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Cursor patents

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Method of forming polishing sheet

Date/App# patent app List of recent Cursor-related patents
 Method and system of plotting correlated data patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system of plotting correlated data
Plotting correlated data. At least some of the illustrative embodiments are methods including: displaying on a display system of a computer system a two-dimensional plot of output data related to an earth formation, the output data estimated from a model of the earth formation, and the volume plotted relative to modeled time; placing a cursor shown on the display system over a first portion of the two-dimensional plot, the first portion corresponding to a first modeled time; and displaying on the display system a three-dimensional plot of respective values of a parameter from a plurality of cells of the model of the earth formation, the respective values at the first modeled time..
 Radiowave treatment for cancer patent thumbnailnew patent Radiowave treatment for cancer
A method of treating cancer in an adult subject comprising an electromagnetic (em) radiation treatment step of administering to the subject an effective dose of em radiation of a frequency in the range of 430-440 mhz (uhf) within a period of ≦45 minutes, the em radiation being provided by a uhf emitter defining an exposure region, wherein for the duration of the period the subject is reclined upon a horizontal or substantially horizontal surface, and wherein the surface and uhf emitter are arranged for relative movement such that the exposure region passes, continually or periodically, between a first position and at least a second position on the subject. The method may further comprise an auxiliary treatment step such as x-ray therapy or treatment with certain chemical agents such as oxidised glutathione (gssg) and/or a precursor thereof (eg glutathione (gsh)) in combination with a non-toxic oxidising agent, and s-methyl-l-cysteine sulphoxide (smco).
 Method of isolating ingenol patent thumbnailnew patent Method of isolating ingenol
The present invention relates to a new method for isolating ingenol (c20h28o5) from mixtures of diterpenoid esters and ingenol esters in a single step. Ingenol isolated by means of this method can be used as a precursor for the synthesis of biologically active ingenol derivatives, such as ingenol-3-angelate and ingenol-3-tigliate..
 Linear (per) fluoropolyethers with -cf(cf3)cof end groups and derivatives thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Linear (per) fluoropolyethers with -cf(cf3)cof end groups and derivatives thereof
The present invention relates to mono- or bi-functional (per)fluoropolyethers comprising a linear (per)fluoropolyether chain having two ends, wherein one or two ends contain —cf(cf3)cof groups, to a process for preparing them and to their use as precursors in the preparation of further functionalised (per)fluoropolyethers. The invention also relates to these further functionalised (per)fluoropolyethers..
 Iron(ii) catalysts containing diimino-diphosphine tetradentate ligands and their synthesis patent thumbnailnew patent Iron(ii) catalysts containing diimino-diphosphine tetradentate ligands and their synthesis
New hexa-coordinate iron (ii) complexes comprising compounds of formula (i) are described. These compounds comprise a tetradentate ligand with donor atoms comprising nitrogen and phosphorus.
 Novel precursors of glutamate derivatives patent thumbnailnew patent Novel precursors of glutamate derivatives
This invention relates to novel precursors suitable for 18f radiolabeling of glutamate derivatives, methods for preparing such compounds and its intermediates, compositions comprising such compounds, kits comprising such compounds or compositions and methods for 18f radiolabeling of glutamate derivatives wherein the obtained 18f radiolabeled glutamate derivatives are suitable for diagnostic imaging by positron emission tomography (pet) of proliferative diseases e.g. Tumor in mammals..
 Method for producing condensed polycyclic aromatic compound, and conjugated polymer patent thumbnailnew patent Method for producing condensed polycyclic aromatic compound, and conjugated polymer
The invention addresses a problem of purifying a monomer to be a precursor according to a simpler and milder method so as to obtain a polymer having a higher molecular weight. The invention relates to a method for producing a condensed polycyclic aromatic compound having n active groups (wherein n is an integer of 1 or more and 4 or less), which comprises bringing a composition containing the condensed polycyclic aromatic compound and a solvent into contact with zeolite..
 Fischer-tropsch catalyst comprising cobalt, magnesium and precious metal patent thumbnailnew patent Fischer-tropsch catalyst comprising cobalt, magnesium and precious metal
(b) forming a catalyst precursor by impregnating the modified catalyst support with a cobalt compound and precious metal promoter compound, drying and calcining the impregnated catalyst support in a second calcination to convert the cobalt compound to cobalt oxide.. .
 Compound and method for treatment of alzheimer's disease patent thumbnailnew patent Compound and method for treatment of alzheimer's disease
An isolated protein selected from the group consisting of (i) proteins comprising an amino acid sequence having at least 70% identity to the c-terminal domain of lung surfactant protein c precursor (ctprosp-c, “ctc”) from a mammal; and (ii) proteins comprising an amino acid sequence having at least 70% identity to the brichos domain of ctprosp-c from a mammal, is disclosed for treatment of alzheimer's disease in a mammal, including man.. .
 Method and apparatus for manufacturing a low melting point nano glass powder patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for manufacturing a low melting point nano glass powder
Disclosed is a method for manufacturing a low melting point nano glass powder. The method includes the steps of: preparing a bismuth-based low melting point glass powder precursor of a micro size, having bismuth (bi) as the main ingredient; injecting the glass powder precursor into a reaction chamber of a plasma treatment device; applying thermal plasma via a direct current power source to the glass powder precursor injected into the reaction chamber, to vaporize the glass powder precursor; and generating nano glass powder having a nano size by quenching the gas generated by vaporizing the glass powder precursor..
new patent Method for forming nitride film
Disclosed is a method of forming a nitride film on an object to be processed (“processed object”). The method includes: exposing the processed object to dichlorosilane which is a the method includes a step (step (a)) of exposing the processed object to dichlorosilane which is a precursor gas and a step (step (b)) of exposing the processed object to plasma of a processing gas which includes an ammonia gas and a hydrogen gas after step (a).
new patent Low k precursors providing superior integration attributes
A deposition for producing a porous organosilica glass film comprising: introducing into a vacuum chamber gaseous reagents including one precursor of an organosilane or an organosiloxane, and a porogen distinct from the precursor, wherein the porogen is aromatic in nature; applying energy to the gaseous reagents in the chamber to induce reaction of the gaseous reagents to deposit a film, containing the porogen; and removing substantially all of the organic material by uv radiation to provide the porous film with pores and a dielectric constant less than 2.6.. .
new patent Method of forming dielectric films, new precursors and their use in semiconductor manufacturing
Method of deposition on a substrate of a dielectric film by introducing into a reaction chamber a vapor of a precursor selected from the group consisting of zr(mecp)(nme2)3, zr(etcp)(nme2)3, zrcp(nme2)3, zr(mecp)(netme)3, zr(etcp)(netme)3, zrcp(netme)3, zr(mecp)(net2)3, zr(etcp)(net2)3, zrcp(net2)3, zr(ipr2cp)(nme2)3, zr(tbu2cp)(nme2)3, hf(mecp)(nme2)3, hf(etcp)(nme2)3, hfcp(nme2)3, hf(mecp)(netme)3, hf(etcp)(netme)3, hfcp(netme)3, hf(mecp)(net2)3, hf(etcp)(net2)3, hfcp(net2)3, hf(ipr2cp)(nme2)3, hf(tbu2cp)(nme2)3, and mixtures thereof; and depositing the dielectric film on the substrate.. .
new patent Atomic layer deposition method
An ald method includes providing a substrate in an ald reactor, performing a pre-ald treatment to the substrate in the ald reactor, and performing one or more ald cycles to form a dielectric layer on the substrate in the ald reactor. The pre-ald treatment includes providing a hydroxylating agent to the substrate in a first duration, and providing a precursor to the substrate in a second duration.
new patent Metal amide deposition precursors and their stabilization with an inert ampoule liner
Described are methods and apparatuses for the stabilization of precursors, which can be used for the deposition of manganese-containing films. Certain methods and apparatus relate to lined ampoules and/or 2-electron donor ligands..
new patent Volatile imidazoles and group 2 imidazole based metal precursors
Synthesis of the novel compounds and their use to form bst films is also contemplated. .
new patent Methods of forming germanium-antimony-tellurium materials and chalcogenide materials
Methods of forming a material include exposing a substrate to a first germanium-containing compound and a second, different germanium-containing compound; exposing the substrate to a first antimony-containing compound and a second, different antimony-containing compound; and exposing the substrate to a first tellurium-containing compound and a second, different tellurium-containing compound. Methods of forming chalcogenide materials include exposing a substrate to a first precursor comprising a reactive precursor of a first metal and a co-reactive precursor of the first metal, the reactive precursor and the co-reactive precursor each having at least one ligand coordinated to an atom of the first metal, wherein the at least one ligand of the co-reactive precursor is different from the at least one ligand of the reactive precursor.
new patent Substrate and superstrate design and process for nano-imprinting lithography of light and carrier collection management devices
A process for forming a nano-element structure is provided that includes contacting a template with a material to form the nano-element structure having an array of nano-elements and a base physically connecting the array of nano-elements. The material that is contacted with the template is the nano-element structure material or precursor material from which the array of nano-elements is formed.
new patent Mixed metal-silicon-oxide barriers
A method of forming a thin barrier film of a mixed metal-silicon-oxide is disclosed. For example, a method of forming an aluminum-silicon-oxide mixture having a refractive index of 1.8 or less comprises exposing a substrate to sequences of a non-hydroxylated silicon-containing precursor, activated oxygen species, and metal-containing precursor until a mixed metal-silicon-oxide film having a thickness of 500 Ångstroms or less is formed on the substrate..
new patent Lithographic printing plate precursors and use
1.5 times t≦d(matte)≦40 times t (in μm).. .
new patent Barrier film and methods of making same
A barrier film for blocking moisture and oxygen transmission includes a single layer grown from a precursor of organic silicide by a chemical vapor deposition, having at least silicon (si) atoms, oxygen (o) atoms and carbon (c) atoms with atomic ratios of c/si in a range of about 0.1-0.5, and o/si in a range of about 2.0-2.5. The si and o atoms form four bonding structures: si(—o)4, si(—o)3, si(—o)2, and si(—o)1, in the single layer.
new patent Fire insulation material
A fire insulation precursor material formed of cement, in an amount of between 10-30% w/w; and an aluminium or magnesium hydroxide, huntite or hydromagnesite in an amount of between 60-90% w/w. A fire insulation material is provided including the previously mentioned precursor material.
new patent Nickel bis diazabutadiene precursors, their synthesis, and their use for nickel containing films depositions
Disclosed are homoleptic diazabutadiene nickel precursors used for the vapor deposition of nickel-containing films. The precursors have the general formula ni(r-dad)2, wherein r-dad stands for substituted 1,4-diazabuta-1,3-diene ligands.
new patent Inorganic films using a cascaded source for battery devices
A method for manufacturing thin films for a battery device. The method includes vaporizing a precursor material from a liquid source to form droplets ranging from, for example, about 10 microns to about 20 microns.
new patent Aluminum precursor, method of forming a thin film and method of forming a capacitor using the same
An aluminum compound is represented by following formula 1. In formula 1, x is a functional group represented by following formula 2 or formula 3..
new patent Hydrogel implants with varying degrees of crosslinking
The present disclosure relates to a hydrogel composition and methods of using the same. The hydrogel composition may include precursors that react with each other upon contact as well as precursors that react upon contact with an initiator.
new patent Process of removing hcn from flue gas
The invention includes a process for reducing the amount of hcn discharged to atmosphere from a fcc unit, having a regenerator and a means for collecting and supporting catalyst particles. The process comprises adding a catalyst to the regenerator flue gas prior to entering the collecting means and precipitating the catalyst in the collecting means to form a catalyst bed.
new patent Linear engine for compressor and compressor provided with a linear engine
The present invention refers to a linear engine for compressor, and to a compressor provided with a linear engine. The linear engine for compressor comprises at least a stator consisting of a first core (2) and a second core (3), and at least a cursor (4), wherein said first core (2), cursor (4) and second core (3) are concentrically disposed.
new patent A wind turbine blade
The wind turbine blade (1) includes a structure made of a fibre reinforced polymer material including a polymer matrix and fibre reinforcement material embedded in the polymer matrix. The fibre reinforcement material includes carbon fibres that have been produced by carbonisation of a precursor to a carbonisation degree of 60% to 80%..
new patent Touch type keyboard with home row embedded cursor control
A touch-type keyboard having shifted functions accessed by a concurrent combination of multiple home row keys. Cursor control keys embedded in the home row of a touch-type keyboard.
new patent Eyeglass frames
In one method, the assembly is produced by applying a securing member, generally a laminar member, to exposed surfaces of the engaging portion and of the frame member fitted to the engaging portion, and securing the securing member to those exposed surfaces by an adhesive. In another method, the assembly is produced by heating and deforming part of the engaging portion of the lens so that it spreads out over adjacent surfaces of the frame member, thus forming a melt bonded securing member.
new patent Apparatus for providing a cursor in electronic devices and a method thereof
An apparatus is provided including a controller configured to: detect whether a displayed object is an icon; detect whether a cursor is located inside an area surrounding the displayed object, when the displayed object is the icon; move the cursor to a first location within the displayed object, when the cursor is located inside the area; and hold the cursor still after the cursor is moved to the first location, wherein the cursor is held still for a waiting time period.. .
new patent Automatic cursor rotation
A touch device is configured to display a touch activated cursor on a touch screen. The touch device is configured to automatically rotate the cursor depending on movement of the cursor on the touch screen..
new patent Methods of forming oxide thin film and electrical devices and thin film transistors using the methods
Provided are a method of forming an oxide thin film and an electrical device and thin film transistor using the method. The method includes forming an oxide thin film on a substrate by applying a precursor solution; and performing a thermal treatment process on the substrate under a pressurized atmosphere using a gas at about 100° c.
new patent Auto-thermal evaporative liquid-phase synthesis method for cathode material for battery
Provided is an auto-thermal evaporative liquid-phase synthesis method for cathode material for battery, comprising the following steps: (1) adding a synthetic raw material of cathode material into a solvent to obtain a mixture a, the synthetic raw material of the cathode material containing lithium source, adding an accelerant into the mixture a, which makes the mixture a achieve a strong auto-thermal reaction to release heat to evaporate the solvent, and obtaining a solid precursor of the cathode material; (2) drying the precursor, sintering in an atmosphere furnace and obtaining the cathode material. The method is simple in process, low in energy consumption, requirements for equipment and cost, and is applicable to industrial mass production and application.
new patent Tandem mass spectrometer and mass spectrometric method
An ion trap is provided between a collision cell and a time-of-flight mass separator. During a time period in which precursor ions derived from the same compound are selected with a quadrupole mass filter, a collision energy is changed from one to another.
new patent Sintered body that is precursor of rare-earth magnet, and method for producing magnetic powder for forming the same
Provided are a sintered body for forming a rare-earth magnet with a high degree of orientation and high remanent magnetization, and a method for producing magnetic powder for forming the sintered body. A sintered body s that is a precursor of a rare-earth magnet, the sintered body s including crystal grains g2 of an nd—fe—b-based main phase with a nanocrystalline structure, and a grain boundary phase around the main phase, and the rare-earth magnet being adapted to be formed by applying hot deformation processing to the sintered body s for imparting anisotropy thereto and further diffusing an alloy for improving coercivity therein.
new patent Condensate drain trap for an air conditioning system
A condensate drain trap for an air conditioning system. The abstract of the disclosure is submitted herewith as required by 37 c.f.r.
new patent Resin composition for laser engraving, flexographic printing plate precursor for laser engraving and process for producing same, and flexographic printing plate and process for making same
Disclosed is a resin composition for laser engraving, comprising (component a) a binder polymer and (component b) a crosslinking agent, and a crosslinked relief-forming layer formed from the composition being depolymerizable. Component a preferably comprises (component a-1) a depolymerizable binder polymer.
new patent Method of forming polishing sheet
A chemical mechanical polishing article can be a single contiguous layer having a polishing surface, the layer being an elongated substantially rectangular sheet having a width and a length at least four times greater than the width. Forming a polishing article can include depositing a liquid precursor on a moving belt, at least partially curing the liquid precursor while on the moving belt to form a polishing layer, and detaching the polishing layer from the belt..
new patent Foam dye composition comprising a polycondensate of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide
The invention relates to a composition for dyeing human keratin fibres such as the hair, in foam form, comprising at least one alkaline agent, at least one oxidizing agent, at least one oxidation dye precursor and at least one polycondensate of ethylene oxide and of propylene oxide of structure (i) below: h—(o—ch2—ch2)a(o—ch(ch3)—ch2)b—(o—ch2—ch2)a—oh, in which a, a′ range from 2 to 150, and b ranges from 1 to 100. The invention also relates to a process for dyeing human keratin fibres using this composition.
Plants having enhanced yield-related traits and a method for making the same
The present invention provides a method for enhancing various economically important yield-related traits in plants by modulating expression in a plant of a nucleic acid encoding a patl (patellin) polypeptide, a prp38 (precursor rna processing factor 38) polypeptide, an ada2 (adaptor 2) polypeptide, a gata-like polypeptide, or a wd40 repeat (wdr) 23-like polypeptide. The present invention also concerns plants having modulated expression of a nucleic acid encoding a patl polypeptide, a prp38 polypeptide, an ada2 polypeptide, a gata-like polypeptide, or a wdr23-like polypeptide, which plants have improved yield-related traits relative to corresponding wild type plants or other control plants.
Crowdsourced image analysis platform
A crowdsourced search and locate platform, comprising an application server and a client interface application. The application server: receives connections from crowdsourcing participants; navigates a first crowdsourcing participant to a specific geospatial location; sends an image corresponding to the geospatial location to the first crowdsourcing participant; receives tagging data from the first crowdsourcing participant, the tagging data corresponding to a plurality of objects and locations identified by the first crowdsourcing participant.
Treatment system
A treatment system includes a holding section that has a heat generation section, a signal output section that supplies a drive signal to the heat generation section, a setting section that sets a target temperature of the heat generation section, a signal detection section that detects the drive signal, a signal extraction section that extracts an extracted signal of a predetermined frequency band from the drive signal detected by the signal detection section, a fault detection section that detects a precursory phenomenon of a fault of the heat generation section when the extracted signal reaches a predetermined threshold, and a control section that controls the drive signal to the heat generation section in a treatment mode for treating the living tissue at the target temperature or in a test mode for detecting the precursory phenomenon.. .
Copper-zirconia catalyst and method of use and manufacture
Catalysts and methods for their manufacture and use for the dehydrogenation of alcohols are disclosed. The catalysts and methods utilize a highly dispersible alumina, for example, boehmite or pseudoboehmite, to form catalysts that exhibit high dehydrogenation activities.
Process for the preparation of benzodithiophene compounds
The present invention relates to a process for the preparation of benzodithiophene compounds which comprises reacting a derivative of 3,3′-bithiophene with at least one internal alkyne. Said benzodithiophene compounds can be suitably functionalized and polymerized to give electron-donor compounds which can be used in photovoltaic devices such as, for example, photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic modules, solar cells, solar modules, on both rigid and flexible supports.
Synthesis of hmo core structures
The invention relates to a method for making precursors of hmo core structures comprising a step of reacting an n-acetyllactosamine or lacto-n-biose derivative donor with a lactose or n-acetyllactosamine derivative acceptor, wherein the donor is an oxazoline donor.. .
Method for making a precursor of l-fucose from d-glucose
A method that can be used to make a precursor of l-fucose from d-glucose that includes the steps of a) making a compound of formula (1) from d-glucose, formula (1) wherein r1 is acyloxy, and q is a group (a), (b), (c) or (d), formula (a), (b), (c) or (d) or wherein r1 is oh, and q is a group (e), (f) or (g); formula (e), (f) or (g) wherein r2 is acyloxy and r3 is a sulphonyl leaving group; and b) producing 6-deoxy-l-talose from the compound of formula (1) formed in step a), wherein the moiety is a highly lipophilic protecting group; compounds according to formula (1), and use of a compound according to formula (1) are provided.. .
Stabilized polypeptides as regulators of rab gtpase function
The present invention provides inventive polypeptides comprising a c terminal rab binding domain (rabbd) of rab family interacting proteins (fips) stabilized by peptide stapling, and pharmaceutical compositions thereof. Also provided are methods for modulating rab function comprising contacting an inventive stapled polypeptide with a rab protein, and methods of treatment associated with modulation of rab activity.
Color acceptor reacting in a color-forming manner to a pigment precursor and heat-sensitive recording material having such a color acceptor
A color acceptor for chemical reaction with a dye precursor to form a visually recognizable color. The color acceptor is constructed of lactic acid monomers.
Supported bimetallic nanocomposite catalyst and the preparation method thereof
A highly active supported bimetallic nanocatalyst and its preparation method is disclosed. During the preparation, using an ion exchange or absorption resin bearing basic functional groups as the support of the said catalyst, successively introducing the first metal precursor fecl4− and the second metal precursor (pdcl42−, nicl42− or cucl42−) onto the resin through ion exchange process; then under the protection of nitrogen gas, simultaneously reducing the two metals with either nabh4 or kbh4; washing the material with deoxygenated water and drying it, and the said catalyst is therefore obtained.
Polymer compositions comprising peptizers, sports equipment comprising such compositions, and method for their manufacture
Embodiments of the disclosed polymer composition comprise a first unsaturated polymer or polymer precursor, and an effective amount of a peptizer. The peptizer typically comprises a heteroaryl or a heterocyclic compound, other than morpholine as disclosed in assignee's prior applications.
Multi-plenum showerhead with temperature control
An apparatus for use with radical sources for supplying radicals during semiconductor processing operations is provided. The apparatus may include a stack of plates or components that form a faceplate assembly.
Method for forming a power semiconductor device
A method for forming a semiconductor device includes providing a semiconductor body which has a main surface and a first n-type semiconductor region, forming a trench which extends from the main surface into the first n-type semiconductor region, and forming a dielectric layer having fixed negative charges on a surface of the trench, by performing at least one atomic layer deposition using an organometallic precursor.. .
Tungsten diazabutadiene precursors, their synthesis, and their use for tungsten containing film depositions
Disclosed are tungsten diazabutadiene molecules, their method of manufacture, and their use in the deposition of tungsten-containing films. The disclosed molecules have the formula w(dad)3, wherein dad is a 1,4-diazabuta-1,3-diene isgand n4 and its reduced derivatives.
Process of manufacturing of the catalytic layer of the counter-electrodes of dye-sensitized solar cells
A process of manufacturing the catalytic layer of the counter-electrodes of dye-sensitized solar cells is described. The process has the following steps: depositing a catalyst precursor paste or precursor solution layer over the counter-electrodes conductive and transparent substrates, by screen printing, doctor blade, spin coating or brush,and irradiating the catalyst precursor paste or precursor solution layer with a continuous wave or pulsed laser beam having a wavelength in the range of infrared, visible, or ultraviolet, thus curing the precursor and forming a catalyst layer over the conductive and transparent counter-electrode substrates..
Method for generating human milk oligosaccharides (hmos) or precursors thereof
A method for generating human milk oligosaccharides (hmos) or precursors thereof, compounds obtainable by the method, and uses and compositions involving such compounds. The method comprising the steps of a) providing at least one donor selected from the group of compounds of any of formulae 5 to 10, b) providing at least one acceptor from a group of lactose, lnt, lnnt and derivatives thereof, c) providing at least one enzyme comprising a transglycosidase activity and/or a glycosynthase activity, d) preparing a mixture of the at least one donor, at least one acceptor and at least one enzyme provided in steps a), b) and c); and e) incubating the mixture prepared according to step d)..
Biosynthetic gene cluster for the production of peptide/protein analogues
A novel gene cluster encoding polypeptides involved in the generation of bio synthetically unique peptide-based compounds is described. In addition, new methods for biosynthetic engineering and production of modified peptides and proteins are disclosed.
Developing solution and development processing method of photosensitive resin composition
A developing solution for a polyimide precursor containing n,n,n′,n′-tetramethylurea and a lower alcohol having 1 to 5 carbon atoms. The developing solution increases a development margin and results in little or no decrease of the film thickness of a polyimide-based resin film.
Toner and method for producing the same
Provided is a method for producing a toner including: aggregating colorant particles and release agent particles, thereby forming aggregates containing the colorant particles and the release agent particles; aggregating binder resin particles and the obtained aggregates containing the colorant particles and the release agent particles, thereby forming toner particle precursors; and aggregating and fusing the obtained toner particle precursors, thereby forming toner particles, wherein when the average circularity of the toner particles is represented by rt, rt satisfies the following formula (1): 0.85≦rt≦0.92 (1).. .
Optical article comprising a temporary antifog coating based on sorbitan surfactants
An optical article includes a substrate having a main surface coated with an antireflection coating and, directly contacting the antireflection coating, a precursor coating of an antifog coating obtained through the grafting on the antireflection coating of at least one compound b bearing a polyoxyalkylene group, the coating precursor of the antifog coating being coated with a surfactant film so as to form an antifog coating. The surfactant film contains at least one surfactant a having a sorbitan ring hydroxyl groups functionalized with oh-terminated polyoxyalkylene groups and r1 groups of formula: —(rdo)z—(y)n2—r′, in which rd is an alkylene group, z is an integer >1, y is a divalent group, n2 is 0 or 1 and r′ is a saturated hydrocarbon group having 12 to 1 9, preferably 1 3 to 19 carbon atoms.
Method of manufacturing coated substrate
In a method of manufacturing a coated substrate having a coating film on a substrate, the method provides a highly durable coated substrate with high efficiency, while ensuring the storage stability of a coating film forming composition to be used. The method does not require a complicated processing.
Food product precursor, a food product and a method of making a food product comprising lupin flour
A food product precursor comprising 10-55% by dry-weight lupin flour, other milled grain flour, and 3-10% by wet-weight flavoured liquid. The food product precursor is made into a food product by combining the ingredients to form the food product precursor, cooking the combined food product precursor; and extruding the cooked precursor..
Base, products containing the same, preparation methods and uses thereof
The present invention concerns a base characterized in that it is prepared by the following steps: (a) partial bio-hydrolysis of raw materials rich in precursors, and (b) thermal reaction steps of the resulting product from (a). Said base can be prepared with a further step, which is a subsequent or simultaneous fermentation of the resulting product from step (a)..
Composition comprising retinol, a precursor or a reaction product of it and a plant extract from at least one chamomilla plant for the treatment of cancer
The invention relates to a (i) vitamin a, a reaction product, a metabolite or a precursor of it and (ii) a plant extract of chamomile or an active component thereof, preferably for use in the treatment of cancer. The inventive composition may be provided as a medicament or a pharmaceutical composition.
Compositions for proliferation of cells and related methods
We have discovered that p63 inhibition results in increased cellular proliferation. We have also performed a screen for agents capable of increasing cellular proliferation, (e.g., of stem cells such as skin-derived precursors (skps)).
Reactor for preparing precursor of lithium composite transition metal oxide and method for preparing precursor
Disclosed is a reactor for preparing a precursor of lithium composite transition metal oxide for lithium secondary batteries, the reactor having a closed structure including a stationary hollow cylinder; a rotary cylinder having the same axis as the stationary hollow cylinder and an outer diameter smaller than an inner diameter of the stationary hollow cylinder, an electric motor to generate power, enabling rotation of the rotary cylinder, a rotation reaction area disposed between the stationary hollow cylinder and the rotary cylinder, wherein ring-shaped vortex pairs that are uniformly arranged in a rotation axis direction and rotate in opposite directions are formed in the rotation reaction area, and an inlet through which a reactant fluid is fed into the rotation reaction area and an outlet through which the reactant fluid is discharged from the rotation reaction area.. .
Methods for making chlorous acid and chlorine dioxide
Chlorous acid is generated from a chlorite salt precursor, a chlorate salt precursor, or a combination of both by ion exchange. The ion exchange material facilitates the generation of chlorous acid by simultaneously removing unwanted cations from solution and adding hydrogen ion to solution.
Recording medium storage cassette and image forming apparatus including same
A recording medium storage cassette includes a recording medium loading plate and a rear end cursor. The rear end cursor aligns rear end positions of recording media.
Hologram recording film and method of manufacturing same, and image display apparatus
A hologram recording film manufacturing method includes the steps of obtaining a laminated structure by alternately laminating m (where m≧2) photosensitive material precursor layers including a photosensitive material and at least one (m−1) resin layer on one another, obtaining m photosensitive material layers, where at least two interference fringes with a desired pitch and a desired slant angle are formed on each of the m photosensitive material layers, from the m photosensitive material precursor layers by irradiating the laminated structure with a reference laser light beam and an object laser light beam, and making the slant angles of the m photosensitive material layers different from each other while retaining the pitch value, which is defined on a face of the photosensitive material layer, by irradiating the laminated structure with an energy ray from the laminated structure's one face side, and heating the laminated structure.. .
Colour laser marking methods of security document precursors
Laser marking the laser markable polymeric support or the laser markable layer through the transparent polymeric foil with the same infrared laser but used in a pulsed mode to generate a black colour.. .
Virtual navigation apparatus, navigation method, and non-transitory computer readable medium thereof
A virtual navigation apparatus, a navigation method, and a non-transitory computer readable medium thereof are provided. The virtual navigation apparatus includes a work surface, a touch detection module, and a processor.
System for transferring the operation of a device to an external apparatus
A system and method for transferring the operation of an image device to an external apparatus includes an image device, the image device transmitting an image to a liquid crystal display (lcd) via a signal transmission; a central processing unit (cpu), the cpu being built in the image device and installed with a software driver program, the software driver program enabling the cpu to magnify and display the image on the lcd via the signal transmission; and a keyboard, the keyboard being connected with the cpu for controlling the software driver program installed in the cpu, the cursor of the keyboard being displayed at a relative position of the image, the keyboard being adapted for direct operating on the image corresponding to the operation of the image device. The present invention is convenient in use, quick and easy for operation, and convenient for portability..
Method of controlling a cursor by measurements of the attitude of a pointer and pointer implementing said method
A system and method of controlling a cursor (120) in a surface (100) by measurements of attitude of a pointer (110). The measurements can be provided by inertial, optical, magnetic, ultrasound, radiofrequency or video means and appropriate processing means.
Dry-wet spinning device and method for manufacturing synthetic fiber
There is provided a dry-wet spinning device for an acrylic precursor fiber bundle for manufacturing carbon fibers, the device enabling stable spinning by making the coagulability of spun yarn (2) uniform by suppressing the vibration of the coagulating liquid surface to make the spun yarn (2) spun downward from a spinneret (1) without the liquid surface being in contact with the spinning surface of the spinneret less susceptible to an accompanying flow reflected by the bottom surface of a spinning bath. To this end, in the present invention, a horizontal flow straightening plate (8) produced from a porous plate or a plate material extending in the direction approximately perpendicular to the direction in which the spun yarn (2) is spun is disposed in a coagulation bath so as to surround the circumference of the yarn spun downward from the spinneret (1).
Method for producing a composite structure composed of porous carbon and electrochemical active material
In order to provide an inexpensive product composed of a porous carbon provided with electrochemical active material, said product being suitable particularly for use as a cathode or anode material for a secondary battery, a process comprising the following process steps is proposed: (a) producing a template from inorganic material by gas phase deposition, said template comprising a framework of pores and nanoparticles joined to one another, (b) coating the template framework with an electrochemical active material or a precursor thereof, (c) infiltrating the pores of the template with a precursor substance for carbon, (d) carbonizing the precursor substance to form a carbon layer, (f) removing the template.. .

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