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Ct Scan patents


This page is updated frequently with new Ct Scan-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ct Scan-related patents
 Method and system for adjusting a laser based treatment system to an eye patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for adjusting a laser based treatment system to an eye
A method for adjusting a scanning laser-treatment device to an eye, including: using a laser-treatment device for emitting treatment laser radiation, a handpiece into which the radiation is coupled and having multiple markings and an outlet end for emitting the radiation into the eye, and a laser scanner arranged between a radiation source and the outlet end; using an oct module with a scanner to image eye structures, the handpiece and the module being movable relative to each other in a first state, and the handpiece coupling to the module to image the eye through the outlet end; imaging the markings and ascertaining a first relative position between the markings and the oct scanner; imaging an eye structure using the module through the handpiece and outlet end, and ascertaining a second relative position; and generating signals to actuate the laser scanner based on the first and the second relative positions.. .
Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag

 Multi-source ct system and imaging method patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-source ct system and imaging method
A ct scanner has multiple x-ray sources on a first rotatable gantry disposed to illuminate an x-ray detector array. An image processor receives data from the detector array, machine readable instructions in the memory include instructions for energizing k>=2 x-ray sources simultaneously while rotating the gantry through multiple positions and recording measurements at each gantry position.

 Computed tomography (ct) apparatus and  reconstructing ct image patent thumbnailComputed tomography (ct) apparatus and reconstructing ct image
A computed tomography (ct) apparatus includes a data acquirer configured to acquire a first image corresponding to a first time point, a second image corresponding to a second time point, and a third image corresponding to a third time point based on a result of a ct scan on an object; an image reconstructor configured to acquire motion information of the object based on an amount of movement of the object between the first and second images and an amount of movement of the object between the first and third images, and obtain a target image by correcting at least one of the first, second and third images based on the motion information; and a display configured to display the target image.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Registration of medical images patent thumbnailRegistration of medical images
The invention relates to a method and an image processing device (50) for the registration of two images (i1, i2) that may for example be provided by a ct scanner (10) and/or an mri scanner (20). According to one embodiment of the invention, the images are first globally registered (gr) with a given registration algorithm using a first parameter vector (p).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Methods and systems of testing formation samples using a rock hydrostatic compression chamber patent thumbnailMethods and systems of testing formation samples using a rock hydrostatic compression chamber
A micro-ct sample holder for placing a sample under hydrostatic pressure during scanning, a micro-ct scanning system using the sample holder, and method of rock sample inspection under hydrostatic pressure. The sample holder includes a pressure vessel having a thinned-walled region and an interior chamber fixed reference stops inside the interior chamber.
Ingrain, Inc.

 Dynamic computed tomography imaging of elasticity patent thumbnailDynamic computed tomography imaging of elasticity
A system and method includes applying, by a vibration source, periodic excitation waves to the volume of tissue, the periodic excitation wave having a plurality of phases, acquiring by the ct scanner a first plurality of ct projections at a first phase, the first plurality of ct projections comprising a first ct projection set, acquiring by the ct scanner a second plurality of ct projections at a second phase, wherein the second phase is different than the first phase a second set of ct projections, the second plurality of ct projections comprising a second ct projection set, and determining, based on the first set of ct projections and the second set of ct projections, at least one of a tissue deformation field and a tissue mechanical property of the volume of tissue.. .

 Apparatus and method to control movement of photon-counting detectors in a computed-tomography (ct) scanner patent thumbnailApparatus and method to control movement of photon-counting detectors in a computed-tomography (ct) scanner
A computed-tomography (ct) apparatus that includes a ct scanner including an x-ray source, a plurality of photon-counting detectors (pcds) arranged in a fixed detector ring to capture incident x-ray photons emitted from the x-ray source, and control circuitry configured to move at least one pcd of the plurality of pcds, from a first position to a second position, in response to receiving an instruction to perform a scanogram scan of an object.. .
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

 Multiple-layered energy-integrating detector in a hybrid computed tomography scanner patent thumbnailMultiple-layered energy-integrating detector in a hybrid computed tomography scanner
A ct scanner apparatus includes an x-ray source mounted on a gantry of the ct scanner apparatus. The ct scanner apparatus also includes a first x-ray detector mounted on the gantry opposite to the x-ray source, and configured to detect x-rays emitted from the x-ray source and transmitted through an object.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

 Dynamic beam aperture control to reduce radiation dose using collimator patent thumbnailDynamic beam aperture control to reduce radiation dose using collimator
A computed tomography (ct) apparatus to perform a ct scan with a reduced radiation, including: an x-ray source to direct a cone beam of x-rays toward a detector assembly with an object of interest situated between the source and the detector assembly; a multi-leaf collimator fixed with respect to the x-ray source and configured to dynamically limit the cone beam of x-rays directed toward the object of interest, the multi-leaf collimator comprising a plurality of leaflets to block impinging cone beam of x-rays; and the detector assembly to detect the directed x-ray beam on a side opposite to the x-ray source after the x-ray beam with the reduced solid angle passes through the object of interest.. .
Telesecurity Sciences, Inc.

 Laparoscopic surgery solution and  using the same patent thumbnailLaparoscopic surgery solution and using the same
The present invention provides a laparoscopic surgery method comprising inspection of peritoneal surfaces under an isotonic solution comprising a contrast enhancing agent using near contact scanning by a laparoscope. Accordingly, the method according to the current invention comprises introducing the solution and the contrast enhancing agent into the retroperitoneal space through a catheter or a channel of a laparoscope using an irrigation pump.


Apparatus and computing detector response of a photon-counting detector

A computed tomography (ct) apparatus and a method for determining response of a photon-counting detector of a ct scanner. Based on a count rate of an incident spectrum and a dead time parameter of the photon-counting detector, a highest pileup order that has a contribution towards an output spectrum of the photon-counting detector greater than a threshold corresponding to the pileup order is determined.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


A measurement method

A method is described for using coordinate positioning apparatus, such as a machine tool, to measure an object. The method includes the step of operating the coordinate positioning apparatus in a touch trigger mode to measure the position of one or more touch trigger measurement points on the surface of the object.
Renishaw Plc


Laser scan unit housing for an image forming device

A scan unit for an imaging device having a movable minor and one or more light sources. A light beam generated by each light source is directed towards the movable minor, movement of the minor causing each light beam that is reflected by the minor to follow a distinct scan pattern.


Systems and methods for x-ray ct scanner with reconfigurable field of view

A gantry assembly for use with an imaging system is provided. The gantry assembly includes an x-ray source and a modular detector assembly that includes a plurality of selectively removable detector modules.


Optimizing ct scanning parameter

A method for optimizing ct scanning parameter is disclosed. A target group may be generated from a plurality of reference information samples.


Ct-enhanced fluoroscopy

Real-time, enhanced imaging of remote areas, too minute for ct imaging, is made possible through a probe having a radiopaque tip as well as radiopaque volume markers. When deployed, the markers outline the space containing the tip such that both the tip and the volume containing the tip are viewable on a fluoroscope.


Selecting scanning voltages for dual energy ct scanning

A method and apparatus for selecting high and low energy scanning voltages for a dual energy ct scanner are provided. The method may comprise: setting a criterion of selection for selecting high and low energy scanning voltages; generating combinations of high and low energy scanning voltages according to all scanning voltages supported by a dual energy ct scanner, wherein each of the combinations may comprise a high energy scanning voltage and a low energy scanning voltage; and selecting a combination of high and low energy scanning voltages from the generated combinations of high and low energy scanning voltages based on the criterion of selection..


Inductive rotary joint with secondary safety circuit

An inductive rotating power transfer circuit, preferably for transferring electrical power from the stationary part to the rotating part of a ct scanner comprises an inductive power transformer having a stationary primary side and a rotating secondary side. The secondary side is connected via a rectifier to a filtering capacitor, delivering electrical power to a load.


Dual-source security inspection ct scanning system and scanning method

The present disclosure provides a dual-source security inspection ct scanning system and scanning method. The system includes two sets of scan imaging systems, wherein each set of the scan imaging systems has its own separate ray source and detector, the two sets of scan imaging systems are juxtaposed on a same rotary mechanism, and a predetermined interval is provided between imaging planes of the two sets of scan imaging systems.


Multi-protein biomarker assay for brain injury detection and outcome

The present invention relates to the field of brain injuries. More specifically, the present invention provides methods and compositions useful in the diagnosis/prognosis/assessment of brain injuries.


System and generating a reference plane of a head

A method includes receiving a computed tomography (ct) image comprising a head of a subject from a ct scanner and detecting a first and a second petrous bone of the head in the ct image. The method further includes determining a nasion of the head in the ct image based on the first and the second petrous bone.
General Electric Company


Detector system of ct scanner

A detector system for a ct scanner is provided. The detector system may include a plurality of detector modules.
Shenyang Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods for imaging and determining a signature of an object

An x-ray ct scanner for imaging an object is provided. The scanner includes an x-ray emitter configured to emit x-ray beams, a detector array including a plurality of detector elements, and a precollimator positioned between the x-ray emitter and the object, the precollimator configured to prevent the emitted x-ray beams from being directly incident on a first subset of the plurality of detector elements, and allow the emitted x-ray beams to be directly incident on a second subset of said plurality of detector elements.
Morpho Detection, Llc


Therapy planning

When reducing radiation dose to healthy tissue near a target volume, a 4d motion model (52) of a target volume is generated during ct scan data acquisition. The target volume is tracked, and tracked target volume position information (43) is provided to a motion estimation tool (48).
The University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center At Dallas


Rotation speed correction for ct scanner system

A method for correcting rotation speed of a rotatable gantry in a ct scanner system is provided. The method may include: detecting an actual rotation speed of the rotatable gantry; determining a deviation percentage of the actual rotation speed from an instructed rotation speed sent to the rotatable gantry; and if the deviation percentage is smaller than a first preset threshold and larger than a second preset threshold, correcting the instructed rotation speed according to the deviation percentage..
Shenyang Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.


Multi-source ct systems and pre-reconstruction inversion methods

A computed tomography scanner has multiple radiation sources or source arrays, in specific geometric dimensions for optimized imaging speed. A ct system with maximum fan-angle Γ and k simultaneously active x-ray sources distributed over an angle of π-2Γ radians, the sources partially overlapping on a detector array, measures summed projection data corresponding to k or less line-integrals at each detector element.


Optical coherence tomography system

An oct system comprises an oct scan module for retinal scanning and an add-on anterior segment scanning module which includes at least one anterior segment scan lens (11) and an add-on fixation target (15) which is used to maintain the viewing direction of the eye (6) under investigation while achieving anterior segment scanning. Because the anterior segment scan module added to the exterior of an existing oct system for retinal scanning has an add-on fixation target (15), it is possible to maintain the viewing direction of the eye (6) under investigation while carrying out anterior segment scanning without adjusting the internal beam path of the oct system, and the oct system of the present invention can be adapted to patients with only one functioning eye..
Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag


Iterative ct image reconstruction of a roi with objects outside the scan fov

An image reconstruction apparatus and related method. The amount of out- field-of view material for a ct scanner (ima) with a given field of view (fov) in a bore (b) is established.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Method for manufacturing surgical guide and crown, abutment in mouth for dental implant

Provided is a method for manufacturing a surgical guide, and a crown and an abutment in a mouth for a dental implant, including an operation of obtaining a primarily scanned image through scanning of inner and outer surfaces of a denture which has a first image matching groove matched with a patient's tooth implanting portion and in which a plurality of reference markers are attached to an outside, obtaining a secondarily scanned image through oral scanning of upper and lower jaws while the denture is installed, preliminarily matching the secondarily scanned image with the primarily scanned image, obtaining an integrated scanned image considering a vertical dimension by reversing the first image matching groove so that an image of the first image matching groove is dimensionalized from the primarily scanned image, and obtaining a ct image through ct scanning of the upper and lower jaws.. .
Dio Corporation


Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus

There are provided a magnetic resonance imaging device and a method of controlling a mri device. The mri device includes an rf transmitting coil configured to transmit an rf to an object on a table; an object scanning unit including a position detecting unit configured to detect a position of the object and a thickness detecting unit configured to detect a thickness of the object, and configured to recognize a body shape of the object; and a control unit configured to regulate the rf to be transmitted, thereby compensating an rf field based on the recognized body shape of the object..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Secure image processing

Various embodiments herein each include at least one of systems, methods, devices, and software for secure image processing. In particular, the secure image processing may be performed with regard to images, such as image frames of a video stream, from a camera to obscure, either via image modification, encryption, and discarding image frames, to prevent, limit, or secure viewing of sensitive information that may be included within images.
Ncr Corporation


Ce3+ activated luminescent compositions for application in imaging systems

This disclosure relates to luminescent compositions comprising a host matrix sensitized by ce3+ and showing emission in the ultraviolet range. Typical host matrices include fluorides, sulphates, and phosphates, in particular a(y1-x-yluxlay)f4, a(y1-x-yluxlay)3f10, baca(y1-x-yluxlay)2f10, and ba(y1-x-yluxlay)2f8, wherein a=li, na, k, rb, or cs.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Methods and systems for correcting table deflection

Various methods and systems are provided for estimating and compensating for table deflection in reconstructed images. In one embodiment, a method for computed tomography (ct) imaging comprises reconstructing images from data acquired during a helical ct scan where table deflection parameters are estimated and the reconstruction is adjusted based on the table deflection parameters.
The University Of Notre Dame Du Lac


Channel scanning

Methods, systems, and apparatus can provide channel scanning. In various examples, a channel scanning module can instruct scanning of multiple channels within a wideband frequency range by assigning channels to demodulators to attempt to lock onto a signal at the assigned channel.
Arris Enterprises, Inc.


Method and system for imaging a molecular strand

The present disclosure concerns a method and system for imaging a molecular strand (ms). The method comprises providing a sample volume (sv) comprising the strand (ms); providing an excitation beam (eb) having an excitation focus (ef) in the sample volume (sv); scanning the excitation focus (ef) in the sample volume (sv) along a one dimensional scanning line (sl); trapping an end of the strand (ms) in the sample volume (sv) and extending the strand (ms) along a one-dimensional trapping line (ll) parallel to the scanning line (sl); aligning the trapping line (ll) to coincide with the scanning line (sl) to have the scanning excitation focus (ef) coincide with the strand (ms); and recording the fluorescence response (fr) as a function of a plurality of distinct scanning positions (x0) of the excitation focus (ef) along the scanning line (sl)..
Stiching Vu-vumc


Modulating x-ray radiation dose in ct scan

A method for modulating x-ray radiation dose in ct scan is disclosed. The method may include: acquiring x-ray attenuation information of each z position within a planned scanning sequence for a scan region of a subject from data of a finished scanning sequence for the subject; and then, based on the acquired x-ray attenuation information, performing dose modulation with respect to the xy scanning profile at each z position within the planned scanning sequence.
Shenyang Neusoft Medicals Co., Ltd.


Restoring ct scan data

A method for restoring ct scan data is disclosed. The method may comprise: building a data collecting model with respect to a specific direction of a detector based a response curve of the detector.
Shenyang Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.


Radiation ct apparatus

A radiation ct apparatus that can gain a clear tomogram without a rotation axis runout and without fail through a single ct scan and a simple operation is provided. When the data on the projection with radiation collected through a ct scan is first reconstructed through an arithmetic operation by a reconstruction arithmetic operation unit 13, temporary coordinates that have been set in advance as the coordinates of the projected rotation axis so as to construct a tomogram along a predetermined sliced surface are used, this tomogram is displayed on the screen for changing the rotation axis coordinates that include the temporary coordinates, and the coordinates of the projected rotation axis are shifted by any amount in any direction through an operation on the screen so that a reconstruction arithmetic operation is again carried out in the reconstruction arithmetic operation unit 13..
Shimadzu Corporation


Systems and methods for emission tomography/computed tomography data acquisition

A method includes receiving emission tomography (et) data of a subject from an et/computed tomography (ct) scanner. The method further includes generating a first motion signal corresponding to a first bed position of the et/ct scanner from the received et data and determining whether the first motion signal indicates a periodic motion.
King's College London


Ternary addressable select scanner

A method of writing image data to a pixel array includes decoding an address and activating, based on the decoded address, two or more row selection signals. The address may be a ternary address having at least one trit.
Kopin Corporation


Locating the body surface position of a ct scanned subject

Ct scanning techniques and systems thereof are disclosed. In various embodiments, a body surface measuring point of a subject on a scanning bed can be identified according to a frontal image captured by a first image capturing device.
Shenyang Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.


Method for spectral ct local tomography

A method for performing reconstruction for a region of interest (roi) of an object is provided. The method includes designating the roi within the object, the roi being located within a scan field of view (fov) of a combined third- and fourth-generation ct scanner, the ct scanner including fixed photon-counting detectors (pcds), and an x-ray source that rotates about the object in synchronization with a rotating detector.
Toshiba Medical Systems Cororation


Photon-counting detector calibration

A method includes determining calibration factors for calibrating photon-counting detectors of a spectral imaging system by combining a heuristic calibration of the photon-counting detectors and an analytical calibration of the photon-counting detectors and generating a set of photon-counting calibration factors based on the combining of the a heuristic calibration and the analytical calibration. The photon-counting calibration factors, when applied to measured energy-resolved data from the photon-counting detectors of a spectral ct scan of a subject or object, mitigate spectral distortion caused by a radiation intensity profile shaper that filters a radiation beam of the spectral ct scan..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Imaging apparatus

The invention relates to an x-ray imaging apparatus and a method, particularly to a ct scanner (100) for generating sectional images of an object such as the body (p) of a patient. A given desired angular intensity distribution (ides) is reproduced by emitting x-rays (x) in emission angle intervals (eai) only, wherein the angular distribution of these emission angle intervals and the associated local emission intensities (i(α)) are chosen such that they reproduce, in the angular mean, the desired angular intensity distribution (ides).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Correcting a ct scan image

A method for correcting a ct scan image is provided. A target image including a target region to be corrected is extracted from an original ct scan image.


Calculating the motion vector field for a reconstructed ct scan image

A method for calculating a motion vector field (mvf) in a reconstructed ct scan image, comprises: determining a region of interest (roi) based on a vessel centreline in a first reconstructed ct scan image, wherein a motion vector field (mvf) for the roi is to be calculated; determining at least two time control points for calculating the mvf; calculating a motion level factor of the roi; calculating motion amounts of the mvf corresponding to each of the time control points; determining the direction of the mvf of the roi; and calculating the mvf of the roi according to the motion level factor, the motion amounts of the mvf corresponding to each of the time control points and the direction of the mvf.. .


Systems and methods for generating two-dimensional images from projection data

A method for generating a two-dimensional image of an object using a ct scanner is provided. The method includes selecting an imaging surface for the object, the imaging surface including a plurality of pixels, selecting a viewing direction that is non-parallel to the imaging surface, rotating an x-ray source of the ct scanner around the object through a plurality of views, wherein the x-ray source projects x-rays towards a detector array opposite the x-ray source.


Defect inspection for same

In defect scanning carried out in a process of manufacturing a semiconductor or the like, a light detection optical system comprising a plurality of photosensors is used for detecting scattered light reflected from a sample. The photosensors used for detecting the quantity of weak background scattered light include a photon counting type photosensor having few pixels whereas the photosensors used for detecting the quantity of strong background scattered light include a photon counting type photosensor having many pixels or an analog photosensor.


Method of motion correction in optical coherence tomography imaging

An image data set acquired by an optical coherence tomography (oct) system is corrected for effects due to motion of the sample. A first set of a-scans is acquired within a time short enough to avoid any significant motion of the sample.


Periodontal disease testing apparatus and image processing program used therein

A periodontal disease testing apparatus of the present invention includes: an x-ray ct scanner photographing a portion including a tooth, a gingiva, and alveolar bone within an oral cavity to generate volume data of the portion; region setting means setting a related region of a subject tooth based on the volume data; defining means defining a principal axis of the subject tooth; correcting means correcting the related region so as to align the principal axis of the subject tooth with a normal direction of a cross-section of an x-ray ct image; multi-planar reconstruction image generating means generating a multi-planar reconstruction image of the corrected related region; means for generating developed image and the like transforming a coordinate of the related region to generate a developed image and a rotated image; and navigating means indicating correspondences of a spatial coordinate among the multi-planar reconstruction image, the developed image, and the rotated image.. .


Systems and methods for recommending a retail location

A method and a system are disclosed for generating a recommendation of a retail location on a network-based system. For example, a system may obtain a retail location definition associated with a geographic location.
Ebay Inc.


Controlling x-ray dose of ct scan

A method for controlling an x-ray dose of a ct scan includes: setting an initial x-ray dose; performing a first ct scan with the initial x-ray dose to obtain an initial scan image; setting a region of interest (roi) in the initial scan image; calculating an subsequent x-ray dose with image values of the roi in the initial scan image; perform an additional ct scan with the calculated subsequent x-ray dose to obtain an average image; before receiving an end instruction, repeating the following operations: recalculating an subsequent x-ray dose with image values of the roi in the average image and performing an additional ct scan with the calculated subsequent x-ray dose to obtain a new average image; and saving the average image when receiving the end instruction.. .
Shenyang Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.


Reconstructing computed tomography scan image

A method for reconstructing a ct scan image, comprising: performing a first scan to acquire a first projection data, wherein the first scan is a scan that a subject is covered by a low dose x-ray beam in an axial plane; performing a second scan to acquire a second projection data, wherein the second scan is a scan that a target portion of the subject is covered by a high dose x-ray beam in the axial plane; determining a data filling point in the second projection data, wherein the data filling point is located in a truncated region; and filling the data filling point in the second projection data with a data from the first projection data which corresponds to the data filling point; and reconstructing a second scan image based on the filled second projection data.. .
Shenyang Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.


Computed-tomography apparatus including detectors with different sensitivities

A computed-tomography (ct) apparatus including a ct scanner including a rotating x-ray source, and a plurality of photon-counting detectors (pcds) arranged in a fixed detector ring to capture incident x-ray photons emitted from the x-ray source. The plurality of pcds includes a first plurality of first pcds, each first pcd having a first collimator on a surface of the first pcd to block x-ray photons emitted from the x-ray source, the first collimator having openings of a first size, and a second plurality of second pcds, each second pcd having a second collimator on a surface of the second pcd to block the x-ray photons emitted from the x-ray source, the second collimator having openings of a second size, the first size being different from the second size..
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Saccharides and saccharide compositions and mixtures

Described herein are products comprising a xylose (e.g., d-xylose or l-xylose and another sweetener such as glucose). Exemplary products include the following: ice cream, ice milk, sorbet, sherbet, gelatin candies, baby food, animal food, e.g., dog, cat, canine, or equine food, seasonings, sauces, cosmetics, dietary supplements, lip stick, lip gloss, face and body preparations, pharmaceuticals, such as flu and cold preparations, nutraceuticals, surgical preparations, procedure preparations, imaging preparations, e.g., ct scan imaging preparations, pain relievers, nasal spray, cheese, vegetables, mayonnaise, mustard, salad dressings, nuts and nut mixes, cookies, pastries, fruit flavored snacks, pancakes, waffles, hot cocoa mix, caramel, shampoo, dental floss, donuts, egg noodles, lollypops, frozen pops, soda pop, chips, potato chips, tortilla chips, corn chips, sports drinks, rice cakes, oatmeals, teas, cereals, rice mixtures, flavored water, alcohol, alcohol mixers, soaps, energy drinks, coffee, coffee flavored drinks, coffee products, cake mixes, chili, chip dip, chip sauces, fibers, such as cellulosic and lignocellulosic fibers and fiber supplements, meats, e.g., deli meats, drink mixes, pasta, meals ready to eat, coconut water, candies, e.g., hard and soft candies, chocolate, candy bars, sports bars and energy bars.
Xyleco, Inc.


Anatomical imaging system with improved detector calibration process

A method for calibrating detectors in a ct scanner, wherein the new calibration process uses a combination of slab-based and water-based calibrations. By combining both calibrations, the complexity of each procedure can be reduced which will reduce restrictions on the quality of detectors used in the scanner.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Blank with encoding and manufacturing a molded dental component

A method for producing a dental shaped body from a blank that has a corpus of tooth restoration material by a tool adapted to remove the material. To detect a position of the corpus inserted in a machining device, contact scanning is performed on the blank by the tool.
Sirona Dental Systems Gmbh


Image registration for ct or mr imagery and ultrasound imagery using mobile device

A method for fusion of live ultrasound imagery with computed tomography (ct) scan images or magnetic resonance images, the method comprising steps of acquiring a series of ct scan images or magnetic resonance images, acquiring a series of ultrasound images, applying a manual registration process on a computing device to register each of the ct scan images or magnetic resonance images with corresponding ultrasound images, and displaying on a display associated with the computing device the live ultrasound imagery and corresponding ct scan images or magnetic resonance images.. .
Rational Surgical Solutions, Llc


Method and controlling shape filter in ct scanning device

The disclosure includes: judging whether a center line of an object to be scanned is deviated from a rotation axis of a gantry of a ct scanning device; determining a first distance by which the center line of the object to be scanned is deviated from the rotation axis in a case that the center line of the object to be scanned is deviated from the rotation axis; determining according to the first distance a second distance by which the shape filter is to be translated in each projection angle; and controlling the shape filter to make it translate by the second distance in each corresponding projection angle.. .
Shenyang Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.


Flowometry in optical coherence tomography for analyte level estimation

Optical coherence tomography (herein “oct”) based analyte monitoring systems are disclosed. In one aspect, techniques are disclosed that can identify fluid flow in vivo (e.g., blood flow), which can act as a metric for gauging the extent of blood perfusion in tissue.
Glt Acquisition Corp.


Heart tissue surface contour-based radiosurgical treatment planning

A system that generates a three-dimensional model of a tissue surface, for example the inner surface of the heart from two-dimensional image data slices. On this surface, one or more pattern lines are drawn, e.g., by a physician using a user interface, to designate desired lesion(s) on the surface.
Cyberheart, Inc.


Mixed oxide materials

The present invention relates to mixed oxide materials, methods for their preparation, detectors for ionizing radiation and ct scanners. In particular, a mixed oxide material is proposed having the formula (yw tbx)3al5-y gayo12:cez, wherein 0.01≦w≦0.99, 0.01≦x≦0.99, 0≦y≦3.5 and 0.001≦z≦0.10 and wherein w+x+3*z=1, whereby the mixed oxide material is doped with at least 10 ppm v..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Method and high reliability wireless communications

A physiologic transmitter manages multiple communications between physiologic data acquisition devices attached to the patient and a receiver attached to an mri or ct scanner. The transmitter's processor is able to generate waveform data and trigger data based upon the acquired physiologic data and transmit the data to a physiologic receiver attached to the host scanner.
Neocoil, Llc


Wireless physiological data acquisition system

A physiologic transmitter manages multiple communications between physiologic data acquisition devices attached to the patient and a receiver attached to an mri or ct scanner. The transmitter's processor is able to generate waveform data and trigger data based upon the acquired physiologic data and transmit the data to a physiologic receiver attached to the host scanner.
Neocoil, Llc


Method for measuring volume ratio of each constituent medium existing in minimum unit of x-ray ct image for specimen formed of complex mediums

In performing an x-ray ct scan on a specimen, the volume which each constituent medium accounts for, that is, the volume ratio of the constituent medium mixed in a mixel can be calculated for the corresponding mixel, in which the constituent medium is mixed, among a voxel of the specimen, thereby measuring the volume ratio of each constituent medium existing in the minimum unit in the x-ray ct scan.. .
Korea Institute Of Construction Technology


Unified coordinate system for multiple ct scans of patient lungs

A ct alignment system includes a central processing unit (cpu) that processes a plurality of ct images. The cpu determines a location of a main carina from the plurality of ct images and sets the main carina as a point of origin.
Covidien Lp


Systems and methods for in vivo visualization of lymphatic vessels with optical coherence tomography

The present technology relates generally to systems and methods for in vivo visualization of lymphatic vessels. A system includes an optical coherence tomography (oct) device and a computing device coupled to the oct device configured to cause the oct device to perform an oct scan, generate image data in response to the oct scan, and apply an eigendecomposition filter to the image data to produce processed image data.
University Of Washington


Ct image calibration and ct system

The present invention provides a ct image calibration method and device and a ct system. The method includes: arranging a fixed calibration element at the outside of a channel area and within the maximal reconstruction area of a ct scanning device, and storing the theoretical value of the fixed calibration element; collecting the projection data of the fixed calibration element to obtain the actual reconstructed image of the fixed calibration element; and comparing the actual reconstructed image with the stored corresponding theoretical value, to establish a mapping function for correcting the actual reconstructed image into the theoretical value.
Nuctech Company Limited


Direct scan access jtag

The present disclosure describes novel methods and apparatuses for directly accessing jtag tap domains that exist in a scan path of many serially connected jtag tap domains. Direct scan access to a selected tap domain by a jtag controller is achieved using auxiliary digital or analog terminals associated with the tap domain and connected to the jtag controller.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Spectral x-ray computed tomography reconstruction using a vectorial total variation

An apparatus and method of reconstructing a computed tomography (ct) image using multiple datasets of projective measurements, wherein the method of image reconstruction favors spatial correlations among the images respectively reconstructed from each of the corresponding multiple datasets. The multiple data sets each contain projective measurements of the same object taken in close temporal proximity, but taken with different detector type or configurations (e.g., different spectral components in spectral ct or different detector types in hybrid 3rd- and 4th-generation ct scanners).
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Optimization of the source firing pattern for x-ray scanning systems

The present application discloses a computed tomography system having non-rotating x-ray sources that are programmed to optimize the source firing pattern. In one embodiment, the ct system is a fast cone-beam ct scanner which uses a fixed ring of multiple sources and fixed rings of detectors in an offset geometry.
Rapiscan Systems, Inc.


Adjustable head positioning device for use with cone beam ct scanner

A heading positioning apparatus and the method of use for cone-beam computed tomography (cbct), and single photon emission computed tomography (spect).. .


Pinhole detection system of fuel cell

The present invention features a pinhole detection system of a fuel cell that preferably includes a stage on which a fuel cell element unit is disposed to be detected, a drive portion that is configured to move the stage so as to rotate the fuel cell element unit, a x-ray source that is disposed at one side of the stage to apply x-ray to the fuel cell element unit that rotates, an image detector that detects x-ray penetrating the fuel cell element unit, and a computer tomography that reconstructs tormogram that is detected by the image detector to a three dimension. Preferably, the fuel cell element unit is rotated on the stage, x-ray is applied to the rotating unit to gain the tomogram thereof, and the tomogram is reconstructed to be a three-dimensional image through a computerized tomography (ct scanning) such that the pinhole formed within the unit can be effectively detected..
Hyundai Motor Company


Ct imaging systems and methods thereof

Ct imaging systems and methods thereof are disclosed. A common ct scanning is performed on an object to obtain a common ct imaging.
Tsinghua University


A spectral response effects (sre) compensation photon counting detectors (pcds)

An embodiment in accordance with the present invention provides a new sr compensation (src) method, using a more efficient conjugate gradient method. In this method, the first and second derivatives are directly calculated analytically.
The Johns Hopkins University


Devices, methods, and systems of functional optical coherence tomography

The present disclosure provides systems and methods for the determining a rate of change of one or more analyte concentrations in a target using non invasive non contact imaging techniques such as oct. Generally, oct data is acquired and optical information is extracted from oct scans to quantitatively determine both a flow rate of fluid in the target and a concentration of one or more analytes.
Northwestern University


Imaging and visualization systems, instruments, and methods using optical coherence tomography

Imaging and visualization systems, instruments, and methods using optical coherence tomography (oct) are disclosed. A method for oct image capture includes determining a location of a feature of interest within an operative field.
Duke University


Attenuation-based optic neuropathy detection with three-dimensional optical coherence tomography

Optical coherence tomography (oct) scan data of a subject is acquired over a region of interest which can include an optic disc or a macula of a retina. Layer boundaries of retinal layers are identified in the oct scan data to facilitate measurements.
Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon


Radiopaque marker tool and use in a radiological medical imaging process

A marking tool for use in the context of radiological and other medical imaging is disclosed. The product is a marking tool for distributing an imaging material onto a patient's skin to mark that part of the patient's body for imaging.


Analysis-suitable geometry from discrete point sets using a mesh-free method

The present invention includes a method of creating analysis suitable models from discrete point sets. The proposed methodology is completely automated, requiring no human intervention, as compared to traditional mesh-based methods that often require manual input.
University Of South Florida


Image display methods

The present disclosure discloses an image display method in a ct system. The method comprises: implementing ct scanning on an inspected object, to obtain ct projection data; organizing the ct projection data according to a predetermined interval; extracting basic data from the organized ct projection data by using a fixed angle as a start angle and using 360 degrees as an interval; forming a dr image based on the extracted basic data; reconstructing a three-dimensional image of the inspected object from the ct projection data; and displaying the dr image and the reconstructed three-dimensional image on a screen at the same time.
Nuctech Company Limited


Method for selecting implant components

Methods of selecting or designing an implant to be used in a patient are provided. A ct scan of a patient's mouth is performed.
Biomet 3i, Inc.


Apparatus and methods for computed tomography imaging

Apparatus and methods for computed tomography (ct) imaging are provided. One method includes providing a patient table to move along an examination axis of a rotating gantry of a ct imaging system having at least one imaging detector.
General Electric Company


Systems and methods for regularized fourier analysis in x-ray phase contrast imaging

A method of regularization of x-ray phase contrast imaging (xpci) system measurement data includes obtaining air scan data of the xpci system prior to the presence of an object undergoing imaging, performing fourier analysis of the air scan data, computing air coefficients from the result of the performing step, obtaining object scan data of an object undergoing imaging on the xpci system, regularizing the object scan data, and calculating at least one of absorption image data, differential phase image data, and dark field image data by using object coefficients. A system configured to implement the method and a non-transitory computer-readable medium are disclosed..
General Electric Company


Computerized tomography detection of microbial damage of plant tissues

The present disclosure encompasses embodiments of x-ray computed tomography-based methods for the detection of onion quality factors. Such methods are advantageous in detecting internal damage to onion bulbs due to bacterial and fungal rots and mechanical damage while also providing for the overall assessment of onion bulb quality and market value.
University Of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.


Multi-sensor media defect scan

Apparatus and method for detecting media defects using a multi-sensor transducer. In some embodiments, a first pattern is written to a first track on a rotatable storage media and a second pattern is written to a second track on the media.
Seagate Technology Llc


Porous body, honeycomb filter, and producing porous body

A porous body has a flow-rate-weighted mean diameter ru of 10 μl or more and 24 μm or less, which is obtained as follows: with reference to porous-body data obtained by a ct scan in which positional information is associated with voxel-type information, a plurality of virtual curved surface solids, which are each a curved surface solid made up of a plurality of virtual spheres, are placed to fill space voxels (step s100); fluid analysis is carried out to obtain information regarding the flow rates of a fluid in individual space voxels during passing of the fluid through the porous body (step s110); and, the flow-rate-weighted mean diameter ru is obtained, which is a weighted mean obtained by weighting the equivalent diameter r′i of each virtual curved surface solid with the volume vi and average flow rate ui of each virtual curved surface solid (step s120).. .
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.


Dose-reduced ct scan using dynamic collimation

A computer tomograph, a method, and a computer program product are disclosed. A computer tomograph is disclosed for scanning an image of at least one examination region of a patient, including a scanning unit which can be rotated about a longitudinal axis.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Synchronizing scan activity with loss prevention cameras

System, method, and computer program product to perform an operation comprising receiving, via a computer network connection, information for a product scan indicating that a product has been scanned for purchase by a mobile checkout application executing on a mobile device, and storing, in a computer-readable storage medium, a plurality of attributes describing the product scan and identification information of an image capture device in the retail store configured to capture video of the product scan.. .
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Holdings Corporation


Method for estimating porosity of a rock sample

A method for estimating porosity of a rock sample comprises the steps of defining a total mineral content of a sample, determining relative volume fractions for each mineral and determining x-ray attenuation coefficients for the defined minerals. Then, a first x-ray attenuation coefficient for a synthetic sample combined from the same minerals with the same volume fractions but with no pores is determined.
Schlumberger, Holdings Limited


Method of manufacturing guide stent of dental implant

Disclosed is a method of manufacturing a guide stent of a dental implant. The method includes a first step of obtaining a three-dimensional image of periodontal tissue in a mouth of a patient through an ct scan and a three-dimensional exterior image corresponding to the three-dimensional image through an oral scan; a second step of matching the three-dimensional image and the three-dimensional exterior image through a difference amp which overlaps the three-dimensional image and the three-dimensional exterior image and outputs a matching degree between the images, and obtaining a three-dimensional procedure guide image; and a third step of manufacturing a stent body having a through hole corresponding to a preset implant implantation position according to the obtained three-dimensional procedure guide image..
Dio Corporation


Portable head ct scanner

A portable ct scanner may include a rotatable frame with separable portions. An x-ray source may be coupled to one portion of the rotatable frame, and an x-ray detector may be coupled to another portion of the rotatable frame.
Tribogenics, Inc.


Method for building a 3d model of a rock sample

A method for building a 3d model of a rock sample comprises performing x-ray micro/nanoct scanning of a rock sample and obtaining its initial three-dimensional microstructure image in a gray scale. Then, an analysis of the obtained three-dimensional image of the rock sample is performed and a binarization method is selected in dependence of the image quality and properties of the rock sample.
Schkuberger Technology Corporation


Co-registration - simultaneous alignment and modeling of articulated 3d shapes

Present application refers to a method, a model generation unit and a computer program (product) for generating trained models (m) of moving persons, based on physically measured person scan data (s). The approach is based on a common template (t) for the respective person and on the measured person scan data (s) in different shapes and different poses.
Max-planck-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Wissenschaften E. V.


Characteristic x-ray escape correction in photon-counting detectors

A method and an apparatus for determining primary and secondary escape probabilities for a large photon-counting detector without pile-up. A model for the detector with no pile-up is formulated and used for spectrum correction in a computed tomography scanner.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Device for reliably determining biometric measurement variables of the whole eye

A device for determining biometric variables of the eye, as are incorporated in the calculation of intraocular lenses including a multi-point keratometer and an oct arrangement. The keratometer measurement points are illuminated telecentrically and detected telecentrically and the oct arrangement is designed as a laterally scanning swept-source system with a detection region detecting the whole eye over the whole axial length thereof.
Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag

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