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Method, device and smart mobile terminal for alerting against unknown incoming call


Method, device and smart mobile terminal for alerting against unknown incoming call

High power electrode materials

A123 Systems

High power electrode materials

High power electrode materials

Microscope and shutter mechanism

Date/App# patent app List of recent Crank-related patents
 Detachable crank and slider circuit pack ejector patent thumbnailDetachable crank and slider circuit pack ejector
A mechanism for connecting a first object, such as a chassis and/or motherboard, to a second object, such as a faceplate and/or daughterboard. A first link may be connected to the first object and a second link may be connected to the second object.
Flextronics Ap, Llc.
 Method, device and smart mobile terminal for alerting against unknown incoming call patent thumbnailMethod, device and smart mobile terminal for alerting against unknown incoming call
Provided are a method, device and smart phone for alerting against an unknown incoming call, and the method includes: a phone number of an incoming call is extracted; the phone number is searched for through a predefined search engine; and a page found is displayed on a display of a mobile terminal. The present disclosure can prompt a user to reject a crank call..
Zte Corporation
 High power electrode materials patent thumbnailHigh power electrode materials
An lfp electrode material is provided which has improved impedance, power during cold cranking, rate capacity retention, charge transfer resistance over the current lfp based cathode materials. The electrode material comprises crystalline primary particles and secondary particles, where the primary particle is formed from a plate-shaped single-phase spheniscidite precursor and a lithium source.
A123 Systems, Llc
 Microscope and shutter mechanism patent thumbnailMicroscope and shutter mechanism
A microscope according to the present technology includes a microscopic optical system, a first light-receiving element, and a shutter mechanism. The shutter mechanism includes a rotation power source that generates rotation power, a crank that converts the rotation power generated by the rotation power source into a back-and-forth movement, and a shutter connected to the crank, the shutter moving back and forth according to the crank between a first position at which a first optical path from the microscopic optical system to the first light-receiving element is blocked and a second position at which the first optical path is not blocked..
 Transmission patent thumbnailTransmission
A transmission for transmitting a motive power of an engine includes a counter shaft that receives a motive power from a crank shaft of an engine, a drive shaft that is connected to the crank shaft and configured to output the motive power, a multi-stage gear train that has a plurality of unit gear trains each having a drive gear and a driven gear, a plurality of jaw clutches each of which is movably provided between adjacent ones of the unit gear trains, a plurality of shift forks each of which is coupled to a corresponding one of the plurality of jaw clutches, and a shift cam that moves the plurality of jaw clutches via the plurality of shift forks to select one unit gear train in the multi-stage gear train that is to be used to transmit the motive power from the counter shaft to the drive shaft.. .
Suzuki Motor Corporation
 Eccentric oscillation gear device patent thumbnailEccentric oscillation gear device
Provided is an eccentric oscillation gear device including: a crank shaft having eccentric portions; oscillation gears having insertion holes into which the eccentric portions are inserted; an outer cylinder; and a carrier. The outer cylinder and the carrier concentrically rotate relative to each other by the oscillation of the oscillation gears due to the rotation of the crank shaft.
Nabtesco Corporation
 Generator with vertical piston and reciprocal movement, with orientable blades and conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy by means of a vertical solenoid device patent thumbnailGenerator with vertical piston and reciprocal movement, with orientable blades and conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy by means of a vertical solenoid device
The generator comprises a shaft, tie-rods, a head, which can rotate, a piston, a set of blades that can rotate about horizontal axis, a series of bearings, two bars, with lower racks and upper racks, a toothed ascent wheel, on an axis common to both, with cams, two connecting rods, and cranks, a series of neodymium magnets or magnets comprising a similar magnetic compound and a solenoid. The generator is suitable for operation as a wind turbine or as a water turbine..
 Torque transmission mechanism patent thumbnailTorque transmission mechanism
A torque transmission mechanism, for a starter for an internal combustion engine, is adapted to transmit a starting torque from a starter motor to a crankshaft. The torque transmission mechanism comprises a ring gear that transmits the starting torque and a one-way clutch disposed between the ring gear and the crankshaft, this ring gear comprising a gear side portion to which the starting torque is transmitted from the starter motor via gear mesh, and a flange extending between the gear side portion and an inner ring of the one-way clutch.
Aktiebolaget Skf
 Actuator mounting structure for internal-combustion engine having variable compression ratio patent thumbnailActuator mounting structure for internal-combustion engine having variable compression ratio
An actuator mounting structure of a variable compression ratio internal combustion engine includes: a variable compression ratio mechanism arranged to vary an engine compression ratio in accordance with a rotational position of a control shaft; an actuator arranged to drivingly rotate the control shaft, the actuator being fixed on an actuator mounting portion provided to a side wall of a main body of the engine by using a plurality of fixing bolts, and a rigidity improvement section arranged to improve a mounting rigidity of the actuator to the actuator mounting portion, and which is provided within an inter-bolt distance between two bolts of the plurality of the fixing bolts, which are located on the both sides in a direction of a crank shaft.. .
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
 Variable compression ratio device for internal combustion engine patent thumbnailVariable compression ratio device for internal combustion engine
A variable compression ratio device for an internal combustion engine includes: a connecting rod, having a small end and a large end, wherein a support hole formed at the small end is pivotally supported by a support shaft of a piston that reciprocates in a cylinder, and a support hole formed at the large end is pivotally supported by a support shaft of a crankshaft; an eccentric sleeve that is rotatably installed between the support hole of the small end or the support hole of the large end and the support shaft, and displaces a center axis of the support hole of the small end or a center axis of the support hole of the large end with respect to a center axis the support shaft; and an actuator that drives and rotates the eccentric sleeve.. .
Mitsubishi Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Turbocompound scheme, in particular in the field of industrial vehicles

An improved turbocompound system, in particular in the field of industrial vehicles. A first turbine drives a fresh air compressor.
Fpt Motorenforschung Ag

Chain-based transfer device

A transfer device is provided with variable rotation angle having an internally toothed ring gear, an externally toothed sun gear, a transmitter element and an adjustable actuation device, wherein the transmitter element comprises a circumferential engagement device arranged between the ring gear and sun gear. The actuation device comprises an activation element that can be moved along the engagement device for rotation angle adjustment.
Iwis Motorsysteme Gmbh & Co. Kg

Bicycle crank arm assembly

A bicycle crank arm including a support member. The support member includes a first end sized and shaped to receive a pedal and a second end opposite the first end.
Sram, Llc

Muscle-propelled vehicle

The present invention relates to a muscle-propelled vehicle with two or more wheels, more particularly a vehicle with front drive and steering. The vehicle of the present invention is designed to exploit the propulsive force exerted by the rider by the lower and the upper limbs, however without imposing the rotary movement of feet and hands to perform the rotary motion to be transmitted to the driving wheel.

Hybrid vehicle

An engine has a variable valve actuation device for controlling an actuation characteristic of an intake valve that is an amount of lifting the intake valve and/or a working angle on the intake valve. When the intake valve having the actuation characteristic (or lifted in an amount and/or worked by a working angle) controlled by the variable valve actuation device has the actuation characteristic (or the amount and/or the angle) fixed, intermittently operating the engine is not unconditionally stopped, and when a power storage device is not limited in chargeability and dischargeability and a cranking torque is ensured to ensure that the engine is startable, intermittently stopping the engine is permitted..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

System and device for mechanically extending and retracting landing gear of a semitrailer or a chassis

The herein described system is used for mechanically extending and retracting a semi trailer's/chassis landing gear to support, raise or lower the trailer or chassis. Such system utilizes the existing apparatus minus the manual “crank” currently attached to the shaft which, in turn, is attached to the gear reduction box assembly.
John L. Quaid Family Limited Partnership

Equilibrium training device

An equilibrium training device mainly comprises a chassis, a crank component, a pedal and a revolving inertia auxiliary roller set. When the user stands on the pedal for rotary equilibrium training, the belt and the first/second rollers of the revolving inertia auxiliary roller set are pulled together in tune with the rotation of the flywheel, so the swinging uncertainty of the pedal in revolution could be eliminated, such that the pedal could swing smoothly via the inertia of its swinging path, thus avoiding falls due to loss of equilibrium and improving greatly the security, convenience and practicability..
Shang Jia Yu Co., Ltd.

Exercise device providing automatic calculation of seat position and/or crank length

An exercise device comprises a flywheel, a seat, a driving assembly, and a calculation module. The driving assembly drives the flywheel to rotate and comprises a driving wheel, a coupling member, and two cranks respectively connecting with a pedal.
Dyaco International Inc.

Anti-tip system for a power wheelchair

An anti-tip system is provided for improving the stability of a powered vehicle, such as a powered wheelchair. The vehicle includes a drive-train assembly pivotally mounted to a main structural frame.
Pride Mobility Products Corp.

Force accumulator for an on-load tap changer

The invention relates to a force accumulator for an on-load tap changer. The force accumulator has a first gear arranged on a rotatable drive shaft.
Machinenfabrik Reinhausen Gmbh

Device for throwing targets for shooting sports, with instant projection of the target

The present invention relates to a device for throwing targets for shooting sports, with instant projection of the target. The device is characterized in that it comprises means for blocking the movement of the arm in abutment, enabling the arm, to go beyond the “zero point”, by the action of the driving means, while keeping the throwing means in tension, with these blocking means being carried by the driving means and engaging with complementary blocking means carried by the arm, and wherein the throwing arm comprises a rotating shaft, with said shaft carrying a pinion driven by a second drive pinion connected to the output pin of the driving means comprising a geared motor, with the means for blocking in abutment having a stop carried on the periphery of a crank pin rotating about the output pin of the geared motor.
Laporte Holding

Structure of power transmission apparatus

A power transmission system transmits power from an internal combustion engine to a first and a second auxiliary device through an endless transmitting member. Prior to issuing of an engine start request, the first auxiliary device is actuated to move a tensioner pulley to a given position to increase the degree of tension of the endless transmitting member.
Denso Corporation

Structuring of sliding surface portions

In order to reduce friction of a crank shaft during operation by a large amount with low complexity through structuring sliding bearing surfaces (1) of the crank shaft through controlled introduction of microscopically small indentations (27) it is proposed for the center bearings and the crank bearings to only structure highly loaded portions of the bearing surface in circumferential direction and also in axial direction since this is already difficult to achieve in view of the operating gap towards the tool that only has a size of a few μm.. .
Mag Ias Gmbh

Engine starting apparatus

In an engine starting apparatus, a starter control unit is configured to, upon command to start the engine, put a starter in a drive on state to begin cranking of the engine and then put the starter in a drive off state at a predetermined timing. The starter control unit is configured to, when acceleration is requested within a predetermined time period from the command to start the engine, keep the starter in the drive on state even after the time when the starter would be put in the drive off state without the acceleration request within the predetermined time period, and drive the starter to torque-assist the engine, thereby performing an assist mode in which both the engine) and the starter serve as drive sources for driving a vehicle..
Denso Corporation

Engine starting apparatus

An engine starting apparatus includes a starter and a starter control unit configured to control driving of the starter. The starter control unit operates a motor with a pinion engaged with a ring gear to thereby crank an engine, and de-engage the pinion from the ring gear or de-energize the motor to thereby terminate the cranking of the engine.
Denso Corporation

Internal combustion engine

An internal combustion engine includes a supercharger, an oil tank, a scavenging pump, a first passage, a second passage, and a one-way valve. The supercharger is provided in an intake passage.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Multi-part crankcase and assembly method

Described is a crankcase and a method for assembling a multi-part crankcase. The method can include providing a cylinder block and a bearing tunnel upper part.
Steyr Motors Gmbh

Variable compression ratio device

Disclosed is a variable compression ratio device which changes a top dead center of a piston provided in an engine depending on a driving state of the engine. The variable compression ratio device may include: a lower piston reciprocally movable in a cylinder of the engine and connected with a connecting rod to rotate a crankshaft, an operation chamber, an upper piston disposed above the lower piston and partially inserted into the operation chamber, a push plate dividing the operation chamber into upper and lower spaces, a hydraulic pressure chamber which is the lower space, an elastic member provided in the upper space to push the push plate downward, a hydraulic pressure supply unit selectively supplying hydraulic pressure to the hydraulic pressure chamber, and a hydraulic pressure supply pathway connecting the hydraulic pressure supply unit and the hydraulic pressure chamber for supplying the hydraulic pressure..
Hyundai Motor Company

Variable valve lift diagnostic techniques using an intake manifold absolute pressure signal

A method can include receiving, at a controller for an internal combustion engine, the controller having one or more processors, an intake manifold absolute pressure (map) signal indicative of an air pressure in an intake manifold of the engine. The method can include processing, at the controller, the map signal in a crank angle domain to obtain distinct portions of the map signal corresponding to cylinders of the engine, respectively.

Combustion chamber structure for engine

The axial line of an intake valve is inclined, and a gap between a piston crown surface and a valve head of the intake valve expands in accordance with the approach of the crankshaft axis. A relationship of g2>g1 is fulfilled, where g1 stands for a minimum gap between the lower surface of the cylinder head that is positioned between the intake valve and the exhaust valve facing the intake valve, with the crankshaft axis being interposed therebetween, and the piston crown surface in a top dead center, and g2 stands for a gap at a position that is the closest to the crankshaft axis, from among the gaps between the lower surface of the valve head of the intake valve and the piston crown surface at a center timing of a valve overlap period in which the intake valve and the exhaust valve are both open..
Mazda Motor Corporation

Method for warming an internal combustion engine, and internal combustion engine

The disclosure relates to a method for expediting warm up of an internal combustion engine cylinder block and engine oil utilizing an existing oil coolant circuit. A method for warming up an internal combustion engine with at least one cylinder, a cylinder block which is formed by an upper crankcase half mounted to a lower crankcase half, said lower crankcase half containing an oil sump which is fed, via a supply line, by a coolant jacket, an inlet side of said coolant jacket supplied in turn with oil via the oil sump by an oil pump, the method comprising: releasing oil from the coolant jacket via gravity to reduce a cooling capacity of the internal combustion engine..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

High efficiency cyclone oil separator device

An oil separation device of the having a separation chamber configured to separate micron particles of oil from crankcase gas is provided. The separation chamber has passage having a first end and a second end, the second end has a diameter smaller than the first end.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

Valve control system for internal combustion engines and operation thereof

A valve control system for an internal combustion engine, the engine having at least one cylinder with at least one intake or exhaust valve and a piston and the valve being operable independently of the rotation of the engine crankshaft. The system is configured to generate a control signal that controls a preconditioning actuation cycle of an actuator prior to a first combustion cycle of the engine, receive a feedback signal relating to an operating condition of the actuator during the preconditioning actuation cycle, and generate a modified control signal that controls a combustion actuation cycle of the actuator, modified with reference to the feedback signal.
Camcon Auto Limited

System and monitoring and controlling snubbing slips

A system and method for monitoring and controlling a snubbing unit having traveling slips and stationary slips are provided. Position sensors are associated with the slips for directly or indirectly detecting opened and closed positions of the slips, including detecting a rotational position of a crankshaft that drives the slips into engagement with a pipe.
Snubco Manufacturing Inc.

Reel system

A reel system includes a hinged crank handle portion that turns a frame portion on an axis for winding and unwinding a coilable portion. The handle portion folds into the frame inner area, forming a flat surface on the flange, to allow for facilitated storage of a plurality of reel systems in a five gallon bucket.

Pedal propulsion device for a watercraft

A pedal propulsion device for use on a small watercraft, having a lightweight portable frame with integral foot-engagement cranks. A propeller and rudder assembly driven by the foot cranks automatically will adjust for obstacles within and below the water, while maintaining direct drive by utilizing a depth stabilizer assembly extending from the support frame..

Method and torque arbitration and shaping in a multi-mode powertrain system

A method for operating a multi-mode powertrain system includes monitoring an operator request for tractive power, and arbitrating the operator request for tractive power with axle torque constraints and crankshaft torque constraints. An immediate tractive torque request and a predicted tractive torque request are determined based upon the arbitrated operator request for tractive power.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Clutch failure diagnostic dct

A clutch failure diagnostic method for a dual clutch transmission (dct), may include a synchronous clutch confirming step of confirming whether a clutch rotating in synchronization with an engine speed may be present after a cranking of an engine, when the clutch rotating in the synchronization with the engine speed may be determined to be present, a gear joining attempting step of attempting to join shift gears connected to the clutch rotating in the synchronization with the engine speed, and a failure determining step of determining that a corresponding clutch fails when the gears may be not joined, as a performance result of the gear joining attempting step.. .
Kia Motors Corp.

All terrain vehicle

An all-terrain vehicle including a frame having longitudinally-spaced ends defining a first longitudinal axis, and an engine supported by the frame. The engine includes a crankshaft defining a second longitudinal axis substantially parallel to the first longitudinal axis..
Polaris Industries Inc.

Apparatus and repair and renovation of crankshaft journal surfaces in-situ by means of laser cladding

The invention refers to manufacturing engineering, in particular to shipbuilding and ship repair. Said invention applies to internal combustion engines, such as marine diesel engines.

Cutter assembly for an agricultural harvester

An improved cutter assembly for use with a header of an agricultural harvester is provided. The assembly includes a pair of oppositely directed knife blades or cutter bars and a center knife drive.
Cnh America Llc

Scroll pump having axially compliant spring element

A scroll pump includes a frame, a stationary plate scroll, an orbiting plate scroll, a tip seal(s), an eccentric drive mechanism which drives the orbiting plate scroll, and an axial compliance system. The eccentric drive mechanism includes a crankshaft, and bearings and a counterbalance disposed on the crankshaft.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Planetary rotor machine with synchronizing mechanism

Various examples of planetary rotor machines and synchronizing mechanisms are provided. In one example, a planetary rotor machine comprises a plurality of helical rotors for compressing or expanding a fluid.
Helidyne Llc

Blowby gas ventilation system for supercharger-equipped internal combustion engine

A blowby gas ventilation system for a supercharger-equipped internal combustion engine, which discharges blowby gas from a crankcase into intake air, includes a positive crankcase ventilation passage through which the blowby gas is delivered from the crankcase to an intake passage. The positive crankcase ventilation passage branches, in an intermediate location in the positive crankcase ventilation passage, into a first path that is used during natural aspiration of the internal combustion engine and a second path that is used during supercharging of the internal combustion engine, and a part of the positive crankcase ventilation passage, which includes a branching portion between the first path and the second path, is formed integrally with a cylinder head of the internal combustion engine..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Method and system for pre-ignition control

Methods and systems are provided for mitigating knock and/or pre-ignition. Each of a spark timing retard, cylinder enrichment, and engine load limiting is adjusted based on a knock sensor output generated in a single defined crank angle window, and not based on knock sensor output generated outside the defined crank angle window.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Variable compression ratio engine that varies compression ratio

A variable compression ratio engine that changes the compression ratio may include a piston disposed to be reciprocated in a cylinder by combustion, a crankshaft rotatably disposed at a predetermined distance from the piston, a crank arm with one end connected with the piston and the other end connected with the crankshaft, a connecting rod connected with the crank arm through a crankpin and with the piston through a piston pin and having an oil chamber, an eccentric cam disposed between the crankpin and the connecting rod and being off-center from the crankpin, a variable piston disposed in the oil chamber to be moved by supplied oil, and a link connecting the variable piston with the eccentric cam to rotate the eccentric cam with movement of the variable piston.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Rolling bearing with radial pressure medium transfer

A rolling bearing (50) which includes a rolling bearing inner ring (51), a rolling bearing outer ring (52) and a rolling bearing ball cage ring (53). The aim of the invention is to enable a hydraulic pressure medium (p) to be transferred, economizing as much mounting space as possible, for example for a camshaft (10), the phase position thereof being adjustable in relation to a crankshaft via a hydraulic pressure medium (p) through a hydraulic phase adjusting device (20).
Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

Radial cylinder hydraulic machine with a distributor each cylinder

A hydraulic machine includes radial cylinders including, oscillating radial cylinders arranged in a crown or star of cylinder-piston units, the pistons of the groups are made slidable on a crankshaft or with a cam, or on interposed members concentric to it, and realizing the reciprocating motion in the oscillating cylinders. The oscillating cylinders are placed in contact with a surface of distribution concentric or corresponding to the surface of oscillation of the respective cylinder on which a distributor body is placed separate from the machine body and housed in a seat in the body, or part fixed to the body, of the hydraulic machine, and each distributor body is mobile in its seat under the action of the pressure of liquid in connection on the back surface of the distributor body against the surface of distribution of the oscillating radial cylinder subject to the distribution..
S.a.i. Societa' Apparecchiature Idrauliche S.p.a.

Power-assisted bicycle

A power-assisted bicycle is provided to satisfactorily keep torque detection capability while reducing the pedal force of a pedal during pedaling if a battery has run out. A cylindrical human-power transmission member 28 having a magneto-striction generation portion 31b of a torque sensor 31 is disposed on the outer periphery of a crankshaft 7a.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Vehicle engine and transmission frame

A vehicle, in particular a motorcycle, has an integrated transmission/engine assembly suspended from a cantilever frame. The frame accommodates a v-twin motorcycle engine that is disposed over the crank case and transmission housings.

Hammer drive mechanism

A hammer drive mechanism is provided for converting rotary drive from a motor to reciprocatory movement of an impact member of a hammer drill. The mechanism comprises a rotatable plate adapted to be rotated by the motor, an input drive member associated with the rotatable plate in an eccentric position with respect to the axis of rotation of the rotatable plate, an output drive member associated with the impact member, and a crank shaft having a respective driver adjacent each of its ends.
Black & Decker Inc.

Variable displacement compressor

Variable displacement compressor comprising a housing; piston; and drive shaft rotatably supported by the housing; a rotor rotating in unison with the drive shaft; a swash plate that rotates in synchronism with the rotation of the connected rotor. Rotation of the swash plate is converted into a reciprocating motion of the piston; and a pressure control valve that is capable of controlling the internal pressure of a crank chamber.
Sanden Corporation

Rotary piston heat engine

A rotary piston heat engine consisting of a mechanism based on a lever anchored to the periphery of a crankcase formed by two shells coupled to one another, by means of a shaft (3) located at one of the ends thereof, which enables it to pivot on the same, with an intermediate grooved portion, along which the rod of a crankshaft slides and which, with the other end, acts on a piston coupled by means of a connecting rod. The rotation of the crankcase (1) on the crankshaft (8) induces the displacement of the piston (5) coupled to the lever (2) by means of the connecting rod (4) inside the cylinder (6), the gas being compressed inside this chamber and initiating the cycle of an internal combustion engine.

Turbocharger and operating turbocharger

Disclosed are a turbocharger for a combustion engine and a method of operating a turbocharger. The turbocharger may include a variably positionable flow restrictor for restricting flow in a turbocharger inlet of the turbocharger by an amount dependent on a flow restrictor position.
Kia Motors Corporation

Boat propulsion device

A boat propulsion device includes an engine including a crankshaft extending in an up-and-down direction and a cowling accommodating the engine. The cowling includes a first cowling portion preferably made of resin, a second cowling and a coupling mechanism configured to couple the first cowling portion to the second cowling portion.
Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

Boat propulsion device

In a boat propulsion device, a head portion of an engine includes plug holes, first attachment portions, and a second attachment portion. The plug holes are aligned vertically and parallel or substantially parallel to a crankshaft.
Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

Boat propulsion device

A boat propulsion device includes an engine unit, an attachment portion, an electrical component, wiring, a holder, and an engine cover. The engine unit includes an engine, an exhaust pipe, and a coolant passage.
Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

Boat propulsion device

A boat propulsion device includes an engine, a first bracket, and a first electric component. The engine includes a crankshaft extending in an up-and-down direction.
Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

Method for operating a vehicle powertrain

Methods and systems for controlling a vehicle powertrain that may be automatically stopped and started are presented. In one example, a method adjusts a position of a transmission clutch in response to battery current during engine cranking the method may reduce clutch wear and improve vehicle launch from a stop..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Personal massager

A personal massager comprises a housing having a front end and a back end. A motor is mounted within the housing, and a crank is configured to move in a circular path within the housing when actuated by the motor.
Maurice S. Kanbar Revocable Trust


A vehicle includes an engine, first and second motor generators, a power split device, a propeller shaft, an automatic transmission, and an ecu. The power split device includes a carrier, a sun gear, and a ring gear respectively coupled to a crankshaft of the engine, a rotor of the first motor generator, and a rotation shaft of the second motor generator.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Belt drive arrangement

A belt drive arrangement for an internal combustion engine, includes a drive pulley which is driven by a crankshaft of the internal combustion engine, a first output pulley with which a first auxiliary unit can be driven, a second output pulley with which a second auxiliary unit can be driven, and a belt which has an inner face and an outer face opposite the inner face and which loops at least some portions of the drive pulley and the output pulleys as a belt transmission. The inner face of the belt loops the drive pulley and the first output pulley while physically contacting same, and the outer face loops the second output pulley while physically contacting same.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

Scroll-type fluid machine with grease-lubricated orbiting bearing

A scroll-type fluid machine reduces intrusion of abrasion powders, generated by sliding of a conductor causing an orbiting scroll side and a fixed scroll side to be conducted, into a compression chamber, and improves reliability of a compressor. The scroll-type machine includes a casing, a fixed scroll having a flange surface attached to the casing, and a wrap portion provided at an end plate, an orbiting scroll having a wrap portion provided at the end plate, and provided in an opposed relationship with the fixed scroll, a drive shaft connected through a crank portion to the orbiting scroll, an orbiting bearing, a face seal portion arranged between the orbiting scroll and the fixed scroll, a cooling fan, and an orbiting scroll side conductive brush..
Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.

Internal combustion engine

An internal combustion engine comprising an engine block comprised of a main cavity, an intake plenum, and an exhaust plenum; a crankshaft supported within the main cavity of the engine block; a rotating piston assembly contained within the main cavity of the engine block and comprised of a rotatable cylinder housing having a housing axis of rotation and comprised of a plurality of pistons contained in combustion cylinders; and a rotating valve ring contained within the engine block and surrounding the rotating piston assembly, and comprised of intake ports, ignition energy ports, and exhaust ports corresponding to each of the plurality of combustion cylinders. The rotatable cylinder housing has an axis of rotation that is parallel to and offset from the crankshaft axis of rotation..

System and controlling fuel injection timing based on spark ignition timing while heating a catalyst to the light-off temperature

A system according to the principles of the present disclosure includes an ignition timing determination module, an injection timing determination module, a spark control module, and a fuel control module. The ignition timing determination module determines a first crank angle.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Method of controlling an engine of a motor vehicle

Systems and methods for a vehicle comprising a stop-start system and in particular to a motor vehicle having a belt driven integrated starter-generator (bisg) drivingly connected to an accessory drive belt of an engine of the motor vehicle are provided. The bisg may be used during an engine stop event to preposition the crank at an angle from which it facilitates rapid restart of the engine and during engine running the bisg may be used as a power generator..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Radial camshaft pressure medium transfer

A camshaft unit includes a camshaft having a radial channel, a hydraulic phase setting device communicating with the radial channel for adjusting the phase length of the camshaft with respect to a crankshaft via hydraulic pressure medium and a pressure medium channel embodied as a solid cylinder head component. To transfer a pressure medium, at least one pressure medium transfer element is formed between the pressure medium channel and the radial channel.
Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

Device, method, and system for emissions control

Various embodiments for an exhaust gas treatment device for a vehicle system are provided. In one example, the vehicle system includes an engine with a longitudinal axis, where a crankshaft of the engine is parallel to the longitudinal axis and an exhaust gas treatment device mounted on the engine, vertically above the engine such that a longitudinal axis of the exhaust gas treatment device is aligned in parallel with the longitudinal axis of the engine, the exhaust gas treatment device configured to receive exhaust gas from an exhaust manifold of the engine..
General Electric Company

Semi-fixed type shoe-fixing shaft

Provided is a semi-fixed type shoe-fixing shaft that includes a shaft rotatably mounted on a crank, a ratchet pawl swingably installed on the shaft, a ratchet engaging tooth fixed to the crank so as to catch the ratchet pawl, a ratchet spring fixed to the shaft so as to swing the ratchet pawl, a ratchet control lever connected to the ratchet spring and slidably installed on the shaft, and a shoe fixing hook fixed to the shaft. The shoe fixing hook and a fastener fixed to a cycling shoe are coupled.

Method of operating an in-line six cylinder engine in a vehicle

An internal combustion engine having six in-line piston and cylinder assemblies providing a center pair, an intermediate pair and an outer pair, each pair having crankshaft connected pistons mounted in cylinders through simultaneous repetitive strokes four of which together constitute simultaneous repetitive cycles including a drive event injectors selectively (1) in a (mode 1) to inject fuel in both cylinders and (2) in a (mode 2) to inject fuel in only one cylinder, the cylinders of the center pair being intercommunicated by a passage. The effect of skipping an injection in (mode 2) in the center pair is a pair of shared power drive events and in the other pairs the effect in one of the cylinders is a directly fired power drive shaft and the effect in the other cylinder is deactivation and a method of operating the engine in a vehicle..
Lippitt Engine, Llc

Vibration damping control apparatus

A vibration damping control apparatus is mounted on a hybrid vehicle provided with an engine and a motor generator connected to the engine. The vibration damping control apparatus is a vibration damping control apparatus configured to control the motor generator to generate vibration damping torque which suppresses vibration of the hybrid vehicle.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

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This listing is a sample listing of patent applications related to Crank for is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. There may be associated servicemarks and trademarks related to these patents. Please check with patent attorney if you need further assistance or plan to use for business purposes. This patent data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Crank with additional patents listed. Browse our RSS directory or Search for other possible listings.



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