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Run-flat tire
Disclosed is a run-flat tire having greatly increased run-flat endurance. The disclosed run-flat tire is provided with: a carcass () extending from a tread section () through a sidewall portion () to a bead core () of a bead portion (); and a side-reinforcement rubber layer () that has a crescent-shaped...

Run flat tire
The carcass ply cord is a hybrid cord formed by twisting a filament composed of cellulose fibers and a filament composed of nylon, the thermal shrinkage stress (cN/dtex) of the hybrid cord at 177° C. after an adhesive treatment is not less than 0.20 cN/dtex, and the thermal shrinkage stress (cN/dtex)...

Horseshoe with splaying feature and flexibility
A horseshoe with splaying and flexibility features has a U shaped compliant metallic unitary body having left and right wings and a central integral toe area which forms a compliant leaf-spring disposed proximate to or as part of the toe area. The leaf-spring may be crescent shaped and resiliently deforms exerting...

Portable jar holder
A tray for holding canning jars comprising a plurality of wells arranged in a first row, second row and third row, each well comprising a bottom surface with ridges. The ridges in the first and third rows comprise an inner circle, two first opposing crescents, and two second opposing crescents. The...

Pneumatic safety tire
In a pneumatic safety tire comprising reinforcing rubber layers having an approximately crescent sectional shape for supporting a portion of the load which are disposed on the inner circumferential face of the carcass layer at side walls, a fiber cord constituting a belt reinforcing layer has a size of 1,000 to...

Ratchet wheel wrench
This invention relates to a wrench, especially a ratchet wheel wrench. The ratchet wheel wrench includes a wrench head on which a ratchet wheel groove and a crescent groove communicating the ratchet wheel groove are attached, a ratchet wheel is disposed in the ratchet wheel groove, a ratchet tooth support is...

Agricultural soil cultivation device
The present invention relates to a soil cultivation device with a rotating roller implement, comprising a shaft rotating around an essentially horizontal axis, with a multitude of crescent shaped spring elements arranged over the entire circumference and width of said shaft, with the spring elements each being fastened to the shaft...

Wheelchair device
A wheelchair comprises a hub-enclosing open ring engaging a hub disposed in a wheel rotatably, bars extending from two ends of the hub-enclosing open ring, an crescent-shaped cap member fixed to the bars above the tube portion, a power handle engaging the crescent-shaped cap member rotatably through an L-shaped end of...

Catheter with variable arcuate distal section
A catheter includes an elongated body, a distal assembly with a shape-memory member defining a generally circular form, and a control handle adapted to actuate a deflection puller wire for deflecting a portion of the elongated body, and a contraction wire for contracting the generally circular form. The generally circular form...

Hairbrush, comb and makeup brush cleaning device
The present invention thoroughly cleans hairbrushes and combs and comprises an upper portion with at least two openings for containing a hair remover and an item to be cleaned, a rotating roller brush, and a housing portion. The roller brush, together with the hair remover, effectively clean and remove hair from...

Removable moisture-resistant ball cover
A removable moisture-resistant ball cover is provided. The ball cover substantially encloses a ball, such as a tennis ball, and includes an opening which can be expanded to attach the ball cover over the ball or remove the ball cover from the ball. The ball cover may be made from a...

A vehicle is fitted with a run-flat tire provided with: a carcass extending from a tread through a sidewall to a bead core of a bead assembly; and a side-reinforcement rubber layer that has a crescent-shaped cross-section and is disposed inside the carcass in the sidewall. A heat-conducting member having a...

Occlusion-crossing devices, atherectomy devices, and imaging
Described herein are methods for producing and identifying characteristic (“crescent shaped”) regions indicative of an atherectomy plaque within a vessel, and systems and devices adapted to take advantage of this characteristic region....

Multilayered silk scaffolds for meniscus tissue engineering
Provided herein is a biocompatible implant for meniscus tissue engineering. Particularly, the biocompatible implant comprises a multi-layered crescent-shaped silk fibroin scaffold, in which each layer comprises distinct pore size and/or pore orientation, e.g., to mimic native meniscus complex architecture. Accordingly, the biocompatible implant can be used for repairing any meniscal defect...

Nursing and infant support pillow
The present disclosure is directed to the field of juvenile products, specifically infant support or nursing pillows, the intent of which is to support an infant in a variety of settings by providing a stable surface upon which to rest. Various embodiments include a generally crescent shaped device, comprised of a...

Glucosylceramide synthase inhibition for the treatment of collapsing glomerulopathy and other glomerular disease
A method of treating a glomerular disease selected from the group consisting of mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis, collapsing glomerulopathy, proliferative lupus nephritis, crescentic glomerulonephritis and membranous nephropathy in a subject comprises administering to the subject an effective amount of a glucosylceramide synthase inhibitor....

Shaped rosin and protective fabric
A fanciful shaped rosin and protective element for use in connection with the bow of a stringed instrument, wherein said fanciful shape is selected from one or more of the following shapes: heart, star, flower, plant, cross, letter, number, animal, football, soccer balls, baseball, basketball, human shape, shamrock, skull, Christmas tree,...

Procedures for vascular occlusion
A method of reducing blood flow within an aneurysm includes: injecting a contrast agent into a blood vessel including an aneurysm; deploying an occlusion device across the aneurysm; producing an image of the aneurysm including the contrast agent; and withdrawing the delivery device from the vessel after observing that the aneurysm...

Burner assembly with crescent shuttered airplate
A burner assembly for an oil or gas dehydration system is provided which allows for standard pilot access through the burner assembly. The burner assembly includes an airplate system having a crescent shaped shutter plate....

Ergonomic lip product applicator
An ergonomic lip product applicator that incorporates the contours of a user's hand and/or leg. An embodiment of an ergonomic lip product applicator comprises a substantially crescent-shaped tubular housing with concave and convex surfaces. An embodiment of an ergonomic lip product applicator is capable of being comfortably stored in a user's...

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