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Scroll compressor

Discharge muffling chamber for refrigeration compressors and process for closing a discharge muffling chamber

Internal milling cutter

Date/App# patent app List of recent Crank-related patents
 Manufacture and use of parallel eccentric electro-mechanical actuator patent thumbnailManufacture and use of parallel eccentric electro-mechanical actuator
A parallel eccentric electro-mechanical actuator provides motive power and includes an electric prime mover that drives the reducer's pinion gear. This pinion drives minimum three star gears with stationary shaft bearings.
 Scroll compressor patent thumbnailScroll compressor
A scroll compressor includes a compression mechanism, a crankshaft, upper and lower bearings, and a drive motor. The compression mechanism includes fixed and movable scrolls engaged with each other to form a compression chamber.
 Discharge muffling chamber for refrigeration compressors and process for closing a discharge muffling chamber patent thumbnailDischarge muffling chamber for refrigeration compressors and process for closing a discharge muffling chamber
The compressor comprises a crankcase with at least one discharge muffling chamber having a bottom end wall provided with a threaded blind axial hole, a surrounding lateral wall, and an open end which defines an annular seat extending throughout the whole radial width of the surrounding lateral wall. A sealing gasket comprises a peripheral annular portion to be seated on the annular seat, and a median hole.
 Internal milling cutter patent thumbnailInternal milling cutter
An internal milling cutter for producing a recess terminating in a radius in a workpiece, in particular for milling a crankshaft, comprises a tool holder having interchangeable cutting inserts detachably attached thereto. For the production of the radius, a plurality of first interchangeable cutting inserts are provided, which are arranged one after another in the direction of cut and have cutting edges which produce complementary portions of the radius, wherein the first interchangeable cutting inserts for producing the radius are identically configured..
 Apparatus and related methods of tarping a flatbed trucking payload patent thumbnailApparatus and related methods of tarping a flatbed trucking payload
Generally disclosed is a device for simply and inexpensively tarping the payload of any truck bed without placing the tarper, the tarp, or the payload in danger of injury. In a preferred embodiment, the disclosed device generally comprises: (1) a rolled or bunched tarp that is installed on a first portable and adjustable riser; (2) a cable and cable crank installed on a second portable and adjustable riser; (3) wherein the cable may be attached to the tarp so that cranking the cable crank will unroll or unbunch the tarp and suspendedly draw the same toward the second riser; and (4) wherein the risers are removable from the truck bed..
 Compact, collapsible bicycle patent thumbnailCompact, collapsible bicycle
The invention relates to a compact, foldable bike with small wheels and a bicycle drive for driving the rear wheel, comprising a traction mechanism or a spur-gear transmission, driven by a crank, the distance of the bottom-bracket axle to the rear-wheel axle being larger than half the outer diameter of the rear wheel. The bicycle exhibits a front frame part and a rear frame part that are rotatably connected to each other by a folding hinge that is aligned at right angles to the ground plane, whereby the front frame part, the rear frame part, and a front-wheel fork, in the folded state, seen laterally, form the sides of a triangle having the following characteristic combination of features: the bicycle is ridden while standing up, the driving wheel and the output wheel of the bicycle drive are arranged on the same side of the bicycle frame and the steering tube exhibits a lower and an upper steering tube, that in the folded state of the bicycle are folded-in laterally beside the front wheel.
 System and method for storing crankcase gases to improve engine air-fuel control patent thumbnailSystem and method for storing crankcase gases to improve engine air-fuel control
A system and method for improving processing of gases contained within the crankcase of an internal combustion engine is presented. The system is especially suited for single boiling point fuels because it allows the storage of such fuels until the fuel can be opportunistically combusted..
 Ventilation control apparatus for internal combustion engine patent thumbnailVentilation control apparatus for internal combustion engine
A ventilation control apparatus for a supercharged internal combustion engine that can perform crankcase ventilation favorably. A system includes a supercharging system, an egr mechanism, and a blow-by gas reflux mechanism.
 Dimpled surface features for radiated noise attenuation in engine front covers patent thumbnailDimpled surface features for radiated noise attenuation in engine front covers
An engine assembly is provided including a block defining a plurality of cylinders. A plurality of pistons are disposed in the plurality of cylinders and a crankshaft is drivingly attached to the plurality of pistons.
 Crankshaft patent thumbnailCrankshaft
A crankshaft having a front end, a rear end, and a central axis extending from the front end to the rear end is provided. The crankshaft includes a front crankpin, a rear crankpin, and one or more central crankpins.
Journel-less crankshaft and non-friction variable speed transmission with inherent clutch and free spin
A pressure driven apparatus comprising a housing, at least one flexible membrane located within the housing dividing the interior of the housing into at least two chambers. At least one input or exhaust cam assembly operates in conjunction with the at least one flexible membrane to provide an expansion zone within the housing.
Rotary actuator with shortest force path configuration
A parallel eccentric electro-mechanical actuator provides motive power and includes an electric prime mover that drives the reducer's pinion gear. This pinion drives minimum three star gears with stationary shaft bearings.
Connecting rod
A connecting rod for converting a linear motion of a piston into a rotational motion of a crankshaft may include a small connecting eye for connecting the connecting rod in a rotatable manner to a pin of the piston and a large connecting rod eye for connecting the connecting rod in a rotatable manner to the crankshaft. The connecting rod may include at least one eccentric lubricating groove disposed in at least one o an inner face of the large connecting rod eye, an inner ace of the small connecting rod eye, and a bearing bush arranged in the small connecting rod eye.
System for adaptively providing power from a series of fluid pumps to a series of fluid motors
A fluid energy distribution system that has three general elements; the fluid energy providers; the means for fluid energy distribution; and the fluid drivers. The fluid energy providers input energy into hydraulic fluid in the form of fluid pressure and flow.
Decoy anchor assembly
An anchor for use with a buoyant decoy used in hunting has a hollow anchor housing configured for detachable engagement with the buoyant decoy, the hollow housing having an anchor head portion, a ballasted and ballastible anchor shaft portion and a hook portion unitary connected to the anchor shaft portion. A reel assembly with a spool of an anchor line is positioned in the anchor housing.
Segmented-coil manufacturing method, segmented-coil manufacturing device, and segmented coil manufactured using the method and the device
In a segment coil manufacturing method for manufacturing a segmented coil by bending a flat rectangular conductor using a forming die so that the segmented coil has a circular arc section, a crank section, and a protrusion-shaped section, the forming die includes an outer peripheral surface forming upper die, an inner peripheral surface forming upper die, an inner peripheral surface forming lower die, and an outer peripheral surface forming lower die, and the method includes forming the circular arc section, the crank section, and the protrusion-shaped section while holding at least two surfaces of the outer peripheral surfaces of the flat rectangular conductor by the outer peripheral surface forming upper die, the inner peripheral surface forming upper die, the inner peripheral surface forming lower die, and the outer peripheral surface forming lower die.. .
Method and device for finishing work pieces
In order to shorten a process chain during material removing machining of a crank shaft, after rough machining and after hardening according to the invention a combination of single point turning with subsequent tangential turning and/or finishing and/or fine dry grinding and/or electrochemical etching is proposed as a second step.. .
Method and device for finishing work pieces
In order to shorten a process chain for chip removing processing of a crank shaft after coarse machining and after hardening according to the invention a combination of turn milling or single point milling is proposed as a first step and a subsequent line machining step through finishing or electro chemical etching is proposed.. .
Control apparatus and control method for internal combustion engine
A control apparatus and a control method for an internal combustion engine in a vehicle in which a battery and the internal combustion engine are mounted estimate a temperature of the internal combustion engine based on battery voltage. The control apparatus estimates water temperature tws, at the time of starting up the internal combustion engine, based on battery voltage vb before starting the startup of the internal combustion engine or minimum value vbmin of battery voltage vb during cranking.
Bicycle control apparatus
A bicycle control apparatus is basically provided for controlling a bicycle in which a first rotational force of a crank and a second rotational force of an electric riding assistance motor for riding assistance are transmitted to a rear sprocket. The bicycle control apparatus includes a rotational force detector and a controller.
Static cycling machine
A static cycling machine includes a base assembly. A front post support structure is arranged on the base assembly.
Bicycle drive unit
A bicycle drive unit includes a motor, a crank axle, a torque combining mechanism, and a clutch mechanism. The crank axle is rotatable about a first rotational axis.
System for dressing a centrifugal clutch
A system for dressing centrifugal clutches has a drum tool with an internal abrasive surface, and a flap tool with abrasive flaps. The drum tool can replace the clutch drum on the clutch driven shaft to dress the clutch shoes, or the flap tool can replace the clutch shoes and mechanism on the clutch drive shaft, which may be the engine crankshaft, to dress the clutch drum.
Compressor bearing assembly
A compressor is provided that may include a drive shaft, a compression mechanism, a bearing and an unloader. The drive shaft may include a main body and a crank pin extending from the main body.
Cranked rod pump method
An improved apparatus and method are disclosed, for pumping fluids, such as water and/or hydrocarbons, from a subterranean formation or reservoir, through use of a cranked rod pumping (crp) apparatus for imparting reciprocating substantially vertical motion to a rod of a sucker-rod pump having a pump stroke. The crp apparatus includes a motor driven cranked mechanical actuator arrangement.
Pump system and method thereof
A pump system includes a plurality of pump assemblies. Each pump assembly having a power assembly and a fluid assembly.
Crank assembly
This invention provides a novel solution for an optimally powered crank for a human-powered vehicle, such as a bicycle. This invention includes a novel system and method to optimize the length of each crank arm throughout the revolution of the crank assembly.
Cold start up auxiliary system for alcohol and flex engines with air-inlet and alcohol warm up
An internal combustion vehicle cold start control system method is provided. The method includes warming alcohol and air when a door handle is actuated, while the engine is cold and starting an electric turbine connected to an intake manifold.
Combustion method for piston combustion engines
A combustion method for reciprocating internal combustion engines, in particular diesel engines, whose fuel injection system operates with pre-injection involves two pre-injections during a cold start phase, which are carried out prior to reaching top dead center of a piston. A first pre-injection is performed at approximately 25° ca before top dead center and a second pre-injection is performed at approximately 5° ca before top dead center.
Methods for adjusting engine throttle on vehicle with generator
A method is performed by a controller on a vehicle. The method includes determining a rotational speed of a crankshaft of an internal combustion engine of the vehicle.
Direct injection gasoline engine and method of controlling the direct injection gasoline engine
A direct injection engine includes an ignition assistance section applying energy to fuel injected into a cylinder using an injector to assist auto-ignition combustion of the fuel when the engine is within an auto-ignition combustion operation range. A start time of fuel injection is set within a period from a terminal stage of a compression stroke to a compression top dead center.
Motorcycle engine
A motorcycle engine comprises an oil pump and a cam chest cover. The cam chest cover comprises a crankshaft pinion bearing and a camshaft bearing.
Valve timing adjustment system
Provided is a valve timing adjustment system having improved control for achieving a target rotational phase. The valve timing adjustment system includes: a displacement mechanism unit that displaces a rotational phase of a camshaft relative to a crankshaft of an internal combustion engine; a locking mechanism unit that locks the rotational phase at an intermediate locked phase positioned within a displacement range of the rotational phase; a hydraulic pathway that hydraulically drives the displacement mechanism unit and the locking mechanism unit; and a control unit including a control system that controls operations of the hydraulic control valve.
Spray cooled oil system for an internal combustion engine
An engine includes a crankcase defining a crankcase space, a first shaft disposed at least partially within the crankcase and supported for rotation by the crankcase, and an oil pump coupled to the first shaft and operable to draw low pressure oil from the crankcase and discharge a flow of high pressure oil. A pressure relief path is positioned to selectively receive a portion of the flow of high pressure oil and a pressure relief assembly is coupled to the pressure relief path and is arranged to spray the portion of the high pressure flow that passes through the pressure relief passage against an interior surface of the crankcase..
Crank assembly
The invention is a crank assembly designed to allow the length of the crank arms to vary throughout the revolution of the crank. A spindle is attached to the bottom bracket assembly of a bicycle.
Variable radius lever arm assembly
A curled variable radius lever comprises a lever arm of variable effective length that curls and uncurls about a drive axis. In a preferred arrangement the lever assembly has a plurality of rigid blocks linked together by a chain or spring steel strip.
Variable linear motor
Device and method for enabling independent tuning of frequency and amplitude of a reverse crankshaft motor. The reverse crankshaft motor provides periodic reciprocating motion based on periodic rotational motion from a rotational motor.
Crankcase ventilation filter systems; components; features; and, mehtods of assembly and use
Crankcase ventilation filter assemblies are described and shown. Components, features and methods of assembly and use are described.
Motorcycle having a video camera mounted thereon for monitoring a road surface, and methods of using same
A motorcycle has a video camera attached thereto in such a manner as to shoot sharp images. A motorcycle includes a camera adapted to shoot a road surface.
Drive units for tarpaulin cover systems
Various configurations of drive units for tarpaulin cover systems, particularly for use on vehicle bodies, are disclosed. Exemplary drive units include a gear arrangement configured to attach to an upper perimeter section of an open-top structure and at least one motion initiating device coupled to the gear arrangement.
Propulsion system for human powered vehicles
A propulsion system for human powered vehicles includes an outer lever having an input end and an output end. An orbiting sprocket is coupled to the output end of the outer lever.
Energy-storing unit with forcing mechanism, and on-load tap changing device
An energy-storing unit with a forcing mechanism and an on-load tap changing device provided with the same which employ an inexpensive and simple structure and which can suppress a loading torque to operate stably. A forcing mechanism built in an energy-storing unit includes a protrusion, a bearing, and a loading cam.
Gas turbine offline compressor wash with buffer air from combustor
A system and method for washing a gas turbine engine. The method for washing the gas turbine engine includes coupling a pressurized air supply assembly to an air supply and to a secondary air system, cranking a compressor rotor assembly of the gas turbine engine, supplying pressurized offline buffer air from the air supply to the pressurized air supply assembly, and spraying a cleaner into the compressor..
Compressor wash with air to turbine cooling passages
A system and method for washing a gas turbine engine. The method for washing the gas turbine engine includes coupling a pressurized air supply assembly to an air supply and to a secondary air system, cranking a compressor rotor assembly of the gas turbine engine, supplying pressurized offline buffer air from the air supply to the pressurized air supply assembly, and spraying a cleaner into the compressor..
Adjusting of air-fuel ratio of a two-stroke internal combustion engine
To meet stringent emission standards and improve performance of two-stroke crankcase-scavenged engines, the muffler (13) of the engine is provided with mixing means (130, 31) for mixing the exhaust gases (42) resulting from the mixture participating in combustion and gases resulting from scavenging, so that a substantially homogenous gaseous mixture is formed within the muffler (13), and means (81) for sensing oxygen concentration is located in the homogeneous gaseous mixture and are configured to provide an output value to a control unit (80) for controlling supply of fuel to the engine and thereby the air-fuel ratio in the combustion chamber (41). The muffler (13) suitably is provided with a catalytic element (140), preferably a three-way catalyst.
Crankcase ventilation for an internal combustion engine, tank ventilation conduit and connection system therefor
A crankcase ventilation for an internal combustion engine with a ventilation conduit which connects the crankcase of the internal combustion engine to an intake duct of the internal combustion engine, as well as a tank ventilation conduit and a connection system for a fluid conduit. The ventilation conduit comprises: a first pipe connector (10), and a second pipe connector (20) with a receiving chamber (24) into which the first pipe connector (10) is insertable, wherein a second groove (22) is formed in the receiving chamber (24), and the first pipe connector (10) has a first groove (12), wherein a compressible retaining ring (40) is inserted into the first groove (12), the compressible retaining ring being engageable with the second groove (22) when the first pipe connector (10) is inserted into the receiving chamber (24), or an expandable retaining ring is inserted into the second groove (22), the expandable retaining ring being engageable with the first groove (12) when the first pipe connector (10) is inserted into the receiving chamber (24)..
Premixed compression self-ignition engine
In a premixed compression self-ignition engine which is compact but capable of exerting a high output, an intermediate portion of a trigonal link is rotatably supported on a crankpin, a large end portion of a connecting rod is connected to one end portion of the trigonal link, and a swing link swingably supported on a fulcrum shaft is connected to another end portion of the trigonal link. The engine includes: an intake port open to a crank chamber; a reed valve mounted in the intake port; a scavenging port configured to guide fresh air from the crank chamber into a cylinder bore in a downward stroke of a piston; an exhaust port provided in a cylinder head and open to a top portion of the cylinder bore; and an exhaust valve configured to be opened before the piston opens the scavenging port in the downward stroke of the piston..
Apparatuses, systems, and methods for crankcase oil sump overfill protection
Generally, an overflow conduit is described in apparatuses, systems, and methods to protect a crankcase oil sump from overfill. The overflow conduit is to be connected to a crankcase oil sump of an engine, and is configured to passively receive oil from the crankcase oil sump to avoid an overfill condition from occurring in the crankcase oil sump.
Piston arrangement and engine
A piston arrangement comprising a piston movable within a cylinder and having a stroke with a first end and a second end, wherein the piston is coupled to a crankshaft by a linkage mechanism including a toggle link which is pivotally coupled to the piston and pivotally coupled to a con-rod, wherein the toggle link has a first position corresponding to the first end of the piston stroke, a second position different to the first position also corresponding to the first end of the piston stroke, and an intermediate position between the first and second positions corresponding to the second end of the piston stroke such that the piston completes four strokes for every one revolution of the crankshaft. Also a piston arrangement comprising first and second pistons movable respectively within first and second cylinders, wherein the first piston is coupled to a crank shaft by a first linkage mechanism including a first toggle link pivotally connected to the first piston and pivotally connected to a first con-rod, wherein the second piston is coupled to the crank shaft by a second linkage mechanism including a second toggle link pivotally connected to the second piston and pivotally connected to a second con-rod, wherein the first and second con-rods have different lengths such that the first and second pistons operate out of phase with each other.
Compressor wash with air to bearing buffering system
A system and method for washing a gas turbine engine. The method for washing the gas turbine engine includes coupling a pressurized air supply assembly to an air supply and to a secondary air system, cranking a compressor rotor assembly of the gas turbine engine, supplying pressurized offline buffer air from the air supply to the pressurized air supply assembly, and spraying a cleaner into the compressor..
Gas/liquid separator and components; liquid drain flow assemblies; systems of use ; and, features; and, components
According to the present disclosure gas/liquid separator assemblies, such as crankcase ventilation filter assemblies, and components are described. Also described are liquid flow control arrangements for facilitating liquid flow from a region of first effective pressure to a region of second higher effective pressure are described.
Air/oil separator assemblies; components; and methods
According to the present disclosure, arrangements, systems, components, features and methods for separating hydrophobic fluid such as oil entrained as aerosols from gas streams, such as crankcase ventilation gas streams are described. The components specifically described include a filter cartridge with preferred features for interaction with a filter housing, and a filter housing with preferred features for convenient installation.
Engine startup system
In the course of starting up an engine during electric travel node, this engine startup system performs a semi-engagement operation (s2) of engaging the clutch while making same slip in order to crank the engine, and then performs a disengagement operation (s4, s5) of disengaging the clutch after starting to crank the engine. The timing for starting the disengagement operation of the clutch is varied depending on the driving force required..
Gear device
A gear device includes an outer cylinder, a plurality of crank shafts, a carrier which rotatably supports the plurality of crank shafts and rotates relative to the outer cylinder in synchronization with the rotation of the crank shafts, a plurality of spur gears fixed coaxially with the crank shafts at portions extending toward an outer side of the carrier in the crank shafts, an input gear which includes a gear part that engages with the plurality of spur gears, and transmits rotational drive force to each of the spur gears, and washer means comprising washers disposed outside the carrier. The input gear is regulated from moving in a radial direction of the input gear by engaging with the plurality of spur gears at a position outside the carrier in an axial direction, and regulated from moving in an axial direction of the input gear by the washers..
Radially compliant scroll compressor
A compressor may include a compression mechanism, a driveshaft, and a lever. The compression mechanism may include orbiting and non-orbiting scroll members meshingly engaging each other.
Systems and methods to control variable stator vanes in gas turbine engines
Embodiments of the present application include a variable stator vanes control mechanism for a gas turbine engine. The control mechanism includes a moveable actuation rod in operative communication with a first unison ring such that movement of the actuation rod drives the first unison ring.
Tarp deploying device for rear dump trailer
A tarp deploying apparatus includes radial arm with a proximal arm and a distal arm. The distal arm is formed from a flexible material such as a double-walled hydraulic hose.
Apparatus and method for preventing movement of release mechanism of a vehicle latch
A latch is provided including a fork bolt configured to rotate between an unlatched position and a latched position. A bellcrank lever is operably coupled to the fork bolt via a detent lever.
Quick release archery target
An archery target includes a clamping assembly having at least two conditions wherein a first condition applies compressing force to a target material and a second condition releases at least a portion of the compressing force from the target material such that arrow removal is easier. The clamping assembly allows the user of the target to readily change the clamping assembly between the two conditions.
In-line jack
An in-line jack includes a body, an extendable shaft, drive mechanics, and a motor. The body has first and second distal ends.
Engine ventilation apparatus
A ventilation apparatus for an engine is provided with a recirculation passage for causing blow-by gas in a crank case to flow back into an intake passage of an engine. The ventilation apparatus is also provided with an oil return passage for returning oil to an oil pan.
Mounting arrangement for a piston-connecting rod assembly in a refrigeration compressor
The arrangement is applied to a compressor which comprises: a crankcase, carrying a cylinder provided with a lateral slot and in which is housed a piston provided with two radial holes and with an eccentric axial hole; a connecting rod connected to a crankshaft driven by an electric motor and having a smaller eye mounted in the piston; and a wrist pin having a first end turned to the bearing hub of the crankcase, a second end turned to the lateral slot of the cylinder and a diametrical hole, adjacent to the second end in which is provided an engaging means, for the axial and rotational coupling of a tool for mounting and indexing the wrist pin, in the interior of the piston, in a position in which the diametrical hole is axially aligned with the eccentric axial hole, so as to allow an elastic pin to be introduced in said diametrical hole and in said eccentric axial hole.. .
Pedaling torque sensor device for each cyclist's leg and power meter apparatus
It is also object of the invention a power meter apparatus (40) to calculate jointly and separately the instantaneous power delivered for each cyclist's leg, comprising two of the aforementioned pedaling torque sensor devices, means to measure the instantaneous angular velocity of the crankset and a power meter cpu (35) that integrates and processes the signals received.. .
Control apparatus for vehicles
A control apparatus for controlling a vehicle includes an actuator ecu. The actuator ecu acquires a crankshaft angle (stopped crankshaft angle) at a time that an engine stops operating.
Method for operating a motor vehicle in trailing throttle mode
In a motor vehicle with an adjustable coupling (intermediate device) between the (crank)shaft and floor contact elements (wheels), wherein the coupling is set in over trailing throttle mode in such a way that the rotational speed of the shaft is reduced, in particular is adjusted to a predefined value, in order to reduce the internal losses of the drive, in particular an internal combustion engine.. .
Control apparatus for controlling active vibroisolating support device
A control apparatus includes an actuator ecu for controlling a plurality of acms. When an engine is started or restarted, the actuator ecu begins a vibration suppressing control process with the acms for suppressing vibrations transmitted to a vehicle body when a crankshaft angle, which is represented by a crk pulse signal from a crk sensor, reaches a beginning crankshaft angle..
Post knee surgery physical therapy device
A physical therapy device including a vertically elongated lever arm turned to project medially on the upper and lower extremities to form repetitive thigh and ankle bearing rods and further including an elongated crank.. .
Amusement park elevator drop ride system and associated methods
A cable driven elevator system having an elevator platform with an integral motion system is provided using one or multiple actuators. Each actuator includes a support plate attached to the elevator platform, a planetary gearbox engaged with and driven by an electric servo motor, and a drive shaft driven by the servo motor and engaged with a one crank.
Modular multi-element constructions from rearrangeable pieces and kits allowing construction of same
Board-based machines assembled from components including crank and winch attributes which allow for coupling between the components, and which allows the user to position various elements into desired positions. A kit of components including coupling attributes which allow for assembly into a large number of different types of machines and structures of different types and shapes.
Massage chair
A massage chair includes: a base unit; a rocker mechanism including an actuator that is coupled to the base unit, at least one output bar that is connected pivotally to the base unit, an input bar that is connected to and that is driven rotatably by the actuator, and a connecting bar that is connected pivotally to the input bar and the output bar; and a seat unit connected immovably to the output bar. The input bar, the output bar, the connecting bar, and the base unit cooperate to constitute a crank-rocker planar four-bar linkage.
Bicycle frame, battery pack, and bicycle
This invention discloses an auxiliary motor for a bicycle and a related bicycle wherein the auxiliary motor has an energy storage device for storing energy, a drive device for converting the energy stored in the energy storage device into kinetic energy and a transmission device for transmitting the kinetic energy onto a pedal crank spindle, wherein the auxiliary motor is designed to be attached to a down tube of a bicycle at least parallel to the down tube and to power a pedal crank of the bicycle.. .
Internal combustion engines
An internal combustion engine comprising at least one cylinder) and a crankshaft disposed at one end of the cylinder. Within each cylinder there is a pair of opposed, reciprocating pistons that form a combustion chamber (28) therebetween, including an outer piston being the piston furthest from the crankshaft and an inner piston.
Methods for reducing raw particulate engine emissions
The methods described allow for reducing particulate emissions from a direction injection engine during a starting phase, while also maintaining the engine start phase within a predetermined threshold. In one particular example, the methods comprise adjusting at least one of a fuel release pressure threshold and enrichment factor based on an engine condition; activating a starting device to rotate a crankshaft coupled to an engine cylinder without injecting any fuel; supplying fuel to the cylinder based on the enrichment factor only when a fuel pressure exceeds the fuel release pressure threshold; and stratifying a cylinder charge while adjusting a fuel injection within a compression phase and/or expansion phase of the engine.
Phase varying apparatus for automobile engine
A phase varying apparatus capable of smoothly varying the phase angle of a camshaft relative to a drive rotor by comprising: a drive rotor supported by a camshaft and driven by a crankshaft; a first control rotor integral with the camshaft; a first torquing mechanism for providing the first drive rotor with a torque in one direction, and a reverse rotation mechanism for proving the first control rotor with a torque in the opposite direction, wherein the reverse rotation mechanism comprises a first radius-decreasing guide groove formed in the control rotor, a crank member adapted to rotate about a position offset from the rotational axis of the drive rotor, and a first pin mechanism mounted on the crank member and movable in the radius-decreasing guide groove, and a second operative mechanism for rotating the first control rotor in the opposite rotational direction relative to the drive rotor.. .
Valve timiing controller
A valve timing controller includes: a driving-side rolling body configured to rotate synchronously with an engine crankshaft; a driven-side rolling body configured to rotate in a unified manner with a camshaft for opening/closing an engine valve relative to the driving-side rolling body; an advance chamber, and a retard chamber; a torsion spring disposed in a space formed between a front plate or a rear plate of the driving-side rolling body and the driven-side rolling body and configured to bias at all times the driving-side rolling body and the driven-side rolling body in the advance direction or the retard direction; and a first cylindrical portion provided in the front plate or the rear plate and a second cylindrical portion provided in the driven-side rolling body, the first and second cylindrical portions being insertable into each other in an axial direction.. .
Crankdisk bearing support for the waissi internal combustion engine
An improvement to the waissi type opposed piston internal combustion engine is proposed. The engine has at least one pair of aligned and opposed cylinders with one reciprocating double-headed piston assembly in each cylinder pair.
Pendulum-absorber brake
A crankshaft comprising a cheek, a torsion-absorbing pendulum pivotally coupled to the cheek, and a rotational speed actuated brake to oppose motion of the pendulum relative to the cheek. The brake is configured to provide greater opposition to the motion at lower rotational speeds than at higher rotational speeds..
Automatic transmission system for bicycle
The invention includes a wheel speed detector, disposed beside a wheel of the bicycle for detecting a rotational speed of the wheel; a crankset forward rotation detector, disposed beside a crankset of the bicycle for detecting forward rotational speed of the crankset; a control module, attached on a handle bar of the bicycle, having a display, an operation interface and a program, and electrically connected to the wheel speed detector and the crank forward rotation detector for receiving sensing signals therefrom and outputting control signals; a gear change driver, electrically connected to the control module for receiving the control signals and driving at least one derailleur of the bicycle to change gears; and a power supply, having a battery to supply electric power to the automatic transmission system.. .
Power take-off system for an internal combustion engine
A power take-off system for an internal combustion engine that has a drive gear positioned within a crankcase includes a housing. The housing is coupleable to the internal combustion engine.

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