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Cross Section patents


This page is updated frequently with new Cross Section-related patent applications.

new patent Noise suppression cable
A noise suppression cable includes an insulated wire including a conductor and an insulation covering an outer periphery of the conductor, a shield layer formed on an outer periphery of the insulated wire so as to be polygonal in a cross section thereof, an insulation layer formed on an outer periphery of the shield layer so as to be polygonal in a cross section thereof, and a magnetic tape layer formed on an outer periphery of the insulation layer so as to be polygonal in a cross section thereof.. .
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

new patent Connecting structure of crimp terminal and electric wire
A structure for connecting a crimp terminal and an electric wire includes: a crimp terminal that includes a conductor crimping portion and a coating crimping portion serially and includes an electric wire connector that is to be crimped to the electric wire; and a water stop sheet having an opening for bringing a conductor into contact with the conductor crimping portion, and laid between the electric wire connector and the electric wire. When a joint is swaged and crimped, the swaged and crimped joint has a second included angle θ2 between the bottom plate and a second line that is larger than a first included angle θ1 between the bottom plate and a first line in a cross section that is perpendicular to a bottom plate of the electric wire connector and that includes an electric wire axial line..
Yazaki Corporation

new patent Stamped battery grid with embossed border and kinked grid wires
Grid for battery having a plurality of spaced apart vertically extending and horizontally extending grid wire elements with each grid wire element having opposed ends joined to one of a plurality of nodes to define a plurality of open spaces and with selected ones of the grid wire elements being joined at one of their ends to the frame elements. Oppositely facing sides of the grid wire elements define first and second planes that are parallel to each other.
Oak Press Solutions Inc.

new patent Low voltage transistor and logic devices with multiple, stacked piezoelectronic layers
A piezoelectronic transistor device includes a first piezoelectric (pe) layer, a second pe layer, and a piezoresistive (pr) layer arranged in a stacked configuration, wherein an electrical resistance of the pr layer is dependent upon an applied voltage across the first and second pe layers by an applied pressure to the pr layer by the first and second pe layers. A piezoelectronic logic device includes a first and second piezoelectric transistor (pet), wherein the first and second pe layers of the first pet have a smaller cross sectional area than those of the second pet, such that a voltage drop across the pe layers of the first pet creates a first pressure in the pr layer of the first pet that is smaller than a second pressure in the pr layer of the second pet created by the same voltage drop across the pe layers of the second pet..
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent Solid-state imaging apparatus, manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
A solid-state imaging apparatus including a plurality of phase difference detection pixels configured adjacent to one another; and an isolation structure arranged so as to isolate light entering each of light-receiving units of the plurality of phase difference detection pixels, in which the isolation structure is formed so as to have a inclined side wall surface whose cross section is tapered.. .
Sony Corporation

new patent Ion source filter
An ion source filter for use in the source region is disclosed. The ion source filter includes four rod electrodes having circular cross sections.
Thermo Finnigan Llc

new patent Method and fabricating microstructured optical fibers
Prior to fabrication of an optical fiber with desired optical properties, a preform geometry is determined dependent upon a fiber geometry that possesses the desired optical properties. The desired geometry may contain a large number of channels.
Imperial Innovations Limited

new patent Polarization independent electro-optically induced waveguide
Wherein the first cross sectional region and the second cross sectional region are overlapping in a cross sectional view.. .

new patent Apparatus and device for use in automotive testing
An apparatus and device for repetitive use in automotive testing is provided. The apparatus includes a frame dimensioned in the same shape as a bicycle frame.
Indiana University Research And Technology Corporation

new patent Linearly-adjustable valve body
Disclosed is a linearly-adjustable valve body, which comprises a valve seat and a valve core, wherein the inside of the valve seat is provided with a mounting hole for housing the valve core. One end of the valve core is inserted into the mounting hole and can rotate relative to the mounting hole.

new patent

Sealing device

A sealing device has a seal ring, a first backup ring and a second backup ring. The first backup ring is formed into a triangular cross section while having an axially vertical end surface portion, a cylindrical peripheral surface portion, and an inclined surface portion intersecting the end surface portion and the peripheral surface portion.
Nok Corporation

new patent

Passing-type-meshing negative-deflection strain wave gearing

A strain wave gearing is a negative deflection strain wave gearing. The tooth profile shape for the internally toothed gear is defined by using a convex, basic tooth profile curve, which is a curve portion from an inflection point (a) to a bottom-part point (b) of a moving locus (mc) of an externally toothed gear with regard to an internally toothed gear obtained by a rack meshing approximation.
Harmonic Drive Systems Inc.

new patent

In-stream burner module

A burner module in an air stream has a feed pipe of substantially circular cross section and an axis, fuel injection orifices situated on the pipe and intended to produce a flame, oxidant injection orifices and fins arranged symmetrically with respect to a plane p of flow of the fuel upstream of the burner module and laterally on the pipe on each side of the fuel injection orifices. There are at least two fuel injection orifices in a section of the pipe and they have an axis that makes an angle α with the plane of flow p of the oxidant.
Fives Pillard

new patent

Steam turbine

A steam turbine includes a flow guide placed about a rotor shaft and forming a side wall of a diffuser. The flow guide is formed in such a substantially truncated conical shape that a first portion having a semi-circular-arc cross section and a second portion having a semi-circular-arc cross section and exhibiting less thermal deformation than the first portion are combined together.
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.

new patent

Venetian blinds with single spring loaded lift

Venetian blinds include a pair of slat lift and guide tapes (27, 28) that extend from the upper rail (12), downwardly through openings (22) in the elongated parallel slats (14) and into the lower rail (13) where they are collected in the lower rail on spools (48). The lift and guide tapes are concave in cross section when in their rectilinear shape and progressively change to flat in cross section as they are pulled into the lower rail and wrapped about tape collector spools..

new patent

Display system in an excavator and controlling same

In a display system in an excavator, a position of an upper boundary line and a position of a lower boundary line are calculated. The upper boundary line indicates a height of a top of a cross section of a display object surface.
Komatsu Ltd.

new patent

Suction nozzle for a suction device

The present invention relates to a suction nozzle (110) for a suction device (100) for conveyance of cut waste strips (210) of a film web (200) comprising a nozzle duct (10) with a nozzle inlet (12) for suctioning the waste strips (210) and with a nozzle outlet (14) for introducing the waste strips (210) into the suction duct (130), wherein the nozzle duct (10) comprises an inlet portion (12a) adjacent to the nozzle inlet (12) and an outlet portion (14a) adjacent to the nozzle outlet (14) and between the outlet portion (14a) and the inlet portion (12a) an at least one rotation portion (16a) is assembled, whose flow cross section (20) is at least partially twisted over the run of the rotation portion (16a).. .
WindmÖller & HÖlscher Kg

new patent

Enhanced multipurpose twist tie and fabrication and operation

An enhanced multipurpose twist tie is formed with two helically disposed wires encased in a sheath having a polygon shaped cross section, a longitudinal ridges, and detachable end caps. The wires are defined by a longitudinal length and a pair of wire termini.

new patent

Bicycle illumination system

A system for illuminating a bicycle having a frame comprising a plurality of tubular frame members wherein each frame member has a plurality of orifices. The orifices allow light rays to pass from inside each tubular frame member to outside each tubular frame member.

new patent

Glass run

A glass run for guiding a door glass in a frame includes: a body having a substantially u-shaped cross-section including an outer-cabin side wall, an inner-cabin side wall longer than the outer-cabin side wall in cross section and a connecting wall which connects the side walls; an outer lip and an inner lip which are slidably brought into contact with the door glass; and a holding lip which extends from an end part of the inner-cabin side wall for fastening an inner-cabin side part of the frame together with the inner-cabin side wall. A noise insulation wall protrudes at least on the end part of the inner-cabin side wall for closing a concave space between an inner-cabin side surface of the door glass and the inner-cabin side wall..
Nishikawa Rubber Co., Ltd.

new patent

Multi-layer plies for improved composite performance

A ply for fabricating composite material which includes a first tow including a plurality of fibers spread in a direction along a width of a cross section of the ply. A first sheet of enhancement performance material extends within the plurality of fibers and between a top and a bottom of the cross section of the ply..
The Boeing Company

new patent

Honing tool and working several coaxial bores

The present invention relates to a honing tool (31) for working several separate bores arranged coaxially in series (17a, 17b, 17c) and with different diameters. The honing tool (31) comprises several cutting bar groups (3, 4, 5) arranged coaxially in series, wherein a cross section formed by radially extendable cutting bars (18) of a cutting bar group (3, 4, 5) differs from the cross section of at leas one other cutting bar group (3, 4, 5).
Gehring Technologies Gmbh

new patent

Method for making bicycle folding tool

A method for making a bicycle folding tool includes a step of preparing: preparing a solid bar which has a hexagonal cross section, a rectangular cross section or a circular cross section; a step of cutting and forming a hole: cutting the bar into sections of pre-set length to form a semi-finished tool, a hole being simultaneously formed in one end of the section; a step of forming a working end: forming a working end to the semi-finished product by peeling and milling, and a step of forming a connection end: forming a connection end with the hole located at the center of the connection end to form the folding tool.. .

new patent

Pipe bend die unit, and pipe bending apparatus having the unit

A bend die comprises a clamp member having a first groove part of half-circular cross section on its outer peripheral surface with a fitting recess formed on the first groove part and extending in a peripheral direction by a first predetermined length on a planar surface perpendicular to a rotary axis, and a counter pressure member having a second groove part of half-circular cross section formed on its outer peripheral surface, and a fitting protrusion extending in a peripheral direction by a second predetermined length from a tip end portion of the second groove part. The fitting protrusion is positioned in the fitting recess so that a pipe-receiving groove of half-circular cross section is formed.
Sango Co., Ltd.

new patent

Pipe bend die unit, and pipe bending apparatus having the unit

A pipe bend die unit includes a bend die that comprises a clamp member and a counter pressure member, wherein the clamp member has a first groove part of half-circular cross section and a fitting recess extending in a peripheral direction by a first predetermined length on a planar surface perpendicular to a rotary axis. A fitting protrusion of the counter pressure member is positioned in the fitting recess to form a pipe-receiving groove of half-circular cross section, so that the counter pressure member and the clamp member are hingedly connected to one another about the rotary axis so as to be rotated relative to each other.
Sango Co., Ltd.

new patent

Oil mist collector

An oil mist collector contains a casing unit, a first filtering unit, a second filtering unit, and a ventilation unit. The casing unit includes an inlet, a first air chamber, a second air chamber, an air guiding orifice corresponding to the second air chamber and communicating with an exterior, and a first recycling orifice arranged on a bottom end thereof and communicating with the first air chamber.
Air-o-filter Environment System, Inc.

Suction nozzle for mounting electronic components

A suction nozzle, including a suction assistance section provided within an intake passage and connecting a side downstream of a pin and a side upstream of the pin, is provided. A cross section (the area of a cross section cut in a direction perpendicular to the direction in which the intake passage extends) of the intake passage is narrowed by the pin.
Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Microwave processing apparatus

Microwave oven (20) includes waveguide (3) having an e-bend structure, and multiple openings (4a, 4b). Waveguide (3) has first section (3a) for propagating a microwave from magnetron (2) toward heating chamber (1), and second section (3b) of which wide plane abuts on the outer wall of heating chamber (1).
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Rotary electric machine and manufacturing coil for rotary electric machine

Coils that constitute an armature winding are produced by winding a conductor wire that has a rectangular cross section, the coils each include: four rectilinear portions that are inserted into a pair of slots; and three coil end portions that link the four rectilinear portions consecutively by each connecting together end portions of two selected rectilinear portions, the coils being mounted into the armature core so as to be arranged at a pitch of one slot in a circumferential direction, the coil end portions include: a bulging portion that protrudes axially outward in a convex shape; and oblique portions that link the two connected rectilinear portions and the bulging portion, the bulging portion has a crank portion that displaces radial positions of the two connected rectilinear portions by a set amount, and a cross-sectional area of the bulging portion is smaller than a cross-sectional area of the oblique portions.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Resonator assembly and filter

A resonator assembly comprising a resonant member within a conductive resonator cavity is disclosed. The resonant member extends from a first inner surface of the resonator cavity towards an opposing second inner surface.
Alcatel Lucent

Nonaqueous-electrolyte secondary-battery negative electrode

A negative electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary batteries which suppresses generation of gas and increases power characteristics, including a negative electrode current collector and a negative electrode mixture layer placed on the negative electrode current collector. The negative electrode mixture layer is a mixture of a negative electrode active material, a binding agent, and a conductive agent.
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

Pixel defining layer and manufacturing method thereof, display panel and display device

The present invention discloses a pixel defining layer and a manufacturing method thereof, a display panel and a display device. The pixel defining layer comprises a first pixel defining layer and a second pixel defining layer stacked on the first pixel defining layer, wherein the first pixel defining layer has a plurality of first openings corresponding to light-emitting regions of respective sub-pixels in one-to-one correspondence, the second pixel defining layer has a plurality of second openings corresponding to the first openings in one-to-one correspondence, a cross section of the first opening is in a regular trapezoidal shape which is narrow at top and wide at bottom, and a cross section of the second opening is in an inverted trapezoidal shape which is wide at top and narrow at bottom.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Electrical characteristics of shielded electrical cables

A shielded electrical cable includes a plurality of conductor sets extending along a length of the cable and arranged generally in a plane along a width of the cable. Each conductor set has two insulated conductors.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Electrical characteristics of shielded electrical cables

A shielded electrical cable includes a plurality of conductor sets. Each conductor set includes two insulated conductors.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Aluminum electrical wire and wire harness

An aluminum electrical wire includes an aluminum wire. In the radial cross section of the aluminum wire vertical to the longitudinal cross section, the average grain size of metal micro structure of the aluminum wire at the center thereof is larger than that in the periphery thereof.
Yazaki Corporation

Method for using neutron interaction cross section to interpret neutron measurements

A method for determining a fractional volume of at least one component of a formation includes entering into a computer a number of detected radiation events resulting from imparting neutrons into the formation at an energy level of at least 1 million electron volts (mev). The detected radiation events correspond to at least one of an energy level of the imparted neutrons and thermal or epithermal energy neutrons.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Efficacy evaluation method and image processing efficacy evaluation

A technique which makes it possible to more precisely evaluate how a chemical substance is efficacious upon a cell aggregate is suggested. An efficacy evaluation method for evaluating a drug efficacy of a chemical substance upon a cell aggregate inside a liquid which is contained in a container comprises: acquiring tomographic images of the cell aggregate which are imaged along cross sections which approximately match with a vertical plane (step s102); calculating a feature amount of the cell aggregate based on the tomographic images (step s105); and determining the drug efficacy of the chemical substance based on the calculation result of the feature amount..
Screen Holdings Co., Ltd.

Approximation algorithm for solving a momentum transfer cross section

The present invention comprises a method for automated, high throughput molecular identification of macromolecular organic compounds. The method may provide an approximate solution to a momentum transfer cross section of an analyte in a buffer gas as measured by an ion mobility spectrometer that has low computational demand, has a high level of accuracy, and is adaptable for a variety of drift gases..
The Florida State University Research Foundation, Inc.

Adapter for measuring instrument

An adapter apparatus includes a generally cylindrical adapter body 14 including a channel 16 extending axially therethrough, the adapter body having an interior surface, bounding the channel, and an exterior surface 18, a generally circular external cross section and an interior cross section which is adapted to engage at least one object 10, the external surface being formed from a material which is capable of supporting a scanning or testing apparatus at a constant distance from the origin of the circle forming the external cross section.. .
Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company

Spectrometer, monochromator, diffraction grating and methods of manufacturing grating and mold

A diffraction grating comprise a substrate and a plurality of connected diffraction structures formed on the substrate. Each diffraction structure is in the shape of a column and arranged along a concave cylindrical surface, and an axis of each diffraction structure extends along a generatrix of the concave cylindrical surface.
Oto Photonics Inc.


An ejector has a swirling space, a pressure reducing space, a suction passage, a pressure increasing space, a nozzle passage, a diffuser passage, a passage forming member that forms the nozzle passage and the diffuser passage, and a vibration suppressing portion that suppresses a vibration of the passage forming member. The vibration suppressing portion has (i) a first elastic member that applies a load to the passage forming member in a direction in which an area of a cross section perpendicular to the direction of the central axis of the nozzle passage and the diffuser passage decreases and (ii) a second elastic member that applies a load to the passage forming member in a direction opposite from the direction in which the first elastic member applies the load to the passage forming member..
Denso Corporation

Pitch system locking arrangement

A pitch system locking arrangement is provided. A rotor of a wind turbine is disclosed with a pitch system locking arrangement to lock the position of a wind turbine rotor blade.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Apparatus for blending pet fiber and kapok fiber using static electricity and blending pet fiber adn kapok fiber using it

An apparatus for blending a polyethylene terephthalate (pet) and a kapok fiber using static electricity is provided, along with a method for blending the pet fiber and the kapok fiber using the apparatus. The fiber blending apparatus includes a fiber blending chamber having an inlet in which the pet fiber and the kapok fiber are introduced and an outlet from which a nonwoven fabric is discharged.
Hyundai Motor Company

Steel wire for springs having excellent fatigue properties, and spring

A steel wire rod for a spring includes: c: 0.2 to 1.2%, si: 1.0 to 3%, mn: 0.1 to 2%, cr: 3% or less (not inclusive of 0%), al: 0.0002 to 0.005%, ca: 0.0002 to 0.002%, ti: 0.0003 to 0.010%, and balance: iron and unavoidable impurities. An average composition of oxide-based inclusions having a minor axis of 1 μm or more which are present in a cross section satisfies cao: 35% or less, al2o3: 40% or less, sio2: 30 to 95%, mgo: 8% or less, mno: 5% or less, tio2: 3 to 10%, and cao+al2o3+sio2+mgo+mno+tio2≧80%.
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

Production optical fiber preform and production optical fiber

A production method of an optical fiber preform includes: preparing a plurality of bar-shaped first preforms and a plurality of second preforms including through holes having substantially same shape with a shape of outer periphery of a cross section of the first preform, the cross section being orthogonal to a major axis of the first preform; and an assembly step of: matching the through holes of the second preforms to make communication holes; and inserting, through each of the communication holes, at least two of the first preforms arranged side by side in a direction of the major axis such that the second preforms and the first preforms are fitting each other. In at least one position in the direction of the major axis of the communication holes, a position where the second preforms contact with each other differs from a position where the first preforms contact with each other..
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

Suspension arm

A suspension arm has an elongated shape. The suspension arm is shaped such that a line defining an outer shape of the suspension arm does not coincide with a line of force transmission, but a line extending through a shearing center point of each of a plurality of cross sections of the suspension arm coincides with the line of force transmission..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

System and process for double-blow molding a heat resistant and biaxially stretched plastic container

A primary blow mold for biaxially stretch blow molding a primary container in a double-blow molding process includes a mold cavity with a cylindrical upper molding portion and a bottom molding portion. The bottom molding portion has a sidewall; a concave transition wall where the transverse cross section of the mold cavity is the largest; and a bottom wall transvers to a central axis.
Plastipak Bawt S.a.r.l.

Corrugated material scribing tool

A scribing tool is provided for scribing and marking linear lines along corrugated panels. The scribing tool comprises an elongated member adapted to rest substantially flushly against a corrugated panel, whereby the flanges of the tool bear against the panel to form linear lines along which to scribe or mark for subsequent cutting.

Dripper gripper

A water line support device includes a pair of stakes that extend perpendicularly downward from a horizontal support member and a plurality of water line retention mechanisms that may be positioned on the top or bottom side of the horizontal member. In simple form, the plurality of integral retention mechanisms have a recessed channel that is oriented parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the horizontal member.

Dental flossing device

A dental flossing device is made of an elastic material. Its central structure is a resiliently stretchable elastic, bridge strip with a cross section having different shapes.
Flexi Floss Ltd.

Systems, apparatuses and methods for determining blood pressure

The present disclosure is directed to apparatuses, systems and methods for measuring time-varying radar cross section (rcs) of an artery of a patient, which may be used to determine blood pressure of a patient. In some embodiments, an apparatus is provided which comprises a radio-frequency (rf) transceiver for generating rf waves, and at least one sensor configured for positioning on or adjacent the skin of a patient, and at least one of transmitting the rf waves into tissue of the patient and receiving rf wave reflections from at least one artery located within the tissue.
Kyma Medical Technologies Ltd.

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