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Cracking patents


This page is updated frequently with new Cracking-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Cracking-related patents
 Method of quantifying hydrocarbon formation and retention in a mother rock patent thumbnailMethod of quantifying hydrocarbon formation and retention in a mother rock
The method according to the invention allows the formation of oil and the retention phenomenon in the source rock to be modelled. Organic matter characterization experiments are used to establish the molecular model (mm) of the initial sample (e).
Ifp Energies Nouvelles

 Hydrocracking process integrated with solvent deasphalting to reduce heavy polycyclic aromatic buildup in heavy oil hydrocracker recycle stream patent thumbnailHydrocracking process integrated with solvent deasphalting to reduce heavy polycyclic aromatic buildup in heavy oil hydrocracker recycle stream
An integrated hydrocracking and solvent deasphalting process that provides for removal from the heavy oil recycle stream heavy polycyclic aromatic compounds formed in the hydrocracking step and recycling the resulting deasphalted paraffinic oil as a feed to the hydrocracker reactor of the process for further conversion.. .
Shell Oil Company

 Thermal cracking of crudes and heavy feeds to produce olefins in pyrolysis reactor patent thumbnailThermal cracking of crudes and heavy feeds to produce olefins in pyrolysis reactor
Systems and processes for efficiently cracking of hydrocarbon mixtures, such as mixtures including compounds having a normal boiling temperature of greater than 450° c., 500° c., or even greater than 550° c., such as whole crudes for example, are disclosed.. .
Lummus Technology Inc.

 Monitoring and control module for fluid catalytic cracking unit patent thumbnailMonitoring and control module for fluid catalytic cracking unit
A fluid catalytic cracking (fcc) unit for the production of hydrocarbon products includes a fluid injection system coupled to a reactor by a standpipe. The fluid injection system includes a plurality of nozzles for injecting oil feedstock into the standpipe to react with a catalyst flowing therethrough..
Blac Inc

 Fcc units, apparatuses and methods for processing pyrolysis oil and hydrocarbon streams patent thumbnailFcc units, apparatuses and methods for processing pyrolysis oil and hydrocarbon streams
Fluid catalytic cracking (fcc) units, apparatuses, and methods for catalytically cracking a mixture of a pyrolysis oil stream and a hydrocarbon stream are provided herein. In an embodiment, an fcc unit includes a reaction chamber suitable for contacting a pyrolysis oil, a hydrocarbon, and a catalyst.
Uop Llc

 Apparatuses and methods for fluid catalytic cracking with limited particulate emissions patent thumbnailApparatuses and methods for fluid catalytic cracking with limited particulate emissions
Methods and apparatuses are provided for cracking a hydrocarbon. The method includes contacting a first hydrocarbon stream with a cracking catalyst in a riser.
Uop Llc

 Connecting rod cracking mandrel patent thumbnailConnecting rod cracking mandrel
Exemplary connecting rod cracking mandrels and methods are disclosed. A mandrel may include a pair of jaw elements slidably mounted relative to one another and separated from each other.
Mahle International Gmbh

 Fcc process with an integrated secondary reactor for increased light olefin yields patent thumbnailFcc process with an integrated secondary reactor for increased light olefin yields
A process for increasing the yields of propylene is presented. The process is an fcc process for producing light olefins, and utilizes a smaller secondary reactor that uses the same catalyst, or a different catalyst as in the fcc reactor.
Uop Llc

 Methods and systems for increasing production of middle distillate hydrocarbons from heavy hydrocarbon feed during fluid catalytic cracking patent thumbnailMethods and systems for increasing production of middle distillate hydrocarbons from heavy hydrocarbon feed during fluid catalytic cracking
A method is provided for increasing production of middle distillate hydrocarbons from conversion of a heavy hydrocarbon feed in a fluid catalytic cracking system having a primary riser and a secondary riser, wherein the method comprises providing regenerated catalyst to the primary riser and operating the primary riser under severe conditions and providing spent catalyst to the secondary riser and operating the secondary riser under moderate conditions.. .
Uop Llc

 Led curable inkjet inks having uv absorbers, and associated systems and processes patent thumbnailLed curable inkjet inks having uv absorbers, and associated systems and processes
Enhanced inks, and associated systems and processes are disclosed, wherein one or more enhanced inkjet layers are established in a work piece, i.e. A substrate.
Electronics For Imaging, Inc.


Placement of modifier material in resin-rich pockets to mitigate microcracking in a composite structure

A composite structure may include a resin, a fiber at least partially embedded within the resin, and one or more resin-rich pockets associated with the fiber. The composite structure may include modifiers in the one or more resin-rich pockets.
The Boeing Company


Multimetallic anionic clays and derived products for sox removal in the fluid catalytic cracking process

The present invention relates to the preparation of multimetallic anionic clays (macs) through a simple method, which are then shaped by spray-drying into microspheres with adequate mechanical properties, suitable to be fluidized. The microspheres are appropriate for application as additives in the fluid catalytic cracking (fcc) process, i.e.
Instituto Mexicano Del Petroleo


High alcohol content sanitizer

An embodiment relates to an antimicrobial sanitizing composition in the form of a gel or cream that contains an alcohol in an amount of at least 55% by weight. The sanitizer is capable of disinfecting and providing prolonged antimicrobial property to a variety of surfaces, including the skin, without causing, drying, cracking, redness or irritation.


Semiconductor devices and related methods

Semiconductor devices and related methods are disclosed. In one aspect, a semiconductor device includes a substrate and an active area disposed over the substrate.
Cree, Inc.


Hydrocracking catalyst

Process for preparing a hydrocracking catalyst carrier which process comprises subjecting a carrier comprising an amorphous binder and zeolite y having a silica to alumina molar ratio of at least 10 to calcination at a temperature of from 700 to 900° c., hydrocracking catalyst carrier comprising amorphous binder and zeolite y having a silica to alumina molar ratio of at least 10, the infrared spectrum of which catalyst has a peak at 3690 cm−1, substantially reduced peaks at 3630 cm−1 and 3565 cm−1 and no peak at 3600 cm−1, hydrocracking catalyst carrier comprising an amorphous binder and zeolite y having a silica to alumina molar ratio of at least 10, which catalyst has an acidity as measured by exchange with perdeuterated benzene of at most 20 micromole/gram, hydrocracking catalyst derived from such carrier and hydrocracking process with the help of such catalyst.. .
Shell Oil Company


Fluid catalytic cracking additive composition and process for preparaing thereof

The present invention relates to an additive composition for cracking of heavy hydrocarbon feed stocks. In particular, the present invention relates to an additive composition comprising large crystallite low surface are alumina component in combination with phosphate compound in fluid catalytic cracking additive and a process for the preparation thereof..
Indian Oil Corporation Limited


Permanent magnet embedded-type rotating electric machine and manufacturing method thereof

cracking and flying around of permanent magnets in a permanent magnet embedded-type rotating electric machine is prevented. Thermally hardening frp is used as a reinforcement sheet, and the reinforcement sheet is wrapped around the periphery of a permanent magnet and caused to adhere to the surface of the permanent magnet by being thermally hardened.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.


Reverse taper, anti-pull out support feature for surface mount hdmi and usb connectors

A reverse tapered mounting tab for a signal connector is disclosed. The signal connector includes the reverse tapered mounting tab coupled to a connector body having a connector port inside.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.


Methods and systems for slurry hydrocracking with reduced feed bypass

Methods and systems for slurry hydrocracking with reduced feed bypass and methods for modulating an amount of toluene insoluble material present in a slurry hydrocracking reactor are provided. An exemplary slurry hydrocracking method comprises the steps of: combining a hydrocarbon feed and a slurry hydrocracking catalyst or catalyst precursor to generate a slurry hydrocracking feed; introducing the slurry hydrocracking feed to a slurry hydrocracking reactor under hydrocracking conditions suitable to generate a first product stream; drawing a drag stream from the slurry hydrocracking reactor, the drag stream comprising a hydrocarbon, mesophase material, and solid catalyst particles; separating the drag stream into a first separated stream and a recycle stream, with the first separated stream comprising mesophase material and solid catalyst particles, and the recycle stream comprising the hydrocarbon; and directing the recycle stream into the slurry hydrocracking reactor..
Uop Llc


Flat screen display device packaging system and method

A packaging system and method that can be used to protect a display device. The packaging system includes a front foam panel, a base foam panel and a back foam panel, and two different types of foam for the panels.
Target Brands Inc.


Crack free dental pressing ring system

A metal ring for protecting dental pressing investment ring which frictionally engages the surface of the investment ring, using a thin liner between the investment ring and protective metal ring to absorb the investment ring's expansion during the wax pattern burnout. The metal ring and liner prevents the investment ring from cracking during the pressing of the molten ceramic material..


Electronic devices with carbon nanotube printed circuits

An electronic device has structures such as substrates and internal housing structures. The substrates may be rigid substrates such as rigid printed circuit boards and flexible substrates such as flexible printed circuits, flexible touch sensor substrates, and flexible display substrates.
Apple Inc.


Lead frame construct for lead-free solder connections

An electronics packaging arrangement, a lead frame construct for use in an electronics packaging arrangement, and a method for manufacturing an electronics packaging arrangement. A lead frame made of copper, for example, includes a metallic barrier layer of nickel, for example, to prevent oxidation of the metal of the lead frame.
Honeywell International Inc.


Li-containing oxide target assembly

Provided is a target assembly which is manufactured by bonding a li-containing oxide sputtering target and an al-based or cu-based backing plate through a bonding material. The li-containing oxide target assembly does not undergo warping or cracking during the bonding.
Kobelco Research Institute, Inc.


High-strength titanium copper foil and producing same

To provide a high-strength titanium-copper foil that is more suitable as a conductive spring material that can be used in electronic device components such as an autofocus camera module. A titanium copper foil containing ti in an amount of 2.0 to 4.0 mass %, a remainder being copper and unavoidable impurities, said foil having a 0.2% yield strength of 1000 mpa or more and a spring limit value of 800 mpa or more in both directions parallel and perpendicular to a rolling direction, wherein no cracking occurs at bending radius/foil thickness=2 when a w bending test in conformity with jis h3130: 2012 is performed at a width of 0.5 mm in a direction perpendicular to the rolling direction..
Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation


Upgrading heavy oils by selective oxidation

A heavy petroleum oil feed is upgraded by having its amenability to cracking improved by subjecting the oil to selective partial oxidation with a catalytic oxidation system to partially oxidize aromatic ring systems in the heavy oil. The partially oxidized oil can then be cracked in the conventional manner but at lower severities to lower molecular weight cracking products.
Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company


Methods and apparatuses for hydroprocessing hydrocarbons

Methods and apparatuses for hydroprocessing a hydrocarbon stream are provided herein. In an embodiment, a method of hydroprocessing the hydrocarbon stream includes hydrocracking the hydrocarbon stream in a first hydrocracking stage in the presence of a first hydrocracking catalyst to produce a first conversion stream.
Uop Llc


Fluidized bed unit startup

The startup of a fluidized bed process unit uses an air heater to raise the temperature of the unit to the level necessary for operation of the unit to be self-sustaining in its normal operating regime without the use of torch oil. This startup sequence is particularly useful for fluidized bed units which utilize a circulating catalyst with particular emphasis on endothermic conversion units such as fcc and resid catalytic cracking (rcc), but also on other catalytic units with circulating catalyst inventories such as various exothermic conversion, e.g.
Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company


Method for modifying bio-oil derived from biomass pyrolysis

A method for modifying bio-oil derived from biomass pyrolysis, the method including: 1) adding an inorganic salt and an organic demulsifier to a bio-oil; oscillating or stirring the resulting mixture, and resting the resulting mixture, to yield a lower layer being an aqueous solution and an upper layer being the bio-oil, and collecting the bio-oil; 2) employing a zeolite molecular sieve-loaded clay as a catalyst, and aging the catalyst using pure steam, to yield a modified catalyst; and 3) adding the modified catalyst obtained in 2) to a conventional catalytic cracking reactor, injecting the bio-oil obtained in 1) to the conventional catalytic cracking reactor using a piston pump, and allowing the bio-oil to react under a weight hourly space velocity (whsv) of between 6 and 15 h−1, a temperature of between 380 and 700° c., and a pressure between 0.1 and 0.8 megapascal.. .
Wuhan Kaidi Engineering Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.


Hair weave thread that is conveniently removable via solvent-catalyzed stress cracking

This disclosure concerns improved polymeric thread for use in hair braiding. The novel threads used for this purpose are polymers that are stretched more than 10% during application as hair weave threads.


Stress-crack-resistant, halogen-free, flame-protected polyester

Where the total of the percentages by weight of components a) to e) is 100%, for the production of stress-cracking-resistant and halogen-free flame-retardant polyester molding compositions.. .


Dry film and printed wiring board

An object of the present invention is to provide: a dry film comprising a resin layer which has excellent detachability from a carrier film and in which cracking and powdering are inhibited; and a printed wiring board comprising a cured article obtained by curing the dry film. The dry film comprises a resin layer containing a thermosetting resin component, a filler and at least two solvents, wherein the at least two solvents both have a boiling point of 100° c.
Taiyo Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd.


Methods for increasing impact resistance of reinforced polymeric composites

Methods of compression molding polymeric parts for improved impact resistance are provided. The components are particularly suitable for use in a vehicle or an automobile.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Catalyst additive composition for catalytic cracking and a process of preparation thereof

The present invention relates to a catalyst additive composition suitable for fluid cracking, riser cracking and fixed bed cracking with reduction in bottom and coke, wherein the aluminosilicate and silica-alumina is generated in situ from added clay and silica. The present invention is also directed towards the preparation of the said catalyst additive composition.
Indian Oil Corporation Limited


Apparatus and cracking gases

An apparatus for cracking gases with a supply line (1) for a carbon-containing gas, by means of which the gas is capable of being supplied to a first heat exchanger (5, 9) with a fill of a thermal storage mass, a first combustion chamber (6, 8) which is arranged downstream in the direction of flow of the gas and which, in particular, has a supply device capable of being regulated for another oxygen-containing gas, by means of which a partial oxidation of the carbon-containing gas is carried out by the hypostoichiometric supply of oxygen, and a reactor (7) which is arranged downstream of the first combustion chamber (6, 8) in the direction of flow of the gas which has a fill of a catalytically acting material for the catalytic splitting of impurities of the carbon-containing gas. According to the invention a second combustion chamber (6, 8) with a supply device—in particular capable of being regulated—for an oxygen-containing gas, by means of which a partial oxidation of the catalytically prepared carbon-containing gas is carried out by the hypostoichiometric supply of oxygen, is arranged downstream of the reactor (7) in the direction of flow of the carbon-containing gas, and a second heat exchanger (5, 9) with a fill of a thermal storage mass is arranged downstream of this combustion chamber in the direction of flow of the gas, wherein the direction of flow of the carbon-containing gas is capable of being reversed at least in a region which encloses the first and second heat exchanger (5, 9), the first and second combustion chamber (6, 8) and the reactor (7)..
Krones Ag


Fluid path set bolus control device

A bolus control device for use with an injection device, the bolus control device including a valve body having a proximal end opposite a distal end. The valve body defines a fluid channel therethrough to allow a passage of medical fluid from the proximal end to the distal end.
Bayer Medical Care Inc.


Lead-free solder alloy and in-vehicle electronic circuit

With the increasing density of in-vehicle electronic circuits, not only conventional cracks at bonding interfaces such as between the substrate and the solder attachment site or a component and the solder attachment site but also novel cracking problems of cracks occurring in the sn matrix in the interior of the bonded solder have appeared. To solve the above problem, a lead-free solder alloy with 1-4 mass % ag, 0.6-0.8 mass % cu, 1-5 mass % sb, 0.01-0.2 mass % ni and the remainder being sn is used.
Senju Metal Industry Co., Ltd.


Method of manufacturing semiconductor device

Chip cracking that occurs when a dicing step using a blade is carried out to acquire semiconductor chips with the reduced thickness of a semiconductor wafer is suppressed. When the semiconductor wafer is cut at the dicing step for the semiconductor wafer, a blade is advanced as follows: in dicing in a first direction (y-direction in fig.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Auxiliary heating device for zone melting furnace and heat preservation single crystal rod thereof

The present invention aims at providing an auxiliary heating device for a zone melting furnace and a heat preservation method for a single crystal rod thereof. The auxiliary heating device comprises an auxiliary heater disposed below a high-frequency heating coil inside the zone melting furnace and is formed by winding a hollow metal circular pipe.
Zhejiang Jingsheng M & E Co., Ltd


Hybrid thermal process to separate and transform contaminated or uncontaminated hydrocarbon materials into useful products, uses of the process, manufacturing of the corresponding system and plant

Process for reclaiming useful products from a waste oil, comprising a thermal separation step performed in a vessel at conditions, of temperature and pressure, allowing to substantially avoid cracking of the waste oil and to assure the separation of said heated waste oil into a first heavy oil fraction and into a second light oil fraction having, in comparison with the waste oil, a low content in solids and/or in other contaminants that are different from water and from inert gas. The process is further characterized in that while, during the thermal separation treatment, the waste oil is heated to a temperature about the boiling temperature of the heavy oil fraction, and below the cracking temperature of the waste oil, and at a pressure that is preferably below the atmospheric pressure, the heavy oil fraction of the vapours existing the vessel, in contact with a cooler surface, condenses and falls back into the vessel, while the second fraction, in a gaseous state, is eventually submitted to at least one further separation treatment.
Envirolles Inc.


Micro-sensor body and manufacturing the same, as well as micro-sensor

The present disclosure relates to the field of sensor manufacturing technology, particularly discloses a method for manufacturing a micro-sensor body, comprising the steps of s1: applying a wet colloidal material on a substrate to form a colloidal layer, and covering a layer of one-dimensional nanowire film on the surface of the colloidal layer to form a sensor embryo; s2: drying the colloidal layer of the sensor embryo to an extent that the colloidal layer cracks into a plurality of colloidal islands, a portion of the one-dimensional nanowire film contracting into a contraction diaphragm adhered to the surface of the colloidal islands while the other portion of the one-dimensional nanowire film being stretched into a connection structure connected between the adjacent contraction diaphragms. By the method for manufacturing a micro-sensor body of the present disclosure, the contraction diaphragms and connection structures formed by stretching the one-dimensional nanowire film are connected stably, which enhances the stability of the sensor devices; and the cracking manner renders it easy to obtain a large-scale of sensor bodies with connection structure arrays in stable suspension..
Xiamen Hopergy Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd


Hydrocracking catalyst for hydrocarbon oil, producing hydrocracking catalyst, and hydrocracking hydrocarbon oil with hydrocracking catalyst

The present invention relates to a hydrocracking catalyst for hydrocarbon oil comprising a support containing a framework-substituted zeolite-1 in which zirconium atoms and/or hafnium atoms form a part of a framework of an ultrastable y-type zeolite and a hydrogenative metal component carried thereon and a method for producing the same. The hydrocracking catalyst of the present invention makes it easy to diffuse heavy hydrocarbon oils such as vgo, dao and the like into mesopores, is improved in a cracking activity and makes it possible to obtain a middle distillate at a high yield as compared with catalysts prepared by using zeolite comprising titanium and/or zirconium carried thereon..
Japan Cooperation Center, Petroleum


Rebreather system and components

Rebreather, with a multifunctional mouthpiece with a closed circuit mode, an open circuit mode, an automatic diluent valve with an increased cracking pressure, an overpressure valve where by turning a barrel the modes can be selected and the automatic diluents valve and the overpressure valve get activated synchronously. Further said rebreather having a single piece counterlung, in which a co2 filter cartridge is inserted through an opening and placed in between inhale and exhale side of the counterlung, to achieve a double counterlung system.


Tablet comprising fructose

Method for producing a tablet and tablet thus produced; the tablet is obtained by direct compression and comprises at least 60% by weight of fructose extracted from grapes; the tablet shows characteristics of colour, friability and cracking off definitely superior with respect to corresponding tablets obtained with fructose of different origin.. .
Naturalia Ingredients S.r.l.


Interposer with conductive post and fabrication method thereof

An interposer is provided, including a substrate body, a plurality of conductive posts formed in the substrate body, and a plurality of conductive pads formed on the substrate body and electrically connected to the conductive posts. The conductive pads and the conductive posts are integrally formed.
Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.


Continuous strand hoop reinforcement for concrete foundations

A post-tensioned continuous strand hoop reinforcement for concrete foundations is provided. The post-tensioned continuous strand hoop reinforcement compresses the concrete to prevent cracking and significantly reduces foundation deflection and distortion which increases rotational stiffness in anchor caps, spread foundations, and like foundation configurations..


Waste to fuel system

A waste to fuel system is disclosed that provides for simplified pyrolysis and cracking of useful hydrocarbons from waste by using molten salt as a heat transfer medium in the pyrolysis stage and using molten salt mixed with catalyst in the cracking stage.. .


Low complexity, high yield conversion of heavy hydrocarbons

A process for producing pipeline-ready or refinery-ready feedstock from heavy hydrocarbons using a high-performance solvent extraction process with high local solvent-to-process fluid ratios yet maintaining low overall solvent-to-process fluid ratios, by first performing mild thermal cracking on the heavy hydrocarbons and then separating asphaltene-rich fractions from a resulting thermally affected fluid so that the high solvent-to-oil ratio portion of the process acts only on those asphaltene-rich fractions, and producing a dry, solid asphaltene as an end-product.. .
Meg Energy Corp.


Methods of deoxygenating bio-based material and production of bio-based terephtalic acid and olefinic monomers

The present invention relates to a method of deoxygenating tall oil pitch, yielding aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. The invention even comprises turning the aliphates into polymerizable olefins by steam cracking, and turning the aromates into polymerizable terephthalic acid by oxygenation and, as necessary, rearrangement.
Stora Enso Oyj


Ethylene cracking furnace

The present disclosure provides an ethylene cracking furnace, comprising at least one radiant section provided with a bottom burner and/or a side burner, and at least one set of radiant coil arranged along a longitudinal direction of the radiant section. The radiant coil is an at least two-pass coil having an n−1 structure, wherein n is preferably a natural number from 2 to 8.
Sinopec Engineering Incorporation


Fuels hydrocracking with dewaxing of fuel products

This invention relates to a process involving hydrocracking and dewaxing of a feedstream in which a converted fraction can correspond to a majority of the product from the reaction system, while an unconverted fraction can exhibit improved properties. In this hydrocracking process, it can be advantageous for the yield of unconverted fraction for gasoline fuel application to be controlled to maintain desirable cold flow properties for the unconverted fraction.
Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company


Extended contact time riser

A riser includes a housing in communication with a entry conduit and an exit conduit. The housing is defined by a holdup chamber having a volume of between about 1133 liters and about 45307 liters.
Uop Llc


Light-emitting element and display device

There has been a problem that difference in refractive index between an opposite substrate or a moisture barrier layer provided thereover, and air is maintained large, and light extraction efficiency is low. Further, there has been a problem that peeling or cracking due to the moisture barrier layer is easily generated, which leads to deteriorate the reliability and lifetime of a light-emitting element.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


High-strength plated steel plate for welded structural member, and producing the same

A high-strength plated steel plate for a welded structural member having a steel composition containing from 0.050 to 0.150% of c, from 0.001 to 1.00% of si, from 1.00 to 2.50% of mn, from 0.005 to 0.050% of p, from 0.001 to 0.020% of s, and from 0.005 to 0.100% of al, having a steel base material having a metal structure containing a ferrite phase and a second phase containing mainly martensite having an average crystal grain diameter of 8 mm or less, and having a chemical composition and a thickness t (mm) of the steel base material regulated to obtain a value, c/0.2+si/5.0+mn/1.3+cr/1.0+mo/1.2+0.4t−0.7(cr+mo)1/2, of 2.9 or less. The high-strength plated steel plate is excellent in corrosion resistance of the welded portion, resistance to liquid metal embrittlement cracking, and bending workability..
Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd.


Process for introducing fine and coarse additives for hydroconversion of heavy hydrocarbons

A process for slurry-phase hydrocracking of a heavy hydrocarbon feedstock in a reactor, such as an upflow bubble column reactor, includes separately introducing additive in two size ranges into the feedstock. A fine size particle additive is introduced upstream of a coarse size particle additive..
Kellogg Brown & Root Llc


Plastic film

Disclosed is a plastic film which exhibits high hardness and processability without the problems of curling, warping and cracking.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Polyethylenes having faster crystallization rate and improved environmental stress cracking resistance

Disclosed is a polyethylene composition having faster crystallization rate and improved environmental stress cracking resistance. The polyethylene composition comprises a multimodal polyethylene and a nucleating agent.
Equistar Chemicals, Lp


Steering lock apparatus

A protruding wall section 17 is provided on the outer circumferential surface of a steering column 2b around a lock hole 11a, a concave groove 20 that engages with the protruding wall section 17 is provided in a portion that surrounds a guide section 13a of a butting surface 19 of a lock unit 12a, and by engaging the protruding wall section 17 with the concave groove 20, and preferably, by engaging concave sections 18 that are provided in the steering column 2b with convex sections 21 that are provided on the lock unit 12a so that the lock unit 12a is supported by and fastened to the steering column 2b, the occurrence of damage such as cracking of the steering column 2b is prevented even when there is an attempt to rotate a steering wheel by large force when an ignition key is turned off.. .
Nsk Ltd.


Internal mechanical stress improvement mitigating stress corrosion cracking in weld areas of nuclear power plant piping

Method for mitigating stress corrosion cracking at an internal (i.e., welled-side) weld area in piping of a nuclear power plant includes the steps of actuating a radially movable tool to produce a radial bad against the internal (i.e., normally wetted) surfaces at or near the weld area to create a deep residual compressive stress state at the wetted surface of the weld. The method permits post-process verification by physical measurements of surface distortion..


Structurally enhanced cracking catalysts

A cracking catalyst contains a substantially inert core and an active shell, the active shell containing a zeolite catalyst and a matrix. Methods of making and using the cracking catalyst are also described..
Basf Corporation


Sealing system for a fluid catalyst cracking regenerator

A regenerator for an fcc apparatus. The regenerator includes a riser inside of a shell.
Uop Llc


Extrudable tubing and solvent bonded fitting for delivery of medicinal fluids

Assembly, and method of fabricating an assembly including an extruded polymeric tube and a prefabricated tubular polymer body (fitment), the method including the steps of: extruding an outer tubular surface of a thermoplastic propylene-based elastomer (pbe) material; treating the outer surface along a selected axial length at one end of the tube with a solvent; inserting the treated one end into a hollow tubular passage of a prefabricated tubular body having an inner passage wall of a polypropylene-based material; and allowing the mated juncture to dry such that the treated outer surface solvent bonds to the inner wall. The tubing is preferably a coextruded tube having an innermost layer of a thermoplastic ethylene-based olefinic material.
Tekni-plex, Inc.


Package substrate

A package substrate is disclosed. The package substrate includes a molding layer, a redistribution structure, and a build-up structure.


Loading method and dividing method

A loading method includes steps of providing a storage device and a system, among which the storage device having at least one physical storage partition is installed in the system, booting the system, loading an identifying program, inputting an identifying information corresponding to an user, and loading the physical storage partition of the storage device corresponding to the user according to the identifying information. As a result, accesses of unauthorized users are avoided, and external accesses and software cracking are also avoided.
Apacer Technology Inc.


Method for heating oil shale subsurface in-situ

A method for heating oil shale underground in situ. Shale oil and fuel gas can be obtained from an underground oil shale seam in situ, and the fuel gas can also be obtained from an underground coal seam in situ.
Jilin University


Conditioning ferrous alloys into cracking susceptible and fragmentable elements for use in a well

A technique includes providing a tool to be deployed in a well to perform a downhole function. The downhole function requires a minimum structural integrity for an element of the tool.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Hardfacing alloys resistant to hot tearing and cracking

Disclosed herein are embodiments of hardfacing alloys which can be resistant to hot tearing and cracking. In doing so, the hardfacing alloys can meet certain thermodynamic, microstructural, and performance criteria.
Scoperta, Inc.


Method for producing monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbon

The method for producing a monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbon includes a cracking and reforming reaction step in which a catalyst for producing a monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbon containing crystalline aluminosilicate which has been subjected to a heat treatment in an atmosphere containing water vapor in advance is loaded into a fixed-bed reactor, and a feedstock oil having a 10 volume % distillate temperature of 140° c. Or higher and a 90 volume % distillate temperature of 390° c.
Jx Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation


Gravitational collision enhanced upgrading of heavy oils

The present invention relates to gravitational collision enhanced upgrading of heavy oils, it thus describes a thermodynamic cracking process for heavy oil, extra heavy oil and bituem as well as a thermodynamic cracking unit for carrying out the process.. .
Fluid Oil Limited


Ion exchanged glasses via non-error function compressive stress profiles

Glasses with compressive stress profiles that allow higher surface compression and deeper depth of layer (dol) than is allowable in glasses with stress profiles that follow the complementary error function at a given level of stored tension. In some instances, a buried layer or local maximum of increased compression, which can alter the direction of cracking systems, is present within the depth of layer.
Corning Incorporated


Hard weld overlays resistant to re-heat cracking

Disclosed herein are embodiments of a hard weld overlay which can be resistant to cracking. The alloys can be able to resist cracking through prevention of the precipitation and/or growth of embrittling carbide, borides, or borocarbides along the grain boundaries at elevated temperatures.
Scoperta, Inc.


Rebreather system and components

Rebreather, with a multifunctional mouthpiece with a closed circuit mode, an open circuit mode, an automatic diluent valve with an increased cracking pressure, an overpressure valve where by turning a barrel the modes can be selected and the automatic diluents valve and the overpressure valve get activated synchronously. Further said rebreather having a single piece counterlung, in which a co2 filter cartridge is inserted through an opening and placed in between inhale and exhale side of the counterlung, to achieve a double counterlung system.


Silicon nanocomposite anode for lithium ion battery

A higher capacity nanoporous silicon thin film structure with alternating layers of silicon nanoparticles and carbon nanotube nonaligned will result in an anode for lithium ion batteries. This nanocomposite structure will increase the specific capacity to 3500 mah/g-1 versus 350 mah/g-1 for state of the art lithium batteries.
Paideia Llc


Annular combustion chamber wall arrangement

An annular combustion chamber wall arrangement includes an annular wall and a plurality of tiles and each tile is secured to and is spaced from a further annular wall. The first surface of each tile faces the annular wall and the second surface of each tile faces away from the annular wall.
Rolls-royce Plc


Iron-carbon-manganese austenitic steel sheet with excellent resistance to delayed cracking

.. .


Process for manufacturing iron-carbon-maganese austenitic steel sheet with excellent resistance to delayed cracking

The soaking step occurs under a pure nitrogen or argon atmosphere with a dew point lower than −30° c. At a soaking temperature θ between 250 and 900° c.


High thermal diffusivity, high toughness and low crack risk during heat treatment tool steel

The present invention relates to a tool steel as described in wo2012095532a1 or wo2010112319a1 and its heat treatment where high levels of thermal diffusivity, mechanical resistance, wear resistance and/or toughness are attained while having a low cracking risk during the heat treatment. It is achieved by austenitizing at a temperature, normally above ac3, cooling to an intermediate temperature below ac1 and above the temperature where bainitic (and alike) transformation occurs and finally quenching with a severe cooling media to a temperature below the bainitic transformation nose.
Rovalma, S.a.


Method of upgrading heavy crude oil

A method of upgrading a heavy crude oil (10) by thermally cracking (12) the heavy crude oil in a cracking vessel to convert a portion to volatile components (14) while simultaneously venting the volatile components from the cracking vessel. Tetrathydrofurfuryl alcohol is optionally added to the heavy crude oil feedstock before or during cracking.
Rival Technologies Inc.


Cutting tool

There is provided a cutting tool having high wear resistance and fracture resistance by reducing the occurrence of thermal cracking on a cutting edge even during a cutting process of a heat-resistant alloy in which the cutting edge reaches high temperatures. The cutting tool is made from a cemented carbide that is composed mainly of a wc phase and contains 11.5-12.5% by mass of co and 0.2-0.6% by mass of cr in terms of cr3c2.
Kyocera Corporation


Hydroprocessing catalyst, preparation method thereof and use of same

In which each r1 represents independently an alkyl group at c1-18, an alkenyl group at c2-18, an aryl group at c6-18, a cycloalkyl group at c3-8, an alkylaryl or arylalkyl group at c7-20, or the two r1 groups together form a divalent group at c2-18, and r2 represents an alkylene group at c1-18, an arylene group at c6-18, a cycloalkylene group at c3-7, or a combination of same. The invention also relates to a method of preparing one such catalyst and to the use thereof for hydroprocessing or hydrocracking..


Method for the synthesis of porous inorganic material, catalytic cracking of petroleum hydrocarbons and preparation of catalyst thereof

A method for synthesis of porous inorganic materials, preparation of a catalyst and catalytic cracking of petroleum hydrocarbons thereof includes processes for synthesis of porous inorganic materials and preparation of the catalytic cracking catalyst and catalytic cracking of petroleum hydrocarbons. The synthesis process is advantaged in low cost in raw materials; the porous inorganic material has various pore structures; and transitional metal used overcomes the defects of the catalytic properties.
Zhanjiang Giant Success Investment Co.,ltd.


Method for manufacturing catalytic cracking catalyst for hydrocarbon oil

A method for producing a catalyst for catalytic cracking of a hydrocarbon oil easily produces a catalyst for catalytic cracking of a hydrocarbon oil that exhibits high cracking activity with respect to a heavy hydrocarbon oil, and can produce a gasoline fraction having a high octane number in high yield. The method includes preparing an aqueous slurry that includes 20 to 50 mass % of a zeolite having a sodalite cage structure, 10 to 30 mass % (on a sio2 basis) of a silica sol, 0.1 to 21 mass % (on an al2o3.p2o5 basis) of mono aluminum phosphate, and 5 to 65 mass % of a clay mineral on a solid basis, aging the aqueous slurry for 5 to 200 minutes, and spray-drying the aqueous slurry..
Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd.


Touch panel and fabrication method thereof

A touch panel is provided. The touch panel is defined as having a viewable area and a non-viewable area.
Tpk Touch Solutions (xiamen) Inc.


Polyimide precursor, polyimide, flexible substrate prepared therewith, color filter and production method thereof, and flexible display device

The present invention is based on a polyimide precursor having unit structures represented by general formula (1) and unit structures represented by general formula (2), provides a polyimide precursor for which film whitening, cracking and bubbling do not occur regardless of film baking conditions, and provides a flexible tft array, a flexible color filter, and a flexible substrate with a gas barrier layer using the polyimide precursor, and a flexible display device, etc. Using same.
Toray Industries, Inc.


Process to make olefins from isobutanol

A process for the conversion of an alcohol mixture to make propylene may include introducing into a reactor a stream that includes the alcohol mixture. The alcohol mixture may include 20 to 100 weight percent isobutanol.
Total Research & Technology Feluy


Furnace coil fins

The present invention provides low profile, thick (“stuby”) longitudinal fins having a cross section which is a parallelogram, trapezoid or a triangle extending from 10% to 100% of a coil pass and comprising from 3 to 45 weight % of a coil in a radiant section of a furnace for thermally cracking one or more of paraffins and naphtha. The fins provide an additional surface through which heat may be transferred to the coil making the coil more efficient reducing greenhouse emissions..
Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.


Mems device and delivery of therapeutic agents

Embodiments of an implantable device for delivering a therapeutic agent to a patient include a reservoir configured to contain a liquid comprising the therapeutic agent, and a cannula in fluid communication with the reservoir. When a predetermined cracking pressure is reached, a valve opens and allows the liquid to flow through the cannula..


Lead finger locking structure

Various aspects are directed to apparatuses, systems and related methods involving the mitigation of issues relating to thermal expansion and contraction of lead fingers of an integrated circuit package. Consistent with one or more embodiments, lead fingers on a leadframe substrate each have a locking structure that secures the lead finger in place relative to the substrate.
Nxp B.v.


Glass/ceramic replacement of epoxy for high temperature hermetically sealed non-axial electronic packages

A high temperature, non-cavity package for non-axial electronics is designed using a glass ceramic compound with that is capable of being assembled and operating continuously at temperatures greater that 300-400° c. Metal brazes, such as silver, silver colloid or copper, are used to connect the semiconductor die, lead frame and connectors.
Semtech Corporation


Fatigue resistant foundation

A fatigue resistant gravity based spread footing under heavy multi-axial cyclical loading of a wind tower. The foundation having a central vertical pedestal, a substantially horizontal continuous bottom support slab, a plurality of radial reinforcing ribs extending radially outward from the pedestal.


Method for the hot-dip coating of metal strip, in particular steel strip

A method for the hot-dip coating of metal strip, in particular steel strip, in a metallic melting bath (3) is disclosed. In the method, the metal strip (1) to be coated is heated in a continuous furnace (2) and is introduced into the melting bath (3) through a snout (6) which is connected to the continuous furnace and which is immersed into the melting bath.
Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe Ag


Method and compositions for inhibition of naphthenic acid induced corrosion

Corrosion induced by the presence of naphthenic acids in hydrocarbon fluids, particularly where such fluids are at elevated temperatures, may be inhibited or controlled through use of corrosion inhibiting compositions comprising a combination of a minor portion of a phosphorus-based constituent and a major portion of a sulfur-based constituent, nitrogen-based constituent, or combination thereof. In another embodiment the sulfur-based constituent and/or nitrogen-based constituent may be used without any phosphorus-based constituent.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Integrated process for conversion of vacuum gas oil and heavy oil

An integrated process and apparatus for conversion of gas oil and heavy oil is described. The process includes passing a gas oil feed to a fluid catalytic cracking (fcc) zone to obtain a fcc effluent; separating the fcc effluent in a separation zone into at least two fractions comprising a clarified slurry oil fraction and an overhead fraction; passing the clarified slurry oil fraction to a slurry hydrocracking zone forming at least a naphtha stream; and recycling at least a portion of the slurry hydrocracking naphtha stream to the fcc zone..
Uop Llc


Upgrading sugar-alcohol derived gas oil in a gas oil hydrocracker

Biomass derived gas oil is blended with petroleum derived gas oil and upgrading into more salable and more valuable products by co-processing the blended material in a gas oil hydrocracking system comprising two reactors where the blended material is first hydrotreated and then hydrocracked.. .
Phillips 66 Company


Methods and apparatuses for hydrocracking and hydrotreating hydrocarbon streams

Methods and apparatuses for processing hydrocarbon stream are provided. In one embodiment, a method for processing a hydrocarbon stream includes hydrocracking the hydrocarbon stream to form a hydrocracking effluent including vacuum gas oil range components.
Uop Llc


Method and upgrading heavy oil

A method and apparatus for upgrading heavy oil is described, having a symbiotic relationship between a cracking reactor vessel and a steam reformer vessel. A first portion of an uncracked residue oil stream from the cracking reactor vessel is passed through a heat exchanger positioned within the steam reformer vessel and back to the cracking reactor vessel, such that a heat exchange takes place which heats the uncracked residue oil stream to promote cracking.
1304342 Alberta Ltd


Enhanced catalytic reactions in a coking process to improve process operation and economics

Heavy gas oil components, coking process recycle, and heavier hydrocarbons in the delayed coking process are cracked in the coking vessel by injecting a catalytic additive into the vapors above the gas/liquid-solid interface in the coke drum during the coking cycle. The additive may comprise cracking catalyst(s) and quenching agent(s), alone or in combination with seeding agent(s), excess reactant(s), carrier fluid(s), or any combination thereof to modify reaction kinetics to preferentially crack these components.


High impact polystryene having high modulus and resistance to environmental stress cracking

High impact polystyrenes and related monovinyl aromatic polymers generally have either a high modulus or good resistance to environmental stress cracking. The present invention is directed at polymeric materials having both a high modulus and good resistance to environmental stress cracking thus enabling the down gauging of parts, and or the use of the materials in new applications.
Trinseo Europe Gmbh


Resin composition, molded article, multilayered pipe and producing the same

An object of the present invention is to provide a multilayered pipe having a layer comprising a resin composition containing evoh, which is unlikely to exhibit the occurrence of cracking in the evoh layer due to oxidative degeneration and has excellent gas barrier property even during long-term usage at high temperatures, and also to provide a resin composition for obtaining the multilayered pipe. The present invention relates to a resin composition containing 0.001 to 5 parts by mass of an antioxidant (b) and 0.00001 to 0.3 parts by mass of a conjugated polyene compound (c) having a molecular weight of 1000 or less, relative to 100 parts by mass of an ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (a)..
Kuraray Co., Ltd.


Fcc process with a dehydrogenation zone for max propylene production

A process is presented for the production of light olefins. The process provides for the separation of the effluent stream from a catalytic cracking process into a stream having light olefins and a stream having heavier hydrocarbons.
Uop Llc

Cracking topics: Hydrocarbon, Fluoropolymer, Air Cleaning, Hydrocracking Process, Tungsten Carbide, Bisphenol A, Polycarbonate, Riser Reactor, Downstream

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