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Cross Section patents


This page is updated frequently with new Cross Section-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Cross Section-related patents
 Brushless electric motor with an outer rotor patent thumbnailBrushless electric motor with an outer rotor
A brushless electric motor with an outer rotor on which permanent magnet elements are arranged, and a stator which has electromagnetic stator poles, wherein the electromagnetic stator poles each have a pole foot, a pole tooth and a pole shoe made of iron materials, and with an insulation layer about the iron elements of the stator poles, and with an electric coil winding which is arranged on the insulation layer, characterized in that the pole shoes have in cross section a free-form rounded portion, preferably in the direction of their end regions, and become narrower running away outward toward the ends at an angle >90° with respect to the pole tooth on the underside of the pole shoe at the location where the insulation layer is applied, wherein the insulation layer on the pole shoe extends on the surface for the coil winding receptacle, that is to say on the basically opposite surface of the insulation layer on the pole shoe, at a right angle with respect to the pole tooth.. .
Magna Powertrain Bad Homburg Gmbh

 Negative electrode material, negative electrode active material, negative electrode and alkali metal ion battery patent thumbnailNegative electrode material, negative electrode active material, negative electrode and alkali metal ion battery
There is provided a carbonaceous negative electrode material used for an alkali metal ion battery. The average layer plane spacing d002 of a (002) plane obtained using an x-ray diffraction method in which a cukα ray is used as a radiation source is 0.340 nm or greater, and either or both the following condition a and condition b are satisfied.
Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.

 Structure and formation  memory device patent thumbnailStructure and formation memory device
Structures and formation methods of a semiconductor device structure are provided. The semiconductor device structure includes a semiconductor substrate and a first electrode over the semiconductor substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd

 Storage system for nuclear fuel patent thumbnailStorage system for nuclear fuel
A fuel storage system for storing and drying nuclear fuel rods includes a vertically oriented capsule defining an internal cavity. A plurality of fuel rod storage tubes is disposed in the cavity.
Holtec International

 Transfer line exchanger patent thumbnailTransfer line exchanger
The present invention provides a transfer line exchanger which is optimized for one or more objective functions of interest such as pressure drop, erosion rate, fouling, coke deposition and operating costs. The transfer line exchanger is designed by computer modeling a transfer line exchanger in which the cross section of flow path is substantially circular and modeling the operation of the transfer line under industrial conditions to validate the model design and its operation.
Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.

 Semiconductive resin composition, member for electrophotography and image forming apparatus patent thumbnailSemiconductive resin composition, member for electrophotography and image forming apparatus
A semiconductive resin composition includes at least two thermoplastic resins and a conductive filler. Each of the two thermoplastic resins has a sea-island structure, and 40% to 75% of the conductive filler are present in the thermoplastic resin in an island portion of the sea-island structure at an areal ratio of a cross section observed with a scanning electron microscope..
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

 Lighting device and display apparatus patent thumbnailLighting device and display apparatus
Provided are a lighting device having improved workability of a loading operation of an optical sheet in the lighting device whose error of members is large, and a display apparatus including the lighting device. A lighting device, which includes a light guide plate 11, an optical sheet 15 configured to diffuse or collect light emitted from the light guide plate 11, and a housing part 13 in which the light guide plate 11 and the optical sheet 15 are laminated and housed, includes a plurality of holding parts (optical sheet holding parts 134) which are provided in the housing part (a back housing part 13) to support the optical sheet 15 in the housing part, wherein the optical sheet 15 has a plurality of hole parts (through holes 151b) formed therein corresponding to the holding parts, in which the holding parts penetrate, and cross sections of the plurality of holding parts parallel to the optical sheet 15 have areas smaller than the cross-sectional areas of the hole parts, and a difference between the cross-sectional areas of the hole parts and the areas of the cross sections of the holding parts is not constant..
Sakai Display Products Corporation

 Lens array optical system patent thumbnailLens array optical system
Provided is a lens array optical system, including a plurality of lens optical systems arranged in a first direction perpendicular to an optical axis direction, each of the plurality of lens optical systems having an effective diameter in the first direction that is smaller than an effective diameter in a second direction that is perpendicular to the optical axis direction and the first direction, each of the plurality of lens optical systems being configured to form an erected image of an object in a first cross section perpendicular to the second direction and to form an inverted image of the object in a second cross section perpendicular to the first direction, and including a lens surface having a shape in the second cross section and being asymmetric with respect to an optical axis.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Extreme service plug valve patent thumbnailExtreme service plug valve
A valve assembly for managing a flow of fluids in hydrocarbon development and production operations includes a valve body having an internal body cavity and a body bore intersecting the body cavity. A valve plug is located within the body cavity and is rotatable between an open position and a closed position.
Ge Oil & Gas Pressure Control Lp

 Roller for a fuel pump actuator patent thumbnailRoller for a fuel pump actuator
A roller for a mechanical fuel pump assembly includes an elongate body extending from a first axial end to a second axial end of the elongate body over an overall length of the elongate body. The elongate body defines an effective length that is less than the overall length.
Roller Bearing Company Of America, Inc.


Gas fuel system sizing for dual fuel engines

The disclosure relates to a system and method for sizing of system components in a dual fuel port injection system. The system includes a pressure regulator and a safety shut-off valve that feeds a main gas rail.
Caterpillar Inc.


Valve seat

The valve seat includes an iron-based sintered alloy subjected to oxidation treatment, which is obtained by subjecting an iron-based sintered alloy including: 4 mass % to 15 mass % of co particles; and hard particles each containing at least one compound of an intermetallic compound, a carbide, a silicide, a nitride, or a boride that has one or more kinds of elements selected from group 4a to 6a elements in a periodic table, and having a hardness of from 600 hv to 1,600 hv to oxidation treatment, and which has an oxide mainly including triiron tetraoxide (fe3o4) and cobalt oxide (coo) formed on a surface and in an interior of the iron-based sintered alloy. The iron-based sintered alloy subjected to oxidation treatment has an area ratio of the oxide of from 5% to 25% in a cross section thereof in a state prior to installation on the cylinder head..
Tpr Co., Ltd.


Method for isolation of a permeable zone in a subterranean well

A method is for isolation of a permeable zone in a subterranean well, wherein the well is provided with a pipe body. The method comprises lowering a perforation tool into the pipe body; forming holes in the pipe body along a longitudinal section; pumping a flushing fluid out through outlets in a flushing tool, into the pipe body and further out into an annulus; pumping a fluidized plugging material out through the flushing tool, into the pipe body and further out into the annulus; placing the fluidized plugging material along the longitudinal section so as to form a plug across the cross section of the well, whereby the plug fills the pipe body and the annulus; wherein at least one outlet in the flushing tool is angled non-perpendicularly relative to a longitudinal axis of the flushing tool, whereby a corresponding discharge jet also will be non-perpendicular to the longitudinal axis..
Hydra Systems As


Massage device for a vehicle seat

The present invention relates to a massage device for a vehicle seat comprising: a linear sequence of inflatable massage cells which may be arranged in succession below a seat cover of the vehicle seat, supply lines and venting lines to and from the massage cells, a compressed air pump connected to the supply lines, a valve arrangement for the selective supply of massage cells with compressed air and for the selective venting of massage cells and a control unit controlling the compressed air pump and the valve arrangement, and that the massage cells are designed such that in the inflated state they are wedge-shaped in cross section in a plane parallel to the longitudinal direction of the linear sequence of the massage cells, wherein the wedge shape of all of the massage cells in the linear sequence is oriented in the same direction.. .
Kongsberg Automotive Ab


Friction stir tool, manufacturing the same, and friction stir method

A load-optimized friction-stir tool, particularly a two-shoulder friction-stir welding tool, includes a first tool body and a pin formation projecting from the first tool body with a smaller outer diameter compared to the outer diameter of the first tool body. The first tool body and the pin formation are integrally formed and the pin formation has a material distribution in cross section that is different from a uniform distribution over a circular shape.
Eads Deutschland Gmbh


Method for manufacturing press-formed product and press-forming apparatus

[solution] a method for manufacturing a press-formed product (10) that is made of a high-tensile steel sheet of 390 mpa or more, and has a substantially gutter-shaped cross section and an outward continuous flange (16) in at least one end in a predetermined direction includes a first step in which, after a first pad (34-1) restrains at least a part of a portion to be formed into a gutter bottom (11) in a forming material (33), a second pad (34-2) restrains at least a part of the end of portions to be formed into ridges (12a, 12b) and subsequently carries out press forming.. .


Scrubber tower of a flue gas purification device

A scrubber tower of a flue gas purification device, comprising: a flue gas entrance and a flue gas exit, a liquid entrance and a liquid exit, a contact area for said flue gas and said liquid between said flue gas entrance and said liquid entrance, at least one tray installation positioned within said contact area and across at least 50% of a horizontal extension of said contact area. The tray installation provides a multiplicity of through openings for said flue gas and said liquid respectively, which through openings being adjustable individually, in groups or all together in their respective cross sections..
Doosan Lentjes Gmbh


X-ray imaging device and x-ray imaging method

An x-ray imaging device and an x-ray imaging method for obtaining 3d x-ray images of an entire field of view (fov). The device includes an x-ray source for radiating x-rays to a part of an fov and an x-ray sensor for detecting the x-rays, which have passed through the part of the fov.
Vatech Ewoo Holdings Co., Ltd.


Guided-wave transmission device with non-fundamental mode propagation and methods for use therewith

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a transmission device that includes a transmitter that generates a first electromagnetic wave to convey data. A coupler couples the first electromagnetic wave to a single wire transmission medium having an outer surface, to forming a second electromagnetic wave that is guided to propagate along the outer surface of the single wire transmission medium via at least one guided wave mode that includes an asymmetric or non-fundamental mode having a lower cutoff frequency.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


Radar a ship

A radar apparatus for a ship comprises a solid state transmitter and/or receiver enclosed within a housing, and an antenna coupled to the solid state transmitter and/or receiver. The external shape of the housing is substantially frusto-pyramidal.
Kelvin Hughes Limited


Self centering nock

A self-centering nock is provided for use in a well-balanced nock-arrow or nock-bolt assembly. The self-centering nock includes compliant projecting protrusions or compliant arms that are substantially rotationally symmetric about a cross section normal to a main axis of the self-centering nock.
Out Rage, Llc


Valve device for a motor vehicle

A valve device for a motor vehicle includes: a housing; a flow duct situated in the housing; and a flap arranged in the flow duct to close off the flow duct, the flap having regions in which a shaft penetrating the flap is fastened. The shaft is rotatably mounted in the housing and a valve seat is arranged in the flow duct, the valve seat being in contact with the flap in the closed position thereof.
Continental Automotive Gmbh


Partial deactivation of an internal combustion engine

Methods and systems are provided for an internal combustion engine having at least two cylinders configured in such a way that they form two groups, at least one cylinder of a first group being a cylinder which is operational in the event of a partial deactivation of the engine, and at least one cylinder of a second group being formed as a load-dependently switchable cylinder. An inlet-side throttle element is provided with at least one intake line of the switchable cylinder, by means of which the size of the flow cross section of the intake line can be varied, whereby the charge-air flow rate supplied to the deactivated cylinder in the event of a partial deactivation of the engine can be adjusted.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Method for establishment of a new well path from an existing well

A method is for establishment of a new well path from a well. The method comprises disposing and anchoring a plug base in a casing in the well; lowering a perforation tool into the casing; forming holes in the casing along a longitudinal section; pumping a flushing fluid out through outlets in a flushing tool and into the casing and further out into an annulus; pumping a fluidized plugging material out through the flushing tool and into the casing and further out into the annulus; placing the fluidized plugging material along the longitudinal section so as to form a plug across a cross section of the well; wherein the outlets in the flushing tool are angled non-perpendicularly relative to a longitudinal axis of the flushing tool.
Hydra Systems As


Composite structural member with thermal and/or sound insulation characteristics for building construction

The invention relates to a composite structural member with thermal and/or sound insulation characteristics for a building, comprising an insulating board shaped as web part and at least one protective element whereby the web part has two opposing abutting faces and two main surfaces being arranged rectangular to the abutting faces, whereby the board is made of mineral fibres and a binder and whereby the at least one protective element is substantially u-shaped in cross section, having two legs erecting parallel to each other and being connected to the web part, whereby abutting faces of at least one web parts are covered by protective elements, which in combination with said web part take up loads parallel and/or rectangular to the main surfaces of the web part and which are not in direct contact to each other.. .
Deutsche Rockwool Mineralwoll Gmbh & Co. Ohg


Tilt-ball turret with gimbal lock avoidance

A turret assembly for attachment on the undersurface of an aircraft that reduces performance limitations due to gimbal lock and reduces the cross section profile of the assembly. The assembly includes a roll actuator including a drive shaft.
Aerovironment, Inc.


Vehicle body front portion structure, and vehicle body assembly method

Provided are a vehicle body front portion structure that enables an increase in vehicle body rigidity and strength while suppressing an increase in weight and a decrease in layout freedom, and a vehicle body assembly method. A vehicle body front portion structure (1) is provided with: a first weld portion (11) where a shield lower flange (4a) of a windshield lower (4) is abutted on a closed cross section of a front pillar (2), and where the shield lower flange (4a), an inner front flange (21a), and a rear end portion (5a) are spot-welded; and a second weld portion (12) where a general portion (5b) of a side member (5), a stiffener front flange (22a), and an outer front flange (3a) are spot-welded at a position forwardly of the first weld portion (11)..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Resistance welding sucker rod

Embodiments of the present disclosure generally relate to apparatus and methods for connecting continuous sucker rods. Ends of two work pieces may be prepared by reducing cross sections of the ends.
Weatherford Technology Holdings, Llc


Support tube, filter element and filter system having a support tube and for producing the support tube

A support tube for a filter element, in which the support tube is an elongated tubular member having a central longitudinal axis extending through a hollow interior of the support tube. The support tube has a plurality of through openings extending through a circumferential wall of the support tube and is formed in one piece and a unitary component.
Mann+hummel Gmbh


Method and apparatus useful for transcatheter aortic valve implantation

A guide catheter is described for introduction into a patient's vasculature, to provide a substantially continuous guide lumen within the vasculature to the ascending aorta, through which one or more other functional catheters may be introduced and removed during the procedure. The guide catheter includes an aligner at its distal region for aligning the position and/or inclination of the distal region of the guide catheter with respect to the ascending aorta.
Symetis Sa


Movable hood for reel seat, reel seat, and fishing rod including same

A movable hood for a reel seat has a hood portion, through which a body of a reel seat passes, and a nut portion, which is connected to the hood portion to rotate around the body and is threadedly coupled to an outer peripheral surface of the body at an inner peripheral surface. The hood portion has a pair of first guide projections and a second guide projection which are fitted to the outer peripheral surface of the body.
Fuji Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Camera module

A camera module is described that incorporates a rear portion, a front portion, a camera, a wireless antenna, and a wireless transceiver. The rear portion has a substantially circular cross section with a first diameter and includes a front surface and a rear surface.


Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device with favorable electrical characteristics is provided. The semiconductor device includes an insulating layer, a semiconductor layer over the insulating layer, a source electrode layer and a drain electrode layer electrically connected to the semiconductor layer, a gate insulating film over the semiconductor layer, the source electrode layer, and the drain electrode layer, and a gate electrode layer overlapping with part of the semiconductor layer, part of the source electrode layer, and part of the drain electrode layer with the gate insulating film therebetween.


Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing same

A nonvolatile semiconductor memory device, includes: a stacked structural unit including a plurality of insulating films alternately stacked with a plurality of electrode films in a first direction; a selection gate electrode stacked on the stacked structural unit in the first direction; an insulating layer stacked on the selection gate electrode in the first direction; a first semiconductor pillar piercing the stacked structural unit, the selection gate electrode, and the insulating layer in the first direction, a first cross section of the first semiconductor pillar having an annular configuration, the first cross section being cut in a plane orthogonal to the first direction; a first core unit buried in an inner side of the first semiconductor pillar, the first core unit being recessed from an upper face of the insulating layer; and a first conducting layer of the first semiconductor pillar provided on the first core unit to contact the first core unit.. .


Ion transport apparatus and mass spectrometer using the same

Within an intermediate vacuum chamber next to an ionization chamber maintained at atmospheric pressure, an electrode group of a radio-frequency carpet composed of a plurality of concentrically arranged ring electrodes is placed before a skimmer, with its central axis coinciding with that of an ion-passing hole. Each ring electrode has a circular radial sectional shape.


Touch display panel and touch display device

A touch display panel and a touch display device are provided. The panel has a plurality of stripe-like driving elements for receiving driving signals, a plurality of stripe-like detecting elements alternately arranged with the stripe-like driving elements for generating detecting signals according to the driving signals and the touch signals, a cross section of the stripe-like detecting element and the stripe-like detecting elements are a layered structure with a first transparent conductive layer, a metal layer, and a second transparent conductive layer..


In-fiber filament production

In a fiber there is provided a fiber matrix material having a fiber length. A circumferential array of in-fiber filaments extend the fiber length.


Outdoor device of an air conditioner

An outdoor device of an air conditioner is provided and may include a top cover that forms an upper surface of the outdoor device and provided with at least one discharge port through which air may be discharged, at least one fan provided under the top cover, and at least one shroud that accommodates the fan and that connects with the discharge port. A transverse width of the at least one shroud that passes through side surfaces of the at least one shroud and the at least one fan may be constant from an inlet port of the shroud to an outlet part.


Fire constructions

A fire construction (10) comprising a firebox (12) defining a combustion chamber (14) in which fuel (not shown) can be burnt, a first air supply means (16) for delivering air into the combustion chamber (14) to support combustion of fuel therein, and a second air supply means (18) for supplying additional air to support combustion of fuel within the combustion chamber (14), the second air supply means (18) comprising a supply conduit (20) connecting the combustion chamber (14) with an air supply (22), the supply conduit (20) having a cross section (24) that increases as the supply conduit (20) opens into the combustion chamber (14).. .


Mirror with back illumination

A mirror has a mirror plate with at least one strip of a light-conductive surface and a rear shield in the form of a thin-walled fitting made of plastics and tightly connected with the mirror plate on an external circumferentially closed sealing rim. In the shield there are profiled lighting channel cavities covering conductive surfaces alongside their edges.


Fabricating a plastic stormwater chamber

A method of making a molded plastic arch shape cross section stormwater chamber having a corrugated wall comprises molding half chambers which are connected by hinges at a joint at the top of the chamber. The chambers may be compactly stored and transported in splayed out configuration.


Work vehicle

It is an object to provide a work vehicle being capable of arranging side view mirrors at arbitrary positions while reducing the vibration of the side view mirrors. Regarding a tractor, which is a work vehicle in which a mirror portion of a side view mirror is provided on the other end of a support arm whose one end is fixed on a cabin for covering a drive operating unit, the support arm is bent in a midway portion, and a beam is integrally formed with the support arm in such a manner as to sandwich a bending portion, and a cross-sectional area of a cross section vertical to the axial direction of the support arm is configured to be reduced as the support arm advances from the one end to the other end thereof..


Method for operating a fuel tank device for a motor vehicle and corresponding fuel tank device

A method for operating a fuel tank device for a motor vehicle, with a fuel tank to which a tank ventilation line is assigned, and with a tank shutoff valve for adjusting a flow-through cross section of the tank ventilation line is disclosed. The method includes impinging the tank shutoff valve with a first electric voltage for adjusting a first flow-through cross-section of the tank ventilation line and impinging the tank shutoff valve with a second electric voltage for adjusting a second flow-through cross section of the tank ventilation line; when switching from the first flow-through cross section to the second flow-through cross section and/or vice versa, impinging the tank shutoff valve for a defined transition time period with an .transition voltage which lies between the first voltage and the second voltage..


Tire having a particular graphic element

The aspects disclosed herein relate to a tire composing elastomeric properties. The tire includes a sidewall and a texture.


Method for manufacturing a glass-resin composite monofilament

A process for manufacturing a monofilament made of glass-resin composite comprising glass filaments embedded in a resin comprises: creating a rectilinear arrangement of glass filaments and conveying this arrangement in a feed direction: in a vacuum chamber, degassing the arrangement of glass filaments by the action of the vacuum; at the outlet of the vacuum chamber, after degassing, passing through an impregnation chamber under vacuum so as to impregnate said arrangement of glass filaments with a photocurable resin composition in the liquid state to obtain a pre-preg containing the glass filaments and the resin composition; passing said pre-preg through a sizing die having a cross section of predefined area and shape to provide it with the shape of a monofilament; and downstream of the die, in a uv irradiation chamber, polymerizing the resin composition under the action of the uv rays.. .


Method for manufacturing turbine rotor blade

The present invention addresses the problem of providing a method for manufacturing a turbine rotor blade wherein warping, bending and twisting of the entire rotor blade, which is provided with an excess thickness portion after a forging step, can be suppressed. In the forging step in a process for manufacturing a rotor blade (23), the forging is hot-forged such that the distance (the excess thickness amount) from the blade surface of the blade section (23) to the surface of the excess thickness section is substantially uniform along the entire periphery of a cross section of the blade section (23) and the excess thickness section (31) perpendicular to the blade length direction, and such that the amount of the excess thickness in the blade length direction, which is the thickness of the excess thickness section (31), gradually increases toward the blade tip from a prescribed position..


Groove processing apparatus

A groove processing apparatus of processing a groove having a triangular cross section in a side of a plate material is provided. The groove processing apparatus includes a cutting member, a first driving part and a second driving part.


Pulling-up-type continuous casting apparatus and pulling-up-type continuous casting method

A pulling-up-type continuous casting apparatus according to the present invention includes a molten-metal holding furnace (101) that holds molten metal (m1), a starter (st) that draws the molten metal (m1) held in the molten-metal holding furnace (101) from a molten-metal surface of the molten metal (m1), and a shape defining member (102) that defines a cross-sectional shape of a cast-metal article (m3) to be cast by applying an external force to the held molten metal (m2) drawn by the starter (st), in which the starter (st) includes a body part (107) and a tip part (108), the tip part (108) including a tip (109) having a horizontal cross section smaller than that of the body part (107).. .


Method and system for flushing a pipe system using a fluid in a supercritical state

Use of supercritical co2 for cleaning long, narrow pipes with a cross sectional area of less than 1000 square mm and a length of more than 500 meter. Cleaning is performed by adding a fluid to the lumen of the pipe (140); providing the fluid (2) in a supercritical state (6) inside the lumen; and subsequently, as a flushing step, while the fluid is in the supercritical state or in a liquid state, displacing the fluid (2) in the lumen of the pipe (140) and out of lumen of the pipe at a speed that causes a turbulent flow of the fluid, thereby flushing particles out of the lumen..


Stator core, stator, rotating electrical machine, electric power steering device, manufacturing stator, manufacturing rotating electrical machine, manufacturing electric power steering device

A stator core for a rotating electrical machine includes an annular yoke portion; a tooth group fitted to an inner side of the yoke portion and formed such that both ends in a circumferential direction on an inner circumferential side of adjacent teeth are integrally connected with each other by a thin connection portion; and a slot for accommodating a stator winding. The yoke portion has grooves at regular intervals in an inner circumferential surface thereof and extending in an axial direction of the stator, the grooves each having a v shape such that a cross section thereof perpendicular to the axial direction opens toward an inner side of the stator core.


Finfet transistor with fin back biasing

A finfet having fin back biasing and methods of forming the same are disclosed. The finfet includes a substrate and a fin over the substrate.


Method for fabricating multiple layers of ultra narrow silicon wires

A method for preparing a multilayer superfine silicon line, comprising: preparing an etching masking layer of silicon; forming a fin and source/drain region on both ends thereof by epitaxy; and forming a multilayer superfine silicon line. The method has the following advantages: the atom layer deposition accurately defines the position of the superfine line, giving good controllability; the anisotropic etching of the silicon is automatically stopped, so the process window is large, and the cross section of a nanowire obtained via etching is uniform and flat; a method of mask preparation before channel epitaxy is employed to provide a simple process of forming a multilayer sidewall etching mask, i.e., the multilayer sidewall mask is obtained by etching an epitaxial window only once irrespective of the number of masking layers; a line having a size less than 10 nm can be prepared in conjunction with oxidation technology, thus satisfying the requirement of the key process of a small-sized device.


Optimized electromagnetic inductor component design and methods including improved conductivity composite conductor material

Electromagnetic inductor components include a magnetic core and a conductor assembled with the core and defining a winding completing a number of turns. The conductor is fabricated from a composite material including carbon nanotubes having an improved conductivity.


Mixing valve

A heating installation or cooling installation mixing device has a valve housing (14) including a first flow path from a first connection (a-b) to a second connection (a), and a second flow path from the first connection (a-b) to a third connection (b). A movable valve element (24), arranged inside the valve housing (14) in the flow paths, is configured to vary a ratio of cross sections of the flow paths.


Illuminator having a sheet emitter and defining an optical cavity

An illuminator useful in illuminating an image bearing surface, comprising a flexible sheet emitter including an emitting layer, the emitting layer emits light. The sheet emitter has a first face and a second face opposite the first face, and is substantially transparent.


Cable with sensor

A cable with a sensor includes electrically insulated wires, a sheath for covering the electrically insulated wires together, a sensor, and a housing for sealing one end of the sheath, while receiving at least a portion of the sensor. The housing includes a receiving portion for receiving the at least portion of the sensor, a lead out portion for the sheath being drawn therefrom, and a curved cylinder section having a circular cross section.


Furnace of circulating fluidized bed boiler having variable cross-section water-cooled column

Embodiments of the invention provide a water-cooled column formed by side walls connected together to define an enclosed space, each side wall is formed of a water-cooled membrane wall, a working medium is passed through a tube of the water-cooled membrane wall from bottom to top, the water-cooled column comprising: a lower part having a cross section reduced segment, which has a cross section gradually reduced in a direction from bottom to top; and an upper part, wherein the upper part connects with the cross section reduced segment at a connection position, and a cross sectional area of the cross section reduced segment at the connection position is identical to a cross sectional area of the upper part at the connection position. Embodiments of the invention also provide a furnace for defining a reaction space, which comprises a water-cooled column defined as above disposed along a vertical direction therein..


Light emitting device

A light emitting device (1) comprising at least one light source (2), and a light guide unit comprising at least a first light guide (3) and a second light guide (4) each comprising a light input end surface (6, 31, 41) arranged to, when in operation, receive light emitted from the at least one light source and a light output surface (7, 32, 42), at least a part (8) of the first light guide and the second light guide near the light output end surface being bent in a bending radius (r), at least the first light guide of the light guide unit being ring-shaped in cross section, and the first light guide and the second light guide of the light guide unit being arranged in a nested relationship.. .


Led tube lamp

An led tube lamp includes a lamp tube, which includes a light transmissive portion, a reinforcing portion and an end cap, and an led light assembly, which includes an led light source and an led light strip. The light transmissive portion is fixedly connected to the reinforcing portion.


Cable guidance device and producing a cable guidance device

The cable routing device serves for routing at least one cable of a moved machine part in the manner of a drag chain. The cable routing device is bendable in a reversible manner in at least one defined bending direction and to this end has a flexurally flexible carrier structure, which extends in a longitudinal direction.


Wind turbine rotor blade components and methods of making same

A composite beam for a wind turbine blade includes a preform layer, the preform layer including multiple elongate strength rods arranged longitudinally relative to one another in a single layer, each strength rod being disposed adjacent to and spaced from at least one adjacent strength rod. Each strength rod has a rectangular cross section and includes multiple, substantially straight collimated structural fibers fixed in a solidified matrix resin.


Turbocharger engine exhaust system mounted with gasket having difference in cross section height

A turbocharged engine exhaust system mounted with a gasket having a difference in cross section height includes a turbocharger rotatable by exhaust gasses discharged from an engine, and able to supply the engine with intake air through turbocharging, a warm-up catalytic converter (wcc) for removing hazardous substances in exhaust gasses discharged from the engine, and the gasket located between a turbocharger flange of the turbocharger and a wcc flange of the wcc, receiving a bolting force of stud bolts which pass through the turbocharger flange and the wcc flange, and operating such that the amount of compression strain of a sealing mass around a portion to which the bolting force is directly applied is greater than the amount of compression strain of the sealing mass in the remaining portion to which the bolting force is not directly applied.. .


High-strength cold-rolled steel sheet and manufacturing the same

A high-strength cold-rolled steel sheet has a composition and a microstructure. The microstructure comprises: ferrite having an average grain size of 5 um or less and a volume fraction of 3% to 20%, retained austenite having a volume fraction of 5% to 20%, and martensite having a volume fraction of 5% to 20%, the remainder being bainite and/or tempered martensite.


An artificial retaining dam of coal mine underground reservoir and connecting security coal pillar, surrounding rock with the retaining dam

The present disclosure provides an artificial retaining dam of coal mine underground reservoir. The artificial retaining dam (30) is embedded into a security coal pillar (2) and surrounding rock (3) around an auxiliary roadway (1), the cross section of the artificial retaining dam (30) is an arc, and a concave of the arc artificial retaining dam (30) faces the underground reservoir.


Streamlined aerobar for bicycle

A bicycle handlebar includes a midsection attached to a front mounting post of a bicycle and extending outward from the front mounting post in a substantially horizontal plane. A pair of pad-support sections are respectively disposed on opposite lateral sides of the midsection.


Pneumatic tire for passenger vehicle

In a pneumatic tire, a carcass layer is between bead portions, a bead core is in each bead portion, a reinforcement layer is on an outer side of the carcass layer, and a tread rubber layer is on the outer side of the reinforcement layer. A pair of first boundary lines passes through an intersection of an extension of a side arc forming a tread profile and an extension of a shoulder arc and orthogonal to a tire inner surface, a pair of second boundary lines passes through a rim check line and orthogonal to the tire inner surface, first to third regions are defined which have cross sectional areas of sa, sb, and sc, respectively, and the first to third regions respectively have lengths of a, b, and c along the tire inner surface such that 7.5≦sa/a≦11.5 and 2.0≦sb/b≦6.0 are satisfied..


Multi-purpose tool and tool attachments

A multi-purpose tool and tool attachments have been described. The multi-purpose tool comprises a utility bar that has an elongated structural member partly covered by an overmold, and universal connectors on its two ends.


Pipe bend die unit, and pipe bending apparatus having the unit

A pipe bend die unit comprises a clamp member having a first groove part of half-circular cross section on an outer peripheral surface thereof with a fitting recess extending in a peripheral direction by a first predetermined length on a planar surface perpendicular to a rotary axis, and a counter pressure member having a second groove part of half-circular cross section formed on an outer peripheral surface thereof, and a fitting protrusion extending in a peripheral direction by a second predetermined length from a tip end portion of the second groove part. The fitting protrusion is positioned in the fitting recess so that the first and second groove parts are combined to form a pipe-receiving groove of half-circular cross section.


Mixing device for two component polyurethane foam formulation

A mixing device (10) containing a housing (20) that defines a mixing chamber (30), an a-component feed channel entrance opening (40), a b-component feed channel entrance opening (50), and air feed channel entrance opening (60), and an exit opening (70) where the feed channel entrance openings and exit opening provide fluid communication into and/or out of the mixing chamber, and a static mixing element (80) housed within the mixing chamber between the three entrance feed channels and the exit opening, wherein the air feed channel entrance opening having a cross sectional area that is 0.7 square mm or greater and 7.7 square mm or less.. .


Hygenic pacifier apparatus and method

A hygienic pacifier is set forth. The pacifier includes a base section having a nipple extending therefrom.


Image processing apparatus and image processing method

An image processing apparatus includes a display controller. The display controller is configured to arrange a foreground image in a three-dimensional space and display, on a display device, the foreground image as an inspection status image representing an inspection status by an ultrasonic wave.


Loudspeaker horn

A horn for use with a loudspeaker may include an entrance disposed at a first axial end of the horn and configured to receive a driver. A mouth may be disposed at a second axial end of the horn opposite the entrance.
Harman International Industries, Incorporated


Reflective microstructured films with microstructures having curved surfaces, for use in solar modules

Reflective microstructured films include a base layer, and an ordered arrangement of a plurality of microstructures projecting from the base layer. The microstructures have a cross section with at least two sides, at least one of these sides is a curved surface.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Multilayer ceramic electronic component

A multilayer ceramic electronic component includes a ceramic element body including internal electrodes and external electrodes electrically connected to respective internal electrodes. Each of the external electrodes includes a sintered metal layer including glass and metal and a conductive resin layer including resin and metal particles.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Method and armoured power cable for transporting alternate current

A method and armoured cable for transporting an alternate current at a maximum allowable working conductor temperature, as determined by the overall cable losses, the overall cable losses including conductor losses and armour losses. The cable includes at least one core, including an electric conductor having a cross section area, and an armour surrounding the core along a circumference.
Prysmian S.p.a.


Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device including the same

Provided are a backlight and a liquid crystal display device including the same. The backlight unit includes a light source assembly which emits light; a light guide plate which receives at a light incident surface thereof light from the light source assembly; and a bottom chassis having a bottom unit on which the light guide plate is disposed.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Aluminum alloy brazing sheet and producing same

An aluminum alloy brazing sheet which is thin but has excellent weldability and post-brazing strength. An aluminum alloy brazing sheet having a core material comprising an aluminum alloy, an al—si based brazing filler metal clad on one surface of the core material and a sacrificial anode material clad on the other surface of the core material: wherein the core material comprises certain amounts of si, fe, cu and mn and certain amounts of one, two or more selected from ti, zr, cr and v; the sacrificial anode material comprises certain amounts of si, fe, mg and zn; in a cross section parallel to the longitudinal direction and along the thickness direction, the interface between the core material and the sacrificial anode material includes 300 pieces/mm or less of an al—mg—cu based intermetallic compound; and the core material and the sacrificial anode material have an unrecrystallized structure..
Uacj Corporation


Catalyst cooler for regenerated catalyst

A catalyst cooler for cooling regenerated catalyst in a regenerator associated with a fluid catalytic cracking unit. The catalyst cooler includes a first passage for transporting hot regenerated catalyst away from the regenerator and a second passage for returning cooled regenerated catalyst to the regenerator.
Uop Llc


Valve, and the use thereof for a clutch

A valve, in particular proportional pressure regulating valve, having a valve piston (12) which is guided in longitudinally movable fashion in a valve housing (10) and which can be actuated by means of an operation device (14), wherein the valve housing (10) has multiple fluid ports (p, a, t) and wherein, in one movement position of the valve piston (12), a fluid-conducting connection is produced between a pressure supply port (p) and a working port (a), and in another movement position, a further fluid-conducting connection is produced between the working port (a) and a tank port (t), is distinguished by the fact that the respective pressure difference that arises between the working port (a) and the tank port (t) as flow passes through the further fluid-conducting connection acts, by way of an actuation device (30), on the valve piston (12) such that the latter passes from a stop position (32), proceeding from which the further fluid-conducting connection is substantially shut off, into a fully open opening position, in which, in relation to the stop position (32), an enlarged opening cross section from working port (a) to tank port (t) is realized.. .
Hydac Fluidtechnik Gmbh


Spherical bearing with annular seal having an auxiliary seal leg extending therefrom

A seal for a spherical bearing has an annular body portion having an arcuate cross section extending between a first axial end and a second axial end. The second axial end is positioned radially outward from the first axial end.
Roller Bearing Company Of America, Inc.


Internal combustion engine for a motor vehicle, and operating such an internal combustion

An internal combustion engine for a motor vehicle is disclosed. The engine has at least two combustion chambers and an exhaust gas tract with at least one exhaust gas duct associated with the combustion chambers and through which exhaust gas from the combustion chambers can flow to guide the exhaust gas to a turbine of an exhaust gas turbocharger.
Daimler Ag


Water removal device for steam turbine and forming slit

A hollow portion is formed inside a stator blade, and a slit, extending in a height direction b of the stator blade, opens to a surface of the stator bade and is in communication with the hollow portion. The slit is carved on the surface of the stator blade and includes a recess portion being flat and having a long side extending in the height direction b of the stator blade, and at least one through hole which opens to the bottom surface of the recess portion and to the hollow portion.
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.


Stiffening rib

A fan casing for a gas turbine includes an improved clipping member for attaching various fan case externals and units. The clipping member may include i-shaped or c-shaped cross sectional stiffened rib sections that afford enhanced load carrying capabilities while providing mounting surfaces for being connected to structures of the fan case.
Rolls-royce Corporation


Carbon fiber bundle and stabilized fiber bundle

A carbon fiber bundle includes single-fibers 40% or more of which have a quasi-oval cross section perpendicular to a fiber direction and meet both equations (1) and (2): 1.03≦la/lb≦1.20 (1) and 1.05≦ld/lc≦1.25 (2), wherein la is length of a long axis defined as a line segment connecting two points farthest away from each other on a circumference of the quasi-oval cross section of a single-fiber; lb is length of a short axis defined as a line segment extending perpendicular to the long axis, passing through a midpoint of the long axis, and connecting two points on the circumference; and lc and ld are defined as length of a shorter one and that of a longer one, respectively.. .
Toray Industries, Inc.


Conveyor chute for the interior of a building and palletizing same for shipment

A chute apparatus for conveying objects by gravity inside a building from a higher story to a lower story includes one or more sets of discrete sections having passages forming an elongated conduit which pass through one or more floors of the building. Each set includes an intake section which has a tubular body having a first passage and a tapered portion having a second passage.


Charge cycle strategy for vehicles using smaller cross section cable

A vehicle includes a traction battery that is coupled to an external charger via a charge port. The traction battery has a maximum charge current.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Variable extrusion die apparatus

A variable extrusion die apparatus includes a first die into which an extrusion material is injected. A second die is coupled to the first die and has an extrusion nozzle having a shape corresponding to a cross section of an extrusion product.
Hyundai Motor Company


Insert bit

An insert bit includes a body in a one piece structure extending longitudinally along a phantom axis, a first driving tip manufactured from a first end of the body, a second driving tip manufactured from a second end of the body, and a connecting structure manufactured from the body and extending between the first and second driving tips and having a hexagonal cross section in which two opposite peripheral edges space from one another with a distance defining a transverse width which is between 0.26-0.35 times of a longitudinal length of the insert bit which defines a first length.. .
New Way Tools Co., Ltd.


Means for controlling a nozzle, rinsing head, and inspection and/or cleaning system

A controller for a nozzle, in particular, a nozzle of a rinsing head of an inspection or cleaning system is provided, wherein a setting means made from a shape memory member is assigned to the nozzle, by means of which an operational state (open/closed), a cross section of the fluid outlet opening of the nozzle, or an outlet angle of the fluid being discharged from the nozzle are adjustable.. .
Ipek International Gmbh


Device and applicator for a cosmetic product

According to the invention, the stem of the applicator has, along the axis x-x, a succession of noncircular cross sections that are angularly offset with respect to one another about said axis x-x so as to form a helical pattern.. .


Wall cap

A wall cap that can be positioned on the upper end of a wall so as to prevent animals from climbing over the wall. The wall cap includes an elongated cover composed of a rigid material having a smooth outer surface.


Perch for bird feeder

A cantilever perch for a bird feeder is made from a thin strip or ribbon of springy material, such as a stainless steel. Being convex in cross section, the perch is inherently rigid and able to bear load and remain straight.


Container for cultivating plants, especially herbs

The invention relates to containers for cultivating plants, especially herbs. The containers distinguish themselves, in particular, by the fact that plants can be supplied with water over a longer period of time without the culture substrate becoming waterlogged.
Innovartis Gmbh


Tunable dual-band band-pass filter

A tunable dual-band resonator and a tunable dual-band band-pass filter using the tunable dual-band resonator. The dual-band resonator is structured such that a stub is added to each half-wavelength resonator provided with half-wavelength resonator protrusions (capacity-component adjust parts).
The Japan Steel Works, Ltd.


Laser lighting device and application thereof

A laser lighting device provides a broad range illumination for an area, such as a smoke filled space, a hallway or an underwater environment with certain turbidity. This lighting device contains a laser diode as a light source and a diffraction grating that is able to diffract an input laser light beam generated from the laser diode into a plurality of output laser light beams with the cross section of the plurality of output laser light beams forming a pattern comprising a plurality of light spots.
Parhelion Incorporated


High power single mode fiber laser system for wavelengths operating in 2 um range

A high power fiber laser system is configured with a pump cascade and a laser cascade. The pump cascade includes a fiber amplifier provided with a mm core which is doped with ions of rare-earth element including either er or yb/er.
Ipg Photonics Corporation


Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

A semiconductor device formed using an oxide semiconductor layer and having small electrical characteristic variation is provided. A highly reliable semiconductor device including an oxide semiconductor layer and exhibiting stable electric characteristics is provided.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Antireflection film and organic light emitting device including the same

An organic light emitting device includes an anti-reflection film including a polarizer and a compensation film positioned on the polarizer and including a liquid crystal layer which includes liquid crystals having oriented direction tilting obliquely with respect to a surface of the liquid crystal layer extending in a horizontal direction in a cross sectional view.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Antireflection film and organic light emitting device provided with the same

An organic light emitting device includes an anti-reflection film including a polarizer and a compensation film positioned on the polarizer and including a liquid crystal layer which includes liquid crystals oriented in a direction tilting obliquely with respect to a surface of the liquid crystal layer extending in a horizontal direction in a cross sectional view, tilt angles of the liquid crystals are gradually larger from the first side to the second side, a maximum tilt angle of the liquid crystals with respect to the surface of the liquid crystal layer is from about 15° to about 80°, and in-plane retardation (re) of the liquid crystal layer for incident light of a 450 nm wavelength and a 550 nm wavelength satisfies a relationship 1.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Aluminum-alloy clad member, producing same, and heat exchanger using aluminum-alloy clad member

An aluminum alloy clad material having a core material and a sacrificial anode material clad on at least one surface of the core material, wherein the core material comprises an aluminum alloy comprising 0.050 to 1.5 mass % (referred to as “%” below) si, 0.050 to 2.0% fe and 0.50 to 2.00% mn; the sacrificial anode material includes an aluminum alloy containing 0.50 to 8.00% zn, 0.05 to 1.50% si and 0.050 to 2.00% fe; the grain size of the sacrificial anode material is 60 μm or more; and a ratio r1/r2 is 0.30 or less, wherein r1 (μm) is a grain size in a thickness direction and r2 (μm) is a grain size in a rolling direction in a cross section of the core material along the rolling direction; a production method thereof; and a heat exchanger using the clad.. .
Uacj Corporation


Device with a torque-proof first structural component and a second structural component that is connected at least in certain parts in a rotatable manner to the first structural component

A device with a torque-proof first structural component and a second structural component that is connected at least in certain areas in a rotatable manner to the first structural component, wherein hydraulic fluid can be guided to lubrication points via the first structural component and the second structural component. The second structural component is embodied with blade areas which are extending substantially at a defined angle in the radial direction inside the second structural component and between which transmission areas for hydraulic fluid of the second structural component are provided, with their flow cross sections decreasing in the transmission areas in the flow direction of the hydraulic fluid..
Rolls-royce Deutschland Ltd & Co Kg


Bypass valve device of multistage turbocharger

A bypass valve device of a multistage turbocharger may include a guide arm adjacently disposed at an inlet of a bypass passage and having a first end rotatably mounted through a rotating shaft, and an opening and closing valve freely rotatably coupled to a second end of the guide arm, having a valve surface which covers a cross section of the inlet, and configured to rotate at the guide arm at a time of contacting the inlet so that the valve surface face-contacts the cross section of the inlet.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Gas leakage prevention cover and exhaust manifold having the same

A gas leakage prevention cover includes an inlet having a cross section area corresponding to a cross section area of a duct into which the cover is inserted, an outlet having a smaller cross section area than the cross section area of the inlet, and a step formed at a predetermined angle in a direction toward the outlet on a predetermined position of the cover. The cover has a ring shape and is configured to enable fluid to flow through an interior space of the cover from the inlet to the outlet..
Hyundai Motor Company


Particulate filter

This particulate filter 200 has a columnar ceramic honeycomb structure 201 including first flow channels 210 and second flow channels 220. Adjacently to each of the first flow channels 210, the second flow channel 220 and the other first flow channel 210 are arranged through a partition wall portion forming each of the first flow channels 210.
Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited


Measurement device

A system and a method for investigating and quantifying leakage rate of a fluid in an annulus are provided. An objective of the present invention is to provide an improved system and method for investigating and quantifying leakage rate of a fluid in an annulus.
Ikm Production Technology As


Key and rotary cylinder lock with key

A key (1) for a rotary cylinder lock (2) comprises a key grip (3) and a key shank (4), which adjoins the key grip (3) and extends along a longitudinal axis (l), wherein the key shank (4) has, on its outside (5), control recesses (10), in particular control bores, for properly positioning tumblers on the rotary cylinder lock (2) and also has at least one control element (6) arranged in a movable manner in the key shank (4), which control element (6) has a control surface (8), which interacts with a tumbler (7) of the rotary cylinder lock (2). Furthermore, the key is characterized in that the key shank (4), in the region of the control element (6), has a tapered cross section (9), which is tapered in relation to the cross section (11) with the control recesses (10)..
Assa Abloy (schweiz) Ag


Method and device for partially hardening semifinished products

Methods for using a mold to partially harden semifinished products, which are comprised of hardenable steel and have at least partially an open-profile or closed-profile cross section, may involve a number of steps. For example, such methods may involve heating regions of a semifinished product above an ac1 temperature, positioning the semifinished producing in a mold, positioning an active mold cooling element adjacent to or in contact with the heated regions of the semifinished product, and cooling the regions of the semifinished product at a defined cooling rate so that a hardened microstructure in the cooled regions.
Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe Ag

Cross Section topics: Cross Section, Transverse, Ultrasonic, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, Antimicrobial, Conductive Layer, Carcass Ply, Longitudinal Axis

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