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Plant material drying methods
A method of drying fresh plant material wherein the fresh plant material containing a desired heat labile compound is exposed to microwave energy at an intensity and for a time sufficient to remove a majority of the water from the plant material without degrading a majority of the heat labile compound....

Artificial corundum crystal
An artificial corundum crystal which can be put into practical use at low costs, and a process for producing the same. The artificial corundum crystal has at least one crystal face selected from {113}, {012}, {014}, {113}, {110}, {101}, {116}, {211}, {122}, {214}, {100}, {125}, {223}, {131}, and {312} faces. The...

Container with folded-back bottom wall
A container with a folded-back bottom wall, which is very stable in a rest position, has a strong bottom wall, and makes it possible to minimize the amount of remaining liquid while allowing costs to be reduced is provided. The container with a folded-back bottom wall has a bottom wall and...

Layout structure and version control circuit for integrated circuits
The present invention relates to a layout structure and a version control circuit for integrated circuits. The layout structure for integrated circuits according to the present invention comprises a signal-supplying unit and at least a transfer cell. The signal-supplying unit is used for supplying a first signal and a second signal....

Wave motion-type electric power generator and wave motion-type vessel
This invention is to provide a wave power generator that can be produced with low costs for generating power in use of force of wave reaching ships periodically during voyages of ships. The wave power generator of the invention comprises a compressed air producing unit having a restoring member whose shape...

Route retrieval apparatus and navigation apparatus
A route retrieval apparatus is disclosed. The route retrieval apparatus includes a storage component, a first correction component, a second correction component and a retrieval component. The storage component stores therein probe information to specify fuel consumption in each section, the probe information having been collected from probe vehicles. The first...

Attachment, liquid container, and liquid supply apparatus
An attachment is mounted on a cartridge holder of a printer as a replacement of an ink cartridge. An ink outlet member having a link passage is separably secured to an attachment body. Ink is supplied from the exterior to the ink outlet member through an ink supply tube. When the...

Lens-fixing apparatus for rimless spectacles
Provided is a lens-fixing apparatus for rimless spectacles, which provides a comfortable wearing sensation while reducing costs and assembly procedures, and providing aesthetically pleasing and elegant design, thus improving the quality of rimless spectacles and strengthening the competitiveness thereof in domestic and global markets. The lens-fixing apparatus for rimless spectacles includes...

Heat dissipating assembly
A heat dissipating assembly includes a circuit board having opposite first and second faces. The circuit board further includes a through-hole extending from the first face through the second face. A heat generating element is mounted on the first face of the circuit board and electrically coupled to the circuit board....

Switching power adaptor circuit
An improved structure for a switching power adaptor circuit, primarily providing a switching power adaptor circuit for a RCC (Ringing Choke Converter) system, in which a control circuit is mainly structured from a bipolar junction transistor, a stable voltage sensing circuit, an over current protection circuit and an over voltage protection...

Rate matching device
In rate matching and interleaving in a Long Term Evolution (LTE) system, use of a circular buffer following interleaving may be avoided by reading out interleaved data directly from the interleaver in a manner which matches an expected output from a circular buffer. The read out data may be rate matched...

Injection-molded plastic nestable shell for concrete parking bumpers
A parking bumper shell that can be easily filled with a heavy form-filling material (such as concrete) to form a parking bumper is provided. The parking bumper shell may be injection molded from durable, brightly-colored, UV- and weather-resistant plastic. Undercuts, such as in the form of a plurality of undercut wings...

Melting crucible for use in a crucible drawing method for quartz glass
In a known melting crucible for use in a crucible drawing method, it is provided that the interior face of the crucible wall facing a crucible interior space is covered at least partially with a protective layer made of a noble metal. The known melting crucible does have good corrosion resistance...

Method and apparatus for facilitating cost-optimized mobile messaging
One embodiment of the present invention provides a system for facilitating cost-optimized mobile messaging. During operation, the system receives an encoded text message at a mobile device. Next, the system replaces a sub-string in the encoded text message with a corresponding sub-string from a data-dictionary to create a decoded text message....

Systems and methods for managing policies on a computer
An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for managing policies on a computer having a foreign operating system. Policies may specify hardware or software configuration information. Policies on a first computer with a native operating system are translated into configuration information usable on a second computer having a foreign operating system....

Method and system for constraining server usage in a distributed network
A “velvet rope” mechanism that enables customers of a shared distributed network (such as a content delivery network) needing to control their costs to control the amount of traffic that is served via the shared network. A given server in the distributed network identifies when a customer is about to exceed...

Systems and methods for managing policies on a computer
An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for managing policies on a computer having a foreign operating system. Policies may specify hardware or software configuration information. Policies on a first computer with a native operating system are translated into configuration information usable on a second computer having a foreign operating system....

Radial sled printing apparatus and methods
Disclosed are apparatus and methods for implementing a radial sled printer device that substantially simplifies the complexity and reduces system costs and size for radial printing devices, both for devices that print and those that also record and print a label on circular media....

Automatic analyzer
An automatic analyzer of the type equipped with a sample preprocessing function pretreats a desired sample in a pretreating unit before pipetting the sample into an analyzing unit for analysis. When all samples are carried to the analyzing unit via the pretreating unit, irrespective of whether the sample is to be...

Transparent, biodegradable, protective screens and uses thereof
The present invention provides a transparent, removable, biodegradable material for use on eyewear, computer screens, touch sensitive devices, mobile phones, and the like. Because the material is transparent, it can provide protection for eyewear or devices such as laptops and mobile phones without obscuring vision or display. Because the material is...

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