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This page is updated frequently with new Corn-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Corn-related patents
 Tablet computer stand patent thumbnailTablet computer stand
A computer stand for use with a tablet computer comprises a frame with a viewing aperture. The tablet computer is secured to the back of the frame with a pair of brackets, each of which consists of a structural angle having a cutout in one flange that is equal in depth to the thickness of the tablet computer.
Hecktech, Inc.

 Method of selecting antioxidants for use in topically applied compositions patent thumbnailMethod of selecting antioxidants for use in topically applied compositions
Antioxidant-containing compositions and methods for confirming antioxidant activity of a composition formulated for topical application to skin. Methods for testing a composition for ability to inhibit both ultraviolet radiation-induced lipid peroxidation on skin and ultraviolet radiation-induced reactive oxygen species formation in the stratum corneum.
Bayer Healthcare Llc

 Materials and  suppressing inflammatory and neuropathic pain patent thumbnailMaterials and suppressing inflammatory and neuropathic pain
N-type voltage-gated calcium channels (cav2.2) are critical mediators of neurotransmitter release and are thought to be involved with transmission of nociception. The use of conventional cav2.2 blockers in pain therapeutics is limited by side effects.
Indiana University Research And Technology Corp.

 Non-tactile sensory substitution device patent thumbnailNon-tactile sensory substitution device
There is therefore provided in accordance with an embodiment of the invention, apparatus for providing a person with neural signals responsive to features of an environment, the apparatus comprising: an environment imager that acquires an image of a region of the person's environment; and a non-contact corneal neural stimulator that stimulates nerve endings in the cornea of the person's eye responsive to the image of the environment.. .

 Antiviral activity of novel bicyclic heterocycles patent thumbnailAntiviral activity of novel bicyclic heterocycles
The present invention relates to compound of formula i, ii, iii, or iv, and/or a pharmaceutical acceptable addition salt thereof and/or a stereoisomer thereof and/or a solvate thereof, wherein r1, r2, r3, r4, r5, r6, r7, r8, r9, r11, and r12 are as defined in the claim 1 or as described in detail in the description of the invention, and to the use of said compounds to treat or prevent viral infections and their use to manufacture a medicine to treat or prevent viral infections, particularly infections with rna-viruses belonging to the family of the retroviridae, the family of the flaviviridae and the family of the picornaviridae and more preferably infections with human immunodeficiency virus 1 (hiv1), human immunodeficiency virus 2 (hn2), hepatitis c virus (hcv), dengue virus, and enteroviruses like coxsackievirus, rhinovirus and poliovirus. The present invention also relates to pharmaceutical compositions of said compounds and the use of said pharmaceutical compositions to treat or prevent viral infections.
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, K.u.leuven R&d

 Agent for promoting corneal endothelial cell adhesion patent thumbnailAgent for promoting corneal endothelial cell adhesion
The invention provides an agent for promoting adhesion of a corneal endothelial cell, containing a rho kinase inhibitor, as well as a culture medium for a corneal endothelial cell, a solution for preservation of cornea, and a method of producing a corneal endothelial preparation, which includes culturing the corneal endothelial cell using the aforementioned culture medium.. .
Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

 Technique for laser-cutting an endothelial corneal graft patent thumbnailTechnique for laser-cutting an endothelial corneal graft
A method for preparing an endothelial corneal graft is provided. The method comprises: providing a donor cornea; irradiating the donor cornea from an endothelial side thereof with laser radiation to cause a photodisruption in tissue of the donor cornea at a focal point of the radiation; and moving the focal point of the radiation to form an endothelial graft in the donor cornea.
Wavelight Gmbh

 Applanation tonometer having cornea alignment means patent thumbnailApplanation tonometer having cornea alignment means
An applanation tonometer for providing a measurement of intraocular fluid pressure inside the eye of a patient. The applanation tonometer includes a light-transmitting prism having a cornea contact tip at one end and a cornea alignment aid at the opposite end.

 Medical device intended for the long-term storage of a cornea, or for ex vivo experimentation on a human or animal cornea patent thumbnailMedical device intended for the long-term storage of a cornea, or for ex vivo experimentation on a human or animal cornea
A device for the storage of a corneal specimen has means for the reception and entrapment of a corneal specimen, connected to the means for the creation of a pressure gradient with overpressure on the endothelial side and to the preservation medium circulation means in the layouts that present the means for the reception and entrapment of the cornea specimen. The means for the reception and entrapment of the corneal specimen entrap the sclera ciliary zone surrounding the cornea in an airtight manner to delimit a separate endothelial chamber and epithelial chamber in which the preservation medium can circulate with an overpressure in the endothelial chamber; the intermediate component and the endothelial lid comprise inlet and outlet orifices for the preservation medium which are connected to the means for the circulation of the preservation medium and the creation of a pressure gradient between the endothelial chamber and the epithelial chamber with overpressure in the endothelial chamber..
Etablissement Francais Du Sang

 Eye reflected content for verification of user liveliness patent thumbnailEye reflected content for verification of user liveliness
Generally, this disclosure provides devices, systems and methods for improved verification of user liveliness based on detection and identification of a corneal image reflection from the user. The system may include a security image generation module to provide a security image for presentation to the user on a client system display element; a corneal reflection analysis module to estimate features of a corneal reflected image, the corneal reflected image extracted from an image of the user obtained by a camera of the client system; and the corneal reflection analysis module further configured to verify liveliness of the user based on a match between the corneal reflected image and the security image, the match based on the estimated features..
Intel Corporation


Method for laser cutting a corneal pocket

A method for using a laser to create a pocket in a patient's cornea is provided. The pocket is created using a femtosecond or a nanosecond laser.
Presbibio, Llc


Creation of curved cuts in the inside of the eye cornea

A device for isolating a lenticle in the cornea of an eye. The device includes: a laser beam source to emit pulsed laser radiation having a pulse frequency of 1.2 mhz to 10 mhz, a pulse energy of 1 nj to 200 nj and a wavelength penetrating the cornea; a beam-forming unit having beam optics with an image field and that bundles pulsed laser radiation into a focus located inside the image field, and which has a maximum diameter of less than 3 μm; a beam-deflection unit shifting the focus in the cornea and inside the image field, the focus moving along a path when the image field is resting; and a control unit to control the source and the beam-forming unit to isolate the lenticle by specifying the path.
Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag


Method of altering the refractive properties of an eye

The present invention relates to a method of altering the refractive properties of the eye, the method including applying a substance to a cornea of an eye, the substance configured to facilitate cross linking of the cornea, irradiating the cornea so as to activate cross linkers in the cornea, and altering the cornea so as to change the refractive properties of the eye.. .


Device and performing thermal keratoplasty using high intensity focused ultrasounds

A device for thermal keratoplasty, the device comprising a plurality of ultrasonic transducers for emitting ultrasound waves, wherein the ultrasound waves of at least one of the transducers is focused on a corresponding area of the cornea in order to heat these area and cause collagen shrinkage and at least one of the transducers is capable of receiving ultrasound waves for ocular imaging.. .
Sabanci University


Topical ocular preparation of botulinum toxin for use in ocular surface disease

A composition of botulinum toxin is claimed which can penetrate into the ocular surface inclusive of a penetration through a conjunctiva, cornea, and other structures. This composition allows for a maximal penetration of a topical preparation of botulinum toxin which serves to reduce the need for frequent allergy drops for the treatment of ocular surface disease and other conditions causing ocular surface inflammation or deep ocular inflammation.
Botulinum Toxin Research Associates, Inc.


Anti-itching powder

The present invention is anti-itching powder that blocks transmission to stratum corneum and invasion up to epidermal cells by emulsion as a result of further concentration on skin stratum corneum. The emulsion is produced by mixing sweat continuously secreted during rest and sebum.
Lilac Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Ocular drug delivery system

An ocular drug delivery system can include a composition in which a formulation including recombinant human growth hormone (rhgh) is contained in a polymer matrix. The composition is configured for placement in or on the eye of a subject, and provides controlled release of an amount of the rhgh to the eye effective to promote healing of a conjunctival, sclera and or corneal wound..
Jade Therapeutics, Inc.


Method and system for improving vision of an eye with macular degeneration

Methods and apparatus are disclosed for diagnosing vision and improving vision, for example by reducing or eliminating the effects of macular degeneration, in a manner which does not interfere with the natural shape of the cornea or its orientation relative to the remainder of the eye, but which changes its surface curvature appropriately to achieve the required correction of vision. The focus of sub-regions of the cornea is adjusted so that different regions focus at a controlled distance about a reference axis.


Method and system for adjusting camera settings using corneal reflection

Operating a camera system that includes a forward-facing camera directed at a forward scene and a rearward-facing camera directed at a rearward scene opposite the forward scene includes analyzing a video stream containing a reflection of the forward scene in a cornea of an eye of a user of the camera system, the video stream captured with the rearward-facing camera. The analyzing includes identifying an item in the reflection moving relative to a field of view of the forward-facing camera and predicted to enter the field of view of the forward-facing camera and identifying a characteristic of the item.
Sony Corporation


Spectacle lens design system, supply system, design method and manufacturing method

A spectacle lens design system, including: an eyeball rotation center determination means that identifies an corneal apex position of an eye of a subject based on an image photographed by a predetermined photographing apparatus and determines an eyeball rotation center position of the subject based on the identified corneal apex position; a visual line information calculation means that calculates visual line information of the subjected defined when the subject watches a visual target disposed at a predetermined position, based on the eyeball rotation center position determined by the eyeball rotation center determination means and the position of the visual target; and a shape design means that designs a shape of a spectacle lens based on predetermined prescription information and the visual line information calculated by the visual line information calculation means.. .
Hoya Corporation


Method for producing human corneal epithelium sheet

[solution] a method for culturing human corneal epithelial cells using mesenchymal stem cells as the feeder cells; and a method for culturing human corneal epithelial cells using a medium containing a rock inhibitor, a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, a map kinase inhibitor and a tgf-β receptor inhibitor in various combinations.. .


Apparatus and creating incisions in a human cornea

An apparatus for creating incisions in a human cornea comprises: a source of pulsed laser radiation; a scanner device for scanning the laser radiation; and a control computer for controlling the scanner device based on a control program, the control program containing instructions that, when executed by the computer, bring about the creation in the cornea of: a flap cut defining a corneal flap that is connected to surrounding corneal tissue through a hinge; and one or more auxiliary cuts in connection with the flap cut for removing gas generated during creation of the flap cut, the one or more auxiliary cuts defining a first channel extending from the flap cut to an anterior surface of the cornea and a reservoir located at least partially deeper within the cornea than the flap cut.. .
Wavelight Gmbh


Multifrequency signal processing classifiers for determining a tissue condition

Volumetric electromagnetic phase shift spectroscopy (veps)-based methods of analyzing a tissue are provided. Aspects of the methods comprise obtaining a veps-based tissue classifier, or “signature” for a tissue at a single point in time.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Method for determining the power of an intraocular lens

For the pre-operative calculation of the power of an intraocular lens, three input parameters are needed: the axial length of the eye (al), the refractive power of the cornea, and the distance between the front of the cornea and the back focal plane of the intraocular lens, the so-called effective lens position (elp). The invention shows a novel approach to the determination of the elp.
Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag


Composition for ex vivo culturing of a corneal endothelial cell and a using the composition

A composition for ex vivo culture of corneal endothelial cell and a method for used the composition are disclosed. The composition or the method is applied to ex vitro culture of the corneal endothelial cell to maintain the corneal endothelial cell in a hexagonal phenotype, and to prevent the corneal endothelial cell from endothelial-mesenchymal transformation (enmt).
National Taiwan University


Methods for stabilizing corneal tissue

Methods of stabilizing collagen fibrils in a cornea are disclosed. The stabilization may be effected by treating the cornea with a protein that crosslinks collagen fibrils, such as decorin.


Tie2 receptor activation for glaucoma

This invention relates to the production and genotyping of mice lacking both angiopoietin 1 and angiopoietin 2. This invention also relates to the use of tie2 receptor activation for treatment of open angle glaucoma, congenital glaucoma and cystic kidney disease, and more specifically to the use of angiopoietin 1 recombinant proteins, peptides, ve-ptp phosphatase inhibitors, and tie2− peptomimetics to improve lymphatic drainage in the schlemm's canal and corneal limbal lymphatic system for open angle glaucoma and congenital glaucoma patients, and to slow and/or reduce the growth of cysts in patients with cystic kidney disease..
Mannin Research Inc.


System and corneal topography with flat panel display

A corneal topographer includes: a flat panel display configured to display a light pattern and to project the light pattern onto a cornea of an eye disposed on a first side of the flat panel display; an optical system disposed on a second side of the flat panel display, the optical system being configured to receive and process reflected light from the cornea that passes through the flat panel display from the cornea to the optical system; a camera configured to receive the processed reflected light from the optical system and to capture therefrom a reflected light pattern from the cornea produced in response to the projected light pattern; and one or more processors configured to execute an algorithm to compare the projected light pattern to the reflected light pattern from the cornea, and to produce a topographic map of the cornea based on a result of the comparison.. .
Amo Wavefront Sciences, Llc


Portable illuminating device for manipulating the circadian clock of a subject

The present invention relates to a portable illuminating device (110) comprising at least one illuminating light source (112) emitting light of a wavelength comprised in the range of 450 to 495 nm, preferably, comprising at least one further illuminating light source (112) emitting light of a wavelength comprised in the range of 620 nm to 750 nm; a diffuser (113) scattering the light of said illuminating light source (112) at least in part in the direction of at least one eye, preferably at least one cornea and/or retina, of said subject; and a mounting mechanism (114) for fixing the portable illuminating device (110) to the body of a subject. Preferably, said diffuser (113) scatters the light of said illuminating light source (112) at least in part in the direction of at least one eye and in the direction of at least a part of the facial skin of a subject.


Human corneal endothelial cell sheet

(4) a step of seeding human corneal endothelial cells on the gelatin sheet obtained in (3) to form a human corneal endothelial cell layer.. .


System and laser corneal incisions for keratoplasty procedures

A first image of the eye is generated when the cornea of the eye is exposed to a gas. The cornea is covered with an optic of a patient interface.


Ophthalmic surgery method

A planning apparatus for generating control data for a treatment device, which produces at least one cut surface it the cornea by application of a laser apparatus, and to such a treatment device. The invention further relates to a method for generating control data for a treatment device, which produces at least one cut surface in the cornea by application of a laser apparatus.
Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag


Real time acoustic dosimetry for corneal collagen crosslinking

A change in the response of the cornea to ultrasonic energy directed into the cornea is monitored during irradiation of the cornea to bring about corneal crosslinking. Because the change in ultrasonic response is correlated with the degree of crosslinking achieved, a desired degree of crosslinking can be achieved by terminating the irradiation when the change reaches a threshold.
Teclens, Llc


Ultrasonic probe

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide an ultrasonic cavity probe including a grip configured to be held by a user, a lens unit having a predetermined curvature radius, and configured to be inserted into a bodily cavity and to be brought into contact with a skin inside the bodily cavity, a head unit including a first side for mounting the lens unit and rounded corners, and a connecting portion configured to connect the head unit and the grip and to make a first angle with the head unit.. .
Alpinion Medical Systems Co., Ltd.


Through connecting piece, power battery and cap assembly thereof

The present disclosure provides a through connecting piece, a power battery and a cap assembly thereof. The through connecting piece comprises: a base having at least an opening; a conductor, the number of the conductor is the same as the number of the opening, the each conductor is provided through the corresponding one opening and a part of the each conductor received in the corresponding one opening has a shape of a racetrack or a rectangle with rounded corners in a top view; and a heat-resistant insulative material, the number of the heat-resistant insulative material is the same as the number of the opening, the each heat-resistant insulative material is filled in the opening between the corresponding one base and the corresponding one conductor.
Ningde Amperex Technology Limited


Cellulose hydrogel compositions and contact lenses for corneal applications

The present invention provides cellulose hydrogels having one or more of the following properties: high water content, high transparency, high oxygen permeability, high biocompatibility, high tensile strength and desirable thermal stability. The present invention further provides a process for preparing a cellulose hydrogel comprising (i) a step of activating cellulose, in which the activating step comprises contacting the cellulose with a solvent to activate the cellulose for a time duration from about 2 hours to about 30 hours; (ii) substantially dissolving the activated cellulose to form a solution; and (iii) gelling the solution to form a gel, in which the gelling step comprises allowing the solution to gel in an environment comprising a relative humidity from about 30% to about 80% at 35° c..
The Johns Hopkins University


Treatment operatively correcting defective vision of an eye, generating control data therefor, and operatively correcting defective vision of an eye

A treatment apparatus for operatively correcting myopia or hyperopia in an eye includes a laser device controlled by a control device and that separates the corneal tissue by applying a laser beam. The control device controls the laser device to emit the laser beam into the cornea such that a lenticule-shaped volume is isolated in the cornea.
Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag


Ophthalmic treatment apparatus

An ophthalmic treatment apparatus and procedure for removing the epithelium of the cornea of the eye and for foreign body removal from the cornea or conjunctiva using sonic and/or ultrasonic energy, includes a brush for removing the epithelium of the cornea and a motor drive for sonically and ultrasonically vibrating the brush. The motor drive can be included as part of a handle connected to a brush head, and can include a generator for producing either sonic or ultrasonic energy within the handle and a transducer in electrical communication with the generator.


Mask configured to maintain nutrient transport without producing visible diffraction patterns

A mask configured to be implanted in a cornea of a patient to increase the depth of focus of the patient includes an anterior surface, a posterior surface, and a plurality of holes. The anterior surface is configured to reside adjacent a first corneal layer.
Acufocus, Inc.


Corneal implant edges and methods of use

Corneal implants and methods for reducing gap formation between corneal tissue after implanting the corneal implant. In some embodiments the corneal implants include a peripheral portion adapted to be reconfigured to more closely conform to the shape of a corneal bed.
Revision Optics, Inc.


Apparatus, gaze tracking based on photodetection by an eye-mountable device

Techniques and mechanisms for determining a direction of gaze by a user of an eye-mountable device. In an embodiment, the eye-mountable device includes a first circuit and a second circuit, each comprising a respective photodiode.
Google Inc.


Contact lens with capacitive gaze tracking

An eye-mountable device includes an enclosure material, a capacitive sensor system, and a controller. The enclosure material has a concave surface and a convex surface.
Google Inc.


Capacitive gaze tracking for auto-accommodation in a contact lens

A method of capacitive gaze detection for accommodation includes monitoring at least one capacitance value of a capacitive sensor system disposed within a contact lens. The at least one capacitance value varies in response to changes in a gazing direction of a cornea upon which the contact lens is removeably mounted.
Google Inc.


Method for evaluating state of horny layer and evaluating horny layer improvement effect of cosmetic preparation

The invention relates to providing a method for more conveniently evaluating stratum corneum condition. A stratum corneum sheet is contacted with a solution of a water-soluble dye, and the staining intensity or fluorescence intensity is measured to allow convenient evaluation of the stratum corneum condition.
Shiseido Company, Ltd.


Treatment operatively correcting defective vision of an eye, generating control data therefor, and operatively correcting defective vision of an eye

A treatment device for the surgical correction of hyperopia in the eye comprising a laser device controlled by a control device. The laser device separating corneal tissue by applying laser radiation.
Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag


Method for rapid calculation of tear film lipid and aqueous layer thickness and ocular surface refractive index from interferometry spectra

A method for determining optical properties of a corneal region. The method includes the steps of obtaining a combined tear film aqueous layer plus lipid layer thickness; obtaining a tear film lipid layer thickness; subtracting the tear film lipid layer thickness from the combined tear film aqueous layer plus lipid layer thickness to obtain a tear film aqueous layer thickness; and determining a corneal layer refractive index based on the tear film lipid layer thickness and the tear film aqueous layer thickness..
Abbott Medical Optics Inc.


Method for maintenance of urethral catheters

A method for insertion, maintenance, and removal of urethral catheters in mammals including humans includes steps for preventing or reducing the incidence of catheter associated urinary tract infections. In addition to sterile procedures currently practiced or as may be practiced in the future in connection with catheter use, the method includes the steps of applying an antiseptic, zwitterionic, and acidic skincare solution capable of preserving the stratum corneum to the perineum, meatus, and contiguous mucosa surrounding the insertion site before insertion, after insertion, periodically during the period of indwelling, in connection with any incidence of incontinence, and, optionally, before and after removal of the catheter.
Avadim Technologies, Inc.


Device for delivery of skin care composition

A novel device and method for delivering a liquid containing an active ingredient to a treatment site on the skin is disclosed. The device is useful for treating lesions or abnormal skin features such as corns, warts, calluses, bunions, actinic keratoses and hard hyperkeratotic skin as is often found on the face, arms, legs or feet..
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.


Solid dosage form comprising micronized cytisine and its production method

The subject of the present invention is solid dosage form containing cytisine and ancillary substances characterised in that it contains from 0.1% to 5% micronised cytisine, wherein all molecules have a diameter less than from 10 μπι, corn starch from 40% to 60%, preferably 99.9% particles sized from 5 μπι to 25 μπι, macrocrystalline cellulose in an amount from 40% to 60%, preferably the particle size is: 99% below 38 μπι, wherein the mass ratio of ancillary substances to the active ingredient is from 1:19 to 1:999 and is in the form of a hard capsule as well as a method of obtaining it.. .
Aflofarm Farmacja Polska Spolka Z Ograniczona Odpowiedzialnoscia


Transdermal delivery of beneficial substances effected by a hostile biophysical environment

The present invention generally relates to the transdermal delivery of substances and, in some embodiments, to the transdermal delivery of beneficial substances by a hostile biophysical environment. In one aspect, various methods for the transdermal delivery of beneficial substances are disclosed.
Strategic Science & Technologies, Llc


Refractive multifocal intraocular lens with optimised optical quality in a range of focus and method to produce it

The present invention describes a refractive multifocal intraocular lens with aspheric geometry on both surfaces in such a way that the map of local optical strength of the lens, combined with the cornea, has a central region of intermediate optical strength surrounded by a ring of maximum optica! strength, with a smooth transition between the two, after which it alternates smoothly between rings of varying strengths.. .
Consejo Superior De Investigaciones CientÍficas


Ocular implant insertion apparatus and methods

An ocular implant insertion apparatus that includes a plunger driver that is not manually powered and ocular implant insertion methods. There are a variety of instances where an ocular implant is inserted into the anterior chamber, posterior chamber, cornea, vitreous space and/or other portion of an eye.
Hoya Corporation


Starch-based gluten-free baked foodstuffs

A composition useful as the principal component in a baked foodstuff is provided. The composition comprises an etherified, non-waxy starch selected from the group consisting of tapioca starch, corn starch, and mixtures thereof, and a native starch selected from the group consisting of corn starch, potato starch, and mixtures thereof.


Protective release sheet for microneedle patch

One or more holes are provided inside a protective sheet of the microneedle patch, and one or more cutting lines running from an outer edge of the protective sheet toward the holes are also provided. The cutting lines may be symmetrically arranged on both sides of the hole.


Glaucoma treatment device

Methods and devices are adapted for implanting into the eye. An incision is formed in the cornea of the eye and a shunt is inserted through the incision into the anterior chamber of the eye.
Transcend Medical, Inc.


Flexible contact lens

A self-adhering, flexible, contact lens for adhering to cornea and sclera regions of an eye, the cornea and sclera each having a radius of curvature with the radius of curvature of the sclera being greater than the radius of curvature of the cornea, includes a central lens having a body including a contact surface and a viewing surface, the contact surface having a radius of curvature r1 that approximates the radius of curvature of the cornea, and an eye fixation system attached to the perimeter of the contact surface of the central lens.. .
Ocular Instruments, Inc.


Corneal endothelial cell photographing apparatus

A corneal endothelial cell photographing apparatus for photographing endothelial cells of a patient eye's cornea, includes: a cornea photographing optical system including an imaging device and configured to project light toward the cornea and photograph the corneal endothelial cells through the imaging device; a light projecting optical system to project detection light in a first oblique direction to the cornea to detect a focus state of the cornea photographing optical system relative to the cornea; a detecting optical system including a detector with arranged pixels and configured to receive, in a second oblique direction opposite to the first oblique direction, corneal reflection light resulting from the detection light and including reflection light from the corneal endothelium through the detector, and detect an intensity distribution of the corneal reflection light in a depth direction; and a controller to cause a monitor to display the intensity distribution output from the detector.. .
Nidek Co., Ltd.


Corneal endothelial cell analysis method and corneal endothelial cell analysis apparatus

A corneal endothelial cell analysis method includes: a step of displaying a photographed image including endothelial cells of a cornea of an examinee's eye on a monitor; a step of setting, based on an operation signal from a user interface, regions of the endothelial cells for each or more than one of the cells with respect to the photographed image displayed on the monitor, the setting step including setting the endothelial cell regions on the one photographed image by use of setting modes including at least a first setting mode of setting the endothelial cell regions and a second setting mode different from the first setting mode; and a step of obtaining an analysis result on the endothelial cells of the examinee's eye based on the endothelial cell regions set by the first setting mode and the endothelial cell regions set by the second setting mode.. .
Nidek Co., Ltd.


Animal food composition and process for production

An animal food composition comprising a protein source and corn starch, wherein native high-amylose corn starch comprises at least 50% of the corn starch. The composition can be used to treat or prevent a food allergy in an animal.
Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.


Cheese sauce comprising vegetables

According to one embodiment, a cheese sauce comprises 13% to 17% carrot powder, 5% to 7% parsnip powder, 18% to 22% maltodextrin, 12% to 16% cheddar cheese, 12% to 16% whey, 10% to 14% salt, 6% to 8% corn starch, 3% to 5% nonfat dry milk, 2% to 4% butter, and 0.01% to 2% natural flavor, 0.01% to 2% disodium phosphate, 0.01% to 2% lactic acid, and 0.01% to 2% citric acid.. .
Whitewave Services, Inc.


Reduced central corneal thickening by use of hydrophilic ester prodrugs of beta-chlorocyclopentanes

Compositions and methods for treating glaucoma are provided. In particular hydrophilic ester prodrugs and their use to reduce central corneal thickening is provided..
Allergan, Inc.


Building stratified biomimetic tissues and organs using crosslinked ultrashort peptide hydrogel membranes

The present invention relates to hydrogel membranes comprising a hydrogel, said hydrogel comprising a plurality of tetramer amphiphilic peptides and/or peptoids capable of self-assembling into three-dimensional macromolecular nanofibrous networks, which entrap water and form said hydrogels, wherein at least a portion of said plurality of tetramer amphiphilic peptides and/or peptoids is chemically cross-linked. The present invention further relates to stratisfied biostructures and devices comprising at least two hydrogel membranes of the invention, which can be used e.g.
Agency For Science, Technology And Research


Tablet quickly disintegrating in the oral cavity and producing the same

The invention relates to a tablet which is rapidly disintegrated in an oral cavity containing an active ingredient at a high content and a production method thereof. That is, the present invention provides a tablet which is rapidly disintegrated in an oral cavity containing an active ingredient in not less than 25% of the total weight, having a disintegration time of within 40 seconds and an absolute hardness of 1.8 n/mm2 or more, which is obtained by granulating a powder containing an active ingredient with a binding solution containing mannitol and corn-derived pregelatinized starch, mixing the resulting granules with at least one kind of a disintegrant selected from cornstarch, hydroxypropylstarch, carmellose and crospovidone, and compression molding the mixture..
Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co., Ltd.


Nonlinear optical photodynamic therapy (nlo-pdt) of the cornea

The embodiments include method of nonlinear optical photodynamic therapy of tissue including the steps of providing pulsed infrared laser light for two-photon excited fluorescence tissue exposure, and selectively focusing the pulsed infrared laser light within the tissue at a focal plane to activate a photosensitizing agent to generate free radicals within a highly resolved axial and lateral spatial domain in the tissue. The invention is also directed to an apparatus for performing nonlinear optical photodynamic therapy of tissue including a pulsed infrared laser for providing two-photon excited fluorescence beam tissue exposure, a scanner for selectively and controllably moving the tissue and the beam relative to each other, and optics for selectively focusing the pulsed infrared laser light within the tissue at a point in a focal plane to activate a photosensitizing agent to generate free radicals within a highly resolved axial and lateral spatial domain in the tissue..
The Regents Of The University Of California


Technique and extracting ingrown hairs that cause razor bumps

This is an apparatus for pulling out ingrown hairs that cause razor bumps, with an application of hot water and soap lather or shaving foam. This opens the pores and loosens the ingrown hairs for extracting.


Cup lid for beverages with foam

A lid for a beverage cup includes an annular mounting portion to removably, sealingly, engage the open lip of a round beverage cup; a raised annular ridge inset from the mounting portion extending from a first end to a second end; a central portion spanning the annulus and including an aroma aperture at the center; a dispensing portion spanning between the annular ridge first end and second end including a front flat portion, a sloped dispensing aperture surface, and a dispensing aperture disposed on the sloped surface, the dispensing aperture comprising a triangle with rounded corners having a base proximate and parallel to the intersection edge and an apex proximate the upper edge; and, the raised annular ridge and dispensing portion defining a continuous containment surrounding the central portion.. .
Foamaroma Llc


Femto second multi shooting for eye surgery

Provided herein are methods for non-invasive ophthalmic surgery based on femto second multi shooting (fsms) laser techniques. In one embodiment the fsms laser technique is directed to corneal stroma.
Cesacar Particpacions, S.l.


Apparatus for corneal crosslinking

An apparatus for corneal crosslinking, the use of the apparatus for corneal crosslinking, and a method for corneal crosslinking are provided. The apparatus comprises a source of laser radiation; a scanner device for scanning the laser radiation; and a control computer for controlling the scanner device..
Wavelight Gmbh


Ophthalmic elastography

This invention describes an ultrasound technique that maps out the mechanical properties of the cornea and the sclera to the intrinsic mechanical loadings in the eye. It helps identify the abnormally weaker or stiffer regions in the eye, to add functional information for early and definitive diagnosis of corneal diseases, surgical planning, prevention of surgical complications, as well as better interpretation of tonometric readings.
Ohio State Innovation Foundation


Method and system of using photorefractive effects to examine eyes using a portable device

The current invention involves the use of portable devices such as a smart phone or tablet to perform an examination and diagnostic of an eye or pair of eyes using a photorefraction system and technique. The portable device would send a ray of light through the cornea and take measurements of the refraction.

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