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Coordinates patents

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Automatic prescription drug dispenser


Automatic prescription drug dispenser

Coordinating end effector and vision controls

Seagate Technology

Coordinating end effector and vision controls

Coordinating end effector and vision controls

Zimmer Knee Creations

Coordinate mapping system for joint treatment

Date/App# patent app List of recent Coordinates-related patents
 Position estimation device, position estimation method, and integrated circuit patent thumbnailPosition estimation device, position estimation method, and integrated circuit
A position estimation device includes: a position estimation unit that estimates current position coordinates of the position estimation device; a pointing direction detection unit that detects a pointing direction pointed by a user using the position estimation device; a pointing target detection unit that detects a pointing target pointed by the user, based on the detected pointing direction; a concentration calculation unit that specifies, as a concentrated area, an area in which a position pointed in the detected pointing direction in a predetermined time period immediately before the pointing target is detected is included for at least a threshold time period and in which the pointing target is not present, and calculates a concentrated direction which is from the position of the position estimation device in the predetermined time period to the concentrated area; and a position correction unit that corrects the current position coordinates using the calculated concentrated direction.. .
Panasonic Corporation
 Automatic prescription drug dispenser patent thumbnailAutomatic prescription drug dispenser
An automatic prescription drug dispenser including a remote dispenser, a prescription entry system, and a communications network. The remote dispenser transmits and receives information from the communications network and dispenses prescription drugs to the patient.
Instymeds Corporation
 Coordinating end effector and vision controls patent thumbnailCoordinating end effector and vision controls
An apparatus and associated methodology providing a processor-controlled end effector that is selectively moveable according to end effector coordinates. A camera is positioned to detect objects according to camera coordinates that overlap the end effector coordinates.
Seagate Technology Llc
 Coordinate mapping system for joint treatment patent thumbnailCoordinate mapping system for joint treatment
A coordinate mapping system is provided for locating a defect in a bone. The system comprises a positioning instrument for controlled delivery of a device to a target site, the instrument comprising a main body and a rail extending from the main body, the rail including a series of indicia corresponding to predefined grid lines, and a template configured to overlay an image of a bone having a defect at the target site, the template including a predefined grid for determining a set of coordinates to locate the target site using the positioning instrument.
Zimmer Knee Creations, Inc.
 Mood analysis method, system, and apparatus patent thumbnailMood analysis method, system, and apparatus
In a mood analysis method using an electrocardiogram of a user, rr intervals in the electrocardiogram are computed, and low-frequency (lf) values and high-frequency (hf) values are also computed according to the rr intervals. Standard values of sympathetic nervous system (sns) activity and parasympathetic nervous system (psns) activity are acquired corresponding to age and sex data of the user, to establish a mood display coordinate system.
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.
 Location tagging phone calls for one-to-one, conference, and call center calls patent thumbnailLocation tagging phone calls for one-to-one, conference, and call center calls
A subscriber-based calling communications system and method for mobile devices that utilizes call request packets of a plurality of formats including caller location coordinates to enable call setup including the caller's location such that long distance or local call service providers can provide caller location information to the recipient call center or the called party and at the same time, automate subscriber call setup and subscriber call forwarding based on the subscribers known mobile device location.. .
 Method and system for compiling map data patent thumbnailMethod and system for compiling map data
In compiling map data, a server communicates with a programmable device and determines an authorization level of the device or a user of the device by comparing an authorization request with maintained authorization data; the server receives from the device first geocoordinates, a first property location identifier, and a first location description, the first geocoordinates locating a geoposition on or near a property identified by the first property location identifier; and the server incorporates one or more of the first geocoordinates, the first property location identifier, and the first location description into a database including a plurality of geocoordinates, if the determined authorization level matches or exceeds a property authorization level, wherein the property authorization level is associated with the property and is indicative of whether one of the user or the device is authorized to submit for incorporation into the database geocoordinate information and/or location description information for the property.. .
 Voxel level new information updates using intelligent weighting patent thumbnailVoxel level new information updates using intelligent weighting
A method of integrating new information from depth maps into an existing three-dimensional representation of an object surface, the representation being a truncated signed distance function (tsdf) noted in individual voxels, the tsdf indicating, to respective coordinates within a defined volume, a distance to a next surface, includes obtaining a depth map showing the object, the depth map containing values from measurements; and integrating new information from the depth map into the existing tsdf, wherein each individual voxel affected by the depth map within the tsdf is updated and the update for each updated voxel is selected from the group of a front update if said voxel is near the outer side, a rear update if the voxel is near the inner side, and an ambiguous update, each kind of update leads to a different weighting for the updated value within the voxel.. .
A.tron3d Gmbh
 Image processing  character recognition, character recognition apparatus using this method, and program patent thumbnailImage processing character recognition, character recognition apparatus using this method, and program
An image processing method of processing a gray-scale image of character strings arranged in a plurality of lines of text, for character recognition, includes setting at least a part of a range, in which the character strings in the gray-scale image area are distributed, as a search area, and setting, for each of a plurality of points arranged along one of two axes, representing coordinates in the image, corresponding to an arrangement of the line of text, a plurality of lines extending across the search area, with the point as a starting point, and accumulating, for each of the lines, pixel data in the line within the search area.. .
Omron Corporation
 Cooperative wireless networks patent thumbnailCooperative wireless networks
A cooperative multi-user multiple input, multiple output (mimo) system coordinates wireless client devices to provide cooperative uplink transmissions. A group of wireless client devices is selected based on their channel state information such that their uplink transmissions are uncorrelated.
Genghiscomm Holdings, Llc

Split row-column addressing three-dimensional ultrasound imaging

The invention discloses a split row-column addressing method for three-dimensional ultrasound imaging, and the method comprises: for an n×n planar array, obtain the pulse-echo response distribution from fully connected two-dimensional planar array, parameters thereof comprising beam widths a′ and b′ at −6 db and −20 db respectively, average side lobe c′, highest side lobe d′ and main side-lobe energy ratio e′; set counter k=2, split two-dimensional planar array into k regions in channel direction, determine array elements amount and connect array elements in each region; calculate the time delay according to distance between the coordinates of each region and the focus point within a scanning range of the two-dimensional planar array, and analyze the two-dimensional planar array by ultrasonic sound field simulation algorithm according to the time delay of each region. The invention can solve the prior art of low resolution, and the problem that transmitted and received beam cannot be deflected..
Huazhong University Of Science And Technology

Image capture apparatus and control method therefor

An image capture apparatus has an image sensor and an optical anti-shake mechanism that reduces a shake of a captured image by driving an optical correction element in a different direction from an optical axis of an imaging optical system in accordance with a detected shake. Reference coordinates for geometric deformation processing applied to the captured image are determined based on an amount and direction of a movement of the optical correction element.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Video processing method and system

A video processing method and a video processing system are provided. The video processing method is applied to a rotary video capturing device.
Vivotek Inc.

Automated data collection, computation and reporting of content space coverage metrics for software products

One or more test results and one or more user stories are received. For each test result in the one or more test results a set of content space coordinates of the one or more test results is compared to a set of content space coordinates of the one or more user stories.
International Business Machines Corporation

Interactions between users in a virtual space

Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, implementing and using techniques for establishing interaction between users simultaneously viewing a virtual representation of a physical object on computers connected to a network. A view of a portion of the physical object is displayed to a user.
Google Inc.

Image projection system and image projection method

An image projection system projects a single image on an image projection region from a plurality of image projection sections and includes section that detects checker intersection coordinates in a corrected checkered sheet image, a section that calculates a first projective transformation matrix from the checker intersection coordinates, a section that generates first and second spatial code images, a section that acquires boundary lines in the first and second spatial code images, and acquires first intersection coordinates of the boundary lines, a section that calculates a second projective transformation matrix for projective transformation of the first intersection coordinates, transformed using the first projective transformation matrix, into second intersection coordinates distributed over an entire sub-region of the image projection region, and a section that transforms image data by using the second projective transformation matrix.. .
Roland Dg Corporation

Magnetic index mark bias point offset

The embodiments disclose an orientation control bias point coupled to a magnetic index mark and having a bias point offset set at predetermined coordinates configured to substantially prevent concentricity run-out.. .
Seagate Technolgy Llc

Laser line probe having improved high dynamic range

A method for measuring three-dimensional coordinates of an object surface with a line scanner, the line scanner including a projector and a camera, the projector projecting onto the object surface a first line of light at a first time and a second line of light at a second time, the integrated energy of the second line of light different than the first line of light, the camera capturing the reflections of the first line of light and the second line of light, a processor processing the collected data after discarding portions of the image that are saturated or dominated by electrical noise, and determining three-dimensional coordinates of the object surface based at least in part on the processed data and on a baseline distance.. .
Faro Technologies, Inc.

Three-dimensional measurement device having three-dimensional overview camera

A device for optically scanning and measuring an environment is provided. The device includes a first measurement device that emits a light beam in a direction to measure a distance to a remote target based at least in part on light reflected by the remote target.
Faro Technologies, Inc.

Method and device for rendering selected portions of video in high resolution

A method and an electronic device for rendering a selected portion in a video displayed in a higher resolution in a pull-based streaming are provided. The electronic device, when a user selects a portion of the video at a first resolution, identifies display coordinates associated with the video played at the first resolution.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Triangulation scanner having motorized elements

A 3d triangulation scanner includes a projector, a camera, and a processor. At least one of the projector and the camera has a zoom lens and a motorized zoom adjustment mechanism.
Faro Technologies, Inc.

Laser tracker that cooperates with a remote camera bar and coordinate measurement device

A system includes a laser tracker, a camera bar, an accessory, and an electrical system, the camera bar including a mounting structure, two cameras, and three non-collinear reflector points, the accessory including a plurality of light markers, the electrical system including a processor that causes the tracker to measure 3d coordinates of the three reflector points, to measure the light markers with the cameras, and to determine a position and orientation of the assembly in a tracker coordinate system.. .
Faro Technologies, Inc.

Divided-area-based rendering device and divided-area-based rendering method

A divided-area-based rendering device includes: a table generating unit that calculates, for each unit polygon, a first area including the unit polygon, using screen coordinates, determines, from among divided areas obtained by dividing a rendering region, a divided area including at least part of the first area, and generates an area-by-polygon table that is a table in which, for each unit polygon, the divided area including the at least part of the first area including the unit polygon is associated with the unit polygon; a determining unit that determines a rendering unit polygon that is one of the unit polygons which is associated with the divided area, by referring to the area-by-polygon table; and an area rendering unit that performs, for each divided area, vertex processing and rasterization on the rendering unit polygon.. .
Panasonic Corporation

Electronic device and drawing pictures

In a drawing method executed in an electronic device, the electronic device includes a touch screen, a touch controller, a decoder, a main processor, a frame buffer, and a display controller. The main processor initializes a line width, a line color, and a drawing region of the touch screen.
Fih (hong Kong) Limited

Method and determining user input in a three-dimensional field

In accordance with one implementation, a method is illustrated that allows a computing device to determine a user input. The method includes detecting one or more user input objects in a 3-dimensional field relative to a 2-dimensional surface.

Mobile terminal, recording medium, and data storing method

When a touch start is designated within display coordinates of a selected character string, and a touch end is designated within display coordinates of an arbitrary character input key, a mobile terminal temporarily stores the selected character string in a memory area indicated by a memory address corresponding to the arbitrary character input key. Then, when a touch start is designated within the display coordinates of the character input key utilized for temporarily storing the character string, and a touch end is designated within display coordinates of a text of a reply mail, the character string temporarily stored is inserted on the basis of the coordinates indicated by the touch end..
Kyocera Corporation

Multimedia inspection database system (midas) for dynamic run-time data evaluation

An object-oriented system provides a comprehensive and integrated tool to manage, operate, analyze and inspect structures by providing 3-d visualization of the structures, a database interface, connectivity with one or more databases, a data display and analysis capabilities. The structural model is stored as an object-oriented, serialized file as a series of objects, including primitives, coordinates, object names, group names and other object identifiers.
Vasudevan Software Inc.

Vehicle range projection estimation

Vehicle range projection estimation is implemented by a computer processor of a vehicle having logic executable thereon. The logic receives vehicle range projection data from a remote system over a network as a network service.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Updating distribution management system model responsive to real-time asset identification and location inputs

Models of a distribution network grid are automatically updated in response to real-time location data of uniquely identified temporary devices. Current geographical coordinates are determined within a distance tolerance that is selected as a function of a type of device indicated by the identity indicia.
International Business Machines Corporation

Femto base stations and methods for operating the same

Femto base stations and methods described herein suppress the need for an external gps antenna and cable, while still providing a network service provider with the ability to obtain the desired gps location coordinates and the user with the flexibility of placing the femto cell at the location of their choice within a home regardless of gps signal strength.. .
Alcatel Lucent Usa, Inc.

Ni-base alloy

In a ni-base alloy, an area-equivalent diameter d is calculated. D is defined by d=a1/2 from an area a of a largest nitride in a field of view when an observation area s0 is observed.
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Reflective color display

An electrophoretic reflective color display has a color filter on an electrophoretic display layer displaying black and white. A colored portion and a non-colored portion are provided in a pixel of the color filter layer, and the colored portion has a hue defined by specified values of chromaticity coordinates (a*, b*), measured with transmitted light using a d65 light source, in a chromaticity diagram of the l*a*b* color system..
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

Touch panel

A touch panel includes: a first resistance film; a second resistance film spaced apart from the first resistance film; a first electrode and a second electrode that are provided on the first resistance film, and are opposite to each other in a first direction; a third electrode and a fourth electrode that are provided on the second resistance film, and are opposite to each other in a second direction; an application unit that applies voltages to the first to the fourth electrodes, respectively; and a coordinate detection unit that, when the first resistance film comes in contact with the second resistance film at two points, detects coordinates of the two points based on a voltage applied between the first and the second electrodes, a voltage applied between the third and the fourth electrodes, and a voltage caused by a contact resistance between the first and the second resistance films.. .
Fujitsu Component Limited

Imaging device

The imaging device having the lens distortion correction function is provided which includes a same-color interpolation unit that generates a lens distortion-corrected interpolation signal by using a same-color pixel in an image signal from an imaging element, a luminance signal generation unit that generates a luminance signal from the image signal from the imaging element, a first luminance signal generation unit and a second luminance signal generation unit that use the luminance signal generated by the luminance signal generation unit to generate a lens distortion-corrected interpolation signal, a lens distortion characteristics table data unit that holds information of coordinates after lens distortion characteristics correction in a memory, a coordinate/interpolation coefficient setting unit that individually generates interpolation coefficients for correcting lens distortion for each of the same-color interpolation unit, the first luminance interpolation unit, and the second luminance interpolation unit on the basis of information from the lens distortion characteristics table data unit, and a correction unit that outputs a lens distortion-corrected interpolation signal by correcting the signal from the same-color interpolation unit on the basis of a ratio between the interpolation signal generated by the first luminance interpolation unit and the interpolation signal generated by the second luminance interpolation unit.. .

Out-cell optical touch device and related calibrating method

A calibrating method applied to an out-cell optical touch device relative to a display panel is disclosed. The calibrating method is suitable for the out-cell optical touch device that includes at least one signal sensor and at least two position sensors.
Wistron Corporation

Two-dimensional touch panel

A capacitive touch panel is provided capable of detecting multiple simultaneous touches. The touch panel delivers sets of capacitance signal values to a processor which computes the coordinates of single or multiple touch locations on the touch panel.

Operation device

An operation device includes a touch operation unit that has an operation surface; and a control device that responds to a selection operation performed on each of selection items displayed on a display device arranged remotely from the touch operation unit, based on two-dimensional coordinates of a finger touch point on the operation surface, wherein the control device operates in an absolute coordinate mode, in which a coordinate system of the display device corresponds absolutely to a coordinate system of the operation surface of the touch operation unit, when any of the selection items is not selected and, at the same time, operates in a relative coordinate mode, in which the coordinate system of the display device corresponds relatively to the coordinate system of the operation surface of the touch operation unit, when one of the selection items is selected.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Operating system

An operating system includes a coordinate information generating unit configured to, when a touch on a touch panel is detected, deem that a virtual hovering operation that is performed virtually in air above the touch panel surface was performed and shift to a hovering operation mode that generates two-dimensional coordinate information indicating the touched position and height position information having a positive value, and then, when a particular operation is received during the virtual hovering operation, deem that a virtual touch operation was performed and generate two-dimensional coordinates indicating the touched position and height position information with a value of zero, a display control unit configured and programmed to display on a display unit a specified hovering cursor at the display position that corresponds to the two-dimensional position of the virtual hovering operation so as to be superimposed on key images, and a function information output unit configured to output, when the virtual touch operation is performed, function information assigned to the corresponding key.. .
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

Pointer positioning handheld pointer device

A pointer positioning method of a handheld pointer device, which includes capturing a first image frame containing a reference point to compute a first pointing coordinate according to the image position of the reference point in the first image frame; generating a cursor parameter of a cursor according to the first pointing coordinate; when the handheld pointer device enters a pointer-lock mode, records the first pointing coordinate and positions the cursor at the first pointing coordinate on a display apparatus; when the handheld pointer device exits the pointer-lock mode, captures a second image frame to compute a second pointing coordinate according to the image position of the reference point in the second image frame to obtain a displacement vector between the first and the second pointing coordinates; generating the cursor parameter and controlling the movement of the cursor according to the displacement vector and the first pointing coordinate.. .
Pixart Imaging Inc.

Method and system for integration of instruction and task completion based access to mobile device operating systems

Networked based methods for remotely locking and unlocking designated features on a user's electronic computing device (e.g. Internet, games, sms, email) while keeping other software functioning for the user to perform selected activities (e.g.
Ebravium, Inc.

Combining parallel coordinates and histograms

A system provides data visualization with the capability of combining parallel coordinates and histograms. Parallel coordinates typically display lines between two or more vertical lines representing a coordinate element.
Silicon Graphics International Corp.

Information processing apparatus

An information processing apparatus includes a display device configured to display a first image, a coordinate input device configured to input coordinates on the first image, and a processor configured to perform processing based on input to the coordinate input device. The processor specifies a part of a region on the first image as a specific region, based on coordinates of two points that are input to the coordinate input device, generates a second image that is obtained by enlarging the specific region at a predetermined magnification, and causes the display device to superimpose and display the second image on the first image with the second image occupying a part of the first image..
Panasonic Corporation

Generation-based memory synchronization in a multiprocessor system with weakly consistent memory accesses

In a multiprocessor system, a central memory synchronization module coordinates memory synchronization requests responsive to memory access requests in flight, a generation counter, and a reclaim pointer. The central module communicates via point-to-point communication.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method and system for unifying data

A system, method and database design is provided for unifying data from a plurality of heterogeneous databases, each having business-context related data and a data access mechanism. A database is created (e.g., the unidimnet) which contains a node for each dimension of an industry.
Datatrak International, Inc.

Advertising content in regions within digital maps

A method, system and apparatus for displaying advertisements associated with points-of-interest (“pois”) on a digital map are disclosed. One such method includes: presenting a digital map on a graphical display of an electronic device, wherein the digital map comprises map tiles and corresponds to a geographic region; receiving user input selecting a portion of the digital map; delimiting the portion of the digital map selected by the user; determining one or more advertisements associated with pois whose geographic coordinates are within the portion of the digital map selected by the user; and displaying the one or more advertisements determined, wherein the displayed advertisements are displayed on the digital map at the geographic coordinates of each of the determined one or more pois..

Method of inspecting substrate

Provided is a method of inspecting a substrate. The method includes: receiving an image of a pad area of substrate; determining and registering a start point pixel; tracing pixels having the same gradation as the start point pixel; determining a boundary area; designating a direction code to next point pixel on the basis of a current point pixel; extracting maximum distance pixel coordinates; and detecting a defect of the pad area..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Apparatus, method and program for spatial position measurement

According to one embodiment, a spatial position measurement apparatus, includes: a transmission unit configured to transmit an ultrasonic wave accompanying with a transmission source identifiable from three or more transmission sensors provided on a first object; a detection unit configured to detect the ultrasonic wave received by two or more reception sensors provided on a second object; a distance calculation unit configured to calculate distances between the transmission sensors and the reception sensors based on propagation time of the ultrasonic wave; and a coordinate calculation unit configured to calculate, in a coordinate system where a position of one group out of a group of the transmission sensors and a group of the reception sensors is fixed, positional coordinates of another group based on the distances.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

System and enhancing images and video frames

A system and method for performing vehicle-velocity aware image enhancement. Embodiments generally include a video capture module configured to receive image data of the scene being monitored, an image extraction module configured to extract still images from incoming video data, a vehicle detection module that detects the approximate location of a target vehicle in the scene being monitored, a velocity determination module configured to determine the amplitude and direction of a vector that describes the velocity of the target vehicle in image pixel coordinates, and a velocity-aware enhancing module configured to enhance the image(s) of the target vehicle extracted from the video feed based on the vehicle's velocity.
Xerox Corporation

Method for measuring 3d coordinates of a surface with a portable articulated arm coordinate measuring machine having a camera

A method for measuring three-dimensional (3d) coordinates of a surface includes providing a manually positionable articulated arm portion having opposed first and second ends, providing a measurement device coupled to the first end, the measurement device including a camera having a lens and a photosensitive array and moving the camera to first and second positions and orientations to capture first and second images. Based on data from the camera, a first set of cardinal points common to the first and images and the second images are used to form a 3d coordinates that describe the surface..
Faro Technologies, Inc.

Application of filters requiring face detection in picture editor

An electronic device and method of operation, the electronic device including at least one processor communicatively coupled to a display and memory, the processor configured for filtering a facial image rendered on the display. In an illustrative embodiment, the at least one processor is configured to generate a boundary around the facial image, the boundary having 2-dimensional x and y coordinates relative to boundaries of the display; store the coordinates in memory; in response to at least one of a cropping and moving of the image, recalculate the coordinates to match a new transform setting; and apply an effect to the facial image based on the updated coordinates..
Blackberry Limited

Method and determining touch point coordinates on a touch panel with anisotropic films

A method for determining touch point coordinates on a touch panel comprises following steps. A touch panel with a transparent conductive layer is provided, the transparent conductive layer comprises a first direction x having relative low impedance, and a second direction y having a relative high impedance; a number of first conductive terminals p1 and a number of second conductive terminals p2 opposite the first conductive terminals p1, are electrically connected to the transparent conductive layer, spaced from each other, and arranged along the x direction.
Tianjin Funayuanchuang Technology Co., Ltd.

Light emitting device and fabricating the same

Exemplary embodiments of the present invention provide a light emitting device enabling correction of color coordinates into a desired target bin, and a method of fabricating the same. The method includes forming a first resin containing phosphors inside a cavity of a package body on which a light emitting diode chip is mounted, measuring color coordinates of light emitted by combination of the light emitting diode chip and the first resin, and correcting the color coordinates by forming a second resin on the first resin..
Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Selecting user interface elements via position signal

Embodiments are disclosed herein that relate to selecting user interface elements via a periodically updated position signal. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a method comprising displaying on a graphical user interface a representation of a user interface element and a representation of an interactive target.

Information processing apparatus

A processor of an information processing apparatus sets an enlargement target region in a system screen based on coordinates inputted in a coordinate input unit, superimposes and displays an enlarged image obtained by enlarging the enlargement target region, on the system screen, monitors whether or not the input in the coordinate input unit in the state where the enlarged image is displayed is performed through a drag operation of which starting coordinates are in the enlarged image. When the input in the coordinate input unit in the state where the enlarged image is displayed is performed through a drag operation of which starting coordinates are within the enlarged image, the processor monitors coordinates while the drag operation is performed.
Panasonic Corporation

Systems and methods for multiple device interaction with selectably presentable media streams

A system for multiple device interaction with selectably presentable multimedia content includes an output engine, an input engine, a manager, and a memory that stores selectably presentable multimedia content segments. Each content segment represents a predefined portion of one or more content paths.
Jbf Interlude 2009 Ltd-israel

System and marshaling massive database data from native layer to java using linear array

A system and method for marshaling database data from a native interface layer, to a java layer, using a linear array. In accordance with an embodiment, a request is received from a software application to query or access data stored at the database.
Oracle International Corporation

Integrated carwash client service management system with real-time work scheduling process and carwash order and reservation for a car parking facility-based hand carwash

An integrated carwash client service management system receives a customer's carwash request, and schedules, coordinates, and manages a car parking facility-based hand carwash service. The integrated carwash client service management system includes an integrated carwash service management application executed in a computer server, an integrated carwash customer order application executed in a customer's electronic device, an integrated carwash order processing application executed in a carwash technician device, and an integrated carwash kiosk application executed in an electronic kiosk machine.

Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer-readable medium

An information processing apparatus includes a reference data acquisition unit acquiring reference data representing a reference work time for each of work processes, an area data acquisition unit acquiring area data representing an area on a medium having entry fields, each of which corresponds to one of the work processes and one of which is provided for the area, an entry data acquisition unit acquiring entry data representing stroke coordinates information representing a stroke made on the medium by a user, and a time when the writing was performed, a specifying unit specifying the entry field in which the user performed writing and the time when the writing was performed, a calculation unit calculating a work time required for each of the work processes, and an evaluation unit, for each of the work processes, comparing the reference work time with the work time and evaluating the work.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Projection image correction system and projection image correction method

A projection image correction system includes a section that detects intersection coordinates in a corrected sheet image, a section that calculates a first projective transformation matrix for transformation of the detected intersection coordinates into intersection coordinates stored in advance, a section that generates two spatial code images from the corrected positive and negative images of gray code patterns, a section that acquires intersections of brightness profiles in the positive and negative images, a section that acquires coordinates of an intersection of boundary lines in the two spatial code images, a section that calculates a second projective transformation matrix by which transformation is performed so that the acquired intersection coordinates, transformed by the first projective transformation matrix, are distributed over the entire region, and a section that transforms, using the second projective transformation matrix, image data to be outputted to a projector.. .
Roland Dg Corporation

Method for representing a vehicle's surrounding environment

A method for modifying a plane of projection in response to detection of at least one object, in particular, at least one raised object in the surroundings of a vehicle. The surroundings of the vehicle are monitored for raised objects.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Dual duty cycle oled to enable dynamic control for reduced motion blur control with constant brightness in augmented reality experiences

A head-mounted display (hmd) device is provided with reduced motion blur by reducing row duty cycle for an organic light-emitting diode (led) panel as a function of a detected movement of a user's head. Further, a panel duty cycle of the panel is increased in concert with the decrease in the row duty cycle to maintain a constant brightness.

Method for displaying usage of computer resources and device therefor

Provided are a method for displaying the usage of computer resources and a device therefor. The method includes: 1) constructing a rectangular coordinate system with the usage data of two computer resources as the horizontal and vertical axes, respectively; 2) drawing dots in the rectangular coordinate system using the simultaneously obtained usage data of the two computer resources as the coordinates and using colors for the dots determined by the sampling sequence; 3) when a user views the graph, he can approximately determine the usages of the two computer resources at a given time by observing the position of the dot, can approximately determine the duration between the time a given sample is taken and the current time by the color of the dot, and can approximately determine the typical usage state of the computer resources by observing the density of the dots in the graph..
Beijing Teamsun Technology Co. Ltd.

Control circuit and control touch panel

A first resistive film is arranged such that one edge thereof is connected to a first terminal, and an edge that is opposite to the aforementioned edge is connected to a second terminal. A second resistive film is arranged with a gap between it and the first resistive film such that one edge thereof is connected to a third terminal.
Rohm Co., Ltd.

Electronic device

An electronic device includes a planar display and a touch panel, which overlaps the display. The touch panel has a detection zone that covers at least a vertical distance which is less than a first value and greater than a second value which is smaller than the first value and where two dimensional coordinates and the vertical distance can be detected.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

System and process for human-computer interaction using a ballistic projectile as an input indicator

A process for interacting with computer software using a physical ballistic projectile with the steps of: computer sends target image to projector, user shoots projectile at light-blocking shot screen, video imaging device sends video frames to computer for processing by hit detection software, hit detection software compares video frames and identifies a difference as a hit and stores the x,y location of the hit and applies a mirror transform on the x,y coordinates and adjusts the coordinates based on pre-calibrated skewing angles of the video frames, hit detection software verifies that the hit is not moving, ruling out light flicker, debris, or the projectile itself, and computer executes a user input event, such as a mouse click, at the adjusted x,y coordinates.. .

Systems and methods for automatically adjusting audio based on gaze point

Embodiments provide methods and systems for adjusting audio output based on eye tracking input. In some embodiments, a memory stores data defining a boundary based on a coordinate system.
United Video Properties, Inc.

4-d dart & game board, graph paper and galaxy chart

The present invention is a 4-d game board, 4-d graph/grid paper, and 4-d galaxy chart of an idealized universe made from a four-dimensional (4-d) hypercube or tesseract projected onto 2-d space. As a 2-d object this grid or game board can be represented in a dart board, book, and especially computer screen/display for any applications for electronic display such as for ipads, and phones.

Electronic component mounting system and electronic component mounting method

An electronic component mounting system includes a screen printing device, an inspection device, an electronic component mounting device, a feedback part that generates, based on inspection data formed by the inspection device, first information about corrections on control parameters pertinent to positioning of a mask to a substrate in the screen printing device, and a feedforward part that generates, based on the inspection data, second information about corrections on electronic component mount coordinates in the electronic component mounting device. The feedback part generates the first information based on the first print displacement value.
Panasonic Corporation

Method, apparatus and system for coordinating execution of tasks in a computing system having a distributed shared memory

A task coordination apparatus in a computing system having a distributed shared memory (dsm) coordinates the execution of two related tasks, wherein the second task has an execution variable which is modified by the first task. The task coordination apparatus creates a snapshot of a memory space in the distributed shared memory assigned to the first task and a cooperation watching area of the second task.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Comparison of multi-dimensional datasets

Methods, systems, and apparatuses for comparing multi-dimensional datasets are provided. A multi-dimensional dataset comparison includes receiving a plurality of datasets, each including a plurality of coordinates, wherein a subset of coordinates defines a geo-fence.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

Server-managed, triggered device actions

In some scenarios, devices may execute applications that are configured to monitor a set of conditions (e.g., geographic coordinates detected by global positioning system (gps) receivers), and to execute actions upon detecting the fulfillment of the conditions. However, in such architectures, each application may be responsible for polling the sensors of the device to detect condition fulfillment, and it may be difficult to specify rules in a hardware-independent manner involving multiple applications and/or devices.
Microsoft Corporation

Method and system for detection, classification and prediction of user behavior trends

A method and system for detection, classification and prediction of user behavior trends using correspondence analysis is disclosed. The method and system reduces the n-dimensional feature space to lower dimensional space for easy processing, improved quality of emerging clusters and superior prediction accuracies.
Flytxt B.v

Calibration the brittle fracture assessment parameters for materials based on the beremin model

A calibration method for brittle fracture assessment parameters for pressure vessel materials based on the beremin model includes selecting at least two types of specimens of different constraints, and calculating the fracture toughness values k0 corresponding to 63.2% failure probability for each type of specimens at a same calibration temperature by using the respective fracture toughness data. The method proceeds by obtaining the stress-strain curve of the material at the calibration temperature, generating finite element models for each type of specimens, and calculating the maximum principal stress and element volume of every element at k=k0 in each model.
East China University Of Science And Technology

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