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Balancing supply and demand using demand-shaping actions
A method for balancing supply and demand for a product using demand-shaping action includes identifying an imbalance between supply and demand for a given product. A customer choice model is generated based on collected historical sales data pertaining to the given product and at least one product similar to the given...

Balancing supply and demand using demand-shaping actions
A method for balancing supply and demand for a product using demand-shaping action includes identifying an imbalance between supply and demand for a given product. A customer choice model is generated based on collected historical sales data pertaining to the given product and at least one product similar to the given...

Determining energy consumption in a structure
Methods, apparatus, and systems are provided for measuring the supply of a consumable product/energy source, such as electrical power, to a facility over time and analyzing the measurements to determine the consumption or supply of the product by one or more loads and/or sources in the facility, and to determine induced...

Method and system for controlling an energy management installation
The control of an energy management installation includes an installation modelling phase (P) comprising a step (E) of creating a multi-agent control system including at least energy consuming, distributing and producing agents. The models of the energy distributing agents take into account characteristics concerning the distributing elements of the installation, including...

Simplified arthroscopy cannula
An arthroscopic sealing cannula having improved efficiency, access and reduced manufacturing costs is described herein. In particular, the present invention describes arthroscopic sealing cannulae in which the conventional thermal and chemical bonding means are eliminated and replaced with a mechanical joining system that utilizes mating fastener pairs integrally molded into the...

Mesh racket
The present invention discloses a mesh racket and its manufacturing method, comprising a handle (), a frame () and a string (), wherein the handle () is fixed to one end of the frame () along the horizontal direction of the frame (), a plurality of holes () are arranged on...

Connector tape and connector module thereof
A connector tape and a connector module thereof is disclosed. The connector module includes a connector and a detachable counter weight block. The connector includes an insulative main body and a plurality of conductive terminals secured onto the insulative main body. Each conductive terminal includes a soldering portion exposed on the...

Range modulated implants for image sensors
Image sensors may include a plurality of photodiodes. The photodiodes may be isolated from each other using isolations regions formed from p-well or n-well implants. Deep and narrow isolation regions may be formed using a multi-step process that selectively places implants at desired depths in a substrate. If desired, the multi-step...

Safety agglutination glass structure
The invention relates to a safety agglutination glass structure, comprising two glass substrates and a heat insulating adhesive membrane. The heat insulating adhesive membrane constituted of heat insulating particles and a colloid material is disposed between the two glass substrates. Therefore, the two glass substrates can combine together by heating and...

Flexible modular liquid dam
A modular liquid dam comprising a plurality of individual elongated members or segments that can be assembled in an end-to-end relationship to form a temporary liquid retainer or diverter on a substrate surface. The dam members are provided with one or more longitudinal bores or passages that reduce the amount of...

Folding baby stroller
A baby stroller for transporting a child is disclosed. This baby stroller has a folding mechanism to facilitate folding for easier stowing and transporting. The folding mechanism, a unique feature of the design is directed toward compactness, ease of use, reliability, and reduction in manufacturing costs....

Pump absorption and efficiency for fiber lasers/amplifiers
Techniques are disclosed for improving pump absorption and efficiency for fiber lasers and amplifiers, for instance. In some embodiments, the techniques are implemented by applying a partially reflective coating on a fiber end-face to double-pass any unabsorbed or otherwise excess pump light in the cladding of a fiber. While being reflective...

Light-emitting diode lighting system
The present application discloses a light-emitting diode (LED) lighting system, including: a toroidal transformer comprising a pair of input terminals and a pair of output terminals; and an illuminant comprising an LED circuit; wherein the illuminant is electrically connected to the pair of output terminals of the toroidal transformer. The present...

Apparatus for making liquid iron and steel
A metallizing apparatus which is carbonaceous-based wherein a metallic oxide is converted into a carbon-containing, metallized intermediate that is melted in an induction channel furnace to produce liquid metal from said metallic oxide. In the application of iron ore in the form of fines or concentrate, using low-cost coal will greatly...

Organic light emitting diode display device having built-in touch panel and method of manufacturing the same
An organic light emitting diode (OLED) display device having a built-in touch panel and a manufacturing method thereof in which an OLED array and a touch array are formed on a flexible substrate and thus the OLED display device has flexibility, and a flexible printed circuit board for driving the touch...

Cooling system with a passive heat dissipation structure
The present invention discloses a cooling system with a passive heat dissipation structure, the cooling system includes plural heat conducting pipes, and a shielding tube included to surround the heat conducting pipes. The heat generated from a heat source placed below the cooling system heats the surrounding fluid (air) and turns...

Furnish pretreatment to improve paper strength aid performance in papermaking
The invention is directed towards methods, compositions, and apparatus for increasing the strength of paper made out of a furnish having a large proportion of OCC. The method involves the following steps: 1) Providing a paper furnish having a large amount of OCC in it, 2) adding strength promoter to the...

Egr cooler and egr cooler device using the same
An EGR cooler and an EGR cooler device includes a pre-cooler which is located at a central region at which a cooling water chamber of an EGR cooler housing, in which cooling water circulates, is divided into two spaces, and in which hot exhaust gas introduced from an exhaust system is...

Construction of soundboard for acoustic string instrument
A soundboard construction for a stringed instrument having back and side panels includes an inner panel having a relief or recess structure impressed in the panel so that the impressions serve as support bracing when the inner panel is joined with an outer panel. This will result in a strong soundboard...

Glass-wiping device
The present invention provides a glass-wiping device comprising a glass-wiping device body () and a signal-receiving device () arranged thereon. The signal-receiving device () receives a control signal transmitted by a remote control and the control signal controls the glass-wiping device body () into action. The control signal received by the...

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