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Coordinates patents

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Cardiovascular oct image making method and method for detecting stents using thereof

Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation Yonsei University

Cardiovascular oct image making method and method for detecting stents using thereof

Automated definition of system behavior or user experience by recording, sharing, and processing information associated…

6115187 CanadaD/b/a Immervision

Automated definition of system behavior or user experience by recording, sharing, and processing information associated…

Automated definition of system behavior or user experience by recording, sharing, and processing information associated…

Highgate Labs Limited

Data communications method and system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Coordinates-related patents
 Image processing apparatus and image processing method patent thumbnailImage processing apparatus and image processing method
The distance between projection coordinates to which the center of an image are projected and the center coordinates are added to the projection coordinates to obtain projection center coordinates. The distance is added to the coordinates to which the four corners of the image are projected to obtain projection four-corner coordinates.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Cardiovascular oct image making method and  detecting stents using thereof patent thumbnailCardiovascular oct image making method and detecting stents using thereof
A cardiovascular oct image making method which reduces artifacts includes the steps of: inputting a cardiovascular oct image; converting coordinates of the inputted oct image into two-dimensional polar coordinates (θ and r); generating a brightness control function of the a-line direction based on the blood wall relative to each θ value; forming a brightness image in the a-line direction based on the blood wall depending on the brightness control function; and forming an oct image of which brightness is controlled by the brightness image by applying the brightness image formed on the inputted oct image.. .
Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation Yonsei University

 Automated definition of system behavior or user experience by recording, sharing, and processing information associated with wide-angle image patent thumbnailAutomated definition of system behavior or user experience by recording, sharing, and processing information associated with wide-angle image
Systems and methods in accordance with the invention allow automatic recording, sharing, and communicating of different parameters associated with images and their imager to define a specific system behavior of a display device or an algorithm unit. Examples of information include imager parameters, environment parameters, image processing and enhancement parameters, coordinates of a section of wide-angle scene image content, display parameters, defined user experience, defined system behavior or any information to be recorded, shared, and communicated.
6115187 Canada, D/b/a Immervision, Inc.

 Data communications method and system patent thumbnailData communications method and system
The present invention relates to a data communications method. The method coordinates data communication between a first and second user device in a system including a first and second server, by the second server generating a unique identifier and transmitting the identifier and a resource location for receipt by the first user device via the first server; the first user device requesting a resource at the resource location; the second server transmitting the resource including a second executable component to the first user device; the first user device executing the second component to create a connection (such as a two-way socket) between the first user device and the second server; the second user device receiving the identifier; the second user device using the identifier to claim the connection to the first user device from the second server; and the second server coordinating data communication between the first and second user device.
Highgate Labs Limited

 Implementation of a service that coordinates the placement and execution of containers patent thumbnailImplementation of a service that coordinates the placement and execution of containers
Organizations are constantly looking for faster and less expensive computer systems to manage businesses; however, the current standard in virtualization techniques includes using virtual machines, which require a long period of time to be instantiated before handling requests and are resource intensive. Using domain name system (dns) queries to a dns server as an indicator to initiate a virtual resource, such as containers, enables the system to instantiate the container prior to an end user transmitting their first request for a resource stored in that container.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

 Outdoor device management system patent thumbnailOutdoor device management system
Disclosed is an outdoor device management system, and a recognition device having a blank record is installed in the outdoor device and includes a first transmission module for electrically connecting a second transmission module of an electronic device such as a mobile phone or a tablet pc. When the outdoor device is installed, an identification code of the electronic device is set and provided to the outdoor device, while coordinates of the outdoor device are captured to form installation data containing the identification code, and the installation data are transmitted to the terminal device, so that the terminal device labels the outdoor device at a corresponding location of a map to complete the installation operation, and the electronic device transmits the identification code or installation data to the recognition device through the second transmission module and the first transmission module for storage and record..
General Luminaire Co., Ltd.

 Color shifted lamps patent thumbnailColor shifted lamps
Lamps exhibiting a chromaticity shift relative to a clear baseline, including but not limited to modified spectrum lamps. Such a lamp includes a light-transmissive envelope and a light-generating element enclosed within the light-transmissive envelope.
General Electric Company

 Method for using virtual facial and bodily expressions patent thumbnailMethod for using virtual facial and bodily expressions
The method is for using a virtual face or body. The virtual face or body is provided on a screen associated with a computer system having a cursor.

 Apparatus and  managing structure data patent thumbnailApparatus and managing structure data
A storage unit stores structure data that includes coordinates of vertices of a plurality of polygons representing a three-dimensional structure. A computation unit calculates coordinates of a certain point with reference to the structure data.
Fujitsu Limited

 High-quality post-rendering depth blur patent thumbnailHigh-quality post-rendering depth blur
The present invention may provide techniques for blurring an image. The image may be a light field image with color values and depth values for each pixel.
Lytro, Inc.


Method for generating a hierarchical structured pattern based descriptor and for recognizing object using the same

Disclosed are a method of generating a hierarchical structured pattern based descriptor and a method and a device for recognizing an object in an image using the same. The method of generating a hierarchical structured pattern based descriptor may include generating a hierarchical structured pattern by defining a parent node based on a patch region for a feature point of an input image to be analyzed and defining a child node obtained by dividing the parent node to a predetermined depth, calculating a master direction vector of the patch region based on position coordinates and representative pixel values of the parent node and the child node, and calculating a rotation angle of the patch region based on the master direction vector and rotating the hierarchical structured pattern by the rotation angle..
Postech Academy - Industry Foundation


Method and device for positioning and navigating

A method for positioning and navigating for use in an electronic device, includes: obtaining an initial coordinate of a user; obtaining a preset number of one or more environment pictures in a preset geographic range corresponding to the initial coordinate, and obtaining an absolute coordinate corresponding to each of the obtained environment pictures from a preset correspondence relationship between different environment pictures and different absolute coordinates; obtaining, for each of the obtained environment pictures, a relative position between an object in the environment picture and the user; and determining current geographic position information of the user based on the relative position and the absolute coordinate.. .
Xiaomi Inc.


Stereo image processing device for vehicle

In the lane line detection performed by a left-right similar object detection module, changes in brightness in the road width direction in a image plane are evaluated, a point group serving as a lane line candidate is extracted, and a lane line model is generated by calculating the parallax of left and right lane line candidate points and transforming the result into real space coordinates. A camera displacement diagnosis module determines a camera displacement by calculating a diagnostic value based on a difference between the parallaxes of the left and right lane lines in the same horizontal line between reference comparative images captured by a stereo camera unit.
Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


System, application and managing patient care coordination

A system coordinates patient transitions of care and manages a patient's care from diagnosis to solution no matter how long it takes or how many healthcare providers are involved during the continuum of care. The system brings all of the people interactions into a protected, access-controlled environment that allows a patient's entire continuum of care, inclusive of diagnostic and demographic data, documentation, forms, communication and collaboration, as well as a patient's transition of care, to be coordinated among as many healthcare providers as are needed for as long as needed.


Method and system for a shipment coordination service

A shipment coordination service, which may be a company or a business, coordinates shipment of a package between an origin and a destination using one or more carriers. The shipment coordination service may have one or more processing centers associated with it for processing packages.


Systems, devices, and methods for generation of contextual objects mapped by dimensional data to data measures

This disclosure in part describes systems, devices, and methods for implementing a unification mechanism that enables the unification of various data sets, which can permit greater collaboration between users of a data management platform. For example, a system can be configured to enable a user to add or associate a contextual object with a data measure.
Decisyon, Inc.


Geographically-distributed file system using coordinated namespace replication over a wide area network

A cluster of nodes implements a single distributed file system comprises at least first and second data centers and a coordination engine process. The first data center may comprise first datanodes configured to store data blocks of client files, and first namenodes configured to update a state of a namespace of the cluster.
Wandisco, Inc.


System and memory access

A memory controller performs dma operations on arbitrary sized elements unbounded by the word size of the host memory or processor, which performs operations based on an element that represents an atomic data unit such as a pixel. In this manner, a corresponding coding effort is not concerned with computing and locating word boundaries and accommodating unused bits of data conventionally used for accommodating word boundaries on pixel data for video rendering, for example.


Terminal device, screen display method, hover position correction method, and recording medium

A terminal device is provided which is capable of making a key display with which a user makes an input easily. A hover position detection unit measures a distribution of a physical quantity indicating a degree of approach of an operation finger to a touch panel, and detects a hover position from the distribution of the physical quantity.
Ntt Docomo, Inc.


Expanding touch zones of graphical user interface widgets displayed on a screen of a device without programming changes

A method, system and computer program product for expanding the touch zones of graphical user interface (gui) widgets. The coordinates of the screen location of the device (e.g., mobile device) where a gui widget is displayed on the screen is captured in response to detecting the gui widget being displayed on the screen.
International Business Machines Corporation


Expanding touch zones of graphical user interface widgets displayed on a screen of a device without programming changes

A method, system and computer program product for expanding the touch zones of graphical user interface (gui) widgets. The coordinates of the screen location of the device (e.g., mobile device) where a gui widget is displayed on the screen is captured in response to detecting the gui widget being displayed on the screen.
International Business Machines Corporation


System and providing graphical user interface

A system for providing a graphical user interface is provided. The system includes a display, at least one imaging sensor configured to capture at least one image associated with a user, one or more processors, and a memory for storing instructions executable by the one or more processors.
Usens, Inc.


Asic controller for light-based sensor

A state machine for controlling a sensor including a chip package coupled with photo-emitters and photo-detectors mounted in a device, and with a host processor, including an emitter driver, a detector driver, a signal processor for generating signals representing amounts of light detected by the detectors, and a scan controller for controlling the emitter and detector drivers to activate an automated sequence of emitter-detector pairs, the scan controller including registers for storing parameters designating emitter-detector pairs that are to be activated during the automated sequence, and for storing the signals generated by the signal processor for the emitter-detector pair activations, and at least one input/output pin for receiving parameters from the host processor to be loaded into the registers, and for outputting the stored signals in the registers to the host processor, for the host processor to identify therefrom location coordinates of an object near or touching the device.. .
Neonode Inc.


Method and processor for analyzing two-dimension information

The method and processor for analyzing two-dimension information are disclosed. A 2-d information generated from a touch panel/screen is obtained, wherein the 2-d information comprises a plurality of values distributed over a plurality of reduced 2-d coordinates.
Egalax_empia Technology Inc.


Dynamically determining workspace bounds during a collaboration session

A method is described for dynamically determining session boundary coordinates within a canvas. As described, an initial explored area of the canvas is defined.
Smart Technologies Ulc


Sensing method and related touch panel

The present disclosure provides a detection method for a touch panel. The touch panel comprises a plurality of a first sensing electrode and a plurality of a second sensing electrode.
Novatek Microelectronics Corp.


Coordinate device with pressing down function

The invention refers to a coordinate device (1) which enables manual control of x- and y- coordinates. The coordinate device (1) comprises a rolling cylinder (5) which freely can rotate around a rotation axle, be translated along the rotation axle and be pressed down to generate a pressure signal.


Straightness management system and control method thereof for mounting pin

A mounting pin straightness management system is provided. The system includes a sensor unit that is configured to measure 3-dimensional coordinates (a(ta, la, ha), b(tb, lb.
Hyundai Motor Company


Oscillator-based path planning for machining of a pocket shape in workpiece

A method determines a path of a tool machining a pocket shape in a workpiece. The pocket shape is defined by a closed curve in an x-y plane.
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.


Method for checking a value document, value document, use thereof, and value document system

A method for checking, in particular the authenticity and/or the nominal value of a value document having luminescent feature substances, comprises: a1) the step of carrying out a location-specific measurement of first luminescence intensities at a first emission wavelength at different locations of the value document that have the location coordinates, to thereby obtain measurement value pairs; b1) the step of statistically analyzing the first luminescence intensities measured in dependence on the individual location coordinates, by determining at least one statistical parameter using a statistical method; and c1) the step of comparing the statistical parameter determined in the step b1) with one or more threshold values.. .
Giesecke & Devrient Gmbh


Reduced homography for ascertaining conditioned motion of an optical apparatus

A method of tracking a conditioned motion with an optical sensor that images a plurality of space points. The method includes a) recording electromagnetic radiation from the space points on the optical sensor at measured image coordinates of measured image points, b) determining a structural redundancy in the measured image points due to the conditioned motion, and c) employing a reduced representation of the measured image points by a plurality of rays defined in homogeneous coordinates and contained in a projective plane of the optical sensor consonant with the conditioned motion for the tracking..
Electronic Scripting Products, Inc.


Sewing machine

A sewing machine includes a coordinate indicator, a processor, and a memory. The coordinate indicator includes a cylindrical housing, a rod-shaped indicating member, a switch, a single transmitter, a receiver, and a flat surface.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Steering control device

The turning amount of a turning unit is controlled according to the steering amount of a steering unit mechanically uncoupled from the turning unit. A steering reaction force characteristic in which the larger the self-aligning torque, the larger the steering reaction force is set on coordinates with the self-aligning torque and the steering reaction force as coordinate axes.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


System for detecting vehicle noise and method

A system to detect excessive noise is provided to monitor sources, such as cars, that produce levels of noise above a certain threshold predetermined by local authorities. The system to detect excessive noise includes a microphone and a camera that are in communication with a filter circuit.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals


Image sensor cropping images in response to cropping coordinate feedback

Reducing consumption of image sensor processor bandwidth includes capturing an image containing subject matter with an image sensor and cropping the image to generate a cropped image. Cropping the image is performed by the image sensor in response to coordinates received from an image sensor processor.
Omnivision Technologies, Inc.


Method, light module and receiving unit for light coding

A method for embedding data in light, wherein the method comprises the step of operating at least two light sources (a, b) arranged to emit light (101) having color coordinates (x, y) and luminous intensity (y), wherein each light source is arranged to emit light (101a, 101b) which is distinguishable from the light of at least one other light source, and embedding data in the light emitted from the at least two light sources. The method further comprises the step of operating the at least two light sources such that the color coordinates of the light emitted from the at least two light sources are maintained over time within a first, bounded interval (115), and the luminous intensity of the light emitted from the at least two light sources is maintained over time within a second, bounded interval (116)..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Method for forming voids and structure with voids formed using the same

A method for forming voids corresponding to pads of smt components is provided. The method comprises following steps: one or more condition parameters are inputted into a searching unit.
Wistron Corporation


Incremental utterance decoder combination for efficient and accurate decoding

An incremental speech recognition system. The incremental speech recognition system incrementally decodes a spoken utterance using an additional utterance decoder only when the additional utterance decoder is likely to add significant benefit to the combined result.
Microsoft Corporation


Medical image processing device and operating the same

Rgb image signals are inputted. B/g ratio is calculated based on b image signal and g image signal.
Fujifilm Corporation


Medical image processing device and operating the same

Rgb image signals are inputted. B/g ratio is calculated based on b image signal and g image signal.
Fujifilm Corporation


Eye image stimuli for eyegaze calibration procedures

A system and method are disclosed for using a camera image of a user's eye as a visual stimulus for the calibration point in an eyetracking calibration system. A camera image of a user's eye is generated on a user display using an eyetracker.
Lc Technologies, Inc.


Accurate and rapid mapping of points from ultrasound images to tracking systems

A method for mapping coordinates between images and tracking systems includes providing (702) a calibration tool having a fixed geometric shape. The calibration tool includes first sensors associated with an imaging mode and second sensors associated with a tracking mode.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Deforming a surface via a control point

Methods and apparatus for manipulating digital images. A warping module is described that enables the manipulation of a surface by selectively deforming portions of the surface while maintaining local rigidity.
Adobe Systems Incorporated


System and process for resource allocation to relocate physical objects

A machine server system includes a video processor adapted with logic to identify a physical object representation in a video, an object fingerprinter adapted to assign an object type to the physical object representation, a resource allocator adapted to match the object type to pre-defined relocation resource values for physical objects having the object type, and weighting logic adapted to adjust the pre-defined relocation resource values for physical objects having the object type by an adjustment amount that varies according to geolocation coordinates correlated to the physical object representation.. .
Ghostruck Co


Extraction device, method, and computer program product

According to an embodiment, an extraction device includes an acquisition unit, a first calculator, a first extractor, and an output unit. The acquisition unit acquires point group data that are a set of points including three-dimensional coordinates on a surface of an object and normal vectors perpendicular to the surface of the object at the three-dimensional coordinates.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Methods and systems for efficient handwritten character segmentation

A system and method for determining handwritten character segmentation shape parameters for a user in automated handwriting recognition by prompting the user for a training sample; obtaining an image that includes handwritten text that corresponds to the training sample; sweeping the image with shapes corresponding to parameters to determine coordinates of the shapes in the image; segmenting the image into segmented characters based on the coordinates of the shapes; determining character segmentation accuracies of the parameters; and storing an association between the user and the parameters. The system and method can further include receiving a writing sample from the same user and utilizing the stored parameters to segment characters in the writing sample for use in automated handwriting recognition of the writing sample..
Xerox Corporation


Electronic device and manufacturing the same

According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes processing circuitry. The processing circuitry displays one or more first strokes input by handwriting on a screen, and executes, in response to input of the one or more first strokes, processing for displaying a second stroke group selected from stroke groups which are input candidates searched by using the one or more first strokes on the screen, the stroke groups including the second stroke group and another stroke group, the second stroke group and the another stroke group corresponding to a first character string.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Alignment apparatus, alignment method, and alignment computer program

An alignment apparatus includes: a voting unit that generates multiple pairs of a first feature selected from multiple features representing a first target object represented on one image, and a second feature selected from multiple features representing a second target object represented on the other image, obtains, for each of the pairs, a first translation amount for aligning the first feature with the second feature, and votes, in a coordinate system with coordinates each representing a translation amount, a voting value for the coordinate corresponding to the first translation amount; and a translation amount calculating unit that calculates the total of the voting values for each of the coordinates in the coordinate system, and sets the translation amount corresponding to the coordinate with the largest total of the voting values, as a second translation amount for aligning the first target object with the second target object.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Data processing apparatus and data processing program

A data processing apparatus according to an embodiment includes a control-point calculating unit and a deformation processing unit. The control-point calculating unit calculates target position coordinates on the basis of a first model representing a shape of a first object, deformation parameters representing characteristics of deformation of the first object, and a second model representing a shape of a second object.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Methods, devices, and apparatuses for adjusting display of webpage

A method for a device to adjust display of a webpage is provided. The method includes: receiving a webpage adjusting instruction including coordinates of at least one touch point, wherein the webpage adjusting instruction is generated when a touch operation on the webpage is detected; determining a target content node from one or more content nodes associated with the webpage based on the coordinates of the at least one touch point and a document object model (dom) tree of the webpage; and causing a center of a display area corresponding to the target content node to be displayed at a center of a screen..
Xiaomi Inc.


Cell-phone-based vehicle locator and "path back" navigator

A hand-held, portable navigation system and method are integrated within a cellular telephone enclosure, resulting in a simplified architecture with fewer buttons to press and items to carry. The apparatus uses a cellular telephone having a microphone, a keypad, gps receiver, a display, a memory, an earphone, a wireless transceiver, and a processor.


Method and device for establishing a trajectory for a vehicle

A method and a device for establishing a trajectory for a vehicle is provided. The method includes the following steps: registering coordinates of objects using a sensor; calculating a cost map on the basis of the registered coordinates, wherein the cost map is subdivided into cells and a cost value is assigned to each cell, which cost value describes the presence and/or the vicinity of an object, calculating a cost space, which has a plurality of layers, wherein each layer is subdivided into cells and a cost value is assigned to each cell, wherein the cost values in the respective layers are calculated in each case for a specific orientation of the vehicle, and determining a trajectory that is as cost-effective as possible..
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft


Systems and methods for interacting with virtual nodes within a geographic area

Systems and methods for playing video games on mobile devices wherein the elements of a virtual video game world are associated with locational coordinates in the real world and the placing, removing, and interacting with a video game elements depends upon the mobile device's physical proximity to the real world coordinate associated with the video game element.. .


Interactive real-time laparoscopic navigation

Systems and methods for real time laparoscopic navigation. Exemplary embodiments can comprise scanning a structure of interest internal to a patient to provide image data; generating a first three-dimensional reconstruction of the structure of interest based on the image data; annotating the first three-dimensional reconstruction of the structure of interest with a plurality of reference points; obtaining spatial coordinates of the plurality of reference points during a laparoscopic procedure; and generating a second three-dimensional reconstruction of the structure of interest based on the spatial coordinates..
University Of Houston


Chair of meditative mobilization

Chair of meditative mobilization under the name of “chair of nation health—national safety from master hora” creates in a user a stability/anchoring support from three points—a pelvis and two feet. The chair is made to collect the attention of the person without tension.


System for coordinating agricultural vehicle control for loading a truck

A system is provided that automatically assesses weight rating characteristics of a truck and trailer combination. The system coordinates movement and unloading functions of the grain cart to automatically load the trailer to correspond to a target total weight value and a target weight distribution value based on axle weight ratings of the axles of the truck and trailer combination..
Cnh Industrial America Llc


Providing content to a geographically constrained set of recipients

Users of social networking computer systems provide location information that is transformed into geo-coded coordinates specifying user locations. Providers of content, such as messages or documents, also participate in the social networking system and use drawing tools or provide data files that define one or more geographical areas or regions of a map, which may define a larger geographical area that encompasses the users of the social networking system.
Nextdoor.com, Inc.


Method, apparatus, and system for determining a location corresponding to an ip address

Determining a location corresponding to an internet protocol (ip) address includes collecting an ip address and location information corresponding to the ip address, wherein the location information corresponding to the ip address includes information identifying a location from which a terminal associated with the ip address accesses a network, obtaining one or more pieces of ip address geographic coordinate data for the ip address using the ip address and the location information corresponding to the ip address, determining geographic coordinates corresponding to the ip address based at least in part on the one or more pieces of ip address geographic coordinate data, determining an ip address field based at least in part on the geographic coordinates corresponding to the ip address, and determining a location corresponding to the ip address field.. .
Alibaba Group Holding Limited


Synchronized slotted power line communication

A method and a device are disclosed including a plc node having a synchronizer, a modem with a transceiver, and a computing device coupled with a power line for power line data communications. In various embodiments, a coordinator or data concentrator unit (dcu) coordinates the communication of plc nodes.


Semiconductor device, image processing system and program

An image processing device includes a display panel operable to provide an input interface for receiving an input of an adjustment value of at least a part of color attributes of each vertex of n axes (n is an integer equal to or greater than 3) serving as adjustment axes in an rgb color space, and an adjustment data generation unit operable to calculate the degree of influence indicative of a following index of each of the n-axis vertices, for each of the n axes, on a basis of a distance between each of the n-axis vertices and a target point which is an arbitrary lattice point in the rgb color space, and operable to calculate adjusted coordinates of the target point in the rgb color space.. .
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Free space positioning method and system

A free space positioning method for estimating an attitude angle of an object in a free space includes: capturing an image of a light source module that includes four light sources to generate a to-be-judged image; analyzing coordinates of the light sources in the to-be-judged image to obtain to-be-judged information; comparing the to-be-judged information with pre-stored light source orientation data to obtain candidate light source orientation data; and estimating an attitude angle of the object according to a pre-stored attitude angle corresponding to each of the candidate light source orientation data.. .
Wistron Corporation


Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing system

An information processing apparatus includes: a first drawing unit that draws graphic data of a predetermined format as a bitmap image in a temporary drawing area; and a second drawing unit that performs drawing processing based on the graphic data of the predetermined format to generate print data, and uses, as a drawing result with respect to a drawing element of a particular type that has been predetermined, the particular type being of types of drawing elements defined in the predetermined format, an image at coordinates where the drawing element is to be arranged, the image being of the bitmap image drawn in the temporary drawing area by the first drawing unit.. .


Image processing for launch parameters measurement of objects in flight

An example embodiment includes a method of measuring launch parameters of an object in flight. The method includes capturing images of an object in flight.
Rapsodo Pte. Ltd.


Crystal structure

The invention also provides the use of the crf1r coordinates to select or design one or more binding partners of crf1r.. .


Usability testing of applications by assessing gesture inputs

Various embodiments of systems and methods to assess gesture inputs for performing usability testing of an application are described herein. In one aspect, a gui associated with an application to be tested is presented.


Input device

An input device includes a coordinate input unit including an operation surface on which a pressing operation can be performed and detecting contact of an operation body with the operation surface, a pressing detection unit that detects that the operation surface is pressed, and a control unit that processes detection results of the coordinate input unit and the pressing detection unit, in which the control unit obtains the center coordinate of a contact position from the detection result of the coordinate input unit, and compares the center coordinate before the pressing operation with the center coordinate after the pressing operation when there is a pressing operation with respect to the operation surface, and when a difference between the center coordinates is smaller than a threshold value, the center coordinate before the pressing operation is used as a center coordinate at the time of the pressing operation.. .
Alps Electric Co., Ltd.


Coordinate detection system, information processing device, and recording medium storing coordinate detection program

A coordinate detection system, an information processing device, and a non-transitory recording medium storing a coordinate detection program are provided. The coordinate detection system includes an indicator configured to emit an optical signal on a board, at least three photosensors configured to receive the optical signal emitted from the indicator, a detector configured to detect position coordinates of the indicator based on the optical signal received from the indicator, a switching unit configured to switch between a first mode and a second mode, and a controller configured to control an amount of light emission of the indicator according to the first or second mode switched by the switching unit.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Surveying system

A surveying system having a total station integrated into an unmanned aerial vehicle communicates with a plurality of mobile communication stations that are located on known site coordinates. By locating the mobile communication stations on known coordinates, the location of the aerial vehicle is precisely triangulated and controlled.


Job plan display system

Provided is a job plan display system capable of displaying a job plan on a product, and displaying a thumbnail as image information on the product on a display area of the job plan based on design data of the product, allowing an appropriate thumbnail to be displayed while suppressing an increase in system load. The job plan display system is configured to determine whether or not to display or update the thumbnail on a display area of the job plan based on at least one of intention of a designer who created the design data, such intention being assigned to the design data of the product, a predetermined update time, progress information on the design data created and a relationship between a changing part of the design data when the design data is changed and viewpoint coordinates when creating the thumbnail..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Stereo microscope system

The present invention relates to a stereo microscope system, at least one optical axis system and a camera is used, and a first image through the first beam path and a second image through the second beam path have identical coordinates in which the first and second images are obtained from the camera, therefore, it is not required to revise an image during image registration, and as well as, to match mechanical compensation of coordinates of cameras, since the first image and second image have identical coordinates. According to the present invention, it is possible to provide a stereoscopic image with minimized loss of stereo effect and as well as, it is possible to observe a stereoscopic image more comfortable since an eye fatigue is minimized..
Kyungpook National University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation


Apparatus to compensate bearing runout in a three-dimensional coordinate measuring system

A device measures three-dimensional coordinates of a target by sending a beam of light to the target and measuring the distance and angles from the device to the target. It further bases the three-dimensional coordinates on bearing compensation values that depend on a number of bearing rotations and a bearing angle..
Faro Technologies, Inc.


Calibration of sensor arrays

Systems and methods for calibrating sensor arrays. An exemplary system measures a distance to a target object with the sensors.
The Boeing Company


Enabling location-based applications to work with imaginary locations

Technologies for game providers to place their game worlds into existing map databases and communicate the relevant locations to location-based applications are generally described. In some examples, this may be achieved by generating maps that use non-physical locations that are still within standard location data formats at a game service provider and providing the maps and/or map data to map server providers showing game worlds mapped to those coordinates.
Empire Technology Development Llc


Image-reading apparatus, image-processing method, and computer program product

An image-reading apparatus according to the present invention reads one or more documents to acquire a read image, detects edge coordinates of a document image closest to an outer edge of the read image in a plurality of certain directions, and regionally divides the read image in the certain directions based on any one or both of a region of the read image in which no edge coordinates are detected and the edge coordinates of an edge end of the detected document image.. .
Pfu Limited


Method of crypotographic processing of data on elliptic curves, corresponding electronic device and computer program product

Obtaining coordinates of another point corresponding to an image of an addition of said at least two points through said isomorphism, said another point belonging to said another elliptic curve, and said obtaining being performed without an inversion operation in said algebraic structure, due to said determined configuration parameters.. .


End-to-end encryption digital data sharing through a third party

An end-to-end encryption method is provided for encrypting digital data to be made available by a data owner to a data assignee at some future point in time. The data owner shares the coordinates of the data assignee and an invitation associated the data assignee with a 3rd party.
Passwordbox Inc.


Led lens design with more uniform color-over-angle emission

An led device with improved angular color performance has a silicone lens shaped as a portion of a sphere. The lens is molded over an array of led dies disposed on the upper surface of a substrate.
Bridgelux, Inc.


Remote desktop system evaluating method, medium and apparatus

A method includes extracting an input operation data group that includes multiple items of input operation data in a remote desktop system and a drawing processing data group that includes multiple items of drawing processing data, specifying a relative position between a coordinate that is included in one item of input operation data among the extracted input operation data group, and a coordinate of a drawing area that is included in one item of drawing processing data among the extracted drawing processing data group, specifying a coordinate that is assumed to be included in any item of input operation data which is included in the input operation data group, and associating different input operation data that is included in the input operation data group, with the different drawing processing data, based on the coordinates that are assumed and that are specified.. .
Fujitsu Limited


On-board vehicle control determining whether a value is within an area of interest for extraneous warning suppression

An on-board vehicle control system and method employ a storage device that stores information representing a plurality of boundary points of a boundary circumscribing an area of interest in which the boundary points are defined by two prescribed parameters, and a controller that obtains at least one condition point defined by current values of the prescribed parameters, determines a first boundary point of the boundary points that is closest to the condition point, and generates geometric data representing a geometric relationship between the first boundary point, the condition point and a second boundary point of the boundary points. The controller performs further calculations taking into account the geometric data to generate coordinate condition data, and determines whether a warning condition exists by determining whether the condition point lies within the area of interest based on a comparison between coordinates of the condition point and the coordinate condition data..
Nissan North America, Inc.


Wearable vehicle information indicator and indicating vehicle information using the same

A vehicle information indicator and a method of indicating vehicle information using the indicator are disclosed. The indicator is configured such that a driver who wears the indicator is capable of coordinating devices within a vehicle and can give commands to the coordinated devices.
Hyundai Motor Company


Fixed size augmented reality objects

An example wearable display system includes a controller, a left display to display a left-eye augmented reality image with a left-eye display size at left-eye display coordinates, and a right display to display a right-eye augmented reality image with a right-eye display size at right-eye display coordinates, the left-eye and right-eye augmented reality images collectively forming an augmented reality object perceivable at an apparent real world depth by a wearer of the display system. The controller sets the left-eye display coordinates relative to the right-eye display coordinates as a function of the apparent real world depth of the augmented reality object.


Method and system for high-resolution transforms of frequency-space and image/audio/video-space data

A method and system for data processing and reconstruction, uses arbitrary frequency-space or image/audio/video-space (inverse frequency-space) sample points in n dimensions. According to a preferred embodiment of the invention, a subset of optionally pre-processed and pre-conditioned n-dimensional frequency-space (or image/audio/video-space) data is acquired (102) by a processing device (360), the data is optionally transformed (115) by region scaling factors, and the data is optionally reduced (116) in numerical significant digits.


Projection image correcting apparatus, correcting image to be projected, and program

A projection image correcting apparatus for correcting, according to a three-dimensional shape of a projection surface, an original image to be projected, includes a projecting unit configured to project a pattern image on the projection surface, by controlling an image projecting device; a capturing unit configured to obtain a captured image of the projection surface on which the pattern image is projected, by controlling an image capturing device; a feature point extracting unit configured to extract feature points in the captured image corresponding to feature points in the pattern image; a three-dimensional coordinates measuring unit configured to measure, by triangulation using the extracted feature points, three-dimensional coordinates of a plurality of measuring points on the projection surface corresponding to the feature points; a reliability calculating unit configured to calculate reliabilities of the measuring points; a reliability area defining unit configured to convert the three dimensional coordinates of the measuring points into two-dimensional coordinates as defined in a view from an arbitral viewpoint and define a reliability area including the converted measuring points that respectively have the reliabilities exceeding a certain threshold; a reference table creating unit configured to create a reference table in which a distortion of a projection image viewed from the arbitral viewpoint is expressed by association of the two-dimensional coordinates on the reliability area with two-dimensional coordinates on an image projecting coordinate system; and an image correcting unit configured to correct the original image so that a distortion for offsetting the distortion expressed in the reference table is given to the original image. The reliabilities are defined based on at least one of lens aberration and detection errors of the feature points..
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


System and providing drinking water

Disclosed is a system and method for providing an in-room drinking water service at a hotel. The system includes a plurality of drinking water dispensers provided in guest rooms of the hotel.
Crevent, Inc.


Searching 2d image based on transformed 1d data matching

A reference 2d data is provided. The reference 2d data comprises a first plurality of pixels defined in 2d coordinates.


Seamless data migration across databases

Techniques are disclosed for enabling the migration of data with minimized impact on consumers of the data. A data migration agent updates pointers to active data locations and coordinates a migration from a first data resource to a second data resource so that seamless migration may be carried out.
Microsoft Corporation


Touch panel input device

Touch panel input device including: display panel having display surface; display controller causing display of button image on the display surface, the button image used for receiving touch operation performed by user; touch position detector detecting touch position of the display surface by detecting x and y coordinates on x-y rectangular coordinate system; area specifier specifying first area and second area of the display surface, the first area being area at which the button image is to be displayed, the second area being remaining area of display surface; and detection instructor referring to result of the specification by the area specifier and instructing the touch position detector (i) to perform touch position detection with respect to an area corresponding to the first area and (ii) to put in off state touch position detection with respect to an area corresponding to at least a part of the second area.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Display control device, display control method and program

Support information or related information regarding an input operation target is explicitly displayed when the proximity is detected before a user selects and fixes an input operation target, so as to support a user's accurate input operation, thereby improving operability. A portable terminal includes a proximity detection unit that detects a proximity of the finger to a screen, and a key image combining unit that displays enlarged images of an item displayed at a proximity correspondence position on the screen and all items adjacent to the item at the proximity correspondence position which is a position on the screen corresponding to proximity coordinates of the finger of which the proximity is detected, or in a vicinity of the proximity correspondence position, as related information or support information regarding the item displayed at the proximity correspondence position on the screen..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.


Method for the correction of spherical aberration in microscopic applications

A procedure for the correction of spherical aberration in microscopic applications, wherein various recordings of a specimen to be observed are taken and evaluated for the purpose of changing the setting values of the optical system. The correction values are stored in a correction matrix as a function of the recording position, the recording time, the wavelength, and the temperature, wherein the determination and storage of the correction values are carried out in each recording position in the x, y, and z coordinates, and/or the correction values are determined after a selection of grid points by interpolation, so that the correction values of the interpolated correction matrix are the starting values for the subsequent exact determination by measurement..
Carl Zeiss Microscopy Gmbh


Method for determining a karstic region

The present invention relates to a method for determining a karstic region modified by karstification phenomena. This method comprises, from a geological model, determining a seed cell and a target cell in that model.
Total Sa


Position and behavioral tracking system and uses thereof

This invention provides a system and methods for tracking the positions and behaviors of moving objects such as animals. In one embodiment, the system comprises one or more tracking unit, one or more base nodes, one or more remote data hubs, and one or more remote processor with display.
Cascube Ltd.


System and monitoring atmospheric pollution

A system for monitoring atmospheric pollution, includes a mobile appliance fitted on a vehicle and a remote processing unit, the mobile appliance including a location unit for detecting geographic coordinates of the vehicle, an atmospheric sensor for detecting an atmospheric pollution value, a transmission unit for transmitting the geographic coordinates and the atmospheric pollution value, the remote processing unit including a receiving unit for receiving the geographic coordinates and the atmospheric pollution value, a processing unit for processing the geographic coordinates and the atmospheric pollution value for monitoring the atmospheric pollution inside a geographic area. The system further includes: a verification sensor; comparison elements between the atmospheric pollution value and a reference pollution value detected by the verification sensor, substantially in correspondence to the same geographic coordinates; signalling elements operatively associated with the comparison elements for signalling the need for a calibration of the atmospheric sensor of the mobile appliance..
C.r.d. Centro Ricerche Ducati Trento S.r.l.


Device for determining navigation parameters of an aircraft during a landing phase

A device for determining navigation parameters of an aircraft during a landing phase includes a video system including at least one digital video camera arranged on the aircraft, the digital video camera being configured to generate on the aircraft current video data relating to at least one characteristic point on the earth, whose coordinates are known, and a data processing unit including an extended kalman filter and configured to determine the navigation parameters on the basis of current navigation data of the aircraft, arising from a satellite navigation system, current inertial data of the aircraft, as well as said video data.. .
Ecole Nationale De L'aviation Civile (e.n.a.c.)


Method for position and location detection by means of virtual reference images

A method describes the architecture of a vision-supported navigation system in a terrain using available topographical maps, which is based on already existing methods for detecting prominent terrain features. An offline process used in this case creates a feature database from existing topographical maps, which is subsequently used in an online process for recognising features that have been seen.
Airbus Ds Gmbh


Automatic measurement of dimensional data within an acceptance region by a laser tracker

An automatic method for measuring three-dimensional coordinates by a laser tracker includes determining whether a retroreflector is accessible within an acceptance region of an inspection location and, if not, taking corrective action.. .
Faro Technologies, Inc.


Spatially self-similar patterned illumination for depth imaging

Methods, systems, and devices involving patterned radiation are provided in accordance with various embodiments. Some embodiments include a device for projecting pattern radiation.
Chiaro Technologies Llc


Sewing machine

A sewing machine includes a bed, an irradiating portion configured to irradiate laser light onto a specific position on the bed, an image capturing portion configured to capture an image of an area including the specific position and to generate captured image data, a processor, and a memory configured to store computer-readable instructions. The computer-readable instructions, when executed by the processor, cause the sewing machine to perform processes that include causing the irradiating portion to intermittently irradiate the laser light onto the specific position, acquiring the captured image data by causing the image capturing portion to capture an image of the area in synchronization with irradiation on the specific position, and identifying irradiated coordinates based on the captured image data.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Printer, printing method, and printing system

A printer 1 includes a conveyance unit that conveys roll paper stored in a paper feed device; a computing unit 100a that calculates the distance between detection marks of the roll paper conveyed by the conveyance unit; a memory unit 105 that stores a first step count corresponding to the distance between detection marks; a communication interface 106 that receives print data containing start coordinates for rendering image data of images to print in an image buffer; a print control unit 100b that corrects the start coordinates contained in the print data based on the distance between detection marks calculated by the computing unit 100a and a distance between detection marks stored in the memory unit 105; and a print unit that prints based on the print data at start coordinates corrected by the print control unit 100b.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Registration of 4th-generation detectors relative to 3rd-generation ct system coordinates using 4th-generation detector shadow pattern

A method is provided for determining, in a fourth-generation computed tomography (ct) scanner, a positional offset of a center of a ring of fixed energy-discriminating detectors with respect to an iso-center of a third-generation x-ray source/detector system. The method includes obtaining a plurality of offset images, each offset image being obtained from a scan executed with the ring of fixed energy-discriminating detectors positioned in a known offset location with respect to the iso-center; performing a current scan executed with the ring positioned in an unknown offset location with respect to the iso-center, to obtain a current image; calculating, for each offset image, a corresponding error value between the offset image and the current image; and determining the positional offset of the center of the ring to be an offset location corresponding to an offset image having the smallest error value..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Three-dimensional (3d) interactive method and system

A three-dimensional (3d) interactive method between a 3d interactive input device including multiple first nodes and a 3d display device including at least three second nodes is provided. The method includes receiving a start command from a user and controlling signal transmission devices to transmit position detection signals using different channel resources based on the received start command.
Superd Co. Ltd.


Laminated glazing with coloured reflection and high solar transmittance suitable for solar energy systems

Laminated and etched glazing unit for architectural integration of solar energy systems comprising a substrate delimited by two main faces and a multi-layered interference filter also delimited by two main faces, one main face of said substrate being adapted to be in contact with an incident medium, the other main face being in contact with a main face of said interference filter, the other main face of said interference filter being adapted to be in contact with an exit medium; said incident medium having a refractive index ninc=1, said substrate having a refractive index nsubstrate defined as follows: 1.45≦nsubstrate≦1.6 at 550 nm, and said exit medium being defined as follows 1.45≦nexit≦1.6 at 550 nm; and wherein said unit is designed in such a way that the following requirements are met: 1a) the saturation of the colour, given by c*ab=√(a*)2+(b*)2, according to the cie colour coordinates l*, a* and b* under daylight illumination cie-d65 is higher than 8 at near-normal angle of reflection, except for grey and brown. 1b) the visible reflectance at near-normal angle of reflection rvis is higher than 4%.
Swissinso Sa

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