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Cross Section patents


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 Longwall face support in an underground mine patent thumbnailnew patent Longwall face support in an underground mine
The invention relates to the longwall face support of an underground mine having supports (plates 1-18), which longwall face support comprises camera housings (35) each having two cameras (36), which record a monitoring area of the face having a plurality of plates in the longitudinal direction of the gallery and the most complete registration possible of the cross section of the gallery. The cameras in a monitoring area are assigned to a common power supply unit (48) for the power supply and are equipped with intrinsically safe electronics.
Tiefenbach Control Systems Gmbh

 Vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Vehicle
A vehicle includes: an inverter; a high-voltage connector and a low-voltage connector that are connected to the inverter; and a wire harness arranged at the rear of the inverter. The high-voltage connector includes fixing members that fix the high-voltage connector to the inverter, and the fixing members have release portions.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

 Crimp terminal and crimping structure with respect to electrical wire thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Crimp terminal and crimping structure with respect to electrical wire thereof
A crimp terminal includes a conductor crimping portion having a u-shaped cross section and including a bottom plate and a pair of conductor caulking pieces extending upward from both side edges of the bottom plate. The other conductor caulking piece includes a bending portion being folded and is formed so that a tip positioned at a tip side from the bending portion faces downward.
Yazaki Corporation

 Horn antenna patent thumbnailnew patent Horn antenna
A horn antenna includes a metallic horn having a rear end adapted for connection with a waveguide. The horn antenna further includes a dielectric horn connected with the metallic horn and extending forward from a front end of the metallic horn.
Tokyo Keiki Inc.

 Multilayer ceramic capacitor patent thumbnailnew patent Multilayer ceramic capacitor
A multilayer ceramic capacitor includes a laminated body and first and second external electrodes respectively on both end surfaces of the laminated body. When regions where first internal electrodes or second internal electrodes are not present are regarded as side margin portions in a cross section of the laminated body as viewed from the laminating direction, the side margin portions include multiple side margin layers, and the content of si in the side margin layer closest to the internal electrode is lower than that in the side margin layer other than the side margin layer closest to the internal electrode..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Iron powder for iron powder cores and  selecting iron powder for iron powder cores patent thumbnailnew patent Iron powder for iron powder cores and selecting iron powder for iron powder cores
Provided is an iron powder for iron powder cores, and a method for selecting the same. The following powder is an iron powder in which orientations are measured in a cross section of a compact formed with a molding pressure of 0.98 gn/m2 by electron backscatter diffraction (ebsd) and the average of kams calculated using ebsd analysis software is to 3.00° or less.
Jfe Steel Corporation

 Flying spot forming apparatus and design method patent thumbnailnew patent Flying spot forming apparatus and design method
A flying spot forming apparatus includes a radiation source and a shielding body. A side wall of the shielding body is provided with at least two pairs of helical grooves.
Powerscan Company Limited

 3-d vessel tree surface reconstruction method patent thumbnailnew patent 3-d vessel tree surface reconstruction method
A method for reconstructing 3-d vessel geometry of a vessel includes: receiving a plurality of 2-d rotational x-ray images of the vessel; extracting vessel centerline points for normal cross sections of each of the plurality of 2-d images; establishing a correspondence of the centerline points; constructing a 3-d centerline vessel tree skeleton of the vessel; constructing an initial 3-d vessel surface having a uniform radius normal to the 3-d centerline vessel tree skeleton; and constructing a target 3-d vessel surface by deforming the initial vessel surface to provide a reconstructed 3-d vessel geometry of the vessel.. .
Siemens Healthcare Gmbh

 One piece eyewear with concealed hinges patent thumbnailnew patent One piece eyewear with concealed hinges
The present invention generally concerns a one piece eyewear having concealed hinges made via 3d printing. More specifically, the invention includes a u-shaped hinge with irregular offsets that are blended parametric curves that connect a lens frame to temple bars.

 Shock absorber patent thumbnailnew patent Shock absorber
A magnetic shock absorber having a first body slidably coupled to a second body via a first bearing arranged to move in sliding engagement with a first counter-face portion. A first array of magnets associated with the first body is arranged to magnetically interact with a second array of magnets associated with the second body to absorb compression or extension loads applied to the shock absorber.
Messier-dowty Limited

new patent

Friction clutch

In an electromagnetic clutch, a rotor includes a cover portion that covers a radially outer end of an armature from a radially outer side. The cover portion, the radially outer end of the armature, and a wall of the rotor define a discharge passage that is formed into a ring shape centered on a rotating shaft and is open on a first end side in an axis line direction for discharging abrasion powder generated by friction between walls.
Denso Corporation

new patent

Flap device for an internal combustion engine

A flap device for an internal combustion engine includes a flap body comprising at least one end position, a shaft which has the flap body arranged thereon, a housing which has a flow duct formed therein, an actuator which rotates the shaft in the flow duct, a lever which includes a lever surface, the lever being attached to the shaft outside of the flow duct, and an abutment which has the lever bear thereon in the at least one end position of the flap body. The flow duct includes a throughflow cross section which is regulated by a rotation of the shaft.
Pierburg Gmbh

new patent

Modular hooking device for a cloth for a tensioned false ceiling

A device for attaching at least one cloth for producing a tensioned-cloth false partition, comprising a first profiled member forming a profiled rail comprising at least one reception groove, the reception groove being delimited by at least two lateral walls, and at least one second profiled member able to be fitted removably in the reception groove of the first profiled member, having a cross section in the form of a u or v, one of the arms of the u or v shape comprising at least one deformable longitudinal projection arranged so as to come into abutment against a wall disposed opposite the arm carrying the deformable projection when the second profiled member is in place in the reception groove of the first profiled member.. .

new patent

A boat hull with a pivotally mounted hydrodynamic appendage

A boat hull with port and starboard side walls that are vertical in cross section whilst the bottom of the hull immediately prior to the commencement of the stern part there-after is horizontal in cross section. Extending throughout the buoyant hulls stern part a longitudinally rectangular flat plate with port and starboard upwardly extending side walls, one each side, are located throughout the length of the vessels stern part.

new patent

Hub for a bicycle

The present invention relates to a hub for a bicycle, having a hub axle, a hub sleeve which is mounted rotatably on the hub axle via a bearing arrangement, a driver which is mounted rotatably on the hub axle via a bearing arrangement and is coupleable to the at least one hub sleeve in a torque-transmitting manner, wherein the bearing arrangement has at least one axially inner bearing and at least one axially outer bearing. At least one fastening element is provided, which fixes at least the inner bearing of the bearing arrangement in its predetermined position on the hub axle by a local or sectional enlargement of the cross section of the hub axle..
Sram Deutschland Gmbh

new patent

Apparatus for producing parisons

The invention relates to an apparatus for the production of parisons from fiber-reinforced plastic, having a feed arrangement (1) for the continuous feed of a laid fiber fabric (2) and having a transverse deformation arrangement (3) with a draping apparatus (4) for the deformation of the fed laid fiber fabric (2) to form a predefined nominal profile (5). The apparatus is distinguished by the fact that the draping apparatus (4) is adjustable for a variation of a cross section of the nominal profile (5).
Broetje-automation Gmbh

new patent

Slab continuous casting apparatus

The invention provides rotating a submerged nozzle during casting to arbitrarily change the discharge angle of molten metal, causing the molten metal in the mold for slab to be rotated and stirred. A slab continuous casting apparatus according to the invention supplies molten metal from a tundish to a water-cooled mold for slab through at least an upper nozzle, a slide valve and a submerged nozzle and solidified the molten metal and provided with a submerged-nozzle quick replacement mechanism.
Shinagawa Refractories Co., Ltd.

new patent

Honeycomb filter

A honeycomb filter includes a honeycomb structure body having porous partition walls defining a plurality of cells, inflow side plugging portions, and outflow side plugging portions, and in a cross section perpendicular to a cell extending direction, the whole periphery of each of outflow cells is surrounded by an inflow cell group, inflow cells are defined by inflow/outflow partition walls which are the partition walls defining the outflow cell and inflow/inflow partition walls which are the partition walls intersecting the inflow/outflow partition walls, a surface area a1 of the inflow/outflow partition wall of the inflow cell and a surface area a2 of the inflow/inflow partition wall of the inflow cell satisfy a relation of 1.2≦a1/a2≦2, and in the partition wall, an average pore diameter of a surface region is from 4 to 60% of an average pore diameter of a central region.. .
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

new patent

Column for thermal treatment of fluid mixtures, especially those comprising (meth)acrylic monomers

The present invention relates to a column (1) for thermal treatment of fluid mixtures, having a cylindrical, vertical column body (2) which forms a column cavity (3) and a vertical inner surface (16), a plurality of trays (8) mounted in the column cavity (3) and spaced apart vertically from one another, at least one stub (11) disposed within the column body (2) and extending away from the column body (2), and a closable inspection orifice (9) formed in the stub (11). The characteristic feature of the column of the invention is that in the case of a vertical cross section of the column (1) the surface (15) of the lower line of intersection of the stub (11) directed into the column cavity (3) or a tangent to the surface (15) of the lower line of intersection of the stub (11) at least in sections forms an angle within a range from 210° to 267° with the vertical inner surface (16) of the column body (2) which extends downward from the stub (11)..
Basf Se

new patent

Suture with trim formed tip

The present invention discloses methods for producing a surgical suture having a reduced cross-sectional area portion from monofilaments fibers of various polymeric and metallic materials. Also disclosed are novel sutures having novel tips.
Ethicon, Inc.

new patent

Extruded noodle and die piece for extruded noodle

Disclosed is a method for manufacturing instant noodles using extruded noodles, with each noodle having a hole extending therethrough in a longitudinal direction, wherein the hole closes or contracts during boiling or rehydration in hot water and the hole in a cross section of the noodle is configured such that a plurality of grooves are formed rotationally symmetrically about a center of the cross section, extending in an outer radial direction from the center of the cross section of the noodle.. .
Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd.

Apparatus and solar panel module mounting inserts

A photovoltaic module generates electrical power when installed on a roof. A photovoltaic module preferably has an upper transparent protective layer, and a photovoltaic layer positioned beneath the upper transparent protective layer, the photovoltaic layer comprising a plurality of electrically interconnected photovoltaic cells disposed in an array.
Lumeta, Llc

Increased contact area for finfets

A method for forming fin field effect transistors includes epitaxially growing source and drain (s/d) regions on fins, the s/d regions including a diamond-shaped cross section and forming a dielectric liner over the s/d regions. A dielectric fill is etched over the s/d regions to expose a top portion of the diamond-shaped cross section.
Global Foundries U.s. 2 Llc.

Method for manufacturing silicon carbide semiconductor device

A method for manufacturing a sic semiconductor device includes: forming recesses to be separated from each other on a cross section in parallel to a surface of the substrate by partially removing a top portion of the drift layer with etching using a mask after arranging the mask on a front surface of a drift layer; forming electric field relaxation layers having the second conductivity type to be separated from each other on the cross section by ion-implanting a second conductivity type impurity on a bottom of each recess using the mask; and forming a channel layer by forming a second conductivity type layer on the front surface of the drift layer including a front surface of each electric field relaxation layer in a respective recess.. .
Denso Corporation

Memory device and forming the same

Provided is a memory device including a plurality of bit line layers and a plurality of supporting structures. Each bit line layer extends in a plane defined by a first direction and a second direction and has a plurality of bit lines extending along the first direction.
Macronix International Co., Ltd.

Nitride semiconductor substrate

The present invention provides a nitride semiconductor substrate having an initial nitride and a nitride semiconductor sequentially stacked on one principal plane of a base substrate, wherein the nitride semiconductor substrate comprises recesses depressed from an interface between the base substrate and the initial nitride toward the base substrate along one arbitrary cross section; the recesses each have a diameter of 6 nm or more and 60 nm or less and are formed at a density of 3×108 pieces/cm2 or more and 1×1011 pieces/cm2 or less; and the recess preferably has a depth of 3 nm or more and 45 nm or less from the interface between the base substrate and the initial nitride toward the base substrate.. .
Coorstek Kk

Light guiding lens and lighting unit

An elongated light guiding lens can include an incident portion and a light guiding portion with an l-shaped cross section. The incident portion can be erected at a rear end portion of the light guiding portion, and have a second incident surface at its left end, for receiving light from an led while collimating the light in the vertical direction.
Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

Vacuum socket and semiconductor testing system including the same

A vacuum socket includes a lower housing including a concave portion with a first hole, the concave portion having a recessed cross section and a printed circuit board in the concave portion, wherein the printed circuit board includes a second hole coupled to the first hole and pads provided along an edge region thereof, a cover provided in the concave portion to cover the printed circuit board, and a vacuum pad inserted in the first hole, the vacuum pad having a third hole coupled to the second hole, wherein the printed circuit board is electrically connected to a first semiconductor chip loaded between the printed circuit board and the cover, via the pads.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd .

Pig and pig disc for a pig

Pig for inspecting and/or cleaning pipelines which transport, in particular, oil, gas or water, wherein the pig has at least one flexible plastic element which is mounted on a pig element which is preferably embodied as a pig body, wherein the plastic element has, viewed from the pig element, at least one electromechanical transducer, extending in the longitudinal direction of the plastic element, for detecting and/or outputting a change in shape of the plastic element. Furthermore, the invention relates to a pig disc in the elastic side region of which there is at least one electromechanical transducer as a sensor for detecting changes in the free internal cross section of a pipeline..
Rosen Swiss Ag

Pulsation damping system

The present invention relates to a pulsation damping system for a paint spray device for spraying paint including a pulsation damper for damping the pulsation of a paint stream, wherein the pulsation damper includes a housing, a chamber, a chamber inlet, a chamber outlet and a damping means. In this connection, an opening of the chamber outlet comprises a cross sectional area which is smaller than a cross sectional area of an opening of the chamber inlet, and as a result forms a throttle..
J. Wagner Gmbh

Vibration damper having an end stop

Vibration damper with an end stop operated through a damping medium, includes a cylinder in which a piston rod is guided so as to be axially movable, wherein the piston rod controls a choke ring which limits a compression space starting from a defined stroke position of the piston rod at a cylinder-side wall having reduced diameter, wherein the cylinder has at least one working chamber which is filled with the damping medium and which is connected to the compression space via at least one choke orifice, wherein the choke ring has at least one pressure compensation channel via which a surface of the choke ring facing in direction of the wall on the cylinder side is connected to compression space with respect to the cross section of the choke ring, and the outflow from the pressure compensation channel to the working chamber can be closed in a stroke-dependent manner.. .
Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

Exhaust aftertreatment device for aftertreatment of exhaust of an internal combustion engine

An exhaust aftertreatment device for aftertreatment of exhaust gas of an internal combustion engine includes an scr catalyst for selective catalytic reduction, a feeding apparatus for adding a reductant at an entry point upstream of the scr catalyst to the exhaust gas, and a mixing apparatus arranged in a flow direction of the exhaust gas between the entry point and the scr catalyst. The mixing apparatus includes a mixing element and a catalyst element, with the catalyst element having in the flow direction of the exhaust gas a cross sectional area which is smaller than a cross sectional area of the mixing element..
Audi Ag

Gasifier cooling structure, gasifier, and gasifier annulus portion enlargement method

Provided is a gasifier cooling structure allowing the complexity of the furnace wall structure to be reduced to a minimum, allowing the configurability of headers and connecting pipes to be improved while maintaining as much as possible the ability to cool raw syngas. In the gasifier cooling structure, the raw syngas from a gasified carbonaceous solid fuel flows through the interior of a furnace wall formed inside a pressure vessel having a circular cross section, and the raw syngas is cooled by heat exchange with a fluid flowing inside a heat exchanger tube from a heat exchanger, whereof a plurality is provided within the furnace wall.
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.

Pontoon watercraft

A pontoon watercraft having two pontoons in parallel relationship there being a frame and deck disposed there between, the pontoons being octagonal in cross section having planar lower surfaces to decrease the amount of draft required, the pontoons being segmented with interior bulkheads to insure that the integrity of the pontoon is maintained even if a puncture occurs which would flood one of the segments, the design of the pontoon structure allowing for a larger deck surface and hence more availability for load, be it cargo or individuals.. .

Motor vehicle column with reinforcement sheet and the production thereof

A motor vehicle column and a method for production of the motor vehicle column are disclosed, wherein in the motor vehicle column a reinforcement sheet having an inwardly oriented bead is arranged and the reinforcement sheet has an inwardly oriented bead. The reinforcement sheet contacts the outer sheet in at least two sections viewed in cross section so as to form a double layer..
Benteler Automobiltechnik Gmbh

Joining structure of vehicle frame

A joining structure of a vehicle frame that includes: a vehicle frame including a tubular first frame and a second frame, the first frame being formed in a closed cross section shape by extrusion molding of a lightweight metal, the second frame being formed in an open cross section shape of which one side is open by die-casting of a lightweight metal, and the second frame being superposed with the first frame in a state of contact therewith; a slit portion formed in the second frame, the slit portion extending along a marginal edge portion at an opening direction side of the second frame; a first welded portion structured by welding the marginal edge portion of the second frame to the first frame; and a second welded portion structured by welding a periphery edge portion of the slit portion to the first frame.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Steering rack and manufacturing the same

A steering rack meshes with a pinion rotatably driven by the input shaft of a steering gear constituting an automotive steering device. The steering rack is provided with a an axially extending rod part of round cross section, and a plurality of rack teeth formed on a radial one side surface of an axial portion of the rod part, the rack teeth meshing with the pinion.
Nsk Ltd.


A tire (10) includes, in a tread surface (11): at least two circumferential grooves (12, 13) extending in a tire circumferential direction; and a land portion (14) sandwiched between the circumferential grooves (12, 13). The land portion (14) has a resonator (15) including: an air chamber (16); a first branch groove (17); and a second branch groove (18).
Bridgestone Corporation

Massive tire with pull cable

Tire, comprising an annular massive tire body having an essentially round or oval cross section having a centre mb, and having an outer circumference co forming a tread and an inner circumference ci facing the centre of the annular body, the body containing a longitudinal pull cable channel, the channel containing a pull cable and having a cross section having a centre mk, wherein the distance between mk and the inner circumference ci is between 7 and 18 mm measured along a line connecting mk and mb and structure comprising the tire mounted around a wheel rim.. .

Composite sliding member and heat-resistant composite sliding member for oa equipment

A composite sliding member includes a combination of a fiber woven fabric and a resin member, wherein the fiber woven fabric is a multilayer woven fabric having a front surface layer serving as a sliding surface and a rear surface layer adhered to the resin member, the front surface layer mainly including a fluororesin fiber and the rear surface layer mainly including a heat resistant fiber; wherein when a cross section of the composite sliding member crossing the fiber woven fabric, the resin member, and their composite interface is observed, one heat resistant fiber a of such heat resistant fiber at a position adjacent to the resin member with no intervening other fiber in the cross section is observed, and a ratio of a number of monofilaments in the heat resistant fiber a not in close contact with the resin constituting the resin member or adjacent monofilaments in relation to a number of all monofilaments constituting the heat resistant fiber a is r1, and r1 is 0 to 70%.. .
Toray Industries, Inc.

Resin-coated metal sheet for containers and manufacturing the same

Provided is a resin-coated metal sheet for containers having a resin layer (a) on a side of the metal sheet, the side being a side that will serve as a container inner surface when the metal sheet is formed into a container. The resin layer (a) has a polyester-based multilayer structure.
Jfe Steel Corporation

Reducing wrinkling of contoured hat stiffeners formed from a single composite charge

A flexible punch and die are used to form a flat composite laminate charge into a stiffener having a desired cross sectional shape. A desired contour is formed in the stiffener by bending the punch and die.
The Boeing Company

End mill and manufacturing machined product

An end mill includes a body including an axis, first cutting edges on a side of a front end of the body, second cutting edges at a rear side of the respective first cutting edges, flutes located along the second cutting edges, and heels located along the flutes. A shape of each of the flutes in a cross section includes a first concave curve on a side of the second cutting edges, a second concave curve on a side of the heels, and a protrusion located between the two concave curves, the protrusion includes two concave curves intersect each other, and a ratio of a distance from a circle including a maximum diameter in the body centered on the axis to a top of the protrusion to a distance h from the circle to the second cutting edge is 0.1 to 0.4..
Kyocera Corporation

Micronic automatic filter

A filtering member is provided including a frame defining a fluid path between an outer face of the frame and an inner face thereof, the fluid path includes a first and a second protruding portions extending between the outer face and the inner face defining a filtering volume therebetween, at least one of the first and a second protruding portions is tapered such that a cross section of the filtering volume increases towards the inlet face; a filtering media disposed in the filtering volume and configured such that when fluid flows from the outer face towards the inner face density of the filtering media is higher than density thereof when fluid flows from the inner face towards the outer face.. .
Filter Safe Ltd

Prefilled disposable injection device

A drug delivery device comprising a main body extending between distal and proximal ends comprising a hollow cylinder comprising an outer and an inner surface, wherein the inner surface comprises threads; a screw within the main body, comprising a hollow cylinder comprising an inner and an outer surface, wherein said outer surface comprises threads, wherein threads of outer surface of the screw are engaged with threads of inner surface of the main body; a plunger extending between distal and proximal ends, wherein the distal end of the plunger engages the proximal end of the screw; and a drug container extending between distal and proximal ends, and comprising a change in cross section from proximal to distal end, wherein the container is within the screw, and wherein the proximal end of the drug container is fixed to the screw and distal end of the container is fixed to the main body.. .
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.

Visualization of depth and position of blood vessels and robot guided visualization of blood vessel cross section

A system for visualizing an anatomical target includes an imaging device (105) configured to collect real-time images of an anatomical target. A three-dimensional model (136) is generated from pre- or intra-operative images and includes images of structures below a surface of the anatomical target not visible in the images from the scope.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Pasting sheet, helmet and manufacturing the same

A pasting sheet that can be pasted easily to a shield is provided. The pasting sheet 10 is affixed sheet can be pasted on the shield 9 to the helmet 1, and includes the sheet body 100 that have the light-transmitting, the adhesive layer 120 that continuously arranged in the periphery of the sheet body 100, the suction disk type fixed member 20, and the notch portion 102 for fixing the suction disk type fixed member 20 at the left end and right end portion of the sheet body 100.
Wins Japan Co., Ltd.

Managing airflow supplied through soft ducts

A system for conveying air from one location to another includes a soft duct having a passage and an air flow control device. The air flow control device can be operated to vary a cross sectional area of a portion of the passage of the soft duct..
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Omnidirectional speaker

An omnidirectional speaker includes a speaker module configured to generate sound, a main body having a circular cross section and configured to accommodate the speaker module, and a control panel configured to cover an upper side of the main body and allow a user to select an operation. The control panel includes a display for displaying a state of the operation and a touch unit configured to receive an input of the user as a touch input..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Common mode and differential mode filter for an inverter and inverter comprising such filter

A differential and common mode filter for an inverter, comprising an inductor having a core. The core comprises: an upper joke and a lower joke which comprise a first magnetic material; a first leg, a second leg and a third leg which extend between the upper and lower jokes and around which a first coil, a second coil, and a third coil are arranged, respectively, wherein at least one portion of the first, second and third legs, when seen in a transverse cross section, is made of one second magnetic material, and wherein the first magnetic material has a magnetic permeability higher than the second magnetic material; at least one unwound leg extending between the upper and lower jokes..
Abb Schweiz Ag

Analytical apparatus, sample holder and analytical method

In accordance with an embodiment, an analytical apparatus includes a member, a voltage source connected to the member and a detecting section. The member has an inserting portion into which a sample holder supporting a sample is insertable and whose shape corresponds to a shape of the sample holder.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Thin film type coil component and manufacturing the same

A thin film type coil component including coil patterns in a cross section shape having an undercut in lower portions thereof is provided. The coil patterns may reduce parasitic capacitance between the coil patterns, thereby minimizing electrical loss.
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

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