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Cross Section patents

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Ignition plug

Ngk Spark Plug

Ignition plug

Ignition plug

Renesas Electronics

Semiconductor device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Cross Section-related patents
 Wiring board patent thumbnailWiring board
To provide a wiring board ensuring adhesion strength of a connecting terminal to reduce the connecting terminal from being fallen over or peeled off under fabrication process. The wiring board according to the present invention includes a laminated body where one or more layer of each of an insulating layer and a conductor layer are laminated.
Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

 Motor patent thumbnailMotor
A small dc motor includes a motor frame having a cylindrical portion, the cylindrical portion having a constant thickness and having a cross section in a shape that comprises four sides and connecting portions, each of the connecting portions connecting adjacent two of the four sides and being located inward from a corresponding corner in a quadrangle comprising the four sides; and a magnet having a circumferential surface on an inside thereof and having conformable contact with the motor frame on an outside thereof.. .
Minebea Co., Ltd.

 Ignition plug patent thumbnailIgnition plug
A spark plug has a metal shell and a cylindrical ceramic insulator disposed in an inner circumference of the metal shell. An axial hole extends in an axial line cl direction through the insulator, and has a tip located more to a tip side of the spark plug than a tip of the metal shell, and a distance along the axial line cl1 from the tip of the metal shell to the tip of the ceramic insulator is 0.5 mm or more.
Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

 Semiconductor device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device
This invention prevents a substrate of a semiconductor chip that has through-silicon vias collectively arranged in a specific area thereof from becoming cracked. When a direction in parallel with a long side of a first semiconductor chip is defined as a row direction and a direction perpendicular to the long side of the first semiconductor chip is defined as a column direction, each one of the first through-silicon vias is arranged on any one of grid points arranged in m rows and n columns (m>n).
Renesas Electronics Corporation

 Method of processing wafer patent thumbnailMethod of processing wafer
A wafer has a device region on a front surface where a plurality of devices are disposed and an outer circumferential excess region surrounding the device region. The wafer has a chamfered portion of arcuate cross section on an outer circumferential edge thereof, the chamfered portion extending from the front surface to a reverse side of the wafer.
Disco Corporation

 Mass separators, mass selective detectors, and methods for optimizing mass separation within mass selective detectors patent thumbnailMass separators, mass selective detectors, and methods for optimizing mass separation within mass selective detectors
Mass separators are provided that can include at least one electrode component having a surface, in one cross section, defining at least two runs associated via at least one rise, the rise being orthogonally related to the runs. Mass selective detectors are provided that can include at least a first pair of opposing electrodes with each of the opposing electrodes having a complimentary surface, in one cross section, defining at least two runs associated via a rise.
Flir Detection, Inc.

 Coil for non-contact power transmission system and non-contact power transmission system patent thumbnailCoil for non-contact power transmission system and non-contact power transmission system
A coil for a non-contact power transmission system according to the present disclosure is used in a non-contact power transmission system to transmit electric power via a non-contact method. The coil includes a magnetic body with a flat cross section, and a wire wound around the magnetic body.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

 Litz wire coil patent thumbnailLitz wire coil
Disclosed is a litz wire coil that is configured by spirally winding a litz wire on one plane by a predetermined number of turns. The litz wire is configured by twisting together a plurality of enameled wires formed by baking an insulating film on a conducting body.
Swcc Showa Device Technology Co., Ltd.

 Permanent magnet suitable for magnetic angle encoder patent thumbnailPermanent magnet suitable for magnetic angle encoder
The present invention relates to a permanent magnet suitable for a magnetic angle encoder. The permanent magnet has an annular cylindrical structure and comprises a first permanent magnet unit and a second permanent magnet unit.
Jiangsu Multidimensional Technology Co., Ltd

 Edge hazard warning device patent thumbnailEdge hazard warning device
The present invention provides a device for displaying hazard indicia, having a stanchion defining a first end and a second end, whereby the first end defines a first cross section that is smaller than a second cross section of the second end; a base adapted to removably receive the second end of the stanchion so as to maintain the stanchion in a vertical position; and a means for allowing the device to be collinearly stacked on top of a second device such that only the second end of the device and the second end of the second device contact.. .
Lakeside Plastics, Inc.


Post spacer and display substrate

Disclosed is a post spacer and display substrate, a cross section of the post spacer in the direction perpendicular to the height direction comprising a first portion that is symmetrical with respect to an axis in a first direction, the maximal width of the first portion in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction being the maximal width of the whole cross section in the second direction, and the width of the first portion decreasing progressively along the first direction, wherein a shape between a vertex of the first portion in the first direction and each of the two endpoints defining said maximal width is a straight line, and an included angle between both straight lines is less than or equal to 90 degree, or a shape between a vertex of the first portion in the first direction and each of the two endpoints defining said maximal width is a convex arc, an included angle between both straight lines connecting respectively the vertex to each of the two endpoints is less than or equal to 90 degree, and the convex arc is different from the circular arc on a circle with the straight line segment connecting the two endpoints being the diameter thereof.. .
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Method for preparing samples for imaging

A method and apparatus is provided for preparing samples for observation in a charged particle beam system in a manner that reduces or prevents artifacts. An ion beam mills exposes a cross section of the work piece using a bulk mill process.
Fei Company



An evaporator used in a car air conditioner satisfies a a relation of 0.9≦p1/p2≦1.1, where p1 is the passage cross sectional area of each portion of a refrigerant discharge passage of a refrigerant inlet outlet member of the evaporator, and p2 is the passage cross sectional area of a pipe which establishes communication between a second refrigerant passage of an expansion valve and a compressor. Preferably, relations of w1>w2 and h1>h2 are satisfied, where w1 and h1 are the internal width and height of an upstream end portion of a straight portion of an outward bulged portion of a third plate of the refrigerant inlet outlet member, and w2 and h2 are the internal width and height of a downstream end portion of the outward bulged portion..
Keihin Thermal Technology Corporation


Hearth pad

A heat-resistant and spark-resistant hearth pad assembly presents a finished appearance along a floor surface, and supports a wood stove or other heat-generating appliance or device. The hearth pad assembly is transportable in compact form as a kit, and is readily assembled at an installation location, preferably without the use of tools.
Hestia Inc. (d/b/a American Panel Hearth Products)


Lighting device and corresponding mounting housing, kit and method

A lighting device may include a strip-like carrier with a first and a second opposed faces with light radiation sources on the first face, and a strip-like profiled member having a pi-shaped cross section, including a channel-like central portion with a bottom wall and side walls. The strip-like carrier is arranged in the profiled member with the first face and the light radiation sources facing outwardly of the central portion and the second face facing the bottom wall of central portion.
Osram Gmbh


Cam phaser with electromagnetically actuated hydraulic valve

A cam phaser including an electromagnetically actuated hydraulic valve; and a hollow piston inserted in a borehole and longitudinally movable by an electromagnet so that a hydraulic fluid is distributed to operating connections associated with pressure cavities of the cam phaser, wherein a first operating connection branches off from a borehole directly adjacent to the electromagnet, wherein the hollow piston includes a circumferential bar with a control edge oriented towards the electromagnet so that a cavity within the borehole is defined on one side by the circumferential bar and on another side by the electromagnet, wherein a drain opening extends from the cavity, wherein the drain opening hydraulically connects the cavity with a drain channel leading towards a tank drain, wherein the bar is movable into a direction expanding the first operating connection in the flow cross section by a force of the electromagnet that is loaded with electrical current.. .
Hilite Germany Gmbh


Ceiling system

A ceiling system in one embodiment includes a support grid including intersecting grid support members and grid openings formed between the grid support members. A vertical baffle is positioned in a grid opening and is attached to the support grid.
Armstrong World Industries, Inc.


Conjugate fiber for air-laid nonwoven fabric manufacture and manufacturing a high-density air-laid nonwoven fabric

The conjugate fiber for air-laid nonwoven fabric manufacture is a heat-fusible conjugate fiber in which a first component comprising an olefinic thermoplastic resin is conjugated with a second component comprising an olefinic thermoplastic resin having a melting point higher than that of the first component. The conjugate form is such that the centers of gravity of the conjugate components are mutually different in the fiber cross section, the fiber has a single-yarn fineness of 1 to 10 dtex, a fiber length of 3 to 20 mm, and a planar zig-zag crimp whose crimp shape index (actual length of short fiber/distance between both ends of short fiber) ranges from 1.05 to 1.60, and the web shrinkage upon thermal treatment at 145° c.


Fabric for air bag

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a fabric for an air bag that, during high-pressure deployment at high speed, maintains low air permeability as an air bag and is capable of maintaining the low air permeability even after exposure to heat. This fabric for an air bag comprises a synthetic fiber and is characterized by the contact angle of a circumscribed circle at intersecting sections in which the warp thread and the weft thread come in contact in the cross section of the fabric is at least 80° in both the warp thread direction and the weft thread direction..
Asahi Kasei Fibers Corporation


Method for forming via hole in glass substrate by laser irradiation

A method for forming a through-hole in a glass substrate includes the steps of (a) radiating a laser beam to a glass substrate, so that a through-hole penetrating the glass substrate from a first surface to a second surface is formed in a radiation area of the glass substrate, and a constricted part is formed in the through-hole, and (b) causing a discharge via the through-hole by applying a direct-current voltage between the first and second surfaces of the glass substrate, so that a diameter of a cross section of the constricted part that is substantially orthogonal to a longitudinal axis of the through-hole is increased.. .
Asahi Glass Company, Limited


Method for producing microchannel, and microchannel

Provided is a method for producing a microchannel including an approximately circular cross section with neither a joined surface nor an inlet in a smaller number of steps than has been conventional. The method for producing a microchannel includes the steps of forming a layer of an uncured curable resin (2) on a substrate (1), inserting into the curable resin a needle body (3) that can inject a liquid (4), injecting a liquid in a tubular shape into the curable resin via the needle body while moving the needle body, extracting the needle body from the curable resin, and curing the curable resin to form a channel (4a) in a tubular region injected with the liquid..
Keio University


Power-module substrate and manufacturing method thereof

To provide a power-module substrate and a manufacturing method thereof in which small voids are reduced at a bonded part and separation can be prevented. Bonding a metal plate of aluminum or aluminum alloy to at least one surface of a ceramic substrate by brazing, when a cross section of the metal plate is observed by a scanning electron microscope in a field of 3000 magnifications in a depth extent of 5 μm from a bonded interface between the metal plate and the ceramic substrate in a width area of 200 μm from a side edge of the metal plate, residual-continuous oxide existing continuously by 2 μm or more along the bonded interface has total length of 70% or less with respect to a length of the field..
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation


Multi-tubular reactor and multi-tubular reactor design and fabrication method

A line (bl) through a central axis of the temperature-measuring reaction tube and a central axis of the shell (2) forms an angle from 0 to 15 degree with a line (cl) through the central axis of the temperature-measuring reaction tube and a central axis of at least one adjacent reaction tube next to the temperature-measuring reaction tube, in a cross section of the reactor (1) perpendicular to the central axis of the shell (2), as well as a design and production method thereof.. .


Exhaust gas purification an internal combustion engine

An exhaust gas purification apparatus for an internal combustion engine includes an addition valve to add a precursor of ammonia or ammonia into an exhaust passage of the internal combustion engine, a sensor to detect nox and ammonia at the upstream side of the addition valve, a channel cross section reducing part arranged at the downstream side of the addition valve, and a control device to limit the calculation of an amount of the precursor of ammonia or an amount of ammonia to be added from the addition valve based on a detection value of the sensor, or the calculation of a rate of nox reduction based on the detection value of the sensor, in cases where a flow rate of exhaust gas flowing through the exhaust passage is equal to or more than a predetermined flow rate.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Fascial release ball

A personal massager comprising a spherical body is secured in a disc shaped housing. The disc shaped housing has a circular cross section, a tapered perimeter, and a crater-like middle portion adapted to receive the spherical body.


Method of calibrating a blood pressure measurement device

Systems, methods, and devices of the various embodiments enable calibration of continuous non-interfering blood pressure measurement devices. The measured quantity may be related to an arterial lumen or arterial cross sectional area.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Continuous calibration of a blood pressure measurement device

Systems, methods, and devices of the various embodiments enable continuous non-invasive monitoring of blood pressure with a minimum of interference. The various embodiments may provide a method for adaptation for the calibration for continuous measurements of blood pressure, wherein the measured quantity may be related to an arterial lumen or arterial cross sectional area comprising calibrating the conversion for incremental variations of arterial properties and absolute value adaptation by exploitation of the exponential decay during the diastole.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Systems and methods for temporarily restraining an animal

A portable method of restraining an animal that frees both hands of a user. System includes a rigid anchor and a carrier that can be rigid or flexible.


Angle-adjustable and/or angled printed circuit board structure having at least two printed circuit board sections and producing the same

An angle-adjustable printed circuit board structure having two printed circuit board sections arranged angularly with respect to one another. The printed circuit board structure contains at least one conduction element which is embedded at least predominantly in the printed circuit board structure and which extends between two contact pads and is electrically conductively connected to said contact pads.
Jumatech Gmbh


Spark plug

A spark plug having an insulator with a through hole formed therein in a direction of an axis, a center electrode disposed in a front side of the through hole, a metal terminal disposed in a rear side of the through hole, an electrical connection part arranged in the through hole to establish electrical connection between the center electrode and the metal terminal and a metal shell holding therein the insulator. The electrical connection part has a conductor including a conductive material and at least one kind of fe-containing oxide material.
Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.


Universal socket device

A universal socket device comprises a plurality of sockets arranged in one interface panel, and transformer circuits disposed inside a body. The interface panel is arranged on top of the body, while a male connector is arranged on the lower side of the body adapted to connect to the output power.
Cord-it Limited


Dry separation apparatus, nozzle for generating high-speed particle beam for dry separation, and dry separation method using high-speed particle beam

A dry separation method is a dry separation method for ashing a photoresist, including a spraying and separating step of spraying sublimation particles on the photoresist and separating the photoresist. A dry separation apparatus is a dry separation apparatus for ashing a photoresist, including a nozzle for generating a high-speed particle beam that includes sublimation particles.
Npics Inc.


Fluid control system, fluid device, and fluid control method

A fluid control system includes a fluid device including a flow channel including a reaction part in which a first fluid is subjected to a reaction, and a position control apparatus. The position control apparatus includes a position information acquisition unit that acquires information of a position of an interface between the first fluid and a second fluid in the flow channel or between the second fluid and a third fluid in the flow channel.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Electrophotographic intermediate transfer member and electrophotographic apparatus

The present invention relates to an electrophotographic intermediate transfer member that, even if an image is repeatedly and continuously transferred, can retain its transfer performance and can obtain an excellent image for a long time. The electrophotographic intermediate transfer member has a base layer and a surface layer, the surface layer has a matrix-domain structure in the cross section in the thickness direction, the matrix is formed of a binder resin, the domains contains a perfluoropolyether, and a microhardness of a surface of the electrophotographic intermediate transfer member measured by an ultramicro-hardness meter is 50 mpa or more..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Cleaning assemblies for eyeglasses

A cleaning assembly for eyeglasses having at least one lens supported by a frame including at least one aperture substantially the size of a cross section of the at least one lens, wherein the aperture can fit at least one cleaning element and adapted to move relative to the at least one lens to clean the exposed surface of the lens.. .
Upfront Enterprise Corporations Pty Ltd


Multicore fiber and manufacturing the same

A multicore fiber according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a plurality of cores and a cladding that encloses the plurality of the cores. The external form of the cladding in a cross section is formed of an arc portion that is formed in an arc shape relative to the center axis of the cladding and a non-arc portion that is pinched between two ends of the arc portion and not formed in an arc shape relative to the center axis of the cladding.
Fujikura Ltd.


Optical element

Provided is an optical element having an optical waveguide region that can propagate azimuthally polarized light or radially polarized light while maintaining the direction of polarization. The optical element has a resin layer and an optical waveguide region that is formed in the resin layer and guides light in the lengthwise direction of the resin layer.
Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd.


Heat exchanger device and system technologies

A disclosed heat exchanger device for a heat exchanging fluid comprises a continuous conduit arranged in an nth pass plurality of descending rows and columns interconnected at at least one transitional point(s). The transitional point(s) are arranged in a pattern of parallel u-tubes which in any two adjacent rows slope in the same direction wherein an end view of the first transitional points resembles a herringbone pattern.


Schraubelement - screw element

A screw element (1), having a threaded shank (2) and a screw tip (4), on one shank end, and a screw head (5) on the opposite end with force-application means (7), and a screw thread (12) on the threaded shank (2) and the screw tip (4). The screw tip (4), has a front first tip portion (4a), which tapers towards the end of the screw element, and a second adjacent tip portion (4b), having, a polygonal cross section, with an enveloping circle diameter (dh) larger than a core diameter (dk) of the first tip portion (4a).


Method for repairing a power rail housing of a wind power plant, power rail housing and repair kit for carrying out the method

The invention relates to a method for repairing a power rail housing (100) of a wind power plant (10), in which the power rail housing (100) is composed of a plurality of power rail housing sections (32, 33) each having an at least essentially rectangular cross section and being connected to one another in the longitudinal direction, wherein the connection of the power rail housing sections (32, 33) is carried out by means of preferably plate-shaped connecting elements (37, 38), said power rail housing sections (32, 33) covering a connecting region of power rails (27 to 29) within the power rail housing (100), wherein the connecting elements (37, 38) are connected by means of screws (42, 43) to the two power rail housing sections (32, 33) which adjoin one another in the longitudinal direction.. .
Flyteg Gmbh & Co. Kg


Sub-muffler and manufacturing sub-muffler

A manufacturing method of a sub-muffler -parenthesis-1, 201) includes a rectangular tubular body shaping step -parenthesis-s3), a preliminary shaping step -parenthesis-s5, s26), and a diameter reduction shaping step -parenthesis-s7, s27). In the rectangular tubular body shaping step -parenthesis-s3), a plate material -parenthesis-70) is bent and a rectangular tubular body -parenthesis-72, 720) having a rectangular shape in cross section is thereby formed.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Splice sleeve with elliptical or compound curve cross section

A splice sleeve having an elliptical or compound curve cross section for connecting overlapping end portions of reinforcing bars utilized in various types of structures in which steel reinforcing bars are utilized and it is desired to connect the overlapping end portions of the reinforcing bars. The splice sleeve is configured to receive the overlapped end portions of the reinforcing bars and then be filled with hardenable material to resist axial tension and compression exerted on the reinforcing bars.
Ae Connector Solutions Pte. Ltd.


Exotensioned structural members with energy-absorbing effects

Structural members having enhanced load bearing capacity per unit mass include a skeleton structure formed from strips of material. Notches may be placed on the strips and a weave of tensile material placed in the notches and woven around the skeleton structure.


Reinforced thermoplastic resin composition and molded article

A reinforced thermoplastic resin composition including: a polycarbonate resin (a); a graft copolymer (b) obtained by polymerizing a monomer mixture including an aromatic alkenyl compound monomer (a) and a vinyl cyanide compound monomer (b) in the presence of a rubbery polymer (b1); a glass fiber (d) which is surface-treated with a water-soluble polyurethane and which has a ratio between a major axis and a minor axis in a fiber cross section of at least 2; a glycidyl ether unit-containing polymer (e) which includes a glycidyl ether unit and has a mass average molecular weight of 3,800 to 60,000; a phosphoric acid ester-based flame retardant (f1) having a mass average molecular weight of 300 to 430; a phosphoric acid ester-based flame retardant (f2) having a mass average molecular weight of 550 to 692; and a sulfonic acid metal salt (g), wherein a content ratio of the component (a) is from 93 to 99% by mass and a content ratio of the component (b) is from 1 to 7% by mass with respect to a total mass of 100% by mass of the component (a) and the component (b); a content ratio of the component (d) is from 30 to 50% by mass with respect to a total mass of 100% by mass of the component (a), the component (b), the component (d), the component (e), the component (f1), the component (f2) and the component (g); and with respect to a total of 100 parts by mass of the component (a) and the component (b), a content of the component (e) is from 1 to 10 parts by mass, a content of the component (f1) is from 0.5 to 5 parts by mass, a content of the component (f2) is from 19.5 to 25 parts by mass, a total of the contents of the component (f1) and the component (f2) is from 21 to 29 parts by mass, and a content of the component (g) is from 0.03 to 0.5 parts by mass.. .
Umg Abs, Ltd.


Foldable paperboard for preparing a paper tube

A paperboard comprises a plurality of folding lines and paper panels. The paperboard is either intact or perforated.


Aircraft having a self-erecting partition element in a compartment inside the fuselage

An aircraft comprising a fuselage defining a longitudinal axis and an interior compartment. Along the axis, in cross-section perpendicular to the axis, the compartment is enclosed by a floor, sidewall and ceiling structure.
Airbus Operations Gmbh


Method for manufacturing a part made of composite material for an aircraft structure by pultrusion and cocuring

The manufacture of structural elements for aircraft requires the use of complex and costly methods, particularly in the case of parts of elongate overall shape and variable thickness or cross section made of composite material. The disclosure herein proposes to overcome this problem by a method that allows the manufacture of a structural part from a preform made of composite material of simple shape obtained by pultrusion and of one or more reinforcing elements made of composite material and secured by cocuring with the preform to a region of this preform which region is to be reinforced..
Airbus Operations (s.a.s.)


Reinforced drive tool

A socket includes a hole having a hexagonal cross section and defining six abutting sides and an included angle between any of the two adjacent abutting sides. Any of the two opposite abutting sides are spaced at a first distance.
Hong Ann Tool Industries Co., Ltd.


Device for gripping substrate without contact

A device for gripping a substrate without contact with which the substrate can be more securely transported. In the device, a housing cap has an air inlet in the upper surface and a lower opening, the lower opening communicating with the air inlet such that air introduced through the air inlet exits through the lower opening.
Zs-handling Gmbh



A drill with a cutting fluid supply hole includes: a tool main-body with an axial end cutting-edge, a portion having a discharge flute on a main-body distal end side portion, and a cutting fluid supply hole, the hole having a fan-shaped cross section defined by a front inner-wall surface located along a main-body radial direction on the front side in the drill rotation direction, a rear inner-wall surface located along the radial-direction on the rear side in the drill rotation direction and facing the front inner-wall surface in a main-body circumferential direction, an outer circumferential inner-wall surface made up of a partially cylindrical surface around a drill center line, and an inner circumferential inner-wall surface made up of a partially cylindrical surface around the center line with a curvature radius smaller than that of the outer circumferential inner-wall surface and facing the outer circumferential inner-wall surface in the radial direction.. .
Osg Corporation


Split tip catheter for dialysis treatment

Disclosed is a split tip catheter having a tapered venous lumen and a tapered arterial lumen, wherein each of the lumens includes a d-shaped cross section. In one embodiment, the length of the venous lumen is greater than the length of the arterial lumen.
Vescutech Medical, Llc



A beehive for honeybees having a configuration that allows a beekeeper to inspect the hive at regular intervals with minimal disturbance to the honeybees. The bees work comb frames contained within an array of master frames.


Brush plate

A brush plate has an insulating substrate, at least one pair of brushes mounted on the insulating substrate, and a conductor for supplying power to the brushes. The conductor includes at least one overheat protection portion having a smaller cross sectional area than adjacent portions of the conductor.
Johnson Electric S.a.


Brush-type contact material and manufactuing the same

The present invention relates to a brush type contact material, including one or more curved metal pawls of which ends come into contact with objects to be contacted. The ends of the pawls have an arc-like cross section in a thickness direction, a curvature radius r1 on a front side from a contact point with the object to be contacted and a curvature radius r2 on a back side from the contact point are formed so as to be r1≧r2, and also both ends in a width direction of the pawl are chamfered.
Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.k.


Signal and drain arrangement for high speed cables

A system and method are disclosed for a novel dual axial cable configuration. More specifically, with a dual axial cable configuration in accordance with the present invention, a shape of the signal conductors and drain conductors is configured to ensure the electric field density is oriented towards the drain conductor.
Dell Products L.p.


Electrical characteristics of shielded electrical cables

A shielded electrical cable includes one or more conductor sets extending along a length of the cable and being spaced apart from each other along a width of the cable. Each conductor set has one or more conductors having a size no greater than 24 awg and each conductor set has an insertion loss of less than about −20 db/meter over a frequency range of 0 to 20 ghz.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Light guide, light source device, and image reading device

A light guide includes a first exit portion emitting first exiting light, a second exit portion emitting second exiting light in a different direction than the first exiting light, and a reflecting portion reflecting light entering the light guide to each of the first and second exit portions. The first and second exit portions respectively have first and second curved surfaces each having a convex cross section perpendicular to the long axis direction.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Chain joint for link chains

A chain joint for link chains, having a main body in the form of an oval chain link with two mutually parallel longitudinal legs which are connected to one another at their ends via a rounded link portion, one defining a receiving opening for receiving chain links. The receiving opening is bounded at its ends by one longitudinal leg section, wherein, in the longitudinal leg, a threaded bore runs in the longitudinal direction and extends in both longitudinal leg sections.
Pewag Austria Gmbh


Assembled crankshaft and producing an assembled crankshaft

The invention relates to a method for producing an assembled crankshaft for an internal combustion engine, wherein crank webs having receiving openings and crank pins fastening sections at the ends thereof are provided as join partners, wherein the receiving openings or the fastening sections are provided with teeth running in a longitudinal direction (x) of the crankshaft and wherein the cross section of the fastening sections protrudes beyond the inner cross section of the associated receiving opening in certain sections on account of the teeth, so that when the join partners are connected at the receiving openings of the crank webs or the fastening sections of the crank pins, a material displacement and contour deformation occurs and the join partners are thus connected in a form-fitting manner. According to the invention, the fastening sections are fitted into the receiving opening in such a way that the join partners are fixed to each other in an operationally safe and force fitting manner without further fastening means and without an additional connection in the longitudinal direction (x)..
Thyssenkrupp Presta Teccenter Ag


Wind turbine blades and manufacturing the same

Method of making a spar cap (146) for a wind turbine blade, the method comprising: (a) providing a plurality of elongate pultruded fibrous composite strips (100), each strip being of substantially constant cross section defined by first and second mutually opposed and longitudinally extending sides (102. 104) and by first and second longitudinal edges (110, 112), the first and second sides comprising, respectively, first and second planar abutment surfaces (118), the strip being of substantially uniform thickness between the first and second abutment surfaces, a first edge region (120) of the strip comprising a first edge of the strip being of relatively reduced thickness, the first side of the strip comprising an edge surface (122) adjacent the first abutment surface in the first edge region of the strip, and the strip having a first peel ply layer (114) at least partially covering the first abutment surface and at least partially covering the edge surface; (b) removing the first peel ply layers from the respective strips; (c) stacking the strips in a mould such that the first abutment surface of each strip abuts an abutment surface of an adjacent strip in the stack to define an interface region (142) between the strips, and such that a clearance region (144) is defined between the first edge region of each strip and an edge region of an adjacent strip in the stack; (d) supplying resin to the respective clearance regions and causing the resin to infiltrate into the interface regions between adjacent strips; and (e) curing the resin to bond the strips together..
Vestas Wind Systems A/s


Methods and downhole probes

A method for using a downhole probe. The method comprises providing a probe, at least one vertical cross section of the probe having an area of at least pi inches squared.
Evolution Engineering Inc.


Soft-closing hinge for use in furniture

Soft-closing hinge for furniture comprising a movable hinge cup coupled to a door panel, a securing member coupled to a wall panel and a hinge arm configured to couple the hinge cup to the securing member. A damper on the hinge cup acts on the hinge arm at least when the hinge is closed.


Sanitary installation element

A sanitary insert, which is arranged in a water line, is provided. The sanitary insert includes a mixing device with at least one throttling or closing element, which can be moved under the pressure of the inflowing water from a mixing or open position into a throttling or closed position against a restoring force.
Neoperl Gmbh


Chopped carbon fiber bundles and producing chopped carbon fiber bundles

Provided are: chopped carbon fiber bundles which have high fluidity without decreasing the dispersibility of carbon fibers and the physical properties of a molded product; and a method for producing chopped carbon fiber bundles with high productivity. Chopped carbon fiber bundles, each of which contain a carbon fiber bundle having a total fineness of from 25,000 dtex to 45,000 dtex (inclusive) and a sizing agent in an amount of from 1% by mass to 5% by mass (inclusive) relative to the total mass of the chopped carbon fiber bundle.
Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.


Mixing and stirring device, mixing and stirring method, and manufacturing lightweight gypsum board

Turning motion of gypsum slurry spouting onto a sheet of paper for a gypsum board liner is restricted for preventing maldistribution, deviation or irregular dispersion from occurring in the density distribution of the slurry on the sheet of paper. A mixing and stirring device for gypsum slurry has a circular casing forming a mixing area, a rotary disc positioned in the casing, and a tubular passage for feeding the slurry onto the sheet of paper for gypsum board liner.
Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd.


Multi-core optical fiber ribbons and methods for making the same

Multi-core optical fiber ribbons and methods for making multi-core optical fiber ribbons are described herein. In one embodiment, a multi-core optical fiber ribbon includes at least two core members formed from silica-based glass and oriented in parallel with one another in a single plane.
Corning Incorporated


Vehicle body front structure for automobile

In a vehicle front structure, without increasing the thickness of the material of a damper housing structure and reinforcement portions, an adequate mechanical strength in supporting the damper can be ensured, and the cost of the manufacturing facilities can be minimized. The damper housing structure is formed by a damper base, a damper housing main body, a front reinforcement portion and a rear reinforcement portion, and the damper base.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Reactor, reaction method, and reaction product

A reactor and a reaction method are provided with which temperature changes due to a large amount of reaction heat generated immediately after confluence of raw material fluids can be suppressed. A reactor (2) includes reaction passages (22) and temperature control passages (42).
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)


C-shaped cross section tubular ophthalmic implant for reduction of intraocular pressure in glaucomatous eyes and use

An implant may be used for implantation into tissue of a body. The implant includes an elongated conduit and a loop.
Aqueous Biomedical, Inc.


Optical image measuring apparatus, image displaying apparatus and image displaying method

An optical system splits light into signal light and reference light and detects interference light between scattered light of signal light from living body and reference light. A scanner performs first scan in which first cross section that intersects interested blood vessel is repeatedly scanned with signal light.
National University Corporation Asahikawa Medical University


Grounding stud and electrical connections

An electrical connection includes an elongate stud defining a central longitudinal axis, and having a patterned segment, a shoulder, and a flange. The shoulder is generally circular in cross-section having one or more outwardly directed curved surfaces.
Ramco Specialties, Inc.


Spin valve element

A spin valve element 10 including a spin injector 12 made of a ferromagnetic material, a spin detector 16 made of a ferromagnetic material, and a channel part 14 made of a non-magnetic material. The spin detector 16 is arranged at a position separated from the spin injector 12, the channel part 14 is connected with the spin injector 12 and the spin detector 16 directly or through an insulating layer, and a plurality of spin diffusion portions 30 to 34 with enlarged cross section areas in a direction perpendicular to a spin current is formed in the channel part 14..
Japan Science And Technology Agency


Apparatus and sample preparation

A sample preparation apparatus (100) is used to prepare a cross section of a sample (s) by irradiating it with an ion beam. The apparatus (100) includes an ion beam generator (10), a shield plate (40) disposed to cover a part of the sample (s) to shield the sample (s) from the ion beam, and a controller (82) controlling the ion beam generator (10).
Jeol Ltd.



A choke includes a single-piece core made of a same material, the single-piece core having a first board, a second board, and a pillar located between the first and second boards, a winding space located among the first board, the second board and the pillar, wherein the pillar has a non-circular and non-rectangular cross section having a first axis and a second axis substantially perpendicularly intersecting with each other at a center of the cross section of the pillar, and wherein a circumference of the cross section of the pillar includes two arc edges, four first substantially straight edges substantially parallel to the first axis, and two second substantially straight edges substantially parallel to the second axis, each of the first substantially straight edges being a joint of and in direct contact with one of the arc edges and one of the second substantially straight edges.. .
Cyntec Co., Ltd.


Differential signal transmission cable and differential signal transmission aggregated cable

A differential signal transmission cable is composed of a twinax cable including twin electrically insulated wires, which are arranged side by side in contact with each other, and a drain wire, which is arranged in contact with and parallel to both of the twin electrically insulated wires, and a shield tape, which is wound around a circumference of the twinax cable including the drain wire. When in cross sectional view, an isosceles triangle is defined as having, as its base, a line segment that joins respective centers of the twin electrically insulated wires, and as its vertex point, a center of the drain wire, the isosceles triangle has a vertex angle of not smaller than 74 degrees and not greater than 90 degrees..
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.


System and generating a light pattern for object illumination

A method and system for generating light pattern. The system may include: a light source providing a diverging light beam; a single lens element having first surface with a positive optical power in at least one cross section and a second surface.
Pebbles Ltd.


Protective housing

A protective housing for a camera system mounted on a platform is described. The housing is formed in a domed shape and covers sensitive optical systems.
Selex Es Ltd


Device and method relating to the installation of a liner in a chimney or flue

The invention relates to a coring device 10 for a chimney or flue 42, comprising a body 16, 26 having a first end 14 and a second end 12, wherein the first end 14 is adapted for attachment to at least one chimney rod 38, the body 16, 26 having a circular cross section having a diameter substantially equal to or larger than an external diameter of a liner 64 to be installed in the chimney or flue 42.. .


Sealing ring and pressure transducer having at least one such sealing ring

A sealing ring for sealing in the axially clamped state includes a metal or ceramic annular body, which has in cross section a first spring leg having at least a first sealing surface on a first end of the annular body and a second spring leg having at least a second sealing surface on a second end of the annular body, which faces away from the first end. Between the first spring leg and the second spring leg a diagonal connecting leg extends, which is connected with the first spring leg in an inner edge region of the annular body and with the second spring leg in an outer edge region of the annular body.
Endress + Hauser Gmbh + Co. Kg


Centrifugal fan

A centrifugal fan is provided that includes a main plate configured to be rotated about a rotational axis, a shroud, having a suction opening through which air is suctioned in, and a plurality of blades arranged in a circumferential direction between the main plate and the shroud to allow the air suctioned in through the suction opening to flow from a front edge to a rear edge of each blade. Assuming a first cross section, a second cross section, a third cross section, and a fourth cross section of each blade sequentially taken at layers from the shroud to the main plate, a front edge of the first cross section is located farther from the rotational axis than a front edge of the fourth cross section, and a rear edge of the first cross section is located closer to the rotational axis than a rear edge of the fourth cross section.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Ceiling system

A ceiling system in one embodiment includes a grid support member, a ceiling panel, a torsion spring mounted on the ceiling panel, and a spring clip slideably mounted on the grid support member and configured to retain the spring. The spring clip includes a pair of resilient locking tabs engaging the grid support member to lock the clip to the member, thereby preventing withdrawing the clip from the support member.
Armstrong World Industries, Inc.


Multi-strip beam-forming apparatus, method and beam

A multi-sheet beam includes sheets pre-shaped and/or pre-formed to have integral features and to cause a final beam shape with non-radiused corners and optimal impact properties when assembled, including beams with constant or varied cross sectional shapes. The non-radiused corners offer excellent impact strength over radiused corners.
Shape Corp.


Vehicle trim part having a layered, decorative finish and configured to form a light pattern at the front of the part

A vehicle trim part having a layered, decorative finish is provided. The part includes a polymeric substrate, a decorative layer overlying the polymeric substrate and a light-transmissive, protective layer overlying and protecting the decorative layer.
Global Ip Holdings, Llc


Vehicle seat

A vehicle seat includes: a side frame of a seat cushion; a seat support member on a floor side; and a joining bracket that joins the side frame and the seat support member together. The seat support member has at least an upper surface and side surfaces and has a hat shape in cross section in a direction orthogonal to a longitudinal direction of the seat support member.
Shiroki Corporation


Snow tire tread comprising incisions and cavities

A snow tire tread having a plurality of blocks separated by grooves and provided with sipe incisions dividing into several parts from a certain depth onwards, (complex sipes each having, when viewed in cross section, a rectilinear first part extending radially from the tread surface of the tread, and a second part extending the first part and comprising at least two branches each having an end. The tread has cavities each extending between the branches of a complex sipe and having a bottom situated at the same level as the ends of the branches.
Compagnie Generale Des Etablissements Michelin


Inkjet head

An inkjet head may include a nozzle hole; a pressure chamber; and a piezoelectric device disposed on the side opposite to the nozzle hole. A cross-sectional shape of the pressure chamber may include a circular-arc-shaped side wall portion and linear side wall portions connected with two ends of the circular-arc-shaped side wall portion on the side opposite to the supply side, the distance between the linear side wall portions gradually decreasing toward the side opposite to the supply side.
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Irradiating device and program

The invention provides an irradiating device and a program which can appropriately set a cross sectional shape of human tissue at a time of incising the human tissue by beam irradiation. For example, when a cornea (100) is incised by an irradiating device which outputs femtosecond laser, a cross sectional shape in an intersecting direction to a direction of advancing to a back surface side from a front surface side of the cornea in an incision (101) is set to a non-rectilinear shape, for example, a circular arc shape.
Chukyo Medical Co., Inc.


Hair curling apparatus with a flattened curling section

A curling device is disclosed for styling hair. The device includes a flattened curling section configured to create a zig-zag pattern in the hair being treated.


Removable shoe wedge

A shoe wedge includes a support structure. The support structure includes two longitudinally extending wall portions that are biased towards one another such that the wall portions define a channel extending between the wall portions and an opening that extends from an upper surface of the support structure to a lower surface of the support structure.


Electronic control device

The invention provides an electronic control device having a high-grade heat sink that: does not require tight control at the time of manufacturing; does not restrict the range of electronic components that can be used; is structurally simple; can be produced at a higher production rate; and is cost-effective. In this device, when a circuit board 14 having an electronic component 13 thereon is placed in a non-metal (resin) housing having: a housing base 11 integrally comprising via a partition wall 11a a connector inserting section 18 used for electrical connection with an external mating connector (not illustrated); and a housing cover 12 attached to the housing base 11, part of the board 14 is inserted into an insertion hole provided in the partition wall 11a so that it is exposed inside the connector inserting section 16.
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.


Metal-free monolithic epitaxial graphene-on-diamond pwb

According to some embodiments, an apparatus includes a circuit board made of polycrystalline diamond. The circuit board is formed by deposition of layers of poly(hydridocarbyne).


End ring and rotor bar for line start permanent magnet motor

A rotor for an lsipm comprises a plurality of permanent magnets defining a number of poles (“p”) of the lsipm, and a plurality of rotor bars spaced about the rotor defining a rotor bar area (“ba”). The rotor bars are formed of a conductive material having an associated conductivity (“σrb”).
Baldor Electric Company


Portable electric vehicle supply equipment

An electric vehicle service equipment (evse) system includes an evse case having a front plug face, a rear face, and left and right gripping sides that collectively define a trapezoidal prism cross section, the left and right gripping sides further having left and right convex gripping portions, respectively, a relay positioned within the evse case, and a controller positioned within the evse case and in communication with the relay, the controller responsive to a pilot duty signal, when a pilot duty signal is present.. .
Aerovironment, Inc.


Laser module

A light incidence plane of the core 15 includes a plurality of planes 15a to 15c unparalleled with each other to which a light beam emitted from at least one laser element 21 is entered. When seen on a cross section taken along the longer direction of an optical fiber 10, light beams entered to a core 15 from the inclined planes 15b and 15c inclined to an axis ca of the optical fiber 10 in the plurality of the planes 15a to 15c are propagated from a region surrounded by a line and the inclined planes 15b and 15c forming an acute angle, the line being passed through the incident points of the light beams entered to the inclined planes 15b and 15c and parallel with an axis ca..
Fujikura Ltd.


Thermoelectrical generator

A thermoelectric generator device includes an inner wall, a support wall and an outer wall which are polygonal in cross sections and concentric with one another to define a generally annular chamber on either side of the support wall. Thermoelectric modules are mounted in the support wall in communication with inner and outer ones of the two chambers to generate electrical power when subjected to a temperature differential between the chambers.


Rectangular wire edgewise-bending processing device and rectangular wire edgewise-bending processing method

Provided is a rectangular wire edgewise-bending processing device for performing an edgewise-bending process for a rectangular wire to form a coil, the rectangular wire edgewise-bending processing device including a fixing unit for fixing the rectangular wire, a pressing tool for pressing a surface formed by a long side of a rectangular cross section of the rectangular wire, and a bending tool for bending the rectangular wire into a predetermined coil shape, wherein the edgewise-bending process is performed while the surface formed by the long side of the rectangular cross section of the rectangular wire is pressed.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Flame retardant twin axial cable

A cable includes a plurality of conductor sets. Each conductor set extending along a length of the cable and includes two or more insulated conductors, each insulated conductor including a central conductor surrounded by a dielectric material that includes polyolefin, a brominated flame retardant, and antimony trioxide.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Liquid crystal display apparatus

The liquid crystal display apparatus includes a liquid crystal module that has: a liquid crystal panel, an optical sheet, a backlight, and a box-shaped housing which has an opening on its front side and houses at least the optical sheet and the backlight, which are sequentially laminated from a front side to a rear side; and a frame-shaped member that covers peripheral surface sides of the liquid crystal panel and the housing. The liquid crystal display apparatus further includes: a frame body that extends along a peripheral edge of the liquid crystal module, have a cross section orthogonal to an extending direction formed in a u-shape opened toward the liquid crystal module, and is partially in contact with the housing and the frame-shaped member to hold the liquid crystal module; and a leaf spring that is installed at a portion where a rear surface of the housing and the frame body face each other, and presses the housing and the frame body so as to be separated from each other in the thickness direction of the housing..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Device for flow measurement in hose and/or plastic pipe systems

The present invention relates to a device for installation into a hose and/or plastic pipe system and mounting of flow measurement sensors which comprises a plastic flow part as a hollow body with a centrally arranged and deformable region with a rectangular cross section. The present invention further relates to the use of the abovementioned device as well as to a method of flow measurement using the device..
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Gmbh


A non-contact measuring of outer dimensions of cross sections of metallurgical rod material and a modular frame for performing thereof

A method of continuous non-contact outer dimensions measuring of cross sections of metallurgical rod material consists in the following technical solution: at least three laser beams rotating in the same direction or oscillating laser beams of commonly calibrated and synchronized scanners evenly surround rod material so that the centres of the beams are aimed at the axis of the rod material repeatedly measuring the distance between the beginning of the coordinate systems of scanners and the surface of the scanned rod material; then the group of simultaneously measured distances is converted to point coordinates of the common coordinate system; using the groups of the common coordinate system, diameters and centres of gravity of the cross section of the rod material in the scanning plane are calculated; based on approximation of changes of the centres of gravity of the rod material in time, at least one function of the cross movement is determined during profile scanning and using the function/s of the cross movement of the rod material during one beam deflecting cycle the coordinates are converted of the measured points of the corresponding profile to eliminate the cross movement and offsetting of rod material during one scanning sequence in order to obtain the actual profile of rod material. The basis of the modular frame fitted with at least one scanner and wiring according to the invention consists in it having a polygonal shape with vertexes formed by at least one connecting elbow and at least two anchoring elbows, whereas these connecting elbows and anchoring elbows are connected by connecting arms and these arms are fitted (using sleeve fixtures) with protective housings for the scanners and the modular frame carries a distribution system for at least one cooling medium..
VysokÁ Skola BÁÑskÁ- TechnickÁ Univerzita Ostrava


Compression molded combined firework

A compression molded combined firework includes a plurality of tubular cavity bodies evenly distributed in parallel on a body. Upper ends of the tubular cavity bodies are open, lower ends of the tubular cavity bodies are closed.
Liuyang Yihelong Fireworks Group. Co., Ltd


Collector box for a motor vehicle

A collector box for a motor vehicle includes a collector for receiving heat exchange tubes and a cover mounted on the collector. The collector box extends in a longitudinal direction and has a cross section with a maximum height (h) and a maximum width (l).
Valeo Systemes Thermiques


A compact heat exchanger for a heat pump

A vuilleumier heat pump is disclosed in which the hot and cold displacers are disposed with a cylinder wall and an annular space outside the cylinder wall and inside the outer housing has at least one heat exchanger disposed therein. Any volume in the annular space is dead volume.
Thermolift, Inc.


Lens for light emitting diode and led module having the lens

A lens for an led comprises a top face, a bottom face, and a circumferential periphery interconnecting the top and bottom faces. The top face defines a recess therein.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Decorative translucent panels

A decorative translucent panel comprises a rectangular frame member including a rectangular front portion and a rectangular rear portion, each of the front and rear portions having an l-shaped stub extending along a length of a bottom edge thereof, and a channel extending along a length of a top edge thereof, such that when the front and rear portions are placed together the l-shaped stubs form a t-shaped connecting portion and the channels form a frame channel connecting portion. A translucent panel adapted to be slid through a slit opening formed between the top edges of the front and rear portions and held therebetween; an elongated bottom connecting member including a channel in a top portion thereof having a c-shaped cross section and adapted to frictionally slide over the t-shaped connecting portion and hold the front and rear portions firmly together along their bottom edges, and an elongated top connecting member including an elongated top portion and an elongated lower portion having a t-shaped cross section, such that the top connecting portion is adapted to frictionally slide along the top surface of the front and rear top portions and frictionally slide into the channel connecting portion to thereby hold the front and rear portions firmly together along their top edges, and wherein the top connecting member further includes an attachment portion adapted to releasably connect the decorative panel to a support member and held in place within a structural opening..


Inventive making composite reinforced pipe by eccentric application with the portable and movable factory, and installing the pipe in a pipeline

A transportable system and method for the in situ eccentric manufacturing of reinforced thermoplastic pipelines in continuous lengths up to 10 miles and from 8 to 60 inches in diameter having a rotating frame assembly with a eccentric spools for application of reinforcing tapes and other components to a polyolefin core pipe, and further having a forming machine for cross sectional shape reduction of the reinforced thermoplastic pipelines to facilitate pulling the reinforced thermoplastic pipelines inside a host pipeline. Also provided are continuous monitoring and marking with application of tape in the hoop stress direction and the axial stress direction as well as saturated tape feeding stations for impregnation of the reinforcing tape for in situ curing..
Smart Pipe Company, Inc.


Piston ring with a periodically varying groove

A piston ring having an outer running face, two flanks and an inner circumferential face is provided, the running face of which has profiling with a groove. The groove is arranged between two running face sections in relation to the cross section of the piston ring.
Federal-mogul Burscheid Gmbh

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