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Method of finding a feature using a machine tool

Renishaw Plc

Method of finding a feature using a machine tool

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ct Scan-related patents
 Systems and methods for recommending a retail location patent thumbnailSystems and methods for recommending a retail location
A method and a system are disclosed for generating a recommendation of a retail location on a network-based system. For example, a system may obtain a retail location definition associated with a geographic location.
Ebay Inc.
 Method of finding a feature using a machine tool patent thumbnailMethod of finding a feature using a machine tool
A method of finding a feature of an object using an analogue probe mounted on a machine tool. The method includes the analogue probe and/or object following a course of motion which causes the analogue probe's surface sensing region to traverse across the feature to be found a plurality of times whilst approaching the feature over successive traverses so as to ultimately arrive in a position sensing relationship with the feature so as to collect scanned measurement data about the feature along at least part of a traverse..
Renishaw Plc
 Oct probe with bowing flexor patent thumbnailOct probe with bowing flexor
An oct probe includes a cannula and includes a selectively displaceable light-carrying optical fiber disposed within the cannula. The optical fiber may be arranged to emit light from a distal end thereof.
Novartis Ag
 Litho cluster and modulization to enhance productivity patent thumbnailLitho cluster and modulization to enhance productivity
The present disclosure relates to a lithographic tool arrangement for semiconductor workpiece processing. The lithographic tool arrangement groups lithographic tools into clusters, and selectively transfers a semiconductor workpiece between a plurality of lithographic tools of a first type in a first cluster to a plurality of lithographic tools of a second type in a second cluster.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
 Method and x-ray system for dual-energy spectra ct scanning and image reconstruction patent thumbnailMethod and x-ray system for dual-energy spectra ct scanning and image reconstruction
A method for dual-energy spectra ct scanning and image reconstruction of two tomographic image datasets from a higher-energy and a lower-energy x-ray energy spectrum is disclosed. In at least one embodiment, readings are taken with the different x-ray energy spectra during the scanning; the different x-ray energy spectra are also created at least by different acceleration voltages of the x-ray source; and the spatial distribution of the scanning x-rays per x-ray energy spectrum is undertaken randomly or pseudo-randomly (in the absence of a regular pattern).
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
 Illumination for optical scan and measurement patent thumbnailIllumination for optical scan and measurement
Optical scanning with an optical probe composed of an elongated cylinder of transparent material mounted upon an optical scanner body; one or more sources of scan illumination mounted in the probe distally or proximally with respect to the scanner body and projecting scan illumination longitudinally through the probe; a radially-reflecting optical element mounted in the probe having a conical mirror on a surface of the radially-reflecting optical element, the mirror oriented so as to project scan illumination radially away from a longitudinal axis of the probe with at least some of the scan illumination projected onto a scanned object; a lens mounted in the probe between the radially-reflecting optical element and the scanner body and disposed so as to conduct to an optical sensor scan illumination reflected from the scanned object.. .
United Sciences, Llc
 Method of measurement on a machine tool and corresponding machine tool apparatus patent thumbnailMethod of measurement on a machine tool and corresponding machine tool apparatus
A method of scanning an object using an analogue probe mounted on a machine tool, so as to collect scanned measurement data along a nominal measurement line on the surface of the object, the analogue probe having a preferred measurement range. The method includes controlling the analogue probe and/or object to perform a scanning operation in accordance with a course of relative motion, the course of relative motion being configured such that, based on assumed properties of the surface of the object, the analogue probe will be caused to obtain data within its preferred measuring range, as well as cause the analogue probe to go outside its preferred measuring range, along the nominal measurement line on the surface of the object..
Renishaw Plc
 Low noise transmission scan simultaneous with positron emission tomography patent thumbnailLow noise transmission scan simultaneous with positron emission tomography
A method and device is described for correcting pet images for the attenuation of effects of the tissues and periodic movements of the patient. The device provides gamma-rays for image registration along with the ct scan.
Prescient Imaging Llc
 Optical scanning and measurement patent thumbnailOptical scanning and measurement
Apparatus and methods for optical scanning, including an optical probe capable of motion for optical scanning with respect to both the interior and the exterior of a scanned object, the optical probe also including light conducting apparatus disposed so as to conduct scan illumination from a source of scan illumination through the probe; light reflecting apparatus disposed so as to project scan illumination radially away from a longitudinal axis of the probe with at least some of the scan illumination projected onto the scanned object; optical line forming apparatus disposed so as to project scan illumination as a line of scan illumination with at least some of the scan illumination projected onto the scanned object; and a lens disposed so as to conduct, through the probe to an optical sensor, scan illumination reflected from the scanned object.. .
United Sciences, Llc
 Sntf is a blood biomarker for the diagnosis and prognosis of sports-related concussion patent thumbnailSntf is a blood biomarker for the diagnosis and prognosis of sports-related concussion
The invention relates to methods for providing prognosis, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of a mild traumatic brain injury (mtbi) in a subject, including a sports-related concussion. The invention further relates to assessing the severity of brain damage resulting from mtbi in a subject, including in a subject who has not undergone a ct scan following the injury.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

3d machine vision scanning information extraction system

A 3d machine vision scanning system having a scanner head for obtaining raw scan data from a target object, an information extraction module that processes and reduces the raw scan data into target object information that is to be used for automated control decisions in an industrial process, and a communication interface for transmitting the target object scan information to a controller.. .
Hermary Opto Electronics Inc.

Reconstruction with partially known attenuation information in time of flight positron emission tomography

Reconstruction in positron emission tomography is performed with partially known attenuation. A pet-ct scanner is used to generate a pet image with time of flight emission information.
Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

Radiation image pick-up device and image processing method

Irrespective of the layout, moving path, and moving range of the x-ray source and the detector, a highly precise image is acquired, in a similar manner as an x-ray ct scanner that is capable of acquiring a measured image using a rotation angle of 180 degrees or more. A measured image detected by the detector is converted into a rotationally measured image that is acquired by rotationally moving the x-ray source and the detector along concentric circular paths.
Hitachi Medical Corporation

Method for calculating the final position of a dental implant to be implanted in a patient's mouth in a hole made with the aid of a surgical template

The method includes the steps of: a) providing a surgical template (10) having a bushing (12) positioned and orientated so as to define the axis of the hole, the bushing (12) being adapted to receive drill guide sleeves with which drills of progressively increasing diameter are to be guided for the making of the hole; b) performing a ct scan of the portion of the patient's cranium in which the hole is to be made, with the surgical template (10) positioned thereon; c) removing the surgical template (10) from the patient's mouth; d) performing a ct scan on the surgical template (10) only; and e) generating, from the ct scan obtained in steps b) and d), a three-dimensional model of the aforesaid portion of the patient's cranium, in which the surgical template (10), and therefore the axis of the aforesaid hole, are placed in the same position as that in which they were placed in step b).. .
Safe Surgery S.r.l.

Method for making orders without wired or wireless connection and without in person contact

An application for coding and decoding an order of product or service can be installed in a handheld device, such as a mobile phone or a tablet device, to help make an order with no need of talking with a clerk at the store. This application, after receiving the order, is able to convert the received order into a code, wherein the code may be a conventional bar code or a matrix bar code which is capable of storing more information.

Virtually designing a customized healing abutment

A method of virtually designing a customized healing abutment and a drill guide for a patient, where the method includes: obtaining a ct scan including at least part of the patient's jaw bone; virtually placing at least one implant relative to the jaw bone of the ct scan, such that a planned implant placement is defined; virtually designing: a drill guide for guiding the surgical drilling of a bore for the implant into the patient's jaw bone at the planned implant placement; and a customized healing abutment configured for shaping the soft tissue according to a target profile when arranged in the implant; where the design of the drill guide and of the customized healing abutment is at least partly based on the ct scan and on the planned implant placement.. .
3shape A/s

Three dimensional printed replicas of patient's anatomy for medical applications

A system and method of creating a 3-dimensional (3d) replica of a patient's anatomy. The method includes acquiring 3d echo images of the patient's anatomy using ultrasound waves, selecting a filter that reduces noise in the 3d echo images, selecting a segmentation algorithm to segment the filtered 3d echo images, selecting at least one additional segmentation algorithm to subsequently segment the segmented 3d echo images, creating a 3d digital model, and outputting the 3d digital model as the 3d replica of the patient's anatomy.
Children's National Medical Center

Communicating a headless onboardee device local wireless network scan to an onboarder device via a peer-to-peer protocol to assist an onboarding process

The disclosure relates to wireless communications. An aspect receives, by an onboarder device, a list of local wireless network scan results from an onboardee device, selects a local wireless network on the list of local wireless network scan results, and sends an indication of the selected local wireless network to the onboardee device, wherein the onboardee device attempts to connect to the selected local wireless network.
Qualcomm Connected Experiences, Inc.

Systems and methods for frameless image-guided biopsy and therapeutic intervention

A system and a method of performing a frameless image-guided biopsy uses imaging, a six-dimensional robotic couch system, a laser guidance system, an optical distance indicator, and a needle control apparatus. A planning ct scan is made of the patient with stereotactic fiduciary markers to localize and produce digitally reconstructed radiographs.
Voxel Rad, Ltd.

Method and registering image data between different types of image data to guide a medical procedure

A method and apparatus are provided for registering image data between two different types of image data. The image data is obtained during two separate scanning processes.

Computed tomography (ct) - high intensity focused ultrasound (hifu) system and/or method

A system (100) includes a ct scanner (101) with a radiation source (108) that emits radiation the traverses an examination region (112), a radiation sensitive detector array (110), located opposite the source across the examination region, which detects radiation traversing the examination region and a portion of a subject therein and generates a signal indicative thereof, and a subject support (114) that positions the subject in the examination. A hifu apparatus (124) includes an ultrasound probe (126).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Browsing support infrastructure with tiered malware support

A network browser has a malware detection manager for direct or indirect scanning of files during an upload or download processes for viruses, adware, spyware, etc. The malware detection manager defines and employs a quarantine bin, which is an isolated and secure memory space or directory for temporary placement of file packets during the file transmission while malware detection can commence.
Enpulz, L.l.c.

Quantitative phantomless calibration of computed tomography scans

An apparatus, method, and computer program product for calibrating a ct scan without the use of an external calibration phantom, to enable quantitative assessment of internal body tissues and organs and additionally for any application that would benefit from a calibration of the scan attenuation data, such as viewing ct images in a consistent fashion. Embodiments are described with applications to quantitative assessment of bone density in the spine and hip, mineral content in blood vessels, hepatic-fat content in the liver, and gray-to-white matter ratio in the brain.
O.n.diagnostics, Llc

Mitigation of radiation leakage via entry port and/or exit port of radiation system

Among other things, an object scanner, such as an x-ray system, is provided, where the object scanner is configured to translate an object undergoing an examination along a non-linear path. For example, in some embodiments, an examination region of the object scanner is spatially offset, relative to an entry port and/or an exit port of the object scanner, such that there is little to no line of sight through the object scanner, from the entry port to the exit port.
Analogic Corporation

Method and apparatus that automates tube current and voltage selection for ct scans

A ct scanner and method of operating the ct scanner enables customized automated selection of tube current and peak tube voltage for a ct scan. The ct scanner receives data, each datum of which corresponds to a reference image quality (noise level at a certain tube voltage) for patient water equivalent diameter (“wed”) body size.
Indiana University Research & Technology Corporation

Method for 3d mineral mapping of a rock sample

The method for 3d mineral mapping of a rock sample comprises the steps of defining a total mineral content of a sample and calculating x-ray attenuation coefficients for the defined minerals. X-ray micro/nanoct scanning of the sample is performed and its three-dimensional microstructure image in gray scale is obtained.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Electronic ophthalmoscope for selective retinal photodisruption of the photoreceptor mosaic

An electronic slo/oct ophthalmoscope is equipped with a femtosecond (fs) laser for intra- or preretinal therapeutic use in the posterior segment of the eye. In one application the retina photoreceptor mosaic or bruch's membrane is disrupted in such pattern that minimizes loss of visual functioning but reduces metabolic load of the outer retina.

Ct imaging methods and systems

Disclosed is a ct imaging method and system. The method includes: ct scanning an object with a dual-energy ct system to obtain a first complete set of projection data in a first scan mode, and to obtain a second incomplete set of projection data in a second scan mode; reconstructing a first attenuation coefficient image of the object from the first set of projection data, and extracting, from the first attenuation coefficient image, prior structure information of the object indicating edge intensity; and reconstructing a second attenuation coefficient image of the object from the second incomplete set of projection data using the extracted prior structure information as a constraint.
Nuctech Company Limited

Interactive and automatic 3-d object scanning the purpose of database creation

Systems, methods, and devices are described for capturing compact representations of three-dimensional objects suitable for offline object detection, and storing the compact representations as object representation in a database. One embodiment may include capturing frames of a scene, identifying points of interest from different key frames of the scene, using the points of interest to create associated three-dimensional key points, and storing key points associated with the object as an object representation in an object detection database..

Xerostomia markers

Certain embodiments of the present invention provide methods of determining an efficacy of a xerostomia treatment in a mammalian subject (e.g., a human) that include the steps of comparing a first thickness of a site in the subject that comprised of sub-epithelial oral mucosa to a second thickness of the site; and thereby determining that: the xerostomia treatment is efficacious because the second thickness is greater than the first thickness; or the xerostomia treatment is not efficacious because the first thickness is greater than or equal to the second thickness. In such methods, assaying the first thickness comprises analyzing a first oct scan of the site that was conducted at a time close to the subject starting the xerostomia treatment, and assaying the second thickness comprises analyzing a second oct scan of the site that was conducted at a time close to the subject completing the xerostomia treatment..

Scanning optical system, optical scanning apparatus, and radiation image readout apparatus

Wherein f is the focal length of the entire fθ lens, and f3 is the focal length of the third lens. Thereby, a compact scanning optical system capable of achieving a sufficiently small beam diameter on a scanning target surface is obtained..

System and creating and sharing product ensembles with an electronic pin board wall

A method and system for creating and sharing product ensembles between a portable computing device (“pcd”) and a pin board wall includes receiving product scan data for a product and displaying a visual representation of the product on a display of a pcd as part of a product ensemble. A product ensemble includes two or more products grouped together.

Multispot monitoring for use in optical coherence tomography

Optical coherence tomography (herein “oct”) based analyte monitoring systems are disclosed. In one aspect, techniques are disclosed that can identify fluid flow in vivo (e.g., blood flow), which can act as a metric for gauging the extent of blood perfusion in tissue.

System and determining an orientation of reservoir geobodies from unoriented conventional cores

A system and method for determining an orientation of a reservoir feature from an unoriented core. The method includes selecting an arbitrary inclined plane in a longitudinal or transverse cross sectional ct scan image of the unoriented core; flattening the inclined plane by realigning all voxels within a volume of the unoriented core so as to obtain a horizontal plane in a realigned core; selecting a transverse cross sectional ct scan image of the realigned core where a desired feature is present; determining a correcting angle to be added to an angle of a flat-bed contact plane of the realigned core relative to a reference mark in the realigned core to obtain a correct inclination angle relative to compass map coordinates; determining a first angle between a direction perpendicular to the feature relative to the reference mark; and determining a second angle by adding the correcting angle to the first angle..

X-ray ct device and correcting scattered x-rays

It is an object to prevent a poor x-ray ct image due to scattered x-rays. An x-ray ct scanner (100) uses an x-ray detector (4), etc., to scan (f1) an object (3) to obtain x-ray transmission image data, and estimate (f3) an x-ray absorption coefficient distribution inside the object (3) based on the scanned x-ray transmission image data.

Portable connector for securing portable medical devices

The invention relates to a portable vacuum connector device 100. The connector device can be attached to various surfaces such as surfaces of ct scanner or other medical equipment by means of vacuum cups or connectors 102.

Cone beam ct scanning

A cbct system is described that includes a radiation source for emitting a cone beam of radiation in a beam direction towards an object, a detector for detecting the cone beam of radiation, and a positioner for moving the radiation source and the object according to a scanning trajectory. The system is operated according to a sampling pattern that includes intersections of the scanning trajectory and a reconstruction trajectory, wherein motion of the radiation source is substantially confined to a spherical shell.

Scintillator crystal body, manufacturing the same, and radiation detector

In a scintillator used for radiation detection, such as an x-ray ct scanner, a scintillation crystal body having a unidirectional phase separation structure is provided which has a light guide function for crosstalk prevention without using partitions. The phase separation structure includes a first crystal phase and a second crystal phase having a refractive index larger than that of the first crystal phase and which have a first principal surface and a second principal surface, these principal surfaces being not located on the same plane, the first principal surface and the second principal surface have portions to which the second crystal phase is exposed, and a portion of the second crystal phase exposed to the first principal surface and a portion of the second crystal phase exposed to the second principal surface are connected to each other..

Ecg electrode connector

Disclosed is an ecg electrode lead wire connector which provides improved electrical and mechanical coupling of the ecg electrode press stud to the lead wire and is suitable for use during imaging procedures such as, without limitation, ct scans or mri. The connector assembly includes a housing having.

System and making a context-sensitive donation

A mobile device application includes computer-executable instructions configured to determine a donation context, and to select from among a plurality of non-profit organizations (npos) or charitable campaigns for receiving a donation from a user of the mobile device. In one embodiment, a machine-readable symbol decoder configured to extract scan-to-give data from a scanned scan-to-give symbol.

Radiolucent ecg electrode system

Disclosed is an ecg electrode lead system suitable for use during imaging procedures such as, without limitation, ct scans or mri and methods of use. In embodiments, the system includes an ecg electrode connector formed from radiolucent materials to enhance performance during imaging procedures by reducing or eliminating shadows on imaging media.

Adaptive ct scanning system

Apparatus, systems, and methods that provide an x-ray interrogation system having a plurality of stationary x-ray point sources arranged to substantially encircle an area or space to be interrogated. A plurality of stationary detectors are arranged to substantially encircle the area or space to be interrogated, a controller is adapted to control the stationary x-ray point sources to emit x-rays one at a time, and to control the stationary detectors to detect the x-rays emitted by the stationary x-ray point sources..

Specular object scanner for measuring reflectance properties of objects

An apparatus to measure surface orientation maps of an object may include a light source that is configured to illuminate the object with a controllable field of illumination. One or more cameras may be configured to capture at least one image of the object.

Systems and methods for improved acquisition of ophthalmic optical coherence tomography data

Systems and methods for improved acquisition of ophthalmic optical coherence tomography data are presented, allowing for enhanced ease of use and higher quality data and analysis functionality. Embodiments include automated triggering for detecting and initiating collection of oct ophthalmic data, an automated technique for determining the optimal number of b-scans to be collected to create the highest quality image and optimize speckle reduction, automated review of fundus images collected with an adjunct imaging modality to guide the oct data collection, a single scan protocol in which a large field of view is collected with hd b-scans embedded at different locations depending on automated analysis of either a fundus image or sparse oct scan, and various scan configurations for imaging eyes with large axial depth range..

Methods for evaluating regional cardiac function and dyssynchrony from a dynamic imaging modality using endocardial motion

An embodiment in accordance with the present invention provides a method and system for evaluating regional cardiac function and dyssynchrony from an imaging modality using the motion of endocardial features of the heart. In the method and system, an imaging modality such as a ct scanner is used to obtain an image sequence that is then processed using a computer program.

Defect inspection for same

In defect scanning carried out in a process of manufacturing a semiconductor or the like, a light detection optical system comprising a plurality of photosensors is used for detecting scattered light reflected from a sample. The photosensors used for detecting the quantity of weak background scattered light include a photon counting type photosensor having few pixels whereas the photosensors used for detecting the quantity of strong background scattered light include a photon counting type photosensor having many pixels or an analog photosensor.

Bony balancing total knee replacement

Total knee replacement surgery is improved through custom cuts on the distal femur without resorting to expensive computer navigation. The method involves measurements on plain radiographs or ct scans prior to surgery, the amount of bone that would be resected on each knee, medially and laterally on the distal femur.

X-ray ct scanning and dual-source ct system

A method is disclosed for x-ray ct scanning with a dual-source system, in which two radiation bundles are each delimited by diaphragms such that these radiation bundles are free of mutual points of intersection at least in the examination object. An embodiment of the invention also relates to a dual source ct system, including a controller configured to control radiation-delimiting diaphragms, which delimit and align the radiation bundles such that these run free of mutual points of intersection at least in the examination object..

Method of motion correction in optical coherence tomography imaging

An image data set acquired by an optical coherence tomography (oct) system is corrected for effects due to motion of the sample. A first set of a-scans is acquired within a time short enough to avoid any significant motion of the sample.

Computed tomography calibration systems and methods

According to certain embodiments of the invention, computer hardware and software can perform single or dual-energy decomposition calculations and predict ct values for either single-energy or dual energy ct from basis material decomposition estimates derived using theoretical models. Using that information, the computer hardware and software can (among other things) present one dimensional information from a ct scanner, such as representative pixel value, in two dimensions, such as a line in two dimensional basis material space..

Real time object scanning using a mobile phone and cloud-based visual search engine

A system for tagging an object comprises and interface and a processor. The interface is configured to receive an image.

Multiple image generation from a single patient scan

Methods and systems for generating images. One system includes a processor.

Method for simulating thoracic 4dct

Four-dimensional (4d) computed tomography (ct) is simulated by first generating a surface mesh from a single thoracic ct scan. Tetrahedralization is applied to the surface mesh to obtain a first volume mesh.

Residual activity correction at reconstruction

In a method for correcting for residual activity due to an earlier tracer in a later pet or spect scan image at reconstruction, thereby generating a residual-corrected later image the residual activity is estimated by detecting the time of an introduction of a tracer for the later pet or spect scan; and separating the residual activity from the true counts during iterative reconstruction of the pet or spect scan image.. .

Automatic volumetric image inspection

Systems and methods for inspecting data generated during a scan of an object. One system includes a processor.

System and managing transactions with a portable computing device

A method and system include verifying credentials for gaming access to a transactional controller with the portable computing device. The transactional controller may receive a merchant identifier corresponding to a merchant and then it may compare the merchant identifier against loyalty account data stored in a database.

Attenuation-based optic neuropathy detection with three-dimensional optical coherence tomography

Optical coherence tomography (oct) scan data of a subject is acquired over a region of interest which can include an optic disc or a macula of a retina. Layer boundaries of retinal layers are identified in the oct scan data to facilitate measurements.

Ct scanning system and a receiving and transmitting raw data therein

A method of transmitting raw data by a data acquisition system in a ct scanning system, wherein the ct scanning system comprises a rotational part of a gantry with at least one raw data backup memory, and wherein the data acquisition system is configured to adopt the at least one backup memory for storing a backup of the raw data. The method comprising: generating the raw data as scanned; storing generated raw data in the at least one backup memory; transmitting the raw data to an operation console in the ct scanning system; and repeating generating, storing, and transmitting of the raw data in the case of an unfinished scan, until the unfinished scan is finished..

Geometry calibration algorithm for large flat module detector ct scanner

A method for geometric calibration of a ct scanner, including, for each row of at least one row of detector cells, establishing a complete geometric description of the ct scanner, including at least one unknown geometric parameter, establishing a description of a forward projection function using the complete geometric description, acquiring actual projection coordinates of a calibration phantom placed in a scanning field of view (sfov) on a current row of detector cells and corresponding to a plurality of angles, acquiring calculated projection coordinates of the calibration phantom on the current row of detector cells and corresponding to the plurality of angles using the description of the forward projection function, and acquiring a calibrated value for the at least one unknown geometric parameter by evaluating the at least one unknown geometric parameter based on the acquired actual projection coordinates and calculated projection coordinates via a nonlinear least square fitting algorithm.. .

Method and data conversion in an unequal gamma angle ct system

A method and apparatus for data conversion in an unequal γ angle ct system. The method for imaging in a ct system having a flat module detector array includes obtaining fan beam projection data of an object from a ct scan, obtaining a geometric structure parameter of the flat module detector array; rebinning data from the fan beam projectiondata to parallel beam projection data based on the geometric structure parameter to convert the fan beam projection data into the parallel beam projection data, and generating a ct image from the parallel beam projection data..

Camera time out feature for customer product scanning device

A computer-implemented process for a customer to scan items for purchase and proceed to a rapid checkout can be operated within a processor of a portable computerized device. The process includes monitoring a scan of an item to be purchased, the scan comprising an image captured by a camera device of the portable computerized device, commanding deactivation of the camera device after execution of the scan, monitoring an indication by a user of the portable computerized device that an item is to be scanned, and commanding activation of the camera device based upon the monitored activation..

Excised specimen imaging using a combined pet and micro ct scanner

Embodiments of the present invention provide methods and apparatus for imaging a tissue specimen excised during surgery with a combined positron emission tomography (pet) and micro computed tomography (micro ct) scanner. The specimen is scanned with a ct imaging system of the combined pet and micro ct scanner.

Cutting decision-making donated tissues

A system and method for cut decision-making to increase tissue yield includes a three-dimensional scanner configured to collect scan data of a tissue sample. A computer system includes a processor and memory and is configured to receive the scan data to generate a digital model of the tissue sample.

Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (cmos) x-ray detector with a repaired cmos pixel array

A digital x-ray detector includes a scintillator that is configured to absorb radiation emitted from an x-ray radiation source and to emit light photons in response to the absorbed radiation. The detector also includes a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (cmos) light imager that is configured to absorb the light photons emitted by the scintillator.

Direct scan access jtag

The present disclosure describes novel methods and apparatuses for directly accessing jtag tap domains that exist in a scan path of many serially connected jtag tap domains. Direct scan access to a selected tap domain by a jtag controller is achieved using auxiliary digital or analog terminals associated with the tap domain and connected to the jtag controller.

Cone-beam ct scanning

Combined systems that rely on a single source able to switch between therapeutic emissions and diagnostic emissions for a cone-beam ct scanner can be improved by rotating the collimator during ct scanning to allow a wider maximum aperture. The detector can also be positioned in an offset manner so as to take best advantage of this aperture.

Three dimensional mapping display system for diagnostic ultrasound machines and method

An apparatus, system, and method where the ultrasound transducer position registration is automated, calculates the position of each pixel in the ultrasound image in reference to the predetermined anatomical reference points (ar) and can store the information on demand. The graphic interface associated with the ultrasound image allows for the instant display of selected targets position coordinates relative to anatomical reference points, in the ultrasound images.

Optic neuropathy detection with three-dimensional optical coherence tomography

Based on optical coherence tomography (oct) imaging of a portion of an eye, a mask of an anatomical feature is derived. Using the mask as a reference, a scan path is determined that is at least partially fitted to and/or partially enclosing the mask.

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