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Conical fan assembly for use in a wind turbine for the generation of power
A conical fan assembly, having a generally conical support member having an exterior surface and a vertical major axis, and a plurality of generally crescent-shaped fan blades extending from the exterior surface of the support member, wherein the plurality of fan blades define a helix configured to urge a fluid to...

Portable jar holder
A tray for holding canning jars comprising a plurality of wells arranged in a first row, second row and third row, each well comprising a bottom surface with ridges. The ridges in the first and third rows comprise an inner circle, two first opposing crescents, and two second opposing crescents. The...

"hubless" self-balancing human transporter
The invention relates to a self-balancing human transporter comprising a platform () flanked by two wheels () and equipped with a holding and driving stick () and a gyroscopic stabilization device acting on motors () that drive the wheels, each of the wheels comprising a rim () which collaborates with bearings...

Wireless hands free device for equestrian riding activities
A hands free device adapted to be used during equestrian riding activity is described. The hands free device includes: an enclosure that houses a set of speakers, a microphone, and a wireless communication module; and a securing feature that is adapted to be coupled to the enclosure and secured to an...

Bone anchor apparatus and method
A device and method is provided for a new and improved device for attaching tendon to bone wherein the intramedullary bone anchor, comprising a top section, a bottom section, a center section, a first end having a top inner portion and a top outer portion, a second end having a top...

Combined pump and energy recovery turbine
The combined pump and energy recovery turbine includes at least one fluid flow pressurizing a sliding vane pump and a sliding vane energy recovery turbine that recovers energy from a second fluid flow, such as the brine discharge from an RO seawater desalination system. A cylindrical rotor has two sliding vanes...

Sensing cable
Provided is a sensing cable including a first protective member which encases a first component, a second protective member having a channel portion which encases a second component. The second protective member includes a crescent shape and the second component is disposed in the channel portion of the second protective member....

Cooking vessel for a cooking and mixing appliance kit
A cooking appliance kit includes a housing having a plurality of walls defining a heating cavity and a cooking vessel that is configured to be inserted into the heating cavity. The cooking vessel includes a first rounded end, a second rounded end, and an intermediate necked portion that define first and...

Self adjusting gear pump
A self-adjusting gear pump is disclosed. The pump may be a crescent internal gear pump, a gerotor pump, or an external gear pump. The pump includes a pump housing, gear housing, first and second gears, a side plate housing with a side plate, a shim and an end plate. The side...

Self adjusting gear pump
A self-adjusting gear pump is disclosed. The pump may be a crescent internal gear pump, a gerotor pump, or an external gear pump. The pump includes a pump housing, gear housing, first and second gears, a side plate housing with a side plate, a shim and an end plate. The side...

Medical device for pelvic floor repair and method of delivering the medical device
In an embodiment, the invention discloses a medical device configured to be delivered and placed within a patient's body. The medical device includes an implant and a cover member. The implant is configured to be disposed within the patient's body. The implant includes a support member, a first arm member and...

Cheese shred product and method of making
A method of forming cheese shreds having a wide or modified crescent shape is provided. By one approach, the method includes preparing a block of cheese by chilling the cheese to a predetermined temperature and/or reducing the size of the cheese block into cheese portions or cubes. Next, the cheese portions...

Conveyer belt for round produce
A conveyer belt having a plurality of raised crescent shaped protrusions extending upward from its flat body and arranged in an array of aligned vertical columns and horizontal rows. Each protrusion has rounded surfaces with no sharp edges, which helps prevent damage to produce as the produce falls upon the conveyer...

Arch support insole for shoes
An arch support insole includes a basic body made from soft flexible material having a top surface, a heel support portion in form of crescent moon shape and projecting upward from the top surface and a palm support portion in front of the heel support portion. The heel support portion has...

Ddr1 antagonist or an inhibitor of ddr1 gene expression for use in the prevention or treatment of crescentic glomerulonephritis
The present invention relates to uses, methods and compositions for treating crescentic glomerulonephritis. More specifically, the present invention relates to a DDR1 antagonist or an inhibitor of DDR1 gene expression for the prevention or the treatment of said disease....

Run flat tire
A run flat tire is provided on the inside of the carcass in the sidewall portion with a crescent-shaped reinforcing rubber having an axially outside part and an axially inside part each composed of a number of spiral windings of a narrow-width rubber strip. In the inside rubber part, spiral pitches...

Glucosylceramide synthase inhibition for the treatment of collapsing glomerulopathy and other glomerular disease
A method of treating a glomerular disease selected from the group consisting of mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis, collapsing glomerulopathy, proliferative lupus nephritis, crescentic glomerulonephritis and membranous nephropathy in a subject comprises administering to the subject an effective amount of a glucosylceramide synthase inhibitor....

Boats configured to optimize vaporization of precursor materials by material deposition apparatuses
A boat according to this disclosure includes side walls and a base that are arranged to define a container with an interior. A bottom of the boat may have a convex configuration. In a specific embodiment, the base may have a convex configuration, such as the shape of a portion of...

Needle storage magazine
The invention relates to a needle storage magazine for storing a number of injection needles and attaching and/or detaching them to or from an injection device, the needle storage magazine comprising a crescent shaped track having a convex part and a concave part, wherein the track is adapted to hold a...

An oil-free scroll fluid machine
An oil-free scroll fluid machine includes an inner casing used as or not as a fixed scroll, and an outer casing used as a fixed scroll. The inner casing is butted with the outer casing to form a seal chamber. An orbiting scroll, which is installed on an eccentric part of...

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