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Cross Section patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Cross Section-related patents
 Method for producing a superconducting wire, in particular using lead-free solder patent thumbnailnew patent Method for producing a superconducting wire, in particular using lead-free solder
A method for producing a superconducting wire (10), wherein an internal wire (1), which contains superconducting filaments (4), is provided with a normally conducting stabilizing structure (9), is characterized in that, in a continuous or quasi-continuous process, one or more sheath elements (2; 2a, 2b) are shaped and/or placed around the internal wire (9), so that the entire circumference of the internal wire (1) is enclosed by one or more sheath elements (2; 2a, 2b), and all seams (6; 6a, 6b; 16; 16a, 16b) of sheath element ends (5a-5d; 15a-15d) facing each other are soldered and/or welded. A method for producing a superconducting wire is thereby provided, which restricts the cross section of the superconducting wire to a lesser extent and which permits the use of lead-free solder..
 Hosel construction patent thumbnailnew patent Hosel construction
The present invention relates to a hosel for connecting a shaft to a club head. In one aspect of the invention, the hosel comprises a body having an undercut, wherein the undercut has a maximum cross section which tapers to a minimum cross section and increases to the maximum cross section immediately adjacent the club head.
 Feedthrough patent thumbnailnew patent Feedthrough
A feedthrough, for example through a part of a housing, such as a battery housing, is, for example, made of a metal, such as a light alloy, for example aluminum, an aluminum alloy, alsic, magnesium, a magnesium alloy, titanium, a titanium alloy, steel, stainless steel or high-grade steel. The housing part has at least one opening through which at least one conductor having a cross-section is guided in a glass or glass ceramic material.
 Vertical axis wind turbine with self-starting capabilities patent thumbnailnew patent Vertical axis wind turbine with self-starting capabilities
A vertical axis wind turbine and vertical axis wind turbine assembly comprising a rotary body and a plurality of blades. A cross section through each blade of the plurality of blades transverse to the rotary axis comprises an inner camber line, an outer camber line, and a chord line.
 Control rod for nuclear reactor and method of manufacturing control rod patent thumbnailnew patent Control rod for nuclear reactor and method of manufacturing control rod
A control rod for nuclear reactors includes four wings including neutron absorbers containing hafnium, a front end structural member which has a cross shape in cross section and includes brackets bonded to the leading ends of the wings, and a terminal end structural member which has a cross shape in cross section and includes brackets bonded to the tailing ends of the wings. The four wings are bonded to a wing-bonding member including a cross-shaped center shaft so as to form a cross shape.
 Optical element patent thumbnailnew patent Optical element
An optical element has at least one surface divided into a plurality of regions and includes: a first region configured to converge light with a wavelength λ1 onto a storage surface of a first optical disc and converge light with a wavelength λ2 onto a storage surface of a second optical disc; and a second region formed around the outer circumference of the first region and configured to converge light with the wavelength λ1 onto the storage surface of the first optical disc. The second region has a concave-convex structure concentrically formed on an aspheric surface and having a cross section being a saw teeth shape.
 High-strength aluminum alloy extruded material and method for manufacturing the same patent thumbnailnew patent High-strength aluminum alloy extruded material and method for manufacturing the same
A high-strength aluminum alloy extruded material contains si: 0.70 to 1.3 mass %; mg: 0.45 to 1.2 mass %; cu: 0.15 to less than 0.40 mass %; mn: 0.10 to 0.40 mass %; cr: more than 0 to 0.06 mass %; zr: 0.05 to 0.20 mass %; ti: 0.005 to 0.15 mass %, fe: 0.30 mass % or less; v: 0.01 mass % or less; the balance being al and unavoidable impurities crystallized products in the alloy have a particle diameter of a is 5 μm or less. Furthermore, an area ratio of a fibrous structure in a cross section parallel to an extruding direction during hot extrusion is 95% or more..
 Mid-scalar electrode array patent thumbnailMid-scalar electrode array
In one example, a cochlear lead includes a flexible body, an array of electrodes in the flexible body, and a plurality of wires passing along the array of electrodes. The plurality of wires includes a flexural geometry between each pair of adjacent electrodes and a substantially straight geometry over the electrodes.
 Cam lock pedicle screw patent thumbnailCam lock pedicle screw
The present invention is directed to a pedicle screw fixation system which can be made for either posterior cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine, or elsewhere. With this type of system a surgeon can implant a pedicle screw system utilizing the same instrument set for an open or closed procedure.
 Infusion flow guidewire system patent thumbnailInfusion flow guidewire system
An infusion flow guidewire and a system including an infusion flow guidewire. The minimal cross section flexible infusion flow guidewire includes a nitinol hypotube, a flexible tip having a closed distal end, a coil, a core wire and at least one distally located rearwardly directed jet orifice for infusion of fibrinolytics and for introduction of high pressure fluids for maceration and rearwardly directed flow of thrombus debris located in tortuous small sized vessels.
Composition of cultured grape cells
A pharmaceutical or nutraceutical composition comprising a cell line callus culture of grape berry cells grown in vitro, whereby the cell line callus culture of grape berry cells is derived from one or more of grape-berry cross section, grape-berry skin, grape-berry flesh, grape seed, grape embryo of seeded or seedless cultivars or grape seed coat.. .
Honeycomb filter
A honeycomb filter 100 includes honeycomb segments 4, plugging portions 5, and joining layers 7, area of outflow end surface 12 of honeycomb segment is larger than area of inflow end surface 11, and shape of cross section of honeycomb segment vertical to axial direction x has a similarity in axial direction x. Moreover, thickness of joining layer decreases in at least a part of joining layer in direction from inflow end surface side toward outflow end surface side, and length l2 of joining layer in axial direction x is smaller than 95% of length l1 of honeycomb segment in axial direction x.
Automatic classification of the degree of maturation for iron ore pellets
An automatic method or the classification of the degrees of maturation (dm) for fired iron ore pellets, independent of human intervention, based on the digital acquisition of microscopy images of polished cross sections, and their processing, analysis and classification by a suitable software procedure.. .
Waterproof ear-jack connector
A waterproof ear-jack connector includes: an ear-jack connector housing, a contact terminal, and a baffle. The ear-jack connector housing is disposed with a space running through the ear-jack connector housing, the space is used for accommodating an earphone plug; the baffle is located at a tail opening of the ear-jack connector housing, and tightly contacts the tail opening of the ear-jack connector housing, so as to seal the tail opening of the ear-jack connector housing; the contact terminal tightly presses against an inner wall of the space, and passes through from a hole disposed on the baffle; and the shape of the hole matches a cross section of the contact terminal, so that the hole is plugged by the contact terminal.
Narrow mouth horn loudspeaker
An acoustic horn. In one implementation, the horn includes at least four wall sections, defining a passageway.
Anti-reflection sheet, display element and display device
An anti-reflection sheet includes a transparent substrate; and a resin layer formed on a surface of a transparent substrate. The resin layer includes a first surface that faces the surface of the transparent substrate; a second surface that faces away from the surface of the transparent substrate; and a plurality of projections arranged on the second surface of the resin layer so as to form a projection layer.
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
A stack of semiconductor chips, a semiconductor device, and a method of manufacturing are disclosed. The stack of semiconductor chips may comprise a first chip of the stack, a second chip of the stack over the first chip, conductive bumps, a homogeneous integral underfill material, and a molding material.
Light emitting diode
A light emitting diode including a substrate, a first semiconductor layer, an active layer, and a second semiconductor layer is provided. The first semiconductor layer includes a first surface and a second surface, and the first surface is connected to the substrate.
Ice slurry delivery system and components thereof
The current invention relates to an ice slurry delivery system including a bottle, a valve including a conduit defining an inlet port and an outlet port, wherein the inlet port and outlet port are each adapted to provide one or more openings, at least one opening at each port having a cross sectional area of at least substantially 80 mm2, and a stopper portion, wherein the stopper portion and conduit move relatively between a stopped configuration, in which the inlet port is in sealing contact with the stopper portion, and an open configuration, in which the inlet port is removed from the stopper portion to provide a fluid pathway of at least 80 mm2 between the stopper portion and the inlet port; and a lid adapted to connect directly or indirectly to the bottle and wherein the lid is adapted to receive at least a portion of the valve to provide a fluid pathway between a first side of the lid and a second side of the lid.. .
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger having a first collecting box and having a second collecting box, having at least one tube arranged between the two collecting boxes, wherein a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet are provided which are arranged individually on in each case one of the collecting boxes or on a single one of the collecting boxes, wherein the tube is received at the ends in an opening in in each case one of the collecting boxes and is in fluid communication with the collecting boxes, wherein the opening is surrounded by an opening edge whose contour corresponds to the outer contour of the tube, and in that the opening is designed such that the opening cross section narrows toward the interior of the collecting box and the tube can be inserted, under preload at the circumference, into the opening.. .
Compositions and methods for enhancing the structure of hair fibers
Disclosed are compositions and methods that are able to increase the amount of molecular structure within the cortex of hair fibers. As result, hair fiber diameter, cross sectional area, elasticity and stiffness are all increased.
Fountain toothbrush
A toothbrush includes a housing having a handle and a toothbrush head, a pump having a pump chamber and a pump impeller or pump gear arranged in the pump chamber, and a motor driving the impeller or pump gear. An input port and an output port are connected to the chamber, the impeller causing a flow of a working fluid through the output port when the impeller is driven by the motor and the working fluid is supplied through the input port.
Catheter insertion supporting system, catheter insertion supporting method, computer readable storage medium stored with program for catheter insertion supporting system, and calibration method
There is provided a catheter insertion supporting system including an extraction section configured to extract a contour shape of at least one of organs of a subject represented on a two-dimensional image picked up by an image pickup element of a catheter inserted in the body of the subject; a detection section configured to detect, in a three-dimensional ct image of the subject, a cross section which includes a contour shape which at least partly coincides with the contour shape extracted by the extraction section; and a display section configured to display a portion of the three-dimensional ct image which includes an organ having the cross section detected by the detection section together with the two-dimensional image.. .
Honeycomb structure
There are disclosed a honeycomb structure hardly generates ring cracks; and a honeycomb structure 100 includes a honeycomb basal body 4 having porous partition walls 1 defining a plurality of cells 2 to become through channels of a fluid; and a ring-shaped convex portion 10 being a ring of convex portion surrounding an outer periphery of the honeycomb basal body 4 over the whole periphery; and the ring-shaped convex portion 10 is disposed to project outwardly from the outer periphery of the honeycomb basal body 4 and to cover a part of the outer periphery of the honeycomb basal body 4, the shapes of both end portions of the ring-shaped convex portion are tapered shape, and a thickness of the ring-shaped convex portion 10 in a cross section perpendicular to an extending direction of the cells 2 is from 3 to 20 mm.. .
Cheese mould
A cheese mould, in particular a cheese mould consisting of plastic or metal for arrangement in a cassette press or the like. The mould should have a simple structure, and at the same time withstand the pressing pressure and also satisfy high hygienic demands.
Honeycomb catalyst body
The honeycomb catalyst body includes a honeycomb structure having porous partition walls, outflow side plugged portions, inflow side plugged portions, and catalyst layers formed on the surfaces of the partition walls on the side of the outflow cells, the cells are formed so that an open area of each outflow cell is larger than an open area of each inflow cell, a porosity of the partition walls of the honeycomb structure is from 25 to 55%, and in a cross section parallel to the extending direction of the cells, a total area of the catalyst layers formed on the surfaces of the pores in the partition walls is 5% or less of a total area of the pores in the partition walls.. .
Gear machine having a low-pressure connection deviating from the circular shape
A gear machine includes two externally intermeshing gear wheels enclosed by a housing that has a high-pressure connection and a low-pressure connection situated opposite one another. On an inner circumferential face of the housing, a notional boundary line is assigned to both gear wheels.
Propeller fan
A propeller fan may strongly draw the flow toward the inner circumferential side and greatly improve the pressure efficiency by degrading the tendency of the flow near the pressure surface to be inclined toward the outer circumferential side at the trailing edge of the blade. The blade is provided with a recessed portion raised toward a suction surface at a central portion of a trailing edge of the blade in a radial direction such that the recessed portion is open at least on a pressure surface of the blade, the recessed portion extending from the trailing edge toward a leading edge of the blade, and a cross section of the recessed portion taken in a radial direction is provided with a pair of lateral portions rising at a predetermined angle with respect to the suction surface and facing each other.
Louver blade
A louver blade comprises a blade body and a reinforcing member. The blade body is made of a plastic material, includes a first end portion and a second end portion opposite to the first end portion along a first axis, and is provided with two pivot connecting portions.
Fan diffuser having a circular inlet and a rotationally asymmetrical outlet
A diffuser (3) for a fan (2) of axial, radial or diagonal type of construction, has an inlet opening (10) and having an outlet opening (20) for a gaseous medium which flows through a diffuser interior (i), which is enclosed by an outer housing (30), in an axially oriented main flow direction (s) from the inlet opening (10) to the outlet opening (20). The cross section of the diffuser interior (i) increases from the cross section (11) of the inlet opening to the cross section (21) of the outlet opening (20), wherein the outer housing (30) forms an outer diffuser part (ad) which delimits the diffuser interior (i) to the outside.
Turbocharger and method of producing thereof
A turbocharger includes a compressor housing, a bearing housing and a back plate. A discharge scroll chamber has such a shape that a cross-sectional area thereof gradually increases toward a discharge port in a circumferential direction.
Construction machine with material conveying system
A construction machine according to the disclosure comprises a material hopper for receiving bulk material. Moreover, the construction machine includes a material conveying system for conveying bulk material.
Glued ledger head
A modular scaffold component of different material components advantageously uses the durability and reliability of conventional type steel ledger heads adhesively secured to by an aluminum or aluminum alloy structural member. In a preferred embodiment the structural member is an extruded elongate tube and in a further preferred structure the elongate tube is of a non circular cross section having thickened top and bottom portions preferably interior to a circular outer surface.
Composite film for packaging containers, method for producing a composite film, and packaging container
The invention relates to a composite film (100) for packaging containers (1), having a film composite made of a plurality of packaging material layers (101 to 108), wherein an inner packaging material layer (108) is designed as a heat-sealing layer and an opening device (10) can be fixed to an outer packaging material layer (101), in particular by sealing to the outer packaging material layer (101), and wherein the packaging material layers (101 to 108) comprise a weakening region (20) in the region of the opening device (10). According to the invention, the weak region (20) is disposed on the side of the inner packaging material layer (108) and is implemented as an at least partial reduction in the layer thickness (d) of the inner packaging material layer (108), wherein the shape of the weak region (20), in particular having a circular cross section, is adapted to the arrangement of cutters (13) that are disposed on a partial circular diameter (t) of the opening device (10) as a part of the opening device (10)..
Method and system for managing light from a light emitting diode
A light source, for example a light emitting diode, can emit light and have an associated optical axis. The source can be deployed in applications where it is desirable to have illumination biased laterally relative to the optical axis, such as in a street luminaire where directing light towards a street is beneficial.
Lens module and manufacturing method thereof
There are provided a lens module and a manufacturing method thereof allowing for a reduction in a total length of the lens module. The lens module include: a first lens, a cross section of which, perpendicular to an optical axis, is circular; and a second lens, a cross section of which, perpendicular to an optical axis, is quadrangular..
Resonator arrays for wireless energy transfer
Described herein are improved configurations for an apparatus that may include a plurality of resonators electrically interconnected and arranged in an array to form a composite resonator for wireless power transfer, each one of the plurality of resonators may include a block of a magnetic material having a conductor wire wrapped around a cross section thereof to form at least one loop enclosing an area substantially equal to the cross section, wherein the plurality of resonators are may be oriented so that a dipole moment of each one of the plurality of resonators is aligned with a dipole moment of each other one of the plurality of resonators.. .
Element mounting board and semiconductor module
Prepared in advance is a substrate formed of metallic material where slits are formed between mounting regions. Oxide films are generated all over the substrate including end faces of the substrate.
Light emitting diode with three-dimensional nano-structures
A light emitting diode including a first semiconductor layer, an active layer, and a second semiconductor layer is provided. The first semiconductor layer includes a first surface and a second surface.
Apparatus for and method of drawing
A drawing apparatus accepts a selection manipulation for selecting the type of shape of a light outgoing ratio function defining a relationship between the position of modulation units included in an optical unit as seen in the direction of the arrangement of the modulation units and a light outgoing ratio from among a plurality of shape type candidates. The drawing apparatus then adjusts the light outgoing ratio of each of the modulation units in accordance with the accepted shape type.
Small volume container
A single-use storage and dispensing container is provided for use with small volumes of consumer products. The container is generally sleeve-like, sealed at both ends to contain the flowable material, and is scored or otherwise includes a break point for rupture by a user to dispense the container contents.
Structural element of an air vehicle air intake composed of an array of passages with a hexagonal cross section
An air vehicle powered by a gas turbine engine, particularly, but not exclusively, an air vehicle having a blended wing body includes a gas turbine engine disposed in the body of the vehicle including an inlet face. An inlet channel having a convoluted geometry is configured such that air flow incident on the inlet face during operation is disordered.
Variable geometry meter roller
An agricultural metering device with a variable geometry meter roller is provided. The agricultural metering device includes a meter roller having a plurality of flutes.
Variable geometry meter roller
An agricultural metering device with a variable geometry meter roller is provided. The agricultural metering device includes a meter roller having a plurality of flutes.
Motion control device
Motion control apparatus (a) includes a direct coupled torque motor (54) slideably receiving an output (50) without other types of torque transmission devices between the output (50) and the motor (54) and between the output (50) and a pinion (7) in direct gearing engagement with an annular gear (44) connected to a second race (32) of a bearing (26) intermediate an annular mounting plate (38) and a dial plate (40). The second race (32) is a single, non-separable piece having l-shaped, radial cross sections to define a mounting pilot for the annular gear (44).
Device for measuring force components, and method for its production
A device for measuring force components formed from a single crystal material, wherein the device comprises at least one cantilever beam inclined to a wafer plane normal and formed in one piece with a mass body, which mass body provides a mass of inertia. The mass body has a first and a second major surface which are substantially parallel with a wafer plane.
Pressure transmitter with fill tube
A pressure transmitter has a pressure sensor, an isolator diaphragm, and a fill tube. Interior passages in the pressure sensor module body are filled with isolator fluid and provide fluid connections.
Junction structure between structures and beam junction method
In a junction structure between structures formed by connecting a hollow rectangular beam having a rectangular cross section between a first column and a first′ column, the beam has a first beam, a second beam, and a first′ beam from the first column toward the first′ column. Three surfaces other than an upper surface of the first beam and three surfaces other than an upper surface of the second beam are sandwiched between plates from inner and outer sides and joined together with bolts, and the upper surfaces are joined to each other by welding contact portions of an upper portion of the first beam and an upper portion of the second beam.
Hybrid tower structure and method for building the same
A hybrid tower structure (1), and a method for building the same, which tower structure includes a lower portion (3) in form of a lattice structure (8, 9), an upper portion (5) with continuous outer surface, and an adapter construction (4) between the lower and upper portions, wherein the tower structure (1) further includes plurality of stay cables (6) connected to the tower structure, and that the lower portion (3) of the tower structure has a hollow cross-section through its length where the load bearing lattice structure (8, 9) extends only on the circumference of the cross section, and the lattice structure is formed from hollow steel profiles.. .
Lock out member with different cross sections
An apparatus is presented comprising a lock out member configured to be implemented into a medical device, in particular a dispense interface, attachable to a second medical device, in particular a main body, wherein said lock out member is configured to prevent a second attachment of said medical device to said second medical device, wherein said lock out member has at least a first area with a first cross-sectional area, wherein said lock out member has at least a second area having a second cross-sectional area smaller than the first cross-sectional area, such that an electric resistance is defined between opposite ends of the lockout member and wherein said lock out member, at least in the second area, is made of a conductive material.. .
Method and apparatus for diffusing led light bulbs
An led diffusion element is provided having at least one cavity for receiving an led light bulb. The led diffusion element contains a conditioned surface on both its exterior surface and in a light collection area that is facing the led light bulb when inserted into the led diffusion element.
Led lens assembly
A led lens assembly comprises a longitudinal rotationally symmetric inner surface contact to at least one led and a longitudinal rotationally symmetric exterior surface exposure to the air. The half of the longitudinal cross section of the exterior surface constitutes at least three sections.
Pathogen and particle detector system and method
A particle detector has a sample area of cross section no in excess of about 2 mm for containing environmental fluid, a light source on one side of the sample area for directing a collimated or nearly collimated beam of light through the sample air or water so that part of the light beam will be scattered by any particles present in the air or water while the remainder remains unscattered, and a beam diverting device on the possible side of the sample area for diverting or blocking at least the unscattered portion of the beam of light and directing at least part of the scattered light onto a detector. The detector produces output pulses in which each pulse has a height proportional to particle size and a pulse height discriminator obtains the size distribution of airborne particles detected in the air or water sample at a given time from the detector output.
Optical radar device
An optical laser device for scanning an object is provided. The optical radar device includes a light source that outputs a beam having an elliptical cross section.
Electronic component and method for producing same
An electronic component having a laminate formed by laminating a plurality of insulator layers and a helical coil provided in the laminate, the coil including first and second coil conductors, and via-hole conductors provided so as to pierce through the insulator layers. The first and second coil conductors are opposed to each other via the insulator layers in a direction of lamination.
Bump structure and method of forming same
An embodiment bump on trace (bot) structure includes a contact element supported by an integrated circuit, an under bump metallurgy (ubm) feature electrically coupled to the contact element, a metal bump on the under bump metallurgy feature, and a substrate trace on a substrate, the substrate trace coupled to the metal bump through a solder joint and intermetallic compounds, a ratio of a first cross sectional area of the intermetallic compounds to a second cross sectional area of the solder joint greater than forty percent.. .
Semiconductor package, method and mold for producing same, input and output terminals of semiconductor package
A semiconductor package according to the present invention includes: a semiconductor element where a high frequency signal is input or output; a planar lead terminal having an end electrically connected to an input terminal or an output terminal of the semiconductor element; an encapsulation resin for encapsulating the lead terminal and the semiconductor element, the lead terminal having another end exposed from the resin; and a ground enhancing metal body encapsulated in the encapsulation resin, having a first main surface facing the lead terminal and a second main surface exposed from the encapsulation resin, wherein the ground enhancing metal body has a shape with a cross section parallel to the second main surface and having a smaller area than an area of the first main surface.. .
Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and electronic equipment
A solid-state imaging device includes a photoelectric transformation portion and a micro lens, the micro lens has a first refractive index layer which is a first refractive index and a second refractive index layer which is a second refractive index different from the first refractive index, wherein the micro lens is configured so that a vertical cross section, which is a surface perpendicular to the capturing surface, has a rectangular shape, wherein each of the first refractive index layer and the second refractive index layer are arranged adjacent to each other in a direction along the capturing surface, and an interface between the first refractive index layer and the second refractive index layer in the vertical cross section is formed so as to follow a direction perpendicular to the capturing surface.. .
Group 13 nitride crystal, group 13 nitride crystal substrate, and method of manufacturing group 13 nitride crystal
A group 13 nitride crystal having a hexagonal crystal structure contains at least a nitrogen atom and at least one metal atom selected from a group consisting of b, al, ga, in and tl. Dislocation density of basal plane dislocations in a cross section parallel to a c-axis is 104 cm−2 or more..
Spray gun and portable mist-generating apparatus
A spray gun is provided, which comprises a twin fluid atomizing nozzle which atomises a process fluid by interaction with a driving fluid. The nozzle including a driving fluid passage having a driving fluid inlet, a driving fluid outlet, and a throat portion intermediate the driving fluid inlet and driving fluid outlet.
Open chamber ammunition
Aspects described herein relate to an ammunition round for an open chamber gun mechanism is provided, the round comprising a housing having a triangular shaped cross section and a central longitudinal axis, the housing including at least one projectile positioned along the central longitudinal axis, a propellant positioned behind the at least one projectile along the central longitudinal axis, a first sealed end located at a first end of the housing nearest the propellant, and a second sealed end positioned at a second end of the housing in front of the projectile, wherein the second sealed end is configured to become unsealed after firing of the projectile.. .
Fire seal
A fire seal includes a molded body having a base portion, a curved portion extending from the base portion, and a metal seal support surrounding said base portion and a radially inward surface of said curved portion. The curved portion has a partially circular cross section..
Anchoring in a construction model
An anchoring device including an anchoring element suitable for being anchored an object of construction material with the aid of mechanical vibrations. The anchoring element includes a thermoplastic material and a tool.
Free cooling system apparatus and communication equipment
A free cooling system apparatus applied to communication equipment includes: an air intake apparatus that is disposed at an air intake of the communication equipment, where the air intake apparatus includes an air intake duct, where the air intake duct has an opening below the air intake of the communication equipment to allow an airflow to enter the air intake duct through the opening, and a filtering module is disposed inside the air intake duct; and the filtering module includes a substrate and grass-like fibers, where the substrate is attached to a sidewall of the air intake duct, roots of the grass-like fibers are fixed onto the substrate, and tips of the grass-like fibers are suspended inside the air intake duct of the air intake apparatus and are transversely placed in the air intake duct along a direction of a cross section of the air intake duct.. .
3-d integration using multi stage vias
A tsv can be formed having a top section via formed through the top substrate surface and a bottom section via formed through the bottom substrate surface. The top section cross section can have a minimum cross section corresponding to design rules, and the top section depth can correspond to a workable aspect ratio.
Display apparatus incorporating vertically oriented electrical interconnects
This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for enabling a display to have a faster switching rate and an increased aperture ratio by using vertically oriented electrical interconnects with a reduced footprint. In one aspect, a display apparatus includes an array of display elements and an electrical interconnect connected to at least one display element in the array of display elements.
Vehicle wheel disk
A spoke 15 has a spoke crest 15a, a spoke radially outer wall 15b and a pair of spoke circumferential side walls 15c. In a cross section of the spoke 15 along a radial direction of a disk, a crest outer curved portion 15a2 of the spoke crest 15a is curved at a larger curvature than curvatures of a crest inner curved portion 15a1 of the spoke crest 15, a crest main portion 15a4 of the crest and the spoke radially outer wall 15b.
Fluidic plug unit and connecting device for liquid conducting components
The invention relates to a fluidic plug unit for liquid-conducting components, in particular for high-performance liquid chromatography, with a plug housing that has a plug region with a front plug region and a rear plug region which is adjoined thereto in an axial direction. The rear plug region has a larger cross section than the front plug region.
Valve assembly
A valve assembly for sealing a port of a housing includes a primary sealing member and a secondary sealing member mounted to a valve body. Valve body includes a lower body with an upper portion depending from the body having a cross sectional diameter less than the upper body, and a lower portion depending from the upper portion having a cross sectional diameter less than the upper portion.
Membrane separation device
A membrane separation device comprises a membrane unit that includes membrane modules piled in a direction of a depth of a biological reactor, an air diffusing member arranged below the membrane unit to diffuse air for cleaning membranes of the membrane unit and an air bubble group splitting member arranged between the membrane unit and the air diffusing member to split an air bubble group supplied from the air diffusing member into air bubble groups. The air bubble group splitting member has a diameter larger than that of the air diffusing member and is a three-dimensional obstruction member arranged in parallel with an axis of the air diffusing member.
Apparatus for producing composite fillers
Apparatus for producing a composite filler includes at least one die and a device for moving a stack of reinforced ply strips through the die. The die has peripheral die face adapted for forming the ply strip stack into a desired cross sectional shape.
Aerodynamic bicycle tire
Provided is a bicycle tire for use with a bicycle wheel. The bicycle tire includes a tire body defining a closed loop and being configured to be engagable with the bicycle wheel.
Balancer device for an internal combustion engine
A balancer housing (30) consists of an upper housing (32) and a lower housing (31), and receives a pair of rotatably supported balancer shafts (11, 21) therein. An oil strainer mounting portion (37) is formed as a cylindrical wall extending downward from a bottom wall of the lower housing, and an inlet passage (67) leading to an inlet end of an oil pump (60) extends along a length of the balancer shafts adjacent to the oil strainer mounting portion.
Portable paint shield
A paint shield for releasable attachment to the head of a paint gun sprayer is disclosed for preventing overspray from contacting other exposed surfaces or components outside of the intended surface. The paint shield is comprised of a single planar sheet of flexible, sturdy, impermeable material, such as aluminum.
Lattice girder
A lattice girder for support of a tunnel structure includes coupling elements arranged on ends of the lattice girder. Each coupling element has two sheet-metal strips having each an end formed with a loop.
Spacer system for installing vacuum insulated glass (vig) window unit in window frame designed to accommodate thicker ig window unit
A vacuum insulated glass (vig) window unit installation configuration and method for installing a vig window unit in a window frame that was designed to accommodate at least a thicker ig (insulating glass/integrated glass) window unit(s). The vig window unit may be supported on a first side by a first stop portion of the frame and on a second side by a second stop portion of the frame.

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