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Cross Section patents

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Wind turbine blade with noise reduction devices and related method

Diffuser augmented wind turbines

Multicore optical fiber

Date/App# patent app List of recent Cross Section-related patents
 Adjustable brace patent thumbnailAdjustable brace
An adjustable brace includes a first portion for supporting one surface of a patient and a plurality of adjustable portions that allow the internal cross section of the brace to be adjusted. When a limb is injured, a patient may have a swollen limb and the adjustable brace can be set to a large cross section.
 Wind turbine blade with noise reduction devices and related method patent thumbnailWind turbine blade with noise reduction devices and related method
The present disclosure relates to a wind turbine blade, in particular a wind turbine blade having devices or structures for reducing noise generated by the wind turbine blade during use and related method. The wind turbine blade comprises at least a first longitudinal section having a cross section perpendicularly to a longitudinal direction, the cross section having a plurality of flow modulating devices including a first primary flow modulating device and a secondary flow modulating device for modulating noise spectra, wherein the first primary flow modulating device and the first secondary flow modulating device are spaced perpendicularly to the longitudinal direction.
 Diffuser augmented wind turbines patent thumbnailDiffuser augmented wind turbines
An example wind turbine diffuser has an expanded outlet area where the diffuser outlet area is greater than it's cross sectional area. The diffuser may be formed of one or more diffuser rings, at least one of which may form a turbine cowling.
 Multicore optical fiber patent thumbnailMulticore optical fiber
The present invention relates to a multicore optical fiber having a structure for suppressing core-to-core crosstalk. The multicore optical fiber (100a) comprises a plurality of cores extending along a predetermined axis while being arranged like a hexagonal lattice on a cross section perpendicular to the axis and a cladding region (120) integrally surrounding the plurality of cores.
 Illumination optical system and image projection apparatus patent thumbnailIllumination optical system and image projection apparatus
An illumination optical system is capable of changing a light beam diameter in one of first and second cross sections orthogonal to each other that include an optical axis, and includes a light source, a condenser lens that concentrates light from the light source, a first fly-eye lens including a first lens cell on which light concentrated by the condenser lens is incident, a second fly-eye lens including a second lens cell, a polarization conversion element that performs polarization conversion on light from the second fly-eye lens, and an image display element that displays an image based on light from the polarization conversion element, and widths of the image display element and a light emitting surface of the light source, widths of the first and second fly-eye lens, and change rates α and β of the light beam diameters are set within appropriate ranges.. .
 Rotary electric machine and stator manufacturing method patent thumbnailRotary electric machine and stator manufacturing method
In order to provide a rotary electric machine with a reduced size and improved weldability, the stator of a rotary electric machine has a segment coil formed by bending rectangular conductors, and a stator core having slots in which the segment coil is inserted. As for the weld parts formed at the tips of the lead parts of the segment coil which protrude from the end face of the stator core and are twisted together, at least one of the weld beads aligned in the radial direction of the stator is an oblong body that is long in the radial direction of the stator core, and the angle formed by the longitudinal direction of the oblong body and the axial direction of the stator core is less than 90 degrees in a core cross section that includes the central axis of the stator core..
 Flexible conductive material and cable using the same patent thumbnailFlexible conductive material and cable using the same
A flexible conductive material and a cable using the same, being resistant to one million times or more of dynamic driving and particularly suitable for wiring robots or automobiles. An average crystal grain size of crystal grains 20 forming a metal texture of a base material is 2 μm or less, in which the crystal grains 20 being 1 μtm or less are included at least 20% or more in a cross sectional ratio.
 Phase plate and electron microscope patent thumbnailPhase plate and electron microscope
Provided is a phase plate for use in an electron microscope which lessens the problem of image information loss caused by interruption of an electron beam and ameliorates the problem of anisotropic potential distributions. This phase plate comprises openings (23) connected into a single opening, and multiple electrodes (11) arranged in the opening from the outer portion of the opening towards the center of the opening.
 Aluminum-based conductive material and electric wire and cable using the same patent thumbnailAluminum-based conductive material and electric wire and cable using the same
An aluminium-based conductive material used in a driving part of robots or various devices and used, for example, in a wiring that is loaded with cyclic bending, as well as an electric wire and a cable using the same, contains 0.1 to 1.0 mass % of scandium and further contains, as a rest part, aluminium and unavoidable impure substances and is formed of a metal texture 10 having crystal grains 11 with an average grain size of 2 μm or less and aluminium-scandium series nanoprecipitates generated in a grain boundary 12 of the crystal grains 11. Further, it is preferable that the metal texture 10 contains the crystal grains 11 of 1 μm or less at a cross sectional ratio of 15% or more..
 Heat exchanger arrangement in a housing patent thumbnailHeat exchanger arrangement in a housing
A heat exchanger arrangement in a housing, such as an intake pipe of an internal combustion engine, has at least one stack including tubes and fins and an end plate having media connections, and wherein the stack is inserted into the housing and is fastened therein. A connecting block which contains the media connections and/or at least one profiled rail is arranged on the end plate.
Control disk for a mixer faucet
A control disk for a control set of a sanitary mixing faucet, in each case with at least one through passage for cold water and hot water and an outlet for the mixed water and at least one through passage has a cross section that becomes smaller in the circumferential direction and extends over an angle (α) of at least 15°.. .
Device for the injection of recirculated exhaust gases, distribution box and supply module comprising said device
The invention relates to a device for the injection of recirculated exhaust gases from a vehicle engine, in particular a diesel engine, the injection device comprising a plurality of injection ports (26.1, 26.2, 26.3, 26.4), provided in a portion of the material of the injection device, each injection port (26.1, 26.2, 26.3, 26.4) having a cross section and a height extending through the thickness of the material. According to the invention, the cross sections and/or the heights of at least two of the injection ports (26.1, 26.2, 26.3, 26.4) are different..
Steering wheel
A steering wheel includes a rim part having a rim cored bar, a low thermal conductive member that covers the rim cored bar, a planar heating element that is attached to the low thermal conductive member, and a decorative member that covers the planar heating element. The low thermal conductive member includes recesses which have an arc-shaped cross section forming an arc shape in a plane including an axis of the steering wheel and are formed in multiple sites that are spaced apart from each other in the circumferential direction of an annular cross section of the steering wheel in a plane perpendicular to the axis of the steering wheel.
Porous glass base material manufacturing burner and optical fiber porous glass base material manufacturing apparatus
A porous glass base material manufacturing burner comprising a combustible gas emission nozzle having one or more rows of small-diameter combustion assisting gas emission nozzles arranged around a central glass raw material gas emission nozzle,. When a cross section of the burner formed by cleaving in a direction perpendicular to a central axis of the burner is divided into four equal regions by two orthogonal straight lines intersecting at a center of the cross section, total flow path surface area of the small-diameter combustion assisting gas emission nozzles included in two of the four regions through which passes a straight line running along the starting member and through the center of the cross section is less than the total flow path surface area of the small-diameter combustion assisting gas emission nozzles included in the other two of the four regions..
Sealing structure of parting portion
In a sealing structure for closing a parting portion between a front door and a rear door by a seal lip, in which: the front door has a front side weather strip installed on a peripheral edge thereof the front side weather strip makes elastic contact with a center pillar; the seal lip has a substantially tongue-shaped cross section, is disposed at a rear side weather strip and has a an assembly part formed on a base root side thereof; and the assembly part is assembled on the rear door; the base root side has a bending point provided thereon for the seal lip to be curved toward the inner-cabin side so that a top end makes elastic contact with the center pillar when high pressure water splashes the seal lip,. .
Orthopedic implant having non-circular cross section and method of use thereof
Orthopedic implants capable of compressing adjacent bone segments into which they are inserted, effective for the fusion, management and repair of bone joints and bone fractures, and methods for their installation, are described. One embodiment of such implants includes an elongated shaft coated to encourage bony in-growth, having a non-round cross section, and a flange at one end, which is laterally inserted into a preformed insertion path formed in adjacent bone segments traversing a joint or fracture location, to the point where further insertion is blocked by the flange intersecting one of the bone segments.
Precursor for a nb3sn superconductor wire, method for manufacturing the same, nb3sn superconductor wire, and superconducting magnet system
A precursor for a nb3sn superconductor wire to be manufactured by the internal diffusion method, includes a plurality of nb-based single core wires, each of which includes a nb-based core coated with a cu-based coating including a cu-based matrix, a plurality of sn-based single core wires, each of which includes a sn-based core coated with a cu-based coating including a cu-based matrix; and a cylindrical diffusion barrier including ta or nb, in which the plurality of nb-based single core wires and the plurality of sn-based single core wires are regularly disposed, wherein the plurality of nb-based single core wires include nb-based single core wires having a cu/nb ratio of 0.4 or more, wherein the cu/nb ratio is a cross sectional area ratio of the cu-based coating to the nb-based core.. .
Dry open window (opw) apparatus
Improvements in the manufacture, mounting and implementation of dry open window (dow) structures. Such structures comprise a plurality of louvers which, when viewed in cross section, have “v” or “w” shapes that enable air to pass through a window opening while substantially preventing precipitation to pass, the precipitation instead being captured by the louvers for collection or drainage.
Micro-channel coating deposition system and method for using the same
Methods of pressure coating a target surface of an article comprising one or more grooves formed in an outer surface of an article include fluidly connecting a pressure masker comprising a pressurized masking fluid to one or more coolant supply holes on a first side of the article. The one or more coolant supply holes in fluidic communication with the one or more grooves.
A drill includes: a chip discharge flute opened in a tip surface; and a cutting edge formed at an intersecting portion between an inner wall surface of the chip discharge flute on a side of a drill rotation direction and a tip flank formed on the tip surface, the cutting edge being made up of a concavely-curved cutting edge portion formed on an inner circumferential side and a convexly-curved cutting edge portion formed on an outer circumferential side, a cross section orthogonal to an axial center having a first convex curve corresponding to the convexly-curved cutting edge portion and a first concave curve corresponding to the concavely-curved cutting edge portion intersecting with each other.. .
Coil springs with complex coil configurations, assemblies with coil springs, and related methods
Coil springs with a plurality of interconnected coils each being defined by a wire path that results in a coil cross section that, when viewed along the coil axis, has at least two differentiated spaces each confined by the wire. Assemblies using such coil springs are also disclosed..
Optical fiber assemblies
Fiber optic assemblies include subunit cables wrapped in binders. The assemblies have small cross sections and low bend radii while maintaining acceptable attenuation losses.
Apparatus for compensating image of display and method for manufacturing same
An apparatus for compensating an image of a display includes a light incident surface, a light emitting surface, and a plurality of light guiding channels. An area of the light emitting surface is greater than an area of the light incident surface.
Illumination unit with optical system
Various embodiments of the illumination unit include a surface light source, a primary optical element, a first reflector and a second reflector. The primary optical element is arranged at the surface light source in such a way that light emitted by the surface light source is imaged onto the first reflector by the primary optical element.
Power scalable multi-pass faraday rotator
Transparent heat-conductive layers of significant thickness are bonded or adhered to opposing optical faces of a faraday optic to form a faraday optic structure that can be used with beam-folding mirrors and an external magnetic field to form a multi-pass faraday rotator with minimal thermal gradient across the beam within the faraday optic. The transparent heat conductive layers conduct heat through the faraday optic substantially parallel to the beam propagation axis for each pass through the faraday optic structure and thereby reduce thermal gradients across the beam cross section that would otherwise contribute to thermal lens focal shifts and thermal birefringence in the faraday optic structure.
Detector of magnetic bias, magnetic saturation, or amount of magnetic flux
A detector includes a detection winding, a detection winding measurement section, and a detection section. A magnetic core has a hole penetrating the magnetic core along a non-uniform cross section.
Permanent magnet type rotating electrical machine and vehicle using the electrical machine
Permanent magnet type rotating electrical machine with rotor core including a plurality of magnet insertion holes, each having a substantially rectangular cross section, for each magnetic pole. A nonmagnetic section is formed at both ends of the magnet insertion hole in a circumferential direction.
Vehicle door structure
The frontal crash load is transmitted from a front pillar to a center pillar in a reliable manner so that a bending moment caused by the frontal crash load is favorably supported, and the deformation of the door is avoided. A beam member attached to an inner panel includes a s shaped cross section member.
Mounting structure and manufacturing method for same
In a provided mounting structure, an electronic component such as a semiconductor chip having a fragile film is mounted on a substrate such as a circuit board with higher connection reliability. A junction that connects an electrode terminal (4) of an electronic component (1) and an electrode terminal (5) of a substrate (2) contains an alloy (8) and a metal (9) having a lower modulus of elasticity than the alloy (8).
Method of manufacturing mram memory elements
A stt-mram comprises a method to form magnetic random access memory (mram) element array having ultra small dimensions using double photo exposures and etch of their hard masks. The memory cells are located at the cross section of two ultra-narrow photo-resist lines suspended between two large photo-resist bases.
Safety rail system
A dual post receptor (30) of a safety rail system (10) has horizontal cross sections of an elongated shape with a width generally equal to and for slideable receipt of vertical posts (18) of conventional railings (12) and a length larger than double the diameters of the vertical posts (18). Elongated horizontal slots (38) are located in sides (34a, 34b) of the receptor (30) for receiving locking pins (22) also inserted through holes (20) in the vertical posts (18).
Vortex generating apparatus and vortex generating method
A vortex generating apparatus includes: a member to contact with a flow of a fluid to form a stagnation point and a first and a second separation points on a periphery of a cross section of the member parallel to the flow; a disturbance applying unit to apply a disturbance to an upstream side of the first separation point to cause part of a boundary layer of the flow to adhere; and a controller to temporally control the application of the disturbance to change an adhesion distance from the stagnation point to the first separation point so as to generate a dynamic stall vortex.. .
Food processor with attachment
A blending apparatus is provided which includes a container defining a cavity having a center axis and a substantially rectangular cross section through the center axis. The blending apparatus further includes a lid to cover the cavity defined by the container, and an attachment to fit within the cavity and rotate about the center axis of the cavity.
Sanitary installation element
A sanitary insert, which is arranged in a water line, is provided. The sanitary insert includes a mixing device with at least one throttling or closing element, which can be moved under the pressure of the inflowing water from a mixing or open position into a throttling or closed position against a restoring force.
Liquid discharge apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
A liquid discharge apparatus in which controllability of liquid discharge speed is improved is provided. A pair of electrodes is arranged so as to divide a partition into a movable region to which an electric field for shear-deforming the partition at a portion on a nozzle side is applied and an immovable region to which the electric field is not applied at a portion on a common liquid chamber side.
Method for separating a free-flowing mixture in a flowing medium and apparatus for carrying out said method
Use in agriculture for preparing seeds by dividing the seeds into fractions and cleaning foreign bodies and dust from the seeds; the method comprises gravitationally feeding in particles of the mixture to be separated, subjecting said particles to an aerodynamically monotonically increasing effects on them at an acute angle to the vertical with a cascade of slot jets in a mode of resonant auto-oscillatory movement of each jet and of the entire cascade of jets at the frequency of the first harmonic half oscillation, and discharging the prepared fractions, where the lightest solid volatile fractions of the foreign bodies are calibrated according to size into two independent fractions, where the finest fraction together with some of the air stream which has already been used is returned to the generator in which the foreign bodies are accelerated, where a second, larger fraction of volatile foreign bodies is immediately and removed together with the dust and the rest of the stream of air; the apparatus comprises a hopper with a vibrating trough, a jet generator mounted there below, with slot nozzles which are arranged one under another and at an acute angle to the vertical and the height of the cross sections of which, and the mounting pitch and angle, increase from the top downwards, and the generator is connected to a source for pressured feeding air into the generator and is enclosed by lateral walls to prevent air leakage from the environment onto generator, the separating chamber under which fraction collectors are arranged, the output from separating chamber is covered by a filtering element which is in the form of a rotating drum with a calibrating sifter on the surface, where said sifter being equipped on the external side with purifier against solid foreign bodies which cannot pass there through, the internal cavity of the rotating drum is connected to a drive for supplying air into the slot jet cascade generator, the purifier is in the form of a slotted confuser, ventilator and cyclone with a waste hopper which are arranged consecutively, wherein the filtering element adjoins the confuser slot with a guaranteed gap, where one of the edges of the confuser is equipped with the cleaning element; technical advantages: energy saving clean grain from the adhesive layer of dust, environmentally friendly production.. .
Heat exchanger and heat management system having such a heat exchanger
A heat exchanger for heat transfer between a heat exchange medium and a surrounding liquid has first and second main lines. The first main line defines a main through-flow cross section.
Tire comprising a high-contrast pattern and ribs for protecting the pattern
The invention relates to a tire made of rubbery material comprising a sidewall on which there is formed at least one pattern that contrasts with this sidewall. The pattern comprises a plurality of strands distributed through the pattern with a density of at least five strands per square millimetre (mm2), each strand having a mean cross section of between 0.003 mm2 and 0.06 mm2.
Gas valve unit
A gas valve unit includes a plurality of individually actuatable throttle sections which are arranged in parallel relation for setting a throughflow rate of a gas volumetric flow that is fed to a gas burner of a gas appliance. Each throttle section has a plurality of throttle points which are arranged in series, with the throttle points arranged in series having an opening cross section that increases along the series..
Rectangular conductor for solar battery, method for fabricating same and lead wire for solar battery
A rectangular conductor for a solar battery and a lead wire for a solar battery, in which warping or damaging of a silicon crystal wafer is hard to occur at the time of bonding a connection lead wire even when a silicon crystal wafer is configured to have a thin sheet structure, can be provided. A conductor 1 having a volume resistivity equal to or less than 50 μΩ·mm, and a 0.2% yield strength value equal to or less than 90 mpa in a tensile test is formed into a rectangular conductor 10 for a solar battery having a rectangular cross section, and a surface of the rectangular conductor 10 for a solar battery is coated with a solder plating film 13, to provide a lead wire 20 for a solar battery..
Degassing module for a controlled compliant flow path
A degassing module for removal of air and other gases during operation of a medical therapy device that delivers any one of hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration and hemofiltration. The degassing module has a flow-through first chamber that has a hydrophobic vent membrane that has an exterior and interior side forming a portion of the flow-through chamber.
Securing element, a steering bearing comprising a securing element, and a steering column comprising a steering bearing and a securing element
A securing element (1, 11, 12, 13, 14) made of sheet metal with an annular body (3, 12a, 26) and with holding tongues (4, 41, 42, 43, 44) which emerge from the annular body (3, 12a, 26) and end at a hole (6) in the securing element (1, 1, 12, 13, 14), which hole is centred with respect to the centre axis (5) of the securing element (1, 11, 12, 13, 14), wherein the hole (6) leads axially in the same direction as the centre axis (5) through the securing element (1, 11, 12, 13, 14) and, at radial narrowest hole cross sections of the hole (6), is bounded at least by end edges (7, 71, 72, 73, 74) formed on the end sides of the holding tongues (4, 41, 42, 43, 44).. .
Micro channel cooling device, micro channel cooling system, and electronic instrument
A microchannel cooling device includes a heat sink having a liquid refrigerant flow channel having a microscopic cross section and connected to a heat source thermally, and a thermoelectric element provided on the heat sink and extending parallel to a direction of extension of the liquid refrigerant flow channel.. .
Connecting element
A connection element including a head with adjoining neck with a rectangular outer cross section to be received in a clip-like manner such that it is secured with respect to rotation, and possibly displacement, in an opening in a. Thin wall.
Aspiration catheter
The invention relates to an aspiration catheter (1) for the extraction of thrombotic material from blood vessels, with a first (3) and a second lumen (6), wherein the first lumen (3) is distally provided with an aspiration opening (5) and the second lumen (6) of smaller cross section than the first lumen (3) and extending coaxially in the distal region (2) of the first lumen (3) being provided with a lateral (7) as well as distally located opening (8), said lateral opening (7) reaching through the wall of the catheter. Within the first lumen (3) a stabilization wire (11) is movably arranged which terminates distally of the lateral opening (7) of the second lumen (6) but proximally of the aspiration opening (5) of the first lumen (3)..
Ophthalmic surgical cassette
An ophthalmic surgical cassette acts with a peristaltic pump having a wheel defining a periphery and includes a cassette body having a first recess which, in cross section, has a circle segment shape defining a circular arc. The first recess permits the wheel of the peristaltic pump to engage therein.
Organic-inorganic composite filler, and method for producing the same
An organic-inorganic composite filler contains: inorganic aggregate particles formed by aggregation of inorganic primary particles with an average particle diameter of 10 to 1000 nm; an organic resin phase including a cured polymer of a polymerizable monomer covering surfaces of the inorganic primary particles and bonding the inorganic primary particles to each other, and a water absorbing resin; and aggregation gaps with a volume of micropores formed between parts of the organic resin phase of 0.01 to 0.30 cm3/g in pore volume measurement within a pore diameter range of 1 to 500 nm, as measured by a mercury intrusion technique. In a cross section passing through the centers of the inorganic aggregate particles, based on 100 measured inorganic particles, there are 10 or less inorganic aggregate particles having a macro void with a maximum width of at least 1 μm..
Laser annealing method and device
A laser annealing method for executing laser annealing by irradiating a semiconductor film formed on a surface of a substrate with a laser beam, the method including the steps of, generating a linearly polarized rectangular laser beam whose cross section perpendicular to an advancing direction is a rectangle with an electric field directed toward a long-side direction of the rectangle or an elliptically polarized rectangular laser beam having a major axis directed toward a long-side direction, causing the rectangular laser beam to be introduced to the surface of the substrate, and setting a wavelength of the rectangular laser beam to a length which is about a desired size of a crystal grain in a standing wave direction.. .
Solid oxide fuel cell, cell stack device, fuel cell module, and fuel cell device
A solid oxide fuel cell, a cell stack device, a fuel cell module and a fuel cell device are disclosed. The solid oxide fuel cell includes a solid electrolyte layer, fuel electrode layer and an oxygen electrode layer.
Cable-type secondary battery
Disclosed herein is a cable-type secondary battery having a horizontal cross section of a predetermined shape and extending longitudinally, comprising: a core for supplying lithium ions, which comprises an electrolyte; an inner electrode, comprising an open-structured inner current collector surrounding the outer surface of the core for supplying lithium ions, an inner electrode active material layer formed on the surface of the inner current collector, and a first electrolyte-absorbing layer formed on the outer surface of the inner electrode active material layer; a separation layer surrounding the outer surface of the inner electrode to prevent a short circuit between electrodes; a second electrolyte-absorbing layer formed on the surface of the separator; and an outer electrode surrounding the outer surface of the second electrolyte-absorbing layer and comprising an outer electrode active material layer and an outer current collector.. .
Cable-type secondary battery
Described herein is a cable-type secondary battery having a horizontal cross section of a predetermined shape and extending longitudinally, comprising: a core for supplying lithium ions, which comprises an electrolyte; an inner electrode surrounding the outer surface of the core for supplying lithium ions, and comprising an inner current collector in the form of a pipe having a three-dimensional network structure, the inner current collector being coated with an inner electrode active material on the outer surface thereof; a separation layer surrounding the outer surface of the inner electrode to prevent a short circuit between electrodes; and an outer electrode surrounding the outer surface of the separation layer and comprising an outer electrode active material layer and an outer current collector.. .
Honeycomb structure
A honeycomb structure includes a center part which has a cylindrical honeycomb structure part with a porous partition wall and an outer circumferential wall defining a plurality of cells, and which has a pair of electrodes disposed on the side surface of the honeycomb structure part. The honeycomb structure also includes an outer circumferential part disposed around the center part.
Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes an apparatus main body, a housing, a photosensitive drum, a cleaning blade, a contact portion, and a contacted portion. The housing and drum are disposed in an internal space of the main body.
Optical individual-point measurement
A distance measuring method for a point on an object is performed by emitting measurement radiation. When an optical measurement axis of the measurement radiation is aligned with the point to be measured, an optical measurement point region is defined by the beam cross section of the radiation on the object.
Spark plug
A spark plug includes: a center electrode including a rod portion and a head portion and having a diameter larger than the diameter of the rod portion; an insulator having an axial bore, the center electrode being disposed in the axial bore at its front end; and a seal portion for fixing the center electrode in the axial bore. The insulator comprises: a leg portion inner circumferential surface; a cylindrical trunk portion inner circumferential surface which surrounds the head portion; and a support surface which supports the head portion.
A nozzle, comprising a nozzle body having a flow cross sectional area through which a fluid can be led, with a view to solving the problem of producing a nozzle by means of which power losses can be reduced, is characterized in that the size of the flow cross sectional area is settable by a control body.. .
Chemical release system
A chemical release system. Implementations may utilize implementations of a first cartridge that include a body coupled with a cartridge head at a first end and coupled with an end plug at a second end where the cartridge head includes a through hole configured to engage with an annular flange in a main head.
Multilayer ceramic capacitor and mounting board having multilayer ceramic capacitor mounted thereon
A multilayer ceramic capacitor includes: a ceramic body having laminated dielectric layers having an average thickness of 0.2-2.0 μm; an active layer including first and second internal electrodes alternately exposed through end surfaces of the ceramic body having the dielectric layer interposed therebetween and contributing to capacitance formation; upper and lower cover layers respectively formed above and below the active layer, the lower cover layer being thicker than the upper cover layer; first and second external electrodes covering the end surfaces of the ceramic body, wherein a bottommost internal electrode adjacent to the lower cover layer has an oxide layer formed on at least one of top and bottom surfaces thereof, and when lengths and thicknesses of the bottommost internal electrode and the oxide layer are denoted by ‘le,’ ‘te’ and ‘lo,’ ‘to’, respectively, in a cross section of the ceramic body taken in length-thickness direction, 50%<lo/le×100 and 30%<to/te×100<80% are satisfied.. .
Shielded electrical cable in twinaxial configuration
A shielded electrical cable includes one or more conductor sets extending along a length of the cable and being spaced apart from each other along a width of the cable. Each conductor set has one or more conductors having a size no greater than 24 awg and each conductor set has an insertion loss of less than about −20 db/meter over a frequency range of 0 to 20 ghz.
Member with flow passage and method for manufacturing the same
A member with flow passage includes: a base member; a plate-like member including two flat plate portions that are positioned at both widthwise ends and have main surfaces passing over one and the same plane, and a convex portion that is provided between the two flat plate portions and has a cross section shaped in a thickness direction so as to protrude with respect to the flat plate portions, and forming the flow passage; and a metal deposit layer that is formed by, while main surfaces of the flat plate portions opposite to a top of the convex portion are facing the base member, accelerating powder of metal or alloy together with a gas, and spraying and depositing the powder in a solid-phase state on a surface of the plate-like member at the top side of the convex portion and a surface of the base member.. .
Solar cell module
A solar cell module that has enhanced output characteristics is provided. The solar cell module contains a solar cell, a wiring material and a resin adhesive layer.
Rail and roller of a window and door system and window operation apparatus for windows and doors using same
The present invention relates to a rail and a door roller of a window and door system and a window operation apparatus for windows and doors using the same. The rail and the door roller of a window and door system and the window operation apparatus for windows and doors using the same according to the present invention include: one or more upper linear rail units 1 which are installed on an upper end of a window casing, are opened downward so as to rectilinearly guide a door roller 3 that is installed on an upper end of a window frame and has a vertical shaft 3a or a diagonal shaft 3b, have guides 4 that are vertically or diagonally formed at both sides thereof, and are rectilinearly formed to have a predetermined length; and one or more upper meandering rail units 2 which diagonally or curvedly guide an upper door roller 3, which rectilinearly moves on the upper linear rail unit 1, so as to operate the window frame in a horizontal direction, are installed to be connected to one side end of the upper linear rail unit 1 so as to be connected to the guides 4 of the upper linear rail unit 1 with the same cross section, and have guides 4 that are diagonally or curvedly extended..
Surgical suture retrieving and passing system
A suture retaining device, which has an elongate body having a cross section that is at least partially circular, and a head portion joined to the elongate body. The head portion has a sidewall that defines a cavity for receipt of a suture.
Human body information extraction device, human body imaging information reference plane conversion method, and cross section information detection device
There is provided a human body information extraction device for extracting human body information including position information from a reference position, from 3d information on the human body elements obtained from a ct information or the like in which the position information from the reference position with respect to a human body element is unknown. In the human body information extraction device, a reference plane for positioning is detected by detecting information on a common positioning member contained in both of the 3d human body information from the ct information and a 3d model information from a human body model.
Glazing unit with peripheral seal and corresponding manufacturing process
The invention relates to a glazing unit, in particular an insulating glazing unit, comprising at least a first (5) and a second (5) glass sheet joined together via at least one spacer (8) that keeps them a certain distance apart from each other and, between said at least two glass sheets, at least one internal space (4) closed by a peripheral seal (101) placed on the periphery of the glass sheets, around said internal space, the seal having a u-shaped cross section comprising a first flange (ion) securely fastened to the first glass sheet and a second flange (1012) securely fastened to the second glass sheet. According to the invention, the first flange is securely fastened in a first recess (521) produced in the edge face of the first glass sheet..
Image processing apparatus
An image processing apparatus configured to process a tomographic image of an object to be examined, includes: a processor; and memory storing computer readable instructions, when executed by the processor, causing the image processing apparatus to: set a reference line, which is used as a reference for setting a cross sectional position, on a front image of the object, the cross sectional position being one of a position where a two-dimensional tomographic image is acquired from three-dimensional data of the object, and a position where measurement light for generating a tomographic image is scanned; and set the cross sectional position having a predetermined angle as an angle relative to the set reference line.. .
Display panel and display device
A display panel includes a first substrate in which a display region and a circuit component mounting region are defined and a second substrate, an end of which is cut to expose the circuit component mounting region. The first substrate includes a plurality of first source wirings formed from the display region to the circuit component mounting region and a wiring protection pattern formed in a region corresponding to the cut end of the second substrate between any adjacent first source wirings.
Finder optical system, image pickup apparatus, and image pickup system
A finder optical system 20 includes a focusing glass 21 including a collection surface 21a that collects a light beam and a diffusion surface 21b that diffuses the collected light beam, an eyepiece 23 that receives a part of the diffused light beam, a photometry lens 24 arranged near the eyepiece 23, and a photometry sensor 25 on which an image of another part of the light beam diffused by the diffusion surface 21b is formed via the photometry lens 24, a plurality of micro lenses are arranged on the diffusion surface 21b of the focusing glass 21, at least one micro lens of the plurality of micro lenses has at least two radii of curvature on its cross section in a predetermined direction, and the at least one micro lens satisfies r1<r2 where r1 and r2 are radii of curvature in first and second areas, respectively.. .
Image forming apparatus
Provided is an image forming apparatus including a light scanning apparatus that emits a light flux to photosensitive surfaces of a plurality of photosensitive bodies arranged so that longitudinal directions are the same direction and that optically scans the plurality of photosensitive surfaces in the longitudinal direction, wherein a diameter of at least one of the plurality of photosensitive bodies is different from diameters of the other photosensitive bodies in a cross section perpendicular to the longitudinal direction, and in the cross section perpendicular to the longitudinal direction, a sign of θ1 and a sign of θ2 are different, wherein θ1 denotes an incident angle of a light flux incident on a first photosensitive body with a smallest diameter among the plurality of photosensitive bodies, and θ2 denotes an incident angle of a light flux incident on a second photosensitive body with a largest diameter, and a condition . .
Cross member for a motor vehicle
A cross member for arrangement on a bumper system for a motor vehicle includes a single-piece open profile part made of uniform material and having a u-shaped cross section to define a first opening. The profile part has a curvature directed in a travel direction of the motor vehicle and includes a center zone having a second opening which is configured to point backwards in the travel direction, and end zones which have each an attachment area for a crash box and in which the first opening is configured to point forwards in the travel direction..
External handle device for vehicle door
An external handle device for a vehicle door is provided in which an operating handle comprising a handle main body that has formed therein a housing recess having a substantially u-shaped cross section and a handle cover that is secured to the handle main body so as to cover the housing recess is disposed so as to be operable on an outer face side of the vehicle door, and an electronic component unit formed by covering at least an electronic component with a jacket member is housed within the housing recess, wherein an extending portion is provided integrally with the jacket member, which is formed from a resilient material, the extending portion being sandwiched between abutting parts of the handle main body and the handle cover. Such configuration prevents rubbing occurring between abutting parts of the handle main body and the handle cover while eliminating necessity for an adhesive..
Method and system for reuse of materials in additive manufacturing systems
Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a system and method for reusing surplus material generated by an additive manufacturing system in the process of manufacturing a 3-dimensional (3d) object. Surplus material removed from deposited layers and purged material used for printing head maintenance are transferred to back to the printing system to be deposited within subsequent layers.
Throughflow controller
The invention relates to a sanitary insert part (1) having an insert housing (2), which (2) includes in a housing interior thereof a functional element (3) that controls throughflow and that has at least one throughflow orifice (4). The insert part according to the invention is characterized in that at least one throughflow opening (4) is delimited by a peripheral wall, the shape of which can be changed against a restoring force as a result of the pressure of the inflowing water in such a manner that the at least one throughflow orifice (4) has a variable orifice cross section which can be changed, in dependence on the pressure of the inflowing water, between an open position and a minimized position having a reduced orifice cross section by comparison..

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