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Cooling Element patents

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Male dry shaver

Male dry shaver

Date/App# patent app List of recent Cooling Element-related patents
 Cooling assembly for electric machines patent thumbnailCooling assembly for electric machines
A cooling assembly for the stator of an electric machine provided with coils including heads is described herein. The cooling assembly includes a generally cylindrical cooling body provided with opposite longitudinal ends and at least one head-cooling element mounted to one of the longitudinal end of the body; the head-cooling element being so configured as to enclose heads of the coils and to receive heat conducting material therein..
 Male dry shaver patent thumbnailMale dry shaver
An electrically driven shaver comprises a housing and at least one hair cutting element that is driven by an electromotor. A thermoelectric skin cooling element and the electromotor are electrically operable by a microcontroller and an on/off switch which is electrically connected with the microcontroller.
 Converter arrangement, method for producing the converter arrangement and lighting arrangement patent thumbnailConverter arrangement, method for producing the converter arrangement and lighting arrangement
A converter arrangement may include a converter element, including crystal or ceramic, having at least one luminescent substance, and a cooling element for dissipating heat from the converter element, wherein the converter element and the cooling element are connected in direct physical contact with one another. A method for producing a converter arrangement is also disclosed.
 Stackable computing system patent thumbnailStackable computing system
Systems and methods providing for stackable rack-based computing systems are discussed herein. A stackable rack-based computing system may include a plurality of stackable shelf frames.
 Device and method for pressurized cryopreservation of a biological sample patent thumbnailDevice and method for pressurized cryopreservation of a biological sample
A cryopreservation device (100) which is arranged for cryopreservation of a biological sample (1) comprises a pressure vessel (10) with a vessel wall (11) and an internal space (12) which is arranged to receive the biological sample (1), wherein the pressure vessel (10) is equipped with an actuating device (20) for cooling by lowering the temperature and raising the pressure in the pressure vessel (10) and configured for the cryopreservation of the biological sample (1). Said actuating device (20) is connected to the vessel wall (11) and comprises at least one pressure setting element (21-23, 31) and at least one of at least one cooling element (34) and at least one heat conducting element (35-38), wherein the actuating device (20) is configured for a time-dependent and/or location-dependent setting of the temperature and of the pressure in the pressure vessel (10).
 Evaporatively cooled refrigeration system patent thumbnailEvaporatively cooled refrigeration system
In at least one aspect of this disclosure, a refrigeration system includes an evaporatively cooled condenser configured to transfer heat from the refrigeration system to an atmosphere, an air inlet in fluid communication with the condenser, and an evaporative cooling medium disposed between the atmosphere and the condenser such that at least a portion of an airflow from the atmosphere passes through the evaporative cooling medium to reduce the temperature of the airflow before passing the airflow over the condenser. The evaporative cooling element can improve system cooling efficiency by 20-50% depending on temperature conditions or even greater in dry climates..
 Charge-air intercooler system with integrated heating device patent thumbnailCharge-air intercooler system with integrated heating device
Methods and systems are provided for a charge air cooling system of an engine. In one example, a turbocharger arrangement includes an internal combustion engine, a turbocharger for supercharging the internal combustion engine, a charge-air intercooler located in an intake tract between the turbocharger and the internal combustion engine, and an auxiliary cooling system including a first feed line for supplying a first coolant to the charge-air intercooler, the first feed line positioned upstream of the charge-air intercooler and downstream of a cooling element, the first feed line including a heat recovery element.
 Device for cooling glassware patent thumbnailDevice for cooling glassware
A device for cooling glassware is described herein. The device can be arranged with existing glass containers and can efficiently cool heated glassware to room temperature, reducing instances of thermal shock and resulting microfractures.
 Rotary engine comprising a ceramic material patent thumbnailRotary engine comprising a ceramic material
Described is an assembly for an internal combustion rotary engine of a single or multi-rotor type. The assembly includes parts without cooling channels that comprise a monolithic ceramic material or ceramic matrix composite material capable of allowing the engine when assembled to operate at elevated temperatures that would cause metal parts of a metal engine to lose strength, lose structural and mechanical integrity, suffer excessive oxidation/corrosion and/or fail.
 Cooling apparatus patent thumbnailCooling apparatus
A cooling apparatus for electric equipment includes a generator configured to receive a heat load from first electric components, a evaporator configured to receive a heat load from second electric components, a closed compartment enclosing the generator and evaporator, and a absorber transferring heat from heated fluid to the outside of the closed compartment. To obtain an efficient and reliable cooling apparatus, the cooling apparatus includes a first expansion device which reduces the pressure of the fluid, and forwards the fluid in a liquid state and with a lower pressure to the secondary cooling element, which transfers heat to the received fluid from the second electric components for evaporating the fluid..
Cooling apparatus
A cooling apparatus includes a generator for receiving a first heat load from first electric components, a evaporator for receiving a second heat load from second electric components, a closed compartment enclosing the generator and evaporator, and a third cooling element arranged outside of the closed compartment for receiving heated fluid from at least one of the generator and evaporator and for transferring heat from the heated fluid to outside of the closed compartment. To obtain an efficient and reliable cooling apparatus, a flow channel of the evaporator is configured to receive a fluid in a liquid state and a fluid in a gas state, where the fluid in the gas state reduces a partial pressure of the fluid in a liquid state and the temperature required for evaporating the fluid in the liquid state, such that the fluid in the liquid state is evaporated..
Actively and selectively cooled cushioning surface
A cushioning surface for cooling tissue that reaches a predefined level of immersion into the cushioning surface, comprising: a segmented fluid cushion comprising a plurality of cells interconnected to allow fluid to flow from each cell to at least one of the other plurality of cells; and wherein one or more of the plurality of cells contains a heat exchange material. The cushioning surface may further comprise a cooling element associated with and for removing heat from the one or more cells containing a heat exchange material..
Application of energy with cooling elements for skin treatment
A system and method for simultaneously heating a plurality of discrete skin volumes to a coagulation temperature. The system comprises an applicator containing an electrode having a plurality of spaced apart protruding conducting elements configured to contact the skin surface at a plurality of discrete locations.
Circuit board system comprising a cooling arrangement
A circuit board system includes a circuit board (101), at least one electrical component (102), and a conductor part (103) in heat conducting relation with the electrical component. A surface of the circuit board includes a portion (104) that is uneven so as to increase the surface area of the portion.
Bonding head with a heatable and coolable suction member
A bonding head for mounting semiconductor chips on a substrate comprises a bonding head body and a suction member formed of a single piece. The elements necessary for heating, cooling and monitoring the temperature of the suction member are all integrated into the suction member, so that neither the heating nor the cooling elements are separated from the semiconductor chip by a surface preventing the heat transfer.
Closed cycle 1 k refrigeration system
A closed-cycle refrigerator provides cooling to extremely low temperatures, particularly in the range of 0.5 k to 2.0 k. A 4 k pulse-tube cryocooler cold head or g-m cryocooler cold head liquefies helium in a first cooling chamber at a pressure at approximately 1 atmosphere.
Water harvesting device
An apparatus extracts water from the air using a single circuit of gas containing a compressor, a cooling element, a heat exchanger and an ion source, where a single stream of air is used to provide water and to pre-cool the inlet air.. .
Apparatus for voltage supply
An arrangement for supplying power, particularly for supplying power to a motor vehicle, includes a cell module having several storage cells arranged between a first and a second plate-type element. The cell module further includes a plate-type cooling element thermally conductively connected with the bottom sides of the storage cells, and a cooling duct system being provided in the interior of the cooling element.
Efficient chiller for a supercritical fluid chromatography pump
Methods and systems for pumping compressible fluids in high pressure applications such as high-pressure liquid chromatography (hplc) or supercritical fluid chromatography (sfc) applications are disclosed. An improved cooling device for a pump head for use in a supercritical fluid chromatography (sfc) system is described.
Multi-function system for recovering media printed with thermo-reactive ink
What is disclosed is a multi-function system which receives media printed with ink having thermo-reactive properties with the ink being visually transparent on that media, and which processes that media such that the ink becomes visually perceptible. One embodiment of the present system comprises an input tray for receiving printed media into a transport path along which the media travels.
Low-mass sample block with rapid response to temperature change
A sample block for use in the polymerase chain reaction, dna sequencing, and other procedures that involve the performance of simultaneous reactions in multiple samples with temperature control by heating or cooling elements contacting the bottom surface of the block is improved by the inclusion of hollows in the block that are positioned to decrease the mass of the block in the immediate vicinity of the wells.. .
Ice cube shape manipulation via heat
An ice making device includes heating and cooling elements that control the formation of ice within a cavity. The ice making device may include one or more fluid inlets that supply liquid water to the cavity, and one or more fluid outlets that drain water from the cavity after formation of ice having a desired shape..
Thermoelectric generator and thermoelectric generating system
A thermoelectric generator (teg) including a cooling element, a heat-collection element and at least one thermoelectric generating module is provided. The heat-collection element is disposed at a side of the cooling element, wherein the heat-collection element has a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface, and the heat-collection element is suitable for facing a thermal radiation source with the first surface so as to receive thermal energy thereof in a predetermined distance without contacting the thermal radiation source.
Kitchen appliance and method of using same
A kitchen appliance includes a housing defining a cavity. A heating or cooling element is disposed within the housing.
Thermoelectric generator unit
A thermoelectric generator unit, in particular for coupling to an exhaust gas pipe of an internal combustion engine, comprises at least one inner tube (16) having gas flowing therein and whose outer circumference comprises at least one flat portion (24). An oval outer housing (12) completely surrounds the inner tube (16) in circumferential direction.
Power distribution switchgear circuit breaker
The invention relates to a power distribution switchgear circuit breaker applicable especially to medium or high voltage distribution board switchgears. The power distribution switchgear circuit breaker comprises at least one breaking element in the form of vacuum chamber or sf6 pole, which is provided with electric terminals, to which there are non-permanently connected the ends of contact arms, made in the form of a metal tube.
Cooling element
A cooling element includes two layers of a foil material, fastened to one another by welding connections such that a compartment closed for liquid is formed between them and at least one of the layers is vapor-transmitting over at least a portion of its surface area. The two layers of foil material include thermoplastic plastic, or polyurethane, polypropylene, or polyethylene.
Thermo-rheological fluid valve for resin infusion
A resin flow-controlling apparatus for infusing composite reinforcement material with resin. The resin flow-controlling apparatus may have at least one viscosity valve to speed, slow, allow, or deny resin flow through the viscosity valve to the composite reinforcement material depending on the temperature of the viscosity valve.
Noninvasive cooling device
A device (1) for selectively cooling the brain of a warm-blooded animal, in particular a human being, in a noninvasive manner, includes connectable self-contained cooling elements (4, 18, 19) and fixing elements for fixing in the head/neck area of the warm-blooded animal. The cooling device lowers the brain temperature in warm-blooded animals in a quicker and more effective manner without the need for especially trained medical personnel.
Kitchen appliance and method of using same
A kitchen appliance includes a housing that defines a cavity. The housing has a housing rim defining an opening to the cavity.
Handheld spectrometer
A lightweight handheld radiation detector for use in detecting radioactive materials, including a cylindrical vacuum housing having an inner volume, a detector material encasement disposed within the inner volume, a cooling element disposed within the inner volume and integrally formed with the detector material encasement to cool detector material within the detector material encasement.. .
Method and apparatus for thermal control of ion sources and sputtering targets
A method and apparatus are disclosed for controlling a semiconductor process temperature. In one embodiment a thermal control device includes a heat source and a housing comprising a vapor chamber coupled to the heat source.
Method for forming and using a furnace roller assembly
A furnace roller assembly is formed with a helically shaped shaft-offset and metal product contact surface assembly wound around a furnace roller shaft. A corebuster may be provided within the furnace roller shaft to direct the flow of a coolant within the axial length of the furnace roller shaft and through a cooling element forming a part of the shaft-offset and metal contact surface assembly..
Table with a fan
A table includes a table top, a support pedestal having a plenum, the support pedestal arranged to support the table top, and a fan arranged to blow air upwardly toward the table top through the plenum. An air deflector may be arranged to deflect the air radially outwardly under the table top in a 360° pattern.
Power supply thermal profile selection management
An electronic system employs multiple power supplies that provide electrical energy to components of the server system. Each power supply exhibits or experiences a uniquely different air flow within the system chassis.
Method and device for electrochemical cell propagation avoidance in a battery module
A method and device for cooling an electrochemical cell is provided. In one embodiment, the cooling element for an electrochemical cell includes a metal element configured to engage with an electrochemical cell and absorb thermal energy from the electrochemical cell.
Kitchen appliance with locking handles
A kitchen appliance includes a housing that defines a cavity. A heating or cooling element is disposed within the housing to heat or cool the cavity.
Periorbital edema reduction device
A portable head-mounted device for cooling the under-eye area of skin, said device comprising at least one cooling element arranged to be located adjacent the skin of the under-eye area when the device is mounted to the head, the cooling element having a first side that faces the under-eye area of skin when the device is mounted to a head and a second side that faces away from the skin of the under-eye area; said at least one cooling element comprising: liquid retaining means adapted to retain a liquid provided thereto; and heat transfer means adapted to transfer heat by conduction to a liquid retained by the liquid retaining means to promote evaporation of said liquid thereby providing a cooling effect when the device is mounted to the head in use. .
Process for the layer-by-layer production of low-warpage three-dimensional objects by means of cooling elements
An apparatus for the simultaneous layer-by-layer production of three-dimensional objects, containing a construction chamber with a height-adjustable construction platform, an apparatus for applying, to the construction platform, a layer of a material that can be hardened by exposure to electromagnetic radiation, and irradiation equipment. The irradiation equipment contains a radiation source emitting electromagnetic radiation, a control unit and a lens located in a beam path of the electromagnetic radiation, for irradiating sites within the layer that correspond to an object, in which a cooling element can be produced at the same time as the object.
Method and apparatus for pre-emptive power semiconductor module fault indication
A method and an apparatus for an arrangement including a power semiconductor module with a cooling interface which is connected to a cooling element. The method first measures a first temperature value of the cooling interface, and then changes an operating mode of the power semiconductor module, wherein the operating mode is selected from an active mode and an inactive mode.
System for the storage of electrical energy for a vehicle with electric propulsion
A system for the storage of electrical energy for a vehicle with electric propulsion; the storage system presents: at least one group of chemical batteries, which are arranged aligned with one another and each of which presents an upper wall, which is provided with a pair of electrical terminals and with a safety valve, and a lower wall, which is parallel and opposite to the upper wall; a container, which houses the group of chemical batteries; a relief duct, which rests against the upper walls of the chemical batteries and presents, for each safety valve, a corresponding opening, which is coupled to the safety valve; and a cooling element, which is parallel and opposite to the relief duct and rests against the lower walls of the chemical batteries.. .
Illumination system and method
One or more embodiments of techniques or systems for generating illumination or enabling an illumination within a liquid (e.g., a sports or energy drink), container, straw, accents (e.g., drink cubes), etc. Are provided.
Power semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
A power semiconductor element, a high-voltage electrode electrically connected to the power semiconductor element, a heat radiating plate connected to the power semiconductor element and having heat radiation property, a cooling element connected to the heat radiating plate with an insulating film being interposed, and a seal covering the power semiconductor element, a part of the high-voltage electrode, the heat radiating plate, the insulating film, and a part of the cooling element are included. The cooling element includes a base portion of which part is embedded in the seal and a cooling member connected to the base portion.
Gas turbine system having an evaporative cooler
A gas turbine system includes a compressor; a combustion chamber; a gas turbine; and an evaporative cooler. The evaporative cooler includes a plurality of cooling elements, a flow channel, and a feed device.
Carafe with cooling element
A cooling element for use with a carafe that may be used for serving a consumable liquid such as wine. The cooling element can be inserted into the open, upper end of the carafe and the cooling element has as hollow tube that is filled with a cooling agent such as ice, and which extends downwardly into direct contact with the liquid contained within the carafe.
Device for supplying water and soda
The device for supplying water and soda, includes at least a water feeding line (2), at least a water tank (3) connected to the water feeding line (2), at least a pressurized co2 tank (4), at least a soda tank (5), elements for transferring (6) water from the water tank (3) into the soda tank (5), elements for injecting (7) co2 from the co2 tank (4) into the soda tank (5) in order to mix co2 with water and obtaining soda, first supplying elements (8) communicating with the water tank (3) for supplying water towards outside, second supplying elements (9) communicating with the soda tank (5) for supplying soda towards outside and cooling elements (20) interposed between the water tank (3) and the soda tank (5).. .
Chambers with improved cooling devices
Embodiments of the present invention provide a heating assembly using a heat exchange device to cool a plurality of heating element. The heating assembly includes a plurality of heating elements, a cooling element having one or more cooling channels for receiving cooling fluid therein, and a heat exchange device disposed between the plurality of heating elements and the cooling element.
Ice cream maker
An ice-cream maker comprising: a body having a rotatable paddle; a cooling chamber supported by the body for receiving an ice-cream mixture, the paddle being adapted to move through the ice-cream mixture; a sensor module for detecting a hardness measure of the ice-cream mixture; a processor module coupled to the sensor module for receiving a signal indicative of the hardness measure, the processor module being adapted to control the operation of the paddle. After the ice-cream mixture has reached a selected hardness, the processor module periodically operates paddle to churn the mixture to substantially maintain the mixture at the selected hardness.
Method and apparatus for collecting solar thermal energy
An energy conversion system includes a heat to power conversion unit to convert thermal energy of a high temperature fluid into electricity. A space heating element is connected to a heated fluid storage unit to provide heating.
Modular inverter arrangement
An arrangement for a modular inverter includes a number of power semiconductors and cooling elements, where the cooling elements are connected to the power semiconductors for cooling the power semiconductors. The power semiconductors and the cooling elements are disposed around a center axis of the arrangement in such a manner that they demark a channel around the center axis in which a cooling medium is able to flow in the direction of the center axis.
Method for lowering the air temperature of an engine compartment of a vehicle
In a method for lowering the air temperature of an engine compartment of a vehicle accommodating an internal combustion engine, an air-fluid heat exchanger having at least one cooling element for cooling the air-fluid heat exchanger, and an electric drive, the at least one cooling element is activated as a function of the temperature of a fluid side of the air-fluid heat exchanger and as a function of a temperature of the electric drive.. .
Kitchen appliance and method of using same
A kitchen appliance includes a housing that defines a cavity. The housing has a housing rim defining an opening to the cavity.
Methods and devices of accelerated cooling
A device cooling an item having a cooling chamber having a cooling cavity with a top opening sized and shaped for receiving the item, at least one cooling element which cools the cooling cavity during a cooling session, an elevation mechanism for lifting and lowering the item, from and into the cooling cavity, via the top opening, and a control unit which controls the elevation mechanism according to at least one of a measurement of a temperature in the cooling cavity during the cooling session, a measurement of a temperature in the cooling cavity after the cooling session, and a duration of the cooling session.. .
Thermal management
An operation mode is determined based on user behavior data, an environmental data of the electronic device is determined and a system operating data of the electronic device is determined. A system control parameter can be adjusted based on the environmental data and the system operating data to regulate the heat generating element and/or the cooling element to achieve the operating mode..
A muffler for an exhaust gas system of an internal combustion engine, the muffler including a muffler housing, at least one exhaust gas inlet, at least one gas outlet and at least one muffling device arranged in the muffler housing. At least one cooling element arranged in the muffler housing is configured to extract heat energy from the exhaust gas and is arranged in the muffler housing..
Provisioning cooling elements for chillerless data centers
Systems and methods for cooling include one or more computing structure, an inter-structure liquid cooling system that includes valves configured to selectively provide liquid coolant to the one or more computing structures; a heat rejection system that includes one or more heat rejection units configured to cool liquid coolant; and one or more liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers that include valves configured to selectively transfer heat from liquid coolant in the inter-structure liquid cooling system to liquid coolant in the heat rejection system. Each computing structure further includes one or more liquid-cooled servers; and an intra-structure liquid cooling system that has valves configured to selectively provide liquid coolant to the one or more liquid-cooled servers;.
Machine with engageable tank for ice creams, granita or iced beverages
A machine (10) for producing and dispensing products such as ice cream, iced beverages or granita comprises a removable product-containing tank (12) which is provided at its front end with a tap (14) for dispensing the product and which, via its rear opening (18), sealingly houses a cooling element (19) with a substantially horizontal axis (20) and a motor-driven mixer element (21). The tank is removable from the machine by means of extraction from its operating position in a disassembly direction (26) which is substantially parallel to the axis of the cooling element, and snap-engaging means (30) for locking the movement of the tank are provided between the tank and its seat on the base of the machine, said means being able to be manually released by means of operation of at least one operating lever (31)..
Arterial cooling elements for use with a cervical immobilization collar
A kit for cooling the blood in the carotid arteries includes a cervical immobilization collar and a cooling element. The cooling element may include a body-facing panel attached on a body-facing surface to a lining layer, an outward-facing panel, and cooling material disposed between the body-facing panel and the outward facing panel.
Refrigeration system
In order to improve a refrigeration system comprising a refrigeration circuit, in which a refrigerant compressor, a condenser following on from the refrigerant compressor, an expansion device following on from the condenser and an evaporator following on from the expansion device are arranged, the evaporator being connected to the refrigerant compressor, wherein the refrigerant compressor has a drive motor speed-controlled by an electronic motor control and a control cooling branch which has refrigerant flowing through it, branches off from the refrigeration circuit between the condenser and the expansion device and is guided to a connection of the refrigerant compressor and in which a cooling element is arranged which is connected in a heat conducting manner to electronic power components of the motor control, in such a manner that disruption to the operation of the motor control is avoided as far as possible it is suggested that a regulating device be provided for the control cooling branch and this regulate a temperature of the cooling element during operation of the refrigerant compressor such that a minimum evaporation temperature of the cooling element is above a freezing temperature and below a liquefying temperature of the refrigerant in the evaporator.. .
Cervical immobilization collar with arterial cooling elements and method of using the same
A device for selectively cooling of the brain of a patient includes a cervical immobilization collar including a substantially annular support structure having an extended axial length and an anterior opening. The collar may also include a securing member capable of substantially covering the anterior opening and at least one pressure member.
Cervical immobilization collar with arterial cooling elements and method of using the same
A method for selective cooling of the brain of a patient includes providing a cervical immobilization collar, the collar including a substantially annular support structure having an extended axial length, an anterior opening, and a securing member capable of substantially covering the anterior opening. The method also includes applying the cervical immobilization collar to the patient, placing a first cooling element within the anterior opening of the substantially annular support structure, and securing the first cooling element within the anterior opening..
Projection display device
A projection display device includes, in a case, a flow path forming member for forming a flow path through which cooling air circulates, an image forming element disposed in the flow path, a fan disposed in the flow path, a cooling element for cooling the cooling air via flow path forming member, a temperature detection element for detecting the surface temperature of flow path forming member, a temperature detection element for detecting the temperature of a space in the case, and a control unit for controlling the cooling element based on the detection results of the temperature detection elements. The control unit controls the cooling element so that the inputs from the two temperature detection elements can be identical..
Stator element with cooling element arranged on the backside of the yoke
A stator element is disclosed. The stator element includes a yoke including laminated metal plates and radially protruding teeth from one side of the yoke.
Thermal barrier liner for containers
A thermal barrier maintains a beverage within a container at a desired temperature. The barrier may include gas or liquid filled microcapsules and a base material having microencapsulated solid-liquid phase change material, or combinations thereof.
Vacuum container for removing foreign gases from an adsorption refrigeration machine
The invention relates to a vacuum container for an adsorption refrigeration machine, said vacuum container being connected to a condenser unit of the adsorption refrigeration machine via connection means that permit the passage of vapor. The container has a discharge arrangement and at least one cooling element.
The present invention concerns a magnus rotor comprising a carrier, and a rotary body mounted rotatably to the carrier, as well as a drive device for driving the rotary body. The carrier has at least one opening which connects an internal space in the carrier with an external space in such a way that air can pass through between those two spaces.
Extensional flow heat exchanger for polymer melts
An extensional flow static heat exchanger with at least two components of tubular cooling elements arranged in a flow passage, wherein the components are successively arranged in the flowing direction, each component having a first and a second set of at least two cooling elements, the cooling elements of the first set being angularly offset to the cooling elements of the second set, the cross sections of the cooling elements have a convex profile on the upstream and downstream side or a droplet shape, the cooling elements of the first and the second set, respectively of the adjacent component are arranged at least partially in the space between two cooling elements of the first and second set, respectively of the previous component, a process for producing a low density extruded thermoplastic foam material and a low density extruded thermoplastic foam material.. .
System and method for liquid silicon containment
This invention relates to a system and a method for liquid silicon containment, such as during the casting of high purity silicon used in solar cells or solar modules. The containment apparatus includes a shielding ember adapted to prevent breaching molten silicon from contacting structural elements or cooling elements of a casting device, and a volume adapted to hold a quantity of breaching molten silicon with the volume formed by a bottom and one or more sides..
Method and apparatus for a distributed cooling system for electronic equipment enclosures
A method and apparatus for an electronic equipment enclosure that provides a frame and an enclosure surrounding the frame. One or more plenums may be arranged between the frame and enclosure and a heat exchanger may be mounted within the one or more plenums.
Handheld lighting device
A handheld lighting device includes: a hand tool battery coupling unit, a cooling element, and an illuminating device which has an emission direction. The cooling element has at least one outer surface which is situated in the emission direction downstream from an outer surface of the illuminating device, which is transilluminated during operation..
Piston for an internal combustion engine
A multi-part piston for an internal combustion engine has a piston upper part and a piston lower part. The piston upper part comprises a piston head, a continuous fire land and a continuous ring part.

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