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Multi-layered film and photovoltaic module including the same
A multi-layered film, a backsheet for photovoltaic modules, a method of manufacturing the same, and a photovoltaic module are provided. The multi-layered film can be configured so that a resin layer including a fluorine-based polymer and an oxazoline group-containing polymer is formed on a substrate. As a result, the resin layer...

Process and installation for producing a component from sheet magnesium
The invention relates to a method and an installation for producing a component from sheet magnesium, comprising a forming tool, which comprises a punch and a die, for forming a semi-finished product made of sheet magnesium, in particular a semi-finished product in the form of a sheet magnesium blank, and a...

Apparatus, system, and method for constructing a wall using wall blocks
A wall block includes two finished wall material layers attached to a frame where the tops of the wall blocks are configured to support other wall blocks. Exterior wall blocks for constructing exterior walls include an interior wall material layer and an exterior wall material layer. Interior wall blocks include interior...

Apparatus and method of fabricating touch screen panel
Provide is an apparatus and method of fabricating a touch screen panel capable of decreasing costs. The method includes forming print solution materials corresponding to components such as sensing patterns, insulating patterns, and sensing lines on different areas on a single blanket roll and printing the materials to form the components...

Method and apparatus for executing a shift path to a target powerstrain state
A method for controlling a transmission of a powertrain system includes executing a single source shortest path search to identify a preferred shift path originating with an initial powertrain state and terminating at a target powertrain state, wherein the single source shortest path search employs transition-specific costs and situational costs to...

Mobile furnace system
A mobile furnace apparatus and system configured to process payload is disclosed. A plurality of mobile furnaces may be interconnected to form a modular mobile furnace train. A fire line is an area where heat is applied to the payload, while a service line is an area where loading of payload,...

Paper-made composite furniture
Paper-made composite furniture comprises at least two connection tubes and at least one spacer that are coupled together. Each connection tube is a hollow tube with an inner side made of stiff paper and an outer side made of smooth paper. The connection tube has at least one latch groove. The...

Intuitive computing methods and systems
A smart phone senses audio, imagery, and/or other stimulus from a user's environment, and acts autonomously to fulfill inferred or anticipated user desires. In one aspect, the detailed technology concerns phone-based cognition of a scene viewed by the phone's camera. The image processing tasks applied to the scene can be selected...

Organic electroluminescent device
The invention provides an OLED device with improved light out-coupling, which can be manufactured easy and reliable at low costs, which comprises an electroluminescent layer stack () on top of a substrate (), where the electroluminescent layer stack () comprises an organic light-emitting layer stack () with...

Wafer level packaged gan power semiconductor device and the manufacturing method thereof
Disclosed are a GaN (gallium nitride) compound power semiconductor device and a manufacturing method thereof. The gallium nitride compound power semiconductor device includes: a gallium nitride compound element formed by being grown on a wafer; a contact pad including a source, a drain, and a gate connecting with the gallium nitride...

Semiconductor memory device
A semiconductor memory device according to a second aspect of the present invention includes a variable resistance material layer electrically connecting channel semiconductor layers opposed to each other in a first direction and electrically connecting channel semiconductor layers adjacent to each other in a second direction, wherein a plurality of the...

Solder sheet and smoldering method using the same
Disclosed herein are a solder sheet and a soldering method using the same. The solder sheet includes: a plurality of solder rods arranged to have a uniform height h and an area density N; and a support having an adhesive formed on one surface thereof and supporting the plurality of solder...

Dividing wall column for producing high-purity neopentyl glycol and manufacturing method using same
The present invention relates to a dividing wall column for preparing high-purity neopentyl glycol, and a method of distilling neopentyl glycol. Using only one column, the dividing wall column has the same effect as when using two columns. Thus, energy and equipment costs may be reduced in the production of the...

Apparatus and method for connecting air cooled condenser heat exchanger coils to steam distribution manifold
An air cooled condenser, and methods of manufacturing and field assembly of air cooled condensers in which one half of the primary heat exchanger coils are shop fitted with a length of steel configured to quickly and easily mate, during field assembly, with an opposing primary heat exchanger coil of standard...

Paintball gun having internal pressure regulator
A paintball gun having an internal pressure regulator is provided. The paintball gun includes a body, a launching tunnel, a rear lead shaft, the pressure regulator, and a back cover. A hollow barrel of the body allows the launching tunnel and the rear lead shaft to be accommodated successively therein. The...

Domestic combined heat and power system
The present invention relates to a domestic combined heat and power system, and the domestic combined heat and power system includes a power unit, a heat-storage tank which receives waste heat of the power unit and stores heat in direct water, and a main heat exchanger which is connected to the...

Gas control apparatus for boiler
Disclosed herein is a gas control apparatus for a boiler, which has a simple structure and enables easy assembly, thus improving productivity and reducing manufacturing costs, therefore enhancing the competitiveness of a product. The gas control apparatus includes a solenoid retracting or ejecting a rod in response to application of power....

Continuous wound composite truss structures
Ultra-efficient composite truss structures and methods for manufacturing the same using low cost and high throughput winding processes are presented. The present disclosure describes combining the high structural efficiency of truss structures with the excellent mechanical properties of composite materials using processes that mitigate the high manufacturing costs typical of composite...

Level gauge
The present invention relates to a level gauge, and more particularly, to a level gauge provided on a device such as an engine or transmission of a vehicle to discharge aft from the device and prevent a foreign substance from being introduced therein. In addition, the level gauge and an oil...

Medical/dental/utility glove with anti-fatigue and ergonomic improvement
The present invention is to an improved glove having both anatomically correlating stress relief zones and/or reinforced zones to add support in areas opposite the stress relief zones to keep bunching or slipping of the glove from interfering with the bending of the user's joints. The glove may have corrugated relief...

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