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Image processor with static pose recognition module utilizing segmented region of interest


Image processor with static pose recognition module utilizing segmented region of interest

Communication system and method for making telephone calls over the internet

Communication system and method for making telephone calls over the internet

Communication system and method for making telephone calls over the internet

Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Angiographic examination method to implement a rotational angiography

Date/App# patent app List of recent Coordinates-related patents
 Method for controlling position of floating window and terminal patent thumbnailnew patent Method for controlling position of floating window and terminal
The terminal includes: a display screen, a user operation receiving module, an event distributing module, a floating window control module and a display control module. The user operation receiving module is configured to receive an operation event of user and send it to the event distributing module; the event distributing module is configured to send the received operation event to the floating window control module; the floating window control module is configured to: after determining that the received operation event is a preset floating window operation control event, use coordinates of operation event as coordinates of floating window and notify the display control module of the coordinates of floating window; and the display control module is configured to receive the coordinates of floating window from the floating window control module and display the floating window at a position on the display screen corresponding to the coordinates of the floating window..
Zte Corporation
 Method and system for encrypting information utilizing three-dimensional shapes patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for encrypting information utilizing three-dimensional shapes
Method and system is disclosed for encrypting information utilizing three-dimensional shapes. The method includes receiving one or more computer device usage metrics, one or more user files having information, and instructions for encrypting the one or more user files, selecting shape type from a plurality of predetermined shape types, determining shape dimensions and shape volume based upon quantity of information associated with the one or more user files, generating a shape based upon the selected shape type, the shape dimensions, and the shape volume, distributing axis coordinates for each axis, wherein a node is define at least by axis coordinates within the generated shape, associating information of the one or more user files with axis coordinates within the generated shape, and transmitting generated shape and data based upon the associating..
Connectx, Inc.
 Multi-modal transaction engine for mobile retail systems patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-modal transaction engine for mobile retail systems
Autonomous operation of a mobile retailing computing system. In one aspect of the invention, an onboard server situated in a public transportation vehicle establishes communication with a plurality of client devices each client device displaying products offered for sale from multiple different merchants and coordinates a purchase transaction in which payment is accepted in exchange for a products from a plurality of the different merchants.
Guestlogix, Inc.
 Systems and methods for coordinating the delivery of high-quality health care over an information network patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for coordinating the delivery of high-quality health care over an information network
The field of the invention relates to systems and methods for managing healthcare information systems, and more particularly to systems and methods for coordinating the delivery of high-quality health care and medical services over an information network. In one embodiment, a processing server is configured to electronically receive a patient's health information over a data network from one or more patient systems.
Epreop, Llc
 Irregular pattern identification using landmark based convolution patent thumbnailnew patent Irregular pattern identification using landmark based convolution
Pattern identification using convolution is described. In one or more implementations, a representation of a pattern is obtained that is described using data points that include frequency coordinates, time coordinates, and energy values.
Adobe Systems Incorporated
 Tracking of catheter from insertion point to heart using impedance measurements patent thumbnailnew patent Tracking of catheter from insertion point to heart using impedance measurements
A subject-specific skeletal model of a body is created, and an intended path of a catheter within the body is defined in the model. While the probe is inserted into the body electrical currents are passed through the body between at least one electrode in the probe and through respective electroconductive location pads that are disposed at a plurality of locations on the body surface along the intended path.
Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.
 Method and system to configure and utilize geographical zones patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system to configure and utilize geographical zones
A method to define a geographical zone is disclosed. The geographical zone can be utilized to regulate a movable entity and the actions within the geographical zone.
Wirelesswerx International, Inc.
 System and  implementing a two-person access rule using mobile devices patent thumbnailnew patent System and implementing a two-person access rule using mobile devices
A system using mobile devices and a network provides access authentication, authorization and accounting to computing resources using a two-person access rule solution approach. A central access control server coordinates a rule-based authorization process in which a requesting user and one or more authorizing users are engaged in real-time communications to facilitate approved access to a sensitive resource.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.
 Subjective linguistic analysis patent thumbnailnew patent Subjective linguistic analysis
A system and related method for the electronic processing of text onto a two-dimensional coordinate system to analyze the attitudinal mindset associated with the text. The system and related method may also be employed to generate text based on a desired attitudinal mindset to impart.
 Image processor with static pose recognition module utilizing segmented region of interest patent thumbnailnew patent Image processor with static pose recognition module utilizing segmented region of interest
An image processing system comprises an image processor having image processing circuitry and an associated memory. The image processor is configured to implement a gesture recognition system comprising a static pose recognition module.
Lsi Corporation
new patent

Angiographic examination method to implement a rotational angiography

In an angiographic examination method to implement rotational angiographies, two x-ray projections of the examination subject are acquired from different acquisition angles, the x-ray projections are segmented to generate the outer contours of the examination subject in both x-ray projections, the outer contours of the examination subject are discretized in both x-ray projections, the coordinates of the focal points of the examination subject are calculated from these discrete points in both x-ray projections, the deviations of the coordinates of the focal points of the examination subject are determined, the deviations of the coordinates are evaluated, and the results of the evaluation are emitted as an output.\. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
new patent

Communication making telephone calls over the internet

A system and related method are disclosed for sending sms messages and phone calls via a voice over internet protocol network. Disclosed embodiments permit the insertion of user identification data into the calls or sms messages such that the recipient's phone displays that data as caller identification.
new patent

Led lighting device compatible with night vision devices

A lighting device is provided that includes an led and an nir filter for a control panel or a display, which does not interfere with a night vision device. The light of the led is in an area of u′>0.19 and v′>0.46 of the u′v′ diagram of the cie-luv chromaticity diagram.
Schott Ag
new patent

3-d scanning and positioning system

A system for obtaining three-dimensional information about a surface, the system comprising: a sensing device having: a pattern projector for providing a projected pattern on the surface; and a camera for acquiring a 2d image of the surface from a viewpoint, wherein at least one target of a set of reference targets and at least a portion of the projected pattern is apparent on the 2d image; a storage for calibration data; an image processor for extracting 2d image coordinates of surface points of the projected pattern and target contours from the 2d image; a 3d surface point calculator for calculating 3d coordinates of the surface points from the 2d image coordinates of the surface points; a 3d target calculator for calculating a 3d position and/or an actual orientation for the reference target.. .
Creaform Inc.
new patent

Display apparatus, display system and display method

In the present invention, in a coordinate plane that receives an expression according to a first axis indicating a parameter that impacts a basic rate and a second axis indicating a parameter that impacts a metered power rate, a display unit (230) displays an image indicating coordinates indicating the use state of power received from a grid.. .
Kyocera Corporation
new patent

Method, apparatus and system for image processing

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a device for generating a graphic and superimposing the generated graphic on a second image generated from a cut-out of a first image of a scene, the cut-out representing the field of view of a virtual camera, the device comprising: receiver circuitry configured to receive the second image and a set of cut-out corner coordinates; homography determining circuitry configured to determine, a homography between coordinates of the first 2d coordinate system defined within the cut-out and coordinates of a second 2d coordinate system defined for the second image; feature determining circuitry configured to determine a feature of the virtual 3d map of the scene within the field of view of the virtual camera; graphic generator circuitry configured to generate the graphic from the determined feature of the virtual 3d map; and graphic superimposing circuitry configured to superimpose the generated graphic on the second image.. .
Sony Corporation
new patent

Display control device and display control method

A display control device includes a display part, an indication part to indicate a position on the display part and output a value of residual electric energy thereof, a coordinate detection part to detect coordinates of the position on the display part, a rendering data production part to produce rendering data based on the coordinates of the position on the display part, a determination part to determine whether or not the value of residual electric energy is less than a threshold value, a rendering data processing part to process the rendering data to produce data for notification of electric energy reduction in a case where the determination part determines that the value of residual electric energy is less than the threshold value, and a display control part to display the rendering data and the data for notification of electric energy reduction on the display part.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.
new patent

Touch screen controller to generate single-ended touch signal, and touch screen system and display apparatus including the same

A touch screen controller, a touch screen system, and a display apparatus including the same includes a touch data generator that supplies a first transmission signal to a first sensing line, supplies a second transmission signal to a second sensing line adjacent to the first sensing line, receives differential touch signals from the first and second sensing lines, and performs an arithmetic operation on the differential touch signals to generate a single-ended touch signal, and a control logic that calculates touch coordinates by using the single-ended touch signal from the touch data generator. At least one of phases and frequencies of the first and second transmission signals have different values..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
new patent

Electronic simulating or interfacing a backward compatible human input device by means or control of a gesture recognition system

Method and apparatus where human gestures are interpreted by means of software running on a host computer, into screen coordinates and low level commands—keyboard presses, clicks, double-clicks, drag-and-drop, wheel scroll etc.—which are sent to a hardware peripheral, instead of a software based application programming interface, which hardware corrects and polishes the said screen coordinates and low level commands and translates said data by means of emulating, simulating or manipulating the protocol of an actual human input device (hid)—such as a standard keyboard, mouse, joystick, touchpad, etc.—which actual hid-compliant device or simuloid is embedded into the invention, proper, and is in turn connected back into the host computer where it's recognized by native drivers as a standard hid device so that it may interact with common end-user programs in the usual manner—but thus be controlled by means of human gestures.. .
new patent

Equipment and methods for operating geophysical bottom stations

An equipment complex for deploying and recovering marine geophysical seismic or electric-survey bottom stations is mounted on a ship. The complex includes—a powered capstan, —rotatable turntables and rolls, —load-bearing units connected to the bottom stations by various fasten means and capable of winding onto the capstan and turntables, a work platform supporting a bottom station placed thereon, —an indicator for registration of the bottom stations' coordinates, mounted on the platform, —a limit switch mounted on the platform, switching on when the bottom station is placed on the work platform, and off when it's removed therefrom providing for operation of the indicator.

Method for authenticating user using icon combined with input pattern, and password input device

A password input device comprises a storage unit for storing character strings according to each icon; an input window generation unit for generating and displaying an input window on which a plurality of icons are arranged; a secret icon recognition unit which confirms a shift coordinate value and recognizes icons, which are arranged on coordinates inversely moved up to the shift coordinate value from a coordinate value at which a selected icon is arranged, as secret icons selected by the user if the user selects the icon; and an authentication processing unit which confirms a character string corresponding to each secret icon recognized in the secret icon recognition unit, generates a combined character string in which the one or more confirmed character strings are arranged, and authenticates the user by confirming whether the generated combined character string is consistent with the user's password stored in the storage unit.. .

Canonical forms of layout patterns

Aspects of the disclosed technology relate to techniques for determining canonical forms of layout patterns. coordinates of vertices of geometric elements in a window of a layout design are first transformed into new coordinates of the vertices, wherein the coordinates of vertices do not comprise clipped coordinates and the transforming comprises: performing a translation on the coordinates of vertices based on differences between maximum and minimum x/y coordinate values of the vertices.

Apparatus for obtaining virtual 3d object information without requiring pointer

Disclosed is an apparatus for obtaining 3d virtual object information which includes a 3d coordinates calculation portion for calculating 3d coordinates data for a body of a user to extract first space coordinates and second space coordinates from the calculated 3d coordinates data, a touch location calculation portion for calculating virtual object contact point coordinates for the surface of the virtual object building on the 3d map information that is met by a line connecting the first space coordinates and the second space coordinates extracted from the 3d coordinates calculation portion; and a space location matching portion for extracting virtual object (location) belonging to the virtual object contact point coordinates data calculated from the touch location calculation portion, and providing the extracted corresponding information of the virtual object to a display portion of a user's terminal or the apparatus for obtaining the 3d virtual object information.. .

Method and device for clicking and selecting object in three-dimensional virtual reality scene

A method for clicking and selecting an object in a three-dimensional virtual reality scene is provided. The method includes: receiving a positioning signal of a target object in a three-dimensional virtual reality scene; projecting the target object to a set position in a display window according to the positioning signal; if the target object is displayed at the set position, after a behavior for clicking the target object is perceived, acquiring two-dimensional coordinates corresponding to a clicking position in the display window; determining a single object corresponding to the clicking position according to the two-dimensional coordinates; acquiring a leaf node corresponding to the single object in a tree management structure, and acquiring a father node of the leaf node; if the attribute of the father node is unlock, selecting the single object; if the attribute of the father node is lock, tracing a node from the father node along the direction towards the root node of the tree management structure, wherein the node is closest to the father node and the attribute of the node as a father node is unlock, and selecting a combined object corresponding to the node.

Coordinates conversion conservative physical parameters from latitude-longitude coordinates system to rotated cubed-sphere coordinates system and hardware device performing the same

A method of converting coordinates of a physical quantity from a latitude-longitude coordinates system to a rotated cubed-sphere coordinates system is disclosed. The method is performed in a hardware device including a computation part and a memory.

Method and system for tracking vessels

The present invention relates to a method of tracking a vessel at a processing system, including: receiving location coordinates for the vessel associated with a vessel identifier; obtaining vessel data associated with the vessel identifier; processing the vessel data; and determining whether the vessel is berthed at one of a plurality of berth locations using the processed vessel data and the location coordinates. A system for tracking a vessel is also disclosed..

Methods and computer network for co-ordinating a loan over the internet

The invention relates to a method and a computer for coordinating an electronic credit application between an internet user and a plurality of lending institutions via the internet. This method involves displaying documents in a web site, and receiving credit data forming placed on the web site.

Defect estimation device and method and inspection system and method

Acquired mask data of a defect portion is sent to a simulated repair circuit 300 to be simulated. The simulation of the acquired mask data 204 is returned to the mask inspection results 205 and thereafter sent to a wafer transfer simulator 400 along with a reference image at the corresponding portion.

Treatment recommending system of plant symptoms, method and non-transitory computer-readable medium

A treatment recommending system of plant symptom includes an operation interface, an image capture unit, a processing unit and a storage unit for storing plant symptom data and diagnostic data. The processing unit may find target contour data presenting a plant part according to symptom description and symptom characteristic data.

Image forming apparatus and its control method

With this invention, color shifting correction is performed first based on shifting amount information indicating a shifting amount with respect to the scanning direction on an image carrier of each image forming unit, and halftone processing is then performed, thus suppressing generation of moiré due to the color shifting correction, and forming a high-quality image. To this end, an image forming engine has color shifting amount storage units c, m, y, and k (black) which store actual shifting amounts with respect to ideal scan directions on image carriers c, m, y, and k in image forming units c, m, y, and k.

Mask pattern generation method and optical image calculation method

In a method for generating, with a computer, a pattern of a mask, a pattern on an object plane of a projection optical system is set, shifted plural pupil functions are generated, a matrix containing the generated plural pupil functions is defined, an image of the pattern on the object plane is calculated by generating a vector obtained by transposing and complex-conjugating a vector containing, as components, values of the pupil functions at origin coordinates on a pupil plane from among components of the matrix, and performing convolution integral between the pattern on the object plane and a fourier transform of a product of the vector and the matrix, an assist pattern for the pattern on the object plane is generated using the calculated image, and a pattern of the mask including the pattern on the object plane and the assist pattern is generated.. .

Articulated arm coordinate measurement machine having a 2d camera and obtaining 3d representations

A portable articulated arm coordinate measuring machine includes a noncontact 3d measuring device that has a projector configured to emit a first pattern of light onto an object, a scanner camera arranged to receive the first pattern of light reflected from the surface of the object, an edge-detecting camera arranged to receive light reflected from an edge feature of the object, and a processor configured to determine first 3d coordinates of an edge point of the edge feature based on electrical signals received from the scanner camera and the edge-detecting camera.. .

Display system, display device, display terminal, display display terminal, and control program

Since a display device is used in a relatively large room, it often displays images on a large screen. On the other hand, a display terminal often displays images on a small screen.

Head-mounted display

A head-mounted display includes a display unit, a detector, and a first control unit. The display unit is mountable on a head of a user and configured to be capable of providing the user with a field of view of a real space.

Distortion of digital images using spatial offsets from image reference points

A method for distorting a digital image comprising receiving the coordinates of one or more than one image reference point defined by a user within the digital image, receiving one or more than one spatial offset assigned by the user and associated with the coordinates of the one or more than one defined image reference point, providing a mixing function algorithm embodied on a computer-readable medium for distorting the digital image, calculating an offset matrix by applying the mixing function algorithm based on the one or more than one spatial offset and the coordinates of the one or more than one defined image reference point; and distorting the digital image by application of the offset matrix. A graphic tag may be associated with each of the defined image reference points and displayed over the digital image, and the assignment of the spatial offset may be accomplished by movement of the graphic tag with the pointing device.

Information processor

An information processor includes a means for displaying a plurality of item buttons in a display region, the item buttons each having center coordinates and outlines, a means for determining coordinates of an indicated position in the display area based on an input signal, a means for calibrating the center coordinates of each of the plurality of item buttons to coordinates between the center coordinates and the outlines of each of the item buttons to obtain the calibrated center coordinates, and a means for determining one of the item buttons to be in a selected state such that the calibrated center coordinates of the determined one is closest to the coordinates of the indicated position.. .

Devices and methods for displaying interface elements of media players

Devices and methods are provided for displaying interface elements of a player. For example, whether an interface cursor moves is detected; a detection result is generated; in response to the detection result indicating that the interface cursor moves, a starting time of a movement of the interface cursor and one or more starting coordinates of the interface cursor are recorded; one or more time points associated with the movement and one or more first coordinates of the interface cursor are recorded at one or more predetermined time intervals starting from the starting time; a data record is generated based on at least information associated with the starting time, the starting coordinates, the time points and the first coordinates; whether the movement satisfies one or more predetermined conditions is determined based on at least information associated with the data record to generate a determination result; and one or more interface elements of a player are displayed based on at least information associated with the determination result..
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Element computation-communication parallelization method implemented on cubed-sphere grids based on spectral element method and hardware device performing the same

A method of parallelizing computation in an element and communication between elements in a cubed-sphere coordinates system based on a spectral element method is disclosed. The method is performed in a hardware device including a computation part, a memory and a communication buffer.
Korea Institute Of Atmospheric Prediction Systems

Automatic selection of an intermediate dating location

In an example, a system and method are disclosed for providing functionality for two users of a matching service, such as an online dating service, to identify a midpoint at which they may conveniently meet. User locations may be based on exact coordinates, or may be more generalized, such as by zip code or city., L.l.c.

System and a method to recognize a product

A system, and a method adapted to recognize a physical product at a retailer's physical outlet through a cellular device, having a geographic positioning signaling means, utilized by a user of it. Product price tags are scanned, decoded, and the output data is queried against a product database to search for product matches.
Reve Ab

Prevention of setup errors in radiotherapy

A patient safety system (pss) (100) uses optical tracking in a linear accelerator treatment room to prevent gross setup errors. A patient (150) undergoes a computed tomography (ct) treatment-simulation scan while a ct ball bearing (bb) is on patient's surface.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

Method and locating a low-power wireless device using a smartphone

A first smartphone or electronic device may predict the location of a second electronic device using low power wireless interfaces, trilateration techniques, and global positioning system coordinates. A smartphone may detect the presence of a second electronic device using low power wireless interfaces and then communicate the predicted location to another smartphone.

Method and system for wafer alignment

A method for a system to generate a recipe for performing wafer alignment, includes: generating first and second alignment data sets, the first alignment data set including image information regarding a first site on a wafer and coordinates of characteristic points at the first site, and the second alignment data set including image information regarding a second site different than the first site on the wafer and coordinates of characteristic points at the second site; and saving the generated first and second alignment data sets as a recipe for wafer alignment; wherein the generating of the first alignment data set includes: selecting, as the first site, a site including a characteristic pattern on the wafer; determining first and second characteristic points at the selected site; and recording coordinates of the determined first and second characteristic points.. .
Raintree Scientific Instruments (shanghai) Corporation

Image analysis useful for patterned objects

A method of registering features in a repeating pattern can include (a) providing an object having a repeating pattern of features and a fiducial; (b) obtaining a target image of the object, wherein the target image includes the repeating pattern of features and the fiducial; (c) comparing the fiducial in the target image to reference data, wherein the reference data includes xy coordinates for a virtual fiducial; and (d) determining locations for the features in the target image based on the comparison of the virtual fiducial in the reference data to the fiducial in the data from the target image. The fiducial can have at least concentric circles that produce three different signal levels.
Illumina, Inc.

System and determining geo-location(s) in images

Determining gps coordinates of some image point(s) positions in at least two images using a processor configured by program instructions. Receiving position information of some of the positions where an image capture device captured an image.
Cognitech, Inc.

Method for inserting a watermark in an image and corresponding detecting a watermark in an image to be analyzed

A method is provided for inserting a digital watermark in an image by an insertion device. Inserting includes: applying a fourier transform to the image, delivering a 2d fourier spectrum; inserting the watermark in the fourier spectrum delivering a modified fourier spectrum; and applying an inverse fourier transform to the modified fourier spectrum delivering a watermarked image.
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique-cnrs

Determining position of underwater node

A method of determining the position of an underwater node. The positions of three or more transmitters are determined.
Go Science Group Ltd

System and correcting optical distortions when projecting 2d images onto 2d surfaces

A system for projecting 2d images, providing a computerized representation of a first, dense, grid of spatial 3d coordinates which respectively correspond to a set of time-points evenly distributed along a time-dimension with constant time-discretization; deriving a dense 2d representation of an image, whose coordinate pairs respectively correspond to said set of time-points; d. Defining a sparse 2d grid of second coordinate pairs, spaced such that distances between any two adjacent coordinate pairs along a row of said sparse 2d grid are constant; and finding, coordinate pairs closest to the second sparser grid to yield a third grid, and a laser controller to control the laser to project a digitally represented image, from said distance, timed to project pixels whose locations respectively correspond to the subset of uniformly distanced positions forming said third grid, thereby to prevent image distortion despite non-uniformity of micro-mirror's angular velocity..
Maradin Technologies Ltd.

Methods for and interactive school yearbook

The present disclosure provides for image processing apparatus for generating static image data and corresponding spatial coordinates as an infrastructure for receiving media input. The media input will generally be related to the image data corresponding with selected spatial coordinates.
Yearbooker Llc

Visualization numerical weather prediction model data on six-panels grid frame and hardware device performing the same

A method of visualizing numerical weather prediction model data on a six-panel grid frame is disclosed. Global map data are converted from latitude-longitude coordinates into coordinates in the six-panel grid frame.
Korea Institute Of Atmospheric Prediction Systems

Handling of electromagnetic interference in an electronic apparatus

The present invention provides a touch-sensitive apparatus and a method for determining a coordinate position in response to a proximity detection for the touch-sensitive apparatus. The method comprises the steps of: evaluating a plurality of designed measurement modes by measuring noise over a plurality of measurement cycles when a proximity event on the touch-sensitive apparatus has been detected; selecting an optimal measurement mode from the plurality of designed measurement modes; assigning the optimal measurement mode to be a working measurement mode; performing the proximity detection for the touch-sensitive apparatus in use of the working measurement mode; and calculating the coordinates of the touched position based on results obtained with the working measurement mode..
Imagination Broadway Ltd.

Stylus tilt tracking with a digitizer

A method for detecting orientation of a stylus with respect to a digitizer sensing surface includes detecting a signal emitted by a stylus at a plurality of coordinates on a digitizer sensing surface, determining coordinate of a writing tip of the stylus, defining at least one feature characterizing an asymmetrical spread of the stylus signal on the digitizer sensing surface with respect to the writing tip coordinate, and characterizing an orientation of the stylus responsive to the characterization of the asymmetrical spread.. .
N-trig Ltd.

Method and device for moving cursor of television

The present disclosure provides a method and a device for moving a cursor of a television. The method includes: obtaining a two-dimensional code value of a two-dimensional code reading device on a two-dimensional code graph paper in real time; calculating absolute coordinates of the cursor according to the two-dimensional code value and a position of the current cursor; and re-displaying the cursor according to the absolute coordinates.
Shenzhen Tcl New Technology Co., Ltd.

Method and extra-vehicular emergency updates following an accident

A system includes a processor configured to receive instructions from a vehicle computing system (vcs) to being reporting a mobile device location. The processor is also configured to access a list of emergency contacts.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Testing apparatus using charged particles and device manufacturing method using the testing apparatus

A substrate is irradiated by primary electrons and secondary electrons generated from the substrate are detected by a detector. A reference die is placed on the stage to obtain a pattern matching template image including feature coordinates of the reference die.
Ebara Corporation

System and integrating a database with a service deployed on a cloud platform

Described herein are systems and methods for integrating a database into a cloud computing environment. In accordance with an embodiment, a system includes a service management engine (sme) configured to execute in the cloud environment and to access a provider type including coordinates to a database and authentication information for the database.
Oracle International Corporation

Location based mobile deposit security feature

A mobile deposit application including a remotely accessible bank administrative interface module for setting a plurality of geographic-based security rules, a rules module communicative coupled to the bank administrative interface module, the rules module comprising bank-definable location parameters for enabling mobile deposit based on the geographic location of a mobile device, a geolocation module communicatively coupled to the rules module, the geolocation module receives coordinates of the mobile device and applies said coordinates to the rules module to determine if mobile deposit features are enabled or disabled and an exception presentation module communicatively coupled to the rules module, the exception presentation module displaying notifications to the mobile device responsive to a disabling of the mobile deposit features responsive to the geolocation module reporting the mobile device falls outside the bank-definable location parameters.. .
Nitro Mobile Solutions, Llc

Information processing system

A communication terminal (300) generates a space coordinate system on the basis of the relative positions of identification images in a first image acquired by photographing a tag array board (100) using a camera-attached glasses (200) and transmits the coordinate range of the space coordinate system included in the first image to a commodity management server (500); the commodity management server (500) transmits a second image and display coordinates corresponding to the space coordinate system to the communication terminal (300); the communication terminal (300) displays the second image at the position based on the display coordinates of the camera-attached glasses (200), reads a tag id from the tag array board (100) and transmits the tag id to the commodity management server (500); and the commodity management server (500) performs predetermined processing on the basis of the tag id.. .
Biglobe Inc.

Novel real time tests and diagnosis of partial discharge sources in high voltage equipment and installations, which are in service or out of service, and physical system for the practical use of the method

A method for detecting events associated with partial discharges (pds) in high voltage equipment and installations diagnoses insulation conditions in real time by using pd signal noise discrimination by the parallel use of multiprocessors, which are additionally used for the discrimination, in real time, of different pd sources located in a single position or in different positions. In order to identify the various pd sources, three-dimensional clusters are formed using the coordinates of three parameters characteristic of each pulse: the parameter associated with the front time of the impulse, the parameter associated with the tail time and the parameter associated with the pulse frequency.
Universidad Politecnica De Madrid

Antenna structures and methods thereof for determining locations to improve wireless communications

A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may include, for example, an antenna structure of a base station including an antenna element for communicating with a communication device via radio frequency signals and a circuit coupled to the antenna element. The circuit detects a location of the communication device.
Skycross, Inc.

Computing device and compensating coordinates of position device

A computing device compensates a coordinate of a position device for a computerized numerical control (cnc) machine. The computing device generates a point cloud according to contour points of the position device.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Device and verifying cnc production accuracy

In a production accuracy verification method to verify a production program installed in a computer numerical control (cnc) machine, wherein the production program is used to produce a product, coordinates of points on an ideal processing path of the production program are obtained to fit a first curve. A cad model of the product is obtained, and outlines of the product are extracted in the cad model.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Implant magnet distance determination

A method is described for estimating skin thickness over an implanted magnet. A plane is defined that is perpendicular to the skin of a patient over an implanted magnet and characterized by x- and y-axis coordinates.
Med-el Elektromedizinische Geraete Gmbh

Serially connected autonomous location pads

An apparatus, including a bus having electrical power and data lines, and a plurality of location pads, which are positionable at different, respective locations with respect to a body cavity in which the object is located, and which are connected to the bus in series so as to receive electrical power and exchange data signals over the bus. Each location pad includes multiple radiator coils and driving circuitry configured to select, responsively to the data signals, different respective driving frequencies for the coils and to generate, using the electrical power from the bus, driving signals to drive the coils to produce magnetic fields at the respective driving frequencies.
Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.

System and mobile localization using fake location updates

A method including defining mappings between coordinates of interest and fake location areas. The method may further include providing an application to a terminal, and distributing the mappings to the terminal.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

Problem signature terminal diagnosis method and system

Systems and methods for problem signature terminal diagnosis are disclosed. In an example embodiment, measured operational statistics of a satellite terminal of a peer group of satellite terminals are received and converted into normalized operation statistics.
Hughes Network Systems, Llc

Adaptive current-collector electrochemical system

An adaptive current-collector electrochemical (ace) system utilizes an array of contact pads and associated current control transistors to control localized current generation in discrete regions of a battery. Each contact pad is formed on a battery electrode (anode or cathode) and coupled to an associated discrete battery region, and is connected by an associated transistor to a current collection plate.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

Method and image processing to avoid counting shelf edge promotional labels when counting product labels

A method and apparatus for image processing to avoid counting shelf edge promotional labels when counting product labels. Shelf edges are identified by detecting shelf edge content in a captured image by comparing the image to reference images of shelf edge content.
Motorola Solutions, Inc

Method and electronic equipment for identifying facial features

A method for identifying facial features comprises following steps: an image tracing step is performed to receive video data of a plurality of face images and to obtain a real-time background image from the video data by a video tracing technique. A data calculating step is performed to calculate a video data difference between a current face image and the real-time background image.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Method and system for measuring distance

A method and a system for measuring a distance from a reference point to an object are provided. The method comprises the following steps.
Industrial Technology Research Institute

Voice over ip developing interactive voice response system

A process performed by a personal interactive voice response service node includes setting interactive voice response service node prompts for a communications address to which communications are answered by the personal interactive voice response service node. The process includes mapping, in response to individualized instructions, actions to correspond to selections of set interactive voice response service node prompts.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Radio communication system, radio base station, and communication control method

Resources available for large power base stations are controlled in a radio communication system in which mobile terminals with and without interference suppression capability are used together and in which a large power base station and small power base stations coordinate inter-cell interference control. A radio base station coordinates inter-cell interference control with at least one second radio base station forming a second cell within a first cell of the radio base station, the second cell having a smaller area than the first cell.
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

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Coordinates topics: Coordinates, Spectrometer, Downstream, Mass Spectrometer, Touch Screen, Tracking System, Touch Sensing, Signal Processing

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