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System for generating and distributing energy from piezoelectric materials
The invention relates to a system that generates energy from piezoelectric materials, applied mainly to supplying energy in traffic systems. The invention reduces the costs associated with the implementation of the piezoelectric systems on roads or vehicle and pedestrian transit systems, since in some cases they are manufactured in modules. It...

Enhanced updating of control mechanisms
The invention provides for an upgrading of equipment without the potential problems in replacing the existing system. A relay mechanism is interposed between the existing remote sensor and the existing controller, and between the existing controller and the existing remote operational mechanism. The relay mechanism permits the existing system to perform...

Aircraft seat back assembly
The seat back portion of a passenger aircraft seat is built of an elastomer mesh type diaphragm without conventional cushions or dress covers, in order to maximize space available to the passenger while reducing costs and weight. The diaphragm is attached and tensioned into a structural frame, which also supports a...

One-shell spring suspension arm
The invention relates to a one-shell spring suspension arm formed of sheet metal for a wheel suspension of a motor vehicle, including a first end section for connection to a chassis carrier, a second end section for wheel-side connection, and a width-expanded section for supporting a spring, which is arranged between...

Discharge grates for reduction mills
Discharge grates and grate components of reducing equipment have reduced amounts of material to provide lower costs, lower weight, and less scrap while still providing adequate resistance to bending, deflection, and/or warping and suitable material discharge....

Methods for fabricating micro-devices
The present invention provides methods utilizing current nano-technological processes for fabricating a range of micro-devices with significantly expanded capabilities, unique functionalities at microscopic levels, enhanced degree of flexibilities, reduced costs and improved performance in the fields of bioscience and medicine. Such fabricated micro-devices have significant improvements in many areas over the...

Aquatic life and debris collection device for a water screen
A collection device for aquatic life and debris for a traveling water screen. The collection device allows sharing of water provided from a high pressure nozzle while shielding aquatic life from a high pressure spray produced by the high pressure nozzle. The collection device enables separate collection of items exposed to...

Method and apparatus for collecting and removing refuse from an underground mine
A hydraulically operated compaction device is mounted on a mobile support frame and is dragged by a mine utility vehicle through an underground mine for the collection of waste material generated from the mining operations. The waste material is deposited into a compaction chamber and compacted in a receiver of the...

Low energy air cooler-heater
A set of devices that use pressure envelope (atmosphere) to leverage creating small volume changes with small amount of work to create larger heat energy temperature differences. Piston and turbine based devices using the same principles of exchanging heat for work allow production of temperature change proportional to volume times air...

Solar collector with solar turbine or turbocharger
TURBINE WITH SOLAR COLLECTOR OR TURBOCHARGER, which is designed to originate innovative turbine kinetic energy through solar irradiation, irradiated by heliostats, parabolic or possibly to function with other types of fuel when not no solar radiation, with a heat exchanger through which passes the residual thermal energy is achieved in a...

Sequential cooperation between map and reduce phases to improve data locality
Methods and arrangements for task scheduling. A job is accepted, the job comprising a plurality of phases, each of the phases comprising at least one task. For each of a plurality of slots, a fetching cost associated with receipt of one or more of the tasks is determined. The slots are...

Database index profile based weights for cost computation
Database tables can have different types of database indices defined for the database tables and different numbers of database indices. The efficiency of reading the indexes can vary with the different profiles of the indexes, which impacts the costs of access plans that use the indexes. Weights can be predefined to...

Embedded acceptance system
Methods and systems can provide for unified processing of merchant transactions over various payment channels over which the transactions originate, such as in-person retail transactions and e-commerce transactions. For example, transactions can be received from payment channels through different payment channel-specific interfaces. The transactions from the various payment channels can then...

System and method for dynamic path- and state-dependent stochastic control allocation
The invention includes a system and process that employs contractual bargaining with agent-based computational methods for the dynamic allocation, optimization, and pricing of contingent rights and obligations between multiple counterparties with overlapping interests. The processes employ a dynamic and endogenous hierarchy or tiering of binding incentive compatible contingent strategies, which may...

Method and apparatus for controlling a multi-mode powertrain system
A method for operating a powertrain system to transfer torque among an engine, torque machines, and a driveline in response to an output torque request includes executing a selection scheme to evaluate operating in a plurality of candidate powertrain states including a pseudo-electric vehicle (EV) range responsive to the output torque...

Optical element using multicore optical fiber grating and method for processing optical signal using the same
An optical element includes a multicore optical fiber, the multicore optical fiber including an inner core and at least one peripheral core arranged around the inner core and having an effective refractive index different from that of the inner core, and an optical fiber grating formed at the multicore optical fiber...

Engine supporting structure for working vehicle
It is an object of the present invention to provide an engine supporting structure for a working vehicle that can realize the simplification of manufacturing processes and the reduction of costs. With respect to an engine supporting structure for a working vehicle (backhoe) that includes an engine and a plurality of...

Method and apparatus for reducing costs and emissions from extracting and processing gas and oil from underground resources
This new mobile approach which will be situated at or adjoining the drilled wells will lower capital and operating costs, reduce emissions, facilitate permitting, and help reduce public opposition to “Fracking.” Mobile processing equipment, to upgrade the recovered resource and to convert it to a marketable product, is conducted where the resource...

Apparatus and method for reverse rectification
The present invention disclosed an apparatus for reverse rectification, relating to the field of civil engineering technology. The apparatus for reverse rectification comprises two sets of steel plate hooks, which are reversely arranged and respectively fixed on the building and the skewed large-scale structure that needs to be rectified, and a...

Pool construction method
The present invention relates to a new construction method for swimming pools, surfing pools, body boarding pools, wave pools, water park pools, kayaking and white water rafting courses and pools, wake boarding pools, water skiing pools and jet skiing pools, static surfing simulators, deep water river standing wave attractions. The present...

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