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Method and apparatus for efficient handling of product return transactions
A method and apparatus for efficient handling of product returns to reduce associated costs. A computer system at a regional product return center scans a returned product for identifying information, accesses a manufacturer return approval computer system through the internet or the like, and then submits the identifying information to the...

Belief propagation for generalized matching
Entities may be matched to enhance the efficiency of various commercial activities using various system and method embodiments of the disclosed subject matter. Belief propagation on a graph data structure defining a bipartite or unipartite matching opportunity is used to calculate a best matching. In embodiments, functions are implemented based upon...

Technology asset tracking system and method
A Technology Asset Tracking System and Method tracks all technology assets including software, hardware and other devices and telecommunications equipment, plans, contracts and agreements, and usage of technology assets from acquisition and assignment to disposal/retirement. An asset database maintains details on each of the devices, including its costs and features. Business...

Scratch self-recovering paint composition
A scratch self-recovering paint composition is provided that may maintain physical properties sufficient to be used for interior vehicle parts and may slowly recover from scratches generated on the surface of the paint composition. Specifically, the self-recovering paint composition includes a polyester polyol resin which is a soft resin, an acryl...

Rubber composition and fuel cell sealed body
A rubber composition which does not foul molds, requires low production costs and is excellent in mass productivity, and has high adhesion reliability, can be used in an adhesive layer for bonding a constituting member for a fuel cell and a rubber member for sealing and/or two rubber members together, is...

Separator and electrochemical device having the same
The separator of the present invention can reduce costs for manufacturing electrochemical devices, and it can control the size of pores present in the non-woven fabric substrate to prevent the generation of a leak current and provide improved mechanical strength. The present invention refers to a separator and an electrochemical device having...

Oral administration of electrolyzed water for treatment and prevention of pedv in swine, swine herds and swine confinements
Pigs infected with PEDv often die due to dehydration caused by diarrhea. Those that survive do not reach market weight as scheduled resulting in costs to the producer. The invention includes providing electrolyzed water either as treatment for infected animals or as a prophylactic against symptom severity in uninfected animals. The...

Nanoparticle-based scaffolds and implants, methods for making the same, and applications thereof
Implant-associated bacterial infections are one of the most serious complications in orthopedic surgery. Treatment of these infections often requires multiple operations, device removal, long-term systemic antibiotics, and extended rehabilitation, and is frequently ineffective, leading to worse clinical outcomes and increased financial costs. Silver nanoparticle/poly(DL-lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA)-coated stainless steel alloy (SNPSA) was...

Pump-type ampoule container capable of being refilled
The present invention is a pump-type ampoule container capable of being refilled. The pump-type container capable of being refilled according to the present invention is a dual container comprising an inner container and an outer container, wherein a discharge portion is fixed to the upper portion of the outer container and...

Video coding apparatus and method
A video coding apparatus includes a processor that executes a procedure. The procedure includes: (c) classifying each of a plurality of groups into either a full evaluation group or into a partial evaluation group; (d) determining the prediction mode to use as generating the predicted image of a coding target block...

Hybrid routers in multicore architectures
Technologies are generally described for methods and systems effective to implement hybrid routers in multicore architectures. A first tile may include a processor core, a cache configured to be in communication with the processor core and a router configured to be in communication with the cache. The router may be effective...

Communication protocol for wireless sensor networks using communication and energy costs
A system, method, apparatus and software are disclosed for data communication within a wireless sensor network comprising a plurality of sensors and a base station, with the sensors organized into a plurality of clusters. Each sensor is to determine a communication cost comprising an amount of power or energy required for...

Inkjet printing apparatus and printing method
The present invention provides an inkjet printing apparatus, including a conveyer system to place and transmit print substrates, a printing module with at least one print head installed to eject ink droplets on the print substrates and the control system to control the movement of print head and conveyer system, wherein...

Method and lcd control circuit for driving lcd
The present invention provides a driving method for an LCD and an LCD control circuit using the method thereof. The method includes three steps. Step is that providing an LCD comprising an LCD panel and an LCD control circuit, including a display control unit, a timing controller and a microcontroller...

Computer-implemented animal shelter management system
The system provides templates which assist shelters in creating customized pet adoption applications and automatically scans responses to reject or flag applications with certain answers. The system tracks the application process, automatically assigns staff to review applications, maintains applicant denied/accepted lists, facilitates transfer of adoption documents, provides updated application status information,...

Motor water-cooling structure and manufacturing method thereof
A motor water-cooling structure and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The motor water-cooling structure includes a motor case having a wall portion and a tube. The tube is embedded in the wall portion to serve as a flow passage. To manufacture the motor water-cooling structure, the tube is positioned in...

Method for generating dried cellulose and cellulose-containing material, and reswellable cellulose products produced by this method
The aim of the invention is to dry cellulose and cellulose-containing materials in the shortest possible time and with the lowest possible technical costs, without disruptive stress on the cellulose and without loss of stability and efficacy of any additive substances, for example medicaments, and to reswell it as required almost...

Structural member with core bar
A structural member with a core bar which reduces manufacturing costs, enables easy construction of various curved building structures such as a dome-shaped building structure or an arch-shaped building structure without a truss structure or a formwork. The structural member includes: at least one elastic core bar formed in a bar...

Knitted surface fastener
A knitted surface fastener is provided that is capable of firmly forming warp knitting structure of a sewn area and achieving weight reduction as well as production costs reduction. A knitted surface fastener includes a pair of right and left sewn areas and a surface fastener area disposed between the right...

Spring core having border wire with generally rectangular cross-section
A bedding or seating product comprising a spring core including upper and lower border wires. Each of the border wires is generally rectangular in cross-section to reduce wire costs without compromising beam strength of the border wire. Each row of springs of the spring core may be made of a single...

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