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Monitoring system and vehicle
An object is to provide, at low costs, a function for determining whether a monitoring section should execute a self-diagnosis. A monitoring system has a monitoring section for acquiring information on the charge and discharge state of an electric storage device and a determination section for determining the charge and discharge...

Stirling engine regenerator
The invention disclosed a Stirling engine regenerator, including a cylindrical regenerator cover, one end of the regenerator cover is connected with a heater and the other end is connected with a cooler. The end of the regenerator which is near the heater is provided with the first metal wire mesh, the...

Electrically operated shaver with replaceable cutting device
The invention relates to an electrically operated shaver with at least one upper blade attachable to a shear head frame by means of a removable frame, on the underside of which lies a linearly oscillating lower blade. The lower blade is connected via a clutch engagement with an oscillating bridge mounted...

System for dynamically allocating natural resources
Systems and methods for creating a dynamic resource trust can receive and distribute physical quantities of a resource at a future date. These systems and methods can be implemented in a computer system that dynamically designs and/or values shares of the trust's resources. These systems and methods can permit potential users...

Analytics based service catalog management
Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method, computer program product, and system for service catalog management. A computer identifies information corresponding to a plurality of service requests included on a service desk, wherein the identified information includes usage and financial information corresponding to the plurality of service requests. The computer...

Information technology optimization via real-time analytics
Automated processes generate optimization options in response to collecting inventory data relevant to components installed within an implemented information technology system. An interactive graphical user interface dashboard displays different selectable primary analysis criteria elements and analytics modules. A collected data type (geographic location, hardware or software identity indicia, operating or energy...

Product notice costing
Various embodiments include at least one of systems, methods, and software for product notice costing. Some embodiments include receiving a product notice and storing the product notice in a product notice database, identifying tasks associated with a product notice, and storing tasks within a product notice task database. The tasks may...

System and method of prioritizing and administering healthcare to patients having multiple integral diagnoses
A method of administering healthcare to patients with multiple integral diagnoses such that the clinical outcomes and health-related quality of life of said patients are improved while medical costs are minimized. A patient population is first identified. The population is then stratified into specific levels of intervention. Each individual patient is...

Analysis system and analysis method
It is provided an analysis system comprising: an input unit to receive a medical cost of a insured person, intervention information on a provision of an intervention service and a start date of the intervention service; a propensity score calculation unit to analyze a relationship between the medical cost before the...

Regeneration of cellulose
A method for regeneration of a cellulose containing material, comprises the steps: a) exposing the cellulose containing material to oxygen with an alkali aqueous solution at a pH of at least 9, and a temperature of at least 20° C., b) dispersing the cellulose containing material in the alkali aqueous solution,...

Remanufactured scr aged catalyst by in-situ technology
The activity of reclaimed catalyst in this invention is recovered at a level of 95% or more than that of fresh SCR catalyst by rapidly facilitating the in-situ elimination of any contaminant and possesses high economic efficiency as there is no catalyst loss during the process. The reuse of the catalyst...

Microfluidic processing of leukocytes for molecular diagnostic testing
Described herein are microfluidic devices and methods that can greatly improve cell quality, streamline workflows, and lower costs. Applications include research and clinical diagnostics in cancer, infectious disease, and inflammatory disease, among other disease areas....

Infrared shielding film
The present invention provides an infrared shielding film having at least one unit formed by stacking a high-refractive-index layer and a low-refractive-index layer, the layers containing a high-refractive-index material and a low-refractive-index material, respectively, the materials having different refractive indices with each other, wherein the high-refractive-index layer and the low-refractive-index layer...

Semiconductor device
A semiconductor device includes a first gate electrode that is provided on a first insulating film along one side wall of a first trench and is provided in a second trench, a shield electrode that is provided on a second insulating film along the other side wall of the first trench...

Lavatory potable water system
To eliminate as many hoses and tubes as possible, reduce overall system size, weight and costs, the manifold system disclosed herein has been developed. The apparatus in some examples utilizes a unitary structure (solid cast) manifold to replace many of the hoses previously provided. Several versions/examples of this apparatus are disclosed...

Compact lcpv solar electric generator
A compact low concentration photovoltaic apparatus totally enclosed in a protective clear dome against harsh environment without active cooling. A conical mirror reflector, a circular lens refractor and a round crystalline silicon photovoltaic solar panel rotate simultaneously inside the dome to concentrate sun rays and instantly produce electricity. The mirror increases...

Flat termo-solar collector and manufacturing process
Besides this, radical costs reduction arising from the industrial design outlined above, by changing the geometry of solar collector tubes, that tend to have low internal volumes and elliptical shapes, oval, or any non-circular shape, whose largest diameters are positioned facing the sun to receive solar radiation which increase the useful...

Drainage collection system
There is provided a drain recovery system with which power for driving a feedwater pump can be reduced and the feedwater pump can be driven at low costs. The drain recovery system includes: a buffer tank; an assist tank disposed below the buffer tank; a first drain supply line that connects...

Rejuvenation of reclaimed asphalt
Asphalt compositions comprising reclaimed asphalt and a rejuvenating agent are disclosed. The reclaimed asphalt comprises aggregate and an aged binder. The rejuvenating agent, which has a cyclic content of at least 5 wt. %, comprises an ester or ester blend derived from an acid selected from aromatic acids, fatty acids, fatty...

Multi-channel flow sensing
A multi-channel flow sensing system typically includes first and second flow-sensing transducers arranged in each channel. A data acquisition system is coupled to the first and second transducers of each of the channels. The data acquisition system is arranged to transmit and/or receive a sensing signal from at least one of...

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