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Multilayer ceramic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same

Thermally isolating hermetic electrical feed-through

Date/App# patent app List of recent Copper-related patents
 Methods for preparation of thiophene compounds patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for preparation of thiophene compounds
Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof includes: a) reacting compound (a) with 3,3-dimethylbut-1-yne in the presence of one or more palladium catalysts selected from the group consisting of pd(pph3)4 and pd(pph3)2cl2, and one or more copper catalysts selected from the group consisting of cui, cubr, and cucl, to generate compound (b); b) treating compound (b) with an acid to generate compound (c): c) reducing the cyclohexanone of compound (c) to cyclohexanol to generate compound (d); and d) reacting compound (d) with a base to generate compound (1), wherein compounds (a), (b), (c), and (d) are each as depicted herein.. .
 Copper containing hydrosilylation catalysts and compositions containing the catalysts patent thumbnailnew patent Copper containing hydrosilylation catalysts and compositions containing the catalysts
A composition contains (a) a hydrosilylation reaction catalyst and (b) an aliphatically unsaturated compound having an average, per molecule, of one or more aliphatically unsaturated organic groups capable of undergoing hydrosilylation reaction. The composition capable of reacting via hydrosilylation reaction to form a reaction product, such as a silane, a gum, a gel, a rubber, or a resin.
 Antioxidants for post-cmp cleaning formulations patent thumbnailnew patent Antioxidants for post-cmp cleaning formulations
An cleaning composition and process for cleaning post-chemical mechanical polishing (cmp) residue and contaminants from a microelectronic device having said residue and contaminants thereon. The cleaning compositions include novel corrosion inhibitors.
 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device patent thumbnailnew patent Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
A method for manufacturing semiconductor device includes preparing a structure including a substrate, an insulating layer on the substrate and having a recess, a barrier film on the insulating layer, and a copper film on the barrier such that the copper film is filling the recess with the barrier between the insulating layer and copper film, removing the copper film down to interface with the barrier such that copper wiring is formed in the recess, etching the wiring such that surface of the wiring is recessed from surface of the insulating layer, and removing the barrier from the surface of the insulating layer such that the surface of the insulating layer is exposed. The etching includes positioning the structure removed down to the barrier in organic compound atmosphere having vacuum state, and irradiating oxygen gas cluster ion beam on the surface of the wiring to anisotropically etch the wiring..
 Mask blank for reflection-type exposure, and mask for reflection-type exposure patent thumbnailnew patent Mask blank for reflection-type exposure, and mask for reflection-type exposure
A reflective exposure mask blank and a reflective exposure mask are provided, and the mask enables accurate exposure and transcription without having light being reflected from areas other than a circuit pattern area. The reflective mask blank has, on a substrate (11), a multilayer reflective film (12), a protective film (13), an absorption film (14), and a reverse-surface conductive film (15).
 Ternary platinum alloy catalyst patent thumbnailnew patent Ternary platinum alloy catalyst
A platinum alloy catalyst ptxy, wherein x is nickel, cobalt, chromium, copper, titanium or manganese and y is tantalum or niobium, characterised in that in the alloy the atomic percentage of platinum is 46-75 at %, of x is 1-49 at % and of y is 1-35 at %; provided that the alloy is not 66 at % pt 20 at % cr14 at % ta or 50 at % pt, 25 at % co, 25 at % ta is disclosed. The catalyst has particular use as an oxygen reduction catalyst in fuel cells, and in particular in phosphoric acid fuel cells..
 Expandable polymeric beads and their production patent thumbnailnew patent Expandable polymeric beads and their production
The present invention concerns antimicrobial expandable polystyrene (eps) beads, comprising as main antimicrobial agent metal ions selected from silver and copper and combinations thereof, which antimicrobial agent(s) may be either mixed into the polymer matrix or coated onto the beads. The invention also concerns a method for producing the coated form of these antimicrobial beads..
 Copper alloy wire rod and method for manufacturing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Copper alloy wire rod and method for manufacturing the same
A copper alloy wire rod according to the present invention includes a copper parent phase and short fiber-shaped composite phases which are dispersed in the copper parent phase and which contain cu8zr3 and cu, wherein the content of zr is within the range of 0.2 atomic percent or more and 1.0 atomic percent or less. This copper alloy wire rod can be obtained by including the steps of melting a raw material in such a way that a copper alloy having a zr content within the above-described range of is produced so as to obtain a molten metal in a melting step, casting the molten metal so as to obtain an ingot in a casting step, and subjecting the ingot to cold wire drawing in a wire drawing step, wherein the wire drawing step and a treatment after the wire drawing step are performed at lower than 500° c..
 Copper alloy material patent thumbnailnew patent Copper alloy material
A copper alloy material includes an additional element m including ti, and a balance having copper and an inevitable impurity. An atomic ratio of the additional element m to oxygen is in a range of 0.33≦m/o≦1.5..
 Hybrid fiber/copper connector system and method patent thumbnailnew patent Hybrid fiber/copper connector system and method
A hybrid fiber/copper connector assembly which permits repair of damaged fibers or copper conductors carried by a hybrid fiber/copper cable without requiring replacement of the entire connector assembly or the cable is disclosed. The hybrid fiber/copper connector assembly disclosed also allows individual hybrid fiber/copper connectors of the assembly to be converted from one gender to a different gender.
new patent Implementing embedded hybrid electrical-optical pcb construct
Methods and structures are provided for implementing embedded hybrid electrical-optical printed circuit board (pcb) constructs. The embedded hybrid electrical-optical pcb construct includes electrical channels and optical channels within a single physical pcb layer.
new patent Fast fastening antifouling tape or substrate useable in marine seismic surveys
A streamer usable underwater for a marine seismic survey has a portion adjacent to a protuberance covered by an adhesive antifouling tape or substrate. The tape, which may be made of copper or copper alloy is configured to be fast fastened, may be applied when the streamer is deployed and may be covered by a protective jacket during recovery..
new patent Multilayer ceramic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
There is provided a multilayer ceramic capacitor including a ceramic body including dielectric layers, first and second internal electrodes formed within the ceramic body and disposed to face each other, having the dielectric layer interposed therebetween, first and second electrode layers disposed on outer surfaces of the ceramic body and electrically connected to the first and second internal electrodes, respectively, a conductive resin layer disposed on the first and second electrode layers and containing copper powder, a nickel plating layer disposed on an outer portion of the conductive resin layer, and a copper-nickel alloy layer disposed between the conductive resin layer and the nickel plating layer and having a thickness of 1 to 10 nm.. .
new patent Semiconductor device
In a semiconductor device in which a copper plating layer is used for a conductor of an antenna and in which an integrated circuit and the antenna are formed over the same substrate, an object is to prevent an adverse effect on electrical characteristics of a circuit element due to diffusion of copper, as well as to provide a copper plating layer with favorable adhesiveness. Another object is to prevent a defect in the semiconductor device that stems from poor connection between the antenna and the integrated circuit, in the semiconductor device in which the integrated circuit and the antenna are formed over the same substrate.
new patent Selective local metal cap layer formation for improved electromigration behavior
A method of forming a wiring structure for an integrated circuit device includes forming one or more copper lines within an interlevel dielectric layer (ild); masking selected regions of the one or more copper lines; selectively plating metal cap regions over exposed regions of the one or more copper lines; and forming a conformal insulator layer over the metal cap regions and uncapped regions of the one or more copper lines.. .
new patent Copper particles, copper paste, process for producing conductive coating film, and conductive coating film
There are provided copper particles and a copper paste for a copper powder-containing coating film which can be subjected to electroless metal plating without using an expensive catalyst such as palladium, and a process for producing a conductive coating film by subjecting a copper powder-containing coating film formed by using the copper paste to electroless metal plating or heat treatment with superheated steam. The present invention relates to a process for producing a conductive coating film comprising the step of forming a coating film on an insulating substrate using copper particles having an average particle diameter of 0.05 to 2 μm as measured by observation using sem in which a bet specific surface area value (ssa) (m2/g) and a carbon content (c) (% by weight) of the copper particles satisfy a relationship represented the following formula [1]: c/ssa·7×10−2 [1], and a copper paste comprising the copper particles; drying the coating film to obtain a copper powder-containing coating film; and then subjecting the resulting coating film to electroless metal plating or heat treatment with superheated steam..
new patent Etchant and etching method using the same
To provide an etchant for copper oxide, control of the etching rate, and etching method using the same for enabling exposed portions to be selectively etched against unexposed portions in the case of performing exposure with laser light using an oxide of copper as a heat-reactive resist material, an etchant of the invention is an etchant for copper oxide to selectively remove a copper oxide of a particular valence from a copper oxide-containing layer containing copper oxides of different valences, and is characterized by containing at least an amino acid, a chelating agent and water, where a weight percentage of the amino acid is higher than that of the chelating agent, and ph thereof is 3.5 or more.. .
new patent Copper alloy composite and method for manufacturing same
A method for preparing a copper alloy given a certain special surface shape yields tremendous bonding strength through compatibility with an epoxy resin adhesive. With a composite part in which this technology is utilized to integrate a copper alloy member as a cover material with a cfrp, it is possible to take advantage of the characteristics of both the copper alloy and the frp due to the tremendous bonding strength.
new patent Non-asbestos friction material composition
Provided by the present invention are: a non-asbestos frictional material composition containing a binder, an organic filler, an inorganic filler, and a fiber substrate, wherein, in the non-asbestos frictional material composition, content of a copper is 5% or less by mass as a copper element, content of a metal fiber other than a copper fiber and a copper alloy fiber is 0.5% or less by mass, and a titanate salt is contained therein with antimony trisulfide or zinc powders, with content of the titanate salt being in the range of 10 to 35% by mass; and a frictional material and a friction member that use the said non-asbestos frictional material composition.. .
new patent Thermally isolating hermetic electrical feed-through
A moisture-sealing and thermally-isolating miniature implement for terminating a mineral-insulated and metal-sheathed cable and connecting it to a power source, includes a hollow contact prong protruding from one axial end of a metallic heat-sink barrel penetrated from an opposite end by the steel sheath of a heating element cable. The heating element contacts a nickel or nickel clad iron pin that penetrates the prong and is welded to its most distal extremity.
new patent Composite copper wire interconnect structures and methods of forming
Various embodiments include interconnect structures and methods of forming such structures. The interconnect structures can include a composite copper wire which includes at least two distinct copper sections.
new patent Soft dilute-copper alloy insulated twisted wire and coil
A soft dilute-copper alloy insulated twisted wire includes a plurality of insulated wires twisted together and each including a conductor and an insulating cover layer thereon. The conductor includes a soft dilute-copper alloy wire including a soft dilute-copper alloy material including an additional element selected from the group consisting of ti, mg, zr, nb, ca, v, ni, mn and cr with a balance consisting a copper and an inevitable impurity.
new patent Copper alloy sheet and method for manufacturing copper alloy sheet
An aspect of the copper alloy sheet contains 5.0 mass % to 12.0 mass % of zn, 1.1 mass % to 2.5 mass % of sn, 0.01 mass % to 0.09 mass % of p and 0.6 mass % to 1.5 mass % of ni with a remainder of cu and inevitable impurities, and satisfied a relationship of 20≦[zn]+7×[sn]+15×[p]+4.5×[ni]≦32. The aspect of the copper alloy sheet is manufactured using a manufacturing process including a cold finishing rolling process in which a copper alloy material is cold-rolled, the average crystal grain diameter of the copper alloy material is 1.2 μm to 5.0 μm, round or oval precipitates are present in the copper alloy material, the average grain diameter of the precipitates is 4.0 nm to 25.0 nm or a proportion of precipitates having a grain diameter of 4.0 nm to 25.0 nm in the precipitates is 70 % or more..
new patent Binding element for a building wall structure
A binding element for a building wall structure, wherein said binding element comprises an elongated steel element coated with a thermoplastic material, and wherein the coated thermoplastic material has a uniform thickness on each straight portion of the elongated steel element. The building wall structure comprising an inner wall, an outer wall spaced from said inner wall and provided with at least one insulation layer(s) in between, at least one binding element comprising an elongated steel element coated with a thermoplastic material interconnecting said outer wall and inner wall through the insulation layer, wherein ends of said binding element is fixed to the said outer wall and said inner wall respectively and wherein middle portion of said binding element is in contact with the said insulation layer(s).
new patent Method of manufacturing composite contact
A method of manufacturing a composite contact in which a flange section with a large diameter at an end of a base part with a small diameter, the composite contact having: a contact section which is made from silver alloy into an upper-surface part of the flange section; and a leg section which is made from copper alloy by forming a large-diameter part so as to form a lower-surface part of the flange section is made integrally with the base part, having the steps of: a primary-forming process forging a copper-alloy wire and a silver-alloy wire having a smaller diameter than that of the copper-alloy wire in a hole of a forming die in a state of being butted to each other so as to form a primary-formed body including a silver-alloy part and a copper-alloy part so that the wires are bonded with each other.. .
new patent Substrate for mounting element and process for its production
The substrate 10 for mounting element of the present invention has such a structure that on a surface of a ltcc substrate or ceramics substrate as an inorganic insulating substrate 1, a thick conductor layer 2 is formed as an element connection terminal. The thick conductor layer 2 is made of a metal composed mainly of silver (ag) or copper (cu) and formed by printing and firing a metal paste.
Mirroring high performance and high availablity applications across server computers
Systems and methods to minor data and otherwise manage memory are provided. A buffer may be coupled to a processor and be configured to write a first copy of data to a first memory located at a first server computer and a second copy of the data to a second memory that is accessible to both the first server computer and a second server computer.
Chemical mechanical polishing process and slurry containing silicon nanoparticles
In one aspect, a substrate chemical mechanical polishing (cmp) method for substrates is disclosed. The cmp method includes providing a substrate having a surface of silicon and copper such as through silicon via regions containing copper, and polishing the surface with a slurry containing very small silicon nanoparticles (e.g., having an average diameter less than 8 nanometers).
Titanium oxynitride hard mask for lithographic patterning
A vertical stack including a dielectric hard mask layer and a titanium nitride layer is formed over an interconnect-level dielectric material layer such as an organosilicate glass layer. The titanium nitride layer may be partially or fully converted into a titanium oxynitride layer, which is subsequently patterned with a first pattern.
Bump structural designs to minimize package defects
A method of forming a chip package includes providing a chip with a plurality of first copper post bumps having a first height of copper post. The method also includes providing a substrate with a plurality of second copper post bumps having a second height of copper post.
Electrolytic copper foil, method of producing electrolytic copper foil, lithium ion secondary cell using electrolytic copper foil as collector
The present invention provides an electrodeposited copper foil having a tensile strength of at least 300 mpa and elongation rate of at least 3.0% after heat treatment at 350° c. For 1 hour and provides a copper foil which prevents the breakage of a current collector (copper foil) while maintaining adhesiveness between the current collector (copper foil) and the active material in response to substantial expansion and contraction of a si or sn alloy-based active material.
Flexible bismaleimide, benzoxazine, epoxy-anhydride adduct hybrid adhesive
A resin composition which has low stress, and good adhesive property in high temperature and high moisture environments and which is useful in adhesive applications in low stress, high moisture sensitivity level electronic packages. Preferably, a flexible epoxy anhydride adduct modified solid bismaleimide and solid benzoxazine resin composition that can survive high temperature and high moisture conditions and maintain good adhesion strength and minimize the stress resulting from a coefficient of thermal expansion mismatch between a silicon die and a substrate which is ball grid array solder mask or a smart card polyethylene terephthalate or silver or copper metal lead frame..
Methods for reducing metal oxide surfaces to modified metal surfaces
Method and apparatus for reducing metal oxide surfaces to modified metal surfaces are disclosed. Metal oxide surfaces are reduced to form a film integrated with a metal seed layer by contacting a solution with a reducing agent with the metal oxide surfaces.
Cuprous oxide powder and method for producing same
There are provided a cuprous oxide powder having a smaller particle diameter than that of conventional cuprous oxide powders, and a method for producing the cuprous oxide powder by a chemical reducing process. In a method for producing a cuprous oxide powder by adding a reducing agent, such as a reducing sugar, to a solution containing copper hydroxide, which is formed by adding one of an alkali solution and a copper ion containing solution to the other thereof, to deposit cuprous oxide particles by reduction, 0.00001 to 0.04 moles (10 to 40000 ppm) of ferrous ions with respect to the amount of copper ions in the copper ion containing solution are added to the copper ion containing solution before forming copper hydroxide, to produce a cuprous oxide powder which has a mean primary particle diameter of not greater than 0.5 micrometers when it is measured by a scanning electron microscope (sem), the cuprous oxide powder having a 50% particle diameter (d50 diameter) of not greater than 0.8 micrometers when it is calculated by a laser diffraction type particle size distribution measurement, the cuprous oxide powder containing 0.30 ppm or more of iron..
Nickel-based alloy and turbine component having nickel-based alloy
A nickel-based alloy and a turbine component are disclosed. The alloy includes, by weight, between about 0.8% and about 1.3% hafnium, between about 5.7% and about 6.4% aluminum, between about 7.0% and about 10.0% cobalt, up to about 0.1% carbon, up to about 8.7% chromium, up to about 0.6% molybdenum, up to about 9.7% tungsten, up to about 0.9% titanium, up to about 0.02% boron, up to about 0.1% manganese, up to about 0.06% silicon, up to about 0.01% phosphorus, up to about 0.004% sulfur, up to about 0.02% zirconium, up to about 1.8% niobium, up to about 0.1% vanadium, up to about 0.1% copper, up to about 0.2% iron, up to about 0.003% magnesium, up to about 0.002% oxygen, up to about 0.002% nitrogen, and a balance nickel.
Telecommunications cable inlet device
The present invention relates to an inlet device for inserting a plurality of cables containing optical fibers, copper wires or coax cable into port of a telecommunications enclosure. In particular, the exemplary inlet device includes a breakout portion that can be connected to a conduit carrying at least one of the cables to enter the enclosure.
Bonded system with coated copper conductor
A semiconductor component includes a semiconductor die and a copper-containing electrical conductor. The semiconductor die has a semiconductor device region, an aluminum-containing metal layer on the semiconductor device region, and at least one additional metal layer on the aluminum-containing metal layer which is harder than the aluminum-containing metal layer.
Copper etching integration scheme
The present disclosure is directed to an interconnect structure. The metal interconnect structure has a metal body disposed over a semiconductor substrate and a projection extending from the metal body.
Positive electrode active material for sodium battery, and method of producing the same
(wherein m is at least one selected from the group consisting of titanium, vanadium, chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper and zinc; a is at least one selected from the group consisting of aluminum, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, titanium, vanadium and tungsten; x satisfies the condition 4≧x≧2; y satisfies the condition 4≧y≧1, z satisfies the condition 4≧z≧0; w satisfies the condition 1≧w≧0; and one or both of z and w is 1 or more).. .
Structure and method of bonding copper and aluminum
A bonded structure of aluminum and copper is formed by bonding a copper workpiece and an aluminum workpiece together along a joint via an arc welding process. The copper workpiece has a first coating, having a lower melting point than copper, applied to at least a portion of it.
Copper electroplating solution and copper electroplating apparatus
An electroplating solution includes an aqueous electrolyte solution including water soluble copper salts, sulfide ions and chloride ions, an accelerator including an organic material having sulfur (s), the accelerator accelerating copper (cu) reduction, a suppressor including a polyether compound, the suppressor selectively suppressing the copper reduction, and a leveler including a water soluble polymer having nitrogen that is dissolved into positive ions in the aqueous electrolyte solution.. .
Treatment method of electrodeposited copper for wafer-level-packaging process flow
A method of treating a copper containing structure on a substrate is disclosed. The method includes electrodepositing the copper containing structure on a substrate, annealing the copper containing structure, and forming an interface between a pad of the copper containing structure and a solder structure after anneal.
Electroplating aid board and electroplating device using same
An electroplating device includes a plating solution, at least one anode basket located in the plating solution, and a workpiece to be plated. An electroplating aid board is arranged between the anode basket and the workpiece to be plated.
A glazing is provided comprising at least one ply of glass having an electrically conductive component connected to an electrical connector by a soldered joint. The solder has a composition comprising tin and silver, preferably 98sn2ag.
Copper foil for producing graphene and method of producing graphene using the same
A copper foil for producing graphene, including oxides and sulfides each having a diameter of 0.5 μm or more having a total number of 15/mm2 or less measured by using a scanning electronic microscope before heating at 1000° c. For 1 hour..
Synthesis method of cu(in,ga)se2 nanorod or nanowire and materials including the same
A method of fabricating cigs nanorod or nanowire according to one exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure comprises a deposition preparation step of placing a raw material including copper, indium, gallium and selenium and a substrate, and a deposition step of growing cigs nanorod or nanowire on the substrate by maintaining an internal temperature of a reactor, in which carrier gas flows at a constant flow rate, at a temperature in the range of 850 to 1000° c. According to the method, cu(in,ga)se2 nanorod or nanowire as a direct transition type semiconductor material having substantially uniform composition, high crystallinity and high light absorption ratio can be fabricated..
Metal-organic framework with optimized open metal sites and pore spaces for high methane storage at room temperature
A 3d porous metal-organic framework and method of making are described. In some embodiments, a 3d porous metal-organic framework may be based on a trinodal (3,3,4) net of zyg topology by the self-assembly of the nonlinear hexacarboxylate (bhb) with the paddle-wheel cu2(coo)4 cluster.
Cathode active material, cathode and lithium battery including cathode active material, and method of preparing the cathode active material
Me includes at least one metal selected from nickel (ni), cobalt (co), manganese (mn), iron (fe), chromium (cr), titanium (ti), copper (cu), aluminum (al), magnesium (mg), zirconium (zr), and boron (b).. .
Electrolytic copper foil and method for producing the same
An electrolytic copper foil is provided. The electrolytic copper foil has a shiny side and a matte side opposing to the shiny side, wherein the difference in roughness between the shiny side and the matte side is 0.5 μm or less.
Copper alloy sheet with excellent heat dissipation and workability in repetitive bending
Provided is a copper alloy plate that is for an fpc substrate and that has superior heat dissipation, repeated bending workability, shape retaining properties, and heat resistance. The copper alloy plate contains at least 0.01 mass % of the total of at least one element selected from the group consisting of ag, cr, fe, in, ni, p, si, sn, ti, zn, and zr, contains no more than 1.0 mass % of ag, no more than 0.08 mass % of ti, no more than 2.0 mass % of ni, no more than 3.5 mass % of zn, and no more than 0.5 mass % of cr, fe, in, p, si, sn, and zr by the total of the at least one element selected from the group, the remainder comprising cu and impurities, has a conductivity of at least 60% iacs, has a tensile strength of at least 350 mpa, and has i(311)/io(311) determined by x-ray diffraction in the thickness direction of the plate surface that satisfies the formula i(311)/io(311)≧0.5..
Copper alloy
Disclosed is a copper alloy containing 1.0% to 3.6% of ni, 0.2% to 1.0% of si, 0.05% to 3.0% of sn, 0.05% to 3.0% of zn, with the remainder including copper and inevitable impurities. The copper alloy has an average grain size of 25 pm or less and has a texture having an average area percentage of cube orientation of 20% to 60% and an average total area percentage of brass orientation, s orientation and copper orientation of 20% to 50%.
Copper alloy sheet and method of manufacturing copper alloy sheet
A copper alloy sheet according to one aspect contains 28.0 mass % to 35.0 mass % of zn, 0.15 mass % to 0.75 mass % of sn, 0.005 mass % to 0.05 mass % of p, and a balance consisting of cu and unavoidable impurities, in which relationships of 44≧[zn]+20×[sn]≧37 and 32≦[zn]+9×([sn]−0.25)1/2≦37 are satisfied. The copper alloy sheet according to the aspect is manufactured by a manufacturing process including a finish cold-rolling process of cold-rolling a copper alloy material, an average grain size of the copper alloy material is 2.0 μm to 7.0 μm, and a sum of an area ratio of a β phase and an area ratio of a γ phase in a metallographic structure of the copper alloy material is 0% to 0.9%..
Cable assembly with electrical-optical hybrid cable
A cable assembly comprises: an insulative housing; a plurality of contacts received into the insulative housing; a printed circuit board located behind the insulative housing and electrically connected with the plurality of contacts; a metallic shell enclosing the insulative housing and the printed circuit board; an insulative shell enclosing a rear portion of the metallic shell; and a cable having a plurality of optical fibers coupled to a top surface of the printed circuit board and a plurality of copper wires electrically connected to a bottom surface of the printed circuit board.. .

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