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Cross Section patents

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Watch comprising interchangeable strap connecting means

Watch comprising interchangeable strap connecting means

Multiple port vacuum pump system

Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen)

Multiple port vacuum pump system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Cross Section-related patents
 Medical needle patent thumbnailnew patent Medical needle
The present invention relates to a medical needle which comprises a needle (1) having at least one channel (21), at least one optical waveguide (22) and a syringe connector (20). The syringe connector (20) is in communication with the at least one channel (21) and permits further communication with an additional syringe (25), thereby permitting the correspondence of fluid between the syringe (25) and the tip of the needle (1).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.
 Plastic overmolding of aluminum extrusions patent thumbnailnew patent Plastic overmolding of aluminum extrusions
A plastic overmold aluminum extrusion including at least one plastic overmold and aluminum extrusion. The aluminum extrusion is formed with sufficient cross sectional properties and features such as an internal web to help prevent undesirable collapses under injection or compression molding pressures.
Magna International Inc.
 Multiple port vacuum pump system patent thumbnailnew patent Multiple port vacuum pump system
A vacuum pump system for evacuating at least five volumes comprising a turbomolecular pump and a forevacuum pump arranged to pump an output of the turbomolecular pump arrangement to atmosphere. The turbomolecular pump has at least five pumping stages separated by rotor blades.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh
 Watch comprising interchangeable strap connecting means patent thumbnailnew patent Watch comprising interchangeable strap connecting means
A watch comprising a watch case with opposite arranged connecting parts in form of two parallel branches for the mounting of a watch strap or cord between said branches, where said watch further comprises at least one generally t-shaped strap or cord connector comprising a spring loaded sliding bar suited for engaging in holes provided in a surface of each branch facing each other, said t-shaped strap or cord connector further comprises a cord receiving opening being arranged opposite to the spring loaded sliding bar and being an opening adapted to receive a cord having generally round or polygonal cross section, said cord at a first end and a second end being provided with interacting locking parts.. .
 Rear body section of a motor vehicle having a reinforcing structure patent thumbnailnew patent Rear body section of a motor vehicle having a reinforcing structure
A motor vehicle having a rear vehicle body with a reinforcing structure is disclosed. The reinforcing structure includes at least two legs starting out from a common center.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc
 Vehicle-body front structure of vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Vehicle-body front structure of vehicle
A pair of right-and-left brackets which extend obliquely downward and forward from respective front portions of a pair of right-and-left side frames are provided. A stiffener which extends in a vehicle width direction below a bumper beam is attached to respective front ends of the pair of right-and-left brackets.
Mazda Motor Corporation
 Airborne wind energy system with enhanced power transfer patent thumbnailnew patent Airborne wind energy system with enhanced power transfer
An improved wind power device for wind energy conversion or vehicle propulsion. Among many possibilities contemplated, the device may have a moving sail with tethered wings (101), moving in elliptical trajectory, utilize separate sheave (503) and cable drum (505), use a block and tackle (411), attached to the tether and utilize a cable having a flexible jacket with aerodynamically streamlined cross section (603)..
 Shaft seal and  producing a shaft seal patent thumbnailnew patent Shaft seal and producing a shaft seal
A shaft seal includes a radially outward flange area and a radially inward sealing lip connected to the flange area. An annular spring with a u-shaped or v-shaped cross section is arranged on a radial outer face of the sealing lip, wherein an outer limb bears on the flange area and an inner limb bears on the sealing lip, and wherein a surface of the spring exposed to an exterior of the shaft seal is coated with an elastomer.
 Implantable flow adjuster patent thumbnailImplantable flow adjuster
An implantable flow adjuster (20) includes proximal and distal support rings (22, 24) which support a flow adjuster panel (26). The flow adjuster panel (26) divides the lumen through the device (20) into two sections, one of reducing cross sectional area and the other of increasing of increasing cross sectional area.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc
 Catheter arrangement and  determining a force applied to a catheter end patent thumbnailCatheter arrangement and determining a force applied to a catheter end
A catheter arrangement including a catheter having a proximal end and a distal end and at least one continuous fluid channel, at the proximal end of which a fluid connection and at the distal end of which a nozzle is arranged, which has a cross section that can be varied by a force applied to the distal catheter end; a liquid feed unit, connected to the proximal fluid connection of the catheter feeds liquid into the at least one fluid channel at a predetermined operating pressure. A flow sensor measures, during operation of the catheter arrangement, a pressure drop at the fluid channel.
Vascomed Gmbh

Polymethylpentene conjugate fiber or porous polymethylpentene fiber and fiber structure comprising same

Provided are a polymethylpentene conjugate fiber, which is capable of imparting to a lightweight polymethylpentene fiber an ability to develop a vivid and deep color, and a porous polymethylpentene fiber, which has a lightweight, a high pore diameter uniformity and a high porosity retention ratio against an external force, said polymethylpentene conjugate fiber and said porous polymethylpentene fiber being appropriately usable as a fiber structure for woven knitted goods, non-woven fabrics, yarns, cotton waddings, etc. The polymethylpentene conjugate fiber is characterized by having an island-in-sea structure wherein the sea component comprises a polymethylpentene-based resin and the island component comprises a thermoplastic resin.
Toray Industries, Inc.

Self centering nock

A self-centering nock is provided for use in a well-balanced nock-arrow or nock-bolt assembly. The self-centering nock includes compliant projecting protrusions or compliant arms that are substantially rotationally symmetric about a cross section normal to a main axis of the self-centering nock.
Out Rage, Llc

Battery cell connector

A battery system includes a connector electrically connecting, in parallel, three or more battery cells, where the connector includes a fuse integrally formed therein at least between a first one or more cells in the group of cells and a second one or more cells in the group of cells. The connector may be a unitary piece of conductive material that has a cross sectional area that narrows between each cell to form a fuse between each of the three or more battery cells and/or narrows between pairs of the three or more battery cells.
Husqvarna Ab

Method for manufacturing hollow shafts

The present invention describes a method of manufacturing a near-net shaped hollow shaft useful for high power applications such as gearboxes for wind energy industry. The method involves providing a concast bloom (of a round or rectangular or of any polygonal cross section) or an as-cast round ingot from which a hollow perform is prepared using hollow die punching, followed by process of heat treatment, proof-machining and stress relieving..

Device for pumping a fluid at low flows

The present invention relates to a device for pumping a fluid at low flows, comprising a body (1) including a channel (2) having a circular cross section for transportation of a fluid, and a cylindrical cavity (3) arranged in connection with the channel and with its longitudinal axis being non coplanar with the longitudinal axis of the channel, and a pump including a rotatable cylinder (6) extending into the cavity, coaxial with the cavity, with the periphery of the cylinder protruding into the channel, thereby driving the fluid in the channel by shear forces. The channel and the cylinder are both arranged at a distance from the bottom of the cavity, so as to form a cylindrical space (20) between the cylinder and the bottom of the cavity for receiving some of the driven fluid, wherein the cylinder and the cavity are arranged so that a vortex (23) is generated in the fluid in the space by the rotation of the cylinder, and an opening (22) is formed between the space and the channel, which allows the vortex generated in the space to continue into the channel.
Envic-sense Ab

Driving force transmission unit and image forming apparatus including same

A driving force transmission unit includes a first coupling, a second coupling, and a first rotary shaft. The first coupling includes a first contact portion and a hole, the inner circumferential surface of which has a rounded rectangular shape in cross section including a circular arc portion.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Teardrop variable wall earbud

An ear tip is disclosed that comprises an annular flange having a first end tapering downwardly to a second end and having a teardrop curve lateral cross section running from approximately the upper end to the lower end. An inner body extends internally from the upper end within a hollow interior defined by the flange toward the lower end.
Klipsch Group, Inc.

Lens with diffusion structure and backlight module incorporating the same

A lens for an led backlight module includes a main lens body and a diffusion structure consisting of a plurality of micro lenses. The main lens body includes a light incident face for receiving light from an led light source and a light exit face opposite to the light incident face thereof.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

View angle-restricting sheet and flat panel display

The view angle-restricting sheet according to the present invention includes an optically functional layer which includes: a plurality of first light transmission sections that are rectangular in cross section and arranged in a multi-stripe fashion; and at least one second light transmission section that is/are rectangular in cross section and arranged between the first light transmission sections, at least one of the lateral face of the first light transmission section and the lateral face of the second light transmission section that face each other being provided as a light-scattering surface having a microstructure including fine protrusions. The arithmetic mean roughness (ra) of the light-scattering surface is preferably no less than 1.5 μm and no greater than 4 μm.
Keiwa Inc.

Gradation-pattern creation program

A gradation pattern preparation program by which a complicated gradation pattern can be prepared easily, wherein a computer is caused to function as: a vertical and horizontal printing density control line generation means for displaying, on a campus face, vertical and horizontal printing density control lines in a net-like manner, a vertical cross section line generation means for displaying a cross section image of the selected vertical printing density control line as a vertical cross section line on a vertical cross section line display screen, a horizontal cross section line generation means for displaying a cross section image of the selected horizontal printing density control line as a horizontal cross section line on a horizontal cross section line display screen, a printing density control point generation means for displaying, on the respective vertical and horizontal cross section lines, printing density control points for editing the respective vertical and horizontal cross section lines, and a printing density control point shift means for changing, in accordance with the shift of the printing density control points, heights to reference lines of the respective vertical and horizontal cross section lines.. .
Mutoh Industries Ltd.

Waveguide horn arrays, methods for forming the same and antenna systems

There is provided a waveguide horn array, a method for forming the waveguide horn array, and an antenna system. The array includes a rectangular metal plate which is processed to have a cross section comprised of a plurality of rectangular holes arranged in the length direction of the rectangular metal plate, the lower part of each hole being formed as a rectangular waveguide, and the upper part of each hole being formed as a horn; and a groove extending in the direction along which the plurality of holes are arranged and having a predetermined depth, which is formed at two sides of the holes on the top surface of the rectangular metal plate.
Nuctech Company Limited

Device for collecting pet waste

The present invention is relates to a device for collecting pet's waste out of a litter box, which comprises a collecting basket, said basket having a handle and an essentially rounded portion, such that said portion spanning in cross section more than 90 degrees of a peripheral of circle sector, wherein said basket having a proximate end to which said handle is attached and a distal end adapted to be immersed within said litter box.. .

Bumper reinforcement and manufacturing the same

A bumper reinforcement includes a tubular body including a front wall that serves as an impact surface and a rear wall on a vehicle body side, the tubular body extending in a vehicle width direction and having a hollow cross section; and a tow hook attachment structure for allowing a tow hook to be removably attached thereto. The tow hook attachment structure includes a pair of cylindrical protrusions respectively integrally formed with the front and rear walls of the tubular body by shaping parts of the walls, the cylindrical protrusions being disposed at predetermined positions on the front and rear walls in the vehicle width direction so as to face each other and so as to protrude inward into the hollow cross section, and at least one of the pair of protrusions includes a threaded portion for allowing a threaded portion of the tow hook to be screwed thereinto..
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

Permanent magnet rotor

A permanent magnet rotor comprising a rotor rim and a plurality of permanent magnet modules arranged on the outer or inner circumference of the rotor rim, the permanent magnet modules extending generally along an axial direction and being of substantially constant axial-cross section, and comprising a base adapted to be fixed to the rim of the generator rotor, one or more permanent magnets, and one or more pole pieces, wherein each of the permanent magnets has a circumferential magnetic orientation and is substantially rectangular in axial cross-section and wherein each of the permanent magnets is inclined with respect to the central radial plane of the module.. .
Alstom Renewable Technologies

Device with transparent and higher conductive regions in lateral cross section of semiconductor layer

A device including one or more layers with lateral regions configured to facilitate the transmission of radiation through the layer and lateral regions configured to facilitate current flow through the layer is provided. The layer can comprise a short period superlattice, which includes barriers alternating with wells.
Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc.

Hybrid electrostatic lens with increased natural frequency

A composite electrostatic rod may include a body comprising a length l and cross sectional area a. The body may include an outer portion comprising a first material, and a core comprising a second material different than the first material and surrounded by the outer portion, wherein a natural frequency of the composite electrostatic rod is greater than that of a graphite rod having the length l and cross sectional area a..
Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

Mounting of wear parts for vertical shaft impact crushers

This invention relates to a wear part for the rotor of a rock crusher, the rotor including at least one outlet port, and a mounting bar, wherein the wear part is configured to engage with the mounting bar, the wear part including: a body having an upper surface and a lower surface, the body also including a surface configured to abut against the outlet port, characterized in that the wear part is configured with a channel having substantially an u-shaped cross section running between the upper surface and the lower surface of the body, the channel having a mouth and a location portion, wherein the locating portion is complementary to the width of the mounting bar; wherein the exterior surface of the bottom portion of the u-shaped cross section includes a lateral projection and abuts the outlet port in use.. .
Metso Minerals, Inc.

Apparatus for generating mists and foams

An apparatus for generating a mist and/or foam is provided. The apparatus comprises at least one first fluid supply passage having an inlet in fluid communication with a first fluid supply and a first fluid outlet; at least one second fluid supply passage having an inlet in fluid communication with to second fluid supply and a second fluid outlet; and a nozzle in fluid communication with the first and second fluid outlets, the nozzle having a nozzle inlet, a nozzle outlet, and nozzle throat intermediate the nozzle inlet and the nozzle outlet, the nozzle throat having a cross sectional area which is less than that of both the nozzle inlet and the nozzle outlet; and wherein the second fluid outlet includes it porous member through which the second fluid must flow..
Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh

Valve seat

Provided is a valve seat having excellent strength and wear resistance. In a valve seat using an iron-based sintered alloy, an oxide mains composed of triiron tetroxide is formed by oxidation treatment on the surface and interior of the iron-based sintered alloy, and the average area ratio of the oxide mainly composed of triiron tetroxide in a cross section of the iron-based, sintered alloy in the state prior to installation on a cylinder head is 5 to 20%.
Tpr Co., Ltd.

Scanned 1-d gas plume profile and flux measurements using multiple analysis instruments

A gas concentration image (i.e., concentration vs. Position data) in a cross section through a gas plume is obtained.
Picarro, Inc.

Burner arrangement and operating a burner arrangement

The invention relates to a burner arrangement for using in a single combustion chamber or in a can-combustor comprising a center body burner located upstream of a combustion zone, an annular duct with a cross section area, intermediate lobes which are arranged in circumferential direction and in longitudinal direction of the center body. The lobes being actively connected to the cross section area of the annular duct, wherein a cooling air is guided through a number of pipes within the lobes to the center body and cools beforehand at least the front section of the center body based on impingement cooling.
Alstom Technology Ltd

Motor-line reinforcement for strengthening brick or block walls

A reinforcement tie for structural use which comprises two longitudinal bars or plates connected by internal bars or plates, ending in a female end and a male end that is narrower than the female one. In at least one of the male and female ends the cross section of the corresponding internal bars or plates is, totally or partially, less than the cross section of the other internal bars or plates, or in at least one of the male and female ends, the corresponding internal bars or plates have an area where the bar or plate changes direction, with this area forming an entrance slot..
Geo-hidrol, S.a.

Thin cementitious decking members

A thin cementitious decking member is described. The thin cementitious decking member can span and be attached to two or more support members.

Sheetmetal construction truss and its continuous automated manufacture

A linear construction truss comprising a hollow shell with a square cross section and a core composed of linked tetrahedra, and a method of manufacturing of said linear construction truss.. .

Apparatus for surface treatment of an elongate object

A squeegee element (102) is provided between the first and the second opening (16, 17) defining an opening (15) which is adapted to the cross sectional shape of the elongated object (50) to distribute a coating layer by wiping along the surface of the elongated object (50) passing through said opening (15).. .

Bed frame having protective plastic casing

A bed frame wherein the side rail and/or cross rails are fully encased in plastic shields. A plastic shield or shields cover the entire cross sectional area of the side and cross rails so that the side rail and cross rails are easy to handle and esthetically pleasing.

Blood feeding flow rate-controlling device and extracorporeal circulation device

A blood supply flow rate controlling device (2), which is a device for controlling the blood supply flow rate in an extracorporeal circulation device connected to a living body (10), includes rotational frequency detecting means that detects the rotational frequency of the centrifugal pump (40) of the extracorporeal circulation device, inlet pressure detecting means and outlet pressure detecting means that detect the inlet pressure and the outlet pressure of the centrifugal pump (40), respectively, flow rate regulating means that regulates a flow rate of blood supplied to the living body by adjusting a flow path cross section area of the blood circulation circuit (20), and controlling means that controls the flow rate regulating means.. .
Josho Gakuen Educational Foundation

Method of producing electrically conductive foam rubber roller, electrically conductive foam rubber roller, and image forming apparatus

The present invention provides a production method for producing an electrically conductive foam rubber roller which has a tubular body free from internal abnormal foaming and hence free from internal cracking after the foaming. The production method includes the steps of: continuously extruding a rubber composition into a tubular body (7); and passing the extruded tubular body (7) through a microwave crosslinking device (8) and then through a hot air crosslinking device (9) in an elongated state without cutting the tubular body.
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

Contact pin, connector comprising a contact pin and manufacturing a contact pin

The invention relates to a contact pin with a first and a second end portion and a bending portion located between the end portions, wherein the cross section of at least one end portion has a preferred bending direction (v1) and at least one bending resistance direction (r1) and wherein the moment of inertia of the cross section of the at least one end portion is smaller in the preferred bending direction (v1) than in the bending resistance direction (r1). If such contact pins are bent perpendicular to their longitudinal extension (z) by a bending force in one direction (f), then the direction of the actual bending (x) deviates from the direction of the bending force (f).
Tyco Electronics Amp Gmbh

Dental implant

A dental implant is provided configured to reduce micro-vibrational forces when in use, the implant having a first end with a plurality of threads, a first helical thread having an angle of about 5 degrees with respect to the transverse axis, and a set of threads having an angle of greater than about 50 degrees with respect to the transverse axis; each helical thread of the plurality of threads having a cross section that is arcuate in profile with non-planar flanks and a non-planar root. The implant also includes a second end configured as an abutment to accept a prosthetic device thereon, where the abutment has at least one annular groove positioned generally perpendicular to the longitudinal axis to mate with an internal projection on a prosthetic device..

Electrostatic charge image developing toner, electrostatic charge image developer, and toner cartridge

An electrostatic charge image developing toner includes toner particles containing a binder resin containing a polyester resin forming a sea part and a vinyl resin forming an island part of a sea-island structure, a first release agent existing in the sea part in a domain state, and a second release agent existing in the island part in a domain state, wherein when a cross-sectional area of the second release agent is set to a1 and a cross-sectional area of the first release agent is set to b1 in a cross section of the toner particles, a relationship of 0.2≦a1/b1≦0.8 is satisfied.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Stretched and foamed plastic formed body having appearance of a metal color

A stretched and foamed plastic formed body forming, in at least a portion thereof, a foamed region which incorporates foamed cells therein, wherein the foamed cells have a flat shape with a maximum thickness of not more than 30 μm and an average aspect ratio of not less than 4 as viewed in cross section of the formed body perpendicular to a direction in which the formed body is stretched to a maximum degree, and a non-foamed plastic skin layer having no foamed cell distributed therein is formed on the outer surface of the foamed region. The formed body is, further, blended with a non-lustrous pigment as the coloring agent, which is different from a lustrous pigment such as flaky pigment, and exhibits a metal color over the foamed region thereof.
Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.

System and producing an extruded protein product

The present disclosure relates to systems and methods for producing an extruded protein product. In particular, a system for making an extruded protein product using a system that includes a die including channel having a transverse cross section that is a continuous loop along at least a portion of the length of the die is disclosed..
General Mills, Inc.

Exhaust diffuser shell with flange and manufacturing method

Manufacture of an arcuate diffuser shell (38a/38b) assembled from an axially forward portion (38a) and an axially aft portion (38b), the two portions welded to respective sides of an arcuate flange (58a) via two respective pairs of circumferential welds (70a/70b and 72a/72b or 80/84 and 82/86 or 80/88 and 82/90). Each pair of welds comprises first and second welds on opposed surfaces (58, 74) of the shell.

Alignment for splicing multi-core optical fibers

A multi-core optical fiber may include a cladding with a cross section having a central region and an outside diameter. Multiple transmission cores are arranged symmetrically within the central region of the cladding, extending parallel to a central axis of the multi-core optical fiber.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Lens and an illumination device having the lens

A lens for an illumination device, in a cross section, includes a bottom surface, and a first side surface and a second side surface which respectively extend inclinedly upwards from two sides of the bottom surface and converge. The bottom surface includes a supporting surface and an incident surface, the incident surface defining an accommodation cavity for accommodating a light source of the illumination device.
Osram Gmbh

Embedded packaging with preformed vias

Microelectronic assemblies and methods of making the same are disclosed. In some embodiments, a microelectronic assembly includes a microelectronic element having edge surfaces bounding a front surface and contacts at the front surface; rigid metal posts disposed between at least one edge surface and a corresponding edge of the assembly, each metal post having a sidewall separating first and second end surfaces, the sidewalls have a root mean square (rms) surface roughness of less than about 1 micron; a encapsulation contacting at least the edge surfaces and the sidewalls; an insulation layer overlying the encapsulation; connection elements extending through the insulation layer, wherein at least some connection elements have cross sections smaller than those of the metal posts; a redistribution structure deposited on the insulation layer and electrically connecting first terminals with corresponding metal posts through the first connection elements, some metal posts electrically coupled with contacts of microelectronic element..
Invensas Corporation

Photonic activation of reactants for sub-micron feature formation using depleted beams

A fine feature formation method and apparatus provide photon induced deposition, etch and thermal or photon based treatment in an area of less than the diameter or cross section of a sted depleted laser beam. At least two sted depleted beams are directed to a reaction location on a substrate where a beam overlap region having an area smaller than the excitation portion of the beams is formed.
Applied Materials, Inc.

Choke coil

The present invention provides a choke coil including a coil (6) and a core (1) including a first core part (5) inserted into a central hole of the coil (6) and a plurality of second core parts (4) disposed along the outer periphery of the coil, the first core part (5) and the second core part (4) forming a closed magnetic path, wherein the second core parts (4) are shaped so that the total sum of the areas of cross sections thereof perpendicular to the axis of the coil is greater than the area of a cross section of the first core part (5), a gap part (g) is formed in the second core parts (4), and a ferrite magnet (7) that applies a magnetic bias is disposed in the gap part (g).. .

Earth pressure balance shield machine without cutter disk

An epb shield machine without disc cutter, which includes a partition unit formed by a moveable partition member (30) and a stationary partition member (31), a front shield unit (13) including a cutting unit (1) with cutting head (11) and cutting teeth (12), a shaft member (2) connected to the cutting head (11) and a power transmission unit formed by a transfer case (5), a reducer (6) and a driving motor (7). In the power transmission unit at an upper portion of the machine, the transfer case (5) is fixedly to the moveable partition member (30), a sliding arrangement supports the reducer (6) and the driving motor (7), which are connected to the transfer case (5, and a telescopic cylinder (26) is connected to the sliding arrangement.
China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co. Ltd.

Permanent magnet rotor

A permanent magnet rotor comprising a rotor rim and a plurality of permanent magnet modules arranged on the outer or inner circumference of the rotor rim, the permanent magnet modules extending generally along an axial direction and being of substantially constant axial-cross section, and comprising a base adapted to be fixed to the rim of the generator rotor, one or more permanent magnets, and one or more pole pieces, wherein the permanent magnet modules comprise an axial cooling channel extending substantially along the length of the modules.. .
Alstom Renewable Technologies

Flexible mounting mounting an antenna

A mounting apparatus (102) comprises a plurality of flexible interconnected spacer segments (104) for receiving the antenna (106), the plurality of flexible interconnected spacer segments provide a continuous offset (114) between the antenna and another surface. Each of the plurality of flexible interconnected spacer segments (104) comprises a unitarily molded flexible link, each link having a triangular cross sectional geometry (350) having an opening (108) on top (302) for receiving the antenna, and the top leading to a wider base for mounting to a surface.
Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Gyratory crusher bearing

A gyratory crusher bearing includes a bearing surface to support rotational movement of a crushing head, wherein a shape profile of the bearing surface at a cross section of the bearing perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the bearing is substantially circular. A mounting surface is positioned against a bearing support and is orientated to be outward facing relative to the longitudinal axis.
Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

Device for accommodating a freeze-dried pharmaceutical product and manufacturing a sealed vessel accommodating a freeze-dried pharmaceutical product

A device for accommodating a freeze-dried pharmaceutical product (s) for reconstitution, comprising: a vessel (1) having at its opening end (3) an opening edge (4) and an adjoining longitudinal portion (5) with an evenly formed inner cross section, a front plunger (2) to be positioned inside the vessel (1) at the longitudinal portion (5), wherein the front plunger (2) is configured to be positioned inside the vessel (1) in a sealing state, in which the front plunger (2) is fully inserted in the vessel (1), or in an exchange state, in which the front plunger (2) is inserted partly in the vessel (1) and partly protrudes over the opening edge (4) of the vessel (1), and wherein the front plunger (2) comprises sealing means that are configured to seal the inside of the vessel (1) against the outside when the front plunger (2) is positioned in the sealing state, and one or more communicating grooves (2i) that are configured to place the inside and outside of the vessel (1) in communication with each other when the front plunger (2) is positioned in the exchange state, is characterized in that the sealing means are dimensioned and/or structured in such a way that the front plunger (2), when an underpressure of predefined strength is applied to the outer environment of the vessel (1), is caused to move inside the vessel (1) toward its opening end (3). Furthermore, a method of manufacturing a sealed vessel (1) accommodating a freeze-dried pharmaceutical product (s) is disclosed..
Arte Corporation

Silver-based cylindrical target and process for manufacturing same

A silver-based cylindrical target is provided. The target consists of silver or a single-phase silver alloy in which an additive component is solid-soluted, wherein a ratio a/b is 0.8-1.2, a being a diameter of crystal grains in a direction along a central axis of a cylinder in a cross section including the central axis of the cylinder; and b being a diameter of crystal grains in a direction perpendicular to the central axis, an oxygen content is 100 ppm or less, and a content of non-metallic inclusions is 20 ppm or less..
Mitsubish Materials Corporation

Cam cover

The apparatus disclosed begins exterior of archery bow stave cam slot and traverses a generally elliptically ovidly path and shaped paralleling exterior perimeter edge movement of an elliptically ovid cam, and a portion of the apparatus is formed to terminate at a point on cam that is appropriate to provide damage and abrasive protection to cam and power and buss cable without interference of the aforementioned. Furthermore, cam cover designed to avoid cam spokes and shaped cross sectionally in a manner that is small, light weight and does not interfere with the normal operation of traditional archery bow cams, limbs or v-limb archery bow limbs.

Screen printing panel

A screen-printing panel comprising a locking strip sewn to a screen-printing mesh is described. The mesh along an edge of the panel is folded around the locking strip and secured using a line of stitching.

Sensor element and sensor

Disclosed is a sensor element for detecting a specific gas component in a gas under measurement. The sensor element is plate-shaped in a longitudinal direction thereof and has a detection portion located on a front end side of the sensor element and an air introduction portion adapted as a longitudinal hole extending in the longitudinal direction to a position of the detection portion so as to introduce air thereinto.
Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

Plant growing apparatus

According to certain embodiments, an apparatus for rotating a plurality of plants in and out of a nutrient solution and around a light source, wherein the row of plants is affixed at a specified angle to ensure proper nourishment for the plants, the rows having apertures to hold the plants and annular cross sections to house the nutrient solution, and a driving device to set the apparatus in motion.. .

Adjustable-width snow plow

A snow plow apparatus comprises a snow plow main blade, end blade sections telescopingly mounted to ends of the main blade for sliding extension and retraction, and mechanical fasteners fixing a selected telescoped position of the end blade sections on the main blade. The main blade has a vertical cross section with linear portions connected by a formed channel-shaped center portion that gives the blade greater bending strength, and includes flanged upper and lower edges.
Ebling & Son, Inc.

Method and manufacturing interlocking pipe

The present invention provides a method and an apparatus for manufacturing an interlocking pipe obtained by easily and precisely shaping a pipe with a circular cross section or with the edges of the cross section nearly forming a circle in a non-loose manner, so as to provide excellent machining performance when the interlocking pipe is cut off and provide excellent operation efficiency for the apparatus itself. A metal band plate is helically wound onto a core member with a circular cross section or with the edges of the cross section nearly forming a circle.
Showa Rasenkan Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Oil centrifuge with centrifuge rotor

An oil centrifuge has an integral, rotatably mounted centrifuge rotor and a feed tube connected to the centrifuge rotor. A flow path is provided that supplies oil to the centrifuge rotor.
Mann+hummel Gmbh

Fiber structure

Provided is a fabric having a ground weave to which a hygroscopic polymer is fixed, and the fabric generates heat under moisture absorbing conditions and provides a more comfortable feeling to a person by temperature drop in moisture desorption conditions. A fiber structure is prepared by fixing a hygroscopic polymer to fibers of the fabric, and the front layer on the front surface side and the back layer on the back surface side have different fiber densities where the boundary between the front layer and the back layer is on the center line of a cross section of the fiber structure..
Toray Industries, Inc.

Electrified rail, particularly for powering metal shelving units, and its manufacturing

An electrified rail, particularly for the electrification of metal shelving units provided on their front of electronic labels, displays and/or other peripherals, the rail being of the kind comprising a body (1, 100) of electrically insulating plastic material, provided with longitudinal slots (3) suitably distanced to each other, in every one of which a wire or strand (4) of electrically conducting metal which is surrounded for more than 180° of its cross section by the internal walls of the respective slot (3), to be friction-held in it, so that for the remaining section the same wire (4) is free and can be reached by an electric contact useful to connect the wire to a plug or to an electric or electronic device, fixed to said body (1, 100) of the rail, characterized in that the body (1, 100) of the rail is formed in a monolithic way of polycarbonate (pc) or polyphenylene oxide (ppo) and/or other resins having suitable mechanical characteristics, with high electric insulation and with high heat resistance, preferably self-extinguishing, and in that said slots (3) containing electric wires (4) are such and are disposed in such a way that, if after the extrusion step the still hot rail is transversally flexed, slots (3) themselves outwardly open to ease the insertion of electric wires, slots (3) being provided on their bottom of longitudinal middle grooves (6) having the width and depth necessary to allow a transversal elastic deformation of the rail itself during its manufacturing, with the formation of an oscillating fulcrum in correspondence of grooves (6), which is parallel to the longitudinal axis of the grooves (6), whose width is inferior to the width (d) of the outward opening mouth of slots (3) for holding electric wires (4), said slots (3) being positioned one beside the other, and after the surrounding and holding of the wires (4) the slots are open on a visible planar side (102) of the rail body (1, 100) with longitudinal mouths (103) having a width (d) always inferior to the diameter of wires (4); the depth of slot (3) being perpendicular to said visible side (102) and having a value (c′) sufficient for wire (4) to be ditched and protected in the slot (3) surrounding the wires (4) for more than 180° of their section, the wires (4) being held in slots (3) by the toughness and structural non-deformability of the material forming the monolithic body (1, 100) of the rail itself, while through the narrow mouths (103) of said slots (3) every electric wire (4) can be reached by the spring-loaded contacts (32) of plugs (29) or of devices (33) mounted on the monolithic body itself (1, 100) of the rail, wherein the base (2) of body (1, 100) of the rail is provided on its inferior side (2) with small longitudinal grooves (9) having dimensions equal or different from the bottom grooves (6) of slots (3) holding electric wires (4), said bottom longitudinal grooves being in an offset symmetrical position with respect to the slot longitudinal grooves (6), capable of allowing a transversal deformation of the rail during its production.. .
Cefla Societa' Cooperativa

Removable dental mandrel guard

A removable dental mandrel guard comprising a collar portion extending from a first open end to a transition region, which may include a first tapered portion, the transition region reducing from a first to a second interior diameter; a shaft guard extending from a first end rigidly connected to the transition region to a second end rigidly connected to the disc shield and having interior cross section defining the second interior diameter; a disc shield having opposed first and second transverse walls, each with a partially enclosed perimeter edge joined by coextensive edge wall extending from a first edge point to a second edge point, the interiors of the first and second transverse walls and edge wall defining a disc cavity; a continuous open seam extending longitudinally from the collar portion first open end to the shaft guard second end.. .

Fuel cell

Disclosed is a fuel cell including a support which is made of a metal porous base material and disposed between a membrane electrode assembly and at least either of first ribs and second ribs. Contact surfaces of the first ribs and contact surfaces of the second ribs with the membrane electrode assembly or the support are offset from each other in a cross sectional view in the direction orthogonal to a gas passage direction..
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Honeycomb filter

A honeycomb filter includes a plurality of cells, porous cell walls, and an oxidation catalyst. The plurality of cells include exhaust gas introduction cells and exhaust gas emission cells.
Ibiden Co., Ltd.

Systems, devices, media, and methods for measuring analytes in biological fluids

A replaceable cartridge for a biological analyte measurement device includes housing configured for removable engagement therefrom, and a support medium disposed within the housing. The support medium carries test pads made of a thin layer of fluid transporting material, and hermetic isolation pads made of a fluid impermeable material.
Sentec Pte Ltd.

Honeycomb filter

A honeycomb filter includes a plurality of cells and porous cell walls. The plurality of cells include exhaust gas introduction cells and exhaust gas emission cells.
Ibiden Co., Ltd.

Honeycomb filter

A honeycomb filter includes a plurality of cells and porous cell walls. Exhaust gas is to flow through the plurality of cells.
Ibiden Co., Ltd.

Composite propeller blade structure

A composite propeller blade structure includes at least a rotation shaft and a rotation surface on which plural blades are formed, and characterized in that: each of the blades is composed of plural blade units; and in the equivalent radius cross section of each of the blades, the installed location of a front edge of the blade unit at the downstream is defined as following: in the rotation axial direction, which is located behind a rear edge of the adjacent blade unit at the upstream, and the maximum distance thereof is not greater than 25% of the radius of the adjacent blade unit at the upstream; and in the circumferential direction, located at the pressure surface side defined on the nose-trail line of the adjacent blade unit at the upstream, and the maximum range thereof is not greater than (360°/2n), wherein n is the quantity of the blades.. .
Esda Research And Development Incorporated

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