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Cross Section patents


This page is updated frequently with new Cross Section-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Cross Section-related patents
 Tantalum wire used for anode lead of tantalum capacitor and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Tantalum wire used for anode lead of tantalum capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
The present invention relates to a tantalum wire for anode lead of tantalum capacitors, characterized in that the cross section of the tantalum wire is approximate rectangular or regular rectangular. The present invention also relates to a process for manufacturing the tantalum wire, comprising the steps of: providing feedstock tantalum wire; subjecting the feedstock tantalum wire to heat treatment; subjecting the heat treated tantalum wire to surface pretreatment to form an oxide membrane on the surface-pretreated tantalum wire; rolling the surface-pretreated tantalum wire by lubricating with lubricant oil to make the cross section of the rolled tantalum wire being approximate rectangular or regular rectangular; subjecting the tantalum wire to final annealing..
Ningxia Orient Tantalum Industry Co., Ltd.

 Regulator apparatus having a charging valve assembly and a flow multiplier assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Regulator apparatus having a charging valve assembly and a flow multiplier assembly
A regulator apparatus for distributing a fluid may include a charging valve assembly and a flow multiplier assembly. In a recharge mode, a valve of the charging valve assembly is in an open position, and the fluid is received in a second cylinder of the flow multiplier assembly, causing first and second pistons of the flow multiplier assembly to move in a first direction.
Atomic Energy Of Canada Limited / Énergie Atomique Du Canada LimitÉe

 Apparatus and  solar and wind based power generation patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and solar and wind based power generation
An apparatus for converting solar energy may have a heat-capturing element that generates thermal energy when exposed to solar radiation and a canopy arranged about the heat-capturing element. The canopy may define a chamber with an intake and an output, and may be configured for substantially trapping air particles in proximity to the heat-capturing element throughout a pathway from the intake to the output.
Zephyr Energy Systems Llc

 Gas turbine engine with axial compressor with  internal cooling pathways patent thumbnailnew patent Gas turbine engine with axial compressor with internal cooling pathways
A gas turbine engine may include an axial high pressure compressor having an air flow pathway positioned between the inner and outer rim of the rotor section. The air flow pathway includes an inlet port, a transition segment, an axial segment, and an outlet port.
United Technologies Corporation

 Systems, methods, and  rotary vane actuators patent thumbnailnew patent Systems, methods, and rotary vane actuators
Systems, methods, and devices are disclosed for implementing hydraulic actuators. Devices may include a housing having an internal surface defining an internal cavity that may have a substantially circular cross sectional curvature.
The Boeing Company

 Sealing element for sealing gap patent thumbnailnew patent Sealing element for sealing gap
A sealing element for sealing a gap between two components, which can thermally move relative to each other and each have two substantially parallel component grooves, wherein the sealing element is directed along a main line and has, in a cross section substantially perpendicular to the main line, a first and second end segment and a middle region arranged between the end segments, to ensure an effective seal in the event of thermal expansions of the components that are comparatively large radially and to reduce thermal stresses and crack formations on the components. A third end segment having substantially the same extension direction as the first end segment is arranged on the middle region in parallel with the first end segment and a fourth end segment having substantially the same extension direction as the second end segment is arranged on the middle region in parallel with the second end segment..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

 Panel securing mechanism for a game court enclosure patent thumbnailnew patent Panel securing mechanism for a game court enclosure
Fastening mechanism comprises a extruded profile (1), at least one joining flat and first means of fastening of the joining flats of the extruded profile, said extruded profile being arranged on the outside of at least one ground anchoring foot and comprising longitudinal grooves having a c-shaped cross section, with opposite projections, for holding the joining flats wherein the first fastening means comprise a solid profile arranged along and on the inside of the longitudinal groove of the extruded profile, the solid profile comprising in turn contact surfaces arranged on both sides of a fastening projection, the contact surfaces being embedded against the inner faces of the opposite projections of the groove when at least one screw of the first fastening means is screwed into the solid profile (3.1) by means of its fastening projection.. .
Aluminios La Serena, S.a.

 Mobile concrete pump with distributing boom and support device patent thumbnailnew patent Mobile concrete pump with distributing boom and support device
This disclosure relates to a mobile concrete pump with a support structure, which can be placed on a vehicle frame of a truck chassis, for receiving functional units which form a support device and a distributing boom. The functional unit which forms the distributing boom has a rotary head mounted on a boom pedestal in a rotatable manner about a vertical axis, said boom pedestal being secured to the support structure, and the boom pedestal comprises a tank which engages into the support structure and is provided as a rotary bearing for the rotary head.
Putzmeister Engineering Gmbh

 Stitch line forming method patent thumbnailnew patent Stitch line forming method
While feeding an upholstery member, a sewing needle is reciprocated to form needle receiving holes, and an upper thread is passed through each needle receiving hole, caused to cross a lower thread, and pulled out of the needle receiving hole. The sewing cycle is repeatedly performed to form a stitch, so that stitches form a stitch line in a surface sheet.
Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

 Steel sheet for nitriding and production method therefor patent thumbnailnew patent Steel sheet for nitriding and production method therefor
A steel sheet for nitriding has excellent formability and punchability. The steel sheet has a composition including, in percent by mass, 0.02% to 0.08% of c, 0.1% or less of si, 0.2% to 1.8% of mn, 0.05% or less of p, 0.02% or less of s, 0.01% to 0.06% of al, 0.5% to 1.5% of cr, 0.01% or less of n, and the balance being fe and incidental impurities; and has a microstructure including ferrite as a main phase and pearlite and/or bainite as a secondary phase.
Jfe Steel Corporation

new patent

Chain hoist with improved chain entry

A chain hoist (10) having an improved chain guide (12) for a link chain (14). The chain guide (12) has a channel (36) with a cross-shaped cross section, through which the link chain (14) extends.
Konecranes Plc

new patent

Wheel axle suspension with rectangular axle body

A wheel axle suspension of a vehicle, comprises an axle body having a rectangular cross section, a flexible trailing arm extending in a longitudinal direction of the vehicle and crossing the axle body substantially perpendicular, and at least one clamping strap assembly for clamping the axle body and the trailing arm together. The trailing arm has a front spring portion extending in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle and is provided with an axle seating portion adjoining the front spring portion at a rear end thereof.
Vdl Weweler B.v.

new patent

A mist-generating apparatus and method

A mist generating apparatus is provided, the apparatus comprising a nozzle having a nozzle inlet (54) connectable to a source of driving fluid, a nozzle outlet (58), and a nozzle throat (56) intermediate the nozzle inlet (54) and nozzle outlet (58), the nozzle throat (56) having a cross sectional area which is less than that of both the nozzle inlet (54) and nozzle outlet (58). The apparatus also comprises at least one process fluid passage (32) having an inlet connectable to a source of process fluid and an outlet (34) which opens into the nozzle.
Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh

new patent

Mist generating apparatus and method

An apparatus for generating a mist is provided. The apparatus has at least one working fluid supply conduit having an inlet in fluid communication with a supply of working fluid and an outlet in fluid communication with a first mixing chamber.
Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh

new patent

Intramedullary fixation device

A intramedullary fixation device for use in fixating, after an osteotomy or fracture, segments of a long, tubular bone that has been prepared for the use with the device by cutting into the bone a longitudinal-axis-aligned slot that extends from the free surface to the medullary cavity of the bone, includes: (a) an intramedullary beam whose beam cross-sectional shape varies along the beam's longitudinal axis, (b) a fin whose fin cross-sectional shape varies along the fin's longitudinal axis and a portion of which is attached to the beam surface, (c) wherein the area of any beam cross-sectional section is set so that it can be located in the bone's medullary cavity, and (e) wherein the area of any fin cross section is set so that it can be accommodated in the. .

new patent

Pillow stand for tablet computer

Tablet computers typically cannot stand up on their own. There are prior art padded stands for supporting tablet computers but they support the computers too low for reading, are too uncomfortable, or are oddly shaped.


Cathode active material, positive electrode for lithium ion secondary battery, and lithium ion secondary battery

A cathode active material comprising secondary particles having a plurality of primary particles of a lithium-containing composite oxide agglomerated, the lithium-containing composite oxide being represented by lixniacobmncmdoy (x: 1.1 to 1.7, a: 0.15 to 0.5, b: 0 to 0.33, c: 0.33 to 0.85, m: another metal element, d: 0 to 0.05, a+b+c+d=1, and y: the number of moles of oxygen atom (o) required to satisfy the valences of the metal elements), and i020/i003 in an x-ray diffraction pattern being from 0.02 to 0.3, wherein the porosity in a cross section of the secondary particles is from 5 to 20%, and the percentage of the maximum void in a cross section of the secondary particles is from 0.1 to 10%.. .


Silicon carbide semiconductor device

There is provided a silicon carbide semiconductor device allowing for suppression of breakage of an element upon short circuit of load. A mosfet includes a silicon carbide layer, a gate insulating film, a gate electrode, a source electrode, and a drain electrode.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Back-end electrically programmable fuse

A beol e-fuse is disclosed which reliably blows in the via and can be formed even in the tightest pitch beol layers. The beol e-fuse can be formed utilizing a line first dual damascene process to create a sub-lithographic via to be the programmable link of the e-fuse.
International Business Machines Corporation


Push switch

Provided is a push switch that can be made thin without requiring that a notch be made into a mounting board. The push switch includes a substrate having a l-shaped cross section and wherein the substrate has a front surface, a back surface and a side face, an accommodating recess provided on the front surface, a center contact provided so as to be substantially centralized in the accommodating recess, a pair of peripheral contacts each provided at a circumferential edge of the accommodating recess, a movable contact spring constructed so as to extend across the pair of peripheral contacts and designed to be brought into contact with the center contact when pressed, a connection pad provided on the back surface and electrically connected to the mounting substrate, and an electrode provided on the side face and electrically connected to the connection pad..
Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd.


Optimized baking chamber pressure

The system described herein relates to a baking oven having a baking chamber which is provided with an outlet opening leading to a flue. Air is able to escape from the baking chamber through the outlet opening.
Miwe Michael Wenz Gmbh


Connector with mating plate

A breath sampling line connector including a housing and a first mating plate, the first mating plate having a non-circular orifice and a geometric feature, the geometric feature configured to determine an alignment of the first mating plate relative to a second mating plate of a mating connector; wherein the alignment determines a cross sectional area of the non-circular orifice.. .
Oridion Medical 1987 Ltd.


Method and arrangement for the deceleration of a hydrostatic transmission

Method for deceleration of a hydrostatic transmission 3 driven by a drive motor 2 comprising a closed hydraulic fluid circuit, in which a hydraulic pump 4 coupled mechanically with the drive motor 2 and a hydraulic motor 5 are arranged. Two hydraulic lines 6, 7 connect the hydraulic pump 4 and the hydraulic motor 5 and constitute for the hydraulic motor 5 according to the drive direction of the hydrostatic transmission 3 a supply line 6 and a return line 7.
Danfoss Power Solutions Gmbh & Co. Ohg


Well tool for use in a well pipe

A well tool (10) for use in a well pipe comprises a housing (11) and a pulse generator (14) provided within the housing (11). The pulse generator (14) comprises an inductor (ls), and a power supply device (hv, c) for supplying electrical power to the inductor (l) and thereby providing that an electromagnetic pulse is generated, in such a way that the electromagnetic pulse is providing physical vibrations in the well pipe.
Fmc Kongsberg Subsea As


Lightning protection for vehicles

A vehicle (2) comprising a vehicle part (4), the vehicle part (4) comprising: an electrically conductive core (6); a non-electrically conductive outer skin (8) made of a radar-absorbent material which surrounds, at least to some extent, the core (6) such that the core (6) is not visible from outside the vehicle (2); and one or more electrically conductive members (10) electrically connected to the core (6); each of the one or more members (10) is a tapered member having a relatively large cross sectional area where that member (10) is electrically connected to the core (6), and tapers from its end that is connected to the core (6) to a point; and the point of each member (10) is located at an outer surface of the external skin (8) such that the point of each of the members (10) is exposed.. .
Bae Systems Plc


Pneumatic radial tire for passenger vehicle

Provided that sw and od represent cross sectional width and outer diameter of the tire, respectively, and that the tire assembled with a rim is inflated at an internal pressure of at least 250 kpa, sw/od (a ratio of sw with respect to od of the tire) is 0.26 when sw<165 (mm); sw and od satisfy a formula od≧2.135×sw+282.3 when sw≧165 (mm) and; dynamic storage elastic modulus e′ of the tread rubber at 30° c. Is in the range of 6.0 mpa to 12.0 mpa..


Thermoplastic composite prepreg for automated fiber placement

An improved thermoplastic composite prepreg tape is disclosed. The prepreg tape is optimized for high-speed, high quality in-situ consolidation during automated fiber placement.
Adc Acquisition Company


Tool storage devices

Tool storage devices. A tool storage device may include a handle assembly including a support arm connected between a body and a handle portion and having a substantially rectangular cross section oriented with first walls extending transverse to the axis having a greater width than second walls extending parallel to the axis.
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation


Tool for preforming a tube for subsequent internal high pressure forming, as well as a producing such a tool and for producing a component by internal high pressure forming

A tool is provided for preforming a metallic starter tube section for subsequent internal high pressure forming in order to produce a tubular ihf-component. The tool includes a plurality of tool sections that can move relative to one another and that delimit, between them, a shaping cavity for receiving and forming the starter tube section.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft


Lacrosse head pocket and related manufacture

A lacrosse head pocket and a related method of manufacture are provided. The pocket can be a molded pocket including individual molded strings, combined strings, shooting strings and support rails extending around a perimeter of the pocket.
Warrior Sports, Inc.


Air freshener

Technologies are generally described for systems, devices, and methods effective to disperse fragrance from a material. A material may be infused with a fragrance around a charging column of a collar.


Sound transducer

An apparatus including a frame; a coil movably connected to the frame; and a magnet system connected to the frame. The magnet system includes at least one magnet and at least one pole piece connected to the at least one magnet.
Nokia Corporation


Embedded packaging with preformed vias

Microelectronic assemblies and methods of making the same are disclosed. In some embodiments, a microelectronic assembly includes a microelectronic element having edge surfaces bounding a front surface and contacts at the front surface; rigid metal posts disposed between at least one edge surface and a corresponding edge of the assembly, each metal post having a sidewall separating first and second end surfaces, the sidewalls have a root mean square (rms) surface roughness of less than about 1 micron; a encapsulation contacting at least the edge surfaces and the sidewalls; an insulation layer overlying the encapsulation; connection elements extending through the insulation layer, wherein at least some connection elements have cross sections smaller than those of the metal posts; a redistribution structure deposited on the insulation layer and electrically connecting first terminals with corresponding metal posts through the first connection elements, some metal posts electrically coupled with contacts of microelectronic element..
Invensas Corporation


Measurement of tissue paper

A topographical imaging device is placable after a creping process which causes folds to the tissue sheet and the topographical imaging device provides image data having three-dimensional information on the tissue sheet. A data processing device determines, on the basis of a shape of a cross section of at least one fold of creping of the tissue sheet, at least one of the following: thickness of the tissue sheet, softness of the tissue sheet..
Metso Automation Oy


Position sensor

A position sensor includes: a sheet-form optical waveguide including an under cladding layer, linear cores arranged in a lattice on the under cladding layer, and an over cladding layer formed to cover the cores; a light-emitting element connected to one end surface of the cores; and a light-receiving element connected to the other end surface of the cores. A refractive index difference between the cores and the under cladding layer and a refractive index difference between the cores and the over cladding layer are set in a specific range.
Nitto Denko Corporation


Electronic apparatus

The present application discloses an electronic apparatus, comprising: a frame body, a fixing device, and a functional main body section. The fixing device is connected to the frame body, and used for fixing the electronic apparatus onto a support body.
Lenovo (beijing) Co., Ltd.


Distribution analyzing device and distribution analyzing method

A distribution analyzing device (20) includes: an obtaining unit (21) which obtains measurement data of a field measured, through a sensor sensing area, independently at each of rotation angles and at each of grid coordinate positions of the sensor sensing area; and a calculation unit (22) which calculates a distribution of the field from the measurement data, using an arithmetic expression obtained by deriving a target harmonic function, which indicates the distribution of the field, using a condition that a convolution of the target harmonic function and a shape function, which indicates a shape of a cross section of the finite sensor sensing area along a plane parallel to the measurement plane, is equal to a provisional harmonic function derived by solving the laplace equation using the measurement data and a size of the sensor sensing area in a direction perpendicular to the measurement plane.. .
National University Corporation Kobe University


Belt pulley and producing it

A belt pulley (1) for a belt drive and a plastic injection molding method for producing the belt pulley are provided. The belt pulley (1) includes an anti-friction bearing (2) and a running ring (3) which surrounds the bearing outer ring (7).
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg


Linear guide apparatus

A linear guide apparatus includes a guide rail 4 and a slider 10. At least one of grooves provided on the guide rail 4 and the slider 10 is a groove having a v-like cross sectional shape formed by a combination of two curved surfaces having a circular arc cross sectional shape.
Nsk Ltd.


Method for attaching a joint element in a metal sheet and joint element

The invention relates to a method for anchoring a joint element (1) in a metal sheet (7) so as to be secured against rotation, the hardness of the metal sheet being equal to or greater than the hardness of the material of the joint element. A locking and securing portion (4), which protrudes away from a head (2) of the joint element, is inserted into a joint opening (8), which is provided in the metal sheet and which has a cross section that deviates from the circular shape, such that an edge of the joint opening forms at least one region with a maximum distance to a central axis of the joint opening and at least one region with a minimum radial distance to the central axis of the joint opening, and the head of the joint element rests against the metal sheet after being anchored..


Aerodynamic flyer bow

A flyer bow providing reduced drag during a wire processing operation is provided. The flyer bow may include an elongate arcuate body having a middle portion, and first and second end portions at opposite ends of the middle portion.


Zirconia sintered body, and zirconia composition and calcined body

A zirconia sintered body, where when cross-sectional area of each zirconia crystal-grain is calculated in image of cross section of zirconia sintered body, converted crystal-grain size of each zirconia crystal-grain is calculated based on cross-sectional area where each zirconia crystal-grain has circular cross-sectional shape, zirconia crystal-grains are classified into class of <0.4 μm, class of ≧0.4 and <0.76 μm, and class of ≧0.76 μm based on converted crystal-grain size, total cross-sectional area of zirconia crystal-grains is calculated in each of classes, and rate of cross-sectional area to total cross-sectional area of all zirconia crystal-grains whose cross-sectional area has been calculated is calculated in each class, rate of cross-sectional area of zirconia crystal-grains in class of <0.4 μm is 4% to 35%, rate of cross-sectional area of zirconia crystal-grains in class of ≧0.4 and <0.76 μm is 24% to 57%, and rate of cross-sectional area of zirconia crystal-grains in class of ≧0.76 μm—is 16% to 62%.. .
Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc.


Mounting device for fixing an imaging device of an indirect vision system to a vehicle

A mounting device for an indirect vision system of a vehicle includes a support arm attached to the vehicle, an imaging device such as a mirror glass and a carrier member onto which the imaging device is mounted. The carrier member includes thermoplastic melt-processable material that is molded around a fixing area of the support arm such that the thermoplastic material completely seals and circumferentially surrounds the fixing area of the support arm.
Mekra Lang Gmbh & Co. Kg


Run-flat tire

A run-flat tire includes a tread, and a sidewall extending from a side of the tread and including a side-reinforcing rubber layer having substantially a crescent-shaped cross section. The sidewall has protruding portions formed on an external surface of the sidewall such that the protruding portions are protruding in a tire axially outward direction and positioned in a tire circumferential direction, each of the protruding portions is extending such that each of the protruding portions is inclining relative to a tire radial direction in a front view of the sidewall, and the protruding portions are formed such that protruding portions adjacent to each other in the tire circumferential direction are positioned to overlap each other in the tire circumferential direction..
Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd.


Linear grinding member, brush-like grinding stone, and manufacturing linear grinding member

A brush-like grinding stone (1) includes a linear grinding member (11) obtained by stiffening, with a resin binder, a composite yarn including inorganic filaments. As the linear grinding member (11), a linear grinding member (11a) having a square cross-sectional shape, a linear grinding member (11b) having a rectangular cross-sectional shape, or a linear grinding member (11c) having an elliptical cross-sectional shape is used.
Xebec Technology Co., Ltd.


Saw sheath that facilitates removal of the saw

A saw sheath includes an accommodation chamber and an access hole located in a top side of the accommodation chamber for allowing the saw blade of a saw to be inserted through the access hole and accommodated in the accommodation chamber. The cross section of the accommodation chamber defines a long axis direction and a short axis direction perpendicular to the long axis direction.
Reliable Tools & Hardware Co., Ltd


Butt jointed closed section hollow structural element

A method is provided which forms a closed section hollow structural element by performing the following steps which include press forming an upper sheet metal component configured with two primary parallel downstanding interface flanges; press forming a lower sheet metal component configured with two primary parallel upstanding interface flanges; complementarily trimming the downstanding interface flanges and the upstanding interface flanges using five-axis laser cutting; and butt welding the interface flanges of the upper and lower sheet metal components to one another to form a continuous hollow structural element of variable cross section.. .
Multimatic Inc.


Assembly comprising an absorber of near infrared (nir) light covalently linked to an inhibitor of carbonic anhydrase

An assembly comprising an absorber of near infrared (nir) light having an optical absorption cross section not lower than 100 nm2 covalently linked to an inhibitor of carbonic anhydrase (ca), process for its preparation and its use to hyperthermally target tumours or for treating other conditions in which the ca activity is involved is disclosed.. .
Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche


Gastric tubes and methods of use

A gastric tube for use in a bariatric surgical procedure includes an elongate tube and a movable component supported on an outer surface of the elongate tube. The elongate tube has a non-circular cross section along at least a portion of a length of the elongate tube.
Covidien Lp


Beverage lid cover for enhancing aroma

A lid for a beverage cup includes a mouth opening, an aroma opening, and a concentrator member. The mouth opening is positioned closer to a rim of the lid than the aroma opening.


Flexible print circuit board and display device

A flexible printed circuit board and a display device are disclosed by embodiments of the invention. The flexible printed circuit board has one or more waveform structures disposed on its cross section..
Hefei Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Foldable display device

A foldable display device includes: a display panel having a folded portion bendable along a fold line; and a cover window disposed on the display panel, wherein the cover window includes: at least a soft pattern disposed on the folded portion of the display panel; and a hard coating layer disposed on the display panel having the soft pattern formed thereon, and the soft pattern has a triangular cross section.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Light guide and image reading apparatus

A light guide including a light scattering portion that reflects light guided inside the light guide, and a light emitting surface portion emitting light reflected by the light scattering portion to outside the light guide. A light emitting surface portion includes first and second light emitting surface portions, the first light emitting surface portion has a longer circumferential length than that of the second light emitting surface portion in the transversal cross section, and circumference curvature of the first light emitting surface portion in the transversal cross section increases away from the second light emitting surface portion.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Strand layout for reduced ac winding loss

A component to generate a magnetic field and a method of designing windings, comprised of a plurality of strands, within each slot of the component, are described. The component includes a plurality of slots.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation


Load center bus having integral stabs with formed shapes

A bus system for a load center includes a bus bar having a plurality of integrated bus stabs and has superior thermal characteristics for the amount of conductive material used. The bus bar and the bus stabs are formed as a unitary piece from a single sheet of conductive material.
Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.


Crimping terminal

A crimping terminal includes a conductor crimping portion having a u-shaped cross section. The conductor crimping portion includes a base plate portion and a pair of conductor caulking pieces.
Yazaki Corporation


Transmission line and electronic component

A transmission line is provided with a line portion with a first relative permittivity which is composed of a first dielectric and a conductor filler dispersed in the first dielectric, and a surrounding dielectric portion composed of a second dielectric with a second relative permittivity, wherein, the surrounding dielectric portion exists around the line portion in a cross section perpendicular to a direction in which electromagnetic waves transmit in the line portion, the first relative permittivity is 600 or more, and the second relative permittivity is smaller than the first relative permittivity. An electronic component has the transmission line.
Tdk Corporation


Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device

A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device includes the steps of preparing a semiconductor layer including a wide bandgap semiconductor, the semiconductor layer having an element region and an outer peripheral region surrounding an outer periphery of the element region when viewed two-dimensionally, forming a step portion surrounding the outer periphery of the element region in the outer peripheral region, and forming a metal layer along the step portion. The step portion has a sidewall recessed downward from a main surface of the element region in a cross section parallel to a thickness direction of the semiconductor layer, and the metal layer extends to cover at least a portion of the sidewall.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Optical module and transmitting apparatus

An optical module includes: an optical modulator that includes a plurality of electrodes and that performs an optical modulation process by using electrical signals input to the electrodes; and a flexible substrate that has flexibility and has a plurality of wiring patterns used for transferring the electrical signals each of which is input to a different one of the electrodes. The optical modulator includes: a plurality of connecting members that connect together the electrodes and the wiring patterns; and at least one protrusion that has a ground voltage, is connected to the flexible substrate while being positioned on a line segment connecting together two of the connecting members positioned adjacent to each other, and has a cross section of which the size measured in the direction perpendicular to the line segment is larger than the size of the cross section of each of the connecting members..
Fujitsu Optical Components Limited


Multicore optical fiber and multicore optical fiber cable

Provided is a multi-core optical fiber which is capable of achieving the same level of light receiving capacity as that of a single-core plastic optical fiber, while being reduced in bending loss. A multi-core optical fiber according to the present invention has a plurality of cores and sea portions that are formed around each core.
Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.


Heater structure for a sensor device

The sensor device comprises a hotplate on a membrane. The hotplate is heated by a n-fold rotationally symmetric heater structure having n>1 heater elements of identical design.
Sensirion Ag


Multiphase fluid flowrate metering device and metering method based on arc shaped pipe

The present invention relates to a multiphase fluid flowrate metering device, comprising the following components: a pipeline comprising at least one segment of arc shaped pipe, wherein at least the cross section of the arc shaped pipe being round, the plane where the arc shaped pipe is located being vertically oriented, and the arc shaped pipe having at least one vertically oriented cross section; a gamma-ray monitor comprising a gamma-ray emitter and a gamma-ray detector arranged respectively on the upper and lower sides of the vertically oriented cross section of the arc shaped pipe, wherein gamma rays emitted by the gamma-ray emitter penetrate vertically and radially along the vertically oriented cross section of the arc shaped pipe to reach the gamma-ray detector, and the gamma-ray monitor is a single-energy gamma-ray monitor or a dual-energy gamma-ray monitor; and a total volume flowrate metering device located upstream or downstream of the arc shaped pipe for calculating the total volume flowrate of the multiphase fluid. The present invention further relates to a method for measuring the volume flowrates of individual phases in a multiphase fluid by using the above multiphase fluid flowrate metering device..
Lanzhou Haimo Technologies Co., Ltd.


Hollow tube projectiles and launch systems thereof

A hollow tube projectile is configured with a leading edge to first exit a firearm barrel and a trailing edge to follow there through, the hollow tube projectile comprising an annular airfoil slug. A longitudinal cross section of the annular airfoil slug resembles an airplane wing having a rounded leading edge and a sharp trailing edge and an outer lift surface there around and an inner cylindrical surface.


Gas valve unit

A gas valve unit for controlling a gas throughput routed to a gas burner of a gas appliance includes a valve housing, an actuation shaft which is able to set an opening cross section of the gas valve unit, and a stop valve. A linearly-displaceable connection element transmits a movement of the actuation shaft to the stop valve.
Bsh Hausgerate Gmbh


Combustion burner and boiler including the same

A combustion burner 1 includes a fuel nozzle 2 that injects fuel gas prepared by mixing solid fuel and primary air, secondary air nozzles 3, 4 that inject secondary air from the outer periphery of the fuel nozzle 2, and a flame holder 5 that is arranged in an opening of the fuel nozzle 2. In the combustion burner 1, the flame holder 5 has a splitting shape that widens in the flow direction of the fuel gas.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Miniature high performance solenoid valve

A solenoid valve assembly includes an armature having a longitudinal axis and an ovular cross-section, the armature being moveable along the longitudinal axis from a first position to a second position, and a bobbin including a solenoid coil configured to electromagnetically move the armature when energized. The bobbin defines a recess also having an ovular cross section for receiving the armature and restricting lateral movement of the armature, thereby providing a linear actuation path for the armature along the longitudinal axis.
Parker - Hannifin Corporation


Connection device for tubes

A connection device has a main block, two pushing blocks and two fasteners. The main block has a trapezoid cross section to form two inclined surfaces, a long side and a short side, two inner threads are formed in the main block and extending to one of the long side and the short side.
Maxplus Industries Co., Ltd


Heat treatment increasing the depth of hardening layer in a steel rail and steel rail obtained with the method

The present invention relates to a heat treatment method for increasing the depth of hardening layer in a steel rail, and belongs to the field of steel rail production process. The technical problem to be solved in the present invention is to provide a heat treatment method for increasing the depth of hardening layer in a steel rail and a steel rail obtained with the method.
Pangang Group Panzhihua Steel & Vanadium Co., Ltd.


Composite article and methods for making the same

The invention relates to a composite article comprising:—an item (2) to be attached to a substrate; and—an adhesive tape (3) for attaching the item to the substrate, the adhesive tape having a substantially flat shape with a first main surface (6) facing the item, the first main surface extending in a cross section perpendicular to the first main surface from a first edge (8) to a second edge (9);—a lamination region (11) on the first surface, wherein the lamination region is the region where the adhesive tape is laminated to the item; and—wherein the lamination region is smaller than the first main surface. The invention also relates to a method of making a composite article..
3m Innovative Properties Company



A cutter capable of cutting multiple intersecting faces in an elongate workpiece at precisely controlled angles or two faces at precise offsets in an elongate workpiece that can be pivoted about its longitudinal axis. The cutter being able to accurately make two or more intersecting or spaced apart cuts in the workpiece by adjusting the orientation of a workpiece holding means with respect to a cutting means in an x direction and at least two other directions chosen from a set including: y, z, α, β and γ, where the x, y and z directions are orthogonal euclidean directions and the α, β and γ directions are polar angular directions.


Method for producing a torsional profile from a blank, and torsional profile

The invention relates to a method for producing a torsional profile from a blank. The torsional profile has torsionally rigid tubular end sections, a torsionally flexible u-shaped middle longitudinal section and, between the middle longitudinal section and the end sections, transition sections which change from the u-shaped cross section to the tubular cross section..
Benteler Automobiltechnik Gmbh


Hosel construction

The present invention relates to a hosel for connecting a shaft to a club head. In one aspect of the invention, the hosel comprises a body having an undercut, wherein the undercut has a maximum cross section which tapers to a minimum cross section and increases to the maximum cross section immediately adjacent the club head.
Callaway Golf Company


Multicolored filament loading guide brush

A brush that can identify an optimal painting load, and a method for manufacturing the brush. The brush includes a handle, a ferrule attached to the handle, and a plurality of filaments attached to the handle and the ferrule, wherein each of the plurality of filaments includes a transition band including at least two different colors, so that a user can readily identify an optimal line for dipping the brush into a liquid.


Row divider containing a helicoidal lift of variable cross section and a sugar cane harvester

The objective of the present invention is achieved by means of a row divider (1) applied to a sugar cane harvester (100). Said device (1) comprises at least one helicoidal lift (2) connected to an engine.
Marchesan Implementos E Maquinas Agricolas Tatu S.a.


Spark plug

A spark plug includes a housing, an insulator inside the housing, a center electrode inside the insulator, and a connecting pin inside the insulator. At least one fillet is formed at a change of cross section at the housing, at the insulator, at the center electrode, and/or at the connecting pin.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Stranded electrical conductor comprising a circular plug-type contact jack

The invention relates to a striuidcd electrical conductor consisting of copper for making contact, in parallel and/or in series, with circular plug-type contacts having a line cross section, wherein at least one section of the stranded conductor has a section with a compressed, reduced cross section, and a cylindrical circular plug-type contact jack or a cylindrical circular plug-type contact pin is welded to this section.. .
Amphenol-tuchel Electronics Gmbh


Crimp terminal and crimping structure with respect to electrical wire thereof

A crimp terminal includes a conductor crimping portion having a u-shaped cross section and including a bottom plate and a pair of conductor caulking pieces extending upward from both side edges of the bottom plate. The other conductor caulking piece includes a bending portion being folded and is formed so that a tip positioned at a tip side from the bending portion faces downward.
Yazaki Corporation


Composite active material for lithium secondary batteries and producing same

The purpose of the present invention is to provide: a composite active material for lithium secondary batteries, which is capable of providing a lithium secondary battery that has large charge and discharge capacity, high-speed charge and discharge characteristics and good cycle characteristics at the same time; and a method for producing the composite active material for lithium secondary batteries. The present invention is characterized in that the composite active material for lithium secondary batteries is constituted by flat particles having generally any of a rounded disk shape, a flattened ellipsoidal body shape, or a broad bean-type shape; the flat particles include at least one structure in which particles of a battery active material capable of combining with lithium ions are sandwiched between folds consisting of graphite; the battery active material capable of combining with lithium ions has an average particle diameter of 1 μm or less; some of the folds consisting of graphite are inclined from a vertical axis direction to a flat surface in a cross section vertical to the flat surface of the flat particles, the some of the folds being positioned other than at a vicinity of both ends in the longitudinal direction in the cross section; and the structure in which the particles of the battery active material capable of combining with lithium ions are sandwiched between the folds consisting of graphite has an orientation that is generally parallel with the flat surface..
Connexx System Corporation


Mounting cable and cable assembly

A mounting cable includes: a metal cable that includes a core wire formed of a conductive material and a jacket formed of an insulator and covering the core wire; a cable fixing portion that fixes an end portion of the metal cable, and has an end face which is perpendicular to an axial direction of the metal cable and on which a cross section of an end portion of the core wire is exposed; an external connection electrode formed on at least one surface of the cable fixing portion, the at least one surface being in parallel with the axial direction of the metal cable; and a wire pattern that extends from an area on the core wire exposed on the end face to the external connection electrode.. .
Olympus Corporation


Information display system

The information display system includes a pc having a display, and an input device which enables a user to input new information to be added to information appearing on the display with an input element such as a pen, thereby outputting the inputted information to the pc. This input device includes an optical waveguide in a sheet form configured such that linear cores arranged in a lattice form are held between an under cladding layer and an over cladding layer both in a sheet form.
Nitto Denko Corporation


Cleaning blade, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus

Disclosed is a cleaning blade of which a contact portion brought into contact with at least a member to be cleaned is formed of a polyurethane member that includes a polyurethane material containing a hard segment and a soft segment and has a ratio of an area occupied by a hard segment aggregate having a diameter of 0.3 μm to 0.7 μm in a cross section being in a range of 2% to 10%.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods for curvature analysis from borehole dips and applications thereof

Systems and methods for modeling subsurface rock formations based on well log data are provided. Systems include a downhole tool for acquiring data from which borehole dips may be picked and a processor including machine-readable instructions for curvature analysis based on inputs generated from the picked borehole dips data and which may be independent of 2d cross section model orientation.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Wide dynamic range fluid sensor based on nanowire platform

Device (100) for detecting a concentration of a substance in a fluid sample, the device comprising: a substrate (102); an insulating layer (104) arranged on the substrate (102); a plurality of individually electrically addressable semiconducting nanowires (106, 108, 110) arranged on the insulating layer (104), each one of the plurality of nanowires being covered by an insulating material (202, 204, 206) and arranged for sensing of the substance through an electrical characteristic of the nanowire; and a sample compartment (118) for providing the fluid sample in contact with each of the plurality of nanowires; wherein for each of the plurality of nanowires (106, 108, 110), at least one of cross sectional dimension, insulator thickness and type of insulating material is selected such that each of the nanowires has a different detection range, and such that the dynamic range of the device is higher than the dynamic range of each of the individual nanowires.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Apparatus comprising an increased-capacity platinumware holder and method therefor

A platinumware holder includes a crucible holder in which the crucibles are laterally staggered and a mold rack in which the molds are vertically staggered. In some embodiments, the crucibles have a non-circular cross section..
Spex Sample Prep Llc


Blood and marrow draw processing devices and methods

Apparatus, systems and methods for processing a blood sample. One embodiment comprises an isolation container having at least one sidewall defining an interior volume.
Regenerative Sciences, Llc


Boiler and a nox emission control from a boiler

A boiler includes an enclosure having at least a supply for fuel and oxidizer and at least a supply for a sncr reagent. The supply for the sncr reagent includes at least a regulation valve for the sncr reagent.
Alstom Technology Ltd


Vehicle lamp

Disclosed is a vehicle lamp. An insertion portion formed at a lens component made of a resin is inserted into a groove formed in a lamp body made of a resin and the lens component is fixed to the lamp body by a moisture curing type adhesive injected into the groove.
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Pulsation damper suitable for hygienic processing lines

A pulsation damper configured to reduce pressure peaks in a pipe system. The pulsation damper comprises an elastic pipe section arranged to be in a small volume state or a large volume state.
Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.a.


A pulsation damper suitable for hygienic processing lines

A pulsation damper configured to reduce pressure variations in a pipe system. The pulsation damper comprises a first pipe section and a second pipe section.
Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.a.


Control valve

A control valve for controlling flow of a pressure fluid in a breaking device includes a sleeve-like control valve having at least one opening enabling flow of the pressure fluid through the opening. The at least one opening includes at least one wall, at least a part of which is not arranged in a direction parallel to a radial direction of the control valve extending through the middle point of the cross section of the opening on the outer circumference of the control valve, such that the pressure fluid flowing through the opening may be arranged to rotate the control valve about the longitudinal axis of the control valve..
Sandvik Mining And Construction Oy


Jointing for a furniture leg element

The invention pertains to a jointing 2 for a furniture leg element 4, the jointing comprising: a base part 6 configured to be attached to a furniture, the base part 6 comprising a convex outer surface 8, which during use faces the leg element 4, and which outer surface 8 further comprises an elongated hole 10 defining a longitudinal extension 12 and a transversal extension 14, an elongated threaded top part 16 configured to be fixed to the leg element 4 and having a cross sectional dimension not exceeding the transversal extension 14 of the hole 10, and a sliding element 18 configured to slide along the inner side 34 of the convex outer surface 8 the base part 6 and having a threaded aperture 20 configured for cooperating with the threaded top part 16 in such a way that the leg element 4 is fixed to the base part 6 by screwing the top part 16 in the sliding element 18, and thereby enabling the leg element 4 to be fixed at a certain angle relative to the furniture. The invention also pertains to a piece of furniture comprising such a jointing 2..
Siso A/s


Intake manifold having variable diameters

An intake manifold having variable diameters is provided. The intake manifold includes a tube body and a valve.
Hanking Power Technology Co., Ltd.


Beam reinforcing metallic material and beam reinforcing structure

A beam reinforcing metallic material includes a welding surface, a counter-flange-part surface, a contacting surface, a protrusion, and the like. The beam reinforcing material is a member that is made of metal such as steel for example.
Hitachi Metals Techno, Ltd.


Inorganic film and multilayer structure

Disclosed is an inorganic film comprising an inorganic laminar compound and a resin, characterized in that when an image observed with a transmission electron microscope of a cross section of the inorganic film including the thickness direction of the film is subjected to image processing to classify into 256 levels of shade on the gray scale, and subsequently, at each of arbitrary five or more points of the image-processed observed image, a straight line is drawn parallel with the thickness direction of the inorganic film from one surface of the inorganic film to the other surface, and then linear analysis is performed along each of the straight lines, the average value of standard deviations of degrees relative to the degree of each shade determined from the results of the linear analysis is 15 or less.. .
Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited


Transport device for article transport boxes

A transport device for article transport boxes for storing or sorting stacked box-type pallets has four vertically movable gripping columnar members on a transporting traveling body horizontally travelable on an upper side of a storage area. The gripping columnar members have an angular shape in cross section and have gripping faces pressure-contacted to both sides of each corner of an article transport box.


Improved industrial packaging for packaging and transport of multiple glass plates or related

“improved industrial packaging for packing and transport of multiple glass plates or related,” more precisely it is the industrial packaging (1) to be used as a protective wrap of the perimeter of the block obtained by the set of plates (cp) packed in the package (1), for example, plates made of flat glass or other material to be transported upright; comprises a structural frame (qd) composed by modular channels set (cm), and the upper channel (cm1), lower channel (cm2) and a pair of identical side channels (cm3), which are basically composed of longitudinal profiles (2) with a cross section in “u” and reduced width (x) designed for receiving a set of plates (cp); said profiles (2) are made of laminated paper or other suitable material, and the profiles (2) of the upper (cm1) and lower (cm2) channels include backup areas (3) to strapping by tying ribbons (ft), which is set by the juxtaposition of pairs of steel plates (3a) on the flat surface (2a) of longitudinal profiles (2), while the longitudinal profiles (2) of each side channel (cm3) receives a protective cap (4) with a cross section in “u”, also made of steel; the inner flat surface (2b) of the profiles (2) of modular channels (cm) receive internal trimmers (5) for the accommodation and protection of the peripheral edges of the set of plates (cp) packed in the frame (qd).. .


Satellite with variable master cross section

A satellite comprises at least one first communication module, a repeater module, one or more antennas, at least one propulsion module and an avionics module, the repeater module comprising: a north first panel when the satellite is in an orbital position, an east second panel, a south third panel and a west fourth panel arranged respectively opposite the north first panel and the east second panel, the north panel and the south panel having widths xmcr in the east-west direction, the east panel and the west panel having a width or ymcr in the north-south direction; characterized in that: the value of the ratio xmcr/ymcr for the repeater module lies within the interval [0.84; 1.12], and the repeater module consists of a number of floors, and the value of xmck varies as a function of the floor k and of its position in the repeater module.. .
Centre National D'etudes Spatiales


Apu exhaust system

An exhaust system for an apu in a gas turbine engine aircraft having a tail cone in which exhaust noise is reduced. An apu exhaust liner is attached to the apu and extending to an oval cutout at the tail cone the liner has a first constant cross section from the apu to a point proximate the tail cone, and a second, increasing cross section from the point proximate the tail cone to the liner cutout.
United Technologies Corporation


Impact absorbing element

An impact absorbing element comprising a tubular body for absorbing the impact energy in a vehicle is proposed, the impact absorbing element having a double honeycomb-shaped cross section and being configured as a 10-face polygonal line, and honeycomb points being configured which are situated at a spacing (b2) from one another of approximately half the overall height (b1) of the impact absorbing element and define a width.. .
Magna International Inc.


Collapsible, coiled mandrel

A collapsible, coiled mandrel, for use in co-curing of a hollow carbon-epoxy structure such as a stringer in aircraft construction, is made of a fiber stiffened with doping material that maintains an outer coil shape resistant to external compression forces when used as a mandrel during lay-up and curing, and is collapsible when an end of the fiber is pulled along its longitudinal axis so that it can be easily removed after curing and discarded. A method of fabricating a collapsible, coiled mandrel employs a mold with a shaped recess for forming a coil with a fiber wetted with a doping material fed in by an applicator, and rotating the applicator while backing it out to form the coil in the mold.
The Boeing Company


Extrusion forming apparatus and extrusion forming method

An extrusion forming apparatus includes an extruding section, a chamber drum, and a forming section. The extruding section kneads a material including a ceramic raw material and extrudes a kneaded material.
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.


Component casting

A method includes forming a mould, the mould having at least one mould portion defining the shape of an element to be removed from the component in a subsequent manufacturing step and having a reduced cross-sectional area. The at least one mould portion includes at least one recess which further reduces the cross sectional area of the cavity and increases the surface area of the at least one mould portion or the at least one mould portion includes a plurality of projections which increase the surface area of the least one mould portion thereby increasing radiative heat loss from said at least one mould portion during said process.
Rolls-royce Plc


Cast component having corner radius to reduce recrystallization

A cast component includes a cast body that has a single crystal microstructure and an internal corner bounding an internal cavity. The single crystal microstructure defines a critical internal residual stress with respect to investment casting of the cast body using a refractory metal core beyond which the single crystal microstructure recrystallizes under a predetermined condition.
United Technologies Corporation


Furnace coil fins

The present invention provides low profile, thick (“stuby”) longitudinal fins having a cross section which is a parallelogram, trapezoid or a triangle extending from 10% to 100% of a coil pass and comprising from 3 to 45 weight % of a coil in a radiant section of a furnace for thermally cracking one or more of paraffins and naphtha. The fins provide an additional surface through which heat may be transferred to the coil making the coil more efficient reducing greenhouse emissions..
Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.


Multi-lumen breathing circuit including a flexible printed circuit board assembly

A breathing circuit includes a flexible hollow tube having a generally circular cross section and a flexible printed circuit board assembly disposed in the flexible hollow tube. The flexible printed circuit board assembly defines part of at least one inspiratory passage within the flexible hollow tube and part of at least one expiratory passage within the flexible hollow tube.
Teleflex Medical Incorporated

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