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Cpm patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Cpm-related patents
 Method and  providing generic hierarchical precoding codebooks patent thumbnailMethod and providing generic hierarchical precoding codebooks
A base band unit, bbu, in a wireless cellular heterogeneous network, the bbu being provided in a transmission node cluster, tnc, of transmission nodes, tns, of neighbouring cells of the wireless cellular heterogeneous network, wherein the bbu comprises generic hierarchical precoding codebooks, cbs, each cb comprising cluster precoding matrices, cpms, and each cpm is provided for a possible combination of active tns within the tnc.. .
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

 Integrated architecture for performing online advertising allocations patent thumbnailIntegrated architecture for performing online advertising allocations
An improved architecture including system and methods for online advertising placement that provide possibly defaulting advertisement tags the opportunity to serve an advertisement ahead of a lower value tag that is guaranteed to fill, resulting in higher cpms (i.e., cost per mille) for web publishers. The system and methods are configured to deterministically render an advertisement impression from a list of possibly defaulting advertisements in a javascript-enabled web browser.
Openx Technologies, Inc.

 Single shot high resolution conjunctival small vessel perfusion  evaluating microvasculature in systemic and ocular vascular diseases patent thumbnailSingle shot high resolution conjunctival small vessel perfusion evaluating microvasculature in systemic and ocular vascular diseases
A system and method for generating high-resolution, small vessel perfusion maps (ncpms) of the ocular conjunctival microvasculature. Unlike current systems and methods, the present invention allows for the generation of ncpms using only a single raw image obtained in a single image acquisition step.

 Laser ablation cell patent thumbnailLaser ablation cell
A laser ablation cell (1) comprises a flow channel (11) having an essentially constant cross-sectional area so as to ensure a strictly laminar flow in the flow channel. A sample chamber (21) is provided adjacent to a lateral opening (14) of the flow channel.

 Method for isotopic measurement by icpms patent thumbnailMethod for isotopic measurement by icpms
C) in the continuity of the preceding step, performing an isotope measurement of the species detected in the form of a substantially constant amplitude signal by using an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (icpms) connected by direct coupling with the capillary electrophoresis device.. .

 Camera projection meshes patent thumbnailCamera projection meshes
A 3d rendering method is proposed to increase the performance when projecting and compositing multiple images or video sequences from real-world cameras on top of a precise 3d model of the real world. Unlike previous methods that relied on shadow-mapping and that were limited in performance due to the need to re-render the complex scene multiple times per frame, the proposed method uses, for each camera, one camera projection mesh (“cpm”) of fixed and limited complexity per camera.

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Cpm topics: Modulation, Carrier Frequency, Phase Shift, Phase Offset, Demodulation, Objective Function, Coordinates, Citric Acid, Phase Modulation, Communications, Downstream, Advertisement, Calcium Phosphate, Electrophoresi, Monohydrate

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