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Cross Section patents

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Metal oxide film and method for forming metal oxide film

Semiconductor Energy Laboratory

Metal oxide film and method for forming metal oxide film

Imaging optical system and method for manufacturing lens array


Imaging optical system and method for manufacturing lens array

Imaging optical system and method for manufacturing lens array

Schlumberger Technology

Method for using neutron interaction cross section to interpret neutron measurements

Date/App# patent app List of recent Cross Section-related patents
 Computer security lock for trapezoidal security slot patent thumbnailComputer security lock for trapezoidal security slot
A portable electronic device requiring securing against theft, includes a cavity with an opening thereinto. The opening is accessible at an exterior of the device, and defined by an upper edge, a juxtaposed lower edge, and a pair of juxtaposed side edges.

 Metal oxide film and  forming metal oxide film patent thumbnailMetal oxide film and forming metal oxide film
A metal oxide film including a crystal part and having highly stable physical properties is provided. The size of the crystal part is less than or equal to 10 nm, which allows the observation of circumferentially arranged spots in a nanobeam electron diffraction pattern of the cross section of the metal oxide film when the measurement area is greater than or equal to 5 nmφ and less than or equal to 10 nmφ..
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

 Imaging optical  manufacturing lens array patent thumbnailImaging optical manufacturing lens array
An imaging optical system includes a plurality of lens optical system rows each including a plurality of lens optical systems arranged in a first direction. The plurality of lens optical system rows is arranged in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction and to an optical axis direction.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Method for using neutron interaction cross section to interpret neutron measurements patent thumbnailMethod for using neutron interaction cross section to interpret neutron measurements
A method for determining a petrophysical property of a formation includes detecting radiation events resulting from imparting neutrons into the formation at an energy level of at least 1 mev. The petrophysical property is determined from an elastic scattering cross section of the formation.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

 Combustion chamber with cooling sleeve patent thumbnailCombustion chamber with cooling sleeve
The invention refers to a combustion chamber having a sleeve section which is at least partly enclosing a duct wall for guiding a cooling gas in a channel between the sleeve section and the duct wall along the outer surface of the duct wall. The sleeve section has one main inlet opening facing away from the duct wall wherein the cross sectional area of the main inlet opening is larger than 70% of the sum of the cross sections of all cooling openings to the sleeve section.
Alstom Technology Ltd

 Pressure reducing valve patent thumbnailPressure reducing valve
A pressure reducing valve includes main and pilot valves. The pilot valve is configured to regulate a pilot pressure, and includes pilot, drain, and first control-oil ports, a first opening cross section between the first control-oil and pilot ports, a second opening cross section between the pilot and drain ports; and a pilot part.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

 Seal element having contoured v-spring patent thumbnailSeal element having contoured v-spring
A gate valve for use in oil field applications having a seal assembly made up of an elastomeric case and a spring in the case having a v-shaped cross section. The spring has legs that depend from one another, and free ends of the legs that are contoured towards one another to define a rounded surface on outer surfaces of the legs.
Vetco Gray Inc.

 Acceleration device patent thumbnailAcceleration device
Each of a cross sectional shape of a contacting portion of a stopper arm and a cross sectional shape of an outer peripheral surface of a pedal shaft is formed in a circular shape, wherein a curvature radius is equal to each other. Each of a cross sectional shape of a stopper surface of a supporting body and a cross sectional shape of an inner peripheral surface of a bearing portion is formed in a circular shape, wherein a curvature radius is equal to each other.
Denso Corporation

 Mixer for an exhaust system patent thumbnailMixer for an exhaust system
An exhaust system mixer (12) mixes a reactant with an exhaust gas flow (3) and includes a pipe section (13), which borders a flow cross section (16), through which the exhaust gas flows (3), in the circumferential direction (17), and which extends in an axial direction (18) from a first axial side (19) to a second axial side (20), and a plurality of guide blades (14, 15), which project from the pipe section (13) at least on one of the axial sides (19, 20), so as to protrude into the flow cross section (16). Guide blades (14, 15) on an axial side, which follow each other in the circumferential direction (17), include a first guide blade group (21), arranged on the respective axial side (19, 20), axially offset in relation to the guide blades (15) of the second guide blade group (22), to reduce a pressure drop..
Eberspächer Exhaust Technology Gmbh & Co. Kg

 Honeycomb structure body and  designing the same patent thumbnailHoneycomb structure body and designing the same
A honeycomb structure body has an inner side base section and an outer side base section having a cylindrical shape. Inner side cells are formed in the inner side base section at a constant cell density.
Denso Corporation


Adjustable screen tensioning system

An adjustable screen re don system is presented. The present invention screen retention system comprises a mesh of perforate screen retained within a frame composed of frame members have channel cross sections.
C.r. Laurence Co., Inc.


Protector with sensor

A protector with a sensor detects an object by touch between two conductive parts in a hollow part with a space therebetween. An outer peripheral surface of the hollow part is an outer coat substantially having a horseshoe shaped cross section.
Nishikawa Rubber Co., Ltd.


Device for re-cladding a removeable false-wall panel

The invention relates to a device for re-cladding a removable panel comprising an outer face, an inner face situated on the opposite side to the outer face, and a peripheral edge joining the outer and inner faces, said re-cladding device is notable in that it comprises at least two cladding sections the vertical cross section of which is in the overall shape of a c and which are fixed facing one another along two respective opposing regions of said peripheral edge, and a fabric is kept stretched along the outer face of the removable panel by said cladding sections.. .


Carbon fibers having an internal cavity

A reinforcing fiber is provided comprising a carbon fiber having a length and outer and inner surfaces defining a wall. The wall has a first cross section which defines an outer diameter and an inner diameter and a wall thickness.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Suspension of vehicle

A torsion beam is configured in an arch shape and comprised of an open cross-section member including an arch lower-half portion and an arch upper-half portion. A sectional shape of the arch lower-half portion in a cross section perpendicular to a longitudinal direction of the arch lower-half portion is configured to be substantially horizontal when a vehicle is in a standard state, and a central portion, in the vehicle width direction, of the torsion beam is configured such that a front edge portion of the arch lower-half portion and a front edge portion of the arch upper-half portion are located substantially at the same position in a vehicle longitudinal direction when the vehicle is in a full-rebound state.
Mazda Motor Corporation


Pneumatic tire

A pneumatic tire, having a plurality of sipes formed in land portions of a tread thereof so as to each extend in the tire width direction, characterized in that: in a cross section of the land portion orthogonal to the sipe extending direction, provided that an imaginary sipe main line links two ends in the tire radial direction of each sipe, at least two of the sipes are “inclined sipes” each having the sipe main line inclined with respect to the tire radial direction; each inclined sipe has inner bent portions each protruding with respect to the sipe main line with peaks positioned deeper than 20% of the sipe depth; and the sipe main line(s) of at least one of the inclined sipes are inclined in a direction opposite, with respect to the tire radial direction, to the sipe main line of any of the other inclined sipes.. .
Bridgestone Corporation


Method, device and work station for applying protective sheeting of polymer material to a pipeline, and computer program for implementing such a method

A method of applying protective sheeting of polymer material to a pipeline, such as on a j-lay rig, includes the steps of driving a carriage along an annular path about the pipeline; extruding and simultaneously winding the protective sheeting about the pipeline via an end extrusion die fitted to the carriage; compressing the protective sheeting on the pipeline, directly downstream from the end extrusion die, so the protective sheeting adheres to the pipeline; and controlling the drive, extrusion, and compression steps so that the time lapse between expulsion of a cross section of protective sheeting from the end extrusion die and compression of the same cross section of protective sheeting is less than one second.. .
Saipem S.p.a.


Apparatus and forming flanges on components

An apparatus for forming a flange on a component is presented. The apparatus includes a mold disposed for the placement of the component thereon, a forming tool, and a tubular bladder.
General Electric Company


Device and the homogenisation of plastics material melts

A device, to homogenise plastics material melts, has a homogenising element with a plurality of flow channels, which differ with respect to at least one feature from the group length, cross sectional area and cross sectional shape. When flowing through the homogenising element, the plastics material melt is divided into a plurality of part streams, which, in each case, flow through an associated flow channel.
Coperion Gmbh


Cutting insert and cutting tool

A cutting tool includes a cutting insert that is held in a holder in a detachable manner. The cutting insert has a substantially regular quadrangular shape in plan view and includes four round corners.
Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Corp.


Golf club grip with angled channel

A golf club grip with an exterior surface has sides along a length of the grip that are gripped by a golfer's hands during use. The grip length has a cross section defined by a first dimension that is non-parallel to a second dimension.


Systems and methods for monitoring time based photo active agent delivery or photo active marker presence

Devices and approaches for monitoring time based photo active agent delivery or photo active marker presence in an eye. A monitoring system is provided for measuring the presence of a photo active marker by illuminating the eye so as to excite the photo-active marker and then observing characteristic emission from the photo active marker.
Avedro, Inc.


Contoured menstrual sponge

A contoured menstrual sponge fits between a woman's legs and buttocks. The longitudinal cross section is curved and the lateral cross section is triangular.


Dental flossing device

A dental flossing device is made of an elastic material. Its central structure is a flexible, elastic, bridge strip with a cross section having different shapes.
Flexi Floss Ltd.


Double-sided push broom

A double-sided push broom with a broom handle and a broom head with first and second clearing faces having different orientations relative to the broom handle whereby first and second clearing faces can be used selectively in a single tool. A broom head block can have a triangular cross section with the first and second clearing faces disposed in a v-shape formed by first and second legs of the triangular cross section, and a handle-engaging face formed by the third leg of the triangular cross section.


Heater for an electrically heated aerosol generating system

An electrically heated aerosol generating system for receiving an aerosol-forming substrate includes at least one electric heater for heating the aerosol-forming substrate to form the aerosol. The heater includes a heating element of a first cross section electrically connected to a plurality of elongate support elements.
Philip Morris Usa Inc.


Elastomeric connectors

In a first embodiment, an elastomeric connector may include conductive and nonconductive portions and a guide that at least partially surrounds the connector and transfers compression in at least two directions. In a second embodiment, an elastomeric connector includes conductive portions at least partially surrounded by a nonconductive portion that is at least partially surrounded by conductive material connectible to ground to shield.
Apple Inc.


Flattened dihedral-shaped device possessing an adapted (maximized or minimized) equivalent radar cross section

A dihedral shaped device is provided, which includes two plates forming between them an angle of [pi]−2[alpha], where 0<[alpha]<[pi]/4. Each plate has a ground plane, at least one dielectric layer and a network of radiating elements.
Cnrs - Centre Nationale De La Recherche Scientifique


Semiconductor storage device and manufacturing the same

A semiconductor storage device is provided with memory cells; a memory string including the memory cells; and a select gate provided at both ends of the memory string. The select gate is provided with at least one electrode and the electrode has a metal silicide formed at both end portions of the electrode as viewed in a cross section of the select gate..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Insulation for high voltage capacitors

Methods and apparatus are provided for a high voltage capacitor having a plurality of capacitor units connected in electrical series in a stacked configuration. An insulator element can be positioned between two adjacent capacitor units of the high voltage capacitor for providing separation between the adjacent capacitor units, where the insulator element has a first thickness at a first end of the insulator element and a second smaller thickness at a second end of the insulator element.
Maxwell Technologies, Inc.


Holographic 3d display device and display system

The present invention provides a holographic 3d display device and display system. The holographic 3d display device comprises a two-dimensional liquid crystal display panel and a displaying pinhole array.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd


Annular optical device

One embodiment provides an annular optical device, comprising: an annular meso-optic having a substantially triangular cross section and including an annulus centered about an axis of revolution; and a secondary optical structure substantially coaxial within the annulus of the annular meso-optic, wherein the secondary optical structure and the annular meso-optic are separated by a media comprising a media refractive index that is lower than a secondary optical structure refractive index, with the secondary optical structure being configured to hold a specimen to be radiated by impinging electromagnetic radiation directed into the secondary optical structure substantially along the axis of revolution, wherein re-directed radiation from the specimen is allowed into the annular meso-optic by the secondary optical structure if an angle of incidence of the re-directed radiation exceeds the angle of total internal reflectance. Other embodiments are descried and claimed..
Hach Company


Cool blue welding lens

An apparatus for transmitting favorable light from a welding arc to the eyes of the welder contains a dichroic filter, an adhesive, and a welding lens. The dichroic filter is superimposed onto the welding lens with the adhesive.


Serpentine fluid reactor components

Some embodiments of the present invention provide components for a serpentine fluid reactor which is optimized for one or more objective functions of interest such as pressure drop, erosion rate, fouling, coke deposition and operating costs. The components are designed by computer modeling the components individually and collectively in which the cross section of flow path is substantially circular under industrial conditions to validate the model design and its operation.
Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.


Ultrasonic flow metering with laminar to turbulent transition flow control

Apparatus and method for ultrasonic flow metering of viscous fluids. In one embodiment, an ultrasonic flow metering system includes an ultrasonic flow meter, a flow conditioner, and a reducer.
Daniel Measurement And Control, Inc.


Stove top cooking apparatus

A stove top cooking apparatus includes a substantially horizontally-oriented cooking surface disposed above a heat source, and a heat distributing shield disposed between the heat source and the cooking surface. The heat distributing shield includes a plurality of elongate tents.


X-beam structure and pressure tank having x-beam structure

Provided is an x-beam structure including: a plurality of beams extending in x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis directions and formed in a lattice pattern and a plurality of cross intersections at which an x-axis beam, a y-axis beam, and a z-axis beam meet one another, wherein in the x-beam structure in which a cross section of each beam has the geometry of a right-angled x, and the beam intersections are formed with one continuous beam and the two other joining beams are attached and welded onto the continuous beam.. .
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology


Bracket barb pressure plate stop

A dry friction clutch for connecting a transmission with a flywheel of an engine is provided. The clutch includes a bracket having a main body axially spaced from an engine flywheel.
Eaton Corporation


Hybrid joint manufacturing

A method for forming a joint between a fibre reinforced composite component and a metallic component and a joint are provided. The metallic component and the composite component each define a joint surface for mating with the joint surface of the other to join the two components together and the composite component defines a free surface opposed to the joint surface thereof.
Bae Systems Plc


Honeycomb structure

The honeycomb structure includes a honeycomb structure body and a pair of electrode members disposed on a side surface of the honeycomb structure body, each of the pair of electrode members is shaped in the form of a band extending in a cell extending direction, and in a cross section perpendicular to the extending direction of cells, one electrode member is disposed on a side opposite to the other electrode member via a center of the honeycomb structure body, one or more slits opened in the side surface are formed in the honeycomb structure body, the honeycomb structure body has a charging material charged into the at least one slit, the charging material contains aggregates and a neck material, and a ratio (α2/α1) of a thermal expansion coefficient α2 of the charging material to a thermal expansion coefficient α1 of the honeycomb structure body is from 0.6 to 1.5.. .
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.


Removal device

A tool for removing a component from a turbomachine is provided. The tool includes a body having an alignment portion and a connection portion.
General Electric Company


Biaxial hinge and electronic device

The present invention discloses a biaxial hinge which is used to save the space. The biaxial hinge comprises a first shaft having a first groove; a second shaft having a second groove, wherein a first axle center of a first cross section of the first shaft and a second axle center of a second cross section of the second shaft locate in a first straight line; and a floating pin for engaging with the first groove or the second groove, wherein a centre of a third cross section of the floating pin does not locate in the first straight line.
Lenovo (beijing) Limited


Toggle link latch

A latch with a unique nesting toggle linkage that extends and retracts a hook via movement of an actuation handle. The linkage links have u-shaped lateral cross sections with a central channel into which the respective links nest when the latch is closed to minimize the overall volume of the latch.
Qrp, Inc.


Anti-friction latchbolt

A latchbolt assembly includes a solid latchbolt having at least a first surface, a second surface and a third surface and an anti-friction bolt pivotally coupled to the solid latchbolt. The anti-friction bolt includes a cross member disposed adjacent the first surface of the solid latchbolt and a pair of plates depending from the cross member to form a u-shaped cross section.
Stanley Security Solutions, Inc.


Steam stripping apparatus and steam-stripping finishing method using same

A steam stripping apparatus is provided that prevents adherence of crumbs to an inner wall of a crumbing tank, pipe blockages caused by reaggregated large particle size crumbs, clogging of a screen by small particle size crumbs, and slipping in an extruder, and which can operate over a long period of time. The crumbing tank includes a stir shaft and an impeller, and also has a baffle plate on an inner wall face.
Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation


Device comprising a gas generator to produce a flow of compressed gas

A device is provided, designed as a jet pump, and having a gas generator to generate a flow of compressed gas, wherein the gas generator is equipped with a pyrotechnic propellant charge designed as a cutting or shaped charge. This pyrotechnic propellant charge can serve to generate a shock wave, as a flow of compressed gas, from the combustion gases of the propellant charge.


Chassis link for a motor vehicle

The invention relates to a chassis link including a single-shell sheet metal main body, on which a plurality of bearing regions are formed for attaching bearing elements by which the main body can be connected to the bodywork and to a movable part of a wheel suspension of a motor vehicle. The main body includes two arms which merge into one another and define a main-body plane and a concave edge region of the main body.
Autotech Engineering Deutschland Gmbh


Radial-flow scrubber

A radial-flow scrubber (1, 100) for separating dust and pollutants from gases, comprises a housing (2), a raw gas inlet (3), a feeder (4) for a washing liquid, a washing zone (5), a clean gas outlet (10), and an outlet (11) for the washing liquid. The washing zone (5, 101) comprises an inlet funnel (7, 105), a scrubbing zone (18) having an adjustable flow cross-section, and a drive (10, 110) for adjusting the cross section of the scrubbing zone (18), as well as a tubular shell (8,108) detachably mounted to the housing (2), wherein in a ceiling of the housing (2) an opening is provided through which the complete washing zone (5, 101) can be integrally withdrawn..
Outotec (finland) Oy


Plugged honeycomb structure

There is disclosed a plugged honeycomb structure. A plugged honeycomb structure includes a honeycomb structure body of a segment structure and plugging portions disposed in open ends of cells formed in the honeycomb structure body, the honeycomb structure body has outer segments and inner segments disposed on an inner side than the outer segments in a cross section of the honeycomb structure body, and a material constituting the outer segments has a smaller heat capacity per unit volume than a material constituting the inner segments..
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.


Intermittent urinary catheter

A catheter has an entrance opening defined by the first end of a catheter body and non-circular inner surface in cross section. The entrance opening intersects a longitudinal axis extending longitudinally through the center of a lumen adapted to drain urine from a bladder.


Personal grip cover

A personal grip cover allows a user to lift and carry objects such as luggage, shopping bags, briefcases, ladders, and the like, or to grip a steering wheel or handles of exercise equipment, without causing pain or distress to the user's hands or fingers. The personal grip cover is a tubular body of a rubber material having a durometer of about 50.


Press cover for a cheese mould

The invention relates to a press cover for a cheese mould, particularly for a cheese mould (1, 12) made from metal with a round or polygonal cross section, wherein the shape and dimensions of the press cover (1) match the inner cross section of the cheese mould (1). It should be of simple construction, able to withstand high pressing force, and also satisfy stringent hygiene requirements.
Kalt Maschinenbau Ag


Diffraction grating, laser apparatus, and manufacturing diffraction grating

This diffraction grating is a reflection-type diffraction grating that has a grating, the cross section of which is an asymmetrical triangular shape, and comprises a first layer formed on the cross section having the asymmetrical triangular shape and of which a material is a metal, for reflecting light; and a second layer formed on the first layer on a surface of a long side of the triangular shape and of which a material is a dielectric, wherein given that a refractive index of the dielectric of the second layer is “n”, the thickness of the second layer is 15.38×(n−1)−0.65 (nm) or below.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Battery pack for electric vehicle

To provide a battery pack for an electric vehicle capable of enhancing the strength of the entire side wall of a tray, a battery pack for an electric vehicle includes: a tray 3; and at least one outer frame 6 disposed on an outer side of a side wall surface of the tray 3, the outer frame 6 extending along the side wall surface and being welded thereto so as to cover the side wall surface. The at least one outer frame 6 includes: a first protruding section 61 welded to an outer bottom surface of the tray 3; a second protruding section 62 positioned above the first protruding section 61 and formed to protrude outwardly from the tray 3; an outer section 64 connecting the first protruding section 61 and the second protruding section 62 at a position outwardly spaced from the side wall surface of the tray 3; and an inner section 63 extending from the second protruding section 62 toward the first protruding section 61 and being welded to the outer surface of the tray 3.
Mitsubishi Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Device with transparent and higher conductive regions in lateral cross section of semiconductor layer

A device including one or more layers with lateral regions configured to facilitate the transmission of radiation through the layer and lateral regions configured to facilitate current flow through the layer is provided. The layer can comprise a short period superlattice, which includes barriers alternating with wells.
Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc.


Semiconductor device and fabricating the same

A method for fabricating a semiconductor device is described. A spacer is formed on a sidewall of a fin structure.
United Microelectronics Corp.


Non-volatile memory device

According to an embodiment, a nonvolatile memory device includes: a first interconnection layer extending in a first direction; a second interconnection layer extending in a second direction crossing the first direction, the second interconnection layer including a metal-containing layer and a metal ion source layer, and the metal ion source layer being provided on the first interconnection layer side; and a resistance change layer provided in a position where the first interconnection layer and the second interconnection layer cross each other and a metal ion released from the metal ion source layer being capable to be diffused into the resistance change layer. At least part of the second interconnection layer protrudes to the first interconnection layer side in a cross section of the second interconnection layer cut perpendicularly to the second direction..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Single mask package apparatus

Disclosed herein is a single mask package apparatus on a device comprising a first substrate having a land disposed on a first surface, a stud disposed on the land and a protective layer disposed over the first surface of the first substrate and around the stud. The protective layer may optionally have a thickness of at least 3 μm.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Electronic device

An electronic device is provided, comprising: a first case having a first accommodating space, where a first surface of the first case has a first opening for the first accommodating space; and an interface part having a bottom surface with a same shape as the first opening, where the bottom surface is a cross section with a greatest area of the interface part. M i/o interfaces are disposed inside the interface part, and connecting ports of the m i/o interfaces are exposed on a first surface of the interface part which is not the bottom surface, m is an integer greater than or equal to 1; and the m i/o interfaces are connected to a circuit board located inside the first case..
Lenovo (beijing) Co., Ltd.


Optical transmitter

A first lens transmits a beam of light having a vertical cross-sectional diameter made closer to a horizontal cross-sectional diameter. The beam of light is emitted from an optical waveguide on a substrate and configured such that the vertical cross-sectional diameter which is the diameter of a vertical cross section along the direction of the thickness of the substrate is greater than the horizontal cross-sectional diameter which is the diameter of a horizontal cross section along the direction of the width of the substrate.
Fujitsu Optical Components Limited


Apparatus and combined flow and thermographic measurement

By combined flow of gas in the hollow component with outlet holes in a body of the component and thermographic measurement of heated air exiting the component through the outlet holes, the component can be examined. The component is examined in an apparatus in respect of its cooling air consumption and selected desired cross sections of cooling-air openings.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Reflector arrangement with retroreflector and with a sensor arrangement for inclination determination and calibration

Reflector arrangement for position determination and/or marking of target points, in particular for industrial or geodetic surveying, having a retroreflector for position determination for the reflector arrangement using parallel, in particular coaxial, beam reflection, and a sensor arrangement. According to the invention, the sensor arrangement has a lens and a sensor which is sensitive with respect to at least one wavelength range, with a reception direction that is orthogonal to the detection surface thereof, wherein the lens and the sensor are rigidly connected such that it is possible using the sensor to determine a location, which is incidence-angle-dependent with respect to the reception direction, of an illumination cross section defined by the lens on the detection surface..
Hexagon Technology Center Gmbh


Device and temperature control

Materials, components, and methods consistent with the disclosure are directed to the fabrication and use of micro scale channels with a gas, where the micro channel can include a base (110) and a side (120), where the base and the side can be configured to form at least a portion of an inflow opening, and an outflow opening. The micro channel can be configured to accommodate a flow of the gas from the inflow opening to the outflow opening in a first direction substantially perpendicular to a cross section of the micro channel.
Forced Physics Llc


Helical compression spring and manufacturing same

The coil spring includes steel wire material containing 0.45 to 0.80 weight % of c, 0.15 to 2.50 weight % of si, 0.3 to 1.0 weight % of mn and iron and inevitable impurities as the remainder, and having a circle equivalent diameter of 2.5 mm to 10 mm, in which internal hardness at a freely selected cross section of the wire material is in a range of 570 to 700 hv, c-condensed layer which exceeds average concentration of c contained in the steel wire material exists at surface layer part, and in an approximate maximum principal stress direction generated when a compressive load is loaded on spring of inner diameter side of the coil spring of the wire material, unloaded compressive residual stress at a depth of 0.2 mm and 0.4 min from surface of the wire material is not less than 200 mpa and not less than 60 mpa, respectively.. .
Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.


Gas-transfer foot

The present invention includes a molten metal pump and associated components that enable gas to be released into a stream of molten metal. The gas may be released into the molten metal stream (preferably into the bottom of the stream) flowing through a passage.


Honeycomb structure

A honeycomb structure has a plurality of pillar honeycomb segments with a porous partition wall that defines a plurality of cells extending from an inflow end face as one end face to an outflow end face as another end face and becoming channels for a fluid and a bonding layer that bonds side surfaces of the plurality of honeycomb segments one another, the bonding layer contains a plurality of plate-shaped particles, the plate-shaped particles are laminated in a thickness direction x of the bonding layer at a cross section of the bonding layer cut off to the thickness direction of the bonding layer, the number of particles α meets expression: number of particles α>10, and the number of particles α and the number of particles β meet a relationship of expression: (number of particles α/number of particles β)>3.. .
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.


Roller blind assembly

A roller blind assembly includes a roller, a generally rectangular panel formed from a flexible sheet material having an upper marginal edge secured to the roller and a free lower marginal edge, a screen in the form of a web of flexible material being detachably mounted on the free lower marginal of the panel edge via a releasable fastening device, the releasable fastening device comprising cooperating first and second fastening components being respectively provided on the lower marginal edge of the panel and an upper edge of the screen, wherein the first and second fastening components comprise mating elongate members each having a substantially u shaped cross section to define cooperating hook-like members adapted to releasably engage one another to support the screen from the panel.. .
Fourds Limited


3-d diamond printing using a pre-ceramic polymer with a nanoparticle filler

According to some embodiments, a method includes depositing alternating layers of a ceramic powder and a pre-ceramic polymer dissolved in a solvent. Each layer of the pre-ceramic polymer is deposited in a shape corresponding to a cross section of an object.


Silicon nitride sintered body and wear resistant member using the same

The present invention provides a silicon nitride sintered body comprising a silicon nitride crystalline particle and a grain boundary phase, the silicon nitride sintered body having an area ratio of the grain boundary phase per 100 μm×100 μm unit area of 15 to 35% when an arbitrary cross section thereof is photographed. Further, it is preferable that the area ratio of the grain boundary phase per 100 μm×100 μm unit area is 15 to 25%.
Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd.


Product container having narrowed waist portion

A product container includes a top portion defining an opening, a bottom portion defining a base, and a central portion including a plurality of sidewalls extending between the top and bottom portions. Three of the sidewalls include discrete planar facets that collectively define a narrowed waist portion, at which the product container has smaller dimensions or a smaller cross sectional area compared to the top portion and the bottom portion.
Fisher Scientific Company L.l.c.


Vehicle body rear structure

A vehicle body rear structure includes a rear parcel provided between left and right vehicle body side parts, a parcel cross member bonded to the rear parcel and constituting a first closed cross section, and a parcel member and parcel support bonded to the first closed cross section and constituting the main section of a second closed cross section. The first closed cross section is configured from the rear parcel and the parcel cross member.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Heat exchanger for refrigerant circuitry

The present invention relates to the heat exchanger 1 of refrigerant circuitry of an air-conditioning system for a vehicle, which enables a bidirectional pass flow. The air-conditioning system is configured to perform a combined operation of cooling device mode and heat pump mode, the heat exchanger 1 is formed in the form of a multi-pass, and the flow direction of a refrigerant varies depending on operation mode.
Halla Visteon Climate Control Corp.


Spiral tap

A spiral tap has a male thread disposed on an outer circumferential portion and a cutting edge formed along a spiral flute disposed spirally around an axial direction so as to divide the male thread, the spiral tap is disposed with a sub-groove formed into a concave shape along a back edge of the spiral flute to make a rake angle of the back edge positive at least in a portion corresponding to a biting portion of the spiral tap in the spiral flute, and a curvature radius of the sub-groove is smaller than a curvature radius of the spiral flute in a cross section perpendicular to the axial direction.. .
Osg Corporation


Method for additive manufacturing of three-dimensional articles

A method for forming at least one three-dimensional article through successive fusion of parts of a powder bed, which parts correspond to successive cross sections of the three-dimensional article, the method comprising the steps of: providing a model of the at least one three-dimensional article; applying a first powder layer on a work table; directing a first energy beam from a first energy beam source over the work table causing the first powder layer to fuse in first selected locations according to corresponding models to form a first cross section of the three-dimensional article, where the first energy beam is fusing at least a first region of a first cross section with parallel scan lines in a first direction; varying a distance between two adjacent scan lines, which are used for fusing the powder layer, as a function of a mean length of the two adjacent scan lines.. .
Arcam Ab


Electric machine

In the electric machine according to the present invention, conductor wires are housed inside slots so as to be arranged into multiple layers in one column so as to contact each other in a slot depth direction in each column such that a longitudinal direction of a long side of an oblong cross section of a conductor portion faces in the slot depth direction, and a thickness of a portion of an insulating coating that is formed on a surface of the conductor portion that faces in the slot depth direction is thinner than a thickness of a portion of the insulating coating that is formed on a surface of the conductor portion that faces in a direction of slot arrangement.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Battery mounting structure for vehicle

A battery mounting structure for a vehicle includes a battery frame upper fabricated of fiber-reinforced resin, a battery frame lower fabricated of fiber-reinforced resin, and an intermediate member fabricated of fiber-reinforced resin. A battery that is disposed at a vehicle body lower side of a floor panel is attached at the battery frame upper.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Inductor structure with magnetic material and forming the same

The mechanisms for forming an inductor structure are provided. The inductor structure includes a substrate and a first dielectric layer formed over the substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd


Fault current limiter

A fault current limiter of the type having at least one elongated core biased magnetically towards saturation by means of a surrounding magnetic field, and an ac coil surrounding the core, the fault current limiter including: an elongated core having a variable cross section along the axis of the core in the vicinity of the ac coil, providing increased saturation of the core and enhanced fault current limiting for a lower dc bias.. .
Asg Superconductors S.p.a.


Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and ultrasound two-dimensional cross-section image generation method

An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes a light source information setting unit setting light source data indicating a property of a light source irradiated to a cross section region of the object, an optical property setting unit setting a weight coefficient indicating an optical property of cross-section region data including intensity information on the cross section region to the light source, an illuminance slice data creation unit calculating illuminance at positions corresponding to coordinates of a plurality of the cross-section regions based on the light source data and the weight coefficient, and creating illuminance slice data of the plurality of the cross-section regions based on the calculated illuminance, and a composition unit compositing a two-dimensional cross-section image of the object from the plurality of illuminance slice data.. .
Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd.


Image processing device and spinal canal evaluation method

To provide an image processing device and a spinal canal evaluation method that can evaluate the spinal canal stenosis in an identified cross-sectional position, the image processing device 100 extracts a vertebral region from a series of tomographic images in which at least a part of the spine was scanned and calculates a length in the anteroposterior direction of an object for each cross section in each vertebral region. Also, a cross section including a spinous process is identified based on the calculated length in the anteroposterior direction of an object in each vertebral region, the spinal canal stenosis is evaluated by setting the identified cross-sectional position to be analyzed, and then the evaluation results are displayed.
Hitachi Medical Corporation


Backlight unit and display apparatus thereof

A backlight unit and a display device having the same are provided. A backlight unit includes at least one light source, at least one reflector disposed to enclose the at least one light source, a reflective sheet arranged under the reflector and a diffusion sheet arranged over the reflector, wherein the at least one reflector has at least one of cross sections shaped like an ellipse and a parabola, and has a reflective layer formed on an inner side thereof..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Backlight unit

A backlight unit includes: a light guide plate of an entirely flat structure; a light emitting element disposed on at least one side of the light guide plate; a first reflection part disposed under the light guide plate and having one side thereof extended to a region where the light emitting element is positioned; a second reflection part disposed on the light emitting element; and a housing for accommodating the light guide plate, the light emitting element, and the first and second reflection parts, wherein the housing has a second side which is vertically extended upwards with respect to a first side which defines a lateral cross section of the housing in which the light emitting element is accommodated as the lower side, and a third side which is vertically extended inwards with respect to the second side.. .
Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd.


Compensated sigma from measurements made by a pulsed neutron instrument

A method for determining a formation thermal neutron decay rate from measurements of radiation resulting from at least one burst of high energy neutrons into formations surrounding a wellbore includes determining a first apparent neutron decay rate in a time window beginning at a first selected time after an end of the at least one burst, a second apparent decay rate from a time window beginning at a second selected time after the burst and a third apparent decay rate from a third selected time after the burst. The second time is later than the first time.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Sonic lumber tester

The present invention is a wood grading apparatus including a robust “push” solenoid as a hammer means for impacting a lumber specimen under test. A conventional solenoid coil with stationary magnetic iron pole pieces is combined with a bimetallic armature including a magnetic portion and a non-magnetic portion; said armature is of uniform cross section through the solenoid coil.
Metriguard Inc.


Upright lamp having length adjustable lamp-post

An upright lamp having length adjustable lamp-post includes a lamp-post, a plug mounted on the lamp-post, and a fastener configured for connecting the lamp-post and the plug. The lamp-post has a jack opened therein.
Self Electronics Usa Corporation


Solar-thermal collector

A solar-thermal collector includes a shaft supported by stands, arms, which are fixed to the shaft and are arranged at intervals along the length of the shaft, and a flexible reflector supported by the arms. Each arm has reflection-surface forming faces such that the vertical cross section thereof relative to the shaft is parabolic.
Chiyoda Corporation


Gallium nitride crystal, group 13 nitride crystal, group 13 nitride crystal substrate, and manufacturing method

A gallium nitride crystal having a hexagonal crystal structure includes a first region located on an inner side of a cross section intersecting c-axis of the hexagonal crystal structure, and a second region surrounding at least a part of the outer periphery of the first region in the cross section. An emission spectrum of each of the first region and the second region with electron beam or ultraviolet light excitation has a first peak including a band edge emission of gallium nitride and a second peak located in a longer wavelength area than the first peak.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Joint system for an automotive glazing unit, glazing unit equipped with the system, and fitting the glazing unit

A joint system for an automotive glazing unit, or a windshield, the system including: a profiled bead including a hollow part that is elongate and opened toward the top, the profiled bead exhibiting in cross section a left neck part and a right neck part, a core including a pin placed inside the hollow part and a gripping mechanism allowing the pin to be removed from the hollow part. In cross section, the gripping mechanism forms a loop and includes a base located between the pin and the hollow part portion and a ring placed above the core..
Saint-gobain Glass France


Apparatus and generative production of a component

The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for the generative production of a component (4a, 4b, . .
Mtu Aero Engines Ag


Device and providing a high voltage pulsed electric field to a fluid

The invention provides a device for applying a pulsed high voltage electric field (pef) treatment to a (laminar) fluid flow, said device comprising a chamber comprising an inlet with an inlet cross sectional area, an outlet, a treatment zone, and at least a first and a second electrode positioned for providing an axialelectric field in said treatment zone, wherein the cross sectional area of the treatment zone is at least as large as the cross sectional area of the inlet.. .
Top B.v.


Apparatus for the production of frozen confections

A roller having a multiplicity of open moulding cavities on its surface, the roller being hollow with its cavity being partially filled with liquid nitrogen, characterised in that: a vacuum insulation compartment is located on each side of the roller. The vacuum insulation compartment, in radial cross section, presenting an outside generally plane and circular wall in the form of an annular disc, joint to a roller side wall by two portions having: a general sigmoid cross section for the portion at the peripheral part of the vacuum panel; a general sigmoid cross section for the portion at the central part of the vacuum panel..
Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever


Braided electromagnetic shielding for cables

An electromagnetic cable shielding is provided having a braid including a plurality of wires in contact with one another. At least one wire has an oval cross section..


Parallelism control device applied to dual-shaft system

A parallelism control device applied to dual-shaft system for fixing the parallelism of the rotary shafts and facilitating the assembling process. The device includes an assembly of a first and a second rotary shafts and a fixing unit capable of providing torque effect.
First Dome Corporation


Active assembly of a wind turbine rotating electric machine

An active assembly of a wind turbine rotating electric machine has a magnetic guide having at least two slots separated by a tooth with a plane of symmetry; and a coil formed by a plurality of electric conductors, each with a substantially rectangular cross section and wound repeatedly about the tooth to fill the slots and form two heads close to the opposite ends of the tooth; the width of each electric conductor being less than a third of the distance between the electric conductor and the plane of symmetry.. .
Wilic S.ar.l.


Wire cable assembly having a terminal with an encapsulated wire end

A wire cable assembly includes a terminal having a termination segment attached to an end of a wire cable, a connection segment configured to attach to a mating terminal, and a transition segment intermediate the termination segment and the connection segment. The transition segment of the terminal has a generally rectangular cross section and a recess defined in at least one distal edge and preferably both distal edges of the transition segment.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.


Traction battery thermal plate manifold

A traction battery system for a vehicle is provided. The system may include a plurality of battery cells, a thermal plate, and an inlet manifold.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Onboard battery

An onboard battery includes an accommodation case that has a hollow cross section formed with multiple cavities 9a, and at least one battery module that has at least one battery cell and is accommodated in the accommodation case. At least one disposition depression that communicates with one of the multiple cavities and is opened upward is formed in a portion positioned below the at least one battery module in the accommodation case, and at least one heater that heats the at least one battery cell is disposed in the at least one disposition depression so as not to be in contact with the at least one battery cell..
Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Cable-type secondary battery

Disclosed herein is a cable-type secondary battery having a horizontal cross section of a predetermined shape and extending longitudinally, comprising: a core for supplying lithium ions, which comprises an electrolyte; an inner electrode, comprising an open-structured inner current collector surrounding the outer surface of the core for supplying lithium ions, an inner electrode active material layer formed on the surface of the inner current collector, and a first electrolyte-absorbing layer formed on the outer surface of the inner electrode active material layer; a separation layer surrounding the outer surface of the inner electrode to prevent a short circuit between electrodes; a second electrolyte-absorbing layer formed on the surface of the separator; and an outer electrode surrounding the outer surface of the second electrolyte-absorbing layer and comprising an outer electrode active material layer and an outer current collector.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Electronic underlay

Provided is an electronic underlay designed not to sense a hand holding a writing tool at the time of writing notes on a sheet. The electronic underlay is provided with: a sheet-like optical waveguide formed by sandwiching lattice-like cores between a sheet-like under cladding and over cladding layers; a light emitting element connected to one end surface of the core; a light receiving element connected to another end surface of the core; and storage means for storing an inputted note as electronic data.
Nitto Denko Corporation


Sensor electrode, manufacturing method thereof, and metal paste for electrode formation

The present invention relates to a gas sensor electrode including a conductive particle phase made of pt or pt alloy and a ceramic particle phase being mixed and dispersed, wherein a rate of content of the ceramic particle phase is 6.0 to 22.0 mass %, and a void ratio is 2.5 to 10.0%, and a dispersion degree of the conductive particle phase per length of 25 μm on the electrode surface is 0.60 to 0.85 μm, and a dispersion degree of the conductive particle phase in the electrode cross section per length of 100 μm in a direction parallel to the electrode surface is 2.0 to 4.0 μm. This electrode can be produced by firing a metal paste made by dispersing, in a solvent, a conductive particle having a core/shell structure in which a core particle such as pt is covered with a ceramic shell and ceramic powder.
Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.k.


Double pipe heat exchanger and refrigeration cycle device

A double pipe heat exchanger includes an inner pipe inside which a first fluid passes, an outer pipe that has a diameter larger than the diameter of the inner pipe and that covers the inner pipe, and second fluid passes through a space between the outer pipe and the inner pipe, and a heat transfer area enlargement pipe that is provided in the space and that has a projection-depression shape made to be larger than a length in the pipe-circumferential direction of outer contact portions to be contact areas with the inner wall of the outer pipe, and fin portions between the outer contact portion and the inner contact portion that traverse the space in a pipe cross section come into contact with the outer wall of the inner pipe and the inner wall of the outer pipe in oblique directions.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Solid-fuel burner

A solid-fuel burner includes: a venturi having a constricting portion where the transverse cross section of a fuel passage is reduced in a fuel nozzle for supplying a solid fuel; and a fuel concentrator for diverting the flow in the nozzle outward in the wake side of the venturi, and the nozzle is formed so that (a) the aperture in the vicinity of an opening portion of a boiler furnace wall surface has a flat shape, (b) cross-sectional shape thereof orthogonal to a nozzle center axis c on the outer peripheral wall of the nozzle is circular in a transverse cross section up to the constricting portion of the venturi, (c) a portion that has a gradually increasing degree of flatness is provided between the constricting portion and the opening portion, and (d) the flat shape in the opening portion is where the degree of flatness reaches a maximum.. .
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.

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