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Cross Section patents


This page is updated frequently with new Cross Section-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Cross Section-related patents
 Nano- and micro-electromechanical resonators patent thumbnailNano- and micro-electromechanical resonators
A resonator includes a piezoelectric plate and interdigitated electrode(s). The interdigitated electrode includes a plurality of conductive strips disposed over a top surface of the piezoelectric plate.
Northeastern University

 Multilayer ceramic capacitor patent thumbnailMultilayer ceramic capacitor
In a multilayer ceramic capacitor, a ceramic body includes dielectric layers and inner electrodes stacked in a stacking direction, outer electrodes on the ceramic body and connected to the plurality of inner electrodes. When viewing a first cross section of the ceramic body parallel or substantially parallel to first and second side surfaces of the ceramic body and having the plurality of inner electrodes exposed, a connection proportion is about 30% to about 70% and is a proportion of a number of the inner electrodes connected to the outer electrodes to a number of all of the plurality of inner electrodes exposed at the first cross section, and when the first cross section is viewed, glass is present between one of the inner electrodes not connected to each of the outer electrodes, and each of the outer electrodes..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Imaging apparatus and controlling method thereof the same patent thumbnailImaging apparatus and controlling method thereof the same
Disclosed herein is an imaging apparatus and a controlling method thereof, the imaging apparatus includes an image processing unit generating volume images of an object including a region of interest and extracting a reference plane of the volume images and an area setting unit automatically setting a distance from the reference plane, wherein the image processing unit may generate a 3d data of a region of interest based on a cross sectional data of the reference plane and a cross sectional data contained in a plurality of cross sectional images of the volume images existing in the distance.. .
Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

 Digital angle finder patent thumbnailDigital angle finder
A digital angle finder is disclosed and comprises a hollow housing, having a rectangular cross section; a power supply assembly, insertably arranged at a first end of the hollow housing; a digital display screen assembly, arranged on the hollow housing and electrically connected with the power supply assembly; and an angle checking assembly, movably arranged at a second end of the hollow housing opposite to the first end, the angle checking assembly including a contacting surface, an elastic sleeve, and a variable resistor member, the variable resistor member is disposed inside the elastic sleeve, the elastic sleeve is electrically connecting with the digital display screen assembly and the power supply assembly and also movably arranged between the second end of the hollow housing and the contacting surface, and the contacting surface is contacting an angle-checking object.. .

 Methods for the photo-initiated chemical vapor deposition (picvd) of coatings and coatings produced by these methods patent thumbnailMethods for the photo-initiated chemical vapor deposition (picvd) of coatings and coatings produced by these methods
Methods for producing coatings on substrates are provided. These methods comprise the steps of introducing the substrate in a photo-initiated chemical vapor deposition reactor, introducing a gas precursor in the reactor, irradiating said gas precursor with uv radiation at a given wavelength, thereby at least partly photodissociating the gas precursor, until the coating is formed.
Polyvalor, Limited Partnership

 Device for a vehicle window wiper arm patent thumbnailDevice for a vehicle window wiper arm
Device (140) for a window wiper arm of a vehicle, in particular a motor vehicle, characterised in that it comprises a cover (144) and an accessory, such as a nozzle (142), which is rigidly connected to the cover, said cover having a generally u-shaped cross section and being configured to be applied and fastened to an end piece (28) of u-shaped cross section of said arm.. .
Valeo Systèmes D'essuyage

 Operating space with a preferably thermally and acoustically insulating enclosure, and air louver arrangement which cooperates with said operating space patent thumbnailOperating space with a preferably thermally and acoustically insulating enclosure, and air louver arrangement which cooperates with said operating space
An operating space, particularly for a motor vehicle, which is bounded by an enclosure, wherewith more than half of the enclosure surface comprises a thermally and acoustically insulating lining material, and/or the enclosure surface is formed from insulating lining material, wherein the enclosure cooperates with an air intake louver system at an intake location that includes an air intake passage opening and at least one air intake louver wherein the intake louver(s) is adjustable between an open or passage position which allows passage of air, wherein the air-permeable flow cross section of the air intake opening is greater, and a closed or blocked position wherein the air-permeable flow cross section of the air intake opening is smaller, so that the amount of air per unit time which is admitted into the operating space through the air intake opening is less than when the at least one air intake louver is in the open position.. .
Röchling Automotive Se & Co. Kg

 Method for continuously casting slab patent thumbnailMethod for continuously casting slab
A main purpose of the present invention is to provide a continuous casting method for a slab satisfying reductions of center segregation and center porosity, and inhibitions of surface cracks and internal cracks of a slab. The method includes a step of carrying out reduction on a slab having an unsolidified part by horizontal rolls and a step of alternatively carrying out reduction on the slab completely solidified by horizontal rolls and vertical rolls, wherein in the former step, reduction ratio of the slab is more than 0.5% and no more than 3% and a ratio of a width of the unsolidified part at the cross section of the slab to a width of a contact part of the slab and the rolls is 0 to 7.15, and in the latter step, each reduction ratio of the slab by the rolls is 5.4% to 6.8%..
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

 Golf putter grip patent thumbnailGolf putter grip
Disclosed is a golf putter grip having proximal and distal ends, the distal end being open and the proximal end being closed and including a bore therethrough for installation of a golf putter. The putter grip of the present invention further comprises a main grip area having a forward facing surface with a cross section comprised of three substantially flat sides arranged in a half-hexagonal shape.

 Pilates exercise device patent thumbnailPilates exercise device
An exercise device includes a base frame having a first baseboard member, a second baseboard member, and a base pad disposed in between. The first baseboard member includes a first locking member disposed on a first headend of the first baseboard member, and the second baseboard member includes a second locking member disposed on a second headend of the second baseboard member.


Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus

An ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus of an embodiment includes: an ultrasonic image generation section that generates an ultrasonic image based on a reception signal from an ultrasonic probe; a position information acquisition section that acquires position information on a three-dimensional space of the ultrasonic probe; an image acquisition section that obtains image data and acquires a reference image corresponding to the ultrasonic image based on the image data; a reference image forming section that identifies a to-be-displayed cross section orientation of the acquired reference image and forms a reference image which a cross section orientation is identified; and a display section that displays a formed reference image by the reference image forming section and ultrasonic image formed by the ultrasonic image generation section.. .
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Hinge pin for lavatory seat and/or lid

A hinge pin for pivotally mounting at least one of a toilet seat and a lid to a toilet or surrounding structure comprises a first hinge pin component, a second hinge pin component a linking member and fasteners. The first hinge pin component and the second hinge pin component each has a cylindrical outer end, a semicylindrical inner end with a flat joining surface and a shoulder between the outer end and the inner end.
Alaska Airlines, Inc.


High-gain operation of fiber lasers at long wavelengths

A method of operating a tm:doped fiber amplifier including selecting a length of tm:doped optical fiber to be less than one hundred meters, doping the optical fiber with active ions at a doping level of greater than one percent, optically pumping the doped optical fiber with a first laser beam having a wavelength longer than the wavelength where a maximum absorption cross section is provided by the active ions, and creating a population inversion between two active ion energy levels with the first laser beam, the active ions providing a gain to a second laser beam.. .
Physical Sciences, Inc.


Pressure reduction device and method

The invention relates to a pressure reduction device for use in processing equipment handling high pressure and high temperature fluids with a content of abrasive components, where the pressure reduction device comprises a number of pipes with a length and internal cross section adapted to reduce the pressure, where the length, the cross sectional area and the number of pipes are chosen to have an average flow velocity within each pipe of less than 30 m/s.. .
Steeper Energy Aps


Heat/acoustic wave conversion component and heat/acoustic wave conversion unit

A heat/acoustic wave conversion component includes a partition wall that defines a plurality of cells extending from a first end face to a second end face and mutually converts heat exchanged between the partition wall and the working fluid and energy of acoustic waves resulting from oscillations of the working fluid. Hydraulic diameter hd of the heat/acoustic wave conversion component is 0.4 mm or less, where the hydraulic diameter hd is defined as hd=4×s/c, where s denotes an area of a cross-section of each cell perpendicular to the cell extending direction and c denotes a perimeter of the cross section.
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.


Exhaust system of saddle-ride type vehicle

An exhaust system of a saddle-ride type vehicle includes an exhaust pipe portion, a chamber portion, and a silencer. The exhaust pipe portion is coupled to an engine supported by a frame.
Suzuki Motor Corporation


Pinnacle truss

A pinnacle truss has a first linear support member, a second linear support member stacked on the first support member and a third linear support member stacked on the first support member and the second linear support member. The first linear support member, the second linear support member, and the third linear support member form a triangular support structure.


Swing arm

A swing arm having a reduced number of parts in which manufacturing cost can be reduced. In a swing arm including: vehicle-body-side support portions that are supported on a vehicle body side by a first rotary shaft; wheel-side support portions that are supported on a wheel side by a second rotary shaft; and a pair of arm portions that connect the vehicle-body-side support portions and the wheel-side support portions to each other, cross members that extend in an axial direction of the first rotary shaft is arranged on the pair of arm portions so as to extend between the pair of arm portions, and the cross members have a u shape in cross section orthogonal to a longitudinal direction of the cross members, thus forming opening portions that open so as to face a direction that the pair of arm portions extends..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Extruder screw

A double-screw extruder for thermoplastic materials, with a first and a second extruder screw, whereby the extruder screws have an inlet and an outlet and a core, helically extending screw flights being arranged through the core from the inlet to the outlet, so that the screw peaks and valleys are circumferential, and the peaks of the first screw penetrate into the valleys of the second screw, and vice versa. The screw flights may have a geometry which is step-shaped in cross section, whereby the steps may be provided such that the stepped course of the peaks is congruent with the stepped course of the valleys..
Battenfeld-cincinnati Austria Gmbh


Guide wire

A guide wire includes (1) a core shaft, (2) a coil body covering a distal end portion of the core shaft and having spirally wound multiple element wires, and (3) a distal end fixed portion by which a distal end of the core shaft is fixed to a distal end of the coil body. The distal end of the coil body includes (i) a fixed portion in which adjacent ones of the multiple element wires are fixed to each other and (ii) a gap portion in which adjacent ones of the multiple element wires are not fixed to each other to provide a gap between the adjacent ones of the multiple element wires in the gap portion, as viewed in a cross section that is perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the guide wire.
Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd.


Non-cylindrical dental implant system

A dental implant includes an upper connector portion and lower implantation portion, the connector portion receiving a dental crown or similar prosthesis, the implantation portion having rectangular cross section and linear vertical profile with machine taper. An outer surface of the implantation portion provides frictional fit with a correspondingly shaped surrounding bone surface.
Fraunhofer Usa, Inc.


Detachable lanyard connector

A lanyard plug includes a head having a “t” shaped cross section with a top portion supported by a beam portion. The head is adapted to be retentively coupled in a groove of a device.


Fiber for artificial hair and hair ornament product including same

The present invention relates to a fiber for artificial hair having a void in a center of a fiber cross section. A ratio of an area of the void to an entire area of the fiber cross section is 5% to 50%.
Kaneka Corporation


Information display device

An information display device includes an information display element having a display, and an optical waveguide in a sheet form affixed to a surface of the display and constituting a position sensor. The optical waveguide is configured such that linear cores in a lattice form are held between an under cladding layer and an over cladding layer both in a sheet form.
Nitto Denko Corporation


Cleaning apparatus, process cartridge, image forming apparatus

There is provided a cleaning apparatus including a cleaning member configured to collect developer on an image bearing member, and a storage chamber configured to store the developer, wherein cross-sectional areas of a lengthwise center and an end portion of the storage chamber in a lengthwise direction of the storage chamber are different, the cross sections being orthogonal to the lengthwise direction.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Projection image display device

A projection image display device includes a rod lens of rectangular cross section, into which white light from a light source enters, and exits as diffused light of uniform illumination intensity. The rod lens is provided with: only a single pair of rods which are formed by splitting the rod lens along the optical axis so as to bifurcate it along long sides of the rectangular cross section, and which have a thin filmed formed on a portion at the periphery of the mutually opposed surfaces thereof; and with a cover part that covers the outside periphery of the pair of rods, for retaining the pair of rods in such a way that the rods are opposed a slight distance apart due to the thin film formed on the mutually opposed surfaces, and that has openings formed at the light entry side and the light exit side of the rod lens..
Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.


Microscope and 3d high-resolution localization microscopy with an enlarged measurement region

A microscope for high-resolution imaging of a sample in a depth direction and transversely thereto has an excitation beam path for illuminating a sample,—an imaging beam path with an objective and two detectors,—and a phase element. The phase element is situated in a pupil of the imaging beam path and has a different influence on two halves of the pupil cross section.
Carl Zeiss Microscopy Gmbh


Heat exchanger for a condenser unit which eliminate corner and concentric eddies for high energy efficiency

A heat exchanger coil for a condenser unit which eliminate corner and concentric eddies for high energy efficiency includes a continuous curvature of an oval shape profile across a cross sectional view. The heat exchanger coil includes a circular section, a first planar section, a second planar section, and a coil opening as the first planar section and the second planar section are adjacently connected and tangentially positioned with the circular section.


Tubular led lamp

There is herein described an led lamp comprising a thermoformed circuit board and a tubular lamp body having a diffuser. The thermoformed circuit board comprises a substrate, an intermediate circuit board having electrical conductors, and a coverlay laminated to the substrate.
Osram Sylvania Inc.


Arc coil spring configuration

Improved performance of arc coil springs by stress reduction when they are bottomed out is achieved by forming the coil spring wire in a substantially trapezoidal or other shape such that when bottomed, the side surfaces of the coil abut and carry the bottoming load which is distributed over a comparatively large surface area. The angles of the sidewalls of the substantially trapezoidal cross section wire are preferably coincident with lines of radius when the spring is installed in an arc in a clutch, damper or flywheel.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Method of manufacturing a crankshaft from a high shrink metal alloy

A crankshaft includes a pin bearing journal, and a counterweight. The pin bearing journal defines a hollow pin core.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Heat/acoustic wave conversion component and heat/acoustic wave conversion unit

A heat/acoustic wave conversion component having a first end face and a second end face, includes a partition wall that defines a plurality of cells extending from the first end face to the second end face, inside of the cells being filled with working fluid that oscillates to transmit acoustic waves, the heat/acoustic wave conversion component mutually converting heat exchanged between the partition wall and the working fluid and energy of acoustic waves resulting from oscillations of the working fluid. Hydraulic diameter hd of the heat/acoustic wave conversion component is 0.4 mm or less, where the hydraulic diameter hd is defined as hd=4×s/c, where s denotes a cross-sectional area of each cell perpendicular to the cell extending direction and c denotes a perimeter of the cross section, and the heat/acoustic wave conversion component has three-point bending strength of 5 mpa or more..
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.


Stress relieving feature in gas turbine blade platform

A gas turbine engine blade (10) having: an airfoil (12) having a leading edge (14), a trailing edge (16), a pressure side (22), and a suction side (24); an inner platform (30) associated with a base (18) of the airfoil, wherein the inner platform includes a platform aft face (34) spanning between an platform pressure side face (36) and a platform suction side face (38); and a trailing edge undercut (70) across the aft face. The trailing edge undercut tapers to zero penetration before reaching the platform suction side face.
Siemens Energy, Inc.


Flow and fluid conditioning pressure reducing valve or device

The invention provides a flow and fluid conditioning pressure reduction valve or device, comprising an inlet and an outlet, the valve or device is distinctive in that it comprises at least one relatively long flow bore conduit shaped as a spiral or a spiral arranged on the surface of a cone or frustum. Each spiral shaped conduit includes at least one, preferably at least three rotations and each spiral shaped conduit preferably is closely packed; the conduit has been arranged between the inlet and the outlet, has reduced flow cross section area, and the length, the cross section area and the number of the spiral shaped conduits in line determine the pressure reduction of a given fluid at a given flow rate..
Typhonix As


Perforated structure mountable onto a seabed

A perforated structure mountable onto a seabed for establishing a deep-water port or an artificial island comprises: a plurality prefabricated perforated modules integratable into said structure; and at least one connector interconnecting corner portions of said prefabricated perforated modules. Each prefabricated perforated module has a corner portion comprising a concave surface such that said corner portions being integrated together into said structure form a cavity to be filled with a concrete.
Ocean Brick System (o.b.s.) Ltd.


Aerosol container nozzle and aerosol container dispenser

This invention makes it possible to spray liquid content while a cleaning member is mounted to a nozzle main body and remove residual liquid without pulling out the cleaning member from the nozzle main body. A nozzle includes a body 10 that presses down two stems 6 together, and a cleaning member 20 having two ejection ports 1a and capable of moving relative to the body 10.
Toyo Aerosol Industry Co., Ltd.


Side vehicle-body structure of vehicle

There are provided a hinge pillar comprising an outer panel and an inner panel which form a closed cross section extending vertically, a hinge pillar reinforcement provided in the closed cross section, a front door attached to the hinge pillar via a pair of upper-and-lower door hinges, and a hinge bracket attaching the lower door hinge to the hinge pillar reinforcement, the hinge bracket being provided to face a front wheel in a longitudinal direction. Herein, the hinge bracket has a lower strength than a portion of the hinge pillar reinforcement where the hinge bracket is provided.
Mazda Motor Corporation


R744 based heat pump system with a water cooled gas cooler for cooling, heating and dehumidification of an ev/hev

The invention relates to an air conditioning system for a motor vehicle, with at least two coolant circuits as well as a refrigerant circuit. The refrigerant circuit comprises a compressor for the compression of the refrigerant, a heat exchanger for the cooling and liquefying of the compressed refrigerant, an expansion device, and a heat exchanger for the evaporation of the two-phase refrigerant.
Halla Visteon Climate Control Corp.


Liquid ejecting head and liquid ejecting apparatus

There is provided a recording head unit that includes a recording head main body that drives a piezoelectric element to generate a pressure change in ink filling a pressure generation chamber so as to eject the ink through a nozzle formed in a nozzle plate; a holder to hold the recording head main body; and a fixing plate to which end surfaces, on the nozzle plate side, of the recording head main body and the holder are fixed. In the stated recording head unit, the fixing plate includes a slope section that is arranged in part of a predetermined region of the fixing plate where neither the holder nor the recording head main body is fixed, and that has a free movement portion of which cross section is formed in a mountain-like shape and which is capable of freely moving in a direction intersecting with a surface direction of the fixing plate; the fixing plate further includes a fixing portion with which a base end of the free movement portion is fixed to the holder; and the fixing plate is so configured as to be expanded/contracted in the surface direction of the fixing plate by a force applied in this direction..
Seiko Epson Corporation


Vulcanization control method and vulcanization control system

A vulcanization control method and a vulcanization control system are provided that are capable of preventing insufficient vulcanization while shortening a vulcanization time and obtaining an optimal vulcanization time instantly, even when a simple analysis model is used. Data (xi) of predetermined types of vulcanization-affecting factors (x) are input into a computation device (2) by an input device (6) before vulcanizing a green tire (g).
The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.


Method for producing a foam body by means of an extrusion process, and extrusion device for producing a foam body

A method for producing a foamed body includes generating a plastics melt within a casing of a first extruder; and conveying the plastics melt to an outlet nozzle of a second extruder, having an extruder screw apparatus. The conveyed plastics melt has foaming agent and expands after being conducted through the outlet nozzle.
Gneuss Gmbh


Plastic moulding method

A method of plastic moulding to form a moulded or extruded article, the method employing a moulding apparatus comprising a barrel containing a screw extending between a feed zone supplied by a feed hopper for plastics material, a compression zone and a metering zone for delivery of molten plastics material to a mould or extrusion die, the method comprising introducing into the feed zone a first plastics material (20) and a single body of a second plastics material (22), the first plastics material (20) having a different physical property to the second plastics material and the second plastics material (22) being introduced into the feed zone in a size and a frequency of delivery relative to the flow of the material through the barrel such that the second plastics material (22) is substantially melted and blended with the first plastics material to form a third plastics material with a different physical property to the first or second plastics material across the whole cross sectional area of the metering zone, the molten plastics material delivered to the mould or extrusion die in a predetermined sequence with each plastics material having different physical properties.. .


Spot-welded joint and spot welding method

By obtaining a spot-welded joint being a spot-welded joint formed by overlapping a plurality of pieces of steel plates (1a, 1b) and performing spot welding on the steel plates, including a high-strength steel plate whose tensile strength is 750 (mpa) to 2500 (mpa), being at least one piece of steel plate out of the plurality of pieces of steel plates, in which a carbon equivalent ceq of the high-strength steel plate is 0.20 mass % to 0.55 mass %, and ten or more of iron-based carbides in each of which a length of a longest portion is 0.1 (μm) or more exist in a square region 103 within a heat-affected zone 4 of a cross section that passes through a center of a welding mark, and is cut along a plate thickness direction of the steel plates (1a, 1b), a cross tensile strength of the spot-welded joint to be formed is improved.. .
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation


Composition containing spherical and coral-shaped nanoparticles and making same

Nanoparticle compositions include a plurality of spherical-shaped nanoparticles and a plurality of coral-shaped metal nanoparticles, each coral-shaped metal nanoparticle having a non-uniform cross section and a globular structure formed by multiple, non-linear strands joined together without right angles. The nanoparticle compositions can be one-part or multi-part compositions.
Attostat, Inc.


Fiber-reinforced porous hollow fiber membrane

A fiber-reinforced porous hollow fiber membrane comprising a hollow fiber membrane and a reinforcing fiber completely or partially embedded in the hollow fiber membrane; wherein the reinforcing fiber is placed in a portion that does not exceed 90%, preferably 80%, of the thickness of the hollow fiber membrane as viewed from an inner or outer peripheral surface of the hollow fiber membrane on a side that is not a side of the porous hollow fiber membrane to come in contact with an object to be treated, and preferably at least 50 volume % of the cross section of the reinforcing fiber is embedded in the hollow fiber membrane. The obtained fiber-reinforced porous hollow fiber membrane has excellent permeability, separation performance, and mechanical properties..
Nok Corporation


Hinged vent for electrochemical cell system and method

The present disclosure includes an electrochemical cell having a housing configured to house one or more electrodes of the electrochemical cell. The housing includes a wall having an inner surface facing the one or more electrodes.
Johnson Controls Technology Company


Solar generator with focusing optics including toroidal arc lenses

We disclose here a new type of solar generator using an optical concentrator in which sunlight is concentrated successively in each of two dimensions. Sunlight is first reflected toward a linear focus by a large, deeply-curved, cylindrical trough reflector of parabolic shape.
The Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of The University Of Arizona


Solar battery rectangular conductor, fabricating same and solar battery lead wire

A rectangular conductor for a solar battery and a lead wire for a solar battery, in which warping or damaging of a silicon crystal wafer is hard to occur at the time of bonding a connection lead wire even when a silicon crystal wafer is configured to have a thin sheet structure, can be provided. A conductor 1 having a volume resistivity equal to or less than 50 μΩ·mm, and a 0.2% yield strength value equal to or less than 90 mpa in a tensile test is formed into a rectangular conductor 10 for a solar battery having a rectangular cross section, and a surface of the rectangular conductor 10 for a solar battery is coated with a solder plating film 13, to provide a lead wire 20 for a solar battery..
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.


Light source unit having semiconductor light emitting elements and projector having same light source unit

There is provided a light source unit having an excitation light shining device in which a plurality of semiconductor light emitting elements are arranged in rows and columns so that in the plurality of semiconductor light emitting elements, the direction of a major axis of an elliptic cross section of a light beam emitted from one semiconductor light emitting element is normal to the directions of major axes of elliptic cross sections of light beams emitted from adjacent light emitting elements.. .
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.


Illumination device

An illumination device includes a light source, a device body to which the light source is mounted, and an optical member configured to control light distribution of light emitted from the light source. The light source includes leds arranged in a matrix form or a linear form.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Electrode for electrochemical measurement, electrolysis cell for electrochemical measurement, analyzer for electrochemical measurement, and methods for producing same

Provided are an electrode, an electrolysis cell, and an electrochemical analyzer that improve the long-term stability of analysis data. A working electrode, a counter electrode, and reference electrode are disposed in an electrolysis cell.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Device and online measurement of gas flowrate and liquid flowrate of wet gas in horizontal pipe

The invention relates to a device for online measurement of gas flowrate and liquid flowrate of a wet gas in a horizontal pipe, comprising the following parts: a horizontal venturi tube, comprising a truncated cone-shaped inlet pipesection with section area reduced gradually, a cylindrical throat pipesection and a truncated cone-shaped outlet pipesection with section area increased gradually; and a gamma ray monitor, comprising a gamma ray emitter and a gamma ray detector arranged in a manner that gamma rays emitted by the gamma ray emitter can radially pass through the cross section of the throat pipesection to reach the gamma ray detector. The invention also relates to a method for online measurement of gas flowrate and liquid flowrate of a wet gas in a horizontal pipe by using above device..
Lanzhou Haimo Technologies Co. Ltd


Method and system for managing light from a light emitting diode

A light source, for example a light emitting diode, can emit light and have an associated optical axis. The source can be deployed in applications where it is desirable to have illumination biased laterally relative to the optical axis, such as in a street luminaire where directing light towards a street is beneficial.
Cooper Technologies Company


Vibration-proof clamp

A vibration-proof clamp includes a clamp body made of rigid resin and having a pipe clamp portion for holding pipes and a stud mounting portion for mounting to a stud; a cover for covering the pipe clamp portions of the clamp body; the cover connected to the clamp body; a first rubber member made of rubber or soft resin for mounting to the clamp body; and a second rubber member for mounting to the cover; the second rubber member having the shape and size which are the same as those of the first rubber member. Holding end portions of the first and second rubber members have semicircular shapes in cross section.
Newfrey Llc


Oil ring

An oil ring to be attached to a ring groove of a piston for an engine is provided. The oil ring includes two annular ring bodies having a common axis and arranged in tandem, and an expander for biasing the ring bodies radially outward.
Mazda Motor Corporation


Remanufactured center housing and method

A system and method for remanufacturing a turbocharger center housing include performing a machining operation on an original center housing to remove a portion of a parent material from the original center housing. A ring having a generally rectangular cross section is attached to the center housing blank in place of the removed material to produce a rebuilt center housing.
Caterpillar Inc.


Turbine blade

An energy producing rotating assembly comprising blade(s) with an airfoil cross-section, wherein said airfoil cross section has an asymmetrical airfoil measurement.. .
Uraban Green Energy, Inc.


Diesel exhaust mixing chamber

A mixing chamber can be used for treatment of diesel exhaust. The mixing chamber can include a mixing pipe that permits passage of diesel exhaust, an insertion pipe that inserts the diesel exhaust into the mixing pipe near the first end of the mixing pipe such that the diesel exhaust entering the mixing pipe has angular momentum with respect to a longitudinal axis of the mixing pipe, and a mixer that introduced gaseous ammonia into the diesel exhaust injected with the atomized diesel exhaust fluid (def).
Paccar Inc


Film cooled article

A film cooled component includes multiple film cooling holes. At least one of the film cooling holes has an elliptical cross sectional opening along the exterior surface of the film cooled component..
United Technologies Corporation


Spun yarn and woven or knitted fabric

A spun yarn includes 20 to 80% by mass of a polyester-based fiber having a flat multifoliar cross section and 20 to 80% by mass of a cellulose-based fiber. A cross-sectional shape of the polyester-based fiber having a flat multifoliar cross section is a flat shape having 6 or more convex parts on a circumference thereof.
Toray Industries, Inc.


Particulate material supplying apparatus with a downwardly slanting discharge gutter which rotates side to side

A particulate material supplying apparatus includes a hopper that stores a particulate material, a discharge gutter that dispenses the particulate material, a feeder that transports the particulate material to a weighing scale, the weighing scale that weighs the particulate material, a supply shutter that feeds the particulate material to a machine in the next process step at a predetermined timing, and a controller that controls the operations of these devices. The discharge gutter includes an inclined gutter portion having an opening in an upper surface thereof and a substantially u-shaped cross section.
Sanko Machinery Co., Ltd.


Pneumatic tire

This disclosure aims to provide a pneumatic tire having improved noise reduction performance exhibited by a resonator. The pneumatic tire according to this disclosure has at least two circumferential grooves extending continuously on a tread surface, and has a resonator disposed on a land portion partitioned by two circumferential grooves among the circumferential grooves, the resonator having an air chamber opening toward a land portion surface at a position spaced from the circumferential grooves, one a more one-side narrow necks connecting the air chamber to one circumferential groove of the two circumferential grooves, and one or more other-side narrow necks connecting the air chamber to the other circumferential groove, the one-side narrow neck and the other-side narrow neck having cross section areas approximately identical to each other, and an extending length of the one-side narrow neck and an extending length of the other-side narrow neck being different..
Bridgestone Corporation


Injection molding machine

A machine base of an injection molding machine on which a mold clamping mechanism and an injection mechanism are mounted includes a plurality of struts. At least one of these struts are constituted by arranging and coupling two members (strut elements) each formed by bending a metal plate and having a c cross section, thereby providing a structure to withstand vibrations of the mold clamping mechanism and the like mounted on the machine base..
Fanuc Corporation


Drill and manufacturing cut product using same

A drill according to an embodiment of the present invention has a pair of main cutting edges positioned at a front end of a drill body, a pair of first chisel edges each extending from the pair of main cutting edges toward a rotation axis, and a second chisel edge positioned between the pair of first chisel edges and intersecting with the rotation axis of the drill body. When viewing a locus of rotation of the pair of first chisel edges and a locus of rotation of the second chisel edge in a cross section taken so as to include the rotation axis, the respective locus of rotation of the pair of first chisel edges have a rectilinear shape, and respective imaginary straight lines obtained by extending the locus of rotation of the pair of first chisel edges toward the rotation axis are positioned further to a rear end side of the drill body than the locus of rotation of the second chisel edge..
Kyocera Corporation


Filter elements and a filter device having at least one filter element

The invention is directed to filter elements (1) made of a material which is permeable to permeate and which has a quantity of longitudinal channels (3) and a cross section that is a segment of a virtual rotationally symmetrical or mirror-symmetrical surface (4). The filter elements (1) can be joined to form a filter element composite (10).
Rauschert Kloster Veilsdorf Gmbh


Mixed fiber nonwoven fabric and a production method therefor (as amended)

A mixed fiber nonwoven fabric comprising at least two types of fibers, namely, fibers of polyolefin based resin component a and fibers of polyolefin based resin component b, a fiber group containing fibers of polyolefin based resin component a being referred to as first fiber group, the first fiber group having a number average fiber diameter of 0.3 μm to 7.0 μm, part of the fibers of polyolefin based resin component b that have a fiber diameter in the range of 15 μm to 100 μm and not less than 5 times the number average fiber diameter of the first fiber group being referred to as second fiber group, the fibers of the second fiber group maintaining a form of fibers and existing in the cross section of the mixed fiber nonwoven fabric at a rate of 7.0 fibers or more per millimeter of the cross-sectional length, the melting point of polyolefin based resin component b being lower by 5° c. To 40° c.
Toray Industries, Inc.


Vent arrangement for respiratory device

A vent arrangement for a respiratory pressure therapy device may include one or a plurality of vents configured with a variable aperture for communicating a flow of breathable gas. The vent arrangement may be configured with a cross section profile exposed to the flow of breathable gas communicating through the vent that does not change as the aperture size changes.
Resmed Limited


Thumbwheel actuated vascular intervention device delivery system

A vascular intervention device delivery system, such as for implanting a self expanding stent, includes a thumbwheel rotatably mounted in a handle. A catheter has a proximal end attached to the handle and a distal carrier segment for mounting a stent thereon.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc


Pull wire for vascular intervention device delivery system

A vascular intervention device delivery system includes a catheter with a proximal end attached to a handle, and a distal carrier segment for mounting a vascular intervention device thereon. A retractable sheath is movable from a first position covering the distal carrier segment to a second position retracted proximally uncovering the distal carrier segment.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc


Trocar for thoracoscopic surgery, and port formation kit for thoracoscopic surgical instruments

A trocar for thoracoscopic surgery includes a cylindrical portion with an elliptical cross section, and an outer flange and an inner flange provided on respective ones of both ends of the cylindrical portion. The cylindrical portion has two planar side wall portions, two arcuate portions connecting the side wall portions at both ends thereof, and a partitioning wall portion partitioning the interior of the cylindrical portion between both side wall portions.


Robotic vacuum

An autonomous coverage robot includes a cleaning assembly having forward roller and rearward rollers counter-rotating with respect to each other. The rollers are arranged to substantially maintain a cross sectional area between the two rollers yet permitting collapsing therebetween as large debris is passed.
Irobot Corporation


Wireless earbuds

A wireless earbud has an earbud housing having a longitudinal main axis and an essentially circular cross section, a loudspeaker element, a rechargeable battery, at least one main printed circuit board having disposed thereon circuitry for wireless radio communication, audio codec and earbud operation control, and a charging interface member. The loudspeaker element, the rechargeable battery, the main printed circuit board and the charging interface member are arranged in a successive order along the longitudinal main axis of the earbud housing..
Epickal Ab


Electric wire connector structure

A connector structure includes a plurality of terminals (13) to be connected to an electric wire (10), an electronic component (14, 24) configured to control an external component to be connected to the terminals, and a housing (15) holding the terminals and the electronic component to accommodate the terminals and the electronic component. Each terminal includes a connection portion (131) to be connected to the electric wire, and an extension portion (132) having a cross section of an arc shape and extending from the connection portion.
Yazaki Corporation


Thin film transistor, transistor array, manufacturing thin film transistor, and manufacturing transistor array

Provided is a thin film transistor in which at least a support, source and drain electrodes constituted by a conductor, a semiconductor layer, an insulator layer, and a gate electrode constituted by a conductor are laminated in this order. In a laminated cross section of the thin film transistor, a difference between an electrode width of an electrode on a face coming into contact with the support and an electrode width thereof on a face which is opposite to the face coming into contact with the support and comes into contact with the semiconductor layer falls within a range of ±1 μm.
National University Corporation Yamagata University


Method of manufacturing thin film transistor, thin film transistor, and transistor array

Provided is a method of manufacturing a thin film transistor satisfying the relation of l<5 μm. The method includes a process of forming a streak portion by performing transfer printing on a support using a member to be transferred which is provided with an ink streak portion for forming source and drain electrodes and has mold releasability, and baking the streak portion to thereby form the source electrode constituted by a conductor and the drain electrode constituted by a conductor.
National University Corporation Yamagata University


Semiconductor device and fabricating the same

A semiconductor device includes: semiconductor layer having an impurity region of a first conductivity type; a gate insulating layer, at least a part of the gate insulating layer positioned on the semiconductor layer; a gate electrode positioned on the gate insulating layer and having a first surface in contact with the part of the gate insulating film and a second surface opposite to the first surface; an interlayer insulating layer covering the gate electrode; and an electrode in contact with the impurity region. The gate electrode has a recess at a corner in contact with the second surface, in a cross section of the gate electrode perpendicular to a surface of the semiconductor layer.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Solid-state image sensing device and camera

A solid-state image sensing device including a pixel array including a plurality of pixels, wherein each pixel comprises a photoelectric conversion portion arranged in a substrate and a microlens arranged thereon, an insulating member is arranged between the substrate and the microlens, each pixel further comprises a light-guide portion configured to guide incident light to the photoelectric conversion portion, the pixel array includes a central region and a peripheral region, in a pixel located in the peripheral region, the microlens is arranged while being shifted to a side of the central region with respect to the photoelectric conversion portion, and, on a cross section along the shift direction, the microlens has a left-right asymmetric shape and a highest portion of the microlens is located on the side of the central region.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Head-up display apparatus

A combiner for a head-up display apparatus has: a front surface; a rear surface; a plurality of grooves formed in a stripe shape so as to penetrate between the front surface and the rear surface in an upper end section; and a plurality of reflective protrusions each formed between each groove in the upper end section. Each reflective protrusion: has a triangular cross section; extends between the front surface and the rear surface; forms a pair of planar reflective surfaces inclined relative to the horizontal plane as a result of interposing therebetween a vertical angle pointing upwards in the triangular cross section; and reflects light to the side by using the reflective surfaces.
Denso Corporation


Multicore optical fiber and optical module

The present invention relates to an mcf with a structure for enabling an alignment work with higher accuracy. The mcf has a plurality of cores and a cladding.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Fluid passage structure

A fluid passage structure includes a first flow passage and a second flow passage crossing with each other via a crossing portion in a casing, the crossing portion including a pair of arc-shape recessed portions formed to be a pair of arc-shape lines arranged in line symmetrical positions with respect to an axis of the second flow passage in a view along an axis of the first flow passage, each arc-shape line being a part of a cross sectional contour of the first flow passage; and an inside projecting portion formed between the arc-shape recessed portions to project toward an inside of the first flow passage by connecting each end of the arc-shape lines, each end being closer to the axis of the second flow passage than the other end of a corresponding one of the arc-shape lines in the view along the axis of the first flow passage.. .
Sugino Machine Limited


Device for the extraction of bleed air and aircraft engine with at least one device for the extraction of bleed air

A device for the extraction of bleed air from flowing air at or in an aircraft engine is provided. The device includes a means for specific adjustment of an inlet cross section of an opening at or in the area of a wall of the aircraft engine and a flow guide means for a boundary layer flow..
Rolls-royce Deutschland Ltd & Co Kg


Device for the extraction of bleed air and aircraft engine with at least one device for the extraction of bleed air

A device for the extraction of bleed air from flowing air at or in an aircraft engine is provided. The device includes an adjusting means for the specific adjustment of an inlet cross section of an opening for the bleed air in or at a wall during operation of the aircraft engine.
Rolls-royce Deutschland Ltd & Co Kg


Container for mailing a package or a small parcel to be sent or to be received

A container for mailing a package or a small parcel to be sent or to be received, which container can be fastened to a door of a property, in particular without structural intervention, includes a base element, a lid element by which a mailing can be placed into the container or be removed from the container, and foldable side walls, by which the base element and the lid element are connected to each other. The lid element and the base element are movable against one another, at least in a vertical direction, by folding or at least partially unfolding the foldable side walls.
Deutsche Telekom Ag


Twelve-cornered strengthening member, assemblies including a twelve-cornered strengthening member, and methods of manufacturing and joining the same

A motor vehicle assembly that includes a strengthening member having a twelve-cornered cross section along at least a portion of the strengthening member, and an automotive component having a four-cornered cross section along at least a portion of the automotive component. The cross section of one of the strengthening member and the automotive component transitions between twelve corners and four corners to facilitate a connection between the strengthening member and the automotive component..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc.


Pneumatic tire

A pneumatic tire, having short fibers fixedly attached to at least a portion of an inner surface thereof, wherein: provided that the average cross sectional area of a cross section, not in contact with the inner surface of the tire, of one short fiber is “a” (mm2/the number of short fibers) and the number of the short fibers fixedly attached in a unit area (1 mm2), of a region where the short fibers have been fixedly attached, in the inner surface of the tire is “n” (the number of short fibers/mm2), a value of a×n is in the range of 0.02 to 0.06.. .
Bridgestone Corporation


Method and device for producing a drainage element and drainage element produced thereby

A porous hardenable drainage element is produced from a molding compound of expanded plastics granulate and a bonding agent by virtue of the fact that the molding compound is received in a ladle having a pouring opening closed off by a mold bottom, the molding compound is pressurized in the ladle, the element is molded from the molding compound in a mold formed by lowering of the mold bottom down into an opening cross section consistent with a cross section of the pouring opening, and the element is separated from the molding compound by mutual lateral displacement of the mold and the ladle.. .
Isodrän Ab


Supplying a dispensing device for loading a refinery and/or petrochemical reactor with solid particles

An assembly for loading a refinery and/or petrochemical reactor (100) with solid particles, comprising a dispensing device (110) for loading the reactor with solid particles in a relatively uniform manner, a system (200) for supplying the dispensing device, comprising a flexible sleeve (140) connected to a solid particle tank (130) and to the dispensing device, and a control system (300) comprising a blocking device (310) for blocking the particles flowing in the flexible sleeve, adjacent to a portion (141) of the flexible sleeve and capable, when activated, of moving the walls of the flexible sleeve in such a way as to reduce a cross section of said sleeve at said portion, and an actuating device (350) for actuating the blocking device located at a distance from the blocking device.. .
Total Raffinage Chimie


Folded antennas for implantable medical devices

In an example, an apparatus can include an implantable medical device comprising a housing, an implantable telemetry circuit carried within the housing, a dielectric compartment mechanically coupled to the housing, the dielectric compartment including first and second substantially parallel face portions and a third face portion extending between the first and second face portions, and an implantable telemetry antenna, located at least partially within the dielectric compartment. The implantable telemetry circuit can be electrically coupled to the implantable telemetry antenna and configured to wirelessly transfer information electromagnetically using the implantable telemetry antenna.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.


Forehead support for facial mask

A pad for a forehead support includes an outer wall having a first side configured to engage a user's forehead and a second side having engaged surfaces configured to rest against engaging surfaces of the forehead support; at least one retaining wall provided between the first side and the second side; and at least one retained portion configured to be retained by a retainer formed on the forehead support, wherein a space is defined between the outer wall and the engaged surfaces. The space has a substantially constant cross sectional profile, and the outer wall, the at least one retaining wall, and the engaged surfaces are formed of a deformable elastomeric material.
Resmed Limited


Dual-chamber cylinder-piston unit for the lyophilisation, storage, reconstitution and application of injection solutions for an injector, and filling the cylinder-piston unit

A method for filling a cylinder/piston unit (1) for a needle-free injector comprising a chamber (3) arranged in a cylinder (2), for receiving an injection solution (4), a front wall (5) having at least one nozzle borehole or an outlet element (6), and a second piston (7) arranged to move in the chamber. The chamber (3) is made in two parts with a first chamber (8) and a concentric second chamber (9) having a smaller cross section than the first chamber.
Lts Lohmann Therapie-systeme Ag


Support platform for seated appliance

A support arrangement and corresponding method, is provided for supporting a user in a seated invalid appliance, the arrangement comprising a support member and at least one reconfigurable connection arrangement arranged to enable connection of the support member to the appliance and the application an adjustable tensile load to the support member. The connection arrangement may comprise a bridging element configured to extend between the support member and the appliance, such as a clip or hook.
Roma Medical Aids Limited


Agricultural dry chemical tube and delivery system

A dry chemical delivery tube and its surrounding nutrient applicator system are located in a narrow space in a soil working implement in an agricultural setting. Between an inlet end and an outlet end, the chemical delivery tube transitions from a circular cross section to an oval cross section.
Deere & Company


Low voltage transistor and logic devices with multiple, stacked piezoelectronic layers

A piezoelectronic transistor device includes a first piezoelectric (pe) layer, a second pe layer, and a piezoresistive (pr) layer arranged in a stacked configuration, wherein an electrical resistance of the pr layer is dependent upon an applied voltage across the first and second pe layers by an applied pressure to the pr layer by the first and second pe layers. A piezoelectronic logic device includes a first and second piezoelectric transistor (pet), wherein the first and second pe layers of the first pet have a smaller cross sectional area than those of the second pet, such that a voltage drop across the pe layers of the first pet creates a first pressure in the pr layer of the first pet that is smaller than a second pressure in the pr layer of the second pet created by the same voltage drop across the pe layers of the second pet..
International Business Machines Corporation


Semiconductor device and manufacturing semiconductor device

A semiconductor device (100t, 100b) includes: a substrate (30); a first metal layer (10) supported on the substrate (30), the first metal layer (10) including a plurality of first wires (12); an insulating layer (70) provided on the first metal layer (10); a second metal layer (20) provided on the insulating layer (70), the second metal layer (20) including a plurality of second wires (22); an insulative protection layer (80) covering part of each of the plurality of second wires (22), and an electrically-conductive layer (90) provided on the insulative protection layer (80). In a cross section including a boundary between a first region (r1) in which the insulative protection layer (80) is provided and a second region (r2) in which the insulative protection layer (80) is not provided, a surface of the insulating layer (70) which is on the insulative protection layer (80) side has a step between two of the second wires which adjoin each other..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Structure and formation dual damascene structure

A structure and a formation method of a semiconductor device structure are provided. The semiconductor device structure includes a semiconductor substrate and a conductive feature over the semiconductor substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd


Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof

A semiconductor device according to an embodiment includes a first wire and a second wire, a bottom nitride film, a side nitride film, and a top layer. The first and second wires are arranged on a base layer.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Developing apparatus

A developing apparatus includes a rotatable developer carrying that carries developer on its surface. A first screw conveys the developer in a developing chamber, a second screw conveys the developer in a collection chamber in a direction opposite to the first screw, and a third screw conveys the developer in the collection chamber in a direction opposite to the second screw.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Sensor unit for ultra sonic sound wave communication

A sensor unit for inducing and indicating ultra sonic sound waves in at least one threaded fastener by physical contact with an end surface thereof, wherein the sensor unit includes: a support casing, a sensor element with forward contact surface for engaging the fastener end surface and movable relative to the support casing between rest and active positions, and a bias spring between the support casing and the sensor element to urge the sensor element into the rest position as the sensor element is out of contact with the fastener end surface and to bias the contact surface of the sensor element into physical contact with the fastener end surface in the active position. The support casing includes a positioning socket, engaged by the sensor element in the rest position, having a non-cylindrical and non-circular cross sectional inner shape and congruent with an outer shape of the sensor element..
Atlas Copco Industrial Technique Ab


Pressure sensor including deformable pressure vessel(s)

Techniques are described herein that perform pressure sensing using pressure sensor(s) that include deformable pressure vessel(s). A pressure vessel is an object that has a cross section that defines a void.
Kionix, Inc.



A burner with a plurality of oxidant gas pipes distributed throughout the cross section of the burner and process gas in plug flow provides even mixing of the oxidant and the process gas.. .
Haldor Topsøe A/s


Flow device and methods of creating different pressure drops based on a direction of flow

A flow device includes a flow-through region comprising at least one stage having a pocket configured to create a first pressure drop across the flow-through region in response to flow through the flow-through region in a first direction and a second pressure drop in response to flow through the flow-through region in a second direction. The first pressure drop is less than the second pressure drop under the same flow rates.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Low-friction dynamic seal

A sealing arrangement, for sealing of a radial gap between relatively rotatable inner and out components, whereby the inner component is rotational about an axis of rotation and the outer component is coaxially arranged around the inner component. The sealing arrangement comprises: a dynamic seal part mountable to the inner component; a static seal part mountable to the outer component; and first and second labyrinth seals, each being formed by a gap between at least one set of opposing surfaces on the static and dynamic seal parts, and a lip seal arranged radially between the first and second labyrinth seal.
Aktiebolaget Skf


Chamber for reducing operating noise of purge control solenoid valve for evaporative emission control system

A chamber for reducing operating noise of a purge control solenoid valve (pcsv) for an evaporative emission control system comprises a first housing into which operating noise of the pcsv enters. The first housing has an inner space to change a cross sectional area of an operating noise path or an operating noise transfer direction at least once.
Kia Motors Corporation


Exhaust device of multi-cylinder engine

An exhaust purification device of a multi-cylinder engine which improves exhaust gas purification performance by substantially uniforming a flow rate of exhaust gas throughout a treatment carrier such as a catalyst and improving dispersibility of the exhaust gas from the multi-cylinder engine to the catalyst and other components in the exhaust purification device wherein two collecting pipes are arranged at substantially symmetric positions across a partition plate part, which has a linear cross sectional shape, and is arranged centrally between the pipes which are each formed into d-shaped cross sectional shapes and comprise a first straight line part, a pair of second straight line parts connected with respective ends of a first straight line part and arranged to be substantially parallel with each other, and a circular arc part that connects ends of a pair of second straight line parts on opposite sides of the first straight line part.. .
Mazda Motor Corporation


Muffler sound-insulation structure

A soundproof cover (30) is equipped with: multiple unit soundproof covers (31r, 31l) forming a portion of the circumferential cross section (30s); and connecting parts (35) provided on the periphery of the circumferential cross section (30s), and connecting the multiple unit soundproof covers (31r, 31l) in a detachable manner. The multiple unit soundproof covers (31r, 31l) are configured so as to be capable of being attached and detached with respect to a muffler (20) by moving the unit covers in a direction (the radial direction (r)) orthogonal to the axial direction (a) of the muffler (20)..
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)


Shielded draining pipe mesh

The invention relates to a shielded draining pipe mesh (1) for mounting on a surface and for being covered by shotcrete (7). The pipes (2) are u-shaped in cross section with an open side facing the surface.


Shortened tubing baffle with large sealable bore

Devices for controlling the flow of fluids past a location in a wellbore and methods for using such devices are disclosed. Embodiment devices are configured such that the throughbore is maximized because of the devices' thin cross sectional length.
Peak Completion Technologies, Inc.

Cross Section topics: Cross Section, Transverse, Ultrasonic, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, Antimicrobial, Conductive Layer, Carcass Ply, Longitudinal Axis

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