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Bimodular contact lenses


Bimodular contact lenses

Foldable and flexible head shade

Foldable and flexible head shade

Date/App# patent app List of recent Corn-related patents
 Antigens and vaccines directed against human enteroviruses patent thumbnailnew patent Antigens and vaccines directed against human enteroviruses
The instant invention provides materials and methods for producing immunologically active antigens derived from members of the picornaviridae virus family. The picornavirus antigens of the invention may be in a form for use as a vaccine administered to a subject in a therapeutic treatment or for the prevention of a picornavirus infection.
Sentinext Therapeutics Sdn Bhd
 Bimodular contact lenses patent thumbnailnew patent Bimodular contact lenses
Ophthalmic lenses for correcting refractive error of an eye are disclosed. Ophthalmic lenses include an inner optic portion configured to be disposed over the optical region of the cornea and having a central portion disposed between an anterior portion and a posterior portion.
Nexisvision, Inc.
 Foldable and flexible head shade patent thumbnailnew patent Foldable and flexible head shade
A compact shade held over the head during inclement weather or to shield the sun. The shade has a simple circular or elongated loop of a thin strip of spring-like material covered by a sheet of one or more layers of soft, lightweight material.
 Composition and  corneal proliferation patent thumbnailComposition and corneal proliferation
Disclosed herein in exemplary embodiments are methods and compositions for repairing or treating a defected cornea in a patient in need. The methods and compositions including, for example, administering a dose of a composition to the patient, wherein the composition comprises may be administered to an intraocular area of the patient via a container having a spout for ophthalmic delivery.
University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.
 Eye mounted displays and systems using eye mounted displays patent thumbnailEye mounted displays and systems using eye mounted displays
A display device is mounted on and/or inside the eye. The eye mounted display contains multiple sub-displays, each of which projects light to different retinal positions within a portion of the retina corresponding to the sub-display.
 Intraocular pressure compensating and regulating valve patent thumbnailIntraocular pressure compensating and regulating valve
An intraocular pressure compensating and regulating valve installed inside the eye's cornea, comprising: a valve body having a valve seat at an end; a mobile element connected to the valve seat under normal intraocular pressure conditions inside the eye, the mobile element is configured such that it can be separated from the valve seat when the intraocular pressure exceeds the intraocular pressure limit; and an element to keep the mobile element in contact with the valve seat.. .
 Cellulose hydrogel compositions and contact lenses for corneal applications patent thumbnailCellulose hydrogel compositions and contact lenses for corneal applications
The present invention provides cellulose hydrogels having one or more of the following properties: high water content, high transparency, high oxygen permeability, high biocompatibility, high tensile strength and desirable thermal stability. The present invention further provides a process for preparing a cellulose hydrogel comprising (i) a step of activating cellulose, in which the activating step comprises contacting the cellulose with a solvent to activate the cellulose for a time duration from about 2 hours to about 30 hours; (ii) substantially dissolving the activated cellulose to form a solution; and (iii) gelling the solution to form a gel, in which the gelling step comprises allowing the solution to gel in an environment comprising a relative humidity from about 30% to about 80% at 35° c..
The Johns Hopkins University
 Normalization of culture of corneal endothelial cells patent thumbnailNormalization of culture of corneal endothelial cells
The present invention provides a method for the normalized culturing of corneal endothelial cells. More specifically, the present invention provides a culture-normalizing-agent of a corneal endothelial cell, comprising a fibrosis inhibitor.
The Doshisha
 Objective phoropter system patent thumbnailObjective phoropter system
Systems for performing combined phoropter and refractive measurements to ascertain the aberrations present in the eye of a subject. The systems use a pair of phoropter wheel assemblies, one for each eye, each assembly comprising a number of lens wheels incorporating the series of lenses and wedges required to compensate for a range of refractive vision aberrations.
Visionix Ltd.
 Observation device of cornea for transplantation, and auxiliary light source unit used for the same patent thumbnailObservation device of cornea for transplantation, and auxiliary light source unit used for the same
An observation device includes: a holding board that holds an observation container accommodating a cornea for transplantation to be observed; a specular reflection optical system including an illumination optical system and an imaging optical system, which include a light source and an imaging unit, for observing the cornea for transplantation; and an auxiliary light source that illuminates the cornea for transplantation from the back and has an auxiliary illumination optical axis inclined with respect to an observation base axis that divides in half an intersecting angle of the illumination optical axis of the illumination optical system and an imaging optical axis of the imaging optical system, wherein the auxiliary light source is installed in a freely pivoting manner about a predetermined rotation axis so that a relative inclination angle with respect to the observation base axis of the auxiliary illumination optical axis can be continuously changed.. .
Konan Medical, Inc.

Eye closure detection using structured illumination

A monitoring system and method for monitoring and/or predicting drowsiness of a driver of a vehicle or a machinery operator are provided. A set of infrared, ir, or near infrared, nir, light sources, is arranged such that an amount of the light emitted from the light source incidents on an eye of the driver or operator.
Tobii Technology Ab

Apparatus and corneal marking

An instrument for use in aligning an intraocular lens (iol) comprises a marker ring rotatably held in a yoke attached to an instrument handle. The ring has an upper surface and a lower surface, and an inner surface and an outer surface.

Low-profile microneedle patch applicator

A low-profile applicator, and a method of manufacturing and use thereof, for impacting microneedles against the stratum corneum of a person having a housing, a diaphragm member having the microneedles, a folding member having interlinking members that hinge-ably rotate with a force member, operatively attached thereto, between a resting position and an extended position. The folding member translates energy stored within the force member when release while retaining the force member in an energized state when in the resting position..
Zosano Pharma, Inc.

Method of treating a malignancy in a subject and a pharmaceutical composition for use in same

There is a disclosed a method of killing abnormal cells such as malignant cells including melanoma cells, using a virus recognising at least one of a cell adhesion molecule and a complement regulatory protein. The virus may be a member of the picornaviridae family.
Viralytics Limited

Second pass femtosecond laser for incomplete laser full or partial thickness corneal incisions

A method for forming an incision in an eye, the method including performing a first pass of a first laser beam along a path within an eye, wherein after completion of the first pass there exists a residual uncut layer at an anterior surface of a cornea of the eye. The method further including performing a second pass of a second laser beam only along a portion of the path that contains the residual uncut layer, wherein after completion of the second pass, the residual uncut layer is transformed into a full complete through surface incision..
Lensar, Inc.

Compositions comprising extracts or materials derived from palm oil vegetation liquor for inhibition of vision loss due to angiogenesis and preparation there

The present invention relates generally to a composition comprising palm fruit juice for use in a method of preventing and inhibiting vision loss due to angiogenesis related diseases. The composition of the present invention aids to decrease in cnv size using confocal microscopy, in addition to reduction in macrophage infiltration using immune staining; decrease in vegf-a-induced angiogenesis using established cornea pocket assay, inhibition of ikb-d phosphorylation in laser treated choroidal tissues and reduction in macrophage recruitment to cnv lesions..
Malaysian Palm Oil Board

Air cleaner assembly; components therefor; and, methods

Air filter cartridges for use in air cleaner assemblies are described. The air filter cartridges typically comprise a stack of strips of fluted media, having an inlet flow face and an outlet flow face.
Donaldson Company, Inc.

Laser device and process for configuring such laser device

A process for configuring a laser device comprising: selecting a pulse length within a range from 1 ps to 1 ns; selecting a wavelength for the laser radiation within a range from 300 nm to 400 nm or within a range from 800 nm to 1100 nm; ascertaining a set of parameter values of the laser device that when the laser device is operated with these parameter values a two-dimensionally extensive separation of tissue of human corneal or lenticular tissue is achieved by stringing together local sites of damage, the set of parameter values including the selected pulse length, the selected wavelength, and values for at least one of the following parameters: a pulse energy, a pulse repetition rate, a fluence per radiation pulse, a number of pulses per site of damage, a scanning speed of a scanning apparatus of the laser device, and a focus diameter.. .
Wavelight Gmbh

Pocketable biodegradable powder application device

A pocketable biodegradable powder application device having a cardboard backer component affixed to the backside of which is a cardboard handle component and having adjacent to the frontside of the backer component, a first piece component made up of cotton batten material and having anteriorly adjacent to the first piece component, a frontal membrane component through which grains of cornstarch powder material held between it and the first piece component can pass whenever the device is pressed against the skin of a hospital patient, with the backer component, the first piece component and the frontal membrane component all being adhesively affixed to one another about the perimeters of each, once powder material would have been positioned in between the first piece component and the frontal membrane component; and with the intact application device being readily amenable to being held within a pocket unit made of paper material.. .

Multi-site injection system

A multi-site injection system includes a plurality of medicament delivering needles/microprotrusions, a needle/microprotrusion support, a supply of medicament, and a mechanism for providing the medicament to the plurality of needles/microprotrusions in order to effect delivery into a stratum corneum of a user.. .
Allergan, Inc.

Eye therapy system

Embodiments apply a cross-linking agent to a region of corneal tissue. The cross-linking agent improves the ability of the corneal tissue to resist undesired structural changes.
Avedro, Inc.

Skin permeating and cell entering (space) peptides and methods of use thereof

The present disclosure provides peptides and peptide compositions, which facilitate the delivery of an active agent or an active agent carrier wherein the compositions are capable of penetrating the stratum corneum (sc) and/or the cellular membranes of viable cells.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California

Corneal topography measurement and alignment of corneal surgical procedures

Methods and apparatus are configures to measure an eye without contacting the eye with a patient interface, and these measurements are used to determine alignment and placement of the incisions when the patient interface contacts the eye. The pre-contact locations of one or more structures of the eye can be used to determine corresponding post-contact locations of the one or more optical structures of the eye when the patient interface has contacted the eye, such that the laser incisions are placed at locations that promote normal vision of the eye.
Optimedica Corporation

Non-contact system for measuring corneal properties and measuring corneal elastic constant and viscosity constant

A method for measuring corneal elastic constant and viscosity constant comprises steps of: ejecting compressed air toward a cornea of a live eye ball and measuring air pressure thereof; emitting infrared rays during an air ejecting period, for measuring corneal deformation caused by the compressed air applied to the cornea; and calculating an elastic constant and a viscosity constant of the cornea based on kelvin-voigt model by utilizing the corneal deformation measured via the infrared rays and the measured air pressure during the air ejecting period. One advantage of the present invention is to aid preliminary detection in eye diseases..
National Taiwan University

Capacitive eye tracking sensor

An apparatus (100), comprising a transparent capacitive sensor (102); a body (101) configured to support the transparent capacitive sensor in front of an eye (112) of a user (110); and a driver (106) configured to receive signals from the sensor and to determine eye movements based on the received signals, wherein the sensor (102) is configured to detect movement of the eye (112) based on electrostatic effect caused by a bulge of the cornea of the eye (112). The apparatus may be wearable by the user like eyeglasses..
Nokia Corporation

Spatial focal field type glasses display

A spatial focal field type glasses display product can present virtual images at different distances simultaneously. The product is a frame type glasses or corneal contact lens and comprises a projection component and a display control device.
Beijing Antvr Technology Co., Ltd.

Corneal visual center localizer (or locator)

Daifs corneal visual center (cvc) localizer (locator) is a point light source of infra red (ir) light, attached and fixed to any eximer laser machine, located at equal distance and in exactly opposite direction from the middle of a detecting camera that detects ir light reflection from the corneal surface and the pupillary margin of the iris with a point fixation target or its virtual extension, perpendicular to the plan containing the localizer and the middle point the inlet of the detecting camera, exactly in the middle of the distance between the localizing point light source and the middle point the detecting camera. With the localizer in position and activated, the cvc will be seen on the screen of ir eye tracking as a white dot somewhere inside the white circle that represents the detected pupillary margin.

Transdermal delivery of beneficial substances effected by a hostile biophysical environment

The present invention generally relates to the transdermal delivery of substances and, in some embodiments, to the transdermal delivery of beneficial substances by a hostile biophysical environment. In one aspect, various methods for the transdermal delivery of beneficial substances are disclosed.
Strategic Science & Technologies, Llc

Method for screening an agent being useful for the treatment of dry eye and /or corneal and conjunctival lesion and a pharmaceutical composition obtained by the method

The present invention provides a method for screening an agent being useful for the treatment of dry eye and/or corneal and conjunctival lesion of dry eye severity level 3 or more according to the report of the international dry eye workshop (dews report) (2007) and a pharmaceutical composition comprising the agent. The present invention further provides a method for the treatment of dry eye and/or corneal and conjunctival lesion of dry eye severity level 3 or more according to dews report (2007) using the agent..
R-tech Ueno, Ltd.

Polysiloxane substrates with highly-tunable elastic modulus

A highly tunable bioscaffold is provided, as well as a method of manufacture of the bioscaffold and methods of use of the bioscaffold, for example for drug testing, cell propagation and for optimizing growth of a cell type, for example corneal endothelial cells.. .
University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

Methods for treating corneal and conjunctival inflammation and inflammatory disorders

Provided herein are methods for reducing corneal inflammation, reducing inflammatory cell (e.g., dendritic cell) recruitment to the cornea, and treating an corneal inflammatory disorder in a subject that include administering to the subject one or more of a madc am-1 antagonist, an α4β7 integrin antagonist, a l-selectin antagonist, and an e-selectin antagonist. Also provided are compositions containing one or more of a madc am-1 antagonist, an α4β7 integrin antagonist, a l-selectin antagonist, and an e-selectin antagonist, and kits containing these compositions..
Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary

Corneal implant and delivering a corneal implant

A method of inserting and securing a corneal implant in engaging and fluid-flow limiting relation to the posterior cornea, such as to treat edema. The method includes securing a corneal implant in fluid flow limiting relation to the posterior cornea through an incision in the eye and securing it in place by a variety of steps such as corneal insertion or laser bonding, and preferably by inserting a removable corneal implant including a central region and a plurality of retention member(s) disposed on the periphery thereof into the eye so as to releaseably and removably engage a portion of the eye and thereby retain the corneal implant in abutting and engaging relation with the posterior cornea.
University Of Miami

Intraocular shunt implantation

Implanting an intraocular shunt into an eye can involve creating an opening in the cornea and positioning a shunt in the anterior chamber of the eye such that the shunt terminates between layers of tenon's capsule, thereby facilitating fluid flow out of the anterior chamber into a space between the layers of tenon's capsule.. .
Aquesys, Inc

Devices and methods for a contact lens with an inward facing light source

An eye-mountable device can include a transparent material and a substrate at least partially embedded in the transparent material. The transparent material can have a concave surface and a convex surface, with the concave surface configured to removably mount the eye-mountable device on a corneal surface overlaying a pupil.
Google Inc.

Peptides and uses thereof

Disclosed is the method of treating keratits in a subject thereof comprising administering into the subject an amphiphilic peptides of the present disclosure. Also disclosed are methods of removing biofilm from cornea..
Agency For Science, Technology And Research

Examination instrument

Light from an exit pupil of an illumination unit is directed to a beam splitter which directs the light to an objective. The retina is illuminated, if a real image of the exit pupil of the illumination unit and a real image of an entrance pupil of a camera unit are formable in a position ranging from the cornea to the backside of the crystalline lens with the light.
Optomed Oy

Eyeglass optimization using an individual eye model

A computer-implemented method for calculating or optimizing a spectacle lens for at least one eye of a spectacle wearer. Refraction data of the at least one eye of the spectacle wearer is collected.
Rodenstock Gmbh

Method for manufaturing lithium ion cells

A method for manufacturing lithium ion cells includes the steps of: 1) coating a collector roll along an unreeling direction thereof to form one or more strip coated areas, two side edges of the coated area each being provided with an uncoated area to form tabs thereon; 2) compacting the coated collector roll and obtaining a compacted collector roll; 3) cutting the compacted collector roll into anode plates/cathode plates having different sizes each having a tab and rounded corners; 4) recombining an anode plate/a cathode plate with a separator; cutting the separator after recombination to form rounded corners at a position corresponding to the rounded corners of the anode plate/cathode plate and further obtain a mono-cell or a half-cell having different sizes; 5) stacking the mono-cells and half-cells into a step preliminary cell; and 6) hot pressing the stacked preliminary cell to form a whole lithium ion cell via bonding of the anode plates/cathode plates with the separator.. .
Ningde Amperex Technology Limited

Apparatus for phototherapy of the eye

A device and method for applying light to the cornea of the eye as, for example, to promote crosslinking of collagen in the cornea for vision correction. The device may include a structure having form and size similar to a conventional contact lens.
Teclens, Llc

(bacterio)chlorophyll photosensitizers for treatment of eye diseases and disorders

An ophthalmic composition is provided, comprising chlorophyll or bacteriochlorophyll compounds for photodynamic treatment (pdt) of diseases, disorders and conditions associated with corneal or scleral anomalies such as corneal thinning and scleral stretching.. .
Yeda Research And Development Co., Ltd.

Glaucoma treatment device

Methods and devices are adapted for implanting into the eye. An incision is formed in the cornea of the eye and a shunt is inserted through the incision into the anterior chamber of the eye.
Transcend Medical, Inc.

Fabrication of gelatin hydrogel sheet for the transplantation of corneal endothelium

The invention provides a corneal endothelial composition comprising a transparent hydrogel scaffold and a single layer of cultured corneal endothelial cells on the surface of the scaffold. The hydrogel scaffold i comprised of at least one biopolymer, preferably gelatin.
Wake Forest University Health Sciences

Treatment and composition for achieving skin anti-aging benefits by corneum protease activation

Novel methods and compositions for treating aged and environmentally damaged skin are disclosed which provide improvements in the skin's visual appearance, function and clinical/biophysical properties by activating at least one proteolytic enzyme in the skin's stratum corneum. The disclosed treatment methods involve topical application of a novel cosmetic composition containing a combination of a cationic surfactant such as n,n,-dimethyldodecyl amine oxide (dmdao), an anionic surfactant such as sodium dodecyl sulfate (sds), or monoalkyl phosphate (map) and a chelating agent such as ethylene diamine tetraacetate (edta) to stimulate a chronic increase in the replacement rate of the skin's stratum corneum by means of corneum protease activation.
Mary Kay Inc.

Apparatus, precision depth measurement

Systems, apparatus, and methods are disclosed for locating tissue layer transitions within a cornea, including focusing a laser to a laser spot with an energy below a photodisruption threshold of the cornea, varying a position of the focal spot of the laser between an anterior surface of the cornea and a posterior surface of the cornea, and determining one or more transitions of the tissue layers based on a change in harmonic light generated by the laser spot.. .
Amo Development, Llc.

System and the non-contacting measurements of the eye

Combined equipment for non-contacting determination of axial length (al), anterior chamber depth (vkt) and corneal curvature (hhk) of the eye, are also important for the selection of the intraocular lens iol to be implanted, particularly the selection of an intraocular lens (iol) to be implanted, preferably with fixation of the eye by means of a fixating lamp and/or illumination through light sources grouped eccentrically about the observation axis.. .
Carl Zeiss Meditech Ag

System for monitoring and tracking patient outcomes after surgical implantation of an intracorneal lens

A method and system are described for patient data and ordering of intraocular lens implants. One embodiment is implemented by receiving refraction data about an eye of a patient into which an intracorneal lens is to be implanted.
Presbibio, Llc

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