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Stackable cosmetic jar
A jar () for a cosmetic product is provided which includes a non-circular container body () and a cap closure (). The container body () features a closed end () defined by a bottom panel () and an open end defined by a mouth (). The bottom panel () on an...

Solid yttrium oxide-containing substrate which has been cleaned to remove impurities
Disclosed herein is a gas distribution plate for use in a gas distribution assembly for a processing chamber, where the gas distribution plate is fabricated from a solid yttrium oxide-comprising substrate, which may also include aluminum oxide. The gas distribution plate includes a plurality of through-holes, which are typically crescent-shaped. Through-holes...

Apparatus with security barrier for handling and securing boxes
This invention is an apparatus with a security barrier for handling and securing boxes. The apparatus includes a security barrier, a handling seat and crescents. The present invention is related to the handling of products, such as boxes or bottles grouped with single or multiple pieces....

Cervical support harness assembly
A cervical support harness for a head of a user seated in a seat in a generally upright position has a flexible elastic headband and a cross strap that is configured to extend across the top of the user's head, from front to back. A crescent or U-shaped neck pillow is...

Implant release mechanism
A delivery assembly () for an implant () includes a release mechanism comprising a locking element () and a blocking member (). The locking element () includes a latching pin () that engages with an eyelet () in the implant () to attach the implant () to a distal end of...

Separator and separator cartridge
A separator includes: a channel having a first surface; a plurality of columnar members formed on the first surface and having a cross section in the shape of a crescent, the plurality of columnar members being arranged in a row direction along a longitudinal direction of the channel, and in a...

Inflatable surgical retractor
An expandable surgical retractor for minimally invasive surgical applications is disclosed. The expandable retractor, preferably in the form of an inflatable balloon retractor, is inserted in a surgical corridor and expanded to the desired size and shape. The retractor of the present invention is amenable to many shapes including cylindrical, conical...

Electrode for a cochlear implant
An electrode for a cochlear implant for implantation in a cochlea of a patient, the electrode having a first side that is curved in a lateral dimension so as to substantially conform to a side wall of a scala upon implantation of the electrode into a cochlea and a second side...

Procedures for vascular occlusion
A method of reducing blood flow within an aneurysm includes: injecting a contrast agent into a blood vessel including an aneurysm; deploying an occlusion device across the aneurysm; producing an image of the aneurysm including the contrast agent; and withdrawing the delivery device from the vessel after observing that the aneurysm...

Locking crescent wrench
A crescent ratchet wrench capable of locking and of free and indexed opening and closing of jaws is disclosed herein. The wrench operates by means of a multipurpose shaft. The shaft controls an adjustment screw to allow free movement of the wrench jaws, increment ratcheting of the movement, or locking of...

Glucosylceramide synthase inhibition for the treatment of collapsing glomerulopathy and other glomerular disease
A method of treating a glomerular disease selected from the group consisting of mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis, collapsing glomerulopathy, proliferative lupus nephritis, crescentic glomerulonephritis and membranous nephropathy in a subject comprises administering to the subject an effective amount of a glucosylceramide synthase inhibitor....

Turbine vane for a gas turbine and casting core for the production of such
A turbine vane or blade including an interior structure is provided. In addition, turbulence elements connected directly upstream of openings disposed at the rear edge of the blade of the turbine vane or blade are also provided. These are disposed in a sequence, each having a flow side against which a...

Maneuverable bristle toothbrush
The present invention provides a toothbrush having a bristle-carrying head portion () and a handle portion (), said handle portion having a proximal end (b) and a distal end (a), said distal end interconnected by means of a mechanical movement redirection effecter to a plurality of maneuverable bristles (ab) embedded...

Pneumatic tire for motocross
Deformation of a shoulder portion at the time of jumping and landing is suppressed, and acceleration after landing is improved. A pneumatic tire for motocross comprises a pair of rubber reinforcing layers attached to an interior surface i of an inner liner rubber and extending in the circumferential direction...

Concealment headwear
Head wear for providing partial concealment of the wearer while simultaneously allowing visibility therethrough, the apparatus comprising, a head-mountable portion and a visor portion, the visor portion comprising a generally crescent-shaped framing member defining a generally crescent-shaped opening, the opening being covered with a foraminous see-through mesh bound to the framing...

Straight up back treatment
This invention provides a portable two-pillow system that gently elevates the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine to promote posture, alignment and pain relief from either a seated, reclined or horizontal position. Both the crescent-shaped neck pillow and the “straight up” design of the lumbar/thoracic pillow are constructed using soft fill materials,...

On site manufactured self expanding tubulars and method
Tubular is manufactured at a well site to a predetermined size using flat stock that is rolled into a c-shape from a plurality of feed locations. The c-shapes have open segments that are offset from each other to form the tubular shape. A binder material such as a reactive nano-foil is...

Compact coin hopper
The compact coin hopper for holding and dispensing coins in bulk includes a rotable disk for releasing individual coins to a sliding base beneath the rotable disk for ejection from the coin hopper. The upper surface of the rotable disk includes an upper step part and a lower step part connected...

Multipurpose exercise apparatus
The present invention relates to a multipurpose exercise apparatus. More specifically, the multipurpose exercise apparatus is configured so that various kinds of exercise can be done by turning a crescent-shaped main body up and down according to the kind of exercise desire by a user, and by stepping on the main...

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