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Date/App# patent app List of recent Ct Scan-related patents
 Systems and methods for indirect information assisted media defect scan patent thumbnailSystems and methods for indirect information assisted media defect scan
Systems, circuits, devices and/or methods related to systems and methods for data processing, and more particularly to systems and methods for media defect detection.. .
 Sparse and energy discriminating collimated detector elements to assist scatter evaluation in ct imaging patent thumbnailSparse and energy discriminating collimated detector elements to assist scatter evaluation in ct imaging
A computed-tomography apparatus that includes a ct scanner including an x-ray source and a detector covering respective angle ranges in the axial and transaxial planes of the ct scanner. The ct detector includes first detector elements disposed on a first surface to capture incident x-ray photons emitted from the x-ray source, and second detector elements sparsely disposed on a second surface different from the first surface, the second surface being farther away from the scanner than the first surface, the second detector elements being smaller in number than the first detector elements.
 Dual-energy cone-beam ct scanning patent thumbnailDual-energy cone-beam ct scanning
A ct scanning apparatus includes a control apparatus arranged to cause a first rotation of a gantry and trigger an x-ray source to emit x-radiation at a first x-ray energy when an angular encoder reports that the gantry is at each of multiple predetermined angular locations, and cause a second rotation of the gantry and trigger the x-ray source to emit x-radiation at a second x-ray energy differing from the first x-ray energy when the angular encoder reports that the gantry is at each of the same predetermined angular locations. An image processing means receives the projection images and reconstructs them into a volumetric image.
 Dual display ct scanner user interface patent thumbnailDual display ct scanner user interface
A ct user interface includes first and second displays that enable an operator to perform set-up and scanning tasks associated with performing ct scans and enable the operator to perform image post-processing tasks associated with the ct scans. A plurality of distinct display zones are selectively displayed on the first and second displays, with the first display displaying a zone enabling the operator to create a record for each of a plurality of patients, a task list zone displaying all steps and sub-steps of a ct scan to be performed for a selected patient based on a selected scan protocol, a settings zone and a scanning zone displaying and enabling operator selection of scan parameters related to the selected scan protocol for the selected patient, and a dose area zone displaying a relationship between the selected scan parameters and a radiation dosage experienced by the patient based thereon..
 Dual display ct scanner user interface patent thumbnailDual display ct scanner user interface
A ct user interface includes first and second displays that selectively display distinct display zones thereon. The first display includes a zone enabling the operator to create a record for each of a plurality of patients and an exam set-up and a protocol selection zone enabling the operator to select a scan protocol for performing a ct scan on a selected patient.
 Dual display ct scanner user interface patent thumbnailDual display ct scanner user interface
A user interface for a ct imaging system is disclosed. The user interface includes a first display configured to enable an operator to perform set-up and scanning tasks associated with performing a ct exam on one or more patients, with the set-up and scanning tasks including acquiring and verifying scan image data.
 Noninvasively measuring analyte levels in a subject patent thumbnailNoninvasively measuring analyte levels in a subject
A method for noninvasively measuring analyte levels includes using a non-imaging oct-based system to scan a two-dimensional area of biological tissue and gather data continuously during the scanning. Structures within the tissue where measured-analyte-induced changes to the oct data dominate over changes induced by other analytes are identified by focusing on highly localized regions of the data curve produced from the oct scan which correspond to discontinuities in the oct data curve.
 Computed tomography (ct) image acquisition device and ct scan imaging system patent thumbnailComputed tomography (ct) image acquisition device and ct scan imaging system
The disclosure provides a computed tomography (ct) image acquisition device and a ct scan imaging system. The ct scan imaging system includes: an image acquisition device, which specifically includes a first image acquisition device (1a, 1b) and a second image acquisition device (2a, 2b) that are perpendicular to each other, wherein the first image acquisition device (1a, 1b) or the second image acquisition device (2a, 2b) includes: an x-ray tube (1a, 2a), which is used for emitting x-rays, and a detector (1b, 2b), which is arranged opposite to the x-ray tube in the vertical direction and is used for receiving the x-rays and obtaining projection data according to the x-rays; and an image processing device (4), which is used for acquiring a three-dimensional image through reconstruction of the projection data, wherein the three-dimensional image includes one or more tomographic images..
 Computed tomography (ct) systems and methods analyzing rock property changes resulting from a treatment patent thumbnailComputed tomography (ct) systems and methods analyzing rock property changes resulting from a treatment
The effect of a treatment on a rock sample or sub-sample extracted from the rock sample can be analyzed through computed tomography (ct). To determine the effect of a treatment of a rock sample or the sub-sample, pre-treatment and post-treatment ct images of the rock sample or the sub-sample are captured.
 User-steered on-the-fly path planning patent thumbnailUser-steered on-the-fly path planning
A method, system, and program product are provided for user-steered, on-the fly path planning in an image-guided endoscopic procedure, comprising: presenting, on a display, a 2d sectional image showing a region of interest from a preoperative ct scan; defining a control point on the 2d sectional image within a patient's body lumen responsive to a first user input; centering the control point; adjusting a viewing angle about the control point to show a longitudinal section of the body lumen responsive to a second user input; identifying a second point on a planned path within the body lumen responsive to a third user input; extending a planned path connecting the control point and the second point; redefining the second point as a new control point; and repeating the presenting adjusting, identifying, extending, and the redefining steps until the planned path reaches a procedure starting point within the patient's body.. .
Method of reconstruction from multi-energy ct scan and device thereof
A method for collecting multi-energy ct data is provided. A method of reconstruction from multi-energy ct scan is further provided, in which data collection is performed on the first-class object at voltage values of m sampling points of the first-class voltage varied periodically, to obtain n sets of multi-energy first-class scan data {1}; and a data collection is performed on a double-cylinder correction phantom at the voltage values of m sampling points to obtain combination coefficients, and thus obtaining corresponding combination coefficients cfirsti and csecondi corresponding to the case that the first-class scan data is collected in the ith projection angle at the first-class voltage; and the image vectors xfirst and xsecond are obtained by calculating a minimum value of the difference between the first-class scan data {yi} and the combination projection data cfirstipi*xfirst+csecondi*xsecond..
Method and apparatus for correcting artifacts during generation of x-ray images, in particular computed tomography, or radiography by means of temporal modulation of primary radiation
Artifacts caused by scattered radiation when generating x-ray images of objects are corrected using a temporally alterable modulation of the primary radiation. A respective set of originally amplitude-modulated modulation projections of the object is generated and a respective scattered image allocated to the respective modulation projections is calculated.
Ariadne wall taping for bronchoscopic path planning and guidance
A method, system and program product are provided for planning an intervention procedure in a body lumen. A ct scan of the body lumen is performed.
Flowometry in optical coherence tomography for analyte level estimation
Optical coherence tomography (herein “oct”) based analyte monitoring systems are disclosed. In one aspect, techniques are disclosed that can identify fluid flow in vivo (e.g., blood flow), which can act as a metric for gauging the extent of blood perfusion in tissue.
Handheld imaging apparatus for, and method of, imaging targets using a high performance, compact scan engine
An apparatus for, and a method of, electro-optically reading a target by image capture, employ a scan engine in a handheld housing having a tilted handle. A single tilted printed circuit board (pcb) in the handle has front and rear surfaces that respectively face toward and away from the target during reading.
Dual energy ct scanner
A dual energy ct scanner includes an x ray source generating an x-ray beam, a stacked detector array for detecting radiation from the x-ray beam, the stacked detector array including a first layer of detectors and a second layer of detectors, wherein a packing density of detectors in at least a portion of the first layer is different than a packing density of detectors in a corresponding portion of the second layer, a data acquisition unit for sampling data from the detectors in the first and second layer; and an image reconstruction unit for reconstructing an image from data acquired from at least one layer of the stacked detector array.. .
Scintillator having phase separation structure and radiation detector using the same
Provided is a scintillator used for detecting radiation in an x-ray ct scanner or the like, the scintillator having a unidirectional phase separation structure having an optical waveguide function, which eliminates the need of formation of partition walls for preventing crosstalks. The scintillator has the phase separation structure including: a first crystal phase including multiple columnar crystals having unidirectionality; and a second crystal phase filling space on the side of the first crystal phase.
Patient-size-adjusted dose estimation
A computer system and method for estimating patient-size-adjusted dose delivered by a radiological scanning system include receiving a plurality of radiological images of a body and one or more values associated with a ct (computer tomographic) scan performed by the radiological scanning system to acquire the radiological images. A size and volume of the body are estimated based on the plurality of radiological images associated with the ct scan.
Systems and methods for remote image reconstruction
A system is provided including a processing unit including an input module, a processing module, and an output module. The processing unit is located at a first location that is remotely located from a scanning location at which a remote medical scanning system is located.
Systems and methods for defect scanning
The present invention is related to systems and methods for defect scanning.. .
Cylindrical object scanner
A scanner for scanning an object having a circumferential surface comprising a housing with a glass pane defining an internal area containing a camera assembly configured to scan the circumferential surface of an object, and a carriage assembly to rotatably move the object across the glass pane of the scanner.. .
Methods for stent strut detection and related measurement and display using optical coherence tomography
In one embodiment, the invention relates to a processor based method for generating positional and other information relating to a stent in the lumen of a vessel using a computer. The method includes the steps of generating an optical coherence image data set in response to an oct scan of a sample containing at least one stent; and identifying at least one one-dimensional local cue in the image data set relating to the position of the stent..
Monitoring device for a ct scanner gantry
A ct scanner gantry comprises a base with a tiltable frame holding a rotating part, the rotating part having a rotation axis and drive means for tilting the tiltable frame with respect to the base. Furthermore, a tilt drive control unit is provided to control the drive means.
Method and device for inspection of liquid articles
Disclosed are a method and a device for security-inspection of liquid articles with dual-energy ct imaging. The method comprises the steps of obtaining one or more ct images including physical attributes of liquid article to be inspected by ct scanning and a dual-energy reconstruction method; acquiring the physical attributes of each liquid article from the ct image; and determining whether there are drugs concealed in the inspected liquid article based on the difference between the acquired physical attributes and reference physical attributes of the inspected liquid article.
Sparse and energy discriminating collimated detector elements to assist scatter evaluation in ct imaging
A computed-tomography apparatus that includes a ct scanner including an x-ray source and a detector covering respective angle ranges in the axial and transaxial planes of the ct scanner. The ct detector includes first detector elements disposed on a first surface to capture incident x-ray photons emitted from the x-ray source, and second detector elements sparsely disposed on a second surface different from the first surface, the second surface being farther away from the scanner than the first surface, the second detector elements being smaller in number than the first detector elements.
Dental surface models
To create a digital surface model of an intra-oral anatomy, a recess or a hole in an impression material having a predetermined shape and size is scanned. The scanning results and information on the predetermined shape and size are used for determining a threshold value representing interface between the impression material and another material.
Sheet scanners
A sheet scanner comprises a sheet inlet on a front side, a scanned sheet outlet on a rear side, and a deflector to direct scanned sheets from the outlet towards the front side of the scanner, over the top cover thereof, and further comprises a stopper on the top cover, at the front side of the scanner and above the sheet inlet, to temporarily restrain the leading edge of a scanned sheet such that the sheet advances and folds over itself and beyond the stopper, the leading edge being released from the stopper when the sheet folded over itself and beyond the stopper pulls it downwards.. .
Method of surgical planning
A method of pre-operatively forming a surgical splint configured to receive a patient's dentition can include combining a 3-d facial computer model and a 3-d dental computer model. The method includes the step of obtaining a 3-d facial computer model of at least the patient's maxilla, mandible, and dentition from a ct scanner and the step of obtaining a 3-d dental computer model of the patient's dentition with an optical scanner.
X-ray ct device
In a multi-source x-ray ct scanner having multiple x-ray sources, an imaging fov size is fixed. In the x-ray ct scanner, a position of at least one of multiple x-ray generators is movable in the z-axis direction (in the rotation axis direction).
Method and apparatus for processing of stroke ct scans
An automatic technique for stroke identification, localization, quantification and prediction, has the steps of receiving a ct scan, pre-processing it to extract the brain region corresponding to a brain volume of a subject who has suffered a stroke; identifying whether a hemorrhage is present in the brain volume and if so obtaining data characterizing the hemorrhage; otherwise identifying whether an infarct is present and if so obtaining data characterizing it; analyzing the results using a brain atlas; and, using the results of the analysis, obtaining at least one predictive value characterizing a prediction about the subject.. .
Method and system for lossy compression and decompression of computed tomography data
A compressor and decompressor for ct scanner data first performs a lossless compression of individual ct sample value. After this compression, the compression ratio cr is calculated.
Multimodality correlation of optical coherence tomography using secondary reference images
Reference images from one or more oct scanners are correlated with associated oct scan data, which is in turn registered and correlated to a wide field image so as to present the oct scan data registered and aligned to the correct location on the wide field image so as to permit displaying oct scan data taken at different times or on different machines on a single screen all registered to the wide field image.. .
Fenestration template for endovascular repair of aortic aneurysms
To provide simple yet accurate stent graft fenestration, a patient-specific fenestration template is used as a guide for graft fenestration. To generate the fenestration template, a patient's medical imaging data such as ct scan data may be used to generate a 3-d digital model of an aorta lumen of the patient.
Surgical instruments for oct assisted procedures
Assemblies are provided for use as surgical instruments in optical coherence tomography (oct) assisted surgical procedures. Each assembly includes a working assembly, formed from a material selected for desirable optical properties or modified to increase the visibility of the material in an oct scan, and a handle attached to the working assembly..
Cardiac model for simulating medical procedures
A resilient model of a heart's atria and associated vasculature is disclosed. The model is generated from ct scans of patients' with varying cardiac anatomies.
System and method for requesting and delivering targeted information
A system and method for delivering targeted information to a user is provided. The user initiates a request for information by capturing or scanning a bar code associated with an object.
Symbol reading system
A pos-based bar code symbol reading system reads bar code symbols on objects being passed through the 3d imaging or scanning volume supported by the system, and employs one or more object motion sensors (e.g. Imaging based, ir pulse-doppler lidar-based, ultra-sonic energy based, etc.) to (i) measure or estimate the speed of objects being manually passed through the 3d imaging or scanning volume by the system operator, and (ii) visually and/or audibly display object scanning speed measures or estimates to provide the system operator with feedback for optimizing system throughput.
Radiation therapy planning and follow-up system with large bore nuclear and magnetic resonance imaging or large bore ct and magnetic resonance imaging
A radiation therapy planning and follow-up system (10) includes an mr scanner (12) with a first bore (16) which defines an mr imaging region (18) and a functional scanner (26), e.g., a nuclear imaging scanner, or a ct scanner with a second bore (30) which defines a nuclear or ct imaging region (36). The first and second bores (16,30) have a diameter of at least 70 cm, and preferably 80-85 cm.
Apparatus for ct-mri and nuclear hybrid imaging, cross calibration, and performance assessment
A multiple modality imaging system (10) includes a mr scanner (12) which defines an mr imaging region (18), a nuclear imaging scanner (26) which defines a nuclear imaging region (34), an ct scanner (36) which defines an ct imaging region (42). Each scanner (12, 26, 36) having a longitudinal axis along which a common patient support (46) moves linearly through the mr, nuclear, and ct imaging regions (18, 34, 42).
Hernia mesh apparatus and method
A dual-layer hernia mesh can be configured according to a three-dimensional map of a hernia defect(s) and a hernia volume(s) of a patient. The front portion of the mesh can be configured utilizing, for example, a three dimensional map of hernia sac volumes obtained from a ct scan.
Litho cluster and modulization to enhance productivity
The present disclosure relates to a lithographic tool arrangement for semiconductor workpiece processing. The lithographic tool arrangement groups lithographic tools into clusters, and selectively transfers a semiconductor workpiece between a plurality of lithographic tools of a first type in a first cluster to a plurality of lithographic tools of a second type in a second cluster.
Annealing of single crystals
The invention relates to a process for manufacturing a single crystal comprising a rare-earth halide, having improved machining or cleavage behaviour, comprising heat treatment in a furnace, the atmosphere of which is brought, for at least 1 hour, to between 0.70 times tm and 0.995 times tm of a single crystal comprising a rare-earth halide, tm representing the melting point of said single crystal, the temperature gradient at any point in the atmosphere of the furnace being less than 15 k/cm for said heat treatment. After carrying out the treatment according to the invention, the single crystals may be machined or cleaved without uncontrolled fracture.
System for measuring sample pore using computed tomography and standard sample and method thereof
The present invention relates to a system for measuring a sample pore using a computed tomography (ct) and a standard sample and to a method thereof, more particularly to a system for measuring a sample pore using a computed tomography (ct) and a standard sample and to a method thereof, wherein the number of pixels in the count range of a cross-sectional image of the measurement sample and the number of pixels corresponding to the gray level range of the pore are calculated with reference to the count range utilized in the cross-sectional image of the standard sample and the gray level range of the pore so as to accurately measure the porosity of the measurement sample after performing a ct scan of the standard sample and the measurement sample together using a ct scanner.. .
Fdg-pet evaluation of ewing's sarcoma sensitivity
This invention relates to methods for evaluating the efficacy of an igf1r inhibitor, such as an anti-igf1r antibody, for the treatment of an ewing's sarcoma tumor by determining the level of tumoral glucose metabolism. Tumoral glucose metabolism is determining at an early point in the treatment regimen by any of several methods known in the art including fdg-pet/ct scan..
Portable x-ray computed tomography (ct) scanner
The present invention provides a portable x-ray ct scanner for generating diagnostically meaningful images of a subject, such as a patient's cranium. The system includes a gantry ring which is configured to be portable or hand-held which is tether to a power supply.
Medical image processing apparatus
Provided is a medical image processing apparatus allowing the generation of image data by changing the reconstruction conditions in correspondence with the positional relation of an observation target based on the projected data chronologically acquired by an x-ray ct scanner. The medical image processing apparatus includes a photographing unit, a reconfiguration processing unit, an extracting unit, and an analyzing unit.
Transportable apparatus for re-conditioning wine barrels using a turnstile
An apparatus for reconditioning barrels, said apparatus including a means to lockingly engage a barrel in a first position, a moving means to move the locked barrel into a second position, a scanner to scan the internal surface of the locked barrel when in the second position and collect scanned data, the moving means then moving the locked barrel to a third position and a means to cut a selected depth of the internal surface of the locked barrel when in the third position according to the collected data. The moving means is a turnstile with three section enabling three barrels to be in the apparatus at any one time, so that whilst one barrel is being scanned, one is being cut and a third is being unloaded/loaded into the apparatus..
Medical image processing apparatus, an x-ray ct scanner, and a medical image processing program
A medical image processing apparatus to accurately identify malignant transformations of probable tumors. The medical image processing apparatus including a specifying mechanism and first, second, and third computing mechanisms.
Method to reduce radiation dose in multidetector ct while maintaining image quality
A method of reducing radiation dose for a selected organ on a patient in a computed tomography (ct) scan that uses an x-ray source to scan the patient. The method comprises a computer determining a tube start angle for the x-ray source of the ct scan based on a location of the selected organ, a starting location of the x-ray source, a beam width of the ct scan, and a pitch of the ct scan.
Radiotherapy apparatus
Intra-fraction movement of the patient puts at risk sensitive regions that are near to a radiation dose. In a radiotherapy system that delivers a dose as a series of discrete sub-doses, an initial ct scan is performed to determine the patient's position, after which the sub-doses that are directed to regions within a preset distance of a sensitive structure are performed first, while the sub-doses directed to regions that are more remote from a sensitive structure are performed later..
Method of determining reservoir properties and quality with multiple energy x-ray imaging
A method of evaluating a reservoir includes a multi-energy x-ray ct scan of a sample, obtaining bulk density and photoelectric effect index effect for the sample, estimation of at least mineral property using data obtained from at least one of a core gamma scan, a spectral gamma ray scan, an x-ray fluorescence (xrf) analysis, or an x-ray diffraction (xrd) analysis of the sample, and determination of at least one sample property by combining the bulk density, photoelectric effect index, and the at least one mineral property (e.g., total clay content). Reservoir properties, such as one or more of formation brittleness, porosity, organic material content, and permeability, can be determined by the method without need of detailed lab physical measurements or destruction of the sample.
Direct scan access jtag
The present disclosure describes novel methods and apparatuses for directly accessing jtag tap domains that exist in a scan path of many serially connected jtag tap domains. Direct scan access to a selected tap domain by a jtag controller is achieved using auxiliary digital or analog terminals associated with the tap domain and connected to the jtag controller.
High-throughput iterative decoding's defect scan in retry mode of storage system channel
The present disclosure includes systems and techniques relating to decoding signals produced within a storage device. A described technique includes retrieving a first codeword from a storage medium, decoding the first codeword, performing a retry process when the decoding was not successful, and retrieving one or more second codewords from the storage medium during the retry process to at least maintain a drive throughput.
Surgical guide preparation tool and method for preparing surgical guide
The surgical guide preparation tool has a pair of marker members opposing to each other and a gauge body which has a support member for connecting the marker members, and the gauge body is attached to a surgical guide body. The surface of each marker member is provided with grid-like lines which are recognizable by a ct scanned image and disposed longitudinally and laterally at substantially regular intervals; predetermined marks are chosen from intersections of the grid-like lines, and a guide ring is attached to the surgical guide body so that a direction connecting the chosen marks is used as an axial direction of the guide ring.
Oct imaging system for curved samples
This patent specification describes an oct imaging system that implements at least one of the following: (1) adjusting the path length of a reference arm during an oct scan of a curved sample or between oct scans; (2) adjusting the focus of a scanning beam as the scanning beam moves across the curved sample during the oct scan or between oct scans; (3) adjusting polarization control during the oct scan or between oct scans; and/or (4) changing dispersion compensation across the oct scan or between oct scans.. .
System and method for rapid oct image acquisition using compressive sampling
A method for rapid oct image acquisition includes acquiring by oct a plurality of compressive measurements (y) representing a set of under-sampled oct data in a dirac domain below a nyquist rate by sampling an object of interest at randomly spaced vertical and horizontal lines in a cartesian geometry using a raster scan, and recovering a 3d volumetric oct image (f) from the compressive measurements (y) using compressive sampling. The method may also include recovering the 3d volumetric oct image (f) from the compressive measurements (y) based at least in part on a sparsifying matrix (s) capable of transforming the 3d volumetric oct image (f) into a sparse representation, such as a matrix representation of the 3d volumetric oct image (f) in a shift-invariant wavelet transform domain.
Biopsy grid
A biopsy grid is provided that is useful in medical imaging. The biopsy grid comprises a hydrogel layer containing a mixture of contrast agents that are visible in images from x-ray, ct scans, mri, and/or positron emission tomographs.
Visual field examination system
A stimulus is presented at a predetermined position of a visual field coordinate system set on a visual field dome (118). When measuring the visual field of an eye under examination, quantitative information of a three-dimensional retinal layer structure is acquired that is obtained by means for detecting a range of disappearance of a peak in the reflectance distribution of the retina obtained by a retinal oct scan.
Automatic tagging between structured/unstructured data
A system and method for establishing cross-relationships between objects is presented. A primary search is executed on a first object.
X-ray computed tomography scanner, dose calculation method, and program
An x-ray ct apparatus is provided. The x-ray ct apparatus includes an estimation device configured to estimate a feature quantity that relates to one of image quality and a pixel value of an image obtained by performing an x-ray ct scan on a imaging target under a predetermined scan condition, wherein the feature quantity has a correlative relationship with a dose that is based on data obtained from x-ray imaging performed on the imaging target before a main scan, and a calculation device configured to calculate a dose for the imaging target for a case when an x-ray ct scan is performed under a desired setup scan condition, the dose calculated based on the estimated feature quantity and the correlative relationship between feature quantity and dose..
Enhanced defect scanning
One of the broader forms of the present disclosure involves a method of enhanced defect inspection. The method includes providing a substrate having defect particles and providing a fluid over the substrate and the defect particles, the fluid having a refractive index greater than air.
System for the improved imaging of eye structures
A system for the improved imaging of eye structures based on optical coherence tomography. The system includes an interferometric measuring arrangement, which has an optical element arranged in the measurement arm or reference arm for influencing the polarization state of the light before the light is interferometrically superimposed, a scanning unit arranged in the measurement arm for implementing oct scans, a detector for recording the produced interference pattern, and an evaluating and documenting unit.
Method of and system for displaying product related information at pos-based retail checkout systems
A bi-optical code symbol reading system including a system housing having a vertical housing section with a vertical window and a horizontal housing section with a horizontal window adjacent the vertical scanning window; and a digital video display subsystem, disposed within the vertical section of the system housing, and supporting the display of digital images in substantially the same plane as the vertical window during system operation. The digital images displayed by digital video display subsystem can be video images captured by an integrated digital imaging code symbol reading subsystem, to assist the operator in aligning code symbols during scanning operations.
Normalization of retinal nerve fiber layer thickness measurements made by time domain-optical coherence tomography
A scan location matching (slm) method identifies conventional time domain optical coherence tomography (td-oct) circle scan locations within three-dimensional spectral domain oct scan volumes. A technique uses both the slm algorithm and a mathematical retinal nerve fiber bundle distribution (rnfbd) model, which is a simplified version of the anatomical retinal axon bundle distribution pattern, to normalize td-oct thickness measurements for the retinal nerve fiber layer (rnfl) of an off-centered td-oct circle scan to a virtual location, centered on the optic nerve head.
Characterization of subterranean formation properties derived from quantitative x-ray ct scans of drill cuttings
A method and a system are provided to characterize subterranean formations, which includes extracting drill cuttings from a drilling fluid, and grouping the drill cuttings into a group of cuttings based on a time of arrival of the drill cuttings at the earth's surface, wherein these steps can be repeated at least once to provide a plurality of groups of drill cuttings that arrive sequentially at different recorded times that correspond to different downhole locations.. .
Display device and driving method thereof
In an organic light emitting diode display, a plurality of sub-pixels sharing a select scan line that extends in a row direction forms a unit pixel, and the plurality of sub-pixels are arranged in a column direction in the unit pixel. A field is divided into a plurality of subfields, and corresponding one of the plurality of sub-pixels emits light in each of the plurality of subfields..
Vertical imaging of an upright patient
A ct scanning system for patients is provided comprising a nonrotating x-ray source and detector array bracketing a turntable on which stands or sits the patient that is being imaged. As the patient rotates between the x-ray source and the detector array that move along the vertical axis in tandem for each angular position of the patient, imaging data is collected of the patient from multiple angles at multiple levels that are reconstructed to form computed tomographic images that cover the entire region of interest..
Non-contact scanning system
A non-contact scanning system for three dimensional non-contact scanning of a work piece is disclosed for use in various applications including reverse engineering, metrology, dimensional verification and inspection the scanning system includes a scanner carried by an arcuately configured gantry assembly and a fixture for carrying a work piece. The gantry assembly includes a fixed arcuately shaped gantry member and a telescopic arm that is movable in an arcuate direction relative to a rotary table that carries the object to be scanned.
Browsing support infrastructure with tiered malware support
A network browser has a malware detection manager for direct or indirect scanning of files during an upload or download processes for viruses, adware, spyware, etc. The malware detection manager defines and employs a quarantine bin, which is an isolated and secure memory space or directory for temporary placement of file packets during the file transmission while malware detection can commence.
In-line analyzer for wavelet based defect scanning
A method and system for providing simultaneous localization of defects in both the time and frequency domain. A high frequency repeating pattern is written on media, and the pattern is read to generate a readback signal, which is converted into adc samples.
Method for estimating effective atomic number and bulk density of rock samples using dual energy x-ray computed tomographic imaging
A method for estimating effective atomic number and bulk density of objects, such as rock samples or well cores, using x-ray computed tomographic imaging techniques is provided. The method effectively compensates for errors in the interpretation of ct scan data and produces bulk densities which have lower residual error compared to actual bulk densities and produces bulk density—effective atomic number trends which are consistent with physical observations..

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