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Credit Card patents


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 Systems and methods for capturing critical fields from a mobile image of a credit card bill patent thumbnailSystems and methods for capturing critical fields from a mobile image of a credit card bill
The embodiments herein focus on improving recognition accuracy of these fields on credit card bills by detecting and identifying critical fields on a credit card, extracting the data from the critical fields and comparing the data with known data on a payor, payee and biller.. .
Mitek Systems, Inc.

 Bill payment system patent thumbnailBill payment system
An internet based bill payment system allowing a consumer to utilize a third-party payment service to pay a payee, such as a merchant or a governmental entity, is provided. The third-party payment service may be coupled to a disposable credit card associated with credit card account information for the transfer of funds to the payee.

 Protective case patent thumbnailProtective case
A protective case protects a communication device and an item, such as credit cards and money. The protective case is fabricated from a material inhibiting moisture, providing buoyancy, and minimizing shock forces.

 Portable powder delivery system and method patent thumbnailPortable powder delivery system and method
A vehicle to carry a powered medication that addresses the limitations of the prior art. It includes a system and method.
Synergy Chc Corp.

 Information processing device and program patent thumbnailInformation processing device and program
An information processing device includes a storage in which customer identification information identifying a customer and information about at least one of a virtual currency, a bank account, and a credit card of the customer indicated by the customer identification information are stored to be associated with each other, a receiver configured to receive product identification information indicated by an image read by a customer terminal used by the customer, an association information generator configured to generate association information which is information in which the received product identification information and information as to whether a product corresponding to the product identification information will be delivered to a predetermined place or taken home by the customer are associated with each other, and a purchase processor configured to process purchase of the product by the customer on the basis of the generated association information and the information stored in the storage.. .
Primo Co., Ltd.

 Virtual budgeting computer program product, system and method patent thumbnailVirtual budgeting computer program product, system and method
A system, method and computer program product are disclosed for imposing budget control constraints on user financial resources, including allocating funds across a plurality of sub-accounts exclusively associated with categories, the categories associated with a type of expenditure. A predetermined spending threshold is set for each category and a credit card may be activated in response to a spending threshold exceeding a requested payment..

 On-line credit card payment system using mobile terminal and payment method thereof patent thumbnailOn-line credit card payment system using mobile terminal and payment method thereof
An on-line credit card payment includes a user terminal to access a shopping mall server and select at least one commodity information transmitted by the shopping mall server and request payment based on the selected commodity information; a payment server configured to receive a payment signal according to the payment request from the shopping mall server, and generate a push message corresponding to the payment signal; a mobile terminal configured to receive the push message and including a payment application which automatically operates in response to receipt of the push message; a value added network (van) company server configured to transmit a one-time card number (otc) from the mobile terminal to the payment server, and extract a card number by receiving a block data of a credit card corresponding to the otc from the payment server; and a card company server configured to approve the credit card payment.. .
Nhn Entertainment Corporation

 System and  recognizing credit card number and expiration date using terminal device patent thumbnailSystem and recognizing credit card number and expiration date using terminal device
Disclosed herein is a system and method for recognizing the credit card number and expiration date of a credit card using a terminal device. More specifically, the method may include the steps of (a) obtaining an image of the card through a camera, (b) performing position detection and number recognition on card numbers within the image obtained at the step (a), and (c) performs position detection and number recognition on expiration date numbers within the image obtained at the step (a).
Sk Planet Co., Ltd.

 Detection of an unauthorized wireless communication device patent thumbnailDetection of an unauthorized wireless communication device
A technique for the detection of an unauthorized wireless communication device includes monitoring of bluetooth® communications activity by a bluetooth® capable communication device. Any monitored communication activity is analyzed against parameters that are predefined to detect suspected illegal activity.
Symbol Technologies, Llc

 Apparatus and  secure electronic payment patent thumbnailApparatus and secure electronic payment
An apparatus and method for secure electronic payment are provided. The method includes authenticating a user of an electronic device executing a trusted payment application in a trusted execution environment of the electronic device, receiving credit card data from the user, generating credit card track data based on the received credit card data, and storing the credit card track data..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

System and mobile device limits

Exemplary embodiments provide methods and systems for configuring spending or credit limits for individual mobile devices for the same account, such as a credit card account. The spending limits may be configured by the primary account holder through a website or mobile application.
Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a.

Digital imaging method and apparatus

An apparatus and method for electronically creating combined digital images of a person and incorporating them into a series of site-specific background images or film clips making it appear as if the user were actually a part of the original imaging sequence. The camera can move to take the images from different angles and in an alternative embodiment there are multiple cameras situated such that they sequentially capture and store a series of images to be incorporated into the product.

Secure data storage

A method and apparatus for storing data and performing logical comparisons and other operations on said data, the results of said comparisons and operations reveal only limited information about the stored data. Stored data may include, but is not limited to, confidential information such as passwords, biometric data, credit card data, personal identifiers that uniquely identify an individual, authorisation levels where an entity may make a claim to have a certain level of access right or authorisation, votes cast in an election, and encryption keys.
Silicon Safe Limited

Format-preserving cipher

A format-preserving cipher including encryption and decryption schemes supporting non-linear access to input data by allowing the selection of portions of data from a potentially larger dataset to be encrypted. The cipher first defines a forward mapping from the allowable ciphertext values to an integer set of the number of such allowable ciphertext values, and a corresponding reverse mapping.
Zettaset, Inc.

Enhancing information security via the use of a dummy credit card number

The present disclosure is directed to enhancing electronic information security. An electronic device is registered in a registration process.
Paypal, Inc.

Smoothie delivery vending system

The invention relates to a smoothie delivery vending machine that provides the consumer with the option of choosing ingredients of their choice, using a computer touchscreen that is connected to a computing system. The ingredients chosen are delivered using a frozen food delivery system.

Credit card reader authenticator

A credit card reader is attached to a mobile device to process credit card transactions at the point of sale. In response to detecting attachment of the credit card reader to the mobile device, the credit card reader displays a one-time password for authenticating the credit card reader.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Method and system for secured processing of a credit card

Methods and systems for processing credit transactions system include or implement the steps generating a first automated dynamic pin (ad-pin) unique to a request for a credit amount with a first algorithm and comparing with a second ad-pin independently generated by a customer device using a second identical algorithm. The ad-pin is then identically changed by both the first and second algorithms before the next transaction.
Diamond Sun Labs, Inc.

Techniques for credit card processing

Techniques for credit card processing are provided. A credit card with a wireless interface wirelessly connects with a mobile device of a consumer that possesses the credit card.
Ncr Corporation

Techniques for credit card processing

Techniques for credit card processing are provided. A credit card with a wireless interface wirelessly connects with a mobile device of a consumer that possesses the credit card.
Ncr Corporation

Receiving fingerprints through touch screen of ce device

Fingerprints for transaction authentication are received through the touch screen of a bank customer's ce device for purposes of approving or denying transactions with the customer's electronic debit or credit card (“e-card”).. .
Sony Corporation

Stall intruder device

A credit card size device that attaches temporarily to a hinged door in order to prevent the door from opening to ensure privacy in instances where the existing latch may be broken or missing. A front unit and a back unit are connected by an elastic member so that, when in place, tension from the elastic member causes the units to be held against the door to be secured..

Systems and methods for a holder and tool device

A tool and wallet system includes a planar body portion, the planar body portion approximately the size of a standard credit card, and a strap, the strap wrapped around the planar body portion, the strap taut to the planar body portion due to elasticity in the strap. The tool and wallet system includes numerous tools..
Nite Ize, Inc.

Streamlined enrollment of credit cards in mobile wallets

A method of enrolling a payment card in a mobile wallet app includes receiving, on a mobile device, a request from a user to enroll a financial account in a mobile wallet application installed on the mobile device, sending an enrollment request to a wallet server, the enrollment request including an identification string uniquely associated with the mobile device, receiving a payment token associated with the financial account from the wallet server, and notifying the user that the financial account has been enrolled into the mobile wallet application responsive to receipt of the payment token. Related computer program products are also disclosed..
Ca, Inc.

Integration of extended computer system functionality

The disclosed systems and methods efficiently integrate an external payment provider's functionality into an existing merchant's electronic order pipeline. For example, an existing merchant order pipeline may include one or more input pages for information such as customer credit card number, shipping address, shipping method specification, addressee, and the like.
Klarna Ab

Smartphone case with concealed card cache, and using same

A smartphone case is provided with a card cache assembly for concealing one or a few cards therein, which may be credit cards, identity cards, or other cards selected by a user. The card cache assembly includes a slidably mounted card support member and a latch for retaining the tray inside of a main cache body.

Placard holder

A placard holder has a clamp member with an enlarged head and an elongated stem. The head defines a narrow slot such that a card containing visually perceptible or machine readable information can be mounted to the head by a friction fit of an edge of the card inserted into the slot.
Purr-fection By Mjc, Inc.

Data carrier

The present invention relates to a data carrier, especially a security document, such as an identification card, e.g. A passport or a driving license, a credit card and a bank card, the data carrier comprising authentication data comprising personalized data, and as a security feature, an array of lenticular elements being arranged to provide only from predetermined angles of view an image of at least a piece of authentication data of said authentication data.
Gemalto Sa

Credit card sized comb

A credit card sized comb includes a thin, rectangular sheet having a narrow toothed edge, a wide toothed edge opposite the narrow toothed edge, and a middle strip; a plurality of narrow teeth positioned on the narrow toothed edge, the plurality of narrow teeth having a narrow curved tooth gap positioned between bases of the plurality of narrow teeth, a first narrow terminal tooth on a first end of the narrow toothed edge, and a second narrow terminal tooth on a second end of the narrow toothed edge; and a plurality of wide teeth positioned on the wide toothed edge, the plurality of wide teeth having a wide curved tooth gap positioned between bases of the plurality of wide teeth, a first wide terminal tooth on a first end of the wide toothed edge, and a second wide terminal tooth on a second end of the wide toothed edge.. .

Wallet-sized comb

A wallet-sized comb is produced by a process of processing a metal substrate having a thickness similar to a credit card. The process includes receiving a comb design including a top portion and a teeth portion, the teeth portion including a plurality of spaced-apart teeth for combing hair and cutting the metal substrate based on the comb design, the cutting performed using a chemical etching technique, where the metal substrate has a thickness at or below 1.2 millimeter.
Heba Designs, Llc Dba Go-comb

Method and system for authentication and payment by using portable terminal

After a user and a dealer agree on business transaction, a password is inputted to a user mobile terminal (3) to produce an authentication id for authentication. After the authentication succeeds, the mobile terminal transmits credit information and a user number to a server (5) to store them in the server.
Tokyo Mechatronics Co. Ltd.

Point of sale kiosk for dispensing poker-style chips and tickets of various denominations and designations and method thereof

A poker-style nylon chip dispensing kiosk including a touch screen display, key pad input module, credit card scanner, bill validator, chip dispensing mechanism and chip vault for holding chips, a dispensing assembly for dispensing selected numbers of chips and security and input systems to allow an end user to access the kiosk and have the kiosk dispense selected numbers of chips. The kiosk is interactive with the owners accounting system so as to report the dispensing of chips..
Entertainment Financial Solutions, Llc

Secure credit card identification system

A system and method for capturing an image during a financial transaction is provided for. The method can verify the identity of an individual by utilizing a memory that stores computer-executable instructions and a processor which is communicatively coupled to the memory that facilitates execution of these computer-executable instructions.

System for affecting appointment calendaring based on application navigation context

Embodiments of the invention include systems, methods, and computer-program products for scheduling and affecting appointment calendaring based on user application navigation. As such, the invention provides for a smart appointment calendaring based on the portion of an application that the user is viewing.
Bank Of America Corporation

Compact, rugged tool and comb device

This invention is directed toward a compact, multifunctional tool and a method of making the compact, multifunctional tool. The embodiments disclosed include a comb and a variety of additional tools including a screwdriver, a wrench, a chip clip, a bottle opener, a retention device for storing headbands, elastics, ear buds, and the like, and a stand for propping up a mobile phone, tablet, book, magazine, and the like.
Caffeinate Labs, Inc.

Portable multifunction device with multiple applications

A system and method for operating a reward points accumulation and redemption program wherein a user earns reward points from a plurality of independent reward points issuing entities, with each tracking the user's earned reward points in a user reward point account stored on a multi-function card (such as a frequent flyer account or a credit card loyalty account). The multi-function card is adapted to aggregate some or all of the user's earned reward points from the reward accounts and credit the aggregated points into a single reward exchange account on the multi-function card.
Signature Systems Llc

Retail point of sale (rpos) internet merchandising

The present invention is an apparatus for the money transactions required in the selling of merchandise or media content on the internet and uses at least one in-person contact with the buyer. A predefined transaction originating at a real place of business authorizes access to web content or merchandise from a place off the web.

Method of reducing the thickness of an electronic circuit

Disclosed is a method of reducing the thickness of an electronic circuit comprising a printed circuit and electronic components. The method includes the following operations: mounting electronic components in die form on the printed circuit, putting an insulating layer into place on the electronic components, and putting a conductive layer on the insulating layer.
Nagraid Security

Secure communication of payment information to merchants using a verification token

Disclosed are apparatuses, systems, and methods pertaining to the secure communication of payment information from portable consumer devices, such as credit cards, to online merchants using verification tokens.. .

New-type non-contact information data shielding and anti-theft card sleeve device and manufacturing method thereof

The present invention refers to the field of shielding card, in particular to a new-type non-contact metallic shielding information data card, which can protect the personal information of credit card, ic card, smart card, identity card, driving license, bank card from being stolen by rfid electronic scanner effectively, and bringing unnecessary loss due to information exposure or other risks. It comprises a first shielding layer, a second shielding layer, and an accommodation space in physical for placing cards composed of the first shielding layer and the second shielding layer.
Huizhou Jincheng Creative Technology Co., Ltd.

Method for financial fraud prevention through user-determined regulations

A credit card fraud-prevention system which allows user accounts to customize a personal portfolio to monitor their individual transactions. The system allows each user account to pick a plurality of fraud-prevention criteria to monitor a payment card(s).

Virtual currency transaction through payment card

A method of conducting a virtual currency transaction through payment cards, which comprises steps of: a payer providing a payment card with an encrypted address; associating said encrypted address to at least one virtual wallet having crypto currencies; a payee receiving a predetermined amount of crypto currencies from said virtual wallet by scanning the encrypted address; and said payee depositing the crypto currencies into payee's virtual wallet. In one embodiment, the payment card can be, but not limited to a credit card and a debit card.
Wagecan Inc.

System and identifying compromised accounts

Using common points-of-purchase revealed by back trace windows, a merchant risk system provides suspect merchants to a financial institution (such as a card issuer), identifying merchants who may have had account data (such as credit card numbers) compromised. In one embodiment, merchants are ranked based on spikes in fraudulent transactions on cards used at those merchants.
Early Warning Services, Llc

System and transaction approval based on confirmation of proximity of mobile subscriber device to a particular location

A user activity, which may be a debit or credit card transaction or an online access, is approved, or proximity between two users is confirmed, based on a response or other acknowledgement from a mobile subscriber terminal. The mobile subscriber terminal acknowledgement is generated in response to a query from an authorizing entity associated with the debit or credit card, or another mobile subscriber terminal, and indicates whether or not the mobile subscriber terminal is within a maximum allowable radius from a specific location included in the query.
Zumigo, Inc.

Payment program for use in point-of-sale transactions

In some embodiments, the present application relates to card-free programs provided by a merchant to a customer, whereby the customer has access to functions such as payment options and/or loyalty program benefits without needing to present a physical card at a point of sale. For example, a customer may make a card-free purchase of goods or services from a merchant, whereby the customer need not present a card such as a debit card, credit card, loyalty card, or other physical tender to make a purchase.
Safeway Inc.

Architecture for managing i/o and storage for a virtualization environment using executable containers and virtual machines

Systems for high-performance computing. A storage control architecture is implemented by a plurality of nodes, where a node comprises combinations of executable containers that execute in cooperation with virtual machines running above a hypervisor.
Nutanix, Inc.

System and capturing sales tax deduction information from monetary card transactions

Systems and methods are provided for managing sales tax information. The information may be generated, for example, in connection with transactions involving financial accounts, such as a credit card account.
Capital One Financial Corporation

Anti-fraud credit &debit card computer program

This is a computer program and accompanying app for use with cellular telephones, mobile devices, and computers is without customer specific front-end code as this will be unique to each customer (i.e. credit card issuing company).

Lock plate for spring lock

A lock plate for use as a guard for a latch bolt of a spring lock. The lock plate has a flat face portion with a curved first end and an l-shaped second end including a curved outwardly and forwardly extending arm.

Financial server, ic card terminal, and financial information processing method

A system capable of charging up electronic money cards using a credit card is provided. A pin is authenticated between a card terminal and the credit card.
Sony Corporation

Method for providing secured card transactions during card not present (cnp) transactions

During a card not present (cnp) transaction the user is required to provide more information which includes a two-way handover during transaction processing, merchant options in choosing these steps, security measures in storing information, and retrieving information to fight charge backs. Apis are provided to merchants to integrate with existing transaction processing software the supply sign off option information to the api.

System and digital currency storage, payment and credit

A system and method for the secure online storage of digital currency or crypto-currency assets, and the secure use of stored online digital currency assets for financial payment transactions and credit lending transactions in either digital currency or fiat currency. The present invention includes various methods for the encryption and secure online storage of a digital currency wallet using spliced/paired design architecture, and various methods for the integration of secure digital currency online wallets with online banking platforms, debit card devices, credit card devices, credit lending networks, merchant payment processors and credit card associations.

Method for providing secured card transactions during card not present (cnp) transactions

During a card not present (cnp) transaction the user is required to provide more information which includes a two-way handover during transaction processing, merchant options in choosing these steps, security measures in storing information, and retrieving information to fight charge backs. Apis are provided to merchants to integrate with existing transaction processing software the supply sign off option information to the api.

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