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Cooling system and led- based light comprising same
By such a cooling system, it is possible to compensate reduction in light flux with minimal additional costs or minimal additional weight or size of the light, wherein the LED light is simultaneously usable in hazardous areas in a wide temperature range. A cooling system () of a light-emitting diode-based light ()...

Solar-powered camera that mounts directly on existing lighting
Surveillance cameras can be used in many buildings accessible to the public to deter criminal activity and promote public safety. Apparatus and corresponding methods, of the disclosed embodiments of the invention promote installation and use of such surveillance devices through an improved camera mounting module and power supply unit using a...

Image delivery architecture
A system includes cloud-based resources having backend storage for maintaining single copies of display content items, such as images, and a frontend content delivery network (CDN) to dynamically format and deliver the content items in response to client requests. In the case of digital images, for example, a single copy of...

Electronically steerable planar phase array antenna
A two-dimensional (2-D) beam steerable phased array antenna is presented comprising a continuously electronically steerable material including a tunable material or a variable dielectric material, preferred a liquid crystal material. A compact antenna architecture including a patch antenna array, tunable phase shifters, a feed network and a bias network is proposed....

System and method for filling gaps in radar coverage
A method of positioning a plurality of radar units in a defined area amongst one or more legacy radar units that provide legacy radar coverage in the defined area is disclosed. The steps of identifying a location of each legacy radar unit, setting a threshold altitude, and determining a legacy occultation...

Vehicle drive device
A vehicle drive device that has a stator and a rotor disposed on the inside of the vehicle wheel and drives the wheel, wherein the whole stator can be intensively cooled without causing an increase in production costs. The vehicle drive device comprises: the stator that has a stator core ()...

System and method for loop-based direct current electrical power transmission system
Electrical power is traditionally transmitted with high-voltage alternating current transmission lines. For some limited applications, high-voltage direct current is used to transmit electrical power since direct current transmission is much more efficient. However, due to the high costs of high-voltage alternating to high-voltage direct current conversion equipment, direct current transmission is...

Methods for manufacturing three-dimensional metamaterial devices with photovoltaic bristles
Various stamping methods may reduce defects and increase throughput for manufacturing metamaterial devices. Metamaterial devices with an array of photovoltaic bristles, and/or vias, may enable each photovoltaic bristle to have a high probability of photon absorption. The high probability of photon absorption may lead to increased efficiency and more power generation...

Rotary encoder with free floating flexible sensor carrier
A rotary encoder with free floating flexible sensor carrier provides a sensor carrier that eliminates the traditional need for bearings and a housing in a rotary encoder, as well as allowing for significant cost savings in material and installation costs, improving acceleration and reducing startup and running torque. A bushing is...

Support fixture for acid etching pcd cutting inserts
A fixture for etching PCD drill inserts is provided. The fixture design allows the fixture to be injection molded, significantly reducing costs and allowing the fixture to be disposed of after a single use. The fixture allows for faster use and more accurate etching of the PCD insert....

Method and systems for controlling microorganisms and turbidity in retort cooling water using an aqueous ozone solution
Methods and systems for treating cooling water of a retort are described. The methods and systems generate an aqueous ozone solution and combine the aqueous ozone solution with the cooling water. The methods and systems provide a safe, economical, easy to handle, and environmentally friendly solution for maintaining a retort cooling...

Solid water separation to sample spray water from a continuous caster
The invention is directed towards methods and apparatus for improving the accuracy of monitors measuring the property of spray water used to cool a molten metal strand in a continuous casting operation. The method utilizes a highly effective slid-sieve to remove particles from sample water that would otherwise jam the monitor...

In-line tailings treatment process
The invention is directed towards methods and compositions for improving the processing of mineral tailings. The method involves diverting a side stream from the main line of a tailings process flow. Into this side stream an additive such as a neat polymer without dilution is added and mixed and is then...

Fatigue resistant coiled tubing
The disclosed manufacture method for a length of tubing can produce a length of fatigue resistant tubing that has relatively high fatigue resistance and relatively low strip-to-strip welding length. The Fatigue resistance is calculated from experimental settings with controlled parameters and/or simulations reproducing similar material properties and loading conditions. A high...

People & cargo transit systems & vehicles
People & Cargo Transit Systems & Vehicles (PCTSV), using Narrow Vehicles (NV), which can have the form of a Bus, Train, Tram, Maglev, Mono-Rail, even Car or Truck. A preferred version of which is Single Seat Wide, preferably a Bus type to need no Rail, using Dedicated Narrow Lanes adjacent to...

System for increasing operating efficiency of an hvac system including air ionization
Disclosed is an HVAC system having one or more air ionization devices for increasing operating efficiency and reduces overall cost by reducing the level of volatile organic compounds in recirculated building air. Also disclosed are combinations of heat exchangers operating in conjunction with ionization to further reduce operating costs. Included are...

Process for producing direct reduced iron (dri) utilizing gases derived from coal
A process for producing direct reduced iron (DRI) from iron ores, utilizing a gas produced from fossil fuels, particularly coal, containing sulfur compounds and BTX, wherein said gas is heated in a gas heater, preferably of the regenerative type, wherein heat is transferred from a previously-heated solid material to the gas...

Frequency response of vibration sensors
Frequency compensation of a vibration sensor digitally in a time domain by using a high-pass filter roll-off slope is presented. The subject matter reduces the noise floor of an analog front end or analog domain portion of a circuit configured to enhance the frequency response of a vibration sensor. The present...

Shear system of extrusion press
A shearing device for an extrusion press is adapted for cutting off from each other an extruded product and a discard which is the residue of a billet, the shearing device being configured so that the configuration thereof is simplified to reduce costs required for maintenance and production and so that...

Systems and methods for enhanced recovery of ngl hydrocarbons
Systems and methods for the enhanced recovery of ethane and heavier hydrocarbons using an absorbing agent. Typical absorbing agents include one or more C3+ alkanes. The systems and methods separate components of a feed gas containing methane and heavier hydrocarbons, which maximizes ethane recovery, without requiring appreciable increases in capital and...

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