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 Heating of an aerodynamic measurement probe patent thumbnailHeating of an aerodynamic measurement probe
An aerodynamic measurement probe comprises a part to be sited in the region of the skin of an aircraft and means for heating the part. The heating means comprise a thermodynamic loop comprising a closed circuit in which a heat-transfer fluid circulates, the closed circuit comprising an evaporator and a zone in which the heat-transfer fluid can be condensed in the appendage in order to heat it.

 Bulk acoustic wave resonator and filter including the same patent thumbnailBulk acoustic wave resonator and filter including the same
A bulk acoustic wave resonator including a substrate; an air cavity formed on the substrate; and a resonating part formed on the air cavity and comprising a first electrode, a piezoelectric layer, and a second electrode which are sequentially laminated, wherein a cross section of the air cavity has a short side, a long side opposing the short side, a first lateral side and a second lateral side connecting the short side and the long side to each other, the first and second lateral sides are inclined, and a surface roughness of the first electrode, the piezoelectric layer, the second electrode, or any combination thereof is between 1 nm and 100 nm.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

 Multiphase in situ flow sensing with ultrasonic tomography and vortex shedding patent thumbnailMultiphase in situ flow sensing with ultrasonic tomography and vortex shedding
Ultrasound tomography arrays and vortex shedding devices are provided which measure average flow velocity through doppler shift of the fluid as well as cross sectional multiphase fluid composition in pipe or tubing conduits. Multiple tomographic arrays in conjunction with correlation of sensed flow patterns in time provided determination of flow velocity as well as cross sectional multiphase fluid composition.
Saudi Arabian Oil Company

 An expansion valve with a two-step variable orifice area patent thumbnailAn expansion valve with a two-step variable orifice area
An expansion valve (1) for a vapour compression system, the valve comprising a first valve part (5) having an outlet orifice (7) and a piston (8) movable inside the outlet orifice (7) in response to a differential pressure across the expansion valve (1), controlling a fluid flow through the first valve part (5), via a forward fluid passage through the first valve part (5). The piston (8) has different cylindrical shapes stepwise along a longitudinal extension of the piston (8), the piston (8) defining a first cross-sectional area along a first longitudinal extension and a second-cross sectional area along a second longitudinal extension, the first cross-sectional area being smaller than the second-cross sectional area.
Danfoss A/s

 Microphone stand having articulating shaft patent thumbnailMicrophone stand having articulating shaft
A stand includes a base, a first tube coupled to the base and extending therefrom, the first tube defining a first bore having an opening at an end of the tube opposite the base, and a second tube, a portion of which is received in the first bore such that the second tube and the first tube form a telescoping relationship, the second tube comprising a first section and a second section, the first section and second section being connected via a clutch, the clutch being configured to enable articulation of the second section relative to the first section about the clutch. The clutch has an outer cross section that is configured to be received in the first bore when the first section is coaxial with the second section..

 Corrugated energizing ring for use with a split lockdown ring patent thumbnailCorrugated energizing ring for use with a split lockdown ring
A wellhead assembly includes first and second wellhead members. An annular lock groove is located on an inner or an outer diameter surface of the first wellhead member.
Ge Oil & Gas Pressure Control Lp

 Column for supporting a covering and screen construction comprising such a column patent thumbnailColumn for supporting a covering and screen construction comprising such a column
A column (1) for supporting a covering, comprising a core profiled section (2) having a plurality of fitting grooves in its periphery and a plurality of insertion profiled sections (3, 4, 5) which are each interchangeably fittable into each fitting groove, in such a way that the column (1) has a substantially rectangular cross section, each inserted insertion profiled section (3, 4, 5) in each fitting groove forms a corner (10) of the rectangular cross section of the column (1) and each side wall of the column (1) between the insertion profiled sections (3, 4, 5) is formed by the core profiled section (2). The present invention also relates to a screen construction comprising such a column (1)..
Renson Sunprotection-screens Nv

 Apparatus for culturing cells patent thumbnailApparatus for culturing cells
An apparatus for culturing cells of the present disclosure includes: a cabinet that has a main surface and a side surface, the main surface having a window; a main surface aspiration port disposed at the main surface of the cabinet; and a side surface aspiration port disposed at the side surface of the cabinet. In the cross section of the cabinet taken along the horizontal direction, a first vessel supplying part for supplying a first vessel is disposed at a midportion of the cabinet, and a second vessel supplying part for supplying a second vessel is disposed at an inner peripheral portion of the cabinet.
Panasonic Corporation

 Device for varying the volume flow of a fill product in a filling plant patent thumbnailDevice for varying the volume flow of a fill product in a filling plant
A device for varying the flow rate of a fill product in a filling plant is provided. The device includes a control chamber connected with an intake and an outlet, and a control element accommodated in the control chamber, which is displaceable within the control chamber by interaction with a drive disposed outside the control chamber.
Krones Ag

 Bumper arrangement for a motor vehicle patent thumbnailBumper arrangement for a motor vehicle
A bumper arrangement for a motor vehicle includes a bumper arrangement for a motor vehicle, including a cross member made of a lightweight metal and constructed as multi-chamber section which has at least one front chamber and at least one main chamber, wherein the front chamber is arranged in front of the main chamber in longitudinal direction of the motor vehicle, wherein the main chamber has a greater cross sectional surface than the at least one front chamber, wherein the cross member has a front side facing in a driving direction of the motor vehicle and a rear side facing away from the driving direction, wherein the front side has a height in vertical direction of the motor vehicle, which is greater than a height of the rear side, wherein at least one wall of the at least one front chamber forms a portion of the front side; and crash boxes arranged in respective end regions of the cross member for coupling the bumper arrangement with the motor vehicle. The cross member can be formed as extruded part..
Benteler Automobiltechnik Gmbh

Motor vehicle front end part

A motor vehicle front end part (1) has a device for influencing a cooling air flow. The device has an adjustable flap (22) that extends in a vehicle transverse direction and that is assigned to an air inlet opening (10) with an air inlet cross section (12).
Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

Improved noise-reducing device for tire

Disclosed herein is a tread for a tire, in which the tread provides an improvement to the resonance noise-reducing devices and seeks at the same time to obtain easy molding and demolding of the flexible blades that form the groove closure device and complete closure of the cross section of each groove in which these flexible blades are formed.. .
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a

Liquid discharge head, liquid discharge device, and liquid discharge apparatus

A liquid discharge head includes nozzles, pressure chambers, pressure generators, a common liquid chamber, a partition, and a liquid feeder. The common liquid chamber includes two chamber portions adjacent to each other on a plane parallel to a nozzle array direction.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Method for cutting belt-like member, and apparatus therefor

When manufacturing a plurality of strip members by cutting a belt-like member along a length direction thereof, the belt-like member having embedded therein a plurality of reinforcement cords arranged parallel to each other, and a weft thread provided so as to intersect the reinforcement cords, a captured image showing images of at least the reinforcement cords in a cross section of one end of the belt-like member in the length direction is used to detect the position of the image of each of the reinforcement cords (rc). The number of the actual reinforcement cord (rc) to which each of the images of the reinforcement cords (rc) corresponds is determined on the basis of an interval between the images of the detected adjacent reinforcement cords (rc) in the image and an average cord interval, and a cutting position (xa) is set..
The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

Method for making bicytcle folding tool of bicycle

A method for making a folding tool includes a step of preparing a bar with a hexagonal cross section, a rectangular cross section or a circular cross section; a step of cutting the bar into a base with a pre-set length; a step of trimming two surfaces of a first end and a second end of the base to form a semi-finished product; a step of forming a working end at a first end of the semi-finished product by way of lathing and milling; a step of forming a connection end at a second end of the semi-finished product by way of milling, and a step of forming a hole through the connection end by way of drilling or milling.. .

Press-forming apparatus, producing press-formed product using the forming apparatus, and press-formed product

A press-forming apparatus is an apparatus for producing a press-formed product having a hat-shaped cross section that has an external shape that curves in an l shape along a longitudinal direction in a planar view, and includes a punch, a first blank holder, a second blank holder, a preceding portion, a second die and a pad. When pushing the punch into a die to form a metal plate into the press-formed product, a first guide face of the preceding portion precedes a second guide face of the second die, and thereafter sliding of the first blank holder and the preceding portion relative to the punch is restricted and pushing of the punch into the die is continued in the restricted state to form the press-formed product.
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

Exhaust gas purification device and particulate filter

Particulate filter provided in the exhaust gas purification device includes: a wall-flow part having an inlet-side cell that is open only at an end on an exhaust gas inflow side, outlet-side cell adjacent to this inlet-side cell and is open only at an end on an exhaust gas outflow side, a porous wall partitions the inlet-side cell from the outlet-side cell; a straight-flow part having a through cell that penetrates the filter in axial direction and is open at the end on the exhaust gas inflow side as well as the end on the exhaust gas outflow side. In a cross section of the filter orthogonal to its axial direction, cross-sectional areas of the inlet-side cell and outlet-side cell present in an outer peripheral region of the cross section are larger than cross-sectional areas of the inlet-side cells and the outlet-side cell in a central region of the cross section..
Cataler Corporation

Filter holder, filter element and filter arrangement

A filter holder (2) for a filter element (3) that has an oval-shaped cross section transverse to a longitudinal direction (lr) thereof, with a receiving section (19) for receiving the filter element (3), a fluid inlet (24) for allowing fluid (l) to be filtered into the filter holder (2), and a fluid outlet (25) for letting the fluid (l) filtered with the aid of the filter element (3) out of the filter holder (2), wherein the fluid inlet (24) is arranged such that an inflow direction (e) of the fluid (l) to be filtered is oriented in the direction of a lateral surface (29) of the filter element (3) that can be received in the receiving section (19), whereby the fluid (l) to be filtered flows tangentially around the filter element (3) that can be received in the receiving section (19) in order to separate particles (33) contained in the fluid (l) to be filtered on a wall (30) of the receiving section (19) with the aid of centrifugal force.. .
Mann+hummel Gmbh

Filter holder and filter arrangement

A filter holder for a filter element that has an oval-shaped cross section transverse to a longitudinal direction thereof, the filter holder including: a receiving section configured to receive the filter element; fluid inlet for allowing fluid to be filtered into the filter holder; fluid outlet for letting the fluid filtered out of the filter holder; the fluid inlet is arranged so the inflow direction of the fluid to be filtered into the fluid inlet is parallel to the longitudinal direction of the filter element; the fluid inlet has a guide member configured to deflect the fluid as it flows into the fluid inlet such that it flows around in a spiral in the filter element that can be received in the receiving section in order to separate particles contained in the fluid to be filtered on a wall of the receiving section with the aid of centrifugal force.. .
Mann+hummel Gmbh

Filter holder, filter element and filter arrangement

A filter receptacle (2) for a filter element (3) that, transversely to a longitudinal direction (lr) thereof, has an oval cross section, said filter receptacle having a receiving portion (19) for receiving the filter element (3), a fluid inlet (24) for allowing fluid to be filtered (l) into the filter receptacle (2), and a fluid outlet (25) for discharging the fluid (l) filtered with the aid of the filter element (3) from the filter receptacle (2), wherein the fluid outlet (25) is arranged such that an outflow direction (a) of the filtered fluid (l) from the fluid outlet (25) is oriented parallel to the longitudinal direction (lr) of the filter element (3), and wherein the fluid outlet (25) has a circular cross section facing away from the filter element (3) and an oval cross section facing toward the filter element (3).. .
Mann+hummel Gmbh

Expandable sheath with elastomeric cross sectional portions

An expandable introducer sheath for passage of implant delivery catheters, such as catheters for delivery of prosthetic heart valves. The expandable sheath balances the amounts, shapes and positions of various stiff and elastic structures in the sheath to selectively program the expandability and buckling stiffness of the sheath.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation


A tourniquet (10; 40) comprising a resiliently deformable strap, towards an end (11) of which is located a fastener (13) arranged for releasable engagement with a portion of the strap spaced from said end (11) so as to form a loop in the strap in use, wherein the strap is elongate in form and is arcuate in cross section.. .
Olberon Medical Innovation Sas

Battery cell for a battery and producing a battery cell

A battery cell for a battery is arranged in a housing. The battery cell includes a coil having a first connection and a second connection.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Vapor deposition mask, frame-equipped vapor deposition mask, and producing organic semiconductor element

A vapor deposition mask includes a metal mask and a resin mask having an opening. An inner wall surface for composing the opening has an inflection point in a thicknesswise cross section of the resin mask.
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Nitride semiconductor substrate

A solution is formation of a nitride semiconductor layer on one principal plane of a single crystal substrate through a first layer. Upon selecting arbitrary three places in a radial direction from a cross section cleaved in a diameter portion and observing an interface between the first layer and the nitride semiconductor layer by taking a width of at least 500 nm in the radial direction, a value is within the range of 6 nm or more and 15 nm or less in a mean value of the three places with regard to a difference between a maximum height of a convex top portion and a minimum height of a concave bottom portion of the first layer in a thickness direction from the single crystal substrate toward the nitride semiconductor layer.
Coorstek Kk

Au-based solder die attachment semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

A semiconductor device according to the present invention, having an au-based solder layer (3) sandwiched between a semiconductor element (1) and a cu substrate (2) made mainly of cu, in which the semiconductor device includes: a dense metal film (23) which is arranged between the cu substrate (2) and the au-based solder layer (3), and has fine slits (24) patterned to have a predetermined shape in a plan view; and fine structures (4) with dumbbell-like cross section, which have cu and au as main elements, and are each buried in the cu substrate (2), the au-based solder layer (3), and the fine slits (24) of the dense metal film (23).. .
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Multilayer electronic component and manufacturing the same

A method of manufacturing a multilayer electronic component comprises steps of: preparing first insulating sheets having internal electrode patterns formed thereon; moving one or more of the first insulating sheets having the internal electrode patterns formed thereon onto a lower mold; arranging a second insulating sheet to be disposed between an internal electrode pattern disposed in an uppermost position among the internal electrode patterns formed on the lower mold and an upper mold and pressing the first insulating sheets having the internal electrode patterns formed thereon by the upper mold to form a laminate; and sintering the laminate to form a multilayer body. In a cross section in a width-thickness direction of the internal electrode pattern included in the multilayer body, 0.45≦t2/t2≦1.0, where t1 is a thickness of one side of the internal electrode pattern in relation to a central line connecting both vertices of the internal electrode pattern in a width direction and t2 is a thickness of the other side of the internal electrode pattern in relation to the central line and t2 is larger than or equal to t1..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Coil component

In an embodiment, a coil component includes a magnetic body, and an internal conductor 21 having a center axis and formed in a spiral shape; wherein the internal conductor 21 is embedded in the magnetic body; in a cross sectional view of a plane that includes the center axis extending in the vertical direction, wherein a conductor region part 11 positioned between the adjacent windings of the spiral shape has a higher oxygen content than that of a core part 12 including the center axis and positioned on the inner side of the windings of the spiral shape. The magnetic body is constituted by iron-based soft magnetic grains and oxide film of at least one type of element that oxidizes more easily than iron, which oxide film bonds at least partly the iron-based soft magnetic grains..
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

Powder magnetic core and reactor using the same

The powder magnetic core of the present invention can exhibit reliable superposition property in which variance rate of inductance value is small even if superposed current is varied, and can reduce the number of cores used in a reactor. The powder magnetic core comprises: soft magnetic powder particles, and gaps between the soft magnetic powder particles, in which the powder magnetic core has a density ratio of 90 to 95%, and when observing a cross section thereof, layered gaps having thicknesses of 1 to 3 μm and widths of 20 to 200 μm are formed inside of the powder magnetic core.
Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.

Electrostatic charge image developing toner and manufacturing the same

An electrostatic charge image developing toner containing toner base particles containing an amorphous resin and a crystalline resin is constituted such that lamellar crystal structures and fibrous crystal structures are dispersed in the cross section of the toner base particles.. .

Test sample support, and collision test apparatus and collision test structural member using the support

A test sample support for use in a collision test using a center pillar assembly of an automobile body as a test sample, includes a linear main body, a first attachment part, and a second attachment part. A cross section of the main body of the test sample support is an open section of cross-shaped.
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Meatal Corporation

Collimation and homogenization system for an led luminaire

Disclosed is an led light source automated luminaire with a multi sided elongated light collimator/mixer/integrator with receiving lens and output lens both with spill shields and where the receiving spill shield is nesting in the output spill shield. The elongated integrator has a square input cross-section and a hexagon or octagon output cross section and is tapered so that the input cross section is smaller than the output cross section..
Robe Lighting

Seal for a joint assembly

A spring seal for a joint assembly pivotally joining a lever arm to a machine frame includes an annular body having a w-shaped cross section. The w-shaped cross section includes a first cantilevered arm, a parallel and spaced apart second cantilevered arm, and a spring leg joining the first and second cantilevered arms.
Caterpillar Inc.

Water conservation device for a swimming pool skimmer

A water conservation device is disclosed. The water conservation device includes a membrane and an uninterrupted flange comprising a cross sectional cylindrical shape that is attached to an entire outer edge of the membrane.

Method for producing porous polymer film and porous polymer film

The method of the present disclosure is a method for producing a porous polymer film including: irradiating a strip-shaped polymer film with an ion beam while moving the polymer film transversely to the ion beam, so as to form a polymer film that has collided with ions in the beam; and chemically etching the formed polymer film so as to form openings and/or through holes corresponding to tracks left by the colliding ions in the polymer film. The ion beam (11) with which the polymer film is irradiated is obtained by folding a tail of an original beam (51) inwardly toward a center of the original beam by nonlinear focusing.
Nitto Denko Corporation

Adhesive tape cartridge and adhesive tape roll

The disclosure discloses an adhesive tape cartridge includes an adhesive tape roll with a double-sided adhesive tape wound around. The double-sided adhesive tape has, in cross section, a transparent or semitransparent film layer, a first adhesive layer, a second adhesive layer, a separation material layer, and a pigment.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Offset bulkhead for creating a compressive mechanical lock

A structure that creates a compressive mechanical lock during an external force includes a beam, an offset bulkhead, and a compressive member. The beam has a hollow cross section, an axis, and a wall.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Power reception device

A power reception device includes a flat plate-like core and a coil spirally wound around the core and having a winding central axis extending in a horizontal direction. The coil is formed like a flat plate to have a longer side portion and a shorter side portion when the coil is viewed in cross section at a plane perpendicular to an extending direction of the coil.
Yazaki Corporation

Tread with improved drainage for a tire

Tire tread, this tread having a tread surface intended to come into contact with a roadway and comprising at least one groove of width w and of depth p delimited by two lateral walls facing one another, these two lateral walls being joined together by a groove bottom, at least one groove comprising a plurality of closure devices, each closure device being made up of a flexible blade to close this groove in a rest position to a degree of closure of at least 90%, each flexible blade having a thickness suited to allowing it to deform under the effect of a circulation of liquid in the groove, this at least one flexible groove being secured to the two lateral walls delimiting the groove and to the bottom of the groove, each flexible blade being dimensionally suited to be able, under the action of a flow of liquid, to deform in the groove thereby reducing its degree of closure of the cross section of this groove to at most 40%.. .
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

Sucking disc

The present invention discloses a sucking disc, including a sucking disc body; there is a chamber with a circular cross section inside the sucking disc body, and the chamber has a closed end surface and an opening end surface, the opening end surface is formed to be an end surface for absorbing an object, and tangential nozzles are disposed on the wall surface of the chamber. The sucking disc further includes an annular separator plate and some pads; pads are disposed apart from each other on the periphery of the bottom surface of the sucking disc body and the upper surface of the annular separator plate is fixedly attached with the periphery of the bottom surface of the sucking disc body via the pads; a partial area of the annular separator plate is covered by the pads, a fixed channel from the annular separator plate to the periphery of the bottom surface of the sucking disc body is formed by the separations between the pads; and the interior of the chamber is communicated with the ambient via the fixed channel.
Zhejiang University


A spray apparatus includes an outlet connected to a cyclone chamber with at least one gas inlet to the chamber connected to a pressurized source of gas, and at least one liquid inlet to the chamber for connection to a liquid source. The cyclone chamber has a cross section that decreases in a direction away from the outlet and a closed base such that in use at least one of the liquid and gas entering the chamber forms a reverse flow cyclone, in which the liquid or gas travels in a first direction away from the inlet to the closed base and thereafter reverses direction and travels towards the outlet..
Cambridge Consultants Limited

Liquid droplet dispenser

An apparatus for dispensing droplets comprises a dispensing tip (2, 190, 210) with an orifice (4) having a cross sectional area in the range of 0.00002 mm2 to 0.03 mm2. An actuator assembly (13-15, 50, 80) comprising an actuator element engages with and disengage from the tip and, when engaged, couples acoustic energy to liquid in the tip to expel the liquid through the orifice as a droplet.
University Of Limerick

Thermal centrifugal vane type separator baffle

A gas purifier is disclosed for removing solid and liquid particles and to control humidity and volatile concentration in a gas stream. The device comprises of a plurality of vane-baffle elements.
Netafil Inc.

Hair styling apparatus

A hair styling apparatus comprising a pair of closable jaws (20,22) to engage a user's hair. Said jaws (20,22) have complementary shapes with, a first said jaw (20) defining a curved ridge and a second said jaw (22) defining a curved recess.
Jemella Limited

Support for a spreading boom for an agricultural sprayer

A sprayer boom support for an agricultural sprayer including two articulated arms that are coupled in an articulated manner on both sides of the sprayer, wherein each articulated arm is comprised of bar sections that are formed in a composite material consisting of a reinforcing agent chosen from carbon fibre, fibreglass, aramid fibre, boron fibre or a combination thereof, and a matrix of epoxy, vinyl ester, phenolic or polyester resin, the bar sections having a tube geometry with a substantially rectangular cross section with rounded vertices and arched sides, the length of two of its equal sides being constant along the bar section.. .
King Marine S.a.

Electric motor and electric power steering device using the same

An electric motor includes a cylindrical holder mounted to an end of a rotation shaft, a sensor magnet mounted to the holder, and a rotation sensor mounted at a position at which the rotation sensor opposes the sensor magnet in a direction of an axis of rotation and detecting a rotating field of the sensor magnet. The end of the rotation shaft has a cylindrical shape with a non-circular cross section formed of at least one plane and a curved surface in an outer peripheral portion.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Field effect semiconductor component and producing it

What is provided is a field effect component including a semiconductor body, which extends in an edge zone from a rear side as far as a top side and which includes a semiconductor mesa, which extends in a vertical direction, which is perpendicular to the rear side and/or the top side. The semiconductor body in a vertical cross section further includes a drift region, which extends at least in the edge region as far as the top side and which is arranged partly in the semiconductor mesa, and a body region, which is arranged at least partly in the semiconductor mesa and which forms a pn junction with the drift region.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Multilayer ceramic capacitor

A multilayer ceramic capacitor includes an element body of roughly rectangular solid shape which is constituted by dielectric layers alternately stacked with internal electrode layers having different polarities and which has a pair of principle faces, a pair of end faces, and a pair of side faces, wherein the multilayer ceramic capacitor is such that: external electrodes are formed on the pair of end faces and one principle face of the element body; and on a cross section taken in parallel with one end face of the multilayer ceramic capacitor near the end face, the ratio of area a constituted by the internal electrode layers connected to the external electrode on this end face side and the dielectric layers present between the internal electrode layers, and area b covering the part of the section excluding the external electrodes, a/b, is 0.75 or more.. .
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

Method for additive manufacturing

A method is provided for forming at least one three-dimensional article through successive fusion of parts of a powder bed. The method involves: providing a model of the at least one three dimensional article, dividing at least two cross sections in said model into a first inner area portion, a second inner area portion and a contour portion, applying a first material layer on a work table, directing at least one energy beam over the work table causing the first material layer to join in selected locations according to the model for forming a partial first cross section of the three dimensional article, applying a second material layer on said work table; and directing at least one energy beam over the work table causing the second material layer to join in selected locations and form a partial second cross section of said three dimensional article..
Arcam Ab

Exposure device, substrate processing apparatus, exposure substrate and substrate processing method

A local transport hand is configured to be movable in a front-and-rear direction between a rear position rearward of a light emitter and a front position forward of the light emitter. A substrate on which a dsa film is formed is placed on an upper surface of the local transport hand.
Screen Holdings Co., Ltd.

Liquid crystal display device and electronic device

An active matrix liquid crystal display device including a counter substrate and an element substrate firmly attached with each other with a sealant, and a liquid crystal layer between the counter substrate and the element substrate is provided. The counter substrate is provided with at least a resin layer.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Device for measuring flow rate of fluid medium

The invention relates to measurement of parameters of a fluid flow through a pipe. Measurement device for determining the flow rate of a fluid flowing in a pipe in a main flow direction, comprises a diverting unit connected to the pipe and adapted to-divert the fluid flow from the axis of the main flow direction in the pipe and directing the flow to a measuring section, wherein the diverting unit is a sealed reservoir having an inlet portion connected to an inlet pipe, an outlet portion connected to an outlet pipe and a diverting portion connected to the inlet portion and the outlet portion and comprising a tubular member disposed at least partly in the diverting portion and the outlet portion, wherein the tubular member has a measuring section comprising fluid flow rate measuring means, and a connecting section for connecting the tubular member to the outlet pipe, wherein the ratio of the cross sectional area of each of the inlet portion, the outlet portion and the diverting portion to the cross sectional area of the pipe is from 1:1 to 4:1..

Ceiling-embedded air conditioner

A ceiling-embedded air conditioner includes: a ceiling-embedded casing main body that includes inside thereof a turbo fan and a heat exchanger disposed to surround the outer periphery of the turbo fan; a decorative panel that is mounted on a bottom surface of the casing main body and has an air blowoff opening; a drain pan that is provided on the bottom surface of the casing main body; an air blowoff path that is a through hole with rectangular cross section, the air blowoff path being provided in the drain pan and guiding conditioned air heat-exchanged by the heat exchanger to the air blowoff opening; and a reinforcement support column that is provided between long sides of the air blowoff path and includes a portion protruding more upward than an opening surface of the air blowoff path on an inflow side.. .
Fujitsu General Limited

Combustor wall cooling channel formed by additive manufacturing

A cooled wall for lining a combustor of a gas turbine engine includes an annular outer wall defining a radial passage extending therethrough, an inner wall spaced radially from the outer wall to define an axial channel in fluid communication with the radial passage, and a connecting wall joining the inner wall to the outer wall. A method of making the cooled wall includes providing a three-dimensional computer model of the cooled wall, depositing a uniform thickness layer of material on a substrate, using a laser or electron beam to melt or sinter the material to form a cross section, repeating the depositing and cross section steps to form the cooled wall, and heat treating the cooled wall..
United Technologies Corporation

Air distribution nozzle and a fluidized bed reactor

An air distribution nozzle and fluidized bed including said nozzle, the nozzle including a gas inlet pipe and an air distribution cap defining a space inbetween them, first air outlet means allowing air to flow from the gas inlet pipe to the space and second outlet means allowing air to flow from said space to the ambient area, wherein said second outlet means has an outer cross section along the outer surface of the cap that varies in its vertical height along its horizontal extension.. .
Doosan Lentjes Gmbh

In-tank valve

In a detector that constitutes an in-tank valve, an attachment part formed on one end thereof is arranged in facing relation to a connector of a drive unit, and arm members of a bracket, which is substantially u-shaped in cross section and is fixed to the connector, are inserted in and engaged with engagement holes of the attachment part. Thus, the detector is always retained firmly in a state of being pulled to the side of the drive unit by elastic forces of the bracket..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Vibration damping device

A vibration damping device (10) includes a first attachment member (11) and a second attachment member (12), an elastic body (13) configured to couple the attachment members (11 and 12) to each other, and partition members (16) configured to partition a liquid chamber in the first attachment member (11) in which a liquid (l) is sealed into the first liquid chamber (14) and the second liquid chamber (15). A communicating passage (30) configured to communicate the first liquid chamber (14) with the second liquid chamber (15) is provided in the partition members (16).
Bridgestone Corporation

Thickness increase spring

The new springs provide many different levels of accelerate increasing physical force. There are two rules to help you form a new spring.

Stirling engine with regenerator internal to the displacer piston and integral geometry for heat transfer and fluid flow

A stirling engine with internal regenerator and integral geometry for heat transfer and fluid flow has a displacer piston with a plurality of cavities traversing through the displacer piston and arranged in a specific cross sectional geometry. A heater head has heater fin protrusions that are arranged in the specific geometry, and a cooling bridge has cooler fin protrusions that are in the specific geometry.

Connection system for joining rectangular wall frames

A connection system for joining rectangular wall frames fabricated from pairs of rectangular cross section tubular side frame members and rectangular cross section tubular top and bottom frame members utilizes identical connectors, such as a single size machine screw and identical threaded inserts to provide upper and lower interconnections. Three different interconnections can be made using the single size machine screw and insert, the latter inserted into the open upper ends of the rectangular cross section tubular side frame members.
Mayline Company, Llc


The present invention relates to a post (12) made of a first material (2) comprising an element (13) made of a second material that is softer than the first material. The element is partially embedded in the first material and has a front surface (6) that forms part of the surface of the post.
Broderna Bengtssons Dumpertransport Ab

Sequencing device and operating a sequencing device

A sequencing device has at least one sequencing channel configured to fluidically connect a first gap with a second gap. The sequencing channel is formed as a cavity in the region of the first gap and is formed as a pore in the region of the second gap.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Conveyor system having substantially symmetrical longitudinally running electric conductors

The invention relates to a conveyor system (1), comprising two frame profiles (2, 3) which are run such that they are spaced apart from one another, a plurality of motorized conveyor rollers (4) which are arranged in between, an insulator (19) which runs along the at least one frame profile (2) with a plurality of receptacles which are open on the longitudinal side, and a plurality of electric conductors (20) which are arranged in the insulator (19) and are electrically connected to drive electronics of the conveyor rollers (4), and in each case one electric conductor (20) is mounted in each case in one receptacle. The form factor f of an electric conductor (20), which is defined as a quotient of the circumference of a circle which is equivalent in area to the cross section of the electric conductor (20) and of the circumference of said cross section of the electric conductor (20), is selected in the range of from f=0.88 to f=1.00..
Tgw Mechanics Gmbh

Structural member for automotive body

[solution] the structural member for an automotive body, the structural member consisting of a press-formed product made of a steel sheet, the press-formed product extending in a predetermined direction, including a top plate, a ridge continuing to the top plate, and a vertical wall continuing to the ridge, and having a substantially gutter-shaped cross section intersecting the predetermined direction, includes at least one groove formed in the top plate, and extending in the predetermined direction, and an outward flange formed at least in a region of the ridge in an end in the predetermined direction. The groove having a depth set according to a width of the groove and a sheet thickness of the steel sheet..

Vehicle front structure

A vehicle front structure includes a front side frame and a first load transmitting member that is joined to a front end and an outer surface in a vehicle-width direction of the front side frame and that tapers from the front of the vehicle toward the rear so as to be formed substantially in the shape of a triangle when viewed in plan view. The first load transmitting member includes a substantially u-shaped portion that is open toward the front side frame.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Pneumatic tire

A pneumatic tire includes at least three circumferential grooves extending in a tire circumferential direction in the tread portion, and at least four ribs defined by the at least three circumferential grooves, the at least four ribs extending in the tire circumferential direction. At least two of the ribs including the rib disposed on a first side of a tire equatorial plane in a tire width direction and the rib disposed on a second side protrude to an outer side in a tire radial direction beyond a profile line of a tread surface when viewed in the meridian cross section.
The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

Pneumatic tire

The pneumatic tire (1) comprises at least three circumferential grooves (22) extending in a tire circumferential direction in a tread portion (2), and at least four ribs (23) defined by the circumferential grooves (22), the at least four ribs (23) extending in the tire circumferential direction. At least two of the ribs (23) protrude outward in a tire radial direction beyond the profile line (l) of the tread surface when viewed in the meridian cross section.
The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

Process for the accelerated production of objects by means of generative manufacturing

A process for the layer-by-layer construction of a three-dimensional object (3) from a pulverulent construction material by means of successively solidifying layers of the pulverulent construction material in each case at those sites of a layer which correspond to a cross section of the object, wherein the solidification is accomplished by introducing heat energy, has the following steps for each layer: a step of providing a layer of a pulverulent construction material, a step of preheating the applied construction material to a preheating temperature, below the temperature at which the material is solidified, and a step of solidifying the applied layer by means of electromagnetic radiation or particle radiation (7), wherein, in the solidification step, during a predetermined period of time, the start of which coincides with the beginning of the solidification step, the quantity of heat introduced per unit area is reduced over time and can be described by a function which decreases monotonously depending on the time.. .
Eos Gmbh Electro Optical Systems

A shaving apparatus as well as a cutting unit for such a shavig apparatus

A shaving apparatus (1) provided with at least one cutting unit (3) comprising an external cutting member (4) and an internal cutting member (5) which is drivable relative to the external cutting member in at least one driving direction p. The internal cutting member comprises at least one cutting element (10) comprising a cutting edge (11) being movable along a cutting path (12) whilst being driven in the at least one driving direction.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Method for additive manufacturing

A method is provided for production of at least one three-dimensional article by successively providing powder layers and fusing together of selected areas of the layers, which areas correspond to partial cross sections of the three-dimensional body. The method involves: applying a first powder layer on a work table, fusing the first powder layer in the selected areas, the selected areas being a full contour of the three dimensional article and a first portion of an inner area of the three-dimensional article, and fusing a second portion of the inner area of the three-dimensional article in the first powder layer completely when the first powder layer is covered with at least one second layer, the second portion being distinct relative to the first portion..
Arcam Ab

Fluid filtering device and assembly

A fluid refining device and assembly comprises an inlet for fluid to be refined, a separation outlet and a concentration outlet for processed fluid in a refining layer, wherein the refining layer comprises a plurality of refining units arranged in a pattern, and wherein the cross section of the concentration outlet is less than the cross section of the inlet.. .
Trilobite Innovation As

Golf ball dimples defined by superposed curves

The present invention is a golf ball which comprises dimples having a cross section defined by the superposition of two or more continuous and differentiable functions, and particularly the superposition of a spherical curve and a cosine curve. Additionally, the dimples preferably have a circular boundary and maintain an axis coincident with the center of the circular boundary..
Acushnet Company

Modular structure for cardboard tower-like displays

The invention relates to a modular structure for a cardboard tower-like display, made up of shelf modules (a) each of which is made up of a cardboard sheet with a four-sided central area (10) whose corners form incoming vertexes (12) and whose sides are folding and flapping lines with respective flaps thereof; together with straight tubes which feature stud modules (b), with the same cross section than the perimeter tubular edges (11) of each shelf module (a), and connecting elements in the shape of corner studs (c), each of which has a central part (30) with arms (31), (32) and (33) projected into three orthogonal spatial directions which fit into the concurrent ends of the tubular edges (11) of each shelf module (a), and the ends corresponding to the tubes which constitute the stud modules (b).. .
Miarnau Fernandez

High-current stack type hot-pluggable connector

The present disclosure relates to a field of high-current connector, and specifically relates to a high-current stack type hot-pluggable connector includes terminal assemblies, an outer casing assembly and support assemblies. The outer casing assembly has a hollow structure and the terminal assembly can be accommodated therein.
Amphenol East Asia Electronic Technology (shenzhen) Ltd.

Photoelectric conversion layer and photoelectric conversion device

Provided are a quantum-dot layer having high absorbance and capable of enhancing power generation efficiency, and a solar cell. A photoelectric conversion layer includes a quantum-dot-containing layer, the quantum-dot-containing layer having a plurality of quantum dots and wall sections enclosing the quantum dots.
Kyocera Corporation

Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof

An object is to achieve high electrical characteristics (a high on-state current value, an excellent s value, and the like) and a highly reliable semiconductor device. A high on-state current value is achieved, whereby a further reduction in channel width (w) is achieved.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Lead frame for mounting semiconductor element and manufacturing the same

A lead frame for mounting semiconductor element includes a protrusion that is horizontally projects from edges of the upper and lower surfaces of a semiconductor-mounting part or a terminal part of the lead frame and that is provided on a lateral side of at least one of the semiconductor-mounting part or the terminal part of the lead frame, wherein the top end of the protrusion is substantially flat or the profile of the cross section of the top end is arc-shaped, and the top end of the protrusion is thick.. .
Sh Materials Co., Ltd.

Intake valve for air spring suspension of truck cabins

In an intake valve for air spring suspensions of truck cabins, the suspension is adapted to connect first and second mechanical elements with possibility of mutual movement and includes a variable volume chamber containing air; elastic element arranged between the mechanical elements; an intake valve for inflow of air into the chamber; an exhaust valve for outflow of air from the chamber. The intake valve includes: a valve body provided with an axial duct including an air inlet and outlet ports; an operating mechanism of the valve, including a piston and a spring.
Wonder Spa

Drive shaft for motor vehicles and manufacturing a drive shaft of this type

A drive shaft for motor vehicles comprises shaft portions arranged one after the other in s longitudinal direction of the drive shaft. One shaft portion is a tubular shaft portion having a large cross section and another shaft portion having a cross section that is smaller than the tubular shaft portion having a large cross section.
Ifa - Technologies Gmbh

Partial-load operation of a gas turbine with an adjustable bypass flow channel

A gas turbine has a compressor providing compressed air, a combustion chamber provided with a burner, and an expansion turbine, wherein a bypass flow channel is also provided designed to supply compressed air past the burner and to supply a hot gas flow generated in the combustion chamber during operation of the gas turbine. The opening cross section of the bypass flow channel can be adjusted, and an adjustment unit is designed to adjust the opening cross section of the bypass flow channel such that the modification speed of the opening cross section is selected such that the relative combustion chamber pressure drop or a material temperature of the combustion chamber is substantially constant, in particular that the relative combustion chamber pressure drop or the material temperature of the combustion chamber does not vary by more than 10%..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Hydraulic valve drive of an internal combustion engine

A hydraulic valve brake for a hydraulic valve drive of an internal combustion engine is provided. The valve brake includes a housing with a housing wall and with a housing base, and includes a piston which moves axially in the housing and one end side of which, together with the housing wall and the housing base, delimits a hydraulic pressure chamber and the other end side of which actuates a gas exchange valve.
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

Steel bar

A steel bar according to one embodiment of the present invention includes predetermined chemical composition, wherein a quenching deflection in a cross section is 1.5 mm or less, wherein Δmax and Δmin is 1.5 mm or less, wherein a structure in a surface layer area includes 10 area % or less of ferrite and a remainder including one or more selected from a group consisting of a bainite and a martensite, wherein an average value of the grain size of a bcc phase in the surface layer area is 1.0 to 10.0 μm, wherein an average value of the grain size of the bcc phase in a center area is 1.0 to 15.0 μm, wherein a hardness of a region of which a depth from the surface is 50 μm is hv200 to hv500, and wherein a total decarburized layer thickness dm-t is 0.20 mm or less.. .
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

Nose cone structure for pylon of aircraft with wing-hung layout

An aircraft with a wing-hung layout has a nose cone structure for a pylon. A front nose cone is located in front of a wing leading edge, and a rear nose cone is located behind the wing leading edge.
Commercial Aircraft Corporation Of China, Ltd.

Airbag module

An airbag module includes an inflatable folded or rolled airbag, a gas generator for inflating the airbag. The airbag module includes a metallic bracket with a u-shaped cross section, which embraces the folded or rolled airbag, and which includes at least two attachment points for an attachment of the airbag module at two distanced attachment points at a vehicle fixed structure.
Autoliv Development Ab

Underfloor shielded harness

An underfloor shielded harness (100) has a long conductive plate which is wound so as to have at least two internal spaces (104, 105) in a cross section taken perpendicularly to the longitudinal direction. High-voltage cables (102) is inserted in the internal space (104) of the conductive plate (103) and the low-voltage cable (101) is inserted in the internal space (105) that is different from the internal space (104) in which the high-voltage cables (102) is inserted.
Yazaki Corporation

Liquid/vapor separator

The invention relates to a liquid/vapor separator (1) for a fuel tank for motor vehicles, comprising a housing (2) having a droplet collecting space (9) for fuel in vapor form. The housing (2) is provided with a connection cross section (4) which, in the installed position, opens into a space surrounded by a filler pipe of the motor vehicle.
Kautex Textron Gmbh & Co. Kg

Method to make arms in a composite material for the distribution of concrete and arm thus obtained

Method to make an arm in a composite material for articulated or telescopic modular structures for the distribution of concrete, which comprises a first step in which one or more layers of fiber (16, 25) are distributed on the external surface (17) of a male-type mold (11) having a cross section defined by at least a substantially flat wall. The section of the male mold (11) reduces, in at least one of its sizes, passing from one of its ends to the other.
Cifa Spa

Parison head with trifunctional component and discharging a parison

A parison head for discharging a parison for producing capillaries, tubes or pipes, includes a sleeve-shaped housing into which the melt is fed, and which surrounds a core on all sides with a spacing, the core being firmly clamped in the housing, and also a likewise sleeve-shaped die, which likewise surrounds the core on all sides with a spacing, wherein the housing and the die surround the core in such a way that there is a closed flow channel between the housing and the core and between the die and the core, and at the end of the flow channel a peripheral closed outlet gap is formed by the die and the core, wherein there is between the housing and the die a low-cost, quickly exchangeable, trifunctional component, which securely seals off the flow channel between the housing and the die, and with which the angle between the housing and the die and also the length of the head can be changed, while retaining the flow resistance in the region of the trifunctional component and while retaining a flow channel that is free from dead spots, and so in this way the cross section of the flow channel gap at the end of the flow channel is variable.. .

Optimized screwdriver handle

A screwdriver handle configured to provide optimal performance when used in certain handholds to provide high-torque turning with two hands, normal turning with a single hand or low-torque, repetitive turning with two hands. The handle includes a forward zone that is generally circular in cross-section, a central zone that is generally triangular in cross section and has an arrangement of progressive stepped regions and a rear zone that combines a generally cylindrical region with a domed end.
Michigan Industrial Tools, Inc.

Wrench apparatus

An assembly of the spaced apart cam pins (or longitudinal arms) for a wrench is provided which is radially biased with respect to the workpiece opening and retained by metal spring elements formed in circumferential rings, spaced apart along the length of the arms, and acting upon adjacent arms. These spring rings are protected by intervening retention rings used to secure the assembly into the wrench housing.

Portable pipe lathe and method

A pipe lathe includes a shaft; a cutting head supported on the shaft for movement with the shaft; a mandrel positionable on an outboard end of the shaft for supporting the shaft along a machining axis; and a first external pipe clamp and a second external pipe clamp, the first and the second external pipe clamps supported for external pipe engagement substantially concentrically about the machining axis. Multiple spaced apart engagement sites provided by the mandrel within the pipe and the external pipe clamps on an outer surface of the pipe support the pipe in a linear and centered position for machining by the cutting head, even when the pipe is non-linear, flexible and possibly with a cross section that is non-circular..
Flexpipe Systems Inc.

Drive mechanism for an injection device

The invention relates to a drive mechanism for a medical injection device in which a piston rod (10) has a threaded outer surface and a not circular cross-section and engages a nut assembly (2, 102, 202) having either an internal thread (41, 141, 241) mating the outer thread (11) of the piston rod (10), or a shape mating the non-circular cross section of the piston rod (10). The nut assembly (2) comprises a first part (30, 130, 230) and a second part (40, 140, 240), which are connected by a hinge allowing the first part (30, 130, 230) and the second part (40, 140, 240) to tilt relatively to each other in a non-axial plane..
Novo Nordisc A/s

Electrical arrangement comprising an implantable cable element

An electrical arrangement with an implantable cable element may be provided which comprises a strain relief element which is arranged centrically in the cross section, as well as a group of conductors insulated to one another, said group being stranded around the strain relief element, and a common shielding element surrounding the electrical conductors, as well as a fluid-tight cable sheath. The implantable cable element may have a symmetrical construction..
Berlin Heart Gmbh

Fluid absorber

A fluid absorber. The absorber includes a handle and an absorbent material attached to a distal extremity of the handle.

Diagnostic imaging apparatus, control method, program, and computer-readable storage medium

An imaging apparatus and method determines distribution and a type of tissue attribute in a vascular cross section based on reflected wave data of ultrasound detected by an imaging core and interference light data including a reflected wave of light detected by the imaging core. A portion of match/mismatch is determined by comparing respectively classified vascular tissue attributes.
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

Efficient belt storage unit

A single vertical housing or column of belt storage units or a plurality of similar belt storage units are integrally connected and stackable to allow a user to customize the footprint as well as the height of the storage unit or units to accommodate a desired number of rolled up belts for a given amount of support surface area. Each vertical column includes a plurality of belt receiving compartments each having a substantially uniform circular cross section.

Play yard assembly

A play yard assembly with positioning and securing features for lift off devices is provided. A top rail of a main frame of the play yard assembly has a coupling portion with a crushed cross section where a first engaging piece with alignment feature is provided thereto.
Wonderland Nurserygoods Company Limited

Variable geometry meter roller

An agricultural metering device with a variable geometry meter roller is provided. The agricultural metering device includes a meter roller having a plurality of flutes.
Cnh Industrial Canada, Ltd.

Satellite transmitter system

A satellite transmitter module for accepting input signals and emitting output signals for uplink transmission. The module includes a transmitter unit that includes i) transmitter circuitry, ii) at least one input port, iii) and at least one output port.
Mission Microwave Technologies Inc.

Low-profile, after-aligned, universal point mount

An anchor for lightning protection systems includes a base and pad that extend over a sufficient area and a sufficient bearing length to hold in shear and in tension against the weight, shear force, and moment of cables, points, and other components of a lightning protection systems. A universal point mount may be forged to optimize cross sectional area and contact surface area throughout the mounting system.
Lightning Protection Systems, Llc

Spark plug

In a spark plug, at a cross section of a ground electrode which is orthogonal to a longitudinal direction of an electrode base material and passes an axis of an electrode tip, a surface of the base material is exposed, and the following conditions are satisfied: 1.2e≦f≦1.9e; 0.05 mm≦da≦0.30 mm; 0.05 mm≦db≦0.30 mm; and 0.20 mm≦j≦0.70 mm2.. .
Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

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