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Cross Section patents

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Parallelism control device applied to dual-shaft system

First Dome

Parallelism control device applied to dual-shaft system

Active assembly of a wind turbine rotating electric machine

Wilic S.ar.l.

Active assembly of a wind turbine rotating electric machine

Active assembly of a wind turbine rotating electric machine

Delphi Technologies

Wire cable assembly having a terminal with an encapsulated wire end

Date/App# patent app List of recent Cross Section-related patents
 Braided electromagnetic shielding for cables patent thumbnailBraided electromagnetic shielding for cables
An electromagnetic cable shielding is provided having a braid including a plurality of wires in contact with one another. At least one wire has an oval cross section..

 Parallelism control device applied to dual-shaft system patent thumbnailParallelism control device applied to dual-shaft system
A parallelism control device applied to dual-shaft system for fixing the parallelism of the rotary shafts and facilitating the assembling process. The device includes an assembly of a first and a second rotary shafts and a fixing unit capable of providing torque effect.
First Dome Corporation

 Active assembly of a wind turbine rotating electric machine patent thumbnailActive assembly of a wind turbine rotating electric machine
An active assembly of a wind turbine rotating electric machine has a magnetic guide having at least two slots separated by a tooth with a plane of symmetry; and a coil formed by a plurality of electric conductors, each with a substantially rectangular cross section and wound repeatedly about the tooth to fill the slots and form two heads close to the opposite ends of the tooth; the width of each electric conductor being less than a third of the distance between the electric conductor and the plane of symmetry.. .
Wilic S.ar.l.

 Wire cable assembly having a terminal with an encapsulated wire end patent thumbnailWire cable assembly having a terminal with an encapsulated wire end
A wire cable assembly includes a terminal having a termination segment attached to an end of a wire cable, a connection segment configured to attach to a mating terminal, and a transition segment intermediate the termination segment and the connection segment. The transition segment of the terminal has a generally rectangular cross section and a recess defined in at least one distal edge and preferably both distal edges of the transition segment.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.

 Traction battery thermal plate manifold patent thumbnailTraction battery thermal plate manifold
A traction battery system for a vehicle is provided. The system may include a plurality of battery cells, a thermal plate, and an inlet manifold.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Onboard battery patent thumbnailOnboard battery
An onboard battery includes an accommodation case that has a hollow cross section formed with multiple cavities 9a, and at least one battery module that has at least one battery cell and is accommodated in the accommodation case. At least one disposition depression that communicates with one of the multiple cavities and is opened upward is formed in a portion positioned below the at least one battery module in the accommodation case, and at least one heater that heats the at least one battery cell is disposed in the at least one disposition depression so as not to be in contact with the at least one battery cell..
Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

 Cable-type secondary battery patent thumbnailCable-type secondary battery
Disclosed herein is a cable-type secondary battery having a horizontal cross section of a predetermined shape and extending longitudinally, comprising: a core for supplying lithium ions, which comprises an electrolyte; an inner electrode, comprising an open-structured inner current collector surrounding the outer surface of the core for supplying lithium ions, an inner electrode active material layer formed on the surface of the inner current collector, and a first electrolyte-absorbing layer formed on the outer surface of the inner electrode active material layer; a separation layer surrounding the outer surface of the inner electrode to prevent a short circuit between electrodes; a second electrolyte-absorbing layer formed on the surface of the separator; and an outer electrode surrounding the outer surface of the second electrolyte-absorbing layer and comprising an outer electrode active material layer and an outer current collector.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.

 Electronic underlay patent thumbnailElectronic underlay
Provided is an electronic underlay designed not to sense a hand holding a writing tool at the time of writing notes on a sheet. The electronic underlay is provided with: a sheet-like optical waveguide formed by sandwiching lattice-like cores between a sheet-like under cladding and over cladding layers; a light emitting element connected to one end surface of the core; a light receiving element connected to another end surface of the core; and storage means for storing an inputted note as electronic data.
Nitto Denko Corporation

 Sensor electrode, manufacturing method thereof, and metal paste for electrode formation patent thumbnailSensor electrode, manufacturing method thereof, and metal paste for electrode formation
The present invention relates to a gas sensor electrode including a conductive particle phase made of pt or pt alloy and a ceramic particle phase being mixed and dispersed, wherein a rate of content of the ceramic particle phase is 6.0 to 22.0 mass %, and a void ratio is 2.5 to 10.0%, and a dispersion degree of the conductive particle phase per length of 25 μm on the electrode surface is 0.60 to 0.85 μm, and a dispersion degree of the conductive particle phase in the electrode cross section per length of 100 μm in a direction parallel to the electrode surface is 2.0 to 4.0 μm. This electrode can be produced by firing a metal paste made by dispersing, in a solvent, a conductive particle having a core/shell structure in which a core particle such as pt is covered with a ceramic shell and ceramic powder.
Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.k.

 Double pipe heat exchanger and refrigeration cycle device patent thumbnailDouble pipe heat exchanger and refrigeration cycle device
A double pipe heat exchanger includes an inner pipe inside which a first fluid passes, an outer pipe that has a diameter larger than the diameter of the inner pipe and that covers the inner pipe, and second fluid passes through a space between the outer pipe and the inner pipe, and a heat transfer area enlargement pipe that is provided in the space and that has a projection-depression shape made to be larger than a length in the pipe-circumferential direction of outer contact portions to be contact areas with the inner wall of the outer pipe, and fin portions between the outer contact portion and the inner contact portion that traverse the space in a pipe cross section come into contact with the outer wall of the inner pipe and the inner wall of the outer pipe in oblique directions.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Solid-fuel burner

A solid-fuel burner includes: a venturi having a constricting portion where the transverse cross section of a fuel passage is reduced in a fuel nozzle for supplying a solid fuel; and a fuel concentrator for diverting the flow in the nozzle outward in the wake side of the venturi, and the nozzle is formed so that (a) the aperture in the vicinity of an opening portion of a boiler furnace wall surface has a flat shape, (b) cross-sectional shape thereof orthogonal to a nozzle center axis c on the outer peripheral wall of the nozzle is circular in a transverse cross section up to the constricting portion of the venturi, (c) a portion that has a gradually increasing degree of flatness is provided between the constricting portion and the opening portion, and (d) the flat shape in the opening portion is where the degree of flatness reaches a maximum.. .
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.


Exhaust gate

An exhaust gate, in particular for a heavy-goods vehicle, has a housing, which has an inlet and first and second outlets, on which first and second valve seats are formed, and a valve flap, which can be pivoted between the two valve seats to close the first or second outlet. The housing is formed as a cast part, which connects the inlet and at least the first outlet integrally to each other.
Borgwarner Esslingen Gmbh


Three-dimensional flow-optimized control slider system with linear control behavior

A regulating slide valve apparatus having a housing which forms a duct through which a gaseous or liquid medium can flow having an inlet longitudinal portion, an outlet longitudinal portion, and an adjustable regulating element for varying the flow cross section of the duct and adjusting the throughflow rate. A seat ring element is provided in the duct, the regulating element has a first longitudinal portion which has a circular cross section with diameters that vary in the longitudinal direction, and the regulating element is adjustable in the longitudinal direction of the duct along an adjustment travel.
Binder Gmbh


Rotary-type carburetor

A rotary-type carburetor (1) according to the present invention includes a body (4) having a bore (2) with a circular cross section, and a valve element (6) to be contained in the bore (2). The valve element (6) rotates between a closed position where the valve passage (16) is blocked from communicating with the body passages (10a, 10b), and a fully-opened position where the valve passage (16) and the body passages (10a, 10b) are aligned.
Yamabiko Corporation


Turbine abradable layer with asymmetric ridges or grooves

Turbine and compressor casing abradable component embodiments for turbine engines, with composite grooves and vertically projecting asymmetric non-parallel walls or trapezoidal cross section ridges that reduce, redirect and/or block blade tip airflow leakage downstream into the grooves rather than from turbine blade airfoil high to low pressure sides. In some embodiments at least one angularly oriented first groove formed in the ridge plateau is adapted for angular orientation upstream a turbine blade rotation direction to resist blade tip airflow leakage and the ridges are separated by second grooves that are skewed relative to the respective ridge plateaus and the substrate that are also adapted for orientation upstream the turbine blade rotation direction to resist blade tip airflow leakage..
Siemens Energy, Inc.


Tubular element with inclined sealing lips and process for applying it to the wall of a well

The present invention relates especially to a radially expandable tubular metallic element (2) which comprises on its external face (211) at least a series of annular sealing lips (5) made of elastically deformable material, these lips being spaced in pairs, the transversal cross section of each lip (5) having an end face (51) and two lateral walls (52, 53), characterised in that said lips (5) are in a non-metallic material and are inclined in the same direction, relative to said external face (211), that is, each of the lateral walls (52, 53) of each lip (5) forms a non-zero angle (α; β) relative to a radial plane (pr) of said element.. .
Saltel Industries


Window/ door system with flat track having "c"-shaped roller supports

There is provided a window/door system with a flat track having “”-shaped roller supports to provide a nice appearance and to improve air tightness and water tightness by reducing the number of grooves exposed on a window/door frame when a window/door is opened, by using the roller supports in a cross sectional shape of “” which is open at one side.. .


Hard-coated tool and its production method

A hard-coated tool comprising a titanium carbonitride layer formed directly on a wc-based cemented carbide substrate by a chemical vapor deposition method; the titanium carbonitride layer having a composition comprising 74-81% by mass of titanium, 13-16% by mass of carbon and 6-10% by mass of nitrogen; the titanium carbonitride layer having a structure comprising columnar crystal grains having an average transverse cross section diameter of 0.01-0.22 μm; a layer of w diffused from the substrate to the titanium carbonitride layer having an average thickness of 30-200 nm; and the titanium carbonitride layer having an x-ray diffraction peak of a (422) plane in a 2θ range of 122.7-123.7°.. .
Hitachi Tool Engineering, Ltd.


Pinned furnace tubes

In an embodiment of the invention, furnace tubes for cracking hydrocarbons having a longitudinal array of pins having i) a maximum height from 0.5-1.3 cm; ii) a contact surface with the tube, having an area from 0.1%-10% of the tube external surface area iii) a uniform cross section along the length of the pin. (i.e.
Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.


Containing box structure

A containing box structure includes a containing box and a lid body. The lid body includes top and front lids.
L&f Plastics, Co., Ltd.


Head rest

A compact headrest includes a linkage segment with high rigidity. The headrest includes a stationary unit to be disposed over a seat back with headrest pillars, and a movable unit which is movable forward away from the stationary unit and rearward toward the stationary unit.
Ts Tech Co., Ltd.


Sealing profile

A sealing profile for a windowpane of a motor vehicle comprises a receiving section, a bottom lip and a supporting section. The receiving section essentially is u-shaped in cross section and has a first leg, a second leg and a base connecting the first leg and the second leg to each other.
Cooper Standard Gmbh


Liquid ejection head

This invention suppresses the occurrence of ejection failures caused by air bubbles generated inside a liquid ejection head. A liquid ejection head includes an element substrate and a support member.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Feed device for feeding fibers during the production of fiber-reinforced plastics materials

A feed device for feeding fibers during the production of fiber-reinforced plastics materials has a multi-shaft screw machine for the lateral guidance of the fibers into a preparation system for producing fiber-reinforced plastics materials. The multi-shaft screw machine comprises a housing, a plurality of housing bores penetrating one another as well as screw shafts, which are rotatably drivable and are arranged therein, and a feed opening.
Skz-kfe Ggmbh Kunststoff-forschung Und -entwicklung


Punching machine

A punching machine contains a base, a bottom cover, a pressing seat, a slot with two stop fringes, a stopping recess, a holder, and a limiting groove with a press device having a first positioning piece, at least one spacing block, a second positioning piece, and a third positioning piece. The holder has at least one opening, the first positioning piece, the second positioning piece and the third positioning piece has at least one first pore, at least one second pore, and at least one third pore.


Clipping tool

The present disclosure provides a clipping tool for clipping flash from a component e.g. A gas turbine aerofoil body.
Rolls-royce Plc


High frequency induction heating apparatus and processing apparatus

Provided is a high frequency induction heating apparatus capable of quenching a workpiece having an outward flange, over the whole circumference by means of a frequency with which a penetration depth of an electromagnetic wave is larger than a sheet thickness of the workpiece. The high frequency induction heating apparatus includes a high frequency induction heating coil used for heating a long hollow steel workpiece having a closed cross section and an outward flange, in 3dq in which a bending member is manufactured from the workpiece.
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation


Micro-fluidic device and uses thereof

A micro-fluidic device includes at least one inlet and a curvilinear microchannel having a trapezoidal cross section defined by a radially inner side, a radially outer side, a bottom side, and a top side, the cross section having a) the radially inner side and the radially outer side unequal in height, or b) the radially inner side equal in height to the radially outer side, and wherein the top side has at least two continuous straight sections, each unequal in width to the bottom side.. .
National University Of Singapore


Distribution of fire suppressing agent in a stovetop fire suppressor and method

An automatic stovetop fire suppressor providing a gradual release of a fire suppressing agent in a desired distribution pattern and method of gradual and spatial agent release are provided herein. A plastic cone shaped lid seals on the bottom of a can and forms a closed container.
Williamsrdm, Inc.


Ultrasonic measurement apparatus and ultrasonic measurement method

Measurement data, which is obtained by measuring a cross section of the body with an ultrasonic wave, is acquired based on a received signal of an ultrasonic wave transmission and reception unit configured to transmit and receive an ultrasonic wave to and from a blood vessel through the surface of the body, the blood vessel having a part satisfying predetermined tissue conditions. The part is detected based on the acquired measurement data.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Method and device for determining a geometrical parameter of a blood vessel

The various aspects relate to a method of determining a geometrical parameter of a side branch of a main branch of a blood vessel, comprising receiving a multitude of cross section data sets, the data sets representing geometries of cross sections of the main branch over a length of the main branch and receiving position data of a cut plane of the main branch, the cut plane intersecting the side branch and the cut plane being defined under an angle with the cross-sections. The method further comprises, based on data in at least a part of the cross section data sets, constructing image data of a constructed cross section of the main branch in the cut plane.
Medis Associated B.v.


Electrostatic coupling type contactless electric power supply device

The present invention of an electrostatic coupling type contactless electric power supply device 1 has multiple electrodes for contactless electric power supply 41 and a high-frequency power source circuit 5 provided on a fixed section 2, multiple electrodes for contactless electric power reception 61 and an electric power reception circuit 7 on a movable section 3, wherein the electrode for contactless electric power supply 41 and the electrode for contactless electric power reception 61 have base sections 441, 611 with a perpendicular cross sectional shape to the moving direction of the movable section 3 and there are multiple extending tooth sections 412, 612, and fellow tooth sections 412, 612 are mutually alternating and separated to fit together in an interdigitated array electrode, furthermore, the electrode for contactless electric power reception 61 is an interdigitated array electrode with the outer surface of the tooth section 612 covered with a conducting layer 613 and the tooth section 612 internal section and the base section 613 are formed from material that has a smaller specific gravity than the conducting layer. And from this, the electric power supply capacity and electric power supply efficiency of the contactless electric power supply is improved from that conventionally, and the movable section 3 which is the power supply target can be lighter..
Fuji Machine Mfg. Co. Ltd.


Organic electroluminescent element and electronic instrument

The first electrode has a convexo-concave structure including a plurality of convex portions and a plurality of concave portions at an interface with the organic compound layer. The convexo-concave structure has at least one cross section in a thickness direction of the light-transmissive substrate, the cross section being shaped in a sine-wave curve or a curve represented by a sum of a plurality of sine waves having different amplitudes or angles.
Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.


Silicon carbide semiconductor device and manufacturing same

A silicon carbide semiconductor device includes a silicon carbide substrate, a gate insulating film, a gate electrode, an interlayer insulating film, and a gate interconnection. The silicon carbide substrate includes: a first impurity region; a second impurity region provided on the first impurity region; and a third impurity region provided on the second impurity region so as to be separated from the first impurity region.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Developer container, developer replenishing device, developing device, and image forming apparatus using same

A developer container removably installable in an apparatus body of an image forming apparatus includes a container body to contain developer, a cap connectable to the container body, the cap including a supply opening, and a flange projecting beyond an outer circumferential surface of the cap in a radial direction extending from a center of a cross section of the container body. The flange is formed along a circumference of the container body and provided between the container body and the cap..


Substrate-type waveguide element and optical modulator

Since a cross section of at least a partial segment of a first core has a step-like shape including a quadrilateral shape of a main part and a quadrilateral shape of a protruding part protruding from the main part, respective effective refractive indices of te polarized waves in the first core and in the second core differ from each other.. .
Fujikura Ltd.


Device to reduce the pressure of a liquid flow and a regulating valve

A construction is described for the reduction of pressure in a liquid that flows through an extended hollow body, characterised in that the hollow body comprises a unit that defines one or more flow channels, said channels show a stepwise, or continuously, increasing flow cross section calculated from an inlet end to an outlet end of the one or more channels. Also described is an application area for the construction.


Glass ceramic substrate and portable electronic device housing using the substrate

A glass ceramic substrate includes: an inner layer part having a first thermal expansion coefficient; and a surface layer part having a second thermal expansion coefficient smaller than the first thermal expansion coefficient. The inner layer part contains a first glass matrix and flat alumina particles.
Asahi Glass Company, Limited


Wrapped rim

The wrapped rim provides an “s” shaped rim with simple configuration. It is easy to use in storage appliance.


Dust sealing wrap door garnish of vehicle

A dust sealing apparatus for a wrap door garnish of a vehicle may include a dust sealing member which may be attached to a portion of the garnish contacting with a side door sill facing an inner surface of the garnish of a rear door adjacent to a rear wheel arch, the dust sealing member including a sealing part with a closed cross section configured to prevent permeation of contaminants from an outside thereof.. .
Kia Motors Corporation


Method and removing material from a cutting insert using electromagnetic radiation

A method and apparatus for removing material from a cutting insert is disclosed. A source of electromagnetic radiation produces a laser beam that passes through a aperture for truncating a dimension of the laser beam and a homogenizer for providing a cross section of the laser beam with a uniform energy density.
Kennametal Inc.


Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes a semiconductor chip, a wiring on the chip, an insulating film coating the wiring and having an opening partially exposing the wiring, a ti/w film on a portion of the wiring facing the opening, a cu layer on the ti/w film and the wiring's exposed portion, and having a peripheral edge protruding away from the opening more than ti/w film's peripheral edge in parallel to an insulating film surface, and a solder ball bonded to the cu layer. The protrusion of the cu layer's peripheral edge with respect to the ti/w film's peripheral edge is greater than the ti/w film's thickness.
Rohm Co., Ltd.


High-energy ion implanter, beam collimator, and beam collimation method

A beam collimator includes a plurality of lens units that are arranged along a reference trajectory so that a beam collimated to the reference trajectory comes out from an exit of the beam collimator. Each of the plurality of lens units forms a bow-shaped curved gap and is formed such that an angle of a beam traveling direction with respect to the reference trajectory is changed by an electric field generated in the bow-shaped curved gap.
Sen Corporation


Contactless power and data transfer

Assemblies and systems for contactless power and/or data transfer. The power transfer system includes at least a pair of opposing magnetic cores, each core having an l-shaped cross section.
Stichting National Lucht-en Ruimtevaart Laboratorium


Optimal inductor

The present invention relates to a coil (1) for an inductor (6), comprised by metal wire (2) wound circular around a centre axis (c), wherein the wire has an electrically insulating layer (3) insulating each turn of the wire in the winding from neighbouring turns,the shape of the complete winding, building up the coil (1), is substantially toroidal having a substantially elliptic cross section, wherein the thermal heat conductivity is above 1 w/m*k more preferably above 1,2 and most preferably above 1,5. The invention further relates to a magnetic core (7) suitable for an inductor (6), where in the core is made of a soft magnetic composite material made of metallic particles and a binder material, said particles are in the range of 1μm-1000 μm, particles that are larger than 150 are coated with a ceramic surface to provide particle to particle electrical insulation, wherein the volume of magnetic, metallic particles to total core volume is 0,5-0,9.
Magnetic Components Sweden Ab


Permanent magnet, motor, and generator

A permanent magnet includes: a composition expressed by a composition formula: rpfeqmrcutco100-p-q-r-t (r is at least one element selected from rare-earth elements, m is at least one element selected from zr, ti, and hf, 10.5≦p≦12.5 at %, 23≦q≦40 at %, 0.88≦r≦4.5 at %, 4.5≦t≦10.7 at %); and a metal structure containing a th2zn17 crystal phase and a cu-rich phase having a cu concentration higher than that of the th2zn17 crystal phase. In a cross section including a c-axis of the th2zn17 crystal phase, a number of intersections of the cu-rich phases existing in an area of 1 μm square is 10 or more..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Radar target cross section simulation

Various embodiments are described that relate to production of an array pattern and an element pattern for an antenna. A user can enter input parameters by way of a computer interface and based on these input parameters the array pattern and element pattern can be produced.
The Government Of The United States, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army


Display device

Provided is a display device, including a substrate including pixel areas which are disposed in a matrix form including pixel rows and pixel columns, a thin film transistor formed on the substrate, a pixel electrode connected to the thin film transistor, a common electrode formed on the pixel electrode to be spaced apart from the pixel electrode with a microcavity therebetween, a liquid crystal layer filling the microcavity between the pixel electrode and the common electrode, a roof layer formed on the common electrode, a liquid crystal injection hole formed in the common electrode and the roof layer to expose a part of the microcavity, and an overcoat formed on the roof layer so as to cover the liquid crystal injection hole to seal the microcavity. A cross section of the microcavity has a reverse-tapered trapezoidal shape in which an upper width is larger than a lower width..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Versatile superconducting magnet for extremities magnetic resonance imaging

A method, a system, and an article of manufacture are disclosed for obtaining imaging data from human extremities using an extremities mri (emri) system configured to accommodate both legs of a patient during scanning by providing multiple bores, including a scanning bore and one or more non-scanning bores, deployed within an actively or passively shielded, cryogen-free (cf), cooled superconducting electromagnet. In various embodiments, the non-scanning bores are located between field or main coils and shield coils, and the cross sections of the bores may be circular, oval, or any other appropriate and useful geometric shape.


Device for connecting two fluid-conducting lines

The invention relates to a device (1) for connecting two fluid-channeling lines (10, 20), wherein the device has a through-bore (2) for advancing the fluid and two opposite line mounts (11, 21), which terminate at a predetermined distance (4) from one another within the device. Each of these line mounts (11, 21) is designed such that it is provided with a first part (12, 22), through which the through-bore (2) leads, and a second part (13, 23), which enclosed the first part (12, 22), an annular space (14, 24) therefore being formed between the first part (12, 22) and the second part (13, 23).
Eugen Forschner Gmbh


Two phase ball expansion valve for heat pump

A device for expansion of coolant having a housing with a flow channel. A ball-shaped valve element arranged to be integrated inside the housing.
Halla Visteon Climate Control Corp.


Damping rubber spring for an automobile suspension

A damping rubber spring for an automobile suspension, including: n rubber layers (2), n being a natural number not less than 3; n+1 metal partition layers (1) including an upper partition layer (4) and a lower partition layer (5), the n rubber layers (2) and the n+1 metal partition layers (1) being laminated alternately with each other, and the upper partition layer (4) being disposed in parallel with the lower partition layer (5), wherein an m-th rubber layer (2) starting from the upper partition layer (4) has a thickness or cross section area that is the same as that of an m-th rubber layer (2) starting from the lower partition layer (5).. .
Avic Beijing Institute Of Aeronautical Materials


Turbomachine guide vanes with improved vane profile

A set of turbomachine guide vanes including plural vanes arranged around an annulus, each vane having a leading edge extending between root and tip ends, the leading edge offset between these two ends being greater than 10% of the blade height. A tangential stacking of the guide vanes towards the suction face side, the curve of tangential stacking, of the position, in the direction tangential to the annulus, of centers of gravity of successive vane cross sections along the vane height, is a curve that increases constantly towards the suction face side.


Fibre composite rod petroleum well intervention cable

The fibre composite rod intervention cable is for a petroleum well, and has a length of at least 2 to 10 km or more with the following sequence: a central electrical cable portion, a bonding layer, a generally unidirectional carbon fibre composite mantle layer, a protective, balanced braided fibre composite layer; the central electrical cable portion includes a generally central electrical conductor with a first cross-section conductive area an inner insulation layer on the central electrical conductor, and a coaxial electrical conductor layer having a second cross section conductive area equal to the first cross-section conductive area.. .
C6 Technologies As


Bracing device

A bracing device has a supporting module and a restraining element mounted around the supporting module to provide a restraining-supporting effect to the supporting module. The supporting module has at least one supporting element.


Copper alloy and producing same

A copper alloy of the present invention contains 5.00 to 8.00 atomic percent of zr and includes cu and a cu-zr compound, and two phases of the cu and the cu-zr compound form a mosaic-like structure which includes no eutectic phase and in which when viewed in cross section, crystals having a size of 10 μm or less are dispersed. This copper alloy is formed by a manufacturing method including a sintering step of performing spark plasma sintering on a cu-zr binary system alloy powder at a temperature of 0.9 tm° c.
Tohoku University


Insert for portable on-tread tire rack

An insert for a rack system includes at least a pair of front posts, a pair of rear posts, a plurality of front elongated crossbars extending between the pair of front posts, and a pair of rear elongated crossbars extending between the pair of rears posts. The insert comprises a pair of opposing side beams, each having a front, inverted stair-shaped abutment and a rear, inverted stair-shaped abutment.
Dealer Tire, Llc


Deployable vent for automotive ventilation system

A ventilation system is provided for a transportation vehicle having a passenger cabin with an interior trim surface. A stationary duct segment receives an inlet air flow and has a stationary outlet hidden behind the interior trim surface.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Ultraviolet ray emitting diode unit, set of ultraviolet ray emitting diode units, ink jet device and three-dimensional modeled object manufacturing device

To prevent generation of stray light from an ultraviolet ray emitting diode, an ultraviolet ray emitting diode unit 10 includes a single ultraviolet ray emitting diode 4, and a single transparent member 5 arranged to include an optical axis o, and in a cross section of the transparent member 5 that includes the optical axis o and that is vertical to a first direction (x direction) that vertically intersects with the optical axis o, a width in an optical axis direction of a center portion including the optical axis o is longer than a width in the optical axis direction of a peripheral portion that is farther away from the optical axis o than the center portion.. .
Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and producing a rotor blade spar cap

An apparatus and method for producing a rotor blade spar cap for a rotor blade of a wind turbine. The apparatus includes a mold, which has a cavity-like depression in cross section, in which material for a rotor blade spar cap can be placed, and a sheet-like mold covering for sealing off the depression.
Senvion Se


Electronic device manufacturing device and manufacturing method thereof

When manufacturing three-dimensional electronic device by layering multiple layer cross sections sliced at a predetermined thickness of three-dimensional electronic device which is the target for forming, first, each layer cross section using multiple types of materials is formed by being layered on top of the layer cross section underneath, and each time a layer cross section is formed, the cross section is cured or sintered by being exposed to ultraviolet light, a laser beam, visible light, and so on. The forming method for each cross section may be forming cross section by discharging a binder via a droplet discharge method such as inkjet printing or dispensing, or by spreading a layer of powdered material and bonding the powdered material by discharging a binder or sintering it by exposing it to a laser beam..
Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.


Sinter mold material, sintering and molding method, sinter mold object, and sintering and molding apparatus

A sintering and molding method includes forming a fluid mold material by heating a sinter mold material, which includes inorganic particles, a binder material and a binder material which bond together the inorganic particles, to a temperature equal to or more than the melting points of the binder materials, forming a mold layer by spreading the fluid mold material, layering a mold layer, applying uv ink to a desired region on the mold layer, forming a mold cross sectional pattern by curing the uv ink which is applied to a desired region on the mold layer, finishing a mold object by removing a region, where the uv ink is not applied, in the mold layer, carrying out heat treatment on the mold object at a temperature which is less than the initial temperature of thermal decomposition of the binder material, and carrying out sintering treatment on the mold object.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Method for producing curved part, and skeleton structure member of body shell of automobile

A curved part 10 having a hat-shaped cross section is produced by press-forming without causing cracks and wrinkles. When producing a curved part 10, which is made up of a top plate 11, vertical walls 12a and 12b extended in parallel with each other along ridgelines 14a and 14b of the top plate, and outwardly directed flanges 13a and 13b which connect to leading edges of the vertical walls, and has a generally hat-shaped cross section, by press forming, the metal material sheet 601 is interposed and constrained by the die 502 and the blank holder 505 and is press-formed while the metal material sheet 601 being interposed and constrained by the pad 503 and the punch 504..
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation


Gear spindle and oil seal used therein

Provided is a gear spindle that is optimal for reducing diameter, that is capable of maintaining adequate strength and a high torque transmission capacity, and that maintains the sealing properties of an oil seal and prevents said oil seal from being damaged during operation at a high rotational speed. In order to achieve this, outer cylinder gear sections (11) are each integrally formed on the inner peripheral surface of a spindle outer cylinder ((10), more specifically a large-diameter cylinder section (10a)) and inner cylinder gear sections (14) are each integrally formed on the outer peripheral surface of a spindle inner cylinder (13), and an oil seal (27) that seals in the lubricating oil (20) for each of the aforementioned gear sections comprises: a seal body (29) that has a channel-shaped cross section and that is interposed in the peripheral gap between the inner peripheral surface of the spindle outer cylinder ((10), more specifically the large-diameter cylinder section (10a)) and the outer peripheral surface of the spindle inner cylinder (13); and a seal mounting member (30) that comprises a band, a spring, or the like that tightens and fixes the seal body to the outer peripheral surface of the spindle inner cylinder (13) such that expansion of the seal body in the axial direction is possible in the aforementioned peripheral gap..
Mitsubishi-hitachi Metals Machinery, Inc.


Organic polymer thin membrane, and producing same

Provided is a technique for fabricating a novel thin membrane with a starting material such as a biocompatible compound that is not easily processible into a membrane, particularly a technique for fabricating a novel thin membrane of a composition that is gradually polymerized from a membrane surface into the membrane in the cross sectional direction of the membrane, and having, for example, different structures on the front and back of the membrane. The technique includes the steps of preparing a solution of a starting material compound; forming a thin membrane of the solution on a base material surface; and forming the organic polymer thin membrane through a polymerization reaction caused by irradiating the exposed surface of the thin membrane with a plasma or an electron beam..
Japan Science And Technology Agency Of Saitama



A racket includes a head 8, a first foam 6a and a second foam 6b. The head 8 is formed from a fiber reinforced resin.
Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.


Liquid sampler, kit of parts, and assembly

A device for capturing a predetermined volume of a predefined portion (e.g. First void) of a liquid flow, comprises an inlet, an outlet, and a guide with an element displaceable in a first position for capturing the first liquid portion in a reservoir, and in a second position for blocking access to the reservoir, and for passing the liquid to the outlet.
Novosanis Nv


Low dead space liquid trap

A low dead space liquid trap includes: a tube, having an inlet, an outlet, and an aperture disposed between the inlet and the outlet at a bottom of the tube, wherein the tube defines a channel extending in a first direction between the inlet and the outlet, the channel having a cross section perpendicular to the first direction; a reservoir disposed beneath the aperture of the tube; and a gas permeable membrane extending across the channel at an angle greater than zero with respect to the cross section of the channel.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Self articulating behind-wall camera

In one general embodiment, a system for viewing partially or fully enclosed areas comprises a camera coupled to a first end of an elongated member and a viewing device operatively coupled to the camera. The system also includes a controller coupled to a second end of the elongated member for controlling at least one of the member, the camera, and the viewing device, wherein the elongated member has a cross sectional area of less than about one square inch at a point toward the first end of the elongated member.
Videosqope, Llc


Slipring brush with controlled current density

A slipring brush comprises a brush body of electrically conductive material, a contact wire for contacting the brush body and a spring for applying mechanical force to the brush body. The brush body has a contact surface for sliding on a slipring track.
Schleifring Und Apparatebau Gmbh


Stacked process modules for a semiconductor handling system

A substrate transport apparatus having a drive section, an articulated arm operably connected to the drive section, and an end effector connected to the articulated arm, the end effector being configured for holding a substrate thereon and transporting the substrate through articulation of the articulated arm. The end effector is a substantially flat and elongated member, depending from the articulated arm at a base end of the end effector, and extending longitudinally so that the end effector engages edges of the substrate on both proximal and distal sides with respect to the base end.
Brooks Automation, Inc.


Sintered ferrite magnet and its production method

A sintered ferrite magnet comprising main phases of ferrite having a hexagonal m-type magnetoplumbite structure, first grain boundary phases existing between two main phases, and second grain boundary phases existing among three or more main phases, the second grain boundary phases being dispersed in its arbitrary cross section, and the second grain boundary phases having an average area of less than 0.2 μm2, are produced by calcining, pulverizing, molding and sintering raw material powders having the general formula of ca1-x-ylaxayfe2n-zcoz, wherein 1-x-y, x, y and z and n representing a molar ratio are in desired ranges; 1.8% or less by mass of sio2 and 2% or less by mass (as cao) of caco3 being added to a calcined body after calcining and before molding; and the sintering step being conducted with a temperature-elevating speed of 1-4° c./minute in a range from 1100° c. To a sintering temperature, and a temperature-lowering speed of 6° c./minute or more in a range from the sintering temperature to 1100° c..
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.


Integrated multistage taper coupler for waveguide to fiber coupling

A waveguide coupler has a compression region and an expansion region for coupling light between a silicon waveguide and an optical fiber. The compression region receives light from the silicon waveguide and compresses an optical mode of the light.
Skorpios Technologies, Inc.


Fast measuring collision cross section of ions utilizing ion mobility spectrometry

The collision cross section (ccs) of a sample ion may be calculated by measuring a total drift time taken by the sample ion to travel through an ion mobility spectrometry drift cell to an ion detector. The ccs may be calculated based on the total drift time measured, and on a proportionality coefficient that defines the time taken by the sample ion to travel through a mobility dominated region between the drift cell and the detector.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


Piston structure for engine

An engine piston structure includes: a piston (1); a connecting rod (10) having a small end part (10a) coupled to the piston (1), and having a large end part (10b) coupled to a crankshaft; a piston pin (2) through which the piston (1) and the small end part (10a) of the connecting rod (10) are coupled together and which has a hollow cross section; and at least one dynamic vibration absorber (20) provided inside the piston pin (2) to reduce resonance of the piston (1), the piston pin (2), and the small end part (10a) of the connecting rod (10) in combination with respect to the large end part (10b) of the connecting rod (10) during a combustion stroke.. .
Mazda Motor Corporation

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