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Coordinates patents


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 Mobile social activity networking systems and methods patent thumbnailMobile social activity networking systems and methods
A mobile social activity networking system configured for facilitating event planning and coordination of activities of users is provided. The system allows users to input user preferences on a mobile computing device via a social networking application on the mobile computing device; to form a group of users with preferred activities and geographic range of proximity to the group; and to select a location for the group of users.
Y R Tech, Llc

 Accessing location-based information on a mobile device patent thumbnailAccessing location-based information on a mobile device
A computer system for accessing location-based information on a mobile device. The computer system determines whether a default html including information of a location is available, in response to determining that a wireless network at the location is available.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Virtual three dimensional video creation and management system and method patent thumbnailVirtual three dimensional video creation and management system and method
A method and system is provided for the creation, management, and distribution of two dimensional video content that appears to a viewer as having a third dimension of depth. The system includes a camera array with multiple cameras at respective different positions that coordinates the off-center rotating motion of apertures that are part of diaphragms in the camera lens systems.
Hsni, Llc

 Color corrected high resolution imaging patent thumbnailColor corrected high resolution imaging
A high resolution imaging system includes an imaging camera array creating a sets or frames of array images of a scene and a reference camera creating reference images of the same scene. A synchronization controller coordinates imaging of the scene by the imaging camera array and the reference camera.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

 Camera augmented reality based activity history tracking patent thumbnailCamera augmented reality based activity history tracking
Augmented reality can be used to display previously captured images on a viewfinder of a camera as the camera's active position nears a position from which the picture was originally taken. A histogram file may associate the original image with positional information of the camera when the image was captured.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

 Computerized information and display apparatus patent thumbnailComputerized information and display apparatus
Apparatus useful for obtaining and displaying information. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a wireless network interface, touch screen input and display device, and speech processing apparatus configured to receive user speech input and enable performance of various tasks via a remote entity, such as obtaining desired information relating to a desired entity or organization in one implementation, user touch input on the input and display device is converted to spatial or geographic coordinates, and imagery relating to those coordinates is provided to the user on the same device..
West View Research, Llc

 Alarm system and method patent thumbnailAlarm system and method
An alarm system includes a detector positioned to detect when an object experiences an unauthorized removal and which produces an alarm signal when the object experiences an unauthorized removal. The alarm system includes a cell phone with global positioning system (gps) in communication with the detector which transmits wirelessly an alarm alert signal with coordinates of the cell phones location when the cell phone receives the alarm signal.

 Single platform system for multiple jurisdiction lotteries patent thumbnailSingle platform system for multiple jurisdiction lotteries
A wireless communications system includes a computer system run on a single platform on which a plurality of different lottery games for different jurisdictions are supported and run from the single platform. The computer system includes at least one workflow server residing in a mobile communications network.
Mido Play Inc.

 Decorrelation of low discrepancy sequences for progressive rendering patent thumbnailDecorrelation of low discrepancy sequences for progressive rendering
A method and renderer for a progressive computation of a light transport simulation are provided. The method includes the steps of employing a low discrepancy sequence of samples; and scrambling an index of the low discrepancy sequence independently per region using a hash value based on coordinates of a respective region, wherein for each set of a power-of-two number of the samples, the scrambling is a permutation..
Nvidia Corporation

 Three-dimensional facial reconstruction method and system patent thumbnailThree-dimensional facial reconstruction method and system
The present invention is applicable to the field of image processing technology, provides a three-dimensional facial reconstruction method and system comprising: arranging three-dimensional imaging units with the same configuration on both of left side and right side of a target human face; implementing binocular calibration to the three-dimensional imaging units; establishing a polynomial relation between 3d point cloud coordinates captured by the three-dimensional imaging units and corresponding phases according to a result of the binocular calibration and determining the transformation relation among the 3d point cloud coordinates captured by two three-dimensional imaging units; capturing image sequences on the left side and right side of the target human face by the three-dimensional imaging units to obtain absolute phases of the image sequences; mapping the absolute phases of the image sequences to the 3d point cloud coordinates by using the polynomial relationship; unifying the 3d point cloud coordinates of the three-dimensional imaging units to a global coordinate system according to the transformation relationship. The present invention implements a rapid three-dimensional reconstruction of a face and improves the processing efficiency of three-dimensional facial reconstruction..
Shenzhen University

Method of generating bitmap of three-dimensional model, device and system for performing the same

A method of generating bitmaps of a three-dimensional model, and a device and a system for performing the method are disclosed. The bitmap generator includes a model divider configured to divide the three-dimensional model into a plurality of sub models, wherein the three-dimensional model is divided in a direction parallel with an output direction of a three-dimensional printer, a plurality of sub bitmap generators each configured to generate a sub bitmap for a plane perpendicular to the output direction for the plurality of sub models, an operation distributer configured to transfer and distribute the plurality of sub models to the plurality of sub bitmap generators so that an operation of generating the sub bitmaps are processed in parallel, and a bitmap adder configured to merge the sub bitmaps whose coordinates of the output direction are the same among the generated plurality of sub bitmaps..
Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods for automated voxelation of regions of interest for magnetic resonance spectroscopy

A system and method for automating an appropriate voxel prescription in a uniquely definable region of interest (roi) in a tissue of a patient is provided, such as for purpose of conducting magnetic resonance spectroscopy (mrs) in the roi. The dimensions and coordinates of a single three dimensional rectilinear volume (voxel) within a single region of interest (roi) are automatically identified.
Nocimed, Inc.

Multidimensional data visualization apparatus, method, and program

A multidimensional data visualization apparatus capable of visualizing a data distribution in an input space of high-dimensional data so as to enable understanding of relationships between input dimensions is provided. Low-dimensional parallel coordinates plot creation element 71 creates, from input multidimensional data, a plurality of low-dimensional parallel coordinates plots that are each a graph in which data relating to part of dimensions in the multidimensional data is represented by a parallel coordinates plot.
Nec Corporation

Creating a communication editable in a browser independent of platform and operating system

Methods, systems, and apparatuses, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for creating a communication including content editable in a browser independent of platform or operating system. A system creates such a communication by defining the communication in markup language having a plurality of elements, adding canvas element(s) as one of the elements, inserting script within the markup language for defining the user specific and non-user specific content as a plurality of user specific and non-user specific objects, establishing coordinates for each of the user specific and non-user specific objects relative a defined origin, drawing each object at the coordinates established for the object in the canvas element(s) as canvas natives visible in the browser, and interpreting user initiated events for use in editing at least one of the plurality of user specific objects and the plurality of non-user specific objects..
Airspring Software, Llc

Moving image playback method, moving image playback device, and computer readable storage medium storing a moving image playback program

Provided is a moving image playback method, a moving image playback device, and a computer readable storage medium which stores a moving image playback program which enable a plurality of moving images to be played back simultaneously on a single smart device, and enable the plurality of moving images to be moved and magnified/reduced within the smart device screen. For example, a moving image playback device of the present invention includes an operation part that performs an operation related to playback of a moving image; a control part that controls a request from the operation part; and a display part that displays the moving image according to the control of the control part.

Information processing apparatus, information processing method and storage medium

An information processing system comprises a first computer, a second computer, a display apparatus and a touch panel. The display apparatus includes a display portion, and displays a first screen that is transmitted from the first computer and a second screen that is transmitted from the second computer on the display portion.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Correcting coordinate jitter in touch screen displays due to forceful touches

An electronic device includes a processor that acquires touch data values corresponding to different locations of a touch display, and identifies an island in the touch data that has touch data values acquired from adjacent locations of the touch display that indicate a potential touch. A first area of the island is determined from touch data values that exceed a first threshold value, and a second area of the island is determined from touch data values that exceed a second threshold value.
Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Device and measuring distances on a golf course

A distance measuring device and method are disclosed for use on a golf course. A satellite navigation system receiver determines a user's location.
L1 Technologies, Inc.

System and utilizing rf signaling to determine range and relative coordinates

A system and method of measuring the distance and determining the coordinate position of one or more target transceivers relative to a set of anchor transceivers with known locations is provided. The position of the target transceiver is determined by using a time-of-flight (tof) initialization signal generated by the master anchor transceiver, a tof response transmission generated by the target transceiver, calculation of the distances between the target transceiver and each anchor transceiver, and transmission of a tof distance report by the master anchor transceiver.
Matrix Design Group, Llc

Six degree-of-freedom laser tracker that cooperates with a remote sensor

A coordinate measuring device includes: a light source operable to emit a first light, the first light being visible light having a first wavelength; a fiber launch operable to receive the first light through a first optical fiber, to launch the first light into free space, and to collimate the launched first light into a first beam of light having a diameter_defined by the fiber launch, the first beam of light operable to leave the coordinate measuring device absent an intervening beam expander, the fiber launch being further coupled through the first optical fiber to a distance meter operable to measure a first distance to a retroreflector illuminated by the first beam of light; a first motor and a second motor operable to direct the first beam of light to a first direction, the first direction determined by a first angle of rotation about a first axis and a second angle of rotation about a second axis, the first angle of rotation produced by the first motor and the second angle of rotation produced by the second motor; a first angle measuring device operable to measure the first angle of rotation and a second angle measuring device operable to measure the second angle of rotation; and, a processor operable to determine three-dimensional (3d) coordinates of the target based at least in part on the measured first angle of rotation, the measured second angle of rotation, and the measured first distance.. .
Faro Technologies, Inc.

Method for monitoring the position of above-ground pipelines under permafrost conditions

The invention relates to engineering geodesy for monitoring a height and deformation of a pipeline. The invention includes use of a complex of interrelated monitoring measures that include monitoring a control position of deformation control benchmarks using optic geodetic devices and mobile satellite geodetic receivers.
L.l.c. “transneft Research And Development Institute For Oil And Oil Products Transportation”

Robotic navigation utilizing semantic mapping

A method for performing tasks on items located in a space using a robot, the items being located proximate fiducial markers, each fiducial marker having a fiducial identification. The method includes receiving an order to perform a task on at least one item and determining the fiducial identification associated with the at least one item.
Scenic Technology Corporation

Robotic navigation system and method

A robotic navigation system includes a handheld navigation unit associated with a frame of reference. The handheld navigation unit is moveable with respect to a plurality of axes and is configured to send movement signals based on movement of the handheld navigation unit.
Comprehensive Engineering Solutions, Inc.

Method and system for calibration

A method of calibrating a positioning system in a radiation therapy system is disclosed, including a radiation therapy unit having a fixed radiation focus. The method includes the steps of irradiating a calibration tool including at least one reference object, capturing at least one two-dimensional image including cross-sectional representations of reference objects of the calibration tool and determining image coordinates of the representation of each reference object.
Elekta Ab (publ)

Lighting control association of nodes in a multi-node network

A lighting control system and method for association of nodes in a multi-node network. The system includes a number of lighting nodes forming a multi-node network, each lighting node including a light source, a controller connected to the light source, and communication means connected to the controller.
Tvilight B.v.

Electronic device and searching the same

A searching method for an electronic device includes presetting a condition for a second electronic device to act as a searching terminal for searching the electronic device. An authentication password is preset at the electronic device.
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

Accessing location-based information on a mobile device

A computer program product for accessing location-based information on a mobile device. The computer program product determines whether a default html including information of a location is available, in response to determining that a wireless network at the location is available.
International Business Machines Corporation

Asynchronous event-driven messaging framework for a remote video assistance system

The present invention provides an over-the-top intermediary application for delivering video assistance services. The invention brokers and coordinates all messaging between user and video assistant multimedia applications/platforms, as well as backend resource allocation infrastructure services.
Bank Of America Corporation

Computational method, computational device andcomputer software product for montgomery domain

In elliptic curve cryptography (ecc), one performs a great number of modular multiplications. These are usually done by montgomery multiplication algorithm, which needs the operands to be preprocessed (namely, converted to the montgomery domain), which is normally done by an equivalent of a long division.
Winbond Electronics Corp.

Method of automatic charging

A method of realizing low battery fully automatic charging in communication equipment, includes the following steps: a) providing a quantity of electricity detector, when quantity of electricity detector detects that the quantity of electricity of mobile communication equipment is lower than set threshold, step (b) should be started; b) the said mobile communication equipment searching and positioning one external charging device to positioning the coordinates of mobile communication equipment by taking the position where the external charging device is placed as the origin of coordinates; c) starting the mobile communication terminal to move towards the direction of the external charging device; d) providing an interface set on the mobile communication equipment. Charging of mobile communication equipment is realized through the matching of interface and external charging device..
Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.

Vacant parking spot notification

A vacant parking spot notification system for a vehicle includes a controller that, in response to receiving a user initiated signal indicative of the user's intent to cause a parked vehicle to vacate a parking spot and confirmation that operating parameters reflective of vehicle departure are present, broadcasts geographic coordinates of the vehicle.. .
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Zero pixel culling for graphics processing

A graphics processing unit (gpu) may include a triangle setup engine (tse) configured to determine coordinates of a triangle, rotate coordinates of the triangle based on an angle. To rotate the coordinates, the tse generates coordinates of the triangle in a rotated domain, and determines coordinates of a bounding box in the rotated domain based on the coordinates of the triangle in the rotated domain.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Decoding visual codes

Various algorithms are presented that enable an image of a data matrix to be analyzed and decoded for use in obtaining information about an object or item associated with the data matrix. The algorithms can account for variations in position and/or alignment of the data matrix., Inc.

Captcha techniques utilizing traceable images

Techniques are disclosed for generating, utilizing, and validating traceable image captchas. In certain embodiments, a traceable image is displayed, and a trace of the image is analyzed to determine whether a user providing the trace is human.
Oracle International Corporation

Method of and system for parameter-free discovery and recommendation of areas-of-interest

A method and system for processing a user request for a recommended area of interest includes the steps of receiving the request including an indication of an electronic device geo-location and a user defined search constraint; receiving data associated with photographs associated with geo-objects, the data comprising geo-location coordinates of the photographs, the geo-location coordinates of the photographs being in proximity with the device geo-location; computing a plurality of region representations based on the geo-location coordinates of the photographs, each region representation being associated with a unique photograph density calculation parameter, the computing comprises determining a potential area of interest in each region representation, each region representation being a candidate for an optimal region representation; determining the optimal region representation based on the user defined search constraint; and displaying to the user the recommended area of interest that corresponds to the potential area of interest of the optimal region representation.. .
Yandex Europe Ag

Pointing interaction method, apparatus, and system

Embodiments of the present invention provide a pointing interaction method, apparatus, and system. The method includes: obtaining a hand image and an arm image; determining spatial coordinates of a fingertip according to the hand image, and determining spatial coordinates of an arm key portion according to the arm image; and performing converged calculation on the spatial coordinates of the fingertip and the spatial coordinates of the arm key portion, to determine two-dimensional coordinates, on a display screen, of an intersection point between fingertip pointing and the display screen.
University Of Electronic Science And Technology Of China

Aerial system and vehicle for continuous operation

An aerial vehicle having a vision based navigation system for capturing an arresting cable situated at a landing site may comprise a fuselage having a propulsion system; an arresting device coupled to the fuselage, the arresting device to capture the arresting cable at the landing site; a camera situated on the aerial vehicle; an infrared illuminator situated on the aerial vehicle to illuminate the landing site, wherein the arresting cable has two infrared reflectors situated thereon; and an onboard vision processor. The onboard vision processor may (i) generate a plurality of coordinates representing features of the landing site using an image thresholding technique, (ii) eliminate one or more coordinates as outlier coordinates using linear correlation, and (iii) identify two of the plurality of coordinates as the two infrared reflectors using a kalman filter..
Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation

Time-dependent navigation of telepresence robots

A telepresence robot may include a drive system, a control system, an imaging system, and a mapping module. The mapping module may access a map of an area and tags associated with the area.
Intouch Technologies, Inc.

Methods and positioning aircraft based on images of mobile targets

Methods and apparatus for positioning aircraft based on images of mobile targets are disclosed. An example method includes identifying, by executing first instructions via a processor, a mobile target in an image obtained by a camera mounted on a first aircraft and obtaining, by executing second instructions via the processor, current coordinates of the first aircraft.
The Boeing Company

Laser-based coordinate measuring device and laser-based measuring coordinates

A method for measuring a distance includes modulating the light beam at a first frequency, receiving a second beam by the optical detector to produce a first electrical signal having the first frequency and a first phase; modulating the light beam at a second frequency different than the first frequency; receiving the second beam by the optical detector to produce a second electrical signal having the second frequency and a second. After these steps, the retroreflector is moved while modulating the light beam continuously at the second frequency; and a first distance to the retroreflector is determined based at least in part on a the first and second frequencies and phases..
Faro Technologies, Inc.

Method and system for increasing efficiency of rolling stock

The invention is intended for conserving energy expended by railway rolling stock, for instance by a locomotive when carrying out train operations and shunting, when trains are run in an automatic mode or in a train operator assistance mode. A method for increasing the efficiency of rolling stock includes the following steps: obtaining the parameters of the rolling stock, including at least the following: speed, coordinates, overhead system voltage, traction engine current voltage, brake line discharging; in addition, determining at least the dependence parameters of an active traction force, braking force, motion resistance force, force of wheel adherence to the rails, and the mass of the rolling stock; then, determining the optimal control to be carried out by traction and braking equipment of railway rolling stock based on the dependence parameters obtained during the previous step; then, transmitting the optimal control, determined during the previous step, to a rolling stock control system for implementation or for displaying to the train operator..
Obschestvo S Ogranichennoy Otvetstvennostyu "smartwiz"

Structural 3d printing machine

Machines and system for 3d printing are disclosed. One machine includes a machine frame having a plurality of ground engaging elements to facilitate movement of the machine frame, a telescoping boom pivotably coupled to the machine frame and configured to pivot along at least a horizontal plane, a material line coupled to the boom and configured to convey a material therethrough, a printhead coupled to the boom and in fluid communication with the material line to receive the material and to dispense the material, and a controller configured to receive 3d printing information and to convert the 3d printing information into positional coordinates of the printhead, wherein the controller is to cause movement of the boom to position the printhead based at least on the position coordinates..
Caterpillar Inc.

Stereo auto-calibration from structure-from-motion

Auto-calibration of stereo cameras installable behind the windshield of a host vehicle and oriented to view the environment through the windshield. Multiple first image points are located of one of the first images captured from the first camera at a first time and matched with first image points of at least one other of the first images captured from the first camera at a second time to produce pairs of corresponding first image points respectively in the first images captured at the different times.
Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd.

Information processing apparatus, processing information, and computer program

An information processing method includes calculating at least one difference value between a pixel value of a target pixel in an input image obtained by capturing a document image and a pixel value of a corresponding pixel in a shade component image at coordinates identical to those of the target pixel. The shade component image represents shade components of the input image.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Multi-tenant resource coordination method

In a system, such as a cloud, which allows resource allocation to be flexibly changed in a multi-tenant environment, it is necessary to interchange resources between the tenants. Efficient resource coordination for resource allocation cannot be attained by merely adjusting resource allocation amounts or resource usage amounts.
Hitachi ,ltd.

System and process for roof measurement using aerial imagery

Processes and systems including providing at least one computer input field for a user to input location data generally corresponding to the location of the building; providing visual access to a first aerial image of a region including a roof structure of a building corresponding to said location data, the first aerial image having a first resolution; providing a computer input capable of signaling user-acceptance of a final location within the aerial image; and providing visual access to one or more second aerial images of an aerial imagery database corresponding to location coordinates of the final location, the one or more second aerial images having a second resolution that is higher resolution than the first resolution.. .
Pictometry International Corp.

Medical image processing device, operation method therefor, and endoscope system

A b/g ratio is determined from b and g image signals, and a g/r ratio is determined from the g and r image signals. In a feature space formed from the b/g ratio and the g/r ratio, first processing is performed for moving the coordinates of a second range to a reference range including the origin in a state where the coordinates of first and third ranges are maintained.

Information processing apparatus and method

An index detecting section detects an index in a physical space, from a captured image obtained by an imaging apparatus. An erroneous-detection prevention processing section performs erroneous-detection prevention processing, based on information relating to image coordinates of a detected index.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Method and system for imaging a lumber board, calibrating an imaging system and calibration implement therefore

The method of imaging a lumber board generally has the steps of: emitting laser light along a laser plane and toward a transit plane from both opposite sides thereof, in a manner to form a pair of opposite transversal lines of laser light on the lumber board as the board is conveyed across the laser plane; recording a plurality of images of the transversal lines of laser light as the board is conveyed across the laser plane, with each image being associated to a corresponding longitudinal position of the board along the transit plane; and producing a mapping of the geometry of the board by correlating, for each one of the images, the position of points located along the transversal lines of laser light in the recorded images with tridimensional coordinates in a conveyor reference system using tracking data indicative of the movement of the lumber board and calibration data.. .
Vab Solutions Inc.

Method and system for efficient event management

An event coordination system for coordinating a competitive event is provided. The event coordination system includes a storage system storing an event coordination routine, event participant information, event areas information, competition information, and an event schedule, and a processing system coupled to the storage system, wherein the processing system when executing the event coordination routine is configured to retrieve the event participant information for a plurality of event participants, retrieve the event areas information and the competition information, and process the event participant information with the event areas information and the competition information and generate the event schedule for coordinating the competitive event.

Arabic optical character recognition method using hidden markov models and decision trees

Disclosed is an arabic optical character recognition method using hidden markov models and decision trees, comprising: receiving an input image containing arabic text, removing all diacritics from the input image by detecting a bounding box of each diacritic and comparing coordinates thereof to those of a bounding box of a text body, segmenting the input image into four layers, and conducting feature extraction on the segmented four layers, inputting results of feature extraction into a hidden markov model thereby generating hmm models for representing each arabic character, conducting iterative training of the hmm models until an overall likelihood criterion is satisfied, and inputting results of iterative training into a decision tree thereby predicting locations and the classes of the diacritics and producing final recognition results. The invention is capable of facilitating simple recognition of arabic by utilizing writing feature thereof, and meanwhile featuring comparatively high recognition precision..
Huazhong University Of Science And Technology

Enterprise level security orchestration

Enterprise level security orchestration coordinates the safeguarding functions of safeguard software packages with respect to an installation. Multiple safeguard software packages may be deployed on an installation at a storage location.
Cybric Inc.

Method and system for generating map data

A method of generating map data, a system for generating map data and a method of creating a merchant map based on the generated map data are disclosed. The method of generating map data includes receiving transaction data from a merchant over a communications network, the transaction data including merchant identification data and a time-stamp of the transaction, determining a physical address of the merchant from the merchant identification data, mapping the physical address of the merchant to corresponding geographical coordinates using a geolocation database.
Mastercard Asia/pacific Pte. Ltd.

Layered contextual configuration management system and method and minimized input speech recognition user interface interactions experience

In an effort to customize or enhance software applications, configuration data is often used. Configuration settings that are editable by users need not to be limited to a simple flat entry that can be taken out of context anymore.

Machine tool control system capable of obtaining workpiece origin and workpiece origin setting method

A machine tool control system according to the present invention includes: a three-dimensional coordinate computing unit which calculates three-dimensional coordinates of a workpiece based on a plurality of images of the workpiece, the images being taken by the imaging apparatus from a plurality of different directions, and which calculates, from the three-dimensional coordinates, three-dimensional coordinates of a specified machining start point on the workpiece; and a coordinate converting unit which converts three-dimensional coordinates that includes the machining start point on the workpiece calculated by the three-dimensional coordinate computing unit into coordinates in the machine coordinate system for the machine tool, and which sets the converted three-dimensional coordinates of the machining start point on the workpiece, as a workpiece origin, into the machining program for the machine tool.. .
Fanuc Corporation

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