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Cytokine patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Cytokine-related patents
 Expression of il-12 family heterodimers patent thumbnailnew patent Expression of il-12 family heterodimers
The present invention provides methods of improving the levels and stability of expression of interleukin-12 family cytokine polypeptides by expressing the alpha and beta subunits of the polypeptides at their determined relative molar ratios that increase the levels and stability of expression of the heterodimer, e.g., in comparison to heterodimer expressed at an equimolar ratio.. .
 Lipase inhibitors patent thumbnailnew patent Lipase inhibitors
Is useful in the treatment and prevention of a disorder such as cachexia, stroke, atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, and diabetes and pharmaceutical compositions of the same. Also, a method of screening for lipase inhibitors using a compound of formula (i) and determining its lipase inhibitory activity.
 Macrophage inhibitory cytokine-1 (mic-1) as a prognostic marker in chronic kidney disease patent thumbnailnew patent Macrophage inhibitory cytokine-1 (mic-1) as a prognostic marker in chronic kidney disease
The present invention relates to methods of prognosing the survival of a diseased subject, particularly a subject with chronic kidney disease (ckd), as well as selecting an end-stage renal disease subject for a kidney transplant. The methods involve detecting an elevated amount of macrophage inhibitory cytokine-1 (mic-1) in a test body sample from the diseased subject.
 Abscisic acid against cancer patent thumbnailnew patent Abscisic acid against cancer
Abscisic acid (aba) a naturally occurring plant hormone has been identified in this invention with potent properties to fight cancer. Aba is able to produce a hyperpolarization condition on plasma membrane through a decrease of intracellular na+ and k+.
 Compositions and methods for treating or preventing radiation- or chemotherapy-induced pulmonary dysfunction patent thumbnailnew patent Compositions and methods for treating or preventing radiation- or chemotherapy-induced pulmonary dysfunction
Compositions comprising one or more cytokines and methods for their use in inhibiting and/or alleviating effects of radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy and/or acute radiation syndrome in a subject in need thereof are provided.. .
 Method for treating defective dura mater patent thumbnailnew patent Method for treating defective dura mater
Disclosed are an artificial dura mater and manufacturing method thereof. The artificial dura mater includes electrospun layers prepared by electrostatic spinning, at least one of which is a hydrophobic electrospun layer.
 Anti-tnf-alpha therapy for the mucopolysaccharidoses and other lysosomal disorders patent thumbnailnew patent Anti-tnf-alpha therapy for the mucopolysaccharidoses and other lysosomal disorders
The present invention relates to methods of treating a subject with a lysosomal disorder, by administering an agent for enzyme replacement therapy and an agent for anti-tnf-α therapy; by administering a pentosan polysulfate therapy; or by administering a substrate reduction therapy and an anti-tnf-α therapy. The invention further relates to a method of reducing inflammatory cytokines in a subject with a lysosomal disorder that is being treated by enzyme replacement therapy, by administering an agent for anti-tnf-α therapy..
 Compositions and methods for treating organ dysfunction patent thumbnailnew patent Compositions and methods for treating organ dysfunction
A method of retarding cellular senescence comprising (i) providing an extracellular matrix (ecm) composition comprising ecm from an adolescent tissue source, the ecm comprising an exogenously added cytokine, and (ii) administering ecm composition to an organ with cells exhibiting cellular senescence, wherein, the cytokine interacts with at least one molecule in the ecm composition and modulates ros production of the cells, whereby, the cellular senescence is abated.. .
 Compositions derived from stem cell released molecules & methods for formulation thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Compositions derived from stem cell released molecules & methods for formulation thereof
Compositions for use in treatment of a variety of tissue diseases include stem cells and stem cell released molecules (srm's) suspended in an aqueous solution with a cellulosic material or other thickening agent. The stem cells and srm's can be derived from one or more distinct cell lines.
 Transdiscal administration of specific inhibitors of pro-inflammatory cytokines patent thumbnailTransdiscal administration of specific inhibitors of pro-inflammatory cytokines
The present invention relates to injecting a high specificity cytokine antagonist into a diseased intervertebral disc.. .
Substituted imidazo ring systems and methods
Imidazo ring systems substituted at the 1-position, pharmaceutical compositions containing the compounds, intermediates, methods of making the compounds, and methods of use of these compounds as immunomodulators, for inducing cytokine biosynthesis in animals and in the treatment of diseases including viral and neoplastic diseases are disclosed.. .
Modulation of thymosin beta-4 in skin
Methods for preventing, ameliorating, or reducing dermatological signs of inflammation are provided which employ active agents, other than a retinoid, that stimulate thymosin beta-4 expression in the skin and inhibit production of pro-inflammatory chemokines and/or cytokines. Also provided are methods for screening for substances which stimulate thymosin beta-4 expression levels and the methods of using active agents identified by the screening protocol in the treatment of skin..
Multimeric constructs
Multimeric fusion proteins of an ig-like domain of flt-1 are rendered functional by inclusion of a linker moiety. Vectors encoding the fusion proteins and host cells expressing the fusion proteins can be used therapeutically to block neovascularization in individuals with pathological conditions related to neovascularization.
Systemic glucose tolerance in type-2 diabetes
Obesity is associated with a state of chronic low-grade inflammation and the present invention establishes that adipose-resident natural killer t (nkt) cells attenuate inflammation in adipose tissue and improves systemic glucose homeostasis in mice at different stages of obesity. Accordingly, the present invention provides methods of treating type-2 diabetes or those at risk for type-2 diabetes using activators of adipose-resident nkt cells.
Radio-immuno-modulation treatment for advanced cancer and monitoring tolerance and cellular immune response at the tumor site
A combination therapy for treating advanced cancer, comprises, first, performing targeted low dose radiation therapy on a recipient tumoral site to generate an inflammation zone and an immuno-stimulant effect, including release of cytokines and chemokines. Secondly, hematopoietic cells from a suitable donor are administered intravenously in order to initiate an allogeneic reaction.
Notch induced natural killer cell generation and therapeutic uses
A method of preparing differentiated nk cells by ex vivo expansion includes the steps of; (1) isolating a plurality of cd34+ hematopoietic cells; (2) culturing the cells in a medium, wherein the medium includes an effective amount of a notch ligand and one or more cytokines selected from the group consisting of il-7, il-15, scf, flt-3, il-3 and il-6; and (3) maintaining the cells in culture for a duration of time sufficient to produce nk cells.. .
Stem cell culture medium and its applications as well as a stem cell culture method
The present invention discloses a stem cell culture medium and its applications as well as a stem cell culture method. The said stem cell culture medium contains no serum.
Methods of treating inflammatory diseases by targeting the chemoattractant cytokine receptor 2 (ccr2) or chemokine (c-c motif) ligand 2 (ccl2)
Methods of treating inflammatory diseases, e.g., diseases associated with inflammatory cd14+/cd16− monocytes, e.g., amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als), stroke, and glaucoma, using compounds such as small molecules and antibodies that target ccr2 or ccl2.. .
Methods and apparatus for bilateral renal neuromodulation
Methods and apparatus are provided for bilateral renal neuromodulation, e.g., via a pulsed electric field, via a stimulation electric field, via localized drug delivery, via high frequency ultrasound, via thermal techniques, etc. Such neuromodulation may effectuate irreversible electroporation or electrofusion, necrosis and/or inducement of apoptosis, alteration of gene expression, action potential attenuation or blockade, changes in cytokine up-regulation and other conditions in target neural fibers.
Mammalian cytokines; related reagents
Purified genes encoding a cytokine or composite cytokine from a mammal, reagents related thereto including purified proteins, specific antibodies, and nucleic acids encoding these molecules are provided. Methods of using said reagents and diagnostic kits are also provided..
Targeted cytokine for treatment of musculoskeletal diseases
Provided are proteins and polynucleotides, complexes and compositions containing the proteins, and methods for their use in administration to subjects and for disease treatment. Among the provided proteins and complexes are complexes containing a tgf-beta associated with immunoglobulins (such as iggs) or functional portions thereof including fc portions, such as by non-covalent bonds.
Cytokine induction of selectin ligands on cells
Methods and compositions for treating cells with cytokines are provided herein.. .
Il-12 immunoconjugate
Conjugate comprising interleukin-12 (il-12) and a single chain targeting portion comprising two antigen binding sites. The targeting portion may comprise an antibody fragment such as a single chain diabody.
Derivatives of growth hormone and related proteins
The growth hormone supergene family comprises greater than 20 structurally related cytokines and growth factors. A general method is provided for creating site-specific, biologically active conjugates of these proteins.
Tetrameric cytokines with improved biological activity
The present invention concerns methods and compositions for forming cytokine-antibody complexes using dock-and-lock technology. In preferred embodiments, the cytokine-mab dnl complex comprises an igg antibody attached to two ad (anchor domain) moieties and four cytokines, each attached to a ddd (docking and dimerization domain) moiety.
Methods and compositions for improved tissue regeneration by suppression of interferon-gamma and tumor necrosis factor-alpha
The present invention discloses methods, compositions and devices for improving tissue regeneration by suppressing the effects of several proinflammatory cytokines such as tnf-α and ifn-γ. Compositions and devices of this invention will generally include one or more anti-inflammatory agent(s) capable of reducing the level of tnf-α, ifn-γ, or both.
Herpes virus strains
The present invention provides a herpes virus with improved oncolytic properties which comprises a gene encoding an immunomodulatory cytokine and which lacks a functional icp34.5 gene and a functional icp47 encoding gene.. .
Kit containing stem cells and cytokines for use in attenuating immune responses
The present invention relates to a composition and methods of treatment for inflammation comprising of adult stem cells and inflammatory cytokines. The invention further relates to the treatment of inflammation associated with autoimmune disorders, allergies, sepsis, cancer as well as to preventing, reducing or treating transplant rejection and/or graft-versus-host disease (gvhd)..
Compositions and methods for modulating gamma-c-cytokine activity
The various embodiments relate to peptide antagonists of γc-family cytokines, interleukin-2 (il-2), interleukin-4 (il-4), interleukin-7 (il-7), interleukin-9 (il-9), interleukin-15 (il-15), and interleukin-21 (il-21). The γc-cytokines are associated with important human diseases, such as leukemia, autoimmune diseases, collagen diseases, diabetes mellitus, skin diseases, degenerative neuronal diseases and graft-versus-host disease (gvhd).
Compositions and methods for treatment of intracellular damage
Pre-implantation factor (pif) may be used to treat intracellular damage. Aspects of the invention are directed to a method of treating intracellular damage comprising administering pif to a subject in need thereof.
Skin wound healing and scar reduction with prostaglandin ep4 agonist combinations
A combination of a prostaglandin ep4 agonist and an effective amount of: a prostaglandin ep2 agonist, a skin growth factor, a small peptide, a small inhibitory rna targeting excess chronic inflammation or fibrosis, a cytokine with beneficial anti-inflammatory activity, an adenosine a2a receptor agonist, an anti-oxidant, or a combination thereof, may be used to treat skin wounds or scars.. .
Cell line of lymphocytes comprising gamma-delta t cells, composition and production method thereof
The present invention shows that human vδ1+ ncr+ t cells can be differentiated and expanded from total γδ peripheral blood lymphocytes (pbls), upon regular in vitro or ex vivo stimulation with γδtcr agonists and γc-family cytokines. This subset surprisingly expresses nkp30, nkp44 and nkp46, and high levels of granzyme b that associate with highly enhanced cytotoxicity against lymphoid leukemias..
Zcytor17 heterodimeric cytokine receptor
Novel polypeptide combinations, polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides, and related compositions and methods are disclosed for zcytor17-containing multimeric or heterodimer cytokine receptors that may be used as novel cytokine antagonists, and within methods for detecting ligands that stimulate the proliferation and/or development of hematopoietic, lymphoid and myeloid cells in vitro and in vivo. The present invention also includes methods for producing the multimeric or heterodimeric cytokine receptor, uses therefor and antibodies thereto..
Pluripotent stem cell-derived brown adipocytes, pluripotent stem cell-derived cell aggregate, method for producing same, and cell therapy and medical therapy therefor
Provided are a method of producing brown adipocytes from pluripotent stem cells, a method of producing cell aggregates as an intermediate product thereof, pluripotent stem cell-derived cell aggregates and pluripotent stem cell-derived brown adipocytes produced by these methods, and cell therapy using the pluripotent stem cell-derived brown adipocytes. In the method of producing brown adipocytes from pluripotent stem cells, cell aggregates are produced from pluripotent stem cells by a method including the step (a), and brown adipocytes are prepared from the cell aggregates by a method including the step (b).
Methods of modulating cytokine activity; related reagents
Provided are methods of modulating cytokine activity, e.g., for the purpose of treating immune and inflammatory disorders, including tumors and cancer. Also provided are methods of administering agonists or antagonists of il-33 and il-33 receptor..
Cytokine profiles as methods for diagnosis and prognosis of irritable bowel syndrome
Methods, devices, and kits for diagnosing or evaluating irritable bowel syndrome employ an analysis for the presence and amount of specific cytokines. The levels of such cytokines provide an index for diagnosis and/or evaluation of therapeutic response.
Method for expanding monocytes
The invention relates to an ex vivo method for expanding monocytes, macrophages or dendritic cells, which method comprises inhibiting the expression or the activity of mafb and c-maf in monocytes, macrophages or dendritic cells; and expanding the cells in the presence of at least one cytokine or an agonist of cytokine receptor signalling.. .
Use of methionine sulfoximine to treat acute liver failure and other diseases caused by an inflammatory cytokine response
Methods for treating or preventing an inflammatory response comprising administering an enantiomer or racemic mixture of methionine sulfoximine (mso). The mso may be l-methionine s-sulfoximine (lsmso), l-methionine r-sulfoximine (lrmso), or racemic mixture of lsmso and lrmso.
Nutritional approach to the control of anemia, diabetes and other diseases or conditions and prevention of associated comorbid states with the use of ergothioneine
Nutritional products, compositions, pharmaceutical preparations and methods of use are disclosed for the prevention, suppression and treatment of anemia and/or diabetes and its various associated comorbidities. Uses of ergothioneine to neutralize free radicals and/or cytokines, reduce oxidative stress, prevent inflammation, stimulate red blood cell production with increased levels of hemoglobin, and/or stabilize iron in its normal 2+ charge for proper oxygen binding and carrying are further disclosed.
Angiogenic and immunologic applications of anti-cd160 specific compounds obtainable from mab cl1-r2
The present invention relates to biological and medical applications of an anti-cd160 monoclonal antibody (cl1-r2 cncm i-3204) and of the conservative equivalents thereof. It more particularly relates to the applications of these anti-cd160 compounds in the fields of ec angiogenesis, and nk and t cytokine production..
Inhibitors of nitric oxide synthase
The current invention discloses novel methods for the inhibition of inducible nitric oxide synthesis (inos) and the production of no. Methods of inhibiting the induction of proinflammatory cytokines are also described.
Apls for treating arthritis
One embodiment of a therapeutic composition comprises one or more apls, e.g., apl a12, for treating diseases or disorders related to arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis. Another embodiment includes a method of inducing a th2-type cytokine secretion profile in a mammal, including administering a therapeutic amount of a12 analog peptide.
Methods for treating heart arrhythmia
Methods and apparatus are provided for treatment of heart arrhythmia via renal neuromodulation. Such neuromodulation may effectuate irreversible electroporation or electrofusion, ablation, necrosis and/or inducement of apoptosis, alteration of gene expression, action potential attenuation or blockade, changes in cytokine up-regulation and other conditions in target neural fibers.
Composition for preventing or treating inflammatory diseases comprising veratric acid as effective component
There is provided a composition including a veratric acid for preventing or treating inflammatory diseases. The veratric acid of the present invention has an excellent effect of inhibiting production of nitric oxide, an excellent activity of inhibiting production of il-1β as a pro-inflammatory cytokine, and an excellent effect of inhibiting phosphorylation of mapk, nf-κb, gsk-3β, and c-raf in a macrophage cell stimulated by a stimulation factor that causes an inflammatory reaction.
Methods and compositions for maintaining blood-brain barrier integrity
Methods of maintaining or improving blood-brain barrier integrity and increasing resistance to cytokine-induced cell permeability are disclosed. It has been discovered that down-regulating the expression or production of sulfoglucuronyl glycolipids, for example sgpg, in endothelial cells of the blood-brain barrier or the blood-nerve barrier reduces apoptosis of these endothelial cells and thereby promotes the integrity of the barriers.
Natural killer cell lines and methods of use
This invention relates to a natural killer cell line termed nk-92. The invention provides a vector for transfecting a mammalian cell which includes a nucleic acid sequence encoding a cytokine that promotes the growth of nk-92.
Biotherapy for pain
The present invention is directed to analgesic clostridial neurotoxin derivatives comprising polypeptides having a long-lasting snare protein-selective endopeptidase activity. These derivatives selectively bind to and are internalized by non-neuronal cells secreting cytokines or sensory neurons in preference to motor neurons or autonomic neurons.
Modulating innate immune cell activity by lunasin and selected cytokines
This disclosure provides compositions and methods for enhancing innate immune system activities and responses by combining lunasin with at least one cytokine. The compositions synergistically enhance the effect of these selected cytokine(s), including but not limited to, activating nk cells, augmenting nk's cytotoxicity against vinises and tumors, regulating nk-mediated anti-allergic inflammation, producing potent nk cells for cellular therapy using adoptive transfer, and facilitating dendritic cells antigen presentation..
Method of use and preparation of hsa fusion protein composition for skincare
The present invention provides a recombinant fusion protein which stimulates the rejuvenation and reactivation of skin and epidermal cells for improving skin appearance, smoothing wrinkles and freckles, and whitening skin. Particularly, the present invention provides various types of products for improving skin, which contain recombinant fusion protein of human serum albumin (hsa) with cytokine peptides (egf, fgf, kgf, hgh, hgf, pdgf, gcsf, interferon, il-11 or igf) by genetic engineering technology.

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