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Crystallin patents


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 Metal gradient-doped cathode material for lithium batteries and its production method patent thumbnailMetal gradient-doped cathode material for lithium batteries and its production method
Disclosed is a metal gradient-doped cathode material for lithium ion batteries including a hexagonal-crystalline material body and a modifying metal. The metal gradient-doped cathode material is formed by coating modifying metal hydroxide on the surface of the hexagonal-crystalline material using a chemical co-precipitation method, then sintering the modifying metal hydroxide coated hexagonal-crystalline material.
Fu Jen Catholic University

 Polycrystalline gallium-nitride self-supporting substrate and light-emitting element using same patent thumbnailPolycrystalline gallium-nitride self-supporting substrate and light-emitting element using same
Provided is a self-supporting polycrystalline gan substrate composed of gan-based single crystal grains having a specific crystal orientation in a direction approximately normal to the substrate. The crystal orientations of individual gan-based single crystal grains as determined from inverse pole figure mapping by ebsd analysis on the substrate surface are distributed with tilt angles from the specific crystal orientation, the average tilt angle being 1 to 10°.
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

 Bandgap grading of czts solar cell patent thumbnailBandgap grading of czts solar cell
A method for fabricating a photovoltaic device includes forming a polycrystalline absorber layer including cu—zn—sn—s(se) (cztsse) over a substrate. The absorber layer is rapid thermal annealed in a sealed chamber having elemental sulfur within the chamber.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Photovoltaics on silicon patent thumbnailPhotovoltaics on silicon
Structures including crystalline material disposed in openings defined in a non-crystalline mask layer disposed over a substrate. A photovoltaic cell may be disposed above the crystalline material..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

 Semiconductor device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device
A semiconductor device having a structure which can prevent a decrease in electrical characteristics due to miniaturization is provided. The semiconductor device includes, over an insulating surface, a stack in which a first oxide semiconductor layer and a second oxide semiconductor layer are sequentially formed, and a third oxide semiconductor layer covering part of a surface of the stack.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

 Semiconductor device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device
According to one embodiment, a semiconductor device includes first to third semiconductor regions and first to third conductors. The second semiconductor region is separated from the first semiconductor region in a first direction.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 Vertical field effect transistor with biaxial stressor layer patent thumbnailVertical field effect transistor with biaxial stressor layer
A vertical field effect device includes a substrate and a vertical channel including inxga1-xas on the substrate. The vertical channel includes a pillar that extends from the substrate and includes opposing vertical surfaces.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Sintered oxide, sputtering target, and oxide semiconductor thin film obtained using sputtering target patent thumbnailSintered oxide, sputtering target, and oxide semiconductor thin film obtained using sputtering target
An oxide sintered body which, when made into an oxide semiconductor thin film by sputtering, can achieve low carrier density and high carrier mobility, and a sputtering target using said oxide sintered body are provided. This oxide sintered body contains indium and gallium as oxides, contains nitrogen, and does not contain zinc.
Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.

 Dual-material mandrel for epitaxial crystal growth on silicon patent thumbnailDual-material mandrel for epitaxial crystal growth on silicon
In one example, a method for fabricating a semiconductor device includes etching a layer of silicon to form a plurality of fins and growing layers of a semiconductor material directly on sidewalls of the plurality of fins, wherein the semiconductor material and surfaces of the sidewalls have different crystalline properties.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device patent thumbnailMethod for manufacturing semiconductor device
A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device includes: forming a first major electrode on a first major surface of a semiconductor substrate; forming a second major electrode on a second major surface of the semiconductor substrate opposite to the first major surface; carrying out a surface activating treatment to activate surfaces of the first and second major electrodes; carrying out a surface cleaning treatment to clean up the surfaces of the first and second major electrodes; and after the surface activating treatment and the surface cleaning treatment, simultaneously forming first and second ni films on the first and second major electrodes respectively by a wet film forming method, wherein a ratio of crystalline ni contained in the first and second ni films is 2% or more.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Composition and making picocrystalline artificial borane atoms

Materials containing picocrystalline quantum dots that form artificial atoms are disclosed. The picocrystalline quantum dots (in the form of boron icosahedra with a nearly-symmetrical nuclear configuration) can replace corner silicon atoms in a structure that demonstrates both short range and long-range order as determined by x-ray diffraction of actual samples.
Seminuclear, Inc.

Device for evaluating crystallinity and evaluating crystallinity

A device for evaluating crystallinity includes a substrate holder configured to fix a polycrystalline silicon substrate thereon, a light source disposed below the substrate holder, a circular polarizing plate disposed above the polycrystalline silicon substrate, and a camera disposed above the circular polarizing plate and configured to capture an image transmitted through the circular polarizing plate.. .
Samsung Display Co. Ltd.

Tunable thermostatic materials and methods for preparation and use

Thermostatic heating or cooling materials and method for making and using the materials are disclosed. The thermostatic materials may be usable as packaging material and may include a mixture of at least two materials which exhibit a liquid crystalline (lc) phase, or mesophase.
Empire Technology Development Llc

Ti-si-c-n piston ring coatings

A ti—si—c—n coating for a piston ring and a method forming such coating, wherein the deposited coating exhibits a thickness in the range of 10.0 micrometers to 20.0 micrometers and exhibits a coefficient of friction of less than 0.15 and a wear rate of less than 10×10−6 mm3/n/m. The coefficient of friction being measured on a plint te77 and the wear rate being measured against an alumina ball of 0.25 inches in diameter at a load of 1 n at 100 rpm in a dry environment.
Southwest Research Institute

Methods of reducing stress in cutting elements for earth-boring tools and resulting cutting elements

Cutting elements for earth-boring tools may include a superhard, polycrystalline material and a substrate adjacent to and secured to the superhard, polycrystalline material at an interface. The substrate may include a first region exhibiting a first coefficient of thermal expansion and a second region exhibiting a second, different coefficient of thermal expansion.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Percussion drill bit with at least one wear insert, related systems, and methods

Various drill bits, drilling systems and related methods are provided. In one embodiment, a drill bit comprises a bit body having a face and a shank, at least one insert having a convex engagement surface coupled with the face and at least one wear insert coupled with the shank.
Dover Bmcs Acquisition Corp.

Method for preparing polycrystalline silicon ingot

Disclosed is a method for preparing polycrystalline silicon ingot. The preparation method comprises: randomly laying seed crystals with unlimited crystal orientation at the bottom of crucible to form a layer of seed crystals and obtaining disordered crystalline orientations; providing molten silicon above the layer of seed crystals, controlling the temperature at the bottom of the crucible, making the layer of seed crystals not completely melted; controlling the temperature inside the crucible, making the molten silicon growing above the seed crystals, the molten silicon inheriting the structure of the seed crystals, then obtaining polycrystalline silicon ingot.
Jiang Xi Sai Wei Ldk Solar Hi-tech Co., Ltd.

Laser-assisted atomic layer deposition of 2d metal chalcogenide films

Methods of forming 2d metal chalcogenide films using laser-assisted atomic layer deposition are disclosed. A direct-growth method includes: adhering a layer of metal-bearing molecules to the surface of a heated substrate; then reacting the layer of metal-bearing molecules with a chalcogenide-bearing radicalized precursor gas delivered using a plasma to form an amorphous 2d film of the metal chalcogenide; then laser annealing the amorphous 2d film to form a crystalline 2d film of the metal chalcogenide, which can have the form mx or mx2, where m is a metal and x is the chalcogenide.
Ultratech, Inc.

Radiating fin formed of aluminum alloy and producing the same

An aluminum alloy has high thermal conductivity without requiring an addition of metal elements such as iron and a method for producing the aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy is obtained from a semi-solid material with a chemical composition containing 2 to 6 wt % of silicon (si) and 0.7 wt % or less of magnesium (mg), with the balance being aluminum (al) and unavoidable impurities.
Asanuma Giken Co., Ltd.

Bacteria and enzymes produced therefrom and methods of using same

A bacteria referred to here as bacillus subtilis 6a-1 is provided, compositions thereof and processes for use of the bacteria, spores, cells, extracts and enzymes. The compositions which comprise the bacteria, spores, cells, extracts and/or enzymes are capable of degrading polysaccharides.
Agri-king, Inc.

Liquid crystalline medium

The present invention relates to a liquid-crystalline medium based on a mixture of polar compounds having negative dielectric anisotropy (Δ∈), which is distinguished by the fact that it has a value for the ratio γ1/Δn2 in the range 6-45 with a clearing point of >60° c. And a Δ∈ of ≦−2.3.
Merck Patent Gmbh

Method for impregnating natural fibres with a polymer in aqueous dipersion and use of said fibres in composite materials

A method for impregnating strands or strips of natural fibres, using the following successive steps: i) the impregnation of the strands or strips by immersion in a bath containing a fine aqueous polymer dispersion; followed by ii) the drying of the strands or strips using a heating system, with the progressive elimination of the water and the gradual melting of the polymer, and the coating of the strands or strips and the molten polymer incorporated into the core of the strands or strips as a binder between the fibres; iii) optionally, the forming of the treated strands or strips into their final shape; and iv) the cooling of the treated strands or strips. The aqueous polymer dispersion comprises at least one semi-crystalline or amorphous polymer and, in the case of an amorphous polymer, has a tg varying between 50° c.
Dehondt Technologies

Use of a fine aqueous polymer dipersion for the impregnation of natural fibres

The use of an aqueous polymer dispersion including at least one amorphous polymer having a tg varying between 55° c. And 175° c.

Multiblock copolymer, rubber composition, and tire

A multiblock copolymer, obtainable by copolymerization of a conjugated diene compound and a non-conjugated olefin, is characterized in that: a structure of the multiblock copolymer includes a-(b-a)x and/or b-(a-b)x, wherein “a” represents a block portion constituted of monomer units of a non-conjugated olefin, “b” represents a block portion constituted of monomer units of a conjugated diene compound, and “x” represents an integer ≧1; content of the non-conjugated olefin portion is 50 mol %; 0 mol % <crystal content of the non-conjugated olefin portion 20 mol %; and 0% <degree of crystallinity of the non-conjugated olefin portion 40%. Vulcanized rubber having high fracture resistance and high crack resistance (thus a rubber composition and a tire each using the vulcanized rubber and having such excellent physical properties) can be manufactured from the multiblock polymer..
Bridgestone Corporation

Atactic polypropylene comb block polyolefins useful as modifiers in polyolefins and hydrocarbons

An atactic polypropylene comb-block polyolefin comprising two blocks including a polyolefin backbone and atactic polypropylene combs pendant to the backbone having a weight average molecular weight of at least 8000 g/mole and a crystallinity of less than 20%, where the atactic polypropylene comb-block polyolefin has comb number of at least 2. The atactic polypropylene comb-block polyolefin is made by contacting at a temperature within a range from 20 to 70° c.
Exxonmobil Chemical Patents Inc.

Crystal forms of sialic acid or salt or solvate thereof

The present invention includes crystalline forms of n-acetylneuraminic acid (neuac) and crystalline forms of salts and/or solvates of n-acetylneuraminic acid (neuac). Furthermore, the present invention provides compositions comprising these crystalline forms and therapeutic use of the crystalline forms..
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc.

Crystalline form of 6-[(4r)-4-methyl-1,2-dioxido-1,2,6-thiadiazinan-2-yl]isoquinoline-1-carbonitrile

This invention relates to a novel crystalline form of 6-[(4r)-4-methyl-1,1-dioxido-1,2,6-thiadiazinan-2-yl]isoquinoline-1-carbonitrile which is useful as a selective androgen receptor modulator (sarm), and to compositions thereof and suitable processes for the preparation thereof.. .
Pfizer Inc.

Salt and crystalline forms thereof of a drug

A crystalline form of a drug, ways to make it, compositions containing it and methods of treatment of diseases and inhibition of adverse physiological events using it are disclosed.. .
Abbvie Inc.

Method for producing polycrystalline silicon rod, polycrystalline silicon rod, and polycrystalline silicon mass

A polycrystalline silicon rod is synthesized by the siemens method (s101). After the polycrystalline silicon rod is covered from above with a plastic bag whose inner surface has been washed, and housed in the plastic bag in a reactor (s103), the polycrystalline silicon rod is removed out of the reactor (s104), and heat-sealed and stored in an enclosed state (s105).
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Multilayered polyolefin films, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same

Disclosed herein is a multilayer film comprising two outer layers; where each outer layer comprises polyethylene; two tie layers; where each tie layer comprises a crystalline block composite; where each tie layer has a first face and a second face that are opposed to each other, and where the first face of each tie layer contacts at least one outer layer; and a core layer; where the core layer comprises a polypropylene; where the second face of each tie layer contacts the core layer. Disclosed herein is a method that includes coextruding the aforementioned multilayered film..
Dow Global Technologies Llc

Positive relief forming of polycrystalline diamond structures and resulting cutting tools

Embodiments of the invention relate to methods of making articles having portions of polycrystalline diamond bonded to a surface of a substrate and polycrystalline diamond compacts made using the same. In an embodiment, a molding technique is disclosed for forming cutting tools comprising polycrystalline diamond portions bonded to the outer surface of a substrate..
Us Synthetic Corporation

Methods and systems for removing interstitial material from superabrasive materials of cutting elements using energy beams

A method of forming a cutting element for an earth-boring tool may include directing at least one energy beam at a surface of a volume of polycrystalline superabrasive material including interstitial material disposed in regions between inter-bonded grains of polycrystalline superabrasive material. The method includes ablating the interstitial material with the at least one energy beam such that at least a portion of the interstitial material is removed from a first region of the volume of polycrystalline superabrasive material without any substantial degradation of the inter-bonded grains of superabrasive material or of bonds thereof in the first region..
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Crystalline coating and release of bioactive agents

Articles-of-manufacturing comprising an object having a surface and at least a first layer of a first therapeutically active agent being deposited onto at least a continuous portion of the surface, wherein at least 50 weight percents of the first layer is the first therapeutically active agent in a crystalline form are disclosed. Methods utilizing such articles-of-manufacturing for treating medical conditions are also disclosed.
Yissum Research Development Company Of The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem Ltd.

Pharmaceutical formulations containing rifaximin, processes for their obtainment and treating intestinal disease

Disclosed herein are methods of treating a patient having an intestinal disorder, the methods comprising: administering to a patient in need thereof a pharmaceutical composition comprising a hydrate or solvate form of rifaximin in polymorphic form β, alone or in a mixture with other crystalline, hydrate, solvate or amorphous forms of rifaximin, in gastroresistant microgranules, wherein the rifaximin is administered at a dose of at least 800 mg per day for a period of at least 7 days.. .
Alfa Wassermann S.p.a.

Photovoltaic power generation systems and methods regarding same

A solid fuel power source that provides at least one of electrical and thermal power comprising (i) at least one reaction, cell for the catalysis of atomic hydrogen to form hydrinos, (ii) a chemical fuel mixture comprising at least two components chosen from: a source of h2o catalyst or h2o catalyst; a source of atomic hydrogen or atomic hydrogen; reactants to form the source of h2o catalyst or h2o catalyst and a source of atomic hydrogen or atomic hydrogen; one or more reactants to initiate the catalysis of atomic hydrogen; and a material to cause the fuel to be highly conductive, (iii) at least one set of electrodes that confine the fuel and an electrical power source that provides a short burst of low-voltage, high-current electrical energy to initiate rapid kinetics of the hydrino reaction and an energy gain due to forming hydrinos, (iv) a product recovery systems such as a vapor condenser, (v) a reloading system, (vi) at least one of hydration, thermal, chemical, and electrochemical systems to regenerate the fuel from the reaction products, (vii) a heat sink that accepts the heat from the power-producing reactions, (viii) a photovoltaic power converter comprising at least one of a concentrated solar power device, and at least one triple-junction photovoltaic cell, monocrystalline cell, polycrystalline cell, amorphous cell, string/ribbon silicon cell, multi-junction cell, homojunction cell, heterojunction cell, p-i-n device, thin-film cells, dye-sensitized cell, and an organic photovoltaic cell, and an antireflection coating, an optical impedance matching coating, and a protective coating.. .
Brilliant Light Power, Inc.

Method for manufacturing porous film, porous film, and electro-chemical battery and separator including the porous film

A method for manufacturing a porous film includes extrusion-molding a composition including a crystalline resin capable of forming a lamella and a pore-forming particle to manufacture a precursor film, annealing the precursor film at a temperature of tm−80° c. To tm−3° c., and first drawing the annealed film at a temperature of about 0° c.
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

Texturing monocrystalline silicon substrates

A method for preparing a monocrystalline silicon substrate surface for a subsequent texturing step, the method comprising: removing contaminants from the surface by contacting the surface with a cleaning solution; etching the pre-cleaned surface with an aqueous solution comprising from 12 to 19% by weight, of koh and/or naoh; rinsing the etched surface with an aqueous medium at ph from 7 to 10; and contacting the rinsed etched surface with ozonated deionized water at ph from 2 to 4.5, thereby converting the rinsed etched surface into a prepared surface. A method for texturing the prepared surface is also provided..
Imec Vzw

Methods and uniformly and high-rate depositing low resistivity microcrystalline silicon films for display devices

The present disclosure generally relates to an improved method for forming low resistivity crystalline silicon films for display devices. The processing chamber in which the low resistivity crystalline silicon film is formed is pressurized to a predetermined pressure and a radio frequency power at a predetermined power level is delivered to the processing chamber.
Applied Materials, Inc.

Photocathode including silicon substrate with boron layer

A photocathode is formed on a monocrystalline silicon substrate having opposing illuminated (top) and output (bottom) surfaces. To prevent oxidation of the silicon, a thin (e.g., 1-5 nm) boron layer is disposed directly on the output surface using a process that minimizes oxidation and defects.
Kla-tencor Corporation

Mirror including polycrystalline diamond body for use with a motor, scanning systems including the same, and related methods

Mirrors for a deflection unit in a scanning system, scanning systems using such mirrors, and methods of manufacturing such mirrors are disclosed. In an embodiment, a mirror for a deflection unit in a laser system includes a sintered polycrystalline diamond body including a plurality of randomly oriented diamond grains defining a plurality of interstitial regions.
Us Synthetic Corporation

Superhard constructions and methods of making same

A superhard polycrystalline construction comprises a body of polycrystalline superhard material formed of a mass of superhard grains exhibiting inter-granular bonding and defining a plurality of interstitial regions therebetween, the superhard grains having an associated mean free path; and a non-superhard phase at least partially filling a plurality of the interstitial regions and having an associated mean free path. The average grain size of the superhard grains is less than or equal to 25 microns; and the ratio of the standard deviation in the mean free path associated with the non-superhard phase to the mean of the mean free path associated with the non-superhard phase is greater than or equal to 80% when measured using image analysis techniques at a magnification of 1000.
Element Six Abrasives S.a.

Polycrystalline diamond compacts, methods of forming same, and earth-boring tools

A method of forming a polycrystalline diamond compact comprises providing metallized diamond particles including diamond particles including nanograins of a sweep catalyst secured thereto, the sweep catalyst comprising at least one of tungsten and tungsten carbide and constituting between about 0.01 weight percent and about 1.0 weight percent of the metallized diamond particles and placing the metallized diamond particles and a metal solvent catalyst in a container. The metallized diamond particles are subjected to a high-temperature, high-pressure process in the presence of the metal solvent catalyst to form a polycrystalline diamond material having inter-bonded diamond grains and nanograins of tungsten carbide, the nanograins of tungsten carbide covering less than about twenty percent of a surface area of the inter-bonded diamond grains.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Metal foams

Disclosed is a process for the production of an open cell porous structure the cells of which are optionally filled with an elastomeric or thermosetting plastic material. The open cell porous structure comprises a nanocrystalline metallic coating comprising nanocrystals having a crystallite size of from about 5 nm to about 150 nm..
Universitaet Des Saarlandes

Polyester polyols for reactive hot-melt adhesives

Semi-crystalline polyester polyols and their use in reactive hot-melt adhesives are disclosed. The polyols comprise recurring units of a c2-c10 aliphatic diol, a c8-c24 aliphatic dicarboxylic acid, and 1 to 20 wt.
Resinate Materials Group, Inc.

Propylene resin composition and stretched container formed of the same

There is shown a propylene resin composition including 100 parts by weight of (a) a propylene resin and 0.05 to 0.5 part by weight of (b) a nucleating agent containing an organophosphoric ester compound represented by the formula (b1) and at least one kind selected from aliphatic carboxylic acids and derivatives thereof and containing an alkali metal element as an essential component, wherein mfr is 11 to 100 g/10 min, the crystalline melting point is 140 to 155° c., and in an elution curve determined by a temperature rising elution fractionation chromatograph (tref), the elution quantity wp1 (% by weight) in a temperature range higher than the main elution peak temperature tp and the elution quantity wp2 (% by weight) in a temperature range not higher than 10° c. Are each in a specific range..
Prime Polymer Co., Ltd.

Solid forms of a flaviviridae virus inhibitor compound and salts thereof

Provided herein are crystalline and salt forms of methyl n-{(1r)-2-[(2s)-2-{5-[4-(6-{2-[(2s)-1-{(2s)-2-[(methoxycarbonyl)amino]-3-methylbutanoyl} pyrrolidin-2-yl]-3h-benzimidazol-5-yl}thieno[3,2-b]thiophen-3-yl)phenyl]-1h-imidazol-2-yl}pyrrolidin-1-yl]-2-oxo-1-phenylethyl} carbamate, a flaviviridae, including hepatitis c, virus inhibitor, pharmaceutical compositions comprising the compound, and processes of preparation thereof. Also provided are methods of its use for the treatment of a flaviviridae, including hcv, infection in a subject in need thereof..
Idenix Pharmaceuticals Llc

Crystal of 6,7-unsaturated-7-carbamoyl morphinan derivative and producing the same

An acid addition salt, and/or a solvate thereof are provided by the present invention. Said crystalline forms are extremely useful as materials for preparing medicines.

Crystalline bromodomain inhibitors

N-[4-(2,4-difluorophenoxy)-3-(6-methyl-7-oxo-6,7-dihydro-1h-pyrrolo[2,3-c]pyridin-4-yl)phenyl]ethanesulfonamide and crystalline forms thereof are suitable pharmaceutical ingredients for pharmaceutical compositions useful in the treatment of disease, for example, cancer.. .
Abbvie Inc.

Crystalline derivatives of (s)-1-((2r,3r,4s,5s)-5-allyl-3-methoxy-4-(tosylmethyl)tetrahydrofuran-2-yl)-3-aminopropan-2-ol

Disclosed are salts of a compound of formula 1, as shown below, where r1, r2, r3, r4′ r5, r6 and r7 are as described herein. Also, disclosed is a process for the preparation of the salts of the compounds of formula 1, and intermediates used therein.
Alphora Research Inc.

Purification of taxanes

A method of crystallizing docetaxel is disclosed. The method comprises (a) combining docetaxel and at least one solubilizing solvent to obtain a solution, wherein the solubilizing solvent is selected from the group consisting of acetone, methyl-tert-butyl ether, tetrahydrofuran (thf), and acetonitrile and (b) adding an anti-solvent to the solution to obtain a crystalline docetaxel, wherein the anti-solvent is water..
Phyton Holdings, Llc

Process for the preparation of stable crystalline form-i of linezolid, substantially free of residual solvent

The invention relates to a process of preparation of enantiomerically pure linezolid form-i comprising converting a substantially enantiomerically pure linezolid hydroxide compound of formula ii to linezolid form i compound of formula i.. .
Jubilant Life Sciences Limited

Disubstituted amino acids and methods of preparation and use thereof

Provided are crystalline α, α-disubstituted amino acids and their crystalline salts containing a terminal alkene on one of their side chains, as well as optionally crystalline halogenated and deuterated analogs of the α, α-disubstituted amino acids and their salts; methods of making these, and methods of using these.. .
Aileron Therapeutics, Inc.

High crystalline poly(lactic acid) filaments for material-extrusion based additive manufacturing

Provided is a new and better solution to the problems associated with the premature softening of pla filaments in the additive manufacturing of three dimensional articles. It is based upon the finding that poly (lactic acid) filaments with high crystallinity offer much better resistance to heat-induced softening.
Jf Polymers (suzhou) Co. Ltd.

Polycrystalline diamond, methods of forming same, cutting elements, and earth-boring tools

A method of forming polycrystalline diamond includes providing an alloy over at least portions of a plurality of diamond particles, and subjecting the plurality of diamond particles to a high-temperature, high-pressure process to form a polycrystalline diamond material having inter-granular bonds between adjacent diamond particles. The alloy includes iridium and nickel, and a volume of the diamond particles is at least about 92% of a total volume of the alloy and the diamond particles.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

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