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Cross Section patents

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Hybrid ceramic/sand core for casting metal engine parts with passages or holes having a cross section too small for sand…

Southwest Research Institute

Hybrid ceramic/sand core for casting metal engine parts with passages or holes having a cross section too small for sand…

Date/App# patent app List of recent Cross Section-related patents
 Vessel corset for use with electrosurgical forceps patent thumbnailnew patent Vessel corset for use with electrosurgical forceps
A system for treating tissue is provided. The system includes a forceps having opposing jaw members at a distal end thereof configured to treat tissue.
Covidien Lp
 Grooved noodle patent thumbnailnew patent Grooved noodle
A grooved noodle includes a noodle string a cross section of which has a parallelogrammic or rectangular basic contour, two grooves extending along the noodle string are provided at symmetrical positions with respect to a center of the cross section of the noodle string, in the cross section of the noodle string, each groove has a pair of first sides that face each other and extend from an opening plane of each groove toward an inside of the noodle string, and a pair of second sides that respectively extend from ends of the first sides in bending directions so as to come closer to each other and are interconnected to form a terminal end of each groove, and a distance from the terminal end to the opening plane of each groove is larger than ½ of a width of the noodle string in a grooving direction.. .
Nisshin Foods Inc.
 Honeycomb structure patent thumbnailnew patent Honeycomb structure
A honeycomb structure of the present invention includes a honeycomb structure body and a pair of electrode member arranged at a side surface of the honeycomb structure body. The honeycomb structure body has an electrical resistivity of 1 to 200 Ωcm, and the respective pair of electrode members is formed into a band-like shape extending in a direction in which the cells extend.
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.
 Transducer motor structure with enhanced flux patent thumbnailnew patent Transducer motor structure with enhanced flux
An electro-dynamic loudspeaker transducer's motor structure includes a magnetic circuit having a pole with minimal reluctance that allows the use of larger magnets and thicker front plates, thus generating higher flux density in the voice coil gap. The lower reluctance is achieved by increasing the pole piece's outside diameter at all points outside of the voice coil gap and the area swept out by the voice coil at maximal inward excursion.
Definitive Technology, Llc
 Optical system of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Optical system of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus
An optical system of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus comprises at least one mirror arrangement, having a plurality of mirror elements which are adjustable independently of one another for varying an angular distribution of the light reflected by the mirror arrangement, a polarization-influencing optical arrangement, by which, for a light beam passing through during the operation of the projection exposure apparatus, different polarization states can be set via the light beam cross section, and a retarder arrangement, which is arranged upstream of the polarization-influencing optical arrangement in the light propagation direction and at least partly compensates for a disturbance of the polarization distribution that is present elsewhere in the projection exposure apparatus, wherein the polarization-influencing optical arrangement has optical components which are adjustable in their relative position with respect to one another, wherein different output polarization distributions can be produced by this adjustment in conjunction with the mirror arrangement.. .
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh
 Cathode component for discharge lamp patent thumbnailnew patent Cathode component for discharge lamp
A highly durable cathode component for a discharge lamp is provided. A cathode component for a discharge lamp includes a barrel having a wire diameter of 2 to 35 mm and a tapered front end, wherein the cathode component comprises a tungsten alloy containing 0.5 to 3% by weight, in terms of oxide (tho2), of a thorium component, not less than 90% of tungsten crystals are accounted for by tungsten crystals having a grain size in the range of 1 to 80 μm, as observed in terms of an area ratio of 300 μm×300 μm in unit area in a circumferential cross section of the barrel, and are accounted for by tungsten crystals having a grain size in the range of 10 to 120 μm, as observed in terms of an area ratio of 300 μm×300 μm in unit area in a side cross section of the barrel..
Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd.
 Clutch unit patent thumbnailnew patent Clutch unit
A clutch unit for a motor vehicle comprises a friction clutch and an actuator for actuating the friction clutch, the actuator having a first ramp ring and a second ramp ring, of which at least one can be rotated relative to the other ramp ring, in order to exert an axial force on the friction clutch. Furthermore, the clutch unit comprises a metering device for feeding a cooling fluid in a metered manner to the friction clutch.
Magna Powertrain Ag & Co. Kg
 Straddle type vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Straddle type vehicle
Straddle type vehicle takes traveling wind into a space between paired left and right main frames. Air is introduced to an air cleaner arranged between the paired left and right main frames.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
 Multilayer ceramic capacitor,  manufacturing the same, and board having the same mounted thereon patent thumbnailnew patent Multilayer ceramic capacitor, manufacturing the same, and board having the same mounted thereon
There is provided a multilayer ceramic capacitor including: a ceramic body including dielectric layers; and a plurality of internal electrodes disposed within the ceramic body, having the dielectric layer interposed therebetween, wherein, on a cross section of the ceramic body in a width-thickness direction thereof, when a distance between an uppermost internal electrode and a lowermost internal electrode measured at centers thereof in a width direction thereof is defined as a and a distance between the uppermost internal electrode and the lowermost internal electrode measured at edges thereof in the width direction thereof is defined as b, 0.953≦a/b≦0.996 is satisfied.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.
 Shielded electrical cable patent thumbnailnew patent Shielded electrical cable
A shielded electrical cable is disclosed. The cable includes a plurality of conductor sets that extend along the length of the cable and are spaced apart from each other along the width of the cable.
3m Innovative Properties Company
new patent

Method for zone isolation in a subterranean well

A method is for zone isolation in a subterranean well. The well is provided with a pipe body at least in a portion.
Hydra Systems As
new patent

Finned tube assemblies for heat exchangers

A finned tube assembly for an air cooled condenser and method for forming the same. The finned tube assembly comprises a flow conduit in the form of a bare steel tube and at least one set of fins bonded directly to the tube.
Holtec International
new patent

Heat exchanger

In a heat exchanger, each of flat tubes (31) has an end portion inserted in a header-collecting pipe (70). When the heat exchanger functions as an evaporator, a refrigerant in a gas-liquid two-phase state upwardly flows in a subspace (71a) located in the header-collecting pipe (70).
Daikin Industries, Ltd.
new patent

Climate system

The invention relates to a climate system comprising at least one latent heat storage heat exchanger assembly, said latent heat storage heat exchanger assembly comprising: —a channel part having an inlet end with a flow cross sectional a1, an outlet end a flow cross sectional area a2, and said inlet end defining an incoming air direction; —at least one latent heat storage heat exchanger comprising a plurality of plate shaped pcm units that comprise a container holding pcm, said pcm units positioned parallel at a spacing d behind one another; —a frame unit providing a support plane for holding said at least one latent heat storage heat ex changer in said channel part, said frame unit mounted with said support plane at an angle β between 5 and 45 degrees with respect to the incoming air direction.. .
new patent

Hybrid ceramic/sand core for casting metal engine parts with passages or holes having a cross section too small for sand casting

A hybrid ceramic/sand casting method of manufacturing a metal part. The method is especially suitable for manufacturing engine cylinder blocks or cylinder head, which have very small internal passages or other very small internal features.
Southwest Research Institute
new patent

Cycle wheel

A cycle wheel with an axis of rotation and having a median plane perpendicular to the axis, the wheel comprising a rim and a pneumatic tire, in which: the rim includes an upper bridge and at least one left lateral flange extending from the upper bridge and extending radially outward so as to move away from the axis, the upper bridge including a stop positioned on the same side as the left lateral flange in relation to the median plane, so that the left lateral flange and the stop demarcate a left channel, the left channel having, along a radial plane, an opening having an amplitude, a length greater than the opening, the pneumatic tire comprising a casing and at least one non-deformable left bead which, along a radial plane, has a length, a thickness less than the length of the bead, the length of the bead being greater than the amplitude of the opening, the thickness of the bead being less than or equal to the amplitude of the opening; the surface area of the bead cross section being less than the surface area of the channel cross section, and the bead having a transverse modulus between 50 mpa and 2000 mpa.. .
Mavic Sas
new patent

Valve for field-sensitive liquids, and hydraulic system having a valve of this type

Disclosed is a valve for field-sensitive liquids having a valve channel and at least one coupling element for coupling a control field into the valve channel. The valve has a control body which can be moved counter to the force of a restoring element in order to change a flow cross section and can be moved by way of the action of the field-sensitive liquid.
Helmut-schmidt-universität Hamburg
new patent

Lock for a motor vehicle

A motor-vehicle lock with an adjusting element, which is adjustable about an adjusting element axis, and a drive for the adjustment of the adjusting element, the drive having a rotor, formed by the adjusting element, with a permanent magnet arrangement and a stator with a coil arrangement-comprising at least two coils, and the drive being designed in the manner of a direct drive. It is proposed that the stator has at least two poles, by way of which a magnetic field generated by the coil arrangement is made to pass, in that at least one pole of the stator reaches up to the rotor to within a gap which in cross section is essentially in the form of a segment of a ring, and in that the poles of the stator are magnetically coupled by way of a conducting arrangement running around the rotor with respect to the adjusting element axis..
Brose Schliessysteme Gmbh & Co., Kg

Multiband data signal receiving and/or transmitting apparatus

Apparatus is provided to allow the reception and/or transmission of data signals at two different frequency bands. The apparatus includes a waveguide (4) which has a first section (6) of larger cross sectional area for receiving and/or transmitting the lower frequency band signals, and a reducing section (8) which leads to a section with a reduced cross sectional area in comparison to the first section (6) and this allows the receipt of the higher frequency band signals.
Pro Brand International (europe) Limited

Methods for manufacturing isolated deep trench and high-voltage led chip

A method for manufacturing a deep isolation trench (221) and a method for manufacturing a high-voltage led chip. Steps of the method for manufacturing a deep isolation trench (221) are as follows: forming a mask layer (202) on a substrate (200), and forming, in the mask layer, through etching, multiple windows (204) isolated from each other, the bottom of each window exposing the substrate; with epitaxial lateral overgrowth, forming an epitaxial structure (212) inside each window and a part of the mask layer around the window, respectively, each epitaxial structure having a trapezoidal cross section with a long bottom and a short top, and a gap between adjacent epitaxial structures forming a first deep trench (214); etching each epitaxial structure, forming a first shoulder (218) and a second shoulder (221) at both sides of each epitaxial structure, respectively, and forming a deep isolation trench above the mask layer between the adjacent epitaxial structures.
Enraytek Optoelectronics Co., Ltd

Fuel cell and cathode material

A fuel cell includes an anode, a cathode and a solid electrolyte layer that is disposed between the anode and the cathode. The cathode includes a main phase and a sub phase.
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.


An ejector includes a nozzle having a fluid passage circular in cross section. The fluid passage includes a throat portion smallest in cross-sectional area, a divergent portion that becomes larger in cross-sectional area toward a downstream side from the throat portion, and an ejection port that is provided at a downstream end of the divergent portion.
Denso Corporation

Aerodynamic variable cross-section airfoil and constant lateral surface area truss

The invention provides a mechanism for an airtight airfoil with variable cross section that can lower its average density below that of the medium in which it is used, providing additional bouyancy and reducing the effective weight of any craft to which it may be affixed. The outside of the airfoil is formed by a sheet of material that is impermeable to the medium in which the foil is used.

Temperature sensor

The invention relates to a temperature sensor (1) for a motor vehicle comprising:—a housing (3) defining an internal volume comprising a temperature sensitive element (5),—electrical wires (9) linked electrically to said temperature sensitive element (5) and configured to transmit an item of temperature information from said sensitive element (5) to the exterior of the housing (3),—a seal (13) partially surrounding the said electrical wires (9) so as to isolate the sensitive element (5) with respect to the exterior of the housing (3), the seal (13) extending preferably in a direction, termed the longitudinal direction. According to the invention, said sensor (1) furthermore comprises a guidance means (15) integral with said seal (13) for the guiding of said electrical wires (9) out of said sensor, said guidance means (15) lying in the extension of said seal (13) according to the longitudinal direction of said seal (13) from a central zone of the seal (13) towards the exterior of said sensor housing (3), and the cross section of said guidance means (15) being of smaller dimension than that of the cross section of the seal (13), at least one portion of said guidance means (15) lying outside the housing..

Multilayer ceramic electronic component and manufacturing the same

There is provided a multilayer ceramic electronic component including a ceramic body including dielectric layers, internal electrodes formed in the ceramic body and including pores, and first and second external electrodes formed on both end portions of the ceramic body, wherein in a cross section of the ceramic body in length and thickness directions, when a thickness of the internal electrode is to and a thickness of the pore is tp, 0.41≦tp/te≦0.86 is satisfied.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Interferometer, lithography apparatus, and manufacturing article

An interferometer includes: an optical system configured to generate interfering light by dividing light from a light source, and combining reference light and measurement light; a detector configured to detect the interfering light generated by the optical system; and an optical member configured to give spatial coherence to the light from the light source before the detector detects the light from the light source. The optical member gives higher spatial coherence in a second direction serving as a direction of a line of intersection of a cross section of a beam of the light incident on the optical member, and a plane including optical paths of the light from the light source before being divided by the optical system, the reference light, the measurement light, and the interfering light, than in a first direction perpendicular to the plane..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Long-range electronic identification system

An identification system is provided employing tags which may be targeted by a coherent energy beam such as a laser emanating from a query device controlled by a user. The tags may be activated with great precision even when tightly grouped and at great distances from the user through the employment of the communicated beam to activate the tags to report an identifier and or data stored thereon.

Production expansion balloon

The present invention is a production method for an expansion balloon (2) for use in a balloon catheter (1), including the steps of; forming a balloon tube (8) by extrusion molding so as to have a cross section orthogonal to an axial direction with the shape of a circle on the outside and the shape of a polygon having a circumcircle on the inside; and placing the balloon tube (8) in a mold to perform biaxially-stretched blow molding to obtain the balloon, whereby it is possible to produce the expansion balloon (2) that has no unevenness in film thickness of a straight pipe part (4) and allows stable folding control by simple processes with favorable molding yields.. .
Kaneka Corporation

Drainage mast of the compartment of an aircraft subjected to a negative pressure

A drainage mast able to drain effectively the liquid contained in the compartment of an aircraft when the pressure within the compartment is lower than the outside pressure without using any pressure control active device and without causing any significant perturbation to the aerodynamic behavior of the aircraft. The drainage mast is configured with a cross section area decreasing from its entry section to the compartment to its outlet section and is disposed at an acute angle α relative to the compartment in the airflow direction.
Airbus Operations S.l.

Method for combined cleaning and plugging in a well and flushing tool for flushing in a well

A method is for the combined perforation, cleaning, and the subsequent plugging of a longitudinal section of a well. The well is provided with two pipe bodies placed substantially concentrically.
Hydra Systems As

Insertable flow meter

A flow meter includes a magnet actuated switch, and an impeller configured to be insertable into a standard npt ¼″ pipe fitting. Rotation of the impeller in response to a fluid flow actuates the magnet actuated switch with a frequency that is proportional to a flow rate of the fluid flow.
Parker-hannifin Corporation

Electronic cigarette

An engaging part is provided around the edge of a local outer surface of the first connecting means, and a cross section of the engaging part is polygon-shaped. The second connecting means is provided with an access groove, and a stopping part is defined on an end of the access groove.

System for taking exhaust gas samples from internal combustion engines

A system for taking exhaust gas samples from internal combustion engines includes an exhaust gas duct comprising an outflow cross section and an exhaust gas inlet. The exhaust gas duct communicates with an exhaust gas source via the exhaust gas inlet.
Avl Emission Test Systems Gmbh

Water discharge device

A water discharge device generates a large air bubble having a cross sectional area larger than a channel sectional area of a jetting port when the inside of a water storage chamber is viewed from the jetting port. The water discharge device intermittently forms the large air bubble to change a flow speed of a jet flow..
Toto Ltd.

Screw implant with replacement head for height adjustment and simplified storage

A screw implant a shaft and a threaded area for anchoring in the bone, a head having engagement surfaces or openings for the application of an insertion tool, wherein the shaft and the head are formed in one piece, wherein there is associated with the shaft between the thread and the head at least one separation area where the head with an upper part of the shaft is separated, and a replacement head, which can be fixed to the remaining lower part of the shaft. The replacement head may have an inner drill hole, which is from the size designated to fit a cross section of the shaft and into which the shaft is inserted..
Biomed Establishment

Controlled system for the denisification of weak soils

A method of imparting strength to earth in support of a ground surface is disclosed. A bag is placed in the earth under the ground surface, the bag having a first end oriented towards the ground surface, a second end opposite the first end, and a cross sectional contour from the first end to the second end that includes at least one wedge portion extendable laterally into surrounding earth located above and below the wedge portion when the bag is filled.

Light flux controlling member, light emitting device and illumination apparatus

Incidence region 162 of light flux controlling member 160 includes first lens region 10 and second lens region 50 which have a fan shape in a plan view thereof. First lens region 10 includes a plurality of first projections 172.
Enplas Corporation

Charger, battery pack charging system and cordless power tool system

A charger (40; 240; 340) charges a battery pack (20) that is detachably attachable to a cordless power tool (12). The charger has at least a first side wall (44b) that at least partially defines a battery pack receiving hole (44; 244) shaped to receive and accommodate the battery pack.
Makita Corporation

Electric rotating machine

An electric rotating machine is provided that can ensure insulation quality between a coil end and an inside wall of a housing or of a case. The electric rotating machine includes a stator including a stator core and a stator winding.
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

Structure for front portion of vehicle

A structure (100) for a front portion of a vehicle includes: a windshield lower member (6); a cross member (7) fixed to the windshield lower member (6); paired damper housings (4) disposed in front of both ends of the cross member (7); and paired damper housing supports (5) arranged between the cross member (7) and the damper housing (4) to drain water. The windshield lower member (6) and the cross member (7) define a closed cross section k which extends in the vehicle width direction and serves as a second intake path (r2).
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Automobile fiber-reinforced resin member and producing automobile fiber-reinforced resin member

A bumper beam formed of an automobile fiber-reinforced resin member integrally includes a main body part that has a squared u-shaped cross section opening in one direction and that has a bottom wall and a pair of side walls, and a rib that connects the bottom wall and the pair of side walls. The main body part reinforced with continuous fibers and the rib reinforced with a discontinuous fiber are press formed at the same time to prevent the cross section from collapsing by reinforcing the main body part having a squared u-shaped cross section.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device and manufacturing the same

A semiconductor storage device is disclosed. The semiconductor device includes a semiconductor substrate; and a gate electrode disposed above the semiconductor substrate.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Optical tuning of light emitting semiconductor junctions

Light emitting semiconductor junctions are disclosed. An exemplary light emitting junction has a first electrical contact coupled to a first side of the junction.
The Silanna Group Pty Ltd.

Device for measuring heat radiation of object to be measured, measuring heat radiation of object to be measured, and cell for measuring heat radiation

An apparatus 100 for measuring thermal radiation in one mode of the present invention is used for detecting thermal radiation of an object 12 to be measured. The apparatus 100 is provided with: a sample cell 10 which includes the object 12 to be measured which is a liquid or an object containing liquid, and a housing part which houses the object 12 to be measured and includes one wall formed of a base 16 transmitting a wavelength of the thermal radiation; a first lens 20 formed by partially cutting a sphere so that a cross section forms a plane, wherein the sample cell 10 is arranged so that, when the base 16 is in close contact with the plane of the first lens 20, focus of a second lens is placed on at least a part of the object 12 to be measured, for example, located on the base 16, the second lens including the first lens 20 and the base 16 and used for detecting the thermal radiation through the first lens 20; a position controller 60 which controls one of the object 12 to be measured and the first lens 20 so as to be able to abut on and separate from the other in an optical axis direction; a vibrational controller 40 which allows one of the object to be measured and the first lens to vibrate with respect to the other and controls a frequency of the vibration; and a detector 70 which detects the thermal radiation through the first lens 20..
Tokyo University Of Agriculture And Technology

Fuel injection valve, and fuel injection apparatus provided with the same

A fuel injection valve includes: a needle valve with a seat surface at a distal end; a nozzle body with a seat section on which the seat surface rests and with an injection opening disposed downstream of the seat section; and a swirl flow generating section with a spiral groove for causing fuel injected via the injection opening to swirl. The seat surface includes a first contact point.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Nozzle part, connector, nozzle assembly, and kit

A nozzle part for conveying a viscous fluid, comprising at least one wall defining a passageway, the passageway having an outlet remote from an inlet, the passageway having a larger cross sectional area at or adjacent its inlet compared to a lower cross sectional area at or adjacent its outlet, wherein at least a part of the wall is provided with at least one indicator to differentiate a part of the wall from the remainder of the wall.. .
Birmingham Innovations Ltd

Tank for heat exchanger, and manufacturing the same

A tank includes a tank wall that has an opening, which is configured into a generally rectangular form that extends in a longitudinal direction and a lateral direction while a cross section of the tank wall, which is perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the opening, is curved, and a tank foot is formed to extend all around the opening of the tank wall. A gate position is placed in a longitudinal center portion of one side surface of the tank foot, which extends in the longitudinal direction of the tank wall..
Denso Corporation

Ceramic heater, glow plug, manufacturing ceramic heater and manufacturing glow plug

A ceramic heater wherein in at least one cross section of the ceramic heater orthogonal to the axial direction, a first resistor cross section has no protrusion on a first inner portion of the contour of a first resistor cross section, and has two or more protrusions on a first outer portion of the contour of the first resistor cross section and a method of manufacturing the ceramic heater.. .
Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

Loudspeaker horn

A horn for use with a loudspeaker may include an entrance disposed at a first axial end of the horn and configured to receive a driver. A mouth may be disposed at a second axial end of the horn opposite the entrance.
Harman International Industries, Incorporated

Fuel tank for motorcycle, and motorcycle including same

An intake structure for a motorcycle provides an intake air flow passage in a fuel tank arranged at an upper portion of a vehicle body. Left and right upper tank members are provided at an upper portion of a vehicle body.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Universal, point-mounting apparatus and method

An anchor for lightning protection systems includes a base and pad that extend over a sufficient area and a sufficient bearing length to hold in shear and in tension against the weight, shear force, and moment of cables, points, and other components of a lightning protection systems. A universal point mount includes a head presenting greater cross sectional area and greater contact surface area than any other part of the mounting system.
Lightning Protection Systems, Llc

Die-casting mold and thin-walled electrical connector shells

The present invention discloses a die-casting mold structure for a thin-walled shell for electrical connectors and a method for designing the mold structure. The runner of the mold structure includes a longitudinal runner, a transverse runner, an end runner, and an in-gate connected sequentially.
Johnson Components & Equipments Co., Ltd.


A circumferential recess is formed on the outer surface of a tire side section, the circumferential recess being depressed inward in a tread width direction and extending in a tire circumferential direction. In a cross section along the tread width direction of the tire and the tire radial direction, a rim-side outer surface formed in an area from a rim separation point, which is the outermost point in the tire radial direction that is in contact with a rim flange, to an inner end of the circumferential recess in the tire radial direction, is formed along a first arc curve having a center of a curvature radius on the inside in the tread width direction.
Bridgestone Corporation

Multistage plate mixer

A mixing and/or evaporating device (12) for an exhaust system (5) of an internal combustion engine (1) encloses in the circumferential direction a cross section, through which flow is possible. The device (12) has two mutually opposite long side walls (21, 22) and two mutually opposite short side walls (23, 24).
Eberspacher Exhaust Technology Gmbh & Co. Kg

Process and machine for reducing the height of boxes with a square or rectangular cross section

Process for reducing the height of a box to the level of the apex of the stack of objects therein, wherein horizontal score lines are made at a height substantially equal to that of the apex of the stack of objects and such that the distance between the apex and the top of the box is greater than the half-width of the box. During a phase of simultaneous folding of the upper parts of the two side walls parallel to the length of the box toward the centre thereof, and before the upper edges or ridges of the upper parts meet, the angles of inclination of the upper parts are differentiated with respect to one another so that, when the upper parts meet, the upper edge of one covers the upper edge of the other, the upper parts sliding over one another during the final phase of folding the latter..
B+equipment (sas)

Cooling polyamide yarn

The present invention provides a polyamide (preferably nylon 66) yarn for weaving or knitting clothes articles which have a cooling effect on the skin of the wearer. The yarn contains an inorganic additive (preferably titanium dioxide) in an amount of between 0.3 and 3.0 wt % and is characterized by a low crimp modulus and a flat cross section..
Nilit Ltd.

Introducer sheath

An introducer sheath is provided with a sheath tube which is formed of a tubular member provided with a hollow portion through which an elongated body is freely inserted and includes a distal portion having a tapering outer diameter and a main body portion having a constant outer diameter. The distal portion of the sheath tube includes a concave portion which is bent radially inward from an end portion, through which an elongated body protrudes, in a concave shape in a cross section parallel to an axial direction, and a convex portion which is contiguous to the concave portion and is bent radially outward in a convex shape in a cross section parallel to the axial direction..
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

Constant rate fluid delivery device with selectable flow rate and titratable bolus button

A wearable, self-contained drug infusion device is disclosed that is capable of achieving the precise flow rate control needed for dose-critical drugs such as insulin. In preferred embodiments of the device, at least two flow channels are utilized in conjunction with a series of valves for providing a user with selectable, constant flow rate control.
Becton, Dickinson And Company

Lacrosse head

A lacrosse head including a sidewall having upper and lower rails and an optional cross member. At least one of the upper and lower rails and cross member are cored out to define a recess.
Warrior Sports, Inc.

Electrical connection secured against rotation, in particular for an electrically heatable honeycomb body

An electrical connection for an electrical component or electrically heatable honeycomb body, in an exhaust system of an internal combustion engine includes an electrical conductor passing through a metallic jacket of the exhaust system, a bushing and an insulating layer and having an outer connection section with circular cross section. The connection section has a contact surface for connection to a supply line connection piece.
Emitec Gesellschaft Fuer Emissionstechnologie Mbh

Glass ceramic body, layered body, portable electronic device housing, and portable electronic device

There are provided a glass ceramic body having a sufficiently high strength and having a high degree of flexibility in shape which can correspond to a three-dimensional shape, and a layered body having the glass ceramic body. In a glass ceramic body in which flat alumina particles are dispersed in a glass matrix constituted of a glass with a crystallinity of 25% or less, a total cross-sectional area of the flat alumina particles, having a cross section with a thickness of 0.2 μm or more, a maximum diameter of 8 μm or less, and an aspect ratio in a range of 3 to 18 in one of cross sections along the thickness directions of the flat alumina particles in the glass ceramic body, is 20% or more relative to a total area of the cross section, and an open porosity is 5% or less..
Asahi Glass Company, Limited

Screen, optical element, and display device

A screen is provided with microcapsules and a base material. The microcapsules each contain encapsulated liquid inside a capsule membrane.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Apparatus and generating electric energy in an electric power transmission system

Apparatus and method for generating electric energy in an electric power transmission system includes an ac cable including a core, wherein a portion of the core is partially surrounded by an apparatus including a ferromagnetic body and an electrically conducting winding. The ferromagnetic body extends along a longitudinal axis and has, in a cross section taken along said longitudinal axis, a shape defined by an arc.
Prysmian S.p.a.

Three-phase permanent magnet-type synchronous motor

A cogging torque can be significantly reduced in a three-phase permanent magnet-type synchronous motor. In a three-phase permanent magnet-type synchronous motor where a fraction of 2n/3p is not an integer assuming the number of magnetic poles of a rotator is p and the number of slots of a stator is n, the stator includes a tooth facing a surface of a magnetic pole of the rotator via a void and a tooth width of the tooth in the circumferential direction is approximately ½ of a slot pitch of the stator.
Clean Craft Limited

Method of producing honeycomb structured body, and die for extrusion molding

In a method of producing a honeycomb structured body, a die for extrusion molding is provided to produce at least one honeycomb molded body. The die includes a die body having a raw material inlet side face and a molded body extrusion side face.
Ibiden Co., Ltd.

Solid-state image sensor and imaging system

At least one exemplary embodiment is directed to a solid state image sensor including at least one antireflective layer and/or non rectangular shaped wiring layer cross section to reduce dark currents and 1/f noise.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Light emmiting diode chip

A light emitting diode (led) chip including a first type semiconductor layer, an light-emitting layer, a second type semiconductor layer, a current blocking layer, a transparent conductive layer and an electrode is provided. The light-emitting layer is disposed on the first type semiconductor layer.
Formosa Epitaxy Incorporation

Flexible fluid vessel and related methods

An apparatus for receiving a fluid is disclosed. The apparatus comprises an at least partially flexible vessel.
Pall Technology Uk Limited

Drive transmission part for image forming apparatus

Drive transmission part and system including a columnar male part to be engaged with a twisted triangular female part to allow rotation of a part of an image forming apparatus. The columnar male part can include one or more projections of circular or elliptical cross section, arranged in a triangular pattern, or centrally located.
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Flexible pipe body and producing same

A flexible pipe body and method of producing a flexible pipe body are disclosed. The flexible pipe body includes a layer comprising a first elongate tape element and a further elongate tape element, the first and further tape elements being alternately wound in a helical manner such that each first tape element winding lies between further tape element windings, the first tape element having a cross sectional profile including a central body extending from a radially inner edge to a radially outer edge and first and further side lobes extending from the central body outwards along the radially inner edge, the further tape element having a cross sectional profile including a central body extending from a radially inner edge to a radially outer edge and first and further side lobes extending from the central body outwards along the radially outer edge, wherein a first side wall portion of the central body of the further tape element is provided in continuous sliding contact with one of the first or further side lobes of the first tape element..
Wellstream International Limited

Venturi mixer

A venturi mixer has first and second fluid input sections, an output section and a throat. The first fluid input section has first and second ends, and a decreasing cross sectional area from the first end to the second end.
Johnson Electric S.a.

Adsorber with horizontal axial bed and clearing system of packing

Installation for treating a fluid comprising, in a section of a horizontal shell ring (1) a first particulate material filling a volume (v2), a deflector comprising 2 volumes v3 delimited by the internal shell of the shell ring and on the other hand by lower surfaces s3a and s3b making with a horizontal plane an angle (α) greater than the angle of repose of the first particulate material, a volume (v4) formed of a membrane backing up against the two volumes (v3) of the deflector over the entire length of the section of the shell ring, and of a second particulate material with which the volume (v2) is filled; the second particulate material being contained in the space formed by the membrane and the internal shell of the shell ring, the volumes v3 and v4 being situated in the upper half of the cross section of the horizontal shell ring.. .
L'air Liquide, Société Anonyme Pour I'etude Et I'exploitation Des Procédés Georges Claude

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Cross Section topics: Cross Section, Transverse, Ultrasonic, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, Antimicrobial, Conductive Layer, Carcass Ply, Longitudinal Axis

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