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Coordinates patents


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 Efficient back-projection operation using precomputed table patent thumbnailnew patent Efficient back-projection operation using precomputed table
A method and system are provided. The method includes pre-computing, by a computing device having a processor, a plurality of coefficients for a given two-dimensional point on which a voxel of a three-dimensional object is projected, based on integer parts of coordinates of surrounding two-dimensional points with respect to the given two-dimensional point.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Computer-implemented methods, computer-readable media, and systems for tracking a plurality of spermatozoa patent thumbnailnew patent Computer-implemented methods, computer-readable media, and systems for tracking a plurality of spermatozoa
One aspect of the invention provides a computer-implemented method for tracking a plurality of spermatozoa. The method includes: identifying a coordinate for each of the plurality of spermatozoa in a plurality of video frames; and applying a nearest-neighbor joint probabilistic data association filter (nn-jpdaf) algorithm to associate the coordinates with one or a plurality of sperm tracks.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

 Eye pose identification using eye features patent thumbnailnew patent Eye pose identification using eye features
Systems and methods for eye pose identification using features of an eye are described. Embodiments of the systems and methods can include segmenting an iris of an eye in the eye image to obtain pupillary and limbic boundaries of the eye, determining two angular coordinates (e.g., pitch and yaw) of an eye pose using the pupillary and limbic boundaries of the eye, identifying an eye feature of the eye (e.g., an iris feature or a scleral feature), determining a third angular coordinate (e.g., roll) of the eye pose using the identified eye feature, and utilizing the eye pose measurement for display of an image or a biometric application.
Magic Leap, Inc.

 Systems and methods for database geocoding patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for database geocoding
In an embodiment, a system can determine geocoded data from a database of geographic coordinates and metadata. The system correlates metadata, such as invoice data, to geolocation data, such as gps or cellular data to determine geocoded data.
Telogis, Inc.

 Touch sensing unit, touch screen panel having the same, and  driving the touch screen panel patent thumbnailnew patent Touch sensing unit, touch screen panel having the same, and driving the touch screen panel
A touch screen panel and a driving method thereof. The touch screen panel includes a touch pad unit including a plurality of receiver pads and a plurality of transmitter pads combined with the receiver pads, and a touch sensing unit for determining a touch position, based on changes in mutual capacitance between the receiver pads and the transmitter pads.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

 Lithographic apparatus and exposure method patent thumbnailnew patent Lithographic apparatus and exposure method
A method including determining a position of a first pattern in each of a plurality of target portions on a substrate, based on a fitted mathematical model, wherein the first pattern includes at least one alignment mark, wherein the mathematical model is fitted to a plurality of alignment mark displacements (dx, dy) for the alignment marks in the target portions, and wherein the alignment mark displacements are a difference between a respective nominal position of the alignment mark and measured position of the alignment mark; and transferring a second pattern onto each of the target portions, using the determined position of the first pattern in each of the plurality of target portions, wherein the mathematical model includes polynomials z1 and z2: z1=r2 cos(2θ) and z2=r2 sin(2θ) in polar coordinates (r, θ) or z1=x2−y2 and z2=xy in cartesian coordinates (x, y).. .
Asml Netherlands B.v.

 Eyewear with a cellular gps module patent thumbnailnew patent Eyewear with a cellular gps module
The embodiments herein provide an eyewear with an improved structure for temple. The eyewear comprises a cellular communication module and a push button mounted in the pair of temples.

 System for measuring six degrees of freedom patent thumbnailnew patent System for measuring six degrees of freedom
A system that measures six degrees-of-freedom of a remote target, the system including a dimensional measuring device having a camera, the remote target including a retroreflector, at least three light markers, and a pitch-yaw sensor, the six degrees-of-freedom determined based at least in part on measured 3d coordinates of the retroreflector by the dimensional measuring device, on a captured image of the at least three light markers by the camera, and on readings of the pitch-yaw sensor.. .
Faro Technologies, Inc.

 Heliostat calibration device and heliostat calibration method patent thumbnailnew patent Heliostat calibration device and heliostat calibration method
Provided are a heliostat calibration, device and a heliostat calibration method that can suppress time-change-dependent control error increases and can reduce calibration frequency. The present invention is provided with: an initial position information acquisition unit that acquires initial position information for a heliostat; a theoretical value calculating unit that calculates from the heliostat initial position information and sun position information a theoretical value that is related to the orientation of the heliostat; a deviation calculation unit that, using as input an actual measured value for the orientation of the heliostat, calculates the deviation between the theoretical value and the actual measured value at least two times a day; and a coordinate calibration unit that, when the deviation exceeds a threshold value, calibrates the coordinates of the heliostat such that the deviation is at or below the threshold value..
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.

 Lighting device for generating white light patent thumbnailnew patent Lighting device for generating white light
The invention relates to a lighting device (1) for generating white light which has at least one strip of three light diodes (leds) (2) in a linear arrangement, wherein: a) each led strip (2) has two outer leds (3) and one center led (4); b) each of the two outer leds (3) and the center led (4) are phosphor-converted white leds; and c) the distance of each of the color coordinates of the two outer leds to the color coordinates of the mixed light of the two outer leds and the center led is smaller than the distance of the color coordinate of the center led to the color coordinates of the mixed light of the two outer leds.. .
Tridonic Jennersdorf Gmbh

new patent

Fan rotor blade having an optimized blade root

A fan rotor blade extending radially from a hub is described. The fan rotor blade may include first surface and a second surface, where the first surface and second surfaces are respectively defined by a set of x-coordinates, y-coordinates and z-coordinates.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

new patent

Method and analyzing vehicle driving pattern

A method for analyzing a driving pattern of a vehicle includes setting a driving pattern measurement condition, measuring a driving pattern, deducing an engine operating region for the measured driving pattern from an engine control map, calculating each weighting determined according to a distance from the measured driving pattern to each vertex of the engine operating region, accumulating each calculated weighting for each coordinate of the engine operating region, determining whether a current measurement condition departs from the set measurement condition, and calculating a weighting factor for each coordinate under the set measurement condition when the current measurement condition departs from the set measurement condition, wherein, in the step of deducing an engine operating region, the engine operating region refers to a virtual block defined by four vertex coordinates of a pixel, in which the measured driving pattern is present, in the engine control map.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

new patent

System for three-dimensional measurement of foot alignment

A system for determining the alignment measurement of the foot and ankle is disclosed. The system uses data representative of a three dimensional scanned image of a patient's foot and ankle while the patient was applying weight on the foot.
Curvebeam Llc

Real time imaging and wireless transmission material handling equipment

Exemplary embodiments of present invention are directed to inspection, processing, and quality control of capsules, tablets, and/or caplets containing variety of food supplements and/or medications. System is provided comprising: product carrier configured to transport at least one product; vision system configured to obtain and output inspection data of at least one product; non-transitory computer readable medium storing reference data sufficient to define at least one quality criteria for at least one product; and dedicated computer system in communication with vision system.
Aspire Pharmaceutical Inc.

Externally initiated application session endpoint migration

In storage networks (e.g., san and nas), various reasons can arise for migrating an application layer communication session endpoint to a different host. To achieve scalability and robustness, the migration can be enacted externally and carried out at a middlebox at the transport layer.
Netapp Inc.

Methods and systems for management of key exchanges

Methods and systems for facilitating exchanges of keys between individuals across multiple locations are provided. Each key set is assigned a unique key identifier.
Keycafe Inc.

Data synthesis using near field communication

Methods and systems are provided for synthesizing and displaying distributed data using near field communication (nfc). A system includes a plurality of nfc-enabled mobile devices, a nfc base transmitter generating a radio frequency (rf) field, and a central computing device in electronic communication with the nfc base transmitter.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

Method for driving information processing device, program, and information processing device

An information processing device including a display unit and an input unit is driven by a first step of inputting an input signal from the input unit, a second step of starting to move an image displayed on the display unit, a third step of lowering luminance of the image, a fourth step of checking whether the image reaches a position of predetermined coordinates, a fifth step of increasing the luminance of the image in the case where the image reaches the position of the predetermined coordinates, and a sixth step of stopping moving the image so as to perform eye-friendly display with the display unit.. .
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Voxelization of a mesh

A method for 3d rendering, including receiving a group of 3d triangles defining a mesh of a surface, each 3d triangle in the group having 3d vertices with respective 3d coordinates, and transforming each 3d triangle into a 2d triangle having 2d vertices corresponding respectively to the 3d vertices, each 2d vertex having respective 2d pixel coordinates and a triplet of pixel attributes corresponding to the 3d coordinates of a corresponding 3d vertex. Each 2d triangle is passed to a graphics processor, which treats the triplet of pixel attributes of each 2d vertex as interpolatable values.
Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.

Responsive advertisement formats based on viewability pixel data

A technique is presented for determining coordinates of a region within a web page or other window is viewable to a user. A minimum bounding rectangle is defined for the viewable area of a viewport into the web page or other window, by defining one corner at (min(x), min(y)) and a second corner at (max(x), max(y)).
Conversant Llc

Authentication systems and methods using human readable media

The invention provides a method and system for authenticating a financial transaction using a display on a customer device. The method may include outputting display data to a customer, the display data for generating a display on a display portion of the customer device, the display data including (1) at least one image, and (2) coordinates at which to display the image on the display portion.

System and providing laser camera fusion for identifying and tracking a traffic participant

A system and method for providing laser camera fusion for identifying and tracking a traffic participant that include receiving an image of a surrounding environment of a vehicle from a vehicle camera system and a set of object coordinates of at least one object determined within the surrounding environment of the vehicle from a vehicle laser projection system. The system and method also include determining a portion of the image as object space based on the image and the set of object coordinates and filtering the object space to identify a traffic related object.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Object detection method and object detection apparatus

An object detection method and an object detection apparatus are provided. The object detection method comprises: mapping at least one image frame in an image sequence into a three dimensional physical space to obtain three dimensional coordinates of each pixel in the at least one image frame; extracting a foreground region in the at least one image frame; segmenting the foreground region into a set of blobs; and detecting, for each blob in the set of blobs, an object in the blob through a neural network based on the three dimensional coordinates of at least one predetermined reference point in the blob, to obtain an object detection result..
Pinhole (beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

System and document processing

Embodiments of the present invention are directed to document processing, and more particularly to systems and methods that can utilize relative positions between the content of the document and a decodable indicia affixed to the document. In one embodiment, indicia reading terminals are provided that include an imaging module for capturing a frame of image data of a document.
Hand Held Products, Inc.

User interface with quantum curves and quantum arcs

Systems, methods, and computer-readable media are provided for generating an arced path of travel for a user interface element. In accordance with one implementation, a method is provided that includes operations performed by at least one processor.
Google Inc.

Ultrasonic controlling the same

Disclosed is an ultrasound apparatus and method for controlling the same, whereby once a feature point for re-registration is selected on one of registered ultrasound image and external image, a cursor is displayed on the other image at a point corresponding to the selected feature point. The ultrasonic apparatus includes a controller for using a difference in coordinates between a first feature point of an ultrasound image and a second feature point of an external image with respect to a reference coordinate system, to register the ultrasound image and the external image; a display for displaying the registered ultrasound image and external image; and an input unit for receiving a command to select third and fourth feature points for re-registration, wherein the controller is configured to, once the third feature point of one of the ultrasound image and the external image is selected, control the display to display a cursor for selection of the fourth feature point at a position corresponding to the third feature point on the other one of the ultrasound image and the external image by means of the difference..
Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

Wake up gesture for low power using capacitive touch controller

A touch screen controller provides a host interrupt to a host device operating in a low power consumption mode. The touch screen controller uses gesture templates to detect gestures input via a touch screen.
Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Articulated arm coordinate measurement machine having a 2d camera and obtaining 3d representations

A portable articulated arm coordinate measuring machine includes a noncontact 3d measuring device that has a projector configured to emit a first pattern of light onto an object, a scanner camera arranged to receive the first pattern of light reflected from the surface of the object, an edge-detecting camera arranged to receive light reflected from an edge feature of the object, and a processor configured to determine first 3d coordinates of an edge point of the edge feature based on electrical signals received from the scanner camera and the edge-detecting camera.. .
Faro Technologies, Inc.

Satlink convertor/communicator

The satlink convertor/communicator (scc), is a device that converts a regular cell phone, smart phone, tablet, laptop, computer, or any other remote communication device, into a satellite phone or emergency beacon. This is accomplished by inserting the scc's usb connector into the usb port of the remote communication device; other connector types may be used as well.
Mcleanics Technology Corporation

Method of tracking user's location

Disclosed is a method of tracking a user's location. The method comprising: receiving coordinate of each of adjacent mobile devices therefrom, estimating a channel environment to select an optimal channel model, calculating distance between the user's mobile device and each of the adjacent mobile devices based on the selected channel model and calculating coordinates corresponding to a current position of the user's mobile device based on the calculated distance..
Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

Establishing geo-fences and related alarms

System and method of geo-fencing. A user equipment (ue) defines a geo-fence for an asset by tracking location coordinates of the ue with at least one sensor element, as the ue is moved around a perimeter of an area.
T-mobile U.s.a, Inc.

Projector system and calibration board

This invention provides a simple projector system that can be operated by a user who is not an expert of image processing technology. The projector system comprises a projector (1), a personal computer (2), a mouse (3), and a calibration board (4).
National University Corporation Chiba University

Category-based fence

Techniques of category-based fence are described. A category-based fence can correspond to a group of signal sources instead of a point location fixed to latitude and longitude coordinates.
Apple Inc.

Temporary contacts

Architecture that enables the implementation of temporary contacts by the inclusion of additional data with each contact. The additional data can comprise geolocation data such as gps coordinates, triangulation information, or other geographical coordinate or location data technologies.
Microsoft Corporation

Computer animation of artwork using fast 2-dimensional deformation solving

Systems and methods disclosed improve the speed of animating artwork by determining the handle affine transformations used to animate 2 dimensional (2d) artwork in a computationally simpler manner than prior techniques. The improved technique represents vertex coordinates (e.g., x1, y1) in 2d artwork as the real and complex portions of complex numbers.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Camera-based speed estimation and system calibration therefor

Provided is a visual vehicle speed estimation system based on camera output and calibration for such a vehicle speed estimation system. The calibration allows use of the system where the absolute camera position is unknown.
Genetec Inc.

Methods and systems for real-time identification and mitigation of agent risks relating to aml

Systems and methods for identifying and mitigating non-compliances include determining an agent location of a money service business for review, obtaining a photograph and geographic coordinates of the agent location, and collecting field data at the agent location through a mobile application. Such information are sent from the mobile application to a central server of a third party vendor for a series of quality checks and stored at the central server.
The Western Union Company

Spatial correction tool system and method

A method and system for adjusting the spatial accuracy of one or more address records by comparing the situs addresses of parcel records to the physical addresses of the address records, comparing the landowner names of parcel records to the personal names of the address records, and comparing the spatial coordinates of the address record to the spatial coordinates for the centroids of parcel records.. .
Energy Technologies, Llc

Visualization, sharing and analysis of large data sets

Systems and methods for visualization, sharing and analysis of large data sets are described. Systems and methods may include receiving an input data set, wherein the input data set includes data that can be classified in classification dimensions wherein a first classification dimension is a linear ordering of data entries and a second classification dimension represents analysis criteria, traits of the data entries, or aspects of the data entries; obtaining an unabridged data table listing results for each combination of coordinates in the first classification dimension and the second classification dimension; and displaying contents of the unabridged data table as a visual array wherein two axes correspond to the coordinates and a third axis corresponds to a third classification dimension, wherein the third classification dimension represents an actual value of the respective data point for the coordinates.
St. Petersburg State University

Collaboration system

A collaboration system provides enhanced user interface to enable users to interact with electronic devices. In one embodiment, users can add content to a digital system by using a pen that streams coordinates so that input to the digital system may be based on conventional pen and paper handwriting.
Apple Inc.

Virtual keyboard system and typing method thereof

A virtual keyboard system and typing method are provided. The virtual keyboard system includes a projector configured for projecting a key area having keys onto a projection plane, a storage device configured for storing a key value mapping table, a typed position coordinate obtaining device configured for obtaining coordinates of a typed position of the key area, and a key value obtaining device configured for obtaining key values corresponding to the coordinates of the typed position from the key value mapping table.
Shenzhen Tcl New Technology Co., Ltd.

Array of encoders for alignment measurement

System and method for accurately measuring alignment of every exposure field on a pre-patterned wafer without reducing wafer-exposure throughput. Diffraction grating disposed in scribe-lines of such wafer, used as alignment marks, and array of encoder-heads (each of which is configured to define positional phase(s) of at least one such alignment mark) are used.
Nikon Corporation

Method for determining color characteristics reflected by an interference filter, depositing such an interference filter, and assembly formed by an interference filter and an object

A method for determining color characteristics reflected by an interference filter, a method for depositing such an interference filter, and an assembly of an interference filter and an object, the method including: determining color coordinates of an object; and determining at least one color characteristic reflected by the interference filter according to the determined color coordinates, respecting an isoperception law.. .
Essilor International(compagnie Generale D'optique

Generating consolidated video for a defined route on an electronic map

A method for generating a consolidated video includes receiving a user indicated path of interest on an electronic map, determining geographical coordinates situated along the received path of interest, identifying video content that display a plurality of regions corresponding to the geographical coordinates situated along the received path of interest, filtering the identified video content into a set of video segments based on a set of user preferences, and stitching the set of video segments into one contiguous video.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Incremental utterance decoder combination for efficient and accurate decoding

An incremental speech recognition system. The incremental speech recognition system incrementally decodes a spoken utterance using an additional utterance decoder only when the additional utterance decoder is likely to add significant benefit to the combined result.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

White point correction

A method for adjusting the gain of a plurality of pixels across a display includes determining grid point gain adjustments for a plurality of grid points corresponding to coordinates across the display. The corresponding coordinates have a non-uniform spacing across the display.
Apple Inc.

Compression of a three-dimensional modeled object

It is proposed a computer-implemented method for compressing a three-dimensional modeled object. The method comprises: providing a mesh of the three-dimensional modeled object; parameterizing (u,v) the mesh in a two-dimensional plane, the parameterization of the mesh resulting in a set of vertices having two-dimensional coordinates; providing a grid on the two-dimensional plane; and modifying the two-dimensional coordinates of each vertex by assigning one vertex to one intersection of the grid.
Dassault Systemes

Graphics processing determining level of detail (lod) for texturing in graphics pipeline

A method of determining a level of detail (lod) for a texturing includes: acquiring texture coordinate data on pixels included in an upper block; determining a reference quad among quads included in the upper block; determining a similarity between the determined reference quad and the upper block using texture coordinates of the determined reference quad and the upper block; and determining lods of remaining quads among the quads included in the upper block to be the same as an lod of the determined reference quad in response to the determining of the similarity including determining that the determined reference quad and the upper block are similar.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method and performing fourier transformation

Provided is a method for performing a fourier transformation for generating a computer-generated holographic (cgh) image. The method includes generating first intermediate data by performing a first fft calculation that relates to coordinates of a pupil of a user with respect to input image data; generating second intermediate data by calculating a light concentration effect correction term for correcting a light concentration effect occurring at the pupil of the user and multiplying the first intermediate data by the light concentration effect correction term; and performing a second fft calculation that relates to the coordinates of the pupil of the user with respect to the second intermediate data..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method and adaptive pixel hashing for graphics processors

An apparatus and method for adaptive pixel hashing. For example, one embodiment of a method comprises: determining x and y coordinates for a pixel block to be processed; performing a first lookup in a first data structure to identify a second data structure; performing a second lookup in the second data structure using the x and y coordinates for the pixel block to identify a third data structure; performing a third lookup in a third data structure indexed based on the x and y coordinates of the pixel block, the third lookup identifying an entry in the third data structure corresponding to the x and y coordinates of the pixel block; reading information from the entry identifying an execution cluster to process the pixel block; and processing the pixel block by the execution cluster..

Authenticated transfer of an article using verification tokens

Aspects of the invention provide a system and method for affecting a transfer of goods in a transaction. Mobile communication devices held by parties to a transaction deliver geographic location information to a server, which coordinates data, including verification token data broadcast by one of said devices, so as to authenticate the identities of the parties to the transfer once the parties or devices are within a specified short-range to conduct said transfer..
Newstore Inc.

Computational device, computational method, and computer program product

According to an embodiment, a computational device includes a memory and a processor. The processor receives an input of tensor data.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Human-assisted learning in eye tracking applications

Systems and methods for eye tracking include a video capture component that provides a video of an environment and a set of gaze tracking coordinates for the video. A library stores a plurality of feature sets representing respective areas of interest with respective object labels.
Medstar Health

Computing device, computing method, and computer program product

According to an embodiment, a computing device includes a processing circuitry. The processing circuitry receives an input of tensor data.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

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