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Dental retention systems

Device for locking an automatic gearbox of a motor vehicle in the park position

Tire comprising a crown reinforcement

Date/App# patent app List of recent Crown-related patents
 Adaptive rotary catheter for opening obstructed bodily vessels patent thumbnailAdaptive rotary catheter for opening obstructed bodily vessels
A rotary catheter for opening partially and totally obstructed bodily vessels of varying diameter (e.g., blood vessel) which comprises a motor-driven flexible hollow shaft rotatably disposed in a flexible tube, an aspiration channel defined between the flexible tube and the hollow shaft, a tip affixed to a distal end of the hollow shaft having a rounded distal end being rotatable and slideable over the guidewire, the tip having sides, a base and a crown that is offset away from a longitudinal axis of the hollow shaft further than the base and a distance between the sides being smaller than a distance between the crown and the base leaving open passages along the tip, the guidewire can be withdrawn proximally to allow the rotating crown to displace the distal end of the tip away from said wall of said vessel to tunnel through a total obstruction.. .
 Dental retention systems patent thumbnailDental retention systems
Dental retention systems which facilitate the adjustment or removal of an oral appliance, e.g., a crown or bridge, from a reconfigurable abutment assembly are described. The adjustable abutment assembly may be secured to an anchoring implant bored into the bones within the mouth.
 Device for locking an automatic gearbox of a motor vehicle in the park position patent thumbnailDevice for locking an automatic gearbox of a motor vehicle in the park position
A carriage acted-on by a control system controlled by a part of the gearbox, so as to be moved sideways in relation to a locking rod able to interoperate with a toothed crown built into the said gearbox, with the said carriage being coupled to means operated by an actuator so as to be moved, if necessary, into a fixed position of the control system, characterized by the fact that the means consist of two superimposed compact levers and mounted so as to pivot on an axis against a torsion spring, with one of the levers being coupled to the carriage while the other lever is coupled to the control system.. .
 Tire comprising a crown reinforcement patent thumbnailTire comprising a crown reinforcement
The invention relates to a tire comprising a crown reinforcement formed of at least two working crown layers of reinforcing elements the ends of which are radially uncoupled by a polymer compound. According to the invention, the reinforcing elements of at least one working crown layer are metal cords with saturated layers, at least one internal layer being sheathed with a layer consisting of a polymer composition such as a rubber composition and in each of the shoulders of the tire, at least the uncoupling polymer compound in contact with the ends of at least two working crown layers exhibits, in the sorption test, a gas content lower than 0.06 m3stp/m3ml..
 Tire overlay composition patent thumbnailTire overlay composition
A tire comprising an overlay ply wherein (i) the shoulder section of the overlay comprises an elastomer and short polymeric or non-polymeric reinforcing fibers present in an amount of from 0.1 to 10 parts fiber per hundred parts of elastomer, the short fibers having a tenacity of at least 2 grams per dtex, a modulus of at least 10 grams per dtex and a length of from 0.1 to 8 mm and wherein the fibers are aligned substantially parallel to each other in a controlled angle of orientation within the overlay wherein the orientation is selected such that it decreases tire noise, and (ii) the section of overlay in the crown of the tire comprising cords of continuous filament polymeric fibers or continuous strands of metal or combinations thereof, the cords being aligned in a circumferential direction around the tire.. .
 Piston for an internal combustion engine and method for its production patent thumbnailPiston for an internal combustion engine and method for its production
A piston for an internal combustion engine, having a piston base body, a piston ring element having at least an inner region of a piston crown, and a piston skirt. The piston is provided with pin bosses having pin bores and the ring element has at least an outer region of a piston crown having a circumferential top land and a circumferential ring belt provided with ring grooves.
 Bitless bridle with double cross under reinstraps patent thumbnailBitless bridle with double cross under reinstraps
A bitless bridle with double cross under reinstraps for riding, driving, and training horses and similar animals that achieves improved control, comfort, and communication with the animal. The bridle is composed of a solid crownpiece that bifurcates, after a brow band attachment, into a cheek strap and an elongated reinstrap.
 Modular strap feed head with forming wheels patent thumbnailModular strap feed head with forming wheels
A strap forming assembly for a strapping machine includes a first forming wheel having a circumferential groove formed in a rim thereof and a second forming wheel cooperating with the first forming wheel and having a mating a circumferential crown extending therefrom. The first and second forming wheels cooperate to define a forming wheel nip therebetween.
 Rotating sealing device and sealing ring for such device patent thumbnailRotating sealing device and sealing ring for such device
The invention relates to rotating sealing device for the passage of a fluid, including at least one seal positioned between a fixed support and a crown mounted able to rotate with respect to the support. This device is characterized in that the seal is constituted by a ring mounted able to slide in a groove in the fixed support and which incorporates a front face intended to come into contact with a bearing surface of the rotating crown, the incorporating on each of its internal and external cylindrical surfaces at least one ring-shaped groove intended to accommodate an o-ring seal.
 Manufacturing concrete patent thumbnailManufacturing concrete
A method for manufacturing hollow-core concrete slabs, the method comprising: preparing a mould by suspending in the mould between first and second end-pieces a plurality of substantially parallel elongate void formers; filling the mould with a wet concrete mix up to the crown of the void formers; laying an inert pliable filamentary sheet on the surface of the concrete with filaments of the sheet extending transverse to the long axes of the elongate void formers, the filamentary sheet being restrained so as to resist movement of the concrete mix when the void formers are withdrawn from the mix; further filling the mould with the wet concrete mix over the filamentary sheet; and, subsequently forming hollow channels in the wet concrete mix by withdrawing the plurality of void formers from the concrete mix through the second end-piece.. .
Systems and methods for controlling air distribution in a coke oven
The present technology is generally directed to systems and methods for controlling air distribution in a coke oven. In a particular embodiment, a coke oven air distribution system comprises an oven chamber having an oven floor configured to support a coal bed, a plurality of sidewalls extending upward from the oven floor, and an oven crown covering a top portion of the oven chamber.
Control device for in-cylinder injection type internal combustion engine
Provided with a control device for an in-cylinder injection type internal combustion engine that reduces an amount of fuel attaching to and remaining on a piston crown surface and a cylinder bore wall surface so as to suppress an increase in the number of exhaust particles of pm when fuel injection is performed a plurality of times in one burning cycle. In divided multi-stage injection in which the fuel to be injected in one burning cycle is divided into a plurality of times, an injection amount rate of injection at an early timing among injections divided into the plurality of times is set according to a fuel cut continuous time at a timing when the fuel injection is resumed from a fuel cut state..
Piston sensor data acquisition system and method
A piston sensor data acquisition system is provided. The system includes a piston for an internal combustion engine, a data acquisition computer and a data telemetry system.
Golf club
A golf club head includes a body defining an interior cavity. The body includes a sole positioned at a bottom portion of the golf club head, a crown positioned at a top portion, and a skirt positioned around a periphery between the sole and crown.
Polyaxial dental implant system
A dental implant system is described, including a lower implant body configured to be implanted in bone, and an upper implant body that couples to the lower body, thereby forming a cavity between upper and lower bodies. The system can further include a rotatable, swivelable anchor having a base at least partially disposed within the cavity.
Multi functional implanting suite and implanting method thereof
A multi functional implanting suite for an implant utilized in tooth reconstruction, artificial tooth implanting or dental restoration is disclosed. The implanting suite comprises a cap and a fastening member, in which it may be equipped with multi functions including healing abutment, scan jig, mold taking suite, temporary crown or ucla abutment, so that the dental clinics may merely purchase one dental tool and then solve may tooth reconstruction, artificial tooth implanting or dental restoration situations..
Method for producing trays for brackets
The present disclosure relates to methods comprising: producing a real model, comprising a reproduction of at least sections of at least two tooth crowns of teeth in a jaw and contains bracket reproductions or brackets associated with the reproductions of the tooth crowns; and producing at least two trays by producing at least one impression of the real model, wherein the trays each comprise an impression of at least one tooth crown part of the at least two tooth crowns and at least one bracket part of the at least two bracket reproductions or brackets, wherein the at least one bracket part, viewed from the occlusal surface of the associated tooth crown, extends vertically to at most the end of the wire guide and/or the end of the first undercut of the bracket and/or bracket reproduction, which is arranged after the upper wing in the view from the occlusal surface.. .
Surgical stapling systems and staple cartridges for deploying surgical staples with tissue compression features
A surgical staple having at least one projection formed thereon. In various embodiments, the projection is formed on a crown of the surgical staple.
Disc brake for a vehicle and method for assembling the components thereof
Disc brake incorporating an assembly of a crown (11) and a brake bowl (12), with the brake bowl (12) incorporating a circular base (12a), extended radially and externally by lugs (12b), with the crown accommodating a number of fingers (13) protruding externally into the interior volume of the crown (11). The lugs (12b) have a staged configuration with, at the end, a hood form (12d) internally establishing a housing for each of the fingers (13); the lugs have an access opening in unclosed ‘u’ form; the lugs (12b) are oriented in the same direction, with their opening part on the same side.
Variable belt configuration
A pneumatic tire has a belt layer disposed between a carcass ply and a circumferential tread, defining a crown region. The belt layer includes a first section and a second section laterally spanning the crown region.
Zenithal rotation module for orienting solar panels
Capable of supporting large radial loads due to heavy panels, with a simplified assembly but without compromise in terms of precision and robustness. It comprises an annular structural casing (1), a toothed crown (2) mounted in the structural casing (1), whereon an endless screw (3) actuated by a motor (4) tangentially meshes, the toothed crown (2) of which comprises a central annular protuberance (5) with a toothing that meshes with the endless screw (3), and the circular projections (6) of which of the body of the toothed crown (2) comprise a plurality of threaded holes (7) for connecting the horizontal shafts that support the solar panels for their zenithal orientation, where the toothed crown (2) comprises a toothed track whereon the endless screw (3) tangentially meshes, and two independent raceways..
Instrumented piston for an internal combustion engine
A piston assembly for an internal combustion engine is provided. The piston assembly includes a piston crown including an upper surface defining a bowl region, a side portion and a lower surface, a piston skirt depending from the side portion of the piston crown, a sensor, at least partially coated by a visualization material, disposed within the piston crown at a location proximate to the bowl region, and a sensor data telemetry system coupled to the sensor.
Roof tile crown support
A device for securing a roof tile crown or cap to a roof ridge or roof hip is described. The roof tile crown support can be easily and quickly secured to an existing roofing structure.
Dental restorative materials based on polymerizable azides and alkynes
The invention also relates to the use of the dental restorative materials according to the invention for preparing dental composites, preferably composite blanks, which are suitable in particular for mechanical processing by means of computer-aided processing techniques such as milling and grinding processes, and which are suitable above all for preparing dental restoration materials such as inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges or veneering materials.. .
Toe-biased golf club
A golf club head includes a striking face having an upper perimeter, a lower perimeter, a heel portion, a toe portion, and a posterior body portion comprising a crown portion and a sole portion. The crown is coupled to the upper perimeter of the striking face and the sole is coupled to the lower perimeter of the striking face.
Golf clubs and golf club heads
A golf club head enables the initial velocity of a ball to be increased and enables the carry to be lengthened. In some example structures, the golf club includes a face plate formed from metal and club head body (e.g., a crown and sole) formed from fiber reinforced plastic.
Integration of intra-oral imagery and volumetric imagery
Shape data of a patient's crown and volumetric imagery of the patient's tooth are received. A determination is made of elements that represent one or more crowns in the shape data.
Removable crown
Crown including a cap formed of a cover integral with a lateral skirt, wherein the crown includes a removable deck ring.. .
Airflow attachment assembly for carburetor
A carburetor attachment assembly for improved engine performance including an airflow crown and a mating air cleaner base. The air flow crown is adapted to detachably mount atop a carburetor and has a contoured intake surface that guides and directs airflow into the mouth of the carburetor.
Method for producing a crown for an implant abutment
A method of creating a dental restoration is disclosed. In one embodiment, the method includes obtaining a first 3d model of at least a portion of a first dental item including a margin curve, attaching the first dental item to the patient's existing dental structure within the oral cavity, obtaining a second 3d model of at least the first dental item while the first dental item is attached to the patient's existing dental structure, producing a third 3d model of at least the first dental item by aligning the first 3d model to the second 3d model, identifying the margin curve on the third 3d model, producing a fourth 3d model of a virtual dental item using the identified margin curve of the third 3d model, producing a second dental item from the fourth 3d model, and attaching the second dental item to the first dental item..
Crown molding and method of use
A lightweight decorative crown molding is shown which is installed on a surface of a building structure. The molding has a body which is formed of molded high density polystyrene foam.
Surgical stapler with varying staple widths along different circumferences
An apparatus for stapling tissue includes a head assembly, a handle actuator in communication with the head assembly, and a staple cartridge. The head assembly is operable to drive a plurality of staples in response to actuating the handle actuator.
Motorcycle tire
A motorcycle tire is provided with crown main oblique grooves disposed on alternating sides of the tire equator and each extending from its axially inner end to its axially outer end, without cutting across the tire equator, while inclining to one circumferential direction, wherein the axially outer end is located outside an upstanding tire's ground contact annular zone. When measured in the annular zone, the circumferential distance between the circumferentially adjacent crown main oblique grooves existing on the same side of the tire equator is in a range of not more than 0.5 times an upstanding tire's ground contact length.
Cutting tool
A cutting tool for cutting sheets of building materials, such as, for example, laminate baseboards, chair rails and crown molding, at an angle. The cutting tool includes a base connected to a cutting platform with a hinge connection.
Protective headgear
A head protection system includes an elastomeric cap configured to be held in a position relative to a crown of the head of the wearer. A torus-shaped cushioning chamber is positioned between an outer surface of the elastomeric cap and the head of the wearer.
Golf club head
A golf club head includes: a face portion; a crown portion, furrows being formed on an interior surface of at least a part of the crown part in a mesh-like pattern; a side portion; a sole portion, at least a front part of the sole portion being made of metal, and furrows being formed on an interior surface of at least a part of the front part in a mesh-like pattern; and a hosel portion.. .
Tire with tread having variable sipe density and round crown
This invention relates generally to tires having treads that have a configuration and/or properties for maintaining hydroplaning performance, dry braking performance and improved wear resistance, and, more specifically, to a tire that has a tread that n has a variable sipe density, i.e a higher sipe density in its central portion and a lower sipe density in its shoulder portions, as well as a round crown with a predetermined inflated profile droop. Another embodiment of the present invention further includes the addition of a member that provides more structural stiffness across the crown of a tire, such that better compromises between hydroplaning, dry braking, and wear performances can be obtained..
Piston for an internal combustion engine and method for producing the piston
A piston for an internal combustion engine, has a piston crown, two pin bosses, and pin bores introduced into the pin bosses. Respective lubricating grooves are formed in the nadir and equator regions of the pin bores.
Sports helmet
A football helmet includes a plastic shell having an offset band extending around a rear region of the shell and above the lower edge surface of the shell. The offset band includes an offset band wall having an inner band surface offset from an inner shell wall surface, and an outer band surface offset from and outer shell wall surface.
Fan assembly for a hat
A fan assembly for a hat. In some embodiments, the present general inventive concept comprises a fan assembly to position a cooling fan upon the concave surface of the crown of a hat.
Mems debrider drive train
A medical device such as for removing tissue from a subject is provided with a distal housing configured with a tissue cutter assembly, an elongate member coupled to the distal housing and having an outer tube and an inner drive tube with a crown gear located on a distal end thereof, first and second rotatable members each rotatably mounted to the tissue cutter assembly, a first drive gear train coupled between the crown gear and the first rotatable member, and a second drive gear train coupled between the crown gear and the second rotatable member. The first and second drive gear trains are configured to drive the first and second rotatable members, respectively, in opposite directions.
Dishwasher support structures to reduce rotation of a door crown
Support structures that reduce rotation of a door crown are disclosed. An example dishwasher for treating dishes according to a cycle of operation includes a tub defining a treating chamber with an opening, and a door movably mounted to the tub to selectively open and close the opening.
Brace for providing increased steering stiffness and protection to a front suspension fork
The invention relates to a front suspension fork stanchion/slider torsion brace structure which attaches to the axle clamp portion of each front fork leg of a two wheeled vehicle whose primary function is to externally resist the legs twisting along the primary steering axis of the fork to reduce flexure of the fork during operation and use by resisting the rotation of the stanchions inside the upper tubes of the fork legs. The added stiffness of the system thus transmits torque to the upper clamps/crowns and maintains perpendicularity between the wheel and the handlebars..
Surgical staple with integral pledget for tip deflection
A circular stapler apparatus for stapling tissue includes a staple and pledget assembly and a circular staple head operable to drive staples toward an anvil. A staple of the staple and pledget assembly has a pair of legs disposed substantially perpendicular to a crown of the staple in a first position.
Protective breathing mask with fabric hood
A protective breathing mask assembly comprises a face mask portion 10 having a brow support 5 at the top thereof which, in use, extends around the brow of the wearer, and a face seal 6 which extends around the back edge of the mask portion 10 so as, in use, to engage around the sides of the wearers face to prevent the ingress of material into the mask portion. The mask assembly further includes a rear of head strap 4 which extends between the ends of the brow support 5, in use, around the back of the wearers head.
Slipsheet, divider sheet and method for making the same
The present disclosure provides a slipsheet and/or divider sheet and method for making the same, and method for moving and storing containers with use of the slipsheets or divider sheets. The sheets have an imprint or an embossing that provides a raised planar surface.
Reconstruction of non-visible part of tooth
A computer-implemented method for modeling a complete tooth of a patient to facilitate dental and/or orthodontic treatment. The method includes generating a first set of digital data representing a clinical crown; generating a second set of digital data representing a plurality of digital tooth models of a particular tooth type each having a first parameterization; processing the second set of digital data to obtain a third set of digital data representing an average tooth model of the particular tooth type having a second parameterization which is less than the first parameterization; fitting the third set of digital data to the first set of digital data to create a set of digital data representing an interim tooth model; and morphing the set of digital data representing the interim tooth model to substantially mimic the anatomical shape of the clinical crown of the first set of digital data..
Mid-density materials for golf applications
The golf club head has a body comprising a crown portion, a sole portion, a toe portion, heel portion, hosel portion, rear portion, and a front portion including a striking face. At least one or more portions of the body of the golf club head is made out of at least one or more mid-density materials.
Refractive optics with broad spectral coverage
A multi-band refractive optical imaging system. In one example, the system includes a plurality of lenses configured to receive and propagate electromagnetic radiation in at least the visible spectral band and the longwave infrared (lwir) spectral band, the plurality of lenses including a first group of lenses of a first crown material, at least one lens of a first flint material, and at least one lens of a second material different than the first crown material and the first flint material.
Wellbore tool with indexing mechanism and method
A wellbore tool, a wellbore fluid treatment string and a method with an indexing mechanism including a crown ratchet sleeve. The indexing mechanism can be shifted through one or more inactive positions before finally shifting into an active condition.
Pneumatic tire
The inner liner is composed of a polymer layer stack including a first layer containing an sibs and a second layer containing at least one of an sis and an sib. At least one of the first layer and the second layer is a polymer composition containing one of a c4 polymer obtained by polymerizing a monomer unit having 4 carbon atoms, a layered clay mineral with an organic compound intercalated therein and at least one kind of rubber component selected from the group consisting of a natural rubber, an isoprene rubber and a butyl rubber.
Pneumatic tire
Provided is a pneumatic tire having at least one carcass layer as a skeleton extending in toroidal shape over a pair of bead portions, at least one belt layer and a tread disposed on an outer side in the radial direction of a crown portion of the carcass. In a tire section in the widthwise direction in state where the tire is assembled to an application rim, ratio bd/bw of radius difference bd between radius at a center portion and radius at an end portion in the widthwise direction of an innermost layer of the belt layer, to width bw of the innermost layer, ranges from 0.01 to 0.04, and ratio td/tw of radius difference td between radius at a center portion and radius at an end portion of the tread in the widthwise direction of a tread ground surface, to tread ground-contact width tw, satisfies bd/bw<td/tw..
Method for the production of a piston for an internal combustion engine
A method for producing piston for an internal combustion engine which has a piston head that has a circumferential cooling channel as well as a combustion bowl having a circumferential bowl wall that makes a transition into a piston crown by way of a bowl edge region. The combustion bowl is formed at least in part by a piston base body and the bowl wall is formed at least in part from an insert.
Piston assembly transportation and installation apparatus and methods of transporting and installing a piston assembly therewith
A piston assembly transportation and assembly apparatus and methods of transporting and installing a piston assembly therewith are provided. The apparatus maintains a piston assembly in its assembled state during transportation without allowing damage and contamination to the piston assembly.
Chilled cap
The present development is a liner unit comprising a light-weight polymeric material that becomes cold when exposed to water, which can be used to line a soft-crown cap, such as a baseball cap. The liner is sized to fit snuggly within the cap, and may be reversibly attached to the interfacing of the cap.
Prosthetic heart valve and method
A prosthetic heart valve comprises a radially crimpable and radially expandable, net-like, annular support frame and a valve assembly disposed therein, the valve assembly comprising a conduit tapering from an inlet towards an outlet thereof. Some embodiments or the support frame comprise a proximal portion and a distal portion, a diameter of the proximal portion smaller than a diameter of the distal portion.
Helical stent with orthogonal end and method of forming stent
A helical stent includes a central segment having a first tubular waveform and a first end segment having a second tubular waveform. The waveforms are defined by a plurality of struts and a plurality of crowns connecting adjacent struts together.
Drive-n-glide surfboard (jet drive)
Also, there's a crowned deck shape that allows thin rail sensitivity for turning performance and a motor battery arrangement that provides mass centralization of weight. All this, combined with several wireless control means define this new fine handling motorized surfboard..
Sodium fluoride, organic powders and aqueous slurry toothpaste formula free flow dental treatment systems
The fda approved toothpaste sodium fluoride, organic powders and aqueous slurry toothpaste formula dental treatment systems are designed to safely clean teeth by physico-chemical means contrasted with highly fluid water picks and toothbrush bristles that can't always reach hard to clean areas, between teeth, and inside molars and crowns. Once tartar and plaque set on teeth they are increasingly more difficult to remove with water picks, dental floss, and toothbrush bristles alone that simply can't remove stubborn residues from many hidden and hard to reach areas of your teeth.
Three-dimensional fabricating material systems for producing dental products
This invention relates to printable polymerizable material systems for making dental products such as artificial teeth, dentures, splints, veneers, inlays, onlays, copings, frame patterns, crowns and bridges and the like. A dlp or stereolithography printer is used to cure polymerizable material in a layer-by-layer manner to build-up the object.
Pneumatic tire
A pneumatic tire has a unidirectional tread pattern. The land ratio of an imaginary crown region 5a is 0.75 to 0.85.
Shape memory alloy latch with stable on-off position
A shape memory alloy (sma) actuator includes a sma element connected to a first crown to move the first crown with respect to a second crown along an axis to toggle the actuator rod between a first position and a second position, the first position and the second position maintained when the sma element is deenergized.. .
Adjustable, configurable hat
An adjustable, configurable hat is described that can be configured to accommodate a variety of hairstyles. In general, the adjustable, configurable hat has a crown member, an enlarged opening and a panel that is releasably attachable to the crown member.
Golf club with optimum moments of inertia in the vertical and hosel axis
A hollow golf club is provided having an outer shell and an inner frame. The outer shell comprises one or more lightweight members, such as the crown or the skirt, and preferably fits within an envelope of about 5 inches×5 inches×2.8 inches.
On-line tunnel deformation monitoring system based on image analysis and its application
An on-line tunnel deformation monitoring system based on image analysis and its application comprises identification points, an ip camera, a central control computer, as well as a transmission network and the application of the system includes the following steps: 1) lay the identification points; 2) the central control computer controls the zoom photography of the ip camera periodically; 3) the ip camera transmits the photos to the central control computer; 4) the central control computer conducts self-adaptive filtering transformation for the photos; 5) the central control computer conducts grayscale threshold transformation; 6) the central control computer conducts image edge detection to obtain the identification points; 7) calculation of the arch crown settlement displacement and the arch springing convergence displacement of the identification points; 8) judge whether the arch crown settlement displacement and the arch springing convergence displacement are both less than the set thresholds, and if they are, return to step 2), otherwise give an alarm.. .
3-phase permanent magnet motor or generator having variable stator teeth
An electric motor or generator machine is provided. The machine includes a rotor rotatable about an axis, as well as a stator.
Control device for direct injection engine
The present invention provides a control device for a direct injection engine, capable of reducing the amount of fuel adhesion on a piston crown and a cylinder bore wall surface and improving homogeneity of a fuel-air mixture inside the cylinder, thereby reducing the particulate number of emitted pm. The fuel injection is inhibited for a period in which a lift position of an intake valve is within a predetermined range in a single combustion cycle, more specifically, during the period in which the lift position of the intake valve is located from a middle lift position to the vicinity of a maximum lift position..
Piston with a cooling gallery partially filled with a thermally conductive metal-containing composition
A piston for an internal combustion engine comprises a sealed cooling gallery extending circumferentially around a center axis beneath a bowl rim of an upper crown. A metal-containing composition having a high thermal conductivity fills a portion of the sealed cooling gallery to dissipate heat.
Bearing assembly
The rolling bearing design incorporates at least two antifriction bearings, a fixed supporting centering sleeve and a toothed cage with an extended cylindrical part, extending outside the dimensions of the bearings, and sockets in the form of a crown on both sides of the cylindrical part of the cage. The fixed supporting centering sleeve of the cage incorporates channels for oil supply to the cage.
Gemstone cut
A gemstone cut into a round stone and method of cutting a gemstone are disclosed herein. A crown having a table may be surrounded by eight star sets.
Methods for vascular restoration therapy
A medical device includes a polymer scaffold crimped to a catheter having an expansion balloon. The scaffold has a structure that produces a low late lumen loss when implanted within a peripheral vessel and also exhibits a high axial fatigue life.
Time-dependent polymer scaffolds
A medical device includes a polymer scaffold crimped to a catheter having an expansion balloon. The scaffold has a structure that produces a low late lumen loss when implanted within a peripheral vessel and also exhibits a high axial fatigue life.

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