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Control Flow patents

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Method for divergence analysis of pointer-based program

National Tsing Hua University

Method for divergence analysis of pointer-based program

Impression mixing tip


Impression mixing tip

Impression mixing tip

General Electric

Automated water wash system for a gas turbine engine

Date/App# patent app List of recent Control Flow-related patents
 Method for obtaining execution frequency information on execution paths in control flow graph, and computer and computer program for obtaining the information patent thumbnailnew patent Method for obtaining execution frequency information on execution paths in control flow graph, and computer and computer program for obtaining the information
The present invention is a technique for obtaining execution frequency information on execution paths in a cfg, including preparing a cfg from a source code read into a memory, preparation of the cgf including modifying the cfg by assigning path value zero to an edge v→w between a precedent basic block v and a successor basic block w following the predecessor basic block v in a case where the successor basic block w has a predecessor basic block x other than the predecessor basic block v, and where the successor basic block w exists on a fall-through path from the predecessor basic block x. The technique also includes obtaining execution frequency information by using the modified cfg..
International Business Machines Corporation
 Method for divergence analysis of pointer-based program patent thumbnailMethod for divergence analysis of pointer-based program
A method comprises generating an intermediate representation of a pointer-based program; providing a control flow graph of the intermediate representation; selecting an analysis candidate from the intermediate representation as a traced variable and a root node; determining a definition site of the trace variable according to a use-define chain and the control flow graph; defining a node for each definition site variable; defining an edge by using each definition site variable and the traced variable; using each definition site variable of the definition site as a traced variable; repeating the steps of determining a definition site, defining a node, defining an edge and using each definition site to obtain a divergence relation graph; transforming the divergence relation graph into a directed acyclic graph; and determining whether the analysis candidate is divergent or not according to a divergent node and the directed acyclic graph.. .
National Tsing Hua University
 Impression mixing tip patent thumbnailImpression mixing tip
A mixing tip for a dispenser according to the present invention includes a lower casing connected to the dispenser and to which a silicone base material and a curing agent are supplied, an upper casing coupled to the lower casing and including a discharge pipe through which an impression material having a desired mixing ratio of the silicone base material and the curing agent is discharged to the outside, and a mixer disposed between the lower casing and the upper casing to mix the silicone base material with the curing agent, wherein the mixer includes a mixing plate disposed between the lower casing and the upper casing and having a predetermined surface area, a shaft-fitting pipe extending downward from the mixing plate and fitted over a drive shaft of the dispenser to be rotated therewith, and a path control rib extending downward from an outer peripheral edge of the mixing plate to control flow paths of the silicone base material and the curing agent, wherein the lower casing includes a body including an upper casing-fitting ring formed at an outer peripheral edge thereof and coupled to the upper casing and an inner fitting ring spaced apart from the upper casing-fitting ring by a predetermined interval and extending from the body, a base material supply pipe extending downward from a bottom surface of the body to receive the silicone base material and to discharge the silicone base material into a mixing space defined between the path control rib and the mixing plate, and a curing agent supply pipe spaced from the base material supply pipe to receive the curing agent and to discharge the curing agent into a space defined between the path control rib and the inner fitting ring.. .
Dxm Co., Ltd.
 Automated water wash system for a gas turbine engine patent thumbnailAutomated water wash system for a gas turbine engine
The present application and the resultant patent provide a gas turbine engine system. The gas turbine engine system may include a gas turbine engine, a water wash system, and a system controller.
General Electric Company
 Control flow integrity system and method patent thumbnailControl flow integrity system and method
An improved cfi system and method is described that provides security from attacks to hijack computer software. The improved cfi system and method inserts two tags to execute label identification.
 Injector corrosion isolation seal patent thumbnailInjector corrosion isolation seal
A fluid injector includes a valve assembly constructed and arranged to control flow of fluid from an inlet to an outlet of the injector. A metal housing surrounds at least a portion of the valve assembly.
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.
 Single handle, dual-flow faucet patent thumbnailSingle handle, dual-flow faucet
A liquid dispensing faucet includes first and second inlet flow passages that are isolated from each other, and first and second valve chambers respectively in fluid communication with the first and second inlet flow passages. First and second valve elements are located respectively in the first and second valve chambers and respectively control flow of liquid from the first and second inlet passages through the first and second valve chambers.
The Meyer Company
 Providing automatable units for infrastructure support patent thumbnailProviding automatable units for infrastructure support
The present subject matter relates to providing automated units for infrastructure support. In an example, an operation log having information pertaining to actions performed to resolve a ticket, may be filtered based on filtering attributes.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited
 Electrosurgical devices with fluid flow control patent thumbnailElectrosurgical devices with fluid flow control
The disclosure provides various electrosurgical devices comprising a handle assembly comprising a valve having an input port and an output port. The input port is fluidically coupled to either an irrigation source or a suction source.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.
 Software analysis framework patent thumbnailSoftware analysis framework
Presently described is a decompilation method of operation and system for parsing executable code, identifying and recursively modeling data flows, identifying and recursively modeling control flow, and iteratively refining these models to provide a complete model at the nanocode level. The nanocode decompiler may be used to determine if flaws, security vulnerabilities, or general quality issues exist in the code.
Veracode, Inc.

High-level synthesis data generation apparatus, high-level synthesis apparatus, and high-level synthesis data generation method

An analysis unit analyzes a source code representing design data of a semiconductor device, and generates information (cdfg information) indicating the data and control flow of the semiconductor device. A high-level synthesis data generation unit acquires intermediate data (an object file), which is obtained by compiling the source code, generates intermediate data (an object file) by incorporating the cdfg information generated by the analysis unit into the acquired intermediate data, and outputs the generated intermediate data as high-level synthesis data..
Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

Randomly branching using performance counters

A system and method for efficiently performing program instrumentation. A processor processes instructions stored in a memory.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Randomly branching using hardware watchpoints

A system and method for efficiently performing program instrumentation. A processor processes instructions stored in a memory.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Combinatorial flow system and method

A reactor assembly having a plurality of reaction chambers defined therein is provided. The reactor assembly includes a fluid flow module that provides a pressurized control flow of fluid from an open container.
Intermolecular, Inc.

Testing framework for policy-based workflows

A system comprehensively tests each feasible path in a policy-based extensible markup language (xml) workflow. The system may receive an input workflow and parse workflow (or proxy code of the workflow) to construct a policy control flow graph.
Accenture Global Services Limited

Pdms membrane-confined nucleic acid and antibody/antigen-functionalized microlength tube capture elements, and systems employing them

A microfluidic device comprising a microfluidic channel network sealed on one side by a membrane sheet, the sheet having pdms defining at least the surface sealing the channel, the membrane sheet on its opposite side sealing one side of a pneumatic channel, the pneumatic channel arranged to enable pneumatic deflection of a deflectable portion of the membrane sheet into contact with an opposed surface to control flow in a channel of the network, the membrane sheet confining in a channel of the network at least one micro-particle, micro-length tube or glass nano reactor, functionalized with a capture agent, that has been inserted into that channel. A microfluidic device having a microfluidic channel containing at least two micro-particles, micro-length tubes or glass nano reactors, one functionalized with nucleic acid and another with antibody or antigen.
Cyvek, Inc.

Adjustable semiconductor processing device and control method thereof

Disclosed is an adjustable semiconductor processing apparatus and a control method thereof. The apparatus comprises a micro chamber with an upper chamber portion defining an upper working surface and a lower chamber portion defining a lower working surface that are relatively moveable towards each other between an open position and a closed position.
Wuxi Huaying Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Dispenser for dispensing a fluent material

A dispenser for dispensing a fluent material, including a structural body including a fluid circuit for the thick fluent material and a pressure circuit for propelling and dispersing the thick fluent material. Thick fluent material is stored in a hopper and fed by gravity into the fluid circuit.

Bulk adhesive transfer devices, knife gate valve devices, and related systems and methods

A bulk adhesive transfer system for transferring adhesive particulate to a melter includes a bulk supply and a transfer device, which may define a hopper of the melter, a mobile bin, and/or a buffer unit. The transfer device is configured to receive unmelted adhesive particulate from the bulk supply and then be selectively docked with the melter to transfer the adhesive particulate to the melter.
Nordson Corporation

System and interlocking to protect software-mediated program and device behaviours

Methods and devices for thwarting code and control flow based attacks on software. The source code of a subject piece of software is automatically divided into basic blocks of logic.
Irdeto Canada Corportation

Avoiding similar counter-examples in model checking

A method, apparatus, and product for avoiding similar counter-examples in model checking. One method comprises model checking of a program by traversing control flow paths of the program to determine states associated with execution of the program, each state comprises at least symbolic values of variables; said traversing is biased to give preference to traversing control flow paths that are substantially different than control flow paths associated with traces of the program; whereby said model checking is guided away from executions that are similar to the traces.
International Business Machines Corporation

Directing verification towards bug-prone portions

A method, system and product for directing verification towards bug-prone portions. The method comprising syntactically analyzing a computer program to identify portions of the computer program that correspond to one or more bug patterns; and performing verification of the computer program, wherein the verification comprises traversing a control flow graph of the computer program and tracking symbolic values of variables of the computer program, wherein said performing comprises directing the traversal of the control flow graph to nodes of the control flow graph that correspond to the identified portions, whereby bug-prone portions of the computer program are prioritized to be verified before non-bug-prone portions of the computer program..
International Business Machines Corporation

Live action multi-track skills game

A system and method for operation of a game in which teams of players attempt to negotiate through a track of rooms, or several tracts of rooms. Teams attempt to progress through the track by solving problems presented in each room thereby earning access to a following room, until the team completes a track comprising several rooms.
Boda Borg Corp.

Flow distribution channels to control flow in process channels

The invention describes features that can be used to control flow to an array of microchannels. The invention also describes methods in which a process stream is distributed to plural microchannels..
Velocys, Inc.

Multi-level flow control

Various methods, systems, and apparatuses can be used to control flow in an ethernet environment. In some implementations, methods can include receiving a flow of ethernet frames at a first device via an ethernet switch, determining that a buffer at the first device exceeds a threshold for an incoming flow, generating an initial pause frame operable to pause only a second device, and transmitting the initial pause frame to the ethernet switch..
Arris Group, Inc.

System and improving the accuracy of a rate of decay (rod) measurement in a mass flow controller

A mass flow controller includes at least one conduit having a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet, the conduit defining a flow path along which the fluid flows. The mass flow controller also includes a modified inlet block having an inlet aperture, an inlet channel, and a reservoir fluidly coupled to the inlet channel and the conduit that enhances flow through the controller and improves rate-of-decay measurements.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Native code module security for arm instruction set architectures

Some embodiments provide a system that executes a native code module. During operation, the system obtains the native code module.
Google Inc.

Tubing head spool actuation through landing string

A landing string for landing a tubing hanger in a tubing spool has flow lines for actuating annulus access valves. A tubing string depends from the tubing hanger, and projects into a wellbore lined with casing when the tubing hanger is landed.
Vetco Gray U.k., Limited

Automated confirmation and disambiguation modules in voice applications

A method for providing a voice application includes executing control flow logic modeling a dialog flow with a user via a voice browser. The control flow logic produces a disambiguation requirement.
International Business Machines Corporation

Flow control devices including a sand screen and an inflow control device for use in wellbores

A flow control device is disclosed. The device includes a tubular member having a plurality adjacent wraps, wherein each wrap has an outer surface and an inner surface.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Method of installing and curing a liner in a sewer pipe

A system for installing and curing a cured in place pipe liner includes a bladder with a terminal end and an originating end that is inflatable by an inflating medium and a return conduit within the bladder that extends from the terminal end to the originating end of the bladder. The return conduit includes an opening near the terminal end for passage of the inflating medium between the return conduit and an interior cavity of the bladder.
Liqui-force Sewer Services, Inc.

Method and system of compiling program code into predicated instructions for excution on a processor without a program counter

A predicated instruction compilation system includes a control flow graph generation module to generate a control flow graph of a program code to be compiled into the predicated instructions to be executed on a processor that does not include any program counter. Each of the instructions includes a predicate guard and a predicate update.

Determining control flow divergence due to variable value difference

An embodiment is directed to a method for analyzing a computer program that includes receiving an instruction specifying a first variable of the program. The first variable has a first value at a first location during program execution.
International Business Machines Corporation

Determining control flow divergence due to variable value difference

An embodiment is directed to a method for analyzing a computer program that includes receiving an instruction specifying a first variable of the program. The first variable has a first value at a first location during program execution.
International Business Machines Corporation

Branch destination tables

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for software sandboxing. One of the methods includes receiving a software module that includes verifiably safe computer code and a branch destination table indicating addresses of all instructions that may be targets of indirect control flow transfers; validating the computer code to determine whether it can run safely by using a statically verifiable fault isolation scheme, where validating the computer code comprises validating the addresses of the branch destination table instructions; and running the computer code, in a sandbox environment, if it has been determined to run safely..
Google Inc.

Type instances

The present disclosure involves systems, software, and computer implemented methods for operating on type instances. One example method includes identifying a reference to a type instance during execution of a child control flow.
Sap Ag

Hydraulic system and actuating a plurality of tools

Disclosed herein is a hydraulic system. The system includes a chemical injection line and a plurality of tools in operable communication with the chemical injection line that are independently responsive to changes in pressure or flow through the chemical injection line and that are configured to control flow of wellbore fluids..
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Systems and methods of detecting power bugs

Embodiments of the present invention provide a system and methods for detecting power bugs. In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method for analyzing a computer code includes generating a control flow graph for at least a portion of the computer code at a processor.
Purdue Research Foundation

Magnetic valve assembly

A valve assembly comprises a sealed container connected to a hot water supply line and a cold water supply line. The sealed container has an outlet for supplying at least one of hot water or cold water to a faucet.
Correlated Magnetics Research, Llc

Ported iv catheter having external needle shield and internal blood control septum

An extravascular system is provided which includes a catheter adapter having a blood control septum configured to control flow of a fluid through the catheter adapter, the catheter adapter further having a catheter configured for intravenous insertion. The extravascular system further includes a septum activator slidably inserted within the catheter adapter and configured for advancement through the blood control septum to provide a fluid pathway through the blood control septum.

Method for validating an untrusted native code module

A system that validates a native code module. During operation, the system receives a native code module comprised of untrusted native program code.

Fish levitation system

A levitation system communicates fish mutually exclusively upstream and downstream, with minimal trauma to fish, in harmony with their homing instinct and natural levitation process, in discrete micro-steps aggregated in macro steps, with optimally adjusted water flows, through capsules of stations differing in elevation by 50 to 100 feet, connected through inclined conduits in series and in parallel. The process starts with electricity from a utility to pump water from the forebay to the dam crest.

Multi-well simultaneous fracturing system

A system for simultaneously fracturing multiple wells is provided. In one embodiment, the system includes fracturing trees installed at multiple wells.

Path-sensitive analysis framework for bug checking

A method for performing path-sensitive data-flow analysis for use in error checking functions includes identifying at least a first instruction and a second instruction in a control flow graph of a function. The identified first instruction and second instruction are connected by at least a first control flow path and a second control flow path.

Substance control system

A system for substance control flowmeter, level meters and other sensors to determine problem events and communicate problem events to a control unit. A valve may be turned off in the event of a leak and system status may be viewed.

Substance control system

A system for substance control flowmeter, level meters and other sensors to determine problem events and communicate problem events to a control unit. A valve may be turned off in the event of a leak and system status may be viewed.

System and drug preparation and delivery

A disposable cassette for mixing a drug in a vial includes a liquid inlet for connection to a liquid supply, a first vial spike, a second vial spike, a chamber and a valve mechanism. The chamber, the first and second vial spikes, and the liquid inlet are in fluid communication with each other.

Water rotatable distributor for stream rotary sprinklers

A rotating distributor for use in a rotary type sprinkler is conically shaped and includes a plurality of water channels provided on a bottom surface thereof to guide water from a center axis of the distributor radially outward to an outer circumference of the distributor. The grooves are provided to collect and guide the water with a minimum of spray and turbulence and to impart rotation on the distributor.

System and validating program execution at run-time using control flow signatures

A processor comprising: an instruction processing pipeline, configured to receive a sequence of instructions for execution, said sequence comprising at least one instruction including a flow control instruction which terminates the sequence; a hash generator, configured to generate a hash associated with execution of the sequence of instructions; a memory configured to securely receive a reference signature corresponding to a hash of a verified corresponding sequence of instructions; verification logic configured to determine a correspondence between the hash and the reference signature; and authorization logic configured to selectively produce a signal, in dependence on a degree of correspondence of the hash with the reference signature.. .

Cooling apparatus

A cooling apparatus for a vehicle includes a water cooling system that cools a cooled body by circulating cooling water; and a refrigeration cycle system that cools the cooling water to an outside air temperature or lower utilizing a gas liquid phase change of a refrigerant. The water cooling system includes a first flow passage that causes the cooling water cooled through a radiator radiating heat of the cooling water to outside air to flow through the cooled body; a second flow passage that causes the cooling water cooled to the outside air temperature or lower through an evaporator of the refrigeration cycle system 36 to flow through the cooled body provided at the first flow passage; and flow rate control units that control flow rates of the cooling water flowing in the first flow passage and the second flow passage..

Cryocoolers with electronic cryostat flow controllers and related system and method

A system includes a cryocooler configured to cool an object, a sensor configured to measure a temperature of the object, and a controller configured to generate an actuator drive signal to control the cryocooler based on at least one temperature measurement from the sensor. The cryocooler includes a heat exchanger and a needle configured to control flow of coolant gas through the heat exchanger.

Method for automated generation of minimal partitioning of a process specification for supporting its distributed execution

A process definition is partitioned for execution in a system architecture that enables the communication and meta-orchestration of multiple distributed engines. The partitioning method creates separate scripts for each group (execution engine, computer, distributed computer, etc.) where each script has the same representation as the original control flow, but keeps local services and replaces remote services with data flow messages and synchronization points.

Multiple laminar flow-based particle and cellular identification

An apparatus and method to identify at least one component from a plurality of components in a fluid mixture, includes a first input channel containing the fluid mixture of components; at least one buffer input channel, into which at least one additional flow of buffer solution is introduced; a plurality of regions disposed at the other end of the apparatus, which are adapted to receive outputs of at least one selected component of the plurality of components, the selected component which is selectively removed from the first flow to one of the regions; a waste channel through which unselected components are removed from the first flow; a plurality of pumps connected to at least one reservoir, to control flow rates of the first flow and the additional flow(s); and a computer which controls a selection of one of the plurality of components from the fluid mixture.. .

Piezoelectric generating with location signaling

An apparatus including a piezoelectric convertor layer; at least one piezoresistive layer on the piezoelectric convertor layer; and electrical conductor outputs. The at least one piezoresistive layer includes a plurality of spaced apart piezoresistive electrodes.

Dual solenoid dual angle entry multi-physics fuel atomizer

A metering system includes a housing, a gas metering member, and a fuel metering member. The housing includes a first cavity arranged at a first non-parallel angle relative to a longitudinal axis of the housing, and a second cavity arranged at a second non-parallel angle relative to the longitudinal axis.

Co-axial dual fluids metering system and methods

A metering system for a fuel atomizer includes a housing having a fuel inlet and an oxidizer inlet arranged coaxially, and an oxidizer metering device having a plurality of oxidizer channels, an oxidizer flow controller, and a fuel metering device. The oxidizer channels are spaced apart circumferentially in the housing and are arranged angled in at least one of a radially inward direction and a tangential direction to create a swirl of oxidizer flow in a mixing chamber of the fuel atomizer.

Method and system for detecting memory leaks in a program

A method and a system have been disclosed for detecting one or more memory leaks in a program. The method includes receiving the program code.

Guarding a monitoring scope and interpreting partial control flow context

A computer implemented method for maintaining a program's calling context correct even when a monitoring of the program goes out of a scope of a program analysis by validating function call transitions and recovering partial paths before and after the violation of the program's control flow. The method includes detecting a violation of control flow invariants in the software system including validating a source and destination of a function call in the software system, interpreting a pre-violation partial path responsive to a failure of the validating, and interpreting a post violation path after a violation of program flow..

Turbomachine inlet bleed heating assembly

In a turbomachine having an inlet, a compressor, and a turbine, a closed loop sends fluid from a stage of the compressor to a heat exchanger in the turbine and to the inlet. The closed loop heats the fluid, cools the turbine, and delivers heated fluid to the inlet.

Data sharing control method and data sharing control terminal

Provided is a method and apparatus to detect and control flow of data shared in a terminal. A method to control data sharing may include accessing a program that shares a type of data with a terminal, displaying the accessed program on a screen organized by the type of data; and controlling the data to be shared with the accessed program in response to a control signal input on the screen..

Tracking control flow of instructions

A mechanism for tracking the control flow of instructions in an application and performing one or more optimizations of a processing device, based on the control flow of the instructions in the application, is disclosed. Control flow data is generated to indicate the control flow of blocks of instructions in the application.

Methods and apparatus to compile instructions for a vector of instruction pointers processor architecture

Methods, apparatus, systems, and articles of manufacture to compile instructions for a vector of instruction pointers (vip) processor architecture are disclosed. An example method includes identifying a predicate dependency between a first compiled instruction and a second compiled instruction at a control flow join point, the second compiled instruction having different speculative assumptions corresponding to how the second compiled instruction will be executed based on an outcome of the first compiled instruction.

Method of converting query plans to native code

Performing database queries. A method includes receiving a particular database query.

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