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Crank patents

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Apparatus and method for preventing movement of release mechanism of a vehicle latch

Date/App# patent app List of recent Crank-related patents
 Engine startup system patent thumbnailnew patent Engine startup system
In the course of starting up an engine during electric travel node, this engine startup system performs a semi-engagement operation (s2) of engaging the clutch while making same slip in order to crank the engine, and then performs a disengagement operation (s4, s5) of disengaging the clutch after starting to crank the engine. The timing for starting the disengagement operation of the clutch is varied depending on the driving force required..
 Gear device patent thumbnailnew patent Gear device
A gear device includes an outer cylinder, a plurality of crank shafts, a carrier which rotatably supports the plurality of crank shafts and rotates relative to the outer cylinder in synchronization with the rotation of the crank shafts, a plurality of spur gears fixed coaxially with the crank shafts at portions extending toward an outer side of the carrier in the crank shafts, an input gear which includes a gear part that engages with the plurality of spur gears, and transmits rotational drive force to each of the spur gears, and washer means comprising washers disposed outside the carrier. The input gear is regulated from moving in a radial direction of the input gear by engaging with the plurality of spur gears at a position outside the carrier in an axial direction, and regulated from moving in an axial direction of the input gear by the washers..
 Radially compliant scroll compressor patent thumbnailnew patent Radially compliant scroll compressor
A compressor may include a compression mechanism, a driveshaft, and a lever. The compression mechanism may include orbiting and non-orbiting scroll members meshingly engaging each other.
 Systems and methods to control variable stator vanes in gas turbine engines patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods to control variable stator vanes in gas turbine engines
Embodiments of the present application include a variable stator vanes control mechanism for a gas turbine engine. The control mechanism includes a moveable actuation rod in operative communication with a first unison ring such that movement of the actuation rod drives the first unison ring.
 Tarp deploying device for rear dump trailer patent thumbnailnew patent Tarp deploying device for rear dump trailer
A tarp deploying apparatus includes radial arm with a proximal arm and a distal arm. The distal arm is formed from a flexible material such as a double-walled hydraulic hose.
 Apparatus and method for preventing movement of release mechanism of a vehicle latch patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and method for preventing movement of release mechanism of a vehicle latch
A latch is provided including a fork bolt configured to rotate between an unlatched position and a latched position. A bellcrank lever is operably coupled to the fork bolt via a detent lever.
 Quick release archery target patent thumbnailnew patent Quick release archery target
An archery target includes a clamping assembly having at least two conditions wherein a first condition applies compressing force to a target material and a second condition releases at least a portion of the compressing force from the target material such that arrow removal is easier. The clamping assembly allows the user of the target to readily change the clamping assembly between the two conditions.
 In-line jack patent thumbnailnew patent In-line jack
An in-line jack includes a body, an extendable shaft, drive mechanics, and a motor. The body has first and second distal ends.
 Engine ventilation apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Engine ventilation apparatus
A ventilation apparatus for an engine is provided with a recirculation passage for causing blow-by gas in a crank case to flow back into an intake passage of an engine. The ventilation apparatus is also provided with an oil return passage for returning oil to an oil pan.
 Mounting arrangement for a piston-connecting rod assembly in a refrigeration compressor patent thumbnailnew patent Mounting arrangement for a piston-connecting rod assembly in a refrigeration compressor
The arrangement is applied to a compressor which comprises: a crankcase, carrying a cylinder provided with a lateral slot and in which is housed a piston provided with two radial holes and with an eccentric axial hole; a connecting rod connected to a crankshaft driven by an electric motor and having a smaller eye mounted in the piston; and a wrist pin having a first end turned to the bearing hub of the crankcase, a second end turned to the lateral slot of the cylinder and a diametrical hole, adjacent to the second end in which is provided an engaging means, for the axial and rotational coupling of a tool for mounting and indexing the wrist pin, in the interior of the piston, in a position in which the diametrical hole is axially aligned with the eccentric axial hole, so as to allow an elastic pin to be introduced in said diametrical hole and in said eccentric axial hole.. .
Pedaling torque sensor device for each cyclist's leg and power meter apparatus
It is also object of the invention a power meter apparatus (40) to calculate jointly and separately the instantaneous power delivered for each cyclist's leg, comprising two of the aforementioned pedaling torque sensor devices, means to measure the instantaneous angular velocity of the crankset and a power meter cpu (35) that integrates and processes the signals received.. .
Control apparatus for vehicles
A control apparatus for controlling a vehicle includes an actuator ecu. The actuator ecu acquires a crankshaft angle (stopped crankshaft angle) at a time that an engine stops operating.
Method for operating a motor vehicle in trailing throttle mode
In a motor vehicle with an adjustable coupling (intermediate device) between the (crank)shaft and floor contact elements (wheels), wherein the coupling is set in over trailing throttle mode in such a way that the rotational speed of the shaft is reduced, in particular is adjusted to a predefined value, in order to reduce the internal losses of the drive, in particular an internal combustion engine.. .
Control apparatus for controlling active vibroisolating support device
A control apparatus includes an actuator ecu for controlling a plurality of acms. When an engine is started or restarted, the actuator ecu begins a vibration suppressing control process with the acms for suppressing vibrations transmitted to a vehicle body when a crankshaft angle, which is represented by a crk pulse signal from a crk sensor, reaches a beginning crankshaft angle..
Post knee surgery physical therapy device
A physical therapy device including a vertically elongated lever arm turned to project medially on the upper and lower extremities to form repetitive thigh and ankle bearing rods and further including an elongated crank.. .
Amusement park elevator drop ride system and associated methods
A cable driven elevator system having an elevator platform with an integral motion system is provided using one or multiple actuators. Each actuator includes a support plate attached to the elevator platform, a planetary gearbox engaged with and driven by an electric servo motor, and a drive shaft driven by the servo motor and engaged with a one crank.
Modular multi-element constructions from rearrangeable pieces and kits allowing construction of same
Board-based machines assembled from components including crank and winch attributes which allow for coupling between the components, and which allows the user to position various elements into desired positions. A kit of components including coupling attributes which allow for assembly into a large number of different types of machines and structures of different types and shapes.
Massage chair
A massage chair includes: a base unit; a rocker mechanism including an actuator that is coupled to the base unit, at least one output bar that is connected pivotally to the base unit, an input bar that is connected to and that is driven rotatably by the actuator, and a connecting bar that is connected pivotally to the input bar and the output bar; and a seat unit connected immovably to the output bar. The input bar, the output bar, the connecting bar, and the base unit cooperate to constitute a crank-rocker planar four-bar linkage.
Bicycle frame, battery pack, and bicycle
This invention discloses an auxiliary motor for a bicycle and a related bicycle wherein the auxiliary motor has an energy storage device for storing energy, a drive device for converting the energy stored in the energy storage device into kinetic energy and a transmission device for transmitting the kinetic energy onto a pedal crank spindle, wherein the auxiliary motor is designed to be attached to a down tube of a bicycle at least parallel to the down tube and to power a pedal crank of the bicycle.. .
Internal combustion engines
An internal combustion engine comprising at least one cylinder) and a crankshaft disposed at one end of the cylinder. Within each cylinder there is a pair of opposed, reciprocating pistons that form a combustion chamber (28) therebetween, including an outer piston being the piston furthest from the crankshaft and an inner piston.
Methods for reducing raw particulate engine emissions
The methods described allow for reducing particulate emissions from a direction injection engine during a starting phase, while also maintaining the engine start phase within a predetermined threshold. In one particular example, the methods comprise adjusting at least one of a fuel release pressure threshold and enrichment factor based on an engine condition; activating a starting device to rotate a crankshaft coupled to an engine cylinder without injecting any fuel; supplying fuel to the cylinder based on the enrichment factor only when a fuel pressure exceeds the fuel release pressure threshold; and stratifying a cylinder charge while adjusting a fuel injection within a compression phase and/or expansion phase of the engine.
Phase varying apparatus for automobile engine
A phase varying apparatus capable of smoothly varying the phase angle of a camshaft relative to a drive rotor by comprising: a drive rotor supported by a camshaft and driven by a crankshaft; a first control rotor integral with the camshaft; a first torquing mechanism for providing the first drive rotor with a torque in one direction, and a reverse rotation mechanism for proving the first control rotor with a torque in the opposite direction, wherein the reverse rotation mechanism comprises a first radius-decreasing guide groove formed in the control rotor, a crank member adapted to rotate about a position offset from the rotational axis of the drive rotor, and a first pin mechanism mounted on the crank member and movable in the radius-decreasing guide groove, and a second operative mechanism for rotating the first control rotor in the opposite rotational direction relative to the drive rotor.. .
Valve timiing controller
A valve timing controller includes: a driving-side rolling body configured to rotate synchronously with an engine crankshaft; a driven-side rolling body configured to rotate in a unified manner with a camshaft for opening/closing an engine valve relative to the driving-side rolling body; an advance chamber, and a retard chamber; a torsion spring disposed in a space formed between a front plate or a rear plate of the driving-side rolling body and the driven-side rolling body and configured to bias at all times the driving-side rolling body and the driven-side rolling body in the advance direction or the retard direction; and a first cylindrical portion provided in the front plate or the rear plate and a second cylindrical portion provided in the driven-side rolling body, the first and second cylindrical portions being insertable into each other in an axial direction.. .
Crankdisk bearing support for the waissi internal combustion engine
An improvement to the waissi type opposed piston internal combustion engine is proposed. The engine has at least one pair of aligned and opposed cylinders with one reciprocating double-headed piston assembly in each cylinder pair.
Pendulum-absorber brake
A crankshaft comprising a cheek, a torsion-absorbing pendulum pivotally coupled to the cheek, and a rotational speed actuated brake to oppose motion of the pendulum relative to the cheek. The brake is configured to provide greater opposition to the motion at lower rotational speeds than at higher rotational speeds..
Automatic transmission system for bicycle
The invention includes a wheel speed detector, disposed beside a wheel of the bicycle for detecting a rotational speed of the wheel; a crankset forward rotation detector, disposed beside a crankset of the bicycle for detecting forward rotational speed of the crankset; a control module, attached on a handle bar of the bicycle, having a display, an operation interface and a program, and electrically connected to the wheel speed detector and the crank forward rotation detector for receiving sensing signals therefrom and outputting control signals; a gear change driver, electrically connected to the control module for receiving the control signals and driving at least one derailleur of the bicycle to change gears; and a power supply, having a battery to supply electric power to the automatic transmission system.. .
Power take-off system for an internal combustion engine
A power take-off system for an internal combustion engine that has a drive gear positioned within a crankcase includes a housing. The housing is coupleable to the internal combustion engine.
Torque compensation method and system
A system and method of compensating for torque converter slip in a motor vehicle include measuring rotational speeds of an engine crankshaft and mainshaft, as well as measuring operating temperatures of a fluid associated with the motor vehicle. Engine output torque is adjusted as required by controlling some combination of ignition timing, intake air flow, fuel injection, and accessory load.
Visually controlled end effector
A visually controlled end effector is disclosed. The end effector comprises two or more operational members capable of picking up one or more randomly placed items.
Workout device with foot-oriented elliptical loop
A workout device with a foot-oriented elliptical loop is provided and bilaterally equipped with a transmission rod, a first link rod, a driving rod, a second link rod, a swing arm, and a supporting rod. The transmission portions are pivotally coupled to cranks to enable the cranks to undergo revolution.
Fitness apparatus
A fitness apparatus includes a chassis, two linkages, two handlebars, two cranks and two joint bars. Each of the linkage includes a first linking-up part and second linking-up part transversally.
Pedal motion path adjustable elliptical trainer
A pedal motion path adjustable elliptical trainer includes a base frame, a rotating mechanism assembly, a lifting mechanism, a sliding mechanism and a control mechanism. The lifting mechanism is biasable relative to the base frame, including a rail holder, a support member and two sliding rails.
Belt pulley for a crankshaft in a vehicle
A belt pulley is provided for a crankshaft in a vehicle. The belt pulley can be mounted on an end of the crankshaft projecting from an engine block.
Asymmetric split bearing with geometrically contoured work surface
An asymmetric split bearing with a geometrically contoured work surface is provided that has an upper segment and lower segment and a plurality of spaced, recesses in the sidewall of the bearing segment, which are joined together by means of bearing surfaces or lands. The asymmetric split bearing allows for a greater range of applications, such as reciprocating engine crankshafts, which require split bearings for support.
Shutter system for a switchgear compartment and method of manipulating a shutter system
A shutter system for a switchgear compartment includes a moveable shutter translatable between a closed position and an open position. Also included is a pusher operatively coupled to a first side of the moveable shutter and configured to impart a force on the moveable shutter in response to an insertion of an electrical device within the switchgear compartment.
Fuel preheater and emission reducing device for diesel and other fuel injected engines
Free heat or scavenged heat from the coolant system or circulating oil from the crankcase of an internal combustion engine supplies heat to a fuel pre-heater causing the liquid fuel to become superheated and partially vaporized. Liquid fuel preferably diesel is converted from a fluid at ambient temperature to a superheated fuel breaking down the hydrocarbons bonds of the fuel (cracking) before being sent directly to the fuel injectors.
System and method for randomly adjusting a firing frequency of an engine to reduce vibration when cylinders of the engine are deactivated
A system according to the principles of the present invention includes a firing fraction module, an offset generation module, and a firing fraction module. The firing fraction module determines a firing fraction based on a driver torque request.
Balancer device of internal combustion engine
A balancer device of an internal combustion engine, has a drive gear engaged with an input gear to which a rotation force is transmitted from a crankshaft; a balancer drive shaft to which the rotation force is transmitted from the drive gear and which has a balancer weight; a balancer drive gear rotating integrally with the balancer drive shaft; a balancer driven gear engaged with the balancer drive gear; and a balancer driven shaft rotating integrally with the balancer driven gear and having a balancer weight. At least one of the drive gear, the balancer drive gear and the balancer driven gear is provided, on both axial direction side surfaces thereof, with ring-shaped grooves whose diameters are different from each other.
Systems and methods for variable valve actuation
The disclosure is directed at a valvetrain actuation (va) system for an engine comprising at least two hydraulic rotary valves connected to an engine crankshaft, at least one hydraulic actuator driven by the at least two hydraulic rotary valves, and a high pressure hydraulic fluid source for supplying hydraulic fluid to one of the at least two hydraulic rotary valves, wherein movement of the at least two hydraulic rotary valves by the engine crankshaft allows hydraulic fluid to flow to the at least one hydraulic actuator to actuate an engine valve.. .
Motorized casket/coffin key/crank
A motorized casket/coffin crank raises and lowers a casket/coffin bed effortlessly and with minimal sound emission. The casket/coffin crank can be used similar to a drill to be inserted into the bed device's hole and, with its long shaft, turning the key, which is typically hidden underneath the fabric lining in both the head and foot ends of the casket/coffin, allow the raising and lowering of the casket bed at an accelerated rate without requiring the effort typically required with manual cranks..
Driving system for engine auxiliary power
Systems and methods for driving engine auxiliaries are provided. A front drive power take-off system is used to drive an auxiliary unit mounted on the engine.
V-belt type continuously variable transmission
In a v-belt type continuously variable transmission for utility vehicle, a transmission case assembly covering a drive pulley assembly and a driven pulley assembly is provided, the transmission case assembly includes a transmission case main body, and a transmission cover attached to a cover attachment surface of the transmission case main body, the cover attachment surface is inclined with respect to a vertical plane which is orthogonal to a crankshaft, and the transmission cover is attached to the cover attachment surface by a plurality of bolts removed and inserted in the direction orthogonal to the cover attachment surface.. .
V-belt type continuously variable transmission
A v-belt type continuously variable transmission includes a drive shaft, a drive pulley assembly, a driven shaft, a driven pulley assembly, a v belt, and a transmission case assembly, the drive shaft is formed as a separate body from the crankshaft, one axial end of the drive shaft is spline-fitted to a shaft coupling portion provided in an end of the crankshaft, freely move in the axial direction within a predetermined distance, and be permitted to fall slightly, and the other axial end of the drive shaft is supported in the transmission case assembly or via a front bearing.. .
Convertible push-bike
The teachings provided herein relate to an articulable crankset for converting a pedal-powered vehicle into a push-powered vehicle having the articulable crankset in a retracted position to provide at least less of an obstruction to a user's legs during use of the push-powered vehicle than a non-retractable crankset. The vehicle can be a bicycle, and the articulable crankset can be a component of a production bicycle or a component of a conversion kit that will convert a bicycle from a pedal-powered bicycle to a convertible bicycle that can also function as a push-powered bicycle..
Wave energy power conversion mechanism
The present invention provides a power conversion mechanism incorporated as part of a wave energy converter device which utilises the kinetic energy of an incident wave field experienced through the relative motion of a body or any other similar means connected to a reactive structure resulting in the localisation of mechanical forces towards a central nodal point for subsequent exploitation via conversion to a useful form. It comprises a mechanical coupling connectable between a reactive body and a wave actuated body with a first body connectable to the reactive body and a second body connectable to the wave actuated body, the first body and the second body being rotatably coupled together about an axis of rotation.
Heat treatment device for crank shaft
A crankshaft heat treatment device may include a base frame, a jig frame in which a crankshaft is rotatably supported and that is disposed to be able to move in a horizontal direction and in a vertical direction at the base frame, and a laser unit that is disposed in a predetermined fixed position and irradiates laser beam to a pin portion and a journal portion of the crankshaft so as to treat the pin portion and the journal portion with heat.. .
Stratified scavenging two-stroke engine
A stratified scavenging two-stroke engine includes a first scavenging passage that extends from a first scavenging intake that opens to the inside of the crankcase to a first scavenging port that opens to the inside of a cylinder, and a second scavenging passage that extends from a second scavenging intake that opens to the inside of the crankcase to a second scavenging port that opens to the inside of the cylinder. The first and second passages are formed so as to communicate with each other via a communicating portion.
Oil filter system for vehicle
An oil filter system for a vehicle is provided at a cylinder block of an engine and collects engine oil from blow-by gas generated in a crank case. The oil filter system may include a blow-by path configured to recirculate the blow-by gas so that the blow-by gas generated in the crank case is combusted together with a fuel-air mixture, a filter case formed between the crank case and the blow-by path, filters disposed in the filter case to collect the engine oil contained in the blow-by gas, and an oil pan mounted in the cylinder block to collect the engine oil collected at the filters, wherein the filters collect the engine oil in a forward direction flow and a reverse direction flow of the blow-by gas..
Oil filter system for vehicle
An oil filter system for a vehicle may provided at a cylinder block of an engine for collecting engine oil from a blow-by gas generated in a crank case. The oil filter system may include a blow-by path to recirculate the blow-by gas so that the blow-by gas generated in the crank case is combusted together with a fuel-air mixture, a filter case that is a space formed between the crank case and the blow-by path, a filter partition disposed to divide the filter case into two spaces, and configured to collect the engine oil contained in the blow-by gas, and an oil pan mounted in the cylinder block for collecting the engine oil that have been collected by the filter partition.
Combustion engine
A combustion engine can include an engine block having interior and exterior block surfaces and a combustion generating system connected thereto, with the inner block surface defining a cavity therein; an exhaust port between the inner and exterior block surfaces; a crankshaft rotatably fixed within the cavity and configured to rotate around an axis; and leading and trailing blades connected to the crankshaft. During a combustion event, the inner block surface is complementarily shaped to the leading and trailing blades, such that the inner block surface is outside the blades' ranges of travel.
Safes & related locking enclosures
In some embodiments, the locking enclosures may comprise a crank shaft that may be coupled with a handle. A crank plate may also be coupled with the crank shaft.
Steel for induction hardening and crankshaft manufactured by using the same
Where, into each element symbol in formula (1), the content (mass %) of the corresponding element is substituted.. .
Bicycle crank arm and bicycle crank assembly
A bicycle crank arm includes a first member and a second member. The first member has a crank axle interacting portion and a first recessed part around the crank axle interacting portion.
Crank arm, crankset, and power measuring device for an at least partially human powered vehicle or training device with a crank drive
By means of sensors 9 in both crank arms 1, 6, it is also possible to determine the power for the left and the right leg of the cyclist separately.. .
Crank angle detection apparatus
A crank angle detection apparatus may include a crank gear provided to be rotated together with a crankshaft, a balance gear provided to be rotated together with a balance shaft and engaged with the crank gear so that the balance shaft is rotated in accordance with rotation of the crankshaft, and a crank angle sensor configured to sense rotation of the balance gear or the crank gear and detect a rotation angle of the crankshaft.. .
Diesel engine and transverse turbocharger
A turbocharger is mounted on a diesel engine (e.g., a marine diesel engine), with the turbocharger's turbine axis transverse to a crankshaft axis of the engine.. .
Crank retractor handle
The present invention relates to an apparatus for adapting a non-cylindrical serrated surgical retractor blade handle to the cylindrical bore of a universal joint. The apparatus includes an adaptor housing having a retractor handle passageway, at least a portion of the retractor handle passageway being configured to receive the slideable insertion of a non-cylindrical retractor blade handle.
Outboard drive device
An outboard drive device (10) comprising a motor (11) having a crankshaft (16), wherein said outboard drive device (10) further comprises a propeller shaft (12) with a propeller which propeller is below the hull (13) of a boat when said outboard drive device (10) is operated, and a power coupling system for transferring power from the motor (11) to the propeller shaft (12). The motor (11) is an automotive motor or an industrial base engine, wherein the crankshaft (16) is substantially horizontal and substantially parallel to the propeller shaft (12) when said outboard drive device (10) is operated.
Bicycle with battery mount
A bicycle including a frame, a bottom bracket coupled to the frame and adapted to support a crankset, and a battery pack supported by the frame. The battery pack has a powered end cap with a tapered protrusion and a battery connector on an end of the tapered protrusion.
Split-angle connecting rod
The disclosure is directed to a connecting rod, the connecting rod may include a first end having a bore configured to receive a piston pin, and a second end having a yoke and a cap removably connected to the yoke at a separation plane. Together, the yoke and the cap may define a bore configured to receive a crankshaft.
Internal combustion engine with lubrication system
An internal combustion engine for a vehicle, such as a motorcycle, includes a crankcase defining a sump, and a lubrication system scavenging oil from the crankcase and supplying oil to the crankshaft and to first and second cylinder heads. The lubrication system includes a pump with housing and rotor, the housing being fixed to the crankcase and the rotor being rotatable around a crankshaft axis and being rotated by the crankshaft.
Casing structure for an internal combustion engine
A casing structure of an automotive internal combustion engine includes an upper/lower divided crankcase structure. A crankshaft and a first transmission shaft of a pair of transmission shafts parallel to the crankshaft of a transmission are axially supported by a dividing surface of the upper crankcase and the lower crankcase.
Engine diagnostic system and method
A diagnostic method for a reciprocating internal combustion engine is disclosed. The diagnostic method includes determining a cylinder pressure relationship between a periodic or continuous pressure of a combustion chamber of the engine and a crankshaft angle of the engine for a combustion cycle including a fuel injection.
Method and system for engine control
Methods and systems are provided for controlling exhaust emissions by adjusting an injection profile for fuel injected into an engine cylinder from a plurality of fuel injectors during engine start and crank. By splitting injection of fuel during start so that a portion of fuel is port injected and a remaining portion is direct injected as one or multiple injections, the soot load of the engine can be reduced and fuel economy can be improved..
Systems and methods for fuel control during cold starts
A cold start control system for a vehicle having a spark ignition direct injection (sidi) engine includes a startup control module and a fuel actuator module. The startup control module sets a mode of operation to a cold start mode.
Method and system for determining that a user has operated a vehicle ignition switch
In telematics device mounted to a vehicle, an auxiliary processor detects an interrupt from an accelerometer and forwards the interrupt to a main processor—the interrupt wakes up the processor from a sleep mode. The main processor may then compare vehicle voltage and/or a value for a speed parameter to predetermined criteria to determine whether the interrupt was a false positive or if the accelerometer missed a detection of a user cranking up the vehicle.
Hybrid engine assembly and method
A hybrid engine assembly may include an engine having a crankshaft, a supplemental shaft mechanically coupled to the crankshaft, a flywheel energy storage assembly, and an auxiliary device. A flywheel clutch may selectively couple the flywheel assembly to the crankshaft.
Eccentric oscillating gear device and assembling method for crankshaft in eccentric oscillating gear device
An eccentric oscillating gear device comprises a crankshaft 46 having an eccentric portion 46a, 46b, an externally toothed gear 48a, 48b having external teeth and a through-hole in which the eccentric portion 46a, 46b is inserted, an outer cylinder 12, and a carrier 14. The carrier 14 rotatably supports the crankshaft 46.
Reciprocating compressor with vapor injection system
A compressor assembly is provided and may include a compression cylinder and a compression piston disposed within the compression cylinder that compresses a vapor disposed within the compression cylinder from a suction pressure to a discharge pressure. The compressor assembly may additionally include a crankshaft that cycles the compression piston within the compression cylinder and an injection port in fluid communication with the compression cylinder that selectively communicates intermediate-pressure vapor at a pressure between the suction pressure vapor and the discharge pressure vapor to the compression cylinder.
Reciprocating compressor with vapor injection system
A compressor assembly is provided and may include a first compression cylinder, a first compression piston disposed within the first compression cylinder that compresses a vapor disposed within the first compression cylinder, and a crankshaft that cycles the first compression piston within the first compression cylinder. The compressor assembly may additionally include a first control piston moveable between a first state restricting passage of intermediate-pressure fluid into the first compression cylinder and a second state permitting passage of intermediate-pressure fluid into the first compression cylinder..
Pluggable data communication module with slider-crank delatch mechanism
A delatch mechanism for disengaging a data communication module from a cage includes an actuator handle and a t-shaped crank connected at a wrist pivot to the handle and connected at a crank pivot to the module housing. The crank pivots to lift a pin out of engagement with the cage when a user pulls on the actuator handle, causing it to slide relative to the housing..

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