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This page is updated frequently with new Cross Section-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Cross Section-related patents
 High-frequency signal transmission line and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailHigh-frequency signal transmission line and manufacturing method thereof
A high-frequency signal transmission line includes a body including a plurality of first base layers and a second base layer stacked on one another in a stacking direction. The first base layers have a first relative permeability, and the second base layer has a relative permeability lower than the first relative permeability.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Light-emitting element and display device using same patent thumbnailLight-emitting element and display device using same
A display device includes a plurality of light-emitting elements aligned on a tft substrate in a formation of a matrix. The plurality of light-emitting elements each have a flat surface portion and including a light-emitting layer, an anode, and a cathode, an insulating layer formed on the tft substrate and under the light emitting element, and a tilted metal surface provided on a peripheral area surrounding the flat surface portion of the light-emitting element and having a tilt angle with respect to the flat surface portion of the light-emitting element.
Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display Co., Ltd.

 Multilayer ceramic electronic component patent thumbnailMultilayer ceramic electronic component
A multilayer ceramic capacitor includes a ceramic element body including internal electrodes therein. External electrodes are provided on end surfaces of the ceramic element body and electrically connected to exposed portions of respective ones of the internal electrodes.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 A tube for heat transfer patent thumbnailA tube for heat transfer
A tube for heat transfer in which the inner surface of the tube is grooved into a pattern. The pattern includes a first fin (10) and a second fin (20) which have different shapes, wherein the first fin comprises a shaft and a head integrally formed, the shaft extending from the inner surface in a direction away from the inner surface, the head extending from the shaft in a direction away from the inner surface.
Luvata Espoo Oy

 Centrifugal pump patent thumbnailCentrifugal pump
A centrifugal pump for pressurizing fluid by using centrifugal force has an impeller and a casing. The impeller is operated rotatably by an actuator.
Denso Corporation

 Engine piston patent thumbnailEngine piston
A piston for an internal combustion engine includes a piston body forming a crown portion and a skirt portion. The skirt portion includes a bore that receives a pin for connecting the piston to a connecting rod, and the crown portion forms a bowl surrounded by a flat crown surface having an annular shape and disposed along a plane.
Caterpillar Inc.

 Engine piston patent thumbnailEngine piston
A piston for an internal combustion engine includes a piston body forming a crown portion and a skirt portion. The skirt portion includes a bore that is arranged to receive a pin for connecting the piston to a connecting rod.
Caterpillar Inc.

 Engine piston patent thumbnailEngine piston
A piston for an internal combustion engine includes a piston body forming a crown portion and a skirt portion. The skirt portion includes a bore that is arranged to receive a pin for connecting the piston to a connecting rod.
Caterpillar Inc.

 Vehicle energy absorbing device patent thumbnailVehicle energy absorbing device
The present invention provides a vehicle energy absorbing device, which comprises a primary energy absorbing box and a secondary energy absorbing box, said primary energy absorbing box having a u-shaped cross section with a bottom and a wall extending therefrom, said secondary energy absorbing box being nested inside said primary energy absorbing box. In the crash of a car with a pedestrian, said secondary energy absorbing box of the vehicle energy absorbing device according to the present invention can provide continuous stiffness when said primary energy absorbing box is nearly collapsed, so as to protect lower legs of pedestrians and reduce harms to legs of pedestrians.
Yanfeng Plastic Omnium Automotive Exterior Systems Co., Ltd.

 Electric drive device for driving a motor vehicle patent thumbnailElectric drive device for driving a motor vehicle
The present invention relates to an electrical drive arrangement for driving a motor vehicle comprising an electric motor, a drive shaft driven by means of the electric motor, a housing in which the electric motor is accommodated, which housing has an envelope surface and a substantially annular cross section wherein the horizontal direction of the envelope surface of said housing and hereby said drive shaft are arranged to run substantially transverse to the longitudinal direction of said vehicle, comprising a pendulum suspension for suspension of the electrical drive arrangement, where the pendulum suspension comprises a fastening configuration fixedly connected to the vehicle and at least one pendulum attachment fixedly connected to the envelope surface of the housing and pivotally journaled relative to said fastening configuration by means of a bearing configuration. The invention also relates to a motor vehicle..
Bae Systems Hägglunds Aktiebolag


Tire comprising high-contrast marking

A tire made of rubber material including a sidewall and a marking protruding from this sidewall. The tire having a texture, which has a plurality of strands protruding from the sidewall, these strands being distributed at a density at least equal to five strands per square millimeter (mm2), each strand having a mean cross section between 0.0007 mm2 and 0.06 mm2 and/or the texture having a plurality of substantially mutually parallel lamellae protruding from the sidewall, the spacing of the lamellae being less than or equal to 0.5 mm, each lamella having a mean width between 0.03 mm and 0.3 mm.
Michelin Recherche Et Technique, S.a.


Screw elements for multi-shaft screw-type machines

The invention relates to screw elements (10, 10′) for multi-shaft screw-type machines having screw shafts (w, w′) rotating pairwise in the same direction, wherein said screw elements scrape off one another precisely and the screw shafts composed of said screw elements have two or more screw flights. The screw profiles (11, 11′) can be represented over the entire cross section by respective profile curves, each profile curve (11, 11′) having at least one inflection point (k, k′) lying inside an outer radius (ra, ra′) of the profile curve over the progression thereof.
Covestro Deutschland Ag


Heating method, heating apparatus, and hot press molding plate workpiece

A heating method, a heating apparatus, and a hot press holding method for a plate workpiece are provided. The plate workpiece has a first region and a second region.
Neturen Co., Ltd.


Ultrasonic system for mixing multiphase media and liquids, and associated method

The invention describes an ultrasonic device primarily intended for sonication of liquid and multiphase-media (gas-liquid, solid-liquid) through flexural vibration of tuned blades. The ultrasonic system comprises a source of alternating electrical field, an electro-acoustic transducer connected to the source of alternating electrical field, a booster connected to the electro-acoustic transducer with a cross section distal to the electro-acoustic transducer smaller than a cross section proximal to the electro-acoustic transducer, and at least one tuned blade coupled to the booster, wherein the at least one blade couple flexural vibrations to the liquid or multiphasic media.
Pusonics S.l.


Mixing paddle

A mixing paddle is described comprising a first section (2) adapted for mixing a paint, and a second section (3) having at least one removing edge (4), wherein the removing edge (4) has a geometry complementary to a horizontal cross section (5, 6) of the first section (2), and wherein the second section (3) is detachably attached, and a corresponding method for removing excess paint from a mixing paddle is described.. .
Emm Holding Bv


Equipment enclosure air flow control system

Disclosed is a system and method for control of air flow in an enclosure. A system discloses: a first element located on a first surface of the equipment enclosure having: first and second reels located along opposing edges of the first element; and a first air flow control element located between first and second reels and having a first portion and a second portion, said first portion being located on an edge of the first element adjoining the first reel, said second portion being located on an edge of the first element adjoining the second reel, each having apertures located therein of a number or cross sectional area different from the other portions, movement of the first air flow control element from a first reel to a second reel by rotation of the reels causing the first portion or second portion to be positioned between the first and second reels..
International Business Machines Corporation


Medical device

A printed circuit board assembly includes a printed circuit board and a ferrite. The printed circuit board has a substantially planar top surface and a substantially planar bottom surface.
Welch Allyn, Inc.


Fuel cell end plate, manufacturing same, and fuel cell

A fuel cell end plate that is provided at an end portion of a fuel cell includes a through-hole which penetrates the end plate and through which at least one of a fuel gas, an oxygen containing gas and cooling water fed to the fuel cell is distributed and a seal which covers an inner circumferential surface of the through-hole and a circumferential edge surface around the through-hole. The cutting processing mark of a corner portion connected from the inner circumferential surface of the through-hole to the circumferential edge surface is a processing mark in which a curved surface processing mark that is formed with a curved surface from any one of the inner circumferential surface and the circumferential edge surface toward the side of the other surface and a linear processing mark that is formed from the curved surface processing mark to the other surface and that is a straight line in a cross section in an axial direction of the through-hole are continuous..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Functional and durable thermoelectric devices and systems

The present disclosure provides a thermoelectric device comprising a panel comprising an electrically and thermally insulating material, and a thermoelectric string comprising a plurality of thermoelectric elements mounted on a strain relief element within the panel. The thermoelectric elements may comprise an n-type thermoelectric element and a p-type thermoelectric element electrically coupled to one another in series.
Tempronics, Inc.


Semiconductor apparatus, manufacturing semiconductor apparatus, designing semiconductor apparatus, and electronic apparatus

A semiconductor device including a first material layer adjacent to a second material layer, a first via passing through the first material layer and extending into the second material layer, and a second via extending into the first material layer, where along a common cross section parallel to an interface between the two material layers, the first via has a cross section larger than that of the second via.. .
Sony Corporation


Slice data creation device, slice data creation method, program, and computer-readable recording medium

To make it possible to generate slice data without the need to modify a polygon mesh that does not satisfy conditions of a perfect solid model. A slice data generator for generating slice data representing a cross section cut from a three-dimensional modeled object, wherein the slice data generator has: changing means for changing topology information of a polygon mesh so that a contour polyline is obtained indicating a contour line of a cut cross section of the polygon mesh; and modifying means for acquiring the contour polyline from the polygon mesh, the topology information of the polygon mesh having been changed by the changing means, and modifying the contour polyline so that an inside which is a region inside the acquired contour polyline can be normally filled; slice data being generated on the basis of the contour polyline modified by the modifying means..
Roland Dg Corporation


Device for choking a fluid flow and corresponding piston pump for delivering fluids

A device for choking a fluid flow, with a pot-like base body, in the base of which a first passage opening is arranged, and a closing body guided axially moveably in the pot-like base body against a spring force of a spring element and having a second passage opening that forms a static choke point with a predefined fixed opening cross section. The closing body in combination with the spring element and the first passage opening forms a dynamic choke point with a dynamic opening cross section that is variably adjustable depending on a pressure difference..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Air filter, filter element and filter housing of an air filter

An air filter, including: an openable filter housing having an inlet for air to be cleaned, an outlet for cleaned air, a filter element exchangeably arranged with the filter housing. The filter element includes a filter medium radially surrounding and defining an interior space within the filter element and a support element secured to the filter element.
Mann+hummel Gmbh


Bent pipe and manufacturing method thereof

In a hose having a bent portion, a poor appearance part is prevented from being created in an inner round portion of the bent portion. A bent pipe has a bent portion located in an intermediate part in a longitudinal direction in which a cross section in a radial direction of a round of the bent portion is formed in a flat shape, and non-bent portions being continuous with the bent portion.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Gliding doorstop

A gliding doorstop having a substantially sinusoidal cross sectional shape, with a central trough configured to accept the bottom of a door and two curved ends configured to slide along a floor. The gliding doorstop is configured to retain the door in a set position against routine amounts of environmental forces, but be slideable such that the door can be manually moved by a user into a new set position without removing the gliding doorstop from underneath the door..


Fiber reinforced composite system for strengthening of wall-like rc columns and methods for preparing such system

A shape modification of a wall-like column includes the preparation of the column by chamfering the corners and roughening the sides of cement segments thereto. The process requires a simple formwork in the form of generally circular pvc pipe segments which are cut to required shapes which are arcuate such as the segments of a circle, oval or even elliptical.
King Saud University


Heated windshield wiper

A heated windshield wiper for helping to remove ice and snow from a vehicle windshield. The heated windshield wiper includes an elongated support for connection to a windshield wiper arm.


Method for improved powder layer quality in additive manufacturing

Various embodiments of the present invention relate to a method for forming at a three-dimensional article through successively depositing individual layers of powder material that are fused together with at least one energy beam so as to form the article, said method comprising the steps of generating a model of said three-dimensional article; applying a first powder layer on a work table; directing said at least one energy beam from at least one energy beam source over said work table causing said first powder layer to fuse in first selected locations according to said model to form a first cross section of said three-dimensional article; introducing a predetermined pattern laterally separated from said first cross section for reducing thickness variations in a powder layer provided on top of said first cross section.. .
Arcam Ab


Press molding method

A press molding method of this disclosure includes: disposing a plurality of inner peripheral molding dies inside an outer shape cutting molding die having an annular cross section, the outer shape cutting molding die being configured to press-mold an identical outer shape member from a base material formed of a metal plate, the identical outer shape member having an outer shape identical to a final-shaped member, the inner peripheral molding dies being configured to press-mold all through-holes and all unevenness disposed on the final-shaped member to the base material or the identical outer shape member; and shifting all timings of press moldings to the base material and the identical outer shape member with the outer shape cutting molding die and the plurality of inner peripheral molding dies to one another.. .
Shiroki Corporation


Fabrication, methods, apparatuses, and systems for ultra-compliant probes for neural and other tissues

Methods, systems and apparatuses of ultra-miniature, ultra-compliant probe arrays that allows for design flexibility to match the stiffness of the tissue it is being applied to, such as the brain tissue, in all three axes (x, y and z), with interconnect cross section smaller than cell dimensions. Stiffness matching requires specific geometric and fabrication approaches, commonly leading to ultra-thin probe wires.
Carnegie Mellon University, A Pennsylvania Non-profit Corporation


Methods of protecting or repairing a cable or cables and related apparatus

The present application relates to methods of protecting a cable or cables, methods of repairing a cable or cables, to a sleeve, to a cable or cables in combination with a sleeve, and to a dispenser for a sleeve. The method of protecting a cable or cables comprises uncoiling a protective sleeve (1) and forming the sleeve around a length of the cable or cables (10).
Rtl Materials Ltd.


Connecting mechanism

A connecting mechanism having a male contact and a female contact, each of the male and female contacts having a first surface including at least in part a flat surface portion defined therein, a second surface opposing the first surface, and a contact surface extending between the first surface and the second surface. The contact surface is designed so that, when the first contact and the second contact are electrically connected with each other, the contact surfaces of the first contact and the second contact make a surface contact therebetween that inclines with respect to the flat surface portions of the first and second contacts in a cross section that crosses the first surface, the second surface, and the contact surface..
Omron Corporation


Passivation and alignment of piezoelectronic transistor piezoresistor

A method of forming a piezoelectronic transistor (pet) device, the pet device, and a semiconductor including the pet device are described. The method includes forming a first metal layer, forming a layer of a piezoelectric (pe) element on the first metal layer, and forming a second metal layer on the pe element.
International Business Machines Corporation


Organic light emitting device

Disclosed is an organic light emitting device, (oled) comprising a substrate on which a driving transistor is formed, a bank formed on the substrate providing a boundary for a pixel region, a first electrode formed on the substrate and electrically connected with the driving transistor, the first electrode comprising a first and second cross sectional area both oriented in a direction perpendicular to a vertical direction of the substrate, the first area adjacent to the bank, the second area surrounded by the first area, an organic layer formed on the first electrode within the boundary provided by the bank, and a second electrode formed on the organic layer, wherein during operation of the oled a first electric field between the first area of the first electrode and the second electrode is greater than a second electric field between the second area of the first electrode and the second electrode.. .
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Solid-state image sensor and imaging system

At least one exemplary embodiment is directed to a solid state image sensor including at least one antireflective layer and/or non rectangular shaped wiring layer cross section to reduce dark currents and 1/f noise.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Endpointing for focused ion beam processing

To expose a desired feature, focused ion beam milling of thin slices from a cross section alternate with forming a scanning electron image of each newly exposed cross section. Milling is stopped when automatic analysis of an electron beam image of the newly exposed cross section shows that a pre-determined criterion is met..


Electrostatic charge image developing toner, electrostatic charge image developer, and toner cartridge

In equation (1), d represents an equivalent circle diameter (μm) of the toner particle obtained by cross section observation of the toner particle, and d represents a distance (μm) between the center of gravity of the toner particle and the center of gravity of the island portion containing the release agent obtained by cross section observation of the toner particle.. .


Variable-beam lighting system

A method and device for variable-beam illumination are disclosed. The device has a light source, a first reflector segment, and a second reflector segment.
Terralux, Inc.


Throttle valve an internal combustion engine and motor cycle provided therewith

Proposed is a throttle valve apparatus for an internal combustion engine, with a housing and an intake pipe comprising a through-flow cross section and a throttle valve that is pivotable relative to the through-flow cross section, which is actuatable by means of a throttle valve shaft and with an actuating device arranged on the housing, by means of which the throttle valve can be releasably fixed in a cold starting position in which the through-flow cross section is at least partially opened.. .
Ktm Ag


Curved plate/fin heater exchanger

A plate/fin heat exchanger includes multiple stacked panels defining a curvature. Each of the panels has a first corrugated sheet defining a first set of passages and a second corrugated sheet defining a second set of passages.
United Technologies Corporation


Exhaust gas treatment device

An exhaust gas treatment device (1), for an exhaust system (1) of an internal combustion engine, includes a housing (2), providing an exhaust path (3), an injector (4) arranged on the housing (2) for introducing a reduction agent into an exhaust gas flow following the exhaust gas path (3), and a mixer (7) arranged in the housing (2). The mixer (7) includes a shell (8), which encloses a mixer cross section (10) through which the exhaust gas flow can flow.
Eberspächer Exhaust Technology Gmbh & Co. Kg


Filled polymer compositions for mobile electronic devices

The present invention relates to a polymer composition (c) comprising at least 20 wt % of at least one polymer, and at least 20 wt % of glass fibers having a non-circular cross section and an elastic modulus of at least 76 gpa. The polymer composition (c) features an outstanding balance of mechanical and processing performances which make them very well suited for the manufacture of thin parts such as parts of mobile electronic devices..
Solvay Specialty Polymers Usa, Llc


Single serve capsule having a liquid distributor

The invention relates to a single serve capsule having a capsule body, the walls and bottom of which delimit an interior in which a drink or food substance is provided, which is dissolved and/or extracted by means of a liquid, which is introduced into the single serve capsule, wherein a liquid distributor, which distributes a liquid supply at least partially over the cross section of the single serve capsule, is provided in the interior, in particular downstream of the liquid supply.. .
K-fee System Gmbh


Formatting container

A container for use in a scale or combination scale, for example, which is used as formatting container includes two or more side walls, whose position with respect to each other is variable. The outlet of the container is closed by two or more opening flaps that are pivotable or swingable and, therefore, can release the outlet of the container.
Multipond Wägetechnik Gmbh


Run-flat tire

A run-flat tire ensures run-flat durability with a reduced weight. A tire radial outermost carcass ply of two or more carcass plies has tire widthwise inner ends in a crown portion.
Bridgestone Corporation


Run flat tire

We provide a run flat tire capable of ensuring high resistance to coming off of a bead portion from a rim in run flat running, while maintaining high durability of a side-reinforcing rubber. Specifically, a run flat tire, has a tread portion, a pair of sidewall portions continuous with respective sides of the tread portion, bead portions continuous with the respective sidewall portions, bead cores each embedded in the corresponding bead portion, and a side-reinforcing rubber having a crescent-shaped cross section and provided in each sidewall portion, wherein in a cross section in the tire width direction thereof: diameter of an annular inner end in the tire radial direction of the bead core is larger by 3.0-4.5 mm than rim diameter of a prescribed rim; and diameter of a circle collectively formed by the bead heal point is smaller by 1.7-2.9 mm than the rim diameter of the prescribed rim..
Bridgestone Corporation


Pneumatic tire

A pneumatic tire includes: a tread portion; three or more main grooves provided on the tread portion at intervals in a tire width direction so as to extend in a tire circumferential direction; and a plurality of land portions partitioned between the main grooves adjacent to each other in the tire width direction, wherein the plurality of land portions include: ground contact areas having an arc shape in cross section in the tire width direction; and depressed portions opening to the ground contact areas, and the land portion having a larger ratio of opening surface area a of the depressed portions opening in the area between the main grooves adjacent to each other in the tire width direction with respect to surface area a of the area (a/a) has an arc-shaped ground contact area with a cross section in the tire width direction having a smaller radius of curvature.. .
Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.


Adjusting device for a pressure roller of a processing machine, particularly a moulding machine, and processing machine, particularly moulding machine, with such an adjusting device

The adjusting device for a pressure roller of a processing machine has a pivotable support arm carrying a pressure roller adjustable with the support arm from a pressure position into a resting position. The support arm is seated on a support rod that engages a clamping aperture of a pressure roller bracket.
Michael Weinig Ag


Eye protection goggles

Eye protection goggles for protecting a person undergoing treatment from electromagnetic radiation comprise two eye protection caps. Each eye protection cap comprises a basic protective body with a free edge for protecting from electromagnetic radiation and a cover protective body detachable from the respective basic protective body for protecting from frontal electromagnetic radiation.
Laservision Gmbh & Co. Kg


Deformable handle-case for umbrella

The present invention is a collapsible umbrella housed in a handle. The handle has a separately selected surface that has a non-depressed and a depressed positions.


Harvester tine having a front-to-rear parting line in its strap and finger portion and one or more depressions on its finger portion

A tine for use with a harvester. The tine is preferably an injection molded polymer pickup reel tine, which uses a front-to-rear mold parting line direction.
Hcc, Inc.


Package, manufacturing package, electronic device, electronic apparatus, and moving object

A package includes a package base, a lid that is disposed to overlap the package base in a plan view when viewed in a thickness direction of the package base and has light permeability, and low melting point glass that is disposed between the package base and the lid, and bonds the package base and the lid, in which the low melting point glass has a region of which a width in a cross section along the thickness direction is widened toward a bonding surface of the lid.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Lens system to enhance optical coupling efficiency of collimated beam to optical waveguide

An optical coupling system to couple a collimated beam with a waveguide made of semiconductor materials is disclosed. The waveguide is implemented in an optical modulator and/or an optical hybrid, and has a core with a restricted cross section because of the enhanced refractive index of the semiconductor materials.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Waveguide of a write head with reduced cross sectional area proximate a near-field transducer

A write head includes a near-field transducer near a media-facing surface of the write head. The write head includes a waveguide having a core with a first side disposed proximate to the near-field transducer.
Seagate Technology Llc


Vehicle lighting unit

A vehicle lighting unit can achieve line-shaped light emission with reduced luminance unevenness more than the conventional ones. The vehicle lighting unit can include: an led having an optical axis in an illumination direction as a forward direction; and a light guiding lens having a plate shape and disposed in front of the led.
Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.


Thermal shock resistant coated exhaust sensor

A sensor element includes a substrate (10) having a coating (31) on a portion of the substrate (10). The coating (31) is applied to the substrate (10) by dipping the portion of the substrate (10) into a slurry which includes a pulverized mineral and water, extracting the substrate (10) from the slurry in a direction along an axis, drying the coated substrate (10), and firing the coated substrate (10) so as to promote densification of the mineral and adhesion of the mineral to the substrate (10).
Delphi Technologies, Inc.


Method for determining the compression level of a node after ultrasonic welding

A method for determining the compression level of a node by compacting and welding electrical lines inserted into a compression chamber of an ultrasonic welding system, the compression chamber having an adjustable height and width. The method includes inserting the lines into the compression chamber, compacting the lines, determining the compacting cross section of the compacted lines, determining the actual total cross section via a correlation function taking the compacting cross section into account, welding the compacted node with a welding parameter set, determining the welding dimension from the height (h2) and width (b) of the compression chamber after welding, and calculating the compression level based on the actual total cross section and the welding dimensions..
Schunk Sonosystems Gmbh


Pressure released wiper assembly for a sealing arrangement

A pressure released wiper assembly is arranged to fit into a ring-shaped groove in a cylinder or at a piston rod. The pressure released wiper with a v- or u-shaped cross section includes an opening in the axial direction to a potential contaminated side of the wiper assembly, a ring shaped base portion, a ring disk shaped rear portion, a lip portion, one or more through openings from the opening through the rear portion to a gap formed between the cylinder wall and the rod or piston outside the ring-shaped groove, and one or more filters covering at least the one or more through openings to the potential contaminated side of the wiper assembly in the filter holder..
Seal Engineering As

Cross Section topics: Cross Section, Transverse, Ultrasonic, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, Antimicrobial, Conductive Layer, Carcass Ply, Longitudinal Axis

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