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Method of preparing material for lithium secondary battery of high performance
Provided is a method for preparing a lithium mixed transition metal oxide, comprising subjecting Li2CO3 and a mixed transition metal precursor to a solid-state reaction under an oxygen-deficient atmosphere with an oxygen concentration of 10 to 50% to thereby prepare a powdered lithium mixed transition metal oxide having a composition represented...

Die casting device and method for amorphous alloy
A die casting apparatus () for amorphous alloy comprises a stationary die () and a movable die (); a sealed cabin () difining a sealing chamber (); a protecting gas supplying device connected with the sealed cabin () for supplying the protecting gas into the sealing chamber (); a melting device...

Agricultural brooder
The invention provides for a brooder having a cylindrical emitter and a burner head. The cylindrical emitter is formed from a flat piece of stainless steel which is manipulated in order to secure one end thereof to another end thereof, thereby allowing for reduced costs in packaging and shipping of the...

Tilt or tilt and telescopic steering apparatus for vehicle
The present invention relates to a tilt or tilt and telescopic steering apparatus for use in a vehicle. According to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, a conventional structure, which should be provided with both of tilting fixing gears and telescopic fixing gears for locking after a tilt or tilt...

Luminaire system, method, and apparatus for optimizing plant growth in a controlled farming environment technological field
A luminaire system, apparatus, and method of using thereof, is disclosed for optimizing plant growth in a controlled farming environment. Different types of plants have different light requirements, and different inputs to controlled farming environment have different costs. For example, there may be certain times of day where, if power is...

Determining an image layout
In one embodiment, a method includes accessing multiple image elements that have an ordered sequence. From the ordered sequence of image elements, multiple clusters of image elements are determined, where each cluster has one or more image elements arranged in a line. The image elements within each cluster are scaled to...

Using dual phys to support multiple pcie link widths
Systems described herein enable PCIe device components to be used with multiple PCIe topologies and with host systems of varying configurations. In some cases, a number of varying PHYs and PCIe cores are utilized to increase the number of applications and/or specifications that may be satisfied with a host interface design....

Method for optimized operation of an electrically driven rail vehicle on a predefined route
A method optimizes operation of an electrically driven rail vehicle on a predefined route. In order to optimize the known method even further, the costs of the electrical energy which is fed into the route and/or the environmental loading are sensed during the generation of the electrical energy which is fed...

Visual datum reference tool
The visual datum reference tool calibration method includes a work object. The work object emits a pair of beam-projecting lasers acting as a crosshair, intersecting at a tool center point. The visual datum reference tool calibration method provides a calibration method which is simpler, which involves a lower investment cost, which...

Visual datum reference tool
The visual datum reference tool calibration method includes a work object. The work object emits a pair of beam-projecting lasers acting as a crosshair, intersecting at a tool center point. The visual datum reference tool calibration method provides a calibration method which is simpler, which involves a lower investment cost, which...

Method and apparatus for voice over lte and data handling in a roaming environment
An approach for reducing online charging for voice over LTE users when accessing a roaming network. Users can receive and make voice over LTE calls without allowing background applications to use the resulting bearer for data traffic such as firmware updates, social network applications and other periodic and aperiodic data traffic....

Method for improving bandwidth in stacked memory devices
Apparatus and methods of increasing the data rate and bandwidth of system memory including stacked memory device dice. The system memory includes a memory device having a plurality of memory device dice in a stacked configuration, a memory controller coupled to the stacked memory device dice, and a partitioned data bus....

Antenna system
Discussed herein is an antenna system that comprises a feed element and a radiating element that are formed on a dielectric substrate positioned above a circuit board which includes a feed circuit and a ground layer. Specifically, the feed element is disposed within an outer periphery defined by the radiating element....

Energy management system
An energy management system that achieves minimization of electric power costs and leveling of an electric power demand while securing necessary battery residual quantity. The energy management system includes a charging stand that supplies electric power to an electric vehicle (EV) as an electric power supply part, a reservation information acquisition...

Steam mill system useful for mercury control
A steam mill system for transport of powdered activated carbon (PAC) from a storage silo to a steam powered jet mill to produce milled sorbent for use in a coal-fired power plant flue gas for mercury control. More specifically, the present disclosure relates to a cyclone separator arranged in a PAC...

Two dimensional-code scanning method and device
A two-dimensional code scanning method and device is provided, the method including: displaying a scanning window; obtaining a window adjustment instruction, and moving and/or scaling the scanning window based on the window adjustment instruction; obtaining coordinate information of the scanning window; creating a target image according to the coordinate information; recognizing...

Sheet-like heat pipe, and electronic device provided with same
A sheet-like heat pipe for a heat-generating element, which is intended to make an electronic device more compact, more lightweight, and thinner, while also reducing costs, is provided. A sheet-like heat pipe () of the present invention includes a container () in which the peripheries of the sheet-like members ()...

Cigar shaped smoking device with reverse calabash chamber
A cigar shaped pipe, ideally made from premium materials such as briar, yet designed to be low cost to manufacture. The device uses a comparatively thin-walled combustion chamber, which both keeps material costs to a minimum, as well as an in-line reverse Calabash chamber to reduce the temperature and moisture of...

Direct flow solar collector
A direct flow solar collector and solar hot water system are presented wherein high pressure connections are eliminated to lower installation costs while freeze and stagnation protection is provided by a cooling loop and a continuous circulation protocol. A novel fin design and a modular concept deliver manufacturing, shipping and assembly...

Recovery of higher alcohols from dilute aqueous solutions
This invention is directed to methods for recovery of C3-C6 alcohols from dilute aqueous solutions, such as fermentation broths. Such methods provide improved volumetric productivity for the fermentation and allows recovery of the alcohol. Such methods also allow for reduced energy use in the production and drying of spent fermentation broth...

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