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Date/App# patent app List of recent Corn-related patents
 Intrastomal segment patent thumbnailnew patent Intrastomal segment
A description has been provided herein of an intrastromal segment especially designed for use as a prosthesis inside the corneal tunnel of patients suffering from keratoconus. The segment consists of a lengthened body of variable dimensions in the form of an arc with noticeably rounded ends, devoid of any communicating orifice, and endowed with a transverse section that may be triangular, trapezoidal, hexagonal or oval, with at least three marks connecting to the narrowest side for which two ends aid the safe handling of the segment and the mid-section mark serves as a positional reference point.
 Re-treatment for ophthalmic correction of refraction patent thumbnailnew patent Re-treatment for ophthalmic correction of refraction
A planning device generating control data for a treatment apparatus for refraction-correcting ophthalmic surgery is provided, said apparatus using a laser device to separate a corneal volume, which is to be removed for correction, from the surrounding cornea by at least one cut surface in the cornea of an eye, said planning device comprising an interface for receiving corneal data including information on pre-operative cuts which were generated in a previous ophthalmic operation, and computing means for defining a corneal cut surface which confines the corneal volume to be removed, said computing means defining the corneal cut surface on the basis of the corneal data and generating a control dataset for the corneal cut surface for control of the laser device.. .
 Method for modifying the refractive index of ocular tissues patent thumbnailnew patent Method for modifying the refractive index of ocular tissues
A method for providing vision correction to a patient. The method includes: (a) measuring the degree of vision correction needed by the patient and determining the location and shape of refractive structures that need to be positioned within the cornea to partially correct a patient's vision; (b) directing and focusing femtosecond laser pulses in the blue spectral region within the cornea at an intensity high enough to change the refractive index of the cornea within a focal region, but not high enough to damage the cornea or to affect cornea tissue outside of the focal region; and (c) scanning the laser pulses across a volume of the cornea or the lens to provide the focal region with refractive structures in the cornea or the lens.
 Annular keratopigmentation systems and methods of vision correction of presbyopic eyes patent thumbnailnew patent Annular keratopigmentation systems and methods of vision correction of presbyopic eyes
Systems, devices, and methods for correcting presbyopic vision create a dye ring in the cornea. The intrastromal ring is created using a femtosecond laser and is centered on the visual axis.
 Ocular drug delivery system patent thumbnailnew patent Ocular drug delivery system
An ocular drug delivery system including a composition in which a formulation having an active agent such as rhgh and or an rhgh mimic, e.g., that increases insulin growth factor (igf) or that alters insulin growth factor binding protein (igfbp) in a subject is dispersed in a pharmaceutical carrier. The composition is configured for placement in, around or on an eye of the subject, and the composition provides controlled release of an amount of the active agent to the eye effective to promote ocular surface and corneal neural regeneration and wound healing..
 Mim capacitor and fabrication method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Mim capacitor and fabrication method thereof
A method of fabricating a metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitor is disclosed, wherein after capacitor trenches have been formed in a dielectric layer by dry etching, a wet etching process is further applied to the dielectric layer to etch the one or more capacitor trenches. By taking advantage of an isotropic characteristic of the wet etching process, the corners of the one or more capacitor trenches are rounded after the wet etching.
 Full-eye illumination ocular surface imaging of an ocular tear film for determining tear film thickness and/or providing ocular topography patent thumbnailnew patent Full-eye illumination ocular surface imaging of an ocular tear film for determining tear film thickness and/or providing ocular topography
Ocular surface interferometry (osi) devices, systems, and methods are disclosed for measuring a tear film layer thickness (tflt) of the ocular tear film, including the lipid layer thickness (llt) and/or the aqueous layer thickness (alt). The tflt can be used to diagnose dry eye syndrome (des).
 Lenses, devices, methods and systems for refractive error patent thumbnailnew patent Lenses, devices, methods and systems for refractive error
The present disclosure is directed to lenses, devices, methods and/or systems for addressing refractive error. Certain embodiments are directed to changing or controlling the wavefront of the light entering a human eye.
 Terahertz scanning reflectometer patent thumbnailnew patent Terahertz scanning reflectometer
A terahertz scanning reflectometer is described herein. A high sensitivity terahertz scanning reflectometer is used to measure dynamic surface deformation and delamination characteristics in real-time.
 Pre-cut strips of kinesiology tape patent thumbnailnew patent Pre-cut strips of kinesiology tape
One example embodiment includes a pre-cut strip of kinesiology tape. The pre-cut strip of kinesiology tape includes a fabric.
Method and systems for laser treatment of presbyopia using offset imaging
An ophthalmic surgery system and method for treating presbyopia by performing ablative photodecomposition of the corneal surface. The offset image of a variable aperture, such as a variable width slit and variable diameter iris diaphragm, is scanned in a preselected pattern to perform ablative sculpting of predetermined portions of a corneal surface.
Process for alcoholic fermentation of lignocellulosic biomass
A process for the production of ethanol wherein a hydrolyzed lignocellulosic biomass is fermented in the presence of a stillage residue. The fermentation of cellulosic hydrolysates is improved by adding prior to and/or during fermentation a stillage residue side stream from a corn starch-to-ethanol process as a nutrient source for the yeast organisms used in the fermentation.
Endothelial scaffolds
Provided herein is an endothelial scaffold comprising, consisting of, or consisting essentially of decellularized corneal stroma. In some embodiments, the scaffold has cultured endothelial cells seeded thereon.
Fan tray perforation pattern
An apparatus is provided in one example embodiment and includes a plate having a plurality of perforations configured in a pattern. The pattern includes the plurality of perforations arranged in concentric circles centered at a point.
Device and method for measuring a cornea
In order to measure a cornea with the aid of a projection (s11) of a two-dimensional reference pattern onto the cornea and of a detection (s12) of the reflection pattern reflected by the cornea by virtue of the reference pattern, a plurality of different reflection images of one or more reflection patterns reflected by the cornea are stored (s13). For points on the cornea a phase value of the reflection pattern is respectively calculated on the basis of intensities respectively measured in the stored reflection images at a pixel corresponding to the relevant point.
System and method for corneal irradiation
A device and method for use thereof to illuminate a visual system of a subject includes a light-transforming optical element configured to transform a substantially collimated beam of light into light having a diverging spatial distribution. Optionally, light having such spatial distribution includes a plurality of diverging beams of light.
Apparatus and method for eye tracking
A gaze tracking apparatus and method are provided that may calculate a three-dimensional (3d) position of a user using at least two wide angle cameras, may perform panning, tilting, and focusing based on position information of the user and eye region detection information, using a narrow angle camera, may detect pupil center information and corneal reflected light information from an eye image acquired through an operation of the narrow angle camera, and may finally calculate gaze position information from the pupil center information and the corneal reflected light information.. .
Fastening means
Fastening means, a preferred embodiment of which is shown in fig. 2, has a joist 1 and a locking member 5.
Systems and methods for treatment target deconvolution
Deconvolution systems and methods based on cornea smoothing can be used to obtain an ablation target or treatment shape that does not induce significant high-order aberrations such as spherical aberration. Exemplary ablation targets or treatment shapes can provide a post-operative spherical aberration that is equal to or below a naturally occurring amount of spherical aberration..
Implantation device for intrastromal prostheses
A device has been described here which is used as a means of implanting an intrastromal prosthesis, consisting of a segment or ring, on the inside of the patient's corneal tunnel. The implanting device eliminates the need to use conventional forceps and includes for this purpose an injector with a support track for the implant segment, attached to a ring carrier piece coupled to the first end of a cylinder base or tunnel.
Ophthalmological device
An ophthalmic instrument for the application of laser radiation in a patient's eye, particularly for the examination and/or surgical laser treatment of the cornea and the lens of the eye, includes a femtosecond laser, an objective and optical assemblies. The optical assemblies are arranged in front of the objective, and selectively vary the focus position in the coordinate direction x,y and z either within the region of the cornea or within the region of the lens of the eye.
Lipoxin analogs as novel inhibitors of angiogenesis
The present invention is generally drawn to novel isolated therapeutic agents, termed lipoxins, generated from the interaction between a dietary omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid (pufa) such as arachidonic acid (aa), oxygenases and the analgesic aspirin (asa). Surprisingly, careful isolation of compounds generated from the combination of components in an appropriate environment provide di- and tri-hydroxy containing derivatives of aa containing compounds having unique structural and physiological properties.
Non-contact type tonometer
A non-contact type tonometer includes: a measurement unit including a first measuring unit for measuring an eye pressure of an examinee's eye in a non-contact manner and a second measuring unit for measuring a corneal thickness of the examinee's eye in a non-contact manner; a moving mechanism for causing relative movement of the measurement unit with respect to the examinee's eye; a drive controller for driving the moving mechanism for aligning the measurement unit; and a setting switch controller for switching an alignment reference on the cornea used for aligning the measurement unit between first and second alignment references. The first alignment reference is a reference for measuring the eye pressure with the first measuring unit and the second alignment reference is a reference for measuring the corneal thickness with the second measuring unit and set closer to a corneal rear surface than the first alignment reference..
Progressive multifocal rigid gas permeable contact lens
A contact lens is provided. It is a rigid gas permeable, corneal-scleral progressive, multifocal, vision lens that covers the cornea and a portion of the sclera of an eye.
Gaze detection apparatus, gaze detection computer program, and display apparatus
A gaze detection apparatus includes a light source which illuminates a user's eye, an imaging unit which generates an image by capturing the image of a user's face, and a processor adapted to: estimate a distance between the imaging unit and the user's face; calculate the ratio of the distance between the imaging unit and the user's face to a separation distance between the imaging unit and the light source and determine, based on the ratio, whether a bright pupil phenomenon occurs; detect from the captured image a corneal reflection image of the light source and a center of the user's pupil when determining that the bright pupil phenomenon does not occur; and detect the user's gaze direction or gaze position based on a positional relationship between the center of the user's pupil and the corneal reflection image when determining that the bright pupil phenomenon does not occur.. .
Line-of-sight detection apparatus, line-of-sight detection method, and program therefor
A line-of-sight detection apparatus that specifies a point-of-regard of a subject within a object includes: a photographing unit outputting a photographed image of the subject and a zoom value; a cornea determination unit discriminating a cornea image of the subject from the image; a reference point specifying unit specifying an eyeball center of the subject based on the cornea image and specifying a reference point based on the eyeball center; a distance measurement unit specifying a zoom value indicating a predetermined size of the cornea image and specifying a distance from the cornea to the object based on the zoom value; a line-of-sight movement amount specifying unit specifying a cornea movement amount based on a cornea image movement amount and specifying a line-of-sight movement amount based on the cornea movement amount; and a point-of-regard specifying unit specifying the point-of-regard based on the reference point and line-of-sight movement amount.. .
Method for eye surgery
A planning unit produces control data for a treatment device for eye surgery which produces at least one cutting surface in a cornea of the eye using a laser unit. The planning unit includes a calculation module for establishing a cornea cutting surface.
Novel metalloprotein and process for producing same, and prophylactic or therapeutic agent for corneal and conjunctival diseases comprising said metalloprotein
Selenium-lactoferrin according to the present invention has an excellent therapeutic effect on corneal and conjunctival diseases, and is suitable for mass production on an industrial scale.. .
Method and apparatus for forming shallow trench isolation structures having rounded corners
Methods for rounding the bottom corners of a shallow trench isolation structure are described herein. Embodiments of the present invention provide a method comprising forming a first masking layer on a sidewall of an opening in a substrate, removing, to a first depth, a first portion of the substrate at a bottom surface of the opening having the first masking layer therein, forming a second masking layer on the first masking layer in the opening, and removing, to a second depth, a second portion of the substrate at the bottom surface of the opening having the first and second masking layers therein.
Arrangement introduced in bracket with curvilinear ridges
Arrangement introduced in bracket with curvilinear ridges comprises one bracket for fixed braces that belongs to the orthodontics and, unlike conventional brackets, has unique geometry with specific functionalities, such as a clip that detaches close to the basis and rounded edges. The bracket with curvilinear ridges comprises two pieces, the clip/lock, which encapsulates the traction wire, and main structure, which is monoblock and has rounded corners.
Methods for treating ophthalmic disorders, diseases and injuries
The invention is directed to methods for treating ophthalmic disorders, diseases and injuries. In particular, the invention is directed to treating disorders, diseases and injuries of the cornea and ocular surface.
Automatic refracto-keratometer
An auto refracto-keratometer not only produces a black-and-white image for observing the alignment of eyes to be examined using an infrared illumination light but also has a color observation optical system for observing a condition of eyes to be examined using color-illumination light. The auto refracto-keratometer comprises an infrared optical system for examining an alignment and corneal curvature of eyes to be examined; a fogging optical system for relaxing accommodation of the eyes; a measuring optical system for measuring refractive power of the eyes; and a color observation optical system having a visible light source for emitting at least one visible light to the eyes and a 2-dimensional imaging device for detecting image of visible light reflected by the eyes..
System for determining the topography of the cornea of an eye
A system for determining the surface shape of the cornea of an eye by analyzing the reflection of a spatially distributed ring pattern. The system includes an element for generating a ring pattern, an illuminating unit, an image capturing unit, and a control and analyzing unit.
Implantable device for molding the curvature of the cornea
The present invention relates to an intrastromal corneal device for reshaping the curvature of the cornea comprising a substantially circular structure having a convex surface provided with openings for biological exchange between the layers of the cornea, said substantially circular structure comprising the shape of a circular segment or of a spherical/aspheric cap provided or not with a central opening. Said device further comprises means for promoting the reshaping of the cornea, so that it assumes a curvature closer to the intended curvature, thus providing a significant reduction of visual disturbances caused by corneal ectatic conditions such as keratoconus..
Biocompatible compositions and methods of manufacture
This disclosure describes, in one aspect, a method that generally includes combining a silica precursor and a biocompatible polymer under conditions effective for the silica precursor and the biocompatible polymer to form a gel, at least partially dehydrating the gel, and rehydrating the gel. This disclosure also describes a corneal implant prepared by any embodiment of the general method described herein..
Circular thermal capsulotomy tool and system
A system and tool for performing a capsulotomy procedure. The system includes a capsulotomy and movement control unit providing electrical current and movement control, and a capsulotomy tool, and an extendable-retractable burning element coupled to the tool, and a slidable shaping element.
Methods and systems for performing a posterior capsulotomy and for laser eye surgery with a penetrated cornea
Method and apparatus for performing a laser-assisted posterior capsulotomy and for performing laser eye surgery on an eye having a penetrated cornea are provided. A method for performing a posterior capsulotomy includes injecting fluid between the lens posterior capsule and the anterior hyaloids membrane to separate the lens posterior capsule and the anterior hyaloids membrane.
Ophthalmological instrument
Ophthalmological device including an applanation tonometer tip having a bi-curved cornea-contacting surface and method of using such device for measurement of intraocular pressure. The cornea-contacting surface includes a first rotationally symmetric portion a curvature of which is substantially adapted to that of a typical cornea and a second rotationally symmetric portion that is peripheral to and adjoining the first portion.
Bicyclic compound and use thereof for medical purposes
Since a compound represented by the general formula (i) (wherein definition of each group is as described in the specification), a salt thereof, a solvate thereof, or a prodrug thereof has strong and sustaining intraocular pressure lowering activity and, further, has no side effect on eyes such as ocular stimulating property (hyperemia, corneal clouding etc.), aqueous humor protein rise etc., it has high safety, and can be an excellent agent for preventing and/or treating glaucoma etc.. .
Transport of cells in hydrogels
The present invention relates to hydrogels which may be used to encapsulate or entrap live cells. The invention further relates to methods for transporting live cells which are encapsulated or entrapped within hydrogels from a first location to a second location.
Dual row quad flat no-lead semiconductor package
Some of the embodiments of the present disclosure provide a quad flat no-lead package comprising: an outer row of outer peripheral leads disposed on an outer periphery of a bottom surface of the quad flat no-lead package; and an inner row of inner peripheral leads disposed on an inner periphery of the bottom surface of the quad flat no-lead package, wherein each of the inner peripheral leads has a substantially rectangular shape, and wherein the substantially rectangular shape has two rounded corners adjacent to the outer row of outer peripheral leads.. .
Conformable therapeutic shield for vision and pain
A conformable covering comprises an outer portion with rigidity to resist movement on the cornea and an inner portion to contact the cornea and provide an environment for epithelial regeneration. The inner portion of the covering can be configured in many ways so as to conform at least partially to an ablated stromal surface so as to correct vision.
Systems and methods for corneal cross-linking with pulsed light
Systems and methods for treating an eye select locations for making incisions in areas of the cornea according to astigmatic keratotomy or radial keratotomy, make incisions in the selected areas of the cornea, apply a cross-linking agent to the selected areas of the cornea, and deliver photoactivating light from a light source to the selected areas of the cornea to initiate cross-linking activity in the selected areas of the cornea.. .
Transdermal delivery of beneficial substances effected by a hostile biophysical environment
The present invention generally relates to the transdermal delivery of substances and, in some embodiments, to the transdermal delivery of beneficial substances by a hostile biophysical environment. In one aspect, various methods for the transdermal delivery of beneficial substances are disclosed.
Method of analyzing image of cell in laminated structure and method of evaluating laminated structure for corneal transplantation
A method of analyzing an image of a cell in a laminated structure may include the steps of: (a) fluorescently labeling a cell nucleus in the laminated structure having at least one cell layer and one or more other types of biomolecules; (b) acquiring a plurality of planar tomographic fluorescent labeled images in different height directions from the laminated structure for each type of fluorescently labeled biomolecules after the step (a); (c) superimposing a planar tomographic fluorescent labeled image group acquired in the step (b) to construct a three-dimensional tomographic image; (d) dividing the three-dimensional tomographic image constructed in the step (c) into one or two or more cell regions; (e) producing one planar stacked image for each divided cell region after the step (d); and (f) performing image analysis on each planar stacked image produced in the step (e) to analyze cells in the laminated structure.. .

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