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Pneumatic tire for motocross
Deformation of a shoulder portion at the time of jumping and landing is suppressed, and acceleration after landing is improved. A pneumatic tire for motocross comprises a pair of rubber reinforcing layers attached to an interior surface i of an inner liner rubber and extending in the circumferential direction...

Concealment headwear
Head wear for providing partial concealment of the wearer while simultaneously allowing visibility therethrough, the apparatus comprising, a head-mountable portion and a visor portion, the visor portion comprising a generally crescent-shaped framing member defining a generally crescent-shaped opening, the opening being covered with a foraminous see-through mesh bound to the framing...

Straight up back treatment
This invention provides a portable two-pillow system that gently elevates the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine to promote posture, alignment and pain relief from either a seated, reclined or horizontal position. Both the crescent-shaped neck pillow and the “straight up” design of the lumbar/thoracic pillow are constructed using soft fill materials,...

On site manufactured self expanding tubulars and method
Tubular is manufactured at a well site to a predetermined size using flat stock that is rolled into a c-shape from a plurality of feed locations. The c-shapes have open segments that are offset from each other to form the tubular shape. A binder material such as a reactive nano-foil is...

Compact coin hopper
The compact coin hopper for holding and dispensing coins in bulk includes a rotable disk for releasing individual coins to a sliding base beneath the rotable disk for ejection from the coin hopper. The upper surface of the rotable disk includes an upper step part and a lower step part connected...

Multipurpose exercise apparatus
The present invention relates to a multipurpose exercise apparatus. More specifically, the multipurpose exercise apparatus is configured so that various kinds of exercise can be done by turning a crescent-shaped main body up and down according to the kind of exercise desire by a user, and by stepping on the main...

Ear ring having a pivotable member
An ear ring to be worn by a user may include a first section having a central aperture and a second section being pivotably connected to the first section and being positioned within the central aperture. The first section may be substantially a discontinuous crescent shape, and the first section may...

Safety sheath for hypodermic syringe needle
The present invention provides a safety sheath for hypodermic syringe needle comprising a proximal mounting ring, a distal mounting ring and a shielding sheath. The shielding sheath includes two symmetrical slits, two symmetrical semicircular aprons and an inward annular fillet, which is bisected into two symmetrical curved segments with crescent thickness,...

Tinted contact lenses with crescent patterns
The invention provides tinted contact lenses that use a crescent-shaped pattern or pattern element to enhance the lens wearer's iris....

Combination measuring and pipe cutting device
The present invention provides a measuring tool and cutting device for use with metal pipes and tubes. The device provides accurate measurement of a length of pipe and a tool to cut sections thereof. The device comprises a crescent shaped pipe cutter with a measuring portion affixed to its distal end....

Zero backlash gearing
Each generic gear includes one tooth disposed in each of the sockets, and each tooth extends radially outward from one of the sockets and throat thereof. The teeth of the generic gear include resilient material adjacent the throat for compressing and allowing movement of each tooth relative to the outer periphery....

Catheter with skived tubular member
An elongate shaft of a medical catheter including a thermoset polymeric tubular member including a skived distal portion. The skived distal portion includes a distally extending trough having a convex surface and a concave surface. A thermoplastic tubular sleeve may be positioned over at least a portion of the skived distal...

Run-flat tire
A rigidity reducing portion that reduces a tire rigidity in the width direction extends in the circumferential direction on a surface of a tread rubber in an area located on the inner side than an end a of a belt in the tire width direction and on the outer...

Nursing and infant support pillow
The present disclosure is directed to the field of juvenile products, specifically infant support or nursing pillows, the intent of which is to support an infant in a variety of settings by providing a stable surface upon which to rest. Various embodiments include a generally crescent shaped device, comprised of a...

Yoga glove
A yoga glove has a palm section, a back section and a finger section. The palm section has a thumb hole formed through the palm section. An edge of the palm section has a front segment and a rear segment. An extending length of the back section is longer than that...

Nursing and infant support pillow with accessory unit
Particular infant support or nursing pillows are disclosed, for supporting an infant in a variety of settings by providing a stable surface upon which to rest. Various embodiments include a generally crescent shaped device, including a resilient fill material surrounded by a fabric shell and having a top and a bottom...

Offset solder vias, methods of manufacturing and design structures
Semiconductor structures, methods of manufacture and design structures are provided. The structure includes at least one offset crescent shaped solder via formed in contact with an underlying metal pad of a chip. The at least one offset crescent shaped via is offset with respect to at least one of the underlying...

Run-flat tire
A run-flat tire () provided with a pair of bead portions () including at least bead cores (a), a carcass (), and reinforcing rubber layers () having a crescent cross-portion along with the tread width direction (W) and the tire diameter direction (D). The run-flat tire () is provided with side...

Run-flat tire
Disclosed is a run-flat tire having greatly increased run-flat endurance. The disclosed run-flat tire is provided with: a carcass () extending from a tread section () through a sidewall portion () to a bead core () of a bead portion (); and a side-reinforcement rubber layer () that has a crescent-shaped...

Run flat tire
The carcass ply cord is a hybrid cord formed by twisting a filament composed of cellulose fibers and a filament composed of nylon, the thermal shrinkage stress (cN/dtex) of the hybrid cord at 177° C. after an adhesive treatment is not less than 0.20 cN/dtex, and the thermal shrinkage stress (cN/dtex)...

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