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Cross Section patents

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Method and system for extracting buds from a stalk of a graminaceous plant

Basf Se

Method and system for extracting buds from a stalk of a graminaceous plant

Honeycomb structure

Ngk Insulators

Honeycomb structure

Honeycomb structure

Huizhou Light Engine

Illuminating apparatus with large view angle

Date/App# patent app List of recent Cross Section-related patents
 Method for additive manufacturing patent thumbnailnew patent Method for additive manufacturing
A method for forming a three-dimensional article through successive fusion of parts of a powder bed, applying a first powder layer on a work table, directing a first energy beam from a first energy beam source over said work table causing said first powder layer to fuse in first selected locations according to a corresponding model to form a first cross section of said at least one three-dimensional article, where said first energy beam is fusing a first article with parallel scan lines in a first direction, fusing a second scan line in said first direction in said first layer in said first article within a predetermined time interval after fusing a first scan line in said first article, wherein at least one intermediate scan line is fused within said time interval at another predetermined position and where said first and second scan lines are adjacent to each other.. .
Arcam Ab
 Methods for treating abnormal growths in the body using a flow reducing implant patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for treating abnormal growths in the body using a flow reducing implant
A flow reducing implant for reducing blood flow in a blood vessel having a cross sectional dimension, the flow reducing implant comprising a hollow element adapted for placement in the blood vessel defining a flow passage therethrough, said flow passage comprising at least two sections, one with a larger diameter and one with a smaller diameter, wherein said smaller diameter is smaller than a cross section of the blood vessel. A plurality of tabs anchor, generally parallel to the blood vessel wall, are provided in some embodiments of the invention..
Neovasc Medical Ltd.
 Polyglycolic acid resin short fibers for use in well treatment fluid patent thumbnailnew patent Polyglycolic acid resin short fibers for use in well treatment fluid
Polyglycolic acid resin short fibers for a well treatment fluid, the fibers having the following characteristics of (a) to (e): (a) an outside diameter of 5 to 300 μm; (b) a fiber length of 1 to 30 mm; (c) fineness of 0.1 to 25 d; (d) strength of 1 to 20 gf/d; and (e) a ratio of an area of the polyglycolic acid resin with respect to an area of a circle circumscribing a cross section of the fibers being from 10 to 95%; and a well treatment fluid containing the polyglycolic acid resin short fibers for a well treatment fluid.. .
Kureta Corporation
 Self centering nock patent thumbnailnew patent Self centering nock
A self-centering nock is provided for use in a well-balanced nock-arrow or nock-bolt assembly. The self-centering nock includes compliant projecting protrusions or compliant arms that are substantially rotationally symmetric about a cross section normal to a main axis of the self-centering nock.
Out Rage, Llc
 Cooling device for a vehicle battery, and vehicle battery with cooling device patent thumbnailnew patent Cooling device for a vehicle battery, and vehicle battery with cooling device
A cooling device for a vehicle battery includes a cooling plate (22) comprising a first plate part (24) which faces towards the battery (10) and has a first wall thickness (d1), a second plate part (30) which has a second wall thickness (d2), and a multiplicity of depressions (32) formed in the second plate part (30). The cooling plate (22) includes a multiplicity of refrigerant ducts (34) with a first duct cross section, the refrigerant ducts being formed between the first and second plate parts (24, 30) in the depressions (32) of the second plate part (30).
Valeo Klimasysteme Gmbh
 Honeycomb structure patent thumbnailnew patent Honeycomb structure
In a cross section of a honeycomb structure body, shape of the cells is polygonal, and the honeycomb structure body is constituted so that thickness of partition walls in circumferential region is larger than in central region. In the cross section, when among the cells arranged on a first line segment passing the center of gravity and extending in a direction perpendicular to the partition walls each constituting one side of the cells, cell pitch of the respective five or less cells each arranged on the first line segment toward each of the central region side and the circumferential region side from boundary between the central region and the circumferential region has a size of 70% or more and 95% or less to cell pitch in the extending direction of the first line segment of the cells in the central region of the honeycomb structure..
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.
 Method for additive manufacturing patent thumbnailnew patent Method for additive manufacturing
A method for forming a three-dimensional article comprising applying a first powder layer on a work table; directing a first energy causing said first powder layer to fuse in first selected locations to form a first cross section where said first energy beam is fusing a first region with parallel scan lines in a first direction and a second region with parallel scan lines in a second direction; fusing at least one of the scan lines in said first region in said first direction immediately before fusing at least one of said scan lines in said second region in said second direction; applying a second powder layer and directing the energy beam causing said second powder layer to fuse in second selected locations where the energy beam is fusing said first region with parallel scan lines in a third direction and said second region in a fourth direction.. .
Arcam Ab
 Electric oil pump patent thumbnailnew patent Electric oil pump
An electric oil pump includes a rotor driven to rotate by a motor and a pump body having a pump chamber accommodating the rotor, an intake port for introducing oil into the pump chamber according to rotation of the rotor, a discharge port for discharging oil from the pump chamber according to rotation of the rotor, a first discharge passage communicated to a first communication hole provided in the discharge port and circulating oil discharged from the discharge port, the first discharge passage having a smaller cross sectional area than the discharge port, and a second discharge passage communicated to a second communication hole provided in the discharge port separately from the first communication hole and circulating oil discharged from the discharge port, the second discharge passage having a smaller cross sectional area than the discharge port.. .
Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.
 Wind turbine blade and blade hub patent thumbnailnew patent Wind turbine blade and blade hub
A separable rectangular cross section blade hub is made from two hollow rectangular l-shaped cross section extruded beams. These l-shaped beams are cut from a single extrusion..
 Fixing device patent thumbnailnew patent Fixing device
The fixing device includes a rotary member for contacting the unfixed toner image, a pressure member for forming the nip portion by contacting the rotary member, and a cover for covering the rotary member with a space between the rotary member and the cover, wherein in a cross section of the fixing device, the cross section being orthogonal to a generatrix direction of the rotary member, wherein a shortest distance (h) between the nip portion and a farthest surface portion of the rotary member farthest away from a surface portion forming the nip portion of the rotary member, a maximum width (w) of the rotary member in the conveyance direction of the recording member, and an area (s) of the space in a range of the maximum width w in the cross section satisfy with a relationship of s/w≧0.7×h.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
new patent

Vehicular interior part

A vehicular interior part includes an interior part main body, an elongated light guide member guiding light from a light source, and a light guide member holder mounted to the interior part main body and holding the light guide member. The light guide member holder includes an elongated holder main body including a holder recess where the light guide member is arranged and having a u-shaped cross section and extending in an elongated direction of the light guide member, and at least two mount portions provided on a peripheral end portion of the holder main body and arranged along an elongated direction of the holder main body and mounted to the interior part main body.
Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha
new patent

Illuminating apparatus with large view angle

An led lamp where the combination of an enlarged globe having a side cross section that is greater than 180°, leds with large view angles and the placement of the leds at the periphery of the printed circuit board adjacent the globe generates a view angle for the led lamp greater than 180°. Further, a method of illumination through an led lamp weaving supplying electrical power to a plurality of leds through a lamp base, generating light through the plurality of leds, where the leds have a view angle of greater than 120 degrees and are mounted in a circle at a peripheral edge of a printed circuit board, dissipating heat generated by the leds through a heat sink coupled to the printed circuit board, and transmitting light from the leds through a globe, the globe having a substantially spherical wall extending greater than 90 degrees from its vertical centerline..
Huizhou Light Engine Ltd.
new patent

Vehicle-body front structure

A pair of right-and-left extension members which deform and absorb an impact at a vehicle frontal collision, in cooperation with a pair of front side frames, are provided. The extension members are configured to be joined to respective middle portions, in a height direction, of a pair of tower portions of a sub frame at their rear end portions, to project forward, bending outward at a level below the front side frames, and to be comprised of a pair of members having a closed cross section, respectively.
Mazda Motor Corporation
new patent

Twelve-cornered strengthening member, assemblies including a twelve-cornered strengthening member, and methods of manufacturing and joining the same

A strengthening member for an automotive vehicle comprises a twelve-cornered cross section including sides and corners creating internal angles and external angles. To facilitate a connection between the strengthening member and the automotive component, one of the strengthening member and the automotive component may transition from the twelve-cornered cross section at a first end of the strengthening member to a four-cornered cross section at a second end of the strengthening member.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc.
new patent

Bumper reinforcement

The present invention provides a bumper reinforcement made of a hollow material, including: a rear wall facing a vehicle body; an upper wall extending forward from a top of the rear wall; a lower wall extending forward from a bottom of the rear wall; a front wall supported only by the upper wall and the lower wall; an upper reinforcing wall extending from a middle in a height direction of the rear wall up to a middle in a front-rear direction of the upper wall; and a lower reinforcing wall extending from the middle in the height direction of the rear wall up to a middle in the front-rear direction of the lower wall, wherein: the front wall is located frontward of a virtual line passing through a foremost of the upper reinforcing wall and a foremost of the lower reinforcing wall in a cross section.. .
Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd.
new patent

Box having convex centring elements, and blank for manufacturing such a box

The present invention relates to a box (30, 31) and a blank (1) made of corrugated cardboard sheet material having a polygonal cross section, including side walls (3, 4, 5, 6), an upper wall forming the top of the box and a lower wall forming the bottom of the box. The top of the box comprises at least one cut-out convex portion (26) in the upper wall, and the bottom comprises portions (18) which have a perforated surface having a complementary shape to the said convex portions, situated directly above the latter and arranged so as to be fitted into the convex portions of the box below..
new patent

Shielded electrical cable

A shielded electrical cable includes conductor sets extending along a length of the cable and spaced apart from each other along a width of the cable. First and second shielding films are disposed on opposite sides of the cable and include cover portions and pinched portions arranged such that, in transverse cross section, the cover portions of the films in combination substantially surround each conductor set.
3m Innovative Properties Company
new patent

Seamless steel pipe and producing the same

There is provided a seamless steel pipe having high strength and high toughness even if having a thick wall. A seamless steel pipe according to the present embodiment consists of: in mass %, c: 0.03 to 0.08%, si: not more than 0.25%, mn: 0.3 to 2.0%, p: not more than 0.05%, s: not more than 0.005%, al: 0.001 to 0.10%, cr: 0.02 to 1.0%, ni: 0.02 to 1.0%, mo: 0.02 to 0.8%, n: 0.002 to 0.008%, ca: 0.0005 to 0.005%, and nb: 0.01 to 0.1%, the balance being fe and impurities, and has a wall thickness of not less than 50 mm.
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation
new patent

Seebeck/peltier thermoelectric conversion device having phonon confinement layers of crystalline semiconductor containing angstrom-sized organic groups as semiconductor atoms substituents within the crystal lattice and fabrication process

Significant phonon migration restraint is achieved within a relatively homogeneous polycrystalline doped semiconductor bulk by purposely creating in the crystal lattice of the semiconductor hydrocarbon bonds with the semiconductor, typically si or ge, constituting effective organic group substituents of semiconductor atoms in the crystalline domains. An important enhancement of the factor of merit z of such a modified electrically conductive doped semiconductor is obtained without resorting to nanometric cross sectional dimensions in order to rely on surface scattering eventually enhanced by making the surface highly irregular and/or creating nanocavities within the bulk of the conductive material.
Consorzio Delta Ti Research
new patent


A burner of a gas turbine extending along an axis is provided having in axial order: a swirler section, mixing section, outlet section, and main combustion zone. The swirler section has swirler vanes to swirl a stream of fuel and oxygen containing gas entering therein in a circumferential direction.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
new patent

Method and system for extracting buds from a stalk of a graminaceous plant

The present invention relates to a method for extracting buds 8 from a stalk 1 of a graminaceous plant comprising the steps of automatically detecting a bud 8 on the stalk 1 and cutting out a vegetal tissue comprising the bud 8 based on the detected position of the bud 8. According to the method the step of detecting the bud 8 on the stalk 1 comprises obtaining the longitudinal position of the bud 8 in the longitudinal direction of the stalk 1 and the circumferential angle position of the bud 8 on a cross section of the stalk 1, said longitudinal position and circumferential angle position defining the position of the bud 8.
Basf Se

Naphthalene-based two-photon fluorescent probes, preparation method and use thereof

The present invention provides a novel category of naphthalene-based two-photon fluorescent probes having a general formula i, wherein: x is selected from the x1, x2, x3 and x4; the mentioned two-photon fluorescent probes have a low fluorescence background in the non-tumor cells and tissues, and have a strong and specific fluorescent signal in the tumor cells and tissues. These probes have a certain level of water-solubility, while having good membrane permeability.
Dalian University Of Technology

Cathode material and solid oxide fuel cell

A cathode material contains a main component being a complex oxide having a perovskite structure expressed by a general formula abo3. The perovskite structure includes at least one of la and sr at the a site.
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

Cooling device for a vehicle battery, and vehicle battery with cooling device

A cooling device for a vehicle battery is provided with a cooling plate (22) comprising a first plate part (24) which faces towards the battery (10) and has a first wall thickness (di), comprising a second plate part (30) which has a second wall thickness (d2), and comprising a multiplicity of depressions (32) formed in the second plate part (30). The cooling plate (22) has a multiplicity of refrigerant ducts (34) with a first duct cross section, said refrigerant ducts being formed between the first and second plate parts (24, 30) in the depressions (32) of the second plate part (30).
Valeo Klimasysteme Gmbh

Thread rolling fixed length spiral rib steel wire

The present invention discloses a thread rolling fixed length, spiral rib steel wire used in prestressed concrete sleepers and track plates, including a 2.5 m long spiral rib prestressed steel wire, where both ends of said steel wire have continuous external thread section whose length is 30±2 mm, wherein, the surface of said steel wire has four parallel winding spiral ribs whose cross section is trapezoidal and lead is 41˜55 mm, the nominal diameter of said steel wire is 9.5 mm, 10.0 mm, or 10.5 mm, and the elastic-limit of said steel wire is larger than 1200n/mm2.. .

Tunable progressive cavity pump

A well pump assembly includes a progressive cavity pump having a stator with an elastomeric inner portion. The stator has an axial cavity with internal lobes; a rotor with external lobes positioned within the axial cavity.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Compressor, air conditioner system comprising the compressor and heat pump water heater system

Provided is a compressor, an air conditioner system comprising the compressor and a heat pump water heater system. The compressor comprises: a low-pressure compression component, a medium-pressure chamber, a low-pressure chamber gas discharge passageway, an enthalpy-increasing component, a high-pressure compression component, a medium-pressure gas passageway and a high-pressure chamber gas discharge passageway.
National Engineering Center Of Green Refrigeration Equipment

Decorative lighting with reinforced wiring

A reinforced wire for decorative lighting, the wire defining a central longitudinal wire axis and including: a longitudinally-extending reinforcing strand, the reinforcing strand comprising one or more fibers comprising a polymer material and defining a reinforcing-strand axis; a plurality of conductor strands wound about the reinforcing strand, each of the plurality of conductor strands defining a conductor strand axis; and an outer insulating layer adjacent to, and covering, one or more of the conductor strands. The reinforcing strand in cross section normal to the wire axis defines an asymmetrical shape..
Willis Electric Co., Ltd.

Busbars having different cross sections for a busbar system with a common protection or neutral conductor

An embodiment of the invention relates to busbars having different cross sections for a busbar system with a common protection and/or neutral conductor for the transport of electrical energy. The busbar system includes at least one first segment and a second segment, the segments having each at least one first busbar with a first cross-sectional area, at least a second busbar with a second cross-sectional area, a holding element and at least one connection.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

A field emission device comprises one or more emitter elements, each having a high aspect ratio structure with a nanometer scaled cross section; and one or more segmented electrodes, each surrounding one of the one or more emitters. Each of the one or more segmented electrodes has multiple electrode plates.
Kla-tencor Corporation

Solid-state imaging apparatus, manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus

A solid-state imaging apparatus includes a plurality of phase difference detection pixels configured adjacent to one another; and an isolation structure arranged so as to isolate light entering each of light-receiving units of the plurality of phase difference detection pixels, in which the isolation structure is formed so as to have a inclined side wall surface whose cross section is tapered.. .
Sony Corporation

Method for fabricating medical imaging multilayer, multiaperture collimator

A photon collimator, suitable for use in medical imaging equipment, is constructed from a block of photon-attenuating material, such as solid tungsten or molybdenum alloy that defines a plurality of integrally formed septa slats. Each slat has an elongated length dimension greater than thickness and depth dimensions, and is oriented in an opposed pattern array that is laterally spaced relative to its respective thickness dimension.
Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

Specimen holder for observing cross section of specimen and controlling the same

A specimen holder and method for controlling the same, which can mount a specimen to allow observation of the specimen. The specimen holder includes: a body; a specimen mounting part formed at an end of the body; elasticity means located inside the body; and a stand detachably joined with the body.
Hitachi High-technologies Korea Co., Ltd.

Mist generating apparatus

An improved mist generating apparatus is provided, the apparatus having a longitudinal axis (l), and first and second opposing nozzle surfaces (100,102) which define a nozzle between them. A first process fluid passage (28) has an inlet connectable to a supply of process fluid, and a process fluid outlet (110) on one or the first and second nozzle surfaces (100,102) such that the process fluid owlet (110) opens into the nozzle.
Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh

Method of manufacturing curvilineal closed structure parts without flange and the same

A method and apparatus manufactures a closed structure part without flange having a curvature and welded edges along a longitudinal direction of the part and further having a varying cross-sectional shape, from two metal plates. Each of two metal plates provided with a curvature along the longitudinal direction of the plate and provided with both ends in a width direction of the plate, are press-formed such that a folding line is formed at positions corresponding to a non-welded bent edge in a cross section of the part, and stacked on each other vertically such that their bulging sides face outward.
Jfe Steel Corporation

Pneumatic tire

A pneumatic tire, comprising: a carcass provided in a toroidal shape across a pair of bead cores; a bead filler provided on the outer side in the tire radial direction of each bead core; and a rim guard to protrude on the outer side in the tire width direction for rim protection, wherein a contour of a portion of the rim guard has radius of curvature in the range of 5 mm to 40 mm in a widthwise cross section of the tire, and provided that “1csh” represents a distance in the tire radial direction between the innermost end and the outermost end of the carcass, a distance in the tire radial direction between the outermost end in the tire width direction of the rim guard and the outermost end in the tire radial direction of a bead filler is in the range of −0.2csh to 0.05csh.. .
Bridgestone Corporation

Pneumatic tire

A pneumatic tire includes an inner liner and a carcass ply provided adjacent to the inner liner and having a cord embedded in a rubber layer. The inner liner is composed of a polymer layer stack including a first layer of a polymer composition containing sibs and a rubber component having a thickness of 0.05 mm to 0.6 mm, and a second layer of a polymer composition containing at least either one of sis and sib as well as a rubber component having a thickness of 0.01 mm to 0.3 mm.
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

Tyre and extended-mobility wheel-tyre assembly

A tyre has a form of a torus that is open radially on an inside portion. The tyre includes inner and outer walls, a crown, two sidewalls, two beads, a crown reinforcement, and a carcass reinforcement anchored in the beads and extending at least from the beads as far as the crown.
Michelin Recherche Et Techniques S.a.

Steel cord for reinforcing rubber article and tire using same

Also provided is a steel cord for reinforcing rubber articles with a multi-twisted structure in which a plurality of strands 11, 12 formed by twisting a plurality of wires 1, 2, 3 together in a layered-twisted structure are twisted together in a 2-layer-twisted structure. The cord mass is from 35 g/m to 65 g/m, and the ratio of flexural rigidity g (n·mm2) to cord cross section a (mm2), g/a (n) is from 400 n to 650 n..

Dynamic balancer in a laundry treating appliance

A dynamic balancer device for a laundry treating appliance includes, among other things, a first raceway piece having an l-shaped cross section defining a first annular channel and a second raceway piece having an l-shaped cross section defining a second annular channel. The first raceway piece is attached to the second raceway piece with the first annular channel facing the second annular channel to define a raceway.
Whirlpool Corporation

System and reductant injection

A mixing chamber for an exhaust system is disclosed. The mixing chamber includes a tapering cross sectional area perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the mixing chamber.
Caterpillar Inc.

Cyclone separator

The separator comprises an outer body of a generally cylindrical shape, having a flat bottom, with an upper tangential gas inlet and an axial gas outlet, in addition to a cylindrical collecting area and a lower storage area for the separated phase. A recessed inner body with rotational symmetry is movably mounted vertically in the outer body, and cooperates with the opening of the upper tangential gas inlet and/or with the start of the axial gas outlet, in such a way as to make the cross section of the gas passage variable according to the height position of the inner body.
Mgi Coutier

Self-standing hygienic safety kitchen knife

The present invention relates to a kitchen knife for trimming food ingredients in a kitchen or galley, and more particularly, relates to a self-standing hygienic safety kitchen knife which is adapted to be able to maintain a hygienic state when the knife is placed on a chopping board or sink, by ensuring that the knife blade portion is separated from the deck such that extraneous material does not stick to the knife blade for trimming the food ingredients and such that water on the knife blade falls towards a ground surface. The self standing hygiene kitchen knife of the present invention is a kitchen knife having a handle, wherein the handle is formed so as to have a circular cross section, and the centre of gravity of the handle is formed in the lower part of the handle in the knife-blade direction, and where the knife blade is concerned, the knife blade is constituted spaced a predetermined distance inwards from the outer surface of the handle..

Fragmentation tip, intraocular surgery device provided with same, suppressing occurrence of cavitation, and cataract surgery method

Provided is a fragmentation tip, an intraocular surgery device, a method for suppressing an occurrence of cavitation, and a cataract surgery method, which can suppress the occurrence of cavitation. The fragmentation tip, which is attached to an intraocular surgery device configured to apply ultrasonic vibration, includes: a cylindrical support portion configured to be mounted on the intraocular surgery device; and a cylindrical tip body provided at a distal end of the support portion to be in communication with an internal space of the support portion, wherein the tip body has a cross sectional shape having a length in a first direction that is larger than a length in a second direction that is orthogonal to the first direction, and vibration is applied to the support portion so that the tip body rotates back and forth about an axis of the tip body that passes through its center in the first and second directions..
Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Centrifugal separator with circular rotor blades

An improved centrifugal separator system and method for separating a solid portion from a liquid portion, of the type including a chute for introducing material into the separator; a screen rotated on a shaft for allowing a liquid portion of the material to flow through the screen but preventing solids from flowing through the screen; a space between the housing and the screen for allowing the solids to travel through the separator; a rotor portion, further comprising a plurality of blades radiating outward from a hub portion of the rotor to an outer ring portion of the rotor to define the traveling space for the solid material between the rotor blades; wherein each of the blades being circular in cross section along their length to minimize the impact on the solid material which makes contact with the rotating blades and do less damage to the solid material, resulting in better product and a reduction in the energy required to power the separator.. .
Centrifugal And Mechanical Industries, Llc

Micro and nano scale structures disposed in a material so as to present micrometer and nanometer scale curvature and stiffness patterns for use in cell and tissue culturing and in other surface and interface applications

A structure for use in cell and tissue culturing and in other surface and interface applications. The structure comprises a first material layer defining one or more surface features therein disposed randomly or in a pattern, the one or more surface features having the same or different sizes and cross sectional shapes, a second material layer disposed in or on the one or more surface features, a microstructure disposed in or on the one or more surface features and at least partially embedded and immobile within the second material layer, the microstructure presenting a curvature and a stiffness value and protruding above an upper surface of the second material, a size of the microstructure between 1 nanometer and 10 millimeters, and the structure for use in cell and tissue culturing and in other surface and interface applications wherein a cell grows on the microstructure..

Cell culture apparatus and culture methods using same

Cell culture apparatus comprising at least two adjacent cell cultivation channels separated by a permeable or semipermeable membrane, wherein at least one channel, for the majority of its length, has a cross sectional area of no more than 1 mm2, said channel being provided with entrance and exit means to permit the passage of media therethrough, allows co-culture of separate cell types, e.g. Human and microbial cells, without mingling, allowing monitoring of cell cultures and chemical exchanges between the respective cell cultures..
Centre De Recherche Public-gabriel Lippmann

System for cultivation and processing of microorganisms, processing of products therefrom, and processing in drillhole reactors

Methods of cultivating autotrophic microorganisms, particularly microalgae or diatoms, in a bioreactor by entraining a culture of the microorganisms in a tenuous, gelated, thixotrophic carrier medium having nutrients therefor and moving the medium along a passage at a sufficiently slow speed to enable laminar flow which in cross section is closed and which has transparent walls through which the culture is irradiated to enable photosynthesis. The method includes effecting convective turnover of the culture and medium as they flow along the passage by differentially heating the medium laterally relative to the flow direction so as to produce a generally helical flow of the culture and medium.

Powder distribution in additive manufacturing of three-dimensional articles

The present invention relates to a method for forming a three-dimensional article through successive fusion of parts of at least one layer of a powder bed provided on a work table. Said method comprising the steps of: providing at least a first and second powder tank, providing a first type of powder in said first powder tank having a first particle size distribution, providing a second type of powder in said second powder tank having a second particle size distribution, providing a first sub-layer of said first type of powder on said work table, providing a second sub-layer of said second type of powder on top of said first layer of said first type of powder, fusing said first and second sub-layers simultaneously with a high energy beam from a high energy beam source for forming a first cross section of said three-dimensional article..
Arcam Ab

Image processing apparatus and image processing method

A plurality of cross section images which can be included in the range of a specific error occurring when specifying a correspondence cross section in a three-dimensional medical image of an object corresponding to a cross section of interest of the object are acquired from the three-dimensional medical image. The acquired cross section images are displayed on a display screen..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Spark plug

A spark plug includes an insulator, a terminal electrode, a center electrode, a resistor, and a glass seal layer. The terminal electrode has: a recess part opened to the front end side and having a depth in a center axis direction of the terminal electrode; and a flat part neighboring the recess part at its outer circumference side.
Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

Electromagnetic pump, quench tank, and liquid metal loop

A electromagnetic pump is configured that a housing includes therein an outer cylinder made of stainless steel, an inner cylinder made of stainless steel and arranged inside the outer cylinder, and an electromagnetic coil arranged around the outer cylinder. The outer cylinder is configured as a conical frustum having a large diameter in the inlet side and a small diameter in the outlet side.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Mechatronics Systems, Ltd.

Light emitting diode

A light emitting diode including a substrate, a first semiconductor layer, an active layer, and a second semiconductor layer is provided. The first semiconductor layer includes a first surface and a second surface.
Hoa Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


In the rail, 95% or more of a structure in a head surface section, which is a range from surfaces of head corner sections and a head top section of the rail as a starting point to a depth of 20 mm, is a pearlite or bainite structure and the structure contains 20 to 200 mns-based sulfides formed around an al-based oxide as a nucleus and having a grain size in a range of 1 μm to 10 μm per square millimeter of an area to be inspected on a horizontal cross section of the rail.. .
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

Water distilling apparatus using saturated air currents and methods for maximising the performance thereof

One of these distilling apparatus (10) comprises two columns, an evaporation column (14) and a condensation column (16), separated by a partition (18) equipped with rows of slits dividing them into 4 distillation stages. The evaporation column (14) comprises plates with hydrophilic or wettable faces, and the condensation column comprises rectangular hollow-plate (21) heat exchangers (221-6).

Tyre and manufacturing a tyre triangulation belt

A crown reinforcement of a tyre includes at least one crown triangulation belt having a given width value (r). The belt essentially includes elementary widths each having a given width value (b).
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

Tire-reinforcing steel cord and radial tire using the same

Disclosed is a tire-reinforcing steel cord for a radial tire. The tire-reinforcing steel cord has a double layer structure including a first-layer core and a second-layer core provided on the surface of the first-layer core.
Hankook Tire Co., Ltd.

Control valve for a lubricant nozzle

A control valve for a lubricant nozzle for cooling a piston of an internal combustion engine includes at least one passage opening through which lubricant can flow, a control part which is movable in a respective movement direction and which, as a function of its position, forms an opening cross section with the passage opening for at least partially opening up or for closing off the passage opening, and an actuation part which moves the control part as a function of a pressure of the lubricant between at least one first position in the presence of a first pressure, a second position in the presence of a second pressure and a third position in the presence of a third pressure of the lubricant. The second pressure is higher than the first pressure and lower than the third pressure, wherein the opening cross section formed in the second position is larger than the opening cross sections in the first position and in the third position..
Man Truck & Bus Ag

Method for drawing glass strips

A method for producing a glass strip is provided. The method includes providing a glass preform with flat cross section, wherein the width of the cross section is at least five times greater than its thickness, wherein the cross section tapers into the edge regions in such a way that the thickness of the glass preform relative to its side edges amounts to at most two-thirds of the maximum thickness of a plate-shaped center region of the glass preform; heating the glass preform within a deformation zone, so that the glass found in the deformation zone softens; and applying a tensile force onto the glass preform in the direction perpendicular to the cross section, so that the glass preform is drawn in length in the deformation zone..
Schott Ag

Heat exchanger and air-conditioning apparatus

A plate fin includes a slit structure formed by cutting and raising a portion of the plate fin to form an opening facing a flow direction of a fluid and a waffle structure formed by bending a portion of the plate fin to form a protrusion having an angle-shaped cross section which protrudes in a stack direction and having a ridge substantially perpendicular to the air flow direction, and the waffle structure is disposed on the upstream side on the plate fins with respect to the slit structure and a slant length l1 on the upstream side of the waffle structure is smaller than a slant length l2 on the downstream side of the waffle structure.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Clips for thin brick wall system

A decorative wall system comprises a supporting wall, a thin brick element with a mortise formed therein, and a dovetail tenon clip with fastening means for insertion and retention in the mortise, whereby the brick element is attached to the supporting wall. The dovetail tenon clip has a quadrilateral cross sectional shape, which is open on one side and structurally reinforced at the vertices..
Quadrosera Corporation

A seal for incorporating into a vehicle application, including an elongated body having a first softer portion exhibiting a multi-sided and enclosed cross sectional profile and a second more rigid portion coextruded with the softer portion and which is adapted to being resistively engaged with an extending location associated with a vehicle panel so that the first portion is supported upon the panel and adapted to being contacted by a further component associated with the vehicle. The first portion exhibits a multi-sided profile in cross section with a hollow interior to facilitate controlled and cushioning collapse when compressed and includes an upper portion having a generally conical pointed upper end and a pair of outwardly flared lower ends.
U.s. Farathane Corporation

Adjustable plant cage and kit

The plant cage of the present invention comprises a plurality of vertical risers with a plurality of horizontal cross section assemblies that are capable of being raised or lowered on the vertical risers as well as increasing or decreasing in diameter by transitioning the inner bore of the larger horizontal tube.. .

Apparatus and an integrated reuseable injection device with a medicine vial for home users

A portable handheld fluid-medicine-injection device for individual users, has a medicine vial has a substantially rectangular cross section that reduces a thickness profile of the device and a dispense mechanism coupled with the vial, the dispense mechanism has an inject push rod inside a threaded cylinder that reduces a length profile of the device. The device has a needle with a needle mount/dismount mechanism coupled with the medicine vial and a needle storage mechanism that stores the needle when not in use and replenishes the needle for reuse..

Columnar flow gas sampling and measurement system

A breath analysis device is described which minimizes mixing of gases between one section of a breath and another section of breath. In particular for example, when sampling and analyzing the end-tidal section of exhaled gas, the system may avoid mixing that can occur inside the device, between the end-tidal sample and the gases before and after the end-tidal sample.
Capnia, Inc.

Golf club head

A golf club head comprises a head main body having a hollow therein and a weight member having a specific gravity more than that of the head main body. The head main body has a face portion for hitting a ball and a sole portion continuous from the face portion to form a bottom surface of the club head.
Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.

Method and producing a tube partially having a non-circular cross section and having circular end portions and use thereof

According to the invention, the tubes can be connected reliably with connecting-members or other tubes via the end portions having the circular profile using proven tube connection technologies. At the same time there is at least one central section having a non-circular cross section which is of advantage, for example for applications in photobioreactors..

Cable-type secondary battery

The present invention relates to a cable-type secondary battery having a horizontal cross section of a predetermined shape and extending longitudinally, comprising: a core for supplying lithium ions; an inner electrode, comprising a spiral electrode formed by spirally twisting two or more wire-type inner current collectors coated with an inner electrode active material on the surface thereof; a separation layer surrounding the outer surface of the inner electrode to prevent a short circuit between electrodes; and an outer electrode surrounding the outer surface of the separation layer, and comprising an outer electrode active material layer and an outer current collector. The core for supplying lithium ions is disposed in the inner electrode, from which the electrolyte of the core for supplying lithium ions can be easily penetrated into an electrode active material, thereby facilitating the supply and exchange of lithium ions..
Lg Chem, Ltd.

Hollow silica nanomaterials and making

One embodiment of the present invention is a hollow silica nanomaterial (hsn). The hsn includes silicon dioxide (sio2) molecules which join together to form a shell.
University Of North Dakoa

Conveyor chute for the interior of a building and palletizing same for shipment

A chute apparatus for conveying objects by gravity from at least one higher floor to at least one lower floor of internally a building includes one or more sets of discrete sections having passages which form an elongated conduit which may pass through one or more floors inside the building. The passage of one section of each set section decreases in transverse cross section in a given longitudinal direction and a passage of one of the other sections increases in transverse cross-section by a substantially corresponding amount.

Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes a sheet conveyance passage, a photosensitive drum, a transfer unit, a fixing section, a conveyance unit, one or more detection sensors, an airflow generating section, a cooling airflow passage, and a shielding member. The conveyance unit is at an opposite side of the transfer unit from the photosensitive drum with a predetermined clearance from the transfer unit.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

X-ray ct apparatus

An x-ray ct apparatus includes a specifying unit, a setting unit, a controller, and a reconstruction unit. The specifying unit refers to exposure dose information to specify a high exposure area in an imaging area in a subject.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

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