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Crank patents


This page is updated frequently with new Crank-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Crank-related patents
 Device for determining the torque applied to a crankset shaft patent thumbnailnew patent Device for determining the torque applied to a crankset shaft
A device (1) for determining the torque applied to a crankset shaft (10) moveable in rotation about an axis of rotation, includes a supporting element (50). The crankset shaft (10) has two separate parts that are moveable in rotation, the supporting element being designed to keep the two parts substantially coaxial with the axis of rotation.
Continental Automotive Gmbh

 Pedaling torque and power measuring device for a bicycle patent thumbnailnew patent Pedaling torque and power measuring device for a bicycle
A torque and power measuring device corresponding to the non-drive side cyclist leg, comprising a hollow shaft connecting the two bicycle crank arms with strain sensors arranged in the shaft surface. These sensors are connected to an electronic control unit housed inside the shaft, to which are also connected other different sensors to measure a plurality of interesting quantities (pedaling cadence, crank arm angular position .
Indra Sistemas, S.a.

 Complex cast component and casting method therefor patent thumbnailnew patent Complex cast component and casting method therefor
A complex cast component of an internal combustion engine, in particular a crankshaft or a camshaft, has a longitudinal axis, a plurality of regions, along the longitudinal axis, and a first cavity. Each of the plurality of regions has a certain cool-down rate during a solidification process of a casting process.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

 Scroll compressor patent thumbnailnew patent Scroll compressor
A scroll compressor includes a casing, a compression mechanism accommodated within the casing, a motor arranged to rotatably drive the crankshaft, an oil feed pump arranged to feed lubricating oil upward, a lower oil reservoir disposed in a space below the oil feed pump to hold lubricating oil, an oil feed path and an oil retention space. The compression mechanism has a stationary scroll and a moveable scroll forming a compression chamber.
Daikin Industries, Ltd.

 Scroll compressor patent thumbnailnew patent Scroll compressor
A scroll compressor includes fixed and movable scrolls and a crank shaft coupled to the movable scroll. The fixed and movable wraps are engaged to form a compression chamber.
Daikin Industries, Ltd.

 Control  a vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Control a vehicle
An internal combustion engine is provided that executes fuel injection and ignition with respect to a cylinder that remains stopped in an expansion stroke, and that performs ignition startup that starts up the internal combustion engine by rotationally driving a crankshaft by pressure of combustion accompanying the fuel injection. A motor generator (mg) that can rotationally drive the crankshaft is provided.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

 System for actuating an exhaust cowl patent thumbnailnew patent System for actuating an exhaust cowl
In various embodiments, a cowl actuation system may comprise a cowl, an actuator, a bell crank, and a guide arm. The cowl may be configured to modulate at least a portion of the exhaust flow of a gas turbine engine.
United Technologies Corporation

 Method for controlling a combustion engine to decelerate a vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Method for controlling a combustion engine to decelerate a vehicle
A method and vehicle embodying the method are provided for deceleration of a vehicle comprising a combustion engine comprising at least one cylinder to which fuel is supplied, a piston in each cylinder, at least one inlet valve in each cylinder, which is connected with an inlet system, a first camshaft controlling the inlet valve, at least one exhaust valve in each cylinder, which is connected with an exhaust system, a second camshaft controlling the at least one exhaust valve and a crankshaft controlling each camshaft. The method comprising a) closing the fuel supply to all cylinders, b) phase-shifting each camshaft in relation to the crankshaft to a position where no air is supplied to the exhaust system when the pistons move forwards and backwards in each cylinder, and c) controlling a gearbox to engage a gear that increases the crankshaft's rotation speed, which decreases the vehicle's speed..
Scania Cv Ab

 Multi-link piston-crank mechanism for internal combustion engine patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-link piston-crank mechanism for internal combustion engine
A lower link (13) is formed such that outer circumferential sides of both end portions of a crankpin through-hole (21) are stiffer than a center portion of the crankpin through-hole (21), i.e. A bifurcation portion of a bifurcated shape thereof.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

 Supercharger for engine patent thumbnailnew patent Supercharger for engine
A supercharger is driven by a rotational force of a crankshaft of a combustion engine via a chain. The supercharger includes: a supercharger rotation shaft to which an impeller is fixed; a supercharger holder that rotatably supports the supercharger rotation shaft; and a hydraulic tensioner that is mounted on the supercharger holder and suppresses slack of the chain.
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent

Engine oil supply apparatus

An oil supply apparatus includes: an oil pump; a main oil supply path; a sub oil supply path connected to the main oil supply path; a first oil supply section which is connected to the main oil supply path and which supplies oil to a crank bearing section of a specific crank journal; a second oil supply section which is connected to the sub oil supply path and which supplies oil to a crank bearing section of a crank journal other than the specific crank journal; and a control apparatus which sets, as a target oil pressure, a highest required oil pressure among required oil pressures required from a plurality of hydraulic operating sections in accordance with an operation state of the engine, and which controls the discharge amount of the oil pump so that an oil pressure detected by an oil pressure sensor equals the target oil pressure.. .
Mazda Motor Corporation

new patent

Multi-link piston-crank mechanism for internal combustion engine

When the compression ratio of a variable compression ratio internal combustion engine (10) is set at a low compression ratio, a lubricating oil ejected from a lower link oil passage (25) is reflected by an upper link (11) at the piston top dead center, and supplied to a cylinder inside wall surface on the side on which a control link (15) is located in a view as viewed in the axial direction of the crank shaft. When the compression ratio of the variable compression ratio internal combustion engine (10) is set at a high compression ratio, the lubricating oil ejected from lower link oil passage (25) is reflected by upper link (11) at the piston top dead center, and supplied to the back side of the piston crown..
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

new patent

Hydro-compressed gas powered marine engine, marine vessels using such engine and method

A marine vessel is propelled through water using a hydro-compress gas powered engine including a chamber having a hydropower motor in an upper section and a compressed gas motor in a lower section. In a first cycle of the engine water is introduced into the hydropower motor that driving a drives a crankshaft using the kinetic energy of falling water.

new patent

Apparatus, system, and cycle improvements

A stationary exercise cycle. The stationary exercise cycle includes a frame, a crank rotatably connected to the frame, a driven wheel rotatably connected to the frame, and a frame stiffener.
Core Health & Fitness, Llc


Malfunction diagnosis device for crank-angle sensor, and malfunction diagnosis crank-angle sensor

A malfunction diagnosis device for a crank-angle sensor that outputs, during rotation of a crankshaft, a pulse signal in a mode varying depending on a rotational direction of the crankshaft, includes an electronic control unit configured: to determine that the crank-angle sensor is malfunctioning upon satisfaction of a malfunction determination condition including a first condition that an engine speed at change timing, at which the mode of the pulse signal changes from a first mode corresponding to forward rotation of the crankshaft to a second mode corresponding to reverse rotation thereof, is higher than or equal to a determination value lower than an idling speed, and a second condition that the engine speed continues to be higher than or equal to the determination value from the change timing; and not to make a determination that the crank-angle sensor is malfunctioning when the malfunction determination condition is not satisfied.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Crank position sensor wheel and manufacturing the same

A crank position sensor wheel comprises a core portion and a surface portion, wherein the surface portion comprises iron and carbon, the surface portion being 0.02% or less by weight carbon, and the core portion comprises iron and carbon, the core portion being between 0.05 and 0.20% by weight carbon.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Double-link piston crank mechanism for internal combustion engine

An opening on one end side of a pin-boss oil passage opens to the inner circumferential surface of a pin boss part of an upper link, while an opening on the other end side thereof opens to the outer circumferential surface of the pin boss part of the upper link. A lower-link oil passage has a one-end-side opening structured to open to a pin-boss-facing surface of the lower link facing the outer circumferential surface of the pin boss part of the upper link and its other-end-side opening structured to open to a crankpin bearing surface.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Refrigerant filling rotary compressor

A refrigerant filling rotary compressor includes a shell, a compressing mechanism, an injection tube and an injection valve assembly. The compressing mechanism includes a cylinder, a main bearing, an auxiliary bearing, a crank shaft, a piston and a sliding vane.
Guangdong Meizhi Compressor Co., Ltd.


Pressurizing booster compressor

A method for preventing a pressure in a crank chamber from excessively increasing without leading to an increase in weight or cost or causing damage to a pressurizing booster compressor. A compression chamber is formed by a cylinder, a cylinder head, and a piston reciprocal inside the cylinder.
Anest Iwata Corporation


Crankcase ventilation system geometry optimization

An internal combustion engine having an oil drain opening connected to an oil drain passage in a cylinder head for simultaneously providing flow of oil to a crankcase and blow-by gases to a crankcase ventilation whereby the geometry of the oil drain opening and oil drain passage are such that the velocity of blow-by gas flow through the oil drain opening is limited.. .
Caterpillar Inc.


Signal detection for balancing cylinders in a motor vehicle

The present disclosure teaches method for balancing cylinders in a motor vehicle including an engine which has at least two cylinders. The method may include: determining a cycle period of a cycle of the engine and a number of cycles of the engine, determining a cylinder value function for each cylinder of the engine for each cycle indicative of acceleration of a crankshaft of the engine caused by the corresponding cylinder, carrying out a signal analysis for each cylinder value function, detecting an amplitude for each signal, forming an amplitude mean value for each cylinder, detecting irregular running of the engine on the basis of the amplitude mean values, and compensating for the detected irregular running of the engine..
Continental Automotive Gmbh


Crankcase ventilating evacuator

A turbocharged engine air system is disclosed. The system includes a vacuum consuming device, a turbocharger having a compressor fluidly connected to an intake manifold of an engine, a first check valve located upstream of the compressor, a second check valve located downstream of the compressor and upstream of the intake manifold, and an evacuator.
Dayco Ip Holdings, Llc


Chute opener

A chute opener for opening a chute of a grain trailer is provided. The chute opener uses a motor coupled to a motor gear to drive a shaft gear.


Hybrid vehicle control device

A hybrid vehicle control device is provided for controlling a drive system in a hybrid vehicle. The hybrid vehicle control device is provided with a hybrid control module that begins engagement of a clutch, and cranks a transverse engine using a motor/generator as a drive source, when a request is made to start an engine in an ev mode.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Press with drop away connecting arm and stroke adjustment and counter weight drive

A thermoforming trim press has one or more connecting arms for a movable platen which each have a pivotal connection between the adjacent ends of two adjacent sections into which each connecting arm is divided. The pivotal connection is normally locked to keep the sections in end to end alignment during normal press operation, but can be released to allow pivoting between the sections to be able to draw the movable platen further back from the normal retracted position to increase the available clearance when changing or maintaining tools mounted on the movable platen.


Crank handle with hole

Present invention provides a handy device to increase working leverage when other tools are used; a z-shaped portion containing the bent flat area provides a “cradling” support to human hands and prevents slippage when power is exerted to the tool. A hole, and potential additional holes, can be made to the flat area, serving to provide “hooking” storage and other applicable purposes..


Method for detecting a leak in a crankcase breather

A method is provided for detecting a leak in a crankcase breather of an internal combustion engine, in which a cavity of a crankcase is connected in a gas conducting manner to a fresh air section of the internal combustion engine. A pressure sensor is provided for measuring a pressure in the cavity.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft


Vehicle power unit

A vehicle power unit is provided in which a transmission including a gear transmission mechanism and a gear selector mechanism is housed in a transmission case, the gear transmission mechanism having gear trains with a plurality of gear positions that can be established alternatively, the gear selector mechanism being capable of operating s as to alternatively establish the gear trains with the plurality of gear positions, and a plurality of rotational speed sensors individually detecting the rotational speed of a plurality of rotating members forming part of the transmission are mounted on the transmission case, wherein the plurality of rotational speed sensors are disposed in a distributed manner so as to sandwich the plurality of shaft members of the gear selector mechanism in a projection on a plane orthogonal to a central axis of a crankshaft.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Internal combustion engine having at least one piston

An internal combustion engine has at least one piston which performs stroke movements in a cylinder crankcase. Via two connecting rods, the piston interacts with two parallel crankshafts which rotate synchronously in opposite directions.
Neander Motors Ag


Housing for a crankcase ventilation system

A housing for a crankcase ventilation system of an engine is provided. The housing includes a plurality of walls connected together and having an outer surface and an inner surface.
Caterpillar Inc.


Cam shaft phase setter comprising a control valve for hydraulically adjusting the phase position of a cam shaft

A cam shaft phase setter for adjusting the rotational angular position of a cam shaft relative to a crankshaft of an internal combustion engine by a hydraulic fluid, the cam shaft phase setter including: a stator connected to the crankshaft; a pressure chamber; a rotor connected to the cam shaft, the rotor being adjustable relative to the stator by introducing the fluid into the pressure chamber; a control valve including a valve housing and a valve piston; and an actuating unit for axially adjusting the valve piston; wherein the cam shaft phase setter is configured such that fluid flowing through the control valve flows back into an engine housing which rotatably mounts the cam shaft.. .
Schwäbische Hüttenwerke Automotive Gmbh


Internal combustion engine

An internal combustion engine includes an exhaust valve, a plurality of cams ca, cb, and cc used to drive the exhaust valve, a cam-switching variable valve mechanism that selects a use cam used to drive the exhaust valve out of the plurality of cams ca, cb, and cc, and an electronic control unit that determines whether switching abnormality of the use cam in the variable valve mechanism is present on the basis of a locus m in a predetermined period k which is a period in which the exhaust valve is opened. The locus m is a locus of an in-cylinder pressure changing rate dpc/dθ and is specifically a locus indicating a variation of the in-cylinder pressure changing rate dpc/dθ depending on a crank angle θ..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Integrated traction system for locomotives

The disclosure an integrated traction system for a locomotive. The system includes a primary electrical energy source, a traction load circuit, an auxiliary load circuit, a common dc link, s secondary electrical energy, and a controller.
Electro-motive Diesel, Inc.


Gear-cutting machine

This gear cutting machine, which is equipped with a cutter (15), a cutter spindle motor (11) that causes, via a crank mechanism (13) and a cutter spindle (16), the cutter (15) perform a stroke operation, and a motor control unit (10) that controls the rotation angle of the cutter spindle motor (11), is provided with a relieving spindle motor (12) that causes the cutter (15) to move in the direction of a relieving spindle via a link mechanism (four-joint link mechanism (14)). The motor control unit (10) controls the rotation angle of the relieving spindle motor (12) on the basis of the rotation angle of the cutter spindle motor (11).
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd.


Green compact of sintered connecting rod using different kind of powder and manufacturing the same

A green compact of a sintered connecting rod is provided comprising a first end having a circular shape formed from a first powder, and connected to a crank shaft. A second end having a circular shape is formed from a second powder, and connected to a piston, wherein a diameter of the first end is larger than a diameter of the second end.
Hyundai Motor Company


Device for measuring the faces of a crank bearing

A crank bearing face measuring device for measuring the faces of crank bearings of a crankshaft has a base body and a device for rotating the crankshaft about a main axis of rotation. The main axis of rotation is defined by the main bearings of the crankshaft.


Axle seal

An axle seal used to prevent lubricant from leaking between a rotating shaft and a shaft bore, for example, sealed fittings between the rotating shaft and shaft bore where static misalignment and/or dynamic misalignment exceeds conventional extent. The seal includes: a peripheral connection section reliably connected to an inner edge of the shaft bore; an extensible and retractable adjustment section connected to the peripheral connection section, allowing the seal to make extension and retraction adjustment in a radial direction; and a sealed contact section connected to the inner edge of the extensible and retractable adjustment section and potentially in sealed contact with the surface of the rotating shaft.


Sintered pully

A sintered pulley may include a body of a metal alloy and configured with a substantially annular shape. The body may include a first face of contact with a crankshaft, a second face of contact with a securing element, and a concentric hole for associating the pulley with the crankshaft.


Gear transmission

A gear transmission is provided with a gear structure and a plurality of motors. The gear structure is provided with a plurality of crank shafts, an eccentric rotation gear, and a rotation gear.


Outboard motor

An outboard motor has a vertical-shaft vee engine unit provided with a crankshaft arranged approximately vertically and left and right cylinder units aligned to be open backward in a “v” shape as seen in a plan view. A surge tank and an air intake system unit provided with an intake pipe to connect the surge tank to intake ports of the left and right cylinder heads are arranged in a center of a width direction of a rear side of the engine unit.


Positional control of actuator shaft for e-phaser and calibration

An apparatus (10) and method for controlling an angular position of a camshaft (12) in an internal combustion engine having a camshaft phaser (14) for controllably varying the phase relationship between a crankshaft of the internal combustion engine and the camshaft (12). The camshaft phaser (14) can be actuated by an electric motor (16) having an actuator shaft (18) operating through a gear reduction drive train (20) having a stationary adjusting member (22) which rotates when a phase change adjustment is desired.


Turbomachine impellor rotor with device for feathering the blades of the impellor

The present invention relates to a rotor for a turbomotor impeller, with variable-pitch blades, comprising blade roots capable of rotating in a blade supporting structure and a device for feathering the blades. Said feathering device comprises at least one flyweight secured to a crank connected by a gear set to at least one of said blade roots..


A vehicle which is operable by a motor and by muscular energy and has an improved torque sensor

A vehicle which is operable by a motor and/or muscular energy, in particular an electric bicycle, which includes an electric motor, a crankshaft drive having a first crank, a second crank, and a crankshaft, a torque sensor for detecting a torque applied by a rider at the crankshaft drive, and a control unit, which is set up to actuate the electric motor based on at least the values acquired by the torque sensor to drive the vehicle, the torque sensor being situated at the crankshaft drive and the torque sensor including at least one surface acoustic wave sensor.. .


Method for controlling an electric drive of a vehicle which is operable by muscular energy and/or motor power and vehicle of this kind

A method for controlling an electric drive of a vehicle is provided, e.g., an electric bicycle, which is able to be operated by muscular energy and/or motor power, the vehicle including a crank gear and the electric drive being disposed at the crank gear. The method includes: ascertaining a driving situation, for which the electric drive is to be used, and in this situation, initially running up the electric drive at a first gradient, and then at a second gradient, the first gradient being greater than the second gradient..


Hybrid powertrain with mechatronic actuator assembly and controlling the same

A powertrain includes an engine with a crankshaft rotating on a first axis, motor/generator unit (mgu), belted drive system, transmission, actuator assembly, and controller. An mgu rotor shaft rotates about a second axis.


Body pulsating apparatus and method

A device and method coupled to a therapy garment to apply pressure and repetitive compression forces to a body of a person has a positive air pulse generator and a user programmable time, frequency and pressure controller operable to regulate the duration of operation, frequency of the air pulses and a selected air pressure applied to the body of a person. The air pulse generator has rigid displacers that are angularly moved with crank power transmissions to draw air into the air pulse generator and discharge air pressure pulses to the therapy garment..


Fishing line storage and reversal

A device for storing fishing line, including a housing supporting a plurality of axle-rods, each having a crank-handle at one end and supporting a plurality of spools each of which is aligned with a spool supported by an adjacent axle-rod. Each of the spools configured to accept fishing line fed thereon, preferably from an angle not substantially parallel to an axle-rod..


Spinner crank fishing lure

A fishing lure and method for its use are described. The fishing lure includes a lure body made from a buoyant material having a spinner assembly attached to its back end, and an optional wobble plate attached to its front end.


Heat transfer system for a fuser assembly

A fuser assembly which includes a heating member; a backup roll disposed proximate to the heating member; a heat transfer device selectively contacting the backup roll for transferring heat therefrom; and a positioning mechanism moving the heat transfer device between a first position in which the heat transfer device is engaged with the backup roll and a second position in which the heat transfer device is spaced apart therefrom. The positioning mechanism pivots the heat transfer device about a pivot axis when moving the heat transfer device, and includes a pair of bell cranks to which the heat transfer device is coupled, a first coupling member coupled to one of the bell cranks and a second coupling member coupled to the first coupling member.


Crankshaft position sensing system

A crankshaft position sensing system for an engine, the crankshaft position sensing system comprising: a trigger wheel, and a position sensor configured to detect the angular position of the trigger wheel, the position sensor being further configured to extend through an opening in a wall of a casing of the engine, wherein the position sensor has a body portion and a sensor portion, the sensor portion being provided at a distal end of the body portion, the body portion distal end being adjacent to the trigger wheel in an installed configuration, wherein the body portion has a longitudinal axis that is inclined to a radial plane of the trigger wheel when in the installed configuration.. .


Archery bow string draw board

An archery bow draw board for an anchored compound archery bow having a riser, limbs, at least one cam with a pulley, or two cams, a bow string with a cable. The draw board is connectable to the bow string and includes a base plate supporting a gallows vertical pole and a gear box and side plate fixed therebelow.


Reciprocating pump with dual circuit power end lubrication system

A dual circuit lubrication system for a power end of a reciprocating pump that includes a lubrication pump that supplies lubrication fluid to a high pressure lubrication circuit and a low pressure lubrication circuit. The high pressure lubrication circuit is fluidly coupled to a crankshaft to supply lubrication fluid to sliding surfaces associated with the crankshaft at a first lubrication fluid pressure.


Method for producing a ventilation bore in a thrust bearing of a crankcase of a reciprocating internal combustion engine

A method is provided for producing a ventilation bore in a thrust bearing of a crankcase of a reciprocating internal combustion engine by milling. The milling cutter is an angled-head milling cutter, which is introduced into the crankcase in the direction of a cylinder longitudinal axis and is moved in the direction of a crankcase longitudinal axis until the thrust bearing is perforated.


System and exhaust gas recirculation estimation with two intake oxygen sensors

Methods and systems are provided for estimating exhaust gas recirculation (egr) flow based on outputs of two different intake oxygen sensors arranged in an engine intake system. In one example, a method may include, when the engine is boosted, adjusting exhaust gas recirculation (egr) based on a first output of a first oxygen sensor positioned in an intake passage and exposed to egr gases and a second output of a second oxygen sensor not exposed to egr gases and exposed to positive crankcase ventilation and purge flow gases.


Engine cooling system for motorcycle

An engine cooling system for a motorcycle of the present invention includes an engine that includes a crankcase and a cylinder, a water pump to supply cooling water to the engine, and a radiator that dissipates heat of internally circulating cooling water by receiving a travelling wind. The water pump is an electrically operated type including a driving motor, and disposed independently of the crankcase..


Exhaust apparatus of outboard motor

An exhaust apparatus of an outboard motor equipped with a four-stroke engine includes an exhaust pipe having a cylindrical shape and being connected to an exhaust passage of an engine holder, wherein the exhaust pipe is disposed in an exhaust passage of the exhaust manifold in a manner being erected upright in parallel to the crankshaft, and the exhaust pipe has an upper end opened in an upper portion of the exhaust passage and a lower end supporting the cylinder block, and the exhaust manifold and the exhaust pipe are provided with a gap therebetween in a plan view acting as an exhaust collection space adapted to collect exhaust gas from the exhaust manifold.. .


Two-stroke internal combustion engine with a spherical chamber

An internal combustion heat engine, of which the architecture of one elementary “cylinder” includes 4 identical mobile couplings distributed about the z axis of the engine, consisting of a segmented “piston” driven by the crank pin of a crankshaft and guided by a roller rolling in a slide. The crankshafts, which are parallel and synchronised by a gear mechanism, perform one revolution per cycle.


Cove lip door slaved to trailing edge control device

Movement of an aerodynamic cove lip door is directly slaved to real time movement of a trailing edge control device operably secured to an aircraft wing. The cove lip door is adapted to move relative to the movement of the control device for managing aerodynamic air gaps.


Trailing edge device with bell crank mechanism

A bell crank mechanism is configured to at least indirectly link any movement of an aircraft wing spoiler-like hinge panel to the movement of an aircraft wing trailing edge flight control device. The aircraft wing is configured to be fixed to and to extend from an aircraft fuselage, the wing including a leading edge and a trailing edge.


Water bike

A water bike has a frame supported on first and second spaced apart pontoons or similar floatation elements. Pedals are attached to cranks on a front sprocket rotatably supported on the frame.


Compound power mechanism and electric bicycle

A compound power mechanism and an electric bicycle are provided. The compound power mechanism includes a motor casing fixed to the bicycle, a motor drive shaft coupled with a rotor, and a stator provided in the motor casing.


Drivetrain system for an electrically assisted human powered vehicle

Pedal power provided by the driver is delivered to the drive wheel of a vehicle, aided when necessary by an electric motor and transmission. A second electric motor adds regenerative braking functionality and the ability to drive the vehicle in reverse.


Hybrid vehicle

A hybrid vehicle capable of selecting between a state where a clutch coupling an engine and a motor is engaged and the vehicle travels by drive power of the engine, and a state where the clutch is released and the vehicle travels with the engine stopped, wherein, if there is a request to restart the engine while the engine is rotating after control to release the clutch and stop the engine has been started, then upon the condition that the engine number of revolutions is equal to or greater than a predetermined threshold value, and in a state where the output torque of the motor is limited to a previously established torque or less, control to increase the transmission torque capacity of the clutch is implemented, whereupon the output torque of the motor is increased to a torque that cranks the engine.. .


Amusement park elevator drop ride system and associated methods

A cable driven elevator system having an elevator platform with an integral motion system is provided using one or multiple actuators. Each actuator includes a support plate attached to the elevator platform, a planetary gearbox engaged with and driven by an electric servo motor, and a drive shaft driven by the servo motor and engaged with a one crank.


Seated exercise apparatus

A seated exercise apparatus comprises a frame having a seat attached to the frame. A pair of opposed cranks are rotatably coupled to the frame such that they rotate about a first axis.


Horizontal unit for making beverages using capsules containing powdered food substances

A horizontal unit for making beverages using capsules containing powdered food substances comprises a first part (4) and a second part (6) which are mobile between an operating position in which they form an extraction chamber (8) for a capsule (2), and a capsule (2) insertion position in which they are distanced, and movement means (17) for reciprocal movement of the two parts (4), (6) comprising a connecting rod (21)—crank (19) mechanism connected to the mobile part (4), (6). In the operating position the crank (19) rests on a part of the unit supporting structure (3).



A flat plane crankshaft for an in-line four cylinder engine includes eight crank arms. A fourth crank arm and a fifth crank arm are respectively provided with counter weights.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Thrust bearing and bearing device for crankshaft of internal combustion engine

The invention provides a thrust bearing for receiving an axial force of a crankshaft of an internal combustion engine. The thrust bearing includes a pair of half thrust bearings having a semi-annular shape that form an annular shape by abutting their circumferential end surfaces.
Daido Metal Company Ltd.


Bearing device for crankshaft of internal combustion engine

The invention provides a bearing device, including a crankshaft, a pair of half bearings each having crush reliefs formed adjacent to both circumferential ends thereof, a bearing housing in which a retaining hole is formed for retaining the pair of half bearings, and one half thrust bearing having a semi-annular shape arranged adjacent to the retaining hole. The half thrust bearing includes thrust reliefs formed adjacent to both circumferential end portions of a sliding surface receiving an axial force of the crankshaft so that its wall thickness is made thinner toward the circumferential end surface, and a thrust relief length at an inner end portion of the thrust relief positioned on a rear side in the crankshaft rotational direction is formed to be larger than a thrust relief length at an inner end portion of the thrust relief positioned on a front side in the crankshaft rotational direction..
Daido Metal Company Ltd.


Connecting rod

A connecting rod (1) has a small end (2) that is connectable rotatably to a piston, a connecting rod big end (3) that is connectable rotatably to a crankshaft, and a shank (4) between the ends (2, 3). The connecting rod big end (3) has a big end (5) and a connecting rod bearing cover (6) that can be screwed to the big end (5).
Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft



A compressor of the present invention comprises a crankshaft, a first compression part, and a second compression part for further compressing a gas discharged from the first compression part. The first compression part comprises a first reciprocating motion conversion part, a first pressing part, and a first cylinder body comprising a plurality of cylinder components, while the second compression part comprises a second reciprocating motion conversion part, a second pressing part, and a second cylinder body comprising a plurality of cylinder components.
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)


Integrated high pressure pump with cylinder block

An integrated high pressure pump with a cylinder block may include the cylinder block having a crank shaft positioned therein and a pump hole having a predetermined diameter formed in a direction perpendicular to a length direction of the crank shaft, and a tappet guide part seated to be inserted along the pump hole to connect the cylinder block and a high pressure pump device to each other, in which the high pressure pump device is provided with a tappet moved along an inner portion of the tappet guide part, such that turning force of the crank shaft is directly transferred thereto.. .
Kia Motors Corp.


Multi-fuel engine system

Various methods and systems are provided for an engine capable of receiving liquid and gaseous fuel. In one example, cylinder misfire may be identified based on a misfire monitor.
General Electric Company


High pressure fuel supplying apparatus of engine

A high pressure fuel supplying apparatus of an engine may include a chain case configured to enclose a chain which transfers power from a crankshaft of the engine to a valve camshaft, a pump housing part integrated with the chain case, and a pumping rotating body directly driven by the chain and forming a reciprocating linear displacement within the pump housing part.. .
Kia Motors Corp.


Piston machine

A piston machine including: a crankshaft; a cylinder defining an internal chamber; a piston positioned in the chamber, the piston being connected to the crankshaft and being configured to reciprocate inside the chamber; a head attached to the cylinder and closing the chamber at an end opposing the piston. The head includes at least one port group including ports for allowing fluid communication between the chamber and a respective manifold; and for each port group, a valve arrangement coupled to the head, each valve arrangement including, a valve for operatively controlling fluid flow through the respective port and a bridge coupled to the valves, wherein movement of the bridge relative to the head causes synchronised operation of the valves; and, an actuator for causing the bridge to move based on the reciprocation of the piston..
Ibos Innovations Pty Ltd


Skid landing gear having at least one damper, and an aircraft

The invention relates to landing gear of an aircraft, the landing gear having skids and cross-members. The landing gear has at least one damper device arranged on at least one of the cross-members referred to as a “damped” cross-member.
Airbus Helicopters


Electric assist bicycle

Provided is an electric assist bicycle that can apply a sufficient auxiliary driving force with a satisfactory gear change, preclude problems caused by interference between a mount or a battery and a front derailleur, and prevent a reduction in torque transmission efficiency. A cylindrical human-power transmission member that receives a transmitted human driving force is disposed on the outer periphery of a crank shaft, and a combined-force transmission member that receives the combined force of a human driving force and an auxiliary driving force from a motor is disposed on the outer periphery of the crank shaft.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Two-wheeled vehicle having a sprung drive-train swing arm

A frame assembly is provided for a two-wheeled vehicle, in particular for a bicycle, including: a main frame, which has a head tube for connecting to a front wheel mount and a saddle connection for connecting to a saddle; and a drive-train swing arm pivotably connected to the main frame. The drive-train swing arm includes a wheel suspension for a rear wheel to be driven and a pedal-crank drive having a pedal crank for driving the rear wheel by muscle force of a rider.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft


Rolling tool

A rolling tool for the roller finishing of bearing surfaces of a crankshaft is pivotable around a crankshaft axis, with a finishing roller head and with a support roller head. In order to prevent damage to the guide mechanisms, the roller finishing roller is guided on all sides in a roller cage and the finishing roller head has a frame wherein it is mounted pivotably around a first pivot axis which is perpendicular to the crankshaft axis and parallel to a tangent on a working side of the roller finishing roller.
Hegenscheidt-mfd Gmbh & Co. Kg


Method and attaching components to absorbent articles

Apparatus and method for applying discrete components of a first substrate to a second substrate includes a programmable servo motor having a shaft. The servo motor is programmed to rotate the shaft in a first phase and a second phase at a variable angular velocity in a single direction.
The Procter & Gamble Company


Rectangular baler

An agricultural baler has a plunger for compressing harvested material to a bale in a chamber, a crank mechanism connected to the plunger for the purpose of driving the plunger, wherein the crank mechanism comprises at least one first crank and at least one second crank, a drive mechanism for driving the first crank and the second crank, wherein the drive mechanism is configured such that, when the first and second crank are driven, the first crank and the second crank rotate in opposite directions.. .
Cnh Industrial America Llc


Acceleration and braking mechanism kit for a vehicle

An acceleration and braking mechanism kit autonomously controls a vehicle brake pedal and a vehicle accelerator pedal. The kit includes a support bracket and bell crank supported on the support bracket for connection with an acceleration pedal or a brake pedal of the vehicle.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Control internal combustion engine

A control apparatus for an internal combustion engine is provided which works to control an electric motor to start the engine through a belt transmission system. The control apparatus restricts rotation of the electric motor so as to keep a speed of the electric motor below a speed at which the electric motor is capable of producing a maximum torque until a given period of time passes since the electric motor is actuated to start in the motor mode.
Denso Corporation


Method for preventing engine stall using virtual crank signal

A method for preventing an engine stall by a virtual crank signal includes determining stability of the engine by measuring an operating time of the engine, storing a crank signal, with a virtual crank signal storing step, using a crank position sensor while a crank shaft makes one turn if it is determined that the stability of the engine is maintained, determining whether the crank position sensor is out of order, and controlling an engine rpm by the crank signal stored in the virtual crank signal storing step to perform idle driving of a vehicle at the time of a breakdown of the crank position sensor.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Split-cycle engines with direct injection

In some embodiments, split-cycle engines are disclosed that are capable of operating in a normal firing mode in which a firing stroke is performed in the expansion cylinder only on every other rotation of the crankshaft. Fuel can be injected directly into the expansion cylinder during the non-firing rotation of the crankshaft over a period of time greater than what is possible with traditional split-cycle engines.
Scuderi Group, Inc.


Connecting rod and piston for an oil-less pneumatic motor

A connecting rod and piston assembly for use in an oil-less pneumatic motor, wherein said connecting rod and piston do not require a wrist pin for connecting said rod to said piston; said connecting rod having at least two ends, connected to each other by a connecting member of a predetermined length; said at least two ends being a piston end and a crankshaft end; said piston end being distant said crankshaft end; said piston having a cylinder end and a connecting rod piston end receiving end, wherein said connecting rod piston end receiving end matingly engages said connecting rod piston end; said piston end is substantially ball shaped and said crankshaft end is shaped for engagement with a crankshaft; said connecting rod piston end receiving end is a socket shape to matingly receive said ball shaped piston end.. .
Circle Dynamics Inc.


Electrical motor for a bicycle

An electric motor that is installed on a bicycle frame that includes a first side, a second side, and a bottom bracket shell. The electric motor contains a first portion, disposed on the first side of the frame of the bicycle frame proximate the bottom bracket, and a second portion, disposed on the second side of the bicycle frame proximate the bottom bracket shell.


Center-mounted control system of bicycle

A center-mounted control system for a bicycle includes a torsion detector, a torque transducer, first and second wireless transceiving units, and a control unit. The torsion detector is sleeved on a crank shaft and detects a torque signal of the crank shaft and transmit the detected torque signal to the torque transducer; the torque transducer is fixedly connected to the torsion detector and senses the torque signal transmitted from the torsion detector and sends the torque signal to the first wireless transceiving unit; the control unit receives and processes the torque signal and controls an electrical motor according to the processed torque signal; and a first clutch of the bicycle is sleeved on the crank shaft and is fixedly connected to one end, close to a chain ring, of the torsion detector, and the first clutch of the bicycle is fixedly connected to the chain ring..
Suzhou Tergar Lot Technology Co., Ltd


Bicycle control apparatus

A bicycle control apparatus is provided with a controller for controlling an output of an assist motor according to a manual drive force. The controller is configured to selectively set a first control state and a second control state, in which output states of the assist motor with respect to the manual drive force are different from each other.
Shimano Inc.


Pedal-driven vehicle crank

A crank assembly for a pedal-driven vehicle includes a first member, a second member, and a rotary sensor. The first member rotates about a crank axis of the pedal-driven vehicle.


Bicycle with rear drive assembly for elliptical movement

A bicycle with a rear drive assembly configured to allow pedal boards to be pivotable while moving in an elliptical trajectory and which allows a cyclist to ride in an erect position is disclosed. A front end of each of the pedal boards is pivotably connected to an end of a crank and each of the pedal boards is connected to or integral with a guide rod extending rearwardly from the pedal board.
Aruanã Energia S/a


Control system for hybrid vehicle

A control system of a hybrid vehicle, in which a driving power source for travel includes an engine that is started by cranking, a motor that can control a torque, and a clutch that is coupled with the motor and in which a transmission torque capacity continuously changes depending on a change of a control amount is configured to estimate a torque of the clutch based on the torque that the motor outputs, and change rates of the rotational speed of the motor and the clutch caused by changing the control amount, when the torque that the motor outputs is transmitted by the clutch that is in a slip state by changing the control amount.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Foldable and track-changeable training chair for coordinated exercises of upper and lower limbs

The invention discloses a foldable and track-changeable training chair for coordinated exercises of upper and lower limbs, comprising: a seat, a driving device below the seat and racks on both sides of the seat; an out-stretched driving shaft and an accessory shaft are arranged on each side of the driving device; one end of the crank of the seven-bar mechanism on both sides of the seat is fixed to the driving shaft, the other end is hinged to the head end of the first connecting rod to form a revolute pair. The invention has a simple structure and wide usage..
Wuhu Nature Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd


Muscular fatigue determination apparatus, determining muscular fatigue, and recording medium

A muscular fatigue determination apparatus includes an information obtaining unit that obtains loads applied to a pedal of a bicycle, rotation speeds of a crank of the bicycle, and myoelectric potentials of a user, the myoelectric potentials and the loads being in a one-to-one relationship, the myoelectric potentials and the rotation speeds being in a one-to-one relationship, and a muscular fatigue information generation unit that generates muscular fatigue information regarding the user on the basis of whether a difference between the myoelectric potentials of the user is larger than a first threshold, each of the myoelectric potentials being associated to a load range that is one of load ranges and to a rotation speed range that is one of rotation speed ranges, each of the loads belonging to one of the load ranges and each of the rotation speed ranges belonging to one of the rotation speed ranges.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Fishing reel handle drag system

The invention is a fishing reel handle drag system and a fishing reel having a handle drag system which comprises a reel housing, a shaft extending through the housing, a reel spool is mounted on the spindle and has at least one spool face, the spool is rotatable in first and second opposite directions, a crank or handle member is provided for rotating the spool in a first direction, an anti-reversing device is provided to prevent the crank from rotating with the spool when moving in the second direction, the crank is secured to one end of the shaft adjacent the spool face, the crank is adapted to lever axially toward and away from the spool face, a wave washer is provided on the shaft between the crank member and the spool face whereby when the spool is rotated in the second direction and the crank member is levered toward the spool face the wave washer is caused to be compressed against the spool face to thereby generate drag against the rotating spool.. .


Image forming apparatus

The present invention provides an image forming apparatus that includes a first opening/closing member arranged to be openable and closable with respect to a main body of the image forming apparatus, a second opening/closing member, a unit detachably attachable to the main body, and a crank mechanism configured to convert reciprocating motion caused by an opening and closing operation of the first opening/closing member into rotating motion of the second opening/closing member. A first distance from a moving area of the unit is configured to be greater than a second distance from the moving area to thereby suppress an increase in the size of the image forming apparatus..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Torque filter having impact spring constant and auxiliary-machinery belt system using the same

A torque filter having an impact spring constant includes a pair of left and right arc springs arranged at left and right sides and having spring constant values set based on a torque of a crank shaft which transfers a driving force of an engine as the torque. An impact spring is disposed in which the pair of the left and right arc springs face each other and has a spring constant value set with a threshold torque based on an instant speed change of the crank shaft..
Hyundai Motor Company


Hybrid vehicle

In the case where motors mg1 and mg2 are disconnected from a battery by a system main relay during stop of operation of an engine, the engine and the motor mg1 are controlled to cause the engine to be cranked and started by the motor mg1 (steps s250 and s270 to s290), while the motor mg2 is controlled to make a voltage vh of driving-voltage system power lines (capacitor) approach a target voltage vh* (steps s120 and s260).. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Cylinder block having different amount of oil supply for each journal

A cylinder block has a different amount of oil supply for each journal, in which a plurality of bearing saddles are arranged at intervals and main bearings, which support main journals of a crank shaft, are respectively mounted to the plurality of bearing saddles. The bearing saddles comprise oil galleries formed in the cylinder block.
Hyundai Motor Company


Method and system for controlling continuously variable valve timing

A method for controlling continuously variable valve timing (cvvt), may include determining whether a cvvt control is started, detecting a position of a cam and a position of a crankshaft when the cvvt control is started, determining whether it is required to identify whether a cam torque is positive or negative based on the positions of the cam and crankshaft, determining whether the cam is controlled to be positioned from a locking position to an advancing position or a holding position, when it is required to identify whether the cam torque is positive or negative, and when the cam is controlled to be positioned from a locking position to an advancing position or a holding position and when a condition for performing the cvvt control is satisfied, determining whether the cam torque is negative and performing predetermined cvvt control after waiting a predetermined time when the cam torque is negative.. .
Kia Motors Corporation


Method and operating an electric-motor-assisted exhaust turbocharger of a motor vehicle

An electric-motor-assisted exhaust turbocharger of a motor vehicle includes an exhaust turbocharger having a first electric machine. A low-voltage on-board electrical system with a second electric machine can be operated as a motor and as a generator and can be coupled for torque transmission to the crankshaft, and an electric energy storage device supplies the electric loads arranged in the low-voltage on-board electrical system.
Man Truck & Bus Ag

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