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Crank patents

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System and method for charging a weapon

United States Of America As Represented By Secretary Of Navy

System and method for charging a weapon

Fan operation management

Lennox Industries

Fan operation management

Fan operation management

Lennox Industries

Low ambient temperature operation management

Date/App# patent app List of recent Crank-related patents
 Touch pad lock assembly patent thumbnailTouch pad lock assembly
A lock assembly for a closure comprises a housing, a handle and a latch plunger operably connected with the handle. A key lock has a locked and unlocked position.
Bauer Products, Inc.

 System and  charging a weapon patent thumbnailSystem and charging a weapon
A system and method for charging a weapon. In an illustrative embodiment, a charging assembly attaches to the side of an mk19 grenade launcher.
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

 Fan operation management patent thumbnailFan operation management
In various implementations, an air conditioner may manage operations of fan(s) of the air conditioner. The air conditioner may determine properties of the air conditioner (e.g., ambient temperature and/or pressure of a portion of the air conditioner) and determine setting(s) for fan(s) and/or a crankcase heater based on the determined properties..
Lennox Industries Inc.

 Low ambient temperature operation management patent thumbnailLow ambient temperature operation management
In various implementations, an air conditioner may operate in low ambient temperatures. In some implementations, operations of crankcase heater(s) and/or compressor(s) may be managed.
Lennox Industries Inc.

 Power unit patent thumbnailPower unit
A power unit having a crankcase and peripheral devices wherein a driving source for a gear shifting device is disposed so as to be displaced below the crankcase. An engine includes a gear speed change mechanism having a plurality of gear pairs for changing the speed of a rotational force of a crankshaft.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

 Saddle-type vehicle patent thumbnailSaddle-type vehicle
A saddle-type vehicle that allows an oil pressure adjusting system for a hydraulic clutch to be optimally disposed in a power unit in which a crankshaft is disposed along the vehicle body front-rear direction. A crankshaft of an engine is disposed along the vehicle front-rear direction.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

 Bicycle drive unit patent thumbnailBicycle drive unit
A bicycle drive unit includes a housing, a motor, a crank axle, and at least one fin member. The motor is disposed within the housing.
Shimano Inc.

 Tunnel-style crankshaft with counterweights of increased radial profile patent thumbnailTunnel-style crankshaft with counterweights of increased radial profile
A tunnel-style crankshaft assembly is provided having counterweights that serve the purposes of retaining the axial motion of bearings and improving the balance of the crankshaft assembly as a result of having a structure of an increased radial profile. The counterweights can include a mass section and a bearing retaining section.
Gardner Denver Petoleum Pumps, Llc

 Crankshaft patent thumbnailCrankshaft
A crankshaft of an internal combustion engine includes a crank journal, a crank pin, and a crank web. The crank journal is to be supported by a crankcase and to be rotatable around a crankshaft axis.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

 Integrated motor and pump assembly patent thumbnailIntegrated motor and pump assembly
A pump assembly that includes a crankshaft having main journals and crankpin journals, rods operatively coupled with the crankpin journals, reciprocating members operatively coupled with the rods, and an electric motor operable to rotate the crankshaft. The electric motor includes a stator and a rotor.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Gas discharge system for a refrigeration compressor and a refrigeration compressor

The compressor comprises: a cylinder crankcase (1) defining a cylinder (2) which is closed by a valve plate (3) provided with at least one discharge orifice (3a) associated with a discharge valve (4) and defining, with the cylinder (2), a compression chamber (c); a cylinder cap (10) seated against the valve plate (3) and inside which is defined a discharge chamber (11). The system comprises an accelerating means (am) mounted in the interior of the discharge chamber (11) and secured to at least one of the parts of cylinder cap (10) and valve plate (3), in order to receive the entire flow of refrigerant gas released through the discharge orifice (3a), accelerating said gas flow and producing an instantaneous reduction in the pressure gradient between the upstream and downstream sides of the discharge valve (4), in the moment the latter opens..
Whirlpool S.a.


Thermal insulation system for the discharge of gas in a refrigeration compressor

The compressor comprises: a cylinder crankcase (1) defining a cylinder (2) closed by a valve plate (3) provided with at least one discharge orifice (3a); a cylinder cap (10) seated against the valve plate (3) and in the interior of which is defined a discharge chamber (11). The present system comprises a hollow body (20) defining at least one plenum (21) mounted internal to the cylinder cap (10), maintaining a gap (30) with the latter.
Whirlpool S.a.


Engine starting apparatus

An engine starting apparatus including a starter including a motor configured to generate a rotational force, and a pinion configured to transfer the rotational force of the motor to a ring gear. The starter is configured to crank an engine at a specific revolution-speed increase rate to increase a revolution speed of the engine to a predetermined revolution speed equal to or greater than 450 rpm.
Denso Corporation


Saddled vehicle

An engine (e) of a saddle-riding type vehicle has an engine case that is substantially l-shaped by a cylinder block (42) being protruded upward from an upper face of a front portion of a crank case (40). An air cleaner (55) is disposed rearwardly of the cylinder block (42) and above the crank case (40).
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Rotary compression engine

The present disclosure is directed to a rotary engine having improved performance and efficiency. The rotary engine includes one or more rotary engines modules.


Exhaust compound internal combustion engine with controlled expansion

A piston compound internal combustion engine is disclosed with an expander piston deactivation feature. A piston internal combustion engine is compounded with a secondary expander piston, where the expander piston extracts energy from the exhaust gases being expelled from the primary power pistons.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Supercharged engine

A supercharged engine having an electrically operated water pump for supplying cooling water to an intercooler in a compact layout. The supercharged engine includes a supercharger disposed rearwardly of a cylinder assembly of the engine, a drive pulley mounted on a supercharger drive shaft of the engine, a driven pulley mounted on an input shaft of the supercharger, a drive belt trained around the drive pulley and the driven pulley, an intercooler for cooling supercharging air that is supplied from the supercharger, and an electrically operated water pump for delivering cooling water under pressure to the intercooler.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Oil mist separator

An oil mist separator for a crankcase ventilation system of an internal combustion engine may include a nozzle device having a plurality of nozzles. The plurality of nozzles may each have a nozzle outlet.
Mahle International Gmbh


Device for processing blow-by from v-type internal combustion engines

An object of the invention is to improve space efficiency, while ensuring a desired blow-by gas processing performance. As gas routes that connect a crankcase and each of intake passages, a first gas route and a second gas route connected to respective throttle upstream parts of the intake passages on the upstream side of each throttle valve for each bank, and a third gas route connected to a throttle downstream part of the intake passage for one of the banks are provided.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Crankcase ventilation device

A crankcase ventilation device features a closing valve with a valve body, the valve body executes a positioning movement between a closed and an opened position. A sensor device for detecting the positioning movement of the valve body is disposed in the housing..
Mann+hummel Gmbh


Breather internal combustion engine for vehicle

A breather apparatus for an internal combustion engine for a vehicle in which an air cleaner is disposed above a crankcase. A breather tube is provided for guiding blow-by gas exhausted from the crankcase.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Camshaft phaser

An internal combustion engine includes a crankshaft rotatable about a crankshaft axis and a camshaft rotatable by the crankshaft about a camshaft axis. The internal combustion engine also includes an oil supply, an engine cover, and a drive member disposed within the engine cover for transferring rotational motion from the crankshaft to the camshaft.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.


Lubricating composition

A lubricating composition for use in the crankcase of an engine comprising a base oil and one or more additives, wherein the base oil comprises a fischer-tropsch derived base oil and wherein the lubricating composition comprises one or more comb polymers. The lubricating composition of the present invention has been found to improve sustained fuel economy properties whilst obtaining improved piston cleanliness properties and improved dispersancy properties..
Shell Oil Company


Bicycle crank assembly

A bicycle crank assembly having a rotational center axis is basically provided with a crank member and a sprocket member. The crank member includes a support portion that extends in the axial direction and an arm portion that is integrally rotatable around the rotational center axis with the support portion.
Shimano Inc.


Synchronized accessory devices drive system with optimized switching between drive sources for the drive system

An accessories drive system, including: a accessory device; and a clutch assembly including: an electric machine; a drive shaft connected to the machine and accessory device; at least one clutch; and a control unit to: connect, using the clutch, the drive shaft to the crankshaft or the input shaft; rotate the drive shaft with the crankshaft or the input shaft; disconnect, using the clutch, the drive shaft from the crankshaft or the input shaft; accelerate or decelerate, using the machine, rotation of the drive shaft at a first absolute rate less than a second absolute rate of acceleration or deceleration of the engine or the input shaft; and when a speed of rotation of the drive shaft is within a predetermined range of a speed of rotation of the crankshaft or the input shaft, close the clutch to engage the drive shaft with the crankshaft or the input shaft.. .
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg


Bushing removal device

A bushing removal device for removing a pilot bushing from a crankshaft cavity includes a casing defining a threaded bore extending into the casing. A grease fitting is coupled to an outer wall of the casing and configured to receive an infusion of grease.


Method of determining the instantaneous angular position of a crankshaft target optimized for starting the engine

Iii. During a phase of restarting the engine, using a number of teeth to reduce the cycle synchronization time..


Bearing arrangements in a refrigeration reciprocating compressor

The compressor comprises: a crankcase (10) carrying a cylinder (20) and a bearing hub (40) having a first and a second end portions (40a, 40b) and defining a radial bearing (41), in which is housed a crankshaft (50); and a connecting rod (60) coupled to a piston (30) housed in the cylinder (20) and having a larger eye (61) mounted in an eccentric end portion (55) of the crankshaft (50). Each of said end portions (40a, 40b) is defined by a bushing extension (45, 46) affixed in the interior of the bearing hub (40) and having an end portion (45a, 46a) projecting outwards from the bearing hub (40), in order to be elastically and radially deformed when pressed by a confronting portion of the crankshaft (50), which presents coaxiality deviation in relation to the axis (x1) of the radial bearing (41)..
Whirlpool S.a.


Variable compression cylinder head, crankshaft, and piston rod and system thereof

A variable compression cylinder head assembly usable with an internal combustion engine having at least one piston, the cylinder head assembly including a cylinder head housing having a combustion chamber formed therein, a compression control piston disposed within the combustion chamber, a compression head actuator coupled to the cylinder head housing, the compression head actuator including an actuator housing defining an actuator reservoir, a fluid port coupled to the actuator housing to receive a fluid, a movable force plate disposed within the actuator reservoir and coupled to the compression control piston, wherein the force plate and the compression control piston move between a first position and a second position when the fluid enters the actuator reservoir.. .


Exhaust pipe structure of motorcycle

An exhaust pipe structure of a motorcycle allowing exhaust air of an exhaust pipe having a branching part to flow into the respective exhaust pipes on the downstream side of the branching part uniformly and smoothly. In an exhaust pipe structure of a motorcycle having an engine attached to a vehicle body frame, an exhaust pipe is connected to an exhaust port of the engine and is provided with a branching pipe that branches into a left-rear-portion exhaust pipe and a right-rear-portion exhaust pipe.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


General-purpose engine

In a general-purpose engine including a cylinder block extending obliquely from one side of a crank case, and a cylinder head connected to an end surface of the cylinder block via a gasket, a unidirectional valve for allowing a flow of a fluid from a crank chamber to a valve operating chamber and blocking a reverse flow of the fluid is installed in an upper oil passage. In a case where lubricant oil reserved in the crank chamber flows into the valve operating chamber via a lower oil passage when the engine inclines such that the inclined cylinder block further slants, positive pressures transmitted from the crank chamber to the valve operating chamber push the oil, which once flows into the valve operating chamber, back to the crank chamber via the lower oil passage..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Crank arm for a bicycle pedal crank system and a its production

A crank arm for a bicycle crank arm system has an elongated hollow core (30) made of a first fiber-reinforced plastic and having, in the final assembly position of the pedal crank system, a laterally located, exterior front face, a rear face opposed thereto and two side faces (102) that connect the front face and rear face with one another, and having at its axial ends (104, 105) metallic shaft sleeves (20, 22), oriented parallel to one another and to the side faces (102), for accommodating a bottom bracket shaft or a pedal axle. The hollow core (30) is encased by a second fiber-reinforced plastic.


Methods and systems for engine cranking

Systems and methods for improving operation of a hybrid vehicle are presented. In one example, an engine may be started in one of two ways depending on operating conditions.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Lower limb stretching workout device

A lower limb stretching workout device includes a frame unit, two sliding plates, a motor assembly, and two cranks. The frame unit has two guide rails opposing each other.
St Life Co., Ltd.


Method for estimating the speed of an engine in a predefined position

This method includes the following steps: determining the angular position and the rotational speed for a first point of measurement and a second point of measurement of a engine position sensor, determining at least one gradient of the rotational speed different from the speed gradient between the two points of measurement of the previous step, approximating the actual rotational speed curve with respect to the angular position with a polynomial function of degree two, and carrying out a calculation, in advance, for determining an estimated rotational speed at the predefined position, the position defining a future angular position of the crankshaft, by applying the polynomial function to the predefined future position. The method can be used to predict engine rotation reversal..
Continental Automotive Gmbh


Sample consumable and loader

A sample consumable that carries a microvolume of sample to a sample loader. The consumable is precisely aligned utilizing a double-alignment feature to the loader.
Dna Medicine Institute, Inc.


Powertrain for a vehicle and an electromechanical apparatus coupleable to an engine

A powertrain and an electromechanical apparatus are disclosed. A ring gear is attached to a first distal end of a crankshaft such that the ring gear and the crankshaft are rotatable in unison about a longitudinal axis.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Engine starter unit

An engine starter unit for starting an engine, includes a starter, a first controller, and a prohibiting means. The starter includes a motor generating a rotary force and a pinion transmitting the rotary force generated by the motor to the engine, the starter cranking the engine up to an engine speed of 450 rpm or more in a drive on state.
Denso Corporation


Camshaft position determination

Various methods for determining camshaft position based on position indicated by an electric motor controller are provided. In one example, a method comprises: during cranking of an engine, driving a camshaft of the engine by an electric motor controlled by a motor controller which indicates motor position and position of the camshaft; determining one or more engine operating parameters for controlling the engine during the cranking by an engine controller from the indicated cam position; and after the cranking, identifying the cam position from a sensor coupled to the camshaft..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Actuating unit for variable power plant components

The invention relates to a reciprocating-piston internal combustion engine with variable compression, having an actuating unit for changing a variable compression of the reciprocating-piston internal combustion engine, wherein, to change the variable compression, the actuating unit actuates a variable engine component of the reciprocating piston internal combustion engine in the form of a connecting rod with variable length, a piston with variable compression height and/or a crankshaft with variable crankshaft radius, and the actuating unit is arranged at a lower level than the reciprocating-piston internal combustion engine. Also proposed are a method and also an actuating unit for the same..
Fev Gmbh


Engines and integral engine/ generators

Fluid working reciprocating devices are described, including internal combustion engines, compressors and pumps, and how such devices may transfer power to electric generators or turbines. Devices can be within casings which may be “snapped into” larger machinery, such as vehicles, aircraft or marine craft.


Piston engine and an engine device comprising the same

The disclosure relates to a rotary piston, a piston engine comprising the rotary piston, and an engine device comprising the piston engine. The rotary piston comprises a piston body having a triangular vertical cross-section, mutually engaged large and small planetary gears fixed at the middle of the piston body, and a crankshaft running through the small planetary gear.
Three Gemstar Automotive Technology (shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Two-stroke engine

A two-stroke engine includes: an intake passage that opens out to a crank chamber; a first one-way valve provided in the intake passage and permits a flow of fluid toward the crank chamber; a scavenging port having an upstream end communicating with the crank chamber and a downstream end that opens out in a wall defining a side portion of a cylinder, wherein the downstream end communicates with a combustion chamber defined above the piston at least when the piston is at a bottom dead center, and communicates with a part of the cylinder below the piston at least when the piston is at a top dead center; and an air supply passage that communicates a part of the intake passage which is located downstream of the first one-way valve with an upstream portion of the scavenging port so as to supply air to the scavenging port during air intake.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Fluid pump assembly for an internal combustion engine

A fluid pump assembly for an internal combustion engine is disclosed. The fuel pump assembly is equipped with a pumping plunger for pressurizing fluid.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Key lockable operator cover

A key lockable window operator, including a crank handle that is shiftable between a folded storage position and an unfolded operating position and a lock cylinder operably engaged to a rack and a sliding pin. The rack and the sliding pin are shiftable between an unlocked position and a locked position.
Amesbury Truth


Rescue and retrieval apparatus and system and using same

A system is disclosed which incorporates a projectile delivery launcher which may assume numerous forms and perform numerous functions, including launching a water rescue preservation device such as a life jacket, military supplies, survival supplies, fire extinguishing supplies, or the like. The device includes a unique barrel having a low friction chrome plated inner surface which provides maximum range deployment of a safety projectile.


Control a hybrid vehicle drive system

A control apparatus for a hybrid vehicle drive system 10, which permits sufficient utilization of the electric energy stored in the battery and includes a drive mode switching portion 60 configured to bring a clutch cl1 or a brake bk1 into its engaged state, for switching the drive system 10 from an ev drive mode in which a vehicle drive force is generated by at least one of first and second electric motors mg1 and mg2 while a crankshaft 12a of an engine 12 is connected to a housing 26, to a constant-speed-ratio drive mode in which the vehicle drive force is generated by at least one of the first and second electric motors mg1 and mg2 while a ratio of an output speed nout of the drive system 10 to a speed of a rotary motion received from the engine 12 is held constant, when an operating speed nmg1, nmg2 of the first or second electric motor mg1, mg2 has been raised to a predetermined threshold value in the ev drive mode. Accordingly, the desired output speed nout can be established at a relatively low value of the operating speed nmg1, nmg2 of the first or second electric motor mg1, mg2, so that the electric energy stored in the battery 48 can be sufficiently utilized..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Powertrain for a vehicle and a assembling the powertrain

A powertrain for a vehicle and a method of assembling the powertrain are disclosed. An engine includes a crankshaft being rotatable about a longitudinal axis.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Powertrain for a vehicle

A powertrain is disclosed. A ring gear is attached to a first distal end of a crankshaft such that the ring gear and the crankshaft are rotatable in unison about a longitudinal axis.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Apparatus providing adjustable cranks in an exercise device

A crank-driven exercise device (100). The crank-driven exercise device (100) includes a frame (102), a spindle (202) rotatably connected to the frame (102), a crank arm (104) connected to the spindle (202), and a user input (208) connected to the crank arm (104) configured to receive a force from a user.
Core Health & Fitness, Llc


Crankshaft thrust bearing and engine containing same

Improved fluid supply grooves in the face of an axial thrust bearing for a crankshaft are disclosed. The grooves have a larger cross-sectional area at the outer radius of the bearing body than at the inner radius of the bearing body..
Cummins Inc.


Outboard motor

In an outboard motor adapted to be mounted on a hull and equipped with an engine having a crankshaft located parallel with a gravity axis and a vertical shaft connected to the crankshaft to be rotated around the gravity axis, an urger is disposed at a position between the crankshaft and the vertical shaft to urge the crankshaft upward in a direction parallel with the gravity axis.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Pump systems and associated methods for use with waterjet systems and other high pressure fluid systems

High pressure pump systems with reduced pressure ripple for use with waterjet systems and other systems are described herein. A pump system configured in accordance with a particular embodiment includes four reciprocating members operably coupled to a crankshaft at 90 degree phase angles.
Omax Corporation


Automatic stop/restart device for internal combustion engine and automatic stop/restart internal combustion engine

Provided is a device for performing an automatic stop operation for an internal combustion engine when a predetermined automatic stop requirement is satisfied during an operation of the internal combustion engine and performing a restart operation for the internal combustion engine when a predetermined restart requirement is satisfied during an automatic stop time period of the internal combustion engine. In the device, restart control means (22) executes fuel injection control at the time of start of the restart operation by determining whether or not initial asynchronous injection of a fuel into a cylinder that is in an intake stroke is executable in accordance with an initially detected crank angle after the start of the restart operation and determining a next fuel injection cylinder and a fuel injection timing for the next fuel injection cylinder..


High power two cycle engine (without oil and gasoline/benzene mixing)

An internal combustion engine of the two-cycle type comprises a cylinder and a combustion chamber defined by a piston slidable within the cylinder and a cylinder head. A fuel injection mechanism for injecting fuel into the combustion chamber is provided.


Handheld four-stroke engine lubricating system

A handheld four-stroke engine lubricating system comprises: an oil storage chamber formed by a bottom casing and a lower tank body, a crankshaft chamber formed by the lower tank body and an upper tank body, an air valve chamber formed by the upper tank body and a cylinder head cover, a cam chamber formed by the upper tank body and a cam chamber cover, and a tappet chamber connected between the air valve chamber and the cam chamber. The two sides of the upper and lower tank bodies are correspondingly provided with a first and a second oil inlet passages communicated with the oil storage chamber and the crankshaft chamber.
Xingyue Group Co., Ltd.


Crankcase oil catcher

A crankcase oil catcher configured for placement above a crankshaft and below a piston is described. In one particular example, the crankcase oil catcher has a contour that catches dispersed oil within the crankcase while directing the oil away from a casing wall and towards a crank sump along the contoured surface of the crankcase oil catcher.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Apparatus and system for cleaning a filter

A filter cleaning apparatus has a top section and a base section. The top section rests on a housing support.


Crank arm

A crank arm is provided that includes a crank body, a sensor support member and at least one sensor. The crank body has an axle mounting portion.
Shimano Inc.


Connecting rod

A connecting rod for a reciprocating piston machine may include a hollow-cylindrical connecting rod bushing for receiving a piston pin and a hollow-cylindrical connecting rod bearing having a bearing axis running parallel to a cylinder axis of the connecting rod bushing for mounting a crank pin. An elongated shaft may extend perpendicularly to the bearing axis and be disposed between the connecting rod bushing and the connecting rod bearing for connecting the connecting rod bushing to the connecting rod bearing.
Mahle International Gmbh



A crankshaft having an axis of rotation is disclosed. The crankshaft includes a main throw having a web, a main pin extending from the web that is coaxial with the axis of rotation and an aperture in the web.
V&h Performance, Llc


Weight optimized crank-shaft

The present invention relates to a crank-shaft for an internal combustion machine having at least one main bearing journal for supporting the crank-shaft in a crank-housing and having at least one pin bearing journal for connecting a connecting rod to the crank-shaft. According to the invention at least one of the bearing journal surfaces comprises at least one recess area with a depth (d) of at least 1 mm..
Thyssenkrupp MatalÚrgica Campo Limpo Ltda.


Toy fluid pumping gun

A fluid pumping device is disclosed. The fluid pumping device includes a housing having a front end and a rear end, a fluid discharge opening in the front end of the housing, a pump assembly, a crank assembly rotatably connected to the pump assembly wherein the crank assembly operates the pump assembly, and a fluid storage reservoir connected to the gear housing from which fluid is drawn into the gear housing to be pumped through the fluid discharge opening..
Deka Products Limited Partnership


Planetary crank gear design for internal combustion engines

A gearset including an internal ring gear; a first pinion gear disposed within the internal ring gear and having teeth meshing with teeth of the internal ring gear; a disc having a central axis collinear with a central axis of the internal ring gear and a slot along a portion of a diameter of a first side thereof; a first pinion shaft having a first end, a second end, and an offset driving lug extending from the second end, the first pinion shaft extending through a hole of the first pinion gear, the offset driving lug of the first pinion shaft engaging with a first end of the slot; a second pinion gear disposed with the internal ring gear and having teeth meshing with teeth of the internal ring gear, the teeth of the second pinion gear not meshing with the teeth of the first pinion gear; a second pinion shaft having a first end, a second end, and an offset driving lug extending from the second end, the second pinion shaft extending through a hole of the second pinion gear, the offset driving lug of the second pinion shaft engaging with a second end of the slot.. .
The Trustees Of The Stevens Institute Of Technology


Blowby gas processing device of internal combustion engine

A blowby gas processing device including a cylinder block, a cylinder head, a cylinder head cover, an oil separator and a flow velocity amplification device is provided. The cylinder block contains an inter-block passage constituting part of a blowby gas passage passing the blowby gas through in a crank case of an internal combustion engine and introducing the gas into an intake passage of the internal combustion engine.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Variable phaser for automobile engine

In a variable phaser for an engine including a drive rotating member having a cylindrical section and driven by a crank shaft, a cam shaft coaxially supporting the drive rotating member in a coaxial and relatively rotating fashion, a relative phase angle changing mechanism, and a self-locking mechanism preventing the misalignment of the relative phase angle due to the cam torque by pressing the lock plate held on a holding section integral with the cam shaft to an inner circumferential surface of the cylindrical section, plate-pressing surfaces disposed at positions almost equally separated along an outer circumferential direction of an outer circumference of the holding section, and a plurality of lock plates equally separated in correspondence to the plate-pressing surfaces are formed, and the respective plate-pressing surfaces are formed by first and second pressing surfaces for delivering the cam torques along advance and lag directions to the respective lock plates.. .
Nittan Valve Co., Ltd.


Electromotive auxiliary power assembly for chainless shaft-power-transfer bicycles

An electromotive auxiliary power assembly for a chainless shaft-power-transfer bicycle comprising: a frame, a crank assembly, a crank, a power transfer shaft between the crank assembly and a passive gear of a rear wheel hub of the bicycle, and a motor set for providing auxiliary power; the auxiliary power of the motor set being directly transferred to the power transfer shaft through a gear set instead of by other components of the chainless bicycle. The motor set is installed on the power transfer shaft between the crank assembly and the passive gear set of the rear wheel hub.


Vehicle roof rack with collapsible handrail assembly

A safety railing for attachment to a vehicle roof mounted rack to reduce the likelihood of fall injuries to workers who have mounted to roof of the vehicle has a pair of side railings joined by a front railing and supported by balusters that pivotally attach to the roof rack. A crank operated mechanism is provided for shifting the balusters between an erect, vertical orientation and a collapsed orientation where the safety railing lies flat against the roof rack..


Grinding-supporting device

In an apparatus for multiple-bearing grinding of workpieces, such as crankshafts, wherein a support element seat occurs at a bearing point at the same time as the grinding of the main bearing, a grinding-supporting unit is used that contains a grinding spindle head having at least one grinding disk and support elements in the form of support jaws or support bodies that can be swiveled in. After the support point seat is ground, the support elements are brought into contact there-with and support the workpiece during the further machining.
Erwin Junker Maschinenfabrik Gmbh


Range of motion machine and method and adjustable crank

A range of motion machine having two or four cranks driven directly by motors without exposed gears or chains. The speed and direction of crank rotation and the length of the crank arms may be varied with electronic controls.


Fishing rod with reel retriever

A fishing rod with reel retriever comprising a fishing rod, where the fishing rod includes a handle, a ferrule extending from an end of the handle, and an eye at an end of the ferrule opposite to the handle, where the eye guides a line along the ferrule; and a reel retriever coupled to the handle of the fishing rod, where the reel retriever includes, a spool around which the line is wrapped, a hand crank incorporated into the spool, where the hand crank drives the spool, and a guide at a front portion of the reel retriever, where the guide directs the line into the spool to prevent tangles and knots.. .


Reduced friction oil control piston rings

Improved oil control piston rings with reduced friction compared to prior art rings are disclosed for use in liquid lubricated internal combustion engines, gas pumps, and gas compressors. The ring assemblies are interchangeable with conventional oil control rings and offer similar oil control performance.


Pendulum-absorber brake

A crankshaft comprising a cheek, a torsion-absorbing pendulum pivotally coupled to the cheek, and a rotational speed actuated brake to oppose motion of the pendulum relative to the cheek. The brake is configured to provide greater opposition to the motion at lower rotational speeds than at higher rotational speeds..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Double clutch mounting assembly

A double clutch mounting assembly for a motor vehicle drive train is provided. The double clutch mounting assembly includes a double clutch; a damper configured for connecting the double clutch to an engine crankshaft; and a clutch actuator for actuating the double clutch fixed to the double clutch.
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg


Connecting rod for an engine and making thereof

A method to modify the geometry of a connecting rod of an internal combustion engine includes providing a connecting rod having a crankshaft bore at a first end, wherein the first end has a bearing cap and a bottom end portion of the connecting rod, mating the bearing cap with the bottom end portion of the connecting rod to form the crankshaft bore of the connecting rod, machining a width upset portion of the bottom end portion to reduce a width of the bottom end portion of the connecting rod, machining a width upset portion of the bearing cap to reduce a portion of a width of the bearing cap, and reducing the width of the bottom end portion of the connecting rod and the portion of the width of the bearing cap to a width smaller than a cylinder bore of the internal combustion engine.. .
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Reciprocating compressor

A reciprocating compressor is disclosed which includes a housing which includes an intake chamber, a discharge chamber, a cylinder, and a crank chamber, the crank chamber having a lower portion formed as an oil storage chamber configured to store lubricant; a piston which is reciprocatively located in the cylinder; a crank shaft which is rotatably arranged in the crank chamber and is coupled to the piston via a connecting rod; a pressure equalization path through which the intake chamber and the crank chamber communicates, the pressure equalization path having an opening end open to the crank chamber; and a partition member which is located between the crank shaft and the opening end of the pressure equalization path. The partition member extends below the crank shaft from one side to the other side of the crank shaft so as to cover at least the lower side of the crank shaft..
Mayekawa Mfg. Co., Ltd.


Method and system for engine unburned hydrocarbon control

Methods and systems are provided for detecting hydrocarbon ingestion into an engine based on the simultaneous monitoring of cylinder imbalance and an elevated exhaust exotherm. Crankshaft acceleration data is monitored during steady-state and transient engine conditions while exhaust temperatures are estimated during non-regeneration conditions.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Connecting rod structure of engine

A connecting rod structure includes a connecting rod for coupling a crankshaft to a piston, the connecting rod including a larger end part formed with a shaft insertion hole for the crankshaft, a smaller end part formed with a pin insertion hole for a piston pin which couples the piston to the smaller end part, and a coupling part for coupling the larger end part to the smaller end part; and a dynamic absorber provided to the larger end part for suppressing the piston, the piston pin, and the connecting rod from integrally resonating with respect to the crankshaft. The dynamic absorber includes a fixed part fixed to the larger end part and a supporting part for coupling the fixed part to a mass part and supporting the mass part to be movable in substantially longitudinal directions of the connecting rod with respect to the fixed part..
Mazda Motor Corporation


Method for mounting an oil sump and arrangement of an oil sump on an assembly formed by a crankcase and a flywheel housing

An oil sump is mounted on an assembly formed by a crankcase and a flywheel housing of an internal combustion engine. The flywheel housing has a first parting plane to the crankcase and to the oil sump.
Man Truck & Bus Ag


Modular electrically actuated camshaft phaser

A camshaft phaser for controllably varying the phase relationship between a crankshaft and a camshaft of an internal combustion engine includes a housing connectable to the crankshaft and having a housing bore extending therethrough along an axis. A back cover is attached to one axial end of the housing while a front cover is attached to the other axial end of the housing.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.


System and controlling an engine based on a desired turbine power to account for losses in a torque converter

A system according to the principles of the present disclosure includes a desired turbine power module and an engine actuator module. The desired turbine power module determines a desired amount of power at a turbine of a torque converter based on an accelerator pedal position and a vehicle speed.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Elliptical exercise apparatus

An elliptical exercise apparatus includes a main device, a guider frame rotatably connected to the main device via an axis, the guider frame being rotatable relative to the ground and the main device, two crank units respectively rotatably connected to a right side and a left side of the main device, two supporting sets both interconnected between the two crank units and the guider frame, two swing links respectively pivotally connected to two sides of the main device, and two control links both interconnected between the two supporting sets and the two swing links. Under this arrangement, when the elliptical exercise apparatus is folded, one supporting set abuts against the guider frame and one corresponding control link simultaneously, so that when the user moves the elliptical exercise apparatus which is folded, the structure of the elliptical exercise apparatus prevents unwanted motion of the cranks and the supporting sets..
Johnson Health Tech Co., Ltd.


Exercise bike

An exercise bike includes a frame, a driving member, two sun gears, two swing arms, two planet gears, and two cranks. The driving member is assembled to the frame and has a shaft extending from two sides of the frame.
Ventek Fitness Corporation


Retention-extraction device for removable cards in a chassis

A retention-extraction device is provided for a removable card in a chassis. The device includes an actuation rod having a cam slot, the actuation rod configured to provide linear movement along the length of the actuation rod, and an extraction lever operatively connected to a proximal end of the actuation rod and pivotally secured to the chassis.
Juniper Networks, Inc.


Multiplex pump systems and associated methods of use with waterjet systems and other high pressure fluid systems

High pressure pump systems for use with waterjet systems and other systems are described herein. A pump system configured in accordance with a particular embodiment includes a first multi-cylinder pump having a first crankshaft and a second multi-cylinder pump having a second crankshaft.
Omax Corporation


Apparatus for detecting abnormal combustion in a combustion engine

A spark ignition internal combustion engine includes: a compression ratio changing mechanism by which a volume of a combustion chamber varies; a cylinder internal pressure sensor that acquires a pressure signal of a pressure vibration inside a cylinder; and an abnormal combustion detector including a filter that passes the pressure signal, of a set frequency band among the pressure signal, and detecting an occurrence of abnormal combustion based on the pressure signal having passed through the filter. The abnormal combustion detector sets a frequency band of the filter based on a crank angle section in which abnormal combustion occurs and on a mechanical compression ratio..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Connecting rod and internal combustion engine

A connecting rod (10) has a pin bearing eye for attaching the connecting rod (10) to a crankshaft, a connecting rod bearing eye (12) for attaching the connecting rod (10) to a piston of a cylinder, and an eccentric adjusting device (13) for adjusting an effective connecting rod length. The eccentric adjusting device (13) has eccentric rods (15, 16) that act on an eccentric lever (14) of the eccentric adjusting device (13).
Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft


Cam shaft phase setter comprising a control valve for hydraulically adjusting the phase position of a cam shaft

A cam shaft phase setter for adjusting the rotational angular position of a cam shaft relative to a crankshaft of an internal combustion engine by means of a hydraulic fluid, the cam shaft phase setter including a stator which can be rotary-driven by the crankshaft; a pressure chamber for the fluid; a rotor which is connected, rotationally fixed, to the cam shaft and coupled to the stator such that torque is transmitted and which can be adjusted in its rotational angle relative to the stator by introducing the fluid into the pressure chamber; a control valve including a valve housing and a valve piston; the valve housing including a housing inlet, an operating port to the pressure chamber and a reservoir port to a reservoir for the fluid and being connected, rotationally fixed, to the cam shaft or being formed by the cam shaft; the valve piston being axially adjustable back and forth in the valve housing between a first position and a second position and including a piston feed which is connected to the housing inlet and is connected to the operating port in the first position of the valve piston and separated from the operating port in the second position of the valve piston; an actuating unit, coupled to the valve piston, for axially adjusting the valve piston; and a feedback through which fluid which flows through the valve housing can be fed back into an engine housing of the internal combustion engine which rotatably mounts the cam shaft; wherein the cam shaft phase setter is configured such that the fluid flowing through the control valve flows back into the engine housing through one or more components of the phase setter which rotate with the cam shaft.. .
Schwäbische Hüttenwerke Automotive Gmbh


Valve train system drive device for an internal combustion engine, and engine incorporating same

In an internal combustion engine having an idle gear that transmits power received from a crankshaft to valve train systems, an idle shaft that rotatably supports the idle gear, and an outer cover that covers a crankcase from a lateral side, a valve train system drive mechanism includes a crankcase-side boss part is formed on a sidewall of the crankcase, which supports one end of the idle shaft. The drive mechanism also includes a case-cover-side boss part that is formed on the outer cover and supports the other end of the idle shaft.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Method for initiating and maintaining a substoichiometric operating mode of an internal combustion engine and internal combustion engine for carrying out a this kind

The present disclosure describes systems and methods for recharging a storage catalyst of an internal combustion engine. A method is described, comprising: while operating an engine in a substoichiometric operating mode when the engine is under medium load and responsive to an lnt condition, assisting the engine with an electric machine connected to an engine crankshaft.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Transmission assembly for a motor vehicle

A transmission assembly for a motor vehicle having a gearbox including a clutch, a clutch-release device, a reversible rotary electric machine provided with a rotor provided with a central opening, and an intermediate shaft between the clutch and the rotor of the electric machine, the shaft supporting the clutch-release device at the front and being inserted in the central opening of the rotor. The transmission assembly includes a dry friction clutch provided with a reaction plate, and comprises, at the front, a damping double flywheel configured such as to be attached to the crankshaft of the heat engine of the vehicle and to form the reaction plate of the dry friction clutch and, at the rear, a torsion damper configured such as to be rotatably connected to the input shaft of the gearbox, the rotor of the electric machine being attached to the torsion damper..
Valeo Equipments Electriques Moteur


Lock ring spreader

A lock ring spreader is capable of being mounted to a lock ring having a first end and a second end. The lock ring spreader comprises a first mount that is mountable to the lock ring near the first end of the lock ring and a second mount that is mountable to the lock ring near the second end of the lock ring.


Apparatus for forming a blank for finish forging for a forged crankshaft

In a forming apparatus, stationary journal dies (10u, 10b) and movable journal dies (11u, 11b) each hold and retain rough journal portions (j′) of a preform blank (4) therebetween, and crank pin dies (12) contacts rough crank pin portions (p′) thereof, and in this state, the movable journal dies (11u, 11b) are moved axially toward the stationary journal dies (10u, 10b) and the crank pin dies (12) are moved in the same axial direction and in an eccentric direction. Rough crank arm portions (a′) are axially compressed to reduce their thickness to that of crank arms of a forged crankshaft, and the rough crank pin portions (p′) are pressed in the eccentric direction to increase eccentricity to that of the crank pins of the forged crankshaft.
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation


Paint maker and mixing device

A mixing and paint-making device and method for making paint are described. Embodiments of the paint-making device include a first and second palette hingedly coupled to a base.
Crayola Llc


Food cleaning device

A cleaning device with built-in removable brushes/bristles of the present invention composes of a lid and bowl; whereas lid is fitted with the bowl; inside the bowl there is a spinning basket with built-in removable bristles, the crank and knob located on top of lid for spinning action. The crank is attached to the middle section of the brushing basket with an extension part.


In-cylinder pressure detection device for internal combustion engine

This invention determines whether or not an internal combustion engine is not performing combustion. If the determined result is that the internal combustion engine is not performing combustion, a maximum in-cylinder pressure pmax during motoring is identified by an in-cylinder pressure sensor, and a crank angle θpmax corresponding to the maximum in-cylinder pressure pmax is detected by a crank angle sensor.
Fujitsu Ten Limited


Continuously variable transmission

Embodiments are directed to a front end accessory drive (fead) and power modulating devices (pmd) which can be used in a fead. In one embodiment, a continuously variable transmission (cvt) is coupled directly to a crankshaft of a prime mover, and the cvt is used to regulate the speed and/or torque delivered to an accessory.
Fallbrook Intellectual Property Company Llc


Treadle-drive eccentric wheel transmission wheel series with periodically varied speed ratio

The present invention is structured by using one or both of an active wheel and a passive wheel being composed of an eccentric transmission wheel and being combined with a synchronous transmission belt for forming an eccentric wheel transmission wheel series, so that in the reciprocal treadle performed by the human's feet, when the feet input forces at different angles from the treadle shafts of the treadles to an active wheel shaft combined on the active wheel through cranks, the active wheel forms different transmission speed ratios relative to the passive wheel according to the treadle angle.. .


Apparatus and starting an engine

An apparatus for starting an engine of a mild hybrid vehicle is disclosed having low and high voltage starting devices and controlled by an electronic controller. The electronic controller is operable to use the high voltage starting device as a motor to crank the engine whenever possible so as to partially discharge a high voltage battery and facilitate the increased use of automatic stopping and starting of the engine..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

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