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Dicing blade

Shin-nihon Tech

Dicing blade

United Technologies

Wear pad to prevent cracking of fan blade

Date/App# patent app List of recent Cracking-related patents
 Refractory mixed-metal oxides and spinel compositions for thermo-catalytic conversion of biomass patent thumbnailnew patent Refractory mixed-metal oxides and spinel compositions for thermo-catalytic conversion of biomass
A process for biomass catalytic cracking is disclosed herein. More specifically, the process is in presence of is a mixed metal oxide catalyst represented by the formula (x1o).(x2o)a.(x3ybo4) wherein x1, x2 and x3 are alkaline earth elements selected from the group of mg, ca, be, ba, and mixture thereof, and y is a metal selected from the group of al, mn, fe, co, ni, cr, ga, b, la, p and mixture thereof, wherein the catalyst is formed by calcining at least one compound comprising at least one alkaline earth element and a metal element..
Kior, Inc.
 Laser processing method and laser processing apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Laser processing method and laser processing apparatus
A laser beam machining method and a laser beam machining device capable of cutting a work without producing a fusing and a cracking out of a predetermined cutting line on the surface of the work, wherein a pulse laser beam is radiated on the predetermined cut line on the surface of the work under the conditions causing a multiple photon absorption and with a condensed point aligned to the inside of the work, and a modified area is formed inside the work along the predetermined determined cut line by moving the condensed point along the predetermined cut line, whereby the work can be cut with a rather small force by cracking the work along the predetermined cut line starting from the modified area and, because the pulse laser beam radiated is not almost absorbed onto the surface of the work, the surface is not fused even if the modified area is formed.. .
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.
 Low stress silicon cladding for optical surface finishing patent thumbnailnew patent Low stress silicon cladding for optical surface finishing
A process for a low temperature, ion-assisted, evaporation technique (iad), whereby the coating stress of a silicon film may be manipulated from compressive to tensile, in order to produce a near-zero net stress for the complete layer. A si cladding with little intrinsic stress is essential to allow thick coatings to be manufactured without cracking.
 Coated paper having a coating structure with controlled distribution of latex and  preparing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Coated paper having a coating structure with controlled distribution of latex and preparing the same
Disclosed is coated paper having a coating structure in which styrene-butadiene latex distribution of a paper coating layer is controlled in order to reduce fold cracking of the coated paper and a method for manufacturing the same. The coated paper in which different types of latexes are separately applied to two coating layers exhibits considerably improved stiffness and reduced fold crack, as compared to the existing coated paper..
Lg Electronics Inc.
 Wear pad to prevent cracking of fan blade patent thumbnailnew patent Wear pad to prevent cracking of fan blade
A fan blade of a gas turbine engine includes an airfoil, a root received in a slot of a hub, and a wear pad covering at least a portion of the root and made of an integrally bonded woven composite laminate.. .
United Technologies Corporation
 Method of preparing graphene nanoplate, prepared graphene nanoplate, graphene nanoplate paste, and conductive layer including the graphene nanoplate patent thumbnailnew patent Method of preparing graphene nanoplate, prepared graphene nanoplate, graphene nanoplate paste, and conductive layer including the graphene nanoplate
A method for preparing graphene nanoplate (gnp) is provided and includes preparing expanded graphite (eg) and exfoliating, grinding, or cracking the expanded graphite to crack the eg induced by gas-phase-collision. A graphene nanoplate paste and a conductive coating layer formed of the graphene nanoplate paste are provided and are prepared by the method for preparing graphene nanoplate..
Hyundai Motor Company
 Dicing blade patent thumbnailnew patent Dicing blade
An object of the present invention is to provide a dicing blade which does not cause cracking and breaking even in a workpiece formed from a brittle material, and can stably perform cutting process in a ductile mode on the workpiece with high precision. A dicing blade 26 which performs the cutting process on the workpiece is integrally formed of a diamond sintered body 80 which is formed by sintering diamond abrasive grains 82 so as to have a discoid shape, and a content of the diamond abrasive grains 82 of the diamond sintered body 80 is 80 vol % or more.
Shin-nihon Tech Inc.
 Coated structural members having improved resistance to cracking patent thumbnailnew patent Coated structural members having improved resistance to cracking
Structural systems having coated structural members with enhanced durability are provided, along with methods of making and using the same. Structural members including at least one coating material applied to a substrate that comprises at least one protrusion may exhibit increased strength and/or durability and may be less likely fail during use.
Eastman Chemical Company
 Method for mounting a chip and chip package patent thumbnailMethod for mounting a chip and chip package
Provided is a method of mounting a chip. The method includes: forming a bump at one surface of a cavity formed concavely in an inner direction of a substrate; performing a coining process to flatten a surface of the bump; coating a solder material on the bump subjected to the coining process; and bonding a chip and the bump by melting the solder material, wherein an electrode portion or a metal portion is formed on a bottom of the chip.
Point Engineering Co., Ltd.
 System and process for injecting catalyst and/or additives into a fluidized catalytic cracking unit patent thumbnailSystem and process for injecting catalyst and/or additives into a fluidized catalytic cracking unit
Systems for loading catalyst and/or additives into a fluidized catalytic cracking unit are disclosed. Methods of making and using the systems are also disclosed..
W. R. Grace & Co.-conn.

Device and preparing oxygen-containing liquid fuel by bio-oil catalytic conversion

Devices and methods for preparing oxygen-containing liquid fuel by bio-oil catalytic conversion. A device includes a biomass fast thermal cracking system for preparing bio-oil, a bio-oil oil-water separating system for separating the bio-oil into oil phase bio-oil and water phase bio-oil that is output to an oil phase bio-oil chemical chain hydrogen production system, and a water phase bio-oil catalytic hydrogenation system.
Southeast University

Polyamide mixture

A composition, containing at least 50% by weight of a polyamide fraction which comprises: a) from 50 to 95 parts by weight of a polyamide having as copolymerized units bis(4-aminocyclohexyl)methane (pacm) and a linear dicarboxylic acid having from 8 to 18 c atoms; and b) from 50 to 5 parts by weight of a linear aliphatic polyamide having an average of from 8 to 12 c atoms in the monomer units, where the sum of the parts by weight of a) and b) is 100 is provided. The composition can be processed to give a moulded article having high transparency, high toughness and high resistance to chemicals, to solvents and to stress cracking..
Evonik Industries Ag

Dicing device and dicing method

To stably perform cutting process even on a workpiece formed from a brittle material, in a ductile mode with high precision, without causing cracking and/or breaking in the workpiece. A dicing device which performs cutting process on a workpiece includes: a dicing blade that is formed into a discoid shape from a diamond sintered body formed by sintering diamond abrasive grains, and contains 80% or more of the diamond abrasive grains; a spindle (rotating mechanism) configured to rotate the dicing blade; and a movement mechanism configured to move the workpiece relatively to the dicing blade while forming a constant cut depth on the workpiece by the dicing blade..
Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd.

Chemical method and composition for promoting adhesion and preventing road cracking

A method for increased adhesion and prevention of pavement cracking by subsurface application of a composition comprising a synthetic fluid or base oil, a pour point depressant, a binder, and various combinations thereof.. .
Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc.

Additives for maximizing light olefins in fluid catalytic cracking and process units

Additives for mixing into the base catalyst inventory of the fluid catalytic cracking (fcc) process units, so as to achieve a high selectivity of light olefins (ethylene and propylene), are described. Such additives comprise an fer zeolite and an mfi zeolite, the mfi zeolite preferably being zeolite zsm-5.
Petroleo Brasileiro S.a. - Petrobras

Process for regenerating a coked catalytic cracking catalyst

A process for regenerating a coked catalytic cracking catalyst which the carbon-containing deposits on the catalyst contains at least 1 wt % bio-carbon, based on the total weight of carbon present in the carbon-containing deposits is provided. Such coked catalytic cracking catalyst is contacted with an oxygen containing gas at a temperature of equal to or more than 550° c.
Shell Oil Company

High-toughness coating film and sliding member

Provided is a high-toughness coating film having excellent wear resistance, in particular, resistance to cracking and peeling. A high-toughness coating film (2) includes a composition containing a mixture of metallic chromium, in which nitrogen is dissolved, and cr2n.
Tpr Co., Ltd.

Wrappable laminated textile sleeve with enhanced flexibility and reducing cracking in a foil layer of a wrappable textile sleeve

A wrappable textile sleeve and method of reducing cracking in a foil layer of a wrappable textile sleeve are provided. The sleeve includes an elongate wall extending along a longitudinal axis between opposite ends with lengthwise extending edges extending along the longitudinal axis between the opposite ends.
Federal-mogul Powertrain, Inc.

Process for producing transportation fuels from oil sands-derived crude

Disclosed are processes for extracting deasphalted crude oil from oil sand. Deasphalted crude oil can be extracted using a hydrocarbon recycle solvent stream having specified hansen blend parameters, with the oil sand being contacted with the hydrocarbon recycle solvent stream in a contact zone of a vessel to separate not greater than 80 wt % of the bitumen present on the oil sand.
Epic Oil Extractors, Llc

Apparatuses and methods for cracking hydrocarbons

Methods and apparatuses are provided for cracking a hydrocarbon. The method includes contacting a hydrocarbon feed stream with a cracking catalyst at cracking conditions to produce a reactor effluent and a spent catalyst.
Uop Llc

Process for producing transportation fuels from oil sands-derived crude

Disclosed are processes for producing a transportation fuel from a high quality oil sands-derived crude oil. The oil sands-derived crude oil is provided as a feed source for a catalytic conversion reaction, which produces the product useful as the transportation fuel.
Epic Oil Extractors, Llc

Method and device for the early detection of crack formations in media-carrying workpieces

A device is provided for the early detection of crack formations in work pieces or in components that are subjected to mechanical loading. Wherein in the region of at least one surface at risk of cracking there is arranged at least one testing chamber that is formed by a generative process of manufacturing the work piece or a portion of a work piece and to which a testing medium under pressure is admitted.
Werkzeugbau Siegfried Hofmann Gmbh

Timber structural member with embedded web

A timber joist is provided, which includes first and second flanges connected together by a web, the web being structurally integral with the flanges. Both flanges comprise timber poles.
Loggo Ip Pty Ltd

Wear assembly

A wear assembly with strain relief protects exposed surfaces of excavating equipment such as a bucket lip. Wear components may include a seat where loads are applied, welding flanges flanking the seat on opposite ends of the component welded to the equipment, and strain relief areas between each welding flange and the seat.
Esco Corporation

Base oil upgrading by co-feeding a ketone or beta-keto-ester feedstock

This invention discloses a process for making high viscosity index lubricating base oils having a viscosity index of at least 110 by co-feeding a ketone or a beta-keto-ester feedstock with a lubricant oil feedstock directly to a hydrocracking unit to produce a hydrocracked stream. Then at least a portion of the hydrocracked stream is treated under hydroisomerization conditions to produce a high viscosity index lubricating base oil.
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

Method for converting waste plastic to lower-molecular weight hydrocarbons, particularly hydrocarbon fuel materials, and the hydrocarbon material produced thereby

A method produces a hydrocarbonaceous fluid (a liquid mixture of hydrocarbons, or in other words a mixture of hydrocarbons which is liquid at ambient room temperature and atmospheric pressure), which functionally is a liquid hydrocarbon fuel, from a feed of waste plastic. The method comprises in broad embodiments the steps of: (step 1) melting a feed of substantially solid waste plastic in an aerobic atmosphere (for instance, air) whereby a waste-plastic melt is produced; (step 2) distilling at least a portion of the waste-plastic melt whereby a hydrocarbonaceous distillate is produced; and (step 3) collecting the hydrocarbonaceous distillate.
Natural State Research, Inc.

Imaging members and methods for making the same

Flexible imaging members in electrophotography which have an improved plasticized charge transport layer formulation. The resulting imaging member is resistant to chemical contaminants, photoelectrically stable, fatigue cracking suppression, and has a simplified material structure which is curl-free without the need of an anticurl back coating layer.
Xerox Corporation

Photosensitive composition for volume hologram recording, volume hologram recording medium using same, manufacturing volume hologram recording medium, and hologram recording method

Provided is a photosensitive composition for volume hologram recording capable of forming a volume hologram recording medium that less shrinks upon curing in hologram recording (in hologram formation) and resists cracking. The photosensitive composition for volume hologram recording contains an alicyclic epoxy compound (a) represented by formula (i); a thermal acid generator (b); a radically polymerizable compound (c); a radical polymerization initiator (d); and at least one epoxy compound (e) selected from the group consisting of compounds represented by formula (1), epoxidized fatty acid esters, and epoxidized conjugated diene polymers..
Daicel Corporation

Method for producing means with thermal resist for applying at a surface of a heat exposed component

Cooling the ceramic body and causing micro-cracking during heating and or/sintering and/or cooling to obtain the means with thermal resist. The forming is performed such that a first mixture forming a first layer onto which a second mixture is applied forming a second layer differs in porosity from that first layer to obtain a layered green body..

Semiconductor device

The present disclosure provides a technique for improving the reliability of a semiconductor device where spreading of cracking that occurs at the time of dicing to a seal ring can be restricted even in a semiconductor device with a low-k film used as an interlayer insulating film. Dummy vias are formed in each layer on a dicing region side.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

Gas oil hydroprocess

A process for the hydroprocessing of a gas oil (go) hydrocarbon feed to provide high yield of a diesel fraction. The process comprises a liquid-full hydrotreating reaction zone followed by a liquid-full hydrocracking reaction zone.
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

Thermo-catalytic cracking for conversion of higher hydrocarbons into lower hydrocarbons

Described herein are processes and related devices and systems for the conversion of higher hydrocarbons, such as in the form of waste plastics, petroleum sludge, slope oil, vegetable oil, and so forth, into lower hydrocarbons, which can be used as fuels or raw materials for a variety of industrial and domestic uses.. .
Innovative Energy Solutions, Inc.

Single-step process for production of branched, cyclic, aromatic, and cracked hydrocarbons from fatty acids

A catalytic process is provided which produces in a single reaction branched, cyclic and aromatic hydrocarbons, or cracked straight-chain hydrocarbons, from fatty acids in which the fatty acids are reacted over a multifunctional catalyst and undergo both decarboxylation and a further transformation (isomerization, cyclization, aromatization, or cracking) to form reaction products useful as fuels and for other applications that require a source of energy, or as feedstock for hydrocarbon-based commercial products such as surfactants, solvents and lubricants.. .
University Of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc.

Heavy oil catalytic cracking catalyst and preparation method therefor

The present invention relates to a heavy oil catalytic cracking catalyst and preparation method thereof. The catalyst comprises 2 to 50% by weight of an ultra-stable rare earth type y molecular sieve, 0.5 to 30% by weight of one or more other molecular sieves, 0.5 to 70% by weight of clay, 1.0 to 65% by weight of high-temperature-resistant inorganic oxides, and 0.01 to 12.5% by weight of rare earth oxide.
Petrochina Company Limited

Wet electrolytic capacitor containing a hydrogen protection layer

A wet electrolytic capacitor that contains a casing within which is positioned an anode formed from an anodically oxidized sintered porous body and a fluidic working electrolyte is provided. The casing contains a metal substrate over which is disposed a hydrogen protection layer that contains a plurality of sintered agglomerates formed from a valve metal composition.
Avx Corporation

Silicon carbide semiconductor element and fabrication method thereof

In a fabrication method of a silicon carbide semiconductor element including a drift layer playing a role of retaining a high withstand voltage on a front side of a semiconductor substrate of silicon carbide and including an ohmic electrode on a backside, dicing is added to form at least one dicing line in an element active region on a surface of the semiconductor substrate on a side opposite of the drift layer before forming the ohmic electrode on the backside of the semiconductor substrate. Thus, a silicon carbide semiconductor element and fabrication method thereof is provided such that even if the semiconductor substrate is made thinner to reduce the on-resistance, the strength of the substrate can be maintained and cracking of the wafer during wafer processing can be reduced..
National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

Coking process and system for enhanced catalytic reactions to improve process operation and economics

Heavy gas oil components, coking process recycle, and heavier hydrocarbons in the delayed coking process are cracked in the coking vessel by injecting a catalytic additive into the vapors above the gas/liquid-solid interface in the coke drum during the coking cycle. The additive may comprise cracking catalyst(s) and quenching agent(s), alone or in combination with seeding agent(s), excess reactant(s), carrier fluid(s), or any combination thereof to modify reaction kinetics to preferentially crack these components.

System and introducing an additive into a coking process to improve quality and yields of coker products

Heavy gas oil components, coking process recycle, and heavier hydrocarbons in the delayed coking process are cracked in the coking vessel by injecting a catalytic additive into the vapors above the gas/liquid-solid interface in the coke drum during the coking cycle. The additive comprises cracking catalyst(s) and quenching agent(s), alone or in combination with seeding agent(s), excess reactant(s), carrier fluid(s), or any combination thereof to modify reaction kinetics to preferentially crack these components.

Steel sheet suitable for impact absorbing member and its manufacture

A steel sheet suitable as a starting material for a vehicle impact absorbing member with high absorption of impact energy and resistance to cracking contains, by mass %, c: 0.08-0.30%, mn: 1.5-3.5%; si+al: 0.50-3.0%, p: 0.10% or less, s: at most 0.010%, and n: at most 0.010%, and optionally, one or more types selected from cr: at most 0.5%, mo: at most 0.5%, b: at most 0.010%, ti: less than 0.04%, nb: less than 0.030%, v: less than 0.5%, ca: at most 0.010%, mg: at most 0.010%, rem: at most 0.050%, and bi: at most 0.050%. The microstructure contains, by area %, bainite: more than 50%, martensite: 3-30%, and retained austenite: 3-15%, the remainder comprising ferrite having an average grain diameter of less than 5 mm.
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

Disclosed are alkali aluminosilicate glasses having unexpected resistance to indentation cracking. The glasses obtain this high resistance as a result of a high level of surface compression accompanied by a shallow depth of layer.
Corning Incorporated

Polypropylene resin composition having improved mechanical properties

Disclosed is a polypropylene resin composition having superior mechanical properties. More particularly, the polypropylene resin composition includes glass fiber and talc as fillers under an optimized condition and includes an ethylene-butene elastomer.
Hyundai Motor Company

Transparent substrate for optical elements, polarizer plate for liquid crystal display device using said substrate, and organic electroluminescence element

A transparent substrate for optical elements which is capable of suppressing cracking is provided, and a transparent substrate for optical elements which is capable of extending the life of optical elements such as organic el elements used in organic el illumination devices or polarizer plates used in liquid crystal display devices is provided. This transparent substrate for optical elements is characterized by having an inorganic layer and a hydrophilic layer laminated sequentially on a transparent resin film.
Nec Lighting, Ltf.

Semiconductor package and fabricating the same

A semiconductor package is provided, including a semiconductor substrate having a plurality of conductive vias, a buffer layer formed on the semiconductor substrate, a plurality of conductive pads formed on end surfaces of the conductive vias and covering the buffer layer. During a reflow process, the buffer layer greatly reduces the thermal stress, thereby eliminating the occurance of cracking at the interface of conductive pads.
Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.

Liner and composite tank assembly method

An improved liner for a container in which gases, liquids, or powders are stored. The liner is a multi-layer structure made in a roto molding machine.

Two-stage hydrocracking process for making heavy lubricating base oil from a heavy coker gas oil blended feedstock

The present invention is directed to a refining process for producing heavy lubricating base oils (lbo) from a blended hydrocarbonaceous feedstock containing a heavy coker gas oil, a visbroken gas oil, heavy cycle oil, oils from residue hydrocracking, aromatic extract or any other feedstock normally not conducive to lube oil basestock production, using a two-stage hydrocracking process.. .
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

Fluid catalytic cracking system and process

One exemplary embodiment can be a fluid catalytic cracking system. Generally, the fluid catalytic cracking system includes a first reaction vessel and a second reaction vessel.
Uop Llc

Method for separating olefins with gentle cleavage

A process for producing olefins, in which a hydrocarbon-containing feed is fed into a cracking furnace where relatively long-chain hydrocarbons of the hydrocarbon-containing feed are cracked at least partly to form shorter-chain olefins, encompassing ethylene and propylene. Cracking gas (1) formed during cracking is conveyed in succession through an upper section (11) and a lower section (12) of a scrubbing column (10) in countercurrent to a liquid scrubbing medium (43, 31), is proposed.
Linde Aktiengesellschaft

Optimized recycling bio-oils into hydrocarbon fuels

A process for the production of hydrocarbon products from a feed comprising at least one non-pre-treated bio-oil, comprising a first step for hydroreforming in the presence of hydrogen and a hydroreforming catalyst, used alone or as a mixture, to obtain at least one liquid effluent comprising at least one aqueous phase and at least one organic phase, a second step in which at least a portion of the organic phase of the effluent obtained from the first hydroreforming step is recycled to the first hydroreforming step with a recycle ratio equal to the ratio of the mass flow rate of said organic phase to the mass flow rate of the non-pre-treated bio-oil in the range 0.05 to 2 and in which the hydrocarbon effluent obtained from the hydrotreatment and/or hydrocracking step is not recycled to said first hydroreforming step.. .
Ifp Energies Nouvelles

Diesel fuel or diesel fuel base stock and production method thereof

Provided is a hydrotreating step (a) containing a hydroisomerization step (a1) that obtains a hydroisomerized oil (a1) by bringing a ft synthesis oil into contact with a hydroisomerization catalyst and/or a hydrocracking step (a2) that obtains a hydrocracked oil (a2) by bringing it into contact with a hydrocracking catalyst, and a fractionation step (b) that transfers at least a portion of the hydrotreated oil (a) composed of the hydroisomerized oil (a1) and/or the hydrocracked oil (a2) to a fractionator and, at the very least, obtains a middle distillate (b1) with a 5% distillation point of 130 to 170° c. And a 95% distillation point of 240 to 300° c., and a heavy oil (b2) that is heavier than the middle distillate (b1)..
Jx Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation

Image formation method, decorative sheet, decorative sheet molding, process for producing in-mold molded product, in-mold molded product, and ink set

The object of the present invention is to provide an image formation method that can give an image that is excellent in terms of adhesion to a substrate, blocking resistance of a resulting printed material, and molding suitability, in particular vacuum forming properties, and that can suppress post-molding cracking of a molding. Disclosed is an image formation method comprising, in order, step a: a step of applying liquid a to a substrate, step b: a step of irradiating the applied liquid a with actinic radiation so as to carry out complete curing or semi-curing up to a degree of cure of at least 90%, step c: a step of applying liquid b to a cured layer of the completely cured or semi-cured liquid a, and step d: a step of completely curing liquid a and liquid b..
Fujifilm Corporation

Dynamic prediction of risk levels for manufacturing operations through leading risk indicators: alarm-based intelligence and insights

Provided are methodologies to properly assess and manage operational risks at operations sites, e.g., a manufacturing, production or processing facility, such as a refinery, chemical plant, fluid-catalytic-cracking units, or nuclear energy plant, or a biological or waste management facility, airport or even financial institutions, or at any facility in which operations are often accompanied by risk associated with many high-probability, low-consequence events, often resulting in near-misses. In some operations, processes are monitored by alarms, but the invention operates on either process data or alarm data.
Near-miss Management, Llc

Rotor of brushless motor

A rotor of a brushless motor used in a fuel pump includes a permanent magnet having first and second ends that are configured to have a thickness ratio so that a degree of margin of those ends, which is a difference between an allowable stress and a temperature stress due to expansion and contraction of a rotor core caused by a temperature change is equal to or greater than a preset value. As a result, a cracking of the permanent magnet on the both ends that is caused by repeated expansions and contractions of the rotor core is prevented..
Denso Corporation

Method for producing lubricant base oil

A method for producing a lubricant base oil, the method comprising a first step of fractionating, from a hydrocarbon oil containing a base oil fraction and a heavy fraction that is heavier than the base oil fraction, the base oil fraction and the heavy fraction, and a second step of obtaining a dewaxed oil by isomerization and dewaxing of the base oil fraction fractionated in the first step, wherein a hydrocracked oil obtained by hydrocracking the heavy fraction fractionated in the first step is returned to the first step.. .
Jx Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation

Fcc process using a modified catalyst

Methods and systems for producing a hydrocarbon are provided. The method can include cracking one or more c2-c10 hydrocarbons in the presence of a catalyst under conditions sufficient to produce an effluent containing ethylene, propylene, gasoline, and a coked-catalyst, wherein the catalyst includes a first catalytic component having an average pore size of less than 6.4 Å and a second catalytic component having an average pore size of 6.4 Å or more, separating the effluent to provide a recovered coked-catalyst and a cracked product; and regenerating the recovered coked-catalyst to produce heat and the catalyst..
Kellogg Brown & Root Llc

Substrate dividing method

A substrate dividing method which can thin and divide a substrate while preventing chipping and cracking from occurring. This substrate dividing method comprises the steps of irradiating a semiconductor substrate 1 having a front face 3 formed with functional devices 19 with laser light while positioning a light-converging point within the substrate, so as to form a modified region including a molten processed region due to multiphoton absorption within the semiconductor substrate 1, and causing the modified region including the molten processed region to form a starting point region for cutting; and grinding a rear face 21 of the semiconductor substrate 1 after the step of forming the starting point region for cutting such that the semiconductor substrate 1 attains a predetermined thickness..
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

Titanium dioxide nano particle modified by surface stabilizer, titanium dioxide nano ink comprising the same, solar cell employing the same, and producing the same

Disclosed are a titanium dioxide nano ink having such a strong dispersibility as to be applicable by inkjet printing and having adequate viscosity without requiring printing several times, and a titanium dioxide nano particle modified by a surface stabilizer included therein. Inkjet printing of the titanium dioxide nano ink enables printing of a minute electrode.
Hyundai Motor Company

Rigid wave pattern design on chip carrier substrate and printed circuit board for semiconductor and electronic sub-system packaging

A rigid wave pattern formed on a first side of a substrate in a semiconductor die package. The rigid wave pattern aligns with and overlies the contact fingers formed on the second side of the substrate.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.

Apparatus and process for fluid catalytic cracking

An apparatus which is an integral hardware consisting of an annular downer reactor and a concentric upflow riser regenerator for catalytic cracking of hydrocarbon feed to is disclosed. The annular downer reactor terminates in annular stripper which is also concentric with the regenerator.
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

High temperature label composites and methods of labeling high temperature materials

The invention provides a label composite that includes a print receptive layer, an intermediate extensible layer, a structural layer, and a primary adhesive. The print receptive layer is adapted to withstand temperatures up to 1200° f.
Flexcon Company, Inc.

Chemical mechanical polishing conditioner made from woven preform

The present invention relates to a chemical mechanical polishing conditioner made from a woven preform, comprising: a substrate; a bonding layer disposed on the substrate; and a plurality of abrasive particles embedded in the bonding layer and fixed on the substrate by the bonding layer; wherein the bonding layer is formed by heat-curing a woven preform, and the abrasive particles are fixed to the woven preform in advance. Therefore, the present invention can provide the bonding layer with a better flexibility by the woven preform, and solve the conventional problem of resin residue in a powder-form bonding layer, or thermal cracking or thermal deformation of a sheet-form bonding layer during the heating and curing process, and thus improve the polishing performance and service time of the chemical mechanical polishing conditioner..
Kinik Company

Adhesive tape

An adhesive tape includes a foam base and an adhesive layer disposed on at least one surface of the foam base, in which the foam base has a thickness of 120 μm or less, a 25% compressive strength of 160 mpa or more, and a density of 0.4 g/cm3 or more, and an average bubble diameter in a vertical direction of the foam base is 23 to 50 μm. Even though the adhesive tape has a small thickness, with this adhesive tape, it is possible to realize excellent waterproofness due to good conformability to an adherend, such drop impact resistance that detachment of the adhesive tape and cracking of the foam base at the time of dropping do not easily occur, and such excellent reworkability that a component can be efficiently separated even in the case where a problem occurs..
Dic Corporation

Compact gas to liquid convertor

The present invention, a unique method and means of thermal cracking the molecular structure of short chain hydrocarbon vapor for reforming into long chain molecular structure and conversion of a portion to hydrocarbon liquid, much less complicated and complex than presently employed methods and means, combines partial oxidation, fast pyrolysis, and rapid cooling in a unique sequence of events incorporating components, of unique configuration, compact and much more cost effective than the presently employed methods and means of performing gas to liquid conversion that requires a great difference between the cost of the gas vapor feedstock and the selling price of the liquid to justify capital investment in gas to liquid conversion systems. Relatively few conversion systems are operating now and/or under construction.

Flexible process for enhancing steam cracker and platforming feedstocks

A process for increasing the yields of light olefins or shifting to increase the hydrocarbon components to gasoline blending pools from a hydrocarbon feedstock is presented. The process includes separating a naphtha feedstock to components to a first stream that are more readily processed in a cracking unit and to components in a second stream that are more readily processed in a reforming unit.
Uop Llc

Integrated process for gasoline or aromatics production

The process includes the ability to convert components from the cracking stream to the reforming stream.. .

Method of producing electrically conductive foam rubber roller, electrically conductive foam rubber roller, and image forming apparatus

The present invention provides a production method for producing an electrically conductive foam rubber roller which has a tubular body free from internal abnormal foaming and hence free from internal cracking after the foaming. The production method includes the steps of: continuously extruding a rubber composition into a tubular body (7); and passing the extruded tubular body (7) through a microwave crosslinking device (8) and then through a hot air crosslinking device (9) in an elongated state without cutting the tubular body.
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

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