) in an individual by determining whether the levels of one or more cytokines in the individual are altered, as compared to control levels. The altered level(s) or patterns of expression of the cytokines measured in the affected individual compared to the level from the control is predictive/indicative of fm in the individual..
Epicgenetics, Llc

 Methods of diagnosing proliferative disorders patent thumbnailMethods of diagnosing proliferative disorders
The present invention relates to methods of diagnosing and/or prognosing proliferative disorders, especially brain cancers (e.g. Gliomas).
University Of Central Lancashire

 Systems and methods for detecting infectious diseases patent thumbnailSystems and methods for detecting infectious diseases
Systems, methods, and devices for detecting infections in a clinical sample are provided. Small-volume clinical samples obtained at a point-of-service (pos) location and may be tested at the pos location for multiple markers for multiple diseases, including upper and lower respiratory diseases.
Theranos, Inc.


Inhibitory oligonucleotide and use thereof

The inhibitory oligonucleotides (odns) which strongly block nf-κb activation induced by tlr9 agonists and tlr7 agonists are provided. The production of proinflammatory cytokines, such as interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor alpha, is inhibited by the inhibitory-odns.
Sbi Biotech Co., Ltd.


Methods of producing t memory stem cell populations

Provided are methods of producing an isolated t memory stem cell population, the method comprising a) isolating naïve t cells from a mammal, wherein the mammal is not a mouse; b) activating the naïve t cells and expanding the numbers of naïve t cells in the presence of one or more non-specific t cell stimuli, one or more cytokines, and a gsk-3beta inhibitor. Also provided are methods of producing an isolated t memory stem cell population, the method comprising a) isolating lymphocytes from a mammal; b) sorting the lymphocytes using flow cytometry into a population comprising a phenotype comprising i) cd95+, cd45ro−, and ccr7+; and ii) cd62l+ or one or more of cd27+, cd28+, cd45ra+, and cd127+ to produce an isolated t memory stem cell population.
The United States Of America, As Represented By Th Secretary, Department Of Health And Human Service


Anti-blood dendritic cell antigen 2 antibodies and uses thereof

Antibodies and antibody fragments that bind to bdca2 are disclosed. Also disclosed are methods of using the antibodies and antibody fragments to induce death of a plasmacytoid dendritic cell, inhibit production or secretion of inflammatory cytokines and chemokines, and treat or prevent immunological disorders such as inflammatory and autoimmune conditions..
Biogen Ma Inc.


Composition comprising grim-19 as active ingredient for preventing or treating obesity or lipid-related metabolic diseases

The present invention relates to a composition comprising grim-19 protein as an active ingredient for preventing or treating obesity or lipid-related metabolic diseases. More particularly, the present invention relates to a composition for preventing or treating obesity or lipid-related metabolic diseases wherein the composition comprises grim-19 protein as an active ingredient for preventing or treating metabolic diseases caused by immune response disorders or interactions between genetic, metabolic, or environmental complex factors.
Catholic University Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation


A inhibiting the expression of il-22 in activated t-cells

The present invention relates to a method of inhibiting the upregulation of the expression of the proinflammatory cytokine interleukin-22 (il-22) in activated and differentiated human t-cells, said upregulation being induced by administration of a therapeutically effective amount of a phosphodiesterase 4 (pde4) inhibitor. The method comprises administering, either sequentially to or simultaneously with the administration of the pde4 inhibitor, a vitamin d receptor agonist in an amount 3) sufficient to inhibit the upregulation of il-22 expression..
Leo Pharma A/s


Curcumin compositions and uses thereof

Curcumin compositions herein are described for improving muscle performance, endurance capacity and resistance to fatigue, when administered in effective amounts to a subject in need of such improvement. The compositions are comprised of curcumin and at least one pharmaceutically and/or nutraceutically acceptable excipient such as a hydrophilic carrier and exhibit enhanced bioavailability.
Omniactive Health Technologies Limited


Composition comprising gpcr19 agonist as an active ingredient for preventing or treating allergic dermatitis

The present invention is about a pharmaceutical composition, an oral preparation, and an injection preparation containing a g protein-coupled receptor19 (gpcr19) agonist, specifically sodium taurodeoxycholate (hy2191) and its derivative, as an active ingredient for preventing or treating allergic skin diseases. The present invention is also about an external preparation and a cosmetic composition containing said pharmaceutical composition for preventing and improving allergic skin diseases.


Method of reducing brain cell damage, inflammation or death

A method of reducing the occurrence of brain cell damage or death caused by transient cerebral hypoxia, ischemia, brain inflammation or a traumatic brain injury (tbi) event. The method typically comprises identifying a subject with transient cerebral hypoxia, ischemia, brain inflammation or a tbi, and within 24 hours of onset of the condition, administering to the subject a continuous intravenous infusion dose of methamphetamine in an amount sufficient to reduce the occurrence of brain cell damage or death caused by the condition.


Method for culturing mesenchymal stem cells

Disclosed is a method for culturing mesenchymal stem cells, comprising culturing mesenchymal stem cells in a medium containing calcium in a concentration of from 2.1 to 3.8 mm and magnesium in a concentration of from 1.0 to 3.0 mm under a hypoxic condition of 2 to 5% oxygen. The culturing method can increase the population of mesenchymal stem cells even with a small number of passages by improving mesenchymal stem cells in proliferative capacity and viability.


Pharmaceutical composition for cancer treatment including fusion protein

An object of the present invention is to use fusion proteins of cancer-specific antigens and cytokines as a preventive or therapeutic agent for cancer. The present invention provides a pharmaceutical composition for the prevention or treatment of a cancer, comprising as active ingredients fusion proteins each comprising a cancer-specific antigen with a cytokine selected from the group consisting of human il2 (hil2), human il4 (hil4), human il7 (hil7), human gmcsf (hgmcsf), mouse il4 (mil4), and mouse gmcsf (mgmcsf)..


Compositions and methods for enhancing immune responses

Compositions and methods for inducing, enhancing, or promoting an immune response are disclosed. In some embodiments the increased immune response is against an antigen such as a tumor antigen or a viral antigen.


Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating cancers comprising dendritic cells with dab2 gene silenced

Provided is a pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating cancer, and more particularly, a pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating cancer, including dendritic cells with a knock-down dab2 gene. The composition includes a dendritic cell in which a dab2 gene is knocked down or knocked out or activity of a dab2 protein is suppressed as an active ingredient, and thus is expected to be useful as a pharmaceutical composition to prevent, improve or treat cancer as a result of having improved antigen uptake, a migration ability of a cell to a lymph node, and expression of inflammatory cytokines, and activating antigen-specific cytotoxic t cell lymphocyte (ctl) and related t cells that can attack cancer cells, and therefore is expected to be used as the pharmaceutical composition for preventing, improving or treating cancer..


Saquinavir-no for immunomodulation

The nitric ester of saquinavir, or its non-toxic salts, solvates or crystalline/polymorphic forms, i useful in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, particularly in disease mediated by pro-inflammatory cytokines. Examples of diseases which may be treated include idiopathic addison's disease, autoimmune hepatitis, biliary cirrhosis, primary sclerosing cholangitis, guillain barré syndrome, hashimoto's thyroiditis, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, sjogren's syndrome, systemic lupus erythematous, type 1 diabetes mellitus and uveitis of ischemia-reperfusion, graft versus host diseases, graft rejection, endo and exo-toxemia and gouty arthritis..


Method and determining a mammal's exposure to chemical or biological agents

Cellular immunologic methods are disclosed for determining human health effects of exposures to environmental molds and toxins. In one embodiment, a method for assessing a patient's exposure to a mold strain is provided.
Epicgenetics Llc


Method for evaluating effect of cytokine on metabolic activity of cytochrome p450, and drug screening method

Provided is a technique that uses an established hepatocyte cell line in a method for evaluating an effect of a cytokine on a metabolic activity of a cytochrome p450 and in a method for evaluating a drug which interacts with a cytokine. The method for evaluating an effect of a cytokine on a metabolic activity of a cytochrome p450 includes: culturing an established hepatocyte cell line by using a culture chamber (10) including culture rooms (11), to thereby form spheroids (9); and evaluating the presence or absence of induction or attenuation of the cytochrome p450 after bringing a spheroid-shaped established hepatocyte cell line into contact with a test solution containing the cytokine in the culture chamber for one hour or more and less than 96 hours..
Kuraray Co., Ltd.


Blood filtering of inflammatory biomarkers to treat post-resuscitation syndrome

Provided is a therapeutic device that includes tubing; at least one pump; and a column or filter capable of removing leukocytes, cytokines, and/or other blood components from the blood of a patient to effectively treat or prevent post-resuscitation syndrome. Methods for treating and/or preventing post-resuscitation syndrome that include the use of such a device, or a filter or column capable of selectively removing inflammatory biomarkers, are also provided..
Zoll Medical Corporation


Method for the detoxification of gluetn proteins from grains of cereal

With the use of the method gluten proteins undergo structural changes that do not activate in patients suffering from celiac disease, the cascade of inflammatory cytokines. Such structural changes, in addition, do not affect the technical properties of the flours that form the dough, therefore allowing the preparation of detoxified products, similar in taste and appearance to those commonly used in mediterranean diet and which are intended not only for the people who suffer from intolerance to gluten, but for the whole population.


Alkyloxy substituted thiazoloquinolines and thiazolonaphthyridines

Thiazoloquinolines and thiazolonaphthyridines with an alkoxy substituent at the 6, 7, 8, or 9-position, pharmaceutical compositions containing the compounds, intermediates, methods of making and methods of use of these compounds as immunomodulators, for inducing cytokine biosynthesis in animals and in the treatment of diseases including viral and neoplastic diseases are disclosed.. .
3m Innovative Properties Company


Pd-1 antibodies in combination with a cytokine-secreting cell and methods of use thereof

The present invention relates to a method of enhancing the anti-tumor response in a mammal. More particularly, the invention is concerned with combinations comprising a cytokine-secreting cell and an anti-pd-1 antibody, and methods of administering the combination for enhanced immune response to tumor cells in a patient with a cancer..
E. R. Squibb & Sons, L.l.c.


Apyrase therapy for fibroproliferative disorders, pulmonary hypertension, and heart failure

This invention provides new methods of treating subjects with fibroproliferative disease such as pulmonary hypertension (e.g. Pulmonary arterial hypertensions), posthrombotic syndrome associated with venous thrombosis, or ventricular heart failure associated with fibroproliferative disease.
Apt Therapeutics, Inc.


Method of providing cellular therapy using modified natural killer cells or t lymphocytes

A method of decreasing cytokine production and release is disclosed. In one embodiment, the method comprises the step of providing cytotoxic cells to a subject wherein the cells are preferably natural killer cells or t lymphocytes and are genetically modified to express a chimeric antigen receptor comprising a first element that is an extracellular antigen receptor and a second intracellular element that is a signaling moiety comprising altered adap-dependent or fyn-dependent signaling such that downstream signaling causing cytokine release is decreased.
Bloodcenter Research Foundation


Novel trpv1 inhibitory peptides and composition for skin-aging protection or wrinkle improvement comprising the same

The present invention relates to a novel trpv1 inhibitory peptide and a composition for skin-aging prevention and wrinkle improvement comprising the same as an active ingredient. The trpv1 inhibitory peptide of the present invention inhibits the expressions of mmp and proinflammatory cytokines induced by uv exposure and reduces skinfold thickness and intracellular ca2+ so that it can be effectively used as an active ingredient of the composition for skin-aging prevention, wrinkle improvement, skin-whitening, or alleviating inflammation, irritation, or pain..
Snu R&db Foundation


Bio-mimetic ultrathin hydrogel coatings for pancreatic islet transplantation

The present disclosure provides multifunctional cytoprotective materials applied to coat living cells or aggregates of cells such as, but not limited to, pancreatic islets. The coating utilizes hydrogen-bonded interactions of a natural polyphenol (tannic acid) with poly(n-vinylpyrrolidone) deposited on the cell aggregate surface via non-ionic layer-by-layer assembly.
The Uab Research Foundation


Novel tlr4 inhibitors for the treatment of human infectious and inflammatory disorders

The present invention relates to methods of treating infectious, inflammatory and post-traumatic disorders by administering various compounds newly discovered to have tlr4 inhibitory activity. In addition to methods of treatment, the present invention further provides for pharmaceutical compositions comprising said compounds, together with a suitable pharmaceutical carrier.
University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education


Material and methods for diagnosing and treating kawasaki disease and kls

Two patients diagnosed with kls were treated. One patient had severe kls that progressed to the equivalent of pediatric kawasaki disease shock e syndrome (kdss).
Indiana University Research & Technology Corporation


Composition comprising cytokine macro-aggregates

The present invention provides methods and compositions for the stimulation of immune responses. In particular, the present invention provides compositions (e.g., vaccines) and methods of using the same for the induction of immune responses (e.g., innate and adaptive immune responses (e.g., for generation of host immunity against cancer (e.g., a tumor) or against any type of antigen (e.g.


Adjuvanted influenza vaccines including cytokine-inducing agents

While oil-in-water emulsions are excellent adjuvants for influenza vaccines, their efficacy can be improved by additionally including other immunostimulating agent(s) to improve cytokine responses, such as y-interferon response. Thus, a vaccine comprises (i) an influenza virus antigen; (ii) an oil-in-water emulsion adjuvant; and (iii) a cytokine-inducing agent..
Novartis Ag


Vagus nerve stimulation screening test

A diagnostic screening test can be used to identify candidates for implantable vagus nerve stimulation devices. An analyte, such as a cytokine or inflammatory molecule, can be measured both before and after vagus nerve stimulation in order to determine the responsiveness of the patient.


Cytokine biomarkers as predictive biomarkers of clinical response for glatiramer acetate

A method for treating a human subject afflicted with multiple sclerosis or a single clinical attack consistent with multiple sclerosis with a pharmaceutical composition comprising glatiramer acetate and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, comprising the steps of determining whether the human subject is a glatiramer acetate responder by evaluating a biomarker selected from the group consisting of il-17 concentration, tnf-α concentration, il-2 concentration and ifn-γ concentration, or a combination thereof, in the blood of the human subject and administering the pharmaceutical composition comprising glatiramer acetate and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier to the human subject only if the human subject is identified as a glatiramer acetate responder.. .
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.


Genes and genes combinations based on gene mknk1 predictive of early response or non response of subjects suffering from inflammatory disease to cytokine targeting drugs (cytd) or anti-inflammatory biological drugs

This invention refers to the field of human medicine and specifically to the diagnosis/prognosis of the responsiveness to a cytokine targeting drug (cy td) or an anti-inflammatory biological drug treatment of a subject suffering from an inflammatory disease. More precisely, the present invention concerns a method for the in vitrodiagnosis/prognosis of a cy td or an anti-inflammatory biological drug responsive or non-responsive phenotype, comprising: (a) determining from a subject biological sample an expression profile comprising the gene mknk1; or of the genes mknk1 and gnly; or of the genes mknk1, tbx21 and tgfbr3; or of the genes mknk1, gnly, and adi1; or of the genes mknk1, gnly, adi1, and il1b; or of the genes mknk1, gnly, adi1, il1b, and il1r1; or of the genes mknk1, prf1, tbx21, tgfbr3, ifngr2, fyn, il1b and cflar; or of the genes mknk1, prf1, tbx21, tgfbr3, ifngr2, fyn, il1b, cflar, mapk14 and gnly; or of the genes mknk1, prf1, tbx21, tgfbr3, ifngr2, fyn, il1b, cflar, cd14 and tgfbr2; or of the genes mknk1, ifngr2, il1b, mapk14, gnly, and cd14; or of the genes mknk1, prf1, tbx21, tgfbr3, ifngr2, il1b, cflar, mapk14, gnly, cd14 and tgfbr2; or of all the 46 genes of following tables 2, 3 and 4; or equivalent expression profile thereof, provided that, in said equivalent expression profile thereof, mknk1 is not replaced by gene s 100a8 nor gene mapk14, and (ii) optionally one or more housekeeping gene(s), (b) comparing the obtained expression profile with at least one reference expression profile, and (c) determining the responsive or non-responsive phenotype from said comparison.


System and using hyperbaric oxygen therapy for treating concussive symptoms and musculoskeletal injuries and for pre-treatment to prevent damage from injuries

A system and method are provided for performing hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment to stop a cascading effect of an inflammatory response to an injury. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is performed during the inflammation to suppress the release of cytokines, most preferably, within 72 hours of sustaining the injury.


Localized therapy of lower airways inflammatory disorders with proinflammatory cytokine inhibitors

The present invention is drawn to methods and compositions for treating inflammatory disorders of the lower airways, comprising administering an effective amount of an agent, which modulates the expression and/or activity of a proinflammatory cytokine or fragment thereof, preferably in a human. The proinflammatory cytokine contemplated by the invention includes il-1, il-6, il-8 and tnf-alpha.


Herpes virus strains

The present invention provides a herpes virus with improved oncolytic properties which comprises a gene encoding an immunomodulatory cytokine and which lacks a functional icp34.5 gene and a functional icp47 encoding gene.. .
Biovex Limited


Antibodies directed to il-17a/f heterologous polypeptides and therapeutic uses of thereof

The present invention is directed to a novel naturally occurring human cytokine that is comprised of a heterodimer of interleukin-17 and interleukin-17f designated herein as interleukin 17a/f (il-17a/f). Also provided herein are vectors and host cells comprising those nucleic acid sequences, chimeric polypeptide molecules comprising the polypeptides of the present invention fused to heterologous polypeptide sequences, specific antibodies which bind to the polypeptides of the present invention and to methods for producing the polypeptides of the present invention.
Genentech, Inc.


Methods for stepwise deposition of silk fibroin coatings

The invention provides a method for the controlled assembly of layered silk fibroin coatings using aqueous silk fibroin material. The methods described herein can be used to coat substrates of any material, shape, or size.
Trustees Of Tufts College


Method and compositions for treatment of cancers

A method to treat cancer uses ultrapheresis, refined to remove compounds of less than 120,000 daltons molecular weight, followed by administration of replacement fluid, to stimulate the patient's immune system to attack solid tumors. In the preferred embodiment, the patient is ultrapheresed using a capillary tube ultrafilter having a pore size of 0.02 to 0.05 microns, with a molecular weight cutoff of 120,000 daltons, sufficient to filter one blood volume.


Methods of treating an inflammatory-related disease

The invention relates to pharmaceutical compositions and methods of treating inflammatory-related diseases associated with pro-inflammatory cytokine expression and/or reduced expression of anti-inflammatory cytokines. The method typically comprises administration of one or more compounds selected from isoindigo, indigo, indirubin, or derivatives thereof, such as, meisoindigo and natura.
Natrogen Therapeutics International, Inc.


Inhibition of th17 cells migration to inflamed tissues using antibodies directed against mcam

Methods, uses, agents and compositions useful for the diagnosis, prevention and/or treatment of inflammatory conditions, such as neuroinflammatory conditions such as multiple sclerosis, and for the identification and selection of inflammatory cytokine-secreting t cell or a precursor thereof, based on the expression and/or modulation of melanoma cell adhesion molecule (mcam) are disclosed.. .
Val-chum, Limited Partnership


Substituted imidazoquinolines, imidazopyridines, and imidazonaphthyridines

Imidazo-quinoline, -pyridine, and -naphthyridine ring systems (particularly quinolines, tetrahydroquinolines, pyridines, [1,5]naphthyridines, [1,5]tetrahydronaphthyridines) substituted at the 1-position with a cyclic substituent, pharmaceutical compositions containing the compounds, methods of making these compounds, and methods of use of these compounds as immunomodulators, for inducing cytokine biosynthesis in animals and in the treatment of diseases including viral and neoplastic diseases are disclosed.. .
3m Innovative Properties Company


Use of a panel of urinary cytokines to predict response to bcg therapy for bladder cancer

Methods for predicting cancer recurrence following a bcg immunotherapy are provided. In some aspects, cytokine levels from a patient are measured before and after a bcg therapy and the changes in cytokine levels are used to determine the risk of cancer lapse.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System


Compositions and methods for detecting and treating colorectal cancer

The present invention relates to compositions and methods for the detecting, treating, and empirically investigating the interaction between a subject's immune system and cancer stem cells. In particular, the present invention provides compositions and methods for using il-22 cytokine signaling and/or downstream targets of il-22 cytokine signaling (e.g., stat3, dot1l, suz12, eed) in the diagnosis, treatment, and empirical investigation of cancers characterized with cancer stem cells activated through il-22 cytokine signaling..
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Long-acting polypeptides and methods of producing same

A polypeptide and polynucleotides encoding same comprising one carboxy-terminal peptide (ctp) of chorionic gonadotrophin attached to an amino terminus of a cytokine and two carboxy-terminal peptides (ctp) of chorionic gonadotrophin attached to a carboxy terminus of a cytokine are disclosed. Pharmaceutical compositions comprising the polypeptide and polynucleotides of the invention and methods of using same are also disclosed..
Opko Biologics Ltd.


Compositions and methods for modulation of il-20 family cytokine activity

Provided herein are compositions comprising one or more agents that inhibit or reduce the activity of il-20. Optionally, the agents further inhibit or reduce the activity of il-24.
The Uab Research Foundation


Hmgb1 variants and uses thereof

The present invention relates to hmgb1 variants that maintain hmgb1 wild type chemoattractant function while displaying abolished cytokine and/or chemokine stimulating properties. Such molecules are useful in therapy..
Universitá Degli Studi Di Milano - Bicocca


Toxicity management for anti-tumor activity of cars

The present invention provides compositions and methods for treating cancer in a patient. In one embodiment, the method comprises a first-line therapy comprising administering to a patient in need thereof a genetically modified t cell expressing a car wherein the car comprises an antigen binding domain, a transmembrane domain, a costimulatory signaling region, and a cd3 zeta signaling domain and monitoring the levels of cytokines in the patient post t cell infusion to determine the type of second-line of therapy appropriate for treating the patient as a consequence of the presence of the car t cell in the patient..
The Children's Hospital Of Philadelphai


Compositions and methods of use of phorbol esters

Methods and compositions containing a phorbol ester or a derivative of a phorbol ester are provided for the treatment of cytopathic diseases. Cytopathic diseases may be caused by a variety means such as viral infections like hiv and aids, or the development of neoplasms in a mammalian subject.


Methods of diagnosing and prognosing colonic polyps

Methods of diagnosing or prognosing a disease or condition associated with increased or over expression of macrophage inhibitory cytokine-1 (mic-1) are disclosed. The methods typically involve detecting a change in the amount of mic-1 in a test body sample from a subject taken at two or more time points.
The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Department Of


Cytokines as prognostic markers of respiratory-tract infection following major surgery

The invention relates to the use of a certain subset of cytokine markers as prognostic variables of infection status in an individual, and especially as prognostic markers of a patients developing severe infection such as pneumonia, and respiratory tract infection following surgery. The subset of cytokine markers consists of the interleukin cytokines il-2, il-7, il-23, il-27, and il-10, and interferon-γ (infγ) and tissue necrosis factor-α (tnfα).
The Provost, Fellows And Scholars Of The College Of The Holy And Undivided Trinity Of Queen Elizabe


Polynucleotides encoding antagonists of il-17a, il-17f, and il-23p19

The present invention relates to blocking, inhibiting, reducing, antagonizing or neutralizing the activity of il-17a, il-17f, and il-23. Antagonists include antibodies and antibody fragments that bind il-23 and that bind il-17a or il-17f, such as antibodies that are cross-reactive for il-17a and il-17f.
Zymogenetics, Inc.


Fusion proteins containing insulin-like growth factor-1 and epidermal growth factor and variants thereof and uses thereof

Fusion proteins comprising cytokines, particularly insulin-like growth factor-1 (igf-1) and variants thereof, epidermal growth factor (egf), and other ligands to the egf receptor, are provided. The fusion proteins further comprise seq id no:1 or other segments having lysine, glutamic acid, or aspartic acid residues.


Stem cell therapy for crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis

A therapeutic process for treating an inflammatory bowel disease (ibd) using mesenchymal stem cells includes the steps of isolating a plurality of human mesenchymal stem cells from a human patient, introducing the plurality of human mesenchymal stem cells into the human patient, reducing human pro-inflammatory cytokines, wherein the human pro-inflammatory cytokines include il-12 and il-18, and increasing human anti-inflammatory cytokines, wherein the human anti-inflammatory cytokines include il-10 and tgf-beta. The human mesenchymal stem cells are isolated from an umbilical cord blood or from a human adipose tissue.


Human cd8+ regulatory t cells inhibit gvhd and preserve general immunity in humanized mice

Graft-versus-host disease (gvhd) is a lethal complication of allograft transplantation. The current strategy of using immunosuppressive agents to control gvhd may cause general immune suppression and limit the effectiveness of allograft transplantation.
The University Of Hong Kong


Compositions for preserving insulin-producing cells and insulin production and treating diabetes

Nuclear transport modifiers such as csn50 and csn50.1, afford in vivo islet protection following a 2-day course of intense treatment in autoimmune diabetes-prone, non-obese diabetic (nod) mice, a widely used model of type 1 diabetes (t1d), which resulted in a diabetes-free state for one year without apparent toxicity and the need to use insulin. Csn50 precipitously reduces the accumulation of islet-destructive autoreactive lymphocytes while enhancing activation-induced cell death of t and b lymphocytes derived from nod mice.
Vanderbilt University


Biomarker of renal dysfunction

The present invention relates to a method for determining predisposition of a subject to developing renal dysfunction induced by physical trauma, hypotension, sepsis and/or septic shock syndrome, wherein the method comprises the steps of:—a. Determining the level of an anti-inflammatory cytokine present in a sample taken from the subject prior to physical trauma, prior to a hypotensive event, prior to sepsis, and/or prior to septic shock syndrome; b.
Belfast Health And Social Care Trust


Compositions and methods for targeted immunomodulatory antibodies and fusion proteins

The present invention is based on the seminal discovery that targeted immunomodulatory antibodies and fusion proteins can counter act or reverse immune tolerance of cancer cells. Cancer cells are able to escape elimination by chemotherapeutic agents or tumor-targeted antibodies via specific immunosuppressive mechanisms in the tumor microenvironment and such ability of cancer cells is recognized as immune tolerance.
The Johns Hopkins University

Cytokine topics: Antibodies, Inflammation, Specificity, Immunotherapy, Major Histocompatibility Complex, Compatibility, Combination Therapy, Histocompatibility, Immune Response, Monoclonal Antibody, Stimulator, Therapeutics, Immunostimulator, Monoclonal, Proinflammatory

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