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Semiconductor laser assembly and packaging system
A system for self-aligning assembly and packaging of semiconductor lasers allows reduction of time, cost and testing expenses for high power density systems. A laser package mounting system, such as a modified TO-can (transistor outline can), has modifications that increase heat transfer from the active laser to a heat exchanger or...

Method of fabricating surface body having superhydrophobicity and hydrophilicity and apparatus of preparing the same
The present invention relates to a method of preparing a material having a superhydrophobic region and a hydrophobic region, and more particularly to a method of preparing a material having a superhydrophobic region and a hydrophobic region by preparing a superhydrophobic surface body and hydrolyzing one surface of the prepared superhydrophobic...

Method for manufacturing transparent, heat-resistant gas-barrier film
The present invention provides a process for producing a transparent heat-resistant gas-barrier film capable of exhibiting a good gas-barrier property and maintaining good properties even after heat-treated at a temperature of 250° C. or higher, in a simple manner at low costs without need of a large size facility and a...

Muffler for compressor and compressor having the same
A muffler for a compressor and a compressor having the same are provided in which a suction noise device and a discharge noise device may integrally formed to reduce the number of components of a suction side muffler and a discharge side muffler so as to reduce leakage of refrigerant generated...

System and method for managing a list of entries containing routing information
A system and method adds and manages entries on a list of entries of routing information to allow the top entry to be used for routing to a destination corresponding to the list. Costs of a wireless link may be a function of the success rate experienced on that wireless link....

Image forming with save mode for reducing color material cost
An image forming apparatus includes an image forming unit, a save mode setting unit, a reference cost obtaining unit, a minimum monetary-sum extraction unit, and a usage volume setting unit. The minimum monetary-sum extraction unit is configured to extract a minimum monetary sum for each tone from reference costs for a...

Drive recorder and display device
To reduce manufacturing costs and facilitate analysis of the conditions of occurrence of an accident, a drive recorder includes a vehicle state detector () configured to detect a state of a vehicle, an imager () configured to capture images of surroundings of the vehicle, a storage controller () configured...

Touch input system and method for detecting touch using the same
A touch input system and a touch detection method using the same are disclosed. With the disclosed touch input system, the size and manufacturing costs of the stylus are reduced while finger touch and touch of stylus without a battery are distinguished and detected. The touch input system includes a sensor...

Touch-control pixel driving circuit, touch-control pixel driving method, array substrate and liquid crystal display (lcd) device
A touch-control pixel driving circuit, a touch-control pixel driving method. an array substrate and a liquid crystal display (LCD) device are provided and involve LCD field, the arrangement of additional driving electrodes and sensing electrodes can be avoided, and the manufacturing process can be simplified, and consequently the costs can be...

Front feed microwave antenna
A front feed microwave antenna, which comprises a radiation source, a first metamaterial panel used for radiating an electromagnetic wave emitted by the radiation source, a second metamaterial panel, and a reflective panel affixed to the back of the first metamaterial panel. The electromagnetic wave is emitted via the first metamaterial...

Offset feed satellite television antenna and satellite television receiver system thereof
Disclosed is an offset feed satellite television antenna comprising a metamaterial panel () arranged behind a feed (). The metamaterial panel () comprises a core layer () and a reflective panel () arranged on a lateral surface of the core layer (). The core layer () comprises at least one core...

Storage battery transfer support device and storage battery transfer support method
The present invention serves to reduce the costs associated with the overall life cycle of storage batteries by performing support so that a plurality of batteries are transferred between and used at a plurality of facilities. This storage battery transfer support device comprises: a collection unit that collects battery information representing...

Emergency lighting monitoring and reporting system
An emergency lighting system with central batteries power remote LED fixtures and exit signs, with all components integrated throughout a single or multiple buildings. Status reports are available on demand and the system will generate written records required by the Life Safety Code. A wide range of fixtures optimized for emergency...

Organic electroluminescent device having ternary doped hole transportation layer and preparation method therefor
Disclosed are an organic electroluminescent device having ternary doped hole transportation layer and a preparation method therefor. The electroluminescent device comprises a conductive anode substrate (), a ternary doped hole transportation layer (), a light-emitting layer (), an electron transportation layer (), an electron injecting layer () and a cathode layer...

Crystalline iron phosphate doped with metal, method of preparing the same, and lithium composite metal phosphate prepared therefrom
Provided are a crystalline iron phosphate doped with metals (MFePO4), which is used as a precursor of olivine-structured LiMFePO4 (LMFP) used as a cathode active material for lithium secondary batteries, and a method of preparing the crystalline iron phosphate, in which a crystalline iron phosphate doped with metals has the following...

Apparatus and method for reading identification information of biosensor
An apparatus of reading identification information according to a code attached on a biosensor. In reading the identification information through a pattern of the existing biosensor, a photodetector and a light resource are required for each segment so as to read segments of each pattern. However, such a system may cause...

Simple coincard system
The CoinCard System described in this patent application is designed to replace coins associated with retail cash transactions as well as stand-alone vending machines. The System is comprised of software and hardware components that function together as a system. CoinCards used in the System are issued by the appropriate federal agency...

Method of repairing probe board and probe board using the same
There is provided a method of repairing a probe board, the method including: preparing a plurality of first via electrodes filled with a first filling material in a board body formed as a ceramic sintered body; forming a via hole for an open via electrode among the plurality of first via...

Extraction from large thermal storage systems using phase change materials and latent heat exchangers
An energy storage method and apparatus for extraction from large thermal storage systems using phase change materials and latent heat exchangers. This includes thermal heat extraction from, and charging of a large thermal storage tank containing thousands of megawatt hours of thermal energy, using the phase change of heat collection fluid...

Insulation system for covering a facade of a building
To achieve an insulation system which has very good insulation characteristics, which can be produced for low costs and which can be fixed to the facade of a building without causing high labour costs the insulation element () has a third layer () made of mineral fibres and a binding agent,...

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