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Load distribution crown

Drive device for the road wheels of a vehicle

Golf club head with vertical center of gravity adjustment

Date/App# patent app List of recent Crown-related patents
 Stent-graft delivery having a tip capture mechanism with elongated cables for gradual deployment and repositioning patent thumbnailStent-graft delivery having a tip capture mechanism with elongated cables for gradual deployment and repositioning
Stent-graft delivery systems having a tip capture mechanism with a plurality of elongated cables that allow for gradual deployment and repositioning of a stent-graft prosthesis. The tip capture mechanism includes a guiding assembly, a distal tip assembly, and a plurality of cables.
 Load distribution crown patent thumbnailLoad distribution crown
An apparatus for distributing the load caused by the insertion of a fastening device into bony tissue is disclosed. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a crown having a plurality of protrusions.
 Drive device for the road wheels of a vehicle patent thumbnailDrive device for the road wheels of a vehicle
A drive device for the road wheels of a vehicle, with a stationary housing partially filled with a lubricating liquid, and a rotatably drivable driveshaft inserted into the housing interior and with a differential unit having a crown wheel with a differential housing. The crown wheel is rotatably drivable by the driving gear wheel, by means of which crown wheel a plurality of differential gear wheels of the differential unit are rotatably drivable, driven gear wheels being rotatably drivable in turn by these differential gear wheels.
 Golf club head with vertical center of gravity adjustment patent thumbnailGolf club head with vertical center of gravity adjustment
Golf club heads include at least one weight port situated to retain weights and positioned above an approximate club face geometric center with the club in a standard address position. One, two, or more weight ports can be located above the club face center in a club crown or other portion of a club body.
 Aerodynamic golf club head patent thumbnailAerodynamic golf club head
An aerodynamic golf club head that produces reduced aerodynamic drag forces. A crown section imparts beneficial aerodynamic properties due in part to the location of a crown apex and the curvature of the crown section.
 Aerodynamic golf club head having a post apex attachment promoting region patent thumbnailAerodynamic golf club head having a post apex attachment promoting region
An aerodynamic golf club head having a post apex attachment promoting region producing reduced aerodynamic drag forces. The post apex attachment promoting region is on the surface of the crown section at an elevation above a maximum face height and begins at the crown apex and extends toward the back of the club head.
 Dental crown removal apparatuses and methods of using the same patent thumbnailDental crown removal apparatuses and methods of using the same
A dental crown removal apparatus easily and efficiently removes dental crowns, caps or other dental implants from a tooth. Specifically, the present invention provides a dental crown removal apparatus having a first elongated beak and a second elongated beak arranged in a pliers-type arrangement.
 Method for periodontal disease measurement patent thumbnailMethod for periodontal disease measurement
The method for periodontal disease measurement of the present invention includes: using a plurality of cross-sectional images provided by x-ray ct images of teeth and periodontal tissues to detect a contour of each tooth in each cross-sectional image, detect a dentition, and provide a dental formula; detecting the positions of the root apex, the alveolar crest, and the crown of each tooth from the detected tooth contour data; calculating at least one of a distance indicator, a volume indicator, a surface area indicator, a first moment indicator, a center-of-gravity indicator, and an alveolar bone indicator from the detected tooth contour data, and the position data of the root apex, the alveolar crest, and the crown of the tooth; and measuring the progression of periodontal disease based on at least one calculated indicator.. .
 Bagging machine suitable for all types of dry and wet grain patent thumbnailBagging machine suitable for all types of dry and wet grain
The invention relates to a machine formed by a grain-holding box containing a combination of two transverse plates, namely a front vertical plate that closes the box and another plate which is solidly connected to the front plate halfway along the length thereof, inclined at 45 degrees, projected forward and integrally welded to the structure of the machine. In addition, the running gear includes a back axle provided with a single shaft connected at the ends thereof to a pair of wheels, plus at least one crown wheel, and said at least one crown wheel is in turn linked by means of a transmission chain to at least one gear mounted on the ends of a control rod of an integral clutch device linked by another transmission chain to a hydraulic motor, with the actuation and control means thereof..
 Piston for an internal combustion engine patent thumbnailPiston for an internal combustion engine
A piston for an internal combustion engine includes a piston head that has a piston crown, a top land, a ring part, and a combustion bowl with a bowl base, a bowl wall, and an insert which is made of an annular component and which is held in the piston head by means of an undercut section. According to the invention, the component has an inner wall on the bowl side, the inner wall continuously tapering off all the way to the bowl wall or the bowl base in a flush manner, thereby forming a circumferential edge that tapers into a point..
Complex-shaped piston oil galleries with piston crowns made by cast metal or powder metal processes
A steel piston with an oil gallery, and process for forming a steel piston oil gallery channel, which corresponds to the complex shape of the combustion bowl in the piston crown. The piston crown is made by a cast metal or powder metal forming process.
Complex-shaped forged piston oil galleries
A steel piston with an oil gallery, and process for forming a steel piston oil gallery channel, which corresponds to the complex shape of the combustion bowl in the piston crown. The oil gallery channel is first forged to the basic shape that corresponds to the shape of the walls of the combustion bowl.
Window and door frame assembly apparatus and method
Pre-fabricated kits are provided for window/door trimming/casing that are designed and tailored for various window/door openings, architectural styles and/or manufacturers. According to one aspect, the kit is easy to assemble with everything in the box including prefabricated mutually engaging fasteners to allow all the pieces to be fastened together quickly and by hand.
Hinge having an embedded safety switch
A safety hinge, apt to constrain a door moving with respect to a fixed frame, of the type consisting of two main wing-shaped constituent members displaying a mutual-engagement area consisting of loops interconnected by a small shaft, with a first one of said wings a switch body being associated, which has a lateral opening in correspondence of an appendix thereof, arranged on the extension of the mutual-engagement area, through said opening peg means for the actuation of the switch projecting. According the invention within said appendix a bush is arranged, constrained to the by a second one of said wings, said bush displaying along an annular external crown thereof a groove for the housing of said peg means in the closing position of said moving door on the fixed frame, that is in the opening position of said switch..
Overmolded golf tee and method of making it
A golf tee has a stake made of a first material and a crown made of a second material more flexible than the first material, in which the crown is overmolded over the stake. The crown and the stake can have corresponding projections.
Golf club with non-metallic fasteners
A golf club with a golf club head having non-metallic fasteners is presented. The club head may include a face member, a body member, a sole member and a crown member.
Golf club assembly and golf club with aerodynamic features
A golf club head includes a body member having a ball striking face, a crown, a toe, a heel, a sole, and a skirt extending between the crown and the sole and between the toe and the heel. The club head includes a drag-reducing structure that may include one or both of a continuous groove extending from a front portion to a rear edge of the toe, and along an entire length of the skirt, and a substantially v-shaped recess formed in the sole and having a vertex positioned proximate the ball striking face and the heel and away from the skirt and the toe, and a pair of legs extending to a point proximate the toe and away from the ball striking face, and curving toward the skirt and away from the ball striking face..
Integration of model data, surface data, and volumetric data
Orientation of a patient's tooth is determined from shape data of the patient's crown and volumetric imagery of the patient's tooth. A computational device is used to register the shape data of the patient's crown with model data, based on the determined orientation of the patient's tooth..
Tire bead area rotation apparatus
Disclosed is a machine for rotation of the bead area of a green tire so that the bead areas are parallel and concentric in order to remove potential anomalies that can occur to a green tire bead portion during pre-cure handling, storing or during shaping in the tire press. The tire apparatus orients the beads of the green tire parallel and square to one another and also rotates the bead area of the tire into the proper configuration prior to cure.
Cup sleeve holder apparatus
A cup holder sleeve comprising a substantially flat continuous elongated band forming a hollow tube. The band comprises a top edge in an arcuate form and a bottom edge in an arcuate form.
Bespoke cap for dreadlocks
The present invention generally relates to a bespoke cap for people with long dreadlocks or long un-matted hair. The cap covers long dreadlocks in an aesthetically pleasing way.
Reversible sun visor
A two-sided, reversible sun visor hat featuring retaining straps on the crown to secure a pair of glasses, when not in use, and an elastic headband for versatile fitment. The bill of the reversible sun visor is constructed from durable materials that retain their original shape and thus may be folded, crumpled, and washed without any permanent distortion to the bill..
Surgical fastener having a snap lock and devices deploying it
A surgical fastener having a top element including a crown, with prongs extending from the crown. A baseplate having two or more slots that are dimensioned to receive a tip of a prong in the undeployed configuration of the fastener.
Hybrid powertrain unit for motor vehicles
A hybrid powertrain unit includes an internal-combustion engine, and a gearbox device with a primary shaft that can be connected to the shaft of the internal-combustion engine via a clutch device. The gearbox device includes a secondary shaft with an output pinion meshing with a first crown wheel of a differential, the casing of which is rigidly connected to the casing of the gearbox device.
Plastic pulley for driving drum for washing machine into rotation
A pulley comprising: a central hub; a peripheral crown; a first intermediate section comprising a plurality of radial ribs that radially extend from the hub, and a second intermediate section comprising a plurality of peripheral ribs that end into the peripheral crown and intermediate circular rib concentric with the center of the pulley and having a radius basically equal to half radius of the pulley, the circular intermediate rib separating the first intermediate section from the second intermediate section, the circular intermediate rib comprising connection points of radial ribs and of peripheral ribs, wherein the connection points of radial ribs are distant from those of the peripheral ribs; the peripheral ribs being suitably inclined mutually and with respect to the radial ribs in such way to intersect at least in one crossing point to form a web structure in the second intermediate section.. .
Medical vial cap
A crown, for a medical vial opening, has a top portion and a skirt surrounding the top portion. The skirt terminates at a lower edge defined in a first horizontal plane.
Piston with improved side loading resistance
A piston including a crown and at least one pin tower coupled to the crown. The pin tower has an opening therein configured to receive a pin therein along a pin axis.
A piston has a piston crown, a piston pin support that extends from the piston crown, and a skirt wall that is connected to the piston crown. The skirt wall has two tubular pieces which are concentrically arranged relative to each other and each of which is connected to the piston crown in the circumferential region of the piston crown.
Tower foundation pillar slab and method of producing such
A tower foundation (10) has a base slab (11), pillar slabs (12), and a crown stab (13), all of which are made of precast concrete structures. The pillar slab is formed with a unitary mold (40) with one continuous internal chamber (41) which includes multiple leg cavities (42) which have three sidewalls (43) that are all angled outwardly from the bottom of the mold to the top of the mold.
Tower foundation
A tower foundation (10) has a base slab (11), pillar slabs (12), and a crown stab (13), all of which are made of precast concrete structures. The slabs are all retained in position by steel guide rods (15) that extend upwardly from the base slab.
Tower foundation
A tower foundation (10) has a base slab (11), pillar slabs (12), and a crown stab (13), all of which are made of precast concrete structures. The slabs are all retained in position by steel guide rods (15) that extend upwardly from the base slab.
Form-fitting protective headwear
Provided are a protective headwear and method of manufacturing the headwear. The headwear includes a body, band and plurality of protective inserts.
Fencing trainer
The main frame comprises two vertical posts: a central post (2) and a main post (1). The central post (2), approximately 30″ high, is crowned with an upper side outlet cross 68 (diamond aluminum fitting) with the middle outlet facing back towards the main post (1).
Golf club head and manufacturing method for same
The present invention provides a golf club head that enables increasing the moment of inertia while also improving durability, and a manufacturing method for the same. The golf club head of the present invention includes a crown portion.
Liquid-dispensing compartmented lid
The invention presents a compartmented lid for conveying at least two liquids simultaneously, the compartmented lid comprising a lid, the lid further comprising a rim, a substantially flat top crowning the rim, the top further comprising an exterior surface, an interior surface, and at least one portal with an aperture; and a compartment comprising an inner wall, the compartment further comprising a basin operably attached to the interior surface of the top of the lid and at least one channel located on the inner wall of the compartment. An opening formed by the channel for dispensing a liquid or other product stored within the confines of the basin is formed when a cover is secured to the upper portion..
Motorcycle tire for running on rough terrain
A motorcycle tire having a block pattern suitable for running on rough terrain is disclosed. Each middle block overlaps with one of crown blocks at least partially in the tire circumferential direction.
Pneumatic tire
A pneumatic tire has a tread portion provided with two crown main groove and two shoulder main grooves and divided into a center land zone, two middle land zones and two shoulder land zones. The middle land zone is provided with middle auxiliary grooves.
Steel piston with fourth land guidance and improved friction characteristics
Steel pistons used in many internal combustion engines are generally composed of a skirt and a crown. The skirt's function is to reduce the lateral and rotational movement of the piston in the cylinder while the engine is in operation.
Piston for a brake caliper of a disk brake
The invention relates to a piston for a brake caliper, which can be actuated in combined fashion, of a disk brake, which piston 1 is produced by shaping processes from a metallic material, in particular from a planar metal sheet, and which piston 1 is formed as a pot which is open on one side and which has a longitudinal axis, a wall and a piston crown, and which piston has a twist prevention facility for a drive nut. The invention is based on the problem of providing a robust piston construction which is better capable of tolerating erroneous repair work.
Tools for customized design of dental restorations
The present disclosure relates to tools in a system for the design of customized three-dimensional models of dental restorations for subsequent manufacturing. Dental restorations such as implant abutments, copings, crowns, wax-ups, bridge frameworks.
Steering spindle arrangement
A steering arrangement includes a steering spindle having a steering spindle connection connected to a fork crown of a steering coupling via an intermediate piece. The steering spindle connection and the intermediate piece, which is designed as a hub, are formed as plug partners at ends facing each other, by means of at least one tongue and groove guide element pair positioned in the axial longitudinal direction, which provides a torque-transmitting priority control.
Novelty shades
Attractive eyeglasses and novelty shades are provided that are fun and entertaining and can be worn at sporting events, pep rallies, amusement parks, popular concerts, car races, parties, with costumes, and at other places. The improved eyeglasses and novelty shades can comprise an eye glass assembly with a novelty connected to an eyeglass frame.
Fuel injector
A common rail fuel injector includes a control valve member unattached to, but trapped between, a push pin and a seat of an injector body. The push pin has a head that includes a contact surface and a crown that includes a stop surface.
Tire for light vehicle
The invention relates to a tyre designed to be fitted to a light vehicle, comprising: two beads (20) designed to come into contact with a mounting rim, each bead comprising at least one annular reinforcing structure (70); two side walls (30) extending the beads radially outwards, the two side walls meeting in a crown; at least one carcass reinforcement (60) anchored in the beads and extending from the beads, through the side walls as far as the crown, the carcass reinforcement comprising a plurality of carcass reinforcing elements (61), these carcass reinforcing elements being textile and oriented radially; a crown reinforcement consisting of a fabric (180) of textile reinforcing elements, which are oriented at ±45° with respect to the circumferential direction; the crown reinforcement being surmounted by a textile hooping reinforcement (100) and by a tread (40), the hooping reinforcement being formed of reinforcing elements (101) that are oriented circumferentially.. .
Piston with improved side loading resistance
A piston system including a body defining a bore and a piston positioned inside the bore and mounted for reciprocation therein. The piston includes a crown and a skirt extending generally away from the crown, the skirt including a pair of opposed panel portions.
Crown top bar fret, stringed instrument including same, and method of manufacture
Stringed instrument having an elongated neck member optionally including a fingerboard, with a plurality of frets fixedly positioned at predetermined spaced locations along the neck. The frets include a tang and a mushroom shaped crown, each positioned and secured in a corresponding fret slot formed in the neck.
Adaptive rotary catheter for opening obstructed bodily vessels
A rotary catheter for opening partially and totally obstructed bodily vessels of varying diameter (e.g., blood vessel) which comprises a motor-driven flexible hollow shaft rotatably disposed in a flexible tube, an aspiration channel defined between the flexible tube and the hollow shaft, a tip affixed to a distal end of the hollow shaft having a rounded distal end being rotatable and slideable over the guidewire, the tip having sides, a base and a crown that is offset away from a longitudinal axis of the hollow shaft further than the base and a distance between the sides being smaller than a distance between the crown and the base leaving open passages along the tip, the guidewire can be withdrawn proximally to allow the rotating crown to displace the distal end of the tip away from said wall of said vessel to tunnel through a total obstruction.. .
Dental retention systems
Dental retention systems which facilitate the adjustment or removal of an oral appliance, e.g., a crown or bridge, from a reconfigurable abutment assembly are described. The adjustable abutment assembly may be secured to an anchoring implant bored into the bones within the mouth.
Device for locking an automatic gearbox of a motor vehicle in the park position
A carriage acted-on by a control system controlled by a part of the gearbox, so as to be moved sideways in relation to a locking rod able to interoperate with a toothed crown built into the said gearbox, with the said carriage being coupled to means operated by an actuator so as to be moved, if necessary, into a fixed position of the control system, characterized by the fact that the means consist of two superimposed compact levers and mounted so as to pivot on an axis against a torsion spring, with one of the levers being coupled to the carriage while the other lever is coupled to the control system.. .
Tire comprising a crown reinforcement
The invention relates to a tire comprising a crown reinforcement formed of at least two working crown layers of reinforcing elements the ends of which are radially uncoupled by a polymer compound. According to the invention, the reinforcing elements of at least one working crown layer are metal cords with saturated layers, at least one internal layer being sheathed with a layer consisting of a polymer composition such as a rubber composition and in each of the shoulders of the tire, at least the uncoupling polymer compound in contact with the ends of at least two working crown layers exhibits, in the sorption test, a gas content lower than 0.06 m3stp/m3ml..
Tire overlay composition
A tire comprising an overlay ply wherein (i) the shoulder section of the overlay comprises an elastomer and short polymeric or non-polymeric reinforcing fibers present in an amount of from 0.1 to 10 parts fiber per hundred parts of elastomer, the short fibers having a tenacity of at least 2 grams per dtex, a modulus of at least 10 grams per dtex and a length of from 0.1 to 8 mm and wherein the fibers are aligned substantially parallel to each other in a controlled angle of orientation within the overlay wherein the orientation is selected such that it decreases tire noise, and (ii) the section of overlay in the crown of the tire comprising cords of continuous filament polymeric fibers or continuous strands of metal or combinations thereof, the cords being aligned in a circumferential direction around the tire.. .
Piston for an internal combustion engine and method for its production
A piston for an internal combustion engine, having a piston base body, a piston ring element having at least an inner region of a piston crown, and a piston skirt. The piston is provided with pin bosses having pin bores and the ring element has at least an outer region of a piston crown having a circumferential top land and a circumferential ring belt provided with ring grooves.
Bitless bridle with double cross under reinstraps
A bitless bridle with double cross under reinstraps for riding, driving, and training horses and similar animals that achieves improved control, comfort, and communication with the animal. The bridle is composed of a solid crownpiece that bifurcates, after a brow band attachment, into a cheek strap and an elongated reinstrap.
Modular strap feed head with forming wheels
A strap forming assembly for a strapping machine includes a first forming wheel having a circumferential groove formed in a rim thereof and a second forming wheel cooperating with the first forming wheel and having a mating a circumferential crown extending therefrom. The first and second forming wheels cooperate to define a forming wheel nip therebetween.
Rotating sealing device and sealing ring for such device
The invention relates to rotating sealing device for the passage of a fluid, including at least one seal positioned between a fixed support and a crown mounted able to rotate with respect to the support. This device is characterized in that the seal is constituted by a ring mounted able to slide in a groove in the fixed support and which incorporates a front face intended to come into contact with a bearing surface of the rotating crown, the incorporating on each of its internal and external cylindrical surfaces at least one ring-shaped groove intended to accommodate an o-ring seal.
Manufacturing concrete
A method for manufacturing hollow-core concrete slabs, the method comprising: preparing a mould by suspending in the mould between first and second end-pieces a plurality of substantially parallel elongate void formers; filling the mould with a wet concrete mix up to the crown of the void formers; laying an inert pliable filamentary sheet on the surface of the concrete with filaments of the sheet extending transverse to the long axes of the elongate void formers, the filamentary sheet being restrained so as to resist movement of the concrete mix when the void formers are withdrawn from the mix; further filling the mould with the wet concrete mix over the filamentary sheet; and, subsequently forming hollow channels in the wet concrete mix by withdrawing the plurality of void formers from the concrete mix through the second end-piece.. .
Systems and methods for controlling air distribution in a coke oven
The present technology is generally directed to systems and methods for controlling air distribution in a coke oven. In a particular embodiment, a coke oven air distribution system comprises an oven chamber having an oven floor configured to support a coal bed, a plurality of sidewalls extending upward from the oven floor, and an oven crown covering a top portion of the oven chamber.
Control device for in-cylinder injection type internal combustion engine
Provided with a control device for an in-cylinder injection type internal combustion engine that reduces an amount of fuel attaching to and remaining on a piston crown surface and a cylinder bore wall surface so as to suppress an increase in the number of exhaust particles of pm when fuel injection is performed a plurality of times in one burning cycle. In divided multi-stage injection in which the fuel to be injected in one burning cycle is divided into a plurality of times, an injection amount rate of injection at an early timing among injections divided into the plurality of times is set according to a fuel cut continuous time at a timing when the fuel injection is resumed from a fuel cut state..
Piston sensor data acquisition system and method
A piston sensor data acquisition system is provided. The system includes a piston for an internal combustion engine, a data acquisition computer and a data telemetry system.
Golf club
A golf club head includes a body defining an interior cavity. The body includes a sole positioned at a bottom portion of the golf club head, a crown positioned at a top portion, and a skirt positioned around a periphery between the sole and crown.
Polyaxial dental implant system
A dental implant system is described, including a lower implant body configured to be implanted in bone, and an upper implant body that couples to the lower body, thereby forming a cavity between upper and lower bodies. The system can further include a rotatable, swivelable anchor having a base at least partially disposed within the cavity.
Multi functional implanting suite and implanting method thereof
A multi functional implanting suite for an implant utilized in tooth reconstruction, artificial tooth implanting or dental restoration is disclosed. The implanting suite comprises a cap and a fastening member, in which it may be equipped with multi functions including healing abutment, scan jig, mold taking suite, temporary crown or ucla abutment, so that the dental clinics may merely purchase one dental tool and then solve may tooth reconstruction, artificial tooth implanting or dental restoration situations..
Method for producing trays for brackets
The present disclosure relates to methods comprising: producing a real model, comprising a reproduction of at least sections of at least two tooth crowns of teeth in a jaw and contains bracket reproductions or brackets associated with the reproductions of the tooth crowns; and producing at least two trays by producing at least one impression of the real model, wherein the trays each comprise an impression of at least one tooth crown part of the at least two tooth crowns and at least one bracket part of the at least two bracket reproductions or brackets, wherein the at least one bracket part, viewed from the occlusal surface of the associated tooth crown, extends vertically to at most the end of the wire guide and/or the end of the first undercut of the bracket and/or bracket reproduction, which is arranged after the upper wing in the view from the occlusal surface.. .
Surgical stapling systems and staple cartridges for deploying surgical staples with tissue compression features
A surgical staple having at least one projection formed thereon. In various embodiments, the projection is formed on a crown of the surgical staple.
Disc brake for a vehicle and method for assembling the components thereof
Disc brake incorporating an assembly of a crown (11) and a brake bowl (12), with the brake bowl (12) incorporating a circular base (12a), extended radially and externally by lugs (12b), with the crown accommodating a number of fingers (13) protruding externally into the interior volume of the crown (11). The lugs (12b) have a staged configuration with, at the end, a hood form (12d) internally establishing a housing for each of the fingers (13); the lugs have an access opening in unclosed ‘u’ form; the lugs (12b) are oriented in the same direction, with their opening part on the same side.
Variable belt configuration
A pneumatic tire has a belt layer disposed between a carcass ply and a circumferential tread, defining a crown region. The belt layer includes a first section and a second section laterally spanning the crown region.
Zenithal rotation module for orienting solar panels
Capable of supporting large radial loads due to heavy panels, with a simplified assembly but without compromise in terms of precision and robustness. It comprises an annular structural casing (1), a toothed crown (2) mounted in the structural casing (1), whereon an endless screw (3) actuated by a motor (4) tangentially meshes, the toothed crown (2) of which comprises a central annular protuberance (5) with a toothing that meshes with the endless screw (3), and the circular projections (6) of which of the body of the toothed crown (2) comprise a plurality of threaded holes (7) for connecting the horizontal shafts that support the solar panels for their zenithal orientation, where the toothed crown (2) comprises a toothed track whereon the endless screw (3) tangentially meshes, and two independent raceways..
Instrumented piston for an internal combustion engine
A piston assembly for an internal combustion engine is provided. The piston assembly includes a piston crown including an upper surface defining a bowl region, a side portion and a lower surface, a piston skirt depending from the side portion of the piston crown, a sensor, at least partially coated by a visualization material, disposed within the piston crown at a location proximate to the bowl region, and a sensor data telemetry system coupled to the sensor.
Roof tile crown support
A device for securing a roof tile crown or cap to a roof ridge or roof hip is described. The roof tile crown support can be easily and quickly secured to an existing roofing structure.

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