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Coordinates patents


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new patent Stereo auto-calibration from structure-from-motion
Auto-calibration of stereo cameras installable behind the windshield of a host vehicle and oriented to view the environment through the windshield. Multiple first image points are located of one of the first images captured from the first camera at a first time and matched with first image points of at least one other of the first images captured from the first camera at a second time to produce pairs of corresponding first image points respectively in the first images captured at the different times.
Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd.

new patent Information processing apparatus, processing information, and computer program
An information processing method includes calculating at least one difference value between a pixel value of a target pixel in an input image obtained by capturing a document image and a pixel value of a corresponding pixel in a shade component image at coordinates identical to those of the target pixel. The shade component image represents shade components of the input image.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent Multi-tenant resource coordination method
In a system, such as a cloud, which allows resource allocation to be flexibly changed in a multi-tenant environment, it is necessary to interchange resources between the tenants. Efficient resource coordination for resource allocation cannot be attained by merely adjusting resource allocation amounts or resource usage amounts.
Hitachi ,ltd.

new patent System and process for roof measurement using aerial imagery
Processes and systems including providing at least one computer input field for a user to input location data generally corresponding to the location of the building; providing visual access to a first aerial image of a region including a roof structure of a building corresponding to said location data, the first aerial image having a first resolution; providing a computer input capable of signaling user-acceptance of a final location within the aerial image; and providing visual access to one or more second aerial images of an aerial imagery database corresponding to location coordinates of the final location, the one or more second aerial images having a second resolution that is higher resolution than the first resolution.. .
Pictometry International Corp.

new patent Medical image processing device, operation method therefor, and endoscope system
A b/g ratio is determined from b and g image signals, and a g/r ratio is determined from the g and r image signals. In a feature space formed from the b/g ratio and the g/r ratio, first processing is performed for moving the coordinates of a second range to a reference range including the origin in a state where the coordinates of first and third ranges are maintained.

new patent Information processing apparatus and method
An index detecting section detects an index in a physical space, from a captured image obtained by an imaging apparatus. An erroneous-detection prevention processing section performs erroneous-detection prevention processing, based on information relating to image coordinates of a detected index.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent Method and system for imaging a lumber board, calibrating an imaging system and calibration implement therefore
The method of imaging a lumber board generally has the steps of: emitting laser light along a laser plane and toward a transit plane from both opposite sides thereof, in a manner to form a pair of opposite transversal lines of laser light on the lumber board as the board is conveyed across the laser plane; recording a plurality of images of the transversal lines of laser light as the board is conveyed across the laser plane, with each image being associated to a corresponding longitudinal position of the board along the transit plane; and producing a mapping of the geometry of the board by correlating, for each one of the images, the position of points located along the transversal lines of laser light in the recorded images with tridimensional coordinates in a conveyor reference system using tracking data indicative of the movement of the lumber board and calibration data.. .
Vab Solutions Inc.

new patent Method and system for efficient event management
An event coordination system for coordinating a competitive event is provided. The event coordination system includes a storage system storing an event coordination routine, event participant information, event areas information, competition information, and an event schedule, and a processing system coupled to the storage system, wherein the processing system when executing the event coordination routine is configured to retrieve the event participant information for a plurality of event participants, retrieve the event areas information and the competition information, and process the event participant information with the event areas information and the competition information and generate the event schedule for coordinating the competitive event.

new patent Arabic optical character recognition method using hidden markov models and decision trees
Disclosed is an arabic optical character recognition method using hidden markov models and decision trees, comprising: receiving an input image containing arabic text, removing all diacritics from the input image by detecting a bounding box of each diacritic and comparing coordinates thereof to those of a bounding box of a text body, segmenting the input image into four layers, and conducting feature extraction on the segmented four layers, inputting results of feature extraction into a hidden markov model thereby generating hmm models for representing each arabic character, conducting iterative training of the hmm models until an overall likelihood criterion is satisfied, and inputting results of iterative training into a decision tree thereby predicting locations and the classes of the diacritics and producing final recognition results. The invention is capable of facilitating simple recognition of arabic by utilizing writing feature thereof, and meanwhile featuring comparatively high recognition precision..
Huazhong University Of Science And Technology

new patent Enterprise level security orchestration
Enterprise level security orchestration coordinates the safeguarding functions of safeguard software packages with respect to an installation. Multiple safeguard software packages may be deployed on an installation at a storage location.
Cybric Inc.

new patent

Method and system for generating map data

A method of generating map data, a system for generating map data and a method of creating a merchant map based on the generated map data are disclosed. The method of generating map data includes receiving transaction data from a merchant over a communications network, the transaction data including merchant identification data and a time-stamp of the transaction, determining a physical address of the merchant from the merchant identification data, mapping the physical address of the merchant to corresponding geographical coordinates using a geolocation database.
Mastercard Asia/pacific Pte. Ltd.

new patent

Layered contextual configuration management system and method and minimized input speech recognition user interface interactions experience

In an effort to customize or enhance software applications, configuration data is often used. Configuration settings that are editable by users need not to be limited to a simple flat entry that can be taken out of context anymore.

new patent

Machine tool control system capable of obtaining workpiece origin and workpiece origin setting method

A machine tool control system according to the present invention includes: a three-dimensional coordinate computing unit which calculates three-dimensional coordinates of a workpiece based on a plurality of images of the workpiece, the images being taken by the imaging apparatus from a plurality of different directions, and which calculates, from the three-dimensional coordinates, three-dimensional coordinates of a specified machining start point on the workpiece; and a coordinate converting unit which converts three-dimensional coordinates that includes the machining start point on the workpiece calculated by the three-dimensional coordinate computing unit into coordinates in the machine coordinate system for the machine tool, and which sets the converted three-dimensional coordinates of the machining start point on the workpiece, as a workpiece origin, into the machining program for the machine tool.. .
Fanuc Corporation

new patent

Automated calibration of non-destructive testing equipment

A method for auto-calibrating a non-destructive testing instrument. In accordance with some embodiments, the method comprises: (a) determining a first set of coordinates in a test object coordinate system of the test object, the first coordinates representing a target position on a surface of the test object; (b) storing a calibration file in a memory of the non-destructive testing instrument, the calibration file containing calibration data which is a function of structural data representing a three-dimensional structure of the test object in an area containing the target position; (c) calibrating the non-destructive testing instrument using the calibration data in the calibration file; and (d) interrogating the target position using the calibrated non-destructive testing instrument..
The Boeing Company

new patent

Light-emitting table suitable for use in metrology, and coordinate measuring machine having such a light-emitting table

A light-emitting table suitable for use in metrology includes a plurality of light sources and a field to be illuminated. Light-emitting centers of the light sources represent starting points of light source axes which perpendicularly intersect the field to be illuminated.
Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik Gmbh

new patent

System and gear measurement

A system and method is provided for measuring a physical parameter of a gear. The system and method includes moving a contact probe into a start position on the pitch circle of the gear in a gap between adjacent teeth.
Caterpillar Inc.

new patent

Integrated multifunction scope for optical combat identification and other uses

Systems and methods for enabling an integrated multifunction scope for optical combat identification and other uses. The functionality of multiple integrated laser engagement system (miles) is combined with optical combat identification systems (ocids) or other identification as friend or foe (iff) systems.
Cubic Corporation

Altitude estimation using a probability density function

Methods, program products, and systems of location estimation using a probability density function are disclosed. In general, in one aspect, a server can estimate an effective altitude of a wireless access gateway using harvested data.
Apple Inc.

Multiple parallel dialogs in smart phone applications

An arrangement is described for conducting natural language dialogs with a user on a mobile device using automatic speech recognition (asr) and multiple different dialog applications. A user interface provides for user interaction with the dialogue applications in natural language dialogs.
Nuance Communications, Inc.

Accelerated lens distortion correction with near-continuous warping optimization

A digital image processing technique, such as an image warping operation, is stored in a pre-computed lookup table (lut) prior to image processing. The lut represents a pixel-to-pixel mapping of pixel coordinates in a source image to pixel coordinates in a destination image.
Intel Corporation

Multilayer reflective film formed substrate, reflective mask blank, mask blank, methods of manufacturing the same, reflective mask, and mask

Provided is a multilayer reflective film formed substrate formed with a fiducial mark for accurately managing coordinates of defects. A multilayer reflective film formed substrate is formed with a multilayer reflective film, which is adapted to reflect euv light, on a substrate and a fiducial mark which serves as a reference for a defect position in defect information is formed on the multilayer reflective film.
Hoya Corporation

Position and behavioral tracking system and uses thereof

This invention provides a system and methods for tracking the positions and behaviors of moving objects such as animals. In one embodiment, the system comprises one or more tracking unit, one or more base nodes, one or more remote data hubs, and one or more remote processor with display.
Cascube Ltd.

Leg length and offset calculation in computer-assisted surgery using rangefinder

A system for measuring a length variation between body portions in computer-assisted surgery between a preoperative condition and intra- or post-operative condition comprises a a rangefinder configured to measure its distance to at least one reference landmark on at least a first body portion of a patient from a known position relative to a second body portion. A support includes joint(s) allowing one or more rotational degree of freedom of movement of the rangefinder to point to the at least one reference landmark.
Orthosoft Inc.

System and performing an arthroplasty procedure on a patient bone

A method and system for performing a total joint arthroplasty procedure on a patient's damaged bone region. A ct image or other suitable image is formed of the damaged bone surfaces, and location coordinate values (xn,yn,zn) are determined for a selected sequence of bone surface locations using the ct image data.
Howmedica Osteonics Corporation

Automated calibration of led luminaires based on color coordinates

Disclosed is a method of automatically calibrating a luminaire including at least one light emitting diode (led) engine, the led engine including a plurality of leds and a controller for driving the at least one led engine. The method comprises acquiring an image of light emitted from each led of the led engine, first determining whether each led has a predetermined intensity for a color of the led, first adjusting each led that does not have the predetermined intensity to have the predetermined intensity for the color of the led, measuring, by a spectrometer, a color spectrum of a combined light of the led engine, the color spectrum including a plurality of measured color spectrums, second determining whether a variation exists between each of the plurality of measured color spectrums and a predetermined color spectrum of a control data unit, and second adjusting at least one led to correct variation..
Vital Vio, Inc.

Data object and networking node locators

According to embodiments, the disclosure relates to a networking node for exchanging messages in a communication network. The networking node comprises a message exchange module configured to exchange these messages based on object locators of objects within this communication network.
Alcatel Lucent

Spread spectrum clock generation using a tapped delay line and entropy injection

Spread spectrum clocking circuitry may be configured to produce a spread spectrum clock signal that coordinates the actions of functional circuitry. Spread spectrum clocking circuitry may be configured to include delay circuitry configured to generate a random delay signal based on a random input value and generate the spread spectrum clock signal based on the random delay signal.
Honeywell International Inc.

Three-dimensional mounting method and three-dimensional mounting device

A three-dimensional mounting method for successively laminating n number of upper-layer joining materials includes positioning a first upper-layer joining material relative to a lowermost-layer joining material by recognizing an alignment position of the lowermost-layer joining material and a lower face alignment position of the first upper-layer joining material by a two-field image recognition unit, storing positional coordinates of the alignment position of the lowermost-layer joining material, positioning an (n+1)-th upper-layer joining material relative to an n-th upper-layer joining material by recognizing an upper face alignment position of the n-th upper-layer joining material and a lower face alignment position of the (n+1)-th upper-layer joining material, storing positional coordinates of the upper face alignment position of the n-th upper-layer joining material, recognizing an upper face alignment position of the n-th uppermost-layer joining material, and storing positional coordinates of the upper face alignment position of the n-th uppermost-layer joining material.. .
Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.

Method and freeform cutting of digital three dimensional structures

A method of editing a digital three-dimensional structure associated with one or more two-dimensional texture in real time is disclosed, wherein the structure and one or more texture are processed and output same in a user interface, and user input is read in the user interface and processed into a cut shape of the three-dimensional structure. A simplified structure is generated based on the three-dimensional structure, and points of the cut shape are associated with the simplified structure to generate a curve.
3d4medical Limited

Augmented reality for wireless mobile devices

A model includes model layers on which a wireframe representation of objects located at geographic coordinates is stored in a memory such that surface detail of the objects increases from a base model layer to an uppermost model layer. Digital data layers stored in the memory that encompass digital coordinates corresponding with the geographic coordinates.
Harris Corporation

Interactive cubicle and determining a body shape

A cubicle for trying on one or more items of clothing and a method for determining a body shape are described. A cubicle includes a display of an avatar with one or more items of clothing, and an interaction unit for a user to modify the items of clothing.
Adidas Ag

Computerized locating, communicating and prioritizing private party transactions involving goods, services or information about goods or services

Techniques are described facilitating transactions involving items or services or information about the items or services (“isi”) and users. Sometimes, an automated isi transaction system coordinates isi transactions by matching users with isi with users demanding that isi.
Stuffmapper, Spc

Device for controlling machine tool

This machine tool has a first rotating feed shaft around a first inclined axis line. Table coordinates are set ahead of time in the machine tool.
Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd.

Apparatus and methods for augmented reality

A display for augmented reality (ar) includes an array of optical phased arrays (opas) integrated into a transparent substrate. The array of opas emit light encoded with four dimensional (4d) light field including 2d spatial coordinates and 2d directional coordinates to create an image of a virtual object on a retina of a viewer.

Main spindle load monitoring device for machine tool

A main spindle load monitoring device indicates a main spindle load in a machine tool that includes a tool with a plurality of edges on a main spindle and performs a process of a workpiece while the tool rotates with the main spindle. The main spindle load monitoring device includes a main spindle load detecting unit configured to detect a load on the main spindle, a main spindle load conversion unit, and a display control unit.
Okuma Corporation

Real-time cephalometry for cranimaxillofacial surgery

Provided herein is a computer-implemented method, system, computer-readable medium operable to perform the method for cephalometry for orthognathic and craniomaxillofacial surgery. The method can include transforming a set of cephalometric landmarks from a donor or mobile skeletal fragment in a first reference frame to a second reference frame based on a registration process that maps coordinates from the first reference frame to coordinates in the second reference frame; tracking movement, based on one or more signals from one or more sensors, during surgery, of one or more of the cephalometric landmarks in the set of cephalometric landmarks associated with the donor or mobile skeletal fragment with respect to one or more of the cephalometric landmarks in the set of cephalometric landmarks associated with a recipient or second skeletal portion in the second reference frame; calculating one or more cephalometry metrics; and providing an update of the one or more cephalometry metrics..
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of Defense

Mobility network function consolidation

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, control signals are communicated with a base station of a radio access network in communication with a mobile device. The control signals include information associated with one of mobility of the mobile device, bearer management or both.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

Method, system and geo-verification

A method, system and apparatus are provided for geo-verification for access to data stored in a memory of a server having a processor and a network interface connected to the memory. The method includes: storing, in the memory, access control data including an approved geographic area; receiving at the processor, from a client computing device via the network interface, a request for access to the data, the request containing a client location of the client computing device, the client location including global positioning system (gps) coordinates; comparing, at the processor, the client location to the approved geographic area; when the client location is within the approved geographic area, permitting access to the data for the client computing device via the network interface; and when the client location is not within the approved geographic area, denying the request..
Client Care Audit Inc.

Ground terminal and uav beam pointing in an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for network access

Systems and methods for detecting an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). Network access (for example, to the internet) may be provided by detecting a uav and fixing one or more beams from one or more ground terminals to the uav.
Ubiqomm Llc

Directed wireless communication

In an implementation of directed wireless communication, a multi-beam directed signal system coordinates directed wireless communication with client devices. A transmit beam-forming network routes data communication transmissions to the client devices via directed communication beams that are emanated from an antenna assembly, and a receive beam-forming network receives data communication receptions from the client devices via the directed communication beams..
Xr Communications, Llc D/b/a Vivato Technologies

Compression-fit digital display mounting system

A digital display support system that is constructed using adjustable, telescoping support members and is secured into place using a compression force applied to the opposing mounting surfaces. This system can be used for supporting any type of digital display including, but not limited to: televisions, computer monitors, and led/lcd displays.
Britework Llc

User orientation when working with spatial data on a mapping interface

The present disclosure describes methods and systems, including computer-implemented methods, computer program products, and computer systems, for improving user orientation when working with spatial data on a mapping interface. One design-time computer-implemented method comprises calculating a set of screen coordinates on a mapping user interface for a compass user interface element, the compass user interface element associated with a layer selected to add to the mapping user interface; calculating map coordinates equivalent to the set of screen coordinates for the compass user interface element; determining on- and off-screen data elements associated with the added layer; calculating direction and distance to a closest number of data elements from the map coordinates of the compass user interface element; and rendering the compass user interface element on the mapping user interface..
Sap Se

Camera tracking method and apparatus

A camera tracking method includes obtaining an image set of a current frame; separately extracting feature points of each image in the image set of the current frame; obtaining a matching feature point set of the image set according to a rule that scene depths of adjacent regions on an image are close to each other; separately estimating, a three-dimensional location of a scene point corresponding to each pair of matching feature points in a local coordinate system of the current frame and a three-dimensional location of the scene point in a local coordinate system of a next frame; estimating a motion parameter of the binocular camera on the next frame using invariance of center-of-mass coordinates to rigid transformation according to the three-dimensional location of the scene point corresponding to the matching feature points; and optimizing the motion parameter of the binocular camera on the next frame.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Method for determining an imaging specification and image-assisted navigation as well as device for image-assisted navigation

The present invention pertains to a method for image-assisted navigation, wherein an imaging specification for imaging a point in a three-dimensional system of coordinates in a point in a two-dimensional system of coordinates is determined, wherein a location of the imaging device is detected, and wherein the location of the imaging device is displayed in the two-dimensional reference image (rb).. .
Esaote S.p.a.

Element level presentation of elements of a payment instrument for exceptions processing

Disclosed are systems, methods, and computer program products that provide for element level presentation of elements of a payment instrument for exceptions processing. More specifically, the invention involves identifying an exception element from an image of a financial document, determining the location of the exception element based on its coordinates within the image of the financial document, and providing a zoomed-in view of the exception element to the user along with information and resources to allow a user to conveniently conduct accurate analysis of the exception element.
Bank Of America Corporation

System and locating impacts on an external surface

A method for locating external surface impacts on a body. The steps are: modeling the body in a control unit first database to obtain a virtual body model in a virtual system of reference axes; modeling, in a second database, a plurality of clouds of points in the virtual system, each cloud defining an inspection zone representing an external surface portion; selecting an inspection zone; transfering the coordinates of each point of the first and second databases to a geographic system of reference axes; determining geographic coordinates of an initial position of a range finder equipped flying drone communicating with the processing unit; calculating a drone flight plan to scan the selected inspection zone; creating a 3d meshing of the scanned inspection zone; detecting the impacts by comparing the 3d meshing and the virtual aircraft model and calculating the coordinates of each impact in the geographic and virtual systems..
Airbus Operations Sas

Massive time series correlation similarity computation

Disclosed is a novel system, computer program product, and method to compute correlation matrix with respect to massive of time-series where a threshold ε is specified such that the correlations greater than ε do not need to be computed. Correlations >=ε do not need to be computed.
International Business Machines Corporation

Navigation satellite system positioning involving the generation of correction information

The invention relates to generating correction information to be used to correct observations coming from a navigation satellite system (nss) receiver in a region of interest. For each of a plurality of reference stations in said region, raw observations obtained by the reference station observing nss multiple-frequency signals from a plurality of satellites over multiple epochs are received.
Trimble Navigation Limited

System and grid-based geo-fencing service

Disclosed are a system and method for a grid-based geo-fencing service. A grid-based geo-fencing service system includes a storage unit configured to store area information including one or more grids and a determination unit configured to receive location coordinates of a moving object and determine whether the moving object is present in an area with reference to the area information.
Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

Three-dimensional coordinate scanner and operation

A noncontact optical three-dimensional measuring device that includes a first projector, a first camera, a second projector, and a second camera; a processor electrically coupled to the first projector, the first camera, the second projector, and the second camera; and computer readable media which, when executed by the processor, causes the first digital signal to be collected at a first time and the second digital signal to be collected at a second time different than the first time and determines three-dimensional coordinates of a first point on the surface based at least in part on the first digital signal and the first distance and determines three-dimensional coordinates of a second point on the surface based at least in part on the second digital signal and the second distance.. .
Faro Technologies, Inc.

Hitching assist with pan/zoom and virtual top-view

A system and method for providing visual assistance through a graphic overlay super-imposed on a back-up camera image displayed on, for example, a touch screen for assisting a vehicle operator when backing up a towing vehicle to align a hitch ball with a trailer drawbar coupler. The method includes providing camera modeling to correlate the camera image in camera coordinates to world coordinates, where the camera modeling provides a graphic overlay to include an alignment line having a height in the camera image that is determined by an estimated height of the trailer drawbar coupler.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Method and apparatus to provide haptic and visual feedback of skier foot motion and forces transmitted to the ski boot

A system and method to provide haptic and visual feedback of motion of the skier foot and the forces transmitted to the skiboot insole and consequently to the ski/snow interface. This system comprises a motion and force sensors and a haptic actuator embedded in the skiboot insole in communication with a smart-phone based analysis application, configured to calculate insole motion and orientation and the distribution of pressure points inside the skiboot, then to provide haptic feedback to the skier foot instructing on timing and direction of change in the pressure points necessary to achieve optimal turn parameters.
Ipcomm Llc

Sports entertainment system for sports spectators

The present invention is an entertainment system for multitudes of sport's spectators to help them follow the movements of players and play objects on the play areas of sport's venues in real time during sporting events; and help with game nuances like making fouling and scoring decisions. The invention uses generic surveillance sources to capture the instantaneous real time continuous data streams of geographic coordinates of the players and their play objects during their movements, and displays the data as scaled animated tracks of the players and the play object on the screens of the spectator's personal smart mobile devices (includes smart devices, mobile devices) under the control of a mobile app.

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