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Control Unit patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Control Unit-related patents
 Input method, input apparatus, and input program patent thumbnailnew patent Input method, input apparatus, and input program
An input apparatus includes an information storage unit which stores identification information of an application or a service and user information such that the identification information and the user information are correlated with each other, an input manipulation detecting unit which detects an input manipulation on an editable region in an image area of the application, a region detecting unit which detects editable regions included in the image area of the application, and a control unit which, if at least one of the detected editable regions includes a first region having a prescribed input attribute for input of first information in the user information, performs a control so that at least part of the user information is input using, as a reference, the first region or the editable region whether the input manipulation is detected.. .
 Viewing system, mobile terminal, server, and viewing method patent thumbnailnew patent Viewing system, mobile terminal, server, and viewing method
In a viewing system, each of a plurality of mobile terminals includes a display unit, a program reception unit receiving a program of one-segment broadcasting, a display control unit causing the display unit to display the program received in the program reception unit, a microphone detecting the voice of a speaker around its own terminal while the program is being displayed on the display screen, a voice recognition unit converting the voice of the speaker detected by the microphone into character data, and a character data transmission and reception unit transmitting the character data converted in the voice recognition unit to a server and receiving character data, that is transmitted from another mobile terminal to the server, from the server, and the display control unit causes the display screen to display the character data received from the server with the program while the program is displayed on the display screen.. .
 Battery management system and method patent thumbnailnew patent Battery management system and method
A battery management system/method implementing optimal dynamic battery charge/discharge cycling is disclosed. The system utilizes a power source control unit (pscu) to selectively switch a power supply source to a battery charger that charges a battery servicing a portable computing device.
 Current distribution system, current distribution method, and computer system thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Current distribution system, current distribution method, and computer system thereof
A current distribution system, a current distribution method, and a computer system thereof are disclosed. The current distribution system includes a main control unit, a first power supply device, and a second power supply device.
 Data storage device including buffer memory patent thumbnailnew patent Data storage device including buffer memory
A data storage device includes a data storage medium a micro control unit (mcu) connected to a host through a first interface method and configured to control the data storage medium in response to a request of the host; and a buffer memory connected to the host through a second interface method, connected to the mcu, and controlled by the mcu and the host, respectively.. .
 Method to prevent i/o starvation of slower hosts in a multi-host environment patent thumbnailnew patent Method to prevent i/o starvation of slower hosts in a multi-host environment
A method, system and computer-usable medium are disclosed for managing storage control unit input/output (i/o) operations in a multi-host environment. A storage control unit sends a busy status message when it has exhausted its resources to process new i/o requests.
 Information provision system, information provision system control method, information provision device, program, and information recording medium patent thumbnailnew patent Information provision system, information provision system control method, information provision device, program, and information recording medium
To provide an information provision system capable of improving a users operability in obtaining a list of desired information. A designated position obtaining unit (50) obtains a position in a screen designated by the user.
 Desired money-amount management apparatus, desired money-amount management method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium patent thumbnailnew patent Desired money-amount management apparatus, desired money-amount management method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
A desired money-amount management apparatus includes a control unit and a display unit. The control unit includes (i) a setting unit that sets a group goal for an amount of money for a group composed of a plurality of users registered in a household-accounts management application, (ii) a summing unit that sums remaining amounts, registered in the household-accounts management application, of all member users being the users constituting the group, (iii) a checking unit that checks a progress status of the group goal based on the group goal set by the setting unit and the remaining amount summed by the summing unit, and (iv) a progress-display executing unit that displays the progress status checked by the checking unit on the display unit..
 Smart switch with voice operated function and smart control system using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Smart switch with voice operated function and smart control system using the same
A smart switch applied to a smart control system in a smart house, includes a storage, a voice input unit configured to receive vocal commands and convert the vocal commands to electronic data, and a remote control unit. A processor unit which includes a voice identifying module, a determining module, and a control module is also included.
 Voice recognition device and navigation device patent thumbnailnew patent Voice recognition device and navigation device
Disclosed is a voice recognition device including: first through mth voice recognition parts each for detecting a voice interval from sound data stored in a sound data storage unit 2 to extract a feature quantity of the sound data within the voice interval, and each for carrying out a recognition process on the basis of the feature quantity extracted thereby while referring to a recognition dictionary; a voice recognition switching unit 4 for switching among the first through mth voice recognition parts; a recognition control unit 5 for controlling the switching among the voice recognition parts by the voice recognition switching unit 4 to acquire recognition results acquired by a voice recognition part selected; and a recognition result selecting unit 6 for selecting a recognition result to be presented to a user from the recognition results acquired by the recognition control unit 5.. .
new patent Intelligent electronic device and method thereof
An intelligent electronic device (ied) having a gain control unit adapted to selectively regulate operating ranges of output signals of a sensing circuit of the device is described. In one embodiment, the ied is a digital electric power and energy meter, which operating ranges for supply voltages and supply currents of electrical services may be adjusted to match pre-determined ranges for input signals of a data acquisition system or a data processing module of the meter..
new patent Acc reaction to target object turn offs
An adaptive cruise control (acc) system for a vehicle. The acc includes a vehicle speed sensor, a user interface, a steering angle sensor, a forward facing sensor, and an engine control unit (ecu).
new patent Braking system for hybrid vehicle and control method for the same
A braking system for hybrid vehicle may include a brake pedal, a pedal stroke sensor detecting stroke of the brake pedal and outputting corresponding signal, a brake control unit receiving the signal of the pedal stroke sensor, a driving wheel caliper braking a driving wheel according to control of the brake control unit, a regenerative braking unit including a motor/generator which generates electric energy according to control of the brake control unit in braking of the driving wheel, a master cylinder connected with the brake pedal and operated by the brake pedal, and a driven wheel caliper braking a driven wheel according to operation of the master cylinder.. .
new patent Functional electrical stimulation system
A functional electrical stimulation system having a boost module to raise an output voltage of a primary power to a first preset voltage, an energy storage module, connected to the boost module, configured to store electrical energy of the first preset voltage, a central control unit configured to generate data packets of electrical stimulation parameters, and an electrical stimulation output channel, connected to the energy storage module, configured to receive the data packets of electrical stimulation parameters, analyze the electrical stimulation parameters from the data packets, convert electrical energy stored in the energy storage module to an electrical stimulation pulse corresponding to the electrical stimulation parameters and apply the electrical stimulation pulse to a part of a user. The functional electrical stimulation system can enhance flexibility and autonomy of an electrical stimulation pulse so that the user can select a personalized electrical stimulation pulse type according to his/her actual conditions..
new patent Muscle therapy system
Some embodiments provide a system for treating diminished muscle function that includes an electrical member that delivers electrical energy to a portion of a mammalian body having a dysfunctional muscle; a joint motion assembly that couples to the body and provides joint motion to a joint to which the dysfunctional muscle ordinarily provides motion; and a control unit that controls a timing of electrical energy delivery by the member and an amount of electrical energy delivered by the member; the timing of electrical energy delivery is controlled to occur while the joint is positioned near an inflection point between the opposing joint movements in the cycle, and while motion is being provided to the joint by the joint motion assembly. The amount of electrical energy delivered is effective to result in a depolarization of at least one of the dysfunctional muscle and a nerve that innervates the dysfunctional muscle..
new patent Mobile terminal, control method thereof, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing control program
A mobile terminal capable of being connected to a charger according to an exemplary embodiment includes a notification unit that notifies predetermined information by using at least one of an image, lighting, a sound, and a vibration, a charger detection unit that identifies a charger connected to the mobile terminal, and a control unit that controls the notification unit so that the notification unit provides a different notification to a user according to a type of the charger connected to the mobile terminal.. .
new patent Terminal device and method for transceiving data thereof
A terminal device and a data transceiving method are provided. The terminal device includes a sensing unit which senses a momentum of the terminal device, an interface unit which receives a momentum from at least one external device, and a control unit which performs one of a data receiving operation, a data transmitting operation, and a data transceiving operation with the at least one external device depending on a comparison value obtained from a comparison of the sensed momentum with the received momentum to allow two devices to exchange data more easily..
new patent Auditory feedback device and method for swimming speed
There is provided an auditory feedback swim training device for use by a swimmer. The device includes a flow meter connectable to the swimmer and configured to measure a flow rate of fluid while the swimmer is swimming.
new patent Sodium ion battery system
The problem of the present invention is to provide a sodium ion battery system with high charge and discharge efficiency. The present invention solves the above-mentioned problem by providing a sodium ion battery system comprising a sodium ion battery and a charge control unit, wherein the anode active material is an active material having an na2ti6o13 crystal phase, the anode active material layer contains a carbon material as a conductive material, and the above-mentioned charge control unit controls electric potential of the above-mentioned anode active material higher than electric potential in which an na ion is irreversibly inserted into the above-mentioned carbon material..
new patent Chiral separation system
A system for separation of enantiomers includes a column packed with a stationary phase; a magnetic field generator generating a magnetic field, within which the column is placed, and the magnetic field interacts with the enantiomers as the enantiomers elute through the column with a mobile phase; and a control unit, in communication with the magnetic field generator and the column, to adjust the strength and direction of the magnetic field to separate the enantiomers.. .
new patent Blood perfusion system
An extracorporeal blood perfusion system includes a disposable assembly and a control unit having a control interface region. The interface region includes pump assemblies for selective pumping of venous blood, arterial blood, cardioplegia solution, suctioned blood and blood removed from the left ventricle.
new patent Switching power supply and image forming apparatus equipped with switching power supply
A power supply device including a transformer having a primary winding and a secondary winding, and a switching element connected to the primary winding configured to drive the switching element to output voltage from the secondary winding includes a control unit configured to drive the switching element such that the switching element is turned on and, in which, in a case where the control unit performs an intermittent drive operation which repeats a period for which the switching element is driven and a period for which the drive of the switching element is stopped, in which the control unit drives the switching element such that the switching element is turned off before the voltage according to the current flowing to the primary winding reaches the voltage output from the secondary winding in the period for which the switching element is driven.. .
new patent Network design apparatus, network design method, and storage medium storing network design program
A network design apparatus includes a storage unit configured to store network topology information indicating a connection relationship between a plurality of nodes in a network in which the plurality of nodes are connected to each other by a link and demand information indicating a demand including a starting point node, an ending point node, a route, and the number of the demands, and a control unit configured, based on the network topology information and the demand information, to take out a certain number of nodes from the sorted nodes having the higher rank and generate combination candidates of transmission paths in which the starting point node, the ending point node, and the certain number of nodes are set as terminal points with regard to the respective demands, and determine a combination of the transmission paths that accommodate the demand from the combination candidates of the transmission paths.. .
new patent Self-characterization tunable optical receiver
A self-characterization optical receiver comprising a tunable filter comprising a first transmission peak and configured to receive an optical signal comprising a plurality of channels at different wavelengths and output one channel at a wavelength corresponding to the first transmission peak, an optical-to-electrical (oe) converter configured to convert the one channel optical signal into an electrical signal, a monitor unit configured to adjust at least one control parameter based upon a power level of the electrical signal, and a control unit configured to adjust a heater bias current based upon control parameters received from the monitor unit, and wherein adjusting the heater bias current shifts the wavelength corresponding to the first transmission peak.. .
new patent Video reproducing apparatus, display control method therefor, and storage medium storing display control program therefor
A video reproducing apparatus that allows a user to visually identify a video component taken at a frame rate that is different from the normal frame rate on a time sequence bar. A reproduction unit reproduces a video image in which video components taken at different frame rates are mixed and to display the video image on a display unit.
new patent Comment creating-displaying device, method of creating and displaying comment, and comment creating and displaying program
A comment creating-displaying device includes: a comment storing unit that stores comment information in which a comment character string representing a character string displayed during reproduction of video captured during movement and a comment coordinate value representing coordinate information of a capture location at which the comment character string is displayed are associated with each other; a first acquisition unit that acquires positioning data that is information including the video, positioning time representing time when the capture location of the video is positioned, and a positioning point representing coordinate information of the capture location of the video; a reproduction control unit that controls reproduction of the acquired video; and a second acquisition unit that acquires the comment character string, which has a distance from the positioning point of the positioning data corresponding to the reproduction time of the video.. .
new patent Optical waveguide device, optical interferometer and control method for optical waveguide device
In order to independently perform control of a phase difference and a loss of light transmitting through an optical waveguide in a simple and easy configuration, an optical waveguide device includes an optical waveguide provided with two electrodes each supplied with a corresponding one of two signals; and a control unit for controlling the two signals so as to cause a phase variation and a loss variation which are caused in light transmitting through the optical waveguide by the two signals to each have a predetermined value.. .
new patent Image processing apparatus
An image processing apparatus includes a buffer unit which stores image data of one input image, an input control unit which causes the buffer unit to store the image data of the input image, a processing operation unit which outputs image data of a processed image generated by performing image processing based on one of a plurality of set processing conditions, a plurality of output control units corresponding to the processing conditions, wherein each output control unit causes the image data necessary when image processing is performed in a corresponding processing condition to be output from the buffer unit to the processing operation unit and causes the image data of the processed image to be output to a subsequent-stage processing circuit, and an output arbitrating unit which determines which processing condition is used to perform the image processing and permits the corresponding output control unit to perform output control.. .
new patent Image data compression device, image data decompression device, display device, image processing system, image data compression method, and image data decompression method
A compression and decompression module provided in a display device includes: a comparison unit that, when first image data and second image data in which a gradation value of each of a plurality of pixels is expressed in m bits are input, compares gradation values of corresponding pixels of the input first and second image data; a compression unit that compresses the second image data and that, when values of predetermined n bits (where n≦m) of the gradation values match each other in a comparison result of the comparison unit, generates compressed data including identification data indicating that the values of the n bits match each other; and a control unit that performs control to output data, which indicates the gradation value of the corresponding pixel of the first image data, and the compressed data generated by the compression unit so as to correspond to each other.. .
new patent Hearing device with brainwave dependent audio processing
A hearing device is adapted to be arranged on or at least partly implanted in an individual's head and comprises: an input unit providing an input audio signal; a signal processing circuit adapted to process the input audio signal; an output unit adapted to provide an audible signal to the individual; one or more electrodes adapted to detect electric brain potentials of the individual; and a brainwave measurement circuit adapted to determine one or more eeg signals from electric signals received from the one or more electrodes. The hearing device further comprises: a first spectrum analyser determining first audio spectra; a reconstructor adapted to repeatedly reconstruct second audio spectra; a first correlator to determine coherence between the first and the second audio spectra; and a control unit adapted to alter said processing in dependence on the coherence..
new patent Speaker system and method for adjusting power of speaker
An exemplary speaker system includes a speaker, an audio amplifier, a detecting resistor, and a control unit. The audio amplifier is connected to the speaker and outputs a working voltage to the speaker.
new patent Mobile radiation generation apparatus and mobile radiation imaging system
A mobile radiation generation apparatus includes a cart, a radiation generation unit, a positioning member fixed to the cart and configured to movably support the radiation generation unit, a receiving unit configured to store a radiation imaging unit, the receiving unit extending in a direction toward a lower inside portion of the cart from a predetermined position at a side surface of the cart, a control unit configured to control the mobile radiation generation apparatus, and a generated voltage supplying unit disposed to face the control unit across the receiving unit and configured to supply voltage to the radiation generation unit.. .
new patent Temperature information assembly for a cooking hob
The present invention relates to a temperature information assembly for a cooking hob (18). The temperature information assembly comprises at least one saw (surface acoustic wave) temperature sensor (10) permanently or removably attached or attachable at or in a cooking pot (24), at least one sensor antenna (12) permanently or removably attached or attachable at the cooking pot (24) and electrically connected to the saw temperature sensor (10), at least one reader (14) permanently or removably attached or attachable in or on the cooking hob (18), and at least one reader antenna (16) permanently or removably attached or attachable in or on the cooking hob (18) and electrically connected to the reader (14).
new patent Extreme ultraviolet light generation system
An extreme ultraviolet light generation system may include an optical device configured to cause an optical path of a pulse laser beam to approximately match one of a first optical path in which the pulse laser beam is focused at a plasma generation region and a second optical path in which the pulse laser beam passes outside the plasma generation region, and a control unit configured to output a control signal to the optical device so that the optical device sets the optical path of the pulse laser beam to the second optical path from when a predetermined time starts to when the number of pulses contained in a timing signal reaches a predetermined value and sets the optical path of the pulse laser beam to the first optical path from when the number of pulses reaches the predetermined value to when the predetermined time ends.. .
new patent Wavelength-tunable light source and wavelength variation method
A wavelength-tunable light source includes light sources having differing variable wavelength regions, where light sources having adjacent wavelength regions are distributed to different systems. The light sources are each set such that an end portion of the variable wavelength region of the light source overlaps an end portion of the variable wavelength region of another light source.
new patent Contention based access of resources in a wireless network
A wireless communication device for a wireless network employing a wireless time division communication structure, where the wireless communication device includes a wireless transmitter, a wireless receiver and an access control unit, which is configured to order the wireless transmitter to transmit, in a contention interval, a priority setting of a wireless communication device competing for resources, where the priority setting is transmitted as a signal having a frequency representing the priority setting, order the wireless receiver to receive, in the contention interval, priority settings of other competing wireless communication devices as signals having frequencies representing these priority settings, compare the transmitted priority setting with the received priority settings and seize a following data interval if the transmitted priority setting is higher than the received priority settings.. .
new patent Transmission device, reception device, transmission method, and reception method
In a base station (100), a division number calculating unit (103) calculates the division number of a prb pair on the basis of a first number of res capable of mapping an allocation control signal, a second number of res capable of mapping signals other than the allocation control signal, and a reference value, which is the number of res satisfying the reception quality request in a terminal (200) for the allocation control signal, in each prb pair. Then, a control signal mapping control unit (104) determines a search space by determining a control channel element group constituting a plurality of mapping unit resource region candidates within a cce group obtained by separating each prb pair contained in a first group into the same number as the division number..
new patent Integrated circuit for controlling radio communication process
Provided is a radio communication device which can make acknowledgement (ack) reception quality and negative acknowledgement (nack) reception quality to be equal to each other. The device includes: a scrambling unit (214) which multiplies a response signal after modulated, by a scrambling code “1” or “e−j(π/2)” so as to rotate a constellation for each of response signals on a cyclic shift axis; a spread unit (215) which performs a primary spread of the response signal by using a zero auto correlation (zac) sequence set by a control unit (209); and a spread unit (218) which performs a secondary spread of the response signal after subjected to the primary spread, by using a block-wise spread code sequence set by the control unit (209)..
new patent Wireless base station device using coordinated harq communication system, wireless terminal device, wireless communication system, and wireless communication method
A wireless communication system, includes a first wireless base station; a second wireless base station that performs a coordinated transmission; and a wireless terminal, wherein the wireless terminal includes a reception control unit that identifies a physical downlink channel transmitted from any of the first and second wireless base station according to one or more reference signals; a data reception unit that is capable of receiving data transmitted by the first wireless base station using a resource indicated by a first control channel and receiving data coordinately transmitted by the second wireless base station using a resource indicated by the received first control channel, a control channel transmission unit that transmits a second control channel and the reception control unit further controls hybrid automatic repeat request (harq) process for data coordinately transmitted by the first wireless base station and the second wireless base station based on the first control channel.. .
new patent Power control circuit and power supply system employing the same
A power control circuit for a power supply system including a control unit, a driving circuit and a power supply unit is disclosed. The power control circuit includes a current detection unit, a voltage detection unit and a power detection unit.
new patent Image processing apparatus, method for controlling the image processing apparatus, and storage medium
An image processing apparatus capable of performing calibration includes a storage unit configured to store a calibration job for performing calibration and a normal job for performing image processing in order of reception, a judgment unit configured to judge whether to interrupt the normal job during execution of the normal job and to perform the calibration job, and a control unit configured to interrupt processing of the normal job to be in a state where the processing can be resumed and perform the calibration job if it is judged that the calibration job is to be performed, and to perform the calibration job after the stored normal job is completed if it is judged that the calibration job is not to be performed.. .
new patent Tissue sampling for pathological study
A probe device for use in a tissue inspection system is presented. The probe device comprises a probe body and a control unit at least partially incorporated in the probe body.
new patent Pdlc film structure, manufacturing method and controlling method thereof
A pdlc film structure, a manufacturing method and a controlling method thereof are provided. The pdlc film structure comprising: a first substrate and a second substrate disposed facing each other; and a pdlc layer filled between the first substrate and the second substrate.
new patent Vector data conversion output device, vector data conversion output method, and vector data conversion output program
In order for an electronic device not equipped with flash playback software to reproduce swf format vector data, the present invention provides a connection search unit that searches for a connection between terminal points of line segments forming swf format vector data, searching being performed for each fill style pertaining to the line segments; an confined space determination control unit that determines whether line segments determined to be connected form an confined space, and when the line segments form an confined space, establishes the line segments as line segments of the confined space and the fill style pertaining to the line segments as a fill style of the confined space; and a vector data output unit that outputs vector data based on the line segments and the fill style established for the confined space.. .
new patent Image processing apparatus and image processing method
According to an embodiment, an image processing apparatus includes a scattered light acquisition unit, a control information acquisition unit and a control unit. The scattered light acquisition unit acquires an amount of scattered light included in each pixel of an input image.
new patent Image pickup apparatus, control method of image pickup apparatus, program, and storage medium
A image pickup apparatus includes a touch panel configured to detect a touch operation, an image pickup element arranged to pick up a moving image, and a system control unit configured to control to record the moving image picked up by the image pickup element and control to make the operation-receiving sensitivity of the touch panel for the touch operation in moving image recording higher than in a state other than the moving image recording.. .
new patent Size measurement apparatus and size measurement method
A size measurement apparatus includes: a first light emitter unit for widely emitting light to an imaging area which may include an object; a second light emitter unit for locally emitting light to a part of the imaging area; an image taking unit for obtaining a range image which contains distance information on a pixel-by-pixel basis, with pixels being arranged two-dimensionally, the distance information being calculated based on a measured time value which is a time for the light emitted from the light emitter units to travel back as a reflected light; and an arithmetic control unit for controlling light emission from the light emitter units, and for calculating size information of the object based on a synthesized range image obtained by synthesizing a range image obtained during light emission from the first light emitter unit and a range image obtained during light emission from the second light emitter unit.. .
new patent Recording apparatus, recording method, reproducing apparatus, reproduction method, program, and recording/reproducing apparatus
The present technology relates to a recording apparatus, a recording method, a reproducing apparatus, a reproducing method, a program, and a recording/reproducing apparatus that can provide reproduction control information to enable reproduction of a stream according to the reproduction capability. A recording apparatus according to a first aspect of the present technology includes a first generating unit that, as reproduction control information of a first video stream including a base stream obtained by encoding a predetermined image among a plurality of images having different viewing points and a dependent stream obtained by encoding other image, including a picture obtained by encoding a picture of the base stream as a reference image, generates information to which the same version information as version information of reproduction control information of a second video stream encoded using the same encoding method as an encoding method of the base stream is set and a recording control unit that records the first video stream and the reproduction control information of the first video stream on a recording medium..
new patent Systems and methods for scalable distributed global infrastructure for real-time multimedia communication
A new approach is proposed that contemplates systems and methods to support the operation of a virtual media room or virtual meeting room (vmr), wherein each vmr can accept from a plurality of participants at different geographic locations a variety of video conferencing feeds of audio and video streams from video conference endpoints. A globally distributed infrastructure that supports operations of the vmr through a plurality of mcus (multipoint control unit) built from off-the-shelf components instead of custom hardware as media processing nodes, each configured to process the plurality of audio and video streams from the plurality of video conference endpoints in real time.
new patent Printing device, and printing device maintenance method
A printing device includes a first ink reservoir unit configured and arranged to store a first ink having sedimentary properties, a head provided with nozzles, a plurality of first ink supply paths configured and arranged to supply the first ink to the head from the first ink reservoir unit, a stirring unit configured and arranged to stir the first ink existing inside an upstream region in a supply direction of the first ink supply paths, and a control unit configured to execute again an again stirring process after a prescribed time has elapsed from a previous stirring process of the first ink by the stirring unit, and, after execution of that the again stirring process, to eject from the nozzles the first ink that is unstirred existing inside the region further downstream in the supply direction than the upstream region of the first ink supply paths, and inside the head.. .
new patent Image display apparatus and control method thereof
An image display apparatus according to the present invention includes: a light emitting unit configured to include a light source; a display unit configured to display an image on a screen by transmitting light irradiated from the light emitting unit; a detection unit configured to detect light from the light source; and a control unit configured to extend a lighting duration of the light source when the detection unit detects light in a case where the lighting duration of the light source is shorter than a predetermined time length.. .
new patent Display apparatus, user terminal apparatus, external apparatus, display method, data receiving method and data transmitting method
A user terminal apparatus is disclosed. A user terminal apparatus according to various exemplary embodiments includes a communication unit which communicates with an external apparatus, an image sensor unit which photographs an image being displayed on the display apparatus at a photographing speed above a frame rate of the display apparatus, and a control unit which controls to identify pattern information based on a placement of a pattern frame included in the image photographed by the image sensor unit, and to receive data related to the display apparatus from the external apparatus based on the identified pattern information..
new patent Electronic device, control method of electronic device, program, and storage medium
An electronic device having a plurality of electrodes arranged to detect a touch operation onto an operation plane has a control unit for effecting control such that in a case where a capacity of an electrode arranged at an end portion of an arrangement of the plurality of electrodes is equal to or greater than a first capacity, a process corresponding to the touch operation is executed, and in a case where a capacity of another electrode different from the electrode arranged at the end portion is equal to or greater than a second capacity greater than the first capacity, the process corresponding to the touch operation is executed.. .
new patent Tft touch display device and driving method thereof
A tft touch display device includes a plurality of mutually vertical control lines and sensor lines and a plurality of tfts. Each tft is disposed at an intersection of one of the plurality of control line and one of the plurality of sensor line.
new patent Touch module
A touch module includes a body including a substrate defining an active area and touch points in the active area, and force sensors arranged around the substrate and electrically connected to a control unit for measuring the variation of force at each touch point upon touch by an object, generating and transmitting a corresponding electronic signal to the control unit to determine the two-dimensional coordinates of the touch point and movement of applied force subject to the rule that the amount of applied force is indirectly proportional to the distance between the touched point and each force sensor or the rule of torque balance relationship. The touch module is switchable between different operation modes subject to the amount of applied force, and can correct the touch point deviation value subject to different application purposes and status of use, enhancing sensing accuracy and stability..
new patent Flexible apparatus and control method thereof
A flexible apparatus is provided, which includes a display unit including displays a screen, a detecting unit which detects a user's input comprising a stretching of the display unit, and a control unit which controls the display unit so that an operation corresponding to the user's input is performed.. .
new patent Pseudo-satellite transmitter and method of transmitting gps signals using pseudo-satellite transmitter
A pseudo-satellite transmitter includes a gps unit, a transmission power control unit, and a plurality of antennas. The gps unit generates a gps signal of a pseudo-satellite.
new patent Control system and method for automatically turning on/off device
A control system for automatically turning on/off device including at least an electronic device and a mobile communication device is disclosed. The mobile communication device includes a wireless communication unit and a control unit.
new patent Sodium ion battery system, method for using sodium ion battery, and method for producing sodium ion battery
The problem of the present invention is to provide a sodium ion battery system capable of intending higher capacity. The present invention solves the above-mentioned problem by providing a sodium ion battery system comprising a sodium ion battery and a charge control unit, wherein the anode active material is an active material having an na2ti6o13 crystal phase, and the above-mentioned charge control unit controls electric current and electric potential of the above-mentioned anode active material so as to cause a second na insertion reaction on the lower electric potential side in addition to a first na insertion reaction in the above-mentioned na2ti6o13 crystal phase..
new patent Bidirectional wireless charging/discharging device for portable electronic device
A bidirectional wireless charging/discharging device for the portable electronic device includes a logic control unit, a boost/buck unit, first and second reverse current suppressors, a control switch, and a receipt/transmission mode selection unit. The logic control unit includes an automatic mode selection resetting module.
new patent Fan array vibration control system and method
A fan array vibration control system may include a fan array having a plurality of fans, and a control unit operatively connected to the fans. The control unit is configured to operate the plurality of fans and detect a phase relationship among the plurality of fans.
new patent Rotary electric machine control apparatus and electric power steering apparatus using the same
A control unit controls driving of a motor by controlling a first inverter unit and a second inverter unit, specifically by controlling on/off operations of fets. The control unit functions as an abnormality detection device.
new patent Lighting circuit and lamp
A lighting circuit (1) includes a controller integrated circuit (u1) for on and off control of a switching element (q1), a transformer (t1) having a primary coil (t11) that is connected in series to the switching element and a secondary coil (t12), a first voltage supply circuit supplying a voltage that occurs across both ends of the primary coil to an led module (2), and a second voltage supply circuit supplying a voltage induced in the secondary coil to a power source terminal (vcc) when the switching element is on. A turns ratio n of the primary coil to the secondary coil satisfies equation 1, where x1 v denotes a voltage that an ac power source supplies, y v denotes the maximum value of a power source voltage of the control unit at which normal operation is guaranteed, and z v denotes the minimum value of the power source voltage..
new patent Led lighting system for self-dissipation of heat
A led lighting system includes: a power unit for providing a power supply source for the lighting system, a led circuit connected to the power unit for illuminating the light emitting diodes of the led circuit, a heat control unit connected between the power unit and the led circuit for controlling heat as produced, and a heat dissipating device thermally connected to the heat control unit for outwardly dissipating the heat produced by the lighting system for preventing light attenuation or damage of the light emitting diodes.. .
new patent Method for operating a power source and a device for disconnecting a power source from a consumer
The invention relates to a method for operating a power source, wherein in a first operating state a current supplied by the power source via a power supply line is fed to a consumer and wherein in a second operating state a feed of a current supplied by the power source via a power supply line to the consumer is interrupted by a separator. A separator associated with the power source sends an identifier via the power supply line to a control unit associated with the consumer, when the power source supplies current.
new patent Power control apparatus and power control method
A power control device is provided at a customer site having a distributed power supply capable of supplying power and load devices and controls a stand-alone operation in which the power supplied from the distributed power supply is converted to ac power and supplied to the load devices. The power control device comprises: a determination processing unit for determining whether or not a power supply supplied from the distributed power supply during the stand-alone operation satisfies a power demand necessary for operating the load devices; and a supply control unit for, when it is determined that the power supply does not satisfy the power demand, intermitting the stand-alone operation.
new patent System and method for electricity management
A system and a method for electricity management are disclosed. The system includes a data management unit, a cabinet, a control unit, an uninterruptible power supply apparatus and a power switch.
new patent Electrically powered vehicle and method for controlling electrically powered vehicle
A charging control unit sets a fully charged state of a power storage device so as to have a margin for a fully charged capacity of the power storage device. The charging control unit sets the fully charged state to be variable in accordance with a degree of deterioration of the power storage device such that the margin becomes smaller as the degree of deterioration of the power storage device is larger.
new patent Chair
A chair is provided with a seat, a chair back control unit, a chair back, and two armrest units. The chair back is pivotally coupled to the seat by sleeving the engaging portions of the seat onto the clamp members of the chair back.
new patent Adjustable lift assembly for hand trucks
A system is provided for temporarily converting a conventional hand truck to provide an adjustable platform. The system may comprise a shelving unit and a control unit, where the control unit is configured to raise and lower the shelving unit on the frame of the transporting device.
new patent Silicon controlled rectifier (scr) device for bulk finfet technology
Some aspects relate to a semiconductor device disposed on a semiconductor substrate. The device includes an sti region that laterally surrounds a base portion of a semiconductor fin.
new patent In-line decay-time scanner
The disclosed scanner allows detecting decay time characteristics of light emitted by a luminescent marking on an item which is transported, even at high speed, on a distribution/production line. The detection zone of the scanner's light sensor has a shape elongated along a path of the moving item, and the responsivity of the light sensor, within the wavelength range of the emitted luminescence light, is uniform over the detection zone.
new patent Supporting, retaining, and protective apparatus for extracorporeal heart and/or lung support systems
The invention relates to a supporting apparatus for devices for maintaining blood circulation, in particular for a heart-lung machine, comprising a plurality of retaining units arranged on the device side for retaining blood-conducting and/or blood-treating devices and control units, and comprising at least one fastening unit arranged on the patient side for detachably and quickly fastening the supporting apparatus to a patient or an object arranged near the patient, wherein at least one screen-like wall element is arranged between the device-side retaining units and the patient-side fastening unit as a protective element for the devices.. .
new patent Inclination detection device for aircraft, and method for loading and unloading cargo using same
An inclination detection device 11 for an aircraft includes a gravity sensor 13 that detects an inclination angle in a pitch direction at a parking time of a fuselage 1, an alarm device 16, and a control unit 17 that causes the device 16 to issue an alarm when the inclination angle detected by the sensor 13 approaches allowable limit inclination angles f4 and r4 in a forward inclination direction and a backward inclination direction of the fuselage 1. The control unit 17 has gravity center management information peculiar to the fuselage 1 inputted therein by a usb memory 20 or the like, and corrects a movable range in the forward and—backward inclination directions until the inclination angle reaches the angles f4 and r4 based on the gravity center management inclination information, before a loading and unloading operation of cargo into and from the fuselage 1..
new patent Aircraft
The present invention relates to an aircraft having at least one landing flap arranged at the wing of the aircraft and having at least one drive unit for actuating the landing flap, wherein the aircraft furthermore has at least one control unit which controls the aileron function of the aircraft, wherein the control unit is connected to the named drive unit or units for adjusting the landing flap(s) and is configured such that it carries out the aileron function of the aircraft in at least one flight mode only or also by the operation of the named drive unit(s) and thus by the adjustment of the landing flap(s).. .
new patent Heating control unit comprising a sensor, ice protection system and method for controlling a heater
A heating control unit, including a controller housing is provided. The heating control unit includes a microcontroller arranged within the controller housing, with the microcontroller being configured to generate a control signal for a heater and to output the control signal via a control line to the heater.
new patent System for safely processing a fluid via monitoring and decreasing explosiveness
Safely processing fluid via monitoring and decreasing explosiveness of vapor-gas species formed therefrom, or contained therein. Fluid input unit 12, for transporting source fluid 24; first fluid processing unit 14, for receiving and processing fluid 26, and forming processed fluid including vapor-gas portion 30; vapor-gas explosiveness monitoring and decreasing unit 16, for measuring at least an indication of explosiveness level of vapor-gas portion 30, wherein if the measurement exceeds a pre-determined threshold explosiveness level (pdtel), then vapor-gas portion 30 is condensed, for forming condensate and output vapor-gas 32 whose explosiveness level is less than lower explosion limit (lel) of output vapor-gas 32; second fluid processing unit 18, for processing output vapor-gas 32, and forming processed vapor-gas product 34.
new patent Longwall equipment with a hydrostatic tube balance thereon for determining the height position of individual elements of the longwall equipment
A longwall equipment for mechanical extraction in long-wall mining, in particular in underground coal mining, having a face conveyor arranged along the coal face, having an extraction machine which can be displaced along the face conveyor and having shield support units attached to the face conveyor at an angle thereto, is characterised in that, in order to determine the absolute height position of determined elements of the longwall equipment, a liquid-filled hydrostatic tube balance (17) is installed along the coalface (10) on the selected elements (12, 15, 31) of the longwall equipment and is connected to a base station (19) arranged in one of the gate roads (13, 14) and determined precisely in its height as a reference point, wherein pressure sensors (22) are incorporated into the tube conduit (18, 23, 24) of the hydrostatic tube balance (17), distributed over the course of the longwall equipment on individual elements (12, 15, 31) of the longwall equipment, and are connected to a central evaluation and control unit.. .

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