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Date/App# patent app List of recent Coordinates-related patents
 System and  integrating a database with a service deployed on a cloud platform patent thumbnailnew patent System and integrating a database with a service deployed on a cloud platform
Described herein are systems and methods for integrating a database into a cloud computing environment. In accordance with an embodiment, a system includes a service management engine (sme) configured to execute in the cloud environment and to access a provider type including coordinates to a database and authentication information for the database.
Oracle International Corporation
 Location based mobile deposit security feature patent thumbnailnew patent Location based mobile deposit security feature
A mobile deposit application including a remotely accessible bank administrative interface module for setting a plurality of geographic-based security rules, a rules module communicative coupled to the bank administrative interface module, the rules module comprising bank-definable location parameters for enabling mobile deposit based on the geographic location of a mobile device, a geolocation module communicatively coupled to the rules module, the geolocation module receives coordinates of the mobile device and applies said coordinates to the rules module to determine if mobile deposit features are enabled or disabled and an exception presentation module communicatively coupled to the rules module, the exception presentation module displaying notifications to the mobile device responsive to a disabling of the mobile deposit features responsive to the geolocation module reporting the mobile device falls outside the bank-definable location parameters.. .
Nitro Mobile Solutions, Llc
 Information processing system patent thumbnailnew patent Information processing system
A communication terminal (300) generates a space coordinate system on the basis of the relative positions of identification images in a first image acquired by photographing a tag array board (100) using a camera-attached glasses (200) and transmits the coordinate range of the space coordinate system included in the first image to a commodity management server (500); the commodity management server (500) transmits a second image and display coordinates corresponding to the space coordinate system to the communication terminal (300); the communication terminal (300) displays the second image at the position based on the display coordinates of the camera-attached glasses (200), reads a tag id from the tag array board (100) and transmits the tag id to the commodity management server (500); and the commodity management server (500) performs predetermined processing on the basis of the tag id.. .
Biglobe Inc.
 Novel  real time tests and diagnosis of partial discharge sources in high voltage equipment and installations, which are in service or out of service, and physical system for the practical use of the method patent thumbnailnew patent Novel real time tests and diagnosis of partial discharge sources in high voltage equipment and installations, which are in service or out of service, and physical system for the practical use of the method
A method for detecting events associated with partial discharges (pds) in high voltage equipment and installations diagnoses insulation conditions in real time by using pd signal noise discrimination by the parallel use of multiprocessors, which are additionally used for the discrimination, in real time, of different pd sources located in a single position or in different positions. In order to identify the various pd sources, three-dimensional clusters are formed using the coordinates of three parameters characteristic of each pulse: the parameter associated with the front time of the impulse, the parameter associated with the tail time and the parameter associated with the pulse frequency.
Universidad Politecnica De Madrid
 Antenna structures and methods thereof for determining locations to improve wireless communications patent thumbnailnew patent Antenna structures and methods thereof for determining locations to improve wireless communications
A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may include, for example, an antenna structure of a base station including an antenna element for communicating with a communication device via radio frequency signals and a circuit coupled to the antenna element. The circuit detects a location of the communication device.
Skycross, Inc.
 Computing device and  compensating coordinates of position device patent thumbnailnew patent Computing device and compensating coordinates of position device
A computing device compensates a coordinate of a position device for a computerized numerical control (cnc) machine. The computing device generates a point cloud according to contour points of the position device.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
 Device and  verifying cnc production accuracy patent thumbnailnew patent Device and verifying cnc production accuracy
In a production accuracy verification method to verify a production program installed in a computer numerical control (cnc) machine, wherein the production program is used to produce a product, coordinates of points on an ideal processing path of the production program are obtained to fit a first curve. A cad model of the product is obtained, and outlines of the product are extracted in the cad model.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
 Implant magnet distance determination patent thumbnailnew patent Implant magnet distance determination
A method is described for estimating skin thickness over an implanted magnet. A plane is defined that is perpendicular to the skin of a patient over an implanted magnet and characterized by x- and y-axis coordinates.
Med-el Elektromedizinische Geraete Gmbh
 Serially connected autonomous location pads patent thumbnailnew patent Serially connected autonomous location pads
An apparatus, including a bus having electrical power and data lines, and a plurality of location pads, which are positionable at different, respective locations with respect to a body cavity in which the object is located, and which are connected to the bus in series so as to receive electrical power and exchange data signals over the bus. Each location pad includes multiple radiator coils and driving circuitry configured to select, responsively to the data signals, different respective driving frequencies for the coils and to generate, using the electrical power from the bus, driving signals to drive the coils to produce magnetic fields at the respective driving frequencies.
Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.
 System and  mobile localization using fake location updates patent thumbnailnew patent System and mobile localization using fake location updates
A method including defining mappings between coordinates of interest and fake location areas. The method may further include providing an application to a terminal, and distributing the mappings to the terminal.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy
new patent

Problem signature terminal diagnosis method and system

Systems and methods for problem signature terminal diagnosis are disclosed. In an example embodiment, measured operational statistics of a satellite terminal of a peer group of satellite terminals are received and converted into normalized operation statistics.
Hughes Network Systems, Llc
new patent

Adaptive current-collector electrochemical system

An adaptive current-collector electrochemical (ace) system utilizes an array of contact pads and associated current control transistors to control localized current generation in discrete regions of a battery. Each contact pad is formed on a battery electrode (anode or cathode) and coupled to an associated discrete battery region, and is connected by an associated transistor to a current collection plate.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated
new patent

Method and image processing to avoid counting shelf edge promotional labels when counting product labels

A method and apparatus for image processing to avoid counting shelf edge promotional labels when counting product labels. Shelf edges are identified by detecting shelf edge content in a captured image by comparing the image to reference images of shelf edge content.
Motorola Solutions, Inc
new patent

Method and electronic equipment for identifying facial features

A method for identifying facial features comprises following steps: an image tracing step is performed to receive video data of a plurality of face images and to obtain a real-time background image from the video data by a video tracing technique. A data calculating step is performed to calculate a video data difference between a current face image and the real-time background image.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited
new patent

Method and system for measuring distance

A method and a system for measuring a distance from a reference point to an object are provided. The method comprises the following steps.
Industrial Technology Research Institute
new patent

Voice over ip developing interactive voice response system

A process performed by a personal interactive voice response service node includes setting interactive voice response service node prompts for a communications address to which communications are answered by the personal interactive voice response service node. The process includes mapping, in response to individualized instructions, actions to correspond to selections of set interactive voice response service node prompts.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.
new patent

Radio communication system, radio base station, and communication control method

Resources available for large power base stations are controlled in a radio communication system in which mobile terminals with and without interference suppression capability are used together and in which a large power base station and small power base stations coordinate inter-cell interference control. A radio base station coordinates inter-cell interference control with at least one second radio base station forming a second cell within a first cell of the radio base station, the second cell having a smaller area than the first cell.
Ntt Docomo, Inc.
new patent

Image forming apparatus that performs function restriction, image formation method, and recording medium

Provided is an image forming apparatus that can prevent, when brought out from a setting location, outputting inaccurate image data illegally. An image forming apparatus includes an image output device, a communication device, and a master controller.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.
new patent

Apparatus, method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium for image forming that create highly accurate color conversion table

An image forming apparatus includes an interpolation reference data creating unit, a reference space coordinate calculating unit, an interpolation operation unit, and a color conversion unit. The interpolation reference data creating unit divides a hue plane with grid points and creates interpolation reference data where triangular shapes formed by the grid points for an linear interpolation are varied in portions where saturation of the hue plane is equal to or less than a predetermined threshold and where the saturation of the hue plane is higher than the predetermined threshold.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.
new patent

System and scan range gating

A system for scanning light to define a range gated signal includes a pulsed coherent light source that directs light into the atmosphere, a light gathering instrument that receives the light modified by atmospheric backscatter and transfers the light onto an image plane, a scanner that scans collimated light from the image plane to form a range gated signal from the light modified by atmospheric backscatter, a control circuit that coordinates timing of a scan rate of the scanner and a pulse rate of the pulsed coherent light source so that the range gated signal is formed according to a desired range gate, an optical device onto which an image of the range gated signal is scanned, and an interferometer to which the image of the range gated signal is directed by the optical device. The interferometer is configured to modify the image according to a desired analysis..
Michigan Aerospace Corporation
new patent

Indoor surveying apparatus and method

An indoor surveying apparatus comprises a light source, a color imaging system, a memory storing calibration coefficients, and a computing device for determining coordinates of 3d intersection points of the emitted light with objects using calibration coefficients and images captured by the imaging system. A method of using the surveying apparatus comprises the steps of capturing first image of a scene illuminated by the light source, capturing second image of the scene without the illumination by the light source, comparing the two images to identify locations of the 3d intersection points in the first image, using the set of calibration coefficients and the locations of the 3d intersection points in the first image to compute 3d coordinates of the intersection points, whereby surveying information collected by the apparatus comprises the coordinates of 3d intersection points and the color photographic images captured from known poses relative to the 3d intersection points..
Planitar Inc.
new patent

Method for controlling a monitoring system and a system for its implementation

The invention relates to video surveillance systems. The method includes the following steps: first, the current information about the object is collected.
new patent

Mapping damaged regions on objects

Systems and methods for mapping a damaged region on an object. An exemplary system captures an image of the damaged region with a camera, selects target points around a boundary of the damaged region on the image, and determines 2d image coordinates for the target points on the image.
The Boeing Company
new patent

Visualization, sharing and analysis of large data sets

Systems and methods for visualization, sharing and analysis of large data sets are described. Systems and methods may include receiving an input data set, wherein the input data set includes data that can be classified in classification dimensions wherein a first classification dimension is a linear ordering of data entries and a second classification dimension represents analysis criteria, traits of the data entries, or aspects of the data entries; obtaining an unabridged data table listing results for each combination of coordinates in the first classification dimension and the second classification dimension; and displaying contents of the unabridged data table as a visual array wherein two axes correspond to the coordinates and a third axis corresponds to a third classification dimension, wherein the third classification dimension represents an actual value of the respective data point for the coordinates.
new patent

Information processing controlling the same

An information processing apparatus extracts, from each of images of an object captured from a plurality of viewpoints, a contour of the object, selects at least one point included in the contour for each of the extracted contour, and associates the selected points between the images, derives three-dimensional coordinates of the associated points, derives a plane for approximating the object based on the derived three-dimensional coordinates of the points, and estimates depth values of unassociated points out of points on the contour based on the three-dimensional coordinates of the related points and the derived plane, to accurately estimate depth value of the object.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
new patent

Electronic apparatus and coordinate correcting method

According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a first detector, a second detector and a processor. The first detector is configured to detect a first position on a detection surface.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
new patent

Electronic apparatus and coordinate correcting method

According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus comprises a detector and a processor. The detector is configured to chronologically detect coordinates of positions sequentially indicated by an indicator on a detection surface.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
new patent

Transparent display virtual touch apparatus not displaying pointer

The present invention is to provide a transparent display virtual touch apparatus capable of exquisitely operating by a display portion worn on a user's face and located in front of an eye of a user and of identifying contents regardless of the direction and location of the user. The present invention includes a transparent display portion, worn on a user's face and located in front of an eye of a user, for displaying contents on a display, a first image obtaining portion, attached to one side of the transparent display portion, for capturing a location for the eye of the user, a second image obtaining portion, attached to one side of the transparent display portion, for capturing the body of the user, and a virtual touch processing portion for detecting first space coordinates and second space coordinates using each calculated 3d coordinates data using images captured by the first image obtaining portion and the second image obtaining portion and for calculating contact point coordinates data for a display surface on the transparent display portion met by a line connecting the first space coordinates and second space coordinates..
Vtouch Co., Ltd.
new patent

Signal processing device and radar apparatus

A signal processing device is provided. The signal processing device processes reception signals received by an object detector that detects existence of objects.
Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.
new patent

Smart tow

A system and method for providing visual assistance through a graphic overlay super-imposed on a back-up camera image for assisting a vehicle operator when backing up a vehicle to align a tow ball with a trailer tongue. The method includes providing camera modeling to correlate the camera image in vehicle coordinates to world coordinates, where the camera modeling provides the graphic overlay to include a tow line having a height in the camera image that is determined by an estimated height of the trailer tongue.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Managing build variants in a common repository

A system includes determination of first coordinates in a repository coordinate system associated with a seed component corresponding to a target build result of a first code building system, the seed component comprising a projection method between the repository coordinate system and a variant coordinate system of the first code building system, determination of second coordinates in the variant coordinate system, the second coordinates associated with an execution environment of the target build result, determination of third coordinates in the repository coordinate system based on the first coordinates, the second coordinates and the projection method, and association of the target build result with the third coordinates.. .

Method for human-computer interaction on a graphical user interface (gui)

The invention provides a method for human-computer interaction on a graphical user interface (gui), a gui, a navigation tool, computers and computer operated devices. The method includes the steps of: determining coordinates of a pointer with, or relative, to an input device; determining coordinates of interactive objects of which at least two objects are displayed; establishing a threshold in relation to the interactive objects and in relation to space about them; prioritizing the interactive objects in relation to their distance and/or direction to the pointer; moving the interactive objects and thresholds relative to the object priority; repeating the above steps every time the coordinates of the pointer changes; and performing an action when a threshold is reached..

Systems and methods for distributed atomic storage operations

An aggregation module combines a plurality of logical address spaces to form a conglomerated address space. The logical address spaces comprising the conglomerated address space may correspond to different respective storage modules and/or storage devices.
Fusion-io, Inc.

Method and system for assessment of cognitive function based on electronic device usage

A system and method that enables a person to unobtrusively quantify the effect of mobility, physical activity, learning, social interaction and diet on cognitive function. The method records on the electronic device one of global positioning system longitude and latitude coordinates, accelerometer coordinates, and gyroscope coordinates, one of outgoing and incoming phone calls, outgoing and incoming emails, and outgoing and incoming text messages, one of urls visited on an internet browser application, books read on an e-reader application, games played on game applications, and the nutritional content of food consumed, performs the step of learning a function mapping from those recordings to measurements of cognitive function using a loss function to identify a set of optimal weights that produce a minimum for the loss function, uses those optimal weights to create the function mapping, and performs the step of computing the variance of the cognitive function measurements that is explained by the function mapping to assign an attribution to the effect of physical activity on measured changes in cognitive function..
Mindstrong, Llc

Computing device and simulating measurement of object

In a method for simulating measurements of an object using a computing device, a virtual probe and a user interface including icons for controlling the virtual probe are created. Point cloud data of the object is acquired and meshed into triangles for outputting a meshed model.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods for advanced sanitary sewer infrastructure management

Systems and methods for managing a sanitary sewer infrastructure. In an embodiment, a plurality of representations of infrastructure assets are re-projected from a plane coordinate system into a geospatial coordinate system, such that each of the re-projected plurality of representations of infrastructure assets is associated with a geospatial coordinate.
Trifecta Global Infrastructure Solutions Ltd.

Computing device and image measurement

A computing device measures an object using images of the object. The computing device processes the images to obtain a focus of a lens of the cnc machine.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Method by which psaps can identify and request information from cellular devices that are near emergent events

When a psap receives a call from a cellular telephone in reference to an emergent event, the speed and quality of the response may be improved by the cellular service provider's provision to the psap of information that includes the geographic location of the caller's phone. In a typical scenario, in which the call is from a gps-equipped phone, the gps coordinates of the phone may be echoed back to the psap in response to a specialized open “ping” request from the service provider.
Avaya Inc.

Vision-2-vision control system

A method for controlling an object space having an associated object environment includes the steps of, defining a target set of coordinates in the object space, recognizing the presence of a predetermined object in the object space, and determining a coordinate location of the recognized predetermined object in the object space. The method further includes determining the spatial relationship between the recognized predetermined object and the target set of coordinates, comparing the spatial relationship with predetermined spatial relationship criteria, and if the determined spatial relationship criteria falls within the predetermined spatial relationship criteria, modifying the object space environment..
Vision-2-vision, Llc

Methods and systems for storage and retrieval of originating caller location information in an emergency services system

Methods and systems for the storage and retrieval of originating caller location information in an emergency services system are disclosed. Subscriber information from a telephone service provider is received by a ng-911 service provider, the subscriber information including a subscriber telephone number and an associated subscriber address.
Synergem Technologies, Inc.

Light section sensor

A light section sensor for providing an output of a digital output coordinate has an illuminating device for projecting a light line onto a measured object and an electronic camera for detecting the projected light line on the measured object. A processing device determines at least one measured coordinate in a measured coordinate system on the basis of the light line detected.
Baumer Electric Ag

Multi point, high sensitive tactile sensing module for robots and devices

The features of the system are: fiber optic cables (instead of human sensory receptor) and low cost cmos or ccd image sensor (which can be found in a conventional webcam, camcorder, digital camera etc.) are used by pairing each pixel of the image sensor with corresponding fiber optic cable, which is assured to transfer all light beams to the processor on a single photo frame where the coordinates and the level of displacements are detected precisely by the aid of image processing techniques, in order to provide tactile sensing. The system can work with a computer or it can work individually with an electronically circuit that contains an independent processor..

Balancing colors in a scanned three-dimensional image

A method of balancing colors of three-dimensional (3d) points measured by a scanner from a first location and a second location. The scanner measures 3d coordinates and colors of first object points from a first location and second object points from a second location.
Faro Technologies, Inc.

Method and system for three-dimensional data acquisition

A method for three-dimensional data acquisition, adapted to acquire three-dimensional data of an object, includes the following steps. A laser light is projected onto a plurality of regions on the surface of the object so as to form a plurality of features within each of the regions.
National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

Random accessible lossless parameter data compression for tile based 3d computer graphics systems

A method and apparatus are provided for compressing vertex parameter data in a 3d computer graphic system, where the vertex parameter data is a data block relating to a plurality of vertices used for rendering an image. The data relating to each vertex includes multiple byte data relating to at least one parameter.
Imagination Technologies, Ltd.

Computer system and related touch method

The present disclosure provides a computer system. The computer system comprises a stylus pen and an optical touch system.
Wistron Corporation

Method, device and mobile terminal for three-dimensional operation control of a touch screen

A method, a device and a mobile terminal for 3d operation control of a touch screen are disclosed. The method comprises the following steps: acquiring capacitance values of at least two acquiring points in a motion trajectory formed by a finger or a conductor moving in a touch screen sensing space; calculating coordinates of the acquiring points on the x-axis, the y-axis and the z-axis respectively according to the capacitance values of the acquiring points to obtain 3d coordinates of the acquiring points; and determining the motion trajectory according to the 3d coordinates of the at least two acquiring points and executing a corresponding operation.
Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co., Ltd

Touch sensing system and driving method thereof

A touch sensing system and a driving method thereof are provided. The touch sensing system includes: a touch screen drive circuit which senses a change in the amount of electric charge in touch sensors during a sensing period, generates raw data and temporarily stores it in a buffer memory, transmits the raw data read out from the buffer memory to an algorithm execution unit during a raw data transmission period, and calculates the coordinates of touch input by the algorithm execution unit during an algorithm execution period.
Lg Display Co., Ltd.

Method of coating sealant composition to inner surface of tire and tire manufactured by the same

Disclosed herein are a method of coating a sealant composition to an inner surface of a tire, and a tire manufactured by the same. The method includes extracting coordinates for coating a sealant composition with reference to a central point of a target tire using a computer-aided design (cad) file of the target tire; setting robot moving coordinates and setting a coating width based on the extracted coordinates; and coating the sealant composition while moving a nozzle provided to a robot arm and ejecting the sealant composition toward the set coordinates..
Hankook Tire Co., Ltd.

Method and system for providing a secure secrets proxy

A secure secrets proxy is instantiated in a first computing environment and includes secure secrets proxy authentication data for identifying itself to a secrets distribution management system in a second computing environment as a trusted virtual asset to receive and cache secrets data in a secure secrets cache outside the second computing environment. The secure secrets proxy requests one or more secrets to be cached and is then provided data representing the requested secrets in the secure secrets cache.
Intuit Inc.

Centralized selection of peers as media data sources in a dispersed peer network

A multi-source peer content distribution system transfers content files from multiple, distributed peer computers to any requesting computer. The content distribution network coordinates file transfers through a mediation system including a content catalog and a host broker system.
Sony Corporation

Polypeptide fragments comprising endonuclease activity and their use

The present invention relates to polypeptide fragments comprising an amino-terminal fragment of the pa subunit of a viral rna-dependent rna polymerase or variants thereof possessing endonuclease activity, wherein said pa subunit is from a virus belonging to the orthomyxoviridae family. This invention also relates to (i) crystals of the polypeptide fragments which are suitable for structure determination of said polypeptide fragments using x-ray crystallography and (ii) computational methods using the structural coordinates of said polypeptide to screen for and design compounds that modulate, preferably inhibit the endonucleolytically active site within the polypeptide fragment.
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique - Direction De La Politique Industrielle

Image processing apparatus and image processing method

An image processing apparatus includes an image acquisition unit acquiring a plurality of images, a corresponding point acquisition unit, a first fundamental matrix estimation unit, an epipole coordinate deriving unit, an epipole coordinate determination unit, and a fundamental matrix determination unit. The corresponding point acquisition unit acquires first corresponding points.
Olympus Corporation

X-ray diffraction based crystal centering method using an active pixel array sensor in rolling shutter mode

A method of centering a single crystal sample in the x-ray beam of a diffractometer uses detection of diffraction spots with an active pixel sensor operated in rolling shutter mode. A sample is mounted in the automated goniometer head of the diffractometer and an approximate center of the sample found through which three perpendicular sample axes pass.
Bruker Axs Inc.

Mirror assembly with formed reflective element substrate

A vehicular exterior rearview mirror assembly includes a mirror head portion and a reflective element having a glass substrate and a mirror reflector coated at a surface of the glass substrate. The reflective element is configured to provide a rearward field of view of at least about 15 degrees relative to a side of the vehicle and provides a substantially undistorted reflected image as viewed by the vehicle driver.
Magna Mirrors Of America, Inc.

Method for reducing smear effect in image capturing device

A device and a method for reducing a smear effect. The device comprises an image sensing module and a smear reduction module.
Altek Corporation

Oscillatory motion compensation in frequency domain in image motion sensing systems

A system and a method for processing multi-linear image data by measuring a relative oscillatory motion from a first-imaged array of the multi-linear optical array to a second-imaged array of the multi-linear optical array as a first function in time domain via image correlation; transforming the first function from the time domain to a second function in frequency domain; converting real and the imaginary parts of the second function to polar coordinates to generate a magnitude and a phase; correcting the polar coordinates from the second function in the frequency domain to generate a third function; converting the third function to rectangular coordinates to generate a fourth function in the frequency domain; and transforming the fourth function from the frequency domain to a fifth function in the time domain.. .
Raytheon Company

Tone and gamut mapping methods and apparatus

Tone and/or gamut mapping apparatus and methods may be applied to map color values in image data for display on a particular display or other downstream device. A mapping algorithm may be selected based on location and/or color coordinates for pixel data being mapped.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Image display apparatus, image enlargement method, and image enlargement program

An image display apparatus includes a display unit; a storage unit; and a processor configured to make the display unit display an image including a plurality of ruled lines, to detect coordinates designated by a user by an input operation on a display screen of the display unit, and to obtain a trajectory of the detected coordinates, and to make the display unit enlarge a part of the image including the ruled lines by an enlargement rule selected based on an arrangement of intersections of the trajectory of the obtained coordinates and the ruled lines, and display the enlarged part of the image.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Method for forming voids and structure with voids formed using the same

A method for forming voids corresponding to pads of smt components is provided. The method comprises following steps: one or more condition parameters are inputted into a searching unit.
Wistron Corporation

Balancing of drill bits

A method including of manufacturing a drill bit includes inputting bit characteristics into a simulator. The bit characteristics may include a drill bit mass, coordinates of the bit center of gravity, and an inertia tensor of the bit.
Smith International, Inc.

Privacy enhanced spatial analytics

Method, system, and computer program products, implementing and using techniques for processing data representing observations of entities. An anonymized key is generated.
International Business Machines Corporation

Apparatus and data management

When a relationship between a first data item belonging to a first group and a second data item belonging to a second group is detected, an operation unit updates the coordinates of the first data item using the coordinates of the second group and updates the coordinates of the second data item using the coordinates of the first group. The operation unit then determines which data items are to belong to each of the first and second groups, on the basis of the coordinates of the data items belonging to the first and second groups and the coordinates of the first and second groups..
Fujitsu Limited

Location source ranking for determining device location

Techniques for location source ranking for determining device location are described. A location source generally refers to a source of position information (e.g., gps coordinates, latitude and longitude, street addresses, and so forth) that can be used to determine a geographical location of a device.
Microsoft Corporation

Automated localization for gnss device

Systems and methods for performing automated localization are provided. In one example method, a plurality of coordinates representing positions of a plurality of locations may be received.
Javad Gnss, Inc.

Testing touch device and system thereof

A testing method of a touch device and a system thereof are provided. The testing method includes following steps.
Wistron Corporation

System and calibrating a laser scanning system

A system and method for calibrating a laser scanning system is provided. Various embodiments involve the use of a calibration plate with reference markings which is positioned to receive a directed beam in a set of known laser scanner positions.
Nv Materialise

Obtaining a geographical position of a mobile device

A method obtains a geographical position of a mobile device, which comprises a bluetooth transceiver and a storage unit for storing an offline map. The mobile device establishes bluetooth capability in order to enable a bluetooth connection with the mobile device.
International Business Machines Corporation

Methods and systems for correcting and communicating location information in a wireless communication environment

Disclosed are methods and systems for correcting and communicating location information of a node in a wireless communication network environment. The method comprises the steps of: calculating atleast a position offset, obtaining position coordinates of atleast a localizer, calculating atleast position coordinates of atleast a communicator, and communicating the position coordinates of the communicator as the location information of the node..
Qatar University Qstp-b

Techniques for emitting position information from luminaires

Techniques are disclosed for emitting position information from luminaires. Luminaire position information may be emitted via a light-based communication (lcom) signal that comprises data including the position information.
Osram Sylvania Inc.

Biomarker method

Provided herein is a method for quantifying the spatial distribution of cells or sub-cellular structures comprising (a) receiving image data comprising a plurality of biomarkers, n, wherein the data represents a spatial map of the biomarkers; (b) processing the data to obtain a set of coordinates, wherein each coordinate denotes the location of a cell or sub-cellular structure represented by a biomarker or combination of biomarkers; and (c) processing the set of coordinates into a two-dimensional symmetric (2n−1)×(2n−1) or 2n×2n matrix (d). Also provided is the use of this method for assigning subjects one or more clinical characteristics, the use of this method for forming and/or testing scientific hypotheses for one or more interventions, and apparatus comprising at least one processor configured to perform the method..
The University Of Manchester

Parking support apparatus

A parking support apparatus includes: a captured image acquisition unit acquiring a captured image from an image capturing unit which images surrounding scenery of a vehicle; a target destination section setting unit setting a target destination section which is located around the vehicle and at which the vehicle arrives, based on the image; a vertex coordinates calculation unit calculating coordinates of a vertex of the section; an intersection coordinates calculation unit calculating coordinates of the vehicle at an intersection between a parallel line parallel to the vehicle in a width direction and frame lines configuring the section in a top view when the vertex is closer to a center side of the vehicle than the parallel line; and a destination frame superposition unit superposing a destination frame onto the image by linearly connecting positions in the image corresponding to the vertex on a side separated farther from the vehicle than the parallel line among the vertexes, and the intersection.. .
Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

Privacy enhanced spatial analytics

Method, system, and computer program products, implementing and using techniques for processing data representing observations of entities. An anonymized key is generated.
International Business Machines Corporation

Coordination and signaling in naics and interference partitioning

A framework for enabling a user equipment (ue) to apply interference suppression processing during network conditions that are favorable to interference suppression or that are known is provided. The framework includes an interference suppression (is) time and frequency (time/frequency) zone, which can be scheduled by a serving base station and signaled to the ue.
Broadcom Corporation

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