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Method of forming a through-silicon via utilizing a metal contact pad in a back-end-of-line wiring level to fill the…

Front side copper post joint structure for temporary bond in tsv application

Date/App# patent app List of recent Copper-related patents
 Polyimides, coating composition formed therefrom and use thereof patent thumbnailPolyimides, coating composition formed therefrom and use thereof
A polyimide (pi) having two —cooh capping groups at each end is provided. A coating composition is further provided, which contains the pi and a hardening agent having 2 to 6 functional groups capable of reacting with —cooh.
 Method of forming a through-silicon via utilizing a metal contact pad in a back-end-of-line wiring level to fill the through-silicon via patent thumbnailMethod of forming a through-silicon via utilizing a metal contact pad in a back-end-of-line wiring level to fill the through-silicon via
A method for fabricating through-silicon vias (tsvs) for semiconductor devices is provided. Specifically, the method involves utilizing copper contact pads in a back-end-of-line wiring level, wherein the copper contact pads act as cathodes for performing an electroplating technique to fill tsvs with plated-conductive material (e.g., copper) from an electroplating solution.
 Front side copper post joint structure for temporary bond in tsv application patent thumbnailFront side copper post joint structure for temporary bond in tsv application
A method of forming an integrated circuit structure is provided. The method includes providing a substrate, the substrate having a conductive pad thereon.
 Laminate body and method for producing laminate body patent thumbnailLaminate body and method for producing laminate body
The present invention aims to provide a laminate in which a metal and a fluoropolymer are directly and firmly attached to each other. The present invention relates to a laminate including a layer (a) including a metal, and a layer (b) formed on the layer (a), wherein the layer (b) includes a copolymer containing a polymer unit based on tetrafluoroethylene and a polymer unit based on a perfluoro(alkyl vinyl ether), the copolymer contains a carboxyl group at a terminus of a main chain and has a melt flow rate of not lower than 20 g/10 min and a melting point of not higher than 295° c., and the metal is at least one selected from the group consisting of copper, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, and an alloy thereof..
 Self adhesive copper or copper alloy push plate patent thumbnailSelf adhesive copper or copper alloy push plate
An antimicrobial self-adhesive push plate is disclosed. The push plate includes a copper or copper ahoy.
 Copper alloy sheet, and method of producing copper alloy sheet patent thumbnailCopper alloy sheet, and method of producing copper alloy sheet
Provided is one aspect of copper alloy sheet containing 4.5% by mass to 12.0% by mass of zn, 0.40% by mass to 0.90% by mass of sn, 0.01% by mass to 0.08% by mass of p, as well as 0.005% by mass to 0.08% by mass of co and/or 0.03% by mass to 0.85% by mass of ni, the remainder being cu and unavoidable impurities. The copper alloy sheet satisfies a relationship of 11≦[zn]+7×[sn]+15×[p]+12×[co]+4.5×[ni]≦17.
 Copper alloy with high strength and high electrical conductivity patent thumbnailCopper alloy with high strength and high electrical conductivity
This copper alloy with high strength and high electrical conductivity includes: mg: more than 1.0% by mass to less than 4% by mass; and sn: more than 0.1% by mass to less than 5% by mass, with a remainder including cu and inevitable impurities, wherein a mass ratio mg/sn of a content of mg to a content of sn is in a range of 0.4 or more. This copper alloy with high strength and high electrical conductivity may further include ni: more than 0.1% by mass to less than 7% by mass..
 Multi-layer wiring board and method for producing multi-layer wiring board patent thumbnailMulti-layer wiring board and method for producing multi-layer wiring board
This multi-layer wiring board is provided with an insulating substrate, an inner layer copper sheet, and an outer layer copper foil. The inner layer copper sheet is disposed within the insulating substrate and has been patterned.
 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
During the production of a semiconductor device having a cu wiring line of a damascene structure, diffusion of fluorine from a cf film that serves as an interlayer insulating film is prevented in cases where a heat treatment is carried out, thereby suppressing increase in the leakage current. A semiconductor device of the present invention having a damascene wiring structure is provided with: an interlayer insulating film (2) that is formed of, for example, a fluorine-added carbon film; and a copper wiring line (4) that is embedded in the interlayer insulating film.
 Copper pillar full metal via electrical circuit structure patent thumbnailCopper pillar full metal via electrical circuit structure
An electrical interconnect including a first circuitry layer with a first surface and a second surface. A first liquid dielectric layer is imaged directly on the first surface of the first circuitry layer to form a first dielectric layer with a plurality of first recesses.
Light-emitting device
A light-emitting device having the quality of an image high in homogeneity is provided. A printed wiring board (second substrate) (107) is provided facing a substrate (first substrate) (101) that has a luminous element (102) formed thereon.
Liquid crystal display device
In a liquid crystal display (lcd) device having a thin film transistor (tft), the tft includes a source electrode, a drain electrode and a semiconductor layer. At least one of the source electrode and drain electrode includes a first layer including copper and a second layer forming an oxide layer and covering the first layer.
Organic optoelectronic devices incorporating plasmonic electrodes
An organic optoelectronic device that includes a substrate and a plurality of structures disposed thereon, the structures include: (a) a first electrode; vertically separated from (b) a second electrode by (c) an electrode gap that includes an organic photoactive layer disposed within the gap, wherein one of the electrodes includes a plurality of plasmonic nanopores or metal nanostructures, wherein the nanostructures project towards the electrode gap and the metal is selected from gold, aluminum, silver, calcium, copper, and nickel is presented.. .
Insulated electric wire and method of manufacturing the same
There is provided an insulated wire, including: a copper conductor containing copper and having an oxide layer on its surface, with a thickness of 5 nm or more and 300 nm or less; and an insulation coating formed on a surface of the oxide layer and made of a resin composition including engineering plastic having a melting point or a softening point of 220° c. Or more..
Antimicrobial self-adhesive light switch rocker cover
An antimicrobial self-adhesive switch rocker cover is disclosed. The rocker cover includes a distal end and a base end wherein the switch cover comprises a copper or copper alloy.
Method of annealing copper wire for interconnector
A method of annealing a copper wire for an interconnector includes heating a copper wire by a direct resistance heating or by an induction heating, a heating temperature of the heating being in a range of 650° c. To 1020° c., and a heating time of the heating being in a range of 0.3 seconds to 5 seconds..
Al-zn-mg-cu alloy with improved damage tolerance-strength combination properties
An al—zn—mg—cu alloy with improved damage tolerance-strength combination properties. The present invention relates to an aluminium alloy product comprising or consisting essentially of, in weight %, about 6.5 to 9.5 zinc (zn), about 1.2 to 2.2% magnesium (mg), about 1.0 to 1.9% copper (cu), preferable (0.9 mg−0.6)≦cu≦(0.9 mg+0.05), about 0 to 0.5% zirconium (zr), about 0 to 0.7% scandium (sc), about 0 to 0.4% chromium (cr), about 0 to 0.3% hafnium (hf), about 0 to 0.4% titanium (ti), about 0 to 0.8% manganese (mn), the balance being aluminium (al) and other incidental elements.
Solar thermal air conditioning unit
A solar thermal air conditioning unit is provided. The solar thermal air condition unit includes a pressurized water tank with a water entrance port for receiving water.
Hygienic or personal care article having a content of copper or copper ions
The subject matter of the invention is a hygienic or health care article having a content of hydroactive polymers and a content of copper or copper ions.. .
Controlled release copper sulfate for phytoplankton control
A controlled release copper sulfate algaecide for controlling phytoplankton growth, including blue green algae is described. The controlled release algaecide includes a copper sulfate granule coated with at least one layer including a polyurethane which is a reaction product of a polymeric diisocyanate and a polyol..
Crimped terminal
A crimped terminal is provided and includes a conductor, a crimped element, and a plurality of conductive particles: the conductor includes aluminium, and the crimped element is disposed around the conductor. The plurality of conductive particles include a copper alloy and are arranged between the conductor and the crimped element..
Method of producing cigs film, and method of producing cigs solar cell by using same
A cigs film production method is provided which ensures that a cigs film having a higher conversion efficiency can be produced at lower costs at higher reproducibility even for production of a large-area device. A cigs solar cell production method is also provided for producing a cigs solar cell including the cigs film.
Composite dual blackened copper foil and method of manufacturing the same
A composite dual blackened copper foil includes a copper foil and two blackened layers. The copper foil has a shiny side and a matte side.
Heat treatable coated article with copper-doped zirconium based layer(s) in coating
In certain example embodiments, a coated article includes a copper-doped zirconium based layer before heat treatment (ht). The coated article is heat treated sufficiently to cause the copper-doped zirconium oxide and/or nitride based layer to result in a copper-doped zirconium oxide based layer that is scratch resistant and/or chemically durable.
Barium copper sulfur fluoride transparent conductive thin films and bulk material
A p-type transparent conductive material can comprise a thin film of bcsf on a substrate where the film has a conductivity of at least 1 s/cm. The substrate may be a plastic substrate, such as a polyethersulfone, polyethylene terephthalate, polyimide, or some other suitable plastic or polymeric substrate..
Copper paste composition and its use in a method for forming copper conductors on substrates
This invention relates to a copper thick film paste composition paste comprising copper powder, a pb-free, bi-free and cd-free borosilicate glass frit, a component selected from the group consisting of ruthenium-based powder, copper oxide powder and mixtures thereof and an organic vehicle. The invention also provides methods of using the copper thick film paste composition to make a copper conductor on a substrate.
Copper cha zeolite catalysts
Zeolite catalysts and systems and methods for preparing and using zeolite catalysts having the cha crystal structure are disclosed. The catalysts can be used to remove nitrogen oxides from a gaseous medium across a broad temperature range and exhibit hydrothermal stable at high reaction temperatures.
Duplex stainless steel
The invention relates a duplex ferritic austenitic stainless steel having high formability utilizing the trip effect and high corrosion resistance with the balanced pitting resistance equivalent. The duplex stainless steel contains less than 0.04 weight % carbon, less than 0.7 weight % silicon, less than 2.5 weight % manganese, 18.5-22.5 weight % chromium, 0.8-4.5 weight % nickel, 0.6-1.4 weight % molybdenum, less than 1 weight % copper, 0.10-0.24 weight % nitrogen, the rest being iron and inevitable impurities occurring in stainless steels..
Sleeved fastener assembly
The present disclosure describes a conductive fastener assembly, system, and method, wherein the fastener assembly comprises a nut having a counterbore formed therein. The counterbore is formed to maintain a sufficient gap between the nut and the protruding end of a fastener sleeve.
Compact small form-factor pluggable transceiver
An apparatus, in accordance with particular embodiments, includes an interface configured to establish connections within a copper network. The apparatus also includes a receptacle configured to receive a conventional small form-factor pluggable (sfp) module or a compact sfp module and to direct the sfp modules to a first connector.
Vehicle vision system using image data transmission and power supply via a coaxial cable
A vision system for a vehicle includes an imaging sensor disposed at the vehicle and having an exterior field of view. A control is disposed at the vehicle and a coaxial cable is in communication between the imaging sensor and the control.
Polymeric ptc thermistors
The subject matter of the present application is a curable adhesive composition having ptc characteristics after curing, containing (i) a reactive binder system, based on an epoxy-resin-component and a curing agent-component, (ii) particles of a carbon modification in a range of 0.01 wt % to 15.0 wt %, based on the total weight of the curable adhesive composition, and (iii) copper powder in a range of 0.5 wt % to 5.0 wt %, based on the total weight of the curable adhesive composition, wherein the reactive binder system comprises>70 wt % of all organic polymers of the adhesive composition.. .
Nmr flowmeter with superconducting polarizer
A fluid flowmeter which uses nuclear magnetic resonance to determine quantities of flowing fluid(s) has a polarizing magnet system with magnets which are high temperature superconductors such as yttrium barium copper oxide (ybco) or bismuth strontium calcium copper oxide (bscco) which are superconducting at liquid nitrogen temperature and provide a greater magnetic field strength than conventional magnets. This may allow the flowmeter to accept higher through flow rate and/or may allow observation of 23na in an aqueous phase as well as 1h..
Electrical connecting element and method for manufacturing the same
An electrical connecting element for connecting a first substrate and a second substrate and a method for manufacturing the same are disclosed. The method of the present invention comprises: (a) providing a first substrate and a second substrate, wherein a first copper film is formed on the first substrate, a first metal film is formed on the second substrate, a first connecting surface of the first copper film has a (111)-containing surface, and the first metal film has a second connecting surface; and (b) connecting the first copper film and the first metal film to form an interconnect, wherein the first connecting surface of the first copper film is faced to the second connecting surface of the first metal film..
Methods of forming copper-based nitride liner/passivation layers for conductive copper structures and the resulting device
One illustrative method disclosed herein includes forming a trench/via in a layer of insulating material, forming a barrier layer in the trench/via, forming a copper-based seed layer on the barrier layer, converting at least a portion of the copper-based seed layer into a copper-based nitride layer, depositing a bulk copper-based material on the copper-based nitride layer so as to overfill the trench/via and performing at least one chemical mechanical polishing process to remove excess materials positioned outside of the trench/via to thereby define a copper-based conductive structure. A device disclosed herein includes a layer of insulating material, a copper-based conductive structure positioned in a trench/via within the layer of insulating material and a copper-based silicon or germanium nitride layer positioned between the copper-based conductive structure and the layer of insulating material..
Metal film resistor structure and manufacturing method
A method is provided for manufacturing a semiconductor device with a metal film resistor structure. The method includes providing an insulation layer on the semiconductor device.
Carbon-metal thermal management substrates
A method of manufacturing a thermal management hybrid article includes electroplating a copper layer on a graphitic layer, adhering the copper-plated graphitic layer to a plate of aluminum with a nano-copper paste to form a substrate, heating the substrate in a forming gas at a temperature less than 500° c. To melt to recrystallize the nano-copper paste, and cooling the substrate after the heating.
Single target sputtering of copper zinc tin sulfide selenide, czt(s, se)
A method of forming a czt(s,se) thin film from a quaternary target involves sputtering a quaternary target onto a substrate, wherein the quaternary target comprises (a) copper, (b) zinc, (c) tin, and (d) selenium and/or sulfur, wherein each component (a) through (d) is present in the quaternary target within ±50% of a 2:1:1:4 molar ratio, respectively, thereby forming a czt(s,se) thin film on the substrate, wherein the czt(s,se) thin film has a kesterite crystalline phase and a band gap of about 1.0 to 1.5 ev. In an embodiment, a ternary target is employed..
Conductive film forming method, copper particulate dispersion and circuit board
An object is to provide a conductive film forming method which can form a conductive film having low electric resistance on a base material by utilizing photo sintering even when the base material has low heat resistance. A conductive film forming method is a method in which a conductive film is formed on a base material, and the method includes the steps of forming a film composed of copper particulates on a base material, subjecting the film to photo sintering, and applying plating to the photo-sintered film.
Copper particulate dispersion, conductive film forming method and circuit board
The copper particulate dispersion includes copper particulates, at least one kind of a dispersion vehicle containing the copper particulates, and at least one kind of dispersant which allows the copper particulates to disperse in the dispersion vehicle. The copper particulates have a center particle diameter of 1 nm or more and less than 100 nm.
Copper foil for producing graphene and method of producing graphene using the same
A copper foil for producing graphene, having 60 degree gloss of 500% in a rolling direction and a direction transverse to rolling direction, and an average crystal grain size of 200 μm or more after heating at 1000° c. For 1 hour in an atmosphere containing 20% by volume or more of hydrogen and balance argon..
Biocompatible copper-based single-crystal shape memory alloys
We describe herein biocompatible single crystal cu-based shape memory alloys (smas). In particular, we show biocompatibility based on mem elution cell cytotoxicity, iso intramuscular implant, and hemo-compatibility tests producing negative cytotoxic results.
Metal chalcogenides and methods of making and using same
Metal chalcogenides, and methods of making and using metal chalcogenides, are disclosed herein. Metal chalcogenides can be prepared by heating suitable copper, zinc, and/or tin compounds selected from the group consisting of chalcogenocarbamates, dichalcogenocarbamates, mercaptides, thiiocarbonates, trithiocarbonates, and combinations thereof (e.g., copper, zinc, and/or tin dichalcogenocarbamates) under conditions effective to form metal can be used, for example, to prepare solar cells..
Electrically conductive adhesive, solar battery module using the same, and production method thereof
To provide an electrically conductive adhesive, which contains: a curable resin; electrically conductive particles: a curing agent; and a black colorant consisting of titanium black, wherein the electrically conductive particles are silver-coated copper powder, and wherein the electrically conductive adhesive is configured to connect an electrode of a solar battery cell with tab wire.. .
Fuel conditioning modules and methods
Fuel conditioning modules that condition a combustible fuel prior to combustion are provided so that fuel to be conditioned is brought into contact with a fuel conditioning insert which includes a zeolite catalyst material comprised of a mixture of zeolite particulates and rare earth metal or metal oxide particulates in a solid resin binder disposed in a housing flow through passageway such that the fuel flowing in the passageway between inlet and outlet ends of the housing contacts the fuel conditioning insert assembly. The catalytic metal is most preferably at least one selected from the group consisting of copper, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, magnesium, chromium, barium, calcium, platinum, palladium, nickel, bronze and iron.
Metal and silicon containing capping layers for interconnects
Disclosed methods cap exposed surfaces of copper lines with a layer of metal or metal-containing compound combined with silicon. In some cases, the metal or metal-containing compound forms an atomic layer.
Water-based ink for computer-to-plate inkjet printing and preparation method therefor
A water-based ink for use in a computer-to-plate inkjet printing and a preparation method therefor. A polymer of 5 to 40 wt %, an additive of 0.01 to 10 wt %, a dye or pigment of 0.01 to 10 wt %, an organic solvent of 1 to 30 wt %, an anti-foaming agent of 0 to 5 wt %, and deionized water are stirred and mixed at room temperature.
Swash plate of a swash plate type compressor and the swash plate type compressor
A swash plate fulfils the basic properties required for a swash plate, which are stable boundary lubricating state by lubricating oil, without forming a metal spray coating layer comprising a copper type or aluminum type material on the surface of a substrate 3a forming the swash plate 3 of the swash plate type compressor as an intermediate layer. The substrate 3a of the swash plate 3 comprises a disk-shaped steel sheet formed by pressing a rolled steel sheet into a disk shape, and both surfaces of the disk-shaped steel sheet are ground.
Method of treating stroke comprising administering metal chelators to the upper one-third of the nasal cavity
Methods for treating the animal central nervous system against the effects of stoke, including associated cognitive, behavioral and physical impairments. Effective amounts of therapeutic agents are administered to the upper third of the stroke patient's nasal cavity to bypass the blood-brain barrier and access the central nervous system directly to avoid unwanted and potentially lethal side effects.
Anti-burn engine oil and preparation method thereof
Provide is an anti-burn engine oil, which comprises a base oil, and copper powder or ceramic powder having the particle diameter of 110 nm-300 nm and the aspect ratio of no greater than 3:1, wherein the amount of copper powder or ceramic powder is 25 g-100 g in per liter the base oil. The copper powder or ceramic powder contained in the engine oil can increase the potential energy of the towed particles in the cylinder and form a variety of complex movements under the relative movement of friction pair so as to not only greatly reduce the dry friction, but also have a good lubricating property and avoid the engine oil burning.
Hybrid interconnect scheme and methods for forming the same
A device includes a first low-k dielectric layer, and a copper-containing via in the first low-k dielectric layer. The device further includes a second low-k dielectric layer over the first low-k dielectric layer, and an aluminum-containing metal line over and electrically coupled to the copper-containing via.
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
A non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery capable of improving a high rate discharge property while securing safety is provided. A laminated electrode group 10 is sealed in a laminate film of an outer casing in a lithium-ion secondary battery.
Soldering device, soldering method, and substrate and electronic component produced by the soldering device or the soldering method
Provided are a soldering device and method which allow for oldering at low cost with high yield and high reliability. To solve the above problems, the soldering device has: a first processing section that immerses workpiece member 10 having copper electrode 2 in organic fatty acid-containing solution, and horizontally move immersed workpiece member 10 in organic fatty acid-containing solution 31; a second processing section having ejection unit 33 to spray a jet stream of molten solder 5a to workpiece member 10 while pulling out workpiece member 10 processed in the first processing section to space section 24 that has a pressurized steam atmosphere and is provided above organic fatty acid-containing solution 31; a third processing section having ejection unit 34 to spray organic fatty acid-containing solution 31 to excess molten solder 5a on workpiece member 10 for removal while pulling down workpiece member 10 processed in the second processing section after horizontally moving in space section 24; and a fourth processing section that picks up workpiece member 10 processed in the third processing section by pulling out from organic fatty acid-containing solution 31 after horizontally moving in organic fatty acid-containing solution 31..
Copper/zinc superoxide dismutase (sod) formulation for the treatment of traumas including amyotropic lateral sclerosis
A copper/zinc superoxide dismutase (cu/zn sod) composition comprising a therapeutically effective amount of ionic mineral(s) in a ligand complex and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier for the neutralization of superoxide produced trauma and/or stress-related conditions including, but not limited to, conditions such as myotrophic lateral sclerosis (als). The composition may also include other supporting adjutants such as bioavailable magnesium, manganese, selenium and other minerals that can support the nervous system and other vitamins and glutathione and other nutrients.
Sprayable aqueous alcoholic microbicidal compositions comprising copper ions
Sprayable, pressurized inanimate surface and air liquid treatment compositions comprise (or in certain preferred embodiments may consist essentially of, or may consist of): a copper source material which releases copper ions into the treatment composition, at least one alcohol which independently of other constituents present exhibits a microbicidal effect, at least one quaternary ammonium compound which provides a microbicidal benefit, propellant, water, optionally but very preferably at least one detersive surfactant, further optionally one or more further constituents which impart one or more advantageous technical or aesthetic benefits to the compositions, wherein the compositions are at a ph such that the surface treatment compositions, exhibit a microbicidal or germicidal or antimicrobial effect on treated inanimate surfaces or when used to treat an airspace, e.g. Ambient air, characterized in exhibiting a microbicidal benefit when tested against one or more challenge microorganisms, preferably against poliovirus type 1 sabin (“pv1”), according to one or more of the following standardized test protocols: astm e1052-96(2002) standard test method for efficacy of antimicrobial agents against viruses in suspension, or astm e1053-11 standard test method to assess virucidal activity of chemicals intended for disinfection of inanimate, nonporous environmental surfaces, or european standard surface test, en13697, or aoac germicidal spray products as disinfectant test method, aoac index, 17th ed.
Process of leaching precious metals
The invention relates to modifications of a non-ammoniacal thiosulfate process of leaching precious metals (e.g. Gold or silver) from precious metal-containing ores.
Aluminum-copper-lithium alloys
Improved aluminum-copper-lithium alloys are disclosed. The alloys may include 3.4-4.2 wt.
Lead free dezincification alloy and method of making same
A brass alloy containing trace amounts of iron, manganese and aluminum is disclosed. Phosphorous is added to a zinc, copper melt and combined with the iron, manganese and aluminum to form intermetallics.
Optical component, method and application
Each of an optical component, a laser apparatus that includes the optical component and a method for operating the laser apparatus uses a particular reflective material layer located and formed over a substrate at a particular thickness for providing the optical component, the laser apparatus and the method for operating the laser apparatus with sufficient imperviousness to laser filaments under particular energy density fluence considerations. A particular reflective material layer comprises gold or a gold alloy.
Method for saving by-pass capacitor by using circuit board
The present invention provides a method for saving by-pass capacitor by using circuit board, which includes (1) providing a liquid crystal panel including two glass substrates and liquid crystal material containing liquid crystal molecules, the glass substrates forming a liquid crystal panel driving circuit, which includes a gate driver, a source driver, gate lines, and data lines; (2) providing a power supply module and a power connection circuit board including a base material on which a power route and a grounding route are provided to respectively form exposed copper zones at a location where a by-pass capacitor is desired to form so as to form an equivalent by-pass capacitor; (3) connecting the gate driver and the source driver via the power connection circuit board to the power supply module; and (4) activating the power supply module to control rotation of the liquid crystal molecules of each of the pixel units.. .

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