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Date/App# patent app List of recent Cream-related patents
 Multi-tier assembly for supporting such as ice cream cones and cupcakes in spatially stacked fashion patent thumbnailMulti-tier assembly for supporting such as ice cream cones and cupcakes in spatially stacked fashion
A multi-tiered assembly for carrying pluralities of items and including a multi base, within an open interior of which is nested or inserted at least one intermediate body. A lid is secured over the base and intermediate body and an inter-engagement mechanism is associated with each exterior facing side of the base, lid and intermediate body for assembling the base, lid and body into a tier defining enclosure for holding and transporting the items.
 Pharmaceutical cream compositions and methods of use patent thumbnailPharmaceutical cream compositions and methods of use
Embodiments relating to cream formulations as well as oxymetazoline creams and methods for treating rosacea and symptoms associated with rosacea, including, for example, papules, pustules, phymas (skin thickening), telangiectasias or erythema associated with rosacea, other skin erythemas, telangiectasias, purpura or the like, and other manifestations associated therewith; other inflammatory conditions of the skin including, but not limited to, keratosis pilaris, lupus miliaris dissemniatus faciei, eczema, dermatitis, such as contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, nummular dermatitis, generalized exfoliative dermatitis, statis dermatitis, neurodermatitis, lichen simplex chronicus, xerosis and xerotic dermatitis, dyshidrosis and dyshidrotic dermatitis, asteototic dermatitis or other conditions characterized by sensitive skin or a disturbance of the epidermal barrier; disorders characterized by rough, dry, cracked or fissured skin, disorders characterized by hyperkeratotic skin such as keratodermas and ichthyosisis and ichthyosiform dermatoses; disorders of hair follicles and sebaceous glands, such as acne, perioral dermatitis, and pseudofolliculitis barbae; disorders of sweat glands, such as miliaria, including, but not limited to, miliaria crystallina, miliaria rubra, miliaria profunda, miliaria pustulosa; sunburn, chronic actinic damage, poikiloderma, radiation dermatitis, actinic purpura (“solar purpura”); other inflammatory dermatoses, reactions and conditions of the skin, including, but not limited to, psoriasis, drug eruptions, erythema multiforme, erythema nodosum, and granuloma annulare; diseases and conditions characterized by bleeding or bruising such as petechiae, ecchymosis, purpura and the like including any accumulation of blood in the skin due to vascular extravasation, irrespective of size or cause, bleeding or bruising due to any skin injury which may include any trauma including surgical or procedural trauma; infection, inflammatory dermatoses or inflammation due to any cause using such creams are described herein.. .
Allergan, Inc.
 Methods and compositions for milkshake preparation patent thumbnailMethods and compositions for milkshake preparation
The method and dairy base formulation allow a user to prepare a milkshake in more consistent ways, more quickly, and with lower cost than currently available formulations and methods. The dairy base formulation eliminates the need to prepare and store frozen dairy products such as ice cream beforehand.
Enodis Corporation
 Ice cream with a low sugar content comprising prebiotics partly or totally fermented by probiotics and  making the ice cream patent thumbnailIce cream with a low sugar content comprising prebiotics partly or totally fermented by probiotics and making the ice cream
The invention relates to a process for formulating an ice cream wherein a high percentage of the added sugars (from 0% to 20%) is substituted for complex sugar substances known as prebiotics which, after pasteurization, can be partly or totally fermented by probiotic bacteria of the genera bifidobacterium, lactobacillus and streptococcus, or hydrolyzed by enzymes to obtain a partly fermented ice cream with a low sugar content and containing a high number (>106/ml) of live probiotic bacteria. The different prebiotics are used as individual ingredients or in mixtures and in diverse concentrations.
Ali S.p.a.-carpigiani Group
 Ice cream cake form and kit for making ice cream cake patent thumbnailIce cream cake form and kit for making ice cream cake
An inexpensive, cost-effective ice cream cake form with interchangeable ice cream cake molds. The ice cream cake form allows the user to simply, quickly, and inexpensively create ice cream cakes of varying sizes and shapes in the home environment by simply changing the ice cream cake molds used with a tray that serves as the bottom of the ice cream cake form and a serving tray..
 Pump device for ice cream or yogurt machine patent thumbnailPump device for ice cream or yogurt machine
A system includes a pump device for producing a mixture product, a casing having a concealed cavity for receiving the mixture product via the pump device; and a clutch unit operatively linked to the pump device for controllably maintaining an interior pressure of the concealed cavity at a predetermined threshold. Accordingly, the pump device is activated by the clutch unit for delivering the mixture product into the concealed cavity through an inlet of the casing until the interior pressure of the concealed cavity reaches the predetermined threshold and is deactivated by the clutch unit for stop delivering the mixture product into the concealed cavity when the interior pressure of the concealed cavity reaches the predetermined threshold..
 Frozen food item holder patent thumbnailFrozen food item holder
The present invention relates to a holder for frozen food items and confections. The holder includes a grippable shaft having a first receptacle at a first or superior end of the shaft and in an embodiment, a second receptacle at a second or inferior end of the shaft.
 Ice cream container and  manufacturing same patent thumbnailIce cream container and manufacturing same
Embodiments of the present invention provide cartons that they are designed and shaped to hold product, such as ice cream, that are made from a single, one-piece blank. The one-piece blank can be folded by the food product manufacturer on-site to create a container or carton, without having to be shipped in a pre-glued configuration.
 Solid surfactant composition patent thumbnailSolid surfactant composition
A surfactant product is in the form of a solid. The surfactant product includes (i) sodium carbonate; (ii) cream of tartar; (iii) glycerine; (iv) sodium lauryl sulphate in an amount of from 3 to 15 wt % based on the weight of the total composition, and (v) sodium laureth sulphate in an amount of from 10 to 25 wt % based on the weight of the total composition..
 Method and system for making ice cream on a stick and machine for making and dispensing a liquid or semiliquid product for making ice cream on a stick patent thumbnailMethod and system for making ice cream on a stick and machine for making and dispensing a liquid or semiliquid product for making ice cream on a stick
A method for making of ice cream on a stick, includes the following steps: subjecting a liquid or semiliquid base product to cooling and stirring inside a container to obtain a processed liquid or semiliquid product; drawing the processed product from the container to fill cavities of a mould; inserting sticks in the mould; cooling the mould, filled with the processed product and containing the sticks, so as to obtain ice creams on a stick.. .

Edible ice cream cone skirt

A protective skirt of edible material has an inner circular opening sized for insertion of an ice cream cone so that the opening moves into firm engagement with an upper wall portion of the cone, and a lower horizontal wall of the skirt flares outwardly into one or more wall sections of generally toroidal configuration which extend above the upper opening of the body of the cone to retain any liquid or solid spillage when the ice cream is being eaten.. .

System and the preparation of cooled edible products

A novel system, machines and consumables, and method for preparation of cooled edible products from their ingredients, e.g. In a portioned amount constituting a defined number of servings which may be 1, 2, 3, etc.

Can holding device for ice cream dipping cabinet

An ice cream dipping cabinet is provided, comprising a cabinet portion, a cooling room portion, a first ice cream can, a second ice cream can, and a double can-clip. The double can-clip is for clipping corner portions of the first and second can covers and holding the first and second ice cream cans together in place, such that the first and second ice cream cans engage each other..

Method for manufacturing an ice cream-filled pizza

In a specific example, with given quantities, the procedure involves in the first place the preparation of a dough based on 1 kg of wheat flour, 400 ml of white wine, 200 ml of olive oil, 120 g of egg, 28 g of salt and 25 g of yeast, all of them placed in a kneading machine for 20 minutes, then removing the dough and leaving it to stand for 15 minutes, dividing the piece obtained into 200 g sections which are left to stand for 60 minutes, so that these divided pieces form the bases and covers of the final pizza. 300 g of ice-cream, 6 g of guar gum, 6 g of wheat starch and 1.2 g of monosodium glutamate are added to each base or cover and both cover and base are superimposed with the ingredients mentioned, the whole being placed in an oven at a temperature of 200° c.

Flow wrap packaging

The invention is directed to a sealed packaging (1, 100, 110) for food products (p), such as confectionery products like candy bars or ice cream bars, preferably having a substantially cuboid form and comprising a flow wrap (2), wherein the flow wrap (2) is closed by end seals (3, 4) at two opposed ends (5, 6) and a fin seal (7) extending in a longitudinal direction of the packaging (1, 100, 110) between the two end seals (3, 4), wherein the fin seal (7) is provided at a lateral side (8) of the packaging (1, 100, 110), wherein an opening aid (9) is provided in the fin seal (7), and wherein the opening aid (9) extends into a tear-line (11) which diagonally traverses at least one of a front and rear wall (f, r) of the packaging (1, 100, 110).. .

Inflatable cushion

An inflatable cushion useable for an ice cream maker. The ice cream maker can be spherical in shape and the inflatable cushion can approximate a spherical or dodecahedron shell.

Medicinal cream made using silver sulphadiazine and chitosan and a process to make it

The present invention is directed to a composition for treating bacterial skin infections, along with skin rejuvenation. More particularly, the present invention relates to a pharmaceutical cream comprising a biopolymer, and an antibacterial active ingredient.

Air intake in ice cream dipping cabinet

An ice cream dipping cabinet includes a cabinet portion, a machine room portion, a cooling room portion, a hot-air vent, a l-shaped recess portion, and a cold-air intake. The cabinet portion provides an inner compartment.

Machine and producing and dispensing liquid or semi-liquid consumer food products

A machine for producing and dispensing liquid and semi-liquid consumer food products such as ice creams, whipped cream, yogurt and the like comprises a container for a basic product of the consumer food product, a feed and treatment circuit for the basic product, comprising a feed pump, dispensing means positioned at an outfeed end of the feed and treatment circuit, and a device for checking the bacterial load of the product during production/dispensing; an electronic control unit controlling and regulating the various steps for measuring the bacterial load.. .

Snack system, including interior filing of ingredient, outer coating of ingredient, addition of ingredient, and formation of snack roll

A novel snack system is created in various form, variety, and with various ingredient. The snack system is created being a snack, with at least one ingredient, and at least one texture.

Method for producing a soluble cocoa product from cocoa powder

The present invention relates to a method for producing a soluble cocoa product from cocoa powder. The present invention further relates to cocoa products obtained by the present method and uses thereof.

Device, foaming products

Device and method for foaming products such as egg-white, ice cream and soft serve ice cream. The device may include a main tank for holding the product, pressure pump to pressurize gas in the main tank and gas tank to provide added gas to the main tank when needed.

Hidden weighing device counter

A counter in which one or more weighing devices are discreetly embedded so that the buyer cannot see them, enabling efficient improvement of the work performance of salespeople with loading an accurate quantity of ice cream in a cup or cone, or of any other product in a suitable container, prior to being given to the buyer.. .

Stackable container with selectable partitions

A stackable container and cup, having one or more selectable attached divider or dividers, the divider or dividers allowing the container to hold a single substance, or multiple distinct substances, such as ice cream, without the unwanted mixing of the substances.. .

Frozen dessert compositions and methods of preparation thereof

The invention relates to frozen dessert compositions and methods of preparation thereof. In particular, the invention is relates to a method for preparing a frozen dessert composition, such as ice cream, fortified with vegetables and/or fruits and soybeans, such as edamame or dried mature soybeans and the resulting enriched frozen dessert compositions having a fine texture, good and creamy mouth-feel and tastes with different flavors..

Ice cream cup and cover

A cup and cover combination is provided that includes: a cup having an open end at a top of the cup with a fastening structure at the open end, the open end having a first diameter and a bottom end opposite the top end having a second diameter; and a cover having an open end and a closed end, the open end having a third diameter and the closed end having a third diameter, the cover further comprising a circumferential structure for removably fastening the cover to the fastening structure of the cup, and an annular rim extending outward from the circumferential structure for catching content falling out from the cup when the cup and cover are fit together in a manner that exposes contents of the cup.. .

Candle cap

Candle cap, a custom designed beverage candle cap that can be placed over a wide variety of cups, shot glasses, beer bottles, liquor bottles, soda cans, beer cans, ice cream soda and assorted drinking glasses which will hold a candle for special celebrations while also displaying market brands of products and/or business venues.. .

Beverage production machine and method

The present invention discloses a beverage production machine (1, 110), a beverage production method, and a container (30, 122) for a product that is to be filled into a beverage production machine (1, 110). The invention aims to improve the hygiene of beverage production.

Container for viscous comestibles

A container for containing and dispensing viscous comestibles, such as ice cream, is disclosed. The container includes a container body with a nozzle and a container cap movably coupled to the container body.

Wooden ice cream maker

An ice cream maker including a canister for holding a mixture of ingredients used to make ice cream, a dasher which fits inside the canister and a drive mechanism for rotating the dasher. The ice cream maker includes an outer bucket formed using individual slats of wood which to provide a generally cylindrical or other shape bucket having inside walls and having a generally circular bottom portion.

Food based homogenizer

A food homogenizer is provided, including a base with a driving motor and a homogenizer assembly removably coupled to the base. The homogenizer assembly includes a homogenizing chamber, an inlet chute, and an exit spout.

Pharmaceutical cream compositions of oxymetazoline and methods of use

The present invention is directed to: a) a method of treating telangiectasia; b) a method of treating inflammatory lesions; and c) a method of treating two or more symptoms of rosacea selected from erythema, telangiectasia, or inflammatory lesions comprising topical administration of a pharmaceutical composition comprising oxymetazoline and a pharmaceutically acceptable excipient.. .

Processes for manufacture of dough-based food products with a non-soluble granulated salt substitute

The present method is directed in one embodiment to a non-soluble, substantially white granular salt substitute for dough-based products. In certain embodiments, the dough-based product comprises a filling sealed within a pocket while in other embodiments, the dough-based product is not filled.

Packaging inserts

The present disclosure provides a packaging insert for use with ice cream, frozen yogurt, or other foods or substances. The packaging insert comprises a first portion contiguous to a second portion along a first line; a third portion contiguous to the second portion along a second line, and a fourth portion contiguous to the third portion along a third line; wherein the first portion, second portion, third portion, and fourth portions are part of a single piece of material, a back surface of the second portion is adjacent a back surface of the third portion, and the first line is positioned adjacent the third line..

Automatic content retrieval based on location-based screen tags

Systems and methods automatically obtain contents and display the contents on location-specific display screens, based on content attributes associated with the screens. Associating content attributes (“tags”) with the screens allows administrators to specify the types of contents desired for display on the screens.

Food based homogenizer

A food homogenizer is provided, including a base with a driving motor and a homogenizer assembly removably coupled to the base. The homogenizer assembly includes a homogenizing chamber, an inlet chute, and an exit spout.

Probiotic functional food suitable for immunocompromised individuals undergoing treatment such as chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy

The invention relates to a probiotic functional food comprising: a biomass of lactobacillus spp. Strains conditioned to withstand temperatures of between −30 and −40° c., and cryoprotective agents.

Bench mixer improvements

An electric bench mixer has a base, a column and a pivoting head. The tilt angle of the head and the configuration of the blades are optimalised to provide a wiping action of the blades against the interior of the ball as the head is pivoted.

Methods and compositions of camel derived products

The present invention provides a composition, a dairy product, and a method for treating a disorder in a subject. The composition includes (i) polymeric nanoparticles and (ii) camel derived glycosaminoglycans (gag)s ionic complex encapsulated into the nanoparticles, at least one active ingredient encapsulated into the nanoparticles, or combinations thereof.

Push-based recommendations

Among other things, one or more techniques and/or systems are provided for pushing a recommendation to a user. That is, a recommendation may be pushed to a device of the user based upon a triggering event associated with the user.

Stabilized masticated frozen dessert

A process for preparing a frozen dessert having stabilized ice crystals to imitate the taste of ice cream, which process comprises: (a) providing a key ingredient, (b) adding a freeze inhibitor, in suitable amounts, and adequate sweetness to attain a stabilized starting freezing point of about 27° f. And melting point at about 17° f.; (c) adding a stabilizer in suitable amounts to create a microcrystalline ice particles; (d) rapidly freezing the mix until frozen solid at the temperature at which ice cream freezes; (e) masticating the frozen product to yield a soft serve dessert product for immediate consumption, said product having a contantometer rate significantly less than that of prior art desserts..

Frozen confection kiosk and liquid-dispensing assembly for use therewith

A kiosk for selling frozen confections such as shaved ice or ice cream is provided with a liquid-topping dispenser assembly having liquid-dispensing faucets which are operable by a customer outside the kiosk to dispense liquid toppings onto the frozen confections. The dispenser assembly may be configured to allow people to operate faucets from both sides of the dispenser assembly.

Advertising systems and methods

An advertising unit includes a container and a flat divider dividing the container into two compartments. The divider is separate from the container and unable to support itself in an upright orientation.

Food based homogenizer

A food homogenizer is provided, including a base with a driving motor and a homogenizer assembly removably coupled to the base. The homogenizer assembly includes a homogenizing chamber, an inlet chute, and an exit spout.

Bread maker and ice cream accessory

A combination bread making and ice cream making machine has a specially configured interface, a freezer bowl and an ice cream making scraper blade.. .

Frozen confectionery product with layered structure and manufacturing same

The present invention relates to a frozen confectionery product and to a method of manufacturing same. It furthermore relates to an apparatus for manufacturing a frozen confectionery product by rotary vertical extrusion.

Stirrer of a machine for making and dispensing ice cream products

A stirrer of a machine for making and dispensing ice cream products rotates about an axis inside a cylindrical mixing and freezing unit and comprises a plurality of helical scrapers extending around the axis and operating on an inside wall of the mixing and freezing unit to be scraped, a shaft for rotating the stirrer about the axis and mounting the helical scrapers at a first end of them. Each helical scraper comprises a guide and at least one scraping member which can be slidably coupled to and uncoupled from the guide..

Beverage mixing system and method

A beverage mixing system/method allowing faster mixing/blending of frozen beverages is disclosed. The system/method in various embodiments utilizes inductive coupling to introduce heat into the frozen beverage during the mixing/blending process via a rotating driveshaft and attached mechanical agitator to speed the mixing/blending process.

Ice cream maker

An ice-cream maker comprising: a body having a rotatable paddle; a cooling chamber supported by the body for receiving an ice-cream mixture, the paddle being adapted to move through the ice-cream mixture; a sensor module for detecting a hardness measure of the ice-cream mixture; a processor module coupled to the sensor module for receiving a signal indicative of the hardness measure, the processor module being adapted to control the operation of the paddle. After the ice-cream mixture has reached a selected hardness, the processor module periodically operates paddle to churn the mixture to substantially maintain the mixture at the selected hardness.

Moldable protein matrix containing fruit, vegetables, chocolate or cocoa, for food applications, and process for its manufacture

The present invention relates to a formulation of a moldable protein matrix which after drying has a high concentration (from 60% to 90%) of fruits, vegetables, chocolate or cocoa. It also allows for the incorporation of flavors and coloring agents in order to obtain a product that is very similar, both in texture and taste, to fruit, chocolate or cocoa.

Milk-based alternative product and producing the same

The present invention concerns the production of a milk-based alternative product, using edible oil to substitute at least part of the milk fat. In particular, the present invention concerns the production of a cheese alternative product, an ice cream alternative product, a custard alternative product or a chilled or frozen dessert alternative product, using an edible oil to substitute at least part of the milk fat.

Dairy compositions and making

The invention relates to a method of separating components from milk. The invention also relates to compositions prepared from the separated components.

Dairy compositions and making

The invention relates to a method of separating components from milk. The invention also relates to compositions prepared from the separated components.

Fluid driven chiller system

This chiller unit can be used for ice cream machineries, building machinery in hot weather, air conditioning units, military vehicles (tanks), medical devices that need fluid cooling units (especially the ammoniac freezer ones) and almost every industrial machine that uses water or fluid cooling systems.. .

Ice cream scoops and methods of manufacturing

An ice cream scoop includes a head configured to scoop frozen food product, a handle extending from the head to an end, the handle including an internal cavity with the end open to the internal cavity, a heat transfer fluid contained in the internal cavity and in thermal communication with the head, an end cap that closes the end of the handle, a gasket disposed between the end cap and the handle to seal the internal cavity, and a pin that secures the end cap to the handle. .

Fat replacer combination for partial or total substitution of fat in food products, and a food product comprising the same

The present invention refers to a fat replacer combination for total or partial substitution of fat in food products such as ice cream and cake comprising: (a) a fat replacer based on carbohydrates for example low de maltodextrin; (b) one or more emulsifiers for example mono- and diglycerides and optionally propyleneglycol monostearate and (c) one or more stabilizers for example carboxymethylcellulose and guar gum. The present invention also refers to a food product comprising the same..

Machine for processing and keeping ice cream, slush drinks and similar products

A machine for processing and keeping ice cream, slush drinks and similar products, comprises a display counter comprising, a plurality of visible mixing and freezing cylinders for processing basic products and keeping ice cream, and a cooling circuit which allows the temperature of the basic products and of the ice cream to be adjusted; the cooling circuit is equipped with a first refrigerating circuit and a second heating circuit having respective offtake branches dedicated to each of the mixing and freezing cylinders and designed to maintain the temperature for processing the basic product at the same temperature for keeping the ice cream.. .

Machine with engageable tank for ice creams, granita or iced beverages

A machine (10) for producing and dispensing products such as ice cream, iced beverages or granita comprises a removable product-containing tank (12) which is provided at its front end with a tap (14) for dispensing the product and which, via its rear opening (18), sealingly houses a cooling element (19) with a substantially horizontal axis (20) and a motor-driven mixer element (21). The tank is removable from the machine by means of extraction from its operating position in a disassembly direction (26) which is substantially parallel to the axis of the cooling element, and snap-engaging means (30) for locking the movement of the tank are provided between the tank and its seat on the base of the machine, said means being able to be manually released by means of operation of at least one operating lever (31)..

Method for forming a flavored confectionery treat

A method and apparatus is provided for adding a uniform amount of a confectionery flavor to an ice cream based confectionery treat. A flavor rod is either formed from compressed pieces of a confectionery flavor formed into a rod or from adhering a confectionery flavor to a rod shaped food item.

Preformed ice cream

A preformed serving of a frozen confection configured to be received in a substantially hollow edible container is provided including a body of a frozen confection. A first portion of the body has a shape generally complementary to the edible container.

Aroma components for improving egg flavor, and egg flavor enhancers

The present invention provides agent for enhancing egg aroma comprising at least one component(s) as an ingredient selected from the group consisting of: (a) 3-(methylthio)1-propanol, (b) benzaldehyde, (c) 4-heptanol, (d) trimethylpyrazine, (e) methylpyrazine, or (f) 2,5-dimethylpyrazine. The agent of the present invention is used for enhancing egg aroma, especially an egg flavor, of an egg product.

Salt composition

The at least one acid carrier is selected from sodium acid pyrophosphate (sapp), monocalcium phosphate monohydrate (mcpm), anhydrous monocalcium phosphate (amcp), all further hyd rates of monocalcium phosphate, d icalcium p hosphate dihydrate (dcpd), all further hydrates of dicalcium phosphate, sodium aluminium sulphate (sas), sodium aluminium phosphate (salp), calcium magnesium aluminium phosphate, calcium polyphosphate, calcium pyrophosphate, magnesium polyphosphate, magnesium pyrophosphate, calcium hydrogen phosphate, citric acid, fumaric acid, aspartic acid, tartaric acid, cream of tartar (potassium hydrogen tartrate), glucono-delta-lactone (gdl), sodium hydrogen citrate, lactic acid and mixtures of the above.. .

Frozen food product and depositing a sauce into a frozen food product

Method for injecting a sauce into a frozen food product. An embodiment of the method includes the step of inserting a nozzle having one or more openings along the lateral surface of the nozzle to a depth below the surface of a frozen food product, such as ice cream or frozen yogurt, contained in a package.

Method for producing ice cream

A method for producing ice cream includes combining ingredients to form a premix; supplying a cryogenic medium to the premix; and cooling the premix to a temperature below 0° c. During the prefreezing, lump additives which have previously been cooled to a temperature of less than −2° c.

Ice cream formulations and methods of manufacture

The present invention relates to an improved ice cream formation and method of making said formulation where the formulation is sugar free. The inventive ice cream is made through a complex, multi-phase process utilizing fat globules, ice crystals and air cells producing a highly viscous frozen concentrate..

Air inlet arrangement for ice cream or yogurt machine

An air inlet arrangement for an ice cream machine or yogurt machine includes an air-solution tube supported in a solution container which is adapted for storing a predetermined volume of solution at a predetermined fluid elevation, and an air nozzle. The air-solution tube has an elongated structure defining a top end, a bottom end, and a process channel between the top end and the bottom end, wherein the air-solution tube has a height greater than the fluid elevation of the solution container, wherein a volume of the air-solution tube is such that the air-solution tube is arranged to contain 80 g or less of the solution..

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