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This page is updated frequently with new Corn-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Corn-related patents
 Method and  eye detection from glints patent thumbnailnew patent Method and eye detection from glints
A method of determining the position of eyeballs within an image, the method including the steps of: (a) capturing a time series of image frames illuminated in a predetermined temporal manner by at least two spaced apart light sources, by at least one imaging sensor; (b) processing the image frames to determine specular reflection locations in the image frames; and (c) utilising the time series evolution of the location of the specular reflections to isolate corneal reflections from the determined specular reflection locations.. .
Seeing Machines Limited

 Therapeutic agent  for  corneal  epithelial  disorder patent thumbnailnew patent Therapeutic agent for corneal epithelial disorder
A therapeutic agent for a corneal epithelial disorder, containing a mir-203 inhibitor; an agent for promoting proliferation of corneal epithelial cells, containing a mir-203 inhibitor; a liquid culture medium for use in the manufacture of a corneal epithelial sheet, containing a mir-203 inhibitor; and a method for producing a corneal epithelial sheet, including the step of culturing corneal epithelial cells using a liquid culture medium containing a mir-203 inhibitor. According to the present invention, a therapeutic agent for a corneal epithelial disorder, an agent for promoting proliferation of corneal epithelial cells, a liquid culture medium for use in the manufacture of a corneal epithelial sheet, a method for producing a corneal epithelial sheet, including the step of culturing corneal epithelial cells using the liquid culture medium, and a method for treating a corneal epithelial disorder can be provided.
Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

 Wound pads patent thumbnailnew patent Wound pads
Wound pads for use, e.g., as cavity wound fillers, having shapes with rounded corners, the projection on an x-y plane of at least one corner having a curvature distinct from that of the projection of the other corners. Negative pressure systems and kits comprising such wound pads, and methods of using such wound pads..
MÖlnlycke Health Care Ab

 Diagnosis system and diagnosis method patent thumbnailnew patent Diagnosis system and diagnosis method
A diagnosis system and a diagnosis method are provided. More specifically, embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a diagnosis system for detection of corneal degeneration impacting the biomechanical stability of the human cornea and a diagnosis method for detection of corneal degeneration impacting the biomechanical stability of the human cornea.
Wavelight Gmbh

 Methods of fabricating polygon-sectional rodlike ingot and substrate with orientation marker or rounded corners, rodlike ingot and substrate patent thumbnailMethods of fabricating polygon-sectional rodlike ingot and substrate with orientation marker or rounded corners, rodlike ingot and substrate
The present invention discloses a method of forming a polygon-sectional rodlike ingot having an orientation marker or rounded corners, a rodlike ingot and a sheet substrate so formed. The method comprises: selecting one of sides of the polygon-sectional rodlike ingot that is parallel to an axial direction thereof as a first feature of a surface orientation marker; forming a minisize notch, which is parallel to an edge, in the one of sides selected as the first feature in the axial direction of the rodlike ingot, as a second feature of the orientation marker; and processing the rodlike ingot to form rounded corners.
Institute Of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

 Basketball rebounder net patent thumbnailBasketball rebounder net
A rebounder may include a frame having tubes in the shape of an isosoles trapezoid with rounded corners. A net is attached to the frame.
Pro Performance Sports, L.l.c.

 Micro-droplet delivery device and methods patent thumbnailMicro-droplet delivery device and methods
Micro-droplet delivery devices and methods are described where the device may comprise a piezoelectric actuator having a piezoelectric chip that is operatively coupled to a drug package under a preloading force. The actuator is configured to generate an acoustic pressure within the drug package to dispense droplets of an agent from an aperture, e.g., to the corneal surface of the eye.

 Hybrid lens system for head wearable display patent thumbnailHybrid lens system for head wearable display
A hybrid optical system for a head wearable display includes a central vision lens and a peripheral vision lens. The central vision lens approximately aligns with a cornea of a user to provide lensing to a central vision of the user when the user is looking straight forward.
Google Inc.

 Portable corneal topographer patent thumbnailPortable corneal topographer
Portable corneal topographers and portable corneal topographer modules are disclosed. In one embodiment, a corneal topographer module comprises a housing having a first aperture and a second aperture formed therethrough; and a plurality of optical components disposed within the housing.
Smart Vision Labs

 Liquid concentrated human milk fortifier containing hypoallergenic protein and lutein patent thumbnailLiquid concentrated human milk fortifier containing hypoallergenic protein and lutein
The present invention is directed to concentrated liquid human milk fortifiers using extensively hydrolyzed casein as a protein source, a stabilizer system comprising octenyl succinic anhydride modified corn starch in combination with a low acyl gellan gum, and the carotenoid lutein.. .
Abbott Laboratories


Detecting facial liveliness

Methods, systems, and computer-readable storage mediums for detecting facial liveliness are provided. Implementations include actions of processing a facial image of a subject to determine a corneal reflection of an illuminator adjacent to the subject, the facial image being captured at a time point, determining an expected corneal reflection of the illuminator based on an illumination of the illuminator at the time point, comparing the determined corneal reflection of the illuminator to the expected corneal reflection of the illuminator to obtain a comparison result, and determining facial liveliness of the subject based on the comparison result..
Morphotrust Usa, Llc


Corneodesomosomes and barrier function maturation

The present invention thus relates to a method for determining the degree of maturation of the skin surface of a subject. In particular, the present invention relates to method for determining whether the skin surface of a subject is mature/immature in its organization/function, said method comprising the steps of taking a skin sample of the said subject; and determining the corneodesmosome distribution within the stratum corneum of the sample..
Laboratoires Expanscience


Macroinitiator containing hydrophobic segment

The present invention relates to macroinitiators comprising at least one hydrophobic segments in a molecule, wherein a molecular weight of the hydrophobic segment is 300 to 1800. The present invention further relates to block copolymers, wetting agent and polymeric materials having the block copolymers of the present invention associated with, which is suitable for medical devices, particularly for ophthalmic devices, including contact lenses, ophthalmic lenses, punctal plugs and artificial corneas..
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.


Anhydrous crystalline free base form of 6--3-ethoxy-1,2-benzisoxazole

A crystalline form of 6-{2-[1-(6-methyl-3-pyridazinyl)-4-piperidinyl]ethoxy}-3-ethoxy-1,2-benzoxazole is provided which is useful in the treatment of infections caused by picornaviridae such as human rhinovirus (hrv), and in particular the crystal form is an anhydrous crystalline free base form of 6-{2-[1-(6-methyl-3-pyridazinyl)-4-piperidinyl]ethoxy}-3-ethoxy-1,2-benzoxazole. In addition, a method of manufacturing the free base crystalline form is also provided, including a step of micronizing the compound particles, optionally using a wetting agent, as well as pharmaceutical compositions incorporating the free base crystalline form such as tablets or suspensions, and methods of therapeutic treatments using this form and pharmaceutical compositions thereof..
Biota Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Intrastromal corneal insert

An intrastromal corneal insert, including an element with the shape of an arc of circumference with a predetermined angular extension (a) less than 360° and made in inert or biocompatible polymer material, intended to be implanted in the stroma of the cornea for correcting sight defects, said element with the shape of an arc of circumference including first through holes, suitable for allowing organic fluids to pass, having the respective axes perpendicular or substantially perpendicular to the plane defined by the element with the shape of an arc of circumference, and second through holes, suitable for allowing organic fluids to pass, having the respective axes parallel or substantially parallel to the plane defined by the element with the shape of an arc of circumference; the first through holes are arranged alternately with the second through holes, and/or the first through holes are in communication with the second through holes.. .
Ring & Co. S.r.l.


Ophthalmic procedure simulation with artificial eye

An artificial eye can include a body defining a cavity; a lens element disposed within the cavity; a cornea element positioned anteriorly of the lens element; and a liquid disposed within the cavity such that the liquid is positioned between the lens element and the cornea element. A method of simulating an ophthalmic procedure can include providing an artificial eye positioned in an optical path of light transmitted by an ophthalmic device and at least one of calibrating the ophthalmic device using the artificial eye; and operating on the artificial eye using the ophthalmic device..


Detecting facial liveliness

Methods, systems, and computer-readable storage mediums for detecting facial liveliness are provided. Implementations include actions of processing first and second facial images of a subject to determine first and second corneal reflections of an object, the first and second facial images being captured at first and second sequential time points, determining a corneal reflection change of the object based on the determined first and second corneal reflections, comparing the determined corneal reflection change of the object to a motion associated with the first and second time points, and determining facial liveliness of the subject based on a result of the comparison..


Corneal tissue detection and monitoring device

The invention relates to an eye-surgical laser apparatus, a use of said apparatus, and to a method for scanning the corneal tissue of an eye before or during eye surgery. The apparatus comprises optics that are adapted to focus a laser beam at a focus within a corneal tissue of an eye, and a detection element adapted to detect light that is formed, at the focus, as a frequency multiple and backscattered or forward emitted.


Intraocular lens structure

The invention provides an intra ocular lens structure (iol) for placement in the capsular bag and securing the iol in an opening in an anterior part of a capsular bag, with an anterior capsular bag flap surrounding said opening, said iol having an anterior side which in use when the iol is implanted in an eye is directed towards a cornea of the eye, and a posterior side which in use when the iol is implanted in an eye is directed towards a retina of the eye, said iol comprising an optical structure, at least two posterior supports for when the iol is implanted in the capsular bag residing in the capsular bag extending away from said optical structure, said posterior supports adapted for in use providing support surfaces for a posterior surface of an anterior capsular bag flap, and at least two anterior supports for when the iol is implanted in the capsular bag residing outside the capsular bag extending away from said optical structure, said anterior supports adapted for in use providing support surfaces for an anterior surface of an anterior capsular bag flap.. .


Ocular collar stent for treating narrowing of the irideocorneal angle

An ocular stent for insertion in an anterior chamber of an eye is provided. The stent facilitates the restoration of the structure of an irideocorneal angle of the anterior chamber for treating structural changes from ocular aging.


Corneal implant and delivering a corneal implant

A method of inserting and securing a corneal implant in engaging and fluid-flow limiting relation to the posterior cornea, such as to treat edema. The method includes securing a corneal implant in fluid flow limiting relation to the posterior cornea through an incision in the eye and securing it in place by a variety of steps such as corneal insertion or laser bonding, and preferably by inserting a removable corneal implant including a central region and a plurality of retention member(s) disposed on the periphery thereof into the eye so as to releaseably and removably engage a portion of the eye and thereby retain the corneal implant in abutting and engaging relation with the posterior cornea.


Corneal implant retaining devices and methods of use

Corneal implant retaining devices and their methods of use. The retaining devices can be a cap adapted to be disposed over a portion of a corneal implant insertion device..


Apparatus and determining the orientation of anatomical cornea structures

An apparatus for determining an orientation of anatomical cornea structures includes: a lighting device, configured to direct a first luminous radiation, polarized with an orientable polarization direction, towards a cornea, when the cornea is in an observation seat; a control device, configured to modify an orientation of the polarization direction; an image acquisition device, arranged so as to receive a second luminous radiation, transmitted through the cornea arranged in the observation seat and illuminated by the first luminous radiation; and an acquisition polarizing filter, arranged so as to intercept the second luminous radiation directed towards the image acquisition device.. .


Method and system for low coherence interferometry

Optical coherence tomography (oct) system and apparatus of this instant application is very useful for diagnosis and management of ophthalmic diseases such as retinal diseases and glaucoma etc. Instant innovative oct diagnostic system leverages advancements in cross technological platforms.


Systems, methods, and compositions for cross-linking treatments of an eye

Systems, methods, and compositions generate cross-linking activity for treatment of eye disorders. Various agents, additives, buffers, etc., may be employed in formulations with a cross-linking agent to enhance treatment.


Compositions and methods of treatment of corneal endothelium disorders

This application discloses pharmaceutical compositions (e.g., oral, parenteral or topical ophthalmic formulations) for treating fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy (fecd) with one or more nrf2 activators and/or mitochondrially targeted antioxidants. The compositions may be topically administered to the eye and are effective in the treatment of fecd.


Keratoconus treatment

The invention concerns a method for treating keratoconus, wherein a laser beam is directed to the cornea (1) of the eye of a patient suffering from keratoconus and wherein a circular laser-cut (14) is made within the stroma layer (7) of cornea (1) around the optical axis (13) of the eye creating an annular scar within the stroma layer (7) to stabilize the diseased cornea (1). The method is an improvement of the so-called circular keratotomy (ckt) performed with mechanical incision.


Corneal crosslinking with oxygenation

In corneal crosslinking by applying a photoactivated crosslinking facilitator such as riboflavin to the cornea and irradiating the cornea with light, the cornea is contacted with a liquid (33) containing a source of oxygen during irradiation. The liquid transfers oxygen to the cornea to facilitate crosslinking..


Acoustic wave intraocular pressure detecting device and method thereof

The present invention provides an acoustic wave intraocular pressure detecting device and a method thereof, which uses a driver to generate a vibration wave on the skin or bones. The energy of the vibration wave is transmitted to the orbital bones via the skin and the skeletons.


Core formed from powder and motor for vehicle using the same

A core formed from powder, such as a stator core for use in a motor for a vehicle, wherein the core is formed from metallic powder and includes an outer part disposed at an outside of the motor, an inner part disposed at an inside of the motor, and a winding part which connects the outer part and the inner part and on which a wire is wound, and to a motor for a vehicle using the same. The winding part is formed to have rounded corners and a height lower than the height of the inner part, and a connection part is obliquely formed between the winding part and the inner part so that the winding part and the inner part are naturally connected..
Hyundai Motor Company


Method of forming a silicon-carbide device with a shielded gate

A silicon-carbide semiconductor substrate having a plurality of first doped regions being laterally spaced apart from one another and beneath a main surface, and a second doped region extending from the main surface to a third doped region that is above the first doped regions is formed. Fourth doped regions extending from the main surface to the first doped regions are formed.
Infineon Technologies Ag


Conformable therapeutic shield for vision and pain

A conformable covering comprises an outer portion with rigidity to resist movement on the cornea and an inner portion to contact the cornea and provide an environment for epithelial regeneration. The inner portion of the covering can be configured in many ways so as to conform at least partially to an ablated stromal surface so as to correct vision.
Nexisvision, Inc.


Double paired water key

A double paired water key has a handle with two opposite ends, a shaft extending from one end of the handle, two opposite ends upon the shaft, and at least two concentric openings extending into each end of the shaft where a user may select a pair of openings on the shaft extending from the handle. The openings have various internal shapes, preferably square, and at least two different widths.


Customized laser epithelial ablation systems and methods

Systems and methods to treat a region of a cornea of an eye having an epithelial layer disposed over a stromal layer. The system comprises a device to map a thickness of the epithelial layer over the region of the cornea to generate a map of epithelial thickness over the region, and a laser to generate a laser beam of an ablative radiation.
Amo Development, Llc


Combination optical and ultrasonic imaging of an eye

A method and apparatus are disclosed for integrating optical coherence tomography (oct) and very high frequency ultrasound (vhfu) imaging systems. An oct probe and reference arm are mounted along with an ultrasound probe on a carriage capable of rotational, linear, and/or arcuate motion.
Arcscan, Inc.


Eye-tracking system and method therefor

A system for tracking eye location is disclosed. Systems in accordance with the present invention include a scanner for sweeping a first optical signal across the surface of an eye, a detector for detecting a second optical signal reflected from the eye, and a detection circuit for determining a maximum intensity in the second optical signal.
Icspi Corp.


Device for and corneal imaging

A device for corneal imaging is disclosed. The device comprises a first camera and processing means.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Device and modelling a cornea

A patient-specific finite element model of the cornea is generated for the purposes of modeling a cornea for simulating tissue cuts in the cornea. A first group of tissue fibers, with main fibers that extend parallel to the surface of the cornea, is distributed in the finite element model in accordance with a first distribution function.
Optimo Medical Ag


Lenses, devices, refractive error

The present disclosure is directed to lenses, devices, methods and/or systems for addressing refractive error. Certain embodiments are directed to changing or controlling the wavefront of the light entering a human eye.
Brien Holden Vision Institute


Device and the delivery of drugs for the treatment of posterior segment disease

Hydrogel lenses are infused with a drug for the treatment of posterior segment disease. The lenses are placed in contact with the subject's cornea.
Direct Contact Llc


Method of reducing intraocular pressure in humans

Provided herein is a method of reducing intraocular pressure (iop) in humans using n6-cyclopentyladenosine (cpa), cpa derivatives or prodrugs or enhanced cornea permeability formulations of cpa. In one embodiment, the invention is directed to cpa derivatives or prodrugs that are permeable to the cornea.
Inotek Pharmaceuticals Corporation


Corneal endothelium ecm therapeutic medicaments

The present invention provides medicaments for treating or preventing a disease, disorder, or condition associated with extracellular matrix (ecm) abnormality in a corneal endothelium, wherein the medicaments comprise a tgf-beta signal inhibiting agent. More specifically, this disease, disorder, or condition is a disorder associated with fuchs' endothelial corneal dystrophy.
Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and ultrasound imaging of an eye

There is provided an apparatus and method for ultrasound imaging a plurality of cross-sectional areas of a peripheral annular volume of an eye. The apparatus may include a mechanical device having a concave front surface designed to be located close to a front surface of a cornea of an eye, and a plurality of ultrasound emitting and receiving electronic devices associated with the mechanical device arranged in an annular manner so as to be distributed around the eye when the mechanical device is located close to the front surface of the cornea of the eye.
Nidek Co., Ltd.


Muti-purpose atv trailer

A trailer that can transport an atv being towed behind an automobile, and then be pulled behind an atv, and provides a means to transport tools or gear protecting them from the elements. The trailer having rounded corners for brush deflection, also having a gap bed that accommodates a weather proof storage box that extends from below the deck level to above the deck level, wherein the wheels of an atv straddle this gap utilizing the ground clearance of the vehicle.


Tissue-engineered silk organs

This invention relates to a lamellae tissue layer, comprising a grooved silk fibroin substrate comprising tissue-specific cells. The silk fibroin substrates provides an excellent means of controlling and culturing cell and extracellular matrix development.
Trustees Of Tufts College


Patient interface for ophthalmologic diagnostic and interventional procedures

Configurations are described for conducting ophthalmic procedures to address cataract-related clinical challenges. In one embodiment, a one-piece patient contact interface may be utilized to couple a diagnostic and/or interventional system to a cornea of a patient; in another embodiment, a two-part configuration may be utilized; in another embodiment, a liquid interface two-part embodiment may be utilized..
Optimedica Corporation


System, method and arrangements for modifying optical and mechanical properties of biological tissues

System, method, arrangement and non-transitory computer-accessible can be provided for, e.g., effecting refractive changes of the cornea by spatially-selective two-photon crosslinking of collagen fibers. For example, it is possible to obtain at least one property of at least one portion of the eye using at least one first arrangement.
The General Hospital Corporation


Suturable hybrid superporous hydrogel keratoprosthesis for cornea

The present invention features a superporous hydrogel scaffold for corneal regeneration or replacement and a method for producing the same. The superporous hydrogel is composed of a poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) (phema) and poly(methyl methacrylate) (pmma) copolymer mixed with collagen.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois


Apparatus and corneal remodeling methods to improve vision in macular disease

Apparatus and methods to improve the vision in a person with a macular disease, comprising the purposeful temporary creation of increased corneal optical aberrations. Strategies include corneal treatment patterns that are one or more of asymmetric, decentered or eccentric with respect to the visual axis, which would result in worsening vision in a normal eye but surprisingly become sight enhancing in a patient with the loss of foveal function due to macular disease..
Optimal Acuity Corporation


Instrument and creating a controlled capsulorhexis for cataract surgery

An instrument and method for creating a precise capsulorhexis as a step in cataract surgery is described. The instrument has a curvilinear cutting band attached to a longitudinal support component and cutting band extending on two sides of the support.


Multipass virtually imaged phased array etalon

An example system determines biomechanical properties of eye tissue. The system includes a confocal microscopy system configured to scan the incident light across a plurality of cross-sections of the tissue.
Avedro, Inc.


Visual display with illuminators for gaze tracking

A visual display includes hidden reference illuminators adapted to emit invisible light for generating corneo-scleral reflections on an eye watching a screen surface of the display. The tracking of such reflections and the pupil center provides input to gaze tracking.
Tobll Ab


Pharmaceutical compositions for preventing glucocorticoid-induced corneal or skin thinning

The present invention relates to method and pharmaceutical compositions for preventing glucocorticoid-induced corneal or skin thinning. In particular, the present invention relates to a mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist for topical use in a method for preventing or reducing glucocorticoid-induced corneal or skin thinning in a subject in need thereof.
Assistance Publique-hopitaux De Paris (aphp)


Methods for objectively determining the visual axis of the eye and measuring its refraction

Provided herein are methods for objectively determining a visual axis of an eye. An optical axis of a measuring instrument is aligned with an unambiguously determinable axis of the eye which is the pupillary axis crossing the vertex of an anterior surface of a cornea and perpendicular to the vertex.
Tracey Technologies, Corp.


Ocular metrology employing spectral wavefront analysis of reflected light

Method and systems are presented for analysing a wavefront using a spectral wavefront analyser to extract optical phase and spectral information at a two dimensional array of sampling points across the wavefront, wherein the relative phase information between the sampling points is maintained. Methods and systems are also presented for measuring an eye by reflecting a wavefront of an eye and measuring the wavefront at a plurality of angles to provide a map of the off-axis relative wavefront curvature and aberration of the eye.
Cylite Pty Ltd


Partial corneal conjunctival contact lens

A contact lens system, including a peripheral conjunctival cover portion including a shell curved and sized to substantially overly a conjunctiva of an eye. The conjunctival cover portion defines a full thickness central opening therethrough.


Multi-compartment water-soluble capsules

A multi-compartment water-soluble capsule thermoformed from two sheets of water-soluble film, the capsule comprising a least two compartments with a different part of a detergent composition in each compartment, the two sheets of film being sealed together to form seal areas around each compartment, all the seal areas lying substantially in a first plane;—the capsule having at least one larger volume outer compartment and at least one smaller volume inner compartment generally enclosed in the first plane by the outer compartment(s), the outer compartment(s) being separated from the inner compartment(s) by a continuous partition seal area which is substantially rectangular and lies in the first plane,—the outer compartment(s) having a generally rectangular outer perimeter with rounded corners and a substantially uniform cross-section taken along a plane perpendicular to the first plane and perpendicular to the inner seal separating the inner and outer compartments.. .
Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever


Ophthalmic surgical device for capsulotomy

A surgical device and procedure are provided for performing microsurgery, including a capsulotomy of a lens capsule of an eye. The device has an elastically deformable cutting element mounted within an elastomeric suction cup.
Mynosys Cellular Devices, Inc.


Ophthalmic apparatus

An ophthalmic apparatus which photographs an endothelial cell and measures a coat thickness of a cornea of an eye to be examined in a non-contact manner; comprising an image pickup unit (19) for photographing a corneal endothelium of the eye to be examined, a control unit (49) for detecting a cell wall of the endothelial cell from a corneal endothelial image photographed by the image pickup unit and for performing an image processing of hatching the cell wall with a boundary line, a display unit (54) for displaying an analytical image in which the cell wall hatched with the boundary line, and an operation unit (55), wherein the control unit changes the shading of the boundary line based on an input from the operation unit.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon


Optical coherence elastography to assess biomechanics and detect progression of ocular and other tissues degenerative diseases

An excitation force (internal or external) and phase-sensitive optical coherence elastography (oce) system, used in conjunction with a data analyzing algorithm, is capable of measuring and quantifying biomechanical parameters of tissues in situ and in vivo. The method was approbated and demonstrated on an example of the system that combines a pulsed ultrasound system capable of producing an acoustic radiation force on the crystalline lens surface and a phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography (oct) system for measuring the lens displacement caused by the acoustic radiation force.
University Of Houston System


Antimicrobial adhesive footwear insert

A footwear insert configured to detachably adhere to the insole of any of various types of footwear. The footwear insert includes a planar member composed of a robust, flexible, antimicrobial material.


Double-angled faceplate for air flow system

A faceplate of a line card is provided, and in one example embodiment, includes a top panel including a portion angled downward towards a front side of the faceplate, the angled portion having a plurality of holes, and a front panel disposed on the front side of the faceplate, attached to the angled portion of the top panel on its top side and having a beveled edge at its bottom side, the angled portion of the top panel and the beveled edge of the front panel facilitating an intake area for air flow between the line card and other parallel line cards assembled on a chassis. In specific embodiments, the plurality of holes are arranged in a honeycomb pattern with each hole comprising a reuleaux hexagon having rounded corners..
Cisco Technology, Inc.

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